Health Insurance Companies Count on Taxpayer Bailout – Dave Janda

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Healthcare expert Dr. Dave Janda says the mainstream media (MSM) is not reporting on the huge increases in health insurance premiums for 2018. The massive rise in costs will cause many people not getting government subsidies to stop paying.  Janda says the big health insurance companies do not care.  Why?  Dr. Janda says, “They believe people like me and you and every one of our listeners are not going to walk away from their overvalued products that deliver less and less benefit.  They think we’re stuck.  They think we have no other choice.  They also believe that if we do start to walk away from the table, that the government, and this has been told to me by insurance insiders, they believe the model that was fabricated by the banking system . . .  back in 2008 where the taxpayers bailed them out by the trillions of dollars, the insurance companies believe . . . they, too, will be made whole by the taxpayers.”

In other words, insurance companies are counting on a bailout if their paying customers and subsidies walk. Janda says one top CEO is on record saying, “Obamacare cannot be repealed.  Wow . . . it cannot be repealed because, in his world, it is a huge money laundering operation for him, his company and every insurance company.”

Dr. Janda, who also has top Washington D.C. sources, says the recent revelations about Russian influence, bribery and kickbacks in the U.S. selling 20% of its uranium production amounts to treason. Janda says, “It was signed off by Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton, and yet they are investigating Trump for his collusion with the Russians?  I believe if we are going to file treason charges against Obama, Hillary and Bill, Comey, Mueller, Rosenstein and McCabe, I think you also file treason charges with members of the media because they were not only complicit, they were in collusion.”

Dr. Janda, who hosts a popular radio show called “Operation Freedom,” says the players in the scandals are the same, and this includes child abuse, rape and pedophilia rings that have gone unprosecuted in the Obama Administration and unreported by the MSM. Janda contends, “The players are all the same.  Just as Mueller and Comey, as Directors of the FBI, looked the other way on the money being laundered into the insurance companies for Obamacare, those same two guys looked the other way with the money laundering operation with this Uranium One deal and the Clinton Foundation.  They also looked the other way when it came to the pedophile networks.  Mueller and Comey are Deep-State players . . . and the pedophile issue is used as a means of controlling politicians, business leaders and folks in Hollywood.  Trump is pushing the pedophile issue, and this is why they are all coming down on him. . . . Mueller and Comey are also complicit in the pedophile issue because they looked the other way.” 

Janda also reveals one of his sources says General Flynn was working with the Russians to stop child rape and abuse. Do you wonder why General Flynn has not been charged with any crime?  Janda says, “My source tells me what General Flynn was discussing with the Russians was taking down the pedophile networks. . . . 400 names were provided to Flynn of people involved with pedophile activity here in the United States.  The names include top people in Washington, Wall Street and high level players in Hollywood.”  The Deep-State does not want that list to go public.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with radio host Dave Janda.

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After the Interview: 

Dr. Janda predicts that the health insurance companies will get into deep financial trouble in 2018. He also predicts that President Trump will not support bailing them out.

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  1. stonewall

    Tremendous interview Greg. It’s hard to believe the system could be so
    rotten to the core however the craziness of the past few decades now becomes
    understandable for us little people. The scumbags that engineered this corruption need
    all to be exposed and then imprisoned. Justice must be served and Jeff Sessions must
    be replaced to get the ball rolling.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Greg Hunter and Dave Janda going where angels fear to tread. Cory Feldman better cough up those names quickly before the dark forces begin to circle…

      • Charles H

        One must agree. Such persons recognize no rules.

      • William Stanley

        This Sceptred Isle:
        Forgive me for bringing this up to you, of all people: but maybe it is more aptly said that they have “crossed the Rubicon.” Moreover, as Shakespeare said:
        “A coward dies a thousand times before his death, but the valiant taste of death but once. It seems to me most strange that men should fear, seeing that death, a necessary end, will come when it will come.”

      • Russ McMeans

        Please pray for Cory Feldman, Dr. Janda and of course Donald Trump. They are starting to really piss off the evil deep state and deep Hollywood.
        Amazing interview Greg. Sorry about your letter from Blue Cross. My sister got one too.
        I’m on MediCal but I’m going to cash because my single payer zero bill & zero deductible plan offers zero services. Screw them. I’ll see what I can buy with my limited cash reserves when I need something. Hope my back improves too or I’m in big trouble. But hopefully Mueller and Rosenstein are in bigger trouble than my damn back. Washington DC is one evil damn city!

        • Better Chetter

          sometimes back issues are a sign of weak abdominals, and a tightened psoas muscle just inside the top of the hip bones – where you could self-treat by getting the tightness (which pulls you forward, stressing the back) loosened with deep-tissue massage & deep breathing.

      • Angie N

        I believe that he is cautious in doing so because of the fear of being sued for slander. There is also the fear for his well being and that of his family. The problem here is that being “half way” out there is probably more dangerous. So much speculation out there but Washington and Hollywood have developed strong ties and relationships over the years – just how intertwined is the question. His reluctance makes me wonder just how powerful and how high this practice goes.

        If you followed the Epstein’s Caribbean island scandal you would know that Prince Andrew’s buddy had many visitors including about 1/3 of the British Parliament. This was hushed up especially about the skeletal remains found in and around the private island. This opened the door to finding out about the ritualistic meeting and sacrifices. IF true, this means some of the most influential people in the world are true evil – and I do not use that term lightly.

        Just how far into our own judicial system does this go – that is the question. They should have went after the connections in our court system first or concurrently as this is a mess.

        I do not envy Feldman and he must be prayed for because is out there dangling by a thread.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Enough of this, castrate the low lives.

    • Paul ...

      Actually these pedophile low lives who worship Satan work at CERN and are doing ritual dancing before a statue of their “God” to open a gateway to Hell … simply murdering women and children to damn their souls before God is not enough for them … they want to use the CERN accelerator to rip holes in space and time and turn the entire Earth into a supernova! … hear anything about this from the MSM? … No! … these “perverted scientists” are bombarding “gold” with protons to produce a very dense “liquid” with explosive power greater then all the nuclear weapons in the world … these Satanists want the power to destroy worlds … but what they may get is what befell Atlantis when they tried once before to do the same thing … by producing “strangelets” (by bombarding gold with relativistic protons) is very dangerous … these strangelets can create a small black hole that can grow and suck the entire Earth to a pin point that then explodes into a supernova … strangelets are composed of an up quark, an down quark and strange “relativistic”quark and they can open a hole in space-time to another dimension … before opening such “gates” … the people of the world should not only be informed by the MSM … but they should be given the right to deny such experiments from proceeding!!

      • Paul ...

        There is an MSM blackout of news on many fronts that can result in the extinction of “all life” on our planet …

        • Paul ...

          If there is anything we should learn from history …. is that the supposedly more intelligent and advanced civilizations (human or alien) that came before us …”All Destroyed Themselves”!! … We should step back from following in their footprints!! … How? … by adhering to a moral code that considers “All Life Precious”!! … adhering to a moral code that considers “War Evil” … and considers the taking and killing of children for their organs and blood “Evil” … castrating those who do such evil is the first step to saving our civilization from extinction and the time to act is now!! … see what was recently discovered in Antarctica … yet another civilization that destroyed itself!!

      • William Stanley

        Paul . . .
        Is it true or false (or unknown) that scientists at CERN may be metaphorically eating of the tree of knowledge (of good and evil?) and, moreover, using gold in the process? Do you find that (or that gold is produced in supernovas) paradoxical or meaningful?

        • Paul ...

          William … the “Gods of War” love the stuff (gold) … as it has the power to destroy worlds (look at what happened to Mars) … they use it to barter between themselves … the same way Hillary uses uranium (of less destructive power) for barter … it always comes down to who wants to be the most powerful ruler … for us humans … accumulating a little gold for barter is a prudent thing to do … as one man once said “give me control of a nations gold and it matters not what government they have”!!

