Market Will Go Down 40% – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner says his “stock market cycle has topped.” Look no further than the more than 400 point pounding on Monday for proof. Nenner says, “If we see a good close on the S&P futures for March below 3230, that’s only a couple of points away from here. Then we get lower price targets, and then this could turn into something much more serious. . . . These bull markets don’t stop on a dime. So, we can go up and down and up and down. . . . People always think there is a buying opportunity . . . but this market will go down in a strong, strong way.”

Nenner is not waiting. He is instructing his clients that “It’s time to sell. We are totally out of stocks. . . . There is a difference between insiders and small investors. Small investors are upset if they miss another two or three percent to the upside, while the big investor is afraid they can lose 40% to the downside. I am afraid they can lose 40% to the downside. I am standing aside unless I see something totally different.”

On interest rates, Nenner predicted months ago that rates would go down, and they did. What does Nenner say now? Nenner says, “The same thing . . . this is going to continue for most of the year. Again, we don’t know what the news is. It could be a rush for safety. It could be a recession. It could be deflation. . . . I think we will have a deflationary crisis, and that’s why interest rates will go much lower.”

On the Fed trying to suppress interest rates by flooding the repo market with cheap money, Nenner says, “People that thought they were safe and had money put aside are having to go back to work when they are 80 years old. So, the Fed could maybe succeed in what they do, but they are bringing down the whole system.”

On gold, Nenner still stands by his prediction that “gold will go to $2,500 per ounce” in the next few years. Nenner explains, “Cycles show me that gold and silver will be going up for a couple of years. . . . I take profits in a short term top, but people say that Mr. Nenner says the long term top is $2,500. So, I am in for the long term. The problem is it can go to $1,890 and then suddenly to $1,470, and they get afraid and sell out and no more long term investment. . . . If you are strong enough, let it go to $2,500, but never get weak even if it goes down. Be a long term investor. . . . $2,500 gold could take three years.”

How much higher could gold go in the longer term? Nenner says, “I made the calculation that if the system breaks down and we have to go back to the gold standard, then gold would be around $60,000 per ounce. Who knows what’s going to happen.”

Another one of Nenner’s cycles that has turned up is the “War Cycle.” Nenner says, “Remember a few years ago, I said the internal war cycle was more frightening than the external war cycle, especially for the United States. We are going to have social unrest and uprising that is going to be more dangerous, and that is more dangerous than the United States going to war. . . . What we are looking for is the big war that still has to come. I still say I don’t think it comes in the Middle East. It will come in the South China Sea. . . . Just because it’s time.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with geopolitical and economic cycle expert Charles Nenner.

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  1. Jeff

    Thank you very much for this interview! Amazing how people don’t pay more attention to someone with such a great track record.

    • Warren B.

      Absolutely !
      With comments like:
      – “stock market cycle has topped. Look no further than the more than 400 point pounding on Monday for proof” – and yet the market turned around and is now above 29300 again.
      – “I am standing aside unless I see something totally different.” – in other words flip flopping to save face.
      – “Who knows what’s going to happen.” – precisely so all these predictions May or May Not eventuate.
      – “I take profits in a short term top” – implying he sells Gold into strength whilst being Long (hold) – yeah everyone can play that card too. Take profits on the expectation of a pull back – looks like a genius, but then stays LONG Gold to seemingly inspire confidence in his calls. That’s called a Win-Win for Mr Nenner. Brilliant.
      I wont hesitate to reiterate my call of 100,000 on the DOW by 2050. Up and down moves are expected and are natural. I don’t justify or qualify that either.

      • Greg Hunter

        See comment to “John”.

      • Prefer not to give but regularly listen

        I guess he was right. This person owes you and Nenner an apology. Btw I listened to Nenner 😁 and will be buying his service in the near future. Thank you Charles.

  2. The Watcher

    “Kinda weird how the dollar and financial system is on the brink of collapse (the only thing keeping it afloat is the massive money-printing), which is what has artificially sky-rocketed the stock market, while a new coronavirus emerged in China recently. Just waiting for it to mutate before it spreads like wildfire and has a high mortality rate, thus, deflect away from the Bankers who engineered the coming financial collapse, fleecing of the masses, and eradication of the middle class. So when the next 1918 Spanish Flu-like, or worse, pandemic hits, everything will come to a standstill including distribution, thus, the markets, banks, and dollar will collapse. Perfect way to escape blame for actually causing the collapse by their fractional reserve ponzi scheme running since 1913 which is inherently designed to fail.” ~ Joey Romanus

    • scootman

      BTW, who has a good explanation for the relative value of the dollar, staying stable and even inflating, while they print trillions of dollars? What happened to economics of supply and demand? Was that just a myth? Let’s dilute the U.S. Dollar by 20 times over a few short years–it should be valued at a nickle, but it’s not. Who’s manipulating it? Why didn’t we just print money and raise the value of the dollar for the past 240 years? That seems to solve everything! It’s a big Ponzi, that’s why. This experiment will ultimately fail. All nations are in on it, becasue all their fiat money is worthless, too. Expect a one world currency backed by precious metals, a 7 year peace treaty in Isreal, and then the end as we know it. This is covered in the Bible– it’s not just my word.

      • Dave Cerid

        Well you see, Trump has nearly paid off the National Debt like he promised and is going to slash Gov. spending any second now ….
        so NO PROBLEM.

        • Greg Hunter

          Are you this stupid??? Your fearless leader Obama doubled the national debt along with the RINO Republicans in 8 years. Nobody was EVER going to pay back a dime. Trump is setting the country up for reorganization and it won’t be reorganized the way the Criminal Deep State wants it to be. This is the reason for the push to remove Trump, and yes I think you are this stupid if you vote for that Marxist death cult called the Democrat Party.

          • Christian

            I approve of this message !

    • paul ...

      The Watcher … The Corona Virus will become the Black Swan event that finally sinks the stock market (as retail sales “for everything” will suffer as consumers remain home instead of risking contagion with trips to car dealerships, retail stores, etc., etc.)!!

      • Freebrezer

        Paul – Best not to drink corona beer! I read on the internet the two might be linked.

      • paul ...

        The virus “doesn’t have to kill anyone human” for it to sink the markets and become the Black Swan of Death for the Stock Market … just the fear of catching it … will keep people home not buying anything … and simply living off their 2 year supply of food they have stored away!!

