Mueller Disaster, Spending Deal, Global Economy Fragile

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 393 7.26.19)

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, who tried to uncover dirt on President Trump for the past two years, finally testified in front of Congress about his recently completed report. Democrats pushed for this, but it exploded in their faces as Mueller stumbled, bumbled and mumbled through his testimony. Many are saying his depreciated mental state shows Mueller was the lead prosecutor in name only. The testimony was full of contradictions and gaping holes in prosecutorial logic, but in the end, it still totally cleared President Trump of conspiracy and obstruction. The Dem dream of impeachment has now been totally trashed and discredited by Mueller.

The big story that was overshadowed by the Mueller fiasco is the budget deal to keep government open and spending until after the 2020 Presidential Election. This was another big win for Trump, but few are talking about it.

You keep hearing of how strong the economy is, but there are major problems with debt and money around the world. Both China and the EU have major economic problems. Some very big banks in all countries are in deep trouble. Is the global economy so weak that a huge problem overseas could tank the U.S. economy? You bet, and everybody knows this.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview:

Former CIA Officer turned whistleblower Kevin Shipp will talk about the big stories coming down the pipe between now and next year. One of the biggest is going to be the fallout from the ongoing Epstein sex trafficking case.

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  1. Mike R

    What Americans saw Wednesday was an ACT by Mueller to deflect attention away from the fact that his investigation was never going to “prove” any “collusion.” The entire thing was a grotesque act of political theater designed to give the anti-Trump forces of the establishment the boost they needed going into 2020.

    Mueller also wanted to protect critical intelligence sources from deeper public scrutiny, meaning that those responsible for initiating the absurd investigation into Trump will not be punished for their wrongdoing and, further, that these same people will be free to attempt similar shenanigans in the future. That’s right. The deep state will live to fight another day. Now that their attempt to defeat Trump through investigations and false accusations has faltered, Mueller would rather be viewed as a hapless hack than as the corrupt top cop he is.

    This was not the act of an ignoramus, rather it was the mark of a truly deceptive personality.

    Mueller did this stunt and political theater to “protect” Obama, Clinton, and the other Democratic thugs who created this big filthy lie about collusion against Trump, because he knows and was hired by Clinton to take this role, so as to deflect any investigation into THEIR (DEMS AND HILLARY’s) OWN RUSSIAN COLLUSION.

    I Still hope THEY GET MUELLER, and this guy ends up rotting in prison. Somehow, someway, this filthy man needs to rot in a penitentiary for what her perpetrated on the President.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sorry, that wasn’t an act. You could see him struggling.

      • Mike R

        He’s a good actor. Some republicans even knew this was coming. Look, there is just no way, someone could be that incoherent, and run this type of investigation. This guy has presented before, and was sharp as a tac. They were warned he might be like this, and so they didn’t want to do over-do it, and make it look like they were simply battering a ‘frail’ old man. then older americans would look at them with disdain, and side on the dems and Mueller’s side. This was pure desperation by the Clintons, Obama, Comey, and the rest of the demoncrats to get Trump on ‘something’, anything, so they could begin impeachment proceedings. The impeachment premise is ALL BASED ON OPTICS, not whether any real crime occurred by the Donald.

        You can’t believe for 1 nanosecond, that Mueller wasn’t acting. Its consistent of how sick and depraved this entire charade has been, again led by Obama AND Clinton minions, all because they not only lost, but had to get Clinton in office to protect them all from going to prison for the failed coup, and massive election fraud, that just didn’t work out the way they planned.
        We have witnessed in real time, the worst, most despicable, most criminal and horribly evil set of events to unseat a sitting President, for zero cause, other than they hate that they lost their power. That they have had both mainstream media on their side, and even Google working for them, and against American citizens, makes this the worse thing ever to happen against America, short of the Pearl Harbor attack. Certainly the worst perpetrated by the government itself, and people acting in their public roles – the treason here is unparalled in its depth and breadth, co-opting entire institutions and agencies across the board.

        Americans must re-elect Trump, so he can spend the next term, ensuring these people in media corporations, and government officials, end up with life prison sentences, and puts in place measures to prevent this from ever happening again. It’ll take at least the next 6 years to accomplish, and to turn around half the public who actually believes all the lies and deception the Dems have ginned up.

        • eddiemd

          Well said.

  2. tsuki

    Tulsi Gabbard is suing Google for 50 million I heard today over election meddling..

    • Frederick

      50 million Why not 50 Billion The dollar has devalued so much

    • paul ...

      Trump should get her to switch party’s and make her his VP in 2020!! … she knows who the enemy is within our gates!!!

  3. Jodyp

    Aren’t we all just waiting for the wind mill to blow over and land on the septic tank? We can clean up after the water systems’ rebuilt.

    • Montana Guy

      JODYP, no some of us are preparing for it.

