North Korea Fires Another, China US Trade Friction, Dollar Negative News

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 301 9.15.17) 

North Korea (NK) has done it again and has fired another ballistic missile over the top of Japan. NK is extremely upset over the latest round of sanctions unanimously approved by the U.N. Security Council.  NK has reportedly threatened to “sink” Japan and “reduce the U.S. to ashes.”

Meanwhile, the U.S. wants China to enforce the latest round of sanctions put on North Korea. This week, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchen threatened to cut China off from the dollar trading system if they do not get tough on NK.  This could set off a financial war of massive consequences for the U.S. dollar as China holds an estimated $1 trillion of U.S. debt.

President Trump may be cutting a deal on immigration with top Democrat lawmakers. President Trump is reportedly working with Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer in return for their support for things in the Trump agenda.  This has infuriated some core Trump supporters.  Mark Taylor, author of the hit book “The Trump Prophecies,” says he is not worried about Trump or his tactics.  He told me that “this is how the game is played.  Trump is exposing who is for him and against him and his agenda.”  Taylor went on to say, “In the 2018 mid-term elections, the people in the way of God’s agenda will be removed.”

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more on the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up:

Dr. Chris Martenson, founder of, is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Dr. Martenson talks about the possible U.S./China financial war and what could suddenly happen to the buying power of the U.S. dollar.


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  1. Wm Walkace

    The market will rally tomorrow at the thought of rebuilding sn american city after a nuclear attack. So says the Fed and surrogates who will be busy in the an ensuring the market sets another high

  2. helot

    i am sorry, I cannot view your video, perhaps you explained it there, what does it mean when you say, ‘This week, Secretary of Treasury Steve Mnuchen threatened to cut China off from the dollar trading system if they do not get tough on NK’?

    Does that mean our overlords are threatening Americans, that we will not be allowed to buy goods imported from China?

    If so, does that mean out overlords are threatening to shut down WalMart, Target, and… Amazon? Or, is this some kind of blind man’s bluff? In light of what Jerry writes [and how everything operates now] what Mnuchen says, makes no sense.

    Could you imagine the government shutting down Wal Mart, Target and Amazon?

  3. Paul ...

    The people in the way of God’s agenda will be removed alright … like the vulture capitalists looking to continue their crypto Ponzi scheme … they are finding it more and more difficult to find suckers with the free cash available to push the price of their crypto coins higher and higher … and on a long enough time line the survival rate for their crypto Ponzi coins will go to zero!

    Here are some of the crypto Ponzi losers over the past 24hrs …
    Bitcoin -16%, $54b mkt cap
    Ethereum -16.5%, $21.7b mkt cap
    Ripple -13%, $6.7b mkt cap
    BitCoin Cash -20% $6.7b mkt cap
    Litecoin -25%, $2.5b mkt cap
    Sprouts -87%, $1.6m mkt cap
    MergeCoin -59%, $768k mkt cap
    MegaCoin -56%, $785k mkt cap
    Asch, -52%, $10.6m mkt cap
    Hshare -40%, $227m mkt cap
    DogeCoin -33%, $102m mkt cap
    SysCoin -33%, $80m mkt cap
    SiaCoin -31%, $114m mkt cap
    NAVCoin -30%, $42m mkt cap

    On average -30% to -60% moves over the past 7 days should be generating some very negative linguistics on Clif High’s web bogs!

    • Justn Observer

      Yup Paul….but your neglect to mention the ””rumors”’of China shutting down those exchanges is just that….RUMORS !…and why? Oh, maybe someone put them out to get a sell off …so someone else can buy them much cheaper… since they are NOT printed out of thin air…and less likely to be manipulated…like the dollar Jamie Dimon and as ‘his daughter’ is known to be a major holder of bit coin… Please post and show the actual CHINA ANNOUNCEMENT OF THEIR SHUTTING DOWN THE CRYPTO MARKET?
      Hey – lets just keep it ‘REAL’ and stop putting out ‘rumors’ until you can ‘PROVE’ they are not .
      What is NOT a rumor is the banks manipulating GOLD AND SILVER…and the dollar is collapsing ….likely by 40% twice as was the Canadian looney a few years back…!
      GO SEE THE CHARTS…. the decline of dollar WILL CREATE inflation due to the theft of it’s purchasing power…
      As use a regression tool and you will see the stock market is scraping the top and trumpeting a massive selloff to correct to the ‘un-fair’ de-valued dollar as it finds its bottom somewhere around where it was post 2008- 2012 …what was it then? Somewhere south of .78 ? plug in $USD and predefined 5 year time frame…
      that would be a dollar decline from what…1.03 back to ?
      Why have you not added to your list ….the REAL dollar decline… plummeting sales… vanishing gov’t tax revenue collections…
      My bet is ….that it was a rumor….and just like the created flash crashes in PM using their tried and true method…someone will be buying up those bit-coins !
      Although I do not myself own any…buying the dip for those that are of an age to benefit from them…would be advisable… they like GATES, BRANSON, MAAFEE and other have said…including Dimon….the block chain as a payment and ‘contract’ and commodity ownership identification vehicle system is where it is heading…
      Oh and as for the ‘hysteria’ that creates such downtrends….consider yourself part of the reason… Are you a shill for the Central Bankers?
      As explaine by McAfee… their is a process to ‘mining’ bit-coin – time, resource investment, energy…they do have ‘value’ …which is a far cry from digital entry ledgers and ink on toilet paper out of thin air…and unlike dollars that are not backed…the ‘owners’ of bit-coin did BUY them more akin to putting their wealth/asset/labor/earnings into purchasing them…not unlike a deposit into a debit account… which would mean …following your logic..that bit-coins have no value…really makes NO SENSE. Since using a ‘debit card’ is spending one’s ‘saved and deposited money…as opposed to using a ‘credit’ card…which is spending money you do not presently have…but only a ‘promise’ you think you will have in the future…to clear the debit- with interest of course! Am sure Jaime Dimon loves your help slaying their biggest dragon should they actually take hold.
      The bit-coin process is not so unlike the Mendelbrot Set process…seeking finite points in an infinite expansion…which are expotentionally limited by iteration.
      Perfectly limited maybe not…but extremely so by their ‘boundedness’ !
      You decide…This as a way to add bit-coins
      vs. Jamie and the boys running a printing press or a mouse click?

