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The Fed is reversing course.  Instead of talking about curtailing money printing, it is now extending it.  This comes as no surprise to financial analyst Gregory Mannarino.  He says, “There’s no way out of it.  The Federal Reserve cannot and will not stop printing money.  If they do, it is party over at that moment.”  Mannarino points out people are running away from fiat currency and are pouring into gold and silver and predicts, “There is going to be a mania in metals because they’re going to want to get away from the Ponzi scheme of currency, and they’re going to rush into metals because they’re real assets. “  Mannarino goes on to say, “We have created an alternate reality.  We have borrowed cash from the future to live better today.  That has created a population boom.  When that bubble bursts, it is going to correct, and millions are going to get wiped out here.”  Mannarino goes on to say, “This is not just a financial thing but a human life issue, and people are going to suffer as great as if there were a global nuclear exchange.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

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  1. Rebecca

    Mr. Mannarino paints a very sobering image of the impending financial collapse – not just loss of wealth, but catastrophic loss of life.

    It has been stated on this site numerous times by myself and others, that not all people are financially able to purchase precious metals and other assets in order to protect our “wealth.” We have no wealth to protect. We are just honest, (now) lower middle class working folks, struggling to survive from paycheck to paycheck. Mannarino’s message spells d-e-a-t-h for us.

    It is not being ignorant, nor I am being disputatious, but I choose to believe that there has to be some hope out there for poor people.

    It would be nice, Greg, if you could find someone to interview to give advice to the poor man. Someone who has down-to-earth advice for those who will have no possession of precious metals, real estates, etc. Someone trustworthy.

    As a follower of Jesus and a believer in the Word of God, I listen to the advice of those who tout gold and silver as people’s savior in the coming calamity with sadness. It is advice that advocates people turn to gold and silver to ‘save’ them and protect their wealth — instead of trusting in God. It is advocating ‘idolatry.’ The love of wealth and the worship of idols of silver and gold, is ONE of the very reasons that God will allow this catastrophe to happen.

    It would seem the answer lies in God’s Word and God’s advice to others within His Word who endured calamity. Remain close to God, learn to return to His creation to sustain yourself.

    Someone who can help poor folks who live in the city, learn how to grow a garden in the city, what seeds/foods are the best to eat when you won’t be able to grow much. Common sense knowledge that our forefathers had, but is now lost.

    Find someone to tell the poor how to survive.

    • Greg

      I don’t think anyone here worships gold or silver. They are simply the only assets that offer protection outside the system. I am sure some of the folks who own gold and silver will be helping people in the future. They will be the few that have money. My advice to you is to buy storable food and water. It is very cheap insurance and it will never be cheaper. I would also tell you not to take on any debt. Repair your vehicle and get your home as energy efficient as possible. I will work on finding someone who can help the poor that does not include buying precious metals. Thank you for your comment.

      • Troy

      • Liquid Motion

        Poor may be a physical state in reference to wealth and well being.
        It should never apply to ones mental capacity or ones knowledge base. You can make yourself very Rich in your state of Mind. There is an abundance of resource material available on the net (most at no cost). You obviously have access to internet and appear to have a good command of the english language. This shouldnt be too much of a challenge for you.
        In Short, we all need to take responsibility to educate ourselves. With knowledge comes a great deal of power. That sets the foundation for the next step in your life….to accumulate wealth. There are many people you can learn from that have become very successful(and wealthy) from absolutely zero.
        If its not wealth that you desire to accumulate and therefore protect, then you are in survival mode. In your case without knowing your full circumstances, I would suggest that you work on the premise that there is “safety in numbers”. Band together with people in similar cicumstances. Discover where everyone’s strengths lie. Work towards developing a community within a community. Become self sufficient. God bless.

      • Anon

        Why not take on debt if it will be hyperinflated away / mass defaulted on? Debt is terrible during deflation, but it’s great for hyperinflation: max out all your credit cards and buy gold.

        • Greg

          That is very risky. I would not recommend. The bankers will recalculate the old debt to the new currency.

    • Chip

      Start here Rebecca. Lot’s of links preparing for difficult times. You don’t have to be rich. Agree with Greg about food and water. Most important to have a three, six, nine month supply which you can acquire cheaply and in fairly short order.

