Weekly News Wrap-Up 3.23.12

Military Coup in China, Russian Special Forces in Syria, NDRP & MoreBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

The top story on the USA Today Newspaper was titled “NFL’s Big Hit.”  I could not believe this was their lead.  This week, there were several stories that I think should have taken its place as the single most important thing Americans should know about.  We had a crazy al-Qaeda gunman on the loose that was running around Southern France killing French soldiers and Jewish children. Gas prices continue to rise, and the head of the IMF says there could be a 30% spike in oil prices.  There’s a possible military coup in China as reported by the Washington Times.

There is the ongoing threat of war between Israel and Iran which is producing some sort of headline every week.  There was a huge story about Russia landing Special Forces in Syria.  The U.N. called this a “bomb.”  Republican leadership wants to cut more than $5 trillion out of the budget over the next ten years because of the severe budget problems and red ink America is facing.  And finally, President Obama’s Executive Order (EO) called National Defense Resources Preparedness (NDRP) which comes on the heels of NDAA.  This EO allows the government to take pretty much whatever it wants including crops, farm equipment, vehicles, boats, aircraft and fuel to “prepare” for the national defense.  This includes making people work for free.  You think I’m kidding about the free labor?  Here’s a line straight from the EO that says, “. . . to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation. . .”  None of these stories were newsworthy enough to make the front page?  All these stories and more are coming from Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com in this installment of the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Troy

    Weekly News Wrap-Up, featured at my site every week.

    Thank You Greg.

    USA TODAY; No News!

    What is Justin Beeper up to anyways ;)? Inquiring minds, want to know.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the comment and promotion.

  2. Greg D.

    I like your passion. Truer words have never been spoken.

    I cancelled my Washington Post subscription & follow now the Washington Times radio show/paper & sites such as yours. MSM “news” has become entertainment fodder. Has America really come to this?
    Are we really this dumbed down? Are we so easily distracted through information overload & twittering news blurbs? Do we fall for political propaganda this easily?

    Many thanks to you for your efforts in telling the real stories with superb insight. Paul Revere would be proud. At least a few of us understand & appreciate it.

    • Greg

      Thank you Greg D. for your support!!

    • Troy

      Greg D.

      The long of the short is yes.

  3. Norm Ezzie

    Just think how much more is coming at us!

    • Greg

      Thank you Norm and Aaron.

  4. JILL

    Damn! First of all, I do not know what you did but the video looks top notch, thanks.
    Work without compensation = slavery
    This executive order says one of three things and can ONLY say one of three things: 1) a coup is forming to take over the country and/or 2) the gov’t knows we are headed for the biggest financial collapse in history and they are preparing to subjugate the population and to hell with the US Constitution 3) they know that IRAN is going to start WWIII
    How are they going to confiscate my stuff for the national good without violation my constitutional rights? They can not. How will they even know what I have without coming into my house without a warrant?
    Most people that live in the country have a larger food supply due to the distant to the store. Having more than a 7 day food supply puts you on big sis’s terrorist list.
    Folks, what Obama and Congress are doing is setting up the middle class to be robbed and destroyed financial when they take over

  5. Art Barnes

    Here is one I heard last week “strong recovery will not be slowed until at least $5.00 per gallon, if that”. What a crock! I know people who are already changing vacation plans this summer with their motor homes due to the price of fuel.

    Nobody seems to care about the NDRP executive order, what I might ask is the reason for that? Does the elite & our politicians know something is looming on the horizon? I suggest they do. Economic, I doubt it. Iran, Israel, & Russia I bet.

  6. This guy

    Great news roundup, as always.
    One slight bone to pick; on this vid you make the comment that ppl should check out alt media sites like yours and others that are ‘better than’ yours.
    I know u don’t mean to, but u r selling yourself short. The value of ur site is that it boils down stories and news collections to their essence while at the same time not slanting any info one way or another. Yes, u do let us know ur opinions but not without presenting all sides of any given issue. And as we know MSM propaganda many times just outright LIES either thru disinfo or thru info omission.
    In this media blitzes world these days voices like urs need to be heard; u come off as intelligent, informed, and rational-something that some other alt media sites occasionally lack. So plz, for the sake of ur business, don’t sell what u do short; even thru any sense of humility. It’s important and necessary in today’s world.

