OPEC Cuts, UN Demands, CDC Hides Dangerous Vax Data

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 550 10.07.22)

It looks like consumers are going to have to pay more at the pump after Saudi Arabia announced a 2-million barrel per day cut in oil production.  The Russians asked the Saudi Royal Family for the cuts to stabilize prices and even make them go back up.  Why are the Saudis doing what Russia asks in oil production?  You might remember, in August of 2021, the Russians signed a military cooperation deal with the Kingdom, and that means they are allies.  The White House is furious because oil is going right back up just as the 2022 midterms have Democrats worried about losing the House and the Senate because of high inflation.  Oil prices backing off in the last few months was a bright spot, but not any longer because of the new supply cuts.

Meanwhile, the dollar keeps soaring while the Fed keeps raising interest rates.  For the first time ever, the UN is telling the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates to fight inflation.  The rest of the world is buckling under the strong dollar.  The UN wants price controls instead, and every economist out there knows price controls do not work.  On top of that, it will only make the supply lines worse, which will in turn make inflation worse.  It’s a catch 22 with no good answers.  Get ready for sparse supplies in many things and higher prices too.

The CDC was caught hiding negative data on CV19 injections for nearly two years.  The CDC signed up 10 million people for a CV19 vax tracking app called “V-safe.”  The data showed lots of vax problems, and the CDC hid it from the public.  Two lawsuits finally pried the data loose, and it showed the vaccine was not safe and caused injuries right from the beginning that required medical attention.  It also caused 24% of people to not be able to work or go to school.  It’s yet another back eye for the CDC for covering up how deadly and debilitating the CV19 vax was from the very beginning.  The shots should have been stopped more than a year ago–but they keep on injecting.

There is much more in the 35-minute newscast.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for 10.07.22.

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After the Interview:

Money manager Peter Schiff will be back to update us on the dire situation the Federal Reserve finds itself in with rate hikes and the failing economy.

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  1. Marie Joy

    2000 Mules
    Apathetic Americans

    • CJ

      You are correct Marie Joy. I believe every problem we face currently could have been avoided if there had been a fair and just election in 2020.

      • Russ

        “I went in yesterday and there was a television on and I said: Putin is a genius – he has just declared a big portion of the Ukraine as independent and he is going to go in and be a peacekeeper – now that is smart. That’s the strongest peace force I’ve ever seen. We could use that peace force on our southern border. There were more tanks than I’ve ever seen. They’re going to keep peace all right. By the way, this never would have happened had I been in office. It’s not even thinkable. This never would have happened – It’s very sad.”
        Donald Trump

        • Russ McMeans

          Amen Russ!

      • Russ McMeans

        CJ; we were ripped off big time on that day. Actually after midnight. I hate Democrats. I’m done being nice to those sob’s.

    • Earth Angel

      Marie Joy- All Americans are not apathetic. There ARE those of us desperately trying to DO SOMETHING to help STOP THE CRIME! Look at GH & USA Watchdog, DW & GeoWatch, RS & Lost Arts Radio / PHC, CAF & Solari, CSPOA & Sheriff RM, AJ & Infowars crew; too many others known & unknown to list. Maybe not enough of us YET- but I HOPE things are changing fast. We ARE at the crossroads and we MUST WIN THIS ONE- Let’s not give up- this is OUR TIME to DOUBLE DOWN & SHINE!.. Let’s GO EVERYBODY!..Pedal to the Metal…

      • Judith

        AMEN, Angel.

        • Michael Myer

          We have a tendency to look for good in people but this is not gonna end well.there is no law and order in these United States anymore,the constitution says that if war is apon us in our homeland there will be no election,there is absolutely no way demoncratic leadership is going to give up any control,I’m sure biden and putin have this all worked out and planned to the T,, biden now stockpiling radiation treatment. These people are pure evil and will stop at nothing.our whole leadership for the most part needs to be removed and replaced,,schools, judicial system,medical system,grant system,banking system,tax systems, FBI, Cia. it’s all corrupted.bobilynski has enough evil acts backed up by data and the FBI haven’t even had the detailed interview he was promised. This is way darker then we can perceive. GOD help the world

      • Russ

        There is more wisdom in the common mans gut – then in the brightest minds of the elite (who want to do away with humanity)!!!

    • Stephen Haskell

      Marie Joy
      In my opinion, the apathy stems from the fact that just a very small number of people(or entities) five I’ve heard, control 95% of our news. The problem we have is one of information control. So much disinformation is being spread by those controlling the 95% of the news. Think that is why the apathy. That’s why I love Greg’s blog. Tucker, Hanity, Newsmax, Hunter and a few others are giving us the real truth. That apathy you speak of is so FRUSTRATING. Even at this second, conservatives are not assured to win both chambers. If people were awake it would not even be a question.

      • Russ McMeans

        Americans will continue to suffer from voting stupid. I’m hoping gasoline will hit $10 a gallon to drive the point home. I’m disgusted with most people. They’re not paying attention! Let’s see what $10 per gallon will accomplish. I can afford it.
        I (unfortunately) want to see the screws twisted down on stupid American voters. I’m sick of watching “stupid”!!!

        • Frogger

          Thought the same thing!

    • Joe Wong

      True and Yep – also thanks to George Schwartz (aka Soros), and Mark the Zuckerbucks, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, and lets not forget Klaus Schwab of the WEF which also contributed to the Dominion Voting Machine fiasco as well. Joebama was bought and paid for by the same cast of characters above.

  2. Rodster

    The problem for the Fed is that inflation is not being caused so much by money printing but by the Covid lockdowns which have closed businesses, put people out of work and disrupted global supply chains. It’s what Martin Armstrong has been saying that raising interest rates won’t fix the inflation problems.

    You can now walk into a store and find what you went there to buy is not in stock. People are beginning to buy a little more than you planned to because of the shortages. There’s your inflation.

  3. Warren B.

    Off topic…..The Nord Stream pipeline attack was in all aspects the work of either CIA/MIC or a combination of them with other international (west aligned) forces.
    One thing is perfectly clear is Biden’s attestation to the fact that he would take care of it should Russia invade Ukraine. He’s on record …and it doesnt look good for him or his administration.

    This guy is supposed to be the CIC …..????….what could go wrong…..anyone’s guess.
    I have an idea….take him out to Arizona…hand him a bowl of water…let him roam around and try and find his way back home. The Pedophile/child molester/child trafficker…couldnt think of anything more deserving/fitting as a reward for his criminal acts. How can you deny that he is the perfect Fall Guy for the NWO?

    • Johnny Cool

      Warren B,

      Sabotage, 007 style.


      • Tracy Reinert

        RealRawNews.com recent articles may shed some light on this topic of the Nordstream explosion.

    • Russ

      Biden has a fetish for shutting down oil and gas pipelines, is our Alaska Pipeline going to be safe from this maniac???

      • Johnny Cool

        Hal Turner: For months I have been warning that US activities against Russia in Ukraine, could lead to nuclear war. Over, and over, and over again I warned. Few Listened, because, you know, they think they’re so smart even though they’re not. Now, Joe Biden is saying it too . . . maybe they’ll listen now?

        As most folks already know, the largest cities are the largest nuke targets. Thankfully, most of the population in the large cities are Democrats, so it won’t be much loss if they get nuked.

        Most of them were Biden voters anyway, which necessarily means they’re rotten people, terminally stupid, and even worse at citizenship.

        There’s a reason the mascot of the Democrat Party is the Jackass . . . because you’ve gotta be a genuine Jackass to vote for most of them! I don’t want them around anymore.

        It’s almost poetic justice that the guy they helped cheat his way into the White House, is now the one getting them killed.