        • Charles H

          Gold produced in supernovas? Please tell me you have been to one and verified this?!??

          Also CERN cannot represent the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. It is the interdimentional beings tempting man to trespass into illegitimate realms, by offering the carrot of power.

          There is NO danger of CERN destroying this world. This world is upheld by the Word of God the Son’s power. Godless Science will never prove more powerful than the Creator Himself.

          • William Stanley

            Charles H:
            Thanks for your response; you know I always value your views.
            Concerning supernovas, it seems to be the standard view of physicists that it takes a supernova to produce gold, but I assume you probably already knew that.
            Concerning CERN destroying Earth by creating a black hole that sucks Earth in, the standard view of physicist seems to be in accord with yours: it won’t and can’t happen. Other physicists, like Paul, think it can’t be ruled out and that the whole project is dangerous.
            Concerning “the tree of knowledge of good and evil,” I was explicitly being metaphorical about what I assume was itself a metaphor, since I don’t assume the search for knowledge is evil, in and of itself, even though all knowledge seems to have the potential for good and evil. Since your comment took exception to my comment, I’m desirous of an expansion of your thoughts on the subject.

      • FC

        Obviously, Paul bombarding gold with protons produces Unobtaimium because no one seems to obtain a conviction against them.

        • Paul ...

          But FC … once they turn themselves into avatars (thinking they will live forever) we can fry their computer brains with an EMP pulse … N.Korea is getting set to do it to them … and that is probably why they are in a panic and have told Trump to put our Nuclear Bomber Fleet on 24 hr Alert!!

        • Paul ...

          It is disgusting … Russia has the ability to drop the Satan 2 on the Satanists at CERN … the political ramifications would be enormous … but at least we would still have a planet to live on … Hydrogen bombs destroy cities … the Satan 2 can destroy an entire country … we are rapidly approaching the day when say a Satan 5 could destroy the entire planet … and mankind’s legacy in this Solar System will be that we created “another asteroid belt” between Venus and Mars!! …

  3. jerry

    I hate to break it to you and your readers, but the fact is “we’re already slaves”. Bond slaves to the central bankers who have infiltrated our government and borrowed against US as collateral. Don’t think so? Just try not paying your taxes and see what happens. And for those of you living on the government welfare plantation? Just try owning something for yourself and see how long those government checks keep coming in.

    I realized along time ago when I came over from the dark side, that I was already in debt to the ONE who paid the price for me on the cross. I have one lord, and one master, and his name is Jesus Christ. Whether you like it or not, or believe it or not, the fact is you’re going to have to surf someday. Its just a matter of where that’s going to be. In the end that’s all you ever get is….time………and……an……….epic……ride.

    • AA

      We know.

      • Jerry

        I didn’t post this.

    • NH Watcher

      I am noting that whoever is reposting Jerry’s comments sort-of as a mockery to him, reposts them with a small “j” for “jerry.” Authentic posts from Jerry always start with his name with a capital “J.” I am finding such silliness annoying, even if the reposting is still worthwhile. Reminds me of those mocking Noah as he spent 120 years building the Ark. Then the Lord told Noah to go inside, shut the door, and not to open it again … as the rains fell, and those outside started banging on the door asking Noah to let them in. In the end, God will not be mocked … and if you are choosing to handle the rains on your own, there will be only so much dry land, before it is all consumed.

      • This sceptred Isle

        That is why Stan is metaphorically a hydra monster. Like the mythical creature with many heads, he is attacking Jason, in search of the golden fleece, through many different names and identities. A most dangerous foe indeed.

      • Charles H

        Astute recognition of plagiarism. Good catch.

      • Frederick

        NH the real Jerry is commenting with a capital ” J” I believe

      • Russ McMeans

        It didn’t seem like the Jerry we know post above. Where’s the real Jerry?
        He always remarks on China vs USA currencies.

    • Tinfoil hat Canuck

      I know Jerry here is a regular contributor on the Chinese gold backed yuan issue and provides some interesting updates, but why is this particular post allowed to show up copy and pasted multiple times this past month?
      Over flogging perhaps?

    • Sunshine Pumper

      Nice vid of Mavericks, Jerry!

  4. FC

    I believe Dinesh D’Souza idea on healthcare would send shockwaves through the whole system.
    His brief explanation starts at 2.43 but the entire video is worth listening too.

    • Stan

      Jerry: Where is the Gold backed Petro Yuan you predicted? Where is the Dollar Collapse you predicted? Where is the huge increase in the Gold price you predicted? Where is the economic collapse you predicted?

      • Petedivine

        It’s still early… we haven’t even finished the month of October. Nor do I think Jerry has any control over the Chinese timeline to role out their oil contract. The Yuan oil price has been reported on many sites. Perhaps the Chinese changed their minds, or are waiting for something to change. It’s impossible to say. Large geopolitical and geostrategic issues are constantly subject to change. Jerry tells you his insider friends say it’s coming, but I would expect the date to be subject to change. After all, the Chinese are well aware that you can’t stuff a Genie back in the bottle once it’s out. If you can’t see the economic collapse it’s because you aren’t paying attention. It’s all around us and getting worse. I see it manifesting everywhere.

        • Jerry

          Stan is under the delusion that the public will be notified when the transaction is completed. Right? What purpose does it serve the central banks to let you know anything? Stan is one that still thinks Captain Kangaroo was a real person. Here is what is happening outside the brain dead U.S.

      • This sceptred Isle


      • Jerry

        Once again you’ve proven you are a gutless turd that offers nothing but sniping. I will no longer respond to your post here since you obviously have no intention of an intelligent dialogue. Have a nice life, even if that’s even remotely possible with someone of your ilk.

        • Stan

          Jerry: Why do you get so angry when someone questions your position? Listen, the sources you cite to support the Gold backed Petro Yuan and all the other fairy tales you have described, are very unreliable – like the national Enquirer. Cite some credible sources to support your positions and then I may believe you.

      • Jerry

        I’m going to post this one time and one time only. This is from Asia times.
        “The preparation work for the launch of the first yuan-denominated crude oil futures in China has come to the final stage, China Securities Times reported, citing Fang Xinghai, vice chairman of Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission, who attended the China (Zhengzhou) International Futures Forum on September 8 ”

        Are you calling Fang Xinghai a liar? Do have something to back up your claim that “nothing is going to happen”? Of course you don’t, but yet I’m supposed to take your word over the Chinese Securities Regulatory Commission. Geez!

        • Jerry

          Don’t take my word for it. Read it for yourself. Its in both Chinese and English.

        • Stan

          My sources say that no major oil producer will accept Chinese currency for oil – the want Dollars and Dollars only.

          • Frederick

            That’s NOT true as it has been announced that the Russians are indeed trading with China in their own currencies

      • Jerry

        5 hours ago from CNBC

        “Beijing is plowing ahead regardless, and state-run media reported in September the plan was “moving swiftly.”

        Yuan pricing and clearing of crude oil futures is the “beginning” of a broader strategic push “to support yuan pricing and clearing in commodities futures trading,” Pan Gongsheng, director of the State Administration of Foreign Exchange, said last month.

        To support the new benchmark, China has opened more than 6,000 trading accounts for the crude futures contract, Reuters reported in July. ”

        How do you square this information? You can’t dispute it. Its coming from Reuters. Once again you are blowing smoke out of your butt.

      • Jerry

        I posted this on 09/25/2015 . Do you want to take a guess what happened in November that year? The Yuan received Reserve Currency Status.