      • Paul ...

        Justn Ob … on Sept 4, 2017 “rumors” hit the bitcoin exchanges that China issued a Directive “banning ICO’s” (initial coin offerings) … this “shut down rumor” was later verified by a Government source to Reuters … of course with all the “fake news” put out by the MSM one does not have to believe a “shut down” will actually take place … however … according to the Reuters verified “rumor” on Wed Sept 20, 2017 “disbursements are to begin” (so you can wait until then to believe it, or not, or even buy more on an exchange in another country) … however the “final proof” of the reality of “the rumor” will occur on Sept 30, 2017 when the Shanghai, ViaBTC, YoBTC and Yunbi bitcoin exchanges say they will “stop all trading” in bitcoins … again … you don’t have to believe a word of it … and simply continue to buy more and more on some other exchanges as the crypto prices drop to “bargain levels” … that’s what makes a market!! …

    • Mike R

      Crypto’s are done. End of story.

    • Paul ...

      Remember bitcoins … being simply electrons in a computer … have no “independent existence” as money … and therefore must be exchanged for “fiat paper” to get actual cash in your hand … good luck trying to get cash anymore … the banksters want to do away with it!! …

      • Paul ...

        Keep in mind that the Fed wants to use blockchain crypto technology for itself and produce a FedCoin to replace the US dollar … so they can’t afford to allow vulture capitalists to give crypto a bad name … the way the Fed wants things to work out is to eliminate BitCoin, Ethereum, LiteCoin, etc. and for only FedCoin to “be legal US currency” … they want this “evil” money under their control so they can see exactly what each citizen spending and can “tax every transaction” … this “evil” money will allow the government to have “complete control over every citizen” … and will lead to each of us being “chipped” … then watch how not only your economic privacy disappears … but all your Constitutional Rights become null and void … Congress can pass a law that Americans are too fat and thus put limits on the amount of sugar you can buy with your FedCoin … they can set your FedCoin chip so that you can’t buy a gun with it … or set their FedCoin computers so no one can ever buy ammo with their FedCoins… just think of the “control possibilities” of this new “electronic money” … so get ready folks … you can “reject crypto currency” now … or swallow the sugar coated pill to quick and easy manufactured gains … swallow the blue pill and FedCoin will become Lucifer’s “most evil spawn” … and Christine Lagarde will then tell us that she was wrong … it was not 777 that was the important number … but 666!!!

        • Paul ...

          Remember … all “electronic” crypto currency from bitcoin and ethereum to litecoin, etc. are not “legal tender” … the only bit coins you should own are “legal tender ones” (like nickels) which is “not imaginary electronic money” … but real “untraceable and private” physical coin that you can legally spend as money in private … this is the “only bit coin” you should own (so you can buy a gun and ammo or anything else you want without the government “controlling your purchasing power rights”!!

          • Paul ...

            How many nickels you need to own depends on what you will need to buy in the future “without the government knowing about your purchase” once Fed Coin officially replaces the fiat paper dollar … notice how Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, etc “are limited in quantity” and how because of that their price exploded upward … there are not that many nickels out there … and the people who want privacy in their purchase transactions in the future will pay dearly for those nickels … once everyone has been “chipped” and Fed Coin has replaced the the US dollar!!

            • Neil

              Hold your USD and let me know how that works out for you. We need gold, silver and btc, the way I see it.

              • Greg Hunter

                All you mentioned are good, but the physical dollars will work well for a short period of time. 3 weeks? 3 months??? Look at what happened in Cyprus and Greece. You need some of them added to the bucket of stuff you will need but what do I know.

  4. Jodyp

    Thanks for not spending time on the two hags. zerohedge has damaged my eyesight with the pics in their stories on them. I can’t afford to lose more of my hearing too! Great wrap-up, Greg!

  5. Justn Observer

    Greg… MacAfee response to Jamie Dimon’s attack on bit-coin…
    So he would like Jamie- ‘the whale’ and cohort of Bernie Madoff ‘according to Bix Weir’ to explain which is a fraud…. A Bit-coin that takes $1000 to create and is ‘pre-paid for at purchase’ more like a debit card …or fiat dollars, that are printed out of thin air, are but paper and ink…and actually are not even most times printed but ‘ledger entries’ that the banks charge compound interest on something that never existed! ? So who’s the fraudsters? lol

    Also… little mention of Saudi Arabia meeting and significant sale of Aramco to Russia…that shows a remarkable shift away from U.S. in the Middle East as the U.S. petro – dollar wanes….. Ph’d Farrell…

    • gregd

      To say it “takes a $1000 to create a Bitcoin” is very misleading. Perhaps that’s what you mean to discover one now. But the vast majority of them, in the beginning, were gotten for pennies. In other words the vast majority of the 1% got them for pennies and will when the time is right sells them to the 99% for an ungodly amount and then let it crash. The 1% own 99% of them.

  6. Paul ...

    Actually Kim Jong is using “cold logic” in dealing with the warmongering cabal in Washington seeing as how Bush hung Saddam and Hillary had Gaddafi sodomized with a knife!! …

    • Paul ...

