Jim Sinclair-Next Crash Will Look Like Mad Max


By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Renowned gold and financial expert Jim Sinclair says recent dire predictions from Wall Street icons are more than a warning. They are telegraphing their trading positions.  Sinclair explains, “They are preparing for what they believe.  They talk their own positions.  So, it’s more than a warning.  They are telling you exactly what they have done.  They are not out to save the man in the street.  They are out to make money in a huge short position, probably in over-the-counter derivatives. . . . They’re not looking for a market tic down.  They are looking for a market with a character of backing up to an open to an elevator with no elevator there. . . . We’ve got no volume, fake prices, and we’ve got the biggest money in the world short the market. We’ve also got a Fed with no tools, and now we have a Fed whose primary indicator is starting to have a heart attack. . . . When this thing comes down, it’s going to be a free fall.”

Greg Hunter was invited to guest host with Mr. Sinclair and his business partner Bill Holter on JSMineset.com for their paid subscribers. Holter adds, “The fact you have so many (Wall Street elite) coming out in a compressed period of time tells you it’s on the immediate horizon. . . . It’s a reset.  That’s how it’s going to be done.  We will go to bed on Friday and come Monday morning, the markets won’t open, and whenever they do reopen, there’s your reset or the beginning of the reset.”

One of the big potential triggers that could bring the markets crashing down is more than $10 trillion in European government bonds with negative interest rates. Holter begins by saying, “Negative rates mean that debt is trading to a premium to cash.  So, what it is saying is debt is better than cash.  That’s impossible.  Whether it’s a trigger or not, I don’t know.  I do know it’s highly explosive.”  Sinclair adds, “Let’s start thinking about this as the biggest bubble that has ever existed.  It makes the South Sea Bubble look like a joke.”

Sinclair goes on to add the amount of bonds that could be affected in a crash are not just $10 trillion paying negative rates, but other bonds adding up to around $40 trillion. Yes, $40 trillion.  Sinclair contends, “You are going to be paying government to take your money, an insolvent government.  How can you be so stupid? . . . What you are doing with your money is absolute insanity.  If anyone thinks that negative interest rates will have the effect of repairing an economy, just go back to 2008 until now and look at the process of getting there. . . . We have gone into a soulless environment–an environment without humanity.  It could be the zombie apocalypse that these big names are talking about.  When you make the mistake of paying for the privilege for investing in an absolute insolvent, you are in the biggest bubble in the history of finance. When this tears loose, it’s going to be the biggest tear of the fabric of our lives that we have ever experienced.  There are so many things happening and starting to unravel, but nothing is bigger than paying for the privilege of investing in an insolvent.”

Another big trigger is Germany’s deeply troubled Deutsche Bank. Holter contends, “I think they are getting thrown under the bus.”  Sinclair adds, “They’re out of the club.”  Holter goes on to say, “Exactly.  Deutsche Bank is turning state’s evidence and ratting out the other institutions that have been rigging (gold and silver) markets.”  Sinclair says, “Don’t forget, this is a crime.  You are not talking about something as simple as fiddling with the markets.  You are talking about a criminal act, and that carries with it outrageous potentials.”

Sinclair says don’t expect central banks to come to the rescue as they did in the 2008 financial meltdown. Sinclair says, “Think of the entities that are supposed to be the rescuing mechanism for insolvencies and illiquidity.  You can go down the entire list, and they are themselves illiquid and insolvent.  What does the world look like after that?  Probably, it looks like Mad Max and the day after.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter of JSMineset.com.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

This interview Greg Hunter was guest hosting is an example of the kind of programming that Holter and Sinclair provide to their paid subscribers. If you would like to subscribe, please click here.  Holter and Sinclair gave this program to USAWatchdog.com as a courtesy after subscribers listened to it.  There is also free information and analysis on the home page of JSMineset.com.


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  1. Anthony


    • Titus Corleone

      It’s not when it comes… It is already happening. The collapse will not be in the markets at first. The collapse is metastasizing from small local governments: cities, counties, districts… Soon, state governments will follow. The left has been growing government at a frenetic pace for 50 years, and today some city and county budgets are spending 12 and 15 percent on pensions. There are simply far too many public sector employees, and most of them are busy at work retarding the economy. Businesses are fleeing blue states at break-neck speed, and I predict that California, Illinois, and New York will be the first states to go under. So what happens when they do? The feds will be forced to step in and assume the debt, but can they? Thanks to Obama (and the gutless GOP leadership) the feds are already 20 Trillion in the hole, and local governments are another 110 Trillion in hawk. When the fed collapses, then we are looking at complete economic collapse. There will be nearly no government services, and we will no longer have funds available for a viable military and emergency services. By the way, this scenario closely matches the Saul Alinski formula for bringing about revolution by overwhelming the government – and it looks like our leaders are complicit (or negligent) (or oblivious) in allowing it to happen.
      This is why Donald Trump is our final hope. Any other option, and America is doomed.
      God Help Us
      Titus Corleone

  2. Spanky

    The Bank of Bumble Butt, Arkansas? Hmm, isn’t that the bank owned by the Clinton Foundation?

    • JC

      Spanky that was funny. It is the new location of Washington DC.

  3. your fan in Japan

    Buckle up. Sackcloth anyone?

    • Robert Lykens

      Let me climb out of these ashes…

  4. David

    July 4th a Monday?

  5. ConcernedAmericanDad

    One thing to remember-these guys also said we wouldn’t make it out of September of last year………………we are in The Truman Show. Brexit-yeah, ok right…….Remember when the people of Greece voted…………….this is all BS$%^&*so many things have been ” game over” and the game continues…..no votes matter, no crimes matter (by the elite, of course)
    and most people couldn’t give a #$%^&*( more interested in tonight’s NBA final game 7. And imagine that-they also think after 3-1, that is real too) ‘Almost 10 years of not getting a return on savings, and no one I try to wake up seems to give a flying f#$%^&*……… even Jim Willie is stretching out his dates as of late……by the way, why haven’t you had him on in such a long time? …………’think i know………

    • 8Ball

      Sinclair also said that Gold would never close below $1600 a few years back… Half of what you see and none of what you hear is a good rule of thumb to go by.

      Here is one that you probably haven’t heard in the US MSM.

    • Anne Elliott

      Yes, we are in the Truman Show, but don’t forget that Truman found out it was all a lie in the end.

      • ConcernedAmericanDad

        It gets frustrating knowing you’re in this contrived and controlled show and are aware of all the lies and shenannigans while all those around you seem to believe it. Trying to wake people up is very difficult. The truth sounds crazy to them and so does the messenger……..

        • 8Ball

          Some people will never wake up…
          The so called alt-media is full of agents who are steering the narrative. Gold, Guns, Food, Prep, etc.
          Learn to think for yourself. Love the poor, the lonely and the the sick and forget about all of this crap.

    • Kerry

      The thing to remember is the scope of what could happen-not the exact date. Just prepare, it only seems reasonable. People on the Gulf Coast are used to being prepared for hurricane season, so why not prepare for an economic hurricane? It is like insurance, you pay for it hoping you never have to use it, but when you need it, boy is it a life-saver. I know; our home was damaged during a Texas hurricane-and we paid for flood insurance for years and never used it, then the day came when we had to file a claim, and we were so glad we had it. Just listening to these guys would make me be very cautious about dismissing an economic hurricane out of hand. You just never know-what would you do if you woke up on a Monday and you were financially wiped out. Do you even have any cash on hand? And what if your cash was worthless? And the ATMs didn’t work and the bank was closed and your credit cards were just pieces of plastic with no power? And you had not gone to the store for groceries on Friday afternoon like you planned because you went to that baseball game or concert…? And you didn’t get gas?
      Thanks, Greg for this interview, it was quite sobering.

    • motocephalic

      your not alone, each day when I go to work I engage coworkers that don’t give a flying squirrel about the economy, no interest savings, inflation of food and necessary items that everyone needs, the destruction of currency, the lack of representation of common people and the erosion of liberty. I am blown away how young people mostly do not care, nor have any kind of interest. Over 10 years this has been going on, and nothing is being done. I never thought this country would end up like this.

