Deutsche Bank Crimes Can Cause Next Global Crisis – William Black

By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday Release)

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) has deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world. Professor of Economics and Law, William Black, knows why and contends, “Deutsche Bank (DB) poses as what is called a ‘National Champion’ bank and the largest bank by far in Germany, but it’s actually the largest criminal enterprise in Germany. This is quite a statement because VW is such a massive fraud. . . .It is insane that we allow Deutsche Bank to go from fraud to fraud to fraud. . . .They cheat on everything else you can possibly imagine and, typically, they are getting caught, which is also not a very good sign in terms of their competence even as thieves. Even in the United States, there has been reluctance to crack down on Deutsche Bank. . . . When the New York Commissioner tried to crack down, the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency, the premier banking regulator, actually sought to impede that. He disparaged the New York folks and said there really wasn’t that big of problems and such, and all of that proved to be lies.”

Deutsche Bank was raided by German regulators last week on more allegations of fraud and money laundering.

DB is the epitome of “Too Big To Fail.” So, it will never be allowed to fail, and regulators will not be allowed to regulate them properly. Professor Black says, “Why you should care is Deutsche Bank impedes effective regulation everywhere and because God only knows the next thing they are going to do. This is going to continue until something dramatic changes. Eventually, they can cause the next crisis. . . .There will be a bailout in these circumstances, but that could help trigger another economic crisis. When the largest bank in the third largest economy in the world is completely dysfunctional, then the German economy is more likely to go into recession as well. That is one of the potential sources of the next recession, and you can see lots of people warning that there are signs that a serious recession is pretty likely relatively soon. Relatively could be two years.”

Professor Black, who was a top regulator in the S&L crisis, says, “The whole system weakens itself because it gets caught in this big lie that says we have to pretend that Deutsche Bank is a bank instead of a criminal enterprise.”

In closing, Professor Black says, “I am going to give you the advice you get after the recession before the recession. Pay off your debt, all that you can. Do not keep borrowing except in certain circumstances like you are going to buy a home, and it is prudent purchase. Buy a car when you can buy it with cash whenever possible . . . and always try to be a net saver.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Dr. William Black, Professor of Economics and Law at University of Missouri Kansas City.

(Correction: Deutsche Bank has a market cap of $19.5 billion and not $1.5 billion as I mistakenly said at the beginning of the interview. Also, Germany’s GDP fell .2% recently and not 2% as I stated later in the interview.)

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After the Interview:

Professor Black wrote the popular book “The Best Way to Rob a Bank is to Own One: How Corporate Executives and Politicians Looted the S&L Industry.” To get a copy of this book about one of the most fascinating times in U.S. banking history, click here.


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  1. Jaun Valdez

    • Sandra Popovich

      Dear Jaun,
      Skipper Will Tinney of the flying Fortress, featured in the clip. Wonder if Junior knew he had a cousin in Oz? Aussie star Anne Tinny! Way after the war of course! Small world.

      • Vernon L.

        Their last name is Tenney, sounds Tinney, but Tenney. Thanks for the thought!

    • Jesse James

      SEPTEMBER 02 1944
      Navy aviator George H.W. Bush Rescue At Sea;

      Great tribute Juan, to all the men and boy’s who fought and risked their lives and some who gave their lives, to keep us free!
      One of the voices in your piece is Jane & Peter Fonda’s dad, Henry.
      Henry Fonda joined the Navy in 1942 at age 37, saying he didn’t “want to be in a fake war in a studio.” He began his service aboard the destroyer USS Satterlee, with muster rolls indicating he was assigned to the ship at her commissioning. Fonda’s service won him the Bronze Star and prepared him for future roles as Admiral Nimitz in the movie Midway and the iconic Mister Roberts, where he wore his own military cap for the Broadway production.
      Yes, special thanks to the men and woman who gave freely, so today we are still free, because unfortunately, freedom isn’t free.
      Lets always try and do do our part, so as to not have been in vain, in honor of those who have gone on before us, that did their part. For unfortunately, freedom isn’t free.

    • paul ...

      If George W.H.Bush had died at Midway would the world have been a kinder and gentler place today? …

      • Last Man

        Howed Melanja get in there?

        • paul ...

          I had the same thought Last Man!! … birds of a feather???

      • Diane

        Yes it would have been.
        He should have never got us into war in the middle east!

  2. Orlando

    Very Informative. Learned a lot about Deutsche Bank, and seeing a new face with another viewpoint, allows us to weigh things out in terms of what is happening in the world..
    Thanks Greg!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU Orlando for supporting USAW!!


    • Diane

      Very informative.
      Nice surprise on a Sunday morning!

  3. Jesse James

    How We Can Tell Armageddon Is Near
    YOU know what a sign is, don’t you?— You heard about the sign God gave, that he would never again destroy the world by a flood? Yup, a rainbow and yes, for all! Not just gay, but sad, happy, everybody, whomever! Also, the apostles asked for a sign so that they could know when Jesus returns in power and when the end of the world, or system of things, was near.—Matthew 24:3.