    • Joseeph

      Warren B here is a possible example just how the Pipe lines were destroyed:
      Reminds me the HBO show Game Of Thrones – WINTER IS COMING
      I pray for all parties affected.

    • Earth Angel

      You’re right Warren B.! I guess thats why they picked him- because there’s NO WAY the majority of American voters in 2020 did.. NO WAY!

  4. Mike

    Bo Polney said 8/24, funny I thought he said 9/24. Maybe I am having a senior moment. Good show.

    • Greg Hunter

      This was a date from a year ago. https://www.breitbart.com/middle-east/2021/08/24/russia-saudi-arabia-sign-military-pact-amid-chaotic-us-withdrawal-afghanistan/ Polny has given several important dates. This was one of many.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        When I get on my laptop for work, I see the msm newsfeeds (do not know how to turn them off). It seems like everyday there are celebrities and athletes dying from unknown causes (obviously the death jab). When do you think that this will reach a threshold (number of death) which will clue in the average person that these are death jabs?

        Great news cast!!!


        • Occasnltrvlr

          I am not Greg, of course, but I would like to answer your question.

          Never. Extremely rare is the person with sufficient wisdom and humility to see and admit that they have voluntarily and happily made such a grave error, now facing their own mortality, and knowing that their loved ones may die due to their influence.

  5. Paul Stine

    Greg, I understand that select Democrats probably will be going to prison. My question is, do you think some of the RHINOS will be discovered as well? I do believe that true RINHOS can be labeled as traitors. I tend to get pretty angry at people like these. What do you think? And how about Hunter Biden? Do you think he could be charged and imprisoned and of course, Joe will immediately pardon his whole family? I am sure of that. Also, Greg, I am always anxious to watch your program. I even have referred this program to several employees of my Veterans hospital/facility. I want them to see all of your past interviews. Great programming, Greg. I love this show.

    • Russ

      Elon Musk (after he buys Twitter to get our freedom of speech back) should then prepare a Space X Rocket for Biden (and his son Hunter) and blast them off to be exiled on Planet X (where Biden can screw around giving Executive Orders to the Reptilians, blow up all their oil and gas pipelines and force them to take the jab) and perhaps the Reptilians will do “what we are afraid to do” (lock them up in an insane asylum where they belong)!!

      • Johnny Cool

        Paul… IIG, Janet,

        You’re back as Russ!
        It’s the same pattern, you go into hibernation for a couple of weeks, undergo a transformation process, and then reappear as a new persona.

        I was expecting this, and I was going to mention it to eddiemd.

  6. Brian E Jones

    Greg you got it up before I had to go to bed nice job!

    I’m talking about the video you sickos…

    • tim mcgraw

      Brian E Jones: That’s a pretty funny joke. Thanks.

    • Russ

      And those sickos should begin to think about there not being enough children left in the world (with all their abortion and sterilization “jab” programs) to squander them away on their other perverted queer, pedophile and transgender programs designed to make them into commie “Borg Eunuchs”!!

    • Paul Caffery

      Naughty…. but very funny Brian. Thanks for making me laugh out loud 😉

  7. Robert Coleman

    5G & COVID BIOWEAPON DESIGNED TO KILL – STEW PETERS INTERVIEW WITH KAREN KINGSTON – MUST SEE – – https://rumble.com/v1mxuv0-5g-and-covid-vax-bioweapon-designed-to-kill-.html

    • Russ

      The globalists have a sick sick sick (666) sense of humor (like telling us to eat bugs) but what makes the Globalists laugh the most is “out-rightly flaunting their evil unashamedly” as they inflict their cruelty, pain and murder upon helpless women and children!!!

    • J

      Robert, I have watched this video, very disturbing indeed! I’m wondering if what she is speaking about parlays to the Bluetooth phenomenon. This video will explain – https://www.bitchute.com/video/i5wRr0a6Qnhi/

      I did exactly what it said for an android phone and to my skeptical unbelief it works. I could give example after example as I have tried it at home/work etc.; either its a pure fluke or its right. This is how I test it out as an example. The other day I was sitting in the car, no other visible persons around me. I turn on the Bluetooth – it does its scan, no “available devices” are found. A few moments later a car pulls right next to me with a lady inside (she was picking up her child from school). As soon as she returns back to her car with her child I scan again for “available devices,” two different devices appear in form of hexadecimal. This is an example of the numbers – 64:6a:e9:5a:a1:f3

      I appears that when the jabbed are within close proximity they are detectable, I know this sounds crazy but it seems to works. I have also tested this theory in a controlled scenario with un-jabbed persons, scan Bluetooth with no “available devices” found, persons that I know are jabbed walk into room and re-scan and sure enough the hexadecimal numbers appear. It crazy!!!

    • Isle of Innisfree

      “At the President’s [TRUMP] direction, the Administration announced that 100 megahertz of contiguous, coast-to-coast mid-band spectrum will be made available for commercial 5G deployment.

      “This spectrum will give Americans access to the greatest 5G networks in the world, leading to cutting-edge innovation, economic prosperity, and strong national security.”


  8. Johnny Cool

    Maybe a good follow-up to Peter Schiff would be Brent Johnson?

    Peter Schiff and Brent Johnson Dollar Debate.


    • Johnny Cool

      Brent Johnson:

      The dollar, if used correctly is probably the biggest weapon we have, perhaps an even greater weapon than a nuclear bomb, because in many ways it’s silent and it’s misunderstood.

      I’ve always said everybody should own gold. It doesn’t mean I think it’s going to pay off right away, but I think if you own gold and can get through the crisis, with gold in your portfolio you will at least have an asset that you can start to rebuild with because it can’t be inflated away…


  9. PersonaNonGrata

    “These are awful injections – all the data is bad.” USAW / WNW550 @ 27:50
    Thanks Greg. It’s all there in a nutshell. You said it!

    • Russ

      The globalists find their universe to be meaningless unless they are giving humanity the big middle finger (not only to affirm their existence) but to impose their evil psychopathic and Satanic values upon all of us!!

  10. PersonaNonGrata

    Re Joe Biden’s state of mental health. OK, he reads from an auto queue, but, sometimes he appears cogent and other times he appears shambolic. People with dementia seldom appear cogent. Therefore – is he acting, in order give credence to an anticipated ‘unfit to plead’ defence . . . ?

  11. Jeffrobbins

    Always look forward to the weekly news wrap. One question i wonder about- when or how will the gas pipelines going into the Ukraine be cut or blown up? I’m sure the money being made is off the page, but it looks like we are beyond money as a motivation. Will total war/ scorched earth be the next step for Ukraine? Zelinsky wants NATO to preemptively strike Russia – insanity over there – but we’re the ones not sure who are men or women.

  12. m burton

    the money went all the super rich that ms Clinton promised during her running for president and couldn’t deliver so good oh boy Joe bailing her out now another corrupt a hole

  13. Marie Joy

    If the republican/conservative party told conservatives, every day, to get this bioweapon, how many would do it? At first, I wondered how easily led can people be but then I see how much people trust their political party and I see how corrupt political parties are. Money and perks make them corrupt.

    With price controls, there will be severe shortages and the UN knows it.

    Wood/coal stoves.

    Minute 29:22 What?

    • Russ

      Truth begins when we finally begin to doubt known lairs!!!

      • Paul

        A deep state government that publicly threatens and implements to completely destroy its nation or another country should not be surprised when attacks and rage occurs from that nation and its people.

        Paul from arkansas

  14. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, I am looking forward to watching the WNW and seeing Peter Schiff on Saturday. This weekend is the Hunter Moon. I think I saw your face on the moon tonight.
    Yes, gasoline prices are going back up here in Sonoma County, CA.
    Governor Newsom just signed a bill making two semesters of Critical Race Theory required in government high schools in CA. Newsom is nuts. Kids are being pulled out of government schools in CA.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the reporting, Tim!!

