Heat & Storms Produce Power and Cell Outages All Over America

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Look around the country this week and you will find hundreds of thousands of people suffering through power and cell outages caused by storms and extreme summer heat.  One of the biggest power outages this past week happened for 65 million customers in the Northeast, but it seems everywhere you look from South Dakota to Texas, Missouri to Virginia, people are struggling.  Do you have a backup plan?

Satellite Phone Store can give you all the backup you need from satellite phones like the Iridium 9555 ($99.95 per month) to the IsatPhone2 ($89.95 per month.)  The phone is yours to keep at the end of the 24-month or 12-month contract depending on the phone you chose.  There is also unlimited satellite texting with the Bivy Stick that comes with a free Nokia Android phone.  It’s already set up to start texting using the keyboard of your new smart phone.  The Bivy stick and Nokia phone are also yours to keep at the end of your 12-month contract ($75.95 per month.)

Deals include waiving the $50 activation fee when you mention the promo code USAW.  You can also get discounts on family packages with as many as 300 shared minutes and many other free items to sweeten the deals, such as the “Go Dark” faraday bag.

Also, just two months ago, the Senate was handing out Satellite phones to over half of its members “to ensure a redundant and secure means of communication during a disruptive event.”  What is the federal government afraid of happening?  They did not say, but you need to be as ready as they are.

Also, you can be prepared for power outages with a new solar rechargeable generator.  They come in a variety of sizes that can run a full-size refrigerator anywhere from 2 hours to 48 hours.  They can power all kinds of other home appliances too.

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  1. Lee W.

    “‘Any Anti-Russia…’: Putin Warns As U.S.-Ukraine Set To Start Security

    • Rick

      NATO [who admits Russia has superior weapons] has now moved right up to the border with Russia [breaking their solemn promise “never to do such a thing”] – and now these mentally defective imbecilic bully’s are threatening Russia “not to move one inch closer to NATO”?? – you know – back in my high school days – there was always some mentally unstable bully pushing kids around with the same aggressive attitude now shown by NATO – they usually got kicked right in the ass when they finally came up against a non-aggressive kid “who had finally taken enough of their bull-shit”!!

    • Rick

      The Earth knows exactly what to do when the Sun gets too hot – it puts more clouds in the sky “to reflect the Sun’s heat back out into space” – we don’t need to be spraying dangerous chemicals into our atmosphere with globalist geo-engineering programs that kill people and plants – the evil globalists know “water vapor is non-toxic to humans” – so they all up in arms about it!!!

    • Bill's Stilled!

      WOW! Dean! This is gonna be big news. Wowser, dowser bowser! Sir, as this leaks. it’s gonna snowball right back at the man made climate honking honkies!

      July 31, 2023
      What NASA and the European Space Agency are admitting but the media are failing to report about our current heat wave / By Thomas Lifson Bumped from Sunday:
      The current heat wave is being relentlessly blamed on increasing levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, but there is a much more plausible explanation, one that is virtually endorsed by two of the world’s leading scientific organizations. It turns out that levels of water vapor in the atmosphere have dramatically increased over the last year and a half, and water vapor is well recognized as a greenhouse gas, whose heightened presence leads to higher temperatures, a mechanism that dwarfs any effect CO2 may have.
      So why has atmospheric water vapor increased so dramatically? Because of a historic, gigantic volcanic eruption last year that I — probably along with you — had never heard of. The mass media ignored it because it took place 490 feet underwater in the South Pacific. Don’t take it from me; take it from NASA (and please do follow the link to see time-lapse satellite imagery of the underwater eruption and subsequent plume of gases and water injected into the atmosphere): You must see the photo::::::::
      THE PHOTO FROM SPACE IS ABSOLUTE PROOF YOUR EYE’S DON’T LIE OR the eye’s in the sky! Satellites!
      Lee W. 07/30/2023 • Reply
      “‘Any Anti-Russia…’: Putin Warns As U.S.-Ukraine Set To Start Security
      [[[[[[[[[[[[[ https://youtu.be/kgjRIWgIwnU ]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]]

      • Fried S.B.

