Inflation Will Win and is Here to Stay – Peter Schiff

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Money manager and economist Peter Schiff says the markets think the Federal Reserve can win the fight on inflation by raising interest rates.  Look at the falling stock market, and many people are getting increasingly nervous that something is going to break.  Schiff explains, “The Fed is in the same predicament now, only worse, because it’s a much bigger bubble than the one we had in 2008 or 2018.  We have a lot more debt now, and the economy is less able to tolerate 5% interest rates than in 2008 and 2018.  Think about it.  If the Fed Funds Rate got to 5%, I’ll bet the 30-year mortgage rate would be 9%.  People can’t afford to pay 9%, especially when they are borrowing 95% of the value of the home.  So, it’s a massive mortgage. . . . This housing market was built for 3.5% mortgages, not 9% mortgages.  Look at the federal government.  We have a $31 trillion national debt.  If the Fed got up to 5% . . . .how is the government going to have to spend $1.5 trillion a year on interest payments on the national debt? . . . It’s impossible.  What about all the debt corporations took on?  It has to be rolled over.  How are they going to go from 2% or 3% to 7% or 9%?  What about all the junk bonds?  How are they going to survive?  What about all the municipalities and state governments that have borrowed money at low rates?  How are they going to roll that debt over?  What about commercial real estate?  How are they going to survive?  . . . The Fed created an economy completely dependent on near 0% interest rates and inflation. . . . There is going to be no way to finance these companies.  So, there is going to be a massive implosion.  If the federal government is going to stop monetizing debt and raise interest rates, we need massive cuts to government spending.”

Stop monetizing debt and stop printing money?  Don’t bet on the Fed sticking with that plan.  Schiff says, “The dollar is going up because people think the Fed can succeed at bringing inflation down to 2%.  Every time we get inflation that is above consensus, the market thinks the Fed is going to have to fight harder to win.  So, they bid up the dollar because the Fed is going to have to raise rates more.  They don’t realize inflation getting worse is a sign that the Fed is losing, and eventually it will surrender.  Inflation will win, and inflation is here to stay.”

Schiff contends, “You are going to get guaranteed higher inflation. . . . The Fed is damned if it does and damned it is doesn’t. . . . The day of reckoning is finally here.  We have this massive inflation problem, and there is nothing that governments and the central banks can do to solve it because up until now, inflation has been their solution for every problem.  Now that inflation has become the problem, they have no solution.”

Schiff says own physical assets like gold and silver along with companies that produce things people must have to live such as food and energy.

There is much more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with money manager and economic expert Peter Schiff, founder of Euro Pacific Capital and Schiff Gold for 10.08.22.

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After the Interview:

There is much free information and articles at both of Peter Schiff’s websites: and

You can also listen to Peter Schiff for free every week on The Peter Schiff Show.

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  1. Anthony Australia


    I’m back, and love you all.

    • Ray

      Welcome back Brother 🙂
      Good to have you here amongst us again.
      I was getting worried…..thought you might have joined the Foreign Legion or something!
      Agreed…..Schiff & Hunter have gifted us yet another Masterclass today.
      Take care mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Uncle Vlad’s Glass Car Park.

      • Johnny Cool


        Sooner or later, Soylent Green will be the only food available.

        “With the Western Press cheering the fall of Russia, they are only contributing to the prospect of a major escalation and the use of nukes. The US has been buying medicine for radiation poisoning. They know what they are doing and could care less how many civilians are wiped out. Their view – the population needs to be reduced anyhow.”

        “Readers should consider that it is not everyday that a U.S. President warns that Armageddon is coming next.”

        • Russ

          Demonrats forget their purpose in life (which is to make things better for their children) – yet cannibalism and eating bugs is what they want for their children (before they are willingly sacrificed to be vaporized in a nuclear firestorm)!!

        • Ray

          Hi JC,
          Interesting point there mate.
          To be sure……the entire House – Of – Cards is collapsing, and the imbeciles in charge will take the course that only an imbecile could take.
          I know that you didn’t write the words you provided that were in inverted commas…..however, allow me to gently school the readers of this site.
          It is not “Could care less”.
          It is “Couldn’t care less”.
          Example……If your care factor is 2/10…..then yes, you “could care less” and go to say, 1/10.
          But if your care factor is zero…..then yes… “couldn’t care less”.
          It’s the same with those who confuse the word “then” for “than”……..Grrrrrrrr!!!!
          The grammatically correct sentence reads “Putin is a far better statement than Biden”.
          The incorrect usage is when the word “then” is substituted for “than”.
          Then is a word that pertains to temporal tense.
          Than is a worded for comparison.
          That said……most people can’t even spell anymore, so why am I even bothering?!!
          There endeth the lesson 🙂
          Good to hear from you JC… Soylent Brother.
          Ray, Canberra,
          Uncle Vlad’s Southern Hemisphere Glass Car Park.

          • Ray

            “Than is a worded for comparison.”
            Ha Ha…..stupid me giving tips on correct grammar, and I forget to check my sentence before posting!!!
            Should have read…. “Than is a word for comparison”.
            Sometimes web page comment sections automatically place words as they are typed……even when grammatically incorrect.
            My apologies to all (with humbled smile on my face, if you don’t mind!)
            Vlad’s Southern Hemisphere Glass Car Park.

            • Tom Grier

              My pet pieve is the misuse of ? Internet grammar is for shit?

              • Ray

                Fair call Tom.

            • Shiloh1

              It’s all good, Ray.

              Shiloh1 from Indiana

              • Ray

                Hi Shiloh,
                Thanks mate!
                Indiana……Mike Rivero country 🙂
                Best wishes to you and yours.
                Ray, Australia

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Brother🙏❤️

        A spiritual sabbatical more like it.

      • Paul in Oz

        Peter’s analysis has always been as good of an explanation of classic macro economics as I have heard. Good to see both you and Anthony continuing to make contributions!

        • Ray

          As always Pauly……your analysis is spot on.
          We doth make a nice little Aussie Triumvirate, me, ye and Anthony!
          Good to be a part of this Watchdog Family……hands held digitally and diligently across the many miles that separate us all.
          Take care Brother.
          Ray, Canberra

        • Anthony Australia


          You are one Cool Dude

      • Chaz Rupret

        Greg and Peter,
        Fantastic interview and discussion. Greg, you’ve always been top of the game and now I see why Peter is truly deserving of the Reputation he has built. I have never heard the mechanics and tendencies and influences on an economy laid out so well. You two have put together something something that every government financial expert should listen to and take to heart. I am going to have my high school age kids listen to your discussion a few times so they can see what is going on and see what happens when individuals put their ego ego and wealth ahead of the people they should be working for and Ultimately serving.

    • Russ McMeans

      I second that motion Anthony. Beyond excellent interview Greg. Peter is the man! Explaining economics 101 in an easy to understand way.

  2. Paul

    Thank you for all your hard work Greg…and for getting great guests that bring alternative perspectives to the discussion.

    Grow a Garden.

  3. Prospector

    All roads lead back to the insidious Federal Reserve ‘ system ‘

    • tim mcgraw

      Yes! The Fed is the heart of the beast.

      • Russ

        Selling your soul and doing evil things to get rich – and stashing away millions of Ponzi US Dollars (blood money) for a rainy day – will be like having “Monopoly Money” stashed away for the rainy day “When the Monopoly Game Ends” and the paper money returns to its intrinsic value “Zero”!!!

    • Joe Wong

      The Rothchild controlled Private Western Central Bank is your real Federal Reserve Bank. Very soon like Peter Schiff once said many years ago the Dollar will one day no longer be the worlds reserve currency, due to all of this money printing. Also, Peter Schiff has a very good sense of humor, which is also very entertaining on this video as well.

      • andrew

        The Rothchild controlled private GLOBAL central banks wih their system of fractional reserve banking and compound interest, having increasingly enslaved governments and their people, are THE TOOL of wealth accumulation for the Rothschid cabal. Sucking all wealth and all wealth creation into the hands of a couple of hundreds of clans, they increasingly own the world through Vanguard and Blackrock. The “money” they print and wars are their tool. And so are bullshititians, who sell your childrn for the debt they buy your votes with.

      • Earth Angel

        Jesus THREW the money changers out of the temple. His rage was justified in knowing a satanic system then, and it still is. Today, We must do the same if we are to preserve ANYTHING of our living planet Earth and the magnificent Creation contained therein. This is the enabler of the destruction of Earth’ s natural resources, the endless useless wars, and Earth’s life support systems being derailed. Endless financing of too much technology & development has become the Beast. We are FAST running out of time. We must act quickly to END the satanic money system we have been tricked into becoming slaves to. We must end the massive FRAUD the Fed Reserve syndicate has perpetrated on the populations of the world.. NO DIGITAL MONEY SYSTEM. Bring back VALUE based currency exchange. The centralization of ALL systems- especially the money system- MUST END NOW!

      • Mike

        I have listened to Peter Schiff for years and he is one of very few who puts the puzzle together where it’s understandable.
        Great show Greg. Those satanic inspired leaders know that through high inflation that they have caused will cripple the populace to where the average family will have to beg, borrow, or steal to survive. The gangsters swoop in and steal what the family has left for a bowel of porridge laced with Gates crickets and poison GMO to ease the pain. And the poison shot people will give you your dose of radiation helper once you sign the deed.

    • Shiloh1

      The recent Kunstler-Luongo podcast was heavy on that subject. Tying 2019 Repo failure, Covid and war together. Also attempt at CBDC. All similar to Dowd.

    • Silverwas100DollarsOzIn1980

      It’s bigger than Federal. It’s international!
      Not sure who coined the phrase.
      But Gerald Celente calls them The International Mafia Fund.
      IMF, have been intentionally crippling nations with loans/debt for as long as I can remember.
      Canadian’s have been “enjoying” the “Temporary income war tax act.” circa 1917.
      That’s federal.
      The IMF has national banks printing cash/digits globally. The IMF is crippling developing nation’s, while “stakeholders” are buying off/ paying created debts and consolidating power.