  3. paul ...

    Nenner says: “I made the calculation that if the system breaks down and we have to go back to the gold standard … then gold would be around $60,000 per ounce” … this sounds exactly like something Jim Sinclair or Bill Holter would say … now a rise like that should make up for the dividends Paul Jr. was worried about me not including in my Gold vs. S&P 500 calculation … I know … the time period I was comparing was only from 1970 to the present … but … if Paul Jr is going to include dividends … he should also “be deducting” the Federal and State income taxes people need to pay every year on those dividends … one of the reasons Federal and State governments hate gold is because it doesn’t pay them a 10% to 40% percent cut of those stock and bond dividend checks every year … so trying to include “100% of the dividends” collected by stocks or bonds in their overall rate of return is not being completely truthful!!

    • paul jr.

      The reason why I objected to you not including dividends as a part of the total return of stocks was that you were misleading people to wrongly believe that they would have made more money in gold than in stock since 1972.

      Please see the second chart to see how much more you would have made in the stock market with dividends compared to the S&P 500 (without including dividends) and gold and silver. Very big difference.

      And taxes on stock dividends in a non-retirement account would not be that much. Stocks would have still easily had a higher total return than gold since 1972. And that is a fact so live with it.

      • Greg Hunter

        I’ll say it again: “What if they cut off all the QE, manipulation, interventions, outright crime and Fed repo take-over? Or, what if all this crap just stops working? How’s that factor in to that “long term” thinking? How long you going to live man!!

        • Russ

          What can’t go on will eventually stop. All this crap will stop working; it’s just a matter of math and time.

        • JC

          Greg, you are right about the “what if” scenarios.

          I remember a time in my life when I only knew about interest bearing savings accounts and certificates of deposit. Then at one of my first real jobs with a 401k, I was clueless about my choices, I didn’t understand anything, what is a stock, what is a bond….

          Oh well, all I know is that I used to buy a slice of pizza with a silver dime and a nickel. Those were the days.

        • paul jr.

          The saying “past performance is not indicative of future results” certainly would apply at this time.

      • paul ...

        Paul Jr. …we have a philosophical difference … I look at the stock market as a crap shoot … not an investment “like gold” … “reinvesting your dividends” to me is like taking your lottery winnings and buying more lotto tickets … until one day “you lose everything” … but that simple gold coin in your pocket remains … exceeding all your professed gambling returns by a country mile … live with that fact as you see companies like GM, Boeing, Shale Oil Drillers, etc., etc. closing in on bankruptcy and a myriad of retailers following suit to an untimely grave … … buying stock “as an investment” is an oxy-moron … those buying into the stock market today belong in a loony tune insane asylum!!

        • paul jr.

          No one as of today has ever lost everything when investing in the U.S. stock market so long as they did not do something stupid such as put it all in just a few stocks or bought on margin.

          I not saying to buy stocks today just because they performed well in the past. All I did was to correct your mistake by pointing out what someone really would have made in U.S. stocks compared to gold. May be if you stop misrepresenting what I said in some of your comments I would not have to keep responding and us ending up in the arguments.

          • JCD

            Curious paul jr what would be compared stocks to land. Prices are still valued in paper. Yet value is in the eyes of the beholder. . to your good gold is under value as long as the currency is paper, or digital. Land is a value to everyone that owens none.

    • paul jr.


      You stated that I should be deducting the Federal and State income taxes people need to pay every year on those dividends. No, that would be wrong to do that if you are just looking at what the total return of an investment was. You pay taxes on gold too which has nothing to do with the actual return on gold itself. When you buy gold some states today charge sales tax. When you buy gold you almost always pay a premium. Rarely does anyone buy gold at spot. Then when you sell gold at a profit you are required to pay capital gains tax. These personal costs are not a factor when it comes to how gold actually did in the market. The same is true of any investment.

  4. Pickster

    I took Mr. Nenner’s free subscription offer. No muss; no fuss, and he was right quite a bit more often than wrong. I recommend it.

  5. paul ...

    Nenner says he is standing aside in gold and silver right now … expecting perhaps a $50 dollar pullback in gold and perhaps a $.50 cent pullback in silver … that’s good for traders … but for us long term investors it is simply an additional opportunity to buy more … actually looking at the following chart comparison of Silver and the US Dollar index … … we can see how silver and the dollar line up … notice the US Dollar index needs to decline a bit (look between the two dotted red lines) before silver then takes off … in 2002 when silver took off it rose significantly from $5 dollars to $50 dollars (giving investors 10 times their money) … what we want to see now … is the US dollar decline a bit more (which will likely to be soon if Trump has his way) … and the silver price will take off in a big way … if we get 10 times the current $18 dollar price (like what happened in 2002) … we are looking at perhaps a seven year move up to $180 dollars per ounce for silver … if the gold/silver ratio falls to 15 over that seven year time period gold should be $2700 per ounce … about what Nenner is predicting … however if the gold/silver ratio only falls to say 60 … then gold should sell for $10,800 per ounce (as Jim Rickards suggests)!!!

    • paul ...

      So a higher number for the gold/silver ratio … is a lot better for those owning gold … sort of not that intuitively obvious to most gold investors!!

      • paul ...

        Today the “unmanipulated” consumer confidence index for January rose … to a reading of 131.6 … up compared to December’s revised reading of 128.2 … boosting optimism among stock market investors regarding the current health of the economy .. and fueling expectations of a better job market and better employment prospects in the future … from companies that are currently finding it difficult to even make a profit … so they are selling whatever gold and silver holdings they have … to buy more stocks!!

        • JC

          paul.. part of the idiocy, that few fail to realize, is that we have been classified as “consumers” instead of “citizens.” I find that insulting.

      • Justn Observer

        Paul, Maybe the ‘serious’ well healed investors do see it…but…at some level…the alternative is just too cumbersome to bother with storage wise? lol
        Consider those wishing to store or transport $100 K or $1M in gold vs. the same in silver? 64, or 654 coins vs. 5555 or 55,555 convert those to weight = one’s ‘intuitive’ consideration regarding storage or transport depends who’s and what ‘their’ situation and point of view is ? Of course one can see the safety in the latter, that a thief could more easily use a backpack that a 2 ton truck ! lol

    • scootman

      Paul, taking a chance to be out of gold (even for traders), just for a 3% pullback is poor money management. Maybe Nenner said that to show he isn’t trying to time the break-out perfectly, so as not to be held to short-term market shenanigans. Or, maybe he is just trading a small portion of his gold position. Gold could easily open-up one day and eclipse that 3% quite easily. Buying more on any small pullback makes good sense, as you reason. I’m with yo on much higher precious metal prices over the ensuing years.