        The destruction of am economic system that has existed for over 40 years occurs in stages, completely unknown to Joe Six pack and morons like you. You won’t have a clue what has happened no matter what I post until you can’t get to your money.

        Jerry 09/25/2015 •

        This is reality. The G20 controls the world banking system and the United Nations. Here is the Readers Digest Version of what happened a year ago just in case you missed it.

        I can’t make this anymore clear. The globalist in the G20 are preparing to restructure the global banking system sometime before their meeting in November. According to my sources the IMF has caved in to the BRIC nations threat to leave, and will give all of the countries who have (R currencies Rubble, Rupee etc.) SDR drawing rights along with the Yuan in their meeting in October. I can’t confirm this, but it does make sense since Deutsche Bank (their largest financial contributor ) is in trouble. I don’t have to tell you what that means for the dollar.

        • Stan

          If China ever tries something like this then we block them from using Swift. If that does not put the fear of God in them then we explore military options.

          • Frederick

            Stan You are obviously listening to John McCain way too much

      • Jerry

        Are you paying attention?
        Levinson says within the next 2 months? That’s not me saying it.

        • Stan

          Jerry: Why can’t you ever conform your sources? Are that that unreliable?

    • Diane

      Love it

      • Faith

        Jerry, great reporting! It took a while but you have been proven correct.

        I very much appreciate your efforts to educate people well in advance of the event. Thank you, big fan! Cheers! 👏🎉

        • JC Davis


  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: I’m still trying to recover from Friday’s fireworks of a WNW. Now you give us this! I’m so grateful for the sacrifices you make in bringing us such incredible content . . . routinely!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you William, you are very kind.

      • Allen Starr

        I should clue you in to the Russian medical system and why I think it has it’s good points. I get the same medical treatment as all other Russian citizens do even though I am a US citizen. I don’t pay for any medical coverage but once in awhile you need to buy a prescription which they don’t have at the hospital or the doctor wants you to take after visiting him. Last year, I spent 40 days in the hospital on 4 different occasions for kidney stones and a prostate problem. The first 10 days is for tests and observation so they can determine what the problem is. The next time you come in to prepare for the operation and then your recovery before they let you go. The kidney stone wasn’t a real operation as they go into you with a wire that can grab the stone and drag it out of you. I got my first spinal tap for that and got to watch the whole procedure on a TV screen. The prostate observation was much more difficult but my doctor got the keys to the Ultrasound room and we went there late in the evening and were able to figure out my problem. On my next stay at the hospital, he operated on me and corrected the problem. When they released me from the hospital, I waited for him to come to his office and gave him 2 bottles of Vodka and 2 bottles of good Armenian Cognac to say thank you. There are some things which aren’t really convenient for you but when you consider the cost; the lost time doesn’t matter much.

  6. Craig Bradley


    “Covered California” Health Care Exchange Premiums are up 27% for 2018. However, the individual subsidizes (Tax Credits) are up only $8.00. Since relatively few individuals can afford Obama Care, even at current rates, the coming “sticker shock ” has little actual effect (Marginal ). As the full premiums increase, the Law (ACA) still requires the individual subsidizes to go up right along with them. Net result is Obama Care still costs the Federal government a whole lot more $ regardless for 2018 but not necessarily individual policy holders (members)

    So, by only ending Insurance Company subsidizes on the various health care exchanges, all it is for next year is “politics” unless you have someone like me reporting exactly what my individual subsidizes and monthly premiums are for Blue Shield Silver 73 for next year.

    Few reporters have any first hand experience, making all the stories somewhat theoretical and therefore, meaningless. Nobody really can understand it, making President Trump’s unilateral action (EXO) resonate any way He chooses to couch it. You could call it all just “Fake News” or bluffing, depending on your particular point-of-view. So far, nothing else has changed. I doubt it will in the next 12 months either. The fact is, there is very little that President Trump can actually do absent Congress. So, we have notions and commotions.

  7. H. Craig Bradley

    General Flynn’s List of “400 Pedophiles” is only an unverified rumor, as it can not be collaborated or proven or disproven at least at this point. Its just Dr. Janda’s opinion, not yet necessarily “a fact”. Could be aliens from Mars too, for all I know (Area 51 in Nevada). So, better ask Cliff High about it, as well.

    • Paul ...

      Here is a fact for you … Trump has killed more women and children with his drone program in his first few months in office then Obama ever killed in his 8 years in office … is this the same man who was worried about the lives of some Syrian children? … is Trump in control of the drone program or not? … was he “forced” into this by the Deep State? … however … with all the technology we have … why they can’t put a laser beam on these drones and with facial recognition computer and just target “the one terrorist” in the crowd … instead of more massive human sacrifice for the “gods” in power in Washington … we have smart bombs … why not smart drones!!

      • Greg Hunter

        You are wrong about this one Paul!!! “Trump has killed more women and children with his drone program in his first few months in office then Obama ever killed in his 8 years in office. . .” Where did you get this so-called “fact”? Here is a 2014 Huffington Post story from 2014 that pegged the death from drones in the Obama Administration at 2,400. You are telling me that Trump is killing more than 240 per month since he’s been in office??????? BULL$$$$$$$!!!!!! The civilians number between as many as 832 according to ProPublica:

        • Paul ...

          Greg … Wow … the number of civilian deaths (832) you give is way more then I thought … Obama admits to killing only 64 to 116 civilians … obviously these civilian death numbers can be manipulated and reduced by simply stating the drone strike took place in a “war zone” (where civilian casualties don’t count) … bottom line … drone strikes under Trump are now running about 5 times greater then under Obama … so whatever the “official numbers game admitted to” Trump has given the CIA “more” latitude to kill “more” civilians … the “official numbers” can easily be artificially manipulated and kept low … by simply declaring an area where the drone strike took place “a war zone”!! …

          • Paul ...

            As for the “number of children” killed by US drone strikes … I compiled data from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism which gives a total of 262 to 331 children killed by the US Drone Program so far (this will now likely increase substantially under Trump) … [Afghanistan 46-69, Pakistan 172-207, Somalia 0-6, Yemen 44-49] …

            • Greg Hunter

              I do not believe one thing NBC “news” says. It is not the news, but propaganda. The company has proved this time and again. That said, this does not prove your claim.

              • Paul ...

                Well Greg … “using your source” the number of civilians killed by drone strikes is 832 … that is 7 to 13 times higher then the “official” number of civilians killed by Obama (64 to 116)!

                • Greg Hunter

                  You said Trump killed more women and children than Obama and you do not have a source for that claim. That’s the point and You have not backed up that claim and I do not think you can.

                  • Paul ...

                    You know … I think you are right Greg … as I have been using Obama’s “official kill numbers” which are most likely manipulated … so I’m comparing “apples to oranges” when these drone “murder numbers” can be easily manipulated by declaring the drone strike took place in a “war zone”!!

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Again, You have no back up or sourcing for the outrageous false claim you made.

      • Jim

        The US is just a golem.
        It will be discarded when no longer useful.

        • This sceptred Isle

          are you suggesting it is merely a puppet of Israel?

