Pelosi Trump Battle, Clinton Benghazi Email, Media Continues to Lie

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 367 1.18.19)

The battle to fund security and a wall on the U.S. southern border continues. The tit for tat this week includes Speaker Pelosi disinviting President Trump to the House of Representatives for his annual State of the Union address. Trump countered Pelosi by stopping her from taking a trip abroad on government aircraft (including a stop in Brussels) one hour before she and her crew were about to leave. The President told her to stay in Washington to negotiate an end to the partial government shutdown, and if she must fly, she should fly commercial.

President Trump is canceling his trip to the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland. It’s not just his trip he’s canceling, but his entire cabinet, too. The strange thing is French President Macron and UK PM May are also canceling their trips to Davos. Each are facing their own turmoil in their respective countries. Trump is battling a government shutdown over security, Macron is battling the protests of the “Yellow Vest” movement and May is battling the so-called Brexit that failed miserably in the UK parliament this week. The one thing all these problems have in common is the globalist New World Order has something to do with each of them.

The mainstream media continues to lie and function as a propaganda machine, not a free press that wants to inform its citizens. New research has come out, and 90% of the coverage by the big networks continues to put a negative spin on the actions of the Trump Administration 90% of the time. Stats like this prove propaganda and not honest reporting.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about the most important stories this week in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Professor of Economics Mark Skidmore gives us an update on the story the mainstream media lies to you about. (I am talking about you, Washington Post.) The ‘missing’ $21 trillion in money from the DOD and HUD. No other story is more important to your constitutional rights and the value of your money and retirement.

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  1. paul ...

    What is immoral … is the NSA (America’s Fourth Reich SS spy agency) collecting huge amounts of data on American citizens to find out what immoral things they have been doing … so it can be used to control them … and do the Deep States bidding …

    • paul ...

      With regard to the private Clinton e-mail server … Hillary probably figured that keeping her dealings on a “private” server would protect her treasonous actions from ever being released by a Freedom of Information Act request (like her shipping US nuclear weapons to the enemy) … Trump should seek out who in his State and Justice Departments were the ones colluding to protect Hillary (and themselves) from the treasonous act of sending “Little John” nuclear weapons (through Benghazi) to terrorists in Syria … and when Ambassador Stevens resisted these efforts … he was rubbed out!!

      • paul ...

        And Trump “is going after these traitors” …

        • paul ...

          And be aware of (as Greg so aptly explains) the “fake news media” which is a mind control weapon used by the Deep State to herd the people into doing exactly what they want (like going along with the elimination of our Constitutional Rights and not protecting our borders)!!

          • paul ...

            Here is an interesting thought … Five(5) days to go to reach [30] days of government shutdown … after which Trump has the legal authority to order a Reduction in Force (RIF) and permanently fire all the demon-rats sponging off the government (i.e. like Pelosi)!! …

      • Doogie Houser

        You can’t make this up and apparently you didn’t!
        TREASON: 16 year Coup d`e’tat plan ofAction!

        Instead of spending billion’s, with a B! Toppling 2nd world countries regimes. We should have been building a wall. The Democrat party has to start getting voter’s by campgaining, instead of cheating, allowing criminals and the poor of 3rd world countries to repopulate our country decimated by planned parenthood’s vision of the future, which unfortunatly is NOW!

        Hillary Clinton May Have Committed Treason In Benghazi By Facilitating Weapons Sales To Rebels Who Killed Americans
        By Staff Reporter Jun 29, 2015
        While Clinton was secretary of state, her department awarded a record number of export licenses to arms dealers, allowing them to sell sophisticated weapons internationally. In all, more than 86,000 licenses valued at $44.3 billion were granted in 2011 alone – over $10 billion more than in 2010, according to Fox.

        Hillary: The Little War-Monger!
        No wonder John McCain loved her. She was after his own heart. With a Razor!

        Don’t hold yer breath!

        Hillary Reveals America’s Nuclear Response Time During The Debate
        During the final presidential debate, the candidates got into a heated exchange about the use of nuclear weapons, in which Hillary Clinton trotted out her talking point that Donald Trump is unfit to have his finger on the button because of his lack of self-control. What made the internet go nuts, however, was when she added one specific detail to her argument that some are saying is a violation of operational security, a routine she knows well.

        Every word the Obama Regime has said about Benghazi is a lie. Newly declassified documents from the department of defense prove this. The Obama regime was arming and funding away! But not the/our border, to busy taking down borders oversea’s, then trying to defend THEM!
        One day after the attack on US Ambassador Stevens, the Obama Regime new a large amount of details about the attackers and why they did it. Documents also show that the Obama regime fully understood that al-Qaeda was a leading player in the Syrian insurgency that the US government was arming and funding.
        Internal Obama regime documents admitted that use aid to the “Syrian Insurgency” benefited Salafist fighters, including al-Qaeda. The Obama regime predicted the rise of ISIS and the establishment of the “Caliphate” 17 months in advance

        Obama & Hillary-knew, Benghazi weapons were going to al-Qaeda! Theyre new buddies!

        • Doogie Houser

          It looked as if my first try didn’t take, responding to Pau’ls comment on Hillary treason, but apparently it did!
          Please eliminate one. Sorry&thanks!

        • paul ...

          DH … I was having some doubts about QAnon … but this 16 Year Coup D’Etat piece you provided … has Q back in my good graces!!

    • Wadsworth Booker T.

      We’eve heard end the fed, how’s bout, end the plausible unreliability deniability scam. In governmental domestic issue’s!
      William Binney, US. SpyMaster turned whistleblower, because NSA was using his program to spy on Americans. As Binney was well known to the US Congress, he did not think he needed any NSA document to make his case. But what he found out was:

      “Congress would never hear me because then they’d lose plausible deniability. That was really their key. They needed to have plausible deniability so they can continue this massive spying program because it gave them power over everybody in the world. Even the members of Congress had power against others [in Congress]; they had power on judges on the Supreme Court, the federal judges, all of them.

      That’s why they’re so afraid. Everybody’s afraid because all this data that’s about them, the central agencies — the intelligence agencies — they have it. And that’s why Senator Schumer warned President Trump earlier, a few months ago, that he shouldn’t attack the intelligence community because they’ve got six ways to Sunday to come at you. That’s because it’s like J. Edgar Hoover on super steroids. . . . it’s leverage against every member of parliament and every government in the world.”

