Pompeo Rips CCP, Covid Spike Scam, Gold Rising

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 441 7.24.2020)

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo ripped the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in a speech late Thursday afternoon.  He dressed down party leaders on everything from the destructive virus released from Wuhan concentration camps and stealing intellectual property with operations in Houston, Tx.  You might remember Attorney General Barr gave a speech recently warning about the threats from China and admonishing big U.S. tech companies bowing down to the CCP.  Whatever so-called trade deal you thought the U.S. had with China, it is over.  This is signaling bad economic times at least and all-out war at worst.

The mainstream media (MSM) is reporting that Covid cases and deaths are spiking anew, but is that true?  If the rest of the country is reporting numbers anything like the numbers in Florida, it’s a total scam.  Florida health officials are having a hard time explaining why 100% of the tests are coming back positive and how people who die in motorcycle accidents are counted as Covid deaths.  Oh, and a Yale epidemiologist says you could save lots of lives if you just give them Hydroxychloroquine (and Zinc), but you don’t hear that on the evil MSM.

Gold is about $30 from all-time highs.  Why?  Is it because it has already hit all-time highs in every other currency in the world?  Is it because the debt creation at the Fed and Congress has gone parabolic?  Is it because we are headed for a Greater Depression?  I am going to go with all of the above.

Join Greg Hunter as he gives these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Interview: 

Bill Holter of JSMineset.com will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

Holter says, “All roads lead to gold,” and he will explain why.

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  1. Peter

    Hey Greg,

    Please can you tell me what de NSA, CIA, FBI, etc etc are doing.


    • K. Wayne

      I like the fact that Pompeo is pushing this narrative. It needs to be disseminated to the wider populace….that there is evil at work (both overt and covert) within the borders of this country. They have strategically infiltrated our Political framework along with the Elite Educational Institutions…pushing their ideologies and pilfering not only our technology but also our creative thinkers.
      More importantly …the CCP need to be exposed with the severing of the umbilical cord….and I sense there is a new wave of distrust building across the Globe which will inevitably hinder the advancement of the Communist takeover. I am mindful though….that Evil resides in many places. We should remain focused and never lose track of the Bigger picture….one that threatens our Constitution and our Republic. They can never be replaced.

  2. dlc


    Livestream Portland riot.

    The rioters tend to get real crazy after the midnight hour. I see they brought their umbrellas and gas masks again. Almost all had gas masks on last night, the umbrellas to catch some of the tear gas. They also brought golf clubs to smack the tear gas canisters away from them, and they threw the canisters back toward the police along with endless water bottles, some filled with urine. They didn’t seem to be phased much by the tear gas all in all.

    The wall erected around the court house held firm. Concrete barriers were placed against this wall on the police side. The rioters gave it their best effort to bring it all down without success so far.

    One guy ran around all night with a red flowing robe and a golf club. Things got crazier by the hour. They slowly dispersed around 5 a.m. to go to their sleepy beds so they could raise more hell tonight.

    The livestream gives a much different picture than the press portrays. Libs who are unconcerned now really don’t want to wait until these people are coming up their driveway. They are not going to ask how you voted or how you lean at that point. It was never about all of that in the first place.

    • paul ...

      dlc … They are just doing what Black Lives Matter (BLM) as an international human rights movement (originating in the African-American community) “campaigns against” … violence and systemic racism towards White people!!!

      • paul ...

        And if BLM doesn’t “campaign against” violence and systemic racism towards White people … BLM can be classified as “racist” organization no different then the Klu Klux Klan!!

  3. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,rather sobering if I may say.
    Here in the UK the COMMIES are firmly in control.We have had theft of explosives from quarries where the explosives were being safely stored in town halls by COMMIE mayors and the acolytes f the Bolsheviks.No one is being prosecuted.
    Here is a sampling of the media in the USA,
    The useful idiots are using money from the phone system to destroy America.The Bolsheviks loathe Christian America.
    Back here in the UK directors of our hospitals all require to be acolytes of COMMUNISM,so forget struggling for a degree in health care just be a COMMIE.Same for any major job in public companies.
    Here in the UK,rebellion art is widespread as is the effort to remove it from the public sphere.
    As of Friday 24th July 2020,we here in the UK,have to wear a mask whilst shopping,so Aldi and Lidl actively supporting the government in this.Meanwhile the poo-transmitted virus is still transmitted via poo.Don’t you just love the Bolsheviks in large companies gorging on money and using it against we peasants?No doubt the American branches of Aldi and Lidl will be booting their own home grown Bolsheviks.
    Again we are the Tom Tully moment.
    Again,in all sincerity,GOD BLESS AMERICA and her God fearing people.

