Iran Israel Conflict Coming, More Voter Fraud, Dems 2018 Lies

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 328 3.30.18) 

Iran and Israel are moving closer to armed conflict. It was reported this week that two Israeli jets have been flying in Iran’s airspace.  No attacks were made against Iran, but what were those jets doing there?  Are they mapping out areas to attack Iran’s nuclear program?  The jets are U.S. made stealth F35s and were in and out totally undetected by Iranian radar and Russian radar in Syria.  There is also going to be a big protest this weekend going into the Jewish Passover Holiday on the Gaza/Israeli border.  Many are worried Hamas terrorists will use this protest as cover to attack Israel.

There is a landmark case being heard in Texas over voter fraud. This case could start a major examination nationwide of voting machines and records to validate electronic voting machines.  The case is being brought by Dr. Laura Pressley, who has been making her case to the people in Texas by giving more than 180 presentations on voter fraud.

Democrats have nothing to run on in 2018 mid-term elections. The most recent use of high school kids to promote the repeal of the Second Amendment has backfired.  A new poll says 80% of citizens do NOT want the Second Amendment repealed.  Not even 40% of all Democrats want it repealed.  All the Dems have to run on are lies and fraud.  The Party does not have a single issue that helps everyday Americans.

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  1. Woman On The Warpath

    Breaking: Stormy Daniels Allegedly Denied Trump Affair

    • Collateral Damage

      I have entered a ‘Time Capsule’ episode of the Twilight Zone this weekend. I started reading a little hardback book, a compendium of Saturday Evening Post articles from the 1950’s.

      Two impressions struck me immediately:

      1) The attention span of the average reader 70-years ago was much longer than our attention spans today. Remember in it’s time, the Saturday Evening Post was a widely popular magazines, and,

      2) The Public was invited to THINK! They were invited to contemplate thought-provoking subjects in-depth, analytically and using logic!

      Damn, it was disconcerting!

      On one hand it was extremely refreshing to see a mainstream media publication invite the public to think analytically (at the same time, it was alarming to know that mainstream media seldom does this anymore). Also, it was extremely disturbing to have first-hand evidence of the incredible decline in Public Discourse, and the public’s ability to think, when comparing 2018, to that of 1950s.

      For instance, I heard a report this weekend that David Hogg, who has been grabbing every opportunity that he can get to push repeal of the 2nd Amendment, at the same time claim that Trump was a modern-day Hitler. Now, from a logical point of view, does it make any sense at all for someone to push for a complete ban on guns while at the same time claim that the US is a Trump led dictatorship?

      Personally, I think that someone who can espouse these two ideas simultaneously must have mush for brains! And interestingly enough, the news outlet airing his statements, never once pointed out the illogic in his positions. Instead they served it up for maximum public consumption.

      Two brief excerpts from the compiled essays to follow.

      I wish all of you a blessed Easter weekend, and peace.



      • Collateral Damage

        From a 1950’s essay, “Drugs That Shape Men’s Minds”, by Aldous Huxley.

        Now let us consider another kind of drug – still undiscovered, but probably just around the corner – a drug capable of making people feel happy in situations we here they would normally feel miserable. Such a drug would be a blessing but a blessing fraught with grave dangers. By making harmless chemical euphoria freely available, a dictator could reconcile an entire population to a state to which self-respecting human beings ought not to be reconciled. Despots have always found it necessary to supplement force by political or religious propaganda. In this sense, the pen is mightier than the sword. But mightier than either the sword or the pen, is the pill. In mental hospitals it has been found that chemical restraint is far more effective than straitjackets or psychiatry. The dictatorships of tomorrow will deprive men of their freedom but will give them in exchange a happiness none the less real, as a subjective experience, for being chemically induced. The pursuit of happiness is one of the tradition rights of man; unfortunately, the achievement of happiness may turn out to be incompatible with another of man’s rights – namely, liberty.

        Interestingly, I never heard the last administration make one peep about the current opioid crisis. Trump has been talking about it.

        • zTeve.0

          Well said Aldous – have heard of you but didn’t know you were a fan of USAwatchdog.
          Some estimate 500,000 Opioid deaths in the next 10yrs – many will be young kids and young parents – it is a problem 200 x bigger than school shootings. Great that Trump is directing some energy that way, hope they come up with some effective strategies

  2. Maria das Santos