      [Plausible deniability] is the ability of people to deny knowledge of or responsibility for any damnable actions committed by others in an organizational hierarchy because of a lack of evidence that can confirm their participation, even if they were personally involved in or at least willfully ignorant of the actions. In the case that illegal or otherwise disreputable and unpopular activities become public, high-ranking officials may deny any awareness of such acts to insulate themselves and shift blame onto the agents who carried out the acts, as they are confident that their doubters will be unable to prove otherwise. The lack of evidence to the contrary ostensibly makes the denial plausible, that is, credible, although sometimes it merely makes it unactionable. The term typically implies forethought, such as intentionally setting up the conditions to plausibly avoid responsibility for one’s actions or knowledge. In some organizations, legal doctrines such as command responsibility exist to hold major parties responsible for the actions of subordinates involved in heinous acts and nullify any legal protection that their denial of involvement would carry.
      Plausible deniability – Wikipedia

      Plausible deniability is similar to blaming the alcohol, for your misdeed’s. Tony Podesta can put out, I hope they get the scoundrel who squealed on us. The dog-whistle is sent out and before you know it, the problem is taken care of!

      plausible deniability
      A condition in which a subject can safely and believeably deny knowledge of any particular truth that may exist because the subject is deliberately made unaware of said truth so as to benefit or shield the subject from any responsibility, associated through the knowledge of such truth.
      The CIA black ops division undertakes dangerous and usually what would be considered illegal missions that are not officially sanctioned by the US administration so that the administration, which usually benefits from such missions, can safely disavow any knowledge of them in the event of their publicly uncovered success or failure. The administration is in the position of plausible deniability towards the CIA’s actions.

      Iran Contra? Remember that one? The First lady Nancy Reagan, wouldn’t let Ronnie hide behind the plausible deniability scam and She nudged him to accept responsibility for the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages affair.

      The Sheriff Who Had The Ball’s!
      The strangest case of plausible deniability, the Wayne Dumond affair.

      Plausible deniability actually is a legal concept. It refers to lack of evidence proving a allegation. Standards of of proof vary in civil and criminal cases. In civil cases, the standard of proof is “more likely so than not” whereas in a criminal matter, the standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt” If your opponent lacks incontrovertible proof (evidence) of their allegation, you can “plausibly deny” the allegation even though it may be true.

      Because many lawyers are in politics, they brought this lower standard of ethics and integrity with them. This is why they rarely put anything controversial in writing. This is also why they most often have you talk to an underling or an agency bureaucrat so they can plausibly deny knowledge of the conversation or be able to say the underling or bureaucrat misstated their position.
      Before the blue, stained dress was found, Bill Clinton’s position was plausible deniability with regards to having sex with that woman.

      plausible deniability
      When it is acceptable for a party to lie about what they did because the truth would hurt too much and cause too many problems. So let the poor sap who did it for you, to take the rap and hope he doesn’t spill the beans in the squeeze! James Foley and Chris Stevens come to mind, who were allowed to die for their country, too make sure their lips were sealed and of course Seth Rich, for the party he double crossed, because the party stole the nomination from Bernie, for Hillary and of course Hill knew nothing about it!

      Now their squeezing Michael Cohen, to double cross president Trump. Whom their trying to blame saying he was a double agent for the
      Russkies!LOL! To bad these bad actors can’t be hanged, because plausible deniability is official government, top secret sensitve, government policy!LOL!

      Plausible Deniability
      Conspiracy theories: The CIA Theory.

      The U.S. National Security Act of 1947,the Origin of “Plausible Deniability”
      and the Assassination of JFK

      Below are several extracts from James W. Douglass’s 2008 book
      JFK and the Unspeakable — Why He Died and Why It Matters

      Plausible deniability is a larger version of a white lie. We fought a war with the British empire, that ruled the seven sea’s, over taxation without representation. Were now in the second American revolution of white lies instead of representation.

      John Foster and Allen Dulles influenced the United States and the world in ways that persist today. It was their vision for the United States that has shaped our national ideology, and continues to do so.
      As the Allied commander during WWII, General Dwight Eisenhower had seen covert action as humanitarian, as Truman saw the Atomic Bomb, to not have to take Japan in hand to hand combat. It was a way to fight high-stakes battles at low cost. Never foreseeing the long-term effects these operations might have, he imagined them as almost bloodless.
      “He was a great admirer of covert operations,” one veteran CIA officer recalled decades later. “He’s the reason we got caught up in so many of them. He had experienced war and saw that covert operations were the alternative. And of course in those days, you had this notion of plausible deniability. You could really believe no one would ever know what you had done. If somebody said, ‘Mr. President, I don’t understand why you authorized that operation against Arbenz,’ he would look you in the face and say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ That’s the way things were done in those days.” Unfortunatly it’s done against the people of the United State today, as if the National Security Agency was really our national insecurity agency, violating the law and the US Constitution and spying indiscriminately on American citizens, William Binney, who designed and developed the NSA spy program revealed the illegal and unconstitutional spying;

      • paul ...

        WBT … plausible deniability is more then a white lie … it is hard core evil … and we have to put the evil ones in “a special place” the way God the Father did (i.e. Hell, GITMO, Snake Island, etc., etc.)!!

    • L.

      Paul …. I do believe you are correct. THAT is one of the ways how they get people to do things they want accomplished.

      • paul ...

        L … The Main Stream Media is part of the CIA “mind control program” (MKUltra) … their function is to manipulate people with “fake news” … these media companies are not in business to accumulate “cash” and show a profit (the CIA can give them all the printed money they need to operate) … their business model is to “accumulate and direct minds” so as to bring to fruition the United Commie States of America Without Borders (or their One World Government) …

        • paul ...

          The New York Slimes, the Clinton News Network (CNN), etc., etc. must be put out of the business of disseminating “fake news” … Trump is doing his part … now it is up to us to do ours (don’t buy what they print or listening to what they spew out over our TV sets)!!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank YOU William!!!

  3. AndrewB

    Thank you Greg for WNW 1-18-19. Your sincerity shone through.

    Yes, ordinary people who are ‘awake’ are ‘sitting on their hands’, myself included I am ashamed to admit. We have a lifetime of programming to be obedient to authority. The French, on the other hand, ( Vive the Yellow Vests) have a long-time tradition of revolutionary fever AND a national anthem, like no other, to motivate their rebellious spirit. You’ll find an English translation here:

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Andrew for saying this. Thank you very much.

  4. allen ols

    did u notice what that muslim ding bat said about jews on MSM. didn’t go over will on cnn

    • allen ols


      …..go over well….. muslum congress woman ding bat duhhhhhh

  5. bob

    nice work greg! be patient greg and folks. its over for the ds, msm… even though the msm gets 8 mil. people or so to watch, if thats even true. how many look at all this crap being fed to them believe this.. i listen to 97.1 fm st louis mo and i believe there is a lot of people waking up.. god bless and keep up the fight.. as I’m typing you are talking.. you triggered a thought. has maxine waters flipped. she is going after wall street big banks, sent a warning.. haven’t heard her big mouth trying to start crap with trump for quite awhile.. this sounds wierd. lindsey graham flipped right after mccain supposively died of cancer. wink wink.. how about the rif that the fed employees are going to get permanatley get laid off after the 30 days to reduce the govt that we don’t need. sounds like trump shut this down for a reason.. drain the swamp…

  6. Russell

    Mr. Hunter, I’m just done… Prepping is not something I want to do. I was perfectly happy with CD’s that paid 5% in 2006. Those days are long gone. Because they forced me to do it, I have prepped. Guns, ammo, gold, silver, platinum, cash, water filters, and have been debt free since 2006. I’m weak on storable food. There is a brick and mortar in North Austin, Texas that sells precious metals, ammo, and storable food. It’s your SHTF headquarters. I’ve easily done over $35,000 in business there. I need to get some storable food for at least a few months. The worst thing that happens is you eat it.