      • Jodyp

        Doing the same here, just tired of playing the long game. Some say, be careful what you wish for. No wishes. Just ready to face the inevitable.

  4. Paul in OZ

    Greg, BEST EPISODE EVER! You are absolutely right … It was sad to see Mueller appear punch drunk. Although he was a war hero, he is also a deep state operative who based upon those actions is not worthy of respect. If this does not unite Republicans and Democrat centrists given that it was clear, the report could not have been his (even Alan Dershowitz says he could not have produced the report) America is hopeless. Now that Epstein may be a target of assassination (got to silence him so he can’t try to negotiate house arrest for life) and the death penalty is back in play some big names must be quaking. IMO the news that will come out in the near future (next 6 months) will result in a Trump re-election even if the economy crashes. Pelosi and Shumer knowing Trump as the goods on both of them are more than likely going to roll over for mercy. I don’t think the pretending can last that long with the 2019 Bears Stearn having happened in China, DB is Lehmann soon, the Durham and Barr investigations likely to be out soon, with help from the insane squad who are now the face of the demon rats are going to position Trump to essentially be unchallenged. With self sufficiency in my food supply, a power supply, no debt there is only one thing I am now concentrating on is more gold and silver. You have been giving great advice … get ready for tough times, get real stuff that you need to live and and get what you can do to get gold and silver … from a technical analysis standpoint, silver’s downside risk is $2 and the short term upside potential (within 1 yr) minimum is $3 and can easily be $21+. P.S. Gabbert don’t be surprised if she is a Republican soon, she seems smart enough.

    • susan

      Paul in Oz, you seem to truly understand the deep state and what it is doing to America.
      Although many people just go along to get along and will not rock the boat, this just aids the deep state to further their agenda. I recommend a book entitled “Obstruction of Justice” by Luke Rosiak. It will change your vision of our government and the deep state forever. I am impatiently waiting for my husband to finish it, as he is one person intelligent enough to discuss the book. I pray many others have their eyes opened also.

      • Paul in OZ

        Hi Susan, thanks for the kind comments and also the lead on a good book. Sounds interesting and promising. Having grown up in Canada and having done a lot of business in the USA it breaks my heart to see the disservice being perpetrated upon a great nation and people. In addition to the painful clean up required to eradicate the deep state players at the highest level, the reset to an economy where price discovery is driven by the market as opposed to the manipulators, and the fall-out form that will be a difficult process for the country and the world.

  5. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thank you.

  6. Charles Turner

    Jerome Corsi suffered 40 hours of interviews with Mueller henchmen. If he performed the same as Mueller, with forgetfulness and contradictions, he would now be rotting in jail for perjury.

  7. JC

    Regarding Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller, I found something interesting about prosecutors in general on Martin Armstrong’s website.

    “I have NEVER met a single prosecutor that you would EVER want to be friends with or certainly EVER allow them to marry your daughter. They are more often the people who enjoyed pulling wings off of flies or tormenting a cat or dog when they were young. It is extraordinarily rare to find one with a conscious. I have heard of some rare exceptions. However, they are extremely rare. It is like sending a soldier into battle who cannot kill someone because of his moral conscious. If you are a prosecutor, you are someone who typically can cheer someone’s death and go have dinner that night to party and celebrate.”

    • Galaxy 500

      I can see why Armstrong feels that way after he was railroaded. He has the distinction of being jailed the longest for contempt in American history for something he could not produce.

      • Uncommon Sense

        Interesting, perhaps this does reveal Martin Armstrong’s bias due to his past history, as you alluded to. It is of course BS. There must be a lot of soulless defence attorneys as well (you know the ones that will argue self defence on behalf of murderers etc). Wasn’t Hillary Clinton a defence attorney?

  8. Marie Joy

    Patriots need to run for office.
    After Trump, there is no one.

    • Edward

      Daniel Reed Crenshaw (born March 14, 1984) is an American politician and former United States Navy SEAL officer serving as the U.S. Representative for Texas’s 2nd congressional district since 2019. A member of the Republican Party , he was elected in the 2018 midterms .

  9. bob

    nice commentary.. epstein, they tried to kill him,,, suicide, b.s. barr,, oh yeah baby…

    • Freebrezer

      Bob – a blog site I like said that this happened when the power outage hit lower Manhatten. Happens to be were Epstein is being held. unfortunately I have not been able to confirm this … though very interesting!

  10. Anthony Australia

    We are not any better here, one Royal Commission after another.

    • Montana Guy

      Anthony, voting? You’re joking? The only vote that ever mattered in history is secession.

  11. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,

    Excellent WNW393 – IMO, the best yet.

    The whole world desperately needs counterpoint to the (almost) overwhelming propaganda which is spewed by the MSM. You are providing that counterpoint – and I believe your audience is many times greater than indicated by the politically biased ‘search’ engines.