    Since Jesus would be invisible in heaven, a sign that people could see was needed to show that he was ruling and soon and in one generation._Matthew 24;34 and in earnest, unseen over the earth. So Jesus told about things his disciples should watch for here on earth. When these things happened, it would mean that he had returned and had begun ruling in heaven as King of the World.

    To teach his disciples the importance of keeping on the watch, Jesus told them: “Look at the fig tree and all the trees. 30 When they sprout leaves, you can see for yourselves and know that summer is near”.—Luke 21:29, 30.
    So you can tell when Armageddon is near, when you see the things happening that Jesus spoke about.

  4. OutLookingIn

    Where Has “Law & Order” gone?

    Lack of enforcement, not the lack of laws. We have enough laws.
    Lack of backbone and of good moral character, in political and the judiciary leadership.
    During Professor Black’s tenure as a regulator looking into the S&L fraud, his team brought forth thousands of indictments and effectively prosecuted hundreds of individuals. Sending many to lengthy prison sentences, with many being banned from finance for life. Some were CEO’s!
    So how many have been prosecuted for the 2008 meltdown of the mortgage crisis?
    As the old saying goes: “The fish rots from the head down”.

    • paul ...

      Professor Black locked up crooks during the S&L banking fraud … yet today “those in control insanely allow Deutsche Bank to go from fraud to fraud to fraud” … hey banksters … you do realize corporate defaults will lead to bank defaults (when corporations can’t pay their rising interest rate loans back)? … and do you idiots running governments realize that bank defaults will lead to sovereign defaults? … we already have two dead canaries in the coal mine (GE and GM) … and Deutsche bank is now croaking to death … the EU, US, China, Venezuela, etc., etc. are scrambling for air (they need to fix their economies) … and yet the Plunge “Protection” Team (PPT) keeps their foot on the neck of a world desperately seeking oxygen (as the canaries die off) … that’s some “Protection Team” … it is time to pump some inflation (oxygen) into the world economy (to prevent the entire world economy from choking to death) … for years the PPT has allowed the banksters to print paper and “call it money” … and allowed them to sell gold out of Nations vaults “calling it non-money” … the screwed up leaders of this world have now reached the point where it is plainly obvious to all … that it is time to fight “non-sense” fiat currency (I Owe You a Debt piece of paper) … with the “non-cents” the banksters don’t consider money (real gold and silver)!!

  5. roger

    tks for post

  6. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

    Thought I might start to comment more in the future…

    Today, I worry about the first of the year. What ever reason, I worry, not predict
    that something might happen in that time frame because of the way the dates, and
    days of the week fall. Starting Saturday Dec. 22 until Wednesday Jan. 2, the banks
    and wall street would only have to be shut down for 3 days out of 11 normal working days. (excluding Saturdays)

    It seems like that might be a good time to change things in the monetary system
    and the population would be completely distracted? Any thoughts?

    Kevin Larsen West of Longview WA. KA7LRC 147.26/R

    • FC

      WTF, we welcome your prediction as we have all predicted dates and have been wrong, the main thing is that we are prepared for when the day comes.

    • paul ...

      WTF … I think you are on to something … I wait in ready anticipation for the all the unprepared snowflakes to say … WTF is going on??

      • paul ...

        The stage is set for a historic collapse … everything from housing, farm land, corporate debt, consumer debt, student loan debt and government debt is in a gigantic bubble … stock prices are still wildly overpriced … and derivatives are like thermite in the WTC towers waiting to take everything down in an “out of control demolition” when the banksters eventually say “pull it” … sadly most Americans are poorly prepared to deal with such an economic collapse … which will be worse then anything we’ve ever seen … even on that fateful 11th day in September … when Traitors “within” attacked America!!

      • Gary C

        A wise man demonstrates with the government and then retires, old Buddhist proverb.
        As my friends RRSP=401K, are getting creemed , they do not want to hear about any of the topics on this site.”It always comes back”
        In the meantime our currency is 1.36 to the US Dollar, yea it’s your dollar but the worlds problem., the dollar will. bankrupt the rest of the G20, and then the reset happens, that’s when the SHTF.

        Moving into more tangible assets, rather have a new Bobcat, than cash in the banking system before it gets devalued or locked down.

        Oil is a big tell, and confirms to me that the meltdown is for real this time.

    • MCasey

      Something to think about…..and watch

  7. Anthony Australia

    All banks are criminals, period.
    Our current Royal Comission into these swines here has proved all sorts of dodgy practices.
    When they are questioned and confronted these lowlifes either remain silent or provide a ridiculous response. On the odd occasion they do admit liability, only when the evidence is red hot, their crocodile tears are gut wrenching.

    The Royal Commission into Misconduct in the Banking, Superannuation and Financial Services Industry, also known as the Banking Royal Commission and the Hayne Royal Commission, is a royal commission established on 14 December 2017 by the Australian government pursuant to the Royal Commissions Act 1902 to inquire into and report on misconduct in the banking, superannuation and financial services industry. The Commissioner, Kenneth Hayne, submitted an interim report to the Governor-General on 28 September 2018, which was tabled by the Government on the same day, and open for public submissions until 26 October 2018.