    • Septic sceptic

      Well Christians need to get their own house in order before they criticise the Bolsheviks. Root out the pedos and they can have their credibility back.

    • Septic sceptic

      Let’s hope God roots out the people pretending to be Christians and administers justice. The pope would be a good place to start.

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Thanks again for bringing us the news and debunking the propaganda.

    The insurrection has become increasingly overt and the “riots” are now much more meticulously planned, professionally executed, violent, and high-tech — including, I’ve heard rumored — the use of lasers (that can blind people) and electronic countermeasures against police drones and communications.

    (Anticipating the threat of lasers, I think that our preps now need to include googles that protect against blinding lasers, especially the green lasers. Since, I understand, the ubiquitous cheap green lasers sometimes also emit infrared as a pernicious bi-product, you’ll need to obtain high-quality googles that protect against it as well).

    • The impossible dream

      William, your comments are as well though out as ever. Apologies that I have not made contact for a few weeks. I have been cycling through identities.

      • William Stanley

        Greetings, TID!

    • Tin foil hat

      You are a good man who think and prepare like a honorable man. If things really turned Mad Max, you should not need helmet or laser avoidance goggle (unless you have an army), body armor is good and night vision is definitely a must.

      Your potential adversaries shouldn’t see you and your hideout shouldn’t be out in the open – farm and live stocks are invitation to troubles which will be almost impossible to protect and you want to set up close to a small spring rather than a lake.

      If I had to shoot somebody, I’d always prefer to shoot him in the back or when he is not focusing on or looking at me. Anyway, I don’t think the world will turn Mad Max.

  5. Aaron Greenfield

    Protesting Does Not Always Get What You Want
    For example, leaders may crack down rather than give in to demands. Recently, the president of one Middle Eastern country stated regarding the protest movement there: “It must be hit with an iron fist,” and thousands have died in that uprising.

    Even when protesters accomplish their aims, the aftermath invariably brings new problems. A man who helped depose the ruler of an African country told Time magazine about the new regime: “It was utopia that immediately descended into chaos.”

    Is there a better way?
    Many well-known people have felt that protesting oppressive systems is a moral imperative. For instance, the late Václav Havel, a former Czech president who spent years in prison for his human rights activities, wrote in 1985: “[The dissident] can offer, if anything, only his own skin—and he offers it solely because he has no other way of affirming the truth he stands for.”

    Havel’s words foreshadowed the desperate acts of people who have set themselves on fire recently to protest religious and political repression. Describing the feelings behind such extreme actions, one man told Newsweek magazine: “We don’t have guns. We don’t want to harm other human beings. What else can people do?”

    The Bible offers a solution to injustice, corruption, and oppression. It describes a government that God has set up in heaven that will replace the failed political and economic systems that lead to protest. A prophecy about the Ruler of this government says: “He will deliver the poor one crying for help, also the afflicted one and whoever has no helper. From oppression and from violence he will redeem their soul.”—Psalm 72:12, 14.

    Some USAWatchdoggers believe that God’s Kingdom is mankind’s only true hope for a peaceful world. (Matthew 6:9, 10) Thus, they do not engage in protests. Is believing in a government by God, that could eliminate the reasons for protest, unrealistic? It might seem to be. Yet, many have developed confidence in God’s rulership, even now. Why not look into it for yourself?

    • Galaxy 500

      And when God is ready, he will set up his government. Until then, vote Trump

      • Aaron Greenfield

        GALAXY 500
        Praise The Lord and Pass The Ammo?
        I say praise the Lord, hunker down and let the ammo pass over!
        ◄ Isaiah 26:20-21 ►
        20Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers, and shut thy doors about thee: hide thyself for a little moment, until the indignation be overpast.

        21For, behold, Jehovah cometh forth out of his place to punish the inhabitants of the earth for their iniquity: the earth also shall disclose her blood, and shall no more cover her slain.

