New Gold Bull Run Already Started – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s

Top trends researcher Gerald Celente says global central banks are just helping the richest people on the planet and have not saved the economy. Celente says, “They didn’t teach us this stuff in economics 101 or in graduate school, they made this crap up. For example, quantitative easing, you mean buying corporate bonds and government bonds and shoveling money to your bankster buddies. . . . According to the Levy Institute at Bard College, they dumped in over $29 trillion. That’s right, $29 trillion to their buddies. So, what’s the deal? They are going to keep lowering interest rates. It’s monetary methadone. All these people are addicts. Morons and imbeciles call them ‘investors.’ They’re addicts and gamblers. They can’t stop, and all they want is that drug– monetary methadone. They are just going to keep filling it in until they OD. . . . You don’t know when it is going to collapse, but our forecast is we are not going to go into a recession this year. We will begin to go into it in 2020, and the greatest recession/depression will happen by the end of 2020.”

Celente says, “There are lots of wild cards” that could upset his predictions. One is “rising oil prices,” and the other is conflict with a variety of adversaries. Celente say, “If war breaks out, it’s over, it’s over. It’s not like the old days, like WWII where you get the economy going. This is a different scene. This is way different. . . . The whole Middle East is doing terrible. Look at the problems they have in Turkey. . . . There is one currency after another going down. Look at the emerging markets. They are soaking money out like crazy. Look at America and all the money flowing into junk bonds.”

On gold, Celente says buckle up for a big rise in price. Celente explains, “We are near the bottom, and I am more bullish on gold than silver because silver is used in production. So, if the economies of the world slow down, which they are, you will use less silver. That said, silver follows gold. I believe the gold bull run is ready to begin its next run, and the last time I forecasted a gold bull run in The Trends Journal was 2005. It spiked after that. So, this is the only other time I have said that. . . . Another thing is you are hearing major people coming out in the mainstream media being positive on gold, which means they have already bought it, and they are playing the futures markets. You are also getting many negative reports as well on the future of the economy. . . . Many people think we are going to go into recession, but I am holding back on that. I think they are going to do everything they can to keep it propped up going into the Presidential reality show.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the publisher of “The Trends Journal,” Gerald Celente.

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After the Interview:

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  1. Stan

    Hey Jerry: The world has not ended yet. Just wanted to let you know 🙂

    • Black hole of nothingness

      Don’t tell the Evangelicals that. It’s what they are counting on.

      • Greg Hunter

        Please note this smart A$$ comment comes from the “Black hole of nothingness.” Darkness is void of light. Jesus provides the light and the way–nobody else.

    • Jerry

      Prophesy fulfilled.

      Stan, it doesn’t matter what you or I think, or the timing of events. The bigger question is are you prepared, both physically and spiritually? Action is required. You fail to see the point. Trying to prove me wrong is a waste of time because I win either way. If I’m right, and you do nothing, you die and I win. If you’re right, and nothing happens, I have extra food to eat saving me money, and extra cash from the bank of Jerry to spend. I win either way. On a spiritual note. If you died tomorrow and you are not spiritually prepared, what difference does it make? All of your imaginary money in Deutsche Bank can’t save you.

      • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

        Jerry, your maturity and restraint, in the face of childish attacks, are admirable.

      • Stan

        Jerry: I am prepared. I bought more Deutsche Bank today, shorted more Gold, and have plenty of Dollars in savings. If you want to live the life of a doomster – that is ur choice

        • Jerry

          Same ol, same ol Stan. Deutsche Bank continues to crater, you continue by stock. It’s idiots like you that got us in this mess, with your denial, fraud, and delusions of grander.

        • pdxr13

          Remember Long Term Capital Management in 1998? Those were the smartest guys in the City, with all the richest guys invested. The system “just barely” survived rolling up LTCM, but came back without the previous limits, and ran up to 2008 and the “End of the World” unless Helicopter Ben got enough credit available to wreck the US Dollar as a legitimate sovereign currency, and Congress gave it to him. This 2009-Present problem is at least 10x bigger in real terms, and there is no one big enough or liquid enough to fix it. There isn’t enough PLANET to fix the obligations outstanding, because the criminals who made these deals are going to all try to front-run any possible fix so they can get hold of the (less than) one percent of actual assets that are out there “guaranteeing” the deals.

