Hyperinflation Will Collapse Biden Administration – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics,” which sorts through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  He has many well-documented correct predictions.  High predicted a month ago, “The Biden Administration would be in full collapse by this fall.”  The CV19 Vax door knocking campaign from the Biden camp, to harass people into getting the jab, is simply a prelude to the coming collapse.  High explains, “It’s a sign of desperation, and it’s a sign of weakness. . . . What they do not realize is the people doing this work are going to be assaulted by the people they are going to be talking to verbally and sometimes physically.  It won’t go well for the workers.  It’s going to cause lots and lots and lots of videos and audio recordings to come into existence that the Biden Administration will desperately not want to have happened.  At some point, I think it will be the PR aspect that will get them to cancel it. . . . People will take the opportunity to ‘red pill’ these workers and record it. . . . It will be like my enemy is sending his troops to me.  Let me see if I can convert them to my purpose.”

How will the collapse of the Biden Administration take place?  High says, “This is an economic issue. . . . We exist on the petro-dollar empire, and that empire is dying very rapidly.  We are in the very final phases of that death.  In that final phase, we reach hyperinflation.  We are at the point that hyperinflation has broken loose.  It’s reported at 5.4%, but it’s really hyper.  It really is three times that or four times that.  Energy, since Biden took over, is up 40%. . . . We are now reaching a point of the inflation to run parallel with the debt that is going to reach an extreme.  This extreme, by my calculations, should impact the Biden Administration in some form of a catastrophic crisis around the last half of September. . . . Fundamentally, it will be the inability to pay for things . . . . It will be a situation where the hyperinflation has so outpaced normal expectation . . . that all of the government contracts in the computers, which have limits and constraints, will have blown beyond those limits and constraints.  The government will not be able to write checks because the computers will refuse to print them.  This is a crude way of explaining it. . . .  There are thousands of constraints built into software configured at a time when there was a more rational view of inflation.”

High goes on to say, “We are at that point where empire is collapsing.  The empire is collapsing because the money is no good.”

High also talks about the breakdown of society because so many high-skilled people will die from the jabs.  High says the “lockdown plan that would have killed many has failed,” because of President Trump.

High also contends, “The power elite are committed . . . .They can’t back down now, and they must continue with the idea of trying to kill as many of us as possible, especially now that we have had this great awakening and they have broken the veil of secrecy so to speak.  This is why the door to door thing. . . . Inoculation is not a good thing, and the elite are trying to inoculate 95% of humanity out of existence.  Going back to my data to 2003 and onward, there has always been this area of data that said 1.24 billion people would be dying prematurely.  We are at the point right now that a little more than 2 billion people have been inoculated, injected with these mixtures, and if we take the numbers out of various institutes out of London . . . they estimate between 60% and 70% this coming winter will fall ill, and the vast majority of those people will die. . . . This is very close to what my data has predicted since 2003–1.24 billion people dying.  So, imagine what that is going to do to our social order. . . . At that level, our society will be hovering around breakdown.  We won’t have truck drivers, doctors, dentists, and a lot of the healthcare workers inoculated themselves.  We won’t have airline pilots, and we may not have pilots for large ships to get them in and out of port.  That’s a highly skilled job, and it takes years to train someone.”

High also has data on the massive amounts of bodies that will need to be buried or cremated because of the deaths from the CV19 jabs.  It is gruesome.

High also talks about bitcoin, gold, silver, the stock market and how a new financial system will emerge.  Spoiler alert:  gold, silver and Bitcoin are not going lower in price, according to Clif High—just the opposite.  High also talks about data on election fraud, the CCP attack on Nov 3, 2020, and how it will all be coming out into the open.  Will Donald Trump get back into office?  High has data on that too and will explain it.  High says the elite will become prisoners of “We the People.”  The great awakening of “We the People” will leave the elite no place to hide and no place to run.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Internet data mining expert Clif High.

(Program Note:  What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 70 min. interview.  I will not be doing a Weekly News Wrap-Up on Friday 7/16/21.  I did this a month ago when Clif High was on, and this interview is better than that one.  Please take time to carefully listen as High lays out what to expect from August to the end of the year.)

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Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

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    I have no doubt Whisper’n Joe and his Bidenettes are going to increase the economic misery on the fixed income and elderly and ruin a lot of beneficial tax shelters….I see Biden as a Clear and Present Danger to the country in about every way possible….he has been a crooked SOB his entire career and has never served the country well in any capacity….

    • eddiemd

      Bribe’em is a talking cardboard cut out. Obama and his henchmen are running the show now. Obama is a satanist and does the bidding of his masters.

      We are in the final countdown to the totalitarian dystopia. The new world order of the antichrist.

      Biblical prophecy. Never fails.

      Buy yourself a Bible now. Read Romans and the Gospel of Mark.

      Psalm 116


      Come out from the shadow of death. Jesus Christ of Nazareth will give you light.

      • commen sense

        Biblical prophecy. Never fails. very true !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        So answer me this why are so many trying to stop it ?????

        • Rachel


        • eddiemd

          Mockers and scoffers. They same ones at the times of Noah.

          We are living in the same times of Noah.

        • Self Exiled

          Thank You for the complement maybe an interview or two back. I posted a Than
          k You there also.

      • Trinacria

        Eddie: we need to start naming names….who is Obama connected to? Who are the people running the show? How do we protect ourselves? We need to start getting specific.

        • eddiemd

          See reply below.

    • Philip Lienert

      Does anyone actually agree with this article that the vaccine is going to kill all who take it? This is either the biggest news in world history, or a complete farce.

      • Mike+G

        I’d say the big question is whether it will sicken and maybe kill more than the coof has or will do? I’ll take my chances with the coof considering I’ve already gone thru 18 month of the paranoia.

      • BBrown

        Dr. Peter McCollough thinks the Vaccines are bio-terrorism. Greg needs to get him on. He is the world’s expert on COVID and no medical authority can dispute him. He thinks the vaccines are being used to kill. https://www.algora.com/Algora_blog/2021/06/27/dr-peter-mccullough-whistleblowers-inside-cdc-claim-injections-have-already-killed-50000-americans

        • Charlie

          BBrown, thank you for posting that link. Most amazing video I have listened to to date. Everyone should stop and watch it. I fell off my chair multiple times listening to it. We must get this info out to our family and friends!

      • Bob

        Cliff actually said 30 to 40 % of vaxed will survive relisted to the video that would match up with Georgia guidestones and agenda 21

      • Bull Market

        I think the vax will affect different people with different DNA differently. They ( TPTB) have studied DNA types they want to eliminate just like Hitler wanted a more “pure” society and those folks and those with poor health will probably expire. Just my theory of course but those that tend to their health and keep their immune system boosted will hopefully survive. The BANKS will make out big time when the wealthy older couples and all that would inherit their estate pass away due to taking the JAB. It’s the only way for the government to get out of debt when those that would inherent the estate wealth can’t pay the taxes.

      • Joyce M Read

        Already seeing it in my workplace and I live in a small town. We had at least one person out each day last week, all with clusters of migraines. Could say it was the weather change but I think I’m the only one at work not innoculated and I haven’t been sick in a year and a half-even through the bioweapon that was released. My co-workers are becoming physically weakened. It’s sad to watch this……

    • Brick Stonehead

      Joe and the Bidettes …fixed that for ya

    • Bill

      I can’t wait for Clif High’s predictions to be proven right!

    • john doe

      are you describing Biden or Trudeau?

  2. Marie+Joy

    Those, on fixed incomes, will starve.

    • Juli Barbato

      I honestly don’t think so. I have a deep feeling that Americans who are better off will pitch in, then everyone who is helped will pay it forward in nonfinancial ways. The Democrats will discover what charity is and was meant to be, and that the less we give to government, the more Americans will be able to give each other a leg up.

      • Freebrezer

        J – that is a very gracious thought!

      • Marie+Joy


      • Mary

        Yes, we will. I grow large gardens and have most of my life. I plan to share.

        • Alex Zecos

          This is exactly how we can prevent the economy from collapsing 100%. By growing gardens and sharing the surplus with our neighbors & local restaurants at a discount price. That, and also buying machines that condense water out of the air and turn it into drinking water are the two best ways we show the love.

          Remember that even if our economy collapses and China invades and slaughters us all, there will be another freedom revolution in about 300 years because history repeats itself according to the Tytler Cycle. We can break this cycle right now & avoid death and servitude by realizing poop is not supposed to stink at all, rather it’s supposed to smell like plant matter. Any primary care physician who does not incorporate this central truism into their patients’ healthcare plan should have their license suspended until they get their sh- together.

    • yep

      it doesn’t matter what happens to the public, for all they care, the public can die, yet these corrupt leaders will make themselves super rich, and to hell with the rest of you…..this is what these as*holes think and do….

    • eddiemd

      Most people in the cities will starve. The trucking system will be stopped.

      Just look at what is happening in South Africa.

      Lawlessness is increasing everywhere.

      Colombia, Cuba, Afghanistan, Syria…

      When the Restrainer is removed it will explode completely.

      Birth pangs. Contractions are becoming more frequent, intense, and of longer duration. This is a great analogy given 2000 years ago. At some point the water will break.

    • Susan D

      I don’t agree that the jab will kill millions. I do think many WILL die but as Dr Judy Mikovitz says, there is an antidote. And it’s called SURAMIN

      • Paul ...

        Susan … Pine needle tea was well known to ancient peoples … that’s why until today … people still celebrate Christmas with “a real pine tree that represented life” to the ancients (like the living God Jesus does to us Christians) … I always save a few branches of my real Christmas tree on the first of every year … I soak some needles in Volcker to extract the healing properties and also (when under the weather) I will put a few pine needles right into my morning cup of tea with some honey … it is good to know it has the power to also fight the effects of the “jab” (this is good news for those who foolishly listened to Fauci)!! … https://www.weblyf.com/2021/05/is-suramin-or-pine-needle-tea-antidote-to-covid-vaccine-effects/

  3. Christopher Earl Strunk

    According to an experienced reinsurance underwriter expert studying the relationship of over 73 patent investments since before 2004 it is all about the money by a RICO conspiracy for unjust enrichment and depopulation involving FIVE EYES and CCP:


    New Dr. Reiner Fuellmich & Dr. David E. Martin: Corona Committee [Complete Bombshell Interview]

    • Rick Hayle

      I truly believe you’re correct . Makes perfect sense .

    • Cat

      The globalist have for decades planned Agenda21 its a depopulation agenda for 2021. There supposedly is an Agenda 30 as well. And Biden is a HUGE globalist always has been.

  4. Ashley

    I always get a good laugh out of cliffs interviews, good entertainment value.

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you actually watch this? What is so funny about 1.24 billion people being murdered by big pharma??

      • DUGTRUX

        Aw hell Greg,
        Big Pharma has been killing us for years. Sounds like they been working on the “final solution” . Where did I hear that before?

        • Charles H.

          What disturbs me is – their henchmen are doctors!

          • Paul ...

            And these doctors swore an oath upon having their doctors license issued … “To Do No Harm To Their Patients” … is prescribing the “Jab” (which causes blood clots in every vital organ of the body from the brain on down to the sexual organs (putting them into failure mode) … “The New Definition” of “Doing No Harm”?? … we need to pull their “License to Practice” away from them (just like the “commies” did to Rudy Giuliani) !!

            • Paul

              They don’t take the Hippocrates oath anymore because it has strict language against abortion. For the last 20 years no one has taken the Hippocratic oath. You can’t even find the original online. They have edited out all the language about abortion and other things so that even a physician who takes the so-called hypocritical oath is not bound by anything because the oath is so full of loop holes. Doctors now work for corporations and they do what they are told or get fired and disciplined by their state board. Don’t see a medical doctor unless you absolutely have to.

              • Paul ...

                Thanks Paul … I didn’t know that!!

              • youmustbejoking

                Finally, this makes sense about doctors… the people we once trusted (to some degree). IF they follow orders they get to keep their licenses, their funding, and their legal protections when doing harm.

            • Thoth al Khem

              The #3 cause of death in the US is Doctors. 250K per year. DEAD.

      • Jim

        Trump enabled fascistic lockdowns, devastation of small businesses/middle-class, corporate bailouts (that made the Bush/Obama ones look like chump change), and ‘Operation Warpspeed’.

        • CarolAnne Tucker

          It is NOT Trumps fault that he was LIED to about EVERYTHING he needed to know in order to make good decision for his entire country! Fauci and his minions ALL NEED TO BE STRUNG UP AND IMPRISONED UNTIL THEY CAN BE TRIED FOR THE TREASON THEY HAVE COMMITTED! Then, we should all get to publicly watch them pay for their crimes against Humanity! I think they should pump all of them full of their COVID jab (one jab for every person they have harmed) while they sit in jail waiting for their fate to be determined.

      • Linda

        Greg, I couldn’t agree with you more. Big Pharma casualties are no joke.

      • Joe Boudreau

        Clif’s work is fantastic. I’m also very happy to see you’ve moved to Rumble. How about Bitchute? Myself, I am against this experimental innoculation. I agree it is a diabolical setup and I’m bracing myself psychologically for what’s to come. Actually, I’ve been sensing something big coming for years which inspired me to invest in physical silver, going back about 10 years. My backyard is now full of growing fruits and veggies. I’ve never attempted to grow so much food before. I’ve also been collecting a ton of different seeds for future use. I harvest my own seeds. I wrote an article on my blog at PublishOX titled ‘Bitcoin or seeds?’ contemplating which is more important. I placed the link below if anyone is interested. If you can’t get your hands on bitcoin, get seeds (and silver)!
        All the best, Greg.

      • CarolAnne Tucker

        Tell em Greg!!! Nothing Funny AT ALL!!!!

      • Ruth Newton

        Hi Greg,
        Pleeeease never pass up an opportunity to close your show with “Fear not…. Prepare yourself … especially spiritually. Remember God the Father, Jesus His Son, and the Holy Spirit …” In times like this, that’s perhaps the most valuable takeaway you can give listeners.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Ruth, much appreciated!

      • Charlie Patterson

        Joe is “AHEAD of the Game” here.
        Keep it up Joe!
        Hopefully others are Paying attention and are doing Likewise…

    • Marie+Joy

      So, Ashley, you’re not prepping?

    • Brick Stonehead

      Let those who have ears hear, let those who have eyes see… don’t mock what you don’t understand.

  5. James Burris

    If so much of our population dies. Will the electric grid & internet survive?
    Without electricity & the internet. No crypto can be transferred!
    Of course government & other “special” places still will have communication.
    Trump did state he has taken the vaccine. He might dies or be unable to lead (hope not)!

    • Paul ...

      If Trump took the “jab” … we definitely “don’t want him to lead” (with blood clots in his brain) that could screw up his judgement even more!!

      • andyb

        I seem to recall that Trump took Ivermectin and HydroxyChloraquin, NOT THE JAB. I would worry more about flying (blood clots hitting pilots’ vascular systems), driving on interstates (where people will suddenly drop dead), and doctors succombing while you’re being operated on.

        • Paul ...

          Good points Andy … when I hear a passenger plane overhead … I better begin to look up (just to make sure it is not heading nose down into the ground over me) … and I should stay in the right lane while driving (keeping an eye on the cars traveling in the opposite direction at all times … as a blood clot to the brain can occur immediately like here … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0g-RYlyYOA … or it could hit people many weeks later!!

          • Paul ...

            Notice how poor brain-washed (in blood) Tiffany claps her hands after taking the Jab .. like so many other “unthinking experimental vax women volunteers” … who simply don’t take sufficient precautions “not to allow unknown things” to be injected into their bodies (this goes for unthinking men also)!!

            • youmustbejoking

              Paul, keep in mind when these celebrity types take the jab and post it online, they are very likely not taking the mRNA jab. We know Trump did not take an mRNA jab. Not unless he was held down and threatened. Same with Ivanka. It is pretty obvious they were threatened to promote the jab or made a deal of some kind.

              Celebs like Arnold S., Anthony Hopkins, Carole King, Dolly Parton (invested $M in Moderna’s jab), and many many others have posted videos of themselves getting the jab while smiling big smiles. Many of these videos have the needles conveniently hidden behind the arm of the “nurse” and some of them are done so quickly that you know they didn’t get the jab. It’s all theater. What do celebs get in return for these big displays of ‘playing their part’ in ‘helping humanity’? A free vax passport good for life?

              Also noteworthy a few ‘social media influencers’ (that’s a real job by the way) have revealed they’ve been offered thousands to help the jab campaign. Their instructions are to post a picture or video of themselves getting the jab and then comment on how good they feel about doing so. If they do everything instructed, thousands are deposited to their venmo accounts.

