More Jab Deaths, Trump Sues Big Tech, Greatest Financial Crash Ever

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 488 7.9.21)

The CDC has released the latest adverse reactions and deaths from people getting shots for CV19.  Now, nearly 7,000 are dead from the so-called jab, with more than 400,000 reported injuries.  Please keep in mind, a 2011 Harvard Health Care study (page #6) says “fewer than 1% of vaccine adverse events are reported.”  The jab is, in fact, an experimental gene therapy human drug trial that they would like to be approved as a “vaccine.”  None of the so-called vaccines are approved, and they are only labeled “Emergency Use Authorization” (EUA) by the FDA.

President Donald Trump strikes back at Big Tech after they removed him from all social media platforms.  Trump says he’s suing Twitter, Facebook, Google and their executives for “illegal unconstitutional censorship.”  What will the discovery look like is my big question.

The so-called “reflation trade” looks like it is losing steam.  The Fed is acting like it is finally going to taper the easy money as inflation heads much higher.  Some bigtime investors and market experts like Dr. Michael Burry says we are headed for the “mother of all crashes” because of “the greatest speculative bubble of all time in all things.”  Burry called the 2008 financial crisis at the top.  I would not bet he’s wrong this time either.

Join Greg Hunter of as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up 7.9.21.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Financial writer and gold expert Bill Holter of will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.

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  1. Russ 2

    The first thought that hit me when I watched Pres. Trump announce the lawsuit was, “cool, about time“. My second was, “Discovery is going to be huge”. Great minds 😉

    I keep hearing Biden is going to sending folks door-to-door to inform us of the Covid vaccine availability and some of these guys want to make it mandatory. It’s experimental, not approved and yet they want to make it mandatory??? Do I have “Lab Rat” tattooed on my forehead? I’m okay with people taking the jab who want to “get back to normal” or they’re scared of a bug that has a 99.7% survival rate (if you get it at all). I’m not happy for them, on the contrary it’s sad they’ve been so conditioned to taking vaccines that they stick their arms out so easily — but it’s their choice. But that doesn’t mean everyone should be a lab rat.

    I read that Wells Fargo is shutting off their line-of-credit business. Somebody at WF sees something bad around the corner… Very timely having Bill Holter on.

    • Mike R

      If he doesn’t die of old age first, Biden is headed to prison for treason, amongst numerous other laws he’s broken.

      • Dan

        Mike the gov. is so corrupt he will never be charged. We are living in a world of evil !! If the people don’t do anything and stand back and watch it wWILL get much worse. Life will never be as it was .

        • Paul ...

          At the time of Adam and Eve we allowed Satan to talk us out of our Heavenly Paradise … now (after JFK … up through the “jab”) we have allowed Satan’s Demons to destroy our Earthly Paradise … now where do we go “to be happy”? … inside a computer as Klaus Schwab proposes … where all we need to do is give up everything (even our bodies) to become part of a “Cloud Paradise with a digital consciousness” … and then where do we go from there to be happy?? … the Trash???

      • ACC

        How about Biden/ Harris be found guilty of child abuse & neglect, criminal disregard, Rape, Manslaughter, Murder, & RICO and many other crimes because they knowingly made and maintained conditions causing all these among the migrants. Add big tech’s CEOS & BOARD they have advertised enticed and facilitated recruitment of migrants and payments to criminal cartels. There are many that need to face the Justice System.

    • Marie+Joy

      Russ, The first thing that came to my mind is judges are traitorously corrupt.

    • Russ 2

      Here’s a little more on the “jab’s” injuries and deaths …

      • Paul ...

        You know … when people normally get a small blood clot in the brain they take an Aspirin or Tylenol and simply “thin their blood a little” which resolves the headache in a few hours … however … what is insidious about the “jab” the bio-weapon scientists at Big Pharma created is … that when people develop a severe headache (or abdominal pain, leg pain or shortness of breath within six to 13 days after the “jab” ) it is because “Both Bleeding and Blood Clots are Being Produced by the Jab” … and people taking a blood thinner like Aspirin “is only going to make the bleeding effect worse” (probably exactly what these psychopathic eugenicists wanted people to do) … seems their “jab” was perfectly designed to 1) not only to create blood clots … but 2) also designed to induce immune Thrombocytopenia (which stops the creation of blood platelets … which are necessary for clotting) … so it seems the “jab” was designed with “a duel ability” to not only induce Ischaemic strokes (where clots form in major arteries, blocking the flow of blood and oxygen to vital organs like the heart) … but also induces Thrombocytopenia (which makes the blood so thin it leaks right out of the brain that has a clot blocking it (such a bleed or hemorrhage in the brain is called a stroke) … so the insidious “jab” these Big Pharma “mad scientists” produced is giving people both brain bleeds between the brain tissue and skull along with a clot … making their “jab” (not the virus) the perfectly designed bio-weapon!!

    • Thor

      Street justice cometh

  2. Christen V. ForVictory

    Murray: It is ‘frightening’ if Tucker Carlson is correct about NSA allegations
    24,917 viewsJul 8, 2021 Sky News Australia 1.79M subscribers
    The professional liars warned Trump, they’d take him down like Kennedy. Now they want TUCKERD!
    But Tucker doubled down. As we can only see from Oz and!

    Tucker on NSA spying allegations: This is a huge problem for the country
    583,309 viewsJul 7, 2021 Fox Business 1.5M subscribers
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson says he feels ‘threatened’ after outing the NSA for allegedly spying on him. Carlson discusses the act’s potential threat to journalists, social media censorship and his new Fox Nation show on ‘Mornings with Maria.
    The professional liars are inadvertently making out Tucker, as the new Walter Cronkite!
    We believe you Tucker, not the in our face all the time LGBQTRSUV lying spook’s. The likes of Boot’tah’dege and Coo’per, spies amongst us!
    SCOTTISH GUY Reacts To Battle of New Orleans, In 1814

    BREAKING:::FoxNewsPrimetime\15,021 3hrs ago
    Independent journalist Glenn Greenwald reacts to allegations NSA is spying on Fox News host [Tucker Carlson] and reacts to Julian Assange’s family’s statement on ‘Fox News Primetime.

    Tucker accuses journalist of ‘covering up’ and ‘cheering on’ surveillance state
    30,540 views Jul 8, 2021 Fox News
    Legal scholar Jonathan Turley weighs in on the NSA surveilling ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Christen
      Very interesting links – thanks.

      P.S. The treatment of Julian Assange makes my blood boil. He is being crucified for exposing US war crimes. Unfortunately, many patriots reading the prior sentence will instinctively think, ‘Good thing too!’ Candidate Trump once said, “Don’t you just love Wikileaks.” Significantly, President Trump didn’t follow through. Holding Julian Assange in solitary for nothing more than revealing truth should be on everyone’s mind EVERY day.

      P.P.S. Watchdoggers, if you can, get to watch the movie, ‘State Secrets’. Brilliant!

  3. Aahley

    Thank you for having on bill “ the system will go down” holter on Saturday.I was getting depress thinking I will never be able cash in my metals ever. But things are looking a-ok.

  4. Christen V. ForVictory

    Churches being burned in Canada as Trudeau looks on
    547,229 views Jul 8, 2021 Fox News
    Rebel Media founder Ezra Levant reacts to the situation in Canada on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’
    Tuck’s on a roll!

  5. Warren B.

    The CDC reported adverse reactions and deaths should immediately produce a response by ALL Health Officials….to the effect that the Gene Therapies are NOT A REMEDY for anything…are DANGEROUS TO HUMANS….and therefore should be removed from use IMMEDIATELY.
    What is evident is that the records robustly indicate that we are simply going through the motions of an Experiment…and that these results are merely being tabulated so as to determine efficacy / efficiency of said protocols (not dissimilar to how traditional experimental processes work). Because of the lack of demonstrable CARE / RESPONSE, these corrupted Institutions (which are supposed to provide protection / support from diseases) are clearly disregarding what would otherwise be categorized as a complete failure and disaster. THEY ARE DUPLITIOUS – but that is expected from a CORRUPTED Government Department (part of HHS). They work to their own agendas….never in the interests of the public. Which is against their said Charter ( …..”promoting health and well-being”)

    It all makes complete sense when we understand their MO – to keep all the secrets / solutions/ remedies hidden from the Public.
    Be sure to know that they do not halt what they have started until they have achieved their desired goals. The numbers (whether they represent only 1% of true numbers or otherwise) are intended to serve a purpose that is in keeping with the whole Plandemic /Killing of the Economy/ Depopulation/ Economic Reset. These evil sick bastards take great pleasure in broadcasting their successes.