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Bradley: Harvey Weinstein and Anthony Weiner seem to have crossed the threshold of the “uncorroborated” into the realm of the corroborated, at least for most open-minded persons. Furthermore, I don’t find it fanciful (too much is known by too many people) that there are many others of similar ilk in high places, or that intelligence agencies, both foreign and domestic, know quite a lot about the topic.
      As for Area 51, you can go to Google Maps and see it for yourself from very high altitude. Unfortunately, LOL, they keep the aliens indoors, so you won’t be able to see the several (in my opinion, still insufficiently corroborated) corpses of aliens kept there. Still, such is true according to two acquaintances of mine who remain unknown to each other and have gained their (admittedly second-hand) “knowledge” entirely independently. Nevertheless, I consider both of them reasonably credible concerning their own access to those with supposedly direct knowledge of the subject matter.
      As an aside, I have talked to one extremely sane acquaintance who related to me a very detailed description of a “flying saucer” he claims to have “closely” observed (at several hundred yards) at a location about 300 miles distant from Area 51. Moreover, I have personally seen a canvas-shrouded elongated delta-shaped object on — though wider than the flat-bed truck carrying it — being escorted at high speed by Nevada Highway Patrol cars on a rural public highway near Area 51, i.e., Groom Lake, towards Nellis Air Force Base, which adjoins it. BTW, it’s an interesting spectacle in itself to watch how the Highway Patrol goes about clearing a two-lane road at 60 miles an hour of oncoming traffic. And yes, LOL, I have also have seen a flight of four completely black helicopters flying over the Nevada desert.
      I agree, it’s hard to know the truth. At some point, though, even the skeptical (who either go looking, or just happen to be in the right places at the right times) come across enough “dots” to be able to meaningfully connect them — if they are willing.

    • Westcoaster

      Ever heard of Jimmy Saville, Mr. Bradley? He’s the kiddie show host who the BBC protected for his decades of pedophilia in the U.K. Difference between the two countries is the U.K press covered it as a scandal. Here in the U.S. the media would be afraid to cover such a scandal because it hits too close to home. I’m sure Weinstain wasn’t checking ID’s.

      • This sceptred Isle

        The media over here did cover it, but only after he had died. They also neglected to mention for whom he was procuring the children. It seems he was the British version of the pizza guy in Washington.

        • Frederick

          TSI You’re referring to James Alofantis The Comet Pizza guy who many believe is running a pedofile Pizza operation David Seaman does a lot of videos on the subject

  8. Rodster

    Greg, in Chris Martenson’s latest piece he talks about the compensation packages these Healthcare CEO’s are getting and most of them are in the $30 million dollar range a year. Meanwhile the average Joe Six-pack is getting screwed by Obamacare. And the politicians are in on the con-game.

    • Jim

      Just follow the money and cut it off there. The system will heal itself.

      It is absolutely disgusting how much money those A holes make. Their jobs aren’t that hard – they always look so healthy and relaxed.

  9. Paul ...

    “Denial Care” was brought to a fine art under Obama … ever since the time of Jesus (when he went around giving “free health care” to the blind, sick and dying) … those who profited by taking money from the people … did not want someone upsetting their lucrative money laundering business … so they quickly put “a death panel” together … and eliminated the cause of their reduced profits … this is still going on today … hopefully Trump will put a stop to the people who pretend they “know not what they do” … and also take down the MSM who help to cover up the fraud by promoting the lie!!

  10. Aussie Clive

    Excellent Guest Greg. That’s two home runs in a row!
    Greg, you and Dave give us hope that there will eventually be some sort of justice administered to the ‘swamp’. By all accounts 2018, the year of the dog, should be a very interesting year.
    President Trump, its villain season – release the hounds.

  11. C spokane

    Wow,! Well I believe Mr. B Holter and C High was spot on when theye said as the devaluation of our dollar will bring TRUTH BOMBS! Euwey they are comming out like a highly action packed movie.
    My question would be why would any industry ask for a bailout if our fiat currency is very close to being worth zero?

    • This sceptred Isle

      Bill Holter did say that this would be the year of the truth bombs.

  12. C spokane

    The sad part of all the truth bombs comming out is we will hear about it but there will be no jail time as they are too BIG to imprison.

  13. Nikki

    Killing Us All !
    The inability to afford healthcare is just one more way
    of increasing depopulation. Spray the sky with heavy
    metals, poison the food with Monsanto’s Roundup and
    use cancer causing G.M.O.’S. Then make it difficult to
    obtain treatment for all the health problems by making
    treatment and insurance coverage unaffordable.
    Greg, next time you interview Dane Wiggington could
    you please ask him if there is any truth to the rumor
    that the spraying of the sky now contains bacterial
    germs that seem to causing increased allergies and
    other illness. Thank You Greg for all you do !

    • Paul ...

      NIKKI … Here is “a few random thoughts” I have about who is killing us … back in the old days Enlil and Enki had a difference of opinion … Enlil thought Enki had given to much intelligence to his “slaves” created to mine gold … and wanted to wipe them out like a bunch of lab rats by drowning them in a Great Flood … Enlil succeeded in destroyed almost all of them (humans) but Enki managed to help Noah and a few others survive … humans therefore have a “soft spot” in their hearts for Enki (otherwise known as Yahweh) … the problem is this “rebel against authority” did many evil things that “even we humans” don’t condone (like sacrificing people and animals and drinking their blood) … so humanity is betwixt and between … they are grateful to Enki for saving … them but they don’t like his moral character (and his satanic rituals) … now once again it seems Enlil is back … and wants to destroy Enki’s creation (us) … this time he is not using a Great Flood … he is using all the things you mentioned above to do us in … and according to Dane Wiggington we have only about 8 years left before humanity “is put to sleep for good” by Enlil … however … the Deep State (likely with Enki’s help again) are trying to build super weapons “that can destroy worlds” … so once again we could see a Cosmic War within our Solar System between good and evil … like the one that occurred in the past which destroyed the planet between Mars and Jupiter (turning it into an asteroid belt) and which destroyed the civilization on Mars … so it seems the Deep State has made a Faustian bargain with the Devil (Enki) … to perhaps save a few elites (like in the days of Noah)!!

      • Paul ...

        BUT … just perhaps we humans can show Enlil … by our deeds and actions … that “we are moral beings” and don’t deserve to die … lets round up all the crooks (who think they are above the law) and put them in jail … lets round up all the pedophiles and other degenerates and castrate them (so as to remove their evil genes from humanity’s gene pool) … let’s show God the Father (Enlil) that he doesn’t have to use “round up” on us … we can fix the problem … we all don’t deserve to die!

        • Paul ...

          Hey Enlil … perhaps … if you think we humans are “too smart” … you can find it in your heart to let us live … by just “dumbing us down a bit” … the Deep State is trying their best to show you their good intentions by putting fluoride our water and spraying aluminum in our air to lower our IQ’s … and most kids today think 2 +2 =5 … so what do you say???

    • This sceptred Isle

      Cilantro/coriander can chelate metals and remove them from the body.

  14. Jerry

    I did not post this. Someone else on you site is plagiarizing what I have posted in the past and added to it. I realize that some people don’t have an original thought (like Stan) and have nothing better to do than regurgitate what someone else has said and snipe at it………..but come on? This takes away from the integrity of your site and does not add quality to its content.

    Now the latest on what I’ve heard. Apparently the news about the gold backed petroleum Yuan benchmark was intentionally leaked to the MSM to send a signal to the 85 nations that have signed on with AIIB to get ready for a global currency reset involving the Yuan. Last week the international banks finalized the completion of a Rubble, Yuan exchange system, so I anticipate other nations to follow suite as time goes on. The dollar is once again putting pressure on the Yuan, so I anticipate China will purse this route rather than devalue the Yuan again. The timeline could be sometime after the Chinese Communist Congress finishes its meeting in the 24th. Am I naming a date? No. Sometime means exactly that. Sometime. Its ludicrous to believe that the emerging nations of the world will continue to de-value their own currency in order to carry our debt. In the past that was probably true, but with the advent of the Chinese alternate exchange system, that is no longer true.

    As far as the health insurance companies go? They are doing the same thing that the central banks are doing. They are running the current system into the ground until the wheels come off because they don’t have a plan to resolve the situation. That is unless you want to consider a single payer plan as a plan? The government is currently spending $1400. a month per person to administer Medicare and Medicaid. Do you really think its realistic to add another 120 million people to that balance sheet? I don’t.
    Not without crashing the system. But hey, maybe that’s what they had in mind all along? And maybe why the globalist Republicans refuse to pass a bill to overturn the ACA plan? Either way, we got screwed again.

