Middle East Dog Fight, Economic Update Not Good, 6 Million Vote Illegally

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 289 6.23.17)

The Middle East had near dogfight aerial combat in the skies over Syria. The U.S. shot down a Syrian fighter jet and an Iranian drone.  Russia immediately halted cooperation with the U.S. in Syria, and warned it would “intercept” any aircraft in areas it controlled.  Russia also charged the U.S. that America was “supporting terrorists.”  One former Obama Administration insider says, “The risk of a big war is rising.”

If you want to measure how well the economy is doing, you should take a look at the hard data and the soft data. The soft data shows the so-called “Trump Bump” has decidedly turned negative, and the hard data of the real economy has also taken a plunge.  In the real world, the State of Illinois has joined the ranks of Puerto Rico for major money problems.  The Illinois Comptroller says “The state can no longer function.”  Illinois has no money to pay its bills or interest payments and for all intents and purposes is insolvent.  Powerball has cut off Illinois from selling its lottery tickets because the state is dead broke.  Many other states are going to be in the same shape as Illinois in the not-so-distant future.

Donald Trump had it right when he said if it were not for the three to five million illegal votes, he would have won the popular vote in 2016. According to a new study by the nonpartisan group “Just Facts,” 5.7 million noncitizens “may have cast illegal votes.”  Keep in mind, this does not take into account massive voter and election fraud in places like Detroit, where there were as many as 6 times more votes than registered voters.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks back at the week’s top stories in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up: 

Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal, will be the guest in the “Early Sunday Release.” Celente looks at his two top trends:  war and a weakening economy.


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  1. Peter

    Dear Greg,

    Again and again I tell you this: The USA is a BANANA REPUBLIC !


    Peter (from Europe)

    • Greg Hunter

      Peter and Europe Is a Islamic Caliphate. I’ll take my chances here. Peace.

      • Oracle 911

        Not at all, Central European countries (especially the former East block) is resisting.
        Of course Brussels which is under the neocon thumb is pushing this agenda.
        My 2 cents
        Oracle 911

        • Galaxy 500

          The countries that you are calling out are small. AND they suffered mightily under communism. They know all the lies and evil that National Socialists, Communists and Socialist Democrats use to steal a person’s freedoms and country. They had armed Jackbooted thugs of the Hammer and Sickle oppress them in the not too distant past. Where we had Hippies and “free” love (just another term for whoring around) in the 60s and 70s, Eastern Europe had poverty and oppression. So yes, the former commies know where this road leads and they are refusing to be lead or even forced to go down it again.
          The Majority of Europe, is suckling at the teat of Islamofacism. You say Europe is under the thumb of the neocons. It looks to me like they are attempting to form a union thst destroys the sovereignty of the member Nations. And in doing so, challenge the US for a dominant role in the world. The EU stand against almost everything we stand for.

          • Oracle 911

            Well I’m one from of these countries and living under the previous regime wasn’t that bad. Because our basic needs were covered. So homelessness was nonexistent, our country was 107% self-sufficient in terms of food, higher education and healthcare was free, everybody was employed, low taxes and the industry alongside with the resource management was in the hands of the state (that’s why we had low taxes).
            After the velvet revolution we got the so called freedom of speech (which is basically nonexistent due the corporate media) but everything was sold to corporations and dubious individuals under the guidance of experts from Harvard. And as joke on us the colonial administration is consisting from the same jerks who ruled before 1989 or their sons respectively. :/

            • Oracle 911

              PS: Before anyone call me Marxist and socialist or whatever. I need to clarify one thing. We lived in the same kind of covertly fascist regime like the Western Europe or the US. The only difference’s were the vocabulary and the appearance.

      • Frederick

        Good luck with the gangbangers from Central America They’re as violent or more so than the Muslim refugees in Europe And by the way Eastern Europe is 99 percent white Better bet than most places in the states I’m in Turkey and everything is peaceful and nice Going out now the pick some peppers and tomatoes from my patch

      • Arthur Barnes

        Well Greg, I am sorry to have to tell you that I suspect the “American” Caliphate is alive and well and striving in this country also, New York City being presently the headquarters. The religions of peace never sleeps, go to the beach or on vacation, it strives on others being blind and unaware. My fellow Americans, poor little souls who would rather stay dreaming than face the reality of any threat no matter how large.

    • jodyp

      Oh,good grief,not again.Always remember,don’t be a Peter.

    • Country Codger

      Hi Peter,
      There will be no safe haven aywhere. I know a lot of folks have gone to Uruguay but even that will become unsafe.
      Actually, the US is a banana dictatorship as long as there is a single national emergency in place, and we have several. The following article explains: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2011/12/14/american-dictatorship/
      I’m with Greg, at least here in Texas we can shoot back. Try that in Europe.

  2. Ray

    Thanks for the report……another Pearler.
    I am not a man of violence, but there does come a point.
    All I can say, with a saddened heart, is the following:
    America, if you want things to change, there is only ONE way that’s going to happen.
    In Australia, we have a rock band that is nationally treasured for their political songs, called Midnight Oil. One of their biggest hits, The Power & The Passion (1981) has a very poignant line for America (and Australia……heck……THE ENTIRE WORLD)……
    “It’s better to die on your feet than to live on your knees”.
    Sounds about right to me.

  3. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Karen Handel is *not* the first woman Georgia has sent to the House of Representatives. She’s the first *Republican* woman voted into the House. I can’t believe people have forgotten Cynthia McKinney, and there were other women before her. As for Conway joking about “Laughing my #Ossoff” the puns on Ossoff’s name were started by his own campaign with the hashtag #voteyourossoff. The amount of outside money pouring into the state for Ossoff was obscene. (If anyone’s wondering, yes, I live in the GA06. I voted for Handel.)

    • Greg Hunter

      I stand corrected Diana. Still a huge accomplishment!

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Definitely still an accomplishment, yes! Frankly, my main emotion here is relief that Ossoff lost. We don’t need an errand boy for Pelosi, representing us.

  4. Oracle 911

    Something is with the sound, perhaps with the microphone.
    And at least half of the US states are over-indebted so…
    My 2 cents
    Oracle 911

    PS: Where is the link to that article?

    • Jeff Poindexter

      Over modulated!

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Jeff I got it fixed. I had a corrupted and out of date audio driver. Thanks. Better next time.

    • Steve Spry

      Sound was over modulated thus the distortion. ie. too loud going into the recorder.

      • Greg Hunter

        Yes Steve, I discovered I had a corrupted audio driver and worked with dell to fix it. Hopefully better next time. Thank you for your support and comments.