              This campaign is so well funded, the agenda so massive, it appears that every ‘famous’ person you see in every form of media taking the jab is playing a role…

        • it's NOT a vaccine; stop calling it one

          I think he took remdesivir -in either instance he lied – he did not take the vaxx – we know he lied – I dont vote for liars – he’s more dangerous than biden who we know is trying to kill us – so is mr warp speed – screw trump and all politicians

  6. tim mcgraw

    I’m four minutes into the video. Clif is crazy if the thinks the brainwashed Bidenistas are going to listen to a “red pill” of reason when they knock on our doors to give us a poison. These Commies DO NOT LISTEN to arguments. They are dogmatic like Maoists.
    Talking to them is a waste of time and energy.

    • Greg Hunter

      The other point is the videos from the red pill side. This is going to be a PR nightmare for the Biden Admin.
      That’s the main point.

      • tim mcgraw

        Biden speaking at a press conference is a PR nightmare for the Biden Administration. I think the vaccine pushers going door to door are bait. Bait to get a violent reaction from Trump supporters. This will lead to more “Domestic Terrorism” laws.

        • Jeff

          You are exactly right Tim. It is bait. They will also produce their own fake videos of Trumpster’s shooting innocent workers. Just more false flags.

          • youmustbejoking

            Agree. Total setup to get angry non-vax’d people to react, and add them to the list of ‘dangerous trumpers’ who will be visited later to be taken away to join the Jan. 6th incarcerated. Obvious trap.

        • Charles H.


          Ruling by edict, from a mentally deficient puppet – what could go Constitutionally wrong?!?

        • Jerry5

          You must have read the script. Here’s the door to door script in Illinois. It sound like “ welcome wagon “.

          Make no mistake this is data mining, and bear bating combined. We are in the beginning phase of martial law.

        • Catherine

          I think you’re right. It’s an excuse to “crack down” on people who don’t conform. It could lead to mass arrests imprisonments and fines. Their goons like SS could ask to “interrogate” resisters. It’s a big Pandora’s box that if opened can lead to fascist dictatorship. The Nazis needed a group to make villains (Jews) and Biden needs anti vaxers
          I hope I am wrong

          • Paul Anthony

            thanks for this ill be ready this is my county i live here



      • Marie+Joy

        Communists are past caring what we think. When you want someone dead, what they think is irrelevant.

        • Charles H.

          WWE? MMA? There are NO rules in a real fight.

      • Jim Girard

        nana nana, poo poo, stick your head in doo doo…. you had Cliff pooping his pants when you said that…………and me too……….God Bless You Greg Hunter……Your podcasts have help sustain me thru many dark hours. Truly, you’re a joy….

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Jim.

    • eddiemd

      When they come to your door, preach the Gospel to them. Witness to them.

      Buy yourself a Bible and read it. When they go full censor you will not be able to access the Bible on your iPhone.

      Give witness to these door knockers. It is the single most important thing you can do. Tell them what the Lord has done for you. Tell them that Jesus Christ of Nazareth is the King of kings. Tell them that He will judge the living and the dead.

      Jesus said that when you give witness before men and are not ashamed of the Gospel, He will honor you.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Eddie. Absolutely no violence.

      • allen ols

        eddie exactly “never let a good crisis go to waste” be instant in season and out of season” Jesus

      • Ladnea

        I haven’t seen it yet but I am hoping people do like me-DO NOT ANSWER THE DOOR!

        No problem then and to say read the Bible and preach to them-I have studied the Bible for decades and numerology-Archeology-Colloquialism and many more studies to go with it.
        One thing I can tell you is we are told NOT to try to twist Satan with the Word as he knows the Bible forward and back and twists all through.

        My guess would be anyone coming to my door to jab me is a worker of Satan’s and I have already told family this-

        I will never willingly take the jab or go to camp. I will not leave me house home willingly and it may be my cold dead hands.

        Thinking my sister has the right idea. Her and the church bought have huge caves they are almost done fixing up.

  7. Nancy Kelly

    This is a fight of good versus Evil. Even the worst Republican doesn’t compare to the least evil democrat.

    • Marie+Joy

      What about RINOs?

    • Ladnea

      I am sorry I just found this page.
      How do we rate evil? Who can rate evil? Isn’t not doing their job when they are to represent the people doing evil? We are being shunned by all.

      The war between good and evil is a war in our minds yes. It seems people have made their choices and yet we squabble about things will not be changed as we know what they are doing and we cannot change because most are against us BUT we do have God. He will win but where is the win and when? Maybe 100 years or 5 years?

      Who knows. Blessings All !

  8. tim mcgraw

    Great! Federal employees don’t get paid and the federal contracts don’t get fulfilled. Sounds good to me. The Weimar Republic failed due to inflation. The Weimar government confiscated 10 percent of everyone’s bank account and forced this money into government bonds. Germans realized the government was broke. All faith was lost in the German Mark. That’s when the hyperinflation happened. Martin Armstrong is right. Without confidence the currency and then the government collapses.
    Clif is talking about symptoms. It’s interesting, but Armstrong gets it right.

    • Stone

      Really, ever hear of the Bush crime syndicate, or the scumbag Cheney’s?

      • CarolAnne Tucker

        Or the B?iden Regime

      • RJ O'Guillory

        …The US Empire should have collapsed decades ago. By all historic standards, the US Empire should be gone. But we are the first empire in history to both possess…and use nuclear weapons. The world used to be scared of us…and still are, intelligently so. Our government has committed so many warn crimes…that they have no choice but to push their hegemonic goals as far as they can. One should pray the US economy doesn’t fail…as it’s government has no qualms about nuking people to maintain the dollar’s reserve currency status. Unless there is some other “new financial plan” they already have cooked up…which is most likely….war is on the horizon.

  9. John Clifford Schuler

    Re: Clif High) Good Catch, Greg,
    Your show & Clif’s comments are appreciated and timely … Thanks!
    FYI: DECADES ago, this EE (who also studied Linguistics in England) …
    … subscribed & locked right onto Clif’s Info.
    THEN he Clif was a lone outlier; now, hopefully, Clif is one of a growing & intelligent group!
    Suggestion: Air a “Special VAXX Update” (e.g. for your Wrap-up) …
    … Have Alex Newman join you to introduce his Dr. Bhakdi Interview …
    … then re-play it on YOUR SHOW ! It is an emotional & intellectual “Barn Burner”!
    Note: Alex was, like this writer, VISUALLY & DEEPLY AFFECTED by Dr. Bhadki’s BRILLIANT and MOVING PRESENTATION.
    Warm Regards to all,
    John in the NW

    • AndrewB

      Hi John,
      Great interview with Dr Bhakti. Many thanks for the link.

      • AndrewB


  10. Eric

    Cliff called yesterdays (to the day) US Credit line issue. Wells Fargo closed mortgage credit lines without notice.

  11. James Foster

    Wow, you hit a grand slam Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks James. I am cancelling my WNW this Friday because I want people to take this in and processes it. There is a lot to unpack.

      • tim mcgraw

        I’ll miss your WNW this week. Have a good weekend with friends and family. Good to get away from it all for awhile.

  12. Marie+Joy

    Get in better shape. Have a very large garden, inside and outside. Have courage.

  13. Paul ...

    OK … From what Clif High has just told us … it is time to put Bitcoin to bed … no talk about it being like “either” and having “no intrinsic value” except to a cryptologist … lets stick to simple logic … Clif says with confidence that Bitcoin will go from $33,000 to $100,000 by year end (3 times your money) … and Silver will go from $30 dollars to $600 dollars by year end (20 times your money) … so … putting away all my arguments about how Bitcoin inside a shut down computer is not going to be better then silver in hand … let’s just stick to the fact that … making 20 times your money in silver … is a lot better then … making 3 times your money in Bitcoin!!

    • Paul ...

      Lets also put the Big Pharma “murderers” to bed also … by boycotting every product they try to sell us … put them all out of business for this Holocaust they they have inflicted upon us (before we see 10 million dead) … at 20 million dead “put bounties on their heads” … at 30 million “stolen lives” form posses to hunt them all down and string them up to the nearest tree (the way we did in the cowboy days to criminals who only stole our horses) … because … when we have 120 million dead … we are going to be “to busy digging graves” for our loved ones!!

      • Tony Butcavage

        I’m rich…I’m rich.

        What you really have is a mountain of paper and ink.

    • AndrewB

      Paul . . .
      Nicely put!

    • Jim Girard

      If the dollar loses all value, and bitcoin becomes $100,000 dollars of NOTHING…..who cares. I may be an old, stick in the mud, but Gold and Silver will never be worth nothing. And, if the grid is down, how do you access your digital wealth. Additionally, the IRS has proven there is no anonymity on the exchanges….the IRS knows who you are and how much they’re going to tax your crypto capital gains. Gold, when purchased with cash, is truly anonymous… Oscar Wilde….”A fool knows the price of everything….but the value of nothing.

      • Paul ...

        Exactly Jim … and people “must resist the temptation to sell their gold” when they see a big dollar price for it … because you will be giving away something very precious for “nothing” (but a paper IOU from some criminals that print them up out of thin air)… it is gold “that is money” … therefore you should only be transacting in one direction … from worthless fiat paper into gold … never the other way around … otherwise you will have defeated the entire purpose for you buying gold in the first place … you never trade it for paper (unless you immediately use that paper to buy something else) that has value to you!!

        • Paul ...

          The first move in gold will bring it to between $3300 to $3700 … the second move in gold will be the “reset” … and it’s price “will be fixed” at $50,000 dollars per ounce bid … $50,0000 dollars per ounce asked!!

          • Paul ...

            I don’t know what Stan is doing … but as we are entering that time of the year “when precious metals are seasonally strong” … he should be covering his short positions … I believe we could easily see a $10 dollar “pop” in silver to $37 (in just the next 30 days) … as for gold (easily above $1900) … but Stan being a contrarian … will likely be shorting any seasonal rally “all the way up”!!

  14. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! Has to be your best interview! My praise is suffering from repetition but, seriously, where else can anyone go to garner the info you broadcast every week? IMO, nowhere!

    Not wishing to beat my own drum – but doing it anyway – I previously wrote a comment on USAW postulating massive deflation (after currency hyperinflation) due to significantly lower demand – crudely put, so many consumers are being murdered. Clif High confirmed this outcome in your interview. Naturally, I am greatly concerned that my family survive the coming holocaust. If they do, then a small amount of highly revalued silver should be able to purchase a significant amount of highly deflated assets. I apologise for thinking materialistically at a time of mass genocide, but surviving only to live in abject poverty is not very appealing. As things stand right now, we still have a small window of opportunity to prepare. Let’s not waste it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Andrew.

    • Paul ...

      AB … I need to think about how lower demand (from population reduction) gets balanced by scarcity of products (that can not be produced as workers die off) and how shipments from China may not be possible (as boat Captains begin falling over dead like fly’s) … I also must re-think the Wall that Trump built … we are going to need a lot of farm workers, restaurant cooks, waiters, laborers, etc. to replace the 100 Million Americans killed off by Big Pharma … but even with open boarders and all the extra illegal aliens … it will probably still not be enough to make up for the loss of 100 million Americans … which should mean a weaker economy lays ahead of us … and thus the inflation we are currently seeing in the economy “will diminish” and our Gross Domestic Product (GDP) will fall … where GDP = Velocity of money x Money supply … now if the Fed tries to keep the GDP from crashing (and the velocity of money is decreasing because of population reduction) … then the Fed “has to print money like crazy” just to keep the economy from falling into a depression … all the massive money printing by the Fed “won’t make the economy look inflationary” as the economy will be barely held up out of a depression … but … massive money printing (to keep a deflationary depression at bay) … means the US dollar “is being printed to worthlessness” (so right inside a depressionary economy … the money supply will be inflated to Weimer Republic levels) and what this means is … both gold and silver will be priced at much higher levels (in the ever-more-worthless dollar currency) where cart loads of paper dollar bills will be needed “just to buy a loaf of bread” !!

      • Paul ...

        Further … Harry Dent (although “being right” about the demographics and a depression in economic activity coming) “will not be right” about the price of gold or silver (which will rise exponentially in price) … during their “Wiemar Republic like” expansion of the money supply … the Fed will be forced to do “just to keep GDP as stable as they can get it” … thus Harry Dent is grossly wrong about holding “fiat cash” under your mattress … as the fiat dollar will be tending toward worthlessness!!

      • Paul ...

        Expanding on my analysis as to the effect of “reduced population” on the price level (as to whether we get inflation or deflation) let’s take our equation:
        GDP = Velocity of Money x Money Supply
        and break the U.S.’s Gross Domestic Production (GDP) into its two components where:
        GDP = Price x Quantity of Goods

        To get inflation we need to see higher prices … for deflation prices must move lower!
        So let’s look at the expanded equation:
        Price = Velocity of Money x Money Supply / Quantity of Goods

        Assuming a reduced population because of the “jab”: Velocity of Money (will get smaller) and the Quantity of Goods (should also get smaller with less workers producing things) …
        If I now make the assumption that Velocity of Money / Quantity of Goods remains “relatively constant” (where a reduced population results in Velocity of Money say falling from 2 to 1 to 0.5) and less workers means the Quantity of Goods is also falling say from 3 to 2 to 1 … then we will be looking at values like ( 2/3 = .66) … (1/2 = 0.5 ) … or (o.5/1 =0.5) … for the Velocity of Money divided by the Quantity of Goods part of our equation … and the conclusion arrived at (is what we all felt intuitively) : Prices will increase (we will have inflation) with an increase in the Money Supply …
        “Even If There Is A Reduction In Population” (that lowers the Velocity of Money and lowers the Quantity of Goods produced)!! …
        ACTION TO TAKE??
        BUY GOLD!!

    • Cheri Rodriguez

      “…a small amount of revalued silver should be able to purchase a significant amount of highly deflated assets.”

      But then you have to be able to defend those assets (from looters, arsonists, etc.). They have some nice M1As at my local gun shop. Problem: no ammo.

      • Paul ...

        Yes Cheri … but … if the Fed is able to print enough fiat “fast enough” … to keep us out of a depression (and a bad Mad Max situation) … perhaps we can avoid the Apocalypse … the Fed’s stated goal is to print what ever it takes to keep a 2% inflation rate in the “adjusted” CPI … so perhaps guns won’t be needed … as the Fed will be handing out cash “like Helicopter money” in sufficient quantities “to keep the looters at home” watching CNN explain how everything is fine and how the government is going to fixing everything by eliminating peoples school loans, credit card loans and real estate loans in a coming “debt jubilee”!!

        • Paul ...

          Our problem today “is very serious” .. .much more serious then in 2008 – 2009 … and just the Fed printing money “is not enough” … the government has to lend a hand also … they must do as many infrastructure projects as they can to get even more money into the economy … as the velocity of money is currently falling like the Twin Towers on 9-11 due to “jab” … if the “jab” produced population reduction reaches 115 million Americans … I don’t think Bribe’n can increase the flow of illegal aliens across our boarders fast enough and hand them enough money to spend … to stop the velocity of money from falling … he may have to additionally hand out “monthly income checks” to all Americans who survive the “jab” … so you can imagine how much purchasing power the US dollar will be losing … we are going to need all our Fort Knox gold to be re-set “to a minimum of $50,000 dollars per ounce” if we want to keep the dollar as the world’s reserve currency!!

      • Edmund Burke

        Learn to reload ammo. Pick up your brass.
        It’s not cheap to start but it does give you options.
        I just had a delivery of reloading bits into the UK, all legal, sent from family near Vegas. Cheaper and no long order times.

        We haven’t had noticeable ammo shortages in the UK, but maybe because we have various European manufacturers.

        • Cheri Rodriguez

          “Learn to reload ammo. Pick up your brass.”

          Good on the range I suppose. But in a real world, SHTF situation with rioting, house-to-house fighting, etc., there’s no picking up brass. Even in peacetime running through the woods at night (I was Marine Corps infantry for four years) there was no picking up brass.

          • Edmund Burke

            But we are not yet in the SHTF situation, we are not yet running through the woods shooting people or fighting house to house.

            But you have a current situation where ammunition in the US is overpriced where available and in short supply elsewhere.

            So buying reloading equipment and adding another skill to your prepping situation could mean the difference between life and death at some point down the road. Collecting brass can also take place anytime after exchange of gunfire events, nobody is suggesting ducking down and collecting brass mid fight.

            Following the Yugoslav breakup in 1990s, reloading features in many books of first hand experiences. This is the most likely and most recent scenario of what we are about to face if society breaks down, that is why I have purchased these books. History repeats. Obviously stripping down 120mm tank shells for powder, as detailed by various authors, seems a lot more fraught than stockpiling components NOW.

            • Cheri Rodriguez

              “But we are not yet in the SHTF situation…”

              Do you live in the real world? TSHTF is already happening. See Portland. See Chicago every weekend. See the Washington Nationals baseball game last night. When shootings break out, nobody is standing there looking to pick up brass.