      • Schmierer, Edwin

        i live in Germany and i like to read your information. Further so, i dont´t like goverment newspapers!

    • mark deacon

      The problem is an untrustworthy government looking out for its own interests.
      No elected party can restore this trust at this point without people having their right and voices restored that was taken away through what I perceive to be highly suspicious elections.

  15. DAV

    The reason Obiden is coherent sometimes, and sometimes not is probably because there are 2 or 3 Obidens who are being rotated out of that bunker. The best test to see who’s the real Obiden- look for the one who sniffs hair or fondles kids.

  16. Jerry

    It may not matter what the Fed does next if the war in Ukraine pushes the Russians to use tactical nukes.

    Does it send a message to you that DHS spending millions of dollars stockpiling anti radiation drugs knows something we don’t know?
    To me it’s an exercise in futility. Like crawling under your desk in a nuclear war back in sixty’s. What are these people thinking? That they can survive nuclear radiation? For how long? It’s insane we’ve gone this far, but that’s what happens when you let a handful of globalist try and control the world. Timelines are useless at this point,
    because when you’ve come this far, anything is possible at anytime.
    Most people may be exhausted waiting for what we’ve talked about for years to happen, but that doesn’t change a thing. You’re either prepared spiritually and physically or you’re not. You’re either converted to Jesus Christ or you’re not. Hopefully you’ve used this extra time to do so.

    • michael

      Brown-eyed Biden is Evil. Blue-eyed Biden is senile. Easy.

  17. tim mcgraw

    Great WNR. Nice scenery. Still dry out here in Sonoma County, CA. The wine grape crop was harvested okay. No major damage from heat waves in August or an early frost last spring.
    People are slowly giving up their masks around here. I watched the San Francisco TV News last night for the first time in months.
    The Mayor of SF, London Breed, appears on a stage with the Police Commissioner promising to get the drug addicts off of the streets of San Francisco. Car break-ins remain at record levels. Murders are up in SF and Oakland. Tourism and conventions are down. Breed had to do something as SF is needing the tax money from tourists.
    It’s Fleet Week in San Francisco so the Navy is in town including the Blue Angels.
    There are still commercials on local TV to get the booster MRNA shots.
    Government schools are in trouble as attendance is way down due to parents pulling their kids out of public schools.
    Healdsburg, where I live, just put in license plate readers at all five entrances to our town.
    The streets are dead quiet here after 9 PM every night.
    Take care all.

  18. Carol Waters

    This powerful cartoon makes a world class statement. I have never seen better.

  19. Jerry

    It looks like Martin Armstrong was right about the banking collapse starting in Europe.

    How long can they stave this off before the Banks default on their payments? The British pound just got pounded last week.

  20. Korn Poop'ed

    Kennedy: What are the chances Hunter Biden gets ‘popped’?
    22,736 views Oct 7, 2022
    Corn popped? Like father like son, like corn-pop?🌽

  21. Shirl

    Great Wrap-up Greg…hey, that kinda rhymes 🙂

    “For those with ears to hear and eyes to see”…paraphrased from somewhere out of the Holy Bible.

  22. Stinking Bull

    There are still innocent people in prison with no due process because when they were waived in by an fbi agent, they went in. The same people that entrapped these innocent Americans run the domestic army. Infragard, cops programs black lives matter antfa are ALL run by the same people.
    The ILEGAL domestic army is persecuting innocent people. People that refused to sign on, are put on the terrorist watch list.
    People that speak up to school boards about their filth is being put on the terrorist watch list.
    The people the fbi tell you to follow around the streets and stores are INNOCENT PEOPLE.
    If you have signed on to these programs you are a part of the mark.
    The guards at Nurenberg trials cried ” we were just doing our job. What we were told to do” were hung by the neck shortly thereafter. Are YOU a guard for the fbi?

  23. Timmy

    Just got my natural gas bill for Sept. As of Oct. 1 the cost of gas went up 135%. Yes, that is one hundred thirty five. Unfortunately when people get their big bills for the winter the election will be in the rear view mirror. But such a price hike will cost me an extra $150-$200 a month during the cold months of winter. And I keep my thermostat at 66 degrees during the day and less at night. We should have elections in February when the shock of high energy costs would be front and center.

    • tim mcgraw

      Timmy: Same here in Sonoma County, CA. Natural gas prices (from PG & E) went up 100%. So did PG & E stock (though not 100%. Their stock is going up and is being heavily traded.) Our electric bill went up as well. So did sewer and water fees.

    • Robert says no

      I paid $55 a month on a budget equal plan. Then last January it went to $77, then in May it went to just over $100 a month still on the Budget equal pay. I switched to another provider and almost halved my per thermal unit to .629 from 1.249. Only thing is they dont have equal budget plans.

  24. ArkansasJake

    THE DAY AFTER Nordstream was blown up, an new pipeline opened. This sends gas to Poland from Norway. It’s an offshoot of the Europipe 2. It crosses Denmark and passes very close to where Nordstream was sabotaged.

  25. Stan

    For all those who didn’t profit from my previous trading recommendations I am now issuing a new trading alert. My proprietary timing model is indicating this is one of the best opportunities to short Gold and Silver. Listen to me for once and make some money!

    • Russ

      Your shorting gold in the face of soaring inflation?? Seems you mistakenly “believe in the big lie” now being told by the Fed (that this inflation spike we are seeing in the CPI “is transitory”). It is becoming very clear and obvious to everyone that the “fast-rising general price level” will soon push the price of gold “higher” right along with the rising interest rates the Fed needs to continue to push higher (to support a greatly depreciating US dollar that is buying “less and less and less”)!!!

      • Johnny Cool


        “Russ” is our old friend who has mutated several times.

      • Russ

        Biden has rapidly reduced the price of gasoline at gas stations across America (right before the election) thinking that the American people will have short memories and won’t hold him and the Demonrat Party responsible for the inflation they have created – but by doing so – people on Social Security won;t be getting their 9.5 % COLA increase (because a lower gasoline price will drive down the CPI numbers) – Putin is obviously working to screw Biden and his Globalist handlers “by cutting oil production” to raise gasoline prices right before the election – Biden must be furious and probably wants to nuke Russia bad but I think that will have wait (until after the election) – so I guess we have about a month to make things right with God before “a Nuclear Hell Storm” breaks out on planet Earth!!

  26. MonkeySee, Monkee'id does!

    Is an Ice Age Coming? | Space Time | PBS Digital Studios
    4,674,313 views May 25, 2016 PBS Space Time
    Spoiler: no (and climate change has nothing to do with this).