  5. John:

    Greg I live in a suburb if Chicago and you would be amazed just how many people have no clue about what is going on. Many of the black and Hispanic population think Rahm E. and company are doing a good job. They blame Bruce Rauner for any problems they see. I can tell you I work at a company that makes road and construction products that we have really slowed down starting 3 weeks ago. Our sales are in the tank. Cook county just passed a sugar tax on soft drinks sure some complained but for the most part it was a big yawn.
    Myself and my wife can finely afford a nicer home but now I am completely afraid to take on a bigger mortgage for fear of what is to come.

    • Steve Spry

      I think the only answer is for people to move out of Illinois. I am in a similar county in Missouri. Tax revenues down so the first thought of the city council is to raise taxes. Never even a moment’s thought to reducing spending. (In the same week that tax revenue down was reported they decided to buy a single acre of land for a park for $200k when the going rate is more like $75k) I would like to move but like many in Illinois it is not easy with family and business but there may be no choice. Then again I hear rumblings of the government wanting to assign long term debt to each Ameerican for their portion of paying off the national debt. WHAT??!??

      • Frederick

        Steve That particular acre was far more expensive probably because a friend or family member of a politician was offering it for sale Typical cronyism at its worst

    • Steve Spry

      I think the only answer is for people to move out of Illinois. I am in a similar county in Missouri. Tax revenues down so the first thought of the city council is to raise taxes. Never even a moment’s thought to reducing spending. (In the same week that tax revenue down was reported they decided to buy a single acre of land for a park for $200k when the going rate is more like $75k) I would like to move but like many in Illinois it is not easy with family and business but there may be no choice. Then again I hear rumblings of the government wanting to assign long term debt to each American for their portion of paying off the national debt. WHAT??!??

    • Jackie Puppet

      The blacks & latinos you mention are also clueless about the real reason Illinois can’t pay its bills:

      Speaker of the IL House – Michael Madigan, who has been speaker for all but 2 of the more than 32 years or so.

      Blame can also be placed on his constituents who hold the rest of the state hostage, that won’t do the right thing and offer a true opponent, and also vote out Michael.

      It doesn’t hurt him that his daughter is the IL Atty. Gen, and refuses to do her job fighting corruption, instead acting as a “Consumer Advocate General”.

      BTW, Greg, I just want to say that I learn far more from your site that any other when it comes to the financial world, and the effects it has on geo-political happenings. While I’ll never become an expert in this area, you and your guests have a knack for making the information presented here, quite easy to comprehend.

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jackie for the street reporting and the kind words of support!

      • Frederick

        Jackie You mean “Mad Madigan”?

  6. Rick Hester

    “100% of Illinois income goes to Medicaid”…Insane!
    “Dissolve Illinois and give it to surrounding states”…why would any other state want a rotten apple? Hey, I know, sell it to China and let them build military bases there…NOT.

    Another great recap Greg.

  7. Bruce

    I believe the Obama administration passed legislation so that the Fed will back all pension liabilities. Looks like we all will be paying more taxes not just Illinois

  8. Paul ...

    Tensions with Russia may actually prevent a war with China over N. Korea since the US can’t fight a two front war … but we still have to worry about the neocons momentarily backing off from a war with N. Korea and China and going full force into war with Russia by shooting down a Russian plane next … the Demon-rats and Reptilicans need a war … to try and deflect Trump’s attack on the pedophiles in government … we may soon see a couple of State Governors and many powerful Senators resign to avoid jail time (even the Vice-President may resign) … but most important Trump “must nationalize” the Fed which is trying to engineer a soft coup against him by raising interest rates … they know that raising interest rates will put American businesses into bankruptcy as higher rates will draw foreign capital to the US strengthening the US dollar … thus defeating Trump’s plans to sell more US products abroad … and drawing foreign money to US shores by raising interest rates will not push the stock market down but actually keep the US stock market rising just as it did in the 1920’s as the Fed back then pushed rates ever higher and saw the US stock market rise up and up until it peaked in 1929 … war and lack of confidence in government are potent drivers for a rise in precious metals … but the plunge protection team keeps spending taxpayer money to keep precious metal prices down (which is good for us stackers … but the PPT are in fact selectively discriminating against the American people in general by giving us stackers an unfair advantage)!!

    • gregd

      No taxation without representation. It’s a state, who’s representatives just represents the people of their state.

  9. David

    Highly unlikely that Israel would send aircraft to Saudi Arabia and even more unlikely that Saudi Arabia asked Israel for such visible support. Saudi royals deal with “family” issues within the family and no one was worried about any adverse reaction. This is pure Iranian propaganda to drive a wedge between Saudi Arabia and other Arab countries.

    Regarding Planned Parenthood: I’ve seen more liberal outcry over puppy mills than the selling of baby body parts. How absurd is that?

    Great wrap-up Greg… thank you!

    • Frederick

      Wouldn’t surprise me in the least There are lots of conspiracies on the net that the Saudi Royal family are actually what they call “Crypto Jews” Based on their policies that theory doesn’t seem so far fetched On thing we do know for a fact I’d both Saudi Arabia and Israel have a lot of patsies in our government through blackmail and money

  10. Mr Mister

    I called it out way before anyone else. Qatar is going to redirect their pipelines through Iran – to connect gas to both Europe and Asia. Basically Qatar is pivoting to the New Silk Road. Qatar is importing food from Iran. By the way the Shia vs Sunni divide will only work for so long, because the ultimate aim is to drive the West out of the Persian Gulf.

  11. Tommy

    The greatest threat to our elections is the syndicate that runs the Democrat party and their helpers in the major cities of the US. Illegal voting, voting fraud, vote counting shenanigans, etc. not only influence our elections exponentially more than the Russians, they actually affect the results. Thanks Greg for our weekly dose of sanity. It’s our can of Raid to vanquish the week’s barrage of sewage coming from the MSM.

  12. Corleone

    It seems the cartoon has been edited. I do not see Husein Obama bin Dajal there.

  13. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, Illinois has been going bankrupt for years now and still the people of that great state elect the liberal political correct tolerant give away the farm politicians; that is until the people actually see their pensions cut – which is coming. As to election fraud such as Detroit, Detroit is a drop in the bucked as to how many illegal, non registered Hispanics voted in California; the sorry ass elections officials allowed it to happen, all you have to do is check a box stating you are a citizen and wallah you vote! So much for the demigods extreme belief in the democratic process, they only believe it if they get the benefit of the illegal votes, if things were the other way around all hell would break loose, demonstrations, riots, impeachment, etc.

    • Freebreezer

      Arthur B … I can’t wait for Illinois to pass the threshold of going bankrupt from “gradually” to all at once! the big questions is when? I think of all the waste of ingenuity that is put into juggling and keeping Illinois afloat vs. that same brain power that could be used for innovation … waste, waste, waste … or better yet socialism, socialism, socialism, or am I repeating myself? !!!