  6. NC Gal

    Excellent interview. One thing was NOT mentioned and that is who owns what when the debts collapse. When the Republic called the United States declared bankruptcy in 1933, a corporation was formed and all of the assets of the Republic became collateral for the receivership that was created. The Federal Reserve is a private bank that can call in the collateral if the sovereign debt is defaulted upon. Nobody in this country holds alloidal title to anything. It can be taken away from them to settle the national debt. (see http://www.afn.org/%7Egovern/bankruptcy.html and http://www.halexandria.org/dward282.htm for what this means)

    As mentioned in the interview, what lies ahead is pure serfdom. The emergency powers acts that are already on the books allow Homeland Security (it used to be FEMA) to tell everyone where they can live, where they must work, what food they can have, etc. etc. etc. “The Land of the Free” has been obliterated by the erosion that has been perpetrated by these central bankers, and it’s not any better anywhere else in the world. The currencies of the world are all being debased to worthlessness. When the reset occurs, it’s not unlikely that at some point, cash will be done away with altogether and a digital economy will be all that’s left. It’s a recipe for total control on a global scale, but it will not come about painlessly or quietly. There will be a lot of dying and a lot less people on the planet when the dust settles, and that’s part of the elites’ plan, too.

    Jim Rickards likened our present situation to a snowstorm, in which a particular snowflake tips the balance and an avalanche occurs that gathers speed and mass as it snowballs down the slope. It almost doesn’t matter what factor turns out to be the snowflake that starts the avalanche. Everything gets wiped out and buried in the end. I don’t think anyone — not even Jim and Bill — can know with certainty what will replace the existing system, except those very few individuals at the top of the global pyramid who can pull the plug on the entire system when they choose to, and they are not the ones doing the talking. “Those who say don’t know and those who know don’t say.”

    I do think that this summer and fall will change the global landscape in ways we can’t imagine, but this interview at least gives us a glimpse into the scale of it. Thanks for sharing this with us. Everything that was said rings true.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What no one seems to grasp is that the status quo itself leads to destruction! We are toast with or without a known disaster! Those who think the collapsers and the resetters are wrong, because they haven’t been able to make accurate predictions with respect to date of occurrence, should take no comfort in the mere continuance of the status quo. It leads to ruin as surely as the collapse/reset/Mad Max scenarios being posited. We are in uncharted territory with the magnitude of worldwide debt and the subsequent dislocations and misallocations on an unheard-of scale. But change/correction is certain. If the change threatens our ever-growing government, there is no limit to what the government will implement, the extremes of which are directly proportional to the degree of the government’s desperation. Best always. PM

      • James Hastings

        I have been tracking the Fall of Pax Romana and the Fall of Pax Americana. The breakdown of family life and values, the increase of perversion, the lowering of lifestyle, the increase in corruption in politics , the diversion by state entertainment, the increase in state dependance, the increase in military adventures, the inflation of state currency, the endless debt, the dependence on non citizens (Military), the dependence on slavery…americans……..I give up.

        MOST of you have no clue….we are on the edge of a catastrophic collapse. I see it. Why….because I have no stocks or pension that encourages denial. I’m not dependent on the government. I am a Patriot among Patriots, who has seen, we have been betrayed. I love history and see it being repeated. NOTHING matters anymore. You and your family….will soon survive, based on your immediate action. Stand there and believe the government or prepare……just incase….this dipstick is right. But I promise you…..many will regret no action.
        “Many are called…few are chosen”… “do as the ant does”…”those who survived of all the NATIONS”…

        It will get exciting, very soon. “thats all I have to say about that”…LOL

    • ConcernedAmericanDad

      It gets frustrating knowing you’re in this contrived and controlled show and are aware of all the lies and shenannigans while all those around you seem to believe it. Trying to wake people up is very difficult. The truth sounds crazy to them and so does the messenger……..

      • Karl

        Concerned American.
        I could not agree more. It’s unbearable. Its like having the glasses in They Live.
        A friend yesterday who I have been trying to wake up along with a few others said yesterday that people are laughing at me and think I have lost the plot by questioning 911 and the obvious false flag of the Jo cox murder
        To swing the Brexit vote, economic collapse etc
        He said I will lose all my friends if I carry on with such nonsense.
        It’s unreal. I’m past Caring about sheeple really even those I have known all my life. The longer the share continues tge harder it is to awaken people as yiu look like a chicken little.
        People have become so brainwashed that they sre a danger to themselves and others soi best to stay away from them.
        This was a good interview but I disagree that they want a Brexit.
        I am campaigning here on the ground for vote leave and the Jo Cox murder says all I need to know about the establishment and their wishes.

        Does this look normal?


        Greg can I get yout professional opinion on this?

        • frederick

          Karl you are not alone İ know how you feel as İ have lost alot of friends and family members due to their denial of the truth Most people Do Not want to know how bad things are and would prefer to remain in their normalcy bias worlds Bless you for trying though

        • Ark

          Karl…………Jo Cox………INCIDENT.


          The “hero” Bernard Kenny may have died peacefully 21st January 2013 in York Hospital.

        • cheryl Schankerman Erhart

          Dont worry about them, I hang out with people with like minds, I am with a few economic collapse groups and run one myself, Also JS Mineset on FB . I dont care who laughs becase when SHTF I will be ready. Also I believe I have the gift of intuition which few do.
          Of course conspiracy theory stuff I am more careful with. The fact still remains we are going to have the mother of all crashes. Let them laugh, HUGS< come hang with us, WE GET YOU 🙂

    • da diz

      NC Gal,
      Incisive insights. Thank you.

    • Roger

      NC Gal,
      Do you have a website or way to contact you? I live in NC also and would like to connect if possible to discuss what’s coming and ways to prepare. I’m in the Raleigh area. It is encouraging to find people who understand the situation we are in. Tks

  7. tom adkins

    Hi, Greg,

    As usual…another insight from two Titans.

    I so appreciate both of these gentlemen and their willingness to reach out to the masses with their heart-to-heart discussions.

    All I can say is: I’m so glad that I am able to hear and ponder their wisdom.
    I wish to all your followers clarity and a renewed sense of urgency: GOTS.
    You are “fighting the good fight”. Press on, Greg.

    CIGA tom

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Tom.

      • allen ols

        greg ‘exerpt from chris martenson’,
        Now in Russia a military drill can be called without warning at any time, and everything better work. Basically the entire military is at a high state of readiness. The US media has missed the fact that what the Russians did in Syria with a really, really small contingent is something that the US couldn’t possibly have done and NATO couldn’t possibly have done. If you look at the number of sorties and the number of strikes per unit time — which is basically ground crews working seamlessly with pilots on rotation, jets landing, getting refueled, getting reloaded taking off continuously — that is not something that the US is capable of at this point. This is a different military. This is not the US military. This is something completely different. And then there hasn’t been much reporting about the new weapons that Russia has — the S300, the S400 now they are rolling out the S500 which will be able to hit targets in near space and that will basically be like a giant impenetrable shield over most of Russia including all of the ballistic weapons that the US has. They also haven’t really reported on the super sonic torpedoes and cruise missiles that Russia has developed, or mention the fact that Russian nuclear subs lurking along the American western and eastern seaboards all the time on patrol armed with these caliber supersonic cruise missiles that the US has absolutely nothing to detect them with or to shoot them down — and they can be nuclear tipped.

        Russia is ready. What is even more scary is that the Russian people are ready.

        Read more at http://www.trunews.com/sleepwalking-towards-a-nuclear-confrontation/#7RbpxYwR0DEogJXm.99

        • da diz

          Yep, back in late September last year; the 3 P’s (Pope, Putin, and Premier) were “in town”. The following week Syria received Russia’s small contingent.
          So what other deals were cut? The Chinese delay of the planned opening the Shaghai Gold Exchange at the end of September??? We can only postulate on the directives our leadership follows.
          Allen, thank you for your posts.