    • paul ...

      AA … Demon swines in France have imposed a 45% tax rate on the people … creating an Obama-Nation worse then what Obama created for us here … perhaps … we should put a yellow vest on the Statue of Liberty … and send it back to France to commemorate all the true fighters for liberty and justice that reside there!! …

      • paul ...

        Americans should “put some yellow in their vest” (gold) … to protest against all those in charge at the Fed and the Plunge Protection Team “who have stolen away from us” the only real money in the world!!

  8. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    A very interesting and informed guest. Thanks Greg

  9. Derek Sinclair

    Against the background of what’s going on in the world: endless printing of fiat (worldwide), massive debt (much higher than in 2008), a banking system that has not been fixed (the stress tests in the US were a joke), housing bubbles all over the world, etc. etc., I think this guy is just wrong. The next downturn is going to be very soon and it’s going to be much worse than previously. And on top of everything else, there is a lack of trust in the political class that, bad as it was before, is worse now. That means the confidence that is required to come back is going to be very difficult to nurture. We also know that the “elites” are covertly purchasing gold and silver by the bucketload while the manipulators keep the prices low to give the impression that fiat still has value. Whatever, I’m battening down the hatches and getting ready for worse case scenario.

  10. al

    I have been hearing about D.B.’s atrocities for years! Apparently nothing matters because they keep going and going and going. Being a fraudulent criminal banker pays off very well.
    They may be the greatest threat, but apparently an empty threat. Threats apparently mean nothing in this fraudulent system.
    As he says, “the storm will always be coming”. Sorry for being so incredulous but it’s been decades and this system is not serious about truth and honesty in the banking system.
    Basically it won’t blow up until everyone stops borrowing and the only time that will happen is if there’s an alternate viable method of transaction other than the fiat trash we piss out of our wallets today.
    Will it be gold backed money? Will it be cryptocurrencies? Until then, this is all the same hot air blown for decades. … sorry
    It’s all talk talk talk talk talk, and no action

  11. Fed Up

    Isn’t the President the Chief law enforcer ? If he has evidence of treason, etc.., isn’t his duty to report this immediately under the Constitution?
    “I have papers, if you don’t work with me…..I’ll declass”

    Declass and report immediately ! (I like your statagy of waiting for the change in the House!)

    btw… isn’t it amazing how great HW is remembered ?

  12. Jerry

    Do you remember this report?

    All you need to know, including professor Blacks research can be found here. Normally I don’t pay any attention to PBS, but this report is the most comprehensive documentation on banking theft I have ever seen.

    After you watch the entire show, you will understand just how deep In the poo we really are, and why they have no choice but to kick the can down the road and print money. Personally I’m sick of it. Either debt matters or it doesn’t. If it doesn’t then I should get a free pass just like the criminal bankers on my business dealings as well. But guess what? None of this criminals have seen an orange jump suit yet. We either have rule of law or we don’t. I think professorBlack has pinpointed the problem in his research for quite some time.

    • Jerry

      More on the warning.

      Deutsche Bank is holding close to 65 trillion dollars in derivatives.
      How long can the central banks keep pumping financial fluids into an already dead corpse? We’re beginning to smell the stench right now.

    • Jerry

      While the American public slept, this is what was going on inside the u.s. banking system.

      Americans who are Q followers need to understand that the roots of the deep state run deep, and that once the cover has been jerked off revealing the true extent of the damage, there is no going back. Be careful what you wish for.

      • SOD

        Do you honestly believe that “we” actually have a painless way forward? Even drunken sailors realize there is a price to pay for a general lack of sound judgement and unrestrained spending–apparently our citizenry would rather see their children and grandchildren living in squalor than to introduce our ruling class to a well deserved tar and feathering! SOD

  13. jim

    I believe this guy is total wrong about your debt. If you have UNSECURED debt and you don`t pay it what can they do to get it. The answer is nothing . If you have any extra money to pay down debt, use it to buy silver, then once your silver goes to the moon you can pay it then, And I believe even with cars and houses , when the shtf tell me how they can repo 3/4 of the united states cars and houses. who will they be able to sell it to. So I believe paying down any debt is a mistake, buy silver instead. Of coarse all of this is only if you believe everything is going to collapse like I do.

    • Frank D2

      Maybe, maybe not. It seems to me that counting on your creditor to not aggressively come after you if you don’t pay your debt is very risky. We (my wife and I) chose to pay off ALL of our debt first and THEN to acquire gold and silver coins. It is such a good feeling. No mortgage debt, no personal loan debt, no car loan debt, no credit card debt…NO DEBT…and then purchased a tidy amount of g&s coins. We no longer care about interest rates or mortgage interest deduct-ability, or credit card interest rates, etc. If you can swing it, I wholeheartedly recommend this safer course of action.

      • jim

        Well I believe firmly that there will be a collapse, and when it happens you won`t be so happy when your house is worth half that you payed for it. And the silver / gold you could have bought instead is worth 10 plus times what it is now.

      • jim

        And I also hope , when the time comes for the banks to repo houses and cars, the people will realize the money that was loaned to them was printed out of thin air. That makes the property no more their`s than our`s.