        Ellicott’s Commentary for English Readers
        (20) Come, my people, enter thou into thy chambers.–The vision of the judgments and the glory of the future leads the prophet to his work as a preacher of repentance in the present. His people also need the preparation of silent and solitary prayer (Matthew 6:6; Psalm 27:5; Psalm 31:21). As men seek the innermost recesses of their homes while the thunderstorm sweeps over the city, so should they seek God in that solitude till the great tempest of His indignation has passed by.
        Pulpit Commentary
        Verse 20. – Come, my people… into thy chambers. As when a storm comes, prudence counsels men to seek shelter (Exodus 9:19), so now the prophet advises his people to put themselves under cover during the coming tempest. His meaning, probably, is that they should retire into the privacy of communion with God, withdrawing from public affairs and the distractions of a worldly life. Shut thy doors about thee (comp. 2 Kings 4:33; Matthew 6:6). For a little moment (so in Isaiah 10:25; and again in Isaiah 54:7, 8). God’s estimate of time, we must remember, is not as man’s (Psalm 90:4; 2 Peter 3:8).

    • Charles H


      Why taunt readers here with something complex, controversial, and way down the road? Isn’t it better to deal with the immediate, and eternal need encountered at the end of life? If you take the example of the Rich man and Lazarus (not a parable because it includes a proper name – Lazarus): there are two destinies – Hell and Abraham’s Bosum. Hell remains the same to this day; but Abraham’s Bosum was removed from Hell and translated to Heaven when Jesus Christ preached unto the captives (Abraham’s Bosum) and led captivity captive, after his crucifixion and as He ascended.
      The issue of whether one will either go to Heaven or Hell is still the most needful message. The Rich Man died in his sins, not having faith in the Messiah, but trusted in his own righteousness: so after dying – and burial… “And in hell he lift up his eyes, being in torments…” (Luke 16:23) (“this flame”, vs. 24). And we know by subsequent Scripture that a born-again Christian who received God’s Own imputed righteousness in Salvation: upon death – we are immediately translated into the presence of Jesus Christ the Lord, God Jehovah the Son, to be with the Savior forever (2Cor. 5:8). And He is in Heaven. So upon death: it is either Heaven or Hell. That “God’s Kingdom” comes after the Great Tribulation: and won’t help millions or billions who will die and go to Hell before it ever appears on the scene?! Man has ONLY until he dies to determine his eternal destiny, then it is too late. “And it is appointed unto to men once to die, but after this the judgment:” (Heb 9:27).

      The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the power of God unto salvation: forget this ‘kingdom business’. You might as well be a Jehovah’s Witness – and end up where they don’t believe exists.

      • eddiemd

        This is the JW doctrine that Aaron is speaking about. Just subtle thought shaping as not to be noticed.

        • Greg Hunter

          I just removed “Aaron” to the spam file. Thank you for your Biblical instruction. Keep doing it.

          For all the JW people, I do NOT want your material on this site. Put it on your own site.

          • eddiemd

            I have had no formal mainstream Biblical instruction. I study the Bible vigorously like I study medicine. I pray everyday, several times a day. I know the God I serve and Jesus the Messiah. I seek the Truth. I pray for wisdom, knowledge, discernment, love, faith, and the fruit of the Holy Spirit. Rivers of Living Water.

            I would consider myself a watchman. To exhort people in the faith that they may know Jesus Messiah of Nazareth, Almighty God in the flesh. To bring to their attention the Word of God and let it speak for itself. It does not need my interpretation.

            I am a soldier, engineer, scientist, and physician by education and experience.


            • Greg Hunter

              All I know is you know what you are talking about, and please keep talking here on USAW!!!!

          • eddiemd

            Very good article explaining coronavirus for professional as well as lay person. Not overly scientific.


            Note the therapeutic targeting of hydroxychloroquine. “Receptor endocytosis” which means it can potentially block/interrupt the virus from entering cells expressing ACE2 receptors. I don’t understand why the public has not been informed of the potential of this medication…actually I do know why….plandemic to usher in the new world order, vaccine, and antichrist.

            • eddiemd

              ACE2 and TMPRSS2 gene expression in various populations. ACE2 not really found to put one at risk in this Italian study. The TMPRSS2 protein requires further study. These two genes are part of the mechanism whereby coronavirus enters cells expressing AC2. It requires both to gain entrance.