  8. andyb

    Great catch Greg. Jim is one of the great minds in the resource sector, and Bill is following in his footsteps. When Jim said the markets will close and then reset ( a week, a month?), he neglects the automatic bank closures, because of the possible bank runs. ATMs will not work, and within a week, the grocery store shelves will be picked clean. WITHIN TWO WEEKS, WE WILL BE VENEZUELA

    • Greg Hunter

      Took me better part of a year tom get him. Thank you Andy B.

  9. Shadow of Doubt

    Hi Greg,
    A myriad of Trojan horses could lead us into the “Summer of Chaos”. For those unfamiliar with the website, checkout http://www.futuredanger.com. The possible combinations of misadventures which could undo our country are truly mind-boggling. One would think, preparation would certainly favor the prepared. Be prudent and safe.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you SOD.

    • FD6

      The Writings on the Wall. TY Shadow of Doubt!

      • James Hastings

        Mene, Mene, Tekel, and Parsin………..

        Dual prophesy…..relavent for America….

        Translation..”God has numbered the days of your kingdom and brought it TO AN END; you have been weighed in the balances….AND FOUND WANTING…” We are, have become….VILE….. Wow, I just thought I sounded like “the golden jackass…Jim Willy…?

        How did Babylon fall….? They crept across….or under…..the GATES…that’s the BORDER….for the preoccupied and normalcy challenged. They were negligent in their duties….they were perusing debauchery….Wow, that is an old phrase.

        So, in summation, we….”WHO ARE ABOUT TO DIE”……loose, and deserve it.

        Yep. I’m discussed with america.

      • Shadow of Doubt

        Thanks for the feedback and watch your six!

  10. Steve Hayes

    Greg ………… thanks for a great interview …………… I think you ought to try to interview Donald Trump !! You might get his thoughts on gold and the coming reset…… Also ask him on his take of the global NWO ………….. IMHO that would be a most interesting interview …………. Thanks for all your hard work Steve

  11. OutLookingIn

    JUST, WOW!
    Thank you Greg, Jim and Bill.
    This is a must listen. For everyone. Time is of the essence. Don’t waste it.

  12. David John Williams

    Well worth the wait, thanks Greg.
    Can’t you just feel those heavy storm clouds looming.
    Much gratitude to those of you sounding the bells.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you david!

  13. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, you still believe Hillary won’t be President? The elite want her there to do their bidding when and if the SHTF. Remember Greg the elite have electronic voting now & all they have to do is change a few small swing states five thousand votes or so and she is in! Wouldn’t happen in America one might say, remember Chicago 1960 when the Democrats had dead men voting and carried Chicago and Illinois and stole the election from Nixon, this year will be no different. The FBI probe (inquiry/investigation) is a joke, going nowhere fast. Obama is out strong for Hillary now & that spoiled MSM President is capable of anything. Like Hillary he is also above the law. Sorry to be so pessimistic but the MSM & the elite won’t allow Trump to get in. Hope I am wrong but in all modesty the usual country club Republican has been out played for years now, not much of a chance the GOP will help Trump, they will, however, do all they an to help him lose!

    • Freebreezer

      Arthur – the world elites will not let Trump win. TPTB rigged the voting with Scotland leaving England; They will rig the vote per the brexit, and England will stay in the EU; and they will rig the vote per Hillary and she will become President. It is Stalin famous quote … (paraphrase) it is not who votes that counts but he counts the vote who determines the winner .

  14. Charles H.


    The Western world has gone off ‘the honesty Standard’ – what could go wrong with that?!?? Milk the System while it works; replace with another scam: wash, rinse, repeat. The only problem is that this world doesn’t belong to man – and God will bring all to pass all He plans; and use human agency to accomplish it. “Fear Porn”, “Doom Porn” ‘Chicken Little-ism’ – the problem is that the truth and reality to come is too difficult for most people to accept: so they deny and ignore. God makes no mistakes; and the Father IS in charge. I hope people heed your injunction to prepare spiritually. Pulling the economic plug on Sovereign nations is the beginning: the last plug to pull – is God’s.

    • aussie jeff

      Hi Charles great to see you back!!
      Hope your doing good.
      God Bless.

    • JC

      Great post Charles H

    • James Hastings

      AMOS: For thus says the Lord God: “The city that went forth a thousand …shall have a hundred left, and that which sent forth a hundred shall have ten left to the house of Israel.”

      Understand…..”To the 12 tribes in the dispersion: Greetings…….James1:1…..The 12 tribes were disbursed. They spread out after captivity….they are us.

      The city that went forth a thousand……shall have a hundred…

      Being inundated with….insight. If I’m wrong, you can gladly, with great joy, spit on on me and laugh me to shame. I am at the mercy of the future. 🙂

      • Charles H.

        James Hastings,

        No spitting or laughing. I don’t understand the pre-emptive defensiveness.
        James did address the epistle to the twelve tribes – a salutation: but those who are blood-line Jews are Israel: Christians are not Jews. Jews can be both Jews and Christian believers; (converts) but being a believer in Jesus Christ doesn’t make one a Jew. Two Dispensations: Law and Grace. Two Covenants: blood of bulls and goats, and blood of God Himself. Promises belonging to one cannot be presumed to belong to the other. The dispersed Twelve Tribes didn’t morph into Christianity, any more than the Gentiles morphed into the blood-line of Abraham. They both share a place in the economy of God: but unless you are a blood-line Jew – I couldn’t say that “they are us.” That’s my take.

    • Ginavon

      Well it is now 3/2019 and THANK GOD DONALD TRUMP IS OUR PRESIDENT!

  15. Larry White

    I discovered another mainstream economist who has concerns that the present financial and monetary system is unsustainable. He is Robert Pringle (author of The Money Trap and a former Director for the Group of 30).

    Some more info on him here:


    Here is an example quote from his blog site –

    “History shows not only that there are alternatives to current ramshackle arrangements, but also that there are cycles in the way society defines and uses money itself.

    Amidst spreading uncertainty, one thing is certain: that present arrangements will not endure. They are not compatible with globalised finncial markets. They are already in a state of advanced decay.”

  16. FC

    Alarm bells rang for Joseph Kennedy, when a shoe shine boy was giving him advice about the Stock Market.
    But nothing rings louder to me, than drug cartels trading in Gold, in an industry where cash is king.

  17. Bill

    GREG: After listening I’m concerned. Where or what do we do with the money we have in these insolvent banks.? If we all draw our money out of the bank wont they collapse , or can they still be propped up ?

    • JMiller


      It is good that you are concerned. Everyone should be concerned. Not sure which banks you are talking about when you say insolvent banks. Most banks in the U.S. are currently not insolvent. If you mean the t00-big-to-fail banks or more accurately the systemically important banks, then I would get my money out of those banks and into a good local community bank or credit union. Also at the very least some money should be in real assets like gold and silver. The amount you decide to have in the bank or credit union and in assets like precious metals is up to the individual.

      If a large amount of people withdraw their money out of the banks in a short period of time, which is called a bank run, it would cause the banks to fail if left unchecked. However the government can always stop that from happening by using capital controls which would include limiting the amount of daily withdrawals someone could make. Can the banks still be propped up? Yes, as long as the government can still print dollars that are not worthless.

      • JMiller

        Also some of your money should be held by you in physical cash.

      • JMiller

        Bill, Diane, and Donna,

        Instead of having a large amount of money in the bank one alternate is having it in a Treasury money market fund with a mutual fund company or brokerage. I know that Bill Fleckenstein (KWN regular) has his money in one and Andy Hoffman has his money in a Schwab brokerage account instead of a bank. He probably has it in one of Schwab’s Treasury Money Funds. I have some money in a Treasury money market fund with Vanguard. Minimum amount to open is $50,000 though. Schwab’s minimum is $25,000. If the dollar gets devalued or we have hyperinflation it is not going to matter if your money is in a bank, credit union, money market fund, insurance company or in physical cash.

      • Nightranger

        I smell an investment advisor. Quote –
        “Most banks in the U.S. are currently not insolvent”
        I hope your address is not public knowledge when Deutsche Bank hits the financial wall. Your investors may want more than their money back.