    • Freebrezer

      Russell – think of the 30 yr food storage stuff as insurance. If you do not use it – c’est la vie! You would be amazed at how much food 500$ US buys (rice, beans, etc, and Chocolate!)! and again, in 10 to 15 yrs you throw it away c’est la vie! I look at what I throw away in car and house insurance each year … multiple of what 6 months worth of food cost! Simple – what is the most important item to live – Food.

      • Freebrezer

        and what is the most import item to have insurance on ….. (I know Gina is thinking her pet dog) ….. FOOD! And in 15 yrs you throw it away …. that is the very best outcome! that means things are still semi sane!

      • susan

        Thank you Freebrezer, I never thought of it as just “insurance”. I am not going to get so upset now about it losing its “value”.

        • paul ...

          susan … if the food you save is “still eatable” when a famine hits … it is better then owning silver (which will lose some value as food prices rise) … so if you are sure you can get the timing right … a bird in hand is better then two “silver one oz coins” in the bush … but … if you don’t get the timing right … your food spoils … and you have nothing to eat … where as having some silver coins (that have “no expiration date”) will be able to get you some chicken legs or wings … not as much as the whole chicken you can buy now in a time of plenty and freeze … but silver should be bought in sufficient quantities now so it will be enough to keep you and your family alive in a famine!!

          • paul ...

            And … if nothing happens in 15 years … you don’t have to throw out your silver … just the expired uneatable food!!

      • Gary C

        Prepping is a lifestyle, buy the things you will eventually use.
        Food, we have two freezers, 40 cubic feet of storage, plus we buy meats
        fish when they are on sale, vacuum seal and rotate, we actually save money.
        We also keep a year supply of rice , beans, flour, etc, and rotate that to
        again we buy on sale always.

        Always have cash, metals, ammo, fuel, on hand, extra meds IMPORTANT, always keep extra prescription meds, ie heart pills etc,
        get your doctor to write a longer prescription, stock pile them, most people ignore this .

        IF the SHTF than you are semi prepared, if not you bought on sale and will use it , and saved money.

    • paul ...

      Russell … It is imperative for everyone to have ample food supplies stored away so we “don’t immediately degrade” into immoral evil cannibals just to survive … but if things do go “Venezuela” … the people who did not prepare well will likely be eating the dead bodies of the people they had to kill defending their homes and family … but never eat your dog (like the idiots in Venezuela) … a dog is “an extremely valuable” sentry who can warn and alert homeowners to intruders … so if you don’t already own a dog you may want to use some silver to buy one … and they can be simply fed the leftover bone’s from the intruder you were forced to kill the night before who was trying to steal your food!!

      • paul ...

        Russell … one other thing … “never ever tell” your family where you are getting the meat for your evening meal … it may destroy their minds and their sense of morality … you must be like CIA and tell yourself “they don’t have a need to know”!!

        • paul ...

          However if you have stored away enough of “God’s money” … you can retain your morality and won’t have to resort to cannibalism … so buy lots of silver now … it is the moral thing to do!!!

  7. (Rev) Andrew de Berry

    Thank you as always Greg….as in the days on Noah…’fraid so.

  8. Jerry

    Here is another story you won’t hear about from the MSM.

    Why would they do that ? They know what’s coming. It’s like a pep rally before the big game.

  9. Roger D

    Andrei Polgar nailed the cognitive dissonance of Americans at large. Yet ‘conservatives’ remain hell-bent on saving a system intent on destroying us.

    Republicans held the House and Senate during Trump’s first two years in office. Why didn’t they fund the wall then? The whole R vs D thing is a shell game. Freedom has no dog in the fight.

    This old coot has no interest in saving the 49% of the country voted for a Commie in 2016. Even worse, saving the whopping 51% voted to RE-ELECT a Marxist in 2012!

    And WHY would we ever want to save a political system that built the Welfare State, Warfare State, Surveillance State and Police State around us? Are we crazy?

    We talk of the cognitive dissonance of others, but ‘conservatives’ are blinded by it. We need a divorce. Fear not!

  10. The One Eye'd PSY0PS!

    . We Now Know Who to TRUST. A Message From The Collective [CC]
    JFK. Future Proves Past. The President and The Press

    • Freebrezer

      the first video leaves out one of he most important and key details: JFK jr. just a few week before his death had started to pursue the idea of running for State Senator in New York … his opposition in the democratic party – the black witch (Hillary Clinton)

  11. The One Eye'd PSY0PS!

    If You Look Closely You Can See The Plan To Reset The System
    Deep State Deep Panic
    Sends A Coded Message, Incoming FF

    Pelosi; no comp! Pres, no comp! Ran, thats a good Q!

  12. Country Codger

    Comfortably unaware: Ecc 1:18 For in much wisdom is much grief, and he who increases knowledge increases suffering.
    Blissfully ignorant.
    Lo Iyrah!

  13. The One Eye'd PSY0PS! MONSTER MASH

    The Biggest scandals in US history. All kept secret by the corrupt media.

    Jerome Corsi SLAMS the Mueller Investigation… “They’re forcing me to lie!”
    Mueller witchhunt & DOJbeing run by criminales?
    Cohen Hired IT Firm to Rig Early CNBC, Drudge Polls to Favor Trump
    Michael Rothfeld, Rob Barry and Joe Palazzolo 4 hrs ago News
    Jerome Corsi: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

    Mueller Has To Answer For One Lie That Could Land Obama’s Entire Deep State In Jail

    Seth Rich murder: The facts so far

    A Bad Example?

    Sep, 9, 2018
    Everyone already KNOWS who killed him (was revealed in Wikileaks 2nd email drop, where John Podesta’s emails states ‘I wished I knew who stole my emails because I’d make an example of them”)!

    Another Bad Example?
    Sanders Supporters Stunned by Sudden Death of 38-Year Shawn Lucas Who Served the Lawsuit on the DNC and Wasserman Shultz

    Eric Edblad
    Aug, 15, 2016
    Don’t be afraid! The “Problem” will not come after you because True Americans are watching every political detail and the Problem knows that! If common people start dying for their free speech–many American’s are waiting for a reason to make a stand against the Problem, their constituency and their conspiracies! If you think about it, some of the press is helping the Problem take away your free speech as well! This is not going unnoticed. CNN is the worst conspirator out there!!
    The Problem is afraid of Donald Trump because he will shake up their house! Mrs. Clinton and the press want to put you in politically-correct bondage experienced in much of the world. Those countries are ruled by their Problem and worse. The only way to maintain the balance of powers in America is that True Americans exercise their constitutional leverage with free speech! Exercise it freely every day!
    In this day and age any unprotected informant should have a concealed carry permit and a gun! I will refrain from getting into the 2nd Amendment discussion–may not be appropriate for this discussion…..
    No matter how it turns out, my condolences to the family of Seth Rich……

  14. Mohammad


    Here are tunnels in US southern border in 2017:

    Please look at the photo and see how close and identical to the tunnels of Hizbullah in southern Lebanon:

    Same design same lighting same everything, also please look into the tunnels of Hamas in Gaza:

    Same … same everything

    Those tunnels are not for drugs (smuggling drugs is a bonus) …Those are for invasion.
    I do not agree with Trump on many things, but this one I am for him 100%.


