How Democrats Plan to Steal the Midterm Elections – Eric Eggers

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

Eric Eggers, author of the new book titled “Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election,” says when Democrats say there is no election fraud, it is a huge lie. Eggers explains, “I think it’s certainly increasingly difficult for Democrats to make the claim there is no evidence of voter fraud. In this book, we had 40 pages of footnotes . . . so, there is quite a bit of evidence. As recent events have shown, it doesn’t take voter fraud on massive or national level for it to truly impact elections. . . . In the 2016 election, we found 2,100 incidents of double voting in the state of Florida alone.”

Another nationwide statistic that reveals voting fraud is more registered voters than eligible voters in nearly 250 counties. Eggers says, “We have 248 counties in this country that have more registered voters than they have citizens of legal voting age. How does that happen? There are clearly errors on the voter rolls. This is why the subtitle of the book is ‘How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election’ because what I uncover in the book is George Soros and the head of the Democrat Party both support the effort to do two things. On one hand, they fight any effort to increase the legality and security of elections in this country. They do that by fighting state efforts to institute voter ID laws or to cleanse the voter rolls of illegal voters. That’s documented and not up for dispute. The State of Ohio just successfully fought George Soros to do both those things. They also fund groups like La Raza and ACORN, and they have had to change their names because they are chronically associated with voter fraud allegations. So, those guys go out and get as many voters as possible, regardless of whether they should be casting votes in this country. Then they funnel them through the gaps that exist in our vulnerable election system. That’s basically the set up.”

Eggers goes on to say, “I think there is clear evidence that they (Democrats) are actively working to create an environment that makes cheating as possible and as likely as it can be. Let’s put it this way, what Democrats have actively pursued charges of voting fraud?

In closing, Eggers says, “The good news is we do have a president like President Trump that is laser focused on the issue, and he is informing quite a few people. . . . The sanctity and security of our elections is absolutely a national security issue.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Eric Eggers, author of the new book all about election fraud of the left called “Fraud.”

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After the Interview:

Eric Eggers works for the Government Accountability Institute (GAI). The president of GAI is best-selling author Peter Schweizer. For information about Eggers’ new book titled Fraud: How the Left Plans to Steal the Next Election” click here.

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  1. This Sceptred Isle

    Freebrezer totally misunderstood my post on colonialism because he/she couldn’t be bothered to read the last line where I said colonialism is NOT soley a white enterprise. The example in the Stefan interview was about Aboriginal people in Australia, which necessitated a reference to white colonialism, in this particular case. Why am I denied the right of reply?

    • J.L. Leadbottom

      Maybe cause were red necks and your a limey?

    • Anthony Australia

      Aboriginal people are amongst the most spiritual, kind and honest people there are and were, until Whiteman corrupted their thoughts and wellbeing. I mean early ‘settlers’ couldn’t even share.
      Thankfully for us here, they haven’t got the warrior spirit like they do in Africa or we’d have a similar Zimbabwe & South Africa concern now.
      Sorry for the off topic Sunday rant.

      • Ray

        Well said, my fellow countryman.
        Another historical point that is lost on most people is that the original colony founded in Australia back in 1788 almost failed due to the complete inability of the British white settlers to be able to grow crops in The Great Southern Land.
        It was with the humanity of local Aboriginal tribes people, who assisted them in showing which plants native plants could be eaten (when traditional European crops died), that staved of utter starvation that would have seen the colony die off.
        Agreed Anthony…..Aboriginal people are a mostly gentle, entirely spiritual and noble people.
        40,000 years of existence is something we white people can only dream of.
        We love our war, control and money far too much to be concerned with such things as peaceful co-existance with one another, let alone the planet.

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

    • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

      Because everybody’s against you.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        This Catholic scandal has really hurt your ‘it’s all the fault of the left and Muslims’ narrative. You are against conspiracy theories, except those that involve blaming Muslims and the left for everything. Perhaps the Muslims grooming gangs have infiltrated the Vatican. That’s one you would like.

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          Get down off your high horse. Nobody’s “denying you the right of reply”; Greg posts everything your fevered mind imagines.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            How would you know?

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Why do you visit this site? Obviously there is no conspiracy and the mainstream media is not controlled and generally report everything accurately, so there is no need for an alternative media.

      • Frederick

        Robert You are truly a sad, pathetic human being

        • Robert The Zionist American Patriot Lykens

          Glad you think so. I’d be worried if an America-abandoner who thinks George Carlin was the wisest person he’d ever seen complimented me or agreed with me.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Robert, I know you don’t like to criticise fellow Christians, but what are your views on the Catholic child abuse scandals?

            • Frederick

              He hasn’t got one because he’s a phony and a fake TSI

              • Greg Hunter

                Tell us what is going on in Turkey with your financial crisis. Are you safe?

                • Frederick

                  Thank you for your concern Nothing has changed as far as I can see My pension check and savings are denominated in USD so for me it’s not a problem I also own a rental apartment in Warsaw which gives me income in Euros The people of Turkey are the ones suffering who get paid in Lira Other than that we are feasting on roast leg of lamb and baklava and enjoying the beach here

    • freebrezer

      TSI – And yes, I read your entire reply, and yes, I listened to the entire you tube talk … actually a bit before being posted at Greg’s site. I have followed Stafan for years and in addition, I have avidly followed Stefan’s tour through Australia and New Zealand with Lauren Southern … Their tour there has been met with protests and with racial condemnation of the two ( … and the protesters are, in part, mainly by the groups that are getting the free handouts! New Zealand silenced the two of them from talking (oh the great British empire and protecting freedom of speech) … A good part of their message (which is obvious that you missed) is that giving money to original habitants has evolved into a shake-down industry. I.e. it is the transfer (really stealing) of money and Power from one group (Whites) and giving it to another group (for votes/socialism). Again, you seemed to have missed the whole premise of my reply that Western culture (the ‘Whites’) have absolutely nothing to be ashamed of! And further, that no one is responsible for the actions of past forefathers … The sins of the father are not the sins of the children! Unfortunately, certain groups are using this premise for power, control and shakedowns! I believe everyone is responsible to know history to stop this crap! Per history in the making, look at the disaster coming down the tracks in South Africa!!!!!

      • This Sceptred Isle

        I think you missed the point of my original post. Perhaps I wasn’t clear enough. Stefan claimed that he was attacked for criticising some aspects of aboriginal culture (if this happened this is wrong). However, my point is if you are going to criticise Aboriginal culture you have to be honest about the crimes perpetrated against them in order to put it into context. That does not negate criticisms of false claims, but false claims do not negate acts of genocide either. Because I was responding to this particular issue, you erroneously concluded that I was arguing that all colonialism and evil in this world has been perpetrated by white people. I am not suggesting that we are guilty for the crimes of our ancestors, but if you pretend that these events did not happen you are guilty of misrepresenting the facts.