        • JMiller

          No Nightranger, the fact is most banks are currently solvent. Now it may be some of the big banks are not solvent if they are hiding losses from things like derivatives. Of course 90% of the people on ALT media sites like this know very little about finances so I am not surprised by the amount of stupidity.

          Hey smart boy, why do you not prove me wrong. Explain to me how most U.S. banks are not solvent right now. Not later on if or when derivatives or bonds blow up.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      You might be interested in a podcast posted at thedailycoin.org, its posted in the website’s original works section called— Mark S. Mann: You can’t have a Bank run without any cash.

      • JMiller

        Pretty good podcast. Agreed with most of what Mark S. Mann said. If you have money in the banking system have it in a good local community bank or credit union. Also do not have all your money in any one thing. Do not have it all in cash. Do not have it all in precious metals. Have it diversified. The title of the podcast however is not accurate since you can still have bank runs without any cash. Even Mann admitted that digital bank runs are still possible in a cashless society.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Your analysis was both interesting and sound, but I would submit if the American public is “conned” or “coerced” into a cashless system, they will have much bigger problems to contend with than just a possible digital bank run.

          • JMiller

            Would not doubt that SoD.

          • frederick

            Remember when Aaron Russo warned about the coming cashless society and how we will all be chipped? Seems he truly was ahead of his time after all may he rest in peace

          • James Hastings

            I heard the banker say……the government can prop us up and we will give you some of your money….while the government destroys the rest by inflation…..

            BUT….we are good, trust us…..we know best.

    • Donna S

      Greg, I would love to hear an answer from you on this question too. My dad sold his house and all the money is in a savings account at the moment…..

      • Paul from Indiana

        Donna, that’s insanity. That’s a 30-day demand account. The bank can legally (not saying they WILL but CAN) hold up your Dad’s access to those funds for up to 30 days, and likely beyond, due to the likely size of the holdings. Please look into alternate arrangements immediately. With regard to so-called bank solvency: yes,many are technically solvent, meaning their balance sheets are numerically positive, but in the next emergency, it will be the money that goes broke, not the banks. Do you want millions of worthless dollars in a “solvent” bank? You must see these things for what they are. Best always. PM

        • JMiller


          Money in a demand deposit account such as a checking or savings account can be taken out at any time without notice.


          Now money in a bank CD, which is a term deposit, usually requires a written notice of up to 30 days in advance for early withdrawals.


          However what you said after that I am in agreement with.

          • James Hastings

            “Will not your debtors suddenly arise, and those who make you tremble ? Then you will be booty for them. Because you have plundered many nations, all the REMNANT of the peoples shall plunder you….”

            Bankers. Lawyers, Judges, Doctors…..all are leeches on mankind.

            You are a banker….yes? I’m in a bad mood concerning america….I don’t feel like being politically correct. You justify interest on your family. You justify it, as profit. You should charge interest only to foreigners. Yep….you make less.

            • JMiller

              What the hell are you talking about? No, I am not a banker. I happen to be a janitor who just happens to have more knowledge and intelligence than most people in the ALT media.

        • Diane D.

          Paul, specifically what are some of the ‘alternate arrangements’ ? We might be in the same situation (between homes) as Donna’s dad very soon. We dare not put any more in PMs.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Hi Diane, Ask Greg for my e-mail. I will be happy to discuss. I am not a certified financial planner or investment adviser, just a schooled, cautious old guy. My Dad always said, “advice is worth what you pay for it.” Best always. PM

      • Robert G

        Check the banks policy’s. I was all worked up about that and was relieved to find I could get my money relatively easy.

  18. Spurr

    I am of the opinion that the collapse will only happen when the globalist decide it will happen… meanwhile they hold all the tools required to steal, deceit, kill and disinform…!!!

    When I hear that foreign countries are REFUSING treasuries as payments then I will know the collapse or reset is near…!!! It’s uncanny…you hear of foreign countries liquidating treasuries but no one is refusing them in trading! Why is that I wonder?

    • JC

      Spurr the oligarchs are in many parts of the world, and members of many elite groups. They own corporation’s inside many countries. They have the ability to call the trading in what ever they wish. What happens in these meetings must be heated debates as to who will lose. When oligarchs disagree the world suffers. When oligarchs fight the world goes to war. There is great division among elites.
      For me the trigger will be a grid down situation along with the announcement the dollar will no longer be traded with Saudi oil.
      A false flag War will follow.

      • da diz

        good points.thanks

  19. Robbie41

    Hello Greg, Very good Interview, & for those who are really paying attention, yes, get what you can to be ready, & keep looking-up towards the sun, the Object/ Nibiru is closing-in fast, maybe 3-4 months & you will see a REAL CHANGE.. No amount of money will save you for what’s coming inbound.. Fear not the LORD. (Greg I really hope some-time SOON, you will be able to tell everyone the truth too, & maybe you could help save lives).. Martial Law is only 1-2 Months away.. Steve Quayle is good on Notices..

    • Robert Lykens

      “Nibiru/Planet X” was supposed to have destroyed Earth by March. We’re still here with no “rogue planet” in sight.
      When we don’t have martial law by mid-August, what will you say then?

      • Paul from Indiana

        Robert, I am sympathetic to your point, but please do not be so complacent. When we have the FBI issuing public statements with terms contradictory to the narrative redacted, as with the released transcript of the 9-1-1 phone conversation of the “shooter” in Orlando, argument can be made that the early phase of martial law is already installed. We don’t need Nibiru. All we need is an inconvenient truth–we are at war with radical Islam and its manifestation: murderous terrorism. Best always. PM

        • Robert Lykens

          OK Paul, let me modify my reply:
          – There is no Nibiru/planet X.
          – If we are under martial law by mid-August, it won’t be because of some imaginary planet.
          – I’m ashamed of myself for being drawn into a useless, vain post about a fantasy.

          • JC Davis

            Robert there are no outer space aliens also. They would have to come see me first. They just would want to meet the great JC. LOL
            Now Big foot I may have met late one night at my bug out land . He ran from me faster then I ran from him.
            Then he spun a oak tree like a pretzel. I had to cut it down.

            • JC Davis

              I will send you a pic.

      • Robert G

        Well said Robert Lykens…

  20. Boo Who


    • Paul ...

      Does Obama blame terrorists for the Orlando slaughter? … No … He holds a press conference and effectively blames the “unarmed Americans for their own slaughter … because these unarmed Americans (who have a right to own a gun) chose not to to carry a gun … and therefore all Americans are now to be denied their right to own a gun!! … the MSM in their warped minds (brought up as kids in government schools that taught 2+2=5 think this is all “very logical” and so broadcast over all their networks that: To Stop Further Muslim Terror Attacks Against Americans … All Americans Must Be Disarmed!! … Democrats upon hearing Hillary say the same thing as Obama figure she is a fully qualified candidate to be President of the United States … screw what the Constitution of our country has written in bold letters!

      • Paul ...


        • Paul ...


          • Paul ...

            Consider this hypothetical situation … terrorists seize the White House … the President becomes a hostage of the terrorists … the President then issues an order to the US Military to “stand down”… are our General’s going to listen to those “orders” … or assume the President is under duress … and is simply issuing orders (given to him by the terrorists)??

            • Paul ...

              And what if the completely unimaginable hypothetical situation above actually happened to us on 9-11?? … creating the unthinkable “American Holocaust” that burnt US citizens “alive” in fires hotter then even Hitler could create!! … our “fail safe” document to protect us in such situations is our Constitution … it should not be destroyed!!

              • James Hastings

                Relax. We are headed for destruction. Get ready. We deserve it.

                • Charles H.


      • Brad

        Obama wants to turn the no-fly list into a no-gun list.

        He said in front of a crowd “Why can’t I stop people on the no-fly list from buying a gun?”.

        “I”? Even Hitler lied on behalf of “the people”. Not Obama. Its I, I, I with him.