    Wait, what the F*CK did Bolton just say about Julian Assange?
    Redacted with Clayton Morris 53,279 views Oct 6, 2022
    “Wiki leaks founder Julie An Assange is behind bars and a maximum security prison in one of the harshest prisons in all of the United Kingdom Belmarsh prison what are his crimes? Publishing classified information that revealed the war, crimes and cover-up of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars. There was an unbelievable exchange last night between his wife, Stella Assange, and war criminal John Bolton from the United States. It’s rare that you get to see television like this. We watch Assange defend her husband like a full on Mama Bear and it’s a thing to see.
    🚨 🚨 If you’re in D.C. on October 8th come out to support the Hands Off Julian Assange event. Here’s the GoFundMe that explains it.
    https://www.gofundme.com/f/hands-off-… 🚨 🚨”

    ‘Senile’ Joe Biden is controlled by ‘faceless figures’🙈’🙉🙊Obomber &Bud’s’LOl!
    354,784 views Oct 6, 2022 Sky News Australia 2.94M subscribers
    Poor Joe Biden, isn’t capable of running a birthday party, let alone running a government, says Fox News host Tucker Carlson.
    “Joe Biden is senile,” he told Sky News host Peta Credlin.
    “Of course, he’s merely a proxy for the people that are actually running the US government. [Same as poor Ukraine is merely a proxy for war with Russia!]
    “The faceless diabolical figures that are driving us into the abyss … They’ve benefitted greatly from having a senile president.”
    J P 7 1 day ago
    Trump wants the border closed because of the drug and human sex trafficking, not because he doesn’t like Latinos. If the CIA did it’s job, they’re supposed to. Instead of colluding with Mexican drug cartels, [and Nazi’s in Ukraine] it would help….a lot, too!.
    Thelonertarian 1 day ago
    This elderly man doesn’t make his own public statements or author his own tweets. He literally isn’t in charge at all!

    Stunned by the turbulence of the 2020 election, millions of Americans are asking the forbidden question: What really happened?
    It was a devastating triple punch. Capping their four-year campaign to destroy the Trump presidency, the media portrayed a Democratic victory as necessary and inevitable. Big Tech, wielding unprecedented powers, vaporized dissent and erased damning reports about the Biden family’s corruption. And Democratic operatives, exploiting a public health crisis, Marc Elias Obama’s buddy, was the head of the snake. Shamelessly manipulated the voting process itself. Silenced and subjected, the American people lost not only they’re vote, but their faith in the system.
    Rigged is the definitive account of the 2020 election. Based on Mollie Hemingway’s exclusive interviews with campaign officials, reporters, Supreme Court justices, and President Trump himself, it exposes the fraud and cynicism behind the Democrats’ historic power grab.
    Rewriting history is a specialty of the radical left, now in control of America’s political and cultural heights. But they will have to contend with the determination, insight, and eloquence of Mollie Hemingway. Rigged is a reminder for weary patriots that truth is still the most powerful weapon. The stakes for our democracy have never been higher.
    Read Rigged: How the Media, Big Tech, and the Democrats Seized Our Elections

    • Russ

      When “a man” has suicidal inclinations – it is obvious to all that there is something wrong with him – but when “a group of men” have suicidal inclinations and are “actually killing off millions of people” (with jabs to the heart, the maiming of all women’s reproductive ability and the surgical removal of children’s sexual organs) it is praised as being the “Height of Wisdom in a New World Order” (that believes in the “Total Extermination of Humanity”)!!!

  27. Gaylene Muir

    After Losing His Sense of Smell from COVID-19, an Italian Gastronomer Discovered How to Get It Back
    The sense of smell and taste “are functions we would never expect to lose, and when we do lose them, our vision of the world changes.” Find out how smell loss impacted a super-taster and what he did to regain it.
    Agostino Petroni October 02, 2022
    Reviewed by Dietitian Maria Laura Haddad-Garcia

  28. 🙈’🙉🙊Obomber&Bud’s

    Rigged” a book by Mollie Hemingway;
    As the title, Ms. Hemingway offers the concept that the 2020 election was stolen from Donald Trump by the Democratic Party, i.e., the left. She starts her book with the a criteria that she offers as a critic of the Democratic Party, on page xiii, e.g., “democracy be damned”, meaning, we (the left) do not care about democracy but only our party. Now, does she prove this in her book?
    Note that her book doesn’t only deal with a rigged election but also points to liberal bias, censorship, intimidation/dirty tricks, preferential treatment of the news coverage and the elements that constituted a rigged election. Some of her work doesn’t prove a rigging of the election, such as president Trump’s State of the Union speech, in which Nancy Pelosi rips up his speech in plain sight for all to see. It proves that the left wasn’t interested in the improvements that he made as president. On page 192, she states that a Google engineer wanted to sabotage Trump’s phone since it ran on Google’s Android operating system. Facebook employees were sending anti-Trump propaganda, invitation to protests and solicitations for progressive charities straight to their work mailing lists. So, that has nothing to do with a rigged election.
    However, I felt that the election was stolen and that, somehow, the Democrats had the upper hand during the collecting and counting of ballots. Ms. Hemingway gave clarity to my observations as on page 206, she recounts the following:
    “Democrats achieved control over the 2020 elections. For the first time ever, the groups that supported Democrats were allowed, on a widespread basis, to cross that bright red line that separates government officials who administer an election from political operatives. Unelected liberal activists were allowed to embed in government offices and actually take over the election administration duties crucial battle ground states. They were given vast amounts of voter information and even put in charge of designing, distributing and collecting ballots”. She goes on to say, “this privatization of election administration tainted the entire election”. While this seems incredulous, months after the 2020 election, TIME magazine published its triumphant story of how the election was one by a “well-funded” cabal of powerful people, ranging across industries and ideologies working together BEHIND the scenes to influence perceptions, rules and laws, steer media coverage and control of information. (Emphasis, mine.)
    Who were those powerful people? On page 211, we find Facebooks founder, Mark Zuckerberg. On page 212, we find the term “Zuck Bucks”. Money was funneled through CTCL and SEIR, page 212. On page 256, we find that approximately $35,000,000 flowed into government offices in Democratic strongholds of PA to assist n the mail-in voting push. This included the proliferation of mail – in drop boxes which were unmanned and made it almost impossible to enforce the law, page 257. Another powerful entity was George Soros’s “Open Society Foundations” who funded Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights.

  29. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    I disagree with you on the War in Ukraine. I watch videos on YouTube of Americans on the ground and other credible independent sources. Is American politicians and others, skimming money? Yes. Does Russia win? Not really. Is the Russian Army crumbling? Yes.

    Russia is being checked. Ultimately, the beast, the king of the North, rises in Europe. After terrible suffering by Europeans, eager for a savior. America is not their savior. We get our payback, soon.

    We also, crumble and break-up.

  30. Roger Stamper

    tks for post greg

  31. Prospector

    Everything is fine…….
    Mississippi barge traffic way down as water levels fall. Movement of grain harvest , fertilizer & coal impacted.
    @ Zerohedge

    Greg , please ask Peter Schiff about the Reuters article that Russia will no longer deal in the British pound after Oct. 3 , ( Reuters 9-20 ) Thought this would have been bigger news.
    Also , DE-dolarization continuing with all Russia industry now allowed to settle in Bitcoin.

  32. AnObserver

    Ciao Greg
    Regarding the body double idea, two years ago thought Joe had no chance against the DJ WARP SPEED T, and still, in terms of his speech and mind, he’s obviously questionable, etc. But, physically, his posture, etc, no way that’s a 70-80 year old’s body…
    Going back to Giorgia Meloni, no she’s fully onboard with the NWO, wait and see. Caution before jumping in head first with this Italian stuff, Greg…
    God bless

  33. Jeff Kindley

    So this maybe slightly off topic but didn’t Bo Polny say something was going to happen on or around September 24 to 25, 2022? If so, did anything happen? Sometimes if it is from God it is very subtle.

    Thanks for the good work!

    • Bill Hughes

      Giorgia Meloni elected

  34. Steve McDonald

    Thank you for today’s update. Great info and to the point. The characterization of the US Corp and China telling Pres Putin to ‘stop trying to take over the world’ is soooo telling.
    I always look forward to your WNWs and Saturday Posts.
    We all need to pray to God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit for strength, conviction, hope and peace. Best to you and yours always,

  35. Neville

    Another Cracker Greg.like fine Tonic for the soul.
    Meanwhile gold struggling at 1700 because of the humiliating lies about the jobs numbers!