      Trump is no dummy either … look how managed to neutralize the warmongering neocons in Washington who want a war so badly … by threatening a massive nuclear strike against N.Korea that would have resulted in tens of millions of deaths in S. Korea and Japan the world said “no way” … so he has skillfully shifted the problem to the United Nations with “sanctions” that have to be enforced by China and Russia … God sure does work in mysterious ways … the Washington warmongers are incensed and are now gearing up to go after Iran to get their WWIII started … but I think Trump will neutralize the neocons the same way he did with their plans for a nuclear war with N.Korea … all Trump has to do is say he wants to kill the Iran deal whereby Iran gave up the bulk of its nuclear program and buried its plutonium enrichment reactor in tons of concrete making the possibility of Iran developing a nuclear weapon “in the next 25 years” extremely remote … the Hillary crowd of warmongering neocons “who want perpetual war” and gave N. Korea the hydrogen bomb and ICBM’s want to “nix the Iranian deal” so as to get Iran “back on track building a bomb” so they can get their WWIII started … but Trump under God’s guidance will remove and neutralize these evil people … God’s agenda is World Peace … stopping cold the constant slaughter of women and children “in the neocons needless wars of aggression” and by stopping cold “the human sacrifice of children” by sick and demented pedophiles who currently have 27 million children in bondage around the world (waiting their turn to be sacrificed on Satan’s alter) after being raped and sodomized by these devils!!

  7. Nick in UK

    some thoughts ..
    Maybe the North Korean`s are showing the world that the USA does NOT have the technology to bring these missiles down. I am sure those US bases in Japan have some serious equipment on them, why haven’t they used it ?? Or is it that the technology has been corrupted or is isolatable. .
    In all fairness where else can NK test their equipment , a quick look at a map shows that they are very very short of options without sending things over the top of Japan into open water. The test missiles are probably at very high level and pose very little threat to the Japanese. It would be interesting to know if any Japanese have actually seen anything. Do we have any Japanese watchdoggers who are verifiable ?

    Maybe NK sent the test missiles and maybe they did not.
    Maybe NK have the missiles and maybe they do not.
    Maybe WE need to question a lot more of what we are told. They call TV “programming” for a reason.

    Having fallen for the Blair and Bush outright lies to get a war against Hussien and Iraq seeking the non existent “weapons of mass destruction” I am far less inclined to take the bait again. Hussien had to go, probably more to do with oil or gold or lack of central bank in my opinion. Blair is a war criminal and should be tried and hung.

    Gaddafi wanted the Libyan Gold dinar and was targeted and now Libya has a central bank ….go figure. Libya is Africa largest oil producer and gold for oil would have destroyed the petro dollar. One wonders where the nations gold and silver went when they were liberated !

    North Korea does not have a central bank but does have precious metals mining and the West needs a war to cover the collapse. China and Russia are far too powerful so the worlds bullies need to find a softer target.

    We need to start thinking outside of the box for everything we are being fed. Its like a global chess match. Surely China and Russia do not want a rogue nuclear neighbour ? So maybe they are allowing this pawn to sacrifice itself whilst the king and queen carefully move the other pieces into checkmate positions. China has already said it will defend NK and sell US debt. That’s practically checkmate .
    To sum up ….Its just more chess moves or implied moves we cannot control or influence ….fear not (as per the words of our host) and keep preparing.

  8. Paul ...

    Cutting China off from the dollar trading system will probably be the straw that breaks the back of the gold and silver price manipulators … as they will have a very hard time buying all those Treasuries China unloads to buy more gold and silver!!

  9. Nate

    The only way the N. Korea hits anything
    with one of their missiles is if N .Korea is
    truly suicidal. Who do you think funds these
    missile launches? China provides financial
    and technical support. Now ask yourselves
    the question as to why China would do this.

    • Corleone

      Kim Il Sung’s era ———- North Korea 1 – USA 1

      Kim Jong Il’s era ——— North Korea 3 – USA 2

      Kim Jong Un’s era ——- North Korea 84 – USA 2

  10. David

    I worry that Kim Jong Un becomes overly confident after the latest nuclear test. If the only tool in your “global” toolbox is a hammer, everything becomes a nail. How does he analyze perceived threats? Does he miscalculate? Do those around him dare contradict his conclusions? The latter, depending on his mood, may lead to a re-education camp or, worse, execution by an anti-aircraft weapon.

    In isolation (i.e., without opposing views or counsel), people make poor decisions. Is he that person? All other governments with a nuclear capability have institutions and internal mechanisms that serve as counterweights to impulsive, knee-jerk reactions. I doubt North Korea has such levers and therein lies the risk.

  11. Jerry

    China is continuing to prepare to launch a new world reserve currency to replace the dollar with. Here is they’re latest move.
    Last week it was the launch of a gold backed petroleum benchmark. This week it’s dropping bitcoin (which has American undertones) like a pair of dirty underwear.

    Greg, the dollar train wreck is beginning to pick up speed as we approach the launch of a new global currency. You can see evidence of this as the deep state tries to tighten their grip on the world economy by threatening war with North Korea. The clock is ticking. I can’t say much, but my sources are telling me that a major deployment underway.

    • Jerry

      Unconfirmed Information from one of my sources:
      Oil purchases by the gold backed Chinese Yuan are scheduled to begin on Oct. 18 (replacing the USD as the world reserve currency).

    • Jerry

      For those that do not fully understand the implications of the gold backed Yuan petroleum benchmark that will be launched on October 18th, I highly recommend you read this report.

      This is no longer speculation. The petrodollar as the worlds reserve currency will end on October 18th. As this report states, the markets simply cannot have two separate benchmarks occupying the same space. How long will it take the system to collapse from there is anybody’s guess, but I would not rule out the “panic rule” as reality begins to set into the masses.

    • allen ols

      pls do not insult my underware. :

      • allen ols

        pls do not insult my underware. 🙂

  12. Shadow of Doubt

    Off Topic:
    Our family had a noted Mississippi River Boat gambler in our fold right around the mid 1800’s. He left us a manuscript of his experiences and general observations of the times. I was struck by his willingness to operate around – marked cards, biased roulette wheels or shaved dice but his total disdain for banks and the financial operators of the day. His descriptions of bank-runs, severe economic downturns, and frequent bank closures were a on-going and daunting obstacle of that by gone era. I suspect every generation has its share of trials and tribulations–hopefully we won’t have to see how this generation fairs with a return of these particular hardships. SOD

    • Paul ...