    • paul ...

      Jim … Brooksley Born also believes everything is going to collapse the way you and many others believe … Americans who spend on their credit cards up to their credit limits (and keep their credit cards topped out) for instance would rather borrow then pay their debt down … the way “they save” is to purchase silver on their credit cards … they figure after silver explodes upward they can then pay off the cards!

  14. Linda Walling

    For your consideration. Catherine Austin Fitts protecting the SES?

    • jim

      I agree

  15. Tad

    Because we live in a manipulated, unreal economy and society, an accurate recession definition would naturally escape the Fed or Larry Kudlow. To have one estimated to occur by 2020 is not more accurate than me thinking we were already in one every year for the past ten years: we were already close to that horrendous stock market moment.

    The only reason to purchase a home on credit is if you’re flush with cash and attempting leverage by anticipating hyperinflationary conditions and exponential subsequent real estate values.

    He wasn’t specific about hyperinflation, but perhaps this is what he meant.

  16. DavidC

    What atreat Greg! Bill Black is one of my economic heroes and he hasn’t been on any of the media for a while, so It’s great that you had him on. A super interview, and that’s bearing mind the recent ones you’ve had with Catherine A-F and Bill Holter et al.


  17. Brad S

    Greg, as usual, you do a great job. I appreciate the variety of people you have on to help educate us. So Dr. Black is saying money printing isn’t a problem as long as it is a sovereign currency. He says the stable history of the yen is a predictor of the future and therefore, the U.S. could print $70 trillion to bail out DB and we would still have a valuable currency, low interest rates, and no problem selling our debt. I assume he thinks the rest of the world currently likes our debt and will continue to buy it.

    I don’t doubt the professor is an expert on white-collar crime. I don’t get the impression he sees a crime in printing money. It would be interesting to hear Rob Kirby’s take on DB. Whereas Black seems pretty low-key about the outcome, I assume Kirby is in a panic. I’m assuming Black and Kirby have different economic starting points. Trained in Keynesian economics and beginning his career in the S&L industry, Black seems to be seeing the world through a different pair of lenses than your Austrian guests.

    • William Stanley

      That’s the way I took it, too, especially about “Keynesian” orientation versus “Austrian” orientation, although that may not fully explain why some of us are more concerned than others about the possible economic and societal repercussions of the apparent lack of sustainability (especially in terms of inflation-adjusted purchasing power) that present debt levels imply. The interview was definitely thought provoking on multiple levels.

  18. Jallen

    Greg, Mohammad and Watchdogs,
    (Greg, your website is topnotch and getting better all the time.
    Jerry is really going to enjoy your interview with Professor William Black).

    I am very curious about some of Mohammads comments in answer to my posts about the Federal Reserve.
    The Rothchilds being descendant to Nimrod.
    Why I would want The Federal Reserve to stick around.
    Will paperless (digital) money lead to THE MARK OF THE BEAST.
    Why the powers that be created Israel after World War II.

    Mohammad please expound on the topics above (Mohammad you really know how to bait the hook).


  19. Garth Coogan
    Hollywood’s Best Ever – two minutes

  20. iwitness02

    1 Thou shalt have no other Gods Before me
    2 Thou shalt not make unto thee any graven image
    3 Thou shalt not take the name of the Lord thy God in vain
    4 Remember the Sabbath day to keep it Holy
    5 Honor thy Father and thy Mother
    6 Thou shalt not kill
    7 Thou shalt not commit adultery
    8 Thou shalt not steal
    9 Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor
    10 Thou shalt not covet
    If universally followed, this would fix everything.

    • sk

      To iwitness02:Wisdom.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      “But covet earnestly the best gifts: and yet shew I unto you a more excellent way.”

  21. H. Craig Bradley


    Big Bankers are often joined at the hip with their respective sovereign governments forming a conveniently profitable symbiosis. Both get some extra money out of the deal and someone else, usually the bondholders or taxpayers, get the bill (costs). I regard such official arrangements as more than a “marriage of convenience” but actually a form of socialism. As we should know, socialism turns-out to be a fertile playground for all sorts of official corruption.

    The problem here is, it’s become an intractable (systemic) problem at this point. The only way to end it is to collapse both the government and the bank simultaneously, which we know is bound to happen someday. Whether its sooner or later, we already know the outcome, yet seem paralyzed to fix it. Its easier to work with the existing system than to change it.

    Europe can not change anything as the European Union is a structurally flawed arrangement to begin with. So, they will be the first to come apart, causing capital to flee to the United States and make our stock markets go up a lot. In the end, we too will fail because a broken system cannot be indefinitely sustained. Our debts will be the trigger, along with the usual corruption throughout the system ( “The Swamp”).

    Basically, you have to first “crash and burn” (crisis) and hope the leadership at that time is up to the task of reforming the system to sustain liberty (Economist Martin A. Armstrong ). If that does not happen, we may descend into total chaos ( Mad Max World ) and emerge far worse off as a Dictatorship or Totalitarian system. Nobody really knows the future. Living in “Interesting Times”, for sure.

  22. paul ...