  21. Alex

    There is no doubt this economy is totally fake. The stock market is no longer interested in the metrics of companies. Things like sales forecasts, employment numbers, and product demand no longer matters to the stock market. Now all institutional investors are concerned about is the Fed’s interest rate down the road. It’s all about whether or not the Fed raises interest rates. The stock market could have 20 major companies go bankrupt all on the same day, but if the fed says they might not raise interest rates, the market will still go up 500 points that day. The stock market should change its name to the “interest rate market” since that’s all it’s about nowadays.

    Regardless, the Fed has the stock market tweaked to their liking. All these doom and gloom predictions that I’ve been hearing about for 6 years now isn’t going to happen. Not now, not a year from now. They have figured out a way to keep this charade going on indefinitely. All they needed was the institutional investors to go along with their charade, which they have accomplished. I look for the stock market to hit 50,000 by 2020 even with 75% unemployment and 1/2 of the biggest companies going under. All because the Fed has convinced everyone that interest rates is all that matters.

    • andyb

      But…But hedge funds are liquidating; insurance companies and pension funds are at least 50% underfunded. All regular retail investors have left the casino. Soon it will only CBs as stock buyers playing Russian roulette with only one chamber empty. Good luck with that scenario.

  22. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    An absolutely stunning interview. Thank you to the three of you for doing what you can!
    With Brexit three days away I agree that Cameron along with all his other scare cronies will say in the event of us getting out: That there, ya-boo told you so when it all goes down, despite the fact that either way it’s all going down whatever.
    Just anecdotally and I know you’ve experienced this too Greg, family and friends remain in a deep sleep over what’s about to take place. They’ll vote with the herd and not with their heads and hearts. As a father I’m at best humoured , while ‘friends’ just don’t want to keep all discussion vague and general.
    For those who’ve seen that classic film ‘The Poseidon adventure’ most in that doomed ship just choose to listen to the Pursar who says help is on its way when of course it patently isn’t and they opt for staying put in their steel tomb. For the few who made good their escape they chose on a course of action which although dangerous in itself eventually led them to safety. Even then there were some who didn’t make it. I absolutely hate the thought of Jo Six-pack and even one’s nearest and dearest sinking beneath the waves, without even putting up a struggle. But that’s how it appears to me, leaving me with but one prayer:
    Lord have mercy, Christ have mercy.
    Best to all, A

  23. XuscitizenSweden

    Absolutely Excellent *Update Interview* with Bill & Jim.
    Kudos Greg.

    However, @ 15:39 + , some folks may misinterpret the relationship between the UK, EU, Euro, Draghi, lb sterling-£ ;
    Facts & Clarification:
    1) GB-Great Britain/UK-United Kingdom is NOT exclusively ‘using’ the EURO.
    The Brittish Pound Sterling £ is still the sovereign currency of the UK.
    2) The UK is a member of the EU & the EMU, nothing more nothing less.

    For the novices, hope this helps .
    Anyway, Thanks x 3.
    Best Regards X-

  24. Bob NC

    Greg, Thank you so much for pursuing Jim Sinclair and getting an extended update of his interview last August. I know the timing of a reset, collapse, or whatever one wishes to call it is the most difficult aspect of a forecast. Based on all your discussions, on and off the record, why do you think Jim’s prediction of a Sep. 2015 gold/dollar reset did not come to pass? I suppose the financial elites who still have some modicum of a control of such things put it off for a year or more.
    There is a key word missing from a sentence in the first paragraph of your partially transcribed interview: “They are looking for a market with a character of backing up to an open to an elevator with no elevator there.” The word “door” should follow “open” as it did in the audio file. Thank you again for all you do to inform those who want to prepare themselves and their families.

  25. Paul ...

    Talk about a “soulless mad max environment” … we now have to live with “another” Clinton in the world … did Qaddafi, Stevens, Foster, etc.. etc. get their votes counted on this? … God sure does move in mysterious ways … perhaps a “new innocent life” will take the “kill” out of Killary?

  26. James Hastings

    Great interview…..Bill’s reference to “nothing to buy” is the real meaning of the scripture….”They cast their silver in the streets, and their gold is an unclean thing”….continue reading the verse….”they cannot satisfy their hunger or fill their stomachs with it”…Eze 7:19

    For those few with a Biblical perspective, there is over 400 Bible references to just Gold. Ending with the book of Revelations describing, new Jerusalem, coming down to be with MEN….”the streets of the city was pure gold” (21:21) Humanity will continue under Devine rule. The Minor Prophets section explains much. Commerce will continue with gold and silver as money / wealth.

    Habakkuk: For still the vision awaits it’s time; it hastens to the end..
    and the fields yield no food…and there be no herd in the stalls..
    Zephaniah: For the day of the Lord is at hand..
    At that time I will bring you home…when I restore your fortunes..
    Haggai: I will shake the heavens and the earth…so the treasures of all nations shall
    come in..
    Zechariah: My cities shall again overflow with prosperity….and I will dwell in the midst of
    you..In that day, says the Lord of hosts, every one of you will invite his
    neighbor under his vine and under his fig tree…And the streets of the city shall
    be full of boys and girls playing in it’s streets…Then every one that survives of
    all the NATIONS that have come against Jerusalem shall go up year after year
    to worship the King, the Lord of hosts….and if any…do not go up…there will be
    no rain apon them…and plaques…
    Malachi: For behold, the day comes…..when all the arrogant and all evildoers will be
    stubble…Remember the law of my servant Moses, the statues and ordinances
    that I COMMANDED him at Horeb……

    And for those who discount the old testament as strictly for the nation of Israel…

    Revelations: “Behold the welling of God is with MEN. He will dwell with them, and they shall be his PEOPLE, and God himself will be with them”…

    Simple and straight forward…at the right time, we play by Divine rules.. “and thats all I have to say about that”..:)

  27. USAF Airman Rich Treadway

    Friends and Countrymen, Starting in 2017 things will be much better. Our armaments production facilities are preparing to ramp up and latent military leaders are working on new strategies behind the scenes to neutralize our enemies. In 2017, we set the middle east on fire and Allah will appear as if he ate a bad oyster. Invest in the Defense industry before liftoff. Also, we’re going to need some good young pilots and artillerymen so if you know of any kids needing a career, its time to sign them up !

    • Paul ...

      USAF Man … here is “a new strategy” to neutralize our enemies in 2017 … we elect Trump … lock up Hillary and the other bad doers (like the banksters, neocons, 9-11 conspirators, etc., etc.) … then put up a wall to keep the ISIS terrorists out of America … and give Russia a free hand to wipe ISIS off the map in the Middle East … that’s for starters … then we follow the money trail and root out “every other enemy” of America and put them in those empty FEMA Camps while they await their trial for treason!

      • Chip

        i like your plan Paul… chip

      • susan

        Sounds good to me, Paul.

    • frederick

      What is the Treadway joking or something He is advising us to invest in the defense industry so more people can be killed NİCE

    • Diane D.

      USAFTreadway, when your only tools are bombs, you think of all your problems as targets. The US military has not won a war in 65 years. Maybe God is trying to tell us something.

      • brian

        I think God is done trying to tell us something, my guess God is about to show us something instead….and we aint gonna like it a damn bit.

    • James Hastings

      Wow. I see your strategy…..Kill em all and let God sort them out. Soon. That’s coming.

    • Chip2

      This post is satire. I’d bet $100 that this is MillionDollarBonus, same as Gina Mancarella who promotes Hillary here.

      • helot

        @Chip2, it does not matter if the comment is satire, millions of people hold that same perspective (i.e. military idolatry/getting ahead) as if that’s all that matters in life.
        It’s quite sad, really.

    • Pinocchio

      Is it true that USAF had been infiltrated by Taliban since 2013?

      • Greg Hunter

        I want to hear this answer too.

    • Nightranger

      For you Airman Rich

  28. JC

    Greg those who have cash should buy goods while they still can.
    Billy Preston put out a song in 1974 just after the oil in dollars agreement.
    Nothing from nothing. Thanks for your work.