              The gene location, size and promoters all identified. Lets say you have access to the ancestry, 23 and me databanks and can determine who has this gene, then you can potentially engineer a bioweapon virus such as coronavirus to target people who express this gene in large numbers.


              Does hydroxychloroquine specifically target this protein? Perhaps. It appears that hydroxychloroquine interferes with receptor endocytosis which involves the expression of both transmembrane protein systems.

              What do they know? Why is the MSM covering this information up?

              • paul ...

                And why is Trump going along with Fauci and Gates on a vaccine that can be harmful?? … instead of providing us “Operation Warp Speed Hydroxychloroquine” that he knows is safe and works!!

                • eddiemd

                  Remember Trump told us at one time he was taking hydroxychloroquine.

                  Fauci and Gates are probably taking hydroxychloroquine also.

                  I know several physicians that are taking hydroxychloroquine prophylactically.

                  I already had this coronavirus. I took probiotics, 81mg chewable aspirins, elderberry, vit c, Robitussin DM, and zinc. Drank plenty of water. Fasted. Prayed. All good.

  6. Marie Joy

    IF the Three Gorges Dam fails, Wuhan could be flooded. Closing the US Consulate, in Wuhan, could save American lives.

    • Sir Manley Robinson

      Apparently the Chinese have officially admitted the dam has been ‘deformed’. Sorry no link as on mobile but Asia times reported this.

  7. Marie Joy

    When I worked, in aerospace, decades ago, there were incidents with China trying to steal intellectual property. The Chinese were a major cause of concern.

  8. Marie Joy

    It’s a communist coup.

  9. Rod

    Why no mention about Trump saying “I wish her well” about the WORLD’S BIGGEST CHILD RAPIST RINGLEADER Ghislaine Maxwell? Why didn’t you call him out on that absolutely horrific thing to say? And the bogus excuse that he is setting up for November cheat by mail!! What a JOKE. What about the 2 recent special elections that were held where the Republicans won? Those were VOTE BY MAIL elections! Also the Trump kids did RNC ads talking about not forgetting to MAIL IN YOUR VOTES. And lastly, is Trump’s Operation LOOT AMERICA aka Operation Warp Speed a SCAM Greg? Answer that. Not a ONE AND DONE right Greg? Maximize profits under Operation Warp Speed which is run by TRUMP!!! #WakeupAmerica

    • Charles H

      Derangement much, Rod?

      A litany and a lie. The lie is Trump is for Mail-in Voting: he is NOT. This is hypocritical projection – blame the Opposition for the wrongdoing your team perpetrates. So the Republicans won in special elections, and they were mail-in?! Remember that Trump had a landslide in his favor that overcame the whole system against him. That couldn’t have happened for those evil Republicans?!?! They won – something has to be wrong!

      As to Operation Warp Speed – if a real and effective vaccine should be developed out of the money poured in: that’s a bad thing? “Loot America”: what a marroon. What about the Democrats PORKING-UP the Stimulus Bills to pay all the major corporations that don’t NEED the money – but are swallowing up the biggest part? Enjoy your higher taxes! Orange man bad – that’s all that matters; and all the pointers can point at.

    • William Stanley

      1. GHIALAINE MAXWELL. That did seem strange. Hopefully, President Trump wished her well in order to spur her along in spilling the beans on the Clintons and all the others who were involved with Epstein — both Democrats, Republicans, and foreign nationals.

      2. VOTING BY MAIL. You imply that President Trump is in favor of it. That is a falsehood that you should retract. Then you complain about the RNC’s success in winning despite not wanting vote by mail. Get ready for a massive Democrat loss come September. Rod, your insurrection and attempted coup are backfiring.

      3. OPERATION WARP SPEED. That does look pretty dangerous. However, YOU fail to acknowledge that MR. HUNTER has not favored it and has, instead, touted Hydroxychloroquine, Zinc, and a Z-pack. YOU also failed to acknowledge that President Trump has also prominently supported the proven Hydroxychloroquine treatment protocol. At the same time, YOU also failed to acknowledge that the Democrats have done everything possible to thwart the (early) Hydroxychloroquine protocol, costing tens of thousands of lives as a result.

      • William Stanley

        November as well as September.

    • paul ...