    Thank you.

  12. paul ...

    And what about Hillary?? … didn’t she also stumble, bumble and mumble about cleaning her computer chips “with a wash rag” … and throughout her testimony wore dark glasses for some supposed brain malfunction? … and what of Pelosi’s depreciated mental state … her “Alzheimer blindness condition” makes her selectively forget all the admitted crimes of Hillary Clinton … she simply can’t remember Clinton’s practice of raking in hundreds of millions of dollars from foreign governments, the selling of Haitian children, the resultant murder of Stevens, etc., etc. … and she can’t remember the weaponizing of IRS by Obama … nor remember the admitted perjury of Brennan, Clapper and Comey?? … yet she remembers that Trump defeat Hillary and is “foaming at the mouth” demanding Trump be imprisoned … do you think perhaps “the recent restoration of the death penalty” has turned many otherwise “sane” Demon-rats … into people with demented “Alzheimer brains”??? … these “demented Demon-rats with weird brains” should be made to submit to medical examination … to see if their mental condition is due to eating the brain tissue and drinking the blood of children (giving them Kuru) … and if they are found to be cannibals … they should “not be exempted” from the death penalty!!

  13. paul ...

    As for the EU having major economic problems … like Br-exit later this year … it is simply the UK peoples attempt to cut “the huge costs of membership in this club” … … but the US belongs to “an even bigger club” that is draining our resources called the Military/Industrial Complex (MIC) … the American people should also be calling for a “MIC-exit” … to stop the huge costs of all our continual non-stop wars!!

    • paul ...

      A MIC-exit is er urgently necessary … before the MIC consumes our entire budget (all to fight unnecessary wars) …

      • paul ...

        The MIC is the dagger Eisenhower warned us about … and it is time for a MIC-exit for this dagger has now been plunged deep into the heart of America … careful surgery in the form of an “excess profits tax is required to remove it” … if we make the manufacturing of the weapons of war “unprofitable” … we can finally end all the non-stop continuous wars … and let’s also provide tax rebates to companies that convert their weapon making machinery into machines that manufacture “bullet trains”, “flying cars”, “solar power infrastructure” and other projects to not only keep our people employed but to make life on Earth more of a Paradise … instead of the Living Hell of seven wars in seven years that just never end (like in Afghanistan)!!

        • paul ...

          Trump should announce he will be launching a B52 strike on the poppy fields in Afghanistan … thus ending the war there by wiping “off the face of the earth” the drug cartels opium production … and it is without any need to kill 10 million people!!

        • paul ...

          Here is an example of “a personal transportation system” these MIC companies should be developing instead of applying mans intelligence to creating such things as “weapons of war” …

          • paul ...

            God gave us the power to make us fly like angels … to be “free as birds” and see the world God created in all it’s beauty and majesty … instead of idiotically driving “a 3000 lb (chunk of metal) around with us” whenever we go to the store to buy a gallon of milk … I see no reason why we can’t put a plastic dome around this “hoover board” so we can also travel in the rain … as humans we do have a choice … we can make our life “Heaven on Earth” … now watch the warmongering neocons take this invention and make it into a “weapon of war” where armies of flying men carrying flame throwers attack nations to burn women and children … the neocons will create a Hell on Earth for us with their “traveling Nazi death camp” where demented neocons can now create Holocausts anywhere in the world “to burn human beings with flame throwers from “unmanned or manned” drones “!!

          • Galaxy 500

            Several points… military has this. It’s a DARPA project.
            And you rely on CNN for any kind of factual information?

  14. paul ...

    Stan … have you heard London-based Barclays Bank has just lured away hedge-fund clients from Deutsche Bank … siphoning away $20 billion worth of balances from Deutsche Bank (according to reports from Reuters and CNBC) … CNBC is also reporting (citing sources with knowledge of the matter) that Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan are also trying to convince Deutsche Bank’s clients to jump ship … so perhaps as a contrarian you should take some of your gold profits and buy even more Deutsche Bank shares during this “bad news” opportunity!!

    • paul ...

      Stan … with gold down about $15 dollars over the last few days … perhaps this is a good opportunity for you “to take your candy” and cover your short gold position … … before seasonal factors take hold and drive the price of gold much higher …

      • Justn Observer

        I believe that is true Paul, drug crop harvests and India wedding seasons coming soon = gold usually goes up?

        • paul ...

          Justn … If seasonal trends hold true to the past 40 years … a very powerful rally in gold will occur “starting now through October 10” … if gold rallies to $2300 by October … silver should be approaching $32 dollars per ounce (even at a very high gold to silver ratio of 70)!!

      • Frederick

        50 million Why not 50 Billion The dollar has devalued so much

  15. paul ...