  29. Paul ...

    The banksters have been stealing our money since 1913 … they have already stolen 99 out of 100 cents … now for that last penny they will do a re-set (or default) and make all paper money and paper bonds “completely worthless” … talk about being penny wise and dollar foolish … now everyone is in a lather to save “that last penny” … how come no one cared when the other 99 cents was being stolen??

  30. CrazyCanuck

    Greg, super interview, thanks a ton ( of gold). Near the end of the interview, I was struck by what I personally see as a contradiction. The way to protect oneself ( after securing food and water of course ) is to buy some precious metal. HOWEVER, your guests noted that the price of PMs would be moot since there would not be any products to buy once the shelves are cleaned out and the distribution network seizes I presume. So I guess it begs the question ” why buy PMs then? ” Please set me straight Greg or fellow comment colleagues.

    • Greg Hunter

      Crazy Canuck,
      It would come down to ounces of wealth. The dollar as it is today would no longer exist. I think this is what the re-pricing is all about and you have to have something to be re-priced.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Ahhhhh, it’s impossible to price PMs against a currency that has become worthless. Got it — thanks Greg.

    • Dan S.

      Because that ounce of gold could buy/barter you a rifle to defend yourself or a bag of groceries to feed your family. All you need are the 3 Bs’ – bible,bullion, bullets

  31. foggygoggles

    If what these two are predicting comes to pass, it would appear that everyone visiting this site, probably including you Greg, is toast. If you understand anything regarding the power of thought, particularly collective thought, people need to be very careful regarding what they choose to believe

    • frederick

      FOGGY so what you are saying is we should all stay in denial and everything will be better right?

      • foggygoggles

        It’s not about denial as much as a cautionary regarding confirmation bias. I don’t pay much attention to people whose book is solely precious metals. Their views are too narrow, constantly off the mark, and NEVER take into account the deep state, the drug trafficking/money laundering by same, or the trillions that are off balance sheet in black budgets. Most such commentary is surface noise, that remains the same month after month, year after year. I’m not saying we don’t have serious problems, and I don’t believe our current course is sustainable–although look at Japan. My chief complaint is that things are a lot more complex than most commentators seem to comprehend. BTW Greg, since you’ve interviewed Bix Weir and Karen Hudes, how about one with Benjamin Fulford? The rabbit hole could be a lot deeper than anyone could imagine.

    • Nightranger

      You want some cheese to go along with that Whine mate. Grow a pair and post something meaningful. Collective thought is pure gibberish.

  32. Paul

    Hi Greg”

    I listen to this broadcast last night and had some time to think about it. If things get as bad as Holter and Sinclair say… and I don’t really have any reason not to believe them ….. Then I think the Elite are over. I would suspect there is no way the people (we the citizens) would not storm every government house and Bank and take it back. I just can’t see things getting THAT bad without the people rising up and that would be the most epic thing we ever lived through.

    I also believe there would be a lot of turmoil and death and it would be ugly … BUT … I can not see them (the elite) winning in total scenero where we lose everything — I think its just OVER for them if things go down as Sinclair and Holter say

    Thank you for this interview and your Hard work!


    • WD


      This is what “V” believes will happen…

  33. Willard Ferch

    After 77 years of observation, the present situation is no surprise. The tremendous ignorance of average people, the people who were given care of the country and the Constitution, have allowed this to come about. History is almost meaningless, unless it’s the pasts of movie stars and sports figures, and debt is meaningless as long as it means the nicest car, house, and various toys and entertainment. The correlation of the decline of Christian values in the nation with the decline in every aspect of the nation, is obvious to anyone willing to apply a little logic and self-education. It was a chilling interview & it’s too bad that many millions won’t hear it, instead of us comparatively few loyal listeners.
    I reckon it’s up to us to warn folks, & although we’ve been warning for years now, most pay no attention or are in denial. A tremendous thank you for your labor. Fiddlin

    • Chip

      good video greg… thanks… chip

    • Chip

      WF, one of the most awesome posts ever. please post your perspective again in the future… chip

  34. The Seer

    I have been thinking for awhile you can be Trumps new Press Secretary.
    Wouldn’t that send shocks waves to one or more of your former employers!

    • Paul ...

      Yeah … Greg can field questions from the MSM like … “What will Trump do about the alligators that are killing our children in America” … Greg’s reply: “Mr. Trump will put up a wall to keep all things terrorizing Americans out of the country side to keep our children safe” … MSM: Will Mr. Trump take away the guns that Muslims are now using to kill Americans? … Greg’s reply: “No … Mr. Trump will be issuing AK47’s to every American so they can shoot not only any alligator trying to snatch a child but any terrorist trying to kill Americans of any race or gender” … MSM: Why is Mr. Trump against Obama bring in un-vetted ISIS terrorists to our country and placing them in all cities across America”? … Greg’s reply: “Because Mr. Trump thinks it is insane … just like he thinks it is insane that parents don’t have a say over their own children and where our kids today are now brought up in “A Village” where everyone plays with “Hillary dolls” and where they are taught that 2 + 2 = 5!!!

    • Daniel Jantzi

      It’s funny, as I was driving today I was reflecting on having read where Greg indicated he would try to interview Donald Trump. My thoughts were (the same as yours) maybe Donald would appoint Greg as his press secretary but I immediately thought ‘but we would loose Greg’ and I certainly don’t want that to happen.

      I would like to say this: there are ‘prophets’ out there that are appointed to help us navigate the days and the path ahead; I consider most if not all of those that Greg interviews to be among them, maybe the exact timing of events cannot be known but we are being put on notice of what will occur and how to prepare. I have a few sites that I go to glean this sort of information and I refuse to loose faith in what we are being told because of my faith and in part what I believe the Bible foretells.

      Lastly the Bible says that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the lord and He (God) delighteth in his way”. Greg you are one in whom God delights and where ever you choose to serve it will be well; however I hope we never loose you from this site !! Keep up the good work !!

  35. Gregory Mannarino

    Greg, I want to share this video with your followers: “Central Banks Are Directly Buying Stocks Using DARK POOLS.” Click here: https://traderschoice.net/

    • Charles H.


      Unnatural, supernatural moves? Ya think?!?? Absolutely. Western Powers That Be will position themselves to be at the next big Round table of World Dominion. The USA will not be represented there, as we know it. ($32.00 silver in ’11; but no regrets.)

  36. 8Ball

    The Most Successful Trick Ever Played upon Mankind:
    To make them think that they know what they are doing when they haven’t got a clue…

    • Chip

      true that… chip

  37. Dan S.

    What’s this I hear? NATO has passed a rule /regulation that any US department that is hacked and deemed to have originated from Russia is considered an act of war. The key word here is deemed. So there doesn’t have to be any proof – just on the say so of some gov’t bureaucrat (read Obama). Hmmm have we heard this line of BS from another president before? I seem to remember Bush peddling a lot of fiction or BS to invade Iraq. Or the gov’t could create it’s own false flag and blame it on them. Has that been done before? I think it was – to start WW2. They took a dead German threw a Polish Army uniform on him and said Poland was attacking. Their lies and tricks have become so obvious even a common man like myself can predict them. I can see the writing on the wall, all I have to do now is grow a long grey beard and carry a sign saying

    • Paul ...

      Hey NATO … I know you can’t wait to drop atomic bombs on Russia … but consider this fact … what if the US department being hacked (is because of Hillary’s private server) … should you not automatically deem Hillary to have committed treason (an act of war against the United States) and haul her off to prison (as you fire off your Nukes at Russia)?? … and another thing … are all the millions of people in NATO countries “expendable”?? … when Russia counter-attacks? … did the people in NATO (who are going to die for “your nuclear war”) actually vote for this new rule/regulation? … and exactly what elected leader of what NATO country will be doing the “deeming” and pressing the “Red Button” to begin your war of Armageddon??

      • Paul ...

