Multiple Collapse Triggers Everywhere-V the Guerilla Economist

4 jpegGreg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

“V” the “Guerilla Economist” fears another global financial collapse “every day and every night.” “V” explains, “Economically speaking . . . What I see is it’s not one event. There are multiple triggers everywhere.  If Deutsche Bank goes belly up tonight . . . that could send a cascade of bank failures throughout the euro zone, which will blow back right here through London to New York, and we will be in the absolute crap storm.  We will be in the middle of it.  It could happen at any time.  If the Saudis decide to go nuts and decide to dump $750 billion . . . if they start dumping U.S. Treasuries, it can cause a run on the bond market.  It could cause a massive fissure and a massive blow back.  Then, you have what’s going on with derivative interest rate swaps, which are also tied into bonds, which are also tied into the repurchasing markets.  All these things can bring pressure, and all you are seeing are nothing but triggers everywhere.  So, Donald Trump is right.  We could be in a financial meltdown.  It amazes me that the media would rather question him about Trump steaks or Trump University or why his clothing is being pulled out of Macy’s versus asking Trump about him saying the economy can go belly up, and we can be in a financial meltdown.  Nobody even brings that up.  That’s unbelievable.”

What is the timing for the next financial calamity? “V,” who hides his real name and identity to protect his job at an international precious metals company, says, “My sources say 2017 is going to be monumental time they put on their calendar.  I was also told by them this fall is looking pretty bad.  In 2016, we will see a lot of events, and in 2017, this thing really comes apart.  One of the things I said was that by the end of 2015, the dollar will be completely undermined as a world reserve currency, and it did become undermined.  You have a lot of alternate payment systems, and the infrastructure for those systems come into place.  I have also said the Pacific and Atlantic would become the moats of our isolation.”

On gold, “V” says, “We have run into shortages on bullion because the refineries are not getting the raw material. The supply chain is starting to get pinched down to the refiner level.  That’s a serious thing, and it’s never happened before.”

How long can that go on? “V” contends, “Not long.  It is so tight right now we’ve never seen inventories this low.  Things are just getting harder and harder to get.”

On the possibility of martial law, “V” says, “Who is going to foot the bill? How are they going to pay for this?  Are they going to use deflated dollars you can wipe your butt with?  Maybe we can pay them in Charmin Ultra?  When this thing goes bust, it’s going to be up to the American people to fix it.  Will there be chaos?  Yes.  Will there be massive loss of life when the collapse happens?  Yes.  In large cities, you are going to have people die from starvation, dehydration, violence, rioting and lack of medication.  That’s going to be your factors and not some foreign army.  Martial law will be you are on your own.”

In closing, “V” contends, “The world is volatile, and it’s hanging on by a thread. That’s no BS, man.  It’s real, and there are real numbers and real facts.  It’s not a conspiracy theory.  The world, at this stage, is ready for the next phase of economic evolution.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with “V” the “Guerilla Economist” founder of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview: 

“V” the “Guerilla Economist” also says when collapse happens, you will need enough food and supplies for at least 90 days while the system settles out. The chaos and upheaval will probably not last much longer than that.  That is the best way for you to survive and get through this.  You can find “V” and get free information and articles on his website

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  1. Saperavy

    he’s wrong, qe4 is coming

    • Greg Hunter

      If QE 4 is not a huge trigger I don’t know what is.

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, but QE4 is coming, the FED will not rule it out, trigger or no trigger.

      • Steve

        Greg, won’t the dollar become stronger as the European Union continues to collapse before our eyes?

        • Greg Hunter

          Maybe for a short while but it’s all un-backed paper debt.

        • frederick

          steve İ wouldnt be so sure that the EU is in worse shape economically then the US As a matter of fact İ would be inclined to think we are worse off as far as manufacturing anyway There are countries in europe who have had enough of the ridiculous sanctions on Russia and are beginning to trade with them again and that should help

      • Kerry

        Greg-with all due respect, I ask for your opinion of V’s interpretation. Is it genuine? Do you have a sense that he is telling the truth and not full of bull? Although my life experience is not limited, my financial/trading experience is limited, so I am relying on your experience and the expertise of the USAwatchdoggers here to validate his claims. It is sometimes so hard to tell who is telling the truth and who is not. I don’t have this problem with some of your other guests (Dr. P.C. Roberts, for example). I would like to direct friends and relatives to his interview with confidence.

    • Ken Williams

      What he is saying is common sense folks. Reality has been telling us this is coming for many many years. The term “collapse” is relative and we are already in the midst of a economic, political and moral collapse. Look for like-minded states to begin creating alliances as the federal system falls apart.

      • Kerry

        Texas has your “6”. Come to Texas, we need strong patriots to help save the country.

      • paul ...

        And Ken when the whole system falls apart we can finally rid ourselves of the “Disease Care System” we have here in America (it was never designed to be a “Health” care system … the “Neocon doctors” are as much a cancer on humanity as the political Neocons … we should immediately dowse “all Neocons” in lemon oil … O Boy … now I did it … I just let the secret out of the bag … that lemon peel (containing D-limonene) can kill cancer … Big Pharma has been trying to kept this secret away from the general public for years because they don’t want to jeopardize their multi-billion dollar corporations … and Monsanto is working overtime trying to develop a new genetically engineered lemon with skins deficient in D-lemonene … D-lemonene has anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer (pro-apoptotic) properties … and lemons to Big Pharma’s chagrin are inexpensive compared to their anti-cancer chemo drugs … lemons (juice and peel) not only has beneficial effect of preventing disease … but tastes pleasant and does not produce the horrific effects of chemotherapy (hair loss, toxidity, etc,) … the simple lemon tree has provided mankind throughout the ages pleasant drinks, sorbets, pastries, etc. and is credited with many health properties like destroying cysts, etc. … but it’s the “proven remedy against all cancer types” that it excels in (along with its anti microbial action against a broad spectrum of bacterial infections, fungi, internal parasites and worms) … as a side benefit it also regulates blood pressure, is an antidepressant and combats stress and nervous disorders … laboratory tests since the early 1970 have shown lemon peel extract can destroy the malignant cells of 12 cancers, including colon, breast, prostate, lung and pancreas but Big Pharma keeps the info under wraps … D-limonene is 10,000 times better at slowing the growth of cancer cells than Big Pharma’s Adriamycin (the number one chemotherapeutic drug used throughout the world) … and unlike Big Pharm’s “chemo drugs” … D-lemonene “only destroys” malignant cancer cells (it does not affect healthy cells) … the MSN propaganda outlets foster the notion in our minds that “a lemon” is something “bad” for you … don’t get stuck buying “a lemon” is their mantra … putting a bad derogatory label on the “good” healthful lemon the way they put a derogatory label on the good 2/3 of God’s Angel’s and make their evil Masonic 33 club something to be desired!

        So … wash a lemon thoroughly (to take off any pesticide residue) then place it in the freezer … once frozen get a new cheese grater and grate the lemon peal on top of all your foods and deserts “every time” you eat! … this would be the ultimate in Mediterranean food preparation!
        If you need a more detailed explanation of D-lemonene’s [Mechanism of Action] go to this site:

  2. Jay Dee

    Prepare for Battle
    When I read the comments section on USAWatchdog I wonder why we, the public, are in such disarray. The primary answer is that we don’t know what is the truth about many of the issues facing our country. I don’t have a test for truth that can be applied here but there is an opportunity to work on the “lie” side of the equation. My assumption is that the main source of lies and deceptions directed at the public is the mainstream media. The global elites consolidated their power over much of the US and world media during the Clinton administration and at the top these people are pure evil.
    It seems imperative to me that we stop playing defense and go on to offense in a powerful way. Here is one suggestion. Identify a single TV network to buoycot. For example CNN. We spread the word to avoid all CNN programs. This will only be a feeble beginning but what comes next could be a knockout punch. The important step is to VIGOROUSLY and RELENTLESSLY attack all of their sponsors–ALL. If we are successful in dislodging a sponsor we must continue to punish the sponsor for at least a year after they discontinue sponsoring our target network—make them pay a heavy price. Our goal is not just to punish but it is to abolish our target network. The other networks will get the message or they will be next. There are many ways to legally attack these sponsors and I would hope that some of you would offer suggestions. We need a focal person to organize these attacks and to monitor progress. I do not have the skills to coordinate this but am sure that some of you do.
    Are you ready for the fight? I am more than ready.