    Well … as Hillary would say … “What Difference Does It Make” … abort kids at (or before birth) … or kill them at 16 years old!! …

    • paul ...

      Remember … babies dying for their country is “a privilege” not all people get to enjoy … until some idiot in China or Russia one day goes berserk … and presses the red nuclear button and makes “everyone” in the “Continual Warfare State” die for their country!!

    • Galaxy 500

      I know a lot of kids who would benefit from some discipline at that age.

  16. al

    Excellent coverage as usual and I don’t say that lightly,

    As for Hispanics voting for Trump. I divulge that I am VETTED a LEGAL Hispanic Immigrant and I and ALL my 5 siblings, who are also LEGAL Immigrants, voted for Trump. When we came to this blessed Country we had to PROVE we were worthy of CONTRIBUTING!!! As in having jobs lined up or a verified career path!!!
    The only left-tards in my Family are the children who were born here and married SPOILED American left-tards which were very vocal at Family gatherings in the past, but now seem quiet and withdrawn, even somewhat sad and embarrassed.
    That’s ok, with much love and care their brain may be saved.

    As for the death penalty, Barr timed it PERFECTLY! It’s a carpet bomb of worry for the criminals who ran our Country for over 20 years! … oh, and what’s the penalty for Treason?…… You answered it. It’s a powerful crowbar to make these criminals sing like birds.
    Think of it, if they can KILL A CHILD for PERSONAL PLEASURE!!!!! Why can’t they commit TREASON against the Country for self gain? The Country is awake. Thank God for Donal J Trump, our beloved and duly elected President. He is a rare breed in Politics and is empowering THE WORLD (UK, Ukraine and others) to bury the Puppet Masters once and for all!

    • Montana Guy

      al, do you realize who William Barr is? Barr defended and sought immunity for FBI sniper who murdered Vicki Weaver at Ruby Ridge, Idaho. And the Federal agents who had already shot and murdered her son Sammy 14 in the back and his dog Striker. These Federal terrorists never saw a jail cell. Those are facts.
      Barr is just another Swamp Creature in Trump’s White House.

      • Greg Hunter

        Montana guy,
        Maybe they flipped Barr? Removed his control file??

  17. Jerry

    I’m with you 100% in saying Donald Trump is trying to stretch out the reset until after 2020……but there are circumstances that are well outside his control. Here’s a prime example. Another major bank is in trouble.
    Uni-credit is in trouble along with Deutsche Bank.

    Guess what? Both of them are in the ECB, and then you have Brexit waiting in the wings. Fingers in the dike? Try sandbags. I have a theory about all of the banking layoffs. It’s called “ prepping for a reset”. In the real world people get laid off when restructuring takes place. New systems replace old systems, and jobs are eliminated. In this case the new system is a new financial exchange system that is going to replace the old financial system. It’s coming Greg. The banks don’t have choice. Timing? Does it really matter. The end result will be same.

  18. Diane

    Great Report Greg!!!!!

  19. Ken Lee

    Hey, Greg, just a suggetion from an appreciative reader. I would say Mueller’s mental capacity is ‘diminished’ not depreciated. No need to print this!

  20. Rob

    Mueller’s testimony proved his name should be blotted out of the Mueller report!

    Our testimony will prove if our name will remain or be blotted out of the only book that matters:

  21. VP

    Greg! Keep up the Great work!..

    Do you think Mueller faked being mentally lost to AVOID future prosecution? What better way to try to “slide out the back door and disappear” on this Russia-Gate/Coup debacle. Its blowing up and he KNOWS people ARE going to jail.. and does not want to be held accountable..

    Again KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK and God bless you!

    Norman OK

  22. Larry White

    This article might interest some:

    Jim Rickards On – Will There Be a Global Monetary Conference held at Mar a Lago?

    This article also includes a link to the excellent interview Greg recently did with Jim Rickards

  23. foggygoggles

    Greg, I don’t trust Mueller. I think he’s looking for a way to escape accountability for his role in Uranium 1, the 9/11 cover up and other nefarious activities. Anything widely accepted in D.C. is suspect. As you often say, this is too stupid to be stupid. Time will tell what Mueller’s defense will be, once he is truly held to account.

  24. Questfortruth

    Well, Greg, after being subscribed to you for 10 years now, You Tube finally got me! They’ve done something that I now have to “sign in” each time I pull up a video, and then it sends me to another page that tells me “something’s wrong” and I can’t sign in. Catch 22.

    • Greg Hunter

      You Tube and Go o gle = evil.

      • Paul in OZ

        Not sure the process to set-up on bit chute, but I have found it reliable in delivery for some others who have channels and bit chute viewers can make contributions based on episodes.