  4. Al

    I love Peter’s logic and he describes things so wonderful that everyone can understand. I listen to all his stuff. One thing I do think he does not admit to or will never talk about is the market manipulation taking place. He always says “the markets” but will never say that “the markets” are the fed. Why do they have a trading desk if they were never manipulating the markets. He will never speak about manipulation.

    • evan j trofholz

      Peter is a fund manager with publicly traded accounts. If the markets are rigged as you claim (which I agree with) why make his mutual funds targets for downside manipulation?

    • The Seer

      PS father was falsely imprisoned for writing a book about it and DIED in prison. PS ran for senate and lost. He has tried to do a lot in his life for everyone.

      • evan j trofholz

        Yup. Died in Terra Haute. Guy died for what he believed in. I give him credit. The book you’re referencing is fantastic, btw. Got myself a hard copy before the Ministry of Truth made it disappear.

  5. Russ

    If the Fed listens to the UN and reverses course the way the UK just did – and goes from QT into QE – we are going to see the price of gold and silver explode upward – I think we gold-bugs will have to wait a bit though – as the Fed seems determined to wait for the stock market, real estate market, corporations and pension funds to crash first – before throwing money at the problem as they always do – which will drive the purchasing power of the US dollar even lower then shown here –!!

  6. John Geis

    The silver paper market went bust and now they attacked the Crimea bridge. Nore this happened on the Friday of a holiday weekend!

  7. Country Codger

    Fantastic, fantastic!!!
    Peter, I thought the world of your dad and you are a chip off the old block. Please continue to do what you do so well, tell the TRUTH!!!.

    Lo Iyrah!!!

  8. Greg

    I wish Mr Shiff was calling the shots at the White House.

  9. Dennis

    They’re not gonna let something like voting change anything.

    • Ray

      100% correct Dennis………
      NOTHING is going to change until people walk into politician’s offices and drag them out into the street, looking for a lamp post and a spare meat hook.
      Peter Schiff is right…..there will be much demand for “physical”…..PHYSICAL ACTION AGAINST LYING BASTARD BANKSTERS & POLITICIANS.
      See this picture of old mate Mussolini for background.
      Ray, Canberra, Uncle Vlad’s Glass Car Park

      • Russ

        But what do we do with Trump who did both good and bad??? –

      • Ernie

        When did the FED takeover this nation? The answer should tell you what you need to know about WWII.

        Mussolini and Hitler can be bashed all day and Amazon et al are happy to sell books about them. That’s another clue.

        Mussolini was hanged by Commie scum. Italy suffered when the war was lost. Perhaps if Italy ever gets a hundred years of Communism, people will wake up and figure what Mussolini was and was not.

      • D.T.R.

        Raymond mate,
        Justice by judge Roy bean? Heaven forbid!
        Shades of Jamie Desmond Diamond! JPMadoff!

  10. Russ

    Figuring out what the Fed will do next is not very hard – when compared to finally figuring out that the “women” Prime Minister of New Zealand (now approving the selling of baby body parts) “is really a man”??? –

    • Johnny Cool

      And what about you, Russ?

      You’re losing credibility with your constant name and gender changes.

      • Russ

        Don’t you get it JC?? – I am “against” the Liberal Demonratic approach to encourage people to make gender changes – like men using the ladies room, or men playing in women’s sports, or Prime Ministers pretending to be a woman and then approving the sale of baby body parts!!

        • Russ

          New Zealand’s Prime Minister Ardern “was blasted” for comparing “free speech online” to “a weapons of war” in a recent speech before the U.N. General Assembly – – this Globalist queer transgender duck has finally realized the pen is mightier then the sword and these Globalists want “to control free speech” the same they way they successfully controlled guns (by regulation)!!

          • Russ

            The surest way for the WEF Globalists (like Ardem) to corrupt the minds of our youth and instruct them not to speak freely is by “teaching them to accept and not say a word against” the deviant sex and pole dancing the Globalists have successfully instituted into all the elementary schools in America (with their Queer Story Time Sessions) !!!

    • Earth Angel

      I wouldn’t be surprised if (Arden) ‘She’ is a ‘He’. I once long ago watched a video discussing the tennis playing sisters V & S W’s were actually boys that were adopted very young and given female hormones and raised as girls; groomed to become championship players and win big money for their father. This would normally seem absurd but given the strong and muscle bound ‘women’ that they became it does look plausible to me. I’m not a huge tennis fan or player but compared to other female tennis player’s physical build their thighs, legs, necks and arms are extremely thick and muscle bound even for a fit female athlete practicing the sport for several hours a day. It’s sad to say in this completely absurd, upside down world we are now living in- nothing surprises me anymore… tennis anyone?!

  11. M

    All according to plan methinks.

  12. Barbara

    Too many dollars chasing too few goods. No way to increase goods and services to meet demand. I guess it’s time to turn off the shower altogether. For most of us, that means sponge baths from now on, if even that.

    • Beverly

      I have also thought about whether we will even be able to take a shower or bath. I thought Peter Schiff did a great job in this interview to describe the situation with the Fed. Reserve and the whole economy. But, one thing he didn’t talk about, was the whole weather manipulation problem. We’ve got HUGE drought problems here that are being CREATED and how are people going to get the water they need to grow food? I believe our water supply here in the western U.S. will get so low that we won’t be having any lawns. We will be lucky to be able to water our trees, I think. And, what about water usage inside our homes? They will monitor that, me thinks. Already, my sister is experiencing a monitoring situation where they can only use 2 hours of water per WEEK outside, and if they they use more, they will be fined 1000.00 and have their secondary water turned off for the season. The city is installing meters to monitor. My sister can’t even really grow much of a garden, if any. We will have to stop using our dishwashers. Baby wipes are a good idea, except for the chemicals in them. I agree, Barbara. Sponge baths will likely be coming our way. We will feel fortunate to eat, I think.

      • Justn Observer

        Beverly, Time to get a gathering – lol =
        For those NOT living in the inner cities…one can take a spool of copper or even black plastic pipe and intertwine it in a compost pile about 6X6X6…connect one end to a water feed…with power out…a water source higher that the pile…cistern, cattle trough, pondm or tank filled by a ram pump and the other to a shower head after a few days the pile will heat the water enough for many showers for weeks and even months…then will start to cool out…at which time one and disconnect and reconnect to the next pile to continue…as long as one has a water source…and compost material. This is well used by PERMIE hippies.
        Also, one can do the same with a coil around a woodstove so in Europe those cutting wood to stay warm can also have heated water to bathe…
        Likewise, one can purchase or make black solar bags to hang and warm in the sun…for showers or fill tubs …
        IF, WHEN the grids go down…to be able to improvise will be your key to your well-being…and having forethought to gather/assemble needed things for such times.
        One might also get foil space blankets and glue them to an older satellite disk and point towards the sun..the focal length will be about 3.75 feet…where a black pipe can be focused on which with a water hose connected out off focus, the water will be heated in the pipe and can supply hot water and if slowed and time restricted. Can heat the water to steam and used to create energy to spin motors or generators etc.
        IF things were to ever go medieval 1500 hundreds bathing likely will not be as frequent and easy for sure…and finding a good cast iron tub or even galvanized one like grandma had to give kids a bath with warm water off the stove heated with corn cobs will be hard to find… Maybe a good ole large metal trash can will have to do? Think gravity, rock mass stoves, ram pumps and gathering such things as pipe ends, faucets, etc should be a focus before such an event might take place?
        Short story…time one might get connected to those darn old ranchers and farmers and hippies and get familiar with your local permaculture people that the ‘wealthy elite’ love to put down… yeah Bloomberg growing food is easy -right? and processing it, storing it, rendering it, butchering it, canning it = ALL the things the disconnected ones we see on MSM with all those book shelves behind them and TAKE FOR GRANTED! as if God put us here to see to ‘their’ needs? get connected and along with thanking the police for keeping you safe…THANK the farmers and ranchers that are up early every day bringing forth the sustenance God has provided.
        The opposite of EVIL ….is….LIVE = bend a knee and thank the Lord you were smart enough NOT to accept the evil MRNA gene altering shots! and time the coastal idiots like of Silicon Valley and Martha’s Vineyard types stop taking the fly over states farmers and ranchers for granted! IF…it all goes bad…portfolios and stacks of metal you will have to defend….will not save you in the longer run…

  13. pbd

    Thanks for the Peter Schiff interview.
    The coming Fed sponsored hyperstagflation will only exist for a brief period (perhaps maybe only days, weeks or months at the most) and will snap over to the USD purchasing power going to zero (i.e. what comes after fiat currency hyperinflation) and the main street economy essentially will concomitantly collapse in a depression. The powers-at-be will try to cling to power by preventing the use of real/sound money (i.e. gold and silver) and attempt to switch to and impose a CBDC on the public using a militarize police state justified by a manufactured synthetic state sponsor crisis – hello totalitarian serfdom!
    Joe six-pack that thinks he owns assets in a brokerage account (note title to financial assets in a brokerage account are held in “street name” by the broker) – will be bailed in at best at a rate of a penny to the dollar when the derivatives books at these brokerage firms blow-up.
    The elite already hold tangible hard assets outside the “system” – and some of these assets are hidden even from the inevitable attempted state sponsored confiscation that will occur.
    Best of luck all.

  14. Tim K

    Hi Greg,

    I agree with you. The little guy should buy physical gold and or silver. I am not comfortable buying any stocks currently.