          The only thing that will fix confidence in the US Dollar and Banking in-general will be a triple-hole gallows built in the middle of Wall Street. Get in line, no waiting for Corporate VP’s and above. Tell your name to the clerk and present ID. Volunteers guarantee that their families will be preserved from further prosecution after dispossession. That’s the sound of freedom, 13 steps up.
          “Does it hurt?” “not at all, it’s quick”
          Ker-ChhunK, cLICk. “Next three, please…”

        • Frederick

          Stanley I guess you aren’t too happy that Gold is taking off this morning huh Stanley 1381 as of this posting

        • jim

          Hay Stan, Good move on shorting gold . Its up to 5 year high right now, You are a loser , you will lose your ars.

          • Stan

            Dude, I was the one pounding the table to short Gold when it was $1874. You all laughed at me. I’m fully confident in my Gold short position. I shorted more today.

            • K. Wayne

              What’s your maturity Stan.
              Anyone calling for delivery of Physical?
              You can run naked for so long…..and then like the Emperor with no clothes…we will all get to see the real you. You will be exposed….but I sense that you are already.

        • paul ...

          Trying to short a “Rising Knife” is not very prudent Stan … why don’t you wait for gold to peak and stabilize at $10,000 … before short it!!

          • Frederick

            Paul Why only 10k

    • Rob

      The earth will be here forever but the world’s kings, princes, chief captains, rich, strong, bondman, and freeman will soon be doing anything possible to hide from the face of our Father and His Lamb’s wrath AFTER the tribulation:

      Revelation 6:15-17 And the kings of the earth, and the princes, and the chief captains, and the rich, and the strong, and every bondman and freeman, hid themselves in the caves and in the rocks of the mountains; (16) and they say to the mountains and to the rocks, Fall on us, and hide us from the face of him that sitteth on the throne, and from the wrath of the Lamb: (17) for the great day of their wrath is come; and who is able to stand?

      While the year of wrath is taking place, AFTER the tribulation, the sons of God will be standing around Jesus as we all worship our Father sitting on His throne:

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you for reminding us all what is really important Rob! Nice length too on the comment.

        • Rob

          Thank you for giving me the opportunity to post! I know you love the Word so it’s hard to keep it short but I am trying bro! :o)

          • Greg Hunter

            Short is more readable and better to post because more will read it.

      • paul ...

        Where is it written in the Bible that God the Father is on a Throne? … why can’t he be part of a Heavenly Republic?? … a King for life is like a Dictatorship isn’t it????

        • Greg Hunter

          What’s wrong with you Paul?

          • paul ...

            I found it Greg … it is mentioned in the Bible about six times … fundamentally … the idea of Jesus being King of kings and Lord of lords means that there is no higher authority … yet we know this is not true as God the Father has a say in what is going on also (doesn’t he??) … so Jesus (is not like some commie Chinese dictator for life reigning over all things) … the absolute and inviolable power in Heaven seems to be split between Jesus and God the Father (and perhaps the Holy Ghost) … so I don’t think we have a Kingship (or dictatorship) in Heaven … but something more like our United States (a Constitutional Republic) where power is split between “three branches of government” (the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost) and where the Constitution in Heaven is the Ten Commandments! …

            • paul ...

              Greg … I can’t help having “random thoughts” (God created me that way) … so I tend to always think outside the box … remember … the men who placed words in the Bible to explain things to the common people (had no conception of a Republic at that time) … they were ruled by Caesar (Kings and Dictators) … but “Christianity” is the concept of “One God” (a single governing entity) composed of “three entities” (a Father, a Son and the Holy Ghost) … so in reality Christianity is talking about a “Heavenly Republic” (not a Kingdom or Dictatorship) … all those soldiers who died in combat in WWI and WWII did it to save our “Constitutional Republic” (not sacrificing their lives to live in Heaven “as commies”) … perhaps if the Church got out of the business of promoting “Kings or Dictators” (as Heavens governmental system) they would see more people going to Mass on Sunday!!

        • Rob

          There is a “heavenly Republic” has to do with overcoming in reverential love and joy that those who mock will never experience:

          Revelation 3:21 He that overcometh, I will give to him to sit down with me in my throne, as I also overcame, and sat down with my Father in his throne.

        • uncommon sense

          even God needs to spend a penny it seems

          • Greg Hunter

            an atheist telling God what to do. That’s rich!!