    Deutsche Bank is “too big to fail” … but its stock price keeps making lower and lower and lower lows … … perhaps when its stock price is “not to big anymore” … it will be small enough to fail!!

    • TSI

      Paul you may be onto something here. Perhaps the elite have been gradually deflating the DB share price for the past 10 years in order to prevent a panic.

  23. Liberty

    Thank you Greg,
    My husband and I love listening to your video. You are one of the best.
    Our future is so on the edge it’s so incredible that not enough people are aware.

    Thank you very much again.

    • Greg Hunter

      “Fear Not” Liberty and prepare.

  24. Jallen

    Greg and Watchdogs,
    Greg, Perhaps you can have Mr. Black on again and specifically interview him on
    the workings of THE FEDERAL RESERVE. Greg, you are providing a great service to your readers. This interview is a real opener.

    A most excellent choice having Mr. William Black on your show.
    Some real eye openers as to how things really are:
    i.E. Delaware (a banking state) banks leading the way in money laundering.
    Does anyone have any doubts? Regulators asked to look the other way when they find
    banking fraud? I am sure Jerry finds this interview in line with his reporting on Deutsche Bank.
    This interview confirms the whole banking system stinks to high heaven from the United States to Europe!
    I am thinking the Amish figured this game out a long time ago.
    Perhaps we should go back to the barter system and bypass the nefarious banking
    To sum up the interview; The fox is in charge of the Chicken coop!


  25. R. patrick

    It May be hard for people to just keep spending, when a large segment of our population has hit the wall regarding debt obligations, so a recession is not out of the question! Question is how bad?

    I’m not inclined to buy a new car, home or other big ticket items except for the 2 most unloved assets on planet earth.

    Well done Greg as always.

  26. wondrouscat

    Oh, how I was hoping he’d break into HO,HO,HO when he was laughing. Nice to know Santa has a day job and is a great economist – don’t think Deutsche Bank is getting it’s present this year.

    • Jeff

      I’m certain the DB board of directors have bribed old Saint Nic to give all them ranking Criminal Bankers at DB some big fat cash bonuses first while the regular employees and common stock owners get an extra lump of coal to stick in their stockings.

  27. Zen

    W Black missed the elephant in the room in not seeing the obvious accountancy control fraud root of fiat money and credit creation per se,
    His critique of the misappropriated trillions assumes the crime to be in the distribution and not rooted in its fraudulent creation.
    Self-gratification, a natural trait, is baked in the cake when the system escapes from the absolute discipline of money of intrinsic value such as gold and silver and substitutes this with the power of the gun.

  28. James Brown

    Greg, Downtown Jim Brown here. Thank you for your “Go – Zillionth” excellent outstanding interview. “Dutchy” Bank (as in, “Pass the Dutchy”) is not going to bring the system down but it is one of many FUBAR (Fouled Up Beyond All Recognition) entities that will fail. Nonetheless, it is very valuable for you to bring us Bill’s opinion/outlook. I think you are overdue in having Dr. Paul Craig Roberts on your show, just sayin’.

  29. Jerry

    I apologize for posting to much, but as D-day approaches I feel compelled to give your readers a warning. First let me say I’m really, really, hoping for a smooth landing when the reset comes. But in my gut I get the distinct feeling that the banking cabal is planning something sinister to take us down with them. It may very well be in the form of either a cyberattack or some type of EMP weapon. Recently a close friend of mine, who is a nuclear inspector was told not to report back for work in 2019 until further notice. I found this news particularly disturbing as his schedule has always been two months on, one month off for the past ten years. It maybe nothing, but I found the timing of this news particularly troubling considering the timeframe of the alleged coming arrest.
    We’ll see ?

  30. TraderRick

    Nice to see a straightforward correction; everyone makes errors especially with numbers during conversations. To few media people will issue a correction without several caveats as to why it’s not their fault.
    Thanks Greg!

  31. Charles Boust

    It sounds as if this guy is saying that it is sleazy and criminal for people to endeavor to keep what is rightfully their own property by whatever means necessary from the biggest criminal syndicate in existence that is government.
    Is taxation not theft? What then is it when threat of violence and coercion is used to take someone’s property without consent?

  32. Tad

    Off topic, I’m suggesting anyone who reads Breitbart News to enter the name George Soros as a comment to no story in particular. Observe that your comment is put on hold and likely to be deleted.

    I would say Breitbart is partial if not wholly owned by Soros or he’s feeling intense scrutiny.

  33. mushroom

    W. Black, M. Hudson (U. Kan). & P.C.Roberts are the master economics team…

  34. Open Eyes

    I looked over William Cooper’s book, Behold A Pale Horse. Amongst his claims are that the world’s elite have prepared for a potential world cataclysm by building for themselves: underground bases, interplanetary craft and Moon and Mars bases. This could explain where the missing $21 trillion went to.

    Another interesting thing he mentioned was that a certain public personage worked on a nuclear reactor the size of a basketball that produced hydrogen which powered an aircraft. This could have been an early working nuclear fusion reactor whose fuel is hydrogen.

    William Cooper was a naval intelligence officer according to the book.