      • Tin foil hat

        Regarding your commnet on 08/16, “TFH – Per platinum for fun … I would recommend Palladium instead – it has the same catalyst properties as Pt but it is 15 times more rare vs. Pt … 1/15 the amount comes out of the earth for each gram of Pt. In addition, there are certain reactions that only Pd can do …. and it works for certain electrical contacts that no other metal can.”

        I haven’t done much research on platinum and palladium but this is a perfect illustration the rarity of certain precious metal does not correlate to its price. Platinum is more rare than gold and more expensive to extract. Yet, gold costs about 50% more. Palladium, according to you, is 15 times more rare than platinum. Yet, it’s cheaper than gold???
        Gold almost has no idustrail usage in comparison to its peers – platinum, palladium, silver …… Yet, I muse, why it’s the most expensive even though it’s the most abundance in terms of above ground supply.

  2. This Sceptred Isle

    Maybe they can hire Mugabe as a consultant for the elections.

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Eggers.
    Us “deplorables”where ever we happen to be in the world just seem to be an inconvenience for the elite as they step into their secure lives.It is amazing how draconian laws are used viciously against us peasant class whilst this elite tip toes to even better lives.Are the security apparatus really part of this elite?Astonishingly Mr George Soros and his progeny seem to be above the laws that apply elsewhere for they are untouchable.Why?For his name is well known and his lawyers aid in his illegal activity and still no handcuffs.Just why is this elite in the ZIL lane?

  4. Don King

    Fly’s like a butterfly, stings like a bee!
    OOP’S, 2nd. try’s ah charm!
    Wow! Will I look like you Don when I’m your age? Yup!

  5. Kat Stevens
    Controversial wedding guest Vladimir Putin dances with Austria’s foreign minister on her big day
    Robert Gearty
    Russian President Vladimir Putin brought singing Cossacks, controversy and his dancing shoes to the wedding of the Austrian foreign minister Saturday.
    Watch out Donald, Vlad’s breaking out his dancing shoes! Could be competition for super power star power, eh?

    N.H. woman who survived bear attack has no hard feelings
    1 hr ago THE RUSSIAN BEAR?
    GROTON, N.H. (AP) — A 71-year-old New Hampshire woman who was mauled by a black bear inside her home is still recovering from her injuries, but says she has no hard feelings toward the bear.
    Apryl Rogers was awoken in her home July 17 and discovered a bear in her kitchen. The animal apparently entered the home through a door that was not fully latched.
    Wow! Read all about it! Good on ya Apryl.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg!
    What a sad world we live in. We can create whatever reality and there is enough to go around.

  7. Robert Dziok

    The NSA did it’s own study/analysis of the 2016 Presidential election and found Trump got 70 million votes and Hillary 58 million. The difference was 12 million votes and the biggest landslide victory in American history. However, there was massive voter fraud by Hillary. The voter fraud could not be stopped entirely but enough was stopped to result in a 500,000 vote win by Trump. The NSA made these conclusions. Dr. Jim Willie ( points this out in a recent interview.

  8. Yancy Gates Derringer

    Detroit recount reveals major vote fraud by Dems
    Sunday, December 11, 2016
    Michael F. Haverluck (

    A voter recount in Michigan did not turn out the way Democrats intended, with major vote fraud becoming exposed in Detroit, where votes for Hillary Clinton were reportedly counted up to six times.
    Just two days after former Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein called for a ballot recount in Michigan, a federal judge decided on Wednesday to bring the process to an end, noting that no legitimate reason exists to continue – but that was not the worst news for Democrats.
    After further inspection of the recount, one person reported that single ballots in the Democratic stronghold of Wayne County had been counted up to six times, with one-third of the county — including Detroit — not being able to tally ballots because of major discrepancies with ballot counts.
    Stein, who many argue called for the recount at the urging of the Hillary camp, had little – if any – reason to request a new tally, as she received just 1 percent of the vote. Yet the environmentalist politician maintained that she was motivated by the suspicion of vote fraud.
    “We must have a system we can be confident in,” Stein insisted.
    It was discovered that there was indeed vote fraud – but by the losing party.
    “But the judge’s decision came just after news reports began surfacing of possible vote fraud,” WND reported. “The worst of the problems were in Wayne County – Michigan’s largest county – where 66 percent of voters cast their ballots for Hillary Clinton and just 29 percent for Donald Trump,”
    And this was not just a small localized problem – it was at a grand scale, and across the county.
    “[O]fficials couldn’t reconcile vote totals for 610 of 1,680 precincts during a countywide canvass of vote results late last month,” , the Detroit News announced,. “Most of those are in heavily Democratic Detroit, where the number of ballots in precinct poll books did not match those of voting machine printout reports in 59 percent of precincts, 392 of 662.”
    According to state law, whenever the poll books at any precinct do not match with its ballots, the results from the original election must stand.
    Shortly before the federal judge ended the recount, Detroit Elections Director Daniel Baxter told the Detroit News, “It’s not good” on Wednesday.
    Fault was placed on malfunctioning machines, but there was no evidence of this!

    READ THE REST OF THE STORY OF, Detroit recount reveals major vote fraud by Dems @

    Green Party Presidential Nominee Jill Stein called for ballot recounts in the upper Mid-west and subsequently uncovered this major urban center Detroit [Wayne county’s] voter fraud.
    Can there be any doubt that if Jill Stein’s recount had included the whole country and all the urban centers and the state’s of California and New York, much more of this massive voter fraud would have been uncovered and the founders wisdom, of the electoral college, the idea of its elimination would have been put to rest! The electoral college and the massive turnout for Donald Trump, overwhelmed the continued Clinton corruption without interruption! We stopped a major advance, but it’s still continuing, albeit crippled.
    Corruption and massive voter fraud, like the Obama administrations subsequent kowtowing, in an excessively subservient manner to ISIS and their groveling obsequious behavior toward those terrorist bands of cut-throats, was immediately wiped out and ended along with the elimination of the Iran collusion delusion, once the Donald toke the reigns from the Obama administrators.
    So must the president eliminate the massive voter fraud about to take over both houses of congress. To take away the voice of the American people in choosing whom we want to represent us and freedom to continue to ring throughout the land. We must keep on keeping on to continue to make America great for all the people and not just the few thugs and bullies. Who along with their phony mouth piece the remaining Obama mockingbird media bird brains choose to lord over us. We the people voted for Donald Trump and he promised to ride the earth of ISIS. He also promised to end voter fraud.
    So the warning has gone out. The answer to the Dem’s Utopian world of George Orwell’s 1984 is 1776 and our duly elected president Trump takes his oath of allegiance to the Declaration of Independence and our constitution as sacred honor.
    So beware those who wish to continue to tread on the still free American black white and brown.

