Obama Care-Absolute Abomination will Collapse Under its Own Weight-Rick Ackerman

Rick hed shotBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Trader/analyst Rick Ackerman is feeling a little less nervous about the negative effects of Obama Care.  Ackerman contends, “I think, at this point, we’re blessed with a package that is such a bloated abomination that it’s going to collapse under its own weight.  It seems pretty obvious the program simply won’t fly.”  Ackerman goes on to say, “It’s such a botched job they had to have done this on purpose.”  Because anyone cannot be denied for pre-existing conditions, all insurance premiums are headed much higher.  Ackerman says, “Premiums have gone through the roof, but the largest premium increases, according to the insurers, are coming this January. . . you ain’t seen nothing yet compared to what will happen in January.”  As far as the current economy, it has already rolled over.  Ackerman says, “It’s like the Wiley Coyote.  He’s already gone off the cliff, and he just hasn’t looked down.  I’m short the market here.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Rick Ackerman of RickAckerman.com.

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  1. Oracle 911

    Well, most European countries has something like Obamacare, BUT it is state owned and it is part of the social security system.

    So everybody get screwed: bankers, politicians, self employees and even corporations BUT every human being may be sure, he/she get the best (or almost the best) health care available in the country.

    And judging from the reactions of the congress and IRS, the Obamacare must be really bad construct.

  2. Christina Murphy

    Please consider putting on the site or reading.


    What Happened?

    We used to pray in thanks for our food.
    Now we pray that our food will not kill us.
    We used to like Hello Dolly.
    Now Dolly is just one of millions of sheep that have been cloned and on our dinner tables.
    We used to think that being called a clone was an insult.
    Now we are clones.

    We used to value the lives of animals as God’s creatures.
    Now we create Franken-breeds to show off our animals, put them in factories and stuff them with substances that a mother would never give her child, but she unknowingly is….

    We used to have respect for pharmaceutical companies, until they went from aiding health to causing health problems. Sad about the Frankenfood? No worries, take a pill–they all contain GMOs too.

    We used to be thankful for our right to keep and bear arms.
    Now we pray we can keep this right.
    We use to appreciate our rights and privileges.
    Now we pray our rights and privileges are taken away for our protection.
    We used to be thankful for the protection that our government provided.
    Now we pray that we can protect ourselves from our government.

    We used to be grateful for our freedom of speech.
    Now we are afraid we will be heard.
    We used to value opinions.
    Now we fear our opinions will be politically incorrect.
    We used to appreciate the freedom of information and know that it would set us free.
    Now we fear information and are too multi-tasked to take it in. Sound bite communication, to which we are addicted, gives us the freedom from experiencing authentic communication.

    We used to listen to the news each night to gain perspective on the world, the economy, social problems and politics.
    Now we listen to fake news, a carnival all about social media with no real substance.
    We used to take sides based on listening to all sides and employing critical thinking. Now we pick a side like it is a color and never listen to that which we blindly label as wrong.

    We used to chant “save the whales.”
    Now we go to see them in a sea prison.

    We used to hope for more diversity in society.
    Now we hope that so much diversity will not drive us to homogeneity.
    We used to value the distinct qualities of each person and culture.
    Now we are forced to have the same qualities and beliefs.
    We used to enjoy travel around the world to sample different cultures and values.
    Now we all have the same culture and no values.
    We used to look forward to seeing our parents.
    Now we do not know who our parents are.

    We used to strive for the American Dream of work, home, leisure and the ethos of democracy.
    Now we live the American Dread of unemployment, excessive mortgage debt, and constant monitoring.
    We used to strive for family values.
    Now our families value social media.

    We used to go away to appreciate fresh air, land and water.
    Now we attempt to shelter ourselves from pollution, landfills, nuclear waste in our oceans and toxic drinking water in our lakes.

    We used to think that nuclear was a scary word that set our soul on hold.
    Now we live around everything nuclear, praying to live without the havoc it reeks.

    We used to drink tap water because it was made in America.
    Now we filter our tap water because it was made in America.
    Hold the fluoride please, otherwise you hold my IQ.

    We used to be concerned about the pollution from factories.
    Now we have no factories and nobody took the time to make them better before they left.
    We used to worry about working too many hours.
    Now we are only permitted to work so many hours a week…and that is if we are lucky.

    We used to respect elders and professionals.
    There are no more elders as we have tucked them away. There are no professionals as they have become discouraged, cynical, out-sourced and de-valued.
    We used to value teachers and police officers.
    Now we see them as necessary evils.
    We used to hear about Finishing school and manners.
    Now it doesn’t matter if you finish school and we have no manners.

    We used to be proud of the American dollar.
    Now we pray the American dollar won’t collapse.
    We used to enjoy our savings accounts as they made interest.
    Now we have no interest in our savings accounts.
    We used to save to buy a real diamond or a special piece of clothing.
    Now we buy several knock-offs and wear our pajamas every place we go.