      Lets see how this generation fairs with “this truth bomb” from a CIA intel officer that effectively implies we Americans no longer live in a Constitutional Republic anymore! … he explains that the Shadow Government (NSA and CIA) controls the Deep State (the Military Industrial Complex, the Fed, Wall Street, IMF, World Bank, etc.) who in turn control Congress … and they have no qualms about committing horrific crimes against the American people … they are free of any oversite nor are they bound by any law!! …

      • Shadow of Doubt

        I’d give H.G. Wells’ time traveler better odds of awakening the Eloi to their unenviable plight–then the hope of any “truth teller” ever awakening this comatose generation! Thanks for your response and article. SOD

        • Paul ...

          SOD … the relationship between the warmongering neocon Morlocks and the peaceful Eloi is like that of a farmer and his livestock … currently 27 million Eloi children are now in cages around the world waiting to be sold to pedophile Morlocks for their sexual pleasure and final slaughter … only a time traveler can perhaps plant a dream within … that one day … hopefully … the Eloi will find the courage to free themselves … and once again live their lives to the fullest as God intended … the first step is for the Eloi to reject the deep dark evil Satanic forces ruling over every aspect of their existence … reject being chipped … and reject “block-chain money” that will not only take away all privacy but insidiously limit the things you can purchase to only “State approved” items!

  13. John:

    Hi Greg love what you do. You are a true patriot. As someone that has been keeping an eye on whats going since i lost my butt in 09 I would like to commend you on your work.
    I have two things I would like to share with your followers.
    1) Please watch this video. The audio recording is from 1967. Please pay attention too the parallels of what is happening today.

    50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy – YouTube

    2) This is a very important article, It explains why the tension are heating up. The days of the FRN as the worlds reserves currency are rapidly coming to a close.
    China sees new world order with oil benchmark backed by gold- Nikkei Asian Review

    3) If one can not see why everything is so screwed up in America after the two links I posted. Than let me point out that even Oil Rich Venezuela Stops Accepting Dollars – InvestmentWatch.

    Thank you Greg for all that you do.

  14. Ray

    $1 Trillion for hurricane Harvey. Another $1 Trillion for hurricane Irma.
    Pfffftttt…….monopoly money.
    Federal Reserve prints up money out of thin air. No other country can
    US Government pays back bonds buy selling more bonds. Other countries get called out….not the US. Nup.
    Exceptional National……exceptional I tells ya.
    Any nation that dares speak up gets squashed…..ahem….”ISIS” just happens to turn up in their neighbourhood, and Unky Sam does his slaughter thing….for Liberty.
    No worries about the money for the hurricanes I tells ya… worries at all.
    It will all be charged on the Unky Sam’s blood soaked credit card… risk.
    Never any risk with Unky Sam and the USA.
    That said, the innocent people effected by these storms are in my prayers and those of many others around this blood soaked planet.
    Anyway…..”on with the wars we go”.
    Jesus has picked sides I tells ya…..and it’s USA ALL THE WAY……
    “We is da Good Guys”!
    The very gates of Heaven will open up for all our tanks, frigates and fighter planes I tells ya, when we go marching in.
    We is da Good Guys……..dose others…..DEY IS BAD, and we have to kill ’em constantly.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Ray,
      While you are making fun of the USA buy commenting here, please keep in mind you could not be commenting on or If sites like that were set up inside the borders of those countries, they would all be in jail in about a day after they started to criticize their home governments. So in that light, we ARE “da Good Guys”!

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Thanks for another great weekly wrap up, Greg.

        “… they would all be in jail in about a day after they started to criticize their home governments.”

        Don’t kid yourself, Greg. No they would not. The US incarcerates more (innocent) men per capita than any other country in the history of the world except Nazi Germany during war-time and Stalinist Russia. Present-day Russia incarcerates approximately one-third as many men as the US today. And they are second on the list for number of men incarcerated. Countries like China and Cuba can’t even be compared to the US (despite our gov’ts propaganda otherwise). Most men incarcerated in the US are for all intents and purposes political prisoners. And the US gov’t has invested way more resources than China, Cuba, Russia, etc… conceiving, developing, engineering, implementing and perfecting mechanisms and tools for persecuting men far worse than simply prison. The population of China is too great for a significant proportion of men to be persecuted effectively by the gov’t. The population density of Russia is too small for a significant proportion of men to be persecuted by the gov’t. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen but it’s not nearly as common or as bad as the US. The US is the most aggressive, irrational and paranoid feminist totalitarian police in the history of the world. And before you write that I can write what I am here without fear of persecution, I can assure you that persecution of me for writing what I’ve written here is severe and consistent. And the only reason I don’t fear anymore is because I’ve nothing left to lose because the gov’t already took it all away. The only thing left is my life. The only reason I’m still around to write it is because I’m exceptional in many ways. Many lesser men have done what I’ve done and disappeared. And someday I will too. But not today. Don’t kid yourself… freedon of speech and other freedoms in the US are nothing but fantasies anymore. Gov’ts in the US simply have infinite resources compared to countries like China and Russia to destroy men. For all the propaganda in the US about political persecution of their citizenries in China and Russia (and Cuba and Argentina, etc…), the US is far worse.

        • Greg Hunter

          I have been up since 2009 and said some pretty awful things about the U.S. government and it’s deep state actors such as Hillary Clinton. I am sill on the net. So, what you are saying is not true in my experience. I am only talking about free speech and news reporting and analysis, which is what I do on I disagree that the U.S. is “far worse” and USAW and many other alternative news sites are proof.

      • BJ

        Those days are numbered tho Greg! Don’t be surprised when Unky Sam comes in and swooped your ass up in your sleep!

        • Greg Hunter

          Traitors, every one. I am not afraid.