    • RTW

      All hell IS breaking loose with demonstrations, riots, talk of impeachment, talk of assassination, etc. The Dims are keeping this fairytale going, about the Russians “fixing” the election, just for that very purpose. They were counting on the MSM to take the president down by now and that’s not working so they’re taking it up a notch by eliciting their loony followers to get active and “resist” anyway they can. Since the Dims like to use the term “Dog Whistle”, I’d say their rhetoric is a loud one and so clear that even their supporters, with room temp. IQ’ s can pick it up. The danger is that they will never give up.

  14. Larry White

    This article may be of interest. Dr. Lawrence White (George Mason U. and Cato Institute) talks about returning to the gold standard:


  15. Scott Miller


    First, the economy right now, today, is better with Trump, than it was pre-Christmas with Obama. Therefore, I disagree with you. You continue to allude to the Fall when a calamity is going to happen. I don’t see it the way you do. Moreover, you continue to bring up the loss off jobs as well as the loss of brick and mortar via the downfall of america’s malls. I disagree with your premise. The internet has replaced the way Americans shop and this is why the brick and mortars are losing, such as Sears, JC Penny, RadioShack, Payless Shoes, Nordstrom, etc…I hope I listed enough to make my point. Furthermore, Amazon just bought Whole Foods in order to compete with Walmart, another company quickly adapting to online business. As a result, you exaggerated the obvious sector you are in.

    Namely, the media. Yes they are laying off at media outlets because they can’t compete with online media. You exist as a direct result. Therefore, shame on you for not discussing this HUGE shift in our economy. Could be you are spreading propaganda as well? 99% of the news I get is online, not television. Your work product is a relevant percentage of what I digest.

    War? Ok. Tougher for me. We know americas military industrial complex is ramping up under Trump. I site the Saudi-Trump deal last month as one example. I think arm sales are way up across the board. The arming of the Middle East, Asia, and Africa continues jobs because somebody’s got to make them. Consequently, wars, and battles, like we have seen shall continue just as it did under Obama with lybia and drone strikes, not to forget the Ukraine and the Far East, Korea. Gigantic war? Not if you mean Russia vs USA. We both use others as proxies but not all out distruction. Consequently, your hyperbole continues. We see terrorism, not all out warfare.

    The people who still care about Russian interfence in the presidential election are the losers who still are pointing fingers. The other side does not care. It’s literally old, fake news. The Democratic Party is 0-4 since the Trump victory. In truth, the Nancy Pelosi era has been fantastic for the Republican Party despite the republicans own shortcomings. Having said that, we have government gridlock and as a result, very little will really change under this president. Instead, expect the status quo to continue. Trump is entertaining. But his success will be obstructed, because that’s the way it is already, right now. But NO disaster, no landslide, no global calamity.

    Therefore, more propaganda on your part because doom and gloom is the message you sell because the MSM won’t tell the truth. Finally, I want to end with your own history and the statements you make since I am older than you, barely, but remember well. Shows like 60 minutes, Nightline with Ted Koppel, Dan Brokaw, Petter Jennings, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer, etc… were also in the propaganda business. They did it before there was an internet. Hollywood has been funding liberals since the Vietnam war. Nixon was president when propaganda was active and efficient. Somehow, you managed to distort history of the media. This means you are participating in revisionist history. The New York Times is what they were, only more efficient and dogged in their influence. The Washington Post of the Bob Woodward era when it was “All the Presidents Men” is still as fake then as it is now. Pretending yesteryear’s journalists were better than than now is a false narrative. I have you, Celente, Holter, Hoffman, Mannarino, Williams, Pollack, Kirby, Stockman, and many others whom I never would have listened to back in the old days. Their voices were not heard until people like yourself gave them an opportunity to express themselves. This reoccurring theme of yours about the superiority of journalism way back when, compared to today , is way off base. Your work speaks for itself. It did not way back when because people like myself didn’t have access to an internet. Therefore, the brick and mortar media are also being replaced by internet entities, just as internet shopping is replacing brick and mortar retail sales.

    I apologize for being long winded. However, you WNW was very well thought out and put together once again. Keep up the good work and hope you understand we can agree to disagree.

    Scott Miller

    • Greg Hunter

      “more propaganda on your part because doom and gloom is the message. . .” Some facts and NOT propaganda. The current deficit in the U.S. is around $20 trillion. The global debt market since 2008 grew about $60 trillion. According to Laurence Kotlikoff, Professor of Economics, the real commitments and obligations for America is around $200 trillion. The Fed has a trading desk and therefore there are no real markets and no real price discovery anywhere in anything. That means, the housing market and commercial property market is being propped up by artificially low interest rates. Every top money manager I can think of are all sounding alarms. All the above IS NOT PROPAGANDA. These are facts, and I could go on. You think the economy is doing better? Look no further than inventory build and car sales. Oh, and by the way, all that debt I mentioned above is NOT going to get paid back. Illinois and Puerto Rico are just two of the canaries in the coal mine that are dead on the floor. Please step out of the fantasy world you are living in where you think the economy is better because of massive global central bank manipulation, bond buying and money printing. That is another huge fact, and if central banks have to do this to prop up a dying debt system, YES, I THINK THERE IS GIONG TO BE A CALAMITY and actually THE MOTHER OF ALL. You best be ready my friend. We agree to disagree.

      • Scott Miller

        Ok Greg,

        You made many excellent solid points.

        First, Puerto Rico? Too small to matter. I site Iceland as well as Cyprus. They are good examples, just like Puerto Rico, but don’t add to your point. Dead canary? Yes. But not impactful. Kinda of like an economic proxy. Instead of a war proxy. In addition, I would like to add Greece, and why not all the PIGS. The wasn’t any recovery in any of them. My point is they were papered over by the European financial sector. You failed to cover that analogy.

        As for Illinois? Stop it. I am from California. I understand statewide debt calamities but living 45 minutes from Stockton meant nothing, not to mention Vallejo. You make it sound as if illinois’ greater debt problem is larger and therefore worse than Michigan, I site Detroit, another bankrupt city, Ohio, multi city problems, he’ll just throw in the rust belt and cry me a river. But come September, the bears, browns, bengals and lions will all sell out and the people at the games won’t care. Until one slides into never never land, which should have happened already, I’m putting them in the same category as the USA, with all those unfounded liabilities. Time to make a larger point.

        Say your points are all valid and concerns to be taken seriously, why aren’t they? How long have the aforementioned been in this state of crisis? I’m apologize Greg. How many years? You fail to acknowledge the time frame. Why is that? For so long you have done a masterful job of consistent crisis coverage. I site your WNWs as proof.