              As for reloading, you could have all the brass in the world. You need the other parts too (which have pretty much been scoffed up). Check out MidwayUSA for primers. Unavailable. Unavailable. Unavailable. Out of stock, no backorder. Out of stock, no backorder. And if they were available, you wouldn’t be getting any since first in line are the ammo companies.

              Yeah, stocking up is good. That’s why I have 100,000+ rounds ready to go. Have fun on your end scrounging around for bullets, powder, primers and brass.

  15. Robin Adair

    This explains why the sudden, frenzied, push for gun control by the phony Biden admin. They are trying every trick in the book to twist the 2A to mean anything else other than what the Founders wrote it to mean!

    Meanwhile, many of our states are voting to become 2nd Amendment Sanctuary States (mine included, finally). TreeTop

    • William Wilhelm

      Hopefully we don’t see what we saw in 2005 when police and the national guard in New Orleans, went door to door even kicking them in, and disarmed every home leaving them at the mercy of thugs. They even took antique collections.

  16. tim mcgraw

    Okay, I’m 40 minutes into the video interview. Who wants to live in the world Clif describes? And why does Clif live in Western Washington? You can see the tree and ferns in the window. It rains there all the time. I lived on Puget Sound for 25 years. It sucks! 300+ cloudy days a year. Now I live in Sonoma County, CA. 300+ sunny days a year. Sure, the politics are just as bad, but the weather is better. So is the soil.
    I fear not! My soul is what matters. This world does not. Jesus Christ will save me if He wishes. I expect only pain from humans.
    Sam Wise Gangy says that there is good in this world and it’s worth fighting for. Well, I see no sunshine from Mr. High.

    • Greg Hunter

      To be forewarned is to be forearmed. We can all pull together and make a new world with the help and guidance of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Jesus is in charge. Matthew 28:18. “Fear Not” and do not give up.

    • Charles H.


      God doesn’t save anyone because He wishes: it doesn’t work that way. You must “SEEK” Him in and through His Word, the Holy Bible; which reveals God the Son, Jesus Christ. Call and Response: with the very substance of Faith being His Word; not “The Lord of the Rings”.

      • Steve Bice

        We should talk sometime about how to integrate the Calvinists with the Baptists. I am finally comfortable with both, and have peace in what I would call a fully integrated theology. It hinges on total depravity and the omniscience of the Almighty.

        R.C. Sproul always argued that the Bible everywhere and always assumed that free will and predestination where compatible…that both could be true. I was never quite comfortable enough to rest here.

        Jesus’s comments to Nicodemus were particularly instructive to me. The spirit is in the wind…and God knows where the spiritual soil is fertile. Free will is preserved if the spirit goes only where it will not “return void”. (This is where the Baptists come in.) That said, it is hard to escape the seeming hard truth that predestination is real in a universe where God creates, sees and knows all…and could otherwise change our destinies.


        • Charles H.


          I don’t think one can unite two schools of thought. That said – it is MY opinion that man cannot have his cake and eat it too; we are within an erroneous realm, so our perception, our reason, our understanding cannot approach God – as if anyone could walk a mile in His shoes. Not happening.

          The idea of an eternal Hell; no reprieve; unremitting, unending suffering – is God righteous to do this? Totally; there is no unrighteousness with God.

          Can God damn a soul apart from the freewill of that person and be Righteous? I still say God is Righteous. ‘Hath not the Potter power over the lump?’ I see it as God can have it both ways and be Righteous.

          THAT said… the General Rule… the measure of the Dispensation of Grace… the value of the New Covenant in His blood – is expressed in the comparing of three verses:
          “For this is good and acceptable in the sight of our God and Savior; Who WILL have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth.” “The Lord is not slack concerning His promise, as some men count slackness; but is long-suffering toward usward, not WILLing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.” 1Tim 2:3,4 / 2Pet 3:9. So to the great bulk of mankind: there is the actuation of the freewill of each individual that determines for themselves their eternal destiny.

          Calvin got it wrong. God doesn’t predestine everyone; there is no two sets of books – one for the redeemed, the other for the damned, already written-out and unchangeable. I think Calvin saw the depth of man’s sinful depravity and despaired, thinking man could never decide for himself: so he threw it all in God’s lap. Then he invented the embellishment to the Grace of God being “irresistable” to reinforce his erroneous conclusion. And this has done violence to the cause of Evangelism. Whatever happened to Pharaoh and Judas Iscariot must be categorized as the exception; not the rule.

          • Steve Bice

            Thanks for the response Charles. For what it’s worth, I don’t think Calvin despaired. I suspect he could not get around the unequivocal language in Romans 3:10-12:

            “As it is written, There is none righteous, no, not one:
            There is none that understandeth, there is none that seeketh after God.
            They are all gone out of the way, they are together become unprofitable; there is none that doeth good, no, not one.”

            At least for me, I could not see the depths of my own sin until God opened my eyes and directed them inward. And that has made all the difference…

            (Raised Baptist from my youth…)

            • Charles H.


              You are welcome. It is the lens of Scripture that reveals the spiritual sight – the Holy Spirit focusing. Some read, but never ‘see’. I suspect it is a condition of the heart that makes the difference.

      • tim mcgraw

        Charles; I seek Christ every day. I read the Bible every day. God saves Cain, but kills two of Esau’s evil sons out of hand. God’s Will is just that.
        I quoted LOTR here because I have not found a similar quote in the Bible, yet.
        If you have a quote from Jesus or anywhere in the Bible saying that there is some good in the world and it is worth fighting for; I’m all ears.

        • Charles H.

          “For God SO LOVED the world, that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish, but have everlasting life.” I have anguished on the over-use of this verse in evangelism, that I’d almost groan within myself – seeing it again, and again, and again. So I have to admit my own cynicism, and wrong attitude.

          The love of God. Have we esteemed it? Jesus Christ sinlessly went to the cross and shed His blood in a horrifying death. Does our love measure anything like to it?

          If we knew the scope and breadth of God’s love towards this lost and dying world: we would not be the same. I’d say that is worth living for, or sin a sense – fighting for, in the manner God would have us waging spiritual warfare – in this world.

          Please accept my sometimes harsh or sharp expressions with a grain of salt. My grief lies with Salvation; it is like being pregnant – you either are, or aren’t. And I have so often and many times sensed people very close but not ‘in’. The effect of God eternally redeeming a soul is not a thing to leave in doubt or hope so. Christianity is ‘know-so’: God the Holy Spirit confirming from within.

  17. Anthony Australia

    Madness here Greg. Further lockdowns coming but rest assured you are still encouraged to borrow and invest in property.


      Scomo said…if you elect me…..property prices will increase…pure madness.

      • Anthony Australia

        Mark, how right you are!

        That’s because the Pollies have a plethora or rental investments and use negative gearing like the clappers.

  18. Rachel

    Clif is a great guest! You guys always have a really interesting conversation, thanks for this video Greg.

    • Rachel

      .. a different Rachel (not me)

      • Charles H.

        That’s why I use a middle initial.

      • Self Exiled

        Oh boy, which Rachel have I been talking to. I stuck foot B in mouth A once before and don’t want to do it again. The one I want to be talking to is the lady with blonde hair, blue eyes/green highlights, medium build, educated/degreed: dedicated to children and mother. The lady who is a hero who will send me a care package. Can anything else go wrong.

  19. regaleagle

    Thanks for having Clif High back on immediately, Greg. The topics and questions covered were very timely and to the point for the days we are in right now and coming up shortly. I really tuned in carefully to this interview and will go back and listen again…….that’s the importance/relevance this interview was to me personally.
    I went ahead and ordered a prophylaxis supply of Ivermectin immediately from Clif’s source on the board…….$59 USD.

  20. steve

    Thank you greg and cliff for this interview

  21. Todd

    Clif is always great, but pairing up with Greg makes the video awesome!
    I wish Greg could wrangle a video with both Bo and Clif -could you imagine these three gentlemen doing a video together? Mind blowing!!

    • Self Exiled

      I would love to meet Cliff High and sit down with him and discuss the person of Jesus. Then after and hour or two discuss HIM as the Christ/Messiah and then the existence of God, which he seems to refer to as the universe. Cliff seems to be very open minded and hope he would agree to it.

  22. wildbad

    howdy Greg, fantastic interview, as always. Cliff mentionedthe panic in elite circles..I completely agree. I watched a very short video yesterday on bitchute of Klaus Schwab saying that we need to make sure everyone on the internet is identifiable in order to stop fake news. obviously they see the internet as their greatest enemy now because it is the only place wee ants can rally to swarm their evil narative.

    • Paul ...

      Wildbad … Seems the only way Schwab and the Globalists figure they can get people “to stop communicating” … is by “shutting down the internet” (as their masks and social distancing didn’t work) … so be prepared to live “off the grid” for awhile … which means … you won’t be able to buy and sell stocks to raise the cash you need for food and necessities … so have a little trash cash in your piggy bank and sufficient gold and silver in hand for survival purposes (and of-course crypto will not be available either during an internet shutdown)!!

  23. Nick de la Gaume

    My two favourite american Americans!

    Absolutely piddling down here in Beautiful Belgium.

    God Bless.

    Lord, I beg You, grant us the Power to push the Darkness back.

  24. NH Watcher

    I agree with Greg that this is a VERY IMPORTANT interview to watch IN ITS ENTIRETY … especially before commenting. Yes, there is a lot to cover, and yes, it goes all over the place, and yes, there may be a lot of emotions flared up over what Clif is discussing. Greg, at this point, it may be helpful to have Jonathan Cahn back on or someone discussing all of the ramifications of this from primarily a spiritual standpoint. As far as I know, Clif is an atheist, perhaps an agnostic at best, but he is certainly not a Christian. What he details is still valuable (and for those who have never heard it before, perhaps shocking), but you must see current events in a spiritual lens. As you always say, Greg, God is in control, and fear not. I do believe now, though, that God’s plans do not necessarily involve Trump back in office. He is being manipulated by the world’s elite and CCP just as anyone else, for the protection of his own family. The majority of his life was spent in one of the most corrupt cities of the world (New York City), now only eclipsed by his time in another of the most corrupt cities (Washington DC). Long-time Bible prophecy does NOT see a United States in its current form. That is truly what we are facing now. Whatever “U.S.” which emerges for the End Times will be far different and less relevant than up to now. I know many on this site will vehemently disagree with this conclusion, but it is certainly the only way I have been able to wrap my mind (and heart) around all that is before us. That said, again, this is a very important interview to watch.

    • Self Exiled

      In agreement with your entire posting.

    • Catherine

      Totally agree. It’s just a matter of time. If there is such a thing as past lives I feel like just before American revolution French Revolution. Russian Revolution pre WW2 and the fear anticipates the coming disaster and end of life as we knew it.
      Heaven help us all.


    Hyperinflation was defined in academia in 1956 by Phillip D Cagan as an increase in a Inflation index of at least 50% in one month.

    • Paul ...

      VS … With goods and services in short supply we should see increased prices … but we also have to balance that with “less demand” from a reduced population … however … if the Fed is in there “doing God’s work” (to keep the economy from totally collapsing into a major depression) … “it will guarantee an explosion in the money supply” (meaning the US dollar will go down in purchasing power) … and gold (along with silver) will rise in terms of the amount of worth-less fiat paper dollars it will take … to buy one ounce!!

      • Paul ...

        And as Jim Sinclair says: Gold will rise … but Silver will be like “Gold on steroids” … not when Gold makes it’s “first move” up to about $3500 dollars per ounce … Silver will simply break above its old high on that first up move in gold (don’t dare sell it there) … for it is when Gold is re-set and “fixed” at a constant $50,000 dollars per ounce (and never allowed to fall down below that level) that Silver will make its “steroids move” … where even at a measly 40 to 1 rati0 … Silver will be well over $1,000 dollars per ounce!!
        Note: [Those listening to Stan to sell their Gold and Silver (for ever more worth less paper dollars) will live to regret it (if they survive the “jab”)]

  26. Mr Mike S

    Thanks Greg…

    Greg and Clif… we want the “viral” So there!…for the woketards
    We want the viral …dissemination of TRUTH!

    IMHO…” The enemy of God’s enemies are God’s friends”.
    And He uses who He chooses!
    Thanks and blessings to both of you!

    • Self Exiled

      He certainly used Trump to reveal in spite of Trumps lack of spiritual discernment.

  27. Paula D.

    Great interview Mr. Hunter. I always enjoy “Uncle Cliffy” interviews because he continues to be interesting and relevant. Thanks for bringing him back on. ❤

  28. Jerry5

    Here is the latest on the cyber polygon exercise.

    Anyone with a military background knows that the primary target before any attack is launched is to eliminate communication FIRST.. The globalist have pretty much taken control of the MSM so I fully anticipate that the next ( COVID like ) attack will come in the form of a grid down cyber attack sometime this fall. If the trend follows the same timetable that event 201 did, I think Cliff may be right about the timing. The purple contagion table top exercise took place approximately three months prior to event 201 in October of 2019 followed by the release of the pandemic in January 2020. July 9th of 2021 marks the second time that the cyber polygon exercise took place since the fall of 2020. Friends. Do you see the pattern? I fully anticipate that just prior to the global reset, the internet will go dark followed by a grid down situation. This has never been done before on a scale like this, so I am convinced it will occur region by region in stages like a controlled demolition. Just know that should you see it happening in another region, your time to prepare is very, very short. As Greg says “ fear not”……..as long as you are physically and spiritually prepared.

    • Paul ...

      Yes G5 … we should begin preparing immediately for “a grid-down cyber attack sometime this fall” … likely around the GG (Globalist Goons) “Religious Holiday” of Halloween … they usually create their crashes when people are already “in fear mode”… and this year fear will be even more pronounced … seeing spooky GGGG (Globalist Goon Gestapo Goblins) running up and down our streets knocking on doors telling people … “You All Need to be Jabbed”!!

      • Paul ...

        Just buy some extra Halloween candy to hand out to the vax’ers as they knock on your doors with the kid’s trick and treating … Big Pharma has already tricked us with their plandemic (and treated themselves to trillions on the deaths millions) … in keeping with the trick and treat principles of their Religious Pagan Holiday called Halloween (that they even have Christians forcing their children to celebrate)!!

  29. Jerry5

    Here’s another smoke screen to throw the bloodhounds off the trail.

    It’s another version of shut the hell up and take vaccine.

  30. Marie+Joy

    TPTB have to get rid of Potato Head Joe and to do it, from a distance, will help their anti 2 agenda.

  31. caroline

    Thank you for the upload of discussion gentlemen. Some great insight in this interview. With all the negative things going on and the negative potentials, keeping a positive forward mind is critical to me. We have both man made issues and mother nature issues ahead of us and with a negative or fearful mindset we fail to move forward; better to be an action then a reaction. Many people might disagree, but even when I resisted or questioned the path laid before me, listening to divine guidance has served me well. In God I trust! Make it a great week!

  32. Mike Johnson

    I think that this could be a reason to print out some of the forms available at solari.com dealing with the covid vaccine to give them to the door knockers.

    • Paul ...

      Might also be a good idea to hold up a cross to their faces and have garlic breath as you explain to the Demons you have the protection of the immune system God provided (when he made us in his image)!!

      • Self Exiled

        It works on relatives also.

    • youmustbejoking

      While I wholeheartedly agree that those forms on solari.com are valuable and very well done, I would also guess that door knocking knuckle heads will see the forms and immediately follow orders “if they put forms and paperwork in front of you, just put their names and addresses on the “repeat/return/anti-v list”. You’re better off not answering your door or if you must just tell them you’re all set and took all your shots and send them away. Don’t even imply that you’re a critical thinker and have legal forms. These are unemployable monkeys unwilling and unable to listen to anyone that doesn’t pay them. (I do really appreciate CAF and solari.com)

  33. al

    Clif did come up with the concept of web scraping, which is the act of pulling socially related text found on the Internet then trying to make sense of it. His method did predict the YouTube and the (Citizen Journalist) Cell Phone Reporter phenomenon years before it occurred, but Clif lost my attention when he started blaming “blue space chickens” (a direct quote) AKA “The Avians”.. screwing with his data when he was wrong. .. I wish I was joking.

    Also, our Universe is not in an elliptical orbit around the Sun but rather more cone shaped and the reason the Sun is so hot is because of the speed the Sun is swirling around the Galaxy.

    Sorry Greg, this Interview was a “wah wah wah waaaah”

    Clif is just not my cup of tea. Good entertainment though.

    • Paul ...

      Al …The Sun’s temperature is not just dependent upon its nuclear reactions (or its speed) but upon “the density of the meteor dust cloud the Sun happens to be passing through” at any particular time!!