      I don’t get it … Trump says Hillary is a nice lady, he wishes Ghislaine well and supports Gates’ massive vaccination program for every one in the nation???

      • Greg Hunter

        I have never heard Trump say he supports Bill Gates vaccine program.

        • paul ...

          Greg … I was thinking “Operation Warp Speed” where Trump is spending $1.95 billion in a deal to purchase 100 million doses of a COVID-19 vaccine being developed jointly by Pfizer and a German firm BioNTech … the vaccine program will be administered in two doses … the initial inoculation will be for 50 million people (contingent on the Food and Drug Administration determining that it is safe and effective … if we can believe them) … then (if not too many people die from the vaccine) an additional 500 million doses will be administered at the beginning of 2021 (since the US has just 340 million people I think we can safely assume Trump “supports Gates’ agenda” to vaccinate “everyone with his Mark of the Beast”!!

    • andyb

      Rod: Trump wishes her well so that she can make her trial in one piece and not be conveniently suicided. Keep in mind that Trump is a father of two daughters and Epstein was a father’s worst nightmare. You seem to have missed that Trump kicked Epstein out from Mar-a-largo for hitting on a 14 year old pool girl.

    • Paul in Oz

      Rod, dead men tell no tales … if she kills herself, like Epstein did, you lose the star witness … also, when Andre McCabe said he wasn’t going to take the fall, Comey said I wish him well, Trump speaks in riddles some time … you remember bleaching from the inside? As for the virus it is real and although I am dubious about a vaccine, if it allows a proper re-opening … it does make sense.

    • Coalburner

      AS usual Rod, Trump knows a lot that we don’t! I am sure after all the human traffickers Trump has gone after that you misunderstand what he is saying. Trump does that once in a while to open the door for attacks like yours. I wonder what you are hiding. Don’t worry Rod, the trap will spring, will you be in it? It has taken him four years to bring the attempted coup criminals out into the open. Trump is patient while he appears not to be. That should scare the monsters trying to destroy our country. So who are going to support Rod, what ever monster that will replace poor senile Joe after he is in office for a week.

  10. Marie Joy

    Ice Age Farmer, on YouTube, says China’s crops have been devastated by floods and there will be worldwide shortages, of food, as China buys food from other countries. Rice will be in short supply, everywhere.

  11. JC

    Covid testing scandal, 333 labs…

    Steve Quayle says 33 is an Illuminati number, they are sending a message.

  12. andyb

    While I applaud both Trump and Pompeo for their stance on China, the fact that Pompeo is one of the Deepest of deep state players and a definite war hawk for the MIC is disturbing. Shouldn’t we end all these forever wars? No benefit to the American people but of great assistance to the CIA for its drug running to pay for black ops and bribing politicians. Don’t forget Ollie North and Noriega in Central America. It started with Vietnam and is continuing now in Afghanistan.

    Re the riots, covid lockdowns: If you own real estate be prepared for a doubling (at least) of real estate taxes in the next year and forever. There will be millions of foreclosures, both residential and commercial, leaving big gaps in budgets. When the market crashes (and it will), most pension plans will be bankrupt. Amazing what we are facing. Get prepared folks.

  13. JC

    18 minutes into the wrap_up, good stuff! Will watch the rest later.
    Covid-19 scam. Bingo!
    Put on your mask!
    Disinfect your hands!
    Run away!

    • JC

      It’s never going to end. It’s a “permanent emergency.”

      ‘World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently appeared before cameras to inform the world that “there will be no return to the old normal,” and that COVID-19 may never disappear, which means every human should live in a perpetual state of fear, as if every decision is a “life and death” decision.
      World Health Organization Director General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus recently appeared before cameras to inform the world that “there will be no return to the old normal,” and that COVID-19 may never disappear, which means every human should live in a perpetual state of fear, as if every decision is a “life and death” decision.’


      • Claude

        JC, you are right. The War on Covid is like any other “War” on anything that the US does. It is meant to be permanent, have no option or plan for ever “winning”, and is all about exclusive contracts, billions of dollars that we citizens are on the hook for, and continued graft and fraud. Billions of dollars are involved in a vaccine that Bill Gates says will be mandatory, require MULTIPLE doses, and will require a certificate of vaccine for travel, employment, rent leasing, and going to school. Good fascism is when something is very expensive, and they force you to buy it.