    Great show


    • Russ

      According to Clif High we should see “hyper-inflation” into the middle of next year and silver should be on a rocket ride upward at that time – then comes “deflation” from the middle of next year right through 2024 (when the aliens will supposedly make themselves known) – according to Clif High the WEF will be in big trouble if they can’t promote hyper-inflation (deflation takes away their power) so expect them to make fossil fuels far more expensive to hyper-inflate the economy – but the WEF geniuses forgot what happens when people die of their “jab” (spending is reduced and the vacant houses of all the dead go on sale causing deflation) – so the hard times to come will be the death knell for the WEF Globalists!! –

      • Russ

        The WEF globalists are betwixt and between – if they continue to kill us off with their deadly bio-weapons (they will create economic deflation that takes away their power to control the reset) – if they decide to allow the rest of us who refused the jab to live – we will think (and thinking people are anathema for their diabolical plans to take total control of planet Earth)!!

        • Johnny Cool


          What about Kim Jong-un? Obvious Godfather fan.

          Marketwatch – N. Korea confirms nuke missiles tests to ‘wipe out’ enemies

  15. Jerry

    Watch and see what happens next week.

    Stress is building in the European banks because of the feds monetary policy to stop inflation. October surprise?

    • Jerry

      Check out Deutsche bank stock.

      We all know how much debt Deutsche bank is carrying,
      and how many times they’ve been propped up in the past 15 years.
      The question is how closely are they tied to the Bank of England ?
      In my opinion the central banks in Europe are all in the same loop, so if one goes down they may all go down. Either way the bailout by the Bank of England to save pensioners was an act of desperation to save the British economy. But for how long? Weeks? Months?

      • Greg Hunter

        Nenner had a target of around $6.60 and it would all fall apart.

      • Russ

        Stan is recommending we buy Deutsche Bank to help out the Globalists running the place – who have about $10,000 US dollars left in the bank in assets – and 2,000,000,000.000,000 US dollars in liabilities!!!

        • Stan

          I would be loading up on DB at these levels

          • Ray

            You should be loading up on bungee cords son.
            You still have a bridge to jump off.
            Many of us have long memories.
            Ray, Canberra, Uncle Vlad’s Great Southern Glass Car Park

          • Russ

            Being such a fearless contrarian Stan – why are you so afraid of loading up on gold???

  16. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg- another great video. The school district my boys go to want to have a bond passed next month and part of money is for updating and improving some equipment. Their position is that parts are getting harder to source and they need to start over with new. While this is realistic it is another layer in the supply side issues driving inflation. How many businesses and such can’t source parts to perform maintenance. Do they buy new or somehow shrink their business? I have a Volkswagen TDI- will i be able to get parts next year?

    • andyb

      Jeff: forget about parts for any euro auto manufacturer; they will all be BK by Xmas. Supply chain is kaput and then there’s the problem of fast depletion of energy resources.

    • Coal Burner

      He is right Jeff, fix your stuff ASAP! second option get and old ford . Parts are made in Mexico! Probably better than when the old ones were made new, who knows where.

      • Jeffrobbins

        I have a 98 f-150, dodge van and a expedition. The Jetta TDI is the best for mileage and our main runner to town- just for a fuel issue. When i work it is my work car. I figure cars are like having horses and if i had one i would have 3 or 4. One of them always need something, cars or horses.

  17. pbd

    . . . the Fed is already doing covertly – “quantitative monetization” of Government debt – i.e. buying US Treasuries to support (prevent the collapse) of the US bond market that is financing ongoing Government spending on gaslighting the public, rigging elections and war. This is abundantly clear at least from the last weeks bond market action/historic swings. The quantitative monetization is injecting massive amounts of printed digital fiat funny-money into the main street economy as the public continues to bail out of bonds and other financial assets. The Fed has created now an accelerating positive-feedback loop – for more and more Fed printed digital fiat currency that cannot be stopped. We know that the Fed is lying and will lie to the very end to delay the inevitable collapse of the doomed state sponsored fiat-monetary Ponzi.
    . . . it is clear that the Fed is panicking and trotting out now desperate Fed speak jaw-boning propaganda denying that there is a liquidity crisis right now – another blatant lie. Folks are selling, selling, selling – which is temporarily sucking up USD (M1 money)(driving up the USD index) – but this will change and folks are going to dump (attempt to dump) USDs in a flash when they see their USDs being massively debased by staggering amounts of Fed liquidity injection (i.e. printing digital fiat covertly) to maintain monetary liquidity and prevent the system from grinding to a halt.
    . . . if/when the Fed capitulates – and openly pivots to lower interest rates, increased reverse-REPOs or admitted “Q.E.” – the jig potentially will be up – it will be all over with a shout, and we will see the nuclear-financial “crack-up boom” – long forecast by the Austrian school of economics.
    Buckle up!

  18. tim mcgraw

    “Who killed the world?!?” from Mad Max; “Fury Road”.
    I always enjoy hearing from Peter Schiff. Years ago my Dad and I shook Peter’s hand at a Freedom Fest convention in Las Vegas.

    I see that Monday is a “holiday”. It was once Columbus Day but is now Indigenous People’s Day or some such nonsense. All the bankers, postmen, and government bureaucrats get a paid a day off.

    They should call it “Leeches Day.” The famous leech scene from the movie “African Queen” should be shown on TV on Monday.

    • Johnny Cool

      Russia sending LIVE NUCLEAR MISSILES on launcher trucks to pass in front of the US Embassy in Moscow is the single most unprecedented nuclear threat in the history of the world.

      Yet the American people remain blissfully unaware that their federal government is causing so much trouble overseas, we are now at actual risk of being hit with a nuclear attack.

      • tim mcgraw

        Johnny Cool: Wow! Thanks for the link.
        A: America steals Russia’s foreign currency reserves overseas (billions of dollars.)
        B: America blows up Nord Stream 1 and 2 (more billions of Russian dollars in investments).
        C: America blows up the 12-mile-long bridge from Russia to Crimea (7 billion dollars of Russian investment.)

        As James Bond famously said, “Once is happenstance. Twice is a coincidence. Three times is enemy action!”

        • Johnny Cool

          America, where are you now?

          Steppenwolf Monster (1969)

          Our cities have turned into jungles
          And corruption is stranglin’ the land
          The police force is watching the people
          And the people just can’t understand
          We don’t know how to mind our own business
          ‘Cause the whole worlds got to be just like us
          Now we are fighting a war over there
          No matter who’s the winner
          We can’t pay the cost
          ‘Cause there’s a monster on the loose
          It’s got our heads into a noose
          And it just sits there watching

          America where are you now?
          Don’t you care about your sons and daughters?
          Don’t you know we need you now
          We can’t fight alone against the monster

          • Russ

            I know things seem very bad right now JC – “but you have to calm down” – take a Valium rest assured – word has it “the aliens have our back”!!! –

            • Johnny Cool

              Ok Russ.

              ‘The Day The Earth Stood Still’

              Klaatu introduces himself and warns the professor that the people of the other planets have become concerned for their own safety after human beings developed atomic power. Klaatu declares that if his message goes unheeded, “Planet Earth will be eliminated.”


              • Russ

                Who is this Klahtu who dares to change his name to Mr. Carpenter? Jesus Christ?? or JC???

    • Tom Grier

      These bank holidays are hell for the mail girl. When they go in on Tuesday, Monday ‘s mail will still be there waiting to be delivered.

  19. tim mcgraw

    Interest rates have to be above the inflation rate to have a stable economy. The price of money has to be higher than inflation or bubbles occur as too much money is borrowed and invested unwisely.
    Let the rates go up. Let the bad companies and landlords who borrowed too much, FAIL!
    Why should the ants who saved and didn’t go into debt keep saving the #$$%%#@@#$
    “I pity the fool!” Mr. T…. who didn’t get out of debt years ago.

    • Clare Doll

      It isn’t the fault of the ants! They are the ones who warned you; they were the ones originally to be mislead and in the case of my family, paid with their lives!

    • Russ

      Tim – even if the Fed raised interest rates to 18% – you would still be getting worthless Fed paper IOU’s in interest – the point is – if you are an ant you should be storing rare gold and silver as your wealth (even though the don’t pay interest) because their rarity keeps them valuable – owning more and more worthless Fed paper (given to you as an interest payment) is simply accepting a fraudulent lie upon a lie!!

  20. Rodster

    The one thing that Peter really doesn’t account for are the shortages from the Covid lockdowns. It is something that Gerald Celente and Martin Armstrong have been clamoring about and I tend to agree that the inflation we see today has more to do with disrupting and shutting down supply chains, shutting down businesses rather than Fed Policy.

    • Thomas737

      When the money supply goes up exponentially, “stable” is not an option.

  21. Joseph

    Klaus Schwab | Biden Delivers Keynote On “Mastering the Fourth Industrial Revolution” & Schwab Describes Biden As, “You Were One of the Most Engaged and Hardest Working Members of the World Economic Forum.”

    • Greg Hunter

      Clif High calls the WEF a criminal organization and I agree.

      • Joe Wong

        I totally agree with Peter Schiff on this inflation crisis. Unfortunately, you have a Joebama in DC that’s throwing tens of billions of dollars, along with anything, and everything, including the kitchen sink into this unwinnable conflict in Ukraine. THIW’s.

  22. Al Delvecchio

    The Spirit of God is upon Tallahassee, where the surgeon general of Florida, as a consequence of this proclaimation, has repudiated years of the Orlando prophet telling Christians that the father of the vax is anointed.

    • Anthony Australia



    So, what do you think about the Russians getting their bridge blow up and how do you think the markets respond on Monday?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s going to be a very rough month. Talked to Bo Polny today, and he says expect the markets to crash into the Midterm elections. People are going to be stunned by this fall according to Polny. I also talked to Polny last Friday and he called the day-by-day ups and downs exactly as they way they happened, again, on the Friday before. He said a big bounce on Monday and Friday would be a big down day, and downhill (mostly) after that. Polny says expect a “Black Monday” event on 10/24/22.

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        I hope all is well.
        Thanks again for all you do.
        Bo said something biblical was suppose to happen on September 24th -25th. I don’t recall anything happening that was “biblical”. Did something in fact happen?