        Talk about “deeming” who is guilty of what … there is “overwhelming evidence” that shows both internal and external traitors were involved in the American 9-11 Holocaust … why doesn’t NATO begin arresting the Saudi, Pakistani and Israeli traitors who were involved in “hacking” down our buildings?? … before you go off to war against Russia lets round up all those responsible for 9-11 and quarantine them in the FEMA camps under the Patriot act while they await trial for treason and a swift execution by guillotine!! … before pressing the red button to start a nuclear war against Russia … lets “pull it” (the rope on the guillotine) and begin filling all those black coffins with the traitors right here within our own borders before we go looking for external trouble with Russia!!

        • frederick

          Paul the reason they wont do that is its the same group running NATO that was behind the false flag attacks Why would they investigate themselves?

  38. Dan S.

    Here is a good film on BREXIT


  39. wondrouscat

    Why is it so important what the stock market casino is doing unless of course you are invested/gambling in stocks, but otherwise what does it matter? Why is the Fed so intent on keeping it from falling? It’s no longer based on real value. Let it fall, it won’t bother me one bit.

    • Chip

      because pensions will collapse. the American dream lost forever. work hard to get ahead and then get the shaft when you turn sixty??? and the economy will collapse more with no one spending retirement savings… Chip

    • gregd

      The stock market is propped up to keep the pensions solvent, otherwise, the pensions would have to sell many more shares to cover the checks being sent out, therefore, a crash upon a crash would endure.

      • wondrouscat

        That’s a good point, and I do feel for the pensioners.

  40. Oxfarmer

    Good to see Andy B back.

    Great interview and info. Very sobering. But if you are already living the prepped lifestyle, it’s news, not the end of the world. Those disengaged from the system will fare better. Those who are still in…good luck.

  41. Chip

    one of the best interviews EVER Greg!!! Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Chip, but I am only as good as the guests.

  42. Dan



    As usual, great interview. However, it always amazes me that you don’t ask these brilliant people what they think the new monetary system will look like after the “reset” – especially in terms of what it will be **backed with** and/or whether it will be digitally based or otherwise.

    Yes, sometimes guests like Richards will say it will be backed by gold, but fail to provide the evidence that the US would indeed be able to do so (i.e., the gold is there).

    I think this particular questions is extremely relevant/important/critical/imperative. I would thus beg you to ask your future guests both:

    1) what they think the new American (or Global?) currency will look like (notes/coins, electronic, crypto-currency); and

    2) what will it be backed with (and also getting them to support the feasibility/do-ability/supply of the backing).

    I think that if there is NO DISCUSSION about this, then we are no better off and just left in the dark. Conversely, if we know more about the possibilities then we can be in a better position to prepare for the consequences in the transition to the new monetary system BEFORE it takes place.

    Is anyone else wondering about this?

    • Dan

      And Greg, given the amazing smarts and diversity in your guest, I would stress that these 2 essential questions be asked to ALL your guests. Thanks!

      • SW

        Yes, I think these are essential questions to hear back on from the guests, including how the new system would affect the “man on the street”. Thank you, Dan!

    • helot

      RE: ‘it always amazes me that you don’t ask these brilliant people what they think the new monetary system will look like after the “reset” –’

      The answer is simple. No One knows.
      A.k.a. you’re asking if anyone has a crystal ball which reads far far into the future and knows the individual actions of many many people. To anticipate the immediate future, is one thing… to know the final score of a whole new ballgame, is quite the other.

      That said, if you think there is, ‘NO DISCUSSION about this’ you’re not paying enough attention. Keywords and phrases to look for: networks, friendships, kinship’s, ‘getting to know your neighbors’, black markets, ‘reading between the lines’, ‘not toeing the line’, bribes, ‘gray man’. Etc, etc, etc…

      I mean, if you’re asking, ‘how the new system would affect the “man on the street”’ you Really need to read more.
      From this view, there’s two ways this can go: One, is good for everybody who is not expecting promises made of pixie dust,… the other, is Very Very bad for a Long time. Which way, is anybody’s guess. I imagine it’ll be a bit rough for awhile no matter which way things go.
      Austrian Economic analysis and history suggests that it’s the end of the road for the empire via a, ‘Crack Up Boom’.
      Hope that helps.

  43. Bob Lamb

    I got 1/2 a chicken coop built tonight. I will finish it tomorrow.

  44. Daphne Lamb

    Recall Jesus’ parables of the virgins and the talents. If the virgins or the slaves in those parables had known when the bridegroom or the master was arriving, they would not have needed to keep on the watch. But they did not know, so they needed to keep ready. Although many here thought we’d see massive dislocations in this world wide ponzi scheme economy by now, they did not clearly understand whats been happening behind the scene as we see whats now so obvious today. When things did not take place as they expected, it could have looked as if the Bridegroom were delaying.

    “Brethren, those of us who are in the right attitude toward God are not disappointed at any of His arrangements. We do not wish our own will to be done; were glad that the Lord did not change His Plan to suit us. We did not wish Him to do so. We merely wish to be able to apprehend His plans and purposes.”
    Clearly, our not knowing the exact day or hour when this system will end has been a blessing for us. Rather than being frustrated or disappointed, we find ourselves drawn ever closer to Jehovah, our loving Father, as we immerse ourselves in doing his will. Keeping our hand to the plow, so to speak, and avoiding distractions has led to abundant joy in our Master’s service.—Luke 9:62.

    We do not want to give out in our faith!
    We are fast approaching God’s day of judgment. None of us want to disappoint the father or the son, Jesus. They have entrusted us with precious privileges of service in these last days. How we cherish the confidence they have in us!—Read 1 Timothy 1:12.

    We still do not know the exact day or hour that God’s day will arrive, and do we really need to know? We can and will continue to prove ourselves ready. (Matt. 24:36, 44) We are confident that as long as we fully trust in our exemplar Jesus Christ, lord and savoir and put his Kingdom first, we will not be disappointed.—Rom. 10:11.

    • James Hastings

      Amen Ms. Lamb.

  45. ScottL

    For years the doom and gloomers have been predicting the collapse. There will be a collapse and it will be ugly. The problem is in a rigged system the laws and dynamics of the market are screwed up and a logical, predicted outcome can’t be tied down accurately on the calendar. Speaking purely in the financial and economic realm, the game can go on for potentially decades as things progressively get worse.

    But what will probably stop the rigging in its tracks….. what will end the facade, is not economic or financial. It will be a black swan that comes in the form of an attack, even a mild one. The catalyst for a full blown collapse may very well be a backpack nuke detonation in an American city (or even a European city). The damage is small comparatively speaking but the psychological impact is crippling. Even a few shoulder fired surface to air missiles at passenger jets a few thousand feet after takeoff would do it. The sight of missile trails from the ground to an aircraft would slam America’s sense of security and the media would be hard pressed to blame the NRA on that one. Even if no one died and the planes didn’t crash, again the psychological impact would take its toll.

    I consider the financial and economic conditions the C4 explosive already fitted with the blasting cap. A non-economic black swan event will be the detonator.

    • Brad

      It will be worse for us if there is no collapse.

      In 50 years, all western countries will be completely non-white. The genocide will be complete. This is what the elite wants and if they can hold together the status quo, it will happen.

      A collapse might derail that overarching plan, so maybe they don’t want a collapse.

      Maybe the black swan is that it just keeps on like this forever? Why not? Just add zeros and you can dilute any amount of debt away.

    • Brad

      “Even a few shoulder fired surface to air missiles at passenger jets a few thousand feet after takeoff would do it. The sight of missile trails from the ground to an aircraft would slam America’s sense of security and the media would be hard pressed to blame the NRA on that one.”

      Won’t happen if the media is hard pressed. The media always has the story worked out. It needs to be simple: Muslim saw two gay men kissing so he shot lots of gays with a gun that was easy to get. That sort of thing works. Investigation is over on the same day. He did it, lets clean up the mess and control these guns. Thanks everyone for your donations.

      Regarding the Orlando shooting, try asking someone to explain why a gay muslim who worked for the CIA and went to the Pulse nightclub for three years and shot a gay guy called “Angel Colon” in the butt, and in the hand with a “shotgun” that he didn’t have and Angel’s hands were fine the next day and “Dr Lube” was nearby to help the gays with their problems… well, come on, can you feel them pulling your leg yet? What does Pulse Fag Event rhyme with? People may have died there, so why smother the whole thing in such nonsense? To keep us guessing? To make us all feel stupid and powerless?