      • Al

        I know, but his description of our planetary system is wrong, it’s not cone shaped. At this time our system is going through some heavy matter, that is true… but what about the “Avians” (blue space chickens)? I can go back to clip after clip where he mentioned this as a fact.

        • Paul ...

          It is a fact Al … have you never heard of the “Blue Bird of Paradise” … or Quetzalcoatl (the winged God of the Aztecs) … or Thunderbird (the winged God of the American Indians) … and what about our current Political God’s (who give the American people the “bird” every day)??

  34. Glen Aldridge

    Another awakening video. Thanks for your tireless efforts you spent to give us this information. The word is getting out and you are one of the leaders. God bless you and your family. Glen.

  35. Harold Swift

    Strange way to get rid of a bogus administration………do us all in. Fits right into the one world order’s plans. Our military won’t lift a finger as they can’t afford another round of Trump. Big business runs this country and they always have. Trump had other ideas. Voting machines did the trick. America is trashed now big business will suffer idiocy. We won’t be the biggest market in the world and they will languish.

  36. Louis

    Another Great Program.

  37. Jim Miller

    You might learn some helpful truths from a man whose family lived through what we are now experiencing. As the Soviet empire collapsed, the politburo desperately needed to hide the truth. Uncannily similar to what our Governments – at all – levels are doing right now.
    Learn how he barely protected himself and his family. His insights are powerful and so relevant to today.
    Chillingly, he also describes how the 800 year reign of the Czars was successfully toppled in just 72 hours. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yI9NtH87LZw

  38. andrea

    I am now preparing with growing medicinal herbs and mushrooms as natural cure’s and preservation of health , such as it will be at those “times”. I am but a small grower and producer of plant medicine. enough to provide for family and friends.
    I try to collect weeds ( medicinal plants) that are growing in my state ( my local climate) so i can help as many people as I can in the future.
    i keep my own organic seeds , so as to protect the basic natural plants that may not exist anymore after the STASI is done with killing us off.
    I totally agree with Cliff that we all will have to go back to nature. and I am trying to educate myself ( building natural cure wisdom) one day at a time , hoping to be in a good state of medicinal wisdom to carry my neighborhood .please educate yourself NOW that there is still access to the internet ( elctricity), please read up on small time farming and preservation of material and basic knowledge of health and food.

  39. Alan Drobnak

    The damning patent evidence, quoting dates and Fauci involvement, going back to 1999 that the CV is a planned genocidal agenda. This is not from a conspiracy nut but global respected documentation expert. The truth is coming out. Share as you may care to.


    • virginia clark

      Absolutely spot on. You are on the right path to self sufficiency. I tell people the secret to survival is to know what nature offers all around you. I eat and use many weeds. I also follow Greene Dean/Eat the weeds, Susan Weed, and She of the Woods.


    why is nobody talking about central bank digital currency.

    • andyb

      because when the grid goes down it will all be worthless

    • Yves Groulx

      central banks are the center of the power elite tool kit and they will not survive this life or death battle between good and evil. Their digital currency will be a failed attempt at another form of greater control over the population and free men will no longer tolerate the subjugation they impose.

  41. david brownallen

    Does anyone else feel overwhelmingly uninspired by Biden and Harris during this devastating-to-be crisis?

  42. Bill McFarlane

    Thank You Greg, been watching Clif for some time now …… Excellent interview
    TY … Bill

  43. Marty

    Very scary times predicted… I hope for everyone’s sake these predictions are incorrect.

  44. Patricia

    Greg has evolved as more than a Journalist over the years. Greg’s knowledge and wisdom is rooted in Spirituality without being preachy. Greg presents practical information for our own research and discernment.
    I am not religious but a scripture came to mind.
    “You shall love the LORD your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your strength.” Deuteronomy 6:5 KJV.
    Indeed, we are in a war but this is a War of Restoration in every aspect — mental, spiritual and physical.
    Earth is wounded and must be allowed to heal. We all are harmed throughout the years through lies and deceit. We must find our way back to a simpler way of life — more dependent upon ourselves, each other and less on Government.
    Greg advised years ago to rid ourselves of debt and prepare. Paid off credit cards and and working at paying off our mortgage, prepping, purchasing physical silver.
    We can only do the best we can but remember to keep the LORD in all things.
    Thank you Greg and Cliff.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Patricia!

  45. Joshua Porter

    I made this point on another platform, however, I feel after watching this interview it bears repeating…

    1 Biden is a traitor.
    2 The US is under attack by the communists.
    3 Patriots need to organize to fight back!

    Clif never disappoints; great interview, Greg. Thanks.

  46. The Ogs

    It’s such a conflict to me! On one hand Clif (and others) predict enormous coming troubles and chaos, plus the impact of all the inoculations and the upcoming cold and flu season…
    Plus things could always go even worse than people imagine, with international conflicts, war and the failure of electricity.
    And of course the failure of electricity means the eventual failure of 100+ nuclear power plants within the USA. But through it all – an electronic and societal collapse! – Bitcoin will survive?
    With no computers, no electronics, no internet… Bitcoin!? It’s not real. It’s phony; it’s conjured; it’s fake. So… what happens when they unplug it?

  47. Karen

    The Best interview ever. I learned so much
    Thank you Greg and Cliff.

  48. Ginger S

    Greg, you and USA Watchdog have blessed me for a number of years with wisdom and enlightenment on political, economic, and environmental issues. I have met through your program some wonderful people I never would have known at all if I had continued getting my understanding of world events and situations from the channels on my TV. Thank you for presenting true truth (what a concept!) to your listeners/viewers so faithfully! The truest of those truths is the fact that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit are in control!
    Blessings to you!

  49. marc wohlbier

    Greg , Please tell Cliff that in 1923 the Kaiser (Wilhelm II) had been in exile, in Holland, for nearly 5 years – it was the Weimar Republic ( pronounced VyMaar) he was not in charge – the Kaiser was one of the globalist’s targets he was a Christian Monarch he had to go if secular humanism was to be inserted into what had been a strong Christian nation. Period.

  50. Marvin

    Painful, frightening information. I am in the last decade of what is typical of a normal life span. I’m not keen to die from micro blood clots but my real concern is for my children, grand-kids and great grand-kids.

  51. Poochiman

    Clif is one of the most intriguing personalities. I love listening to him. Thank you for inviting him.

  52. technologist.live

    The real economy has become paper pushing economy. Medical insurance. Legal. Government records.

    Take this away and what’s left? Shipping around products made elsewhere?

    Auto industry become auto assembly industry, parts made elsewhere.

    When China takes over USA, they’ll do it with drones.

  53. Will+Ferch

    Absolutely great interview. He confirmed a lot of folks’ suspicions. When I saw Bill Gates pushing the shot, I knew I wanted no part of it and I warned many others against it. Some listened and some didn’t. Fiddlin

    • Steve Bice

      Notice how Bill Gates has gone radio silent? The divorce allowed long hidden information to finally see the light of day. He was about to become radioactive. We’ll see how they try to rehabilitate his image and public standing…

  54. Thomas Blow

    In the last portion of this interview it is discussed that the Constitution does not provide proof against or a restorative path for recovery from the way in which it has been attacked, and regret on CH’s part that there is an excessive difficulty from returning power to The People after a coup.
    Does this make you willing at this point to discuss and analyze corrective measures? I say this in the spirit that reforms are always unpopular when they are first brought forth. Those that suggested that America should be separate politically from England were in 1763 called “radicals” and in 1775 called “patriots”. Are you willing yet to be thought of by even more persons as “radical” and discuss reforms? I say this because even among alternative news, digital warriors, and patriots like yourself, there is still a lack of understanding about what the root problem is and this problem has been treated as relatively benign. I am speaking of Socialism and the way it (labeled “Communism”) has been downplayed as a threat to the point where it was ridiculed by songs such as the “John Birch Society”. I think in the US that the linguistics of Socialism and Progressivism (which is no more than encouraging progress toward Socialism) are met rather favorably by persons with the philosophy that if you ever get two dollars out of government you are two dollars ahead and see it as otherwise useless as a force in their lives.
    Without addressing the root problem, the problem would be destined to return once government is restored to civil authority.
    I have been spending time considering reforms. I am looking for a
    forum that wishes to discuss reforms. The problem with discussing
    reforms is all reforms are radical when they are first suggested. So
    far I have not found a video channel that wishes to discuss these and
    I don’t know how or with whom to engage. I can understand why a
    channel does not want to appear radical in that it might lose a great
    deal of its following. However, it is my opinion that our problems
    stem from workarounds that bad actors have found to our Constitution
    and our economic system that permit them to drain our economy and
    unwittingly fund their activities.
    I want to make a case to you that the root problem IS Socialism and in order to reform society we need to root it out, to destroy its credibility, to suppress it. If you think my logic is worthy I want you to contact me and discuss this further, and possibly interview D’Souza, although he as yet does not recommend the measures I feel as necessary (only some of which I mention here).

    We know that free speech does not include the right to yell “Fire” in
    a crowded theater or to openly encourage, “abet” crime, such as either
    inciting persons to destroy things or people, to publish a diagram
    showing how to build a very destructive bomb, to explain how easy it
    is to poison people, to instruct people to hate others of a given race
    (although Whites are apparently fair game).

    I claim that advocating Socialism is not protected speech and I ask
    you to consider this closely and discuss this.

    Socialism is 1) criminal behavior by natural law and it is 2) anathema
    and parasitic to good government.

    1) CRIMINAL BEHAVIOR. By the Philosophy of Liberty (ref.
    https://youtu.be/V1sX1qkngSg) you own your own labor and it is slavery
    for someone else to own it or the fruits of it. By Crockett on Charity
    The money of The People is not theirs (Congress) to give to others.
    Advocating Socialism is advocating using Government to steal the money
    of others: “redistribution” is stealing; and the fact that government
    does it makes it non-criminal by legislative law but does NOT make it
    non-criminal by natural law. Thus Socialism depends upon criminalizing
    government and upon the populace being either confused or unaware of
    what the purpose of government is when advocacy of Socialism is
    permitted behavior, is characterized as “politics” rather than crime.
    (Notice there has been a consistent narrative that Communist writers
    in Hollywood were persecuted for their politics.)

    certain tasks it reasonably may perform. If it chooses to be the
    arbiter of who gets Money when the receivers are not providing similar
    value to the Public, then there is a rush to take sides and be on the
    receiving end, the entire notion of government becomes a struggle
    between groups for money. Any group that is getting money is asking
    for More. Those who get paid for no work or service are in fact
    providing a service which is political support. William F. Buckley
    warned long ago that going down this path, there is never a point at
    which those who get Other People’s Money via government are satisfied,
    the government is measured by the Dow and not how well it protects
    Freedom and Human Rights. Money is supposed to be a means by which
    people exchange value and enable mass production and reward persons
    for helping others. Distributing money for no value or labor degrades
    the work ethic and actually general ethics, in that those who receive
    money flourish, thus it inculcates a society that approves any
    behavior that is financially rewarded. By live experiment we have
    proved that when permitting socialism this degradation of society
    occurs and while one cannot prove it occurs every time, there is no
    example of socialism which is not dysfunctional.

    My conclusion is, the remedy is not disseminating information so the
    populace uniformly votes for good things. Society has become
    corrupted. The remedy is, Socialism and its advocacy must be BANNED.
    The penalties for advocacy or trying to implement it must DETER. I
    take issue therefore with simplistic calls for “Free Speech” as a curative in itself.

    I think the scope of the remedy needed at this point far exceeds the
    scope of McCarthyism, and while I am aware that reform movements can
    exceed their bounds, I believe it is propaganda that Communism and
    Socialism are not anti-American activities, activities contrary to the Idea Of America, and I think the remedy may have to be very strong.

    • Brick Stonehead

      Sen. Joe McCarthy was right.

  55. Ron Mauer

    I would enjoy reading about solutions. Some suggestions are here ronmauer.net/blog. Nothing for sale, just helpful ideas.

  56. Rory MacColl

    Has anybody elese picked up Cliff High on his historical inaccuracies? The Kaiser, presumably he’s referring to Wilhelm II , had abdicated in November 1918 after The German Revolution. In February 1923, when Cliff High states that inflation took off, the Kaiser was long gone. Germany was at that date a republic yet three times he mentions the Kaiser being at the head of government during that inflationary month. What else has he got wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      You are getting pretty granular. Big picture–hyperinflation crashed Germany and their economy. High got that right.

  57. Thomas Blow

    I’m going to add one more comment, greg.
    You and others are part of a movement called the “Truther” movement.
    Does it not seem odd to you that in the Constitution, there is no 11th Right in the Bill of Rights that gives the citizenry a right to Truth: to the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth?
    What if this were added as a specific right of the People? Do you think the Military, who were sworn to defend the Constitution, would then have been able to go through months of theatrics in which they run the country but allege “Mr B” is running it? I for one find the degree in which lying has been tolerated absurd, and we even have no venue in which a sitting President can be questioned as to what is the purpose of chemtrails, what is being sprayed on the population, where did the public authorize this, and so forth.
    One of the reasons we have a problem with government in this country is we tolerate lying in government. Yet in plain sight there is an entry on Wikipedia you will find is you search on “honor code” that say it is used in some schools because they think telling the truth is a prerequisite for public service. By contrast just think how many times you have seen on TV and in films someone saying “How much of this do you think we can tell the public?” and that is treated in the minds of viewers as acceptable behavior.
    The way to get Truth is to institute reforms that deter lying. That is, the punishment does not “fit” the crime, it goes farther, it DETERS it.

  58. Tony Butcavage

    One Bitcoin is equal to (one hundred million) Satoshi’s.
    Consider the following:

    [] My Bitcoin just hit 100k U.S. Dollars
    [] I’m rich…I’m rich

    [] Hold up Jack…
    what you really have is a mountain of paper and ink.

  59. tjz


    Cliff wonders at 41:00 into interview”why the power elite have rushed forward with their plan” . They have run out of TIME! The Satanists were only given so much time, by God, to effect their WIN! That time has run out!
    God bless!

  60. Steve

    Greg any thoughts if you’ve taken a vaccine and still get COVID, will Ivermectin work to eliminate the virus ? Steve

    • Greg Hunter

      Dr. Zev Zelenko and others say yes. Take it at the very first sign of infection.


    ZOOMBIES, thats what the jab turns sheep into, it’s going to be MadMax, get ready.

  62. Juli Barbato

    GREAT interview. Valuable information. Thank you, Greg and Clif!

  63. Dusty Dude

    Great interview Greg, shocking to say the least. I watch in horror as friends and family get vaxxed. I’m trying everything to get the message out but they won’t listen. I fear my own children will or already have taken the shot. They think I’m just a foolish old man. I fear I will have to live to bury many. I kills me to have this knowledge.
    As a child I spent most of my time wandering in the nearby woods with my dog. Most of the time it felt like he was my only friend. I suspect that’s how life will end. Alone in the woods with many of those I’ve loved gone.
    I trust the Lord has a plan and his domain will be right when it all has passed. I pray that I (we) have the strength to move forward.
    Bless you Greg for all you do,

  64. Albert Day

    20 years ago, during a conversation with a good friend, I mentioned in passing that we were getting very close to the ‘edge’. My friend promptly replied, “we are hanging way over the edge and falling”. Neither of us could understand, at that time, why other’s couldn’t see it, too. I like the notion of the existence of a ‘bleeding edge’ of consciousness. I heard your guest refer to this and to say that due to our personal experience, some of us already know the truth. Watching as others catch-up is going to be very interesting.

  65. Linda Walling

    I hope you will allow me to post this as you have asked me before not to come to your site.
    But this, in my opinion, is a powerful and nonpolitical document to help with red-pilling.

    • Paul Anthony


  66. Steve

    All the deaths simply show that the vaccine is working…

    • david brownallen

      . . .if it was a vaccine.

      • regaleagle

        Inoculation is the correct term for it…….the death jab for about 60% and serious injury for the balance…….most probably leading to an early death. Top scientists pretty much know what this end game will be…….unless somebody can come up with a magical treatment.