          • Frederick

            Nor should you be Greg You have the power of right on your side sir

          • Dr Darryl Jewett

            When you went off the air a few weeks ago, I thought, “That’s it – they got Greg.” (Seriously)

            • Greg Hunter

              Dr. Jewett,
              Constantly fighting those weasels–constantly.

        • Petedivine

          Alternative websites not persecuted:
          1. How is your YouTube ad revenue?
          2. You have a lot to offer, anyone from the Wallstreet journal, or CNBC ever ask you to be an editor?
          3. Any corporate sponsors approach you? You have a wider audience then most of the mainstream news outlets. If not..why not?

          In my view, you’ve been on the outside and ostracized by the mainstream for long you don’t even realize it anymore.

      • Ray

        Fair point Greg….I take it in good spirit.
        I am just exasperated at the gall the US has in it’s belief that it can subjugate this planet, and everyone just has to accept it.
        800 Military bases on over 100 nations says a lot.
        Rome comes to mind…..and a similar fate awaits.
        But you sir….you are a “Good Guy”, and I support you, even though I do not agree with your every position.
        Take care.

    • Paul Anthony

      Hey Ray….

      Greg is to professional to say it but I am not.

      Do you need some Aoe for that burn?

      That was classic!

      • Ray

        Ha Ha, Paul.
        All is good sir.

  15. Tad

    Mnuchin’s actions shouldn’t be seen as a surprise. The US is going insular or rebuilding it’s domestic economy. One could also call it trade protectionism. All nations practice it to an extent.

    Oil becomes the tricky commodity.

  16. Solomon


    IMHO, Trump is doing the agenda of the international Shylock Banksters and is an agent for converting the $USD from the former global currency to a multi-polar currency as the SDR and perhaps later the BANCOR. It is NOT by accident that the petro-dollar is dying and gradually fewer nations are willing to trade in worthless $USDs . Rob Kirby and many others are absolutely correct. Inflation has been aggressively occurring in the US economy via reduced quantities in every commodity and consumer product. Massive inflation is soon to follow as the $USD becomes increasingly worthless because of massive $USD creation and expansion of the money supply (aka; rolling of the printing presses and electronic push buttons).

    If Trump’s plan is to determine who exactly are his enemies, then if he does not expose all of the pedophiles, communists, socialist, deep state creatures, and criminal banksters, then history will prove that he and his team were nothing more than
    disguised enablers and supporters of corruptions and evil.


    • Flattop

      Soloman: Last I heard, the DOJ has nabbed about 3000 pedophiles and flesh peddlers so far. Not a bad start, of which you near nothing about in the msm

  17. kevin

    Japan, S.Korea, China, Russia can deal with North Korea. US needs to stop provoking the situation. Oh yeah, we’re broke! Once of the biggest reasons we’re broke is because we don’t mind our own business. STOP FEEDING THE BANKERS!

    • Chip


  18. Tad

    As to North Korea, to paraphrase Mr. Putin, they would rather eat grass than give up their nukes.
    Under the conditions, what does North Korea have to lose by taunting or firing off more missiles? The direst of economic conditions (North Korea); with China, Russia and the DPRK being dealt a heavier hand of sanctions by Washington, Kim Jong-Un may actually initiate the next conflict with the Beltway.

    It’s suicidal, of course. It does guarantee you take out your enemies and ensures the shortest possible genocide–as opposed to economic warfare- of one’s own population.

    It would be North Korea’s version of Israel’s Solomon Option. That’s where Israel launches nuclear strikeson its enemies if under either widespread conventional weapons attack or a nuclear strike.

    • sk

      It’s “Samson”, Tad.

  19. John

    I’m reading the book “Nostradamus and the 3rd Age of Mars” yes, WWIII is here with China and Russia. See below from the site

    “Some of America’s political leaders sound like they want to start a war with the world.
    July 31, 2017
    Shall We Fight Them All?
    I am quite sure Vladimir Putin, Xi Jinping, and Kim Jong Un will oblige them.
    If you are one of those happy Americans and Europeans who think that it is all going to work out, you are probably wrong. Over 40 million Russians practiced for Nuclear War back in October of 2016. What did you do to spool up for the nuclear part of World War III?
    You see, World War III started on March 19th, 2011 with the NATO invasion of Libya.”

  20. Robert

    Has anyone noticed the bird on the top of the cuckoo clock? It’s a dodo, an extinct species. Thanks, Greg, for your excellent insight.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … remember that other dodo bird who delivered his “axis of evil” speech in January 2002 linking Iran and Iraq with North Korea! … at that time N. Korea’s nuclear program had largely “been mothballed” … after G. W. Bush delivered his speech … N. Korea withdrew from earlier agreements on limiting its nuclear development and began to seriously work on building a bomb (exactly what the neocons wanted) so that these evil neocons “long term plans for WWIII” could come to fruition!

    • Bill

      Robert, Whats a cuckoo clock got to do with the subject at hand?? Explain

      • Robert

        In the lore of my generation, a cuckoo clock is a metaphor for someone whose mentality is exiled from reality. Need more explanation…go ask your mother.

        • susan

          Robert, isn’t it funny what seems everyday the younger generation do not know? My husband and I are celebrating our 47th anniversary. I understand everything you say.

          • Robert

            Congratulations on your 47th. My wife and I celebrate 40 years, and I’m still not eligible for parole ;o). I was 1 and a 1/2 years old when the Hindenburg exploded. Will young people ask, “What’s a Hindenburg?”

  21. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. There’s so much in the news with the hurricanes and N.Korea tossing ballistic missiles into the Pacific. So with those issues still hanging, Mnuchin talks about kicking China out of SWIFT. I’m sure he’s heard about the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB).

    The US is sanctioning everybody but if you look at the members of the AIIB available at: it becomes apparent that that won’t work; membership of that organization covers too much of the world.

    As for SWIFT itself, The Chinese ICBC has already established a clearing house in Russia – The article is dated 2015 so they are probably further along than we know. The Chinese and Russians are moving (or have moved) their international trade to a system not controlled by the West.