  6. MickieKnows

    Greg, did you read about the French researchers who studied the contents of a vial of Pfizer? They found that it was 99% graphene oxide. The FDA considers it a poison and it is NOT recommended for human consumption. In mice that were injected with it, the results showed pretty much the same symptoms people are having when given the shot, including stillborn births. Graphene oxide has magnetic and electrical properties. ~ MickieKnows

  7. tim mcgraw

    “No; you are totally screwed.” Yourself. LOL! Greg your sense of humor and irony continues to get better every week. People who take the vaccines and suffer and die….. well, they made their choices. Sometimes you eat the bear , and sometimes the bear eats you.
    Thanks to all of your viewers for their advice about my case of shingles. It is slowly receding. A month of hell was what shingles was for me.
    I’ve had Covid. I’ll take Covid over shingles any day.

    • Paul ...

      Tim … I bet Fauci told Big Pharma to put shingles into the “jab”for good measure just in case some people didn’t get blood clots and heart attacks!!

  8. Greg.

    In the previous interview with Robert Maginnis , one should ask ? If General Flynn is a product of the Pentagon , how many others within the military are with him and will uphold their oath to the U.S. Constitution? I believe nearly all ! I don’t buy Mr. Mainnis assessment……..

    • Justn Observer

      It is not clear…at least at the ‘flag officer and command’ level where allegiances lie…Remember when Obama purged many of them…including nuclear weapons and sub . commanders? And looking back – the complaints about all the CHE posters at Obama campaign offices,the ‘Michelle’s ties with Angela Davis, AG Holder and the FLAN group in S.A., the forgiveness of the cop killer in Cuba – the illegal gun running to Mexican cartel (fast and furious) all after the warning about Obama early days with Frank Marshall Davis mentor in Hawaii etc….
      Is this move to the extreme left/ Marxism really a surprise? Think fundamental transformation – and the plumber questioning of Obama’s ‘transfer of wealth’ policy , and the ever growing wave of ‘potential’ Obama AMERICA CORP. candidates flooding across the border… as OUR military now faces CRT training, culling, and social media scrutiny. Yes, likely still many patriotic faithful within the ranks…but how many and for how long?
      Certainly a time for making a decision…no standing in the middle…the world is either all in for a World Revolutionary Movement as Trotsky and crew envisioned…and Stalin stalled as he was at the time satisfied with having Russia and its surrounding territory… of course he also did have a view on elections we seem to be plagued with….’it is who counts the votes that matters’…and who apparently controls the voting machines and software that needs to be overcome…or this 5th generation psychologically warfare we are in might just return to a 3rd gen kinetic one. = their fear… and obsession with gun control and abolish of the 2nd Amendment?
      All the heightened ‘gun violence’ is just a preamble created for that purpose…even FOX NEWS is drunk on reporting every incident while it ignores so many other issues…ie, = weather manipulation, looming food shortages, and much of the other information Greg brings attention to…as in mis/ under reported jab side-effects and deaths. Looming bank credit freezing up, etc etc. as Greg reports here.
      And yes, questions as to why armor and weapons are left behind – AGAIN… all we are missing are the pictures of people trying to hang on to helicopter skids like the pull out in SE Asia. Quite a mess for sure….
      Rememberance and Salute to John Chapman (RIP)

  9. Dr. Joseph

    Fantastic as always. God bless Greg, you are appreciated very much.

  10. AndrewB

    Hi Greg and thank you for a brilliant WNW488!

    Please don’t apologise for headlining the C19 ‘vaccine’ scandal. Psychopathic megalomaniacs have cold-heartedly planned and are proceeding with the murder of billions of human beings. There is no more important issue to report! The ‘elites’ have concluded that the Earth cannot sustain the human population and that, for the planet to survive, the human population must be culled. Not them, naturally!

    The reason that the existence of proven therapies (Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc and combinations thereof) cannot be admitted to, is that Emergency Use Authorisation (EUA) can ONLY be granted provided no other effective therapies are available. No truth, from however a distinguished source, will ever be permitted to challenge the EUA. The ‘vaccine’ is the Redundancy Notice and TPTB have decided that Planet Earth Inc. needs to downsize its workforce by over 50%!

    • Paul ...

      WOW!! … You hit the nail on the head Andrew … that “slime ball” Fauci knew that (The Existence of Proven Therapies (like Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquine, Azithromycin, zinc and combinations thereof) … COULD NOT BE ADMITTED TO!! … because “Emergency Use Authorization (EUA)” … Can “ONLY be Granted” Provided “No Other Effective Therapies Are Available” … which begs the following very important question about Trump … “he knew” there were other effective therapies … “he knew it” and yet the slimy hot-air buffoon “still signed the Emergency Use Authorization Act” … “killing and maiming thousands of Americans who believed his every word” (like Hillary should be in prison) … voting for Trump in 2024 is a definite No No for me!! … we need to elect a “True Patriot” … not some pretender who “hugs the American flag” but then proceeds to allow Americans “to become guinea pigs without their consent” for an experimental vaccine created by Big Pharma, Gates and Fauci to chip, sterilize and kill off God’s magnificent creation and the birth right he gave to all of us (just like Monsanto did removing the seeds of life from all God’s other life forms) … Satan himself couldn’t do a better job then his Demon helpers!!!

      • Paul ...

        What we need is some Patriotic lawyers “to file an emergency motion” to rescind the Emergency Use Authorization Act and also put in for an Immediate Injunction “to stop any further jabs” until this life threatening issue is resolved in the Courts … and put an urgent and rapid halt or “Stay of Execution” to any Government Agency (overriding the individual right of the people to decide their own medical care) by arbitrarily making the “jab” mandatory for all people!!!

        • Paul ...

          Perhaps (Catherine Ann Fitts if you are reading this) can you please get your attorneys (now writing up forms to stop corporations from mandating the “jab” in violation of the Nuremberg Code ) … to file an emergency injunction to rescind “the Emergency Use Authorization Act” … and also have them file a “Stay of Execution” (to prevent any Government Agency from overriding the individual right of the American people to decide their own medical care) by having them ask the Court to disallow any arbitrarily ruling or regulation (making the “jab” mandatory for all people) “by un-elected bureaucrats”!!!

          • Paul ...

            If these Demons can’t be stopped at the Federal level … then “Stays of Execution” to prevent a mandatory “jab” (by an “un-elected” Government Agency should be filed in every State of the Union) … Gerald Celente can get his attorneys to file in New York State … and other Patriots across America should do the same … it is time for the American people to hit back before we are all lead to slaughter by psychopathic lunatics intent on euthanizing the entire world as inscribed on their Georgia Guidestones (that for some reason are still standing on US soil) !!

        • Thomas Surguine

          Please read the current posting of Stephen Lendman, in which he outlines the fact that 1100 (YES ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNRED) LEGAL EAGLES ARE GOING AFTER EVERYONE, WEF, WHO, ALL RX’S, ETC.ALL ENTITIES INVOLVED WITH THIS MASS MURDER VAX HORROR. AND I WISH TRUMP ‘”BEST OF LUCK”WITH ALL HIS LAWSUITS AGAINST THAT JERK BUNCH OF “SOCIAL MEDIA” Hope he puts ALL of em oot of biz. Timewasters supreme in my view! Expat tom

      • Stan

        Paul: My friends at the NY Fed don’t have to get the vaccine. The Fed gives them freedom of choice.

        • Greg Hunter

          The official Biden Admin policy is vaccines are not required to go back to work at any federal office.

        • Paul ...

          Stan … Take a poll and let us know your results … ask your banker friends if they will take the “jab” (if ordered to do so this coming September by “un-elected” bureaucrats) … I want to get a feel for what the elite will be doing if the experimental “jab” is made mandatory … and what kind of help we “anti-jab bugs” can expect from above!!

    • Johnny U

      Check out this interview with Dr. David Martin. It lays it out very well.

  11. Marie+Joy

    I was hoping we had another year before it hit the fan but, I can see, that was my normalcy bias. Still having trouble posting.