  9. NH Watcher

    As the phrase goes, “All politics is local,” a lot of voter fraud will never be fixed until local politicians and officials take it seriously, and invariably, many do not. “It doesn’t happen here.” “Not in my community.” And then it does, and they are all dumbfounded. Most elections are staffed by temporary workers, many retirees, who also have little incentive or razor-like perception to act on something suspicious, versus letting it go and moving on. “It is only an election.” True, but multiplied county-by-county across this country, and we see the damaging results.

    Six months after my mother died in NH, I still lived in our hometown, so went to vote, and was aghast to still see her name on the voter rolls. I pointed it out to the town clerk, who told me, “that is a state matter; it takes time for the death information to take someone off the rolls.” What? Longer than six months? The state already had issued the death certificate! And the town clerk couldn’t remove my mother’s name herself, even though it was the town’s own checklist (of voters). Sure enough, when I then went to the secretary of state’s office, I got the same reply, “her name will come off eventually.” When? After you prove that she is really, REALLY dead?? So, “eventually” translates into an opportunity for fraud, and all politicians and political parties know this … and don’t seem to really care.

    I have since moved to another town, and cannot verify if my mother’s name is now off. Voter information is all considered confidential, even for a dead person … as if a dead person will protest their removal?? I have to trust that it is now off, since it has been five years since her death this October. Funny how Social Security seems to work more effectively, stopping checks for a dead person when there is money involved, and/or prosecuting those who commit fraud still collecting for a dead person. It did not take SS over six months to stop by mom’s monthly checks!

    And so it goes.

  10. Jerry

    As I have been detailing, the Chinese have placed a Trojan Horse exchange system inside our banking system, via Henry Paulsen and “The Working Group”. And now more evidence is coming fourth that the Chinese are planning for something much bigger.

    In my opinion, thanks to Jerry Brown and the creation of Calexit the Chinese have established a major beachhead in California in which to launch a soft invasion into the United States. Why? It has become clear to me that the deep state along with members of our congress and our economic community, have sold us out to the globalist ( which are in lockstep with the Chinese ) and have no intention of being led away to Gitmo by President Trump when the indictments begin. This could end a thousand different ways, but something is clearly happening.

    The challenge facing President Trump is almost insurmountable. Drain the swamp. Prevent economic collapse. Fight the MSM on a daily basis. Its all exhausting to watch. In my opinion President Trump is going crack all of the eggs at one time by using The Reset to do it. At least that’s what I would do. We”ll see?

    • Jerry

      Quantum Satelite now operational. I expect banking transactions to begin shortly, now that the western cabal has been eliminated from access to transfers.

      • Jerry

        Saudi currency can now be converted to Yuan.

        • Greg Hunter

          The reset cometh!!

        • paul

          “Saudi currency can NOW be converted to Yuan”

          Now? LOL!!! You make it sound like the Saudi Riyal could not be converted before. There are numerous websites that can convert the Saudi currency to Yuan as well as any other currency. There is nothing new or special about that.

          • Jerry

            Really Paul?

            You just keep thinking that. You and the rest of the sunshine pumpers will wake up one day to find that no one wants to use our currency for trade.
            Give me some proof (other than your opinion) that theres no reason for concern. I provide proof day after day that a global shift is under way. How about you?

            • paul

              I never said that I was not concerned. My comment was to address some silly statement you made about the Saudi currency now be converted to Yuan when it has always been allowed for someone to convert any currency to another.

            • Casey Hawkins

              Now Germany is talking about making a swift system for the euro so they can bypass u.s. Sanctions on Iran!

          • Jerry

            This is what happened while you were asleep Paul.

            • paul

              That did not happen while I was asleep silly boy. I already knew about that.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think “Direct Currency Trading” and currency swap between central banks are not enough to upset the dollar applecart.

        China has copied the key component of the U.S. financial system (AIIB, CIP, SGE …..) except the juice that would make them really get going. What the Chinese need to do is to create something similar to the SDR for AIIB and CIP.

        IMF has demanded gold from nations which were in need of foreign capitals,, in either SDR or dollar which are almost one and the same. AIIB can make the same demand from its members. Russia, Iran, Turkey, Brazil and Venezuela are perfect candidates to get this Chinese SDR going. Come to think of it, Venezuela may no longer have the gold in exchange for the CSDR, since she has probably wasted her gold reserve to pay debts denominated in the dollar, but she can pledge her oil reserve as collateral in exchange – I don’t think that is feasible since the Maduro regime is too unstable and vulnerable to CIA’s colour revolution.

        The key to this matter is that China is still focusing/hoping on becoming an equal partner in the current fiat Ponzi system via the IMF’s SDR and “The Working Group”, which I don’t think is happening, instead of the CSDR.

    • arthur barnes

      Jerry, Moonbeam Brown is about more and more illegal getting in to Californica each day. He must believe they will add to the economy although the recent stats don’t bear that out any longer; as more are takers that are coming than givers. Old Moonbeam will go down in history as the first Governor of the new state of Mexico: N. California Baja. I say let me bow to Mexico City as he hasn’t stood up for America for so long now he is in a forever stoop position.

      • Jerry

        The trouble with people like moonbeam is they still think socialism still works after they’ve driven the debt in California to an all time high. People that have any good since ( like Phil Mikleson ) are getting out.

  11. arthur barnes

    Greg, its time to prove your residency & citizenship prior to being allowed to register to vote, voter ID is a must now. Greg, thanks for bringing out California in “box checking”. Out in Californica, tens of thousands of illegals voted by absentee ballot by simply registering as a qualified citizen when they were not (just checked the box) & sent it in by mail; no one checks it out, no one goes to jail, no one loses their job, no penalties for the fraud. Felons vote too out there, as with the illegals, all they have to do is check the box that they have never been convicted of a felony. The left does have to cheat to win in my mind, because if the basic disenfranchised conservator starts to vote again (like you saw in 2016) the left is in trouble. Your guest’s book is timely to be sure, thanks for having him on.

  12. Larry

    US Congressional Hearing on “The Future of Money – Digital Currency”. The future use of cash is debated and some see digital currency as a threat to the US dollar:

  13. Walter Baumgarten

    Voter fraud has existed since the first time votes were cast. The question is only how extensive is it at any given level and will it change the results or fall short of achieving its goal. This foes not even include the actions taken by politicians and parties that qualify as “unethical though not illegal”. In the end the system is corrupt, the participants , are corrupt, and the American people do not really care or they would demand change. Those who hold power have far more tools at their disposal with which to maintain power than those seeking to challenge and break their hold on the public.

  14. DanT

    I get so tired of this Democrats are bad Republicans are good crap. Most on both sides don’t really give a d!@# about you or me. Has anyone remembered all the Republicans for Hillary? Sure the Democrat crime family would prefer fellow family members and the same on the other side. What the country needs is a strong independent third party but after the Ross Perot scare, they got they will do all they can to prevent that. I think that is why we get so much Blue is bad Red is good and vice versa so that people don’t even consider other options.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Exactly! People have short memories and have forgotten 9/11 already, when the Bush family were flying the bin Laden family out of the US during a no-fly period.