  36. The Vulture

    One must wonder how inept Saudi Arabia’s military must be (even though they spend the 3rd biggest amount of their GDP on defence $67 billion a year) if they are so scared of Iran that has been under sanctions for 40 years (wow, very effective, huh?) and has the defence budget that is less then 20% of KSA’s.

    • tim mcgraw

      The Vulture; If I remember right, about a year ago the Saudis sent their best troops into Yemen and got their asses kicked. The Saudis are weak. They remind me of the Ottomans that they replaced.

  37. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.
    Here in London,UK, we have had the tail end of the hurricane Ian ,wet and windy.Well , as a quick aside, I had to pop into town for one of my old bosses , can you believe the guy gives me his debit card and pin to buy stuff for him at particular shops which are way beyond my wallet though. Anyway, one of the shops is located in Albermarle Street in Mayfair, quite a nice street very upmarket, whilst loading my bike,don’t laugh, I noticed a Bentley Arnage pull up at Browns,nice hotel and restaurant,and out tumbled four young people ,incredibly well dressed ,that sauntered into Browns for lunch. They were not British , too well turned out and far too polished ,which is rare outside of royalty. One of the doormen commented to a colleague that the Ukrainians were back. So good to see our taxes being judiciously used here in London.
    Mr Martin Armstrong quoted $17Billions in total have been sent to the Ukraine,yet in the early part of the year(2022) the figure had amassed to $53Billions, so lets say $17Billions arrived in the Ukraine, where are the other $36Billions. Interior decorators and car dealerships around Washington must be snowed under with work along with builders and private jets. But seriously, Mr Armstrong always has a reference so $36Billions missing in a proxy war and Congress is okay with this? This has to be corruption awaiting someone. If I can see corruption in your face here in London with young Ukrainian elites spending more on lunch than a secretary makes in a month surely the American embassy is also aware.
    Still our economy here in the Uk is truly awful and inflation is biting hard on us plebs whilst wages remain stagnant. Liz Truss, concupiscent Prime Minister all done in the least possible taste, is about to betray not only the UK by dragging us back into the EU but destroy our pound,whilst the BoE pretends to destroy the pound but is actually saving it with lots of talking and blustering,
    Whilst Dr Kwasi Kwarteng, our Chancellor of the Exchequer , can barely rub two brain cells together to come up with a solution. I think he should demand his money back from the inept Cambridge for all the good it is doing us plebs!
    Still our society is becoming more brutal each day.It is alarming to see police so heavily tattooed and armed to the teeth here in London , its becoming a Belfast 1970s style.

  38. Doug W

    Putin says he’ll will use nukes, that means he does not want to live himself. What I mean by that is, don’t you think what the U.S. has a couple of nuke going to Moscow ? He might have a bomb shelter that he can crawl into, but the maybe ( 10 nukes )hitting Moscow, no that bomb shelter should be worthless. So, the CI.A , F.B.I just has to know where P-U-T-I-N is at all times because you know that dog face leader won’t be in Moscow when he pushes the nuke button.

    • Shiloh1

      He will sneak off to Quebec and change his name to Poutine and overthrow Trudeau.

  39. Da Yooper

    Good wrap up Greg

    Can you get Ed Dowd back sometime soon?

  40. Don Wohlers

    I have to disagree with dementia people seldom appear cogent. I can be walking around with my wife who is in Memory Care with three NEO’s telling us that is where she should be and I agree. But when we meet people here, she can be so with it that those people will ask me later, why is she in Memory Care. But then the next time I have her and we see them, after a short while, they will understand as she is so mixed up and does not remember even meeting them the day before or sometimes, even one hour before.
    I see that in JB as well. He is way past his time to be President. He was there even before we started but that is who the WEF and others, wanted. So there he is.

  41. RTW

    The pipeline comment isn’t the first time Joe publicly made a stupid comment and didn’t face any consequences. How about his bragging about getting a prosecutor fired, who was investigating his sons shady dealings in Ukraine. All he has to say is that he never said anything like that and walk away under the umbrella of the MSM. The MSM then dutifully reports that Putin blew up his own profitable pipeline with no reason given and if you don’t buy that you’re a traitor. C’mon man!

  42. James PTY

    Government authorized relief for Ukraine, or anywhere else in the world, is a “transparent” way of funding covert endeavors flavored with a “social responsibility” spin shaping public opinion. The dark puppeteer forces the actions of all those captured to a point that eventually reveals them to be agents of evil: There actions, Lindsay Graham as an example, makes their allegiance obvious. Avoid listening to academics (they describe in great detail, but rarely offer viable solutions), and or focusing on any one calamity/atrocity. Instead, from a 72,000 foot vantage, apply first principles of critical thinking to objective reality (verifiable facts like those presented on USA WatchDog), clearly observe, accurately interpret, and formulate conclusions that make sense of nonsense. There is no substitute for autonomy. Remain undaunted.

  43. Justn Observer

    Greg, So, on the ranking list near bottom are all the banks that are holding NO derivatives position? So why would people not want to put at least some of their money in those ‘local’ banks and credit unions as Catherine Autin Fitts has suggested in the past? Keep the money local so they can invest in local businesses and projects rather than in banks controlled by the likes of Blackstone, Blackrock, and others…that help the bidding of the DAVOS and WEFers so directly?
    Has JPM surpassed DB in derivatives holdings? =

    Banks Ranked by Derivatives (usbanklocations.com)

    Bank With $49 Trillion In Derivatives Exposure Is Melting Down Before Our Eyes – NewsWars


  44. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, the mess in Florida is going to be a challenge. The property insurance like the FDIC insurance is going to be overwhelmed. Some insurance companies were pulling out of Florida before Ivan hit. The rebuilding may not take place because property values will be depressed in devastated areas. The values are determined by surrounding values. They may not have financial resources to rebuild.

    • Johnny Cool

      Fred E,

      It seems that many did not have flood insurance.

  45. Justn Observer

    Greg, Military ARMY Major MD reports massive military medical malpracitice, fraud and felonies in the vax issues – info vets and active duty military need ot know =
    @25:00 = https://jeffreyprather.com/military-malpractice-medical-murder/

  46. Terri

    Bravo, Greg,
    You clearly report situations without excess verbiage and confusing digressions.

  47. Eli

    As always, great synopsis of what’s happening, Greg! Thank you! ☦️🙏🏻😊

  48. john lance

    Up date and clarification : I was refering to the statement made by Dolly Parton. Come to think about it maybe these transgender people should try pee. Lot cheaper than surgery i am sure.

  49. Dr. Brakish Okun's Freak Show

    The Bidens get away with murder
    with the entire world as witness
    and the main story is Donald Trump.

  50. Getting Deeper

    Dirty Tricks?
    Another powerful person was Marc Elias who is mentioned several times in Ms. Hemmingway’s book. We first find mention of him on page 12, where it states that he “was John Kerry’s general counsel in his 2004 run for president, as well as Hillary Clinton’s general counsel in her 2016 run for president.” After all, it was he, “who has chaired the political law practice at the Democratic Party’s powerful law firm Perkins-Coie for years”. it was he who hired Fusion GPS, that cooked up the “Steele Dossier”, something that was subsequently debunked by Devin Nunes who discovered that Elias, Clinton and the Democrats had been behind the dossier all along. Mr. Elias appears on page 250 once again by suing the state of No. Carolina to get certain voting laws passed. He was using his “sue and settle” initiative as he had done prior. The rewards? Rather than defend the laws passed by the state’s elected representatives in court, the state’s attorney general settled the lawsuit, letting Mr. Elias’s demands to, essentially, rewrite the state’s election laws.
    Other dirty tricks were to keep 3rd party candidates off of the ballot. In some cases, “gift cars” were distributed to native Americans for their vote! Republicans who wanted to serve as poll observers weren’t allowed in Philadelphia. The Trump campaign sued twice and lost. In PA, the supreme court ruled to allow improper ballots to be counted! In Fulton County, GA., the Republicans doubted whether there was a meaningful attempt to match signatures w/r to Mail – In Ballots. Blue Crest, a company used by Fulton County, was acquired by them to handle absentee ballots. The technology was there to scan, open, remove and flatten the ballot with the optional ability to MATCH signatures. However, upon closer examination by Republicans, it was discovered that the managers never intended to use that system!