    • paul ...

      Jay … good idea … but remember the Rothschild/Murdock worldwide news empire is composed of over 120 newspaper/TV propaganda outlets … so going after “just one” news outlet out of 120 is pretty small potatoes to the elite … what may be a better approach is: find the one advertiser who buys the most commercial time slots on all 120 news outlets and just boycott that one company … the loss of its “biggest advertiser” would be big potatoes to the worldwide “mind control” news propaganda empire … then proceed to the next biggest advertiser … and so on and so forth … until the entire “mind control” propaganda network collapses under the weight of the huge loss of advertising revenues!

      • Idaho Steve

        Budapest, Hungary October 1956… During the Revolution the first place that the revolting Hungarians fought to capture was the national radio station. My dad learned how to fire a rifle there.

      • frederick

        Like the late great George Carlin said “that got us by the balls” and he was spot on as usual Paul

    • john duffy

      I would also say avoid the big banks like the plague. Join local credit unions. Read labels and buy from small family owned companies where possible. The big companies don’t care about your health or corrupting the morals of your children. Vote out of office all incumbent politicians. Time to fight back before the country is totally destroyed.

      • Anne Elliott

        “Keep calm and buy local” is a phrase our small local newspaper prints every week, and we do it. Not only buy local, but make friends locally too. The best friends a person can have during a collapse is a local farmer, a mechanic, and a teacher!

      • diane s.

        John Duffy
        I like your plan.
        Like this man you interviewed. While I don’t believe he’s right on a couple of his comments. I think he’s correct on most.
        Thanks for asking him some good questions. I loved his answer to several of them…” whose going to pay for it”?
        Funny guy…liked him.

    • gregd

      Jay Dee,
      I can tell you why we are in such disarray. We have been represented by 3rd world leaders. They only care about themselves. That’s the choice that most people think they have. It’s not true, but people refuse to vote for a 3rd party. Someone with ideas rather than someone with connections. They refuse to protest the R and D throw at us. So many people hate the congress or the senate but they love their representative only because they like what they’re saying. They say what you want to hear people, and then they don’t have the decency to resign when they don’t produce what they promised. And let’s not forget how loyal people are to their party. More loyal than they are to their spouses many times. And I save the best for last, people let the media guide them instead of doing their own thinking. So we get what we deserve. WE sooooo deserve what is coming people. You know it’s true.

  3. Pvt. Mushroom

    V should be A+

    I believe every word uttered in this interview.

    Thank very much….

  4. James Hastings

    It’s a general….corrupt, conspiracy. It’s a herd movement….a movement similar to a river. It’s a criminal flow. Yes, some entities influence the direction. Greed has no friends.

    When the time comes, the system will collapse. So it’s simple. Isolate yourself from the system, and use your brains to plan for the unexpected. Become self supporting as best you can.

    No. The government won’t be able to do much.

    Good job.

  5. Darren

    Greg…Great interview as always… 90 days seems to be the common denominator with a lot of folks that I have listened too. I can only hope it happens in the dead of winter. More people will stay in than riot…:)

    • andyb

      Since the elites are for Clinton, it is doubtful that they will let anything happen until after the election, as she supposedly will continue Obama’s economic “recovery”. However, things could get out of control overnight, regardless of any “planned” implosion. Both Kirby and V have ascribed to this meme. My personal belief is that they plan to ruin our holidays after the election, and find some way to blame it on Trump.

  6. al

    He maybe right, but:

    Preparing Emergency Bunkers Before Planet X, Nibiru Planet9, Worm Wood Yellowstone Eruption Martial Law Pay Attention it’s Happening – This Will Kill 90 Percent of Human Population

    It’s coming!

    • R B

      we have an anchor ,that keeps the soul ,steadfast and sure while the billows roll, fastened to the rock that cannot move grounded firm and deep in the Saviors love. with all the gloom and doom there is still hope. I’m looking unto the author and finisher of my faith to keep us in the coming sorrows Jesus the Christ of God.

      • Greg Hunter

        R B,
        “Fear Not” you are on the on the correct path. God the Father and his Son are in charge.

  7. Keith

    I think a much more likely scenario than martial law is the breakdown that is happening in Venezuela. The supply chain for distribution of food and medicines has seized to a halt. Looters have taken what was left in stores. Food delivery trucks are stopped by mobs of 5,000 before they even get to the stores. There is a ‘militarized’ police force but it can’t keep tens of thousands of people in the streets under control. They only have electricity for a few hours a day. Their work week has been cut to 2 days by the government. Their hospitals don’t have basic antibiotics and simple infections kill babies and old people in a few days or weeks. And it’s getting worse. It’s going to be a hot, miserable summer. Brazil and Argentina aren’t far behind. And the US may be looking at something similar if the dollar crashes, whether slowly or quickly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point and example Keith!

    • Marcelo

      ” Brazil and Argentina aren’t far behind” Sorry …but what the heck are you taking about ??? Comparing Venezuela with Brazil and Argentina is like comparing Norway with Burundi. Although Brazil is in recession, the main problem is political, not economic. Regarding Argentina go check in the internet any Argentinian supermarket and they are full of everything and there is no difference with any supermarket in lets say, Australia, Finland or China. Where do you get your info ? Moreover, in Argentina the new goverment is cutting the deficits quite fast. In Brazil the supermarkets are also full of absolutely everything. The problem in Brazil is that the “usual suspects” provoked a coup dêtat (for those familiar with the situation in Ukraine, we could say the Brazil has been “ukrainized”), in case you do not know it yet, the US is going full speed against the BRICS.
      Cheers Greg, I always follow you, however I do not comment too much.
      By the way, although I live abroad,I am from Argentina and I know very well whats going on down there.

      • sk

        M-O-N-E-Y…..Brazil is the ‘B’ in Brics, and the ‘usual suspects’ don’t like the Brics. Thank you, Marcelo. Hope you post more.

      • Tin foil hat

        I think the canary in the coal mine is toilet paper. If there were shortages of toilet papers in Brazil or Argentina, food shortages would follow within a year or two. I’m surprised it took that long for the total breakdown in Venezuela.

      • Kerry

        Just remember, in a panic those “full” shelves will be wiped out in an hour. I know what happens when a hurricane is coming, and you have warning for that and time to prepare: people shooting each other at the gas pump. I can only imagine what it will be like when the people who rely on credit to buy essential services, or gov support, are told their cards are no good or the ATM is down and nobody knows when it will be back up. Then the power fails = instant riots.

    • dave

      Millions of Ukrainians were killed very quickly in famine like conditions in the past. Probably one of the fastest way to kill a lot of people other than a super plague.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Does anyone know why the Vatican isn’t doing more for the people of Venezuela? In WWII it helped Greece even though it is Orthodox.
      The Catholic church has enough to run the hospitals and set up food banks. Are the Catholic sisters, priests, and organizations starving?
      It appears that the country is being punished deliberately. Is the government there refusing to sign global agreements or allow sweatshop free trade zones? I’m tired of hearing about this in a modern, civilized country…need back story.

  8. TOM


    • diane s.


    • Arthur Barnes

      You won’t be able to beat your own government & its now militarized polices forces, American sheep see three dead on the corner from government bullets will go home and cry & look for a family bathroom to dry their eyes. The America people are so testosterone free now they have no stomach for resistance. The last 50 years they have bought the new political correct religion and don’t have any experience in opposition. As an American whose family came over and were here years before Valley Forge this generation just won’t speak out any longer much less take any resistance action. Good luck being the lone wolf, your own political correct neighbors will turn you in. Be careful when the SHTF as you won’t be able to trust anyone.