    • Jerry

      The bypass of the dollar has begun.
      It appears that countries in the BRICS alliance will be trading with their own currencies instead of dollars inside the new exchange system. Counties like Venezuela who have a weak currencies will be using Yuan. Keep an eye on Saudi Arabia. By the sheer fact that they are considering selling ARAMCO to China tells me they may actually entertain the idea of selling oil for gold backed Yuan.

      • Jerry

        China preparing to move to center stage?

        • Stan

          The Chinese would still be starving if it were not for the Dollar.

          • JC Davis

            Stan China would miss our peanut butter nothing more.

            • JC Davis

              oh I forgot Soybeans

  15. Walter Baumgarten

    Dr. Dave is right Greg, you ARE an asset to this country, or at least an asset to what USED to be this country. You and those who you bring to us have already laid more than enough facts and proofs upon the alter of Truth to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that this nation is being run buy a class of Criminal Cronies and Murder for Profit demonic entities at the expense of those good and decent people that still do the work and crate the value. I cannot think of any way that this sinking ship can be salvaged from a water grave, even if President Trump is indeed the force of good that we believe him to be. If Dr. Dave is right and the Deep State is indeed terrified and in fear of losing control over the machinery, I feel certain that they will become desperate enough to do absolutely ANYTHING to us all to stop a turn around. It is all going to be very interesting. Thankfully there is safety in God through the Salvation of His Son, our Lord Jesus. As you are a man that calls out to them as frequently as I do sir, your credibility is always without question and your work is of the utmost value to us all. Thank you, bless you.

  16. Diane

    Great interview….
    So thankful for your work, Greg Hunter.
    People like you are true warriors against evil doers.
    Thank you Dr. Dave….you too are a champion for us.
    God Bless you guys.

  17. Sammy

    You’ve gotta wonder if someone has a file on Sessions .

    • Frederick

      Sammy Good observation I think you’re correct given his inactivity regarding people like Podesta and the Clintons Hopefully that will change soon

    • Russ McMeans

      I don’t think so. But Mr Sessions seems like too much an old southern gentleman- not mean enough for Washington DC. Plus he’s still lacking a full staff thanks to people blocking and stalling his appointment s

      • Frederick

        Even Southern gentlemen should be disgusted by the pedofiles and people like the Clintons don’t you think Russ

  18. Da Yooper

    Where is Mr Law & order Jeff Sessons ? As long as the clinton crime family walk free there is no rule of law & we can thank Jeff Sessons for that

    What a huge failure Jeff Sessions is. Trump really sold us a bill of goods with Sessons .

    Why hasn’t Trump fired Sessons ?

  19. DJ

    Another great interview Greg.

    Insurance companies need to be looking for a bankruptcy attorney. NO BAILOUT!

    Don’t worry about your poll on trolls, just keep putting out the information. We’re listening.

    Your site, Steve Quayle and John Leoffler at Steel on Steel are my go to sites for information.

  20. Buddy

    I have heard another false flag in November coming ( I heard In Alabama maybe)
    and a big earthquake end of this month also.
    Deep state looking to keep things confused . Just like Las Vegas,Cali fires,and directed hurricanes. President Trump better call in the good military and round up all these criminals. Mass arrest are supposed to be coming. Heard 98 senators and 300 congressman are dirty.

  21. David

    Awesome! Awesome! Thanks Greg!

  22. Matt Jaymes

    This interview caused me to do 3 things simultaneously: cry, pray & cheer. I’m not at all given to emotional outbursts, but the depravity just absolutely overwhelmed me. I pray that those amazing special forces heroes kick the snot out of those demented, evil bastards, and that Corey Feldman is given the strength to stand tall and be heard!! I cheered because there is still good in the world and people like Greg Hunter and Dave Janda are sounding the alarm!! I’m going to research the pedophile hunters to see how I can help.

    Well done guys, WELL DONE!!

  23. Fatima message

    Another great interview Greg! Wow! Thank you for bringing the Truth to the light. You are a true patriot.
    Another patriot, who was taken down by the deep state, was Ted Gunderson(R.I.P.), who after retiring from the FBI, tried repeatedly to warn us all about child abuse and the huge pediphilla network. His investigations into this evil proved ties (starting in the 1960s) that led directly to the Reagan White House, congress, FBI, CIA, state governments, etc.. He and his associates disclosed that greater than 100,000 children went missing every year in this country – and that was in the 1990s. Even the highly respected Boys Town in Nebraska was dirty. I fell certain that every administration since Carter was implicated!
    Greg, there is no rule of law in our “good ole US of A.” Trump is wrestling with the Beast, to give him credit. But it will take an act of God to stop this. Theresa Neumann in 1946 told a US GI that “The United States would be destroyed economically by natural disasters.” Natural disasters threatening the US today: Canary island tsunami, Yellowstone eruption, Caskaadia subduction earthquake, San Andreas earthquake, New Madrid earthquake – to name a few. Given the state of our banking system,
    any one of these could and will bring us to our knees. If the current quakes under the Canary islands escalate and produce a tsunami – God forbid, a 100 foot plus wave would strick the entire east coast destroying every structure within 12 miles of the coast including Washington D.C. And its corruption. As the Fatima apparitions disclosed, “nations will be annilated.” Clearly, the US being the most corrupt would be included in that prophecy! America needs a day, no a month of prayer.
    Thank you again, Greg.u

  24. Sue Patterson

    Another outstanding guest and interview. Thank you for being so professional. You choose terrific interviewees and then let them actually speak; minimal interruptions, well placed questions, and no long personal tirades.
    Finally, we can see cracks starting to form in the wall that the media, the deep state, and the left have erected against the truth. Like the good Doctor said, the same people are behind all the mess; Uranium One, Obamacare, pedogate. Thanks for continually chipping away at that wall.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sue. I am really angry and frustrated about my healthcare but I think I have a plan to fix that!!

      • Better Chetter

        Had you ever heard about chiropractor John Thie’s book, “Touch for Health” – ? It shares a lot about nutritional remedies to various diseases, relative to oriental meridian lines that run through the body and indicate what could be ‘under’ the pain we feel. I have used in successfully for the last 20 yrs., to avoid going to doctors & getting dangerous drugs. FYI – a lot of other top alternative health care providers are chiropractors, such as Dr. Mercola – folks not in bed with the elite are more apt to truly care about stewarding the healthy lifestyles of US citizens.

        • Frederick

          Never had much use for Chiropracters ever since One ripped me off and injured me with a severe back problem in 1978 Afterwards went to a surgeon who fixed the problem

  25. Tad

    Guns, gold, butter.

    • This sceptred Isle

      butter? Long shelf-life?

      • Tad

        Or just plain canned food.

        • William Stanley

          Tad: I agree. Canned food has several advantages: It’s often packed in water (which is precious), it can be eaten without cooking it, and you can easily rotate it through your normal diet, saving on the expense of having it in your stockpile of emergency supplies.

      • William Stanley

        This Sceptred Isle:
        Ghee has very long shelf-life, as does the powdered butter that is available from several vendors, including Emergency Essentials. Canned butter is also available. It will make your rice and beans much more palatable. However, I don’t know if any of these vendors ship overseas. Most of all, don’t forget to get a water filter. 🙂

        • Tad

          By butter, I meant food. But by all means butter, in whatever convenient form.

  26. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thanks Greg so many great interviews lately!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rev!