        However, you haven’t seen what you speak of so often. I would say Venezuela is the “best” example, and Brazil isn’t far behind. Consequently, I look for hyperinflation as I tip my hat to shadowstats Williams being able to articulate where my fear arises. So far, his scenario has not come to the USA, nor Europe. Moreover, the inflation I see here , I’m in Europe, isn’t anywhere near hyperinflation. Debt increase? Sure. I concede your points. Consequently, I agree to disagree with you that your time frame is accurate. I heard you say the Fall, perhaps 2018.

        We disagree largely because I maintain there are still means to band aid another crisis. Moreover, I site the band aids used from 2008. As a result of obama weaving his way through his terms, the economic crisis used as the base of your arguements were managed into the very scenario you pointed out. Namely, massive central bank, bond buying and money printing. You are correct it was bad and used it as leverage to make your points. These are the same points I determined lead me to purchase the metal and get out of the manipulated markets. Where we disagree is the maintenance of those manipulated markets. In addition, you fail to cover the financial sector. The very sector that dominates the car sales, and absorbed the housing crisis. I think it’s intentional that you cover minuscule issues like bit coin because the derivatives are just too complicated for you to grasp. You may be good at algebra, but you suck at calculus. This frustration trying to understand algorithms and high frequency trading as stabilizers for the powers that be, creates the divide in our timeline. You say sooner. I say later. Thus my use of the term doom and gloom. So far, six months of Trump has been better than eight years of obama. The too big to fails are still hear. I would not panic if there were fewer of them. However, my later may become much closer to your sooner. So far as I can tell, the manipulators are managing. However, I sympathize with your frustration and I’m sure your friend Mannarino is frustrated at times too. His alarmist dialogues have been ongoing for quite some time. I listened to him before you met him. I evaluate his judgement and find so much valuable insite. However, everything is still being manipulated. Everything is rigged.

        Do not conflate rigged into catastrophic economic collapse. I learned a long time ago it should have already happened. Now I know it does not have to be imminent, or the Fall, or the winter, or 2018. As of this date, June 2016, Trump has not had to lead us through “a 2008 crisis” and obama did. My supposition is Trump can, even though the crisis of the late teens or early twenties hasn’t happened yet.

        2017 is NOT the year the next crisis begins. Not the one we agreed to disagree about.

        Peace out Greg! I am so proud you didn’t censor me. It makes for better dialogue and only adds to the credibility of your site. Hopefully, some of your learned commentors can add their two cents, or whatever inflated amount it costs these days.

        I am so looking forward to Celente. And I must admit to you Greg, I am very impressed with your work product the first half of this year. Keep it up and I hope the second half of the year is as good if not better than the first half for yourself. I am already looking forward to Christmas, crazy as it sounds.

        Scott Miller

        • Scott Miller

          Sorry for the typos


          • Freebreezer

            Scott – If a person has a real firm grasp of algebra they can solve almost all problems … calculus is just a ‘higher’ means of solving problems faster. The underlying fiasco to hit the world is Dept (algebra does not fake this problem) … they, the elites use calculus to bandaid over this problem and push it to the future. Take a look at Country Wide to Lehman, to Bear Sterns … the simple algebra equation of debt to equity sunk them … but, but, but they used calculus to make their models! If you think we are in a new paradigm just think back to 1997 – Ah a whole new paradigm shift! Yep, that sure worked at well for the Tech bubble in 2000 and the housing bubble of 2008. Now we have the biggest bubble ever blown – Multi Nation spending bubble (socialism). All the high tech financial elites are playing the Kobayashi Maru and what is scary to me , is that a lot of them do not even know! The unsolved variable in all of this (and the elites calculus problem) is Time!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        “The current deficit in the U.S. is around $20 trillion.” – Greg

        Current deficit of the US Federal Gov’t is $20 trillion. Current deficit of the US is calculated by adding the deficit of the federal gov’t to deficits for all the states, territories, many corporate entities to which these gov’ts have tethered themselves, many other kinds of debts that other countries don’t have, and all the derivatives born out of those debts (also which most other countries don’t have and certainly don’t have them structured like the US). When you add up the deficit for the US, it’s not $20 trillion. It’s measured in quadrillions or even quintillions. The US is the single most indebted country in the history of the world by a very very very large margin. The metrics with which to compare or contrast our debt with other countries like Japan (arguably a country with the second largest deficit in the world or even with our own federal gov’t) doesn’t even exist. Deficit of the US is at least a couple orders or magnitude great than Japan.

      • Freebreezer

        Scott – you have given a very good expose’ showing that the financial Avalanche has not happened … yet. And many thanks to Greg (!!!) and to his guest to point out that it is still snowing very hard and piling more snow (Illinois, etc.,) on the financial mountain side. Greg’s guest are but experts lending their analysis of the potentially huge avalanche that could let lose … will it and when? that is a question, I think, that just a handful in this world might be able to a solve!

        • Scott Miller

          There is no solution.

          It is only a question of timing.


    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Amazon automates everything it can, so a lot of Whole Foods employees may very well lose their jobs. One could argue that Whole Foods has been getting clobbered in the marketplace, so those employees would probably have lost their jobs anyway. Automation in all industries is increasing, though, so American unemployment is going to rise. The rich might keep getting richer, but the working class is going to suffer more and more. This is why people are suddenly talking more about universal basic income.

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        P.S. If anyone’s wondering how to automate a grocery store, check out the story below. I suspect Amazon bought Whole Foods in order to expand their Amazon Go concept.


      • Scott Miller

        This arguement about automation has two sides. One where people lose jobs. The other where new jobs, even industries, are created. As a historian, I can site many examples. There is always a lag in creation, then a bloated rush followed by a balancing.

        While I do not disagree with you, I point out you simplify the reality to make a point. For example, it seems like there are many Indians in the customer service sector of computers because when I called for help, that was who answered. It’s a stereotype that exists as well as my real world experience. Therefore jobs were created, just not exactly filled by Americans every time. And still the reason for job loss and gain was automation.


    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      “…the Nancy Pelosi era has been fantastic for the Republican Party despite the republicans own shortcomings.”

      There is no liberal or conservative, Democrat or Republican, left or right. They all steal from the same demographic and redistribute the loot to different constituents in exchange for absolute power.

      No matter how stupid and evil the Democrats like Pelosi are, Republicans remain their own worst enemy by trying to be even more sadistic.

    • Steve Spry

      The internet retail sales gross is about 8% of total retail spending. Thus, while Amazon etc are impacting they are not the true cause of retail implosion. No one spending money is. People are tapped out.

    • Chip

      Interesting counter points Scott. I disagree with your brick and mortar analysis however. All the empty stores will not be supporting the local tax bases any longer. The construction industry will suffer as well. The move to the more efficient Amazon model means LESS people employed, less construction and maintenance of brick and mortar stores, and less property taxes. This will surely lead to a large contraction and further exacerbate the problems with local government tax revenues. My two-cents… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is some more Fake News. If all this was going on, then it was NOT Trump who colluded because Obama could have simply shut Trump the candidate down and pronto. Al this is a total scam and because DNC would not allow the FBI DHS or DOJ look at his “hacked” servers. The DNC was and still is the only know victim.