        Greg you didn’t have to ban me. I made an honest mistake. I copied the wrong post just before Dean. Lee W.s post. Slow down and enjoy the fireworks! Billy

        • Greg Hunter

          I did not “ban” you.

          • Fred

            Sorry, Greg. I didn’t use my real name and it wouldn’t post, so instead of Fred I used Fried. So I just assumed, I guess.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Who ya gunna call? “Ghostbusters”

  3. deerflyguy

    It is a fact that cell phones are cheaper to use than satellite phones. Cell phones are also handier to use than satellite phones due to many reasons, and nearly everyone has a cell phone while few own satellite phones. Yes, the biggest reason that is given in favor of satellite phones is that when ground-based systems are down, satellite systems still function. My question is, since many ground-based systems won’t be functioning, although satellite phones will work, who will you be able to call except for other satellite phones? I don’t know anyone who has a satellite phone except you, Greg, and even so, I don’t know your number? I must deduce that for the vast majority of people, satellite phones are a very poor investment. Where am I going wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      You would call someone on your family plan with a phone or a family plan for Bivy and sat texting!!

      • Mike

        Hi Greg. Urgent. Gigantic Chinese lab found in USA

        • Robert K

          Nefarious badtards with evil intentions. They’re getting ready for 2024 and the next “pandemic”.

          It’s amazing how all these “unexplained” scamdemics seem to populate around election years. Just like how the bioweapons were released in January of 2020. Why should this be any different? Whete there’s one, there’s likely 20 more.

    • Harry Reasoner

      remember what Rabbi Jonathan Cahn said the other day: ‘the End Times are not all dark. The dark gets stronger but the light gets stronger.’

      this is true. Many people have personal testimony how never was their experience of God more intense when they were struggling to overcome alcoholism or addiction – very much an end times on an individual level.

      likewise, don’t expect cell phones to go out everywhere the same day, same time. Just look at Mad-Max situation Ukraine right now. There are cities in Ukraine that are bombed out, but there are cities where they are dancing to disco at night and doing lines of cocaine with Zelensky.

      if you got a sat-phone, you will have places to call, just you won’t be calling next door.

    • John Easler

      I have one..I use it in the remote areas of Texas in case I break down….

  4. KravWarrior

    Also suited for use by EU citizens ?

    • Greg Hunter

      K W,
      Yes, it is sat communication and it works all over the planet.

  5. Marie Joy

    Please, do not forget our politicians and their owners brought us to this point. Treason pays very well.

    • Rick

      Yeah – But not for long – we have already cut Pfizer’s stock almost in half – we need to do more – and increase our attack “to kill off this monstrously evil company” [who has already killed and maimed millions of us and our family menbers]!!!

  6. Led Skeletor

    Forced electric outages and $10 gallon gasoline by XMAS? Biden admin must figure out a way to lockdown and hand out hundreds of billions of newly keystroked fiat money to people and corporations in order to keep the govt spending = GDP as high as the previous year.

    OPEC Cuts Output, US Strategic Petroleum Reserves at multi decades low, and Energy Industry Fears White House Will Declare COVID-Like ‘Climate Emergency’

    from: https://www.theepochtimes.com/article/energy-industry-fears-white-house-will-declare-covid-like-climate-emergency-5432738

    Some energy industry groups are expressing concern that the White House will declare a COVID-19-like emergency—but for the climate instead.

    “They’re leaning to that direction,” U.S. Oil and Gas Association President Tim Stewart told Just the News in an article published on July 30. “If you grant the president’s emergency powers to declare a climate emergency, it’s just like COVID.”

    An emergency declaration on the climate could give the president “vast and unchecked authority to shut down everything from communications to infrastructure,” said Mr. Stewart, who has been a critic of the Biden administration.

    Infrastructure around water and electricity could be affected by such a decision, he said.

    “They can literally do exactly what they did in COVID,” Mr. Stewart said. “If you disagree with the climate emergency, [speech] can be shut down. We really need to be paying attention to that because that power could be extended indefinitely until the ‘climate emergency’ is over. Who knows how long that would last.”