      • Hatemail

        Joe Public is pissed off. We are going to give DC one more chance and elect Trump. The government, the police and the military forces are Joes just like the rest of us. They have brothers and sisters, moms and dads too. If SHTF we will fix it, the rule of law will prevail and we will take our country back from the criminal class. We will prevail and win.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Brothers killed brothers in American Civil War, our militarized police forces will turn on their own, they are being brainwashed to do so as we speak, the police & our armed forces will follow orders. Your comment, although well taken, is 50 years too late! Frankly, they act like Joes just like us, but they will side and do what they are ordered to do; that is until they see they are losing, then maybe they change sides to save their own asses. History has proven that the forces of the King always support the King even against their brother and sisters, American forces, especially after the draft has been taken away, are no different. However, if their bellies get hungry then, and only then, will they turn turtle and support the legalized opposition.

          • Arthur Barnes

            Daniel Jantzi, thank you, I just state it as I see it. Understanding history is also a good basis for perspective of future human behavior.

          • Kerry

            You don’t know some of the sheriffs and deputies in Texas that I know, and the Texas Rangers. Local law enforcement, state troopers. There is no way in hell they will ever follow orders from some remote fed agency to shoot on civilians. Much more likely they will join the armed population and fight back. When/if Texas is attacked (similar to when a hurricane hits) the local authorities tend join forces for the greater good. To get a sense of what I mean, watch this: This is an occasion of a simple letter returning to the Alamo for a temporary display. Texas law enforcement as the honor guard.

            • Arthur Barnes

              Doubt it, history shows the Kings Men always follows orders to the t till they see no hope in winning, then, and only then, do they change side. Wish I had you conviction but that our militarized police forces would act for the people but talk is cheap when their bellies are full.

              • Kerry

                Well then, Arthur, I guess Texas will just have to become its own nation again. We did it once, we can do it again.

            • frederick

              then İ say god bless the lonestar state and i for one would be proud to assist them in any way i could kerry but im old and probably of little use

              • Kerry

                Frederick-Never think that because you are old you are of little use. Young people so desperately need our “old” life experiences to guide them. Get to Texas if you can. We value those who have much life experience. Besides, we have all you need for great eating-lots of beef and mesquite to cook it with! Not to mention the country folk who know how to cook a great pot of beans! (And lots of oil and natural gas, too)

        • Arthur Barnes

          Hey, I voted for Trump, but the American sheep will need some balls beyond Trump, but, as I said, they don’t have any, never will get any, their political correct lives won’t allow any, so they must hope Trump has enough!

      • Daniel Jantzi

        You are a real breath of fresh air. I have one question; how do you think God sees it ? I personally would rather say it the way that V does. I would rather say that good overcomes evil rather than evil overcoming good !!
        Greg, I really enjoyed V’s perspective as well as the questions you put to him !! Keep up the good work.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Daniel Jantzi, to answer your question, I say God says the country has become so non-Christian and is practicing its new religion of political correctness, this God is lifting His grace from America; thus, without grace evil will come to fruition; that is what you are about to witness now; the beginning of sorrows.

  9. Bernie

    Finally a guest who gets it. He’s 100% correct. When the crap his the fan you are on your own. Forget fema camps and gun confiscations. The politicians and military leadership will flee. It will you and the mosquitoes. Geez people, have six months of food, gas for a generator and all the gold/silver you can buy. If you have real money people will get you anything you want. The Fed, the govt, the maters of the universe are not coming to get you or help you. It’s you and that’s it. Greg Hunter, you are a good man by offering intelligent guests with realistic outlooks. Thank you!!!

    • WD


      Thank you for that truth

  10. Johnny Yuma


    paul … 05/15/2016 •

    Flash from da pasty!

    Robert … 542 one ounce gold contracts sold on a single ounce of gold … doesn’t that seem a bit weird to the American people? … I wonder what the dumbed down Americans would think of a real estate agent selling 542 new home contracts on “one” house? … when those 542 “new home owning” Americans show up at the closing to find just one set of keys on the table what do think they would do? … perhaps maybe (just maybe) they would think about “enforcing criminal charges” against the real estate agent that perpetrated this fraud?? … Na, the COMEX does this all the time and no charges have ever been made against them for this fraud!! … talk about “bill pill” doped Americans … this Matrix the MSM spins every day “that things are normal” in order to “keep us dumbed down” seems to be working like magic for the crooks!

    • Dan Reynolds

      ” 542 one ounce gold contracts sold on a single ounce of gold ” I understand your frustration level and we both know that this ruse won’t last forever JY . For that reason alone get your head on the other side and be thankful that you have the opportunity to be buying physical for bargain basement giveaway prices ! Make hay while the sun shines !!!


    • Arthur Barnes

      Well, he was the Rebel!

  11. Martel

    I agree with most of this interview Mr. Hunter. The issue for is about the USD, the reality is that it is the best of a bad bunch. If the USD was to collapse, what is going to replace it in an era of financial calamity? The Yuan, the Yen, the Euro? Even if the bond market implodes, the flight to a physical safe haven will be the UDS along with Gold and Silver. An issue with Gold and Silver however, is that these metals are not liquid. One needs to convert them over to liquid currency to settle accounts. Everything for international trade to buying a loaf of bread takes hared currency. The only paper currency that I can see that with is the USD. Now yes, an OZ of Gold may be valued at 10K an ounce, but in my opinion, that 10K will be 10K USD.

    • Greg Hunter

      You make good points, but you have to consider that we have never been here before in global economic history. There is no past metric you can apply. You have to prepare on all fronts including the spiritual one. “Fear Not.”

      • Mike Horkey

        I used to buy into all of this but no longer do. Things in the US are ugly and there may even be a reset coming one of these days. But the US is the least of the ugly. No way these other currencies can take the place of the US dollar because their markets are no where large enough. Everyone says China. Well China is a complete basket case. Who else then, the BRICS??? Don’t underestimate the ability of the US government to kick the can down the road again and again and again…

        • Greg Hunter

          You may be right but if you are expecting the buying power of the dollar to remain you may be in for an ugly surprise. “Currency Wars” author Jim Rickards says he was surprised when All currencies were devaluing at the same time. They all have devalued against gold and silver and other tangible assets.

          • Arthur Barnes

            Greg, the buying power of the dollar has already declined. This morning I bought a simple BBQ sauce I have been buying for some years now. This morning it was 40 percent higher than it was last week. Other items in my basket has done similar price increases; of course not 40 percent. By the way, I refused to buy it and will start making my own. AB

    • Mike from the North

      WE have to allow our minds to accept that the DOLLAR the LOONIE the POUND the YEN…they are all the same. Fiat currencies backed by nothing. YES for a short time those paper currencies will still be accepted but it will not be long before they buy you little.

      Gold and Silver are and have always been real money.

      That is why we have fractional silver and gold.

      I only wish that those close to me would listen… They all think I am nuts for thinking it is WISE to PREPARE.

      Our window of opportunity is closing before our eyes.

      Doubt that??? then take a close look at South America.

      • CrazyCanuck

        Right on fellow Canuck. Try to warn loved ones /close friends and they place the tinfoil hat on post haste! Mentioning that physical PMs are hedges and you worry that if in their conversations at Tim’s, they haughtily note your pro PM stance to others, hence increasing the risk you will be visited late at night in the dark days of a global financial shitstorm. At least with our country though, we know exactly how much gold our wise leaders have stored away ….zilch. Sigh, pass the maple syrup Hoser.

    • Lake M

      A note to the WatchDog crowd… precious metals provides a hedge against debt based fiat currency. This is the primary reason to own it. It has historically provided protection against the devaluation of what ever currency you operate under.

      There are unforeseen problems which may arise if there is an economic crash even if one has diversified to precious metals. Personal possession has its own set of problems such as theft, government confiscation, excessive taxation, etc. It is not the panacea promoted by some. Foreign ownership and storage has similar risks. Precious metal ETF’s without 100% physical backing are especially dangerous. Don’t own those.