  16. Leah from Seattle

    How does your state rank in fiscal solvency? Click on your state to find out. https://www.mercatus.org/statefiscalrankings

    • Greg Hunter

      This is really interesting and I thank you for posting it!!! Kentucky is right behind Illinois. Hey Mitch!!! What are you doing??

    • Lois

      Thanks for the information Leah.

    • Steve Spry

      Very good info. How did y0u find that? Curious.

  17. Richard Herman

    Greg Why are we still in the middle east. War of some type has been going on in the middle east for the last 1000 years. No one ever wins in the middle east. Defend the US not the world. Bring out troops home.

    • Frederick

      Energy and Israel

    • Dr Darryl Jewett

      @ Richard – The Russians, Americans and everyone else for that matter have been trying to take over Afghanistan for the past century because it has presumably the richest deposit of rare and valuable minerals critical to the pharmaceutical, construction and aeronautical industries (among many others). The only other rival maybe is Antarctica. Afghanistan also represents among the largest deposits of not-so-rare minerals. And energy too. Although these industries dependent upon the minerals and energy in Afghanistan wouldn’t go broke overnight if they were denied access, they would take a substantial hit financially and cost of products dependent upon these rare minerals would sky-rocket. Americans are particularly dependent upon these rare but valuable minerals. When people talk about war in the Middle East, they talk about Saudi Arabia and oil, Israel and religion, Iran and terrorisim, etc… But arguably the most important reason that no one wants to talk about or admit is Afghanistan and rare but very valuable minerals. From an economic stand-point, that’s probably the biggest reason. Countries are in the Middle East fighting so they can get a piece of Afghanistan. That Afghanistan has held its own against all of the most powerful empires in history for the past one-hundred years is amazing. They’re a formidable adversary not to be underestimated. But too many of their enemies have underestimated them. And to their own demise. The Americans are just the most recent in a long list. It won’t end well.

  18. Hatemail

    That map shows they are giving Chicago to Wisconsin. Wisconsin has S***hole Milwaukee to deal with, no way will they take Chicago.

  19. Chip

    Great WNW Greg… Chip

  20. Roger D

    Trumpsters didn’t want to hear throughout the campaign, ‘But what about constitutional government?’ And they still don’t. Trump swore that he would support and defend the Constitution. He is just another oath-breaker.

    The US military has no business in the Middle East. Bill Buffert retired career Army officer was absolutely correct when he said, “The only just war is one fought on your soil to defend your own soil.”

  21. Russ

    Good wrap-up. Love to hear your perspective on world events and the ongoing propaganda campaign. I really love how people are seeing through the MSM lies & hype; it’s not working.

    We’ll see where Syria goes, my gut says the shootdown was big to Syria, not really that big to Russia, but the Russians need to support their client so they make a little noise. It will blow over.

    Illinois ??? Wow, what a basket case and Jerry Brown wants to do what with California?? Bring in more illegals so the state budget is drained even faster? That’s not what he’s saying but that’s will be the result. I’d love to see the US Marshals roll into Sacramento and start making arrestin the governor’s mansion.

    My gut feel on healthcare: The Senate healthcare plan will be rejected or simply won’t receive a vote. There are enough Republican senators against it now to kill it. In the end, all efforts to repeal and replace will fail, and Obamacare will simply die of its own weight. Then what? The Dems will blame Trump and the Republicans, but since the R’s never supported O’Care ever, why should they be expected to support it now?

    Looking forward to Gerald Celente on Sunday, he’s always so cheerful 😉

    • Arthur Barnes

      Hey Russ, yes, there is in realty over 10 million illegals (mostly Hispanics) in California, about 1 out of 3 or 4, just look around, they own the state now. As for Jerry Brown, he is supporting the train to nowhere, what a boondoggle that is going to be once it gets built and jobs go somewhere else, guess its time to raise the taxes on the Californians who haven’t had enough sense to get out of the state yet. California is going down the illegal tube. As for as who is an illegal alien goes I support the theory that if you or your parents came illegal then YOU are as well; even if you were born here; to think otherwise is insanity, giving felons the right to create legal citizens is absurd – anchor babies you need to go back home along with your parents, Audios amigos!

  22. Flattop

    GREG: Your cartoon today would be humorous were it not true
    Illinois is so broke it can no longer function? Maybe if they were to sell gun permits to all the perps in Chicago, they could pay their bills
    California is broke, in debt, but gov moonbeam has solved our problems by making an environment agreement with china
    The democrat stupidity goes on and on and on

  23. eddiemd

    Interesting that it was reported that Israel sent the aircraft to KSA. As per the Zerohedge report.
    ” Israeli air force sent 18 of its fighter jets, including F16-I, F15-CD and F16-CD, along with two Gulfstream aircraft, two tanker airplanes and two C130 planes, special for electronic warfare, to Saudi Arabia at the demand of the new crown prince bin Salman to block his cousin (bin Nayef)’s possible measures.”

    Perhaps these aircraft are positioned for a strike on Iranian nuclear facilities. The portfolio of aircraft would suggest a possible commando operation of some type. KSA would certainly support such an operation.

    • Greg Hunter

      Eddie MD,
      Interesting analysis and NOT far fetched. Thank you.

      • eddiemd

        Granted that the information was reported by an Iranian news source. If the information is true, I doubt it would be at the request of the new crown prince. That is the cover story.

        I am sure that all parties (USA, Russia, Iran) are fully aware of the deployment. It would make for an easier mission to strike Iran.

        • Greg Hunter

          As I said EddieMD, it is very possible. Nothing at this point would surprise me.

    • Frederick

      That wouldn’t be a smart move on the part of the Saudis at all Think of the havoc a few hundred Iranians could inflict on their energy infrastructure if Israel were to be insane enough to attack “nuclear facilities” Oh right they’ve done insane things like that in the past Haven’t they? Like 911

  24. al

    STUPENDOUS REPORTING! Greg, I’d love to see a daily update like this. Wow! Awesome! So much info and all pertinent! I love the piece on “planned abortionhood”. Awesome!!! I was working on computer network a contract with them back in the 90s then I found out what they were all about… contract ended!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Al. I have all I can do to put this together every week. You should see the pile of stuff that does not make it in.

      • al

        That’s the true beauty about this form of media, real people taking time to talk to real people out of their busy schedule.
        Your content shows the level of deep research you do.

        • Steve Spry

          Agreed. And for the most part people here are civil. Unfortunately several good sites ie. Zero Hedge have recently devolved into a conversation consisting primarily of four letter words.