        • Vince Ready oar Knot

          Was not the destruction of Nordstream 1 and 2 big enough for you? How about the “Queen” passing away?

        • Lucas Doolin

          The British Pound lost about 5 percent against the US Dollar that day. This led the Bank of England to intervene in markets shortly afterwards. Probably the first of many interventions. This date will look much more important in the near future.

      • Thomas Malthaus

        Was he “off” a month?

        • Greg Hunter

          With a move this big, a month is a pretty small amount of time. Polny has had the trend correct. Hope you are ready because things are going to get medieval.

          • Thomas Malthaus

            I’m about as “ready’ as can be. Most of my right decisions were made about 40 years ago. I’m not guaranteed much beyond the crash, but then nobody is.

        • Felicia

          Thomas, what happened on those dates was the BOE basically collapsed due to not being able to fund their pensions. The British govt had to bail it out. But I believe we have to watch the other deeply troubled European banks like Deutsche Banke and Credit Suisse. Lots of financial institutions are on the verge pf collapse.

      • Thomas Malthaus

        Does he think we’ll have elections in November?

    • Russ

      Dugtrux – Russia has unleashed deadly missile strikes on many cities across Ukraine (even Kyiv) over this weekend – in response to the Crimea bridge attack – the Russian missile blasts came just hours after Putin accused Kyiv of “terrorism” after they and their allies blasted the bridge connecting Russia to Crimea (the latest info is that the Russians have already repaired the bridge and have made it operational once again for rail delivery of armaments to continue supporting their peace operations – removing the crazy psychopathic Nazi Zelinskyy and tying the hands of his US supporters like Victoria Nuland, Biden and Pelosi, etc., etc. who want a nuclear war!!

  24. George

    Poll says it is some sad 😞 people out here better listen to Peter

  25. Jeffrobbins

    As for the pentagon missing 90 some trillion, how is it no has asked how they got that much money to lose? It far exceeds their budget for the last 20 years. How can they lose more than they ever had? There’s some grand scam going on there. Or there is a hidden budget; still a scam.

    • Anthony Australia

      Yep and a plane hit the Pentagon, a building based on The Villa Farnese.

      • Russ

        And after the deadly missile (with a high explosive warhead) hit the Pentagon “in the exact room” where an audit was taking place (to find out where the billions in missing Defense money went) – our Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld (who was supposed to be coordinating a military response to the sneak attack upon the United States of America by a diabolical enemy) – was eventually found out on the front lawn of the Pentagon “playing the part of a rescue worker” trying to assist ambulance personnel carry stretchers”?? – while our President Bush “was hiding out in a school room “playing teacher to a bunch of 5 year old kids” as the Twin Towers and Building 7 went down???

        • Anthony Australia

          ‘(to find out where the billions in missing Defense money went)’

          Trillions were misappropriated and siphoned off.

  26. Paul Simmons

    The things the Biden handlers have done are just what damage the proverbial wolf in sheep’s clothing would do. The financial mess is also an act of war long planned by this domestic enemy. They have taken over the government and other long infiltrated, strategic areas for control. Stop blaming Biden’s dementia and stupid central bank maneuvers for the state the nation is in. Wake people up to the real reason. Globalists want to destroy whatever is in the way of total one world government control. Their control of media information is their most effective weapon to do that.

    • Russ

      In the minds of the un-human Globalist elite controlling our government (like they are controlling Canada, Australia, New Zealand, etc., etc.) three(3) things are impossible for them to get their minds around – Rationality, Morality and Love – what these Globalists express “as absolute truths” are simply “undisguised lies” conjured up the same way they conjure up Demons from the Underworld at CERN and Bohemian Grove to worship as their “gods” – and to make human sacrifices (from babies to young girls) to these evil Satanic Demons from another dimension!!

      • Johnny Cool


        I think the demons may have gotten to you!

        To know for sure, splash some holy water on your face and see what happens.

        Please let us know.


  27. Savanna

    Someone tell me Why we need the Fed. This is sheer lunacy. This about killing the American and world economy. This is about debt-enslavivg us all into a peasants horror world.

    • Anthony Australia

      To keep people in a perpetual state of debt, anxiety and depression. Evil forces who feed off our misery, they are not of this world.

      • Russ

        Once “a wake” meant you were visiting a funeral home – now it means you are voluntarily attending the funeral for all mankind!!

      • Paul

        In the distance, smoke plumes from brick kilns where men, women and children will spend their entire lives on their knees under the sun cooling, patting, stacking, packing red bricks that are sent across the country. They will never leave that burning land, always thousands of dollars, pesos, rupees, rubles ,and yen short of freeing themselves from their debts to the kiln’s mortgage owner.

        Paul from arkansas

        • Self Exiled

          My hope is the return of Christ: the extinction of mankind which HE predicted; I think has been perpetuated by the many we as a group have referenced here. The bent and spiritual nature of evil and physical self-destruction has been allowed.

          and they did not understand until the flood came and took them all away; so will the coming of the Son of Man be.
          Matthew 24:39

  28. pbd

    USD Ponzi and Human Population – the ugly potential truth: The Nixon Gold Shock in August 1971 that took the USD off the gold standard started the global USD based fiat currency Ponzi scheme – which has facilitated the artificial massive rapid growth of the planetary human population that is hopelessly dependent on this monstrous monetary Ponzi. When the USD monetary Ponzi collapses so will the corresponding funny-money supported human population. Many on the political “right” fail to grasp this concept and believe (INCORRECTLY) that we can simply flip over to a sound-money system (“Gods money”) and go back to “drill-baby-drill” etc. and come in for a soft landing. The brutal reality is that you cannot taper the current monstrous fiat monetary Ponzi and therefore there is no way to humanly taper (save) the existing corresponding dependent human population. A future sound money system cannot and will not exist without catastrophic reduction in human population – folks are going to die either at the hands of DS/luciferians or otherwise when the fiat currency system collapses. We are all partially responsible for this – by “kicking-the-can-down-the-road” on someone else’s issues and going with provincial “not in my back yard” policies that shift negative externalities onto other human beings currently or in the future (I think).
    At this point triaging the situation is going to be done by fate, God, aliens, or something else – but not humans!
    Best of luck all.

  29. Bennet Cecil

    “There is no means of avoiding the final collapse of a boom brought about by credit expansion. The alternative is only whether the crisis should come sooner as the result of voluntary abandonment of further credit expansion, or later as a final and total catastrophe of the currency system involved.”
    — Ludwig von Mises

    Price inflation is the fairest solution since it is a flat tax. If you want to reduce the damage, sell your financial assets; buy physical gold and silver.

  30. Hank Hellman

    Great interview. Peter Schiff is one of my favorites because he is right and can explain things that even we plebes can understand. Thanks for bringing him on and thanks for asking the right questions….

  31. tim mcgraw

    Greg: Thank you very much for asking Peter Schiff the question about premiums (the vigorish) on buying physical silver and gold. The vig is huge! 30% or more.
    So to break even in the future the price of gold and silver has to go up 30% in dollars.
    Maybe it will. But gold and silver don’t pay interest or dividends either.
    Get out of debt first.
    Buy what you need to survive first.
    Then with any dollars left over buying some gold and silver coins is my advice.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Tim, if/when the doodoo hits the fan, cash, especially our currency, the dreaded Federal Reserve Note, will be King and the dominant medium of exchange, not because it has “value” (it doesn’t), but like “money” in a Monopoly game, it will be a convenient way of tracking and quantifying prices/values in settling of personal exchanges. Even more significant will be US Treasury coins, which, while only of copper, some nickel, and zinc, will have some actual, residual value, based on the metals themselves. When governments can no longer meet their self-inflicted social overhead obligations, meaning pensions, social security, medicare, and, worst of all, welfare/EBT (food stamps)/Section-8 obligations, the cities will become lawless hellholes. Cigarettes, booze, candy, ammunition, and OTC drugs (aspirin, tylenol) will effectively become currency. EVERYTHING in our system, especially production and transportation, revolves around credit. With a collapse of the system, within a week there will be massive shortages. That’s when the killing starts. Best always. PM

    • Shiloh1

      What I’d like to know is if someone can arrange to buy a $1,000,000 of silver and take delivery in their Suburban at the COMEX loading dock? My point is I don’t think they have ANY to sell at their own spot price. It’s all phoney paper – THEY DON’T HAVE IT!

  32. John Maskell

    Great interview . Peter is a sound, honest guy who has good morals . Greg is there any way that you could have Clif High back on your show . It was brilliant and fascinating what Clif was predicting last time here . The trouble is , most of It is coming true. Thanks for the work Greg that you do . We really do appreciate it.

    • Self Exiled

      Karen Kingston has new news concerning these patents. Very disturbing, please give her a call Greg. John, Cliff has a new message out on his sight addressing your interests.

  33. Neville

    Emigrate while still can ,I thank you Greg for getting our friend Peter Schiff on once
    again. He gives us all a stark reminder just how bad things are in the real world.
    As AAcrime’s debt being $31 TRILLION well that of course is just a sick joke.
    We have a rule of thumb about lies and liars ,for example race goers that lie,will always tell you they made a grand on horse when in fact they probably made a hundred and the reverse is the case if the lost. So, about that $31 TRILLION it is in all likelihood very very close to $310 TRILLION .
    How do we get to the figure above ?? well when tricky dick got rid of the GOLD standard the gloves came off as his fed started cranking up the money supply for starters then there all your emergency services like the army, navy, airforce ,the fbi,
    cia , not to forget the fed itself who are constantly ramping the stock markets and depressing the prices of COMMODITIES especially the precious metals amongst others

    So what are you americans sitting with in that purse of yours a bunch of dollars that are not worth a THOUSANDTH of the last traded price of $1,12 …..

    Peter is absolutely correct the fed can’t fight inflation, it can’t even fight its own addiction to creating cyber dollars out of thin air .This is called counterfeiting which is a punishable offence.