  51. Sandra McIntosh

    Regarding “The BIG Guy”…….Is it really Joe Biden or could it be BARAK OBAMA?????

  52. Rich Kocis

    Mr Hunter love your WNWs hilight of the week have to say I think the system is corrupt top to bottom there will come a day when the masses will wake up ,I just pray its not to late, God bless your work

  53. iwitness02

    All the trouble here, and around the world keeps escalating. Feels to me like we are building up towards some sort of grand finally. In the meantime, we are witnessing more and more human suffering, misery and death. What a hideous crop of politicians and bankers we have running the affairs here on earth. They are all under the influence of the Devil, so I can’t give the bankers and politicians all the credit. That evil influence is the driving force behind all of the depravity. I can’t hardly wait for the truth to become prominent enough to start overthrowing all the lies. Seems as though the tipping point is getting close now, where the truth will overthrow the lies and good overcomes evil. I pray that is the case.

    • Pete+only

      Iwitness02, I feel exactly the same as you do…I grew up near Buffalo New York in the 60s and 70s, and I’ll always remember Erve Weinstein saying “topping eye witness news”…some place always burning down…with Genessee Cream Ale commercials and all, and OJ Simpson getting his 2000 yards as a Buffalo Bill.
      People are slowly waking up, and a lot of people I talk to now have long stopped watching and listening to main stream news channels.
      Today, I was at Walmart buying some baby formula for our first grandchild, when the clerk stocking the shelves said you might want to stock up, because she was in the process of increasing some of the baby formula prices by 25 to 50%.
      You are right. The tipping point could be any time from now until the mid terms.
      May God be with us…
      My point is when these things start to happen so close to ourselves, people can no longer ignore what’s going on around them.

  54. Susan R

    Myopic is the disease taking over. We are a very fragile species with strong herd mentality. This was used to take us down.

  55. Robert K


    To your point about going after Hunter, some are saying it’s a trap just to set up DJT and arrest him. We know there isn’t anything he’s done wrong, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t trying to make up “evidence” like every other thing they have thrown at him thus far. These sham “investigations” into DJT won’t go away any time soon, no matter what it entails… If one fails, another one will present itself. Just look at the past seven years.


  56. johnny Sic

    NORD stream 2 has payback…………Russia disables NATO tracking satellites with laser weapon. That’s Nuclear Tracking Satellites to track movement of someRussian Nuclear Weapons.


  57. Andrew B

    Hello Greg

    This is amazing interview with Dr.Rima
    Every one should watch it.

    Remember her


    • Southern Girl

      Andrew B.
      Thanks so much for the link to the video…what great information. I have never heard of her. Keep up the information coming.

  58. Diana Brown

    Thanks Greg. Always look forward to your weekly wrap-up perspective.

  59. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Washington DC now has most of Europe on their knees, with most of the gas and oil mostly cutoff will make most of Europe easy for the psychopaths that occupy Washington DC and their owners to control and supply fuel and oil from the U.S. to Europe with price gouging prices. The food shortages in parts of Europe appear to be a real problem, freezing to death seems to be more likely for many in Europe this winter. Joe Biden did predict a “dark winter”, this must be that dark winter he was babbling about.

  60. Honest Abe

    We are officially in the Strategic Mid-Term, oil Reserves. But unfortunately, only until November 3rd. Then it’s all Up the gazebo, people!
    Trump gives major warning about using Strategic Oil Reserves
    719,392 views Dec 20, 2021
    Obomber’s new 78,ooo armed IRS agents, wont be able to keep him in his D.C. crib dig’s, much longer! Because? Call it what you will. This civil war, populist world wide movement, will run this, Freddie the free loading, dumpster diving bum out of town soon enough! It is unstoppable Barry, sorry sir, have a nice trip up to the vineyard! Don’t fall asleep on the beach.🏖
    The global warming rising tide of Armageddon, will get you wet! Hypocrite, LOl!
    In the words of our beloved Civil War president;
    “You can fool some of the people [Barry] all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.”
    ++++++++++Abraham Lincoln_________
    Expert on fool’s, honesty, integrity, lying and liars.
    Post Scripted
    A pretender is someone who claims to be the rightful ruler of a country although not recognized as such by the current government.[1] The term is often used to suggest that a claim is not legitimate. The word may refer to a former monarch or a descendant of a deposed monarchy, although this type of claimant is also referred to as a head of a house.
    The word was popularized by Queen Anne, who used it to refer to her Roman Catholic half-brother James Francis Edward Stuart, the Jacobite heir, in an address to Parliament in 1708: “The French fleet sailed from Dunkirk … with the Pretender on board.”
    In 1807 the French Emperor Napoleon complained that the Almanach de Gotha continued to list German princes whom he had deposed.[6] This episode established that publication as the pre-eminent authority on the titles of deposed monarchs and nobility, many of which were restored in 1815 after the end of Napoleon’s reign.
    The noun “pretender” is derived from the French verb prétendre, itself derived from the Latin praetendere (“to stretch out before”, “to hold before (as a pretext)”, “to extend [a claim] before”), from the verb tendo (“to stretch”), plus the preposition prae (“before, in front”). The English, French and Latin words have prima facie no pejorative connotation, although one who pretends to a position with no plausible claim or with an entirely false claim, may be differentiated as a “false pretender.”
    Perkins-Coie War buck’s?
    Epilog; A Nuclear Incident End-Time Event
    Fail Safe

  61. Dave S

    We need to stop selling Saudi Arabia USA military aircraft parts and support items. Including weaponry and ammunition of all types. They can be Russia’s dependent. The Biden administration is destroying the USA position in the World. They are against everything American.

  62. Coal Burner

    fbi agents, especially the leadership in Washington DC, have to be worried about going to jail too. Most of the leadership have committed felony’s. Garland is now implicated in criminal activity.

    Greg, I broke out in uncontrolled laughter when you said the Italians were not going to have to burn their nice Italian furniture this winter. I do not blame Italy at all. They need to tell “Klouse Schwab Rothchild” to stuff the EU where the sun don’t shine.

    As for nukes, we Americans with a brain and not on the bribe list have said since the beginning that the fight will last till all the Ukrainian men are dead. I guess the pedophiles and mongers want all those Ukrainian Women and girls. Wonder how many Joe is playing with in the Dementia Home that is hiding the husk of his always useless body. He probably still does a lot of sniffing.

    The shots are still being advertised by and for idiots in New Mexico. I will never even get a flu shot again. You cannot trust any of these drug company’s now making vaccines. With some luck and stopping the cheating our Governor of Treachery Michell LG
    will be voted to the dumpster this fall. She was a Biden kill shot, shutdown monster all the way. Thankfully, if you were far enough from Santa Fe, you could ignore most of the loonatics!