  25. Russ

    Thanks Greg. That was a fair analysis of Mueller’s performance and state of health. It was evident watching his testimony that he’s missing a few rungs … to not be intimately aware of Fusion GPS ??? Look at the way Nadler phrased his questions, he knew that Mueller was in bad shape and he pressed ahead regardless, what a fool to hold these hearings — desperation.

    BTW, I use a regular old browser that has bookmarks and go straight to, YouTube is a back-up at best. My guess is that a lot of folks use the (unnecessary) YouTube app rather than an open browser. Both sites are bookmarked and my browser doesn’t allow tracking me nearly as efficiently as a purpose built app.

    I don’t go to facebook at all, not in the last 10 years. I get my news by reading DrudgeReport, NewsMax and a few other sites which aren’t as pre-filtered as FB. They’re all filtered to some extent, but some sites have thought shaping as a goal; those should be avoided. I couldn’t delete the FB app from my phone fast enough.

  26. Vernon Tart

    Hey Grey,
    You should send your people to search engine. You come up there every time. I have not used Google in over 5 years. GO OGLE (Their watching).
    So I don’t use them ever. This is what people should do. Stop searching in GO OGLE.
    Slowly they will lose advertising and searches and people will fall away from using, GO OGLE. Thus its sphere of influence will diminish. Facebook the same. I closed that over 5 years ago. GO OGLE IS DESPOTISM IN A ALGORITHM

    • susan is great! I’ve used it for quite awhile now and greatly appreciate the Christian and conservative sites that come up. They do not track you either.

  27. Thomas Craven

    my take is that Mueller is a sly dog who is smart as a fox – just another deep state deflection.

    • Frederick

      Or maybe the olde goats cheese really has slipped off his cracker

  28. Historian

    Mueller just performed a fantastic psyops. He acted as if he was senile to take the “hit”. But, how could you criticize this feeble old man. This is so that Schiff, et. al., get a get-out-jail card on the Impeachment issue.

    I am impressed that Peloooosi , being from Holly Wood, was able to have this scripted. I wonder how much the Demoncrats paid for this ??????

    • paul ...

      Historian … with the recent passage of the death penalty for heinous crimes … there is no option left for the Demon-rats … they need to feign Alzheimer’s or Parkinson’s instead of what they really have “Kuru”!!

      • paul ...

        And this is for those who don’t know what Kuru is …

        • paul ...

          Now think back and try to remember the symptoms Hillary has displayed in public for all of us to see!! …
          Kuru symptoms include:
          difficulty walking
          poor coordination
          difficulty swallowing
          slurred speech
          moodiness and behavioral changes
          muscle twitching and tremors
          inability to grasp objects
          random, compulsive laughing or crying

  29. VT


  30. Jallen

    Greg, Sorry, I posted the following in a previous interview and it is meant for todays wrap up.

    I answered your question, Yes Israel has a right to exist! (This is Greg Hunter and I cut off you question because I answered it. You did not like my answer. It’s found in Genesis 12:3. Other than that I do not pretend to know what God the Father thinks.
    This is the end of this subject. Oh, and with all due respect.)

    With all due respect,

  31. Bob

    WOW! Greg, one of the best WNW’s ever. Keep up the great work you’re doing. There’s a lot of folks out here who hang on your every word.

  32. Bruce Cook

    Who remembers this.
    A pharmacist says he has filled Alzheimer’s prescriptions for members of Congress
    “They’re making the highest laws of the land and they might not even remember what happened yesterday.”

    Was Mueller having prescriptions filled there as well?

    • Frederick

      Bruce Yup nuts isn’t it? And Nancy Pelosi ain’t far behind

      • paul ...

        They don’t even read the bills they send to Trump to sign … they figure they will find out what’s in the bill after it is passed … and these Alzheimer-ed “representatives of the people” get lifetime pensions “at full pay” after only two years in office “doing nothing” but catering to the special interests for “extra bribes” under the table and tax free!!

    • Galaxy 500

      And that is an old story

  33. iwitness02

    My oh my! That was a spirited WNW.
    I used to associate the word exposure with photography.
    Now I associate the word exposure with politics.
    Lies are losing their power to deceive. You can see it.
    The power of truth is rising, and justice will follow.
    All of my adult life, I have wanted to see this.
    Finally it is happening.
    Happy, am I.

  34. Montana Guy

    The U.S. National Debt stood at $19.95 trillion when President Trump took office. He has already raised it $22.53 trillion. And professing ‘Conservatives’ think that’s good news? Has any guest here said that raising our national debt was good for America?

    • Greg Hunter

      To that I say so what? Trump had $20 trillion in official debt and $21 trillion “missing money. $41 trillion in debt. News flash, we are never paying it back. So what’s a few more trillion dollars? He’s going to get re-elected and watch out in 2021 is may best guess for what is happening. If the communist/Marxists/Globalists take over it will be hell on earth.