    • Boswell

      That’s what he said, not now, later…

    • paul ...

      Stan … Do you realize “your world has ended” … I know you think Deutsche Bank will not be allowed to collapse … “it’s too big” … and letting it fail “would take down the German economy with it” … so you are betting on it being rescued in some way … “and it will be” … but any rescue that will be done … “will destroy current shareholders” (that means you Stan)!! …

  2. Rodster

    I love Gerald and his Gerald-ism’s like the “presidential reality show”. It’s funny hearing that because that’s what its become, a game show. 🙂

    • Rodster

      The same applies to the Brits. They are now treating their Prime Minister elections like a game show.

  3. Anthony Australia

    Home run Greg!

    There should be a royal commission into the MSM, spewing out garbage is spot in, however as the government is in bed with them no no no.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    I really enjoyed Mr. Celente; thanks for the treat!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes William, Mr. Celente is a treat. He dropped a big prediction on gold and silver too.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter,
        What a prediction! Gold up over $30 today!

        • paul ...

          William … I’m expecting gold to soon be rising by $300 dollars in a day (just like Bitcoin)!!

          • K. Wayne

            I’d like to see that!!
            One shudders to think about what conditions would drive a scenario like that. I’d hate to think what the underlying circumstances might be. Maybe we best be careful what we wish for.

  5. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    GC is always informative and entertaining – thanks.
    Nothing directly to do with your GC interview – but, given your expressed opinions about the socialist / communist left, I thought you (and your audience) would find the linked Zerohedge article of particular interest:

  6. Anthony Australia

    They’ll rob us, chip us, enslave us!

  7. CFS

    Mr. Celente points his finger towards Saudi Arabia as a probable cuprit for oil tanker attacks, but the very first two oil tankers attacked a few weeks ago (off the Emirates) were Saudi oil tankers. Further, Iran needs higher oil prices, just as much as Saudi.
    As regards gold and silver, do people realize whereas the amount of minable silver to gold in the earth was about 20:1, but over the last several centuries, all gold mined is still around, whereas silver was consumed. Thus the 20:1 ratio no longer holds such validity if one adds in the above ground stock pile. Currently total silver (above ground + in-ground) : total gold (above ground + in-ground) = about 8:1. Consumption over the years has impacted the ratio, which is, of course, approximate and dependent on metal prices as to whether mining is viable.

    • uncommon sense

      What better way of framing your enemy than by attacking your own tankers? Not necessarily agreeing with Celente but it certainly isn’t inconsistent with that line of reasoning.

      • Montana Guy

        Uncommon sense, that strategy worked perfectly on 9/11. Many Americans KNOW that the 9/11 Commission Report was a joke. Yet the EMBRACE perpetual war against Muslims. It’s a classic example of Orwell’s ‘Double-Think’.

        • K. Wayne

          No different to the Warren Commission report.
          LBJ conspired to assassinate the President.
          He then proceeded to establish the commission into JFK’s death.
          Chief Justice Warren was subjected to external duress and undue influence from the International Gang directly associated with the Assassination. A cover up.
          Commission reports provide a façade for the reality side-show that the public doesn’t have tickets to.

      • Free Slave

        The first set of tankers was a trial run. It also likely provided the “evidence” needed to “prove” the second attack came from Iran.

  8. Paul in oz

    Mr. Celente has nailed it … the new plantations (indentured slaves) … he is always right and best of all he tells it like it is … nobody is perfect, but Mr. Celente is one of my favourites in whom I can really believe in … that he continues to get away with his honesty amaze me ! THANK GOD FOR TRUMP!

    • uncommon sense

      Dow back at record highs whilst US bond market surging. Where is all this deflation that Charles Nenner is talking about?

    • The Queen's Regent

      Trump has been quiet on Venezuela.

  9. Jerry

    The true meaning of “ Q”.

    Gold backed security, supported by quantum exchange systems. What could go wrong?

    • pdxr13

      If you don’t trust crypto, backed by gold in a vault that is audited regularly , just keep your gold somewhere you believe is safe. If you need to use crypto money, trade some of your stored gold into the system at a dealer. It’s like banking with paper money today: if you need to spend more than is in your account, go to an ATM and feed in some Benjamins until the account is fat enough to complete the transaction.