  25. The Seer

    Just a reminder that LibertyHealthShare.org provides excellent health care
    with no deductibles and $1million coverage per incident for $181 a month.
    They also cover naturopaths, acupuncture and chiropractors.
    State Farm has long term health care policies.
    I think all the war saber rattling and minimal damage is “their” attempt to
    try to get the price of oil per barrel up and oil isn’t rising – it is not working. Not sure how they are going to get their oil shares and oil income to rise. The price of oil has been so low for so long the fracking loans and derivatives and oil sands must be crashing.
    More independent news resources need to expose that no state can sign an international treaty independent of the country per the Constitution. Big factoid Greg pointed out today. Thanks Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Seer!

    • Lois

      Seer do you use this coverage? And if so, have you been very happy with it? I might be looking into something like this. Thank you for this information.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Seer, have you filed any claims with Liberty Health Share? It looks good in theory. My concern would be finding doctors willing to accept it. Even if someone has regular health insurance, most health care providers only accept certain plans. People are aware of insurance not covering certain providers or facilities, but not many people think about providers refusing certain insurance plans.

    • susan

      Liberty Healthshare wouldn’t even pay for my yearly physical. At least I didn’t have to pay an insurance tax.

  26. dlc

    It was never about healthcare. It is all about looting and controlling us, the chumps. I take it that you read Karl Denninger’s piece that I saw on the BIN site. Karl is correct. It is a criminal scam and the only service that will not divulge costs until you get hit with the bill.

    Medicaid, Medicare, Obamacare, Disability — all designed to suck the productive dry. Now, policymaker Ivanka, is pushing for paid leave. One more burden that the libs will add to.

    A neighbor approached me to ask about alternative care for his back that was unfamiliar to me. I checked out the procedure and told him that if it were my back I would try it. He already had the epidurals which did not resolve his back pain but temporarily.

    He went on to describe all the drugs he was taking. One of his medications was quoted to him at $600. His wife came unglued on the phone with the pharmacy. They came back on the line and finally quoted $30 for same. You shouldn’t have to blow a blood vessel on the phone playing Let’s Make a Deal when you’re hurting. Mob medicine. As you would say, the saddled citizens are like sitting ducks in an arcade.

    It sickens me how people get sucked into popping pills and submitting to the knife. Not a word about prevention, healthier living, etc. I also resent that the M.D./D.O. crowd got the franchise on “care.” Forget alternative, cheaper and actually aimed at resolution.

    We are sicker and more medicated than ever. I would have no problem with catastrophic care coverage. What we have currently is simply looting by the medical community in league with gov’t.

    Don’t expect a true revamp of O-care. It is now an entitlement carved in stone, a vote getter, a tool for control and divisiveness. Since Congress uncoupled their care from O-care, they will just slowly but surely turn us and our wallets on the spit until we’re a char spot at the bottom of the grill.

    • Steve Spry

      Denninger is ;absolutely right but no one is listening. Of course, ;that IS the real challenge and -problem of out time. There really are people who have solutions but they are not given positions of auth0rity. Trump said he would seek new advisors but he chose/has the same old crew i.e. Goldman, as all the others. How about Ron Paul for Treasury? Denninger ? Arpaio? Martin Armstrong for FEC?

  27. Peter

    Wow Greg and with so many people in a Banana Republic with a gun,….. wow what will that be…?

    No, I’ll stay here and enjoy real justice .



    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Peter, “real” justice in a Sharia Court. You are being taken over, and yet, still are pompous and outward looking. We have these guns because way back when the British King tried to take them away, so he could reign in tyranny. So, “We the People” allow ourselves to have guns and you do not. We also DO NOT allow Sharia Courts. Where’s the real justice?

    • Galaxy 500

      Yes Peter, Free Men have guns. Betting you don’t have the ability to protect your family besides licking their boots and begging. Here, Free Men don’t do that. Yes, liberals do, but they are not free. They are enslaved to the dogma of evil.
      So after seeing what is going on in Europe, where you claim you are civilized, I’ll take America every time.

  28. Terry Reps

    Great week end wrap up Mr. Hunter. A not so minor observation about your comment about the shoot down of a Syrian Fighter plane in airspace over Syria by the armed forces of the United States. Your neutral { no affect } demeanor was akin to a weatherman talking about some natural occurrence . This incident was an act of war by our country which has absolutely NO BUSINESS in that part of the world ; if our government simply abides by its role to protect American interests. Oil Company interests…Banking interests,,Israeli interests and the Military Industrial Enterprises interests may be at stake……but we Americans have no business murdering strangers in a foreign land that poses no threat to us . Congress { bought and paid for } did not even demand a voice regarding another military adventure. Where is our Commander in Chief ?? HUH .

    • Greg Hunter

      The entire Syria operation is one gigantic Act of War. It’s just beginning to hit the next level. Thank you for your comment and support.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, remember Isaiah & the Oracle of Damascus. We may be nearer that prophesy than one may think, just a thought, what say you?

  29. Paul ...

    According to Morris Hubbartt a major gold (and silver) rally is starting … https://superforcesignals.com/video/2017june22sfs/2017june22sfs.htmlhttps://superforcesignals.com/video/2017june22sfs/2017june22sfs.html
    Bit coiners may soon be watching gold rocket up while their bit “cons” are heading down … especially if the Chinese Government begins to put a lid on the “bit con flow of funds” out of their country !!

  30. Jeannette

    Thanks for another great wrap-up. Regarding the health care bill, I believe that no matter what they do, it will just be another ‘Obamacare’ unless they seriously rethink the entire health care issue. For health care to be affordable, any bill must get down to the most basic health care as the foundation. All other ‘extras’ such as abortion, birth control, sex change, drug abuse, organ transplants, elective surgery, dentistry, etc. must be provided for in an additional policy one can purchase on the side. We’ve got to realize that, in this day and age, there are many more health care options out there than we can afford to pay. No comprehensive coverage bill will ever work.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Jeannette. Everything cannot be “free.”

    • Flattop

      Jeanette: Once upon a time in this country there was no health care. They went to the doctor or hospital only during life or death situations, and they paid with what ever they could, sometimes with chickens and eggs. Today parents rush their children to emergency because they have a stomach ache, or a runny nose and demand an expensive prescription. Healthcare will never get better or be cost effective as long as we the people continue down this road.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Flattop, agree, the average 5 year old already has had 10 rounds of antibiotics – we played outside and ate dirt for our medicine LOL.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, Peter, Paul, & Mary;s song a little bit changed… “where have all the gold bars gone, gone to China every one, when will we ever learn, when will we ever learn…”. Have a nice weekend. a b

        • Charles H

          Too funny!

      • Jeannette

        I remember those days of no health care insurance. I was a teenager when my dad first was offered a health care benefit with Kaiser in L.A.

      • Galaxy 500

        And life expectancy was about 60 and child mortality rates were high. These are the good old days you yearn for?