      • paul ...

        Scootman … You say “taking a chance to be out of gold just for a 3% pullback is poor money management” … I agree!!

        • paul ...

          What is good money management is people taking action to prevent erosion of their wealth in retirement accounts by a possible Black Swan event (the Corona Virus pandemic now engulfing the world and the news of this virus continues to spread across the worlds news outlets) … Nenner expects the stock market to fall by 40% … and for precious metals to continue to push higher and higher – likely targeting the $1800 level in gold short term … then making a slight correction … and then proceeding on up to $2500 to $60,000( if we re-set to a gold backing of our currency)!!

          • scootman

            Paul, my research suggests that a 60-70% correction is in the works, from whatever high the markets achieve. The majority of asset classes will be hammered. Precious metals obviously won’t, and the commodity complex should do well. It’s hard to name another. :))

  6. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    (However, the $60,000 number for gold — assuming a gold standard — IS intriguing).

    • Greg Hunter

      I had no idea he was going to say this. I was a little stunned. I should have pressed him on why he did the research.

      • Randy Best

        Hello Greg,
        Charles seems very conservative on gold prices unless the system totally collapses. I was reading an article by Jim Sinclair in 2014 where he predicted $50,000 Emancipated Gold by 2020. It appears that Mr. Sinclair has now pushed that out to 2024-2025.

      • Diane

        How much of the worlds population individually own gold?

  7. paul ...

    So global warming is not a hoax? … and the Government is now going to “tax us” just like Al Gore wanted?? … to do what volcano’s do for nothing??? …

    • Justn Observer

      To BUY enough chain to hold the sun from going on its normal outbound Malankovitch cycle as it’s ‘earth’s heater’ departs leaving the earth’s atmosphere to cool some on it elliptical transit before warming on its return… at it’s farthest it will about 1.7 million miles further out…UNTIL the globalist can hold it back! lol These are the days of Noah… boys and girls… when regions will fail, empires will fall from lack of ability to feed their people… Soon you will see heating bill double, food prices rise…and the people’s choices on which to buy, which bill to pay will snap the rubberbands holding the world economy together. Am not sure if there is no more can left to kick, or they ran out of road… enjoy the ‘fake’ meat, and your GMO in the inner cities…AND out in the farmlands… prepare… 7p’s JADE HELM… the hunt for protein will be on.


  8. David

    Thank you, Greg. And thank you for getting word out as events develop.

  9. paul ...

    So much for putting your money in “private assets” like stocks and real estate … Nenner tells us that the stock market has essentially peaked … and the real estate market in NY crashing … … that leaves gold and silver folks!!

    • paul ...

      But what about the dividends that stocks and real estate provide that gold doesn’t?? … here is a tale of two investors that may clarify why gold (without any dividends) beats stocks that pay dividends … there was once an investor who hated gold (because gold didn’t pay any dividends) so he put all his money into real estate and the stock market … but he was careful to diversify his stock portfolio … so he bought the second largest US Mall owner (General Growth Properties) … a major utility (Pacific Gas & Electric) … a large retailer (Sears) … a huge agricultural firm (Monsanto) … a major airliner (Pan American) … a defense stock (Boeing) … a photography company (Kodak) … an energy company (Enron) … a home entertainment company (Blockbuster) … a car manufacturer (General Motors) … a comic book and toy company (Marvel Entertainment) … a diet and nutritional company (Atkins Nutritionals) … a magazine company (Readers Digest) … a clothing retailer (Barneys) … a recreational company (Schwinn Bicycle) and an investment banking firm (Lehman Brothers) … all paying very nice dividends … so unlike the schmuck who avoided the stock market altogether and simply bought physical gold (and made 37 times his money since 1971 giving him a yearly compounded return of 7.8% on his money) … the more intelligent stock investor collected dividend checks (that he had to pay taxes on) up until all his stocks declared bankruptcy!!!

      • paul ...

        The moral of the story is … don’t put anyone between you and your money!!!

        • paul ...

          This … … is what the Wall Street crowd does … they trade … as they are so used to buying and selling (to scrounge a few penny’s out of the market) because they fear being in anything for the long term … don’t let it scare “you” (as they intend) … look upon “their trading antics” as a golden opportunity to put a silver lining under your investment mattress!!

          • paul ...

            Remember … keep the big picture in mind … Trump wants (needs) a weaker dollar … and a weaker dollar is going to make buying silver now … a better investment then gold!!

            • Stan

              Paul: Are you aware Silver crashed thru multiple support levels today? You want to buy this garbage metal?

              • paul ...

                What are you talking about Stan … silver is simply testing it’s 50 day moving average at $17.40 … … I’m expecting it to pop higher from here!!

                • paul ...

                  You have to understand Stan that it is important for the speculators who want to see silver rise will begin buying now … here at $17.40 to “paint the chart” and keep it looking bullish … but for us “long term investors” whether the speculators succeed or not is of little concern … in fact if they fail we get to buy silver even cheaper!!

              • Freebrezer

                Stan – are you giving a sell signal? Just wondering? Your last signal for selling gold at $1475.00 was a good counter trend signal!

        • JC

          Yes, paul… but don’t forget the very old expression….
          Don’t put all your eggs in one basket!

        • Auntie Seize

          Yes indeed.
          For every ONE way the average “investor” can think of to cheat somebody out of a buck, the money changers can think of a THOUSAND.
          How to you eat an elephant? One bite at a time.

      • JC

        paul… 1971 was a long time go…. who in 1971 could predict, well if I do “this” in 2020 the result will be “that.”
        Hindsight is 2020.
        Personally, I didn’t enjoy at all the phase of my gold coins going from around $1800 an ounce to around $1050

        I’ll stick with diversification.

        • paul jr.

          Probably the smartest thing for most people to do so long as it includes having a good percentage in precious metals. Unfortunately, unlike you JC, most people do not.