  27. Paul ...

    We should have a fundamental right to boycott the big Health Insurance Industry and Big Pharma vaccines along with GMO “seedless” products and withdraw our money from the Too Big to Fail Banks if they are doing things we don’t approve (i.e. like taking our dollar from 100 cents to 3 cents) … if the above entities are owned by or controlled by Israel … do we now all of a sudden lose our 1st Amendment Rights??? …

  28. Paul ...

    Here is something interesting … the UK is proposing locking up people for 15 years if they view “extremist content” on the internet … what I want to know is how they define “extremist content” … will looking at the price of your bitcoins be considered extremist? … or maybe perhaps viewing “alternative health sites”, etc., etc. … who are these “sick jack boot fascist extremists” who propose such things???

  29. Kim

    Impacting interview! I enjoyed the October 15th interview of you by Dr. Janda also!!
    Your passin is contagious! Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim! “Fear Not.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim. “Fear Not”!!

  30. Tad

    In the unlikely event guns gold, and butter aren’t an immediate concern, one can assume the president’s optimism about tax cuts may provide an economic spark-albeit temporary.

    We know the super and just merely wealthy don’t know necessarily need a tax cut, since their paper and gold wealth is dependent on a continuing fairy tale. Should the tax cut prove somewhat of a middle class boon, I see the few extra dollars per month as going toward reducing mortgage payments, and little else. Fortunately, discretionary spending on athletic events is taking a hit; therefore, those dollars may go toward slightly increased retail spending. Perhaps not.

    Then we must consider that those who don’t have mortgages and taking jabs from real Americans, will continue to benefit-with no skin attached. I don’t see an economic revival as remote until we remove the contrived aggregate demand of illegal aliens-regardless of origin.

    This may require a presidential- inspired commission. I might suggest
    Obama holdovers from the Justice department. I mean, this would require senior level government functionaries. Perhaps even transfers to countries or embassies where terrorism is igniting refugee flows.

  31. Country Codger

    Dr. Dave + Greg = big trouble for the deep state.
    If people are prosecuted for complicity then every secretary of state since the late 1970’s will have to be prosecuted for child trafficking/white slavery. NSA, FBI, CIA, DIA and others are well aware of the operation and threatens those who dare to expose it.

    People in the patriot community may or may not know that Jack McLamb was instrumental in putting together a team of Vietnam vets that went into Mexico and Central America to rescue kidnapped American kids that were working as sex slaves in those countries back in the early 90’s.

    Keep up the great work, both of you.

  32. Lake M


    The social and political deterioration highlighted and expressed by you and Dr. Janda was well received. The frustration of the bulk of ordinary Americans with past tyrants and the current crop of good for nothing politicians and controlling elite does nothing but grow. Why is justice absent?…a question asked by many.

    The Washington pedophilia blackmail scheme Dr Janda mentions is especially dark and evil. I wholly agree Sessions needs to go. Perhaps he is a victim of the blackmail or bribery as no action is seen in these critical areas of Justice Dept investigations.

    The upcoming increases in the cost of health care will only add more negative juju to the US economy. Only very wealthy will afford health care as the mainstream system disintegrates. Concierge medicine is increasing rapidly as doctors seek other solutions. Cash will be demanded for scarce service. Doctors will have choices… what per cent choose to go socialist providing low cost service for the many and how many go after the top 10% and forgo the masses? It remains to be seen.

    It is said in Greece, an envelope with cash is placed on the patient as he or she is wheeled into the OR and distributed to the participants before the procedure begins.
    No pay no service. We will become like Greece in many ways. Medical service is likely one. Pensions and medical care/elderly care costs will soon swamp the system, hastening the fall of the living standards for millions of American citizens. The consequences of living beyond our means for too long will shortly be upon us.

  33. Fred Lamont

    Well….I think Mr Hunter here is a spokes person for the American Taliban more and more every day. Religious extremists. The worse of it’s kind. Get a grip on reality Mr Hunter….you have no longer any credibility among the educated people. You used to be worth listening too….but no longer and your guests are getting more bizarre by the day…..sorry, but true.

    • Greg Hunter

      Get a real job and stop being a paid troll.

      • Mike R

        Greg – these people like Fred and Gina are too stupid to be PAID trolls. They really should be called “Un-Paid” trolls, and you are being far too generous and flattering with your descriptions of them. I can’t see anyone hiring these morons to print the stuff they post here. Seriously.

    • Charles H


      What you DON’T understand is that – the NON-RELIGIOUS EXTREMISTS, like yourself: are the true American Taliban of INTOLERANCE. Stop projecting your faults unto others!
      I earned two Degrees, with Honors, in my day – when hard, exacting work was required to pass courses. I wouldn’t give two nickels for those who are graduated after 1990; as most of them are educated stupid.
      The fact that you do NOT differentiate between Christianity and a militant-theocratic/political-insurgency: is a mud-slinging and false association of blatant ignorance, or deliberate intellectual dishonesty of orders of magnitude. Such mean-spirited use innuendo should make any “educated” person blush. But then hypocrisy is the first to point fingers; and the last to recognize it’s faults, if ever.

      • This sceptred Isle

        “I earned two Degrees, with Honors, in my day – when hard, exacting work was required to pass courses. I wouldn’t give two nickels for those who are graduated after 1990; as most of them are educated stupid.”

        I agree that the standard of the education system in the western world has deteriorated. The powers that be would like to create a two-tier system where those at the top and their descendants rule over an ignorant class of slave labour that cannot think critically.
        Education is only as good as the teacher and in some cases ‘education’ is little more than brainwashing.

    • Chip

      Fred the troll…

    • Eagleye

      Spoken like a real troll!spoken like a real troll!

    • William Stanley

      Mr. Lamont, you fascinate me: are your numerous grammatical errors purposefully juxtaposed with your claim to speak for the “educated”? At first, I assumed you were trying to entertain us with your empty, cliche-ridden rhetoric. Then it became more apparent that you were simply stringing together a list of meaningless phrases provided to you by your masters. Moreover, while you have much to be embarrassed about, exactly what are you “sorry” for?
      Are you at all aware that, while your masters have used and abused you in an attempt to spread hate, that Mr. Hunter has deliberately chosen to post your comment — but to much greater effect — as a mildly amusing, though prototypical, example of the left’s use of “useful” idiots?

  34. mushroom

    If someone can’t work and earn to pay for their healthcare as well as their children’s healthcare – tough luck.

    Likewise abolish social security, Medicare and Medicaid as well as all disability payments. America was founded on an honest days work philosophy.

    • MCasey

      mushroom, can we abolish Social Security right after the government has extracted the money from your paycheck for 40 years; and right before you start to collect on your investment?

    • Clare Doll

      By Gosh, if you are going to have a slave society then you better make sure they are healthy or they can’t work!

    • Paul ...

      mushroom … is it fine with you that Trump wants to eliminate all Cost of Living Increases for Social Security retirees? … already enacted into law is the “diet COLA” … where-by any increase in the cost of living over 2% gets cut down by a certain percentage … Trump want to cut retired peoples COLA down to “ZERO” … knowing full well our US dollar currency is worth less and less … now as for a man doing an honest days work … don’t you think this man should be paid an honest salary for that days work (not one depreciated by inflation)?!!

      • Paul ...

        We all know that inflation greater then 4% is already a reality … to see a chart on how elimination of the COLA affects purchasing power go here … … it seems broken campaign promises is becoming the rule with Trump … first we are marched toward war in Asia and the Middle East and now he breaks his promise to protect retirement security (to save a couple of billion dollars so it can be spent on “new wars” for the Military/Industrial Complex)???

        • Paul ...

          How many people living on pensions will be voting in the next election? … make sure you find out which Congress and House member voted to take away your Cost of Living Adjustments … which is “not free money” being given to us … but simply “an adjustment” to keep us even … to make up for all the money being robbed from us by the banksters at the Fed!!!

          • Paul ...