      • Montana Guy

        “So what’s a few more trillion dollars?” Which guests have supported the view?

        • Greg Hunter

          Montana guy,
          I am supporting this view and it’s my site. Don’t like my analysis? Start you own and let it ripe and show us all how it is done. I am not saying this is right but I am saying this is what is happening.

      • susan

        Greg, I pray that God blesses and blesses you. You are absolutely correct. People pay attention to Greg!

        • Greg Hunter

          Thank you Susan but pay most attention to Jesus!! I am just a trumpet blower and a reporter.

          • susan

            A very good trumpet blower and reporter!

            • Greg Hunter

              Thanks Susan!

  35. Bill B

    My daughter took one look at Meuller as he walked into the hearing room and said, That man has alsheimers. She did not know who he was as he walked in, but said you can tell by looking at the eyes.

  36. David

    “Is the global economy so weak that a huge problem overseas could tank the U.S. economy?”

    It’s likely the other way around. The US economy is already in the tank. GDP was adjusted down to 2.1% today but that is a down right lie. The government GDP figure does not factor in the federal debt as a percentage of GDP. If they did actual GDP would be -3% or thereabouts. GDP has not been positive since at least 2007. And it is getting worse. Trump and congress keep adding to the debt like there’s no tomorrow.

    The Mueller investigation is a sideshow, meant to distract everyone what is really going on. Surveillance continues. Debt is being heaped on in staggering numbers. Wars are being fabricated. It’s all kabuki theater.

    • Anthony Australia

      Australian could set it all off, our inflated bubble housing market is in the Trillions.
      Not even our vast gold deposits, still in the ground, can save us.
      Population of 25 Million plus, growing by 500k per annum.

  37. foggygoggles

    Besides the unbelievable assertion by Mueller that he wasn’t familiar with Fusion GPS, is the equally incredulous fact that all parties are unwilling to question why the DNC servers have never been examined by law enforcement. To me, this shows that almost ALL politicians are playing for the same team. I also find it curious that Trump himself never refers to the servers. Isn’t the purported DNC server hack central to the whole Russian interference meme? A journalist who is all over this, is Diana West. She just gave a great interview with Stefan Molyneux. Here’s the link:
    Diana West is a serious investigative journalist, who is knowledgeable about a wide range of topics. She would be a great guest, Greg.

  38. David Stone

    Ecclesiastes 10: 2 states “A wise mans heart is at his right hand, but a fool’s heart at his left”.

  39. Dale Kosted, D.V.M.

    This is one of the most logic stimulating quotes I have read in some time. “If you don’t need a gun because you have a police department, why would you need a fire extinguisher if you have a fire department”.

  40. pat the rat

    At what point dose the world say no more money ? I don’t know but at that point nobody will have money !

  41. stephen

    So, after two years of non-stop RUSSIA RUSSIA RUSSIA, any guess what the MSM is going to do when Horowitz releases his report? Okay everyone this is old news, time to move on.

  42. Johnnie

    I think Mueller is somewhat acting, but he’s likely an alcoholic. He didn’t seem nearly this bad when he made a 10 minute statement the day he stepped down. You can plead insanity if you are charged with a crime, but gotta wonder if he’s going for senility so he won’t be called on anymore. In the event he’s charged, I wonder if he’s going to play the part of a hapless old man and make himself to be useless. His crimes are probably so sever, that a plea deal won’t get him out of jail before he passes on.

    • Frederick

      Lock em up along with Hillary and all of her “buddies”

  43. Merry Piper

    Greg: Bravo to USAWatchdog! The drums are rolling and the trumpets are blowing. Independent investigative journalists are about extinct now. Thank you for your unwavering perseverance.

  44. Elllen Baumgartner

    People are talking about Mueller having mental deficiencies—-what about Ruth Bader Ginsberg? What are her capabilities at this point in time?

  45. Mitchell Bupp

    Hello Greg, I love this woman who does body language analysis… of Mueller’s’ mental health …

    • Greg Hunter

      She makes good points and my next guest kevin Shipp agrees. He says Mueller performed poorly not because of dementia but because of the stress of him knowing he has f’d up big time and that he knows he’s in deep trouble. He certainly was not running the investigation and certainly Andrew Weisman and the other radical Dems were doing it with Mueller as a figurehead for cover. His reputation is finished right along with his career. Please remember Mueller was FBI Director and had a deep undercover source (Dennis Campbell for 6 years) during the time the Russians were in the process of getting control of Uranium one. Mueller knew of Russian bribes, extortion, money laundering and espionage and had the source and documents to prove the case, and yet, Mueller allowed Uranium One deal to go through. In my mind, that is treason!!! So, Mueller is NOT a good guy–quite the opposite!!!