    We used to go to the seamstress, shoemaker or repairman.
    Now we just get new stuff. It doesn’t really matter if it fits or works correctly because we just settle.

    We used to be modest.
    Now we show all we can and brag about it.

    We used to honor the American soldier.
    Now we treat them like a video game with an expiration date.

    What happened?

    Founding Fathers? You mean the guys who created Apple, Walmart, McDonalds, Monsanto or was it Microsoft? Weren’t they the ones?

    Maybe nobody will tell us the truth because things got out of hand and nobody knows what it is.

    by Christina
    Metro Detroit

  3. jerry

    Great interview Greg. I agree with Rick. ObamaCare in nothing more than a tool used by the globalist to help collapse the system…period. When the exchanges open up in October, an individual who makes less than $44,856. per year, or a family who makes less than $99,200. per year, will be eligible for government subsides. I don’t know where you live, but where I live that encompasses just about everybody. Add in another 30 Million people who don’t have coverage now, and you have a real torpedo to the system. What is a subside? Another in a long list of “Government Giveaway” programs. Anyone who thinks you can add this level of debt to an already overloaded system, without collapsing it, is a fool. The Insurance companies aren’t going to take the shot to the chops, in higher premiums. The Government is. Who do you thinks is going to pay those subsidies? Like Bettie Davis used to say. Hold on to your hat folks. Its “going to be a bumpy ride down”. Thanks for the great information Greg.

    • Greg

      Thank you Jerry and Mohammad.

  4. Mohammad

    Why did not you pick up on what he talked about SINGLE PAYER , I wish you asked him to elaborate.
    Thank you anyway

    • art barnes

      Single payer system is where a health care provider (a doctor or hospital, etc.) will bill for services and get payment from one source only such as a Government Socialized Health Care System or agency. As bad as that might be, its better than what was passed; just wait and see.

  5. david (archivesDave) clumpner

    Absolutely it is destined to fail and was so from the beginning.
    When it does fail, Obama will orchestrate the single payer plan he and Elitists have been planning from the start.

    As Lindsey Williams, g Ed Griffin, etc have been saying for a great many years, the Plan is to have at least 60 to 70 percent of the population on the govt dole and ultimately more so.

    For those who really wish to know the UEs (uber elites’) master plan,
    research some of Bertrand Russell’s and Carroll Quigleys statements
    and writings.

  6. Arthur Radley

    Ackerman: “…so it begs the question, really, of whether the bill was written so poorly that it was bound to do what it’s doing now which is collapse-implode so that the government could come in supposed white knight fashion and create a single payer system.”

    Hunter: “Ah, you think it was designed so poorly to fail on purpose?”

    Ackerman: “Yeah…”

    Senator Harry Reid (8/9/13) when asked whether his goal was to move Obamacare to a single-payer system: “Yes, yes. Absolutely, yes.” http://www.lasvegassun.com/news/2013/aug/10/reid-says-obamacare-just-step-toward-eventual-sing/

    Senator and Presidential candidate Barack Obama (2008): “I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care system.” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fpAyan1fXCE

    • Greg

      Arthur Radley,
      Good stuff man!

  7. Mike

    Thanks Greg, kudos for another insightful interview, your sense of timing for upcoming events is impeccable.
    What grabbed my attention was Mr. Ackerman’s inference that the Affordable Care Act is intentionally designed to overload and implode the Health Care system so that the government can then come in and “save us” with a single payer system. Can we all say “Cloward and Piven”? It appears that their blueprint for the destruction of America is in full play.
    Time is getting short, the long period of darkness is imminent, and we are still listening to the band while the iceberg is growing larger by the second. Too bad we forgot to give binoculars to the lookouts.

  8. Rodster

    And do you know what the dirty little secret is? Dems want Obamacare to FAIL. It was the PLAN all along. That’s why they are glad the big insurance companies are bailing on Obamacare and again it’s all going according to plan.

    Once there are NO insurance companies to support Obamacare that’s when they’ll institute a “Single Payer System” just like in the UK.

    And that my friends was “THE PLAN ALL ALONG”.

    • Rodster

      I forgot to mention that Barney Frank let the cat out of the bag back when Obamacare was in the works. He said the end game was a “single payer system”.

      Last week Harry Reid in a Las Vegas Town Hall event said the end game is a “single payer system”.

  9. Daryl

    Another great piece Greg. My question Greg is since all federal law only applies to the District of Columbia and not elsewhere unless specifically written in the law (see 4 USC 72), and there is nothing in the Obamacare legislation that says it applies to the People of the 50 states of the Union, why so much hub bub about this useless legislation? It does not apply to the People of the 50 states. Only to citizens of the District of Columbia.