            Remember how the government changed the Department of “War” to the Department of “Defense” … now watch the government change the word COLA to COLF (making an “Adjustment” into a “Freebie”) that must be removed by Trump!!

            • Paul ...

              Hey Trump … why don’t you remove all the “real Freebies” being given to the Military/Industrial/Banking Complex and leave our currently very small retirement “Adjustments” alone … what are you afraid of “hyper-inflation” (that the banksters have planned for us)?!!

  35. JC Davis

    Greg, I come to your site to relax from the misery I go threw every day. This world is exploding with greed.

    • Charles H

      Greed, it is.

  36. Oxfarmer

    A few months ago it was on local radio that the FBI had broken up a pedophile ring…not long after President Trump vowed to stop human trafficing. Two lowlifes had been prostituting boys with deficits, at football games and other venues. It had gone on 20 years, Greg! One of the ringleaders admitted in a quote on the radio that he had had sex with boys for 20 years.

    This was in a small town in my state. Surely many people knew this was going on. But Trump’s team busted them. I was greatly encouraged, and look for more busts.

  37. Erika Miller

    You and Dave Janda speak with passion. I love that. Anyone not yet awake is getting a boost from you both. Wonderful show.

  38. Cricket

    Government, Democraps, liberals all living off the back of Americans. It’s almost like the mafia or a virus on you.

    Why do you accept this America? Have you been duped, don’t care, want to be trampled on?

    Our forefathers didn’t appreciate that and I thought it might have rubbed of you but I’m terribly wrong.

    • JC Davis

      Cricket like you said gov, dems and libs are over 2/3 rd of the country. We would first fight the police, then the army. Voting them out want work we have tried all my life. The only thing is to sit down and don’t work, eat what we store up and crash the system. Even that will not work. The MIC would take us to war.
      Cricket do you have a idea I have not covered ?

  39. Jodyp

    Big dogs on the left including the ‘messiah’ going down for treasonous acts? Not a chance unless they want a 2nd civil war. Some small pups will be thrown to the wolves. Now on the pedophile issue, there will be outrage from the left and right to jail these evil scumbags, no matter the names.

    • Cricket

      No, but of course, millions would have to do that and getting millions to do that is nearly impossible. Not the way they have fractured us by letting many to “freeload” the system.

      But one thing you did mention that might lead to something breaking is WAR!!

  40. Johnnie

    It’s beyond belief all the money that is going into the markets, much of which comes from central banks. There are loads of unprofitable companies on stock exchanges; Tesla, Twitter, Netflix, Amazon, Uber and so on, that are displacing once profitable companies in respective order; auto manufacturers, newspapers, cable tv, retailers, taxi service. I don’t recall anything like it. Only central bank money could levitate markets like this as any sane investor wouldn’t pour money into losing companies like this for this long. As long as central banks maintain a flow of cash that makes it into the markets, they will not fall in any meaningful way. What would cause them to stop? Have they always caused crashes by initially providing such a torrent of cash flow into the stock markets that it causes private cash to be sucked into the market. As the flows of private cash pick up, then the investment banks sell. This results in classic retailer investor bagholders and a tumbling market as there is no coordinated inflow of money. The cycle usually takes 5-7 years, just rinse and repeat. It would be no shocker if Goldman Sachs are the left arm to the Federal Reserve’s right arm. The last crash in 2008 was so bad that it is taking much longer to draw in private cash into the markets and so this rinse and repeat cycle is taking longer. Just a few years ago, there were many stories about how retailer investors have been shy and untrusting of the markets. Perhaps they are driving the stock market to stupid levels to get the job done.

    If all this nefarious activity in DC is true and Trump can manage to expose it, he may yet end up on Mount Rushmore. It will probably take a dam busting event like the Harvey Weinstein story. The paralysing fear is removed and the story can come out into the open. It would have to happen this way for the public to believe it. Anything less than a total dam busting release would be doubted by many who unfortunately have there heads spinning by the state of the news services today. Still it would be very traumatic for the majority of people who have no idea. I could see it like the climax of a horror movie and the weeks after, there would be the denouement as the entire police force has finally arrived and all the reporters are recounting the true story. I’m sure people would find Trump saying everything ‘It’s OK now, it’s all over.’ to be very comforting and he’d probably find a lot of love coming his way from his previous haters & detractors.

  41. Mike from the north

    As each day passes I see signs that maybe GOD is making his move.

    This interview was a barn burner..Shared it with many.

    As the weeks of 2017 count down more and more truth bombs get dropped and the speed in which they are dropping seems to be increasing.

    My fear is that history tells me that they risk of turning over the table is increasing. (war)

    Maybe President Trump is playing a great poker game.

    I will let you all to reach your own conclusions on what that comment might mean.

    It is a time for prayer.

  42. Tad

    “Park’s mother was killed on 15 August 1974 in the National Theater of Korea; Mun Se-gwang, a Japanese-born Korean sympathizer of North Korea and member of the Chongryon, was attempting to assassinate President Park Chung-hee.[10] Park was regarded as First Lady until the assassination of her father by his own intelligence chief, Kim Jae-gyu, on 26 October 1979.[11][12] During this time, activists who were political opponents of her father claimed to be subject to arbitrary detention. Further, human rights were considered subordinate to economic development.[13] In 2007, Park expressed regret at the treatment of activists during this period.[14]”

    The excerpt can be found below.


    First, may I say that the CIA has been busy in Seoul and surrounding environs for years– particularly the last six month months.

    I feel safe in determining that Park Geun-hye has been sympathetic for improved relations with North Korea. . .since the early 1970s, if not earlier. What goes unreported is their political operations there, so no surprise that charges against have been filed, and she’s being held in detention. It’s almost that I don’t need to know the full details.

    The present incumbent, Moon Jae-in, must be beside himself–or not. His leadership as well as that of the RK’s National Assembly, has effectively been stripped by Washington. Do South Koreans believe they have a democracy?

    • Paul ...

      Tad … I bet Kin Jung-un is looking at what is going on in S. Korea and is saying to himself “if S. Korea had a “hydrogen bomb” like me … a “regime change” would not have happened to them”!! …

      • Paul ...

        Perhaps we should give every Nation the right to bear (hydrogen bomb) arms … sort of like a Second Amendment for the world … so they can protect their home from robbers who want their precious mineral wealth!!

      • Tad

        A lot has passed since 1953. It won’t be “Happy days are here again!” if both Koreas annihilate their kin.

        Neocons won’t have a problem with it. More than a few Americans would–assuming the Russian and Chinese launch in.
        Sleepwalking in Seattle.

  43. marcus

    Not sure if we can trust Trump……..
    If he was a true freedom fighter why is he not exposing their lies, taking credit for the stock markets and all the fools that play it, wanting to hand them more tax free dollars, so it can inflate much more, we need his tax plan to fail so the stocks will explode now, not in another 12 months, we are sick and tired of the growth in the top 10 percent only….. let it blow, blow all over them with fake profits and hike the rates and taxes so it blows sky high and then allow the rebuild under a new value.

    • Charles H

      It’s one thing to want to be President; another thing to provoke an early grave. At least he wants to go in the right direction.

  44. tom

    Here’s the Uranium One entry from Wikipedia. Notice the American production is about 3% of the total. So, it’s NOT American uranium….it comes from all over the world. I suggest that all of this hype regarding selling the Russians uranium is BS, although the wheeling and dealing by Americans like Clinton, etc. could very well be true…….

    Uranium production is carried out in about 20 countries around the world, producing a cumulative total of 54,610 tonnes of uranium (tU). The countries where more than 100 tU/year production reported are Kazakhstan (28%), Canada (20%), Australia (16%), Namibia (8%), Russian Federation (7%), Niger (6%), Uzbekistan (5%), United States (3%), Ukraine (2%), China (2%), India (1%), South Africa (1%), Czech Republic (1%), Brazil (1%) and Malawi (<1%). Since 2009 the in-situ leach (ISL) operations of Kazakhstan are producing the largest share of world uranium.