      • Rebecca

        Thank you, Chip – and always, thank you, Greg.

    • Dennis

      I agree with you concerning poor people, and this includes young families who have not been working long enough to accumulate extra wealth to invest in precious metals. I firmly believe that people who live in small towns near rural farming communities, should get to know the farm families near where you live. More detail for reasons why, can be found here:

    • Pauly

      Wrong, those with the least $ are the greatest squanders of it, soda, beer, cigs and other drugs. No person can’t pick up a silver dime/week and in teen years have $52 face or 35 troy oz’s at $2/week.

    • Mike


      My advice is food, water, and squatting in your home when things go down. If everyone but a small few are thrown into the street–it is all over anyway.

    • droidX-G

      God helps those who help themselves. The days of mana from heaven are past.

    • justin king

      BEYOND WEALTH by Alexander Green fits your request.

    • steve

      Bob Chapman always used to say ‘if you can’t afford gold and silver then buy and stock food and supplies. You can do this very cheaply, high quality canned food ( buy a few each shop ). Silver can be brought at $US 24 .00 app – start with one coin.

    • Illinois Troll

      Rebecca – here is another good link:
      Also, get to know your neighbors, friends, church members, and family. Knowing where there will be support will be very important if you need help. Become knowledgable about the basics – learn how to repair a torn shirt, how to make meals from scratch, how to use a hammer and nails. Since you are a Christian, ask God what you should do, and to open your eyes to opportunities in your area to learn new skills. For example, I heard about a lady from church who did home canning; I asked her if I could help her, and learn how to do it in the process. She agreed, and now I know how to do water bath canning. God is over all, and He will help you as you seek Him first.

    • Troy

      I wholeheartedly accept the motto “God helps those who help themselves”

      Too many Christians fall into the trap of inactivity. Many Christians ask God for help, but then expect God to do everything Himself. They excuse this by pointing to the fact that God will provide according to His will and in His timing. However, this is not a reason for inactivity. As a specific example, if you are in need, ask the Lord to help you – but then be active in actually looking for what you need. While it is in His power to do so, it is highly unlikely that God will cause your need to come looking for you, but even if he does, eyes open!
      Chip gave you a good start, there are many more 🙂

      • Tyler

        Hahaha, oh man the lengths Christians go to in order to maintain their delusions is hilarious to me.

        So you basically just said that you should ask God for help but then not rely on him because he probably won’t help you and you will most likely need to be active and do it yourself. Why not skip all the baloney and take responsibility for your life and situation and just get to the being active part. Its funny you say that he has the power to help you which means he chooses NOT to help you. Sounds like a really great guy you’re worshiping there lmao.

    • mike

      Proverbs 27.12 says ‘A prudent man foreseeth the evil and hideth himself but the simple pass on and are punished.1 Timothy 5:8 But if any provide not for his own and specially for his own house he hath denied the faith and is worse than an infidel.
      We have had along time to prepare for this event so we have no excuses not to be somewhat prepared but yes it is very difficult for many who have limited resources. We just have to keep on…keeping on doing the best that we can…which with our understanding should be better than maybe the 1000 people counted around. Thank you for all the info we get and I too look forward to a guest that will have timely advice for people with limited resources and places to go to.

      • Greg

        Thank you Mike for the biblical posting. I really liked it!!

    • Hueofman


      There is life insurance. Automobile insurance. House insurance. Those you have to pay continuously year in and year out. Think of gold as money insurance. If paper money crashes and burns goldmoney will make it whole again, better still it is a one time premium payment. Should there be a gold revaluation against paper currencies sometime in the future, that one gold coin you possess will be essentially priceless. Think about what priceless means. In my mind for most average working class people who do not require a high standard of living, 1 troy oz. gold coin is more than enough to give a fighting chance. Survival not guaranteed.


  2. art barnes

    Greg, “back in time feudal system”? Yes definitely, just look around outside of the country clubs its here already for the most part. A decent job around here is $15 an hour, just try to put dinner on the table for 4 with that, now look at the “feudal lords” and what they are eating in their castles. Nice interview, keep them coming, people are waking up everyday to the reality of the Ponzi scheme.