        • paul ...

          And don’t forget JC to idiotically put all your eggs in one basket and “automatically reinvest all your dividends back into your highly diversified stock portfolio” (that you predict won’t go bankrupt “based upon hindsight”) so that you can outperform gold that has a solid history of keeping up with the QE, Repo and the other “fiat creation shenanigans” the criminal banksters play on the public all the time!!

          • paul ...

            According to Nenner $2500 dollar gold is in the bag JC … if you bought at $1800 … just sit tight … “you can never lose if you just hold tight” … because you have the Fed working overtime for you … printing up money like there is no tomorrow to destroy the value of the dollar (which they have already brought down from 100 cents to 2 cents)!!

            • paul ...

              So Yes, JC … don’t forget the very old expression … Don’t fight the Fed!

          • JC

            paul… I still think the Permanent Portfolio is not a bad place to put some money.

            A Fund for All Seasons® Designed as a core portfolio holding, Permanent Portfolio seeks to preserve and increase the purchasing power value of each shareholder’s account over the long-term, regardless of current or future market conditions, through strategic investments in a broad array of different asset classes.

            Swiss Franc Assets
            Real Estate and Natural Resource Stocks
            Aggressive Growth Stocks
            Dollar Assets


        • JC

          paul… another thing, in 1971, at what age would a person typically have a substantial amount of money to invest? You are talking about almost 50 years ago. Were you buying gold in 1971? It was a different reality back then.

          People were happy with an interest bearing savings accounts
          CD’s and U.S. Savings Bonds. They weren’t buying gold other than jewelry, rings, necklaces, etc.

          • paul ...

            Yes JC … I was buying gold back then … gold stocks … I was young then and didn’t realize that “gambling in the stock market on penny gold stocks was not the way to invest for my future” … after making (and losing a half million) to the corporate liars and Wall Street crooks … it tends to “wake you up” … hopefully my current warnings to the younger people among us won’t fall om deaf ears!!

            • paul jr.

              So now I understand what your problem is when it comes to hating stocks so much.

              • paul ...

                It’s not “my” problem Jr. … you can do “everything right” … buy a good solid company paying a good dividend (and diversify your holdings) among different industries like defense (Boeing), retail (Sears), investment banking (Lehman Brothers), etc. … and still wind up losing your shirt (not because “you” did anything wrong) but because criminals are running most companies … there are zero criminals between you and your money when you buy physical gold (and keep it in your possession) … in my opinion something with “zero risk of bankruptcy” is worth giving up your dividends for!!

                • paul jr.

                  That is true. There is risk when owning stocks as well as owning any other asset. But there is no reason to misrepresent stocks just because you lost money while other investors and traders have made money.

      • paul jr.

        Just want to point something out. There is a little problem with that 1971 start date for buying gold. People were limited to owning only 5 ounces of gold bullion until 1975, which is not a lot. So if you would have bought gold on January 1, 1975 when you could once again legally buy gold in any quantity, you would have only a 4.62% compound annual growth rate instead of 7.8%. Where as the S&P 500 including dividends would have returned a 12% compound annual growth rate. So if one invested $10,000 on January 1, 1975 in the S&P 500, by the end of December 2019 they would have had a balance $1,693,438. If that $10,000 was put into gold you would only have $76,203. Just saying.

        • paul ...

          Paul Jr. … Lets keep things constant … when we make comparisons … and limit the investment amount to 5 ounces of gold and an equivalent cash value of stocks and run the numbers … and gold wins again (keeping dividends that are taxed and must be reinvested out of the equation) so we are not comparing apples to oranges!!

          • paul ...

            Paul Jr. … Just want to point something out … there is a little problem with you assuming not any stocks you bought over the period from 1971 to 2019 ever went bankrupt (which would decimate your total return calculations) … you are assuming stocks have a quality only gold has (it never goes bankrupt) … when comparing gold (that doesn’t pay dividends) it should be against stocks (that don’t pay dividends) to keep the analysis of comparing apples and oranges “sort of constant” … just like in my original analysis (stocks were given a quality that only gold possesses) a failure to ever go bankrupt … if you are going to insist on skewing the results in favor of stocks by adding dividends to the stock side of the equation … then I should have the right to add bankruptcy and taxes to golds side of the equation!!

          • paul jr.

            Here is one of a thousand websites that explains what total return is.


            What you are trying to do when you compare gold to stocks (excluding dividends) is called price return.


            • paul ...

              Good Paul Jr. … you found the problem to be a semantics issue … lets let it be! [brings to mind a song the Beatles sang: “When I find myself in times of trouble Mother Mary comes to me … speaking words of wisdom … let it be … let it be”]!!

              • paul jr.

                Sounds good.

        • Stan

          Nixon was a genius regarding monetary policy

          • paul ...

            Your right Stan … he made the value of gold go up in terms of fiat money (instead of being fixed at $35 dollars per ounce) … not good for someone who holds a gold short position while the currency is being printed to infinity!!

  10. Bonnie Grainger

    Now the weather in the old country!

    • paul ...

      Hilarious Bonnie … the upcoming King of England watching over the “weather” for his countrymen … when “whether” a Brexit storm is approaching … is completely ignored!!

  11. Justn Observer

    Greg, Great call Nenner ! Can’t wait to listen/watch…

  12. JC

    Wow, we had Armstrong and Nenner, back to back.
    So, now, the question is, what the heck do we do? We want to have some precious metals, that’s a given.
    What about stocks? Have some or have none?
    What if Armstrong is right about the shift from “public” to “private” assets?
    What if Nenner is right about a 40% drop in the market?

    So many questions….

    • paul ...

      JC … Why even get caught up in a crooked fixed game (the Stock Market) designed by criminals to make you lose … simply buy gold and silver and forgetaboutit!!!

      • Auntie Seize

        An astute player never plays a game where the deck is stacked against him. – Fundamentals of Game Theory 101.

      • JC

        paul… the latest from Ray Dalio is this.

        ‘When you don’t know, the best investment strategy is to be smartly diversified across geographic locations, across asset classes, and across currencies.’

        • paul ...