  45. Paul ...

    Come on Trump … the “little fat boy” in Korea has one hydrogen bomb (we gave him) and Iran has none … and you now put the “entire” US Nuclear Bomber fleet on 24 hr alert? … yet you didn’t have to do it for Russia or China with their thousands of hydrogen bombs aimed at all our US cities? … there was another Don I seem to remember who put on his armor and took up his spear to attack windmills (Quixote was his name)!

  46. Gina M Mancarella

    Of course, you will not address the issue I raised because you just want to take the easy way out and just say I’m Luciferian.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for admitting the truth.

    • Justn Observer

      Gina, What might ‘your’ issue be? Luciferian? Those nodes will be posted up soon enough one can expect….but I can not find you here…but yet admit there are so many rabbit holes and nodes concerning the Podesta Group and their ties to the Russian banking group…and into the Demon-cratic ties into the Ukraine maybe you could help since you seem = project such passion and connections , surely you could help us all get to the ‘reality’ of what is going on here? Maybe this IS the explanation why Hillary lost?
      The Clinton Foundation/A Global Crime Enterprise

  47. 4321Dud

    General Flynn for Attorney General?

    • JC Davis

      Trey Gowdy. He knows where the bones are buried.

  48. Tommy

    You can be sure that Waters, Schumer, Pelosi, will “credit” Trump for the huge premium increases. Obama was smart. He front loaded the goodies and back loaded the costs knowing he would be out of there by the time Americans got the bill.

    Also on Corey Feldman, I noted a news report that he was pulled over in Louisiana on Saturday and charged with marijuana possession. As they say, “timing is everything”.

    • Paul ...

      Perhaps we can reduce or eliminate our health care costs by simply being frozen … rather then looking for immediate care … let later generations decide on whether to pay the cost to fix you up … … however there is one danger to consider … what if there is a world wide famine? … and the elite Satanists need “some meat” to supplement what they have saved in their blood banks??

      • Tommy

        Perhaps it’s time to watch “Soylent Green” again.

  49. Chip

    What a great interview. Please give us some more! Chip

  50. Kim

    Thank you for posting about this. I was wondering what was going with the multiple posts!

    For the Lord watches over the way of the righteous, but the way of the wicked leads to destruction. Psalm 1:6

  51. Clare Doll

    What if it isn’t about the bond market as Greg Mannarino states? What if it is about you, Greg, and your guests? What if it is about KNOWLEDGE? At the point that clinton, bush et. al are to be tried for treason, I think the stock market and economy collapses are pushed into collapse. That will teach the slaves!

  52. wd

    Hi Greg,

    Excellent interview…I hope these cracks get bigger for the deep state….

    By the way you mentioned some alternative health plans?, Would you elaborate or list a few…I am at $1550 by myself!!!!!!

  53. Frederick

    Greg Wherd you get that nerdy picture of Doc Janda?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s his. I did not get a good head freeze from You Tube.

      • Jim

        Try icecream.

  54. Mike from the north

    Again Greg you do not dissapoint.

    Great guest…great discussion.

    The truth bombs are dropping almost daily now.

    Maybe you could see if Bill Holter would agree to come back on and discuss the Truth Bombs that have dropped just in the last few months.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mike!! Holter is always a good guest!!

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, Compelling…. Likely at least two shooters… explaination of sub-sonic suppressed fire from ‘behind’ the curtain of stage and brightness of it’s lights?

    • Paul ...

      Obviously “they” were out to produce “deaths” (hitting people center mass) … not a bunch of “wounded” people … so why such an agenda? … so some Vegas big shots could sell their unwanted x-ray machines to the Casinos???

  56. J.D. Clampett

    Jim Rogers.
    Mother Russka’s gonna clean uP!


    Even though you wont acknowledge it Mr. Hunter, I want to give a shout out to my home boy Stevie Wonder who performed the National Anthem in the form of a prayer to our ancestors while on his knees and with hands folded for justice until the end when he put his fist in the air in honor of black power to say “F$%# %$# WHITE AMERICA” ! Y’all aren’t going to oppress us no more. You wont give us anything ? Fine ! We just gonna take all your shit then ! Now how you like me and my darkie friends now ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Black Man,
      I am not sure you are even black . That said, the people that are oppressing the black race are the people you keep voting for and that is the Democrats. Obama did nothing for black people and it’s not me saying this but people like Tavis Smiley: STOP voting for people that give a greater priority to refugees and illegal aliens. Your aggression is sadly misplaced. You should look in the mirror and ask why you keep voting for people that lie to you and keep you on the bottom. Ask yourself, have you heard a single idea that will make life better for you. You think tearing down some statues will help you??? How about another $1 an hour pay increase for your crappy dead end job? As far as “giving you anything” go out and work for it like the rest of us do!!!!

    • Charles H

      BLACK MAN,

      IF you are some white honky, talking trash to provoke hard responses: you are stupid. It isn’t going to work.
      If you ARE a real Black man: then you are ignorant. You are totally blind to the opportunities proportioned to your ilk through Equal Opportunity” subsidies, grants, and preferential treatment. When you COULD make something of yourself, and succeed in life: you come here and talk trash. Asshattery BS!
      If you think you are going to take what you want – and you’re free to do so – you better GPS a nearby hospital Emergency room. Life favors the prepared.

    • FC

      Black Man tell me how you are truly oppressed in “White America” and I will be glad to fight the oppression with you, but to think you are going to take from me will only engage my 2 brothers Smith & Wesson.

  58. Jim

    My father got a total knee replacement for free two years ago. He’s got no health insurance and no money. He had to wait a year or two for it, but that’s fine because knees don’t go in one day. A TKR is worth waiting for if you need it. It’s better to wait because TKRs don’t last forever, so the doc’s advice was use the old knee as long as he could. The same surgeons work in the public and private sectors and in fact even under the public health system you are likely to end up in a private hospital for the procedure anyway. America put a man on the moon but cannot solve basic problems anymore. Too much corruption. The swamp is a running sore.

    The New Zealand health system seems to work. It is bogged down a bit by big fat unhealthy Pacific Islanders (we have no Mexicans and few blacks) but the situation in the US seems ridiculous. The main NZ private health insurer (Southern Cross) is full of fraud now due to Indian immigrants (I heard this from an insider who also told me the not-for-profit company made its first loss in 100 years because of this, but the CEO didn’t want to know because it might be racist).

    As well as investigating problems in the US, Americans need to study overseas systems and not listen to dismissive propaganda that it is “socialist medicine”.

    BTW, why is criticizing Indians regarded as “racist”. Are people from India all the same race? If so, it seems that India is the racist state then. They have worse apartheid than South Africa ever had- they are 100% hypocrites and now they are driving corruption levels and red tape to record levels here. They strive for management positions and then only hire each other. They are a blight on this country and I hate them all.

  59. Mike R

    YUGE story….
    China launching Petroyuan.
    Jerry was off by 2 months.

    • JMiller

      Mike R,

      Jerry was off more than that (which would not be the first time). Quote from Jerry on 09/24/2017, “My sources have told me they plan to launch the gold backed Yuan benchmark on October 18th”. His sources were wrong. It was not launched on October 18th and it is not gold backed. Here is an interview with David Morgan who explains how the Yuan-denominated oil futures contracts are not backed by gold.

  60. Bill

    Several times I have read your comments about how many people Pres Trump has killed with drones. Maybe you could also spend some time commenting about all the citizens of Chicago who get murdered each weekend.

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