    • Rick

      The climate has been changing “every day” for the last 4 billion years – now just because “sleepy Joe” Biden has all of a sudden woken up to this fact – he is going to declare a “climate emergency” – and lock down the entire world economy “until the climate emergency is over”????

    • Rick

      It is easy to see what Biden and his evil Globalist buddies have planned – a child can see that as soon as our strategic oil reserves run out – they will have “the excuse they need” To Declare Marshal Law – “And Lock Down the Country”!!!

  7. Marie Joy

    Trucking companies, including Yellow Freight, are having issues. I, strongly, urge you to STOCK UP NOW. When trucking companies have issues, grocery stores have issues.

    • Rick

      One reason I bought an American manufactured car was so that I would be able to get parts for my car when I needed them – so to screw us Americans “again” the Globalists running Washington have figured a new way to hinder our protective actions [by destroying American truckers the way Trudeau destroyed the Canadian truckers ]- so now – I’m buying tires and spare parts for my bicycle [which doesn’t need gas or electricity to run] – only thing is – these evil Globalists want me to eat bugs to get around – or – simply give up and succumb to being chained up in their “15 minute cities” where they will grow “cancer stem-cell meat” in test tubes for me “but only as a reward for my compliance in putting an AI chip in my brain [that will have a back door in it whereby they can shut down my body functions anytime I fail to comply with their directives] – welcome to the New World Order!!!

  8. T. R. F.

    Zelensky’s Crimea ‘Terror Attack’ Flops Again; Russia Downs 25 Ukrainian Drones | Hindustan Times 54,629 views Jul 30, 2023
    Moscow says its forces thwarted a major Ukrainian drone raid over Crimea. Russia says it downed 25 Ukrainian drones, out of which 16 were downed by air defence systems and 9 were suppressed by electronic warfare. Russia has called the strike a terrorist attack. The Crimean peninsula has been witnessing intensive missile and drone strikes. Earlier this month, two sea surface drones caused an explosion on Crimea’s Kerch bridge.

    Russia Warns U.S. Against Using Ukraine War For Votes In 2024 Elections; ‘Risk Of Nuclear…’
    Hindustan Times 41,237 views Jul 31, 2023
    Deputy Speaker of Russia’s Federation Council, Konstantin Kosachev, issued a warning, stating that the United States might escalate the Ukrainian conflict during the 2024 presidential elections if one of the parties requires additional votes. Kosachev also accused Washington of influencing Ukrainian President Zelensky to halt talks with Russia last year and doubted any intentions of returning to negotiations.

    • Rick

      Would Russia agree to negotiate with a bunch of back-stabbing “queer lovers” [who reneged on the Minsk accords and who reneged on the promise “to not move NATO one inch closer to Russia” by claiming they only meant “the former Soviet Union” – so now – Russia is preparing to move Nuclear Missiles back into Cuba [because the agreement to remove them from Cuba once before “was only made with the Kennedy Administration”]!!

  9. Ploshidpobedy

    Can anyone tell me “why” Sam Bankman-Fried (MiniMadoff) was let-off? I can’t find anything on it on the LLM.

    • Greg Hunter

      $80 million donated to the Dems?

      • Rick

        Why don’t we set up a huge “Bribery Fund” to help do the right things for the American people? – if only $80 million donated to the Demon-Rats could get Mini-Madoff off the hook – lets begin donating to a Multi-Trillion Dollar Fund “that can out-bid” the Evil Corporations, etc. and thus “bribe Congress into beginning doing things helpful to the American people”!!!

      • Robert K


        Can we please discuss why on earth gas prices have suddenly jumped .60 cents a gallon in unleaded fuel? Prices in N. Ga are fast
        approaching $4/gallon and for what?!?! They were under $3.00 not after July 4th…

  10. Jane jones

    ‘Long Live Putin’ Chants Echo As Protesters Storm French Embassy In Niger; Macron Warns | Hindustan Times 139,724 views Jul 30, 2023
    Massive protests erupted outside the French embassy in Niger’s capital Niamey. Pro-junta protesters tried to storm the French embassy and set its door ablaze after Paris suspended aid. They raised slogans like “Long Live Putin” and “Down With France.” France has now warned of retaliation if any of its citizens are harmed amid the protests. Watch for more details. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P2neyx8XuVo

    • Rick

      The evil Globalist King “is almost dead” – Long Live “the New King”!!