    • paul ...

      Mohammad … As the cartels get more creative using tunnels, catapults and drones to carry people and drugs over or under the Trump Wall … we too must become more creative in using our spy satellites and space based microwave beams to “cook” the drug runners!!

      • paul ...

        Then once a week the border guards can drive by … pick up the burnt and chard bodies of the drug runners and hang them on the top of the Wall facing Mexico!!

        • Mohammad

          It did not work in Berlin, will not work here too.
          Globalists are sitting in the driving seat in D.C. and Wall Street (noticed the word WALL?) in N.Y.
          Until you deal with them there nothing will be fixed.


          • Greg Hunter

            It did work in Berlin. What are you talking about??

            • Mohammad

              As far as I remember it did not prevent the inevitable….I look ahead, not just by my nose.


              • Greg Hunter

                But it was not tunnels that brought down East Germany. It was their economy.

                • Mohammad

                  You can call it Duetche Bank Tunnels….!!


  15. paul ...

    Hey Maxine … why don’t you investigate Deutsche Banks involvement in 9-11 … when they shorted the airline stocks to make a fortune off the backs of murdered Americans!! …

    • paul ...

      Hey Polosi … you can’t hide out in other countries … Trump made sure you will be around tomorrow for his “major announcement” at 3 P.M. … no longer will you be allowed to make larger the share of the US population that requires welfare and needs more and more food stamps and social workers … the Wall will be built in spite of your best efforts to flood our country with more and more potential Demonratic voters (to further grow your fascist liberal progressive commie welfare state) … we know exactly why you want a more multi-racial multi-ethnic multi-cultural multi-lingual America Nancy … to change the demographics of the House into “a mini-United Nations” for you know we Americans are determined to get rid of the “commie UN” that is exerting One World “blue hat” Control of our lives, our freedoms, our internet, imposing carbon credits and ordering who we “white hats” can and cannot trade with!

  16. Russ

    Thanks Greg, awesome wrap-up. Loved the hand-puppet caricature of LH — too true.

  17. john herring


  18. paul ...

    The writing is on the wall for the commies who are destroying our Constitutional right to privacy … the “Fox” that builds Apple’s i-phones (with embedded spy technology) to “Con” the American people into becoming unknowing spied on dupes of the Deep State … is now being forced to cut jobs … as the sheep begin to take action … and i-phone sales plummet!! …

  19. paul ...

    JP Morgan Chase earning $32 billion in 2018 “is chicken feed” compared to what it will earn when silver goes to $1000 dollars per ounce!! …

    • iwitness02

      If silver goes to $1000 dollars per ounce because the dollar is devalued, then what is the value of silver, after the dollar is dead? What unit of measurement is applied to silver when the dollar is zero. Or gold, for that matter. I feel like I’m overlooking what should be an obvious detail, but it escapes me.
      All precious metals are valued in the US dollar here at home.
      What are they valued in after the dollar is recognized as a total fraud and of zero value?

      • iwitness02

        Weight and spot prices, with the same nomenclature?

        • paul ...

          You just about answered your own question iwitness02 … gold and silver “are money” … in and of themselves … so precious metals don’t need to be valued in dollars or any other piece of fiat paper created by crooks (weight alone is their measure) … this is one of the key reasons World Central Banksters are increasing their gold holdings (up 13% or 3,900 tons since the lows in 2009) … they want to “preserve their wealth” outside of a fiat money system that constantly erodes away … as more and more “paper debt notes” are incessantly printed and computer generated right out of thin air!!

          • paul ...

            So gold and silver (don’t have any fixed value) … their value “is variable” … based solely upon supply and demand … for instance … in a famine when the wheat crop has failed … the value of silver will go down (as it may take one ounce of silver to buy one bushel of wheat) … whereas in a time of plenty like today one ounce of silver buy’s 4 bushels of wheat … therefore … as we head into an economic crash (where food supplies are limited) be prepared to pay one ounce of silver to buy one bushel of wheat (instead of the 4 bushels you can get now) … so yes … your silver has lost value (so you obviously need to buy a sufficient amount of it before a crash) … but realize that during an economic crash you will also need to pay “more paper dollars” to buy that bushel of wheat (perhaps $1000 paper dollars) … and “that” is how one ounce of silver becomes worth a $1000 dollars per ounce!!

            • paul ...

              In summary … you are not going to “get rich” buying silver (because it went from $16 dollars to $1000 dollars) … you will just be “less poor” in a famine situation … because it only effectively cost you $16 dollars to buy a bushel of wheat … whereas someone without silver will need $1000 paper dollar bills to get the same amount of food!!

              • paul ...

                In more explicit terms … having “some silver” could be the difference between … life and death!!!

                • iwitness02

                  Thank you paul for taking the time to respond. That was hashed out pretty good.

              • Twox2

                Respectfully Paul, I would like to offer IW02 another perspective. I fully expect you will “get rich” in real terms when gold and silver reset. I have written on this more extensively in the past, but will give you the highlights here.

                Goods typically have a downward sloping demand curve whereby price increases as quantity declines…and vice versa. Think about what has happened in our corrupted metals markets: Paper derivatives on the COMEX purportedly increase the “supply” of gold by ratio of over 200 to 1. Now, imagine that 99.5% of gold supply is suddenly eviscerated by the collapse of the paper gold markets. (Just do a search on downward sloping demand curves to visualize the forces in play.)

                According to basic economic theory, price will soar beyond your wildest expectations…assuming society doesn’t blow completely apart. Simply, the paper markets have spoofed the physical market by creating a fraudulent supply number…with concomitant suppression of price.

                Further, many believe gold (and silver) have characteristics of Giffen goods…meaning as price goes up, demand also goes up. Ever heard of gold fever? That means more demand…and higher “prices”.

                In addition the entire demand curve will shift outward as gold (silver) becomes the go-to investment…meaning further upward pressure on prices.

                Finally, there are many who believe we have reached “peak gold”. If population continues to grow, necessarily, the per capita amount of gold will decline…there is less to go around, so to speak.

                So, take heart, if society holds together in a world-wide reset, you will likely not be worrying about “money” ever again. That said, there will be plenty of other things to worry about. But as Greg says, “Fear not.” Best…

                • Twox2

                  P.S. These price (value) moves are entirely independent of inflationary impacts on the dollar. They are “real” gains as “price” adjusts to market forces governed by actual supply and demand fundamentals. Simply put, you bought at prices far below true market value.

                  • iwitness02

                    Thank you Twox2 for your input. It is somewhat encouraging.