  14. Tommy

    It’s been over 4 months without professional sports. I’ve not only grown used to it, I find that I miss it not at all. As far as I’m concerned I’m done with it. No NBA, no NFL, no MLB. I’m done.

    • Charles H

      All it took was “Take A Knee”, for me. Nothing and nevermore.

  15. Jeff Martin

    What a joke. America allows China to continue to buy American food and food companies. This is kabuki theater. No difference between American government and Chinese government. They are both Marxist governments. Half of Congress are Marxists. Most government workers are Marxists. Most of the states are run by Marxists. Live with it, Comrades! Be sure to wear your masks, American slaves! Go back to sleep! Baseball is back on with cardboard crowds and fake cheering. Yahhhh! Covid good – Trump bad. Where’s my gooberment check? I need more beer and chips.

  16. Jerry

    The politicians don’t run the world. The globalist who own the financial systems do. Here is what they are planning.

    Cash is paper, and Gold is just a rock, and at the end of the day anything of value only has worth because the central planners say it does. The mistake we’ve made over the past five years in predicting an economic collapse, is believing that the economic system really operates under real market fundamentals . It doesn’t. It’s all made up. The numbers are all fake. Some say that quadrillions of dollars in debt is backed by us as debt slaves? That may be, but what are we worth to technocrats who are planning a NWO and a global reset? When you answer that question, then you can figure out why the technocrats are using a pandemic to reset the global system, and establish top down government with artificial intelligence. Made up stuff? Read the documents for yourself. Why does Bill Gates want to link your biological data to a cloud, and then link it to a digital banking system? Let them shove that test swab up your nose and you’ll find out. Friends we have some tough decisions ahead to make. Is the pandemic fake? Maybe. There are reported thirteen different strains of of the coronavirus floating around so who knows? But know this. The first wave was a pump fake. The second wave will be
    for real for maximum effect in order to drive people to a vaccination line. It will be a synthetic bio weapon (called the beast 100.1 ) so the only defense you will have is isolation since disinfectants won’t kill it. You will know when it has arrived when you see the death toll go vertical. Like I said before, get your spiritual house in order. Time is short. Pray for deliverance.
    defense you will have is

    • Charles H


      You finally nailed it: …”at the end of the day anything of value only has worth because the central planners say it does. ”

      In Sociological terms – one defines the opposition in inferior and/or derogatory terms to gain super position and pseudo-authority; but the same thing works in a myriad of instances. Economically, the Central Planners will use government to do their defining for them. Then only those who still believe in Law – will be bound. Who coined the term: “Live free or die”?

      • paul ...

        Charles … The Sun of God has worth (it grows our food, provides light, energy, Vitamin D, etc., etc., etc.) and what the evil “commie” central planners say about its worth is inconsequential!!

        • paul ...

          By the way … the Sun of God also produces the elements “Gold and Silver” … are we to believe these elements have no worth simply because the “commie” central planners say so??

      • Jerry

        Charles H,
        The joke is on us.
        Question: Why did the technocrat create artificial intelligence?
        Answer: Because he didn’t want to be human anymore.

        Somewhere there is a central planner laughing his ass off. Bu…haaa. How can we create the perfect puppet? Let’s make a phone where people don’t have to talk to each other anymore, and then we’ll have them put on a mask so they can no longer see expression, and then tell them to be together by staying apart and then connect them to a government cloud using a hydrogel vaccine to be controlled by artificial intelligence. Wait ? That can’t happen. No one would ever do that.

        • JC

          Jerry, you are so right.
          The joke is on us. We are being dehumanized. Most don’t realize it.

        • Charles H


          AI is the apex of the ‘god-complex’ – ‘and ye shall be as gods…’ (The creature becomes a creator) Dominion of the human race, making them useful idiots to the devil, is the intermediate part. Transhumanism – where bonding into the machine: is the illusion of cheating death, God, and living forever – in an imagined superior state of existence. (The Borg) Finally it is supposed that through such “evolutionary” means – man can transmute into some matrix or organization of pure energy. (Dr. Mamhattan/ The Watchmen)

          The irony is that man may just turn himself into a bug. That is – if God let’s man go that far: which I doubt.

          I agree with you: no test; and no vaccine.