    By weaponizing international systems controlled by the West, nations have been forced to find work-arounds which the US and Brussels do not and cannot control. I can’t see how that is a good thing.

  22. The Seer

    I have had no insurance premium increases at All claims have been paid smoothly. $181 per month for the biggest policy.

    Maybe China wants the $ sanctions as the excuse to drop the $ – that America asked for it instead of China surprising us. Afterall, they are trading oil for yuan and gold already.
    Other countries have dropped the $ – more to come.

    • Frederick

      Seems very reasonable I’ve read comments from people who pay over a thousand a month for a family plan

  23. sweetpotato

    I was taught about a God who loves everyone including adulterers, pathological liars, dictators, businessmen who stiff contractors, men who sexually assault women, people who call other people nasty names, and even sadistic narcissists.

    But that God does NOT put them in public office and have an agenda for them.

    God’s agenda? C’mon, Greg, why publish such drivel as this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Really “Sweet” (AKA paid troll)? Look up the story of king David in the Bible.

      • sweetpotato

        You are hilarious! Whenever someone writes something you don’t like, you call them a paid troll. Biblical fairy tales are sometimes good metaphors with good lessons. But they certainly don’t support the fantasy that god appointed trump or has an agenda for him. IOW, don’t blame god for Trump’s agenda – blame Trump and his people.

        I also forgot to add, above, that god even loves people who do business with the Russian mafia! If I had your address, I’d send you some red pills.

        • Greg Hunter

          Why don’t you just try using a verifiable name so we can all see who you are. I live in the red pill world and don’t comment anonymously with a stupid name like “sweetpotato.”

          • This Sceptred Isle

            Greg, sweet potato is good for you – It’s all the beta-carotene!

        • Jodyp

          You dropped the capital G in God on the second post. Very telling. Upset, or just a phony.

        • Charles H


          IF you cast God’s Holy Word as: “Biblical fairy tales” – you forfeit any ground to speak on God’s behalf – who He loves or how He is toward man.
          Almighty God has extended ONE olive branch to sinful mankind: that is love enough. Though anyone potentially can be saved: the preparations of the heart dispose people to not accept it on God’s terms, and their beliefs God cannot accept. You give God no authority, and when someone tries to correct that – you come-up with some pseudo-intellectual alphabet soup interpretation, with a dash of ridicule. Mean spirited tripe!
          Real faith is taking God at His Word and trusting it. Your own words reveal you are far from it. If you want Heaven instead of Hell: you better get a KJV Bible; and study it like your eternity depends upon it. Because it DOES.

      • Tracy Welborn

        Exactly! God even told us why he chooses like he does. TO CONFOUND THE WISE. Wise by earthly measures that is. His choice was brilliant – leave the unbeleivers scratching their heads and the religous Pharisees totally pissed off that he’s not as “good” as they are. Brilliant, God’s just brilliant.

    • Jerry

      There’s nothing quite like hearing a Marxist explain their version of the Bible. LOL. Mr. potato head FYI – there’s going to be a final judgement . And unless you have made a covenant through the atonement of Jesus Christ you will be held accountable for your sins. That atonement is predicated on keeping the commandments of God not doing what you want. Maybe you should spend more time reading your scriptures and less time pointing a finger at Greg.

    • flattop

      sweetpotato; What you say about my God is true, however there will come a day when all those you refer to will have to answer for their words and deeds to my God, and it wont be ” Oh happy day “

    • allen ols

      sweet and sour potato;
      … or women who sexually assult men, rip men off, and speak evil of men.

    • allen ols

      Ezekiel 22:30 30
      “I looked for someone among them who would build up the wall and stand before me in the gap on behalf of the land so I would not have to destroy it, but I found no one.

  24. Diane

    Thanks Greg. Good report.
    Another interesting report from Joseph P Farrell….and Zero Hedge

    • Paul ...

      Netanyahu screwed up “big time” by not working with Russia to develop its major gas fields years ago … now instead of there being a Russian/Israeli Summit … the Saudi’s have stolen that position … this means Israel will be playing “second fiddle” in the Middle East for the next 30 years … what a terrible shame … all because Israel was taken over by checker playing short sighted warmongering neocons who couldn’t see the big chess picture!! … and what of those weapons Israel buys form the US?? … they are probably “similarly flawed and vulnerable to attack” the way our US Navy’s ships are … instead of Netanyahu screwing around supporting ISIS terrorists (that will only bring more and more hate upon Israel from all the people and nations surrounding her) … we need a new “moral leader” like Trump leading Israel … so God can finally make Israel into Great Nation he envisioned (instead of a despised one)!!

      • Paul ...

        Israel had a golden opportunity years ago but squandered it … and what is even worse for Israel … is that it will now have a “more immoral” government then Iran to deal with (“a nuclear armed” Saudi Arabia) … what do you think those 16 nuclear reactors Russia is selling the Saudi’s will be producing? electricity? … more likely plutonium!! … with all their oil reserves and solar power in their vast desserts the Saudi’s need nuclear “power stations” ??… give me a break! … now Israel is going to have to contend with “a worse” and very more “immoral enemy” then Iran … Israel better begin talking and making deals with the Saudi’s now before it becomes a nuclear armed nation with 300+ nuclear armed ICBMs … think of what that will mean for Israel … but it is too late for Israel now … getting rid of Netanyahu now won’t make any difference … the power balance in the Middle East has been changed forever … and the Saudi’s Russian weapons most likely won’t be vulnerable to “shut down” the way Israel’s US weapon systems are!!

        • Paul ...

          Now lets think about the coming Palestinian solution … what would be “more protective” of the Israeli Nation? … a single state or two states? … well lets say we have two states … a nuclear armed Saudi Arabia will have more leverage to back up a separate Palestinian Nation “against Israel” … but with a single state solution who can the Saudi’s threaten? … something to consider now before getting into more difficulties down the road!!