    Bless you and your guest Greg and peace and blessings to all people of GOODWILL!!

    • Paul

      Emigrate while you can.

      I agree with most you say, except leaving our country. We are soldiers of our land and are not retreating or going anywhere.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Johnny Cool

        Rick Ackerman: A deep-thinking Nostradamian I hear from now and then envisions a future so dark that it would make all of these disasters seem like a relative picnic. The real trouble will start, he says, with an earthquake that splits the Dome of the Rock, literally unleashing hell on Earth. Two world wars, global disease and famine will follow, extinguishing all human life. And so what would be the point of preparing? All we can do in the meantime is enjoy what pleasures life in these wretched times still come easily.

  34. Johnny Cool

    Brent Johnson: Other countries know that the U.S. can use the dollar as a weapon. They know that, by having to use the dollar for international trading and borrowing, they’re not really sovereign. There have been many attempts by other countries over the last few years to get away from the dollar. That’s what Russia is trying to do now and China’s trying to do now, and there are some successes being made on the margins. It’s very possible the dollar loses its global reserve status at some point — but it will happen because of strength rather than because of weakness. And whatever that transition to a new system looks like, it will probably be violent, both economically and militarily.

  35. Johnny Cool

    Brent Johnson: I have said this many times before, and I don’t know if Peter’s ever heard me say it, Peter is the best person in the world at explaining where we are eventually going to end up. I think he absolutely nails it.

    The difference between Peter and I is that Peter kind of focuses on the inevitable, and I focus on the more imminent.

  36. Cap Black beard

    Rate rises worked back in 1980s to curb inflation because the US was still a creditor nation. When you have savings then rate rises work in your favor as it enriches you.

    However now the US is a debtor nation and most of its residents are debtors. When interest rates are risen in this situation it will cause inflation as the cost of financing the debt will go high. Peter Schiff as always is right. These rate rises will eventually kill the economy and cause a Dollar collapse.

  37. Kenneth Culp

    I love Peter – Been a long term fan.
    However, his Emerging Markets Fund (EPASX) is down 47% from its high, and,
    his Gold Fund (EPGFX) is down 40% from its high. This is much worse than
    the overall markets!

  38. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Schiff a truth to power and power will ignore until it can’t.
    Our economy here in the UK is truly awful for us plebs and our banks now have bail in clauses and we are to lump it.
    This is the reality of who runs the UK,
    Still for us peasants life is becoming horrendously expensive and difficult and Dr Kwarteng,our Chancellor, and so head of the taxing and money of the UK could care less about us due to incompetence and arrogance. A splendid combination for the Cambridge and WEF elite.
    A revolution is needed and soon.

  39. Stan

    CPI is transitory. Gas prices are coming down as are food prices, lumber, copper and Gold & Silver. The Fed is doing a great job of managing the monetary system.

    • Russ

      Get real Stan!!!

    • Self Exiled

      Hope you caught my thank yous for your prayer request some interviews back. Read all your post. Health slowly improving. Waiting for Philippines to open up to us who are not inoculated. Thank You Greg, you’re on my prayer list, eddiemd and Stan also.

      “For I [fully] satisfy the weary soul, and I replenish every languishing and sorrowful person.” Jeremiah 31:25

      so that you may prove yourselves to be blameless and guileless, innocent and uncontaminated, children of God without blemish in the midst of a [morally] crooked and [spiritually] perverted generation, among whom you are seen as bright lights [beacons shining out clearly] in the world [of darkness] Philippians 2:15

      • Self Exiled

        Copy That.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      If the Fed was doing such a great job, why would there ever have been wild fluctuations in prices in the first place?

  40. Roger Stamper

    tks for post peter greg

  41. Paul

    Consumer banking – selling the debt to middle-class families – has been a gold mine.”

    Banking is a suicidal strategy. Banks take money from the public or each other on call, skim it for their own reward and then lock the rest up in volatile, insecure, and illiquid loans that at most times they cannot redeem without public aid.”

    The Bank of the United States is one of the most deadly hostilities existing, against the principles and form of our Constitution.” ― Thomas Jefferson

    Schiff has always had common sense
    Unlike the central bank
    That is
    Con men taking our cents

    Paul from arkansas

  42. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia…

    Always enjoyed Mr. Schiff. One of those small voices, crying out from the wilderness. A financial Prophet. It just takes time.

  43. cheryl

    bail in’s are legal since 2008 and the banks will take $ on deposit. obama made sure of that.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ah, yes, Mr. Obama, the serpent in the Garden of Eden. And Adam fell for the scam: “The woman beguiled me, and I did eat.” We all know what comes next. Best always. PM

      P.S. Voted him in twice, we did…Stupidity kills. “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.”

  44. Skyler Burden

    Stagflation Explained
    By Kimberly Amadeo Updated on October 29, 2021,demand%20drops%20enough%20to%20keep%20prices%20from%20rising.

    NYT ‘Right Wing Conspiracy Theory’ Comes True In Less Than 24 Hours
    Tyler Durden THURSDAY, OCT 06, 2022 – 06:33 AM
    The latest salvo from the left in the ongoing ‘unpersoning’ of anyone (on the right) who questions election integrity fell flat on its face in less than a day.

  45. Really Awake

    Peter is a classic gold bug. I used to be one, too, way back in the 80s before I learned a thing or two. I’m not suggesting that gold won’t skyrocket relative to the U.S. dollar. It will. And I own a nice little gold and silver stash which I built over decades as a Just-In-Case Insurance Policy.

    The problem with classic gold bugs is they have always misjudged the bigger picture of how empires collapse and how, why and WHEN the empire’s money comes to an end. Once you understand that (like Marty Armstrong does) then you’ll know what to buy and sell and when to do it. Timing is everything.

    The U.S. dollar is empire money, i.e., the world reserve currency. And for now it remains King. And using King Dollar to make money in The Short Seller’s Bear Market of a Lifetime is the way to go in my opinion….

    Timing is everything. And when the stock market dives, dives, dives and everybody is sell, sell, selling – that’s when it’s time to buy the blue chips companies and speculative gold and silver stocks…

    Hedgeye, Armstrong Economics and other really, really sharp and experienced traders are making their people money, because they understand how to run money in a bear maket instead of running money on gold bug principles….

    I do highly respect Peter. I liked his dad even more. But I run my money differently.

    • Greg Hunter

      You run your “money” differently? What is the “money” you speak of? Federal Reserve Notes? What is a “note”? Romans 1:22 comes to mind.

      • Really Awake

        “They will throw their silver into the streets, and their gold will be an unclean thing. Their silver and gold will not be able to save them in the day of the LORD’s wrath. They will not satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it, for it has made them stumble into sin.” Ezekiel 7:19

        I’ve personally spoke to Peter numerous times. I always used to asked how his father, Erwin, was doing in the Federal Prison. Like Marty Armstrong, Erwin Schiff was unjustly imprisoned – and he died their in spite of the many appeals for mercy. It was a horrible place to die. In the summer the temperatures were sweltering with no air-conditioning. The medical and dental care was useless and the food was lousy…. and so on and so forth.

        I supported Peter’s 2010 US Senate campaign, and I still believe he’d make one heck of a good politician. I bought most of Peter’s books and read those books cover to cover. I like the man’s principles, but I just don’t like his track record of investment returns.

        Keith R. McCullough is a man whom I’m more in alignment with. Keith’s time stamped every single stock, bond and commodity trade going all the way back to the last bear market that started in 2007.. He runs a first rate operation with a 40 man team. The man knows how to run money and teach the novice investor how to build his own book and provide profitable information to experienced hedge fund manager and extremely wealthy and educated businessmen… That’s my personal opinion. Take it for what it’s worth.

        I also like Marty Armstrong, because Marty really understands capital flows and the historical big picture. Marty knows that when the situation gets really bad not even gold and silver shall save you. Just like the scripture I quoted above.

        I say this: above all store up your treasure in heaven. And that advice is something secular men like Peter and Marty still don’t understand.

      • Russ

        Exactly right Greg – As the Bible says:”Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools” – Accepting Fed IOU’s from known liers (who brought the value of the US dollar down from 100 cents to one cent) is like having a Yen for Gold (rather then holding on to the physical Gold) which is “Real Money”!!

    • TW

      Naysayers have been around since time immemorial in good and bad times. In good and bad times they miss many good opportunities to accumulate wealth. In bad times they are out in full force with their “told you so,” neanderthal, gloom and doom views.

      Along with the stock market there are all sorts of market opportunities including currency. The decline in the British Pound and Australian Dollar are great opportunities to sell the strong US dollar and invest in the above mentioned countries. All markets are cyclical and change over time. Doing your homework and timing is important though.

      The key to wealth accumulation is to be agnostic to opportunities rather than holding on to dogmatic, in-the-bunker, conspiratorial or survivalist views borne out of fear. The rising tide of fear is also an opportunity for fear-mongers to sell their products and services too.

      • Greg Hunter

        You are involved in a Ponzi scheme since 2008. It’s not investing. It’s crime. Romans 1:20 comes to mind.

  46. Craig

    The USDollar is near all time highs and Broken Clock Schiff is repeating the same spiel he’s been saying for 20 years.

    He made one good call about the 2008 crash but his advice has mostly been awful since then.

    • Greg Hunter

      You should have used this time to get ready and not try to get rich on the markets which are a Ponzi.

      • TW

        Free markets and risk taking are intrinsic to Capitalism and Economic Growth.

        I assume you still believe in a capitalist system, so what are suggesting by way of reforms?

        Contrary to belief, the gold standard doesn’t stabilise prices. The most spectacular events of deflation and inflation happened when the US had one in place. William Gavin, a widely respected expert on the subject, pointed out when you take money out of the system by hoarding gold, that makes the available money to support transactions and economic activity go down. Less money in circulation means unemployment rises. When the gold standard was in place, unemployment was invariably higher and price volatility, the “coefficient of variation” , was 13 times higher.