  67. Thomas Blow

    Greg, here is a further comment.
    I mentioned Socialism as contrary to the Idea Of America, which IMO the Constitution was formulated as a means to implement and defend. Liberty is the product it is designed to deliver, and the expert on Liberty vs. Tyranny would be Levin. The Constitution attempts to defend Liberty by means of dividing powers so that (the intent is0 no one person or group could have too much power over the other. I think that by live test we have proven that the Constitution has failed to be proof against Tyranny. In a sense it has worked because it is military culture that our military is sworn to defend the Constitution.
    However, you well know that the understanding of the Public has become corrupted by thinking that the Dow measures the success or failure of our government. There is no corresponding numerical measure of Liberty. Liberty is hard to understand, see, or touch, which is why some thought we needed a Statue, as it is something that needs to be taken to hearts. The problem should be apparent; a Military sworn to defend the Idea Of America, while a populace thinking the purpose of government is not to protect rights, but to deliver financial and market basket Prosperity. Yet, the public pay for the military. This is inescapably a Problem and a Flaw.
    A curative for this would be, for example, an Oath Of Allegiance, and some form of test a person must pass before they may vote on the Idea Of America. I think though we have very far to go in developing a curative. Gordon S. Wood wrote that the America of 1775 was extremely well versed, unlike any in history, of the need and the requirements for Liberty, such that even a ridiculously small tax on tea or paper were deemed as an intolerable threat. There was so much talk and thought given to Liberty in ale houses and smoke filled rooms that the Public commonly understood it, at least relatively speaking. Today, how many conversations do you have with citizens about the Idea? We talk about the incursions, but the root idea, the word, Liberty, it seems it is never mentioned, is it “passe” to do so?
    In some way or other, it devolves to Lincoln’s remark about, “A house divided against itself cannot stand”. We must be a country that honors the Dow and all that implies, or that honors Liberty. Personally I think of all the deprivations that Brits endured during WWII and I see a lowered standard of living as potentially tolerable if there is an understanding of the populace in What we Are Fighting For and the Society we hope to achieve and the ethics and morality we intend to live by and knowledge that Justice has been served against those who tried to use government against the People.

  68. Dave

    There have been persistent rumors that that the Trump family did not take the vaccine. If true maybe they know the potential for devastating side effects of the vaccine.

  69. catherine

    there are so many worrisome pieces to this conversation. However the tragedy is that the audience here is aware and hopefully somewhat prepared for the possible decimation of our population. I for one, don’t think his calculations are correct, or maybe I just dont want to believe it. What makes me feel this way is that I am not sure where he is getting his “hunches” or “facts” from. Remember, he readily admits to be a LSD user for years, and also believes there is a war going on……on the moon!
    He also believes there are aliens here on earth, and not just one species, but many as much as six species some good and some evil. he even describes their appearance.
    If one listens to his bitchut channel he actually says all I just mentioned. I think he is a little nuts, but it still doesn’t mean he isn’t accurate in other things. He is very intelligent and successful and has enormous connections with the govt and big TECH, so therefore he is important and hopefully not right about the amount of people he thinks will die as a result of the vaccine.

    I personally always thought the vaccine was a hoax, dangerous and has the ability to kill by slow death many many people. But I also know that God has a plan and whatever it is, it will turn out for the good. so keep that in mind and then proceed with a good life, an upbeat life and a healthy one, mentally and physically, and spiritually.

    Greg Hunter has offered us an excellent ability to connect to like minded people who just want the TRUTH. TRUTH is always hidden, and must be investigated and then actually be tested to be believed. We know God is truth and so therefore, keep your trust in HIM>

  70. rich

    Wouldn’t it be nice if all the Federal Reserve workers lost their jobs before they lose their lives to keep the jobs they might lose if it collapses? Talk about primed for a double screwing!!

      • Paul ...

        Stan … What are you going to do if the NY Fed does the in-same thing … and takes away “your right” to sound medical options … the same way they take away “our right” to sound money??

        • Stan

          Paul: The Fed treats its employees very well – although the pay is low.

          • Warren B.

            Really Stan ……????
            REALLY !!!!
            I suppose your definition (along with Neel Kashkari’s ) of “treating their employees very well” is somewhat different to mine. Forced RAPE is not ideal treatment….MOREOVER FAR FROM BEING BENEFICIAL OR REPRESENTING ANY FORM OF KINDNESS. In fact better words to describe their treatment would be Abuse, Hurt, Injured, Bullied, Battered, Maimed, Mishandled. That is what a mandate to have employees take the KILL SHOT (aka the JAB) is = it is RAPE.

            If you are truly in support of this agenda then roll up your sleeve and get in line next to your buddies. That way you can all take great pleasure in watching each other being RAPED. If that sounds sick….IT’S BECAUSE THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT IS !!
            If you didn’t intend to have this Masochistic Nature implied in your comment….then you need to apologize…and then learn to stfu.

          • david brownallen

            They retire with a party and a set of $100 engraved plates to do as they wish.

  71. Jim Ledyard

    The Democrats entire reason for existing was their hatred of Trump. Now Trump is gone they have no message, no purpose. They are drifting & desperate. We all know what happens when desperate animals are caged….they become even more dangerous. Only 175 days…

  72. Frank Arnold

    Greg…GREAT interview!! Clif is relaying the info his software tells him. He then translates…to the best of his ability, period. Everyone will understand the info differently, some will not understand. The point I’m trying to relay is: Clif is not a pessimist but a hard core realist…he tells it like it is and has always done that. What you do with this info is up to you. Just don’t come back later in life and say…why didn’t anybody tell us!! You will have egg on your face if you do. Thanks from local boy in Franklin county, NC.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frank!

  73. V Lee

    Hi Greg,

    I have been watching both of you guys for years. The only way we can “front run” these evil people is by being informed, open minded & keeping the faith. We truly have entered the age of Aquarius. Thank you, “fellow traveler” for doing what you are doing and practicing what you are preaching!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you V Lee for your support!

      • Steve C

        Hi Greg, very interesting video with Cliff High. I haven’t taken the jab yet, but have spent a lot of time researching CV-19 and the so-callled “vaccines.” I do view sources like yours, RFK Jr’s, etc, but I mostly focus on scientific sites and downloading and reading science journal articles and trying integrate the fire-hose of data into a coherent whole.

        I have a question regarding this huge die-off of a large percentage of the population over the next 1-2 years from the jabs that Mr High predicts – in regard to China. My understanding that China is already actively buying up agricultural assets in the USA: farmland, pork and other meat processors, etc. Mr High depicts the USA recovering from this die off and deflationary and societal collapse as if we exist in a vacuum. But what about the actions of other nations, especially China? Could they not take advantage of the deflationary collapse (in which major assets will be sold at fire sale prices) to buy up even more of America, even to the point of perhaps being close to owning the country outright?

  74. [email protected]

    Whoa! Another seminal podcast by Clif High, thank you Greg Hunter. Interesting times. Yes, we are in the Fourth Turning. Scary. World War Z.

  75. Juli Barbato

    If there’s an upside to the shoulder stab, it’s that there will be fewer and fewer USAF Project Indigo Skyfold and other “poison pilots” to poison the sky. I’ve already noticed fewer over my rural off-grid, no plumbing or running water, yadda-yadda homestead in Taos County, NM.

    Speaking of modest domiciles, I’m in the process of selling my place and moving to the Sarasota area. I will have to rent again, but at least I’ll be in a red state with a good governor (who should stay put until freedom in FL is solidified). I expect God will make a miracle to enable me to buy a home and live well and share for whatever time I have left. I’ve been a sacrificing daughter and sister and friend. Life is just beginning for me at 65. Thank you, Jesus!

  76. Juli Barbato

    One last comment: Will we be able to make use of 3-D printers to make various items once the supply chain is diminished or kaput? Thank you.

  77. Paul Anthony

    What a great interview. Lots to digest and think about here ! I really hope the “deep state” get whats coming to them for their evil be it trials and Tribunals or whatever God has in store for them. JUST wow WHAT INCREDIBLE EVIL welive in right now Its Astonishing!

    Thanks you for this Interview Greg

    Paul Anthony

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Paul.

  78. Rick

    I am not interested in taking prisoners……I want to see hangings!

  79. Mark Squibb

    Hi Greg:
    As usual love the content. Uncle Clif is utterly awesome.

    Here is a paper I wrote that explains the lobotomization effects of vaccines with focus on progressive lobotomization of the vaccinated public.
    Graphene Oxide is a new ingredient which has worse effects than Aluminum – but the mechanism is similar but more intense due to the +40 mV cationic (sludge) potency.

    I can provide more info if you’re interested.

  80. Chevy123

    Mr High you should and do know that bitcoin is a Ponzi scheme and will eventually crash to near nothing in value. I think you might be correct about other things you have said.
    You are doing a disservice promoting cryptos.

  81. john beasley

    Love Cliff High! Thanks for interviewing him.

  82. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Not really a believer of Hyde – he did nail Bitcoin but has been wrong many more times than he is right. Truthfully I would love to see the Elites get smashed down. We definitely need the top 1% to get the Bad Karma they deserve. I continue to stack Silver and some Gold – like Greg says pay off your Debt and own your car etc – Buy Silver to be able to Barter. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  83. Really Awake

    Cliff is an outside of the box thinker, often he is too far outside. Nevertheless, I occasionally like to listen to his opinion.

    I’m glad USAWatchdog survived the deplatforming process. Big Tech is one of the Orwellian Big Brothers, and we all need to stop producing content and/or supporting Big Tech and any of the other Brothers. So, MR. Hunter is actually ahead of the curve by leaving YouTube behind and creating his own content. I wish him well.

    I stopped in 2014 creating content and spreading the word by reposting Alex Jones and other videos. YouTube wasn’t worth the time when it passed new rules and discontinued being the wild, wild west of free speech and content creation. I saw the writing on the wall years ago and said, “bye, bye Big Bro”.

    The Big Brothers will now try and win the Info War by destroying free speech anywhere and everywhere including but not limited to private eMail and text …. When that fails the Brothers will take down the entire tech system – including the Blockchain. Bitcoin won’t be worth a penny. What will be of value is what’s real and what you can hold in your hand and what you can exchange hand-to-hand – locally.

    When Big Brother Box Store (think: Walmart) gets looted and burned and the power grid is shut off is when the unprepared would gladly trade one Bitcoin for one can of Chunky Soup. Yes, the day of reckoning is coming when the sheer complexity of the System of Systems totally fails. I call it, Everything Is Broken Day. When that day arrives you’ll be glad to have stockpiled gold, guns, grub, gas, gallons or water and goods tangible ….

  84. Greg

    Greg thank you for having Cliff High on your channel again. Contemplation and prayers are required at times like these. I appreciate that Cliff has the fortitude to tell it like he sees it .
    He is very interesting and I believe him to be way above average in intelligence!
    Great interview!

    • Self Exiled

      Not many posters here refer to the contemplative type of thinking that brings us into the reality of Christs messages to us. Because most of Greg’s posters are from the US we tend to think more in terms of us and them. This also reflects itself in our spiritual thinking. Being more theologically and doctrine minded we have a tendency to make God as more distant and elite because of a dualistic thinking pattern. I think we impose our either or mentality into our relationship with Him. I think Cliff is probably not in agreement with this duality as most people who have inner integrity/spiritual intelligence, who refuse to deny, repress, or pretend/stark realists. We just witnessed Charles and Steve Bice dealing with these conflicts in theological/denominational thinking. I love how Jesus dealt with these issues: when the temple priesthood started making God more distant and elite/dualistic thinking. He went to John down by the riverside who was pouring natural water over shamed bodies. Jesus initiation rite was a statement/critique against temple/church or official requirements to minister: thus we are all called to ministry.

  85. ken

    Can you please get Clif to state “exactly” how we are being attacked by the Chinese?

    I pray he is not talking about that fake virus he considers a bio weapon when by now it should be obvious to even a kindergartener that the kill shot is the bio weapon.

    A good interview otherwise.

  86. Barb Cravens

    Greg you and Clif are a force to be reconed with. Keep up the GREAT and truthful work.

  87. Andy

    Brilliant Greg! Absolutely brilliant, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andy for all your support of the site!

  88. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia …..

    I will believe his analysis…….until it’s proved wrong…..BUTTTT, I believe him.

    I think this parallels what Revelations and the Old Testament major and minor prophets foretold.

    We collapse.

    Thank you Mr. Hunter……….I ENJOYED listening to Mr. High……

  89. Gina Skopja Mackadonska

    CNN finds Richard Branson’s space flight ‘abominable’ because it impacts ‘climate change’
    120,861 views Jul 12, 2021 Sky News Australia 1.81M subscribers
    Sky News host Paul Murray says the “Biden Booster Network” CNN finds it “abominable” billionaire Sir Richard Branson flew to the edge of space, because his trip impacts “climate change”.
    Lets send Sellout Stelter back to his Europeon cousins, because discovering America took to much energy!

  90. Gina Skopja Mackadonska


  91. Sandra+McIntosh

    WOW. Clif and You, Greg are absolutely amazing……What a great mind that man has. Wish I could sit down and talk to him personally, but interviews like yours go a long way..
    Thank You both

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Sandra for tuning in!

  92. Ross Held

    I like Cliff, although his predictions have a tendency to be exaggerated. His dates and what happens is usually close but not near the extent of he says. I.e. a large earthquake will hit hear on this date, date and time are fairly close but the earthquake is a lot smaller.

    • Greg Hunter

      That’s not my experience Ross. What if High is low this time?

      • Paul ...

        Greg … I think Clif will be “low” on his $600 dollar per ounce silver price estimate!!

        • Greg Hunter

          He agree with yopu and says data now is pointing to $1,000 per ounce. High does not know the timing.

  93. Craig

    Clif is right about “witnessing” to the door to door govt agents instead of chasing them off. I changed my plan on how to interact with them.

    • Paul ...

      Craig … Just not answering the door … “is a lot easier” then trying to convince “brainwashed individuals” … no one is required to open their door to anyone (unless it’s the police “with a search warrant in hand”) … so just ignore the idiots (who likely want you to take the experimental “jab” just because they were stupid enough to do it) and they most likely want other people “to suffer the same consequences they will have” … as the “jab” works it’s magic over the months …and destroys every vital organ in their body from the inside out … why waste your time trying to convince people who will soon be dead anyway!!

      • Catherine

        Totally right. They are just trying to assess the strength or weakness of their opponents. It has nothing to do with the jab. Less contact is the answer. Right now

  94. Colman Wessel

    I am not ready to fall victim to all of this. If I am not dead in a year and a half are you Greg going to admit the folly. Look at Bo Polony . He said the market would crash in one week. What a bunch of nonsense because it didn’t. he has been so wrong I want to cry. How do you deal with what Bo has said?

    • Greg Hunter

      How do we know you took the vax shots?

    • Paul ...

      Weassel … Don’t you know what the Military does … they “reduced the caliber” of the bullets in our soldiers guns … so we don’t do “a clean kill” of the enemy anymore … “we wound them instead” … “so they become a burden on society and the people around them” … so if you are not dead in one to two years … it does not mean the “jab” was safe … in two years you may have breathing problems or paralysis from the polio virus they put into the “jab” … which makes their “jab” very effective as a weapon (by making you a burden on society)!!

  95. Mark

    Always good to hear from Uncle Clif. 🙂 It’s striking having bought his reports from some years ago referred to “sun disease”. Then it came. His timing was off on as to when, but as to what, it did occur along with many other things. Anyway, I always am interested in what Clif has to say…thanks for interviewing him.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark.

  96. virginia clark

    The first thing if they haven’t gotten to the children is to encourage procreation at record numbers to save us her e in the USA from being overtaken by other ethnicitys. We will become tribal and protective in small social groups

    • John Smith

      We will become tribal and protective in small social groups.
      Happening in South Africa right now Virginia….!
      ‘It’s insane’: Civil unrest in South Africa
      25,589 views Jul 15, 2021
      Sky News Australia 1.81M subscribers
      South Africa has deployed a further 10,000 soldiers following days of looting and violence.
      More than 3,000 have been arrested and 117 have been killed after former president Jacob Zuma was jailed.
      Durban resident Jacqueline Herbst told Sky News it’s almost like a scene out of Baghdad.
      “There’s plumes of black smoke all across the horizon. People are queuing for petrol, for medicine,” she said.
      “You hear gunshots at night. It’s insane.”
      Sounds like Obombers Chicago!
      First of 830 Comments
      JaduG 11 hours ago
      Finally someone in the Western media reports about South Africa. It’s a disaster
      Ron Eagle 11 hours ago
      This is what the Democrats [Obomber\Beijing Bribe’n] want for America. Change my mind!
      Josie Simmons 11 hours ago
      Media is pushing Cuba,s crisis on the Vaseline….. such lies as expected.
      john jones 11 hours ago
      they did this in Zimbabwe and after kicking the framers off the land they then started to starve.
      YH 10 hours ago
      No food. That will spur even more civil unrest. Great report.
      Nancy Baumgartner 11 hours ago
      This is exactly what the globalists want

  97. Forbush Jim

    Great interview, I just hope Clif is wrong.

    • Greg Hunter

      Me too but I would not bet against him. If he’s half right it will be tough.