      Conversion to paper money will probably be necessary to conduct the buying of weekly essential goods and services during an economic collapse. In the US, that will probably be some form of the dollar. How will conversion be accomplished for daily life? At your local bank? Highly doubtful. Your local grocery store or gas station. Doubtful. Pawn shop or coin dealer? Probably. Black market? Probably. How much will conversion cost. Probably much more than current conversion costs.

      There are two Canadian trusts which may help diversify one’s precious metal holdings.
      IF stock markets are functioning. The first is the Central Fund of Canada (CEF) which holds segregated, allocated, audited and insured gold and silver bullion…55% gold and 45% silver. The other option are the Sprott gold and silver funds (PHYS and PSLV) Again segregated,allocated, audited and insured holdings. These can be sold quickly for fiat currency if your broker and markets are functional.

      Usually diversity creates lower risk so one may consider these two entities for owning
      precious metals aside from personal possession.

      Martel’s last sentence ” that 10k will be 10k USD” is a bit misleading as you must take
      it a step further…. what will that 10k in USD buy. Depending on the devaluation, much less than 10K. Hopefully PM’s will continue to exhibit their historical role and protect the buying power of one’s savings.


      Lake M

    • Robert Lykens

      Martel, I disagree. In a scenario of skyrocketing commodity prices, I can’t imagine being turned down if I offer the Kroger manager an ounce of silver for a comparable quantity of goods. People will be scared, wanting whatever security they can find. Metals represent a measure of security.

  12. Jerry

    I normally post something, but when it comes to V (the guerilla economist) there’s nothing I could add that hasn’t already been stated in this interview. I have been a follower of Rogue Money for quite some time, and find V’s insight second to none. I may not always agree with his views, but I have found his inside information extremely accurate.

    I would suggest that your readers heed his advice and prepare. Our Constitution, and our very way of life is literally “hanging by a thread” of unsustainable debt. At some point (probably when paper contracts can’t be delivered by the LBMA ) the weight of that debt cut the thread and send the dollar into a death spiral that cannot be stopped by market manipulation. This is not opinion. It is a mathematical certainty. No country in recorded history can sustain 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue. Its mathematically impossible.

    • Jane Doe

      No country in recorded history can sustain 125 trillion dollars in unfunded liabilities with 2.5 trillion dollars in tax revenue. Its mathematically impossible. [JERRY]
      “It’s a mathematical certainty!”

      Need more proof?

      For emphasis?

      Fond farewells ~
      Well see you again. . .

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Jane!

      • Ken Russell

        Jane, I think you have it wrong but there’s no video to back it up. A much more accurate video would be the Titanic on the bottom of the Atlantic with the president and GOP arguing about who’s going to pay the bar bill and the government spending more on deck chair arrangements. It’s already over girlfriend.

    • Jerry

      As I stated in my last post, I don’t always agree with everything that V says. I think in the instance of “martial law” he underestimates the willingness of the banking elites to do whatever it takes to retain their power. I have personally seen their underground bunkers not far from where I live, and then there’s the mock training city that the U.S. government built for martial law training.

      As far as FEMA camps? As an American with native American roots, I can tell you without a shadow of doubt that FEMA camps do exist. They’re called “reservations”.
      Anytime our government perceives a threat, they historically have rounded people up and put them in camps. They did the same thing to Japanese Americans during WWII. Do I think they will be able to pull it off this time? I honestly don’t know. But I think we’re about to find out.

      When it comes to “the event” itself, I truly hope we can see the other side in 90 days, but I have my doubts when you consider that almost half of our population is on government assistance. When these “unprepared people” are suddenly cut, off you’re going to see Baltimore on steroids. I agree with V’s advice about getting out of the cities. Replay New Orleans following hurricane Katrina and see how it worked out for those who decided to stay in the City. Just my opinion.

      • Jerry

        As an addendum to my last post, I post a link to the U.S. Army’s employment website. You will notice the job description of ” Internment and Resettlement Specialist”.
        Unless the U.S. Army is planning on attacking Native Americans again, I can’t imagine who they’re planning on resettling? Certainly not illegal immigrants since this administration welcomes them with open arms.

        • WD


          I completely respect all you have done here, but they cant pay for it…it will be a mess…..

          • Jerry

            I really hope you’re right, and I hope V is right. I’m prepared either way. But what worries me the most is the globalist agenda. The collapse is part of the groundwork for the creation of a NWO that they have dreamed about since the inception of the United Nations. We would be naïve to think that they would let this opportunity pass them by. History does have a way of repeating itself.

            • WD


              You always quote Tyson, you can plan for everything until you take that first punch.

              Jerry I think you would be surprised at what plans truly come to fruition

  13. whit

    If a collapse happens, States will invoke security stops /
    checks probably County by County,

  14. Chick wilson

    Thank you Greg for another great interview. I agree with V, any attempt at martial law will not last long. At best some National Guard in the big cities. Once an event like that takes place. Our economy immediately freezes. The fed is too dysfunctional to provide any ongoing economy by themselves, they simply do not have the skill sets needed. The only reason why when washington goes to war and occupies another country appears to work. Is because we backstop the supply and logistics to keep the occupation force viable. If we crash, there will be no one in the world willing to backstop washington in a martial law of the USA.

    • andyb

      I agree with V that a true martial law wouldn’t be viable, but it could be used as a political distraction. Suppose the polls show that it will be Trump by a landslide and that the usual voter fraud won’t work. Martial law would postpone the election until the elites come up with another plan. With the psychos in charge, I wouldn’t take anything off the table.

  15. Mark


    Another informative interview with V. He had a contrarian view on the possibility of martial law, but his logic was well-stated IMHO. His Guerilla Updates are a wealth of knowledge and hopefully he’ll have his chat with Rob Kirby soon. I hope he’s wrong about numerous deaths from the upcoming collapse, but just more reason to prepare now and increase your odds of coming out on the other side in one piece.

  16. Diana Dee Jarvis

    V’s voice isn’t disguised. He’s not concerned someone who knows him will see this interview? I agree with the martial law fearmongering as it comes up before each presidential election. Some alternative sites do it because they think they’ll get more hits or keep viewers tuning in. It just gets tiresome and creates more noise to sift through. A financial collapse is certainly no picnic in the park, but they have happened before without civilization ending. Having said that, it does make sense to stockpile supplies and learn to use (and grow) herbal medicines.

  17. william vincent

    there is a possibility that FEMA may provide some manpower. The latest FEMA bill speaks about getting it’s own military force for such emergencies. As for what these people may be paid with; how about food, clean water etc… I agree that the rank and file cop is going to head for home and protect his/her family but other sources of manpower as mentioned above may be available. Also maybe contractors as was used in the Iraqi war may be available. for what it’s worth.

    • WD


      If FEMA has its own army, they better number in the millions to try to contain this….

      And if FEMA is like the TSA, they would be the dumbest of the dumb….

      • anni

        the actions of FEMA is not only for economic collapse but with the latest information of them stock-piling food, supplies and other stuff in the places they are doing it, indicates natural disasters, catastrophic disasters. Right there will not be anyone to man the camps. If we think other nations will help out, they will have their own disasters to look after.

  18. canuck

    this guy makes more sense than Larry Nichols who says a bunch of starving cubans are going to take over the US within 6 hours of their call to duty.
    Greg, thanks for getting V back on even though you got flak from many viewers last time he was on. Prep anyway, but theres no need to think the government wants to lock everybody up. Nobody ever explains why they would want to do that anyway, we are their cash cows.

  19. Ken Russell

    I know who V is, you can’t fool me. It’s Tom Servo with a disguised voice. It looked like either Gypsy or Crow was behind Tom and to his left near the window.

    • Greg Hunter

      Sorry ken I say “V” with the lights on it’s not Tom.

      • Ken Russell

        Okay, have it your way; and excuse my boldness and suggestion but you could give a nod to MST3K and make the interview much more realistic by replacing V’s window backdrop with current videos of Venezuela.