    • Robert K


      I have the technology to be able to post, i.e. VPN, secure browsers etc. and I too had to unplug everything, let it reset, and relog on. For a while, I could not watch USAWD or my television. Thankfully, I fixed that problem. It is no doubt big brother/ big tech in their quest to vanquish the truth and suppress anything that does not fall in line with the script.

      • Marie+Joy

        Robert, I am unable to post more than a sentence, or two, on this site, only. I can post but I cannot rant.

  12. Louis

    GREAT REPORT – You put it all together !

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Louis.

  13. Marie+Joy

    Communists know people won’t fight back. Armchair patriotism is all we have.

  14. Marie+Joy

    WE, ALL, need to be in better shape.

  15. Jim Ledyard

    Graphene Oxide is the magnetic agent contained in the kovid jab. (Think of the magnetic strip on the back of a credit card) Bill Gates and Klaus Schwab are happy to announce “Bio-Data Convergence” as part of the great reset. Humans will become part of the 5G internet-of-things. (Like a toaster or a refrigerator) Once connected, humans will be 1000% more productive, able to work long hours without food or rest.

    Bill and Klaus are almost ready to pull the trigger on their 5G Human connection. They just need to jab a few billion more humans before they can activate the network.

  16. Andrew Cox

    Great comments.

    I have friends in the UK who are also totally mind-controlled and won’t listen to any concerns about the dangers of the experimental “vaccine” injections.
    One friend had a heart shortly after having his second injection – and wouldn’t accept that his health had been compromised.
    Many people are probably going to die this winter – and we will see the mind controlled media and Governments telling peole it is the “variants” – not the injections or boosters.

    • Paul ...

      AC … The “jabs” and boosters … “create the variants”!!

  17. Talbot Shaw Lindstrom

    Review the history of J. Edgar especially his note to LBJ after the capitol restroom incident.

  18. Karen Luce

    I’m still laughing!! “ I’m totally vaccinated!”
    Greg Hunter: “No, you’re totally screwed!”

    • Paul ...

      Karen … Wait 2 to 4 years before you start crowing and demeaning those of us trying to protect others … for a day may come “once upon a midnight dreary … while bedridden weak and weary” … you may ponder and recall what you said here today but had long forgotten … nodding, nearly napping, suddenly there may came a tapping … “someone gently rapping, rapping at your chamber door” … its only some visitor … you may mutter: “tapping at my chamber door … only this … and nothing more” … but perhaps it’s the “jab” master … … collecting his due and nothing more !!

    • Lucy Goosy

      Karen, keep laughing. Chin up old girl!

    • Mario

      You are kidding right?
      There are hundreds of doctors that have been interviewed and wrote articles as well explaining why the vaxx is bad. It’s the problem not the virus.
      A Cytokine Storm is Very bad and that will happen in most people that are fully vaxxed during the next flu season. Many will die as a result. People need to wake up. Many years ago I graduated with a 4 year degree in Biochemistry and my wife is a doctor for the past 22 years. mRNA is not to be injected as it will get your DNA to write new genetic code and this one makes the spike protein.
      You need to do some research, shut the news off and dig deep. Google won’t show you anything. Use a different search engine.
      Remember Karen, it is easier to fool someone than it is to convince them they have been fooled.
      Also remember that it’s been said the bigger the lie and the more often and louder it is told the more people believe it.
      If you haven’t had the second shot don’t take it.

      • Rachel

        good post Mario !

  19. David Montross

    Greg, I live in Michigan and have sent 6 emails in regards to covet-19 and the shout down to [email protected] RECEVIED NO RESPONCE……

  20. Jack Suss

    I’ve been meaning to correct your pronunciation :
    vi•ti•ate vĭsh′ē-āt″

  21. GVB

    Looking forward to the New Mister Gold as once once proclaimed by the Old Mister Gold!

  22. andyb

    The biggest problem that the globalists have with America is the 100+ million gun owners who know how to use them. As a Japanese admiral was rumored to have said during WWll: “we can never invade The US since they have a gun behind every tree”. Thus, until gun confiscation becomes a reality, we may have a few more years left as a free Republic. Hmmm. Wonder how many gun owners have refused the bioweapon jab?

    • susan

      Lots of us, Andy!

  23. Celeste

    When Donald J. Trump comes out and apologizes for fast tracking this horrific gene therapy also called a vaccine, then and only then I’ll see him differently. Very few address that fact that all these deaths and ruined lives and human sufferings are happening because of the decision HE made and forced upon all Americans and now we are living the hell of it. Yes, I accept he’s “only human” but he’s taking no responsibility for any of this and still encouraging it. I heard say it quite clearly and then added “its their choice.” I guess that might last bit will keep him from being liable for all the deaths etc. So he’s aware he has to cover his behind. Where’s his conscience?
    No apologizes given, no regrets expressed and he’s still pushing it.

    All of this is on him and he thinks he should be given the White House again? I have a serious issue with my conscience when I even think about giving him any power again, Even though I think he did many good thing, how do you way them against all the deaths and human suffering and now tyranny he opened us up too? No matter how highly I have thought of the other things he did I can’t in good conscience ever vote for him again because no matter if you see the cup half full or half empty, this hell we are seeing is due to his fast tracking the jab.
    What could possibly go wrong with giving him the power to make another “small mistake?” I know he is just a man like anyone else and capable of making a mistake but I no longer trust him to do the right thing. Rather I see it as being similar to thanking your rapist for doing you the favor of not impregnating you while he violated you!
    The responsibility of the deaths and ruined lives are on his shoulders period even if he should apologize for that decision in the future it doesn’t change the facts.
    Do you see any sorrow or taking responsibility for that? No! I have a love/hate relationship with him and everyday I think of my family members who took the jab and wonder if they will all die, I think of him. This would not be happening if he’d made a different decision over a simple flu virus. It was a tough call perhaps but look where we are because of it. He is not guilt free!
    I think people may have Stockholm Syndrome when it comes to Trump. I will never vote again because I feel the weight of what my last vote has accomplished and there is not a soul out there I trust anymore. I helped put that man into office the first time, I’ll not make that mistake again ! Hate me if you will…..I really don’t care and you won’t change my mind.

    • Celeste

      I will add this as well. How nice Trump has the freedom to sue those who have done harm to him (and the American people) and taken his.our rights away.
      Under the PREP Act, companies like Pfizer and Moderna have total immunity from liability if something unintentionally goes wrong with their vaccines.
      We do not have that freedom to sue the drug companies over the deaths and injuries we have occurred do we? Where’s the justice in that ey? Where is the outrage for Mike Pompeo?
      Do not go gentle into that good night,
      Old age should burn and rave at close of day;
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.
      Though wise men at their end know dark is right,
      Because their words had forked no lightning they
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Good men, the last wave by, crying how bright
      Their frail deeds might have danced in a green bay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Wild men who caught and sang the sun in flight,
      And learn, too late, they grieved it on its way,
      Do not go gentle into that good night.

      Grave men, near death, who see with blinding sight
      Blind eyes could blaze like meteors and be gay,
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      And you, my father, there on the sad height,
      Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray.
      Do not go gentle into that good night.
      Rage, rage against the dying of the light.

      Preparedness Act for Medical Countermeasures Against COVID-19

      • eddiemd

        The PREP Act is like the Patriot Act for medical tyranny. The .gov can do whatever they want.

        They will force the mRNA at some point in time. Linked to your SSN and bank account. Many more people will go willingly once it is linked to the digital currency.

        Many are already caving in to accepting the mRNA because they want to travel, go to sporting events/concerts, dine out, go to school, etc.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are dead wrong. Since the Resurrection, Jesus is in charge! Matthew 28:18. Don’t post JW material on I have deleted all your comments.

      • eddiemd

        Correct. Jesus Christ of Nazareth is on the throne. He is in charge. He makes intercession for His people. He does not wish that any perish.

        Satan is only allowed what the Almighty God will allow him to do. When the Restrainer is removed, then you will know what satan is capable of. Great deception.

        God judges nations and peoples. He has been doing this since the beginning. Just ask the people in Noah’s time.

  24. Robert Hood

    Here in Nova Scotia, all I hear is Baaaaahhh! Sheep everywhere. It is very hard to believe we’ll win up here. All but one of my siblings and children have taken the cool aid. One halfwit customer said yesterday that she hoped the booster won’t be as bad because she was deathly sick for a week after the first jab. I would have warned her but I think her second jab will be a gift to humanity.