    • Jodyp

      Agree that both sides are one and the same. Rush Limbaugh had said a split in either camp would be devastating for one or the other. I think we’re there now because, like so many of us, Trump is not a Republican. By whatever name, we are the third party.

    • Chip

      MSM is full time Republicans are bad so your argument is exactly the opposite of reality. That said, I don’t trust 100% of democrats and trust maybe 20% of republicans… Chip

      • Frederick

        Chip you have never been too bright there have you kid? Was your mother a heavy drinker?

  15. Tad

    Beyond a driver’s license, what may be needed is a birth certificate and citizenship documents. Why would the latter be discarded by a voter after receiving a voter ID or driver’s license? If he or she can’t produce them, the vote should be nullified and immediate arrest and deportation should be undertaken.

    • arthur barnes

      Tad, when I turned 18 my father handed me my birth certificate, he told me to keep it always close by, as I may need it to prove I was born here in the U.S., as was tens of generations before me. After having said that Tad, those documents you alluded to, D. License, B. Certificate, etc. needs to be shown prior to registration to vote are necessary.
      In Californica this would keep out at least a million of illegal voters in the first place, not to mention if they check the prior felons who are voting out there as well. In many instances, the illegals are felons too (besides just illegal crossing the border which is a felong), not legal to vote on both basics. Love you theory as to arrest and deportation, but under the religion of political correctness its more likely that an American citizen of a 200 year old heritage such as myself would be arrested and exported to places unknown if not done away with for good. The left is after the WASPs at any cost and I can’t say that it will end any tine soon. Thank you for you courage to speak out in this most political correct society agenda. …”I will gladly stand with you and defender yet today…”. Also Tad, your comment is dangerous in today’s times so be careful especially if you have a family that you have to protect because the times are coming when there the left will knock on your door and away you will go. As for me, my children are grown so I say let me knock, I stand for America the land of the brave and of the free.

  16. Angelo


    Have you considered moving your channel to I ask this because you mention the possibility that your site might get attacked so you are asking people to sign up so as not to lose touch of your followers.

    If YouTube can de-platform Infowars I think it is only a matter of time until you and other freedom-loving journalists are looked at as well. I just wanted you to know that there is an alternative. It was founded by Mike Adams the Health Ranger. This goes for all those who want a platform to upload videos that would not be censored.

    I have no stake on this site. I just want to spread the word that there is an alternative for uploading videos. Thanks for everything that you do.

    • Arthur

      Not only is it a good idea for to diversify to multiple other video sharing sites, it is an even better idea not to send traffic to Google-Youtube. I will never click on a link to Youtube again.

      I’m sure Greg Hunter well knows how his friend, Gregory Manarino, feels about Youtube. It suspended him at least once that I know of for talking about Janet Yellen and CNBC talking heads. He tried to move to Dailymotion after that, but his followers protested. He went back to Youtube. Maybe his followers just don’t yet see the threat from Big Tech, but they sure know how to day trade stocks.

      As you mentioned, Real.Video is a popular and growing option, and it’s founder, Mike Adams, is a good friend of Alex Jones and uploads his work to is another alternative whose founder publicly invited Infowars to come to them, and it did. Infowars also uploads to BitChute which I like because it’s easy to download video from there with webtorrent software.

      And that email idea as an outreach backup plan may not always pan out either. Infowars’ email service dumped them, too. For a week or so they weren’t sending order and shipping confirmations.

  17. Chip

    Make no mistake about it, the democrats will lie, cheat, and steal to win back power in the midterms. The masks are off and they’ve gotten away with everything they did illegally in the 2016 election. So if they don’t get caught they are going to do it again and more of it.

    Don’t agree? One simple question, did CNN or Donna Brazile get investigated or prosecuted for sharing debate questions with Hillary? Wouldn’t that be a violation of our election laws? Why hasn’t something happened on this one simple example of election fraud? This is a fact, not a conspiracy. Brazile admitted it in her own book. Why isn’t she in jail?

    Yet Trump is investigated endlessly for going on two years now with not a single shred of evidence. Something’s definitely wrong here… Chip

    • arthur barnes

      Chip, so glad you brought out old D. Brazile and her illegal and immoral loading of the questions prior to the debate to Hillary. Also, old RHINO Lester Holt was up to his eye balls in the scam as well, I will bet on it as he soft balled the questions to Hillary and fast balls with spit on them to Trump. Brazile is as disingenuous as a atheist in church. Only in America, hopefully she understands and appreciates that; I would have to argue that she has forgotten just how blessed she is to live her in peace & prosperity all the while she bites the hand that feeds her. Can you say hypocrisy?

    • Shadow of Doubt

      The pathological and ethically bankrupt politicians have always circumnavigated the ‘weak spots’ within a system to secure their own nefarious ends:
      “What good fortune for governments that people do not think” Adolf Hitler
      “The people that cast the votes count for nothing. The people who count the votes decide everything.” J. Stalin

    • Frederick

      Did Bush, Cheney or Rumsfeld ever get investigated for 911 That said I deplore people like Hillary, Wasserman Schultz and Pelosi even more or at least equally

  18. Diane

    Interesting interview
    Any Democrats listening to this should:
    #walk away.
    Time to end cheating and criminality.

  19. James McCumiskey

    I live in Northern Ireland. There is a voter register and you must register in time to vote in an election. You get a voter card a week or two before the election. When you go to vote, you have to bring your voter card and you must provide a passport / drivers licence to prove your identity. We have a paper ballot voting system.
    As you know Northern Ireland is a divided society – Protestant / British & Catholic / Irish. But I do believe we have a fair and honest and transparent voting system.
    How anyone could defend the right of non-citizens to vote defies logic and common sense; those who defend voter fraud are delusional.
    Great interview as always

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!!

  20. erv

    Great interview. One additional aspect that was not covered is the banning of conservatives from the various social media platforms. Limiting the discussions to only liberal ideas and biases is another form of fraud.
    I do not understand how theses platforms can deny services to a conservative but conservative business owners can be forced to provide services that are against their faith.

  21. H. Craig Bradley


    The reason things are the way they are is largely because of a lack of vigilance ( or laziness) by the American people (voters). Most Middle Class homeowners in my neighborhood are not activists, but just “go with the flow” and keep their opinions of political subjects to themselves, assuming they have any. Most are not terribly interested in current events either, especially if retired. The Fake News Media has something to do with why most Americans are tuning-out. However, if they stay home on election day then the (other) side that is most active will probably gain some extra yardage.

    The political direction of America is a long game and little incremental gains add-up over 50 years to half the field or more. So, the drift is to the Left and Conservatives are all too satisfied with their suburban lives too just stay home. Fat and Happy voters just passively let things go on. Some are too “busy” to do otherwise. So,
    only a small percentage of all Americans are politically active, I suspect. The most active are usually the young and restless, like Crassius and have a ” lean and hungry look”.