  3. justin king

    More good nuance on a complicated subject that has been politically polarized to add to the confusion.//// I comment on both Conservative Breitbart and liberal Media Matters about the FED, banksters, and the American oligarchy. It’s amazing to see the ignorance of these subjects, as the desire for political Left-Right pie throwing is just too strong to the delight of the BANKSTERS. On these sites, I try to leave names of blogs such as this one, Roberts, Keiser, etc. for a small change in paradigm. I hope the rest of you will use this tactic also. —JK

  4. AndyB

    Greg: GM makes the excellent point that the ultimate prices of PMs will depend upon the Law of Supply and Demand and not the criminal behavior of the bullion banks. His observation that, at current prices, mining is unprofitable, is spot on. Couple that with growing resource nationalism and the fact that at least 50% of produced gold (in China, Russia et al) never sees the free market, should resonate with even the most misinformed or propagandized Keynesian economist.

  5. Ugly

    The End is here. It will happen when the economy heads south even with the money printings in action. That will mean the dollar is toasted. It is toasted anyway. A strong dollar does not need all the printings and built in IOUs. Our day in America is coming. Hopefully people are listening and planning.

  6. sean

    greg, it is excellent to have gold and silver for a storage of wealth (time). Coming from the mouth of one of the beast himself “in the end only gold is money.” You cannot pay debt off with more debt; has to be something of real value. I do have one comment of my own: you can have mountains of gold and silver but in the end game the majority of PEOPLE don’t know how to even grow or preserve food and even more important purify water. You may find some people who will barter but the majority of PEOPLE live in urban areas with very small concentrations of farms/gardens. in a total collapse a candy bar will be just as scarce as a gold bar. I ask greg that for the benefit of your readers, you add some sources to be able to become self sufficient. People have a very small window to learn how to purify water, preserve food, herbal remedies, shelter before the information is unattainable. Owning gold is important but so are the skills need to live in reality. Thanks greg!

    • Greg

      Good points Sean. Thank you for the comment.

    • Scott

      There are a thousand websites dedicated to ‘prepping’ via food,water,guns,etc.
      This story is about gold and silver

    • justin king

      In a hard collapse, the American culture lacks the civility it had in the 1930’s. Racism will come out as in the present prison situation. Youth will also be angry at the “establishment”.The violence will be a SHOCK. Curfew will be the tool of choice. You will have to live AROUND it.

  7. Troy

    CHEERS Greg.

  8. Sylvia Sterling

    Thanks for having G. Mannarino as a guest on your website.
    He explains things for the average person’s understanding
    and tries to help people.

  9. Charles H.

    Hey Greg,

    Granting that NOBODY, even you or myself, or others out there – get the whole picture: there’s enough sign to understand at least a direction where everything is headed. To that end – let me throw a few things out here…
    Concerning another “takedown” in gold – because a near STAMPEDE into precious metals has already occurred; and as scarcity is already apparent: I don’t think another big smash will happen – unless it is part or the last stroke of the end-game. I think they will try to ameliorate whatever gains in price because of tremendous sales. Consistent mini-takedowns should keep enough uncertainty and allow at least the ‘paper’ price to stay sideways. This allows for some credibility of paper and slows the disconnect from physical.
    Despite the positive attitudes of many people, and the idea of something better out of the “reset” to come – governments are NOT going to lay-down or go away. FEMA, Homeland Security, and the millions of rounds of ammo; along with military and para-military organizations will be the insurance of the Banksters as well as the (complicit) government.
    The music is still playing; but the chairs are disappearing. With the “bail-in” already coded into law; the money-printing unstoppable; and the world economy turning down: only the timeframe is the undisclosed variable. It’s “Good Cop; Bad Cop” at it’s finest. First government will destroy it’s citizens financially; then save them from the chaos of the total breakdown, militarily. Maybe THEN the Precious Metals Confiscation won’t seem so bad; as America will be disarmed at that point?

    • Greg

      Thank you for weighing in Charles H.

    • justin king


  10. BOB D

    I was wondering why the police state made Boston it’s show of force. All I could figure, Boston is known for it’s law schools.
    The upper middle class must be under control, before the police state rolls out in full force.
    The upper middle class, will be hit hard when the SHTF. They will want answers and the only answer they will get, is stay in your home.