    • Greg

      This guy,
      Thank you for support. I just didn’t want to come off too pompous when I asked for support. Your point is well said and well taken.

    • rrrobert

      I agree

  7. Kyle

    Thanks Greg for another great weekly wrap up. I appreciate your work and follow your site very closely. Enjoy the vacation.

    • Greg

      Thank you Kyle and James.

  8. James

    Good editorial on the USA Today.

    Keep up the good work and enjoy the beach.

  9. Luis Chavez Romo

    Working during vacations?
    Thank you Greg……

    Luis Chávez Romo
    Querétaro, Mexico

    • Greg

      Thank you Luis for checking in. Happy to see you comment.

  10. Nathan Hale

    Greg, Great work I like your site.
    I work at a place with thousands of other men; I can walk into the crew room where there may be 20 men at one time and ask them two questions, “Who is the QB for the New York Saints?” Oh how they inform me of all his statistics, numbers this, and numbers that, touchdowns this and passes that, what his good luck charm is this and latest arrest that, who his sponsors are and what they pay him etc. to infinity and beyond! The next question, “Who is your Congressman?” Oh how they look at me as if I just got off a space ship from the planet Zofarfignuten.
    I am not giving up but the powers that be are doing a great job keeping the children occupied. I think after we crash and burn we can rebuild but I do hope it is restored to the original America. Do I sound like a kill joy?

    • Greg

      You sound like a concerned Patriot and all Americans should be. Thank you for sharing your story.

  11. M SMITH

    Greg, does it not look like the government knows there is big trouble coming, what it will be could be a number of things, war or a currency collapse or both at the same time, who knows but it’s coming & there no way to stop it. They kicked the can so many times there’s nothing left to kick. The sad thing, they will try any thing to keep their power even if the cost to the American people is huge, sick to watch & plain dirty as hell & they will pay for it one day!

    Obama is not the only one who passed a law that people don’t know about or seem to care, Germany passed their own NDAA bill in 2006 & again no coverage by their MSM or ours!

    I have to give fox biz one, they exposed that the gov brings ‘1000’ New Regulations & Laws each week that effects all busnisses in some way or another! Most of these new laws keep adding on to the burden small businesses are being choke to death on & large businesses will never re-hire unless made to by EO & with slave labor. If I read the EO right the gov can/will take what they want, so it’s best to get off the grid/radar ASAP!

    One comment said a coup maybe in the works, I wish a level headed 5 star with common sense would lock up most of congress & the exective branch in jail for their own safty until we could put a leader who would stop this madness, void all the laws passed by the gov going back to before the fed came to be, then re-instate the full powers of the Constitution & Bill of Rights! I can wish can’t I?

    One last thing, don’t sell yourself short, I can’t tell you how many people you have helped by reading your site, most don’t make comments on the net period, but they read & use your data to be ready for what’s coming & I thank you for waking people up, no matter what party, we are all Americans when it comes down to it & it is making a difference where I live! Great work Greg, enjoy life like it’s the last day, but be ready for the next one!!!

  12. norcar survivor

    Thanks Greg for your report. I wish I could say it is new news but this has been going on so long. That is why we tune into your site. You have no idea how much your commitment means to us. We spread the news as you report it and I hope it helps your base. We see it coming and pray others will notice, but there is no one blinder then he who refuses to see. It’s coming and when it changes the change will be swift and irreversible. Not meaning to be doom and gloom, but those of us who can survive this event intact will have the memories of events leading up to this point that we can hopefully teach a better way for our future society. It wont be the MSM that does the teaching for sure.

    • Greg

      norcar survivor,
      Thank you for the comment and for thinking this site is good enough to tell other’s about.