        • Greg Hunter

          I put up all the content I can afford and I do it for free. If you want to help out, put the content you think is important in a link and keep it short.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      That’s funny, Ken. Did not expect a Mystery Science Theater 3000 reference on this site. 🙂

      • Ken Russell

        I know and I’m grateful for it and I wasn’t really expecting you to actually add to the mountain of work you have to put into doing what you do. The V interview was really good and the blackout of V reminded me of MST3K. Since V was talking about our future which will probably look like Venezuela only on steroids, I made the comment, I thought in a kidding way about putting Venezuela videos in the background, never really meaning to ask that you actually ought to do it. No, you do quite enough and I appreciate it very much. Sorry if I made it seem otherwise

        • Greg Hunter

          I am not giving you a hard time, just letting you know how much I can do. I appreciate your support and suggestions.

      • freebreezer

        Per MST3k (loved it) You could replace the two aliens with silhouettes of Bernacke and Greenspan doing pithy comments … might be something there to consider!

  20. The Seer

    Things are not what they seem. The US$ will strengthen again in the plan to continue to take down the other countries first. The defaults allow a cleansing and restart if done right. The US$ has life in it yet. (SGE has been overly promoted to change things, IMO, look at the numbers and probably heading down further this coming week.) During this process, from increased population awareness, the good and positive will increase to move into a new paradigm before a total collapse, thereby preventing it. The US$ will continue to exist (Jim Sinclair top contacts in the know) and probably not any one currency of any type will replace it. Sure you may be able to get gold credits on accounts and sure there could be some resets but I believe countries will be restructured with assets measured against liabilities in a constant calibration, geographic fluctations allowed in relation to a gold or silver parameter, and a resurrection takes place slowly one by one. It will be an adaptative and creative effort to withstand a “global collapse”. Thus, rendering a new orientation to provide a set of outcomes to save everyone. In the long run who will monitor all of this? AI computers . . . . .

  21. Radarnj

    Good score Greg! V will step out on your show. Listened to him for years and always got good info with east coast tude. I don’t know WHY however you cannot find 22k gold leaf vinyl anywhere in the country. My suppliers say by the end of May they will have some inventory. This material is used in the signage industry.

  22. Juan O'Neill

    Stellar interview with Mr V! Thank you Greg Hunter for all you do.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Juan.

  23. pat the rat

    I hope this is put off as long as possible, I am still 60 days short of food and 2 weapons , just not ready?

  24. Mike M.

    What a clueless, naïve and ill-informed individual this guy is and anyone believing some of the nonsense he spews is going to be in for a rude awakening in the very near future.

    The reasons he gave why there will be no martial law are simply idiotic as he obviously has not spent much time researching what has been going on around the country for a number of years now in direct preparation for martial law.

    Where does the money come from to pull it off he asks? How about the trillions of dollars that can’t be accounted for, including the 2 trillion Rumsfeld announced the day before 9/11 that went missing from the Pentagon coffers.

    Also, is he completely oblivious to the massive amounts that have already been spent on NSA, DHS and other government agencies to spy on, stockpile billions of rounds of ammunition for domestic use, FEMA camps built and ready for operation, fake cell towers that can track your every move and be weaponized and executive orders that allow for all civil liberties and rights to be immediately taken away at a moment’s notice? Wake up people, wake up.

    All it will take is an EMP event (inside job like 9/11) to shut down the grid and within a few short days people will obey whatever order they are given and fall in line once they run out of food and other necessities. They will quickly hand over their guns for a meal and sense of security and those that resist will be quickly dispatched by uniformed thugs, drones or some other fast and lethal means.

    Many will be herded into FEMA camps while the majority will be left on their own to fend for themselves in a world of chaos and calamity. Most will die from a variety of causes including violence, starvation and disease. The true meaning of the word “inhumane” will be experienced by all that survive the initial onslaught.

    There will be no need for ongoing control or boots on the ground as the purpose is to allow the populace to self destroy and eliminate itself. A reduction of 80% of the population is the goal and this is the likely method to accomplish it. No need for foreign intervention as this will only become necessary after the fact.

    So you can believe the guy in the shadows and get yourself an offshore account while you hunker down for the bad times that are coming. Of course, like others who come on and do an interview, he mentions how horrific things are going to get but skips over the part on when and how it is possible for the carnage to end and things to get back to normal.

    Can someone explain how you can have a complete economic/financial/currency meltdown with people running out of food, rioting and complete mayhem and then one day you wake up and birds are singing and the sun is shining again?

    The truthful answer is there is no happy ending to this story. Once the collapse comes it is final so I suggest you all heed the one sensible thing the guy in the shadows did say which was the majority of his contacts were already outside of the United States.

    Either he doesn’t have as much faith in what his sources are telling him or he is just not very smart. In either case, I will continue doing my own research in a land far, far away from the evil empire or should I say what will soon be the former evil empire.

    • JMiller

      Mike M,

      Please explain how the FEMA camps will be able to operate, how drones will be able to fly around, and how uniformed thugs will get around after an EMP event? How will the evil forces be able to communicate with each other after an EMP event?

    • David

      Mike: Good luck on finding a place outside the U.S. I’ve lived overseas for 25 years and have concluded that foreign lands will not offer much of a safe haven, especially if world economies suffer together. Even on our worst days, we have it pretty good.

      • frederick

        not so sure that İ agree with that david İ am in western turkey in a small village and the people are great and totally self sufficient

    • R B

      one thing is for sure,when God begins to make changes in our present world conditions.There will be no place on earth to run to for safety. The only way to survive will only be by God’s Grace. Now is the time to repent, and call upon the name Jesus and He will preserve us for eternity.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen R B.


    • Leah from Seattle

      I agree with the possibility of martial law. But it will have to be something huge to trigger it, and it would have to be sudden, not drawn out over time. If its drawn out over time then I think there would still be some law and order. But you do bring up a good point, that is, why are government agencies arming up? Im looking for the guests to tell us what they are doing to prepare, and so far none have said a peep, it seems business as usual for all of them so far.

      Greg, wouldn’t that be a good indicator? If the guests you interview actually shared what they are doing to prepare (if at all), then I think this would lend a lot of integrity and credibility to their comments. Just saying….

      • allen ols

        there is not enough room in the fema camps for 50 million people out of 310 population. fema is for the greg hunters, a. jones, etc, and followers. 🙂

        • JC Davis

          Bingo Allen Ols.
          The masses will not be able to control the rebels repaired for their envision. In comes Martial Law to round up those with food, gold, land ect… The best we can do is Stand for God.

          • JC Davis

            Man I need eye glasses.

    • Arthur Barnes

      Mike M. I agree in part, martial law, however, will consist of lining up the sheep and putting/taking them to a FEMA camp. The America sheep will get in the box cars without a rifle pocking them in the back, all they want is some entitlements that they are use to once they get there; some food, water, shelter, candy, soda, cigarettes, pot, & porn, I think they will be quite happy in Camp. Only the rebels blood will be shed by our brave elite heroes who won’t be tried because they were “just following orders”.

      • Hatemail

        Once we get to camp we all get to take a communal shower in the building next to the tall brick smokestack.

  25. Anthony


    It’s a matter of when not if.
    Then they’ll ask “How?” and not why!