  98. Gabriel Valdés

    Greg, great interview; Cliff ‘Yoda’ High is well informed and rational (Logos) polymath savant; not poor Bo ‘Bibble-babble’, the loony Polny, who you keep bringing into your program. and like a scratched old paste record, he keeps saying: “next week gold will shoot out” because Isaiah and Daniel and the square root of π, multiplied by the inverse integer of the radius of the earth, minus the distance from the tip of the Keops pyramid, divided by the volume of the waters of the red sea, by the time whe Moses drowned Pharaoh Ramses II army, etc, etc, etc,…ad nauseam.

  99. virginia clark

    Thank you Greg for another great interviews. I always look forward to who you are interviewing each month.
    I question, (and I do enjoy Cliff’s interviews” ) if he is “data mining” why isn’t he seeing the words “Gesara-Nasara” as the new economic system; and chatter about Trump and his moves? I also firmly believe the Dems/Globlists will do a FF before the 22 elections. I wonder that he is not seeing chatter on this, or words that will suggest our collective unconscious not sensing it?

  100. eddiemd

    His predictions and then correlations with the coming genocide related to the injections misses two important populations: medical workers and the military.

    There are many workers in hospitals and clinics that have voluntarily taken or who were forced under the threat of termination to get the injections. This side of the coming genocide will potentially decimate the health care systems.

    The push to give the injections to the DOD will also be potentially catastrophic.

    The 2nd most common cause of dementia is vascular dementia which used to be called “multi-infarct” inclusively. He describes this micro blood clots as something new affecting the brains of people. Perhaps. Maybe there will be an increase in the number of people with coagulation defect related dementia and cognitive difficulties but it is not a new phenomena. Granted vascular dementia may be more likely to occur in people with diabetes, hypertension, tobacco use, and metabolic syndromes, it is not new. If we begin to see a new abnormal number of vascular like dementia and cognitive difficulties in a younger healthy population who have received the injections then there may be reason to link the injections. This may possibly confirmed by MRI and certainly by autopsy.


    Many months ago I mentioned the use of 81mg aspirin as a strategy for use in a coronavirus infection. When I had the infection in June 2020 I took a combination of elderberry extract, Vit C, Zinc, 5x 81mg daily and probiotics. It worked for me. This was before we knew that ivermectin was a remedy. I did not take hydroxychloroquine which I should have.

    Do not take the injections.

    Tell the door knocker you are part of the control group. There are always two groups; the group taking the injections and the control group. Tell them to come back in two years when the experiment ends. Then tell them about Jesus Christ of Nazareth.

    Witness to them. Preach the Gospel to them.

    • Luther

      Thank you for sharing your remedy for Covid again! You always have good information in your posts. God bless! Luther

  101. tsuki

    I have heard the arguments for the military intervening, but as a military brat, I hope this does not happen. Once the military cross the Rubicon, it will happen again and again.

  102. Hannah Geisman

    Quite concerned in that I used the SpeakWithanMD.com link that Clif showed on his board. Paid $59 for a consult and then didn’t receive a patient ID, or a confirmation email for the payment, and so far after emailing twice to them about this, no reply. No call or contact either about the consult for Doctor’s appointment. At this point, it’s quite possible that this individual has turned into a Scam Artist. I really respected Clif until this morning when I took his advice on the medical people consult. Not feeling very happy at the moment.

    • Lucas Doolin

      I found a pharmacist in India from India mart that would sell me ivermectin. I bought 500 pills. Cost me about 150 usd with 35 usd for shipping. I bought enough for everyone since it was cheap. I received it. I could post the pharmacy here if Greg would agree. I do not live in the states but asked for family members if they do ship to the USA and they said they did.

    • regaleagle

      I also used the same site……filled out the form that stated I did not wish a consult, then clicked the submit. I paid the $59 and 3 days later got a call from a pharmacy in the Dallas, Texas area stating they had my prescription. I had it forwarded to a pharmacy close to my home in the Austin area. The local pharmacy told me they had the prescription but were out of Ivermectin and could not fill it yet……said they are waiting until Monday for their next shipment. They will text me when it is ready.

  103. eddiemd

    Here is a recent study published on the hypercoagulability of a coronavirus infection. The first graphic in the abstract is interesting.


    It appears certain that coag disorders are a part of the infection.

    The question is whether the mRNA injections that are supposedly producing ACE2 receptors are also activating the inflammatory response and then cascade of events pictured. I suspect yes. I recently posted a study showing that the mRNA injections were causing inflammatory reactions of small vessel in the heart muscle which is most likely causing the myocarditis being reported.

    In addition an earlier study shows that platelet inhibition may reduce the risk for clots in acute infections and probably in injection related platelet aggregation. A simple OTC medication that blocks platelet activation in part is aspirin. ASA 81mg chewable preferred.

    “we observed that platelets from patients with COVID-19 are hyperresponsive. Platelets were sensitized to release inflammatory cytokines, and they aggregated and adhered to a collagen surface more efficiently when originating from patients with COVID-19. As such, hyperactivation of platelets may contribute to the disease pathogenesis through both the release of inflammatory mediators and thrombosis. In summary, our study has revealed that platelets are hyperactivated in COVID-19 and may contribute to the observed systemic inflammatory response and thrombotic events observed in this disease. The blockade of platelet activation pathways may improve the outcomes in this disease.”


    Aspirin is not for everyone so talk to your health care provider.

    The door knocker…Dr. Killpatient


  104. Jeannette+Rowden

    Great interview. So much to process, I’ve watched it twice already. I’m grieving even now for so many people I know who have been inoculated. Very difficult days ahead, but it does seem like there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  105. Mark

    Hey Greg,

    Can you send me the 2010 Harvard study or the link which showed that less than 1% of vaccine adverse effects are actually published in VAERS?

    Thank you!


  106. Don Noordhoek

    Greg having just retired after 41 years in the electric utility business. The number of workers it takes to keep the electric system up and running is 1500 to 2000 in a state of 12 million. During the beginning of the pandemic last year the amount of qualified personnel dropped below levels required by the grid operators. The number of retirements accelerated as the year went on putting greater stress on qualified personnel. The amount of legacy knowledge lost will take years to be replaced. A concentrated loss of knowledgeable certified people will endanger system reliability. One last comment on bitcoin. How do we know that bitcoin was not created to remove dollars from the system as people pay 64000 and the sell for 32000 repeating this type of cycle over and over again.

    The Riverman

  107. Dr. G

    Get Dr. Peter McCullough. Watch his videos like the one linked below. One of the best interviews on Covid, the Injection, and the implications of the decisions.. He has treated thousands of covid patients, he has had covid himself, he has lost family members to covid. He practices internal medicine and cardiology, is editor-in-chief of Reviews in Cardiovascular Medicine, editor-in-chief of the American Journal of Cardiology, editor-in-chief of the book text Cardiorenal Medicine, and president of the Cardiorenal Society. He is the head of thoracic and cardiac research at Baylor University. The interview, imbeded in this article, is worth the time: https://www.vaccinedeaths.com/2021-07-10-covid-vaccine-is-bioterrorism-by-injection.html

  108. eddiemd

    List of countries already linked together in the endtime financial system.

    Brought together by the IRS and private central bankers. All planned back in 2010.

    All systems ready to go. Under the guise of seeking out US taxpayers.


    North Korea, China, Syria, Russia, Iran, Vatican City, Venezuela…not listed. This must be the Axis of Evil.

    Interesting that the vatican city is not on the list.

    When I was working in Hungary in 2017 I had to fill out forms in Hungary that were from the IRS to open a bank account in Hungary.

    • Self Exiled

      Here also, a pile of papers about 1/3 inch high. I took about half the pile and stuck them in my book bag and then kept signing the rest. I figured it was for monitoring my account and taxes. The lady never noticed and she filed what was left.

    • a. bonaminio, m.d.

      yes sir. this is a must see. patent data supports charges of seditious conspiracy and RICO criminal statutory violations by big pharma criminals, nih people and others. the covid bioweapon implementation and the killer vaxes are pre-planned and constitute pre-meditated murder. i would wager the good doctor and researcher exposing this would be more than willing to have an interview with Mr. Hunter to expose this abomination that has occurred. also, much thanks to Greg for conducting such a superb interview.

  109. frederic w dunn

    Thanks Greg, I have been following Clif for a few years now. He has had many web bot hits from his reports . As he states not always correct on the exact timing. I think his info is something to take seriously and not lose sight of . Thanks to Clif for opening our eyes what to look out for moving forward . sad to read some look at this video as entertainment. we are in very trying times indeed . Pray !

  110. it's NOT a vaccine

    only thing Clif is not considering is the ccp “populating” all the land they purchased here and setting up their own system/coin with the UN blue hats running interference for a full on invasion/occupation/takeover

    • susan

      We have a gun behind every tree.

  111. Robert S

    Did he say that 90 percent of amtifa is trans? As in transexual? BecauseI do not think that is the case.

  112. tim mcgraw

    At about 41:00 Clif says the elites pulled the trigger on this Great Reset 20 years too early in his opinion. He doesn’t know why. I’ll tell you why. The system is bankrupt! If the elites don’t move now, they will be removed from power.
    Hitler faced the same situation in 1939. Germany was bankrupt. Socialism doesn’t work. The currency, the Mark, was on the edge of collapse again like in the Weimar Republic. If that happened, the Nazis would be kicked out of government.
    So Hitler went to war.

    • Rachel

      You are right Tim, but Hitler wanted to go to war anyway he was origionally kicked out of the Austrian army for being obsessively pro war so he went to Germany and talked his way into power there and then contined his pro war agenda and caused hell on earth for the entire world.

      • Ernie

        Nonsense. He reclaimed territory stolen from Germany by the criminal Versailles Treaty. Blockades were used to force Germany to sign that damned document. East Prussia was left completely cut off from the rest of the nation. Hitler tried to negotiate with the Poles to get a corridor connecting East Prussia to the rest of the Germany. The Poles foolishly listened to the English and Americans and refused Hitler’s offer. They got Stalin. We got Hollywood propaganda ever since.

        Stalin had massed equipment on Germany’s border. Germany had experience with Communists and, surprise surprise -ANTIFA – before Hitler. They knew what the Bolsheviks had done in Russia to the Russian Christians and in Hungary.

        As soon as the war ended, Germany was enlisted as a bulwark against…..wait for it….Communism.

        “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

        “From the days of Spartacus-Weishaupt to those of Karl Marx, and down to Trotsky (Russia), Bela Kun (Hungary), Rosa Luxembourg (Germany), and Emma Goldman (United States), this world-wide conspiracy for the overthrow of civilisation and for the reconstitution of society on the basis of arrested development, of envious malevolence, and impossible equality, has been steadily growing. It played, as a modern writer, Mrs. Webster, has so ably shown, a definitely recognisable part in the tragedy of the French Revolution. It has been the mainspring of every subversive movement during the Nineteenth Century; and now at last this band of extraordinary personalities from the underworld of the great cities of Europe and America have gripped the Russian people by the hair of their heads and have become practically the undisputed masters of that enormous empire.” – Winston Churchill, 1920

        • Jerry Clifford Kays

          So well said, thank you!

        • Rachel.M.

          … and then he lost the plot and gassed millions of innocent Jews

  113. tim mcgraw

    Yeah, get ready for the shortages and the inflation. In the past two years my wife and I have done a lot of work on our old 1938 bungalow here in Sonoma County. We have had new plumbing installed. New water heater. Central heating installed. New wiring installed (that was a big job) and power panel. Then we had central air conditioning installed with an air scrubber and new insulation in the attic.
    We’ve also had our old cars (87 Jeep and 90 Jetta) repaired and new tires installed.
    We’ve paid off our debts. Have stockpiled food, water, protection, and the means for trade.
    Our health has suffered from all the stress of the lockdowns and doing all this work on our home. But now it is done.
    Now we recover our health and get ready for the coming doom.

    • Kyle

      “The Nuremberg Trials are so repugnant to Anglo-Saxon principles of justice that we must forever be ashamed.” – Rep. Lawrence H. Smith, Congressional Record, appendix, v.95, sec.14, 6/15/49

      “All but two of the Germans, in the 139 cases we investigated, had been kicked in the testicles beyond repair.” – Judge Edward van Roden

      “The investigators would put a black hood over the accused’s head, punch him in the face with brass knuckles, kick him and beat him with rubber hoses.” – Judge Edward van Roden: The Progressive, Feb. 1949, “American Atrocities in Germany”

      Texas Supreme Court Judge, Gordon Simpson, confirmed savage beatings, smashing of testicles, and months of solitary confinement occurred. Congressional Record, appendix. v. 95, sec. 12, 3/10/49

      American judge, Charles F. Wenerstrum, president of one Nuremberg tribunal, quit in disgust at the proceedings. He published his objections in The Chicago Tribune, Feb. 23, 1948

  114. eddiemd

    To bring up a point about the door knockers.

    I saw this video linked at Steve Quayle. This guy is mistaken in assuming that claiming HIPAA when answering questions will be helpful. HIPAA is worthless. They will be knocking on doors of people they already know have not taken the injection.


    If they are really going to go door to door, they already know if you have taken the injection. It is linked to your SSN.

    Secondly they already know who lives there. They just did a census last year to update their data. If you answered the census in any form they have your information in regards to who lives there. The postal service can provide further information on who receives mail there to check against the census records. And lastly the IRS has all your information through taxes, bank records (direct deposit), addresses, work, etc. The LEOs have access to your EHR (electronic health records). They have all the information they need to track you down. If you are using an iPhone, they have an electronic .gov tracking device already. They don’t need an ankle bracelet. They can find you. Welcome to the electronic plantation.


    • The Canuck

      And I have done much the same within the past eight years. What I worry about is not being able to pay my property taxes now closing in on 5K/yr. Where I live the house gets taken from you in the third year if you are in arrears.

      • The Canuck

        Opps. Reply meant for Tim Mcgraw’s post

      • Paul ...

        Canuck …As the “commie” Demons get even more greedy … they will begin to take our homes if we are only “two months” in arrears! !… ever wonder why government officials grant renters a moratorium on paying their rent … yet … homeowners must come up with their tax payments on time??… although the “commies” talk a lot about the evils of discrimination they are doing it themselves!!

  115. Trish L.

    Greg thank you for another GREAT INTERVIEW and thanks again for all you do.
    We’re BIG Fans of Clif we use to get his reports (always had great infor).

  116. Computer Guy

    If billions of people die isn’t that going to make life difficult for the elites? Who is going to be making phones or ipads? Who is going to fly these idiots all over the world? Who is going to produce the food?

    What happens to everyone that didn’t die? We are going to accept that these criminals killed billions of our friends, family, and brothers? We are going to be thankful and become their slaves? How could they think the remaining people won’t turn on the elites and give them the Mussolini treatment?

    • Diane

      Computer Guy
      Good questions!

  117. iwitness02

    Very interesting discussion.
    The hour flew by.
    Thank you

  118. Stan

    Good grief! There is no inflation! Crude oil is cheaper now than in 2008, Gold is cheaper now than in 2012, Silver is cheaper now than in 1980, Platinum is cheaper now than in 2008! Y’all should thank God you are blessed with the best currency in history – the US Dollar!

    • Paul ...

      Stan … We “are blessed” by God … because we can buy “more” physical gold, “more” physical silver and “more” physical platinum with the dollars we now have (that are worth “less” today then a decade ago) … the reason we can’t buy “more dollars” with the dollars we have now … is because God “is watching out for us” … although .. if you insist on giving me a $10o dollar bill (for my $1 dollar bill) when I enter your bank … “I’ll take it” (and simply buy more of God’s gold with it)!!

    • Mark Maples


      10 bucks a head to eat a burger and fries

      Food is not optional, not counted, and has and is hyperinflating

      • Paul ...

        Mark … Since the start of 2021 … prices have increased at “an annualized rate” of 32% … if that is not inflation to Stan … I wonder what is!!??

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Stan … Stan … Gold is going to reflect this serious devaluing of our currency … since you need a lot of help I’m going to give you Gold’s Road Map of the future … so you don’t foolishly continue error on the short side anymore … in the following “Treasure Map” chart … you can clearly see Gold is now rising off the $1750 launch pad … http://www.321gold.com/editorials/sfs/hubbartt071621/gold_weekly.png … Gold recently tested and rose off major support at $1673 in March (when you were selling even more gold short) … then it broke the downtrend line in early May … corrected to test the downtrend line at $1750 in mid June … and successfully rallied off the downtrend line in late June … currently “we are in rally mode” (and we are now entering the strong seasonal time of year for Gold ) … also notice how the Slow Stochastics line at the bottom of the chart is just breaking out to the upside … so Stan … everything looks in place for Gold to now easily break its previous peaks at $1919, $1962, $1966 and $2089 … and then … Gold will be clear to go for “it’s next target” (somewhere between $3300 to $3700)!!

    • david brownallen

      A Federal Reserve troll.