    • This Sceptred Isle

      Yes it won’t be long before the young realise the system has screwed them and turn to the hard left to redistribute the wealth. A mistake of course, but the right can be so damned selfish!

      • Greg Hunter

        It’s not as simple as a “Left/Right” issue TSI.

  22. andyb

    Not enough is made of the revelations that too many voting districts have up to 3 times as many voters vs actual residents of voting age. It is no surprise that these districts are heavily Democratic. Then too are the numerous instances, notably in Philadelphia districts and in Ohio where voters went 100% for the Democrat; that’s right, out of over 1 million voters, NOT A SINGLE ONE voted Republican. What are the odds?

    The solution is a reversion to paper ballots with safeguards on the counting, an important issue. I remember videos of the paper counting in the Scottish vote for Independence from the UK, wherein it was obvious that a ballot counter was a sleight-of-hand expert, who stacked 2 separate piles, after which each pile was counted with the number given not verified by a recount or checking.

    • Chip

      Agree that paper ballots are a must… Chip

  23. iwitness02

    This is all good. Homeland Security, President Trump, Eric Eggers, Judicial Watch, Greg Hunter and others, all shinning a light on voter fraud. There is hope.
    At the same time, it is disgusting to learn about the endless corruption of much of our government, and law enforcement agencies. It never stops. Throughout the history of mankind, criminals have been preying on the innocent. Very tired of it.

  24. John G. Gordon Sr.

    All the way through the 2016 election cycle, every time the corrupt party pointed a finger at the other corrupt party, is was like a boomerang, 3 fingers and a thumb pointing back.
    Trump was saying “rigged” election and that is the only point that “took” and he got elected. Go listen to Hillary, “On Nov 8th, Mr. Trump will you accept the results?” The video is all over the place under “Third Debate”. It is pretty apparent that she has not “accepted the results” even still today!!!! Want to see corruption, try to clean up the voter rolls and see who yells the loudest. Non-felon American Citizens should be the only registered voters, PERIOD.

  25. Mark James

    What I don’t understand is this… how do people not have proper identification to vote, when I need it to drive, go to the doctor, pick up a medication, purchase alcohol, buy a lottery ticket, enter a federal building, rent a car, buy a car, rent an apartment, rent a hotel room, buy a house, get a mortgage, open a credit card, cash a check, take money out of my bank account, sign up for a cell phone contract, conduct any personal ‘business’, etc etc etc. How do people NOT have driver’s licence or proper state IDs? How do they survive a week or month without proper identification? But voting for our representatives and voting for the highest office in the land — I can use a utility bill or weaker form such as self-declaration of my identity? This needs fixed. I am tired of people saying this is a poll tax. This is not a poll tax! If people want to vote, they need proper identification!

    • arthur barnes

      Mark James, interesting what you query, contrived by the left to defeat the patriots. Well said as I could not get into a motel the other night without my drivers license be shown!

  26. eddied

    We are ready for the primary election here in Arizona on 28 August.

    Independents can vote but have to choose a party. I am on the GOP side.

    We have 3 candidates running for Flake’s US Senator seat; Martha McSally, Kelli Ward, Sheriff Joe. Sheriff Joe being 86yo should not even be considered.

    The winner of Ward and McSally will go against the progressive Sinema. Sinema has been running TV ads for the past 3 months claiming she is independent. No mention of her running on the democrat ticket. She is the worst possible choice. She has been hiding her background as a progressive and fails to mention that she is a democrat. We need to organize here to do everything to prevent her from being elected.

    Sinema has been reaching out to the neighborhoods here in Phoenix where there illegals live. She has been holding meetings to “help” or “educate” illegals with applying for benefits, healthcare, or any other issues. I suspect that her people are also helping out with how to vote in the upcoming election in November.

    We still have a paper ballot form of voting. I just received my ballot in the mail 2 days ago for the primary. It requires that you draw/complete an arrow indicating who you select. The ballot is counted bu a machine but is always available for a recount if needed.

    The senate race here in Arizona is critical. Especially for the next 6 years when we will see confirmation votes for the Supreme Court. This is the issue for the next few years.

  27. Frederick

    Story on Zerohedge about Trumps plan to use Blackwater to privatize the occupation of Afghanistan If this doesn’t tell you a lot about our President than nothing will

  28. Tom

    Thanks for having Mr. Eggers on Greg. After watching the interview, it’s incumbent on all Americans, regardless of political party affiliation to contact their respective members of their state legislatures and demand that Voter ID laws be enacted. In addition, the voter rolls must be fully inspected and those who no longer legally belong on them must be purged! Enough is enough!!

  29. Country Codger

    Eric, Greg,
    This was a fantastic interview. Eric, keep up the great work.
    Lo Iyrah!

  30. Stan

    Hey Jerry: Deutsche Bank closed Friday at $11.20. And you remember I bough at $10.63? No bad so far. When it hits $20 I’ll sell some

    • Greg Hunter

      You got to be kidding. You bought at 11.20 and you now have a little more than 50cent pad on a POS stoke and you are celebrating? Good luck is all I got to tell you and I hope you did not invest much money.

    • Jerry

      Like sands through the hour glass, so are the days of Stan’s life.
      Right now Stan, time is all you have left, and that’s all Deutsche Bank has left too. Their debt is to great to overcome. They will become a monument to future generations of what a failed financial institution looks like that put the final nail in the fiat system. How long do you think the Chinese will continue to prop up this albatross? Not long I can assure you. Does short sale ring a bell Stan?

      • Stan

        You have been saying the same thing for years

        • Greg Hunter

          So have you Stan.

        • Jerry

          You wanted to make a bet with me.? Guess what ? You already have. The wheel is spinning right NOW. When the ball drops you have a 50% of being right and 50% chance of being wrong. If you’re right, I’ll have extra food to eat and a house that’s paid off. If you’re wrong, you’ll be dead. You see Stan I win either way. That’s the trouble with naysayers like you. You’re a loser.

      • john

        Oh snap!

    • Jodyp

      Congratulations Stan. You can retire early!

    • Frederick

      Stan If I were you I’d take my measly profit because with what’s going on in emerging markets and Southern Europe things may get alittle dicey for DB very soon

    • Frederick

      It’s being artificially propped up Stan Better take profits while you still can

  31. This Sceptred Isle

    Now the authorities need to start investigating all the mass child graves associated with Catholic orphanages.

    • Frederick

      Lionel is calling for Trump to seize all of the Vatican’s assets in the US , disband the church and arrest HRC in his last episode of the “ Conspiratoreum” I couldn’t agree more

  32. Roger

    Why does your web advertisement say REGISTER NOW TO VOTE DEMOCRAT? First thing I saw when I opened up USA WD this morning.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a Google add and I have no control over it. The Democrats are targeting USAW to make me look bad and get the reaction you just gave. “Fear Not” the Demoncrats hate what I am doing.