      Jim Sinclair says Get Out of The System (GOTS), but you need to maintain a marginal connection that you control so that business can continue. Electronic banking is super-convenient, but you have to remember that all of the funds in-the-system are going “POOF!” with the system when it goes. How much is an acceptable amount to lose? It’s up to you. PS: Debt doesn’t go “POOF!”, it will magically reappear if you have any visible means to pay.

    • Matties

      The quantum theory has already come. From Russia with love…

      The quantum motor prototype is working and is not feeble like the EMdrive…

    • paul ...

      What could go wrong is … different “electronic” crooks take over from the current “paper” crooks …

  10. Henry Farden

    Easy to see that those are holes in the hill from missle strikes, not mines.

    • Frederick

      Holes in a “ hill “?

  11. Russ

    Thanks Greg, great advice (even though he doesn’t give advice) from Gerald Celente. GC is a little older than me, but we’re both boomers. That may be why we seem to have similar likes/dislikes in cars. I drive a 90’s Ford truck — it runs great and it’s paid for. Another similarity is no debt.

    BTW, imo the reset is closer than you think. But I’ve been thinking reset since ~2012. What can’t go on will eventually stop and it would be much better to have a controlled crash with a recovery built in, than to let the debt drive us over a cliff. But that’s just my opinion. Wish I knew the timeline…

  12. Stan

    Deutsche Bank up huge today!

    • Greg Hunter

      You live another day.

      • Jerry

        Now that’s rich Greg,
        Deutsche Bank up to 7.25 and Stan wants to throw a party.

        Keep Stan on. He’s as much fun to bash as Gina is. I honestly had no idea that people could be this stupid?
        But then again there’s a reason they make covers for electrical sockets.

        • paul ...

          Will the followers of Harry Dent now throw in the towel and get on board and buy silver the way JP Morgan Chase Bank already has (buying up tons and tons of the stuff)?? … probably not … they’ll probably wait for Chase (financial experts in thievery) to tell people exactly when it’s appropriate to buy silver … when it hit’s $1,111!!

          • paul ...

            Will people listen to Chase and buy silver at $1,111 ?? … you bet they will … because at that price it will still be eight times cheaper then the Bitcoin’s they are buying now!!

    • Jerry

      Things are so good, that two of the top investment advisors are leaving Deutsche Bank.

      Keep calling me out. Because when Deutsche Bank finally goes down, I’m going to walk all over you on Greg’s site on a daily basis just for fun. Just remember I warned you.

      • paul ...

        Jerry … sorry if I stole your thunder … I just couldn’t wait for Deutsche Bank to go to 0.07 cents (for you to walk all over Stan) … I’m a bit impulsive!!

    • K.Wayne

      Nothing new here……..Nothing to see…..move right along…..
      Money laundering and criminal activities….hmmmm… that’s a sound argument for an investment. What could possibly go wrong there?

    • Jerry

      Hey Stanley,
      Are you braced for the big announcement tomorrow?

      I love your business sense. Buy high…..sell low.

      • K. Wayne

        He would be better served making a Donation to the now discredited Clinton Foundation. Both operate on fumes.

  13. paul ...

    As Celente says: “Buckle up for a big rise in the price of gold” … gold is nearing the end of a “six year saucer bottom” … the gold rise that is coming will similarly “take years” to form a top … bottom line … buy any dips we get now … and hold (for years)!! …

    • paul ...

      When will the bankster addicts OD on printed QE money? … seems it has already begun “in Europe” … the Modern Monetary Policy of QE to infinity “will end” on the day financial markets (instead of throwing a party when the banksters print) “falls instead” … and that will be the day “it is game over for easy money” !! …

  14. messianicdruid

    Gold is a sapling, silver is an acorn.

    • paul ...

      And both sapling and acorn grew some today …

      • paul ...

        To me … having a Maple sapling will be sweet … … but having a powerful Oak will be even better … … the coming most spectacular bull market in silver will be the greatest the world has ever seen … remember … silver is not only a monetary metal (but a strategic metal as well that is getting harder and harder to find) … for every ounce of gold being mined today only 9 ounces of silver is being mined … that is a Gold to Silver Ratio of 1 to 9 … figure it out folks … if gold is reset to $10,000 dollars per ounce … at a nine to one ratio silver will be $1,111 dollars per ounce … that is more then 70 times higher then silvers current price … even Stan (if he is lucky and DB goes from $7 dollars to $150 dollars) only gets 21 times his money … he will still be a loser … as he would be 3 times better off buying silver now at $15.50 then DB at $7.00!!