  13. Fred

    I get pretty angry too. The major media must know their days are numbered. One way is simply to not do business with them. As a small business owner I refuse to advertise in them. The major mass media may be affected by who owns them. We have foriegn or international corporation investment that want to use our mass media as a control tool. They are working very hard at it. What else could the explaination be? Concerns for Amercia, the truth and our future are not being served. Would an American owned industry act in such a way? They are in essence aiding in destroying the country. Eventually, if this is true the truth will eventually come out and they will pay the penalty. Maybe we should take our newspapers back to the place where we bought them and ask for our money back. Two or three newspapers returned might be enough for a cup of coffee. It might also feel good to start sending a shock wave back that we don’t like what they are doing. Not prioritizing or lying by ommission is just the same as any other lie. We could start a new GREEN movment to save our brains from claptrap and maybe some tree that has better uses then to be come paper for USA Today. Greg, it would be a good story. Go back to Walgreens with your USA Today and ask the manager for your money back for all the reasons in todays clip.It is poorly written, littering my living room, not what you wanted, cheated by the content, a waste of good trees and money. Video tape it and post it. This Sunday I’ll do it for my paper. What would happen if newspaper outlets started cancelling their contracts with USA Today and other major newspapers who are dishonest with their readers. Desperate times require desperate gestures.

    • Greg

      The business is shrinking and the online version is pretty much just the same as the paper version. Friday’s headline was Whitney Houston. I am sorry she died but is it really an “above the fold” front page story? I don’t think so. If they are just doing it to sell papers then what’s the difference between “USAToday” and Entertainment Tonight or the National Enquirer? Thank you For the comment and for sharing your outrage. I wouldn’t confront local store owners. Heck, It’s not their fault.

    • FredQuimby

      Start by deleting all your MsM internet bookmarks and cancelling your cable/satellite TV!!

      I canned The Daily Mail, the Daily Telegraph et al. and Sky TV a few monthy ago….Ahhhhh the peace at home now is great!!

      …and I will carry on the “don’t sell usawatchdog short” meme!!

      Great content that is well presented and clearly stated/argued.

      Keep it up Greg!


      • Greg

        Thank you Fred for your comment and support!! I still closely watch the MSM because I want to see what it wants us to believe.

  14. Lawrence Miller

    Good article, Greg. Looks like we’ve reached the “bread and circuses” stage of our national collapse ~ food stamps and the NFL is all that matters now.

    • Greg

      Lawrence Miller,
      Brilliant, succinct comment. Thank you for posting it here.

  15. Alberto Zamacona

    America, prepare to be enslaved !

  16. Paul

    I’ll take mild exception to your comments regarding USA Today. It’s not the job of the media to tell people what they need to know – their job is tell to people what they want to know. Sorry, I know it’s shallow, but that’s the MO needed to maintain their paying audience.

    Reality is that many people are still reasonably well off and could hardly care less about domestic or geo-politics. Yes, there’s a general sense of unease out there but it’s still a long way from a tipping point.

    • Greg

      It might be a long way from a tipping point for you but for 46.5 million Americans on food stamps and the 22.4% unemployed and underemployed the world has already flipped upside down. Reality is lots of people are in denial. Be careful about being too confident. You are dead on about the news though!! Thank you for your analysis and for supporting this site.


      • norcar survivor

        Greg. Dead on observation. A boy was walking down the beach that was covered with millions of starfish that had washed up on shore and were destined to dry up on the sand when the sun rose. As he walked, he would reach down now and then and throw a starfish back into the water. A man approached the boy and rebuked him saying, you’re wasting your time here because there are millions of starfish and you can’t save enough to make a difference. The little boy looked at the man as he threw yet another starfish into the ocean and said, “It makes a difference to that starfish” People often overlook the affects of an action on the few for which it affects. They matter and the numbers are growing. Thanks for pointing it out here.

        • Greg

          Love the story man!!!

  17. Scott Walraven

    Wow, Great weekly wrap up Greg. Thank You very much for your concern and honesty in your reporting. I’ve learned a great deal since finding your site and check it daily, it is an excellent source for finding the truly important stories of the day. I am so concerned about the wool being pulled over our eyes by the MSM and our Government. The question I have daily is why? Why is our government trying to quietly pass such amazing acts?? Scary.

    Thanks again Greg.

    Scott W

    • AcePilot


      I think your confusion may result from a false premise, that it is OUR government passing these horrific acts to place us under the boot of totalitarianism. It hasn’t been OUR government since 23 Dec. 1913 if my memory serves me correctly. Consider that we have grown up in a foreign land with a strange currency now backed by nothing but that same boot of police powers. We are in either a prison or an asylum, I’m not sure which.