      • Diane

        And we hate them!
        #walk away

  33. Darcy McPeak

    Clapper Turns On Brennan: “John And His Rhetoric Have Become An Issue”
    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 08/19/2018 – 16:00

    Check out the comments section also.
    This is turning nasty.
    These folks will not go peace fully.
    The gauntlet has struck the Washington swamp with a splash!

    • Frederick

      Darcy Inread the article and the comments as usual were the best part

  34. Darcy McPeak

    Is Britain Backing South Africa’s Land Confiscations From White Farmers?
    by Tyler Durden
    Sun, 08/19/2018 – 15:15
    Wo, what’s this world coming too!
    Somebody or something is iching for a fight.
    I’m feeling, it’s not of this world?
    Me think’s it’s been around for millennia?
    (Not Melania of course! Ha) Whatever it is, or not. It sure seems to be rearing its ugly head. For all, doing time in reality, to see.
    Incoming! Anyone?

    • freebrezer

      D – from the Article “South Africa, like the Soviet Union, China and Venezuela, like Cambodia and Cuba, is not just an atrocity, it’s a cautionary tale. Ideology, more than race, connects the scattered strands of the leftist killing fields. To pretend that what happened there cannot happen here would be ignoring the lessons of history” . One white farmer feeds ~ 15,000 South Africans (from memory from a recent article that I can not find … Apologies for no ref.). The story about the chicken farmers in Venezuela should be a wake up call in loud bloody red letters … The leftist Venezuela thugs nationalized all the chicken producers, a while back, and gave the farms to the workers … in just a few months most all the chickens were dead: Ramaphosa, Dictator in charge of SA, is worth over a 1/2 billion … And he has been in politics most of his life … Similar to the Clinton’s. Hmmmm, I wonder how they got so much money?

  35. Hoosier river rat

    Several years ago I read that a county near me changed over to computerized voting machines . I called their board of elections and inquired what their mission statement was. She said to simply prove to the people of the county that the vote count is accurate. I then asked her who wrote the code for the computer program ? She replied after a period of silence that she had no clue . Sometimes I think we are the biggest morons on the planet to let them dupe us like this. God save us.
    Back in the 80’s the Collier brothers published a book called vote scam and they documented how rampant the vote fraud is.

  36. Doug

    Guys- Great interview and extremely interesting topic. It goes without saying in the next election in Democrats will be doing everything they can and then some to insure they regain power positions. It will be extremely important for President Trump to have a plan to insure elections are run as fairly and honestly as possible. There must be some identification required before voting at minimum. This is a serious matter as our country is at stake where communist are trying to renegage their NWO agenda if given any opportunity.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Doug and a plan, I believe, is in place, but you know Trump, he never gives up his plans ahead of time.

      • Chip

        Thing is Doug and Greg that elections are a local responsibility NOT under the authority of the Federal Government… Chip

  37. Dan

    Thank you for providing this interview to us all.
    Just wish there were MANY more like this one, and less of the “prophets” and “hucksters”.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dan!!

  38. Derrick Michael Reid

    God Bless America, God Bless Donald Trump, and God Bless Greg Hunter.

    #walkaway from hateful
    @dnc @thedemocrats
    More Taxes=Oppression
    No Borders=Anarchy
    Deep State=Corruption

  39. Bart Klein Ikink

    The US political system is a winner takes all system. Most democracies have proportional representation. So what does that mean? Well:
    * you end up with political parties so there is little choice;
    * candidates need campaign funds so they are bought and paid for;
    * political parties are less inclined to cooperate (one is in power);
    * the president has a lot of power (and people might accidentally elect a person that turns out to be insane);
    * voter suppression and voeter fraud might happen as small deviations in the outcome can have a huge impact.

    People are fed up with this (liberals and conservatives alike) so a revolution might occur. That might only happen if the economy collapses. A little bit of adversity can bring out the anger. If the revolution happens, you might opt for the best political system the world has to offer, which is Swiss democracy. See:

    The Swiss already had a culture war between liberals and conservatives in the 19th century. This solution has worked for them.

    • freebrezer

      Bart … The Swiss combine representative democracy (same as the USA) with direct democracy. The people get to determine referendums, but also do require a majority of the Cantons to make it binding … It is important to note that the two longest running Governments in the world are the Swiss (1300 AD) and the USA (1776) and both have a similar system – representative democracy … The USA has the 50 independent states, and the Swiss have the 26 Cantons (similar to a USA state). I think that letting the people of the USA vote on major referendums (e.g. border control, wage increases for congress, etc) would be a great Idea! And making the Damn politicians bound to it would be even better.

  40. Ray

    Gee the was a good interview……..thanks Greg for that one.
    There was a very apt moment towards the end, when Mr Eggers stated, “Voter fraud is deeply ingrained in our nation’s history”.
    How very, very sad…..and how the truth doth sting.
    Perhaps Mr Eggers could have saved a word, and stated “Fraud is deeply ingrained in our nation’s history.
    September 11……Fraud
    Federal Reserve…..Fraud
    Afghanistan war and occupation…..Fraud
    Iraq War and occupation……Fraud
    Wall St…….Fraud
    Islamic State……Fraud.
    The over-arching question that has to be asked WITH COURAGE then becomes…….how can a nation that is so hopelessly mired in fraud, ever have an election system that isn’t fraudulent?
    How can a nation that insists on having complete control over rest of the world, via massive fraud (freedom and liberty etc), ever expect to have things run honestly within it’s own borders?
    The sad answer is….. it cannot.
    This is not an attack on the good people of America.
    It is a diagnosis of the sickness that is killing it……and killing millions throughout the world.
    For this planet, unfortunately, the fraud….and the endless bombing….will go on, and on, and on…….until one day, a mighty force takes things in another direction.
    Perhaps it will be God……perhaps a fed up nuclear powered nation, perhaps the very people of America themselves.
    Fraud is a terrible way to run such a beautiful, beautiful planet.
    God sees all fraud equally……..individual, family, corporation and nation.
    None will escape the consequences of their frauds…..and that right soon.

    Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

    • susan

      Ray, anything and everything can be overcome with prayer. That is what gives me hope for my country.

      • Ray

        Let’s hope so Susan!
        Here is my tip for fixing America.
        Every citizen of every nation other than America pays a one off levy on Jan 1st, 2019……lets say $20 each.
        With this levy, money will be raised to send EVERY US citizen over the age of 21 and under the age of 80 for a 3 week holiday in Yemen, Iraq and Afghanistan.
        No hotels……stay with a local family for one week in each country.
        Within 18 months, your nation would be transformed, and the bombing WOULD stop (Americans are humans and are not heartless…..they are just dumbed down with constant lies about Boogie Men and bad nations that want to hurt them).
        The result would be that the American people would then refuse to support the US Military Industrial Complex any further.
        Sure, your economy would completely crash, but with The Great World Cancer finally removed, we would see the family of nations rally around those Americans that had stayed with them, and rebuild a new, better America……one that doesn’t kill for a living.
        I would be willing to throw in some $$$$ to have Americans live right where their tax dollar bombs have landed.
        It would certainly open their eyes.