  63. Honest Injin

    ‘Gold Teeth’ Ukraine Recovered From ‘Russian Mini-Auschwitz Torture Chamber’ Were Actually From Village Dentist – Report
    Chris Menahan/ InformationLiberation Oct. 06, 2022

    NUCLEAR WAR ALERT! Zelensky Demands NATO Sneak-Attack the Country of Russia, Biden Warns of Armageddon – Friday LIVE
    Posted 4 hours ago

    Renowned author and talk show host, Steve Quayle, joins Alex Jones to lay out the geopolitical ramifications of the Ukraine War’s escalation into a potentially civilization-ending war!
    Also, expert on Globalists’ mind-control operations and psyops, Mark Passio, joins the broadcast to break down the incredible times we live in and how to free yourself from the [Hollywood script writers] Matrix! https://www.infowars.com/

    Why Did the Coronavirus Suddenly Cause Thousands of Deaths in Spring 2020 When it Had Been Hanging Around Quietly All Winter?/
    The Daily Sceptic WILL JONES 6 OCTOBER 2022

    Two Russians flee to Alaska’s St Lawrence Island in small boat to escape Putin’s Ukraine war conscription
    By Chisa Hasegawa and wires Posted 14h ago
    In a month they can walk over, on the ice. Like the indigenous did, back in the day!
    Mexico now Russians?
    Life at the Russian US. border

  64. H.Injin

    Oop’s, start here. DAY ONE!
    Flying to see Russia from Little Diomede, Alaska Day 1

  65. Breck

    More fodder for the drought problem:
    Ingram Barge Declares Force Majeure Due to Low Water on Mississippi

  66. Frank S.

    Does the V-Safe data correlate as to WHEN the app was downloaded by the respondent – before or after being vaccinated? A portion of them may have only purchased it after suffering symptoms, deciding that this method of ‘reporting their injury’ was less cumbersome than going through the VAERS process.

  67. Prospector

    You are the – Glitch – the system is afraid of

  68. Country Codger

    Howdy Greg,
    Looks like we had a little “bump” on Judgement Day (Yom HaKippurim)). Lower highs and lower lows until the 19th. Remember, from the 25th through the 8th (Midterm Election Day, oops) the greatest possibility of a major war starting in or from Central Asia; Russia, India, Pakistan, China, et. al. ((Hey, wait a minute, isn’t that the S.C.O.?))

    Lo Iyrah!

  69. Bill Bradshaw

    Gotta wonder, is Bidens brain fried because of the jab ?

  70. Jeffrobbins

    A question for Peter is something we should all consider- if we have a lame duck congress, which looks likely, what happens if emergency legislation is needed for some financial/ banking calamity. The rapid bond rates rising have to create lots of loses for all kinds of institutions-all around the world- and year end could be real bad- but i am not a banker.

  71. Neville

    The cartoon pointing a finger at Mr Putin accusing him of trying to take over
    The world is so unstable as a result of AAcrimes crime against humanity vis a vis the injections masquerading as vaccines…..People are now dying like flies and so,

  72. Biden Time

    The battle of Armageddon refers to the final war between human governments and God. These governments and their supporters oppose God even now by refusing to submit to his rulership. (Psalm 2:2) The battle of Armageddon will bring human rulership to an end.​—Daniel 2:​44.

  73. Rich Roz

    Hey Greg , here is their next plan. Radiation Protection: Ribonucleic acid (RNA) Antiradiation vaccine or messenger RNA (mRNA) Antiradiation vaccine. With a threat of Nuclear war people will gladly take this one.

  74. Glenn

    Reg Russia – Ukraine, war,
    Search for Scott Ritter on youtube, telegram, Vimeo.
    Also , http://www.moonofalabama.org.

  75. ken

    GREG: great stuff. SUGGESTION: Time to get ENGDAHL onto your show on a regular (maybe quarterly) basis. This is a great interview. He ought to also be on your show, too. He’s overseas, close to the action, warned Vatican about global modification population, wrote strategic books about global financial system…etc. Thanks for considering. Keep up the great work.


  76. Clay Lane

    BREAKING! Crimean Bridge is EXPLODED! Live
    5,832 views Streamed live 5 hours ago Baklykov.
    Breaking! Crimean (Kerch) Bridge is exploded.

    Could you travel from the U.S.A to Russia ON FOOT!?
    599,811 views Dec 8, 2020

  77. Russ McMeans

    Hi Greg H. Going to the Donald in Minden, Nevada tomorrow. He’s flying in to our local airport around 6pm. I can’t believe he’s coming here. I guess Reno didn’t want him in 2020. I may have date wrong. We’re a conservative county here. I’m finally a Nevadan again, cutting ties with California.
    We’re getting flooded with California people nowadays so I plan to keep moving east. There’s no vacancies at the rv trailer parks anywhere from here to Sacramento to the Pacific Ocean so I’ll probably end up in Utah or Kansas. I’ll miss my family and ladies I’ve met in Match, my dating site. But Jesus is with me. I’m homeless but with a new rv home. Go figure. Please pray for me. Our world sucks. I wish I could run /execute foreign policy…. I know how to deal with all our problems. Also economic issues. I could fix everything quickly. But alas; we have a corrupt President that couldn’t run a hotdog stand if his life depended on it. Sigh…..

  78. Da Yooper

    Greg I was reading the interview of Kanye West over at Zero Hedge & wonder if you could interview him very important revelations that should be brought to light.

    Kanye Accuses Kushner Of Sabotaging Trump


    As Chris Menahan notes, “Though West didn’t know the minutia of Kushner’s dealings, his suspicions were entirely correct. Kushner sought $100 million in kickbacks from Israel after securing them $38 billion in foreign aid from the US.”

  79. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Scott Ritter – Russia Ukraine War Latest
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 10/7/22
    Ukraine’s Zelensky calls on NATO to launch “preemptive strikes” against Russia to “eliminate the possibility” of a Russian nuclear strike

  80. Felix The Cat Leitner

    October 10, 2022 Issue
    Has the C.I.A. Done More Harm Than Good?
    In the agency’s seventy-five years of existence, a lack of accountability has sustained dysfunction, ineptitude, and lawlessness.
    By Amy Davidson Sorkin
    The paramilitary pursuits of the C.I.A.—including assassination attempts, coup plots, and drone strikes—seldom end well.
    “Secrecy keeps mistakes secret. Secrecy is a disease. It causes a hardening of the arteries of the mind.” Quote by John le Carré
    Don’t believe? Just ask pointy ears, Yoda look alike. Former CNN big mouth, liar to the American peoples representatives, in congress. Flaming lying flying, flapping lip’s. James Bond wannabe, James clap trap, the Clapper.

  81. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg — Good wrap-up, the mayhem will continue with each side blaming the other while only one technically controls the White House and congress (House and Senate).

    Good food for thought for anyone who hasn’t figured this out.
    “Who Are The Neofascists?”

    “Projecting” — blaming the other side for doing something “bad” that you do. Happens all the time these days. HRC is famous for it, as are Bill (her sorta husband), Barry O and now Biden is doing it. That might be Barry at the keyboard controlling the teleprompter, but technically, Biden is saying it.

    Words have meaning but over time, the definition of certain terms, like fascist have morphed so that they apply and can be used to project. Over 30 years ago a close friend bought me a freaking huge dictionary for Christmas — one of these:
    “Random House Dictionary of the English Language, 2nd Edition, Unabridged”
    It’s something everyone should have at the ready when a word pops up in political speech that seems to not apply but is used regardless. No the dictionary that you have on your computer or cellphone doesn’t qualify.

    Believing online definitions is a problem; that’s how morphing a definition happens. “Let’s change the definition of projecting so that HRC, Bill and Barry are specifically excluded — yeah, that’s the ticket. Only Trump and those MAGA, Q and Anons project — put that definition out in the next update”. See, easy peasy.

    A huge hardcopy dictionary from 40 years ago is a great resource; those definitions don’t morph easily. Keep it as a reference, newer ain’t better.