  25. Marion Sampson

    I pray for the unmasking of the ‘Bidens’ and all the other ‘doubles’. It sickens me just to hear their names. Fauci is a dead Nazi in my mind.

  26. Jerry5

    I have first hand information that the election in Arizona was stollen.
    According to my son who lives In Phoenix when you vote, you are given an identification number. Apparently during the audit it was found out that both his vote, and his wife’s vote ( for Trump ) was never counted. I’m sure that the globalist who rigged the election never thought anyone would use these identification numbers to retrace the voting. Why would they when they controlled the voting?
    Where it goes from here is anyone’s guess since the officials in Maricopa county are so corrupt? If lawsuits are filed, it could be years before this information ever sees the light of day.


    The Covid jab? I dont know I been out truckin since this all began running in the Midwest in highly infected areas. I didnt catch nothing. And I know there is no way I could have not been exposed.
    I think about the time fraud is established, Harris will take over. Since as far as I know there is no precedent for this type of situation on a Federal level. (although there have been many cases on a local level) I can only think somehow the military may become involved.
    As far as leaving weapons in Afghanistan . Those will be used to kill the next occupying force. So possibly , our guys are thinking about the Russians.
    Stay out of debt. If your in the market crash or not , there still will be stocks that fare well. And Greg you hit it right OWN YOUR STUFF.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Dug, yes, own your stuff!

      • Diane

        I’ve been followed Greg’s advice on …own your stuff. Followed this for years.
        It’s the…….
        Best advice ever.

  28. Jed

    None of your videos are showing up through Safari. It shows a short article and that’s it. I quickly downloaded the duck duck app and the videos are there. FYI

    • Greg Hunter

      They play here: I hate Big tech!

    • susan

      duck, duck go is the best. You can get more real news there.

      • robert handler

        At its powerful levels, Ziverdo unit (Zinc, Ivermectin, and Doxycycline) is a triple mixed drink of dynamic meds. You may be asking why a pack contains a zinc tablet, an enemy of parasitic drug, and an anti-infection.

        Doxycycline 100 mg, zinc acetic acid derivation 50 mg, and Ivermectin 12 mg Dispersible pills are the three significant fixings. With regards to zinc acetic acid derivation, 50 mg is particularly useful in treating different liver problems since it makes the body eat a major measure of copper from food. Accordingly, it should be taken at the right measurement as recommend by your primary care physician.

  29. PattyJ

    Thank so much for speaking truth. A while back, a commenter posted a link to buy Ivermectin. Anyone have the link handy?

    • larryelkinse

      Dr. Dave Martin has claimed the applications for FDA authorization and their patent applications which mandate that the ingredients of the jab must be listed but they are absent. Required tests on live lab animals were discontinued after all of the animals died. But humans must accept the jabs or get fired ??? ref.

      Numerous immediate adverse reactions have occurred after jabs, including fatal strokes by pilots of commercial airlines. The jabs are safe ??

      Ivermectin is claimed to be available from India. .

      For Ziverdo Kit (Zinc, IVM, DOXy)

  30. William Richard James Nicholson

    Thanks Greg for the super report ! I have to say it seemed even more special than usual on today , My Birthday ! Maybe I just thought you’d hoisted a brew to celebrate before you made the broadcast ? I’ll out drink Ya Anyday , You’ll be sleeping in Tip O’Neills old spot under the D.C. bar table ……….. A & W’s All Round ……….. Greg’s Buying …………

    • Greg Hunter

      Happy Birthday WRJ!

      • vinnie cooper

        Ivermectin is an unmistakable, FDA-kept up with adversary of parasite drug that has been used truly for more than forty years to treat onchocerciasis “stream visual inadequacy” and other parasitic debasements. It is maybe the most solid medicine known. It is on the WHO’s summation of key cures, has been given 3.7 on various occasions from one side of the world to the next, and has won the Nobel prize for its as a rule major impacts in killing endemic parasitic diseases in different region of the planet. Our clinical revelation of a rapidly making scattered clinical assertion base

    • Randy Avera
      Use the Indiamart message system.
      You will get many quotes
      no prescription needed
      most will take pay pal
      Randy Avera

  31. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    Good job Mr. Hunter.

    America is being destroyed by satanic forces. Woke, political correctness, the Covid 19 hysteria, 1619, critical race theory and so much more. These are mental issues. These are inspired by demons. That’s not considered fashionable in our atheistic society. It doesn’t sell. It’s to be ridiculed.

    As noted in earlier posts, America must collapse. We are allowed to collapse. Because we are so sinful. That statement is also not fashionable. It doesn’t sell. It’s to be ridiculed.

    Thank you for posting.

  32. Steve Hindman

    If the democrats survive the election audits of the 2020 election then future elections will be pointless.

    • Charles H.

      Exactly. No prosecution means no changes. And if the system isn’t changed before the next election – the cheating and changing will never stop.

  33. David W Leonard

    Greg, Jesus is the ONLY plan.

  34. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you brother. Please check out Convention of States Article V website. It is a gift we have been given by our founders to reign in the lawlessness. I believe it is also a gift by The Almighty to give us a way out and a way through the wiles and cunning of the devil to destroy America and ultimately the world.

  35. John

    In the days of Noah the world was filled with lewdness, injustice, oppression, immorality, bloodshed, paganism and corruption of all types. It remains therefore, for us to consider whether similar influences are now acting upon our present society. It sure looks like it to me.

    • Paul ...

      Consider this … today just like in Noah’s time … very evil Satanic rituals are being performed … by Monarchies … Presidential Politicians … Congressmen … Celebrities … CEO’s … and they all worship at the Alter of Moloch (a Canaanite god in the Old Testament that’s associated with human sacrifice … specifically the sacrifice of human children) before big barn fires … seems these Demons and Rats have found they can make an “Immortality Serum” (obtained from the adrenal glands of living children … after they have been terrorized to get the highest levels of adrenaline) before they kill them and remove their adrenal glands … we are living today in “monster society” (that is powered by the screams of children) and just as evil during Noah’s time when giants ate children … these evil monsters today … to justify their wickedness in their own minds … put warnings on their evening news channels: “It’s Ten O’clock … Do You Know Where Your Children Are” ??

  36. Bonita

    the 411 is that this is a 911

  37. Thomas Thatcher

    Time for people to stand up to these sick monsters.. thanks for the great report… God bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas!

  38. david brownallen

    Is there a chance the Afghan military fled the base that housed abandoned vehicles and 900 weapons? I’ve read where Afghan soldiers are fleeing into Tajikistan.

  39. Donna t

    everyone check out
    “This means that everyone who has had the vaccine is now technically “patented” and something that is patented is “owned”and will come under the definition of “trans human”.
    Therefore, technically anyone having this vaccine could no longer have any access to human rights. “

  40. Kim

    Imagine how great the world would be if there were more journalists like Greg Hunter. Thank you sir for all that you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you so much Kim for your very kind words & support!

  41. James Foster

    Great broadcast

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you James!

  42. Tony in the UK

    Hi Greg
    Would it be possible to provide a link to the CDC data that shows the number of deaths and injuries? It would be very useful for those who would like to forward this information to others to highlight what is happening.

  43. Roxy

    Scientist in Spain have tested the contents of Pfizer “vaccine”. Check it out-

    This is a game changer! Looks like the shots are 99% graphene oxide, an industrial toxin that has magnetic properties.

    • Paul ...

      R …Perhaps Big Pharma ran out of radioactive Plutonium and Jelly Fish puss (to make us easier to find by authorities when “we glow in the dark”) … so they probably figured a good alternative was to “make us magnetic” so their SS goons will be able to locate us with another magnet (if say we are hiding under our beds (when they come “to drag us out of our homes” to get our monthly booster shots for the new variants the Corona spike protein continually creates)!!

      • Warren B.

        All jokes aside (“glow in the Dark”)…. graphene oxide fills a lot of the voids.

        Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates thrombi in the organism.
        Graphene oxide is a toxic that generates blood coagulation.
        Graphene oxide causes alteration of the immune system, by decompensating the oxidative balance in relation to the gulation reserves.
        If the dose of graphene oxide is increased by any route of administration, it causes the collapse of the immune system and subsequent cytokine storm.
        Graphene oxide accumulated in the lungs generates bilateral pneumonias by uniform dissemination in the pulmonary alveolar tract.
        Graphene oxide causes a metallic taste.
        Inhaled graphene oxide causes inflammation of the mucous membranes and thus loss of taste and partial or total loss of smell.
        Its all making complete sense now with all of the specified health related issues.
        BUT ….here is the REAL SWEETENER…..
        Graphene oxide acquires powerful magnetic properties inside the organism.
        Graphene oxide has what is called an ‘electronic absorption band’. This means a certain frequency above which the material is excited and oxidizes very rapidly, thus breaking the equilibrium with the proliferation in the organism of the toxicant against our natural antioxidant glutathione reserves. Precisely this frequency band is emitted in the new emission bandwidths of the new 5G wireless technology.
        With subsequent 5G technology trials in different parts of the world, “COVID-19 disease” developed in interaction of external electromagnetic fields and graphene oxide now in their bodies. Remember that it all started in Wuhan, and this was the first pilot sample city in the world to do the 5G technology trial in late November 2019. It’s a coincidence in space and time.
        The purpose of the introduction of graphene oxide is even more obscure than you might imagine.
        Therefore, it is more than enough for you to assimilate this information and ‘reset’ the knowledge you had of the disease up to now from the highest governmental institutions telling the population to protect themselves and even forcing them with that which will potentially make them sick with the disease itself.
        Logically, now that we know that the cause or etiological agent of the disease is precisely a chemical toxicant and not a biological agent, we know how to attenuate it: by increasing glutathione levels. Glutathione is a natural antioxidant that we present in reserves in the organism.
        Glutathione is extremely high in children. Therefore, the disease has hardly any impact on the child population…..until they are injected with a dose of graphene oxide.
        Glutathione drops very considerably after 65 years of age. Therefore, “COVID-19” is especially prevalent in the senile population.
        Glutathione is at very high levels in the intensive sports population. This is why only 0.22% of athletes had the disease.
        You will now understand why countless studies in practice have shown that treatment with N-acetylcysteine (which is a precursor of glutathione in the body), or glutathione administered directly, cured COVID-19 disease very quickly in patients. Plain and simple because the glutathione levels were raised to cope with the administered toxicant called graphene oxide.

        • sk

          In the sixth line, the word ‘gulation’ – probably was intended to be the word ‘glutathione’.

        • Paul ...

          Warren … It could very well be “the graphene oxide” in the “jab” is what creates “both bleeding veins and clots at the same time” … as they simultaneously cut the walls of both veins and arteries … as they magnetically clump together to clog them up!!

  44. George (Bill) Heuschele

    I look forward every week to your news wrap up. I can hardly bring myself to watch even Fox News. I am so grateful for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Bill for all your support!

  45. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    The latest Biden press conference was more proof he has severe Dementia and it is getting worse – he isn’t capable of being even the Fake President. The real negative is Kamala takes over and she is Frightening with her Communist Views. We the People are in serious trouble

    • Charles H.

      Welcome to the party.

  46. Stephen Woenker

    Gold silver crypto land Realastate ! What else is there to hedge against what lies ahead ?

    • Paul ...

      SW … We can practice using our God given brains … so we can more effectively fight and dodge Satan’s Demons … as they continuously roll out their various evil agenda’s!!

  47. Diana Brown

    Thanks again Greg. More important news of the week.

  48. Gloria Quintana

    Thank you Greg, for your work. I really appreciate your honesty. God bless you and your family!💕🙏

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gloria!

  49. Phil

    My 37 healthy nephew died 2 days ago, 10 days after his second shot. He had dead cells in every organ in his body. The Drs. did not have a clue. His mother told him he could not come to her house unless he took the shots.

    • Greg Hunter

      Phil, we are so sorry for your loss. Thank you for sharing.

    • eddiemd


      My siblings all rushed out and got the injection. They even dragged my 85yo mother to get one. Then they placed her into an assisted living place which requires “vaccine” before being allowed to visit or let in. I will not take the injection under any circumstances.

      I cannot visit her.

      Beware of the counsel of the wicked.

    • Paul ...

      I hope Karen Luce reads Phil’s post … and begins to think about the consequences of being a non-thinking follower and believer in the eugenicist psychopaths (who have likely already sterilized her … and she doesn’t even know it yet)!!

  50. Paul ...

    Well … this is “no big deal” in America … where a convicted “murderer wins election” from behind bars … … the reason he will not make a good Presidential Candidate “at this time” is he is still in prison … but once he gets out (and is free to mingle in society like Hillary) it will be different story … but he has to get his act together … and learn to make his murders look like suicide!!

  51. Paul ...

    Fauci and Gates have it down pat … murdering millions … and having it look like it was a “voluntary” act by each individual … but do these Demons realize that by making the “jab” mandatory … they can’t any more claim in a Court of Law that all these individuals (that died from the experimental jab) “took their own lives”!!!

  52. Mark Snyder

    Thank you Greg, outstanding analysis.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark for all your support!

  53. Paul ...

    So how is Gold doing ? … well I see the Red exceeded the Blue yesterday … now I want to see the Green exceed the Red today … and the Blue exceed the Green tomorrow!! …

  54. Kenneth Smith

    I recently lost a close relative who was perfectly healthy until the second jab (covid booster shot). It was only about 3 weeks following the Pfizer MNRA shots that she died suddenly of massive heart failure. Though elderly, she had no serious heart issues prior.
    It is unfortunate that the elderly are most trusting of health authorities in the US and here in Canada.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kenneth for sharing. We’re so sorry for your loss.

  55. Jerry5

    I would pay particular attention to page #5 of the plan.

    Blended financing with recovery in December can only mean one thing. There will be new lockdowns in the fall that will be link financing to vaccinations.

    Forget about the door to door vaccination nonsense. That’s a smoke screen for the real plan of cutting you off from your financing. Folks the bankers never change the dialectic. They know they can control you through the banking system, so there’s no need to go door to door. They’ll just cut you off. Don’t think so? Think again. They stole an election, and forced you to wear mask didn’t they? Don’t be naive. They know when the credit cards are cut off, people will cave in and get the vaccine. What will you do?

    • eddiemd

      Correct. Door to door is nonsense. Maybe for guns.

      The .gov here in the USA already has your “vaccination” status. All linked to your SSN. They just need to check the records.

      When they go to digital currency, they will know everything to include your injection status.

      You will not be able to buy, sell, work, etc without the injection. All linked to your SSN and bank account. This day is approaching fast.

      Big war is approaching fast. The forces in Afghanistan were abruptly withdrawn for a reason. They did not want the troops stranded and left behind. The resupply lines run through Pakistan and by air. The CCP/PLA is already moving in.

      India is also preparing for war with the CCP/PLA.

      Be reconciled with the Almighty God. Today is the day of salvation.

      • Steve Bice

        Heh. I’m not so sure about the door-to-door initiative being nonsense…assuming it materializes. When you lose all trust, what heretofore was unimaginable suddenly becomes possible.

        What better way to target the un-vaccinated than to send Covid-positive or spike protein shedding trojan-horses to sit in their living rooms.

        If the agenda is indeed depopulation, there has to be a plan to target those who will never submit voluntarily to vaccination. Financial leverage is certainly one way, but tactics may be necessarily draconian for those of us who are best prepared to survive the “normal” pressure. Beware…

        • Steve Bice

          Is Covid in a Can (aerosolized) next?
          It’ll probably change by the time this gets posted, but I thought it was interesting that the number of comments on the prior two interviews are 223 and 308, respectively.

          • eddiemd

            .223 and .308. You have a point there. A steel jacketed one at that.

            What is next…5.56?

            • Paul ...

              It is not part of the moral code of us Patriots to begin giving lead injections to people “whether they like it or not” … the way Demon rats who have no code of ethics want to “jab” everyone “whether they like it or not” … but with human extinction the goal of the Satanic Demon rats (inscribed in stone) … these rats may have to be done away with … “using the sounds of music that do not come from a flute”!!

        • eddiemd


          They have linked the injection to the SSN. They already have the databases.

        • eddiemd

          Since they have the databases already, they just need to link it to your iPhone. IPhones are also linked to the SSN databanks by way of credit checks and banking records.

          It all ties in. They know who has received the injections.

          They will turn off your iPhone if you do not have the injections. They are already doing this in Pakistan and other countries. I posted this information last week.