        Be careful what you wish for!

  47. Danny McPhee

    Thanks Greg, that was an excellent interview with Peter Schiff.
    While listening, quite a few of his comments colaborate what Bo Polny has been pointing out!!!
    Thanks again

  48. Matt Brinck

    Peter Schiff is so very intelligent and puts things so simple to understand. I have always enjoyed listening to Mr. Schiff. He has been spot on with everything he says.

  49. Prospector

    ” VERY soon, every American will be required to register their biological property ( that ‘s YOU and your children ) , in a national system designed to keep track of the people ( Birth Certificate ) under the ancient system of pledging. ”
    ” …… by operation of the law merchant under the scheme of secured transactions ”
    ” They will be stripped of their rights and given a commercial value designed to make us a profit , and they will be none the wiser , for not one man in a million could ever figure out our plans , and if by accident one or two should figure it out we have in our arsenal plausible deniability ” — Col. Edward Mandell House , aide to Woodrow Wilson

    Col. House was covered in the book ” Creature From Jekyll Island ” about the FED.
    Greg , I hope you would do a deep dive on this as it is the CORE of beast money scheme.
    There is much more to this quote , and many others like it in their own words at :

    Christian Observer . net / globalist – agenda – quotes

    ” Countless people will hate the new world order , and will die protesting against it ”
    H.G. Wells , 1939 , from his book titled — ‘ THE NEW WORLD ORDER ‘

  50. Derek THE RED

    Putin just EXPOSED the NATO liberal plan to destroy Ukraine | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    Peace? What’s that? Western leaders continue to reject the idea of peace talks in Ukraine. Meanwhile, the United States and South Korea fired five missiles around North Korea on Wednesday as a “show of force.” They are said to have crashed into a military base and have caused no casualties. This was in response to North Korea’s missiles that were fired on Tuesday. This is the 23rd missile that North Korea has launched this year.

  51. Susan R

    I value Peter schiff after listening for many years to him and a broad spectrum of financial experts. I hear a clear objective explanation of the fundamentals, history and where we are now. His suggestions for protection from the worst coming global monetary breakdown are crystal clear.

  52. Rod Brumley Lt. Colonel USMC (ret.)

    The Debt Level is far beyond what is being discussed
    Take into consideration the amount of debt that is unfunded or underfunded – from what I know it is close to another 150 Trillion in Debt – then look at the Blue State Debt that is unfunded Pension plans etc – add another 30 Trillion
    So in actuality we have over 200 Trillion in Debt. World debt over a Quad Trillion. As Schiff states the interest on the Debt will soon be the number one expense in the Nation. The only thing that is certain we are in an Epic Nightmare and the Sheep have no clue.
    There is no way out in my opinion. Blood in the streets is coming
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  53. Harris at the soylent factory

    Most people don’t know that life for nearly all people, AT ANY TIME IN HISTORY, has been a struggle. Since 1964 People demand to get the most free stuff in exchange for their vote, with the least amount of effort, but what happens when the majority gets all free stuff from the remaining workers?

    There are two people in the USA that are totally being endlessly screwed: -1- the working legal citizen taxpayer and -2- the saver. Everyone else is screaming demanding even more free money from the ATM machine, which screws the taxpayer and the saver.

    In the 1950’s people struggled but WITHOUT the entitlement safety net.

    The government is creating the inflation, because it is handing out money, to support or make certain things more affordable, but in reality, its handing out the money is causing the inflation in the first place.

    Chop off the last digit and the prices become 1975, and I recall things weren’t much better then.

    With the exception of retirees and those that truly are disabled, If the government ceased all handouts there would be 300+ million screaming people, but six months later everyone would be pulling their weight again, and the prices of everything would fall back to 1975 prices, including wages, as there would be truly 97% in the workforce actually working – they would have to or starve. And then the saver once again will be rewarded.

    Annual 7 trillion dollar ATM, but the people want to double that each year as long as it is they that get the UNEARNED entitlement and vote democrat.

    Something will give and it will all come to an end, and I will party like its 1999. I’m sick of being screwed by the entitlement moochers.

  54. Steven

    Along with gold (which has basically done nothing the last 10 years–silver has done even worse–add inflation in & both have done poorly) Peter has been promoting European & Asian stocks for a long time–believing that their stock-markets & currencies would outperform US equities/currency. This hasn’t panned-out either (just the opposite).

    Simply buying a Dow/S&P/NASDAQ index-fund & holding USDollars would’ve easily outperformed Peter’s advice.

    Yes, maybe someday the sky will fall and the system will crash as Goldbugs like Schiff & Co. have been saying for 40-50 years now, but in the meantime following their advice would’ve cost you DEARLY.

    I know Greg & other Chicken Littles don’t like hearing this, but its really just the plain truth.

    • Russ

      It is really amazing how many investors don’t understand gold or the role of gold (this is why less then 1% of world’s financial assets are invested in gold) – very few investors are aware that gold has outperformed virtually all asset classes, including stocks, in this century – want to see the proof? – I’ll show you the proof –×470.png – as all paper money collapses in purchasing power precious metals (like gold, silver and platinum) will not only preserve your wealth but most likely also enhance it “substantially” – most people still don’t understand that credit and printed money “don’t equal wealth” (out of the $280 Trillion in global debt, $200 Trillion has been created since 2000 – money printing is going exponential folks and you can see it in prices rising for everything) – yet – people still believe the false conventional wisdom that says gold has little purpose in the modern world (such belief contains no wisdom) look at the rise in the CPI (it shows the current unsustainable debt and asset bubbles “are on the verge of imploding” – and sadly – people will only realize it too late (when the printed fiat paper or government produced electronic crypto money they hold so dearly) – “Has Gone To Zero Value”!!!

      • Johnny Cool


        Are you suggesting we put all our eggs in one basket?

        Ed Dowd specifically said “Buy gold, but don’t put all your eggs in one basket.”

    • Russ

      Zimbabwe seems to have learned its lesson – miners operating in Zimbabwe will now have to pay some of their royalties to the country in refined physical metal (as the country seeks to hold a reserve of strategic metals like gold, silver and platinum along with diamonds and lithium)!!

      • Russ

        JC – Zimbabwe’s basket contains “a variety of real things” outside the fiat paper banking system – I suggest doing the same!!

  55. larry giglio

    If you don’t get it yet, you are slower than the planned rollout: insufferable hunger and depravity that the 1% will never feel; and never ask them to help. We are all doomed in the opinion of these wealth managers who continue to direct their clients to safe assets. Remember, they make money by directing your assets around, and their job is fearmongering. They convince you, and when the circumstances turn around, which they all do, then it’s time to convince you all over again it’s safe for higher risks and bigger greed. They make money both ways.
    What’s important is to get enough people to buy into infighting and panic. Mind blowing debt, inventory overload, pandemic; meanwhile the larger corporations are easily culling their competition, growing larger. Our lives are controlled by them, buying politicians.

  56. Beverly

    Peter Schiff did a good job to explain the situation—that we can’t get out of a hyperinflation situation that is coming. I’m wondering if investing in the things people absolutely NEED, such as electricity and water and fuel, will even be something where we can get returns on. America is being sabotaged right now, by our own government. They will take down the whole electrical grid, in my opinion, and for how long, I don’t know. But, long enough to make people panic. The downfall of the U.S. is JUST what they want so they can implement their Digital Currency around the whole world. In order to do that, our currency has to fail as well as everyone else’s. So, an economic crisis is a done deal. The U.S. government borrowed money from the Federal Reserve, a PRIVATE bank, and America and the people in it are the collateral. The New World Order is their goal—-World Communism is their goal, along with all the other side goals that go along with that, like reducing the population. What can people do? Get rid of the unrighteousness. Get rid of the whole LGBT government supported movement, get rid of abortion in every state, get rid of Hollywood that continues to show the people through movies, that sexual intimacy before marriage is no big deal and that violence is no big deal either…..I mean the list goes on and on. We support evil in so many ways. Do nothing to get the evil off of our property and out of our lives here in America, and evil will take over. We have to be humbled somehow and God is going to let it happen, since it seems nothing else is going to make the people turn towards Him. History tells us that the same thing happened to Ancient Israel over and over again. They got wicked and their enemies came in and enslaved them until they got humble.

    • Russ

      Excellent post Beverly!!

  57. Winston Steele

    All Eyes Are on Credit Suisse; But Media Blacked Out Data from the New York Fed Suggest Contagion from Nomura Is Another Threat
    Kentaro Okuda, Nomura CEO
    By Pam Martens and Russ Martens: October 7, 2022 ~ Nomura Holdings is tiny compared to the mega banks on Wall Street. According to its website, it had just $384 billion in assets as of March 31, 2021. On the same date, JPMorgan Chase had $3.2 trillion in assets. But for reasons that neither the Federal Reserve nor Congress have yet to explain, a unit of Nomura was allowed to borrow trillions of dollars in emergency repo loans from the Fed beginning on September 17, 2019 – months before there was any COVID crisis anywhere in the world. The chart above shows that in the last three months of 2019, Nomura borrowed $3.7 trillion cumulatively under the Fed’s emergency repo loan program, topping the amount borrowed by JPMorgan Chase by $1.11 trillion. The loan amounts come directly from the emergency repo loan data being released quarterly by the New York Fed, … Continue reading →

    10,852 views Oct 9, 2022

    Trump Speech Today Live | Donald Trump Slams Joe Biden | Trump Latest News Live | News18 LIVE
    3,702 watching now Started streaming 2 hours ago
    In a scathing attack against POTUS Joe Biden, ex-US President Donald Trump said that the war in Ukraine was caused due to his adversary’s “taunting” Russia’s President Vladimir Putin with what he described “dumb” rhetoric. Biden “almost forced” Putin to invade Ukraine, Trump stated that Biden bulldozed Russians into war with Kyiv by instigating Russia’s authoritarian leader to launch the botched invasion of Ukraine on 2/24.