    • The Queen's Regent

      Indeed, both are the currency of royals.

  15. David Elliott

    When I was in the military, I learned some very important things. First, the government lies. Second, if you want the same result that most people get, do what most people do. Third, in the long run, most people are are wrong most of the time. I pay close attention to Mr Celente and Peter Schiff.

  16. Diane

    I love Gerald….like me, he has no respect for the governments of the world.
    They do not deserve our respect.

    • Free Slave

      They lost all respect when they sold us, our kids, and our grandkids down the river.

  17. donatella

    Greg I disagree with Celente. They aren’t junkies and addicts, they are THIEVES, outlaws robbing us all blind with their endless degradation of our dollars, while printing trillions and trillions that ONLY benefits THEM and their buddies. This has provided all of the dollars they’ve needed to purchase all of the hard assets (gold, real estate, art, etc.) they can get their grimy little hands on so that when a reset occurs and the economy (officially) tanks, non of THEM are left holding the bag. THIEVES!

    I love Gerald and the work you do Greg. Thank you!

    • Greg Hunter

      I can’t argue with you Donatella. Crooks, thieves, robber barons, globalists, luciferians all equal evil.

  18. The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    For the military buffs out there:
    A nice channel on YouTube is “Covert Cabal”.

  19. David Lamb

    Nice job – always enjoy hearing Gerald Celente’s views. Thanks!

  20. Rock

    If you believe the Bible, God has told and revealed to us what is going to happen. Even though some things have not happened yet, He is batting 1000% on the ones told by His prophets. The next thing is that God will intervene and snatch the Church (existing born again believers) out of this world to be with our Lord and Savior Jesus. There will be a glorious marriage supper of the Lamb. Here on earth, the 7 years of Tribulation will begin. Terrible wrath coming form the Beast system, and men left to their own depravity. At the midpoint, the Anti Christ will reveal himself and claim to be God, as he sits on the throne of the Third Temple in Jerusalem. The Great Tribulation and utmost wrath of God will then start. Awful times. At the end of this 7 years, Jesus will return to earth and destroy the armies gathered to war against Him. The 1,000 year Millinial Reign of Jesus, sitting on the throne in Jerusalem will begin. Believers will help Him rule and reign during this blessed time. After that the new Heaven and New Earth and the New Jerusalem witl be revealed as the old is taken away.
    Although we do not know the day or the hour of the Rapture of the Church, we can know the season. We are in the thick of it now. The Rapture could happen at any moment. Jesus has flat told us that there is no other way to the Father, but through Him. Repent and call upon His name for forgiveness of your sins and for eternal life….time is short!

  21. Major Payne

    I agree with Gerald that it is vitally important to keep yourself strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. And yes, ditch the cell phone. I hate those things.
    As well, I recently bought a 1988 Toyota pickup with only 60,000 miles on it. Everything is manual with none of the diminishing returns of digital technology. If I lose the key I can get a new one made for $3 instead of several hundred.

    • The Zionist 2A American Patriot

      Nice! I’m never around for those kinds of deals!
      Can’t ditch the cell phone though. That’s one piece of technology that has actually made my life easier. Although I expect that one day, probably soon, Apple will want me to update to a new OS that crosses some sort of line. Don’t know what I’ll do then. Probably get a prehistoric flip phone.
      I’m lucky to have the most vulnerable members of my family close by, where I can help them. Maybe we’ll be able to do without iphones.

    • Anthony Australia

      Agreed, on another note;
      Safer cars nowadays, airbags, warning and all that, yet lousy and distracted drivers.
      The road toll this year is up considerably on average.

    • Diane

      Major…you’re a smart guy!!!!!

    • uncommon sense

      It’s all very well for people to advise ditching the cell phone but for most jobs it’s actually a job requirement to have one (at least unofficially).

  22. The Zionist 2A American Patriot

    Wow, 10-yr Treasurys yield way down and gold/silver up sharply at 9 pm Wednesday! This is an important time to buy food, ammo and barter goods. With the poor growing season underway, buy corn, beans, rice, flour and canned meat!

  23. Anthony Australia

    Gold just hit $2,003 AUD.
    Alas not money to invest/ purchase, nice to watch anyway.