  11. Jerry

    As usual -“Great interview Greg”. Greg Mannarino’s prediction is spot on. One thing that has been bugging me is a timeline to the collapse?
    I have heard different predictions, but so far none of them have been correct. I’m looking at the first quarter of 2014. What do you think? I think the Affordable Care Act will be the death blow to this struggling , weak economy as businesses are hit with the full impact of this ridiculous piece of legislation.

    • Greg

      Obamacare is going to put the final nail in an already very weak economy. What a mess.

      • Daniel DeFlorio

        That was the intent. All events since 9 a.m. September 11, 2001 are RELATED. Greg, really like your site, delivery and content. Kepp it up!

  12. George

    As always, information that should be on every single channel of TV for the sheep to hear. Of course, we all know that is something which would never be allowed.
    I like Gregory and listen to him on other places also.
    Thanks for your work Greg!

  13. Kerry

    Not only store food and water but learn a skill-medic, carpentry, small machine repair, weaving, quilting, sewing, canning, candlemaking, soap making, butchery? Surely a barter system will grow out of this as well?? My grandmother was lucky enough during the Great Depression to own a cow when much of Houston was rural, and traded the milk, butter, and cheese for services from her neighbors and from other vendors. I realize the city poor will not have access to a cow but perhaps they could trade other skills for what they need?

  14. Fraser

    Hi Greg
    I believe that the Bullion Banks, the Refiners, the Mints and the Retailers ALL have an incentive to keep the price of gold low.
    The Bullion Banks for economic and political reasons and the others to increase demand and their sales volume / profitability.
    However, this price suppression comes at the expense of the gold suppliers, the gold miners.
    While some wounds are self-inflicted, all gold miners are currently struggling to be profitable and many mines are closing, even while demand is at all time highs.
    Price has been disconnected from the natural balance between supply and demand.
    The dramatic under performance of gold companies relative to other companies in the share market is proof of this imbalance.

    My questions to all parties (except the gold miners) are:
    (1) Do you believe that gold mining companies should ever be allowed to earn a rate of return commensurate with the risks taken?
    (2) What will be your business model when gold supply dries up because of mine closures?
    (3) How can all parties (including the miners) work together to ensure a long term, mutually beneficial future?

  15. Mitch Bupp

    well on a side note …. the rising prices of ammo, guns, and medical costs associated with Obamacare with push up the GDP … LOL all that new economic activity ….

    Thanks Greg and Greg … I like hearing from you….

  16. Dodd

    Greg I have read an article about someone working inside The Department Of Homeland Security leaking a lot of information about what they have planned. Would you mind reading this link and let me know what you think?

  17. Paul

    Only one thing to say to the OP, seeds!
    Heirloom seeds 🙂

  18. Assurity

    This article is about precious metals investing, hence the title “Mania in Gold and Silver Coming”. Why are there people criticizing it for not being aimed at people who cannot afford them,? And instead should tell people survival skills. The net is full of sites that teach all these things. But that is not the subject matter of this article.

  19. Greg

    See lots of comments about being poor and what to do to prepare. Doesn’t take much and I’d say at least 99% of the population has some useless “stuff” around their house they do not need.

    Here is what you can do to obtain precious metals, medicines, food, seeds etc.

    If you are on this site you can do it, cause means you have internet access.

    First, go to Craigslist. Sell or trade any of that useless stuff you have lying around. Trust me, the market is huge for about anything. If you don’t sell right away, login and renew the listing every 3 days. If you have absolutely nothing of value, check out the “FREE” links in Craigslist. You’d be shocked at what people give away, all you have to do is go get it. Then sell that stuff.

    Locate your local coin shops. You can get old U.S. (pre 65), dimes for about $2 right now. Got to start somewhere. It’s 90% silver, and may even be easier to unload when needed due to their small value size.
    Call before going, and ask if they have any junk silver(pre 65 us. cons). Call daily, cause they get supply from people selling it to them.

    For medicine, make your own. Get some vodka (cheap is okay, at least 80 proof though), and some herbs. has some great prices and mostly organic. White willow bark is great for pain relief (it has the ingredient that they make aspirin from, but without the side effects). Feverfew is good for headaches. Garlic is great antibiotic. Clove is great antibiotic, especially for oral issues.