    • Chip


      1) allow healthcare portability/purchase across state lines.
      2) make it mandatory to publish prices.
      3) tort reform.
      4) let the free market do its thing.


      • Chip

        Oh, and break up the pharmaceutical monopolies… Chip

    • dbcooper

      Jeannette, I urge people to read Ron Paul’s book “The Revolution, A Manifesto”. one of his topics is the health care industry (read that mess!!). Yours, DB.

  31. andyb

    It’s certainly unfortunate that the deep state/CIA/neocons in collusion with Mossad has developed, nurtured armed and sustained ALL of the ME terror organizations. The US and Israel can now claim the title of Top Terrorist Enablers. The agenda is the support of the greedy MIC which includes Lockheed, Raytheon, various think tanks, and many others and, as important, total Israeli hegemony over the ME. Of course the overriding agenda is the control over all ME resources and the means to export them; ports, pipelines, etc. It really pisses off the psychos that Syria and Crimea have Russian naval bases and that Russia is the largest exporter of oil and gas to Europe and East Asia. Certainly puts a crimp in the world domination thread.

    • Lois

      Flattop, I agree and I disagree with you about parents taking their kids to the doctor. When I was little we rarely went to the doctor and when we were sick, it didn’t seem to last long. When my kids were little it seemed like they were always sick and lasted days and days. I tried to do the right things by eating right and breastfeeding but it didn’t seem to make much of a difference. They still got sick a lot. I think a lot of it has to do with all of the shots that are given to these kids that are meant to help prevent diseases. I don’t believe our bodies were meant to be poisoned with so many vaccines that I as a child, did not have to take. They have just added so many. And now it is even worse than when mine were little. Why? I could be wrong but I believe it’s because of the almighty dollar.

    • Tracy Welborn

      Good one Jerry:-)

    • Tin foil hat

      That’s a good one indeed. It must be an inside joke and its design was on purpose. It’s too much to be a coincident.

    • Galaxy 500

      Do you realize that these bills, the one in your link, have been in circulation in the US for a decade?

    • Kim

      Very funny!!

      Here is an interview about the currency reset. SDR is the possible choice with gold and silver skyrocketing as barter.

      Informative wrap up, as always! Love the comic pic!
      Would love for Greg to interview this sincerely intelligent lady please?

  32. Thomas Blow

    The new law coming out of Senate may be the destructor of fiat currencies. Review commentary by TruthNeverTold and MintingCoins. Statement that the cryptocurrencies market is ten times larger than the physical silver market. So if the cryptocurrency market is destroyed, will they flee to silver? Consider interviewing the commentators on these websites.

  33. evan trofholz

    Funny how Democrats trusted the FBI to be among the “17 Agencies that said Russia hacked the election” but would not trust the FBI enough to analyze their hacked servers. Equally funny is how big government Democrats went to the private sector to have the forensics on their servers looked at.

    • Greg Hunter

      The only real victim and they totally did not cooperate!!!!!!! Scam, sham, bam and thank you sir!!!!!

  34. Ross Herman

    Hello Greg, just a reminder if you want the best understanding of the global warming fraud contact Lord Monckton. And an even better guest would be Ole Dammagard. Ole can explain how false flag operations are the main business of governments. At least listen to his last interview with Dave at the x22 report.
    I am not fearfull, but the frustration at seeing the puppets in positions of power in the federal government can never be arrested. Additionally it is my understanding that Hillary still has top secret clearance, what would it take to lose clearance!

  35. Judy Kay

    Check this out, Greg…
    Oh wait, is CBS News considered fake news as well? Can’t keep track…

    • Greg Hunter

      I say show me the proof and show me the proof in the report un-redacted. Let us talk to the author of the report. Yesterday DHS Head for Obama, Jeh Johnson, testified the Russians did not change a single vote and Trump and his aids did not collude with Russia. I don’t see anything in this article about proof–nothing. If all this is true, then what was Obama and his Administration doing?????

      • Flipper

        Call Mr. Mueller and tell him who you are and I’m sure he’ll show you the proof.

        • Greg Hunter

          If there was actual proof Trump committed a crime, we would have seen it leaked out by now. Everything else has leaked out, except the huge fact that Trump was not under investigation.

          • Flipper

            The investigation isn’t just about Trump. Lots if others being looked at, too. Just wait. The fish rots from the head. It’s financial crimes that are gonna get these grifters.

            And you have no way of knowing that everything else has leaked out. No way at all.

            • Galaxy 500

              Its called a witch hunt.
              The fish rots from the head down? Are you describing just Hillary & Bill or the entire Liberal Hegemony and their Never-Trump allies?

            • Freebreezer

              “Show Me The Man, And I’ll Show You The Crime” – Lavrentiy Beria … Stalin’s FBI equivalent! Surely you do not advocate this path?

    • Galaxy 500

      So did Putin call CBS and is listed as an anonymous source?

  36. Mohammad


    A serious crescendo in a pretext for Saudi Arabia to invade Qatar….!
    If so happens (and I think it will), it will be deja vu to Saddam invading Kuwait with the blessing of US under the table to only turning the table on his head later on. Same will happen here and US and West will turn the table on Saudi ‘s head after a near future invasion to Qatar.
    Also that will be the GS wet dream when gulf shuts down and oil go through the roof carrying with it PM.


    • Greg Hunter

      Good call Mohammad. The Arab states are demanding of Qatar to do 13 things: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2017-06-23/arab-states-issue-13-point-ultimatum-qatar-include-unfriend-iran-shut-down-al-jazeer

      • Scott Miller

        And next weeks WNW should address this because I believe those 13 expire in ten days.

        I don’t know what happens afterwards.

        Currently, the region is being armed by the multiple national entities and arms dealers.

        Celente says they take us to war. I know he means the USA, but still, I don’t like speaking for Gerald and he is on Sunday.



      • Chip

        and where is the US on this? CENTCOM hqs is in Qatar and air base at Al Udeid. Our logistical support of this base has become infinitely more difficult with the air, land, and naval blockade. It is absolutely CRAZY what is going on in the ME. Who’s on first? Chip

        • Greg Hunter

          I know Chip. Who’s side would the U.S. be on???

        • Mohammad

          They will move it to Syria Chip…!
          So far 2-3 major new bases been built already.
          Gulf will be engulfed with inferno.


    • Arthur Barnes

      Hey Mo, good to have you back, as an infidel I always like your perspective. Hope you are doing well, a b

    • Galaxy 500

      So we blessed Sodom to invade Kuwait? Can you provide any evidence? As I recall, thst is not what happened.

  37. Hatemail

    Have you ever been to Milwaukee?