    • Major Payne

      Start stacking silver. It will spike a lot higher than gold.

      • Frederick

        I agree I think The ratio of 90 to 1 is certainly outta whack

  24. ken

    LMAO when Gerald popped the Pigs can’t fly, have you been at an airport lately!

    As an aside…. The military in 1941 kept the knowledge that they were decrypting Japanese intercepts from FDR…..

    I don’t comment much but Gerald lays it out like it is…. no PC. He is a true gem.

  25. The Canuck

    I’m surprised there is no mention of what is happening in Hong Kong as approx. 1 million people have taken to the streets to protest mainland China’s legal attempt to rob them of their freedom and liberty. There could potentially be a mass exodus from Hong Kong and this would greatly affect the west coast of North America. I witnessed this in Vancouver back in 1993 just prior to the Commonwealth passing Hong Kong back to China. It allowed Vancouver to bypass an economic recession at the time.

  26. Orlando

    Another Great Interview with Mr. Celente! Thank you Gentlemen for your work.

  27. Anthony Australia

    In Australia you can purchase Gold with your Superannuation money, no need for a ‘SMSF self managed super fund’.
    He is all in with a Funds Manager, 100% on the stock market, I said to at least use 10% of his holdings and buy some now.
    Whilst we were in the car he called his Funds Manager who tried to explain that Gold is one of the worst investment and is only good during a crisis. I kept quiet whilst listening intensely.
    He went on to say that during The GFC 08, Gold only went up gradually and was current well off the highs of $1,800 and was only about $1,200.
    My mate then said the the Funds Manager that it was over $2,000 today, the reply was “oh really?”
    My mate then understood, after my presentation, that all of his earnings and Superannuation are just figures and squiggles on a page.
    He hoped it would be there in 30 years more for collection, if current Government proposals are accepted, the Age Pension age will be 70 by 2035.

  28. Mike R

    Gold just left 6 year basing pattern. potential to skyrocket from here. Bullion bank(s) got caught on WRONG side with massive shorts. Now have to BUY BUY BUY. Possible to see above $1700 by year end. But this is a multi-year run now.

    How its traded the last 6 years is now in the rearview mirror.

    Upward and Onward ! UNO !

    Now that Trump has the FED on pins and needles, they have to be complicit with rate cuts at the first sign of any bad economic news. Trump has set a NEW FED PUT, along with a BOTTOM IN GOLD. If a China deal starts ‘heading south’ Trump has made sure the FED has his back. If stocks go south, again FED HAS HIS BACK. If the economy Goes south, AGAIN, the FED has his back.

    This genius by Trump is also forcing China to DO A DEAL NOW. He just took away any and all economic pressure, and even eliminated the chance of China trying to wait him out, by again, pressuring the Fed in a very genius way in of itself. China now has no ‘out’ while their economy gets worse and worse. US economy has the benefit of the FED lowering rates now, at least until 2020. It cannot go south that badly, and could easily skyrocket IF CHINA does a deal, which puts a massive tailwind for Donald to get re-elected.

    The man is QUITE SIMPLY the best master persuader on the planet. Meanwhile gold will balance out the massive debts, and weakness in the dollar, which by the way would really help US exports. So again, Trump can’t lose, even with gold going up strongly. If it goes up strongly enough, and Trump gets elected again in 2020, there is a chance he could return the US to some gold standard. Imagine that ! It would be icing on the cake, and he’d totally Trump all world currencies and beat them all to the punch ! They could no longer devalue their currencies against the dollar. It would be MAGAnificent. China can only dream of a yuan backed by gold currency. the US can actually do it, if done at the right time, and the right economic conditions. Maybe Trump forces the Fed to go negative on rates sometime in 2022. To avoid a depression. Then wala, he can wipe out runaway inflation, caused by NIRP, by re-instituting gold standard that Nixon took away. Anyone with gold, and to a lessor extent, would relish the crossover. Do you gots gold ? if not, now you will be chasing price. you will be too scared to buy the dip. And you will miss the $100/ounce up days.

  29. Jerry

    I haven’t heard this from my sources, but apparently there is a rumor going around, that ICE is going to use mass arrest of illegal aliens (beginning sometime this weekend) as a cover for the inforcement of over 100,000 indictments that will be served to members of the deep state by the justice department.