  20. Susan

    Pelosi has been abusing the privilege of using military plans for decades.

  21. arthur barnes

    Greg, the FBI is immoral to the extent that the top brass thereof were involved in a soft coup and no one is being held accountable. That once fine agency needs to be totally revamped from the top down; immediately.

  22. Diane

    Greg Hunter! REAL JOURNALIST!!!!!!!!

  23. Tin foil hat

    Gold price is down $10.40 as of 1130 hrs, Jan. 17 with this?????

    “Toronto, Ontario–(Newsfile Corp. – January 15, 2019) – IAMGOLD Corporation (TSX: IMG) (“IAMGOLD” or the “Company”) today announced that it has entered into a forward gold sale arrangement with financial institutions whereby the Company will receive a prepayment amount of $170 million in exchange for delivering 150,000 ounces in 2022, with a gold floor price of $1,300 per ounce and a cap price of $1,500 per ounce. This Prepaid Gold Arrangement (“Prepay”) is supported by a syndicate of banks including Citibank N.A. and National Bank of Canada ….”

    • paul ...

      This is exactly why you don’t want to own gold and silver stocks … if the banksters don’t steal your money … the Government will (by confiscation of all the gold and silver mines) … the common people owning gold and silver coins is “not where the real money is” (so confiscation of our coins has a very low probability of occurring) … remember gold and silver stocks in a brokerage account can’t be hidden as well as gold and silver coins in your possession GOTS … or GOOTSSN [Get Out Of The Stock System Now]!!!

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t own any IAMGOLD stock. I’m simply amazed that gold price went down $10, a day after Citibank and National bank of Canada declared they believe gold price will be at least $1300 – $1500 within 3 years.

        I infer that’s normal in this upside down world – bad news is good and good news is bad.

        • paul ...

          TFH … I think gold went down because these banks effectively stated “gold is going nowhere over the next 3 years” … which is simply a “mind control” operation on the general public “to make them sell their gold” … while the crooked banksters continue to accumulate tons of the stuff (gold) from 2009 right to the present!!

  24. arthur barnes

    Greg, the Clinton’s, Obama’s, Comey, Muller, Pelosi, Chuck Suckmaker, Lynch, Rice, the DOJ, and the list goes on, etc. are all above the law, at this point in time a blind man can see that. If there was real law in the country this soft coup would have sent the boys and girls outlined above to jail two years ago. Simply put, they are above the law and they know it! This is mainly due to the fact of the MSM giving them cover. The 4th branch of Government, namely the media, is now just a political arm of the Demogods, nothing more, nothing less. Shameful that the American Pravda is still being watched by my fellow American dummies & believe all they say and write. I totally disagree with you and many of your guest that there will be justice, I pray that I am wrong but I fear I am not. This is not to say that I don’t totally respect your work but as long as the MSM can convince our American dummies that “alternate media” is just “conspiracy media” their will be no justice. Time will tell but at this point I must give our America Pravda a 7 point favorite in its continued role as the lefts best kept secret.

  25. Jerry

    I would suggest to your readers to make final preparations. False flag attack on the way.

    What sends chills up my spine is this information alligns with the intel I’ve been getting from my personal sources. The Northern Command has been preparing for some type of event in February. While some are suggesting it will align with the blood moon on the 19th of January I still follow my own intel. The bigger question is what it will be? Homeland security put out a warning in December to prepare for a possible grid down situation? But on the other hand President Trump is sending more troops to the southern border for a reason? In either case, it is clear that the deep state will launch an attack on America sometime soon and blame president Trump for it.
    That is the end game, and for all accounts President Trump is using the government shutdown to force their hand. So use your time wisely. We are in uncharted waters.

      • susan

        Jerry, what will be, will be. There are many of us that will support our president to the end….. no matter what..

        • Jerry

          I’m with you, but if it turns out to be a grid down situation all bets are off. Most Americans are not equipped to go from techno world to the Stone Age. Prime example, how do you bathe or do laundry without electricity? What if you rely on solar and there is no sun? People say they are prepared. I say go pull the main breaker switch and give it a test drive for two weeks. You will be enlightened.

          • paul ...

            Jerry … We should begin to prepare by pulling the main breaker switch for just two hours each day (so our food in the refrigerator/freezer still stays cool) … that will enlighten a lot of people to the fact that they can significantly reduce their monthly electrical bill … then once they have eaten all their frozen food they can then try pulling the main switch (while they are asleep) from 10PM to 6AM each day … and gradually work thing up so as to prepare for the day the Deep State hits us with a “false flag” EMP and shuts things down for weeks … solar battery chargers and DC to AC converters will keep our electrical appliances operating for a few hours a day!!

    • Jerry

      It’s appears my sources may be correct as we move closer towards February.

      I was told a few months ago that the Northern Command was preparing for sleeper cell attacks and a possible coup attempt in zone 3 in February. Zone 3 just happens to be Washington D.C. In my opinion this attack was a probe to test the whitehouse defenses for future attacks.

      • Jerry

        Evidence is beginning to pile up that supports the idea that the DS is planning an all out coup on President Trump.

        • Jerry

          Nancy Pelosi as President?

          Scotty beam me up!

          • paul ...

            Yeah … Probably that is why Pelosi wants to be out of the country when the Deep State Coup occurs … as the Coup takes place “a big mental poisoning campaign will be fabricated” by the fake news media to place the blame for the Coup directly on Trump himself … and as they whip up all the old fabricated delusions about Russia, etc., etc. … they will call their puppet Nancy Pelosi back to place in the White House … finally finalizing their orchestrated treason against America … they think … for American’s have never taken up arms against evil traitors within (even for 9-11) … but can they be sure??

        • Twox2

          That is as scary an article as I have ever read. Can it truly be this bad?

          Hillary would have to declare martial law just to survive the inevitable backlash of half the population. She would have to govern from behind a wall. Now, wouldn’t that be ironic…

          • Twox2

            Under such dire circumstances, as the military goes, so goes the country. If I was part of a group reckless enough to hatch such a plot, I (and my pet Schumer) would probably make a trip to visit critical allies and the troops deployed around the world to garner their support in the coming chaos.


  26. Anthony D

    Greg thank you for all you do and the interviews. A minor quibble on the globalist argument which just eats at me: I acknowledge the globalists bringing in illegals as to take jobs but if you could please note how globalists have outsourced jobs to other countries for incredibly (Hello India and Argentina) cheap labor. Most people making the argument about losing jobs fail to mention outsourcing , it’s not just illegal aliens. Thanks again.