  46. Red

    Hi Greg ,
    Trying to stay in touch with all the on going junk media but just when you think the wall of BS could not get bigger, the MSN completely prove me wrong. You know the Roman Senatorial and Patrician class had a saying when dealing with the Plebes’ venditionis fumi (selling smoke) They are now blatantly defaming the president calling him a “criminal” out and out defamation.
    This has gone way beyond just insulting potus. The continued total disrespecting of Russia can only be ment to ferment war . These people are now a threat to humanity with their constant war mongering.

    Also really hope you are well and your family in good cheer. You are great Mr Hunter.

  47. Gina M Mancarella

    So you now think we cant impeach ?

    Well Guess what, Greg.


    NOW What say you Greg ? ? ? NOTHING ?

    • Greg Hunter

      This prediction is going to turn out that same way that your repeated Hillary presidential prediction!! “We will all bow down to Hillary”!! If we do, she will be in an orange jump suit!! You are a bad troll. Your handlers should get a refund.

    • David

      Just when I thought it was safe….

      • Greg Hunter

        “Gina” comments all the time in the back end, and way less than 10% make on the site. I put up what is instructive about the Deep State’s thinking and try to leverage the comment.

        • David

          You are a good man, Sir.

          • Greg Hunter

            Thank you David!

    • RTW

      If you’re taking the same medication as Mueller STOP! It doesn’t work. Also, what is Hillary going to do when her beloved Bill is playing “drop the soap” in a federal prison. That is if he doesn’t attempt “suicide” like his buddy Epstein.

  48. Jerry

    To all USA watchdog readers,
    In preparation for Greg’s Sunday release I highly recommend this video.

    While I am not a Q follower per say, there are some things in this video that aligns with what my sources are telling me. Covert war going on? Yes. The winner already decided? Not yet. Folks what we are witnessing is unprecedented. This is a global covert war, to remove a parasite that has been sucking blood from its host for over a 100 years. We will have either the rule of law restored to our republic under a new financial system, or total anarchy under the collapse of the old one controlled by the deep state. The outcome is yet to be decided. In either case, thanks to Greg’s efforts and others, we have all a choice in how this ends.

  49. RTW

    So now Jerry Nades wants to have a look at the private e-mails of Ivanka and Jared in order to keep this soap opera going. They should take a page from the dims playbook and wipe them away with “you know, a rag or something”. Just tell him they borrowed it from Hillary. He would surely understand that and who knows, he may even get a chuckle from it.

  50. helot

    Have you guys seen this video about why you should throw away your smartphone and get a dumb flip-phone? It’s about how people with smartphones are being groomed to accept total slavery. This video put together by a smart lady is some really spooking stuff about banking and “money” of the future, how they do things in China now and that they want to do the same worldwide, …and, you’ll learn just a bit better how to spot people who truly are snakes.

  51. Kerry

    There are people who should without question be terminated. Violating a precious child is unforgivable along with treason and should be applied with the the most extreme methods of violent extermination. There will be hundreds of these scoundrels lined up like cattle in a slaughterhouse and all should be televised so the law abiding citizenry will finally be able to see constitutional law carried out.
    Only a fool would deny the coming destruction of the Central Banking system and good for us!

    • Johnnie

      Sadly, it might be too late. I was in downtown LA recently for an event. It went late and I missed the metro train. I asked a couple people around about getting a taxi. They said they don’t come downtown anymore, you can only get Uber or Lyft. In fact they were driving around all over the place. My phone was dead and I was stuck! I had cash and a credit card, but I was stranded! Finally got a city bus out of there for a $1.75.
      The next day I took a shuttle bus to LAX. You could only pay with your smart phone or a credit card. Cash not accepted. Thankfully my credit card got me out of there. I think we are going to forced to have smart phones soon enough.

      • Johnnie

        This was supposed to be a reply to helot above. This is a response to Kerry. Warning, extreme language and don’t play around the kiddies, but they’ve seen more in 10 years than I’ve seen in over 40. Still some no holds barred language.

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, The good news…I was ready to submit a lengthy one…but deleted it not wanting to test your tolerance! You have been so, so many times before! Get WNW, and many good comments… Mixed on the Mueller mental capabilities, playing the Reagan card, putting the coup failure (so far) on his staff, setting up a future plausible deniability, a criminal defense, real onset of dementia, any, all possible. But none changes the fact he is a creature of the CIA since Vietnam days…was a part of Phoenix Program…is a lack AND part of the Gibson Island crew…and involved generaltionally with many of them…so complicit with much of what has/is gone on -one level or another….
    It behooves those in your audience to take the time and listen to these links, go down these rabbit holes if one wants to ever get on the road to the full wide truth of it all…not the Hannity/Fox/MSM spoon fed keyhole view….AND share it all wide and far if the sheeple are ever to be WOKE sufficient to push back…and reform and RE-establish the Constitution and the Rights we all see slipping away…. religion, speech, privacy and the right to be armed and protect them all …without interference by the government.
    Mueller, Rafiekian, Flynn, and the National Intelligence Academy

  53. Nick

    Congratulations. Your the first I’ve listen to or read that has connected Barr reinstating the death penalty for the murder of children to the pedophile investigations. I believe they have video of some really bad things that prompted the reinstatement. Eye for an eye???