          • Jerry5

            They are shutting off my cell phone now. All I have left is a landline.
            I fully intend to file a lawsuit the moment these pricks cut off my SS.
            That’s my money. Not theirs. But in a totalitarian world that’s what you get.

        • Paul ...

          When they come to our door to give us their shot (whether we want it or not) … simply tell them they must take our shot first (whether they want it or not)!!

    • eddiemd

      Cyberpolygon inbound.

      1. False flag attack by our own FBI to be blamed on the Russians
      2. Banking shut down in an emergency
      3. Pretext for war in the Black Sea
      4. False flag off the coast of Crimea to be blamed on the Russians
      5. Cyberwarfare infrastructure take down somewhere in the USA…CAP canal in Arizona, power out in California, subway attack in New York, etc…..
      6. Oil refinery attack on the gulf coast
      7. Iran launching attack on the Saudis
      8. Israel attacks Iran
      9. China attacks Taiwan
      10. China attacks Hawaii

      Endless possibilities.

      • Jerry5

        Once again you are over the target. As they say….follow the money.

        Part and parcel of cyber polygon is to install digital currency into a biometric matrix using human credit scoring ( ie vaccinations ) as a basis for credit. In short it’s a simulation to take down the current technological system we now live in, and replace it with a global matrix via star link and 5G.

        • AndrewB

          Hi Jerry,
          Unfortunately, I think your summation is correct. It’s all set out in Bill Gates’ patent ending 606060, Don’t have a link but I’ve reviewed it a couple if times and it sets out what you have stated.

          Preprograming has been taking place for many months with countless TV ads showing people improving their lifestyle by improving their credit score. At first I took these ads at face value, as financially motivated, but then you think – how can people magically improve their credit score? Not just once, but multiple times – depicted as going from a dingy flat with a beaten up car to swanky apartment with a brand new sports car. Of course it’s just not possible. So what gives? IMO, these ads are preparing people for a SOCIAL credit scoring NWO dystopian society. By being a ‘good citizen’ – taking your shots and regular boosters and DOING WHAT YOU ARE TOLD WITHOUT QUESTION your standard of living will ‘improve’. This is preprograming at work. The downside is that ANY dissent will reduce your social credit score and hence your standard of living. Can anyone say, “enslavement”?

  56. Michael Sorrell


    • Marie+Joy

      Michael, Today’s politicians are paid to Depopulate. What better way to Depopulate than to leave weapons in the hands of murderers?

  57. Albert Day

    It is sad to see a great nation being destroyed by corruption. All those who sacrificed on battlefields, defending what we have enjoyed need to be validated by us. The ship needs to be righted. It’s listing badly and could capsize if measures are not taken by all of us to alleviate the glaring lawlessness in government, banking and business. I salute you, Greg on your courage to report the truth and to defy those who would silence you. And I have to say, that “the darkest is just before dawn”. Between the election fraud, covid scam, lock up of protesters, etc it looks very dark right now. Once that sun comes up again, look out fraudsters.

  58. Lightning

    It’s worse than 7,000 deaths

    CDC re-classified majority of reported VAER’s deaths Into “ unclassified deaths” category. YOY data shows it clearly.

    True VAER’s deaths should be 30,000+ in USA

    • Greg Hunter

      Or more? Check page #6.

      • Lightning

        The CDC reported 3.25 million deaths in 2020 up 20 % from 2019 number of 2. 85 million deaths.

        If the actual real world deaths are 50 to 100 times the reported VAERS data than the “ official” number of 7,000 deaths equates to 350,000 to 700,000 deaths as you said in your Friday report.

        If the CDC is reclassifying VAERS deaths as unclassified deaths and the number should be closer to 30,000 than we are talking about 1.5 million to 3 million deaths since the mRNA shots started in late 2020.

        It will be interesting to see how they try and cover up those kinds of excess deaths?

        Given all the current ongoing efforts that pose a big threat to their one world plans (Arizona audit results , Jan 6th federal incitement efforts coming to light, elevated death counts From vaccines, etc. I gotta think they are planning a major event to distract people… like 9/11 occurring just after the 3.2 trillion of missing DoD money that Rumsfeld couldn’t explain etc.

  59. Gerry Glover

    From Ontario Canada, my observation of your country is very pessimistic; not because the politicians are corrupt like the media and big business along with the military; but because your judges are as well. If truth can’t be exposed through the courts there is no hope for you. I include your “Supreme court”. By the way, we in Canada are not much better!

  60. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Thank you, Greg! God Bless you and God Bless your work! ☦️🙏🏻😊👍🏻🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Elias for all your blessings!

  61. Neil Currie

    Great work, Greg. Keep on it. God bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Neil for your blessings & support!

  62. Steve Kloppers

    Instances of so-called saline solutions instead of the actual “jab-vaccine” are popping up all over. I am sure that these saline vaccines are placebos, introduced by Big Pharma to placate us. They can not allow everyone to get sick or die – then no-one would volunteer to take this BS.

  63. Rich Rozmarn

    17,503 DEAD, 1.7 Million Injured (50% SERIOUS) Reported in European Union’s Database of Adverse Drug Reactions for COVID-19 Shots

    You just can’t make this stuff up Greg, thanks for a great report.

    • Paul ...

      Rich … Look at the running total and it is even more unbelievable:
      June 5, 2021 : 10,570 Dead … 1.0 Million Injured
      June 19, 2021 : 15,472 Dead … 1.5 Million Injured
      July 3, 2021 : 17,503 Dead … 1.7 Million Injured
      So we can probably expect on …
      July 17, 2021 : 20,000 Dead … 2.0 Million Injured
      And what can we expect on September First when the FDA plans to make the “jab” Mandatory???
      Sept 1, 2021 … 37,000 Dead … 3.0 Million Injured ???

      The FDA will likely say the “jab” has proven effective (as it is “only” Killing about 10,000 people per month … and Injuring “only” about 1.0 Million per month … and therefore … these un-elected bureaucrats … will declare that … the “jab” must be taken by every single American (whether they like it or not)!!!
      I say … these Bureau-rats be given rat poison (whether they like it or not)!!!

      • Continental Traveler

        I agree, the gallows for all of them.

  64. Chance

    Another fine program, Greg. Thank you!

    Here’s a great bit of insanity for folks to pass on: Dozens of schools using Anastasia Higginbotham’s Not My Idea children’s book featuring ‘whiteness’ contract with the devil –

    Keep swinging the big hammer and thanks for all you do.

  65. iwitness02

    Even Weasel Words Inc. is backing off calling the shot a vaccine. Now it’s the jab.
    Weasel Words Inc. have brought us the “Patriot Act” and “For the People Act” which didn’t pass, but you get the idea. “Armed Insurrection” on Jan. 6. People refusing the “Vax” are going to force America into a lock down again; they shriek.
    Satan is a liar and the father of it. King James Bible: Ye are of your father the devil, and the lusts of your father ye will do. He was a murderer from the beginning, and abode not in the truth, because there is no truth in him. When he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his own: for he is a liar, and the father of it. John 8: 44
    The father of Weasel Words Inc.

    • Paul ...

      Exactly … the Demon & Rats father is the Devil … and both the “commie” Demons & Rats “lust just like their father” … “they murder just like their father” … and there is “no truth in them just like their father” (as their father is the antithesis of Jesus Christ) … both Demons & Rats worship at the alter of the Anti-Christ (who is Satan himself) … and both the Demons & Rats are in the pocket of the CCP!!

  66. Melinda Henson

    Sadly, people don’t report adverse reactions to “vaccines” because they don’t believe the “vaccines” are what is making them sick! The only reprieve will be the insurance companies refusing to pay claims based on whether or not you got the experimental, unapproved jab! Another excellent Wrap up! Blessings, Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the Blessings, Melinda!

  67. eddiemd

    The VA is pushing hard for the mRNA injection. When the .gov decides to make it no longer experimental, then all vets will be required to take it. That will be the same day when they make it mandatory for the military.

    They are going for the children now.

    I posted the study from SARS under the CAF interview that effective antibodies existed up to two years after natural infection.

    Another factor to consider is that continued exposure to “variants” of those with natural immunity is probably helpful. I had the coronavirus in June 2020 and rarely wear a mask. My immune system is constantly being exposed to coronavirus and “variants”.

    The VA refuses to test for natural immunity. The physician I saw in April refused to draw Ab titers while telling me to get the injection.

    Just say No.