  10. Wilfong

    I live in China, and this summer I flew back to visit my family. While I was traveling, I overheard several people talking about buying property in America. In fact, the guy sitting behind me on the plane was flying to America with his daughter to purchase a house. In addition, I was sitting in a restaurant [Bristol VA], and overheard a few people at a table talking about how Chinese citizens had really helped the local housing market. Then when I got back to China, a local woman I help tutor told me about her cousin buying some luxury property in America. To top it off, I read an article about Chinese buyers really helping the housing market [no link]. From a culture standpoint, Chinese people like to put their money in hard assets – such as “Real Estate”. While our markets are getting slammed by globalism, lots of Chinese are getting rich, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they help limit any type of a bottom to the housing market.

    Just my 2 cents

    • Greg

      Thank you Wlfong for hour global insight and perspective!

  11. George

    Why does Congress get to exclude themselves from laws that they impose upon us?
    Great Interview Greg!
    In the next elections, lets just say “No” to the cretins that support Obamacare and vote out McCain, Obama-ites and vote in the TEA Party. They are not perfect but they are the only option.

  12. George

    Saudi prince defects: ‘Brutality, oppression as govt scared of Arab revolts’ (EXCLUSIVE)

  13. Enda

    Hi, Greg,

    Great work as usual, and also wanted to thank you for staying on top of the Middle East and the farm conditions in our own country. You’re one of the few realizing we have to eat!

    What do you think of the idea of cropping healthcare insurance, but buying gold with the premium dollars every month. Think docs and hospitals would accept that? I’m self-employed and the premiums are headed toward $2,000 a month now. That could translate into a lot of metal.

    • Thadman

      Hit the pedal to the metal!

  14. bob d

    I pay 1300 bucks a month for health ins. 250 deducible and 20 bucks up front. Also 20% of anything big is my responsibility.
    I only keep insurance because the wife tells me. If it was just me I would leave the country and party.
    I have no tears for the people who use the system but don’t help with the cost.
    It was Reagan who change the law saying hospitals could not turn people away ,also gave amnesty. These two things is when health ins. started to go crazy up up.

  15. scott

    I beleive that Obamacare is a part of a Cloward-Pivens type strategy… it will crash the system and eliminate the middle class while pumping money into insurance companies and increasing tax revenue. Not only by fines, but by eliminating charity hospitals. next increase minimum wage so people can afford obamacare…

  16. frosty

    The American free market system has been under attack for decades by those who believe control by totalitarian government is preferable to individual freedom of choice. Our system has stood as a glaring evidence which refutes this doctrine and so it must be destroyed.

    Such a tall order, in a land ruled by a Constitution penned by men who understood and were hostile to tyranny, requires conditioning the masses to accept sedition and treason by elected officials as being a condition necessary to promote and protect the welfare of the naion. The means to this end is are accomplished slowly by creating chaos within the old system and establishing a new order on the ashes of the old. As one of our presidents so proudly said….

    “Out of these troubled times, our fifth objective— a new world order— can emerge…. Weare now in sight of a United Nations that performs as envisioned by its founders.” — President George H. W. Bush, Televised address, September 11, 1990.

    Universal health care is one of the many goals urged on national governments by the globalist organization, the United Nations. What was previously called Hillarycare, and shot down after being carefully studied, was reintroduced under the new name Obamacare. This time the gullible we were told that there was no time for review, as is the duty of our representatives in government, but we would learn more after it was passed into law. Pretending that this abomination could be deemed to be a tax, a seditious Supreme Court declared it to be Constitutional.

    As Mr. Ackerman, and others have said, Obamacare will probably crash and burn under its own weight and it will likely take the economy with it, but that is like commenting on the color of the flames burning our house down. At this time, an important question deserving more comment is…”If Congress neither writes nor reviews the laws it imposes on the nation, yet reserves the option to exclude itself and other selected institutions from compliance with these laws, then what form of government is this and specifically who is operating it?”

    • Mike

      If Congress neither writes nor reviews the laws it imposes on the nation, yet reserves the option to exclude itself and other selected institutions from compliance with these laws, then what form of government is this and specifically who is operating it?”

      oligarchy operated by political and financial elites… not the 1% despised by the media and politically correct…the .01% who are desperately trying to maintain control of the sinking ship

  17. jerry

    As others have said, this is a Cloward and Piven strategy disguised as “HealthCare” , and nothing more. Hearing progressives and globalist talk about saving money, is about like listening to a Nun talk about sex. We are so blessed to have these people at the wheel….crash….bang!
    If you like connecting the dots like I do, then you’ll enjoy this.


  18. Ugly

    Anymore, I wonder why I am even trying to pay-off my house? I could if I wanted to. Now I almost wished I hadn’t been paying extra principle. Now I have a confiscation property that I cannot move. If property taxes go way up, or I have a health issue, well there goes the home.

  19. Cathleen Mudger

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