  26. Aaorn Cooper

    Greg, I have been listening to you since about the time you started, I read the book Enroute to Global occupation by Gary Kah 30 years ago. I have been watching this cascade of events for many years now. I participated in Operation Restore Hope in Somalia, 92-93. What happened there, what I saw there, what I experienced there, the average American is absolutely clueless to. I had talks with former Doctors and University Professors that we used to keep the kids away. We paid them and called them Kindergarten Cops. Keep the other Somalis from strapping bombs to kids and sending them to us. What they said to me is utterly confounding. Islam is so Evil, Evil Evil. Those who can’t grasp this are ignorant and deceived or capitulant and guilty. I thought that some of the people in the Government were good people but that they were outnumbered. I believe that if there are Good ones left that you could count them on your fingers and toes and have some left over. I just listened to the interview with V. I am convinced that these sycophant, psychopathic sociopaths have only an inkling of the reality of what they are doing. I believe most are just useful idiots, and that is all they are good for, reliable well heeled dogs, obeisant, obedient and ignorant curs of the basest sort. All have been bought sold and have sold themselves over. Those that are not copulating with each other are with little boys or girls. I detest the lot of them to the highest degree. Those the sit above them and greedily serve their master Lucius don’t want a Martial law for the sake of order. They want billions dead. Then to rule what is left over, the phoenix rising from the ashes, the murals at Denver Airport. I don’t know exactly what is to befall us first, but once the ball is rolling I think the only handbook we have to really tell what is next, is the Word of God. This is where I disagree with V and many others. Their must be chaos, anarchy and death to such a degree, that only then will the masses of the world beg for their chains. The starving onees will bring in some guns but not all of them, they will turn on each other for an MRE cracker or a crust of bread. People eating people. Those at the top would get off on something like this. The more horrifying the better for them. People will more readily accept this coming Yoke of bondage because of it. Billions dead according to the Book of Revelation. What is coming isn’t something they want to manage until the masses aren’t so massive. This is the only thing that makes any sense. The smartest move is an EMP, or natural disaster, unless they can manufacture something with some other technology but the goal is always population reduction. Speaking of Technology if half of what I hear is true. These planes etc. as V was commenting on, that everyone keeps referring to, don’t mean squat…that is an if. Martial law will not be enacted, if it ever is it will be after millions are dead either starved or killed outright. The Bible declares that a days wage for a bit of bread. What then if you are rich with food stores, you can buy your army with that. This makes me think of the facts that the government has been stockpiling food for decades now. Food is currency, Gold and silver are money. According to the Bible, this is an if not a when. You won’t need a large mass of troops just armored ones, for when most have expired from a hungry neighbor, or starved to death. I do agree with V about the Europeans and the UN though. Europe, except the Eastern block of some countries are having to deal with Islam and the raping of their women. Only the criminals have guns, and the people are getting riled up. All they need is the for the Islamist’s to break out the stockpiles of weapons they have been given by the US…Sad but true. Martial law isn’t the first thing we will see. Argentina was a test bed for the bankers on how to crash a system, and Obama made it into the white house only because he crashed Chicago. Just like Goldman Sachs and every other institution. You don’t make it in unless you have killed and stolen millions, billions or Trillions. What is coming, it will be Death as no one has seen since the Revolutionary war, WW1 and WW2. It will then expand in time to something that has never been seen since the foundation of the world began. Not counting the flood of Noah. I wish you well and keep up the good work Greg. God bless and cover you with his presence, may he direct your paths and make them straight, God grant you wisdom in your work and Life, as he already has.
    Your friend and Brother in Christ.
    Cpl. Cooper. USMC 91-95

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Brother Cooper for adding your unique perspective, and thank you for your service to the country.
      Your brother Greg

    • R B

      Bro Aaron, You are right on, praise God,for Jesus is King,He shall reign forever

  27. Mike from the North

    In the end what is likely coming is CHAOS.

    Greg is right.. One is better off believing in GOD. In my view it will take a belief in God to give us the strength to travel the road in front of us.

    We can prepare by stocking food, water, cash and PMs…but those are only short term answers.

    I chose to prepare than to count on my Government to provide assistance. As I chose to believe in GOD to provide me guidance and wisdom.

  28. DLC

    Mike M: I think about the things you are saying. I try not to for the most part because I could not function in the here and now if I kept it in the forefront.

    I listened to some remarks by Greg Mannarino almost a year ago and it rendered me supine literally for a couple days, part fright, part helplessness. It hit me just what he was saying, finally got through, and I’ve been packing 3 days into 1 ever since. I try to do everything I’ve been putting off. I think of everyone dear to me including those long gone.

    Been down this road before after the Carter years. The difference this time is that the jobs were not shipped overseas. I had an older generation for encouragement who were not out of their minds on drugs and every manner of depravity. We were not overrun by illegals. I always knew that if I could just hold on back then that I’d land on my feet. I learned new skills and how to make do and live quite well.

    I’ve been asking myself what is the point of all of this a second time around? After all, I lived through probably the best times that this country ever had to offer. And, what did people do with it in this great country? My dad always called the Boomers, “a generation of stray dogs raising God only knows what.” Either a prophet or just not kidding himself as he looked around.

    Say the dust settles and we pull through this fairly intact. Listening to doctors all night going on about their patients for 30 plus years, I am very well aware of how many people could hardly cope with life in the best of times, people needing psych meds just to schlep through each day, people popping painkillers to kill the pain that is more spiritual, the pain of bad choices.

    Mike Savage had a caller, a vet from DC, who remarked why he would not involve himself in saving this country from itself. He said he was spat on coming home from Nam and had a cup of urine thrown at him. The very citizens who scorned their own vets and walk around now with their mouth shut over all the outrageous overstepping of our gov’t. Celente called them “complete sellouts who only really cared about their own hides” when it came to that war.

    Stefan Molyneux asked why would the men of Europe or the U.S. put up a defense — for womanhood which today is only acceptable as feminism, a Europe whose churches are little more than empty bowling alleys?

    I hear you, Mike, and my thoughts go in many directions every day. I live by my best efforts every day, fully aware I have possibly a very limited tomorrow. I’m not young, so I’m grateful that I got this far.

    From almost day one, this gov’t has been putting the fear screws to the population one way or another, from the Cuban missile crisis, to the Russian threat, knocking off the 2 Kennedys, to you name it. I’m still here but probably nothing short of divine intervention will get me much further. Ordinarily strong and self sufficient, but even that goes just so far.

  29. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great interview.
    There are two articles found on ZeroHedge that seem to go well with V’s statements …
    The Endgame
    Rogue Wave

  30. Andy J

    Greg, I am disappointed. I can tell from his silhouette that he is definitely NOT a guerilla.

  31. Dan S.

    Your guest looks like it may be Jim Wyckoff of kitco metals

    • Beligarant

      There’s no way the person Greg interviewed is Jim Wyckoff. Go watch 30 seconds of a Jim Wyckoff interview on youtube and very easy to tell everything is different from the accent, word speeds and emphasis to head movements. No way this is the same person unless he’s a master of deception!

      • Hatemail

        I think V is really Alex Jones. Think about it, this is the second of the last three USAWD interviews where we only hear the voice and cannot see the face. The first of which was the Larry Nichols interview. I think there is some kind of conspiracy evolving here.

  32. Tracy Welborn

    “Can someone explain how you can have a complete economic/financial/currency meltdown with people running out of food, rioting and complete mayhem and then one day you wake up and birds are singing and the sun is shining again?”

    Because we can have hope in a God who uses ALL things to work together for the good. This is why we prepare “above all” spiritually.

  33. Marcelo

    ICBC buys Barclays’ US$80bn London gold vault.

    Were not the Chinese the ones who also bought the JP Morgan vault in NY ? (or was Morgan Stanley vault ? not sure. I think the frogs are starting to boil.

  34. Jerry

    True to form, V zeroed in on this one. The end game has officially begun with the Chinese purchasing London’s biggest gold vault. The price reset is coming, no matter how much paper the banking elite dump in the market.

    • Jerry

      Just in case anyone missed it China bought the JP Morgan Chase Gold vault in New York City two years ago.
      Strategically connect the dots. New York (North America). London ( Europe) and then Shanghai (East Asia). The Chinese are essentially cornering the global gold market to seize control of the global economy when the reset takes place. What is our strategy?
      Oh that’s right. We don’t have one. Unless you want to consider market manipulation and denial a strategy.