    Someone should make T-shirts with Just Say No to the fake vaccination.

  68. Clyde Cates Jr

    Not a post, Just some info for you. – Vaccine study … What in the vaccine? The study was done in Spain … Vaccine may be connected to 5g.

  69. Craig Furlong

    Thanks, Greg,
    Once again, great show as usual from you!
    You be on fire, brother! Keep looking up to Him!
    Craig Furlong

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Craig, I’m working on it!

  70. Geena Gador

    J.P. Sears made a hilarious video about the Biden admin going door to door to get people to take the vaccine:

    • Paul ...

      Video Summary:
      Bribe’n: “Your body … my choice to inject the jab”
      Woman: “Your body … my choice to inject some lead”

  71. Chris F.

    China harvesting DNA from millions of women around the world: reports
    5,184 viewsJul 8, 2021

    Tucker shreds media hero Michael Avanetti highlighting his great demise, un-Wiseman and Figaysie next? Lets hope so, go get em Tuck!
    27,400 views 14 hrs. ago
    Creepy porn lawyer, now doing time.

  72. C. Ed Canavan

    Hosts break down after quarantined man’s mother passes away | Today Show Australia
    47,423 viewsJul 7, 2021
    Time and Unforeseen Occurrence_
    In the book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote: “I returned to see under the sun that the swift do not have the race, nor the mighty ones the battle, nor do the wise also have the food, nor do the understanding ones also have the riches, nor do even those having knowledge have the favor.” Why? He explained: “Because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.”​—Ecclesiastes 9:11.
    Rather than suggesting that everything in life is determined by fate, Solomon was pointing out that humans cannot accurately predict the outcome of any endeavor “because time and unforeseen occurrence befall them all.” Often, something happens to a person simply because he is in the right place at the right time, or we might say, in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Matt Mauser Brings a Heartbreaking Story and an Emotional Performance – America’s Got Talent 2021
    Jul 6, 2021

  73. Kent Greenough

    Greg, you are truly a gentleman, your efforts to promote the truth are so greatly appreciated. I see and hear your frustration at times, and God knows I share them with you, but thank you so much for fighting the good fight. I so look forward to your reports, a voice of sanity in a world gone mad. Please keep the truth coming. We hear your voice in Finland!
    You are truly changing the world!

  74. Dave

    Hannity and Levin claim that the FBI and military are 95% great people and loyal. Not true. Maginnis was correct. The military will do nothing because it is co-opted. Seb Gorka is furious but not surprised that there are no FBI whistleblowers. He sees the whole organization as corrupt. In one way or another – even if it is just wanting to hang onto your great pension so you say nothing.

    Gorka believes from major on up the brass is pretty much woke. He tells of teaching higher level officers at the war college in 2009. He gave them a weekend project. Form groups and come up with the greatest threat to the US. When they reported out most groups said climate change! Again, this was 2009.

    Even the police in my area (Bay Area) are, more and more, woke. The forces are 50% or so minority and if you add in LGBTQ that pushes to maybe 60% so. The younger officers, as you overhear them at a coffee shop, are or were very anti-Trump. In SF many younger officers balked at wearing a flag decal last year – an American flag decal.

    Even if fraud enough to recall Kelly in Arizona is founf it will take a special session to do that (this year) an Deucey has said he won’t call such a session. The earliest it could be done is next spring and Deucey would do everything he can to delay a vote. He wants to run for the seat and wants a weak Kelly as his opponent. Though it’s not clear Deucey could beat Kelly. Many think he can’t and a challenge will be made by a Trump candidate to get the GOP Senate nomination in Arizona.

    • eddiemd

      You are probably correct.

      The military is compromised at the top. That includes officer and enlisted.

      Special Operations forces may be the lone exception. The flying forces might also be the exception…fixed wing and rotary wing pilots and crews.

      I would guess the drone operators are compromised. They will use drones against the US public. They have already perfected the use of drone warfare in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan.

      I am sure the CCP/PLA has already identified the weak players in the military. They monitor all social networks, electronic mail, shopping habits, etc…this helps them to ID military members habits and psychological profiles. That is the way they roll. OPSEC was thrown out tears ago.

      • eddiemd

        “years” ago

        The CCP/PLA “students” inside the wire probably have a contingent dedicated to monitoring military members and ex-members on sites like LinkedIn. Our own HUMINT people I am sure look at that site on a regular basis. I know for sure, about 10 years ago I had some folks from .gov looking at my LinkedIn account. I shut it down asap.

  75. Rodney

    Have you seen this MEMORANDUM that FERGUSON had sent around his gang to enforce, telling the to NOT MAKE IT PUBLIC as it could be DIRE for them….LOCKDOWNS FOR EVER ! with many new fake variants to scare more into being killed of wit this GRAPHENE OXIDE more bio jabs
    Please read and PASS IT ON

  76. Paul D Anders

    Do not give up. I do not think our Military will let us down. Unfortunately, this has to play out to the bitter end, but it’s an ending where We the People get our country back…

  77. Mark A McGrane

    Hi Greg,
    On the VAERS, I believe we should be more conservative on the deaths. The study that said that 1% of adverse events for vaccines are reported was much before the current fake vaccine. If you think of the numbers, 700,000 deaths couldn’t even be covered up by the mainstream media. 300,000 couldn’t either. It’s bizarre that 5000 somehow is acceptable. Thanks for the education. I can’t believe anyone would get this ‘vaccine’. They trust the government and big pharma, and they are not trustworthy, they are corrupt. God Bless!

  78. tim ziegler

    Thank you Greg. Great review; great warning to those who are listening. God bless and best wishes.

  79. polly huggins

    Gregg, I was at a local Soil Conservation District meeting this past Thursday and the University of Extension Educator said he received two grants for a total of $225,000 to go door-to- door to educate about vaccines and covid shots in our local two counties. Extension Service is working with our local Health District to do these “educational surveys.” People need to put up no trespassing signs and not answer their door. This is very concerning.

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, More stats on vaccine deaths today…

    Deaths reported from Covid-19 “vaccines” had their largest spike to date this week and it wasn’t even close. The total death count from the Covid injections jumped nearly 30% with 2,063 reported in a single week, bringing the total to 9,048.

    Of the 9,048 deaths reported as of July 2, 22% occurred within 48 hours of vaccination, 15% occurred within 24 hours and 37% occurred in people who became ill within 48 hours of being vaccinated.

  81. a. bonaminio, m.d.

    thank you greg for such outstanding reporting. on the variant business, they say you should never vaccinate during a pandemic, as you will select out more deadly variants. but cdc says only 5% died OF covid and the rest WITH [but these were mostly false positives as the cdc instructed hospitals and labs to set pcr machine replication rate at 40 instead of the normal 10-15]. another words, death totals were not even those seen in a mild influenza season, so there was no pandemic. in addition, why would anyone get a dangerous vaccine that’killing people for a virus with a 99.92% survival rate. conclusion–this was all done on purpose; part of the color revolution, and, these doctors and scientists and press people and guv people are now mass murderers and traitors.

    • Paul ...

      And … the one thing that mass murderers and traitors have in common is …
      “the Death Penalty”!!

  82. Keith

    Graphene oxide nanoparticles are “excited” by 5G wavelengths.

    • Paul ...

      That’s neat Keith … so if the Deep State wants to kill a Patriot (who was foolish enough to take the “jab”) … all they have to do is aim a 5G wave at the individual … which will then clump-up the magnetic particles traveling around in the blood stream … creating a clot … and instantly killing the Patriot with a stroke or heart attack … very clean way for SS goons to murder whomever they want “without legal consequences”!!

  83. Misty Grey

    Thank you Greg. I jusst checked the VAERS website, and apparently it has been updated since your video was posted. There are now 9,048 deaths from the jab! The death toll is increasing FAST now!

  84. Warren B.

    Thanks Greg for mentioning Michael Yeadon’s presentation (circa 8.00).
    I posted a link on the CAF interview to the same.
    For those who may have missed it… here it is again.
    https://www stop bitchute stop com/video/eEHz1TX3WXxb/
    ….substitute the stop with a (.)….
    Folks, he is the classic INSIDER telling us all the truth about this insidious scheme.
    Fully recommend watching it several times and passing it onto those whom you care about.