    Will inflation continue to stay high globally? | Latest International News | WION Oct 9, 2022

    ZOMBOID Apocalypse WOW!
    The Bill Gates cabal is prepping for NUCLEAR war with these bunkers | Redacted with Clayton Morris Oct 9, 2022
    Is it time to get a bunker or is that just what crazy rich people do? We take a look at the luxury bunkers that wealthy people are investing in. They’re not for the rest of us. There’s a long waiting list to have them built anyway.

    Dave Smith Breaks Down the Reasons Russia Invaded Ukraine
    el-qbayyli 2 days ago
    This is the old school anti neocon Joe Rogan I was missing!

    Col. Douglas Macgregor joins David Gornoski to talk about Zelenskyy’s recent remarks on a “preemptive strike,” whether Russia is losing ground in Ukraine, how the outcome of the war is shaping out to be, what lies in the future for Germany, and more. Can we trust the media on what is going on in Ukraine? Why are the regions of former East Germany still atheist? Is it wise to move to big cities and leave one’s family?
    Col. Macgregor Debunks Latest Ukraine Myths – A Neighbor’s Choice

  58. The Seer
    Explains immunity decline and mutation getting stronger.

  59. Mike D.

    The Fed should never have been setting interest rates to begin with. The MARKETPLACE should always be determining interest rates (the cost of borrowing money). Gold will once again become the anchor for government issued money since it’s supply can only grow at a slow rate relative to what has already been mined. Bitcoin will become an extremely important store of value since it’s low cost to transmit and store, and the amount of Bitcoin can never exceed 21 million (each Bitcoin can be subdivided into 100,000,000 units knows as a Satoshi). Fiat money around the world is accelerating toward ZERO value since governments have no constrains on its creation.

    The only major thing I disagree with Peter Schiff is the importance of Bitcoin. I believe it’s a monumental innovation in the history of money and store of value.

    • Russ

      When Bernanke was asked “is gold money” – he said “no” – – but the one thing about gold and silver the bankers hate is – you don’t have to “believe it is money” – for it “to be money” (that is why bankers secretly store it away in their bank vaults and call it “A Tier One Asset”!!

    • Russ

      This national data base of private home gardens is a not so subtle ploy by globalists to prepare peoples minds for the day when we will have the digital currency in our private bank accounts “registered in a national data base” – so the government (or the Fed) will have a complete listing of all the cash being held by the American people – and which they can easily seize “in the public interest” (like for instance “to stop people from unnecessary spending” – and thus magically lower the inflation rate even as the Fed doubles and triples the money supply to fund all the “necessary wars”) !!

    • 223 ammo

      Ah yes, first they want database of firearms, now home gardens. Next what, database of where you keep your keys?

  60. Steven Chandler

    Greg, I respect Peter, read his regular posts on Seeking Alpha as I really like his precious metals analysis but believe he is mistaken here.

    From the rear view mirror, inventories are beginning to increase (US Census Bureau, Oct 7), Manufacturing is barely in growth mode but declining monthly (the Manufacturing PMI, Oct 3), the global PMI is declining (S&P Global PMI, Oct 3), the Jobs Openings data is declining (JOLTS, Oct 4), mortgage apps/refinance is in freefall (MBA Mortgage Apps, Oct 5), etc. The only thing that isn’t collapsing as fast as the market wants are layoffs as the services sector is still strong. Employers don’t want to layoff employees until they know they have to because training takes money and time. They still have inventories to work through. The demand destruction is happening. Moreover, the purchase of the debt has already been decided as the reverse repo market will cover the next 2 1/2 years for levered bond purchasers (WSJ Lisa Beilfuss, Sept 9).

    Looking forward, Fed Ex has warned global shipping has slowed. Nike warned on inventories and slowing sales on their overpriced shoes. Carmax warned car buyers are balking at exorbitantly priced new car sales. AMD warned (for the first quarter in a long time) revenues are short by a billion dollars. AND THE SERVICES SECTOR IS STILL SHOWING STRONG GROWTH! Public companies are telling us what’s happing globally.

    Folks will do what they want with their $ but in my experience, listening to long term prognostications from folks who don’t discuss either current events or current economic data has cost me $$. Why won’t inflation decline when the layoffs begin to increase?

    • Greg Hunter

      Because of the $31 trillion already printed in “official” debt or the $110 trillion already printed in secret off-book money. Here: and Here:

    • Tin foil hat

      ” Why won’t inflation decline when the layoffs begin to increase?”

      The Deep State can’t export our inflation anymore. Dollar is coming back due to the interest rates but they likely won’t be leaving fast enough as planned (no fleecing.) China and Japan, the two biggest holders of our debts, are selling their dollar reserve. Saudis is considering taking on more yuan. Russia has sold almost all of theirs and converted to gold before the war, only their hard assets in the West were confiscated. Hence, we really don’t have to worry too much about the Chinese buying up lands in the U.S.

      If the world refused to submit to the dollar, inflation is here to stay no matter current events or current economic data in the US.

  61. Tin foil hat

    I respect Mr. Schiff but I think he is dead wrong about holding emerging market currencies against the impending dollar collapse. He shouldn’t look at what is happening as an ordinary economic or currency crisis. What we are witnessing is an ongoing currency war.
    The Deep State in losing control of the oil price because they are losing control of the runaway dollar. They can no longer suppress the oil price by raising interest rates as the Saudis and Russia are transiting from fiat money (dollar back) to commodity money.
    If the Deep State wanted to stay in the game, they would have to increase local oil production and manufacturing. However, they would need time to catch up/down to the lower wages in the east.
    The only way to do that is to not trade with the eastern blog which likely would consist of the BRICS and most emerging countries – I suspect Saudis would sell to the highest bidders in gold. I believe someone in the Biden’s administration has already suggested the US should only trade with like-minded nations.
    If that happened, folks living in the 5 eyes holding emerging market currencies wouldn’t be able to spend it or exchange it.

  62. Connecting the Dots

    President Escalation Hiding: Deploying several state national guards over to the horn of Africa Somali Peninsula for a 12+ month tour. Medical personnel and clerical support. Why not station them in friendly NATO countries? Will our NATO fiends be too chicken to support the America once ‘world’ war III begins?

    The horn of Africa Somali Peninsula, the new American staging area for WWIII?
    Are they expecting NATO and or EU to fall apart, block American military support?
    Is this prepositioning to support an American ground war in nazi-controlled Ukraine?
    Is Strokin’ Joe expecting mass causalities come as early as December?
    Is this ground zero for next to be released killer virus?

    Is a NAVAL BLOCKADE OF EUROPE in progress?
    Will this be the final battle over the Persian gulp and shipping oil and goods to a freezing and starving to death Europe??

    At least our National Guardsmen won’t be under orders not to fire back, and handing out $5,000 each taxpayer suckered Hershey bars while being shot at.

    All this year China hoarded and stockpiled more that two years worth of all grain and fuels. I’m certain their grain storage bins are not to feed their rats.

    • Russ

      Lots of dots to connect – another dot is that the Somali Peninsula is located in the Southern Hemisphere (which will be a good place to be located if a worldwide nuclear war starts that contaminates all the farmland in the Northern Hemisphere)!!

  63. Lucas Doolin

    Peter did not mention Adrian Day. He manages his gold fund. I think he might be the best in the business and if there are 100 baggers to come it will most likely be in his fund. Not that I am recommending mining stocks. I now live in the Philippines where there are no coin shops. Only a few numismatic guys in Manila which I never travel to. The only way to get exposure to precious metal prices is through a trading account in the USA. I am just hoping that stocks will still be trading after the derivatives implosion. But if there are others like me or who want to take the risk check out Adrian Day.

    • Russ

      Adrian Day says: He has rarely seen a better time “than now” to purchase several carefully chosen international mining and energy company shares!!

  64. evan j trofholz

    I like Bo Polny. I think he’s a good Christian man. But there is no way to spin it; his “the way we think about the world” date was a whiff. I give him credit for putting out his neck with a specific date though. Took guts.

    • Lucas Doolin

      Bo’s interpretation of the magnitude may have been wrong but not the date. The Bank of England was forced to intervene in UK markets due to the pound dropping on the 24th. It may just be the beginning of all central banks intervening and it all would have started on September 24th. It may be the moment that everyone looks back on how it all started. Let’s wait until the end of the month and see.

  65. David Gordon

    Excellent interview. Peter is a very knowledgable guest and explains himself clearly and in a non technical manner that’s easy for normal people like me to understand. I used to listen regularly to his Schiff Radio podcasts but to be honest they were a bit long and he didn’t have guests so they turned into sometimes repetitive monologues. Please have Peter on again soon and keep up the good work.

  66. Prospector

    Before COV-19 , thy held an exercise called event 201 , to war game possible outcomes.
    Klause Schwab WEF and the ‘ big club ‘ have war gamed ‘ Cyber – Polygon ‘ , a cyber pandemic takedown of the interwebs. ( In their own words saying it would be much worse than covid ) Henry Kissinger in the April 3 2020 , wall st journal , said there was a need for ‘ the club ‘ to have ready a …. ” Parallel Enterprise ” , to ensure world order post Covid – 19.

    The point : If they war gamed all these other things , we MUST consider that they have war gamed in advance the takedown of the existing petro-dollar economy , and are implementing plans to ” Transition ” to a new system , while trying to stay hidden and blameless by saying ……. ” Its Putins Fault ! ”

    The book of 20 years ago called ” Conspirators Hierarchy ” about the Committee Of 300 , by John Coleman states Russia must be broken up for their NWO to succeed.
    Read it ( online ) and see the plan being put in action step-by-step.