        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

        • Grandma Dorothy

          Maybe I have misunderstood what you actually mean but it sure seems to me that you are pointing the finger of wrongdoing on American. Are you an Arab? If not, are you blind to the actions of the rest of the world?
          Do you see Israel as you see America, the problem?
          Does what the Bible, the Word of God not mean anything to you?
          God said the Jews were His chosen people.
          That He has placed His name on Jerusalem.
          And since America is about the only country that stands with Israel, that makes us obeying the Lord.
          You have me very confused but then I am of advanced years. I wouldn’t be privileged to take that overseas trip.
          If your comment meant what I believe it does, then boy of boy, are you in for a surprise when the Lord does act…

          • Ray

            Grandma Dorothy,
            I will happily pay for your trip, personally.
            Why do you think I am an Arab?
            I am an Australian, of Anglo Saxon race.
            As for your words about America supporting Israel and your account of so called “Chosen People ” etc….I will leave you to your cherished beliefs.
            They are not mine, but I will respect you enough to have yours.
            God made ALL of us…..Jew, Arab, Chinese, Calathumpian…….ALL OF US.
            All He asks is for people to live like His son, Jesus Christ.
            If you, Dorothy, are of the belief that living like Christ involves placing a military Jackboot upon the people of the world, with enough slaughter of innocent people sufficient to hold up a rancid financial system, and a society built upon lies and graft, then, I will use your very words to finish……….”Boy o boy, are you in for a surprise when the Lord does act”.
            Peace be with you Dorothy.
            Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

            • Greg Hunter

              It’s in the Bible Ray. It’s not a “cherished belief.”

              • Grandma Dorothy

                In my reply to Ray I put the name Frederick. Such a mistake and I am sure sorry. Hope you will correct that for me.
                I wish we could up vote for you say much that doesn’t require a reply but sure does deserve a thumbs up!

            • Grandma Dorothy

              Frederick, I’m sorry that I can’t take you up on you generous offer but when one is 80 and over that would be much too hard to do.
              Have you not read the Old Testament? And even the New speaks about war(s). Do you think it’s right that Christians are murdered just because they won’t bow down to a false god? Would you not stand and fight for the lives of your spouse or child(ren)? I know that even at my advanced age I wouldn’t just stand and watch but would act.
              But I didn’t come here to argue. I simply wanted understanding.
              I think the one that’s going to be in for a big surprise is you, not I. But only time will answer that.
              And peace be with you and yours too…

              • Ray

                Dear Dorothy,
                That is the reason why I referred to people under 80 years of age going to have a holiday in those war torn lands……because of their advanced years being an issue.
                God bless you Dorothy….wishing you all the best x
                Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

          • Frederick

            Granny Your assumptions based on a book of questionable accuracy is truly scary to me Please Open your mind alittle Or Maybe it’s too late for you

            • Grandma Dorothy

              Frederick, I appreciate your reply. It gives me the opportunity to tell you I received my salvation at the age of 12/13 when the Lord called me forward during a 1940’s tent revival. It was the week before Christmas and a very cold, snowy night that will live in my mind forever. I was also baptized with the the Holy Spirit and then the Lord did something that I’ve never heard of Him doing before or after. He put within my heart a love for His chosen people. A love that equals that of my own flesh and blood. My Christian learning hasn’t been by some denomination or some preacher but by the teaching of the Holy Spirit and even around 70 years later He is still with me and teaching me. I would say to you, open your heart a little. My mind is open to the Lord first, last and always. As I raised my kids, and they raised theirs and now I’m am blessed to see it being carried over to my beloved great-grandkids. PTL. You need to meet the Lord while you still have the chance. For when you stand before His judgment seat…it will be too late. You will
              have lost what He freely gives to all who comes to Him…eternal life. I wouldn’t trade one moment with my Lord for all the riches in this world. I’ll add you to my prayer list along with Ray. I do wish you the best in life, even blessings…

      • freebrezer

        J – Great link! pretty well say’s it all … Deep state corruption = clinton’s

  41. GW

    I think another question (that was unasked in this interview) is how will the REAL ID system, that is being implemented and set to be completed in the next few years, impact not only this issue of voter fraud, but all of us by restricting travel, et cetera – REAL ID is effectively a National ID System and NO ONE is talking about it!

  42. Prophet

    This is precisely why there will be no Red wave, the divide in America is very narrow, voter fraud will be rampant in November…. between Absentee ballots , early voting and no voter ID , This fall may only gain a few seats for republicans if we get lucky…personally i see NOTHING being done to combat this fraud, A district in ohio had more votes than people registered 2 weeks ago,,, Whats being done about it ?

    • flattop

      Listen to our host. “God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ are firmly in control ”
      The solution to that problem, ” PRAYER “

      • Grandma Dorothy

        You said listen to our host. “God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ are firmly in control.”
        I agree with you on that but I must ask; how do/can you eliminate the Holy Spirit? 1 John 5:6, 7 & 8 make it very clear that He, the Holy Spirit is one and the same as is the Father and the Son? He is equal. The Holy Spirit is from the beginning in Genesis through the book of Revelation. If you eliminate Him, you have called the Word of God lies. He was in Matthew chapter one, otherwise Jesus would not have been put into Mary’s womb.
        I would just like to hear your opinion on this if you will be so kind as to answer.
        Thank you…

        • Greg Hunter

          If you believe in Christ, then you believe in the one who sent him (God the Father). The Holly Spirit is all part of that.

          • Grandma Dorothy

            Greg, I guess I have a problem lumping the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit as all together all of the time as that isn’t what I’ve been taught by the Holy Spirit or have lived life knowing. I have a relationship with Jesus the Son and I walk with Him. I have even been called down by Him three times in my life, the last time was serious as I had followed other “Christians” instead of Him. But I repented and although it seemed like hours that I went through heartbreak, it ended will and I was given ten hours of sound sleep that I hadn’t had in ten or more years. I felt His hand on my shoulder and one word, sleep and I was! I have heard the voice of God the Father audibly once when I was suffering the most. And the Holy Spirit has been a companion since childhood, teaching me. I know the three are one God but just as Jesus walked this earth physically separate from the Father, so does the Holy Spirit act as Jesus made clear (at least to me), Matthew 28:19 which says; “Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, ‘baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Then in 1 Corinthians 6:19 he says; “What? know ye not that your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost which is in you, which ye have of God, and ye are not your own?” Different people also see 1 John 5: 6-8 differently than many others do. But when we are with Him, should it matter to anyone, we can get proper understanding from Him!
            So I have no argument with you but I still think He deserves to be recognized, if for no other reason that Jesus Himself did so. I give honor to all three and as one. : )
            Thank you and blessings to you and yours…

  43. Darcy McPeak

    WATCH: CNN Analyst Cheers Banning Alex Jones. Bill Maher Wrecks Her.
    by Ryan Saavedra
    August 19, 2018
    HBO talk-show host Bill Maher hammered former Michigan Democratic Governor Jennifer Granholm after she cheered a recent decision by tech companies to ban Alex Jones and Infowars from their platforms.