  11. Jj

    It’s difficult for Biden to continue to ‘stonewall’: Miranda Devine

  12. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for supporting the people who support the truth tellers!

  13. Justsayin

    Can people use these phones to call their dead loved ones who were murdered by Trump’s “miracle vaccine”?

    • Rick

      Don’t need a phone for that – God provided us with “prayer” which is immune to EMP, power outages and even a satellite attack by China or Russia !!

    • Did i SayIt

      Retail Apocalypse: 10 Big Box Giants on the Brink of Collapse
      FINANCE TODAY 7.9K views 3 days ago
      Retail Apocalypse: 10 Big Box Giants on the Brink of Collapse

      Jim Rickards’ Disturbing Message To America
      GROW DOLLARS 10,049 views Jul 31, 2023
      You’ve been told that the US economy is fine. Jim Rickards reveals the truth of what’s actually going on. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RQst7DhCgPo

      Red October: The Impending Real Estate Crisis Explained
      Ken McElroy 40,042 views Jul 28, 2023
      Ken dives into the consequences of the Federal Reserve’s 11th rate hike, which has led to the highest interest rates in two decades. Ken analyzes the critical differences between the residential and commercial real estate markets, unveiling the looming crisis brought on by rising rates and mounting loan defaults.

  14. Anti-Atomist


    Amen is the leader of the techno-Egyptian church.

    Amein. “So be it.”

  15. John Easler

    My only complaint about the Satellite Phone System is I wish the Coax cable which connects to the adapter on the phone was long enough that I could mount the round vehicular antenna on top of my house so I could talk inside my home and use up my unused minutes……

    • John Easler

      Today I turned on my Iridium 9555 Satellite Phone inside my house, extended the antenna, and waited a moment until I had some bars on the display…..made a satellite call to a friend’s cell phone and we made a connection…..This Iridium 9555 Phone shot a signal through my room ceiling, through my wooden roof and asphalt shingles to a passing satellite and we talked for a few moments…..needless to say, I don’t believe this phone isn’t designed to do this…..Quite a suprise

  16. Marie Joy

    From what I can tell, this is going to be an unusually cold winter. Wood/coal stoves with a lot of wood/coal, just in case.

    • Glenn

      Yeah, right. You can tell? How?


    I Visited a Chinese Factory…What I Saw Shocked Me!

  18. Rick

    People are intelligently spending their money on alternative energy systems like Solar power, Water filters, Satellite phones, etc., etc, etc. to make sure that they can at least run some of their critical household needs in the brownout or blackout Biden is planning for Americans – which is much better then simply leaving their money sitting in the bank “losing value”!! – Martin Armstrong says: “The real inflation rate for the average person was 32% in 2022 and is roughly 26% right now” – consider that as more and more BRIC’s nations jettison the US dollar [and stop buying US Treasury bonds] the US will be forced to fund [its Ukrainian war, child trafficking and transgender operations, fentanyl poisonings , geoengineering of the atmosphere and our bodies with Clot Shots, etc., etc.] “with printed money out of thin air” – and the Federal Reserve just reported today the “largest year over year rise in the velocity of the M2 money supply in US history” !! – remember how the people of Weimar Republic learned to fight inflation [they stopped hoarding their savings and found it wiser to put it into “anything tangible” so their nest eggs would not completely vaporize – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – the potential implications of a record increase in the velocity of the M2 money supply is going to be “some very serious inflation” – those who still believe like Stan [that the US dollar is where you should be] better wise up fast – big banks like JPMorgan Chase can even see the writing on the wall [Chase is predicting the gold price is primed to explode upward next year] – people must be taking protective action “now” [while “real money” like gold and silver is still cheap] – why not take a chance and sell “just one” of your Bitcoins for $29,000 dollars and put it into “real” hard money – rather then betting on people wanting more electrons whizzing around in cyber space during the coming run away inflation}!!!