          JC … diversifying your holdings “among many crooks” around the world … is not going to protect you … simply buy physical gold (and silver) and stop fighting the Fed trying to use “criminals assets” across many geographic locations and various paper currencies … just to try and get even with the Fed’s monetary debasement … gold does it for you without any effort on your part … just buy and hold precious coins and you can sit back and finally enjoy life (no one needs to worry about their money every day after they earn it)!!

    • scootman

      I would recommend, NOT having precious metal ‘stocks’. Historically, they correct much like the rest of the market. Buy them after they have a decent correction, which may be something like 6-12 months into a broad market sell-off.

      • paul ...

        Good advice scootman!!

      • paul jr.


        Let me say that I think that the precious metals stocks may not go down or at least go down as much as they did in 2008 if the stock market sells-off. Why is that? First precious metals themselves also sold off sharply back in 2008 which put downward pressure on the mining stocks. I do not think that this will be the case for precious metals in the next stock market sell-off so I would not expect the precious metals stocks to sell-off either. Also the precious metals stocks have not come close to recovering from their past highs like the general stock market has so I think that they would not have as much room to fall as they did in 2008.

        Referring to precious metals stocks, you said “historically, they correct much like the rest of the market.” But according to this article in some past stock market sell-offs gold mining stocks did well.

        • paul ...

          Still … why take chances with gold stocks when most of them are simply holes in the ground with a liar at the top!!

          • paul ...

            People must get it straight in their minds that buying physical gold coins is “an investment” made to preserve wealth … while buying gold stocks is “a gamble” made to win a fortune if you are lucky … would I ever gamble on a gold mining stock? … yes … but only if I felt the odds were “extremely skewed in my favor” (like it having recognized good management and a viable gold deposit that can be mined at a significant profit) … but most gold mining stocks are simply ” lotto tickets” that can go bankrupt (as they are stocks after all) and I consider “all stocks” to be a useless relics when it comes to preserving wealth … they are “gambling instruments” as much as options and other derivatives that have expiration dates … gold has no expiration date and has been a preserver of wealth for over 5000 years!!

            • paul jr.

              I do not care about preserving wealth with all my assets in gold which has not even kept pace with inflation over the last 40 years.

          • paul jr.

            To make a lot more money than gold that is why. So I guess that you are now a mining expert?

            • paul ...

              Paul Jr. .. I traded penny gold stocks … wrote my own computer codes back in the early 70’s to trade stocks using technical analysis … I bought options … got into private placements and made a lot of money (gambling in this way)… but looking back in hindsight … I see more clearly what I should have been doing … and that’s the quote “expertise” I’m trying my best to pass on to younger less experienced investors who are buying into this stock market bubble today!!

              • paul jr.

                Funny how you do not know what total return means which is investment 101 stuff after what you just said concerning your experience.

              • paul jr.


                Based on what you said I would say that you were not investing but speculating.


                • paul ...

                  Semantics again … investing, gambling, speculating … it’s all the same to me!!

                  • paul jr.

                    It definitely is not.

                  • paul jr.

                    Yes, at times there can be a fine line between investing, gambling and speculation. At other times it is not. For example would buying stocks of a good established company intending to own it for a long period of time be the same as buying the triple-leverage junior gold miner fund JNUG while using margin hoping to make a quick profit. Of course not. You could hardly call both of these, investing. One is clearly gambling.

    • oneno

      CN put conditions on stocks:
      S&P 500 Futures below 3230 then get lower price targets and possible drop.
      S&P 500 Futures above 3370 to get back in.

      War Cycle bottom will take another 10 years

  13. Mr David B Morris

    You may have missed an important point the threat of euro etc will make capital flee to USA.
    Both Mr Armstrong and Mr Nenner are agreeing a US stock market melt up is possible.
    Get Brent Johnson to explain Milkshake Theory ASAP.

    • paul ...

      Flee to the US? … that won’t be able to sell their products to a failed Euro Zone?? … why is the thought of fleeing into gold and silver simply ignored???

    • scootman

      We’re already having a melt-up. But, “When does it stop?” is the question. The ultimate answer probably lies in when the Fed stops QE. If they continue to print, the “inflated asset ponzi” continues, until some point when the emperor is found to have no clothes, and therefore no change in his pockets to hand-out.

    • oneno

      People are tapped-out everywhere. Where is capital going to flee?

      MA mentioned GOV hunt for cash even if you have all the accounting and have paid taxes.

      Europe has very tight capital controls.

      It took me a whole year to get USD 1500 out of Europe back in 2013 even with evidence of wired deposit from my bank. They saw that money as money that I earned in Europe even though there was evidence the money was deposited from abroad from my after-tax bank account.

  14. H. Craig Bradley

    Better drink a cup of warm Nutmeg.

    Then consider, coronovirus or SARS. Open Air or Living Markets on the street selling exotic foods like cobra meat and bat meat ? Asking for it, I would say. Maybe the Chinese need to learn the virtues of Kosher Food. Clearly, they have an unhealthy diet, no doubt a result of pandemic poverty in China.

    • paul ...

      And a McDonald’s on every street corner!!

      • Self Exiled

        They have McDonald’s in China.

        • paul ...

          Yep … about 3000 locations … and they plan to soon double the amount of locations … China and Japan accounts for roughly 20% of McDonald’s total gross revenue … if I were “a betting man” (and willing “to gamble” that Trump’s neocons don’t start a war with China) I might put a few dollars into McDonald’s considering the huge potential market … but only after the market falls 40%!!

          • paul ...

            Another stock I may consider gambling on “after it crashes” is Freeport-McMoRan (the world’s largest copper producer) … it’s shares can fall dramatically on concerns over the Corona Virus impacting China’s economy … this Corona pandemic in China is a “Real Black Swan Event” for the global economy … if Freeport-McMoRan and other copper producers begin to curtail production it will “produce a silver shortage” (as silver is a by-product of copper production)!!

            • paul ...

              But remember any money you put into stocks (after the 40% crash Nenner see’s coming) is “gambling money” … and should not be considered “an investment” the way gold is … just like when you buy a Lotto ticket (you do not consider Lotto tickets investments)!! …

              • JC

                paul… Nenner is not God, maybe there will be a 40% crash and maybe there won’t be.

                • paul ...

                  JC … Why depend on “someone else” to determine what you should do with your money … use your own God given brains … for instance … look at the following chart … … notice how gold is now above major resistance … you don’t need anyone to tell you to buy gold … you tell yourself!!