  27. Galaxy 500

    Another fine broadcast. I got up, poured a cup of coffee and transferred your show to the TV.
    I pray for you and your family. I pray for President Trump and his family.
    There is much evil in the world. Our children are inculcated with evil being good and good being evil. We ceded education to the Luciferians not realizing that their goals were to destroy our children and our country. There was a time when even Demoncrats were not against America. But those days have been over for many decades. When they removed God from their platform and made infanticide a main platform issue, they announced to the world that they are aligned with Satan. A not a single Dem I know changed parties.
    The Great Depression was a credit [land and stock] bubble where fraud in companies and irrational exuberance propelled stock prices. A Jewish owned bank had issues and the people said let the Jews suffer. Most of those Jew haters were wiped out financially. Financial systems and Fiat currencies are faith based. Lack of faith will crash both.
    The speed of information transfer, the quality of the information and the amount of slack [loss of faith, amount and quality of credit in system, collateral quality] the faith based system can are factors in the speed of crash and even if a crash will occur.
    In the 1929 crash, we had telegraphs, telephones, news papers and word of mouth. All the trades in the stock market were by open pit outcry. A market mover in the center bought and sold a stock with people giving receipts and making records.
    Today, we have the speed of the internet [Twitter, Facebook and Email], computers that buy and sell large blocks of stocks in a millionth of a second without human interaction and or intervention, and massive market manipulation including systemic fraud in all markets around the world. What could go wrong!? When the crash comes, it will happen so fast, any asset you have in banks and brokerage accounts will be gone before you finished blinking.
    Our money in 1929 was based on gold and silver. FDR, the great stealth Communist, stole half of the wealth of America when he redefined gold from $20 per Double Eagle to $35 in paper dollars. The only way it worked was FDR stealing all the gold he could in America. And average Americans went along. We had a large % of our population living in rural areas and they were able to keep from starving by self sufficient and back breaking labor.
    In contrast, today’s money is based on debt and the enslavement of the taxpayer and their lineage as far as we can see into the future. We have ner’do’wells being paid to breed and commit crimes against We The People. It is LBJ’s version of Breads and Circuses [welfare, Medicaid ], another form of slavery the rich Dems laugh about. It is based on fantasy math and feel good analysis. And as you stated, we couldn’t begin to pay back what we owe. Most of what we owe is to the American people and they will be suffering for Dem and RINO policies of the last 3 decades.
    FDR was able to control the media. FDR imprisoned people like Greg that gave facts to the people OR people that disagreed with his policies. FDR’s propaganda worked because people trusted FDR and the media. FDR went so far as to enlist preachers to assist his propaganda from the pulpits.
    Today, as Greg reports, we have learned that the MSM [Marxist State Media] is unreliable at best and a wholly owned subsidiary of the DNC at the worst. We know they are not fair arbiters of the truth. And we can get news from other sources. Every person with a smartphone can record events as they happen and disseminate it without the permission of the Globalists.
    However, because the Øbamachrist gave away American control of the internet, there is now a kill switch on the internet. People that say the crash is coming and that we need to buy Bitcoin are pushing Horse Hockey. Bitcoin can only be verified and transferred over the internet. And it leaves a trial of breadcrumbs that can identify both parts. It is sold as being noncentralized and anonymous when it requires a working, centralized internet to validate.
    While it may be usable before a crash, one that takes down the internet makes it worthless.
    I personally prefer assets that have intrinsic value like PM, cash on hand [Cyprus should have taught you that if it isn’t in your pocket, it isn’t really yours] and ownership of debt free assets.
    Greg says that we need to have food, water, and protection [physical and spiritual] before anything else. A little belt tightening now can keep the noose of servitude away later.
    Greg also said the current system of the globalists only works because we peaceful and quietly go along with the scam. At some point, an oppressive government becomes so onerous, that people start to rebel. It is amazing to me the amount of evil we the people have held our noses and accepted. I had an ephiany when during our first few years in Iraq, an Iraqi said that while Saddam had tortured his cousin, his children were safe, and they had good food and clean water. I wonder what an average American price is? And how much more of the Shiite sandwich are we going to swallow?
    >end of rant>

    • Vike

      Isaiah 5:20
      Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!

  28. Ken

    Gregg .
    When you talk about voter fraud/ballot box stuffing. Sometimes it shows up in other places.
    We know that the three million popular votes Hillary claimed to have won by most came from California.

    For 2016-2017 in California one half million people called for jury duty were disqualified because they were not citizens of the U.S.
    The list of possible jurors is pulled from…… Registered Voters!!!

    Source ….Harmeet Kaur Dhillon she stated this on the Tucker Carlson show.

    • Diane

      Good information, Ken, thanks

  29. Mike R

    The Trump shutdown, is becoming the perfect segue into martial law, otherwise known as the ‘national emergency.’ Trump correctly knew, that Piglosi would dig in her heels. So he knew this would be prolonged, and become ‘painful’ for those fed employees that are laid off. The longer this goes, the more opportunity comes around for potential ‘disasters’ to unfold, even dare I say, false flag events initiated in secret by the Dems and or clintons. They are desperate and looking for any excuse to impeach him, which he knows, and so they are taking the bait on the shutdown, fully believing it wont ‘hurt them.’
    So Trump will simply wait for the right time to declare martial law.

    Maybe it comes when the foodstamps end, and riots break out due to ‘hunger’ ? Maybe it comes when an air traffic controller, is overworked and stressed, and makes a mistake ?
    But the more you look at this shutdown dragging out, it becomes clearer and clearer, Trump is more than happy to use it as a tool to browbeat Nancy, and all her liberal comrades in the house, and Trump will lay waste to their party, giving them zero chance of any candidate winning 2020. Ultimately, he may even decide to hand over the reigns to a new candidate in the GOP who would run as his ‘proxy’, realizing that NO candidate from the Dems has a chance.

    Also, if they permanently furlough all these workers, they also save taxpayers a ton of money. Really this is the easiest way to eliminate hundreds of thousands of useless federal workers, who actually do no work anyway, and congress cant do a damn thing about it. if they try, he simply declares martial law. He literally has them backed into a corner, and at the precise moment HE desires, he now declares ‘checkmate’, game over.

    He’s totally neutered them, and yet they have no clue as to what to do, so they keep doing the same dumb things they have always done, except now it just results in self immolation for every Dem.

  30. iwitness02

    That is what I call a spirited discussion of scandal, fraud, crime and propaganda of all kinds. It is embarrassing that we have such a criminal banking system, and government. The reason why we the people submit is because bankers and politicians can dispatch the long arm of the law, right to our doorstep. If we act alone, we are destroyed. No one has come up with a way to unify we the people. We seem to hate each other. No unity, no strength. In my heart, I believe that is changing. That is to say, tyranny and financial hardship will unit us. From a political point of view, we already have worldwide anarchy.
    As in the days of Noah, where things were only evil continually, and there were giants in the land. I believe it is possible that the giants are back right now, in the form of multinational corporations that have scrolled together. That is to say, they buy up the competition and grow into monsters, or giants if you will. The only thing left is a flood of trouble. Seems like Trump is the worldwide rain this time around. Who knows? I think we can all agree that the world stage is being set for an earth changing event. (or maybe not)
    Thank you Greg, your honesty and sincerity is a comfort to my soul.

    • iwitness02

      Unite us.

  31. Craig

    Greg: I love your site and look forward to Mark Skidmore’s update. Since ALL money is borrowed into existence, does Skidmore see any evidence that the missing 21 trillion is being debt serviced by payment of interest on the 21 trillion? Please ask Dr. Skidmore. Thanks.