    • K. Wayne

      This freak Gates and that other criminal Fauci need deliverance from Evil.

  17. john duffy

    “Here are a couple of images from the February ARSH 1997 issue of “George” magazine- JFK Jr.’s periodical. Note the cover splash of JFK Jr.’s interview with Gates. “World domination.” And note the image of the pullquote on the page immediately after the Gates interview, which is a topical follow-up to the Gates interview.

    “Worst case scenario? An over-populated planet choked to extinction by a lung-attacking virus.”
    I’m sure it’s just a coincidence that the human race is being brought under the yoke of tyranny in EXACTLY Bill Gates’ life-long psychopathic fetish fantasy.

    Just a coincidence… you betcha. Just like “Event 201“, the preparatory meeting they held on 18 October was a “coincidence”.

  18. dlc


    Portland rioters went crazy around 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. , early Friday morning. They were all about agitation and chaos.

    They mangled a panel of fencing at one point and the ?feds responded. The rioters had leaf blowers to push the tear gas back on the police. There was enough tear gas dropped on the rioters to bring all of N. Korea to its knees, but It did not seem to phase them much.

    The rioters were also using lasers to try to blind the police who were observing the crowd from inside the courthouse. They progress in tactics as the nights pass.

    The rioters show no fear whatsoever. At one point the police formed a line across a street to push the crowd back. The rioters stood in front of them and mocked. A girl got right up in their faces with a bouquet of hydrangeas, shoving the flowers in their face. She was grabbed and pulled within the courthouse gates and tackled to the ground like the wild boar that she was. She got operatic at that point.

    Downtown Portland now looks like Syria but not as clean. Filth/garbage everywhere, store fronts boarded. Cannot imagine the smell. Wonder if some of the agitators are from the CHOP summer of love?

    The above livestream link is not a 24-hour stream. I believe it comes on line around 9-10 p.m. If link does not work, can just go on YouTube and look for a Portland livestream around that time. Don’t eat while you’re watching.

    By the way, these crowds are overwhelmingly white males and many females. The black agitators were giving speeches to kick things off, and then the rest of the night belonged pretty much to the white commies.

  19. Marty

    What? no mention of the impending “blue wave” … c’mon Greg take a sip of the kool aide… we are supposed to believe that they are going to win the presidency and the senate and maintain the house… yes, they are going to win the presidency – just look at the polls where Biden has double digit leads (please don’t pay attention to his live streams where he only had 19 viewers (yes, that’s right 19… in other words Biden couldn’t even get 10% of his paid staff to watch him)).

    • paul ...

      Marty … Biden doesn’t need to win … Trump is doing a pretty good job “advancing the Demon-rat agenda” (and like the Pied Piper plays his tune to bringing his anti-communist Marxist hating followers into the rat pack on the way their ultimate drowning in an MMT ocean of debt!!

  20. Joe Strullmyer

    You forgot NASCAR. Boycott NASCAR

  21. Tom

    Thanks for doing a great job keeping us informed. I am fired up over BLM and how it continues to go after the “3 C’s” that are important to America: Culture, Constitution, and Christianity. The most recent attack on our culture took place on MLB ball fields. MLB made a bad decision to say the least. I sent emails to MLB and the Players Union. Here it is :
    Why Did MLB Destroy America’s National Past Time?

    I am contacting you today because I am outraged at the unwise decision to push and support Black Lives Matter ( BLM) across Major League Baseball. I cannot believe that the League and the Players would allow a politically divisive group to be promoted on players uniforms and in stadiums across America. You have made a terrible decision and you have enabled the destruction of America’s national past time. You have played into BLM’s game plan.

    BLM is a self-admitted Marxist organization that does not give a damn for Americans who are black. As a Marxist organization, it’s goal is to destroy the United States of America. They have advocated for violence in the streets across the country. They have intimidated and extorted money and power from American businesses and corporations. There are “3 C’s” that BLM is attacking: the Constitution, Christianity, and Culture. Baseball is a very important part of American culture. BLM knows this and has apparently gone after it. You and your organizations have “taken a knee” and allowed their destructive politics into the game of baseball. This is unconscionable! It’s too bad that none of your organizations have a spine to have stood up and said “NO” to them as they shook you down.