    • H. Craig Bradley


      Exotic street food in China is Unclean. Therein lies the public health problem. Change and Go Kosher! The Chinese want to monitor and control everyone in China via. Facebook and Social Media, as well as Facial Recognition in the urban areas. It should be easy for them to control the food sold in the public square. Time to focus on public health and not political opinions of the citizens. Control disease at the source.

  15. Papa Randy

    Greg if your listeners will go back to Mr. Nenners last interview on U.S.A. Watchdog. I believe the last comment he made was for your listeners to buy gold and he explained how to. Of course we know now he was correct. Which leads me to believe he is correct about a great many things. If he says winter is coming then I would suggest a good winter coat or two. Thanks for the interview!

  16. Jerry

    I like Charles, but I think his predictions are rather conservative.
    When this thing blows, it’s going to blow the top off the stock market. With the feds reckless daily injections, a 40% drop will be a blip on the way down.

    During the subprime mortgage debacle, I tried buying foreclosure homes in Florida. Homes went from $300,000. To $65,000. In a matter of weeks. I tried using investors I know in Florida to partner with, but they refused to get in the market because they said they didn’t know where the bottom was. When bubbles burst, that’s a reality.

    • Jerry

      I hate to say it, but I told you do.

      This is the deep states plan B, when the impeachment hoax goes south. As much as I hate George Soros, he’s right about the economy being juiced by Donald Trump. My businesses have made more money in the last two years than I have made in past twenty years. But I also have never seen cheap money spread around for such a long period of time either. Repos are the result of when demand for liquidity outpaces the supply. The choice. Increase the supply by increasing the repos or reduce the demand by raising interest rates.
      Either way, the Fed has painted itself into a pretty tight corner, and in the process has blown the debt bubble into the stratosphere.

      • regaleagle

        George Soros is an 89 y.o. demon from Budapest Hungary that needs to go meet his maker very soon…….he looks like a ghost now. He should shut his trap since he obviously doesn’t have much time left before the flames of eternal hell burn his buttocks but good.

  17. iwitness02

    A rise in domestic unrest? I think that is a safe call. Russia, spy’s, quid pro joe, impeachment and now cnn with don lemon and his guests calling out “boomer rubes” and how stupid they are. Northham in Va. ignoring the the will of the people. The slow walk towards justice, or is the hope of justice a pipe dream? Fiat currency, and laws that are passed to protect the ruling class from us, while making us the criminals. What could go wrong? People are getting snippy. Coronavirus is or is not. The stock market, and real estate market seem poised to head downward. This short list of woes is not supportive of emotional well being. The media hypes croronavirus, they in no way down play it . It is being sensationalized. The human race has very few friends in this world. Fear and isolation seem to be the coming attractions. Maybe throw in a little famine, in case there isn’t enough to worry about. Faith is going to be the most precious commodity to hoard. Plus the things needed daily to maintain life, as the world turns.
    Glad I get to see all this. Otherwise I would have never been able to believe that mans inhumanity to man could reach such depths. Our Heavenly Father told us there would be days like this. Now I am convinced of His wisdom. I’m a believer.

  18. Dave

    If nothing else now is a good time to take some of your equity profits. Not necessarily sell everything but do a targeted sale, Continue buying junk silver at the least. Half my investment assets are in rental homes in rapidly growing markets. Population and jobs growth. I purchased several homes in Vancouver in 2015.In a tax free state Very nice homes for 300K each. Nice appreciation since then but, more important, solid ROI. Getting 8% returns from the the properties. In a “crash” I could lower the rents 50% and still have nice cash flow.

    Nenner is likely right about civil unrest in the US. It looks as if the impeachment trial will have witnesses – solid conservative GOP Senator Langston is calling on the White House to release the text of Bolton’s book, if they don’t he’ll support calling witnesses. If witnesses are called the trial could go on for months (given court appeals to block their testifying). The Dems are set to take the Senate ands keep the House in 2020. If Trump wins he will be blocked by the Democrat Congress on everything. Leading to even more polarization.

  19. Blather

    I no longer believe in “expert” advice after a firm predicted the longest bear market to occur in 1992 based on their Fibonacci analysis.

    Instead, we had the longest BULL market in history.

    So what happens Monday? I can make you one prediction and it will be true. It can go up, it can go down, or remain stable.

    But that also depends if you take a long term or short term view. But then you could care less too and take the middle ground. 😉

    • Greg Hunter

      What if they cut off all the QE, manipulation, interventions and Fed repo take-over? Or, what if all this crap just stops working? How’s that factor in to that “long term” thinking? How long you going to live man!!

      • Blather

        Maybe the FIBonacci analysis was right but the guy read it wrong?

  20. Mike R

    Nenner says rates are going down, which makes sense, given what the Fed is likely to do if stocks drop. But Martin just said, that rates really are likely to go up, due to market forces. Fed can partially control very short term rates. Long term rates they really can’t control.
    Wonder which side is going to win ? Interest rates down, or up ? and which end of the curve is down or up. We inverted again over multiple terms in the past week.

    This whole market is like a yo-yo, driving even the strongest willed investors crazy. Long term holders probably should not be long term holders if they are going to want/need to redeem their assets in the next 10 to 20 years.

    Just saw another article where the Fed has goosed repo’s with $4 trillion in past 4 months. Even if it gets ‘paid back’ or is short term, nobody knows exactly what amounts were at what terms.

    Even part of that $4trillion could really goose markets, so that is what we witnessed obviously. The Fed once again stepped in to prevent market drop or crash. For the umpteenth time over the past 10 11 years they have done this. More like hundreds of times. When will they stop ? Its absurd. Truly absurd. I would be shocked if they let the market even drop 10%. 40% drop ???????

    Given how the Fed will stop at nothing to print money, its hard to see that kind of a drop, until someone abolishes the Fed itself.

  21. Montana Guy

    Truth Alert: a ‘gold standard’ is not a ‘gold standard’ unless you can prove that your ‘money’ (digital, paper, or coin) is in fact backed by physical gold.

    Do you honestly believe the very same globalists who do not want you walking around with fiat cash in your pocket would allow you walk around with gold? If you believe that you have missed the whole lesson of their ‘Global War on Cash’.

    • Self Exiled

      Please Justin interpret all that for me. My internet services are not as good as in the USA. Thank You.