    • Greg Hunter

      The DOJ has already fast tracked 5 Criminal for federal exaction. They are sending a message that the death penalty is back and will be used. This is scaring the crap out of these blood drinking satan-loving monsters.

    • MCasey

      Nick, I agree….. following so close behind Epstein’s arrest and his “attempted suicide” [probably Clintoncide]. It also acts as great motivation for “squealers” to cop a deal.

      And also so close after the Mueller’s report and Barr’s investigation into treasonous actions. Threat of the death penalty, and 5 demonstrations of it, will produce a lot of squealers on both topics.

      • regaleagle

        Why not re-instate the use of the guillotine for certain crimes against humanity! Seems like this kind of penalty would certainly go a long way in eradicating future abuses of our criminal “injustice” system, huh?

  54. Me....

    Goog is the REAL Election interference and Election Meddlers way above and beyond any piddly Russian involvements I think!! … Do the Russians or anyone else influence political search (search engine) results on the magnitude as Goog can as does by omissions, delisting etc?? And on the Epstein situation of “possible” suicide, … don’t tell us that the video recording of that cell area is not available if it is normally…. if it’s not available , if it normally should be, then sounds like something’s stinks of a possible cover up of activities there I think.

  55. John M.

    If it was known all over Washington that Mueller was incompetent and deficient (appearing even to have dementia) then why was Mueller even allowed to be the Special Prosecutor? My pet rock could have done the same.
    What games are being played on Americans? Are both the white hats and black hats stalling for more time? Are both teams playing some highly-advanced 4-D Chess and conducting psy-ops of which those of us in Middle America have no clue? Do the Dems want to claim a mistrial and start another long investigation?
    I don’t know.
    I’m a firm believer in Murphy’s Law: what can go wrong will go wrong.
    The Deep State has called the shots for so long from the Federal
    Reserve to the endless wars to the massive drug running to the satanic temples/amusement parks like little Epstein’s Island. They must still have some mighty arrows in their quiver as their membership tallies are so large and deep. They cannot be underestimated, perhaps they can still sink an aircraft carrier or sink a major international bank.
    As far as gold: How high can the price of gold go?
    That’s the wrong question.
    How low can the dollar go, or how long until the dollar (and other paper-backed currencies) becomes worthless? It’s inevitable, and I’m sure Trump knows this. I would bet that the Deep State, big banks, and even the bumbling Robert Mueller knows this.
    Don’t forget that Mueller was the long-time FBI director of Bush and Obama (2001-2013). As the chief of internal intelligence, he knows all about the financial frauds and Pedo stuff that many of the elites love more than God and righteousness.
    I would feign dementia too if I were Mueller after knowing so much dirty stuff. There’s the very slight possibility that he has flipped to Trump’s team and is merely playing the part of a clown for some greater sting still to come. I don’t have much faith in that.
    Only God knows what should happen to America.

    • Galaxy 500

      Because no one but a meat puppet would take this job

  56. Galaxy 500

    With out a doubt, Mueller was a meat puppet. There are plant trying to say it was an act. No sane man in full command of his faculties would have accepted this job and hire the Lunatic proClintonian squad. It was a suicide mission for ones reputation. The only one catching flak is Mueller. Do you think he was doing anything other than drawing a check?
    I don’t think he is a good actor and from what I have seen, it was no act. It was a sad man with his prime far behind him with dwindling mental faculties.
    All this body language crap is just so much hoey.
    Just my two cents. They knew he was in decline and compromised the day they hired him.

  57. Galaxy 500

    Who are you going to believe? Your lying eyes or the person saying it’s an act to cover up the fact that Mueller was a meat puppet? Because that exposes this entire thing as a political hit job

  58. Galaxy 500

    What every one who saw the Mueller spectacle should understand is that the Dems aren’t after Trump, they are after subjugating every one of us and Trump just happens to be in the way.

  59. Galaxy 500

    Epstein didn’t try to off himself… he was beaten and raped. That’s why they found him in a fetal position. It wasn’t because he attempted suicide. The question I have is was it the guards or did someone pay the guards merely to supervise. This didn’t happen with out the guards know as the video cameras were miraculous turned off…
    Yeah, that didn’t raise a red flag with the guards…well not if it was profitable

  60. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rick!!

  61. Bill Wyler

    Thank you for this recap. I appreciate your word to “fear not” and the quote from the Bible. It was so encouraging.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Bill!!

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