  25. Flattop

    In my opinion, if it takes Trumps dealing with the dems to get his agenda completed, I say, GO TRUMP GO.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump’s own party leaders are against him and that is abundantly clear.

  26. Jerry

    With the announcement of this news, our time here at USA Watchdog is coming to a close. There’s no need to belabor the point any longer as that which was once theory, has now become fact.

    There are very few who really understand the implications of what it means to lose the petrodollar. Essentially foreign countries now have an alternative to using the dollar. Does anyone really want to bet what they’re going to do next? My advice. If you haven’t taken your money out of the bank already, you need to do so NOW. The central banks will no doubt use the money inside the banking system as a shock absorber to handle the coming selloff when the Yuan gold benchmark begins trading on October 18th. Should the liquidity inside the banking system begin to seize up (which it will) they will close off access to your money to secure their positions and come out with some kind of announcement Hank Paulsen did before. Only this time there’s no one to bail us out.

    • Greg Hunter

      The only way for the USA to be great again is to default on the massive debt. I suspect that is coming now sooner than later.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        The USA needs to escape the clutches of the big multi-national companies.
        Monsanto – return to sound food (no GMOs and reduced pesticides).
        Less pharmaceutical drugs and anti-depressants.
        Sound money (no Fed)

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I read the ingredients on the back of a Hershey’s bar. It was all GM crap! In U.K. GMOs need to be labelled so they are not hidden. Americans are being destroyed from the inside out through bad food and pharmaceuticals.

      • Mike R

        Greg – if you are right about default, then certainly Trump is the guy with the temperament to do just that. He’d love to give the ‘middle finger’ to all the debt holders. Personally I think they (FED, gubmint, etc) are too chicken to default. They’ll just continue to try to inflate it all away. I’d be looking for a whole lot more QE to come.

        • Greg Hunter

          Mike R,
          At some point the money printing will destroy the currency and at that point there will be default unless we carve off some of the States of the United States to pay our bills. With Trump, that ain’t going to happen.

      • Frederick

        Truth regarding 911 as well is critical Greg if the US defaults won’t there be a lot of pain in the country?

        • Greg Hunter

          The U.S. will have to live within its means, and for many, that will be a heck of an adjustment.

      • Ray

        No…..default IS NOT ALLOWED!!!!!
        I can’t just walk away from my obligations without the bank CRUSHING me…..same goes for the USA.
        PAY UP what the USA owes to the world, or start selling off national resources to creditors (Hawaii, California perhaps).
        If Greece has to do such things, which they have been FORCED to do by the IMF, then so must America.
        No debt default…….people / nations that have “the party times” then walk away from their debts can never be called “Great”.
        They are losers……..and America is NOT a nation of losers.
        Pay up…..and maintain at least some dignity with the nations of the world that have serviced your party.
        I can’t understand Greg why you would be up for the path of shame that is debt default?
        Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Greg Hunter

          You don’t have a powerful; military and nukes. I am not saying it won’t be painful but it will be done one way or another because the debt is unpayable.

          • Ray

            Thanks Greg,
            I am totally fine with the US defaulting on the debt it owes it’s creditors… long as EVERY OTHER NATION ON EARTH is allowed to do the same.
            …….Or….is that where the “powerful military and nukes” provide the “US is EXCEPTIONAL Card”. USA walks away from its’ international debt, whilst all other nations (and citizens, under the yolk of taxation) are forced to pay their debts, whilst shouldering the losses from The Exceptional Ones?
            That would be grounds for war against The Exceptional Ones, many fair minded people might agree.
            Blessings to you mate…..keep throwing out the left jab.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

  27. Tim McGraw

    Another great weekly news wrap up. Thanks! Folks are burning their MAGA caps. Ann Coulter is really ticked off at Trump. If the Trump supporters walk away from the Republican Party then what is left of the GOP? Tucker Carlson talked about that on his show last night. If Trump is playing a game, it’s a dangerous one. We are getting ready for the trying times to come.

    • Greg Hunter

      Ann is a childish idiot and most still back Trump. I Do.

      • susan

        Greg, I am reading “The Trump Prophecies”. It is the first book of its kind I have been able to actually sit and read and digest. Believe me after all the reading I did to write 25 page papers in Seminary, that is really something. Still reading – not finished. I’m impressed.

        • Greg Hunter

          I find the back story fascinating. Wait until you hear the Rudy Giuliani material. Eye opening!!

  28. Linda L.

    I don’t like the front page picture done by Newsweek of the POTUS with military a helmet positioned sideways on his head in the attempts at making him look foolish/incompetent over North Korea/possibility of war. So shameful how the media is behaving.

    • Greg Hunter

      mainstream media = P R O P A G A N D A

  29. JC

    Great wrap-up Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you JC!

  30. Miro Markovic

    Dear Greg, I thank you for a good wrap-up of the weekly news. If you can, please explain to me (and all of us) how the USA Treasury Secretary can threaten the PR China with cutting her off the US dollars trading system (SWIFT), when the PR China has more than a trillion dollars in the US bonds. That threat sounds like a childish game to me.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s a desperate act is the simple answer. Beware and be ready.

    • Justn Observer

      Miro…. that was for ‘ U.S. consumption’ to appear tough…and to buy time while they try to ‘sell the loss of the reserve currency status’ to the sponge-head and sheeple staring at their cell phone/facebook …or come up with a last ditch way of stopping that by way of a war…or other ‘face saving’ reason so the people do not see and hold the central bankers and ‘sell -out – traitor’ elected officials responsible for their mis /malfeasance or blind stupidity of events behind the scenes since before 1812, the Banking Act, the Many world wars for profit, and even the later policy ‘adjustments’ like Agenda 21 , the Barcelona Declaration etc… to effect the ‘world currency’ and decline of ‘national/tribal borders.

  31. Kim

    Awesome wrap up!!
    Thank you very much for all of your work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim. I work on the WNW all week.