      I am constantly reminded by my brother in law who is an alcoholic, that the first step in fixing a problem is admitting you have one. Americans seemed to trapped in a state of normalcy bias that won’t let them do that. For most of us its better to roll over and pretend that nothings happening. That the Chinese are buying gold because they have a love affair with gold. That they’re buying these vaults because they want to be close to their gold where ever they travel. That the Chinese are a financial basket case (as some here seem to believe) even though we’re the ones who borrowed three trillion dollars from them, and have a GDP of 0.3%. Yes we’re the cats pajama’s aren’t we?
      Nothings going to happen here, move along. (sarcasm added for effect)

  35. Bill

    Greg, I am with the understanding that JADE HELM is to be put in place instead opf martial law. That will allow Obama to remain our supreme leader

    • Greg Hunter

      What is the source for this? Thank you for commenting.

  36. Craig Bradley


    Your guy ( Muggilla the Gorilla ) is a bit ahead of his time. Economist Martin Armstrong ( A REAL Economist) says there is NO WAY for gold to do a moon shoot until public confidence in government collapses. His trends analysis ( proprietary Artificial Intelligence Program code named “Socrates”) indicates the cycle peak for confidence in government peaked last year, in 2015. These cycles are long term.

    Martin’s software program also predicts a massive move out of private debt and into government debt in 2032. (Private Debt is huge, even bigger than public debt, including the national debt. Maybe 2X as much). So, this is more likely the period your guest is looking forward to, not that there could not be an upcoming correction in gold, as he says, before it resumes its climb (gradually).

    However, no new all time highs in gold anytime soon. The good news is no collapse either. So, you can take heart that you have some additional time to prepare or “prep”. Your guest is bald, reminding me of the former CEO Balmer of Microsoft who overpaid for Skype ( still does not work right, with its freeze-frames ). A bit of a munchkin too.

    • JC Davis

      Craig. No one really knows how this is going to unfold. How can a program form the past? We have never been where we are today, so there is nothing to program the information from.
      Armstrong had good info in the past based on information, but today no one has insight into this mess.

      • Craig Bradley

        Martin Armstrong has input unbelievable volumes of data into his program which, he maintains, is able to fleece-out long term trends. So, if you believe he is successful ( expensive institutional subscriptions), then there has to be some validity there.

        Your right though, it only tells us where we probably are headed, not the exact route or timing. Its sure no crystal ball. But it very well may be a good road sign to reference to.

        Without a compass, landmarks, and a good map, you can become disoriented and lost. He has attempted to ease that dire condition. We are all still likely going to “get it” eventually.

    • Jack

      Why are you talking about what’s going to happen in 2032? That is a long time from now. Armstrong has been predicting the shift from public debt (bonds) to private assets (stocks and tangible assets like gold, silver and real estate) as soon as next year. There are going to be lots of fireworks way before 2032. The biggest bubble in the world is government debt. When people finally get it that the bonds are worthless, then V’s predictions will become reality.

    • Robert Lykens

      Armstrong and his computer were both wrong about “2015.75”. I was one of the few who said nothing major would happen at that time, which gives me a better track record than Armstrong. So why should anyone listen to him now?

  37. brian

    Sounds to me like we can expect with certainty that the quality of life here is going to plunge and then dead cat bounce for a few decades or more. I guess we should take a good hard look at the people around us and ask ourselves if those are the people we want to have to share the shit sandwich with.

  38. pat the rat

    I have to agree with V I look for good numbers but I can’t find any I love numbers I do ,but I hate what they tell me.

  39. Colin

    I have a hard time believing obamski will remain in office. I also have a hard time believing marshal law will be enacted. I think this “election” will happen and we will see a change in power like always. I do however believe September 23, 2017 will be an extremely important time in human history. Exactly what, Im not sure, but the Revelation 12 “Signs in the heavens” occurs then. Check this out:

    There are other videos talking about this event that are quite fascinating! There are also other events particularity regarding Israel that point to 2017/2018 being extremely important in the prophetic timeline. As others have said, get your spiritual house in order above all else. Trust in God more than any silver, gold, or lead. While those will be useful, it will be His providence that sees us through whatever is in store for this fallen world.
    Be blessed! <

    • JC Davis

      Correction Obamaist. Hey if those for trump are called Trumpist, so should be those who still after all they have seen Obama destroy of this country be called Obamaist.

  40. J Marty

    Greg, could you please interview James Wesley Rawles. He is an author and former U.S. Army intelligence officer. He has many ideas about post-collapse American society.

  41. FreeOregon

    How many of the US Treasuries the Saudis hold are off the US books?

    Catherine Austin Fitts has written extensively about bond fraud while she was at HUD in the Bush I administration.

    That’s apart from the unmarketable Treasuries the illusory Social Security Trust Fund holds.

  42. vegasrob

    Thanks for having V on again. You both took a lot of flack the last time he was on but he has proven to have great sources and is able to help us USAW-ers get prepared.

    I agree with some of our regular commenters here that I think V may be a little off on the Martial Law issue. Just last year congress declared Martial Law for a short period of time to bypass a budget impasse, what ‘cost’ was there. Although I understand his question of “how do they pay for it” there are many answers out there if you just creatively look around. Some other USAW commenters already lamented on some of those means.

    My questions is how did Soviet Russia “pay for it” all those years ? Albeit there was no “Martial Law” per se the fashion in which they controlled their population had the same chilling effect.

    Do you think you could find a guest that could elaborate a little more on the “martial Law” situation to help us take a deeper dive ?

    We continue to pray for the “full Armour of God” and the ” Hedge of Protection” for you and your family as well as ours.


    PS – Did you catch he Popes comments about GUARANTEE of food and shelter for LABOR ?

    • Greg Hunter

      Please tell me more about the last Pope (Weasel).

      • vegasrob

        Quote from Pope taken at Charlemagne:
        “We need to move from a liquid economy prepared to use corruption as a means of obtaining profits to a social economy that guarantees access to land and lodging through labour.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Pope=evil. (I am a former Catholic but still Christian.)

          • Kerry

            Greg-I am still a Catholic and I agree-this pope is really off the rails. His job as the Vicar of Christ should be to lead people to the Son of God, and NOTHING ELSE! What is happening to the Catholic Church is happening all over the world. The evil fingers of liberalism/socialism/communism are in everything. Just look at who is president….and who is running for that office now……Christ Himself threw the money changers out of the temple-we need someone with the cohones to do the same thing in D.C.!

            • Greg Hunter

              I love Catholics and have many friends who are of the faith. The five pillars of the Catholic religion are stop on target. I just don’t like the leadership and refuse to be lead by someone who disregards the Bible–especially the New Testament. I agree with you by the way, and I thank you for your support and comment.

  43. vegasrob

    PSS – here is how the Army says it will pay the internment camp officers:

    Total compensation includes housing, medical, food, special pay, and vacation time. Learn more about total compensation.”

    Taken from the posted link:

  44. Oxfarmer

    You guys who think real gold isn’t in demand need to try it. Your dentist, your hardware store, your Agway with a large order…talk to the magr. It’s easier in a one man show, like doc’s offices. They are happy to be paid in gold. Isn’t health care our big scare? Bet they take your gold.

    • JC Davis

      Oxfarmer I tried that with my dentist using silver 4 years back. He laughed, as to say no. He did take the dental equipment I had to trade him. In fairness He my now have wish he had made the deal on silver.

    • Arthur Barnes

      The best health care plan is keeping your good heath, don’t rely on Obamacare to save you.

      • diane s.

        This is very true, Art
        It’s difficult to take care of yourself if your heath is gone.
        Your most important investment is your health.

  45. DLC

    Don’t remember if it was the Montreal World’s Fair or the Meadowlands (NY) World’s Fair. No matter.

    There was a pavilion whose exhibit was a mechanized Abe Lincoln sitting in a chair giving one of his famous speeches. Suddenly Abe’s circuitry went haywire and he started gesticulating and screeching like a madman, then smoke poured out of his body. Abe had literally cooked.

    Sounds just like the “Never Trumpers.”

    Bill Kristol whose old man set him up on third base and greased the skids to home plate.

    Glen Beck, acting out the mother of all dry drunks.

    Krauthammer, the man who put the sour in kraut.