  22. Country Codger

    Fantastic Mr. Nenner.
    I love the fact that you and I agree so much. AWESOME. I predicted that this cycle would be a global cycle in September.
    This cycle involves War, Pestilence (Pandemics) and Famines. Of course I predicted this much in 2016. The part that everyone is missing is, yes 2020 is the peak of the war cycle and it will continue until 2023 but it will increase, as well as Pestilences, Famines and War by 7 times from 2023 to 2030. Also, please remember that earthquakes and volcanic eruptions will also increase 7 times more.

    So, how many people predicted an increase in pandemics in the spring of 2016? Hello?
    Sir, you look at finance and things that affect finance, I look at things that affect all life on Earth. It will get worse.
    Lo Iyrah,

  23. H. Craig Bradley


    Look, its not that easy to actually execute trades like Nenner suggested. Buying the bottom of “the cycle” and selling at the top of the cycle is rather simplistic. Few investment managers can actually do it consistently. Getting completely out of the market is a very risky trade unless your predictions come true (getting lucky). Have to wait and see how that works out. I agree with his risk assessment but few investors want to give-up on gains. Market volatility will kill traders who attempt to time trades.

    Plus, if you read Martin A. Armstrong and listen to what he says, there are numerous cycles of different durations. So, its pretty complicated to do, in-practice. The big moves happen when multiple cycles converge, as happened in 1929. While it could happen again, I am not convinced we have seen the top of the market, as yet.

    Gerald Celente ( Author of “Trends Journal”) says the global economy is still slowing down. In response, he predicts the FED will lower interest rates to near zero this (election ) year. I can see high growth, high tech stocks taking a fall if profits slacken, while consumer staples (cyclicals and value stocks) could pick-up a bit as more yield starved investors buy-in. What I do not anticipate is an across-the-board movement in one direction by the entire stock market ( 12 sectors). Again, more complex. Nenner was probably punting this time around.

    • paul ...

      If you limit your buying of physical gold and silver “to periods when everyone knows the price is depressed” (like silver is today) … you never need to get out of the market … you never need to trade nor need to subscribe to investment advice … you simply buy and hold (for decades) … and when you retire you should have a small fortune to pass on to your children … without worrying about inheritance taxes … or setting up trusts to protect your money from government taxation!!

      • paul jr.

        Agree. But you said that you do not need worry about inheritance taxes. I take it that you are talking about not reporting the fact that you owned gold and silver as you are supposed to?

        • JC

          oh…. that’s very interesting, paul jr.

          “Houston, we have a problem.”

        • paul ...

          Jr. … If you strategically gift your gold away over the years … you won’t own any when you die and the government (who had the balls to print their fiat to infinity) will get “zero taxes” on it!!

          • paul jr.

            Sure but you can do that with any investment. But of course if you plan on gifting away your assets after retiring but die before you get a chance then there will be inheritance taxes.

        • Clare Doll

          Paul jr.
          But you’re missing a button on your shirt!

  24. Justn Observer

    Greg, Are we being lied to about the Coronavirus?
    Hear from Dr. Paul Cottrell…a expert PH’d in bio & financial chaos theory…
    MORE – are we being lead into Marxism>

    • paul ...

      When Hillary “feel’s the urge” we all better run (men and women)!!

      • Greg Hunter

        As I have predicted months ago, Hill is done and will not run.

        • Diane

          I sure hope you’re right Greg!
          Some of us are really afraid the psychotic woman just might have this all planned.

  25. H. Craig Bradley

    Discovering Cycles ( Martin A. Armstrong)

    See, not simple but very complicated. Only Martin knows the real cycles (plural)

  26. We Got'em On The Run!!!!!!
    “What does it mean that love never fails (1 Corinthians 13:8)?”
    Love never fails, and the English Standard Version adds to our understanding of these words, translating them as “Love never ends.” The next sentence contrasts love with other spiritual gifts: “But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.” Prophecies, tongues, and knowledge are all temporary. Not so with love. Because love is a basic attribute of God (1 John 4:8) and because God is eternal, love will also be eternal. Love will never fail.

  27. jOHNNY rEB


    John Bolton left because Trump wouldn’t let him start a war

    There was always going to be a conflict between Trump’s “America First” and Bolton’s “America Everywhere.”
    By Alex [email protected] Sep 10, 2019, 4:45pm EDT

    And You Thought Hillary Was Bad!
    September 11, 2019 4:24PM ET
    Stop Calling John Bolton a ‘Hawk’
    A hawk is a noble, useful bird. Bolton is a war criminal
    By Seth Harp

  28. Stan

    History is littered with the carcasses of people who bet against the US Dollar. Just remember that – especially you Paul.

    • paul ...

      Stan … History is littered with millions of carcasses of people who left “fiat dollars” to their children as an inheritance and wound up effectively leaving them nothing … only a few over the last 5000 years passed on physical gold coins to their children … they were smart to give gold to their children as they passed on “purchasing power” … even gold found on sunken ships on the bottom of the Atlantic from the time of Columbus still retains it’s purchasing power!!

    • Mike R

      actually Stan, that is not true at all. Show us evidence of ‘carcasses’ that bet against. The real carcasses, are all the countries who transact in the dollar, and its too strong against own their currencies, and so they bet with the dollar (not against), and now have so much debt that they can’t repay it, and their third world governments are defaulting. Eventually that comes back to affect the US.
      I know, I know, you are talking about big money traders (who gamble), but those are very low life forms, and they deserve to have their financial heads handed to them.

      You sound more and more like Gina every time you post, using folklore and rhetoric, and mentions of ‘friends’ of friends for your own ego boost. Do you actually KNOW anything financial yourself ??? Or do you just parrot what your so called ‘friends’ say ?

      • Stan

        Mike R: I knew enough to short Gold when it was $1874 and shorted it all the way down to $1050.

        • Greg Hunter

          Right Stan, and fast forward to more recent times and you have been shorting gold since at least $1300 per ounce.

        • Mike

          Sure Silly Stan. There are all kinds of gold charts out there, to look back and throw some darts at, to make up a story about how ‘smart you supposedly were.’ If you were that ‘smart’, then you would have easily known how utterly stupid it was to short gold at $1300 when its been in a secular bull market since late 2016. Just like Greg said.