    My family and I love the game of baseball. We have attended games. We watch games on TV. We bought apparel of our favorite team (NY Yankees). We have no choice now but to step away from doing these things now and for the future because of your decision to support this organization I am not alone in doing this. Many of my friends are upset and angry at your decision and will be doing the same. I hope you all feel the economic pain as we stop buying tickets, buying apparel, and watching games on TV. You have brought this upon yourselves as you have allowed a dangerous political ideology into a game that runs deep in America’s culture.

    I would like to address the players: You were once looked up to as icons and even heroes. You have sold out to PC and to BLM. I guess you have forgotten the millions of fans across the country who pay for your contracts. We work hard to afford tickets and apparel. You have turned your backs on us. It’s a shame you have forgotten the history of the game and what it means for Americans. None of you could hold a candle to past players like Ted Williams who left the game he loved to serve the country he loved. He was someone to be looked up to . It’s a shame!

    Good bye MLB,

    Tom Parson
    ( my address and email)

    • Tim


      Thank you for doing this. You are a true patriot!!!

  22. rwmctrofholz

    Rite of passage in my family tracing back to my great grandfather that any male born into the family would be a die hard New York Yankees fan.

    This won’t be passed along to my 1 and 4 year old sons. We’re done with it; and baseball in general given that most teams will likely pull this same crap.

  23. paul ...

    Can Stan really be so crazy as to be doubling down on his short positions?? … as Gold nears all time highs and Silver makes a significant breakout?? … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/silver13year220720.jpg
    Stan says: “Silver was $50 in 1980 and with Silvers current breakout it is still less than half of what it was back then and that by his reading of the above long term Silver chart it suggests to him that Silver is going to $3.75 and therefore he is not worried one bit about his heavily short silver and gold positions” … God gave Stan a brain … but “his refusal to use it” should not stop others from using their brains … Silver will soon break through its old high just as Gold is on the verge of doing … and because Stan’s bankster buddies are depreciating the value of the US dollar with reckless abandon people are jumping into Gold and Silver for protection and now are even hording “copper coinage” as something real and are fleeing the Feds fiat paper IOU’s … the US Debt Clock’s (normalized value of Gold and Silver is a function of what the Fed has already printed up out of thin air) and is the price we God-bugs should be looking at “as being the true top for Gold and Silver” (however as the Fed continues to print the “top” keeps getting higher and higher)!!

    PS: To Donna S. … There was a “glitch” in the US Debt Clock’s calculation of Gold and Silver yesterday that multiplied both their prices by 2.3759 (but it was caught and quickly corrected) … interesting how the “glitch” was a number very close to being equal to the Limit of (1 + 1/n)n where n is the number of Fed dollars now approaching infinity … at infinity the “glitch” value would have been 2.71828 … which is e (the exponential function) the Fed is currently using to print up trillions of dollars “for everyone” … seems with the China Trade Deal “dead in the water” … the only way the US can ever solve its trade imbalance … is to destroy the value of the US dollar (relative to other fiat) … the recent US dollar fall (http://www.chartseeker.com/images/USDX-1Y-LG.png) is just the opening salvo of a major Currency War … “to win this war” the US must make the US dollar “weaker then all the other fiat currencies in the world” … getting back to Stan above it means the value of Gold and Silver will be going up (not down) as “brain dead Stan” believes … God gave us seven(7) good years to accumulate his precious metals “cheap” … now “that time has past” … it is critical “for those who did not act when given the chance to buy precious metals cheap” … to bite the bullet now and buy it a bit higher … they are now even scrambling to get their hands on “ordinary copper and nickle coinage” (as copper and nickel are the “Metals of War”) and they probably remember Celente warning that “real wars tend to follow currency wars”!!!

    • Tim

      Hi Paul,

      I do not believe Stan ( or whoever this person is) is doing this. Either a troll or trying to get some attention.

      • Stan

        Paul: Gold is forming a classic double top. Go look at the chart. Tell me you don’t see a massive double top.

        • Greg Hunter

          We hared this before Stan. You’ve been wrong since coming here on gold.

    • Mike R

      Stan is in so much pain right now, he cant even type on this web page. Lol. His gold shorts have been destroyed. $1900 !!! Have you ever seen someone be Sooooo Wrong for sooooo long ? Nobody like Stan has been.

  24. Alan

    