  32. John M.

    Another great Wrap-Up Greg.
    You might find your job much easier to source what is still honest and true rather than reporting on all the endless frauds. Just kidding.
    Please keep doing what the propagandist Marxist Deep-State MSM will never do.

  33. Da Yooper

    Another home run Greg

    How about adding this to your list of fraud

    The fact that our Congressman & Senators are allowed to do INSIDER TRADING which if you & I did this we go to jail.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one!! There are so many!!!

  34. Genocidal Politician

    The, ’emasculation of government’

  35. Wadsworth Booker T.

    Plausible Deniability
    Conspiracy theories: The CIA Theory.

    The U.S. National Security Act of 1947,the Origin of “Plausible Deniability”
    and the Assassination of JFK

    Below are several extracts from James W. Douglass’s 2008 book
    JFK and the Unspeakable — Why He Died and Why It Matters

    Plausible deniability is a larger version of a white lie. We fought a war with the British empire, that ruled the seven sea’s, over taxation without representation. Were now in the second American revolution of white lies instead of representation.

    John Foster and Allen Dulles influenced the United States and the world in ways that persist today. It was their vision for the United States that has shaped our national ideology, and continues to do so.
    As the Allied commander during WWII, General Dwight Eisenhower had seen covert action as humanitarian, as Truman saw the Atomic Bomb, to not have to take Japan in hand to hand combat. It was a way to fight high-stakes battles at low cost. Never foreseeing the long-term effects these operations might have, he imagined them as almost bloodless.
    “He was a great admirer of covert operations,” one veteran CIA officer recalled decades later. “He’s the reason we got caught up in so many of them. He had experienced war and saw that covert operations were the alternative. And of course in those days, you had this notion of plausible deniability. You could really believe no one would ever know what you had done. If somebody said, ‘Mr. President, I don’t understand why you authorized that operation against Arbenz,’ he would look you in the face and say, ‘I don’t know what you’re talking about.’ That’s the way things were done in those days.” Unfortunately it’s done against the people of the United State today, as if the National Security Agency was really our national insecurity agency, violating the law and the US Constitution and spying indiscriminately on American citizens

    William Binney who developed the NSA spy program used to spy on Americans revealed the illegal and unconstitutional spying;

  36. Wadsworth Booker T.

    Here’s the right one, sorry for the repeat!

    Meet Allen Dulles: Fascist Spymaster?
    We don’t want to know! We may talk in our sleep!

    The Rise of America’s Secret Government: The Deadly Legacy of Ex-CIA Director Allen Dulles

    The Gang That couldn’t Shoot Straight?
    Is there Any Oversight Of Our The Intell Community?
    The mechanism of control is indescribably complex and corrupt to the core. The American people are mostly sleep-walking in what used to pass as “the American dream”. Factual history is a starting point for the few capable of envisioning the greater plot of the globalists.

  37. Paul in oz

    Keep up the great work, as the saying goes, you can lead a horse to water … and likewise you can give them the facts, but only with those with ears to hear and eyes to see will prepare themselves. A few things for the readers to consider … the debt to gdp ratio of 100% does not include unfunded liabilities specifically there is nothing on the governments book to pay for medicare or social security which when bankruptcy comes there will be none. If those programs were included in the debt level (common to all public and private companies required under gaap) the debt to gdp ratio would be closer to 350%. If the breakdown that some have called like Bill Holter occurs and electricity is not available people should have water purification tablets on hand (I do not sell them, I only have them). Please everyone do as Greg says … prepare yourself … get out of debt, have food and access to water … join a community of the like minded so that you can support and protect each other when this thing blows. GLTA!

    • Rocky Balboa

      What does GLTA stand fer? God Love’s The Aussie’s? Or, God Loves The American’s?
      Probably the Albanian’s! They got Kosova, Eh? LOL!

  38. Vike

    It has to be known that the untruthful news Greg points out is nothing new and has been going on for a long, long time. Matter of fact it was entered in the U.S. Congressional Record, February 9, 1917, page 2947 that JP Morgan and associates bought up 25 major newspapers in this country in order to control editorial content. Combine fake news with a liberal education and it is no wonder we have a society that is, how shall we say?….ignorant, ignorant of the truth!

    For those that don’t know the reality of the matter is JP Morgan was a front set up in the USA for the Rothschild banking dynasty. Junius Morgan, father of JP, was hand picked from Peabody and Sons in London by the Rothschild’s. A modern day JP Morgan is a man named George Soros, a Nazi collaborator in WWII.

    To offer evidence to the degree of control others have over your main stream information, and especially poignant at this time of year, is how many of you recall the trial of the century that took place in Memphis in the winter of 1999? Do I see any hands? The focal point of this trial, a wrongful death suit brought by Coretta King in the murder of her husband, lasted approx 3 weeks. It seems surprising to me the verdict did not attract national attention. The verdict found that Loyd Jowers and agencies of the United States govt were responsible for the murder of Martin Luther King in 1968.(think GLADIO)

  39. Sister Betrayal

    Family who were told they would be deported after ‘causing destruction’ across New Zealand can’t be booted out of the country for nearly two weeks because of legal red tape
    Sahar Mourad and Max Margan For Daily Mail Australia 20 hrs ago

  40. RTW

    What Trump did to Pelosi and her merry band of miscreants was the absolute BEST. I would have loved to be on that bus when the news came down to them. I’d wager a years salary that there was a whole lot of politically incorrect language being expelled from their crooked mouths. Nan Fran probably required extra injections of Botox to repair the damage done to her face. Ie: Multiply her reaction to Tom Wilson, when he yelled out to Obama that he lied about Obamacare, times 3. The only thing better than cancelling her junket at this end, would have been to allow them to get to Afghanistan and then recall the plane, leaving them there. They could hitch a ride back with the troops after Trump brings them home.

  41. Eileen

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you so much for the “Weekly News Wrap-up! ” I love how you set us all straight on what an investigative reporter ought/must have in their bones, soul and spirit what one shall or shall not do. Sources PLEASE. Uh, can we hold ANYONE accountable?
    Distinctly remember when you interviewed Cliff High before the 2016 election. I still remember he said (or something similar) “we will not recognize the press as they are now.”
    Thank you Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for supporting USAW with your kind words and analysis.

  42. Tan Me Hide Bonnie&Clyde!

    The [DS] Using All Their Ammunition, Patience, Timing, Boom

    Muellers Office Did Not Want A leak Investigation,
    So They Put Out Their Statement
    Only After Mark Call’s Out Herr Mueller!
    Mark Levin January 19 2019

    Mark Offer’s the Evidence and does he give it, to the Mueller Team!