    Like I said I can’t confirm this information as fact, but whenever president trump (true to form ) throws out a pump fake to the MSM on Twitter, you know it’s a setup for something? It’s alwsys amazing how eager the MSM is to snatch up whatever bones he throws them. And then you have president trump telling Shawn Hannity to be patient on Fox last night. Go figure?

    • Jerry

      At J-BAR Trump, the roundup is about to start.

      • Jerry

        Sorry about the link.
        The government blocked it. The trials have started at GITMO. What I tried to post were military transcripts.

    • Mike R

      That would be so AWEsome if ICE did those mass arrests, and indictments served to the real criminals of the deep state.

      Hope you’re not just teasin’ us Jerry.

  30. rj

    stan how are those gold shorts doing i think youre crapping in yours this thursday a.m.

    • K. Wayne

      Someone needs to slap his backside….because he’s running naked all the way to the poor house.

  31. Kim

    Outstanding interview! Wow! GC really knows how to call it on the PM!
    Here is an update article by Clive Maund that compliments what GC says. This article is one of the best I have read in awhile. Thank you Greg for your excellent work, we need your honest reporting!

  32. Diane

    Gold and silver looking strong this Thursday morning.

  33. Gina M Mancarella

    Finally today, Trump seems to understand that we need to kick Iran’s ass. He is now promising swift action. We should have responded sooner, but at least he is going to send a message to the Iranians that aggression against our nation will not be tolerated.

    I hope we carpet bomb these bastards into oblivion !

    • Greg Hunter

      Did you give someone your password and login? I do not think (and sure hope) USA will not go to war over drone attack but it will be added to the list.

      • K. Wayne

        Depends on how successful the warmongers Bolton and Pompeo are.
        Congress still needs to give the thumbs up (act of War ??).

    • Justn Observer

      Sorry Gina….don’t think POTUS Trump will take the bait… Don’t need a Bolton/Pompeo/ Pence war…to cover up the nuclear sell out by the elite and politicans to Iran… Which if anything at all is to destroy the ‘evidence’ of the material/technology/equipment the U.S. and other Obama/Hillary/Pay to Play world leaders pumped into Iran and other ””enemy”’ nation states… Even Fox News seems to be doing it best to obscure/omit the real story of decades of underhanded criminal deals… from Megatons to Megawatts until now… Trump is trying to end the ‘endless wars’ by the cabal that has overridden the sovereign leadership by THE SECRET TEAM’ of the elite/MSM/MIC since they took out JFK and likely are behind 911 as well.
      IF—Iran hopes to push forward with going nuclear with weapons and NOT peaceful nuclear power with the attainment of the excess uranium…then likely POTUS Trump will proceed with a ‘measured’ response….AND hopefully NOT do to much destruction as to destroy the evidence needed to show and put Hillary and crew in prison or more harsh for consequence for all those that ‘sold out the U.S. for profit and forwarding their NWO agenda… Only time and history will tell now ! Hard as they have tried…Trump and crew NEVER took the bait…and their attempt to involve Trump and then hang the ‘illegal’ = criminal activities on him FAILED. WHY? Because this all was going on long before Trump ever even decided to run! THAT is why they are freaking out now…and trying to set up ‘an insurance policy’ to take him out before he might -then did win and their FEARS were to be realized…a President they feared would / could uncover the decades of bribes and compromise of decades of criminal activity for the early days of taking the U.S. to war for profit, and the selling out of it’s resources/technology and their attempt to blunt its sovereignty and now its very borders ! The ‘dumbing down’ of the U.S. has worked to an extent = look at the ‘idiots’ they can leadership and what the ‘elite’ universities are turning out. and those so drunk of ‘kool-aid’ like Pelosi and the clowns now running for president… Total insanity reigns ! as they used to call ‘useless’ idiots that will sell out their own nation just for recognition and power…who…if they ever studied history should know are the first to be gathered up and done away with…once the ‘socialist’ with bayonets come into power. Which will not happen in the U.S. Listen = read and weep Gina…the truth is out…and MSM
      What Trump understands is…as Mr Jett pointed out…the U.S. needs to bring tech, biz, and jobs home…to balance trade…get rid of the lop-sided debt…return to his favorite metal- Gold ! and drop kick the FED back to those holding the bets/derivatives… Trump’s card which he saw at the Forbidden City …the 10,000 year written weather history of the world, his reason to opt out of the IPCC/Obama/Gore joke of carbon tax lead ‘global warming…will suck the very marrow out of the leftist agenda…and the fake banking system of fake value = un-backed currency. And if —the China tariff problem is resolved…it will only also blow up in the leftist fake news …and make it worse for the U.S. citizens IF China does start buying up grain and food in the U.S. that the people will desperately need in the coming years…and make the socialist run ‘sanctuary cities’ a worse nightmare than they already are ! And as for the people that ‘produce’ NOTHING…but pedal paper…they will be hard pressed to ‘bring home the bacon’ offering worthless paper for the necessities! Hopefully you – Gina live in the middle of a large metro area full of people who’s only existence is a cupboard of can goods and a stack of 401 promissory statements and stock options that will be paid in ‘fiat’ went to zero dollars…which might be tasty with a bit of hetchup or mustard?
      Your clamoring for strikes and death on the country of Iran…where there are multitudes of humans with the same desires and wishers for their children as we do are….only shows your inhumanness… It is obvious you have never or do not understand the lack of discrimination in carpet bambing…nor the lives of the families, the women and children that may be below those releases…
      YOU ….are a thoughtless…IDIOT…and THAT is being kind ! Please take your place and stand with the clowns in the ‘godlese’ Democrat Party..