  19. Old Hippie

    The Hollies: He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother (2019 Remaster Video)
    The Hollies: 1.3M views 3 years ago
    Recorded on 25 June and 7 August and released on 26 September 1969. It peaked at number 3 on the UK Singles Chart and number 7 on the US Billboard. Song written by Bob Russell and Bobby Scott. Song features Elton John on piano.

    We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

  20. Gay Blade

    Alert: New Russian Bomber Can’t be Detected by Western Radar in Ukraine
    Defense TV: 39,770 views Jul 31, 2023
    In the harrowing theater of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, a new player has emerged, casting a shadow of fear and uncertainty over the surrounded region. The skies above Ukraine have become a battleground, as reports of the deployment of Russia’s S-70 Okhotnik heavy stealth drone. With its stealth features and powerful armament, the S-70 Okhotnik poses a new and formidable threat that could further escalate tensions in the region. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yJbj7y-ndkI

  21. ZORO

    every store is CLOSED on market st San Fransico
    METAL LEO 723,121 views Jul 27, 2023
    Market Street is a major artery in San Francisco, California. It had all kinds of shops, malls, bars, restaurants, and stores that are now closed, It begins at The Embarcadero in front of the Ferry Building and runs southwest through downtown, passing the Civic Center and the Castro District, to the intersection with Portola Drive in the Twin Peaks
    SICO SISCO is officially dead, thank you aunt Nancy and please go back east where you belong and please, DON’T BE LONG! SHORT SAN FRAN!

  22. Clyde Crashcup

    Russia’s Big Declaration On Ukraine War Ahead Of Saudi Talks; ‘What Was Started During…’ | Hindustan Times 95,901 views Jul 31, 2023
    Russian Security Council Deputy Chairman, Dmitry Medvedev, has said that Ukraine’s refusal to negotiate with Moscow enables Russia to fulfill its “special military operation” objectives. The close aide of President Putin asserted that Russia “benefits” from Kyiv’s ban on talks with Moscow. He was referring to a decree signed by Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, last year, that banned talks with Russian officials amid war. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6kaZqNGPQmE

  23. Blame HanoiJane

    Russia’s Precision Strike Blows Up Ukrainian Tank | Watch Kyiv’s T-72M1 Vanish in Seconds, Hindustan Times 16,704 views Aug 1, 2023
    Russia’s devastating surgical strike using the Krasnopol guided artillery wipes out a Ukrainian T-72M1 tank in Zaporizhzhia. Russia’s Krasnopol precision-guided munition has aerodynamic control surfaces, homing head, a laser seeker, and gas propulsion, delivering first-shot target destruction from 152mm artillery systems with accuracy. The munition’s ability to hit targets up to 20 kilometres away, including moving ones, sets it apart from conventional artillery systems. The video purportedly shows the Russian artillery munition taking out a Ukrainian tank in Zaporizhzhia where Kyiv’s troops have launched a counteroffensive https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nmRXy_M7_Rs

  24. James Hascomb

    The Ukraine mess is going to spiral out of control. I think the possibility of a false flag nuclear event here on the USA mainland is a very real possibility. ‘They’ will just blame it on Russia. Martial Law will follow. If not this scenario, one of equally epic proportion will be waiting in the wing, as, no matter what, providing us the opportunity to vote these election stealing thieves out of office will not be tolerated.

    P.S. Are you using VPN and encrypted email? If not, why? Nothing to hide, you say? Better reconsider that, because just being on this site is something that can and will be used against you one day. Think I’m kidding? Never underestimate the enemy. Quit living like it’s 1979.

    • LondonCenter

      Hasben, me tinks dares more on our side, than yours!

  25. Led Skeletor

    It it great to see Gonzalo Lira again on YT. His latest vids he explains his captivity, torture, and the importance of entering HUNGARY. He is gambling on full asylum, that Hungary won’t turn him over to the international thugs.

    All over a free speech issue. Mr. Lira is to be sentenced and sent to a prison labor camp for life if he stays in Ukraine.

    He is fleeing Ukraine after being tortured and held for months. Mr. Lira is an American citizen speaking his opinion regarding Ukraine, and the Biden admin does absolutely nothing to help him. God speed to you my friend.

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