          And if you really did short from $1874, (which we all know you really know you are lying about) you now will have too large of an ego and wont let go of your newest short, even as gold blows back through $1900.

        • Justn Observer

          and when you ‘cashed in the play’ you were handed what? NOT GOLD, right? just digits in an account that can drop as Nenner suggests might…or…FRN’s if you are out clear now like him? So now what…if GOLD goes UP…as your FRN’s go down…can you buy as much GOLD then as you just sold out of? And -if the new CFTC rules kick in soon will you have to ‘sell’ your Bentley to get flush?
          Regulators may do SOMETHING About Position Limits?! (Bix Weir) =

          Fill us in Stan. What do your friends say about it? If JPM steps out and leaves the others to hold the shorts…how your DB position? Still all in and going long are ya?

  29. Mike R

    Get Chris Martenson on to talk about the wuhan virus.

    99.9% of the news is WAY behind in reporting on this.

    Cases are WAY higher than just 6000.

  30. Kate

    Thanks for this interview Greg. Will you post it on BitChute too? Lots of channels are moving to BitChute to escape YouTube censorship.

    • Greg Hunter

      No Kate I will not post on BitChute. I am testing Daily Motion for that reason. Thank you for your kind words of support.

  31. Justn Observer

    Greg, When did it become ‘legal’ for ‘agencies’ to enter into a ‘treaty’? And one giving them the right? , ability? to spy on U.S. citizens from a ‘base’ in a foreign land?
    So is that an end around of the law – not to be able to spy on U.S. citizens/residents from within the borders of the U.S.? Good Grief – is there now no bounds to their treachery/ignoring Constitution rights?

    • Justn Observer

      Everyone needs to read the article above…it is clear that this potential criminality may have been going since at least what 1998? and moved along ever since by every Director of the FBI … Another ‘ no real treaty’ treaty signed by V’P. Al Gore NO actual Presidential signing after no Congressional ratification? So when/who is going to impeach the impeachers? and AGAIN …. where is…. A.G. WHEREIS BILL BARR? or do we even have an actual government of , by and for the People any longer for a long time! And still no MSM or Fox News interest in pursuit of the encrypted blackberry story…you know …a network between people doing pay to play/bus. behind the PRESIDENTS AND CONGRESS who never ratified or signed treaties to do bus behind their backs ‘blind’ to the NSA ? Nice gig! LOL
      The U.S. actually having a functioning Constitutional government but rather an ‘illusionary’ one grows daily !

  32. Jerry

    Breath sucker breath.

    Wanna buy some more Deutsche bank stock Stan?

    • Stan

      I did today

  33. Howard Doodle

    Hey Gina, This is whom you are afraid of, not the Triumphant Trumpster. He’s forgiving, but the sheeple mob, not so much. Be carefull!
    MASSIVE MAGA CROWD: HUGE President Trump Fans Ahead of Wildwood, NJ RALLY
    634,093 views•Jan 28, 2020

  34. Howard Doodle

  35. Bill

    So, the US $ is going to collapse, disappear? What is going to replace it? There has to be something – a unit of trade, and it will have to be in place to move into to stop using the US $, so when you can point to what will take it’s place, I’ll listen to your collapse theories.

    • Montana Guy

      Bill, I don’t believe you will listen to reality. SARS has been a known threat since 2003. You have seen that. Yet I’ll bet my Birkenstocks that you do NOT have a stock of N95 respirators on hand for your wife. Or PM 2.5 masks for your children.

  36. Robert

    Trump is the second coming of Churchill.

  37. Diane

    George Noory had Dr Charless Simone on the other night. He was discussing the Coronavirus.
    He said that ZINC…would kill this Coronavirus.
    Preferably zinc should be taken daily in food…Google for a list and good information.
    Meat is a good source……
    I will be eating a lot of In and Out Cheeseburgers!

    • John

      Zinc is cheap and I take a couple tablets whenever I feel like I’m coming down with something. It’s amazing.

  38. Diane

    Greg, if this virus turns into a Black Swan…,I’m sure you can get Dr. Charles Simone on USA
    He is very interesting about a lot of issues you
    and most of your posters are.

    • Diane

      You will love this!!!!
      Skip to main content
      Tennessee State Rep. Files Bill To Officially Designate CNN As ‘Fake News’
      Profile picture for user Tyler Durden
      by Tyler Durden
      Thu, 01/30/2020 – 17:40
      Authored by Steve Watson via Summit News,

      In a move that is sure to please President Trump, a State Representative in Tennessee has introduced legislation that would officially designate CNN, as well as The Washington Post, as fake news.

      Republican Rep. Micah Van Huss filed the bill Wednesday, with the summary describing it as “A RESOLUTION to recognize CNN and The Washington Post as fake news and condemn them for denigrating our citizens.”

      Coronavirus: Malaysia arrests five for spreading misinformation online | #TheCube
      Taking to social media, Van Huss, a former Marine who served tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, declared “I’ve filed HJR 779 on behalf of a constituency that’s tired of fake news and Republicans who don’t fight.”

      Micah Van Huss
      The State of Tennessee recognizes CNN and The Washington Post as fake news and part of the media wing of the Democrat Party.

      I’ve filed HJR 779 on behalf of a constituency that’s tired of fake news and Republicans who don’t fight.

      Follow it’s progress:

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg, Am trying to cut back on posts – Honest! But too incredible to not share… New York now CHARGING A PERMIT … look at the stars? Seriously…you are required to pay a fee to look up after dark…LOL Extra if you are from out of state? What – special stars over New York?
    Have the Democrat (s) lost all sanity? Are they now so desperate for taxes?
    @3:55 in

  40. Prophet

    I dont see Gold ever getting to 60k,,,, you have to ask yourself , who owns the most gold in the world America or China ? Whoever it is will have control of the new word currency
    which they can back up by Gold….. right now the fed can just print up dollars to infinity, when the system blows up …The world will no longer allow America to do this…Once this happens the only way America will have a chance of retaining the $$$ at the world currency is by threatening war…Which by the way we are already doing via the petro dollar, anyone country thats wants to sell oil by any other means quickly becomes our enemy…….

  41. Christian

    What amazing timing this interview was. Keep up the great work Greg.

    I’m writing this Friday after the Dow dropped 2% .

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