    • Frederick

      Gina You sure are out of character today Been hanging out with Bolton again?

  34. Merry

    Greg: Thank you for a great interview with the brilliant Gerald Celente. Regarding the trade deals when he said, “Bring it back to what it used to be before they sold us out”. Gee, that’s the simple math that used to be taught when I was young. I am thankful that I can check out USAWatchdog to get some truth. I agree with you wholeheartedly when you said, “You don’t know who you’re dealing with”. It is getting crazier and crazier “out there” for sure!

  35. paul ...

    The red dot on the map doesn’t look like it is over “international waters”??? … more like what a bully would do (to test the resolve of someone they are pushing around) … … I know this is “international politics” … but … if someone breaks into my house … I have a right to defend myself!

    • Greg Hunter

      Just because Iran put a red dot on a map and said the aircraft was over their country does not make it so.

      • DJW

        Just because the US military said the drone was in international airspace doesn’t make it so. Ultimately this boils down to ‘who is the aggressor’? I’m not trying to pick a fight, I am a Trump supporter, but in Trump’s interview on Fox when he accused Iran of attacking the ship’s(despite evidence to the contrary) and called Iran terrorist sponsors. I could help thinking of the goals of the PNAC and the warnings of General Wesley Clark. I also could help thinking of the map that shows forty plus military bases surrounding Iran. Who is the aggressor? I know the world is a complex place and sometimes the good guys have to do bad things but at some point one has to acknowledge the hypocrisy. I would like it if you would interview someone who could articulate the complicated politics that are forcing Trump to collaborate with deep state scum and their agendas.

        • DJW

          Just wanted to acknowledge that Trump did a great thing by calling off retaliation: “not proportionate”…. restraint and wisdom, despite pressure from the neocons.
          It was not a dig but a serious request for an interview/discussion about the tight rope Trump is having to walk in Washington. Some concessions to evil groups and agendas that he has had to make need clarification.

        • Greg Hunter

          Just because Iran said the drone was in their airspace does not make it so.

          • DJW

            Lol, just because the US military said the drone was in international airspace does not make it so. Releasing the flight log would break this stalemate. Got clearance for that?

            • Greg Hunter

              No, Do you? Or are your you just going to take the word of every single America hating country on the planet over America? Are you an American?

              • DJW

                I love America and what she represents, the way of life, the good people; not the rats that have infested it’s governance. It is too simplistic to choose one side simply because it’s America. What’s more important, patriotism or the principles that give it meaning? We invaded Iraq and Libya on false premises, hundreds of thousands of innocents died. The Americans responsible for the lies and subsequent atrocities betrayed America and God. You and I both know these groups of people are still entrenched. Thank goodness for Trump’s courage and measured leadership.

  36. Anthony Australia

    On your show Martin Armstrong said that The Dow and Gold would rise together.

    • Frederick

      That’s no great call by Martin They normally do that

  37. DJW

    Always good to hear from Gerald Celente. Excellent insight and advice!

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