    Who would have ever thought. Bill Maher is a true patriot after all! He’s actually weeding out the fascists, from amongst his liberal midst. Something both left and right should all be doing, as real fascism is starting to rear it’s God awfull ugly head!

    • Diane


  44. flattop

    Greg A Question
    What has Brennen to gain by playing out this scenerio about Pres Trump
    It surely wont get his security clearance back.

    • Greg Hunter

      I would call it a Hail Mary counter psychological operation to cry foul when he is indicted. It’s all he’s got left. It ain’t going to work.

  45. flattop

    Most American citizens would gladly show an I D to keep our elections honest.
    If the democrats lose this midterm election, their party will be in big trouble and they know it. So, watch for the loud cry from them that the Russians caused their loss if that happens

  46. William Stanley

    Thanks! Another great interview.

  47. Tad

    All things considered with China, I’m surprised we’re bothering with trade negotiations.

    Deportations seem like a good start.

  48. Jerry

    This is pretty convincing. It explains a lot , particularly the delay we’ve experienced. Share with your friends.

    • paul

      Typical newsletter sales pitch video.

  49. Justn Observer

    Greg, Maybe a bit of contagion could be a good thing? lol

  50. Tommy

    Of course the Dems only win by fraud. Outside of the major metro areas and liberal bastions like New England and the Pacific West the country is red. In PA if you would take Philadelphia out of the count it would be the reddest state in the union. Even if we could just have Philadelphia count their votes honestly the state would be solid red. But when you have 25% turnout statewide and 110% turnout in Philadelphia with precincts that go 100% Democrat it gets damn hard to beat them.

  51. Martin Armstrong Student

    Manafort guilty! Congrats Jeff Sessions for turning the special investigation into a circus! The IRS is a criminal mafia arm of the government.

  52. Linda Copping

    They can try and steal all they want because look what’s coming their way…..

  53. Diane

    Political news couldn’t be much worse today.
    Looks like the criminal deep state is going to take out Trump.
    Martin Armstrong says this could be the start of a civil war.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not”!!

    • Grandma Dorothy

      Diane, don’t believe everything you read or hear.
      Yes, many have been coming against Trump since the beginning but if we believe that God is in control (and Christians do believe that for it’s biblical), then He will protect Trump and turn things around to “Make America Great Again.” It can and will happen if the Lord intends to terry and to give us – undeserving Christians – another chance to do the right thing and to stand up for Him.
      Don’t be concerned about a civil war. If that is on God’s timetable and is needed to make things right, then it will happen but we have His protection in all.
      As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord. And if it is our time to go to the grave, so be it. For to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord. To live is Christ, to die is gain.
      Just be sure you have salvation and you too will have not fear for you will put it all into the Lords hands.
      Blessings and peace be with you…

  54. Gina M Mancarella

    Manafort GULTY !!!

    Cohen pleading GUILTY !

    We have TRUMP dead to rights, Greg ! Dead to rights !

    I’ll bet you will bury this post and thats okay cause its so typical, but you and I know the TRUTH !

    Remember the TRUTH ?????????????????

    • Greg Hunter

      Yawn. You said we would “bow down to Hillary.” How did that work out? You are a terrible paid troll.

      • Grandma Dorothy

        Many did bow down to Hillary in 2016. The voice of one woman still rings in my ears. “I’m a Christian and I know God will be mad at me but I’m voting for Hillary!” Sound like any Christian you know? Nor I.
        Then during the 2016 democratic convention God was booed out not once, but three or four times. Yeah, Christian. Then Waters recently said: “God is with Us!” No Waters, you don’t kick Him out and expect Him to be in your corner just because you think He should be.
        If the Lord was not in control we wouldn’t have Trump for president. The way the democrats, liberals, socialist and RINO’s have been holding onto Trump’s coattails, doing their best to hold him back from doing anything good for America and We the People, if the Lord wasn’t in control, Trump would have been stopped long before now but instead, he has taken us forward (although I wish it was faster! it is in God’s timing, not ours), instead of 50-60 years backward as Obama did. The worst president that I’ve lived to see!!!
        I’d like to also add that by Hillary’s occult involvement for decades, there is only one way the democrats can go…down and out! God will not be mocked, but He is still patient and long suffering. But even the Lord has His limits. No one knows God’s timetable so we should never say He has given up on America. There are still a lot of Christians, although many have yet to stand up for the Lord and obey by praying; but only He has control. Oh, and I hate to tell the democrats and those others that stand with them; you’re in for a big surprise when it comes to the NWO. First, the only way it will come about is when the Lord says, Okay – now it’s yours. And second, the ones that think they will be the rulers are going to find out that the ruler is the antichrist. They will have served their purpose and he will no longer have use of them. Then they will finally know how it feels to be a real slave.
        Please feel free to delete any of this as you see fit for I do go on, and on. : )
        This is my first time on your site and I must say it is a breath of fresh air. Hey, the truth is still to be found!
        Thank you…
        Sorry, don’t know what I’m suppose to put in “website.”

        • Greg Hunter

          You did just fine Dorothy!! Thank you for being here.

  55. Linda

    Cohen probably composed so he gets a lighter sentence for doing that. Sure, a minor blow for the Trump camp today with two guilty charges today, one a guilty plea, Cohen, by a wishy washy unreliable liar. Hopefully people will start to educate themselves about the real crimes, laid out so well in this X22 Report today, start at the 13 minute mark for the connecting dots between the real criminals. Its very well laid out and impacts todays special counsel.

    • Greg Hunter

      The lefties in the media are all energized today because they know all the other crap is just that crap, and so it this. Remember, we now know the Mueller “investigation” was illegitimate from the start.

      • WD


        I agree. But they used Russia hoax to get a foot in the door. That is all they needed. Now they cand go after Cohen to connect to Trump.

        I think the left got a major victory from this…New York State is now going after Trump….through Cohen. Greg, the may have just outflanked us.

        • Greg Hunter

          I think the legal course will follow the illegitimate in one illegitimate in all path. The Special Prosecutor got his powers under false pretenses–totally provably false pretenses!!! Thus it was indeed a failed coup. That is simply all there is to it.

        • Frederick

          This Cohen is a real weasel and that’s insulting to weasels He has zero credibility in my mind after admitting to secretly recording his clients

  56. WD

    We see this Democrat party embrace Communism, cheer abortion and ok the theft of elections. Seeing news outlets blatantly lie and be okay with that. As a Gen Xer I am beside myself.

    Greg we have to win this war and its a war!

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