    • Russ

      Putin is not about to give up – he is bringing in more Chechen ground forces and is raining missiles down on Ukrainian infrastructure – Zelenskyy is urgently calling for more help from the US and NATO!!!

  67. Matt

    Mr. Hunter,
    It is with a strong opinion that I write that you very well may have had the finest interview with Mr. Schiff out of all your completion.
    You both knocked this one way out of the park. Thank you, thank you!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt!

  68. Anti-Atomist

    You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

    “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 6:16

  69. Anti-Atomist

    You cannot serve both God and money. Matthew 6:24

    “Be careful,” Jesus said to them. “Be on your guard against the yeast of the Pharisees and Sadducees.” Matthew 16:16

    • Russ

      Our present day Pharisees and Sadducees are still blowing bubbles!!

  70. Self Exiled

    Oh Lord Jesus, I know, I feel the pain you feel for your people, who Love You and suffer for you; for the desire to be with You. You have created so many talented beautiful people. Oh, please come and take us to Your home that they/we may all express ourselves with voices and talents that are yours you have given us as gifts. The beauty of Thy creation is being destroyed and the pain of this destruction is as great for you as it is for us. I’ve seen your anger, Lord. It is as a black rolling boiling cloud from horizon to horizon; unmeasurable, going over our heads held back for us. May You come quickly Oh Lord to save and protect all the little children/Your creation the enemy wishes to destroy. We need you.

    Thank You Greg for this forum.

    His many talented beautiful people———

  71. Russ

    Breaking News!! – The selling of U.K. government bonds has worsened this morning even after the Bank of England deployed one billion pounds to stop the bond rout – more money printing will be necessary to support bonds as the Pension Funds sell and sell and sell (driving yields on U.K. bonds higher still) – what will the Pension Funds do with the fiat Euro cash? – put it into another worthless fiat currency like the US dollar? – or – more logically put it into precious metals the way Zimbabwe is doing!!

  72. Prospector

    In case not already posted :

    ‘ Cyber attacks reported at some major US airports . ABC ”
    @ Zerohedge

    ( We are now in the ‘ blame Putin for everything that goes wrong ‘ phase. )
    How long until Vlad is blamed for Globull Warming and the Ozone hole ?

    • Russ

      Remember what Demon Rat Hillary said?? – “a Cyber attack upon the US by Russia will be considered an Act of War that should immediately be answered with a massive thermo-nuclear weapon attack upon Russia” – and “If the US President gives the order to Nuke Russia (for turning our lights out) then that order must be obeyed”!!! – you know it is a good thing God had Hillary be born an American – if she was Russian the US would have already been Nuked for blowing up their bridges and gas pipelines and I would not even be here writing on my computer about trying to stop all this madness!!

  73. Stan

    I told y’all Gold would plummet – did you heed my warning?

  74. Cry Me a Ruble

    A bit off topic Greg,
    You should not have to sacrifice tradition and ceremonies in order to avoid being called a racist or misogynist. This is a globalist ploy to rule the planet. These WEF Bastards will not stop till there is an opposition. Sporadic complaints will not suffice. If you understand that there must be nothing that involves identity, nationalism, or regional politics then you understand where these godless parasites are coming from. They will not tolerate opposition that they consider provincial. We all have our work cut out for us.

  75. Pete+only

    Great show Greg, Peter Schiff has some really good points regarding inflation, among them that people’s buying habits are changing, buying more than they need in case its not there next time they come.
    As well, Peter uses the 8% inflation when it could be closer to 15%, so the Feds would need to raise their rates even higher to become actually effective against inflation, but that would very likely bankrupt many institutions.
    As an aside, there is increasing evidence to suggest that the silenced majority (not a typo), is gaining momentum making the radical left feeling very threatened.

  76. Carpetbagger Joe

    Ooops, this’ll work,
    The 2030 Spike : Countdown to Global Catastrophe – CIA

  77. JaunV.

    Putin and China just changed EVERYTHING, and the West is desperate | Redacted with Clayton Morris
    353,359 views Oct 10, 2022 Redacted
    The war in Ukraine is entering a dangerous new phase as Western imperial governments desperately try to hold on to power. Russia and China are solidifying an alliance to sure up their financial future. Their new BRICS currency is backed by precious metals like gold and silver. The western countries are backed by debt. This is the biggest power shift since WW2.

    In all human history, only one person has fit the description of an ideal Ruler; that person is Jesus Christ. In fact, an angel had told Mary, Jesus’ mother: “God will give him the throne of David his father, . . . and there will be no end to his Kingdom.”​—Luke 1:31-33.
    Jesus never became a ruler on earth. Rather, he is to rule mankind from heaven as King of God’s Kingdom. What makes him an ideal Ruler? Consider what Jesus did while on earth.
    Jesus cared for people. Jesus helped men and women, young and old, regardless of their background or status. (Matthew 9:36; Mark 10:16) When a leper pleaded: “If you just want to, you can make me clean,” Jesus was moved with pity and cured him.​—Mark 1:40-42.
    Jesus taught us how to please God. He said: “You cannot slave for God and for Riches.” He also said that we must treat others as we would like others to treat us​—a principle that has come to be called the Golden Rule. In addition, he showed that God is interested not only in what we do but also in how we think and feel. So to please God, we must control what we feel in our heart. (Matthew 5:28; 6:24; 7:12) Jesus emphasized that for us to be truly happy, we must learn what God wants us to do and then do it.​—Luke 11:28.
    Jesus taught what it means to love. Jesus’ words and actions were powerful and touched his listeners’ hearts. “The crowds were astounded at his way of teaching, for he was teaching them as a person having authority.” (Matthew 7:28, 29) He taught them: “Love your enemies.” He even prayed in behalf of some of those who were responsible for his death: “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing.”​—Matthew 5:44; Luke 23:34.
    Jesus is perfectly qualified to be an effective world Ruler who is helpful and kind. But when does he begin to rule? SOON!
    The Day After: Australian Documentary
    19,925 views Jul 24, 2015

  78. Nick B.

    Tulsi Gabbard Live | Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Democratic Party | Tulsi Gabbard Speech | English News 2,563 watching now Started streaming 38 minutes ago
    Denounces BIG BRUDDER and Haole discrimination!
    Tulsi Gabbard Live | Tulsi Gabbard Leaves Democratic Party | Tulsi Gabbard Speech |
    Former Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard announced she left the Democratic Party on Tuesday, denouncing the organization as an “elitist cabal.”
    Gabbard, who retired from the House of Representatives in 2021, attacked the institution in a nearly 30-minute video posted to her YouTube account. She did not announce plans to join the Republican Party or adopt any other political affiliation, however.
    “I can no longer remain in today’s Democratic Party that is now under the complete control of an elitist cabal of warmongers driven by cowardly wokeness, who divide us by racializing every issue & stoke anti-white racism,” Gabbard said in an excerpt posted to Twitter.
    Question is, when will she officially announce Alaskan Nicholas Begich as her 2024 presidential running mate?

  79. PersonaNonGrata

    Pfizer executive gives testimony that the CV-19 shots were rolled out PRIOR TO any testing that they prevented transmission!

  80. thought bomb

    if anyone has ever read the Gospels and wondered how things so suddenly went from Palm Sunday praising to Good Friday screaming “crucify Him!” just look at Kanye this week.

    meanwhile, the loss of a key bridge in Canda, halting grain transport = famine.

  81. The Turtle Named Bert

    1962 Kennedy said: dig a hole in your backyard and build a fallout shelter.

    2022 Biden says: dig a hole in your backyard to make it easier to dispose your survivors. LOL

  82. Justn Observer

    Interesting that Weiner and Biden laptops just never see the light of day as to what ‘insurance’ was in them… then too, look what the F. B.I. and the gag orders did to FBI whistleblower Sibel Edmonds for exposing all the compromised congressional members.
    George Webb just pointed out this movie… more a tribute to his friend Jen Moore and her work tracking down the same before she was found dead in a hotel room not too long ago…She too was a Federal investigator beaten and left for dead at one point, who took up the cause as an investigative journalist staying on the trail. Yes, along with stopping endless wars, Trump pushed hard to end the pedophilia and sex and child trafficking. Seems little remembered now-eh or one of the ‘other’ reasons ‘the they’ needed to get rid of POTUS Trump?

    When ya stop the endless wars, trafficking, and gun running it might just put a huge dent in the slush funds washing thru the banking systems from which to fund same as well as bribery and compromise ops? Think of Haiti, the missing children in Africa, the other ‘war’ zones and many coming/ being pushed across our borders today? Just say’n! May be his tweets were uncomfortable…but maybe Orangeman not so bad after all…and might have left the world in a better place had he NOT been washed out of the job by the ‘insiders’ in gov’t and MSM?
    The subject of this movie Kathryn Bolkovic was relieved of her duty as a UN investigative monitor…and no one involved was ever charged = @1:44:20
    The Whistleblower= (worth a watch before it gets bleach bit?)

  83. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    I appreciate all you do.

    I like your “too stupid to be stupid” saying, talking about more insidious motives. Here is an example:

    As one of the comments says –

    This is racketeering… RICO charges and and misuse of taxpayer funds for all those partcipating in this evil scheme and attack on the people –should be high priority

  84. Paul Stine

    Mister Schiff, I just wanted to say that I am realizing that we are probably into perpetual COLA increases for quite some time in the future. That is until they figure out that even those increases are causing inflationary exaggerations. Then COLA becomes another idea that can be manipulated. Really crazy, isn’t it? It is my understanding we are probably due for an 8.7 % increase while the true inflation is somewhere around 24%. I think I don’t get it at all. Nowhere near inflationary compensation. By the way, I sound just like an OKIE hick.

  85. Mark A. Goldman

    So many commentators are recommending buying gold. My problem with that is that it seems so easy for the government to just make it illegal to do that and force everyone to turn their gold in at some low price as I believe they once did before. I don’t know what would be a better risk to take but what arguments are being offered against the government doing that?

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