    Even if you have ZERO money go out into a field or yard (make sure no chemicals are used on it) and dig up some Dandelions. You can eat roots, leaves and it has more vitamins than any vegetable. Good for kidneys too. Pick the Milk Thistle(great for liver) once it blooms, Red Clover is excellent as well for detox and cleansing heart etc. All of these are “weeds” that people find annoying but are great for your body.

    Most herbs all you have to do is put the herbs in a jar, fill up the jar with vodka til the herbs are covered. Put lid on jar, then shake it up every couple days and let it stew for 2-4 weeks. Once done, drain the vodka from the jar and you have a medicinal tincture to use as you wish. (dosage of say two dropperfuls is sufficient with most adults) Use less or more later as to how the herb works for you. Works best if you start process on the new moon, so just do quick google search for what days those are.

    As for seeds, try to obtain heirloom seeds, most seeds purchased or used from current veggies are terminator seeds. Basically the plants will not produce any more viable seeds. is a good one, or if poor got to a local farmers market, ask them how they grow their plants. Buy one of their tomatoes or whatever, and keep the seeds from that, to start your own supply.

    As for water, just use your old 2 liter bottles for water storage. IF you don’t have money for filters you can make your own using sand, charcoal etc. Just google it.

    Yes, all of this takes effort and some time, but I would say there are very FEW people that have NO money and NO time. Prioritize these things and you will get it done, trust me the boob tube will still be there when you get done.

  20. Allen Ols

    Greg. Store wheat. Beans rice pasta. In. 55 gal barrels drill 7/16. Hole in lid pull valve stem w/silicone up through lid. Vacuum air out. Buy. Sawyer water filter. Calcium hypoclorite 78% makes- bleach. And more. Buy one coin a. Month pool money. W/friend family. Rev 6:6

  21. andy

    If you cant afford precious metals, then outside of preparing extra food and water supplies for yourself, it would be a good idea to stock non perishable items suitable for barter with other people, such as alcohol, salt, toothbrushes, soap etc.
    A number of respected people have been talking about the derivatives bomb over the years (Warren Buffets “financial weapons of mass destruction”)if it comes and comes bad, our gold and supplies will eventually run out and then we will need life skills to get by.

  22. Donna


    I have sent you at least three e-mails with the same concerns that Rebecca talked about. I am sadden and angered that you have not had anyone on to tell those that cannot buy gold or silver what they should do. I have started the process of stocking up on food, toiletries, and water. My mother knows how to can and garden, but my parents are in their 70’s. What I make an hour ($15) which is good for the area I live in, does not give me the means to do much more. I have instructed my grown children and their families what to do. We have a plan to meet up at my parents if it is possible. If not to “bug in” at our homes. It is a death sentence for those that cannot do as has been suggested of buying precious metals. To me you are talking to the wealthy and elite on this matter. Such a sad thing in book…………


    • Greg

      I do not mean to make you angry. We face a very rough situation and storing food, water and getting your home as energy efficient as possible are the main things folks should do to prepare. Everyone should be doing this no matter if you can afford gold or silver coins or not. What we face is something unlike anything in modern recorded history. The financial calamity that is surly coming will make the Great Depression look tame. I have no magic bullet or advice that will automatically put everyone in a good place. I am trying my best to get the word out. Thank goodness you are awake but there are many who are not. I will try to address preparation further in the future. Please do not be angry at the messenger. Thank you for your comment and do not give up.

      • Donna


        Thank you for replying back. I am just worried about us “little” people that make up so much of the US. I have been telling my co-workers for over a year to stock up on food and other items. But, they are in the same boat that I am in. I am single and live alone, so no extra income. Also, they do not seem to understand or even want to understand about our economy. Some think its just people telling lies about the gov’t. I will keep reading your website because I do want to know what is going on. I just wish you would have someone on that will break it down to those of us that will be on the “outside”. I want someone that will give it straight too. I would rather be scared and prepared than scared and not. Thank you.


  23. Suzanne

    The derivatives market is in the hundreds of trillions. Pastor Lindsey Williams says that this is ultimately what is going to collapse the entire world economy.
    Here in Houston… the people who are asleep are still selling silver and gold. I hit my local dealer… premiums aren’t that bad $75 for gold eagles, but $55 premium on Australian koalas. Silver premiums, depending on the mint go from $1.75 for some generics to $5 per ounce for US mint silver eagles.

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