    • Open Eyes

      Based on the information in Behold A Pale Horse, if true, then the world elite are about 70-80 years ahead of public science and technology. That would mean they have a global underground base system and well-developed interplanetary spacecraft as well as Moon and Mars bases. Plus maybe underwater bases and other off-planet bases or space stations.

      • JungianINTP

        Open Eyes: Please read my post near bottom of CAF’s last interview. // Here is what has prompted devil-may-care spending – both open and secret- As If There’ll Be No Tomorrow (( recall my post about Pentagon/DoD officers secretly meeting with Hopi elders in the early 1990s, re Hopi prophecy revealing coming Earth changes )): Precession Of The Eqinoxes. // Every 25,000 years, or so, nature begins a MAJOR cleansing. // The Earth is near that celestial configuration. // Find a copy of “Not By Fire but By Ice,” by Robert Felix, and study his last page. // Do that, and all shall become clear to you. -Rick

  35. Garth Coogan

    ❛ We must be willing to let go of the life we planned so as to have the life that is waiting for us.
    —Joseph Campbell❜

    • JungianINTP

      Garth Coogan: Your brief remark is of profound importance!, regarding mental preparations for any coming changes. // Prayer/Meditation/Contemplation. // By the way, Joseph Campbell and I had had a mutual friend: Parapsychologist Richard Roberts. // Both would have agreed with this statement: We are spiritual beings having a physical experience. // Please find and study these two books: Robert Monroe’s “Journeys Out of the Body” and Sylvan Muldoon’s “Astral Projection.” -Rick

  36. paul ...

    As Christmas approaches we will be seeing many old Scrooge movies portraying how evil it is to be so fond of money (George W.H. Bush could have played the part of Scrooge) … what is hard to imagine that someone could actually exist today (after all these Scrooge movies have been shown over and over and over again on TV) that there would be people who could steal money away from poor people (like Haitians) who normally would vote Democratic (like Bush and Hillary did in Christmas Past) … so why is it? … in every Scrooge movie ever made by the Demon-rats in Hollywood … they never portrayed Bush as Scrooge and Hillary as the Ghost of Christmas Past?? … she would have fit the part perfectly as the unpopular money monger trying to warm Scrooge to be good, kind and generous … but perhaps it’s because she can’t fill any of the auditoriums she speaks at (and Bush has already past on) where people may gather to listen to her message of how wonderful it would be for them to be good, kind and generous … and support her with their cash and votes to be the next President of the United States in 2020!! …

  37. Diane

    Saw video last night of French Police standing down, taking off riot gear and REFUSING TO ATTACK THEIR OWN CITIZENS
    Martin Armstrong blog this morning suggests a new French Revolution has begun.

  38. Roger Dodger

    3 astronauts blast off from the Russki gas station to the International Station in Space
    3 hrs ago

  39. Open Eyes

    Another article on the possible Sodom.

  40. Open Eyes

    The Old Testament’s Ark of the Covenant is possibly in Ethiopia. I happen to be reading Exodus, right now, and the Ark’s construction and contents are described in detail there.

  41. foggygoggles


    You need to interview more people like William Black. He knows the territory. He’s not only knowledgeable, but truly grounded. Although you always end with a, “fear not”, I think you’re scared shitless. This is not helpful. You continue to underestimate the capacity of the criminal class to keep the show going. Until there is a replacement, it benefits no one to bring down the current system. You contribute to your fear by having guests like Bill Holter, who come from a mindset that is set in metal. This is also not helpful. Although metals will probably be part of the solution eventually, only God knows how long the interim. If we are intellectually honest, I thought this thing would end in ’08. Yet here we are, TEN years later. That tells me something. Peace.

    • John


      Well, rate increases appear to have stalled, yield curve appears to be inverting and the Dow was down big today – not too many basis points left for fighting a recession ten years after 2008. Yes, here we are: raise rates and implode the economy, the stock and bond markets vs lower rates and blow the debt balloon bigger and lose capital formation. Folks, we have now entered the horse latitudes – the economy is poised to stall – what will be jettisoned to get the ship sailing – debt jubilee?, 0% rates?, lifestyle?, social cohesion? or will we hook up an outboard motor to the ship in the form of a gold backed currency and put some solvency back into the financial system?

  42. Last Man

    Over 1,400 Earthquakes Have Rattled Alaska Over The Past 3 Days
    Since Friday’s tremor, the strongest to strike The Last Frontier since a 7.9 in the remote Rat Islands in 2014, the U.S. Geological Survey has recorded 166 aftershocks of magnitude 3.0 or higher around Anchorage as of 4:50 p.m. PST Sunday, USGS geophysicist Brad Aagaard told USA TODAY. Earthquakes of 3 or higher are strong enough to be felt. There have been hundreds of smaller disturbances: 1,406 aftershocks of at least magnitude 1.0.
    Michael Snyder — December 3, 2018 +
    The shaking in Alaska still hasn’t stopped, and that has many residents wondering if the worst is still yet to come.