      “Sometimes I wonder whether the world is being run by smart people
      who are putting us on or by imbeciles who really mean it.” – Mark Twain

      Perhaps we fell asleep and woke up just as the Fourth Reich is starting to strut. Scary indeed.

  18. citizenkane

    Can’t believe how pathologically dark this website is. Guess peddling doom and gloom in the guise of truth is another way of making a buck or two.

    • Greg

      Go long the U.S. dollar and start building spec houses. Let me know how it goes. Please tell us all how misguided we are and give us the good news about the “recovery.” I mean let’s see some facts and figures that state your bullish case.


    • Troy

      Kane’s world was born of idealistic social service, but gradually evolved into a ruthless pursuit of power.
      Illusion and distraction is so much more useful and comforting to the Citizen than reality. So Kill the messenger? There is a train wreck coming; get off the tracks is pathologically dark? No worries mate; did you hear that Whitney Houston died?

    • MasterLuke

      How is this site dark?

  19. David Conrad

    Excellent Greg. I was wondering why I don’t buy newspapers anymore … now I know why! Keep up the good work!

  20. Rich

    Hi Greg:

    I found your website only about a year ago and really appreciate what you are doing by telling the truth and I recently suscribed. You mentioned in your latest weekly update talking about USA Today and the MSM of what they feel is “newsworthy” and mentioned that “there are many great websites that are similar to yours”. Have you by chance put together a list of websites that you particularly like to get news and information?



    • Greg

      Scroll down on the site on the left hand side and check out “Greg’s Favorite Sites.”

      • Rich

        Thanks Greg

  21. CitznKate

    Although what is referred to as economic recovery may seem a total farce at this point, the wage gap between the U.S. labor force and the labor force in foreign lands is shrinking due to inflation in those foreign lands. Manufacturing firms are beginning again to produce goods in the U.S., in right-to-work states. More currency will be transferred to the general population as employment opportunities begin to increase. As foreign entities trade U.S. Dollars for other stores of value or choose to settle their accounts in another currency, the flow of U.S. Dollars back into the U.S. will accelerate, further diluting the U.S. Dollar’s purchasing power. I expect inflation to speed up.

    If and when U.S. troops are withdrawn from foreign lands they currently occupy, they will come back to the U.S. and occupy it instead. These are soldiers; they have been trained to kill people and break things. Make of that what you will.

    If we are wise we will be of good cheer, trade our rapidly-diluting cash for a few extras of things that are not prone to spoilage, and do what we can to strengthen family and community relationships.

  22. xxxxx


  23. Snopes


    Snopes seems to conclude that this talk about the NDRP is no big deal, since it was in place since the Truman Admin. They’re saying the rumors about it are ‘FALSE’.


    • Greg

      Again, this is only part of my post. Taken in context of killing American citizens without charge or due precess and indefinite detention of Americans (NDAA) the picture looks a lot more ominous don’t you think? By the way, please show me a complete government document of the new NDAA law on a government website. Can you do that for us all? How about this new little tidbit you fail mention: “Sec. 502. Consultants. The head of each agency otherwise delegated functions under this order is delegated the authority of the President under sections 710(b) and (c) of the Act, 50 U.S.C. App. 2160(b), (c), to employ persons of outstanding experience and ability without compensation and to employ experts, consultants, or organizations. The authority delegated by this section may not be redelegated.” Nothing to worry about? No big deal? So you are OK with assassination and indefinite detention of Americans without charge or due process too?

  24. Jordan

    I would like to know where you get your source of information. I am not saying that this stuff isn’t happening. But with the signal to noise ratio of the internet we can’t tell what is true news or noise. I agree that mainstream media outlets do shy away from the cold hard reality of the world. I have been getting fed up with it! I don’t care about sports. I don’t care about the newest pop artist. But on the flip side I hear a lot of news just spouting random ideas. The issue here is if this happened or not. I appreciate what you do but I take everything with a grain of salt. Could you maybe point us to the bill that was signed into law by the president on march 16th? If its on the books it has to be known.

    • Greg

      If you read this site you can find many sources. This site is link and source heavy. I do not put sources in the Weekly New Wrap-Up but you can find the stories I talk about under under “Hunter’s top Stories” and links and sources contained in every written post. I think the readers here will back me up on this. Scroll down in the past few article I have don in the last month and you will find many sources for just about every major point I talk about.

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