  38. charles Turner

    Just been browsing the front page of the NEW York Times and can’t find a single report on Lorreta Lynch. This is fake new of the highest level by omission.
    There are, articles on Bill Cosby. An article entitled ‘why we must mock Trump.’ Another article on the Yellow stone Grizzly bears . Several articles from the UK including the Grenfill fire and the English Rugby team. There is an article on Germany voting to void prosecution of 50,000 men and lots of articles which are borderline news . But nothing at all on Lorretta Lynch. You couldn’t make this up. One thing worse than fake news is a blackout on real news

    • rinserepeat

      NYT story YESTERDAY in the politics section on Loretta Lynch and Judiciary Committee. Here’s the headline:
      Senate Panel Seeks Details on Lynch Role in Clinton Inquiry

      Greg, I hope you’ll print this so that Charles Turner can read the article. Thanks!

    • wondrouscat

      That’s because discussing Lynch doesn’t fit into the DTM (Destroy Trump Media) narrative. The DTM are consistent if nothing else.

  39. Galaxy 500

    Grassley calls out Schiff and Cryin’ Chuck as liars. They knew that Trump was not under investigation yet they said he was to every camera or reporter they could find.


  40. Timothy Toomey

    Greg, you totally ignore the voter fraud that the GOP does. Greg Palast has been documenting this program for years. I bet that the GOP fraud and laws that discriminate do more damage that the DEM’s fraud that you speak of. FRAUD ON BOTH SIDES.

  41. kirk

    hello, Greg –

    a few points and observations:

    -re: illinois…“A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims… but accomplices”. George Orwell. the people of illinois are just as responsible as their ‘leaders’ for their situation. let THEM turn the state around by themselves. there is a price to be paid for such profligacy and the instigators and their supporters must pay that price, not others.

    -re: russia and the election…no proof, only hysterics from losers. on the other hand, with 5.7 million illegals voting, together with stuffing the ballot box, a la detroit, et al –
    proven – the dems did exactly what they are accusing russia/trump of doing.

    i suppose they think we are all stupid rubes and deplorable, to which i would reply:

    -given what they cannot see – the majority has had enough – who are the stupid rubes?

    -given that the leaders, with support of much of the public over the past decades via voting, have wrought what they have wrought, who are the deplorables?

    the answers are obvious. it is my hope the ‘stupid rubes’ and the ‘deplorables’ continue to show the arrogant, hubristic, meglaomaniacal true rubes and deplorables that their game is over…the jig is up…their time is in countdown to removal mode…whether the true rubes and deplorables know it, or not.

  42. Seeing Clearly


    Money is so taken advantage of and abused.

    What is the economy utilized for?

    The economic system serves as a system where people who work get paid according to their work amount, efforts and difficulty.

    Do employees actually get paid according to how much they work?

    How can you own a business make millions of dollars and pay your employees the bare minimum salary?

    Yes, owning a business is a lot of work, but so is having a labor job, however, to keep all the wealth to yourself is so unethical most people probably don’t even enjoy their job and only do it to survive.

    Yes, I do believe no man should profit without working and that is exactly what I am addressing, the top 1% and other wealthy businesses or industries or companies or organization’s profit way more than they labor in other words, they don’t pay their fare share and the effect it has on society and the individuals they employ are harmful.

    And keep in mind the political influence these mega corporations have on society and who they employ is so horrific the gay pride agenda to name one.

    Now weather you agree with the gay agenda is not the topic of this writing the topic is the economic and societal breakdown that is happening as a result of industrial powers.

    Imagine a successful business where most of its income goes back directly to the business and the employers instead of going into the pockets of a greedy business owner.

    The employees would probably be paid way more than they are now, maybe in some cases 50$ an hour for flipping burgers or something.

    I am not against success I am against greed, many of our problems can be traced back to greed like immoral and dangerous GMOs and vaccination dangers and countless other problems.

    I don’t believe it is ethical for a person to live in a mansion and only have an occasional 3 hour meeting as their job.

    Simply because you took advantage of the economic system doesn’t make your life more special than the 8$ and our employees that are slaves paying for your personal pursuits of pleasure.

    I recognize it is not illegal to make millions of dollars growing GMO crops, paying the farms 8$ an hour or something low like that or owning Mc Donalds and doing the same however it is profoundly unethical and destructive.

    Unfortunately, money = power, including political influence, the more money you have, the more magnified your potential to do good or bad with the money and the influence it brings to you.

    Not everyone in America has equal power and influence, those at the top can fund whatever they want be the cause good or bad it is up to them to decide what to fund.

    Utilize what you have for the greater good, we can’t hold you accountable for what you can’t do, however we could for what you can do.

    This world is far from being fair and just that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to make it fair and just I do not advocate for stealing from the rich to give to the poor that is communism, I urge that the greed and abuse stops.

    I patronize local business I believe they are more environmentally and economically friendly the gap between the business owners and the employees profit is less extreme.

    I believe in the do it yourself independence model, I believe as technology and academic knowledge increases, we should be wise enough to produce our own necessities like energy, to collect our own water if possible, to grow our own food, to liberate ourselves from the corporate and government dependency that is installed by design to retain the population under their dominance and influence.

    The less we rely on finances to make a living the less we are slaves at the mercy of those who moderate the flow of money like the wealthy who employ us to name one.

    We need regulations that protect the people from the corporations, not the corporations from the people and their interests.

    We must also have good interests for this idea to work.

    I thank Trump for his pro-life stance on abortion and a few other things, however, he has spent much of his life screwing people over.

  43. cindy

    I have just found your site Greg, How refreshing to hear some real ” News”
    My eyes are wide open , sometimes it hurts though.

    • Greg Hunter

      Better to know the truth and plan accordingly, than to be surprised and destroyed by lies. Get ready and stay ready and “Fear Not.”

  44. glen charles

    if a nuke was dropped into the yellowstone volcano site what might occur?
    or 3 or 4 for that matter

  45. coalburner

    Still waiting to see if the Warship Fitzgerald in South China Sea was actually hit, as rumored, with an EMP causing the crash at sea. I guess the timing was almost perfect if that was the message being delivered by China. Since the ship did not take a direct broadside and sinking hit from the freighter, maybe the plan was not perfect. What say you smart guys?

    • Greg Hunter

      This has not passed and been signed into law -yet. The way I read it the $10,000 cash and cash equivalents is if you are traveling.

  46. Farewellfakenews!

    I knew you wouldn’t print my comment with a link to the NYT article about the topic that Mr Turner mentioned. It would show his ignorance and his lie that the story wasnt covered. You pretend that this site is an unbiased source of real news but it’s just another conspiracy site promoting the worst kind of fake news, the kind that can be refuted with actual facts that you then refuse to publish.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fake” What are you talking about?? I would not be so fast to believe anything the NYT is calling a “fact” or a News story, by the way. NYT is clearly engaged in propaganda and is NOT news.

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