    John Fund, white noise, “waaaaaaaaaaaaa.”

    Mitt Romney — who ever guessed he was harboring Jack Nicholson in his brain? He keeps it up, he’ll be axe wielding — chasing down shoppers in his hometown mall.

    Dana Perino — who knew that this simpering Bo Beep spokeswoman for George W could blow out every window in Manhattan raging about The Donald?

    Where was all of this heat when we were in the cross hairs expecting them to voice OUR concerns?

    If we make it to the next election, all incumbents need to go out like Abe in the pavilion, screaming and twitching hysterically, smoke coming out of every pore, standing in a TSA line, headed home to oblivion.

    Let’s save that constitooooooo-tion these sheep all bleat about.

  46. DBCooper

    Greg, EtAl … No one is always all-right or always all-wrong … that said … the “elite” (read that Satan worshippers) have already told us that a major population reduction is in the works … Georgia guide stones for one … “They” do not need a huge martial law force to enforce martial law … we live in a truck to shelf culture now (see Venezuela) … look at the various transportation indices (Truck/Train/Ship) … the average American has three days worth of food on the shelf … most people don’t even know what a pantry is anymore!! … If ‘They” stop the trucks/barricade the roads in and out … We the People will do it for them and in a very short period of time not only will the population #’s be reduced radically but “They” will not need much of a force to herd the remaining as they will already be cowed by the reality that they have experienced. I chime in w/ JMarty above as to having Cap’t James Wesley Rawles on the program.
    Greg, you commented/asked a while back if we are prepared … I am what Rawles refers to as a ‘Proto Redoubter!! … The Lord brought us here along time ago and I do not know anyone personally who is more/better prepared. We on the homestead are way prepared (to the tune of probably three YEARS worth of food) … various PM’s including Lead and a good field of fire!
    Any way Greg, that is my read, Lots of dead bodies to step over … Keep the Faith and keep on truckin’. Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

  47. Dan


    Many of us like the Guest V but I think we need to be slightly more critical regarding one of his theories.

    I think he too easily assumes (key word “assumes”) that the US dollar would lose most of its value and purchasing power. I think this is not realistic nor highly probable.

    His theory about the US not being able to pay those who would implement Martial Law only relies on this assumption that the dollar would be valueless.

    He doesn’t seem to factor in the possibility that the US dollar could only decline abruptly (i.e, over the span of a few/several months) by let’s say 30-40%. In such a case, his theory wouldn’t hold water, as there would still be the means by which the gov’t could pay FEMA employees, the National Guard, soldiers, et al, to implement Martial Law. Yep at that point there may be much increased inflation, but I don’t think these employees would necessarily quit their jobs; rather, they would hold on to their jobs with dear life to be able to feed themselves and their families.

    Any other thoughts on this aspect of his “flawed” theory?

    It would be nice if he can come back here to weigh in on this very crucial point.

  48. Sgt. Hess

    Predictions are useless and harmful.

    Nobody knows what tomorrow brings other than tomorrow will exist somewhere, somehow, for someone and something.

    Random events happen, this is life and death.

    Preparation is a good thing, but don’t become overzealous or foolhardy.

    Hug your kids, kiss your partner, send your parents a letter, call an old friend.

    Stay positive, dial down the noise….

  49. Galt's Cousin

    I agree with most of what V says except at the end regarding Martial Law. Even now one only has to look at Venezuela to see that no matter what happens the one group that always exists is the Military, this is true all throughout history. The soldiers are paid with 3 hots and a cot, and I’m sure even in Venezuela they are paid with either gold, USD’s, or some kind of redeemable voucher (by redeemable I mean internally and externally). Why not wear a uniform when it’s chaos out there? And who knows, in the end your commander might even be the new ruler of the land!

    How will it play out here in the USA? Who knows for sure. I suspect that when the chips are down We The People will completely ignore The Powers That Be and realize once again in history how utterly useless they are.

  50. Oxfarmer

    JC, silver isn’t gold. There is something about gold that attracts people and they will want it to keep. I admit to not doing this often…OPSEC. However, a dental professional took ours, and without dental coverage, it was nice.

  51. Oxfarmer

    Greg, can’t find Weasel on the last Pope, but he is likely referring to the Prophesy of St. Malachy, who listed 112 Popes to come after his time. The prophesy was not discovered until 1590, I think 400 yrs after Malachy. Each Pope was referred to in symbols, some obvious, some not so much. The final Pope was to be Petrus Romanus, Peter the Roman. Since not all Popes appear to gave been mentioned, and his reign is not over, it’s hard to say if Pope Francis fits.

  52. diane s.

    You are right Sgt.Hess
    Stay calm.

  53. Arthur Barnes

    Hey Greg, “World powers are ready to consider demands from Libya’s new unity government for exemptions from a United Nations arms embargo and militarily equip it in its fight against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) and other groups.” “The joint decision, announced by US Secretary of State John Kerry on Monday followed a meeting in Vienna which was attended by diplomats from more than 20 countries” Greg, here we go again, theses neo-cons never learn, Middle East again, Baghdad being bombed like the Dresden Germany bombings of February 1945, Afghanistan’s American installed Government about to fall, Syria looks like a shadow of its former self, over a decade in war, tens of thousands displaced, killed, or starving, and now more to come. Just watch, listen and learn, Libya is in the American cross-hairs to be the next Middle Eastern country to be destroyed. Libya has no weapons of mass destruction, offers no national threat, but it does have a lot of oil and could be a great Navy base across from Syria & on the African continent.

  54. Gord Higham

    Best quote ever!

    ” Maybe we pay everyone in Charmin Ultra ”

    Wait, isn’t being paid in any fiat currency the same as Charmin Ultra.

    Awesome interview Greg, USA Watchdog Number 1.

  55. Zoey

    How about adding cannibalism to the potion of economic collapse, EMP, FEMA Camp, Tsunami, earthquakes, and volcano eruptions?

    There is a company named Senomyx, a biotech company that produces artificial flavor enhancers, and it also HEK 293 – human embryonic kidney cells taken from an electively aborted baby as a “flavor enhancer.” And, there is a whole list of food giants like Pepsico, Kraft Foods, Campbell Soup, Solae and Nestlé affiliated with this company. Initially, a pro-life group tried to boycott these food giants, but nothing changed. These witches either own these food giants or are affiliated with them, and are dead set on making us all into cannibalists with their filthy potions! Who hasn’t drank from a Pepsi can?…now I have a gruesome task of throwing out cases of campbell soup and other food made from these food giants which I bought for emergency purpose. Actually, they are not food, they don’t even deserve to be called garbage.

  56. Robert Lykens

    Greg, I just don’t get it. V and many others advise citizens to vault their precious metal overseas. If and when a collapse happens, what are we supposed to do? Make a quick trip to Switzerland to get our gold, only to have it confiscated at Customs on our way back into the country? It’s totally unrealistic. I liked your idea better – vault it in the backyard.

    • Robert Lykens

      And speaking of precious metals, Greg, the next time you have a precious metals expert on, would you please ask them a question for me?
      I’d like to know their professional opinion: is the government aware of small purchases of gold and/or silver? Is there an official record being kept somewhere that we’re not aware of?

  57. Zoey

    They are upgrading train tracks next to FEMA Camps to be able to drop off larger cargo load of people!

  58. Hatemail

    Is this site closely monitored by the NSA?

    • Greg Hunter

      Who knows?

  59. RTW

    Sgt Hess:
    Very good. That’s the best rational advice. EVER!

  60. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, looks like Obama’s & G. Bush’s religion of peace got themselves another airliner. So sorry for the loss of lives, but when will the West wake up and send the Muslims back home where they belong. The Muslim communities in the West will not turn the terrorist in or denounce their tactics of death with any conviction; until the Muslim Communities stand up instead of coddling the radicals there will be no end to the violence. Trump is right again!

  61. Lisa Simpson

    The highly intelligent Australians are buying F35’s.
    NSA monitors everything via automated key-word list.

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