  43. Last Man

    Scientists Find the Source of Strange Seismic Rumbling in Indian Ocean – Report – Sputnik International
    By W0rDAd31m on December 2, 2018

    When I first heard about this I knew something was up. Lo and behold, ALASKA DISRUPTS!

  44. June Bug

    Corsi Files Criminal Complaint Against Mueller – That Makes At Least Two!
    This is at least the second criminal complaint that exists against Robert Mueller
    Tim Brown — December 3, 2018
    Go Corsi Go ! ! !

  45. June Bug

    Herr Mueller,
    The following quote, excerpted from a private letter the 73-year-old statesman wrote to an aspiring public servant named Samuel Kercheval in 1816, is perhaps the most concise overview of the relationship between people and governments ever put to paper. It is as relevant today, in this age of the bail out, as it was 192 years ago:

    “If we run into such debts, as that we must be taxed in our meat and in our drink, in our necessaries and our comforts, in our labors and our amusements, for our callings and our creeds, as the people of England are, our people, like them, must come to labor sixteen hours in twenty-four, give the earnings of fifteen of these to the government for their debts and daily expenses, and the sixteenth being insufficient to afford us bread, we must live, as they now do, on oatmeal and potatoes, have no time to think, no means of calling the mismanagers to account; but be glad to obtain subsistence by hiring ourselves to rivet their chains on the necks of our fellow-sufferers.
    “And this is the tendency of all human governments. A departure from principle in one instance becomes a precedent for a second, that second for a third, and so on ’til the bulk of the society is reduced to be mere automatons of misery, to have no sensibilities left but for sinning and suffering…
    “And the forehorse of this frightful team is public debt. Taxation follows that, and in its train wretchedness and oppression.” ~Thomas Jefferson


  46. Face Crook

    Deathbed confessions
    photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr.,
    was the 41st U.S. president

  47. June Bug

    Deutsche Bank About To Cause The Next Global Crisis?

    by GoldCore
    Mon, 12/03/2018 – 07:51

    By Greg Hunter’s

    The International Monetary Fund (IMF) previously deemed Deutsche Bank as the most systemically dangerous bank in the world.

  48. Face Crook

    DHS: Feds Catch Convicted Murderer In Migrant Caravan – 600 Criminals Identified In Caravan
    Homeland Security said Friday that a convicted murderer was among the members of the migrant caravan, and was caught trying to sneak into the U.S. late last week.
    Pamela Geller — December 3, 2018
    Missed a bullet, there fer sure!

  49. Bill Bradshaw

    Greg. Prof Black
    As I listened to the Prof, I began to realize that the elite have no intention of allowing Deutche Bank to fail. We have already gone through a bailout of the US bank, then we will not allow our banks to fail.
    So Greg, I think I have been sold a bill of goods saying its all coming down, SO hurry and buy gold and silver. I think we have been sold a huge CON JOB by the gold and silver dealers, who have gotten rich off of us suckers
    What do you say???

    • Greg Hunter

      I say you are an idiot that cannot do simple math. This comment on a post where it is revealed the EU and probably the Fed and the ESF are spending trillions in printed money to prop a criminals and fraud and this is just one bank. Let’s also not forget the $21 trillion in printed money from HUD and DOD that Dr. Mark Skidmore has revealed through the OIG reports that have been scrubbed off the federal government servers. Yeah you have been ripped off spending paper printed dollars (or digits) buying a tangible asset that has 5,000 years of history as a store of wealth and money. Some people you cannot help. So please make this your last comment and go away.

      • Bill Bradshaw

        I am gone

        • Greg Hunter

          Good luck.

    • Mohammad

      Absolutely Bill,
      If gold / silver are so precious and going to the moon why are those dealers selling it?


  50. Scott

    A tour de force – OUTSTANDING work, Greg! Fanatastic interview!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Scott.

  51. mike m

    Hey Greg, Prof Black contradicts Bill Holter’s prediction of an imminent end to debt accumulation and fraud. Please arrange a debate and ask each side to present their information and explain their arguments. Like Prof Black, I expect politicians and banksters will continue to rob the public for some time yet because the public are victims of mind control media outlets which keep telling them to endorse politicians, trust government agencies and borrow from banks.

  52. Hoosier river rat

    Iwitness02 , Just a little correction if you please. Thou shall not kill is actually if you take it back from the Hebrew, Thou shall do no murder . There is a difference. murder is a sin punishable by death,where killing is justified as in self defense .

    • paul ...

      The only problem is that murderers will use the Hebrew definition (to kill people by pretending they are acting in self defense) … like “setting up” false flags (i.e. 9-11, Gulf of Tonkin, Pearl Harbor, etc., etc.) so they can legally “murder people” in Iraq, Vietnam, Japan, etc., etc. … if we simply abide by God the Father’s simple words: “Thou Shall Not Kill” … we can “never be fooled by murderers” using false flags to kill millions of Iraqi, Vietnamese, Japanese, Afghan, Syrian and Yemeni women and children … the problem with using a very powerful weapon “for self defense” is that it is too powerful (as a self defense weapon) … why can’t gun manufacturers make stun guns that can be distributed by the government to every homeowner … guns that can set on “stun” to disable and put down an attacker (i.e. using laser, electric or microwave technology … or something that only cripples an attacker for life (so they can never be aggressive again) and thus give moral people a choice where they don’t have to be turned into killers!! … I’m not so sure God will look kindly upon those trying to enter his Pearly Gates saying they were “only killers of women and children in self defense” because they had to do a regime change and therefore should not be sent to Hell as a murderer!!