  119. Alfy

    dried food is still plentiful and cheap. time to load up a couple hundred pounds worth per adult in the house.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea. Where are some places to get it?

      • Alfy

        I have found such supplies at whole sale food outlets. my rule of thumb in this- for one adult per month: 20 pounds dried rice & 20 pounds dried beans. I’m old, so going with 9 months supplies. if our nation (usa) takes longer to restore food to shelves, I figure I will not survive. Perhaps something you personally might find good to know: I was born in Hamburg Germany 1937. As a child, I survived the city being bombed into the stone age, and I knew the times of much hunger, and lack of fuel or blankets to keep warm after the war. Many of our productive men were dead or missing. My father and an uncle being among them. Yet, with all the hardship and grief, within 10 years the city and people had rebuilt and were more prosperous than before the destruction. I think for most of us, we had a great appreciation for each other due to the hardships. This appreciation quickly more than offset the grief from loss. I have been a citizen of USA since 1972. I’m an American in my heart and in my soul. If hardships of deaths from jabs and then starvation comes to the USA, I fully think, based on both my life experience and also being around Americans for over 50 years, Americans will weather the storm, and come back quickly to be a better nation than they have ever been. Americans are a resilient people, far ore so than I think most Americans realize.

        • David Jones

          I think Germans are a different breed, hard working, smart, loyal to one another. I think Americans will shatter like an egg.

        • Michael

          Thanks for the testimony, Alfy. I’ve seen the pictures and read some of the books. Barbarism in plain sight and nary a word. Americans have not been tested since the rat bastards pulled the plug in 1929. It will be a severe shock. I agree that we’ll come thru but it’ll be ugly.

        • Diane

          Love your post Alfy.

        • Alfy

          I have my own prediction to make as to what our nation will be when we get past these times of trouble. our nation’s social norms will have much in common with those of the 1880s. We will see the most important aspect of a person being their character. Families will again be strong and self reliant. Men will be the leaders of family and women will be the helpers of men. Humans have tremendous ability to adapt, especially when it is towards prosperity and well being. takes a lot of control and oppression to force people along paths that are horrible. Watch what happens with all the regular folks we see being fools and the causing a lot of grief, how they change to being as I have describe- of good character and productive. Our nation will return to being an industrial and technological powerhouse. A land of prosperity. That is my prediction, remember it 10 years from now.

  120. David Jones

    If the elites are panicking is that why they are injecting the military with this bioweapon?? Because they don’t want to get hunted down and killed by their own troops? Dr. LEE MERRITT can’t figure out why the military would shoot a experimental vaccine into their own troops unless the Generals have been completely compromised and have sold out.

  121. Trinacria

    Wow Greg !!! I suspected and knew quite a bit of this, however, they way Clif narrated it was very, very sobering…I will need to digest this before I comment more in depth. Thank you Greg for being a modern day Paul Revere. I do have one question: can we start naming names as to the deviant perps behind this ? We know about the CCP. Who is Europe is tied to it. We know about Soros. Who is Soros really tied to? We know Biden and his son and many in the fraudulent admin are tied to CCP. Wow, even the supreme court is purchased? An ever updating list of the players would be helpful.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Trinacria!

  122. Fred Daake

    Thanks for the promising information. I especially liked Cliff’s comment about the end of fake food and the end of fake medicine due to an inability to sustain the dollars needed to keep their industries alive. I also liked his comments on the collapse of the unbiblical fake money. Jesus is TRUTH – he is NOT fake! Jericho is coming down!!!

    Joshua 6:24
    Then they burned the whole city and everything in it, but they put the silver and gold and the articles of bronze and iron into the treasury of the Lord’s house.

    • Paul ...

      Fred … When Antifa “commie” atheists burn down whole cities and everything in it .. they put the silver and gold and other articles of value they can collect “into their own house”!!

  123. Fred Daake

    Sprout seed is an often overlooked storeable food. I have accumulated about thirty pounds of sprout seed so far. Thirty pounds of sprout seed – depending on the item – can provide 40% of my diet for several months. I have kept some of it for over ten years with no germination problems. The key is to keep it frozen at all times. Also you want only certified organic seed with a tested high germination rate. Another tip. I have not been able to sustain more than 40% of my diet with sprouts. The taste and chewing gets monotonous and sprouts, by themselves, do not provide all the factors needed for a healthy diet.

  124. Chuckfxl

    Speaking for the vaccine skeptics. Someone has to be left alive to man the gallows and the guillotines

  125. Marie+Joy

    There is an online rumor doorknockers are going, mostly, innercity. IF true, bidets would not advertise it.

    • Marie+Joy

      Is there a way to find out, specificly, where doorknockers are operating?

  126. Jerry5

    Here is a door knocking script being used in Illinois.

    After reviewing this information, I am convinced that this is just another form of data mining. The globalist already know who has taken the vaccine, and who has not. This new information will be used to build a psychological profile of you, in order to determine a threat level matrix to be used in the coming purge. Eddie is right about being as nice as pie. Those that are violent will be moved to the top of the list. What will Jerry do? I probably will be taking a nap, so I probably won’t answer the door.

  127. Self Exiled

    Confirms some of Cliffs data mining but much more specific naming personalities in government. A double dose of reality, so to speak.


    • Self Exiled

      In this interview it was mentioned that some vaccines where purposely neutral. It was not elaborated on.

  128. Robert K


    Speaking of hyperinflation, here in South, property taxes jumped over 15% from last year where we live, and I know of some neighbors who have seen a jump as high as 20% on their tax bill in one year. Definitely not sustainable year over year. Something has to give.

  129. Mark Gunderson

    Don’t kid your self Greg, they hate you both because you won’t stop or go away. I know you have suffered for your conviction but you are on the right side of this and history will prove you right. I also believe when you meet your maker all that will be said is Well Done!
    Peace, Mark

  130. Old Rancher

    Ok, looking on the VAERS site of the CDC where does it have the current death and adverse reaction counts? All I see are the happy-talk pages saying how safe it is.

  131. Self Exiled

    As expected. “Searching for a clue in Hebrew media sources, I came across a spectacular revelation dated 6 July that showed around 85% of new COVID Delta infections in Israel are fully vaccinated.”


  132. Jerry5

    Just like clockwork here comes the booster shot just like Dr. Yeadon said, and you reported.

    Just as I side note, new information is coming out about people shedding who have received the vaccines. In my own personal experience I have had close contact with family members who have been vaxed the past few days and have been experiencing a slight persistent cough that I did not have before, with some type of drainage in my throat . So far I have managed to maintain my health around them by taking vitamin D, B-12, and gargling with disinfectant mouth wash before I go to bed. So far it is working but I can feel my overall health being sapped by the day by being around them. If it declines any further I may be forced to get into my ivermectin stock. We”ll see?
    Jerry5 lab rat signing out.

    • Jerry5

      This is an addendum to my last post. You may want to get this out to your readers.https://eurekalert.org/pub_releases/2021-05/fccc-lpr050621.php

      There you have it . From recent research and testing Ivermectin used globally could end the pandemic. My thought? Don’t hold your breath. The globalist have other ideas.

    • Steve Bice

      In the interest of comparing notes, I have had a similar experience to yours with regard to being near my basement-dwelling 24-year-old son. He had the J&J vaccine about 2 months ago (and subsequently had a 103.9 fever and back and neck pain while being bed-ridden for two days.).

      I have had a scratchy throat for the better part of 4 weeks. It waxes and wanes and never develops into anything more serious. I am on a daily preventative regimen of vitamin D3, Lysine, Quercetin and Zinc, and I have HCQ in reserve should I need it.

      I can’t prove causation with regard to my son’s vaccine, but it is one more anecdotal report that people can compare with their own experiences. FYI. Be well…

  133. Paul ...

    Good News!! … The Spanish Government many now face multiple lawsuits as a result of their lock-down being declared Unlawful and Unconstitutional by the High Court!!
    https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/spains-top-court-rules-lockdown-was-unconstitutional … let’s begin filing lawsuits suits worldwide!!
    Note: Read how “the idiot morons” in Spain were forcing people at the beach to wear masks “while swimming in the ocean”!!

  134. Paul Anthony

    Great interview I had to watch it twice You are right!. There is. a lot to take in.

    Thank you Greg!

    I am praying everyday ! My wife and I are your typical middle class Family trying to figure out how to adjust to the insnaity. “Normal is over over a good while it appears 🙁

  135. Mark Snyder

    Greg, excellent interview. The military will not intervene, they are trained to accept the leadership decisions above them. Akso, the military term for one part of the issue is “careerist”, where the military person is more focused own their personal career in the military than they are in doing the right thing. Although, there are military members who may be inclined to intervene, the careerists tend to be awarded the higher ranks, and tend to avoid ticking the boat.

  136. Jennifer

    Hi Greg,
    Good interview! CH always offers up an interesting perspective..little jewels or diamonds in the rough that he has “data mined” from his wondrous world of Woo Woo! : )

    I love that he thinks that these “teams” , that will be knocking on America’s front door, are really just “…the farts of a Paper Tiger”. And these are really “red pill” moments.
    You gotta love it!

    I do want to point out to you the significance of something he said. He emphasized that 9 out of 10 Reports to VAERS are discarded. This is important, as he tried to emphasize.
    Yes..it is also significant that only 1% of adverse events or deaths actually get reported to the VAERS system. But let me illustrate for you what he was trying to say. Like you were pointing out, if 9,000 deaths are only 1% of the true number then the real number should be 900,000 deaths.
    But, if these 9 out of 10 reported adverse events are NOT discarded, then the number reported should have been 90,000 (instead of 1/10 of this amount)!!
    1 % would then be applied to this 90,000 number! So the actual deaths could actually be as high as 9,000,000!!! This was Cliff’s message.

    Now, it is definitely possible that out of the 9 out of 10 reported adverse events which are discarded, that some of these may be worthy of being discarded… as the event may be shown to be caused by something other than the vaccine. Be we already know that they are discarding adverse events which should be attributed to the vaccine. Yet they are not.
    So…even if only 3 out of 10 represent the true number, then the number of deaths s/b 2.7 million!!

  137. Jim Furr

    Thanks Greg!!! : )

  138. Jim Furr

    I don’t think Clif believes in Satan.
    Satan is behind this so there is a lot more that does Not show up in Data.
    Satan does not care who dies, even the elite.

    -Jim Furr >

  139. Jim Furr

    Damn Greg, STOP!!!
    Stepping all over your guests with
    stuff you have already said 100 times dude!
    Love Ya! : )

    – Jim >

    • Greg Hunter

      I am going to do my free site the way I like. If you don’t like the way I do things don’t expect me to change. If you are pissed off because you don’t like the way I provide free information, it’s not me with a problem.

    • Self Exiled

      Does Greg ruffle your Furr. Sorry, no inner controls, couldn’t resist. More of my weird humor. It would be interesting if he did believe in Satan and what would be the results concerning his data mining in language on the internet, of course he would have to alter his programming. I think.

  140. Greg Smith

    What about the 34 Quinn trillion the military found of these Deep State idiots in the tunnels , we are also confiscating the Riches of the executed for treason and crimes against humanity . We found all our stolen Gold , Silver , paintings , ect. and we also found other countries Gold and stolen items . Has Cliff taken this into consideration ?

  141. Greg Smith

    I thought we have another financial system in place , running along side this faltering system . We should be a very rich country , when all said and done . 34 Quinn trillion is alot of wealth ?

  142. it's NOT a vaccine

    “…these treatments use experimental genetic modification to inject you with mRNA, which is a partial strand of genetic code. That mRNA then enters your cells and orders the cells to construct a spike protein similar to SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID). This spike protein then precipitates antibodies that can reduce your reaction to SARS-CoV-2 if you get it. But the “vaccine” does not prevent you from getting COVID, and it does not prevent you from spreading it to others. The spike protein remains with you indefinitely. In effect, you have modified your own genetic make-up to fight COVID without actually gaining immunity and without reducing transmissibility.”

  143. Kevin Fernandes


  144. Terri

    Love Clifs analysis! Thanks for having him Greg! Great interview!

  145. Mike+G

    If you don’t have a healthy mistrust of government, considering the past 4 decades of lies, and the past 2 decades of sheer utter bullshit, and then they spring this covid 19 scam on us, destroy small business, and then require that we all get a jab? I mean what can you say at that point, how naive are you?

    • Ted Montana

      Yep, it so very very obvious. I mean how many times does a person have to hit you on the head with a stick before you finally realize that it’s the cause of your headache?

    • Paul ...

      Mike … Taking a chocolate candy bar (worth about 25 cents) … instead of a $25 dollar one ounce silver coin (which will soon be worth about $1000 dollars) is pretty naive!!… I recently bought a bunch of chocolate candy bars for the Holidays … but trying to sell one chocolate candy bar to these naive people (for a one ounce silver bar) is extremely difficult (as they own no silver to trade with) … luckily there are other naive people “who will sell me an ounce of silver” for about thirty ever more worth less pieces of fiat paper IOU’s the Fed/Treasury criminals print up by the trillions daily down their laundering basement in Washington DC !!

  146. Mark Hoffman

    Thanks for this enlightening interview with Clif. I suggest you also interview one or more of the mathematicians on this video regarding the 2020 election results: https://rumble.com/vjt3pj-math-wars-we-have-the-plans-to-the-dominion-death-star..html . They have used mathematical analysis to prove an algorithm was used to adjust vote counts across the USA, but especially in the swing states, to ensure a Biden win. I found the information in this video quite compelling, especially the explanation provided for why the vote counting stopped simultaneously in the swing states, then restarted with a large number of votes added for Biden. I think many of your viewers will find this discussion eye-opening. I certainly did.

  147. RICH

    over a million dead by Feb ? this is a BOLD prediction. i will hold him to it. my wife basically had to get the jj… if she dies; i WILL NOT GO QUIETLY!

  148. Brick Stonehead

    @Rod Brumley Senior—-You are showing your ignorance by purposely mis-spelling Mr. High’s name. You discredit your comments and/or opinions too.
    @ Greg Hunter- Thank you for interviewing Mr. High, fulfilling a request that I made of you a while back. He and you did not disappoint.

  149. Robert F

    Thank You Greg, God bless you.

    You are such a treasure, one of the few people I have stayed following after all these years.

    Truly, you introduced me to sooooo many super wise people.

    This video was uplifting and inspiring, eventhough there was a ton of bad news, the overall end message of self reliance sound like something we have all really wanted afterall.

    As you have always said God is in charge.

    In the end we will get the world we seek. If we seek to be self reliant outside of the decaying system then we will survive, if we depend on the system then we will fall with it. Its exactly as was stated.

    Just as Bill Holter and others have said there will be the elites reset, followed by nature or Gods reset.

    Here comes Gods reset

    • Robert F

      I am truly sorry for those who didnt listen. They are going to be abandonded by the very people they thought who were there to help them. It is very sad, and as Clif said its gonna be an emotional baggage we all have to carry with us as we survive this…

      I hope some of them could be brought into the good side, but it may be too late for most antifa types.

      I think again clif is right about blm many of them dont trust govt and will at some point turn on the ones pushing this…

      Also, Trump got 38% of the Hispanic vote.

      I think Clif is spot on, like 1-2% are the Elite and another 2% are the hardcore left supporters. The rest are just there for the benefits of being on the “winning” side. But will soon begin turning on their own as they sense the desperation of the end game. Once it begins to unravel the hardcore supporters are the only ones left. This is where the Elite become our prisoners because its an Ant vs Grasshopper thing.

      The elite only “win” by dividing and conquering us

      If we ants ever unite together we out number the elite and their hardcore supporters like 50 to 1

  150. Allen Macri

    Another excellent interview with my 2 fellow fringers. Thanks Greg!

  151. Randy Best

    Dear Greg-Please bring back Warren Pollack.

  152. Don

    Wow, brother Greg, quite a following here. Cliff is always an interesting person to interview. I thing the American people are waking up somewhat from 2-3 years ago, especially since the elections and the covid virus. They’ve seen CDC and Fauci, as well as Bill Gates come front and center stage, as well as the NWO making their move to dominate farm lands and seed manipulation for crops. They’ve seen the attempt of the worlds biggest hedge funds move billions into buying up land and private housing, and California, Oregon, Washington, and others shift to a lawless, homeless societies, and become tent cities. And less not forget HAARP, the weather manipulation machine being used to control regions of drought and flooding. Greg, about 5-6 years ago, I watched a seminar speech, by Bill Gates, clearly saying, if they do a good job on vaccination, they could cut world population by possibly a couple billion people. That is probably still on youtube, unless they’ve removed it. Make know mistake about it, He is a major player in the NWO, global government dream. The council on foreign relations is a front group of the NWO, and all politicians who are guest there are their political puppets. The Bilderbergs and Club of Rome are the big players, as well as G20.