  43. Da Yooper

    Hi Greg

    To explain my screen name Da Yooper & where I retired to ( The Yooper ) you need to enjoy a little humor & explaining what Da Yooper is may put a smile on your face .

    enjoy & have a good laugh on me

    What Da Heck Is A Yooper?

    read them all but #7 pretty much covers what I have dealt with since moving up here. Like moving to another country & yes it does get that cold up here. It went to -52 F air temperature here 3 years ago ( I live in a cold hole where… when the weather is just right at night the bottom can fall out & it gets dangerously cold ) & the thermometer in my Blazer hasn’t worked right since then.

    Take care Greg ………& keep up the outstanding reporting that YOU do .

    • iwitness02

      I learned something, thank you for sharing. I had no idea.

  44. Dave Marshall

    You are on fire tonight Greg. Another home run. Excellent summary.
    I believe D-day is fast approaching and the rats and weasels will be
    exposed for the criminals they are. I heard POTUS has a big
    announcement scheduled for tomorrow afternoon.

  45. Rocky Balboa

    Cohen Returns Home with Black Eye and Injured Arm
    January 18, 2019 at 3:02 pm EST By Taegan Goddard 121 Comments

  46. rwmctrofholz

    “I was sitting at Outback Steakhouse today working on this….”

    Outstanding! Picturing you parsing through on your stats, notes, and sources over a Bloomin Onion and a 32 oz Brewster; fantastic!

  47. Archie Leach

    Coup Collapses, Mueller Trashes BuzzFeed Story
    The Rats r Jumping Ship!

  48. Donald

    “Stats like this prove propaganda and not honest reporting.”

    For any who want to get a better understanding of what is going on, here are some links of interest. The first one has many related links which are worth reading.





    After reading all that, what do you think? And this isn’t even the tip of the iceberg…

  49. Connie Tab Barrett

    WASHINGTON POST:Deep State View/Shadow Government Authorized
    In a rare move, Mueller’s office denies BuzzFeed report that Trump told Cohen to lie about Moscow project’s-office-denies-buzzfeed-report-that-trump-told-cohen-to-lie-about-moscow-project/ar-BBSryEP?ocid=spartandhp
    Devlin Barrett, Matt Zapotosky, Karoun Demirjian 7 hrs ago

  50. A Bird In The Hand Is Better Than Two In The Bush

    The Hammer & Deep State Surveillance – 1/17/19

  51. Anthony Australia

    I’m deeply concerned.

  52. paul ...

    As Buchanan says … it is time to rethink fighting a nuclear war with Russia for countries that have “no borders” …

    • paul ...

      Before people get the idea in mind that fighting wars is wrong and immoral … the CIA Deep State neocon warmongers most likely facilitated the recent atrocity against American personnel in Syria … as part of their “mind control” operation on House and Senate idiots … in order to discredit Trump’s Syrian withdrawal plan …

      • paul ...

        Trump is likely asking for Iran’s help to mediate with the Taliban to spare US forces from lethal attacks in Afghanistan so he can wind down that 18 year old war … and asking Iran to refrain from attacking US troops in Iraq so we can get out of that quagmire … Iran will likely be forthcoming if Trump follows through with his “total withdrawal from Syria” … it is about time we start saving some money … we have to many continuous non-stop wars going on right now!! …

        • paul ...

          You know … Judas had a price (30 pieces of silver) to turn in what was good in our world … what price do we as a people have … to become as immoral psychologically and perverted as Judas was?? … we have already shown ourselves to be evil warmongers willing to start needless unending wars (Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Korea, Vietnam, WWI, WWII, and likely on and on to WWX) that has already economically weakened our Nation (both socially and culturally) … we have become warmongering pariahs of the world with an intelligence level so low it is beyond stupidity and a highly immoral nature with an unquenchable lust for money, greed, cruelty and selfishness that has no ethical bounds (just look at Hillary, Cheney, the Bush’s, etc., etc., etc. if proof is required) … we launch missiles, drone-strike children to death and kill and slaughter our neighbors all around the world … until one day … there will be no one left to exploit but ourselves (because we will rule the entire world) … and then … we’ll rain self-destruction down upon ourselves … achieving in the end the long held dream of a One World Empire … that only Satan and Demon-rats will enjoy … a “One World Hell on Earth”!!

  53. al

    Comfortably Unaware…
    This week I was visited by my Comfortably Unaware Family from up north. Every half hour my Brother In Law would check the Dow Jones and giggled because it was up.
    I said nothing but inside I was sick to my stomach knowing that this guy has ridden the fraudulent market up for the last 10 years and here I am, stupid me having nothing to do with it. Missing out because I’m Uncomfortably Aware!

    Yeah, one day it’s going to blow. Until then the Comfortably Unaware sheep keep getting fat while the wolf pack surrounds the flock, ready to pounce.
    They keep accumulating so that the Banksters get even more.

    It’s always the darkest before the sunrise, remember that.

    Great WNW Greg, thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Frauds end quickly and badly and this market is a huge fraud. The last laugh will be yours.

  54. paul ...

    Interesting … the Value Line Geometric Composite (VLG) is back in breakout to the up side territory once again … so what does this mean? … QE to infinity?? … and non-stop inflation that will drive stock markets higher and higher??? … in any case up or down … we are protected with our physical stash of gold and silver coins!!

  55. jim umble

    Greg you do a great job thanks

  56. Coalburner

    Back to Pelosi going to Brussels. Trump probably saved her from committing Treason. The Treasonist payday will come.

  57. Coalburner

    Mohammad, thanks for your review of the tunnels!

    • Mohammad



  58. Gary

    “And because iniquity [lawlessness] shall abound, the love of many shall wax cold” (Matthew 24:12).

  59. LPowell


    Do you realize you have an African American audience? Have no idea what the percentage is. It’s probably a small percentage. But, when you start talking about how the African American community is being “screwed” by illegal immigration as if we are not aware, because the “illegals are taking all the low wage and entry level jobs”, it can come across as patronizing, by insinuating that most blacks are only able to get low wage and entry level jobs! In fact, most young people would fit into the category as starting out as low wage earners, and entry level. Yes, I’m well aware that the poverty rate among African Americans is high – thanks to demoncrats! However, have you not heard about the Black Conservative Movement, Blexit, and other similar movements? Some of those Movement’s leaders, such as Candace Owens, have received lots of press and has been on FoxNews numerous times?
    The demoncrats realize they can no longer rely on the large block of Black votes any longer, hence the reason they are big on illegal immigration to make up for the loss votes from minoritys. How do you think Trump won the 2016 election by such a landslide? It wasn’t just Whites voting for him. Quite a few of those votes were Black & Latino votes, as was mine! In fact, many Blacks voted for Trump, but will never admit it for fear of the backlash they may get from family and friends. Black approval ratings has increased for President Trump, and was at 36% last year. It’s probably even higher now.

    The few African Americans who may be watching you are already “awoke”, and are very aware how decades of demoncrat policies have hurt the African American population, and how they continue to do so now by bringing illegal immigrants into the mix who bring more drugs, crime, preduce wages as well as job opportunities.

    Perhaps, it would behoove you to have a Black conservative on your show once in a while. Candace Owens, Larry Elders, Jesse Lee Patterson, Herman Cain, etc!

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