  32. Mike R

    I doubt any Bitcoin holders have figured this out yet, but their bubble has clearly POPPED. Now is what I call the trap-phase. This is where you see nice big rallies, but then each subsequent failure takes the price even lower. Greed takes over now, and everyone holds on too long, or tries to “get out on the next bounce” but fails. Nobody ever dumps it all at once, because again they get greedy. They convince themselves they are ‘ok’ byt taking just a little money off the table. Bitcoin is now down $1200 from it’s high. You’ll likely never see $5000 BTC price again in your lifetime folks. For as fast as it went up, and as stretched as it was beyond any semblence of reality, the facts are now it’s in the massive decline phase. Don’t be surprised if you see all sorts of crypto’s going under, and now exiting the market altogether, and new ICO’s coming to a near virtual halt. They won’t stop completely, as that is the nature of greed and bubbles, and there will no doubt be new ‘twists’ with crap like so called crypto’s with ‘gold’ backing (total mirage), or even something strange like MBS ‘backing.’ Bitcoin shall soon be renamed Bit**coin by many who come to loath the losses they incurred.

  33. Ray

    Greg, Do you believe there are non-beings under the Antarctica as being explained by Karen Hudes and others?

    • Greg Hunter

      I do not know, but the powers are hiding something and something big.

      • Charles H


        Ancient and “lost” civilizations and technology are the fallen angels employing their inter-dimensional knowledge to bridge the gap between science and the supernatural. It all is leading up to the Biblcal conclusion of this world – drawing away the intelligencia of this world away from the Truth of God’s Word. Genetic splicing and manipulation is the ‘last straw’ of men acting as gods. Joining machine to human life is perhaps the final perversion in man’s misguided lust for power. Greys and reptilians are the pseudo-lifeforms inhabited by demons – because they have NO God-breathed soul. The “powers” are not flesh and blood.

      • Kim

        I think superman lives there.

        Perhaps that is why some of the world leaders and others went there to meet him. Or maybe they found some kryptonite? lol!

        We live in such a crazy world, it’s nice to know we can choose to walk in God’s will, despite our lack of understanding.

  34. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    Sorry to hear your Bammycare horror story. I am sorry to say it will get worse before it gets better.

    Mr. Greg, Steve Munchkin is nothing but a criminal Goldman Sucks white shoe boy. Just ask Gerald Celente, he knows ’em when he sees ’em.

    • Greg Hunter

      People are acting weird and I think something is a miss big-time.

  35. John M.

    My guess is that the Deep State with lukewarm approval from Trump has threatened China not to proceed with the Chinese gold trade note/gold-backed Yuan, and China better not kill US bonds and dollars. I think it’s a little too late for that, America long ago should have concentrated on having a kick-ass industrial economy and a honest, trusted world-reserve currency.
    China can survive without American markets for Chinese goods, but I don’t think that America can survive in the short-term without all the imports from China and their allies.
    I think China is using N Korea as cover by demonstrating Chinese nuclear missile intercontinental capabilities, and you BETTER NOT threaten China. That goes for not threatening Russia as well, because they both have a mutual economic and military alliance that’s not so secret. Why else would a poor nation like N Korea shoot off a bunch of expensive missiles? N Korea can’t have hundreds of missiles and booster engines in their stockpile to light off like a pack of matches. How can N Korea compete against the America in a nuclear exchange if they burn their stash of weapons?
    It’s possible, that Trump thinks that one way to save the dying U.S. economy is by having the US military/industrial complex quickly rebuild Japan overnight into a major military power, there should be plenty of US corporate profits there.
    As usual, everything in the news is fake and highly suspect.

  36. coalburner

    This is for Mr. Potatohead. It is just too easy but I am saying it anyway. Trump sure beats Hitlery and I believe that fairytale was Devine Providence. Troll or not you have real problems . Do a virus check on the squirrels inside your head. Some sound like they may have anuerisms.

  37. Just The Facts

    So America is going to cut China out of dealing in US dollars……? I think it is really the other way around. Maybe those on the inside know that China is going to refuse the American dollar on an already predetermined date and these egomaniacs in the US want it to look like they are in charge. And, as far as who is the truly evil satanic nation, Russia, China or the USA ……….. The US wins hands down!

  38. iwitness02

    Beginning to wonder if Dec. 25, 2016 was our last Christmas celebration in this country.

    • Greg Hunter

      NO “Fear Not.”

  39. Justn Observer

    Greg…. according to ZeroHedge… J.P. Morgan is BUYING Bit-coin from Europe side of Atlantic…? lol So is Jamie Dimon planning on ‘firing himself’? Is he the ‘fraud’?
    Was his ‘outburst’ but another banker ploy to drive down market price …to free up stock or direct purchases at a lower price? Amazing….those that might have ‘lost out’ by dumping their positions…show file a class action suit against him and his bank?
    And he even did his rant…on CNBC while the market was open – was it not? Hmmmm
    Even the government is supposed to wait until ‘after market hours’ to post/publish their government contract as not to disrupt the markets… Why would Jamie Dimon not know that such rants could disrupt in the same manner….unless he wanted or hoped it might?

    • Paul ...

      Justn Obs … the banksters want to use block-chain technology for their own lock down “control purposes” … so they can both trash bit coin and pump bit coin … but their “ultimate goal” is to make Fed Coin the only valid “electronic legal tender” … although the block-chain technology is sound … is is “not suited” for money purposes … and we should make a conscious effort to reject it outright no matter what profit potential it holds … as this technology will not only take away our Fourth Amendment “privacy rights” but can also be used to easily take away our Second Amendment Rights! … no amount of profit is worth giving up our Constitutional freedoms! … to do so is being a traitor to the Principles our Founding Fathers fought so hard to provide to us!!

      • Justn Observer

        Paul…I agree with your stand on returning to a Constitutional aspect and for a return to a pure U.S. TREASURY self run system without being tied to the private and apparently ‘foreign shareholder ‘ bank manipulation of the FED.

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