  85. Continental Traveler

    Thank you.
    In my opinion, hopefully I’m wrong, but it seems that by the time all of the
    systemic corruption between colluding powers internationally would be rooted out and prosecuted it will be way beyond too late for the Republic of the USA to be saved from it’s demise, I fear it already is….many of us became “red pilled” much too late..but who am I to say….we are a strong nation of solid Christian traditions at the foundation and with precision, justice, great intellectual prowess and judiciously applied might we may wrest our nation back from the tentacles of the enemies of our great Republic …
    If all of that military equipment was left behind, in my opinion, this was purposely done in order to destabilize the middle east again….and usher in terrorism across the world again.

  86. steve

    Just heard to day from my fathers partner that they have taken the covid vaccine, even though my my father is elderly and sick with other complications. You just cannot help even people close to you. Apparently his doctor insisted on it!

    • Greg Hunter

      Th doctor is a Mengele madman quack.

    • Marie+Joy

      While jab manufacturers are free from liability, OSHA says others are not. That doctor is taking a horrible chance.

    • AC Maintenance Jumeirah Park

      Greg, you are truly a gentleman, your efforts to promote the truth are so greatly appreciated. I see and hear your frustration at times, and God knows I share them with you, but thank you so much for fighting the good fight. I so look forward to your reports, a voice of sanity in a world gone mad. Please keep the truth coming. We hear your voice in Finland! You are truly changing the world!

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you AC for your kind words & support!

  87. RDALE

    Greg, thanks for these WNWs. Just a slight correction to your math at the beginning of your report: 100 times 411,911 is over 41 million, not 4 million as you said. I believe the 41 million number could be correct as there are many people who have adverse symptoms that are being told they are something else, are in denial about it, or are just not saying anything. I am seeing this in my own extended family.

    I am spending the summer at my sister’s place in western PA. I just turned 60, am in excellent health, and am MILITANT about resisting the Mengele Madness. She is 70, a retired public school teacher who thinks the government can do no wrong, she has mainslime propaganda going on the TV often, and her oldest daughter works for the Pretendent Xiden administration. Shortly after I arrived here I had a conversation with her about the so-called “vaccine”, as I tried to make sure she didn’t take it. I INSISTED she watch your 76-minute interview with Clif High. She couldn’t sit through more than 7 minutes of it before she told me she had already taken all the shots, then left the room. Around that time she started developing “adverse reactions” including neurological pain, hot & cold flashes, joint pain, & severe lassitude. These are just the symptoms she told me about, she may have others I don’t know about. I told her this most likely was a reaction to jabs she took, but she decided she had to go to a doctor to see what was wrong. They of course ran a full spectrum of tests on her and they can’t find a cause for the symptoms, and recommend she continued to be “monitored” for this. Again I told her it was because of the coronahoax shots, and to stop going to these psychopaths. I think privately she knows what it is, but she is intent on following through with the doctor to the end. I can’t fight willful stupidity, SIGH!

    On the other hand, my sister-in-law (brother’s widow) is as adamant as I am about avoiding the shots. My brother died of a severe autoimmune disorder in 2017 after several years of experimental treatments the doctors were giving him that did nothing for him other than nearly bankrupting them from medical bills while he slowly died
    from the drugs. So my sister-in-law is now wary of Big Med/Big Pharma. She has staunchly resisted the coronahoax shots, and now all her “friends” have now shunned her and will no longer have personal contact with her.

    Can’t wait for Bill Holter tonight, he is one of my favorite USAW guests, as is CAF & Clif High. Thanks for your connections with these great people, and all you do for us.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yeah I new it was much higher. Thanks for the back-up.

  88. eddiemd

    JW propaganda.

    All that writing in both of your postings and not even once do you mention the name of Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He is the Messiah. The Almighty God in the flesh.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eddie,
      I have deleted all OF THE “Garth Westbrook” comments. Thanks for ridding herd!!

  89. Jerry5

    Alert! Here’s the latest VAERS report.

    The deaths are now over 9000! This number does not even take into consideration the numbers of people who have died from complicating other precasting conditions.

  90. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Again another great report Greg,every week I look forward to honest news and it is found here!Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bruce.

  91. The Ogs

    OMG they’re driving around The Big City with their propaganda trucks, with loudspeakers and flashing lights… “C’mon Toronto, we’re all in this together. Do your bit, and get ‘vacccinated’. Our goal is 80% to reopen the Province.”
    It’s like right out of a (twisted, dystopian) science-fiction movie, I can’t believe it…

  92. Michael

    Free Julian Assange now!

  93. Abraham Robles

    Years ago there were videos showing large amounts of caskets being moved around the country . Would that be related in any way to the covid virus that is currently taking place today ?

    • Paul ...

      AR … Those black caskets were “part of an older plan” by the eugenicists to bring everyone to FEMA Centers where they would chop off their heads with a guillotine … their “new plan” is a lot simpler to execute … simply “jab” everyone … and let them all die at home from blood clots to the brain causing strokes or blood clots to other areas of the body that deprive oxygen to other organs like the heart, etc.!!

  94. Lisa Stahl

    Thank you, Greg. Great video. Thank you for genuinely caring about people. YOU make a difference!

  95. paul anders

    The mask is simply a psychological tool used to condition you. You have no voice, no identity…

  96. Serge

    Thank you Greg once again for a very good WNW.
    I can help thinking though that bashing China might do the bidding of the of the deep/secret state.
    You said : “We’ve been attacked by China”. But in reality, all we know is that we’ve been attacked from China. And even that may not be sure because anybody who’s familiar with TOR ( knows how easy it is to manipulate IP addresses. That being said, even if we were attacked from China, this doesn’t reveal by whom ! There are plenty of CIA operatives in China as there are in almost every country in the world.
    There are many people in the world who actively work for the depopulation agenda. This is a multifaceted operation : climate manipulations and famines, viruses, vaccines, … Let’s not give these people an excuse to start a war under false pretense. and accelerate the depopulation.

    • Greg Hunter

      I guess all 17 intel agencies were fooled.

      • Serge

        Hi Greg,
        The short answer is : yes.
        Or more exactly, they are all part of the plan : they are all controlled by the deep/secret state which has absolutely unlimited ressources, trillions upon trillions of disappeared $ to controll everything everywhere.
        Or so they think because “the Lord laughs at the wicked, for he knows their day is coming”
        (Psalm 37:13)
        Thanks again Greg for everything you’re doing and for this opportunity to exchange views.

  97. Gary Horn

    I know it’s controversial to say the virus (or variants) might not really exist, but even some of the “five doctors” group believe that is a possibility. Plus, just because someone won the Nobel Prize and speaks against the vaccine doesn’t mean he is not a plant. Not purposely opposing your view here, just trying to think “outside the box”. And so when you look at the potential results of his promoting the existence and effects of vaccine-caused “variants”, it can be observed that his accompanied attack on the vaccine program (that lends him credibility) will do no good against continued vaccine promotion at this point. His proposed “variants” will instead only justify promotion of endless mandated “boosters” and lock-downs, while simultaneously covering up the actual vaccine caused deaths that could be to blame, just what the vaccine industry wants. Therefore, this casts some doubt on his credibility here, IMO.

  98. Jim Furr

    Thank You Again GREG!!!!!!! : )

  99. Doug C.

    Great report Greg.
    A great source for basic info. for people is and then the hot key Covid Vaccine concerns. Lots of good info and links to the data that backs it up.
    I think the thing the US Population has to do is forget about Republican/Democrat and realize the average citizen feels the same about most things. Rep/Dem is a way to divide the nation. They always want to divide, be it Political, race, sex, financial position, guns, blah blah blah etc. etc. etc.. Where are the Republicans pushing back on the BS the fake biden administration are doing? They are all either Blackmailed, Bribed or Brainwashed. NO other explanation. NONE. You do a great job of bring light to the people, but I think the whole system needs to be destroyed from the top down. Farms, family and freedom is what people need to worry about. Local control and no more rule from afar, that is not working for the average citizen. Keep up the great work.

  100. Doug C.

    By the way…..the Government….through the Banks, forces them to “cut credit” so the average citizen becomes dependant on the Government for their salvation. If you cannot get money through your line of credit (now cut off), you will need the Government to give you a stipance to survive. WHO would go against the people that are supplying you with a means of survival (The Government in this case)? Few, especially poor people and people with large amounts of debt. IT IS PURE EVIL. EVIL

  101. poleperish29

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  107. rn95

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