  53. Jerry

    Here you have it folks. The central banks plan to go digital when the time is right.

    I guess all money is just a number in a computer after all ? All we need now is an event to put into play.

  54. Diane

    Interesting article..information didn’t know.
    Poster Mohammed? You probably knew this?
    Syria is mentioned.

  55. Face Crook

    Mueller Now The Object Of 4 Criminal Complaints
    Robert Mueller not only needs to be immediately fired, but prosecuted as a traitor to his country.
    Tim Brown — December 4, 2018

  56. Muslim News & Views

    Muslim Defense Contractors Anham Corporation, Big Democrat Donor: Indicted For Swindled Billions From Pentagon, Violated Iran Sanctions
    Robert Spencer, December 3, 2018

  57. foggygoggles

    Key take away for a plan of action–pay off your debts. Wow, who would have thunk it? Preaching to the choir here, me thinks. I wish you would have asked Professor Black about the dollar’s future reserve status.


    Los Angeles: Criminal Case Against Muslim Who Tried To Kill Jews Suspended
    “Mental illness” is the new Get Out of Jail Free card.
    Robert Spencer — December 4, 2018

    Florida Muslim Woman Throws Sharia Mud At Former Employer
    Gerald Lostutter, December 4, 2018

    Just A Tiny Minority Of Half A Million Jihadists?
    It’s the media radicals whose horrid idealism put half a million people into the ground in the service of the region’s Islamists.
    Daniel Greenfield — December 4, 2018

    JUST IN: JOY BEHAR Reportedly Threatens To Quit “The View” If “Entitled B*tch” Meghan McCain Doesn’t Stop Challenging Her [VIDEO]
    Dec 3, 2018

    EXCLUSIVE: Incident Reports And Photo Evidence Show Election Fraud in Broward County

    Published 2 days ago on Dec 2, 2018
    By Patrick Howley
    Broward County incident reports and photo evidence prove conclusively that Broward County election workers broke the law in numerous instances during the 2018 election. As Broward election supervisor Brenda Snipes fights to hold onto her pension, the conduct of poll workers is coming under scrutiny, including a poll worker at Lauderhill mall, where Snipes’ office is based.
    The incident reports describe poll workers telling voters how to vote, touching their ballots, handing out Democratic flyers to voters, allowing people to bring Democrat advertisements inside and to use their phones, and encouraging people to fill out blank spaces on ballots at the scanning machine.
    “Voters that according to the machine had already voted were allowed to vote by provisional ballot,” according to a sworn incident report submitted under penalty of perjury.
    Big League Politics has obtained the following photographs and incident reports from Nations in Action, an organization that has interviewed eyewitnesses to the crimes including a whistleblower who is willing and ready to testify.

    Black Muslim Memphis City Code Enforcement Supervisor Rants Against “White Peckerwood Crackers” & “Those Wicked Jews”
    Tim Brown, December 4, 2018

    Prosecutors: Killer-Cop Mohamed Noor ‘Shot To Kill” Unarmed Pajama-Clad Justine Damond
    Pamela Geller, December 2, 2018
    Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point-blank range. He is described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.” What was he still doing on the force?

    Minneapolis Somali-Muslim cop Mohamed Noor shot unarmed, pajama-clad Justine Damond to death at point-blank range. He is described by neighbors as “jumpy,” “ill-tempered,” “strict” and “disrespectful of women and blacks.” What was he still doing on the force? MORE;

  59. Tad

    Haven’t heard one news story in about two weeks regarding our Acting AG Matthew Whitaker. Maybe a good thing, but I’m more than a little curious since time is moving quickly ahead of the next Congress.

  60. Mike R

    Finally obvious to all: Bitcoin’s only ‘functional use’ (expression used very loosely), was that of being a mechanism to facilitate money laundering. Worked for a while, but even that has proven to be poor.

    Hard to stop laughing at the stupidity of all the people who keep buying this garbage – your purchases simply aided and abetted criminals. The higher the ponzi price went, the more money laundering that could be conducted. (but not ‘hidden’)

    • al

      as if criminals don’t use cash… right?
      Mike, I understand the technology, it’s sound and will replace fed based fiat.
      Please get off the “criminal” thing propagated by the banksters and the media, it’s more than laughable.

  61. WD

    Great interview Greg!!! One of my favorites…

    As I am on the side of good and Trump etc …and goodness I believe we just missed this one. I believe that deep state may have out flanked us on the Trump deal and investigation. If the trigger is to be pulled, it has to be now!! We are against the ropes and they will cut our throats anyway they can. And we will let them!!
    I have worked with some of these types in my brief time in the university system, ( like the Weather underground) There next step would be to come door to door and take us out!
    Let the collapse happen as that may be our last hope for freedom and a jump back to State authority!!!

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