  153. Donnie W. Clyma

    Forgot to say, Greg, if your readers will punch in a search on HAARP weather manipulation, they can see this technology themselves for education purposes.

  154. Don Conrad

    During my walk this morning, I had a scary thought. What if the first jab (I refuse to call it a vaccine) is just a ‘teaser’ to get people comfortable an ready for the ‘booster’ which is really the damaging shot? Boil the frog slowly so he doesn’t leap out of the pot, so to speak. And maybe they they believed almost everyone was ‘safe’ from the first jab, only so many people are injured, it woke the us up early. I guess what I am trying to say, my gut thinks they will turn up the heat this fall and winter. Prepare.

    Great work Greg.

    We and God support you.

    Don Conrad

  155. jj


  156. Marie+Joy

    Regardless of anything, else, this is a Depopulation event and most, of us, know it.

  157. GVB

    Permission to speak freely, please. I know it’s a dream but if Donald Trump reads this, I have a suggestion as a resolution to the pickle we’re ALL in. As follows:

    1. Get your special forces, seal teams, whatever together and ask them if they is are willing to serve the nationS.
    2. Get your team together and tell them they MUST comply to follow a quick course in what you (Greg) have been providing for over a decade now.
    3. To avoid a military coup, anyone that doesn’t pass the Truth Education Class should be eliminated from service and put to work in a factory where ammo and rifles are produced.
    4. Let the good intellectual SEALS, military intelligence of whatever persons that qualify for that task take over the News stations for a slow but firm re-education for those that have still electricity to put on the EBS (Emergency Broadcast System)
    5. Due to many people failing emotionally from Trauma, you have instead in a moment the right guys (and women) to go forward and rebuild.
    6. Anything that follows is anyone’s guess. But please do something
    7. Alternative media didn’t have the effect on people it should have. Therefore consider the above
    8. This means no UNnecessary violence and everyone gets to pick sides at THEIR time.
    9. If the Elite do not comply, we hunt them down with a clean military force and shoot them with a bullet in each of the elbows, knees, toes until they finish what they have done to themselves (by passing away painfully)

    Isn’t that a gentle suggestion?

  158. Doug C

    Hi Greg.
    I used to subscribe to Clif years ago and still follow him. Smart guy.

    I also think there will be enormous death involved with these Injections. What does it mean when your neighbors are dead and they have a brand new truck in the yard full of gas and NO relatives? They have a pantry full of food? I think the 50% of us still alive will have access to just about anything we need. It would be frowned upon now, but when a whole family has been wiped out and their crops still need harvested, anyone that knows how will have to just hop on “Their” combine (now yours) and just harvest it. Same with cattle, hogs, chickens etc. They will either die from starvation or WE (the living) will all of a sudden be rich in property and goods beyond our wildest dreams. The people that know how to drive a semi will walk into a transfer business, hop in the cab of one of the hundreds sitting idle rusting and go deliver goods. No money exchange because WHO would you give money too? The owners are DEAD…….the living still need and YOU shall provide. You need a new couch, you go take the brand new one in your dead neighbors house. THEY will NOT care.
    Am I wrong? It’s sad but true. We will have to look after each other for years until we can figure out how to proceed with 1/3 to 1/2 the population. It CANNOT be thought of as working like now but with half the people. Who knows how to run a hydro station, water treatment plant, again…4 wheel drive tractor? Without hydro, food in stores will spoil, people in the hospitals will die. Who will clean up the rotting bodies? It will go from 2021 to 1860 in a matter of months. I think rather than worrying about paying off debt people need to be learning forgotten skills (Preserving food, water purification) etc.. People in the cities with nothing and little knowledge on survival will become unhinged and do WHATEVER they need to to survive.
    I hope I’m wrong but don’t think so if the death tole is as high as estimated.
    All the best Greg. Keep up the great work.

  159. Fred Engel

    Great interview with Greg and Cliff. Thank you for the info. Shit show Joe gotta go.

  160. Ted Montana

    Collapse is their INTENTION all along. It’s a back room negotiated deal to transfer the financial control to China. Blaming biden for it is the same as blaming a race car driver because he won the race; it’s not going to bother him one bit.

    • Bill

      I believe their Main Goal is to be in Charge, by hook or crook!

  161. Marie+Joy

    On Zay speak truth on YouTube, Dick Durban says millions died from the jab across the world and hundreds of thousands in the United States

  162. Anita Alt

    Mr. High says some right things but many wrong things in this interview. If you know Biblical prophecy & the season we are in, you are able to discern, to some degree, what I say is so. To put it in a nut shell, many are speaking about “coming out the other side of this mess”. The other side is Revelation chapters 6 and onward. That is what we are headed for. Not all the nonsense being stated.

    • Paul ...

      Paula … Your post “has been blocked”!! … probably because Dr. Mccullough spilled the beans that the US Government “is a co-patent holder (through the National Institute of Health) of the Corona vaccine they are pushing upon the people!! … so the Government “has an economic interest” in seeing as many people as possible are “jabbed” … this “is deceitful foul play for economic gain” by our own Government officials … who should be arrested and brought to trial before a Nuremberg Court for the murder of 50,000 Americans already!! … https://www.christianitydaily.com/articles/12386/20210625/cdc-whistleblowers-tell-top-doctor-vaccine-injections-already-killed-50-000-americans.htm

      • Paul ...

        err …. The 50,000 deaths was in Texas only!!

    • Jerry Clifford Kays

      just the other day, family friends, recently retired pilot, and wife flight attendant, still working, (for a different airline), said that they knew personally 4 pilots that recently died from blood clot problems associated with the jab.

  163. Brookyn

    Phil, do you have any idea how long the cabal has been planning this?

  164. Kevin Osborne

    We do NOT want Trump as President. He’s pushed the jabs. I think this is all drivel, but here’s hoping.

  165. Bible Reader

    CURING COVID! Dr. Judy Mikovits Talks ‘Shedding’, Jab Recovery and DEFEATING the ‘Virus’
    Stew Peters Show Published July 14, 2021

    Rumble — EXCLUSIVE Part 3 – Dr. Judy Mikovitz talks about those that may be having second thoughts after getting the inoculation, and how the ‘shedding’ (self-spreading shots) will impact the un-vaxxed.


    Important points I remember: Treat Covid drug vaccine illness like Covid and live a healthy lifestyle (diet).

  166. bill

    Senator Wendy Rogers of Arizona Calls for the Recall of the Biden Electors and Wants a New Election!

  167. william lesieur

    Clif is a treasure for humanity.

  168. Carter

    The thesis of the interview stops short with regard to America’s “recovery” as it ignores the high likelihood that we will be physically invaded by China, Russia and the auspices of the UN when we are weakened by the events discussed.

    • Greg Hunter

      That is not in High’s data.

  169. TyroneB

    The COVID Goons (or Clowns) came to my door on Thursday. Doorbell rang at 4:30PM.
    Somewhat unusual. I chose to not answer but I could see a fellow in a brown shirt (no kidding) with a clipboard. He then proceeded to my neighbors door.

  170. Mike R

    It’ll be interesting to see how long it goes before the “Gestapo” (as Clif so aptly calls it), get some 12 guage bird shot up their noses when they come knocking.

    Biden HAS to know this is bad news, bad form, and treacherous on every level. I mean this is serious fodder for a civil war, and one that could last for years.

    The misbehaviors and extreme malevolence by the Democratic party has JUMPED THE SHARK, and is now truly at Hitleresque levels of terrorism. They took it all to Trump, and Trump warned every American, that demoncrats would be doing the exact same to Americans as they did to Trump.

  171. Sean

    My personal understanding of the rna shot has seeded organs all over your body with the spike protein which when your body get infected with a corona virus in the winter may cause your immune system to attack all those painted organs while fighting the cold/flu. It will be called a variant and the push from .gov will go into over drive to force inject all who have not taken it yet

    • Steve Bice

      “painted organs”
      Excellent description, Sean. Painting the target moves from the battlefield to the body…

  172. Duggo1941

    I’m in France and a local French doctor who is anti-vax and has to attend emergencies says practically all of her calls are for vax adverse effects and vaxxed people dying. She thinks all vaxxed will be dead in 3 to 5 years.

  173. Jerry5

    So you say you want to file a lawsuit over the vaccines? Save your money. 96.4% of the claims are rejected by the courts.

    Folks the deck is stacked against you. Your best course of action is to avoid the situation altogether. But then again we all knew it was a scam anyway didn’t we?

  174. John Smith

    McEnany: ‘My mouth dropped open’ when Psaki said this
    1,091,908 viewsJul 16, 2021 Fox News 7.61M subscribers
    ‘Outnumbered’ on critics slamming the White House for flagging Facebook posts.
    Don’t catch your death of cold, “common covid” or the so-called jab cure. By the way, there is no cure for the cold except a bed and rest! Take that to the bank of silver!
    Kayleigh McEnany blasts Psaki’s ‘poor’ cleanup effort on censorship messaging
    169,382 views Jul 16, 2021
    Kayleigh McEnany and Stephen Miller join Joe Concha to discuss the censorship on ‘Hannity’

  175. JohnSmith

    Lahren fires back at ‘The View’ for mocking her ancestry
    3,057,155 viewsMay 15, 2018
    Fox News 7.61M subscribers
    Fox News contributor Tomi Lahren shuts down critics on ‘The View’ and says her ancestors are legal immigrants.
    To the view, Tomi ain’t just off the boat!

  176. jon

    Hey Greg, Probably benign. Run Blacklight, Markup against your website. Comes up with a lot of tracking. Probably marketing. FYI

  177. SmithJohn

    I’d Like You To Answer My Question’: Ted Cruz Snaps At Biden Nominee During Senate Hearing
    105,105 views Jul 16, 2021
    Forbes Breaking News 557K subscribers
    At Wednesday’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) grilled Myrna Pérez, nominee to be United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit, on voter ID laws and her past statements.
    First five comments, profound indeed!
    No way this woman should be a judge of any kind
    Don’t try to pull the wool over Senator Cruz’s eyes! She should know better. Disqualify her!
    Perez= liar. A person that doesn’t answer a question that she knows the answer is not transparent and is doing so for obvious reasons. Reject this liar.
    Well nailed down, this new horrible nominee from the fraudulent Obomber/Beijing Bribe’n Biden administration.
    ‘Last Time You Flew, Did You Have To Show An ID?’: Tom Cotton Grills Myrna Perez Over Voter ID Laws
    1,038,069 viewsJul 14, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    In today’s Senate Judiciary Committee hearing, Sen. Tom Cotton (R-AR) grilled Myrna Pérez, nominee to be United States Circuit Judge for the Second Circuit, on voter ID laws and her past statements.

  178. Smith John

    Trump lawyer plays video montage of Democrats doubting election results at impeachment trial
    1,523,606 viewsFeb 12, 2021 Forbes Breaking News
    Trump lawyer David Schoen plays video montage of Democrats doubting election results.

  179. Marie+Joy

    At citizenfreepress.com
    On photo of the day…
    Roses are red
    Kamala’s not black
    Joe has dementia
    And Hunter’s on crack

  180. Kevin

    Major Ed Dames remote viewed a “kill shot” related to the sun (corona) in the early 2000’s. This kill shot would take the lives of millions. I believe this parallels Clif High’s linguistics analysis. Does anyone remember this from the Coast to Coast AM days with Art Bell, the OG red piller? Greg Hunter and Clif High are two of my favorites. The fact that they came together blows my mind. Keep up the good fight gentlemen.

  181. SLindung

    Hi Greg, hey I heard that military intelligence picked up a Chinese defector in June.
    I have not heard anything since. What says you?

  182. Jerry Clifford Kays

    Emergency … I need to know … how I can get this program onto my FaceBook site where my watchers of over 20 years still are? Not all that long ago FB refused to air these types of shows, then they seem to be letting them through, but I suspect that their leniency is only a deception of appearance … what do YOU folks think that I should do?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please don’t upload it just link to it on USAWatchdog.com. You may even take most of the write-up and post that with a link to the 70 min. interview.

  183. Paul ...

    If we can muster the courage to resist being put into FEMA pens or Prison Cities … we will retain the power of numbers … only by sticking together “we can defeat” this insidious and devious enemy out to kill us all off!! … https://duckduckgo.com/?q=bison+fights+off+lion&t=ffsb&iax=videos&ia=videos&iai=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.youtube.com%2Fwatch%3Fv%3DW9w0OadktGI

  184. Scott

    Crack-up boom was a term coined and a concept developed by Ludwig Von Mises, not Nikolai Kondratiev.


  185. Paul B.

    Last I read we were at well over 80% of the population of Vermont having been vaxxed. If the die-off from the vax turns out as predicted Vermont is really screwed.
    On the other hand there will be plenty of opportunity for the the Red Pilled to move here and return this beautiful state to sanity.

  186. Nick Reynolds

    You can buy Ivermectin on Ebay for about $9 a tube.
    The thing about Bitcoin, or cryptos, is the distinction between centralized and a de-centralized systems of money. In a way, it’s the old battle between Alexander Hamilton (centralization) and Thomas Jefferson (de-centralization). Do we want our money system to be controlled by a few rich humans (centralized) or impartial and fair and run by an open source computer program running on lots of computers scattered all over the place( de-centralized). Centralized is what the big governments everywhere want. Those are bad. Bitcoin and a few other cryptos are de-centralized and are good. It’s that simple. Explain that to Martin Armstrong the next time he’s on. He’s a smart guy, but he totally misunderstands cryptos.
    We probably could do the same thing with government. A de-centralized government is more cumbersome, but freer than a centralized government. Returning power back to the States, which is a big part of the coming solution, is de-centralization. That’s the battle in front of us. Which will prevail, centralization, concentrating power in the hands of a few, or de-centralization, spreading the power widely? That’s Hamilton versus Jefferson all over again. It’s authority versus liberty. Not sure which way that will go. Power tends to concentrate, but liberty breaks loose every now and then.

  187. Lisa Stahl

    Wow. Holy Smokes, Batman! Had to watch this twice. Clif is gifted with Sight. Much of the discussion resonated with us. Thank you Greg & Clif. God Bless and God Speed.

  188. Justn Observer

    Greg, Lawsuit filed = Gov’t hiding 45000 deaths from jabs?

    BOMBSHELL: Government Hiding More Than 45,000 Dead Americans from the Jab – RECORD DEATHS Hidden From View; Lawsuit Filed Today
    During Clay Clark’s ReAwaken America Tour in Anaheim, California this weekend, friend of MAGA INSTITUTE Attorney Thomas Renz announced that he has filed a motion to IMMEDIATELY CEASE administration of the COVID-19 vaccines as a result of MASSIVE HIDDEN DEATHS across the nation.

    Renz based his motion on sworn testimony he obtained from a whistleblower who has come forward alleging that the death rates she has been monitoring on government websites are much much higher than what the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and the Media are telling people.

    In sworn testimony, the whistleblower stated that the accurate COVID shot death tally is 45,000 people .

  189. Country Codger

    Hi Clif,
    I think you are off by a couple of weeks. Look for things to start going crazy about Oct. 7-8 and getting worse go into Oct. 20th. I agree with most of what you said.

  190. anti_republocrat

    Back in 2019, Deagel made a forecast for 2025 indicating the population of the US would be 99 million. It has been taken down, but is still visible on the Wayback Machine: http://web.archive.org/web/20200102160838/http://www.deagel.com/country/forecast.aspx

  191. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    You are again right on the money. As you know the United States “so called officialdom”and all its corporations are devious criminals and a mix of extremely incompetent color of law actors. Killing people is the core of their business model. Once the normies figure out it is all intentional Murder is when America will turn hot.

  192. Stephen Jones #304

    Man is fighting against Satan and will never defeat him. Only God can do that. U have great guest. But even with their knowledge its a losing battle. Keep u the great work. Let the people know about Satan. 1 john 5;19

  193. Tom Dockery

    He means the Harris administration.Biden is a goner in September,likely the 9th.I had first picked May 13th.However,that was the day he buried the masked mandate.So I count that as a win.


    Greg: Thanks big time for having Clif High back on. Terrific interview! In addition, Clif is so brilliant he always brings forth concepts and ideas that no one has discussed before.

    With thanks,

  195. William Davis

    Greg Hunter
    Pathologist lays out the damage the vax does to the body;


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for posting this. Everybody should watch it. It’s only 17 mins.

  196. Dennis Richardson

    The instigators of all elite banker gangsters, currency manipulators, child pedophiles, child murderers, warmongers, will be found out and exposed even if it is Jesus Christ who identifies them on Judgement Day only. Death and damnation is coming to them all. Repent. HE is the Terrible Judge upon human sin. Repent now.

  197. Princewill Emmanuel

    Good, well educative to read, Thank You

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