      The story is always full of holes so people who can see the holes are driven mad. The sheep din notice nuffin. How many of the donations are actually real? Will they reach $100 million?

      • allen ols

        I stole this from u fair and square!!

        What does Pulse Fag Event rhyme with?

      • Galaxy 500

        Where does it say he worked for the CIA? He was a security guard.
        So you are another one of these looks who say the shooting game didn’t happen and or was staged?
        God save us from fools and moslems

    • 8Ball

      If You Value Life, Wake Up! — Paul Craig Roberts
      June 20, 2016 |

      Great Danger: US-NATO Missiles Threatening Russia.

      Putin: “We Know and they Know that we Know…People do not Understand how Dangerous the Situation Really Is”


      If You Value Life, Wake Up!
      Paul Craig Roberts

      Do you remember how close we came to Armageddon in the early 1960s when Washington put nuclear missiles in Turkey on the Soviet Union’s border and the Soviets responded by putting nuclear missiles in Cuba? Fortunately, at that time we had an intelligent president instead of a cipher. President John F. Kennedy pulled us back from the brink and was assassinated by his own government for his service to humanity.

      For a number of years I have been warning that the recklessness of a half century ago has reappeared in spades. The crazed, insane, nazified, neoconized government in Washington and Washington’s despicable Europeran vassal states, especially the UK, Germany, and France, are driving the world to extinction in nuclear war. See, for example, http://www.paulcraigroberts.org/2013/12/14/washington-drives-world-toward-war-paul-craig-roberts

      This is the most obvious fact of our time. Yet only the Russian government addresses Washington’s threat to life on earth.

      Why is this?

      Why was there no debate—or even mention—in the presidential nomination primaries of the road to nuclear war on which Washington has the world?

      Washington is putting its nuclear missiles on Russia’s borders, conducting war games on Russia’s borders, and stationing its Navy off Russia’s coasts in the Black and Baltic seas. To cover up its reckless, irresponsible aggression toward a nuclear power, Washington accuses Russia of aggression.

      The presstitute media—the New York Times, the Washington Post, Fox “News,” CNN, and the rest of the despicable whores repeat the lie over and over until the Western populations are brainwashed.

      Do you suppose the Russians, who know what is happening, are going to just sit there until they are so completely surrounded by nuclear missiles that they have to surrender?

      Unless you believe this, you had best get busy saving your life and the life of our planet. Do not expect political leaders to do this for you. There are no political leaders in public office anywhere in the West, only paid puppets of powerful interests groups.

      Do not expect experts, most of whom are dependent on these same interest groups, to bring influence to bear on government and media.

      There is no one but us.

    • James Hastings

      I’d bet my last quarter…….NY City will be ground zero………..

      “Alas, alas, for the great city where all who had ships at sea grew rich by her wealth! In one hour she has been laid waste”…..

      Only ….if you could read my mind…:)

  46. Dan

    I’ll save the $119 annual subscription fee to jsmineset.com premium content and just listen to your interviews with sinclair and holter here at usawatchdog.com


    • Greg Hunter

      I have only manage to get Sinclair once a year. These guys provide analysis and podcasting every week. Thank you for your support though!!!

    • Tracy Welborn

      That Gold Subscription at JSMineset has A LOT of good info. I suggest it highly.

  47. pat the rat

    There is something call a bank run, there is no money, no atm with any money in it, your money is the banks money .You don;t believe me ,try Cobb versus the bank of England.

  48. Pinocchio

    – Next crash will look like Mad Max.

    – It will be followed by large scale riots look like the scenes of Conan The Barbarian.

    – Unflinchingly Hillary will make the final preparation for the coming world war by turning USA government into Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

    – Several months later she will deliver her farewell speech entitled “Apocalypse Now”.

  49. helot

    Man, imho these two/three/four/…five bits, are so totally arrucate (and relatable) they are worth repeating (not to slight all the other very insightful comments):

    ‘It gets frustrating knowing you’re in this contrived and controlled show and are aware of all the lies and shenannigans while all those around you seem to believe it. Trying to wake people up is very difficult. The truth sounds crazy to them and so does the messenger……..’

    ‘Some people will never wake up…
    The so called alt-media is full of agents who are steering the narrative. Gold, Guns, Food, Prep, etc.
    Learn to think for yourself. Love the poor, the lonely and the the sick and forget about all of this crap.’

    ‘I could not agree more. It’s unbearable. Its like having the glasses in They Live.

    A friend yesterday who I have been trying to wake up along with a few others said yesterday that people are laughing at me and think I have lost the plot by questioning 911 […]
    He said I will lose all my friends if I carry on with such nonsense.
    It’s unreal. I’m past Caring about sheeple really even those I have known all my life. The longer the share continues tge harder it is to awaken people as yiu look like a chicken little.
    People have become so brainwashed that they sre a danger to themselves and others soi best to stay away from them.’ …

    ‘The thing to remember is the scope of what could happen-not the exact date. Just prepare, it only seems reasonable. People on the Gulf Coast are used to being prepared for hurricane season, so why not prepare for an economic hurricane? It is like insurance, you pay for it hoping you never have to use it, but when you need it, boy is it a life-saver.’ …

    ‘Like insurance’, I like that take. Thank goodness I was exposed to Austrian Economics awhile back, or it would be hard to make heads or tails of all this.

    In sum: at least give yourself a fighting chance, and maybe encourage others so they don’t get absorbed into, ‘the flicker’ as Jon Rappoport puts it. Quite like that classic film ‘The Poseidon adventure’, no doubt.

    Also, I’m reminded yet once again of a description from someone who went through hurricane Katrina which EveryBody should be aware of ,


    ‘If we humble ourselves and seek God’s direction during such trials, our faith will be refined, or purified, as though through fire. We do not give out. Rather, we will draw closer to God than we may have imagined possible.—Jas. 1:2-4; 4:8.’

  50. Annie Running Water

    I have listened so carefully to this interview three times — with bated breath……I consider you three gentlemen to be the best minds on this incredible drama which is unfolding and for you to come together at this time means to me that time is very very short for “hearing.” And, Oh, did I hear you! ….. Two thoughts came to me – one: Bill said something about there would not be any goods available. Pardon me for turning to a sleep-time dream I had maybe three years ago, short and to the point: “I am being shown empty grocery store shelves. A gold coin rises up into this view. A Voice says: Your gold will not help you when the shelves are empty.” End of dream. I take it to mean: Keep Gold, but also Keep Food (and Etc.) because there WILL BE shortages and nothing — even gold — will help you obtain what you will need for that time period. Secondly, when Jim talked about Russia and China I could imagine in my mind’s eye two Boa Constrictors slowly & patiently coiling themselves around the United States — particularly, the Petro-Dollar & the Reserve Currency….This is being Executed to perfection I sense. I even wonder — Is there an aspect of Suicide-by-Boa Constrictor with this as well?????? As in: We have met the Boa Constrictor and it is Us (as well as Them). THANK YOU ALL for your excellent insights.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Annie for your comment and support.

  51. tulip

    very poor audio quality….
    one day people die…. and you’ve been talking this for how
    many yrs now….?? and Im a gold bug…

  52. John Nevettie

    Meanwhile a 102 years ago: Where is the law that United States “actually passed in 1913” requiring Americans to pay income taxes? Point to the page where it’s at (date & time) in the US law book statutes or IRS code showing that the 16th amendment (the income tax law) was actually “legally ratified by ALL the REQUIRED states.” Research former IRS criminal investigator (turned IRS whistle blower) Joe Banister, HE FOUND NO LAW HAS EVER EXISTED!!! http://youtu.be/dOgJcA1wUtI

    All of your/our “income” taxes goes straight over to Europe into banksters pockets. Schools, roads, military, Medicare and other regular services here are paid for out of local and corporate taxes NOT income taxes… CHASE THE EVIL…

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