  82. Stifle Yourself

    Tell S.F.B. MEATHEAD that Archie Bunker was 100% correct.

  83. Allan

    Martin Armstrong called the Nordstream pipe lines spot on. Listen to his interview on September 24th starting at about 8:10 mark, especially 8:30.
    2 days later, BOOM!

  84. Bodych

    That representative from Illinois whose 17-yo daughter died “peacefully” last June…

    This week, he said she was healthy, fit, “fully vaccinated”, etc., but died in her sleep because “her heart stopped”.

    He added: “Sudden, unexplained heart-failure among young, healthy people is rare but real.”

    Honest to God: What is wrong with people like this man and the millions just like him? Out West, I’m still hearing about the “safe, effective, and free vaccinations” on ads everywhere. Fill ‘er up!…and the only people getting sick are the ones who got topped off!

    I am not a Bible expert, but does it say anything about the blinding stupidity of some people and why I should not feel contempt for them? My patience and understanding go only so far.

  85. Rodster

    When will the Covidiots learn and connect the dots?

    “Michigan assistant Mike Hart carted off field after collapsing on sideline during game vs. Indiana”


  86. Prospector

    The first casualty of war is ….. The Truth.

    There is so much misinformation thrown out by all sides , know this , it is INTENTIONAL !
    Fear is a control device. NATO and Russia saber rattling about atomic war do that to keep both their opponent and their own people in check. This is not new. The major media MSM then over-hypes the message for click-bait headlines and ad revenue.
    Just do the best you can as if preparing for a Hurricane / Snowstorm and do not panic buy things you don’t need. The more sensational , yellow-dog , click-bait the headline , the more I ignore it.
    In my opinion , City Prepper – youtube channel is one of the few reasonable and calm places to learn without the fear porn.
    ( Host is / was a pastor )

    I read this recently and had a good laugh.
    ” I apologize to anyone I have not yet offended , please be patient and I will get to you shortly “

  87. Jay Jordan Cardone

    Eat Your Heart Out CNN
    Noam Chomsky & Vijay Prashad on Ukraine, Why U.S. Must Negotiate with
    Russia & What Media Gets Wrong 321,921 views Oct 3, 2022 Democracy Now!
    We speak to world-renowned political dissident Noam Chomsky and political writer Vijay Prashad about the Russian war in Ukraine, now in its eighth month. When it comes to continuing the war rather than negotiating a peace settlement, “the United States and Britain are pretty isolated on this,” says Chomsky. “The United States saw Ukraine as a kind of loose nail under which they place their weapons, billions of dollars of weapons … in order to egg Russia on,” says Prashad. Chomsky and Prashad are co-authors of the new book, “The Withdrawal: Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan, and the Fragility of U.S. Power,” which covers failed U.S. foreign policy in recent wars and the importance of seeing beyond dominant media narratives.
    Chomsky gets into the weeds on growing warming waters, but still anti-endless war.

    Why the Russians might use nuclear weapons |Fox News Ben Domenech
    https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f6MdC6Nidj Comments
    I was absolutely disgusted when I found out Russia and Ukraine had a peace deal in April and the United States and Europe told them not to do it, this war could’ve been over months ago, so many countless lives lost it’s disgusting
    Yet the Democrats claimed: “Trump is going to bring us into nuclear war.”
    The more we box Russia into a corner, the easier it is for them to decide to use nukes. We need diplomacy more than Ukraine needs arms.
    Good Ole Brandon bringing the cold War back keeping it old school. Can we say mutually assured destruction. I know I can’t wait to go skiing in a nuclear winter wonder land.
    This world will never see peace. And it saddens me…..😔 [That we have to wait for God to kick all they’re asses] Both sides and they’re puppet master, Satan da Devil!
    If politicians. both sides, all used preparation H. They would all disappear.
    🤔🦑 Good riddance to you all and your religious leaders!

  88. Gary Whitlam

    A Warning From Europe: The Worst Is Yet to Come
    Polarization. Conspiracy theories. Attacks on the free press. An obsession with loyalty. Recent events in the United States follow a pattern Europeans know all too well.
    The Atlantic Anne Applebaum

  89. Guy Fawks


    Facebook and Google had a lot to do with censorship. Twitter censored Trump but allowed Iran’s Ayatollah Khamenei to continue to Tweet, (page 203) claiming that “saber rattling on economic or military issues are generally not in violation of our Twitter rules”. Facebook outsourced its fact checking to other media organizations and compensated them well. Ms. Hemmingway writes, “Censorship was now a cornerstone of liberal political orthodoxy. With regard to the admission of Tony Bobulinsky, only FOX News covered the story, even though there was enough information (page 244) to implicate Joe Biden. Page 235 shows that Bohai Harvest RST was co-owned between China and the Biden’s. The deal was worth $1.5 Billion. And what about Hunter Biden’s “extra-curricula” activities, that once it was announced AFTER the election, 1 in 6 voters would NOT have voted for Joe Biden! One in six would have turned the election to Trump.

    Preferential Treatment by the Media.

    The left wing media wouldn’t give Trump Credit for his successes but called him a racist and hold to the Russia collusion theory for 4 years helping the Dems to impeach him twice. According to them there were little or no accomplishments, the historic peace deal in the Middle East, no new wars, bolstering U.S. Energy production in making us Energy independent, taking on China and his Warp Speed approach to getting 3 Covid – 19 Vaccines ready for emergency use in less than a year etc If you wanted a fair election, this wasn’t it.

    In conclusion, if you believe that this election was stolen, think what that means in its finality, i.e., our way of life and our future.

  90. Laura

    Greg, I see the cause of death for that 17-year-old congressman’s daughter has been revealed and also the fact that she was fully vaxxed. So sad.

    • Greg Hunter

      The father says he’s not sure if they will ever find out what killed her!!!???

  91. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    Looks like we may have an escalation starting in Kherson, Ukraine, soon.

    I hate war. It is always the innocent that pay the heaviest price. Only the people that start them should have to fight them. There would be a lot fewer wars if that was the case.
    Lo Iyrah!!!
    Shabbat shalom,

  92. Chilli

    Hi Greg.
    Sorry. You are wrong. Here is one DUDE who thinks the Jab works wonders!
    Keep on Trucking.

  93. Kenneth Hall

    When will the church wake up and shine the light on the REAL darkness instead of ignoring it and pretending they are relevant! The real darkness is the arrogance, apathy, corruption, that is steam rolling the Christian values our nation was built on. They have allowed evil to take over every major institution and are destroying the innocence and souls of our Youth right in front of our eyes! What is the church doing to stop this? Pretending everything is going to be alright as long as we sing praises on Sunday and throw up a few prayers in our spare time! Here is how this is really going to end! I wrote this song a few years ago and it is proving to be prophetic! https://soundcloud.com/user262008952/his-bride

  94. swimfinz

    Greg Hunter reports on the real news. My
    Fave Reports are when Greg is podcasting from the Missouri cornfields.
    Thank you Greg!

  95. Kenneth Smith

    It should be noted, thankfully, that due to the robust construction of Russia’s Nordstream, the sabotage was not completely successful. A portion of Nordstream 2 can be brought online to compensate for the loss of the other lines. This can be done without too much effort. The same robust style construction saved the Crimean bridge which is already back in service following the Ukraine’s cowardly terrorist attack . It stands that robust infrastructure is symbolic of a robust Nation, one that you don’t mess with militarily or economically. Thanks to resolute leadership that perseveres and endures, Russia will surely win its objectives in the Ukraine conflict. Meanwhile the weak flip-flopping, wishy-washy hypocritical nature of Western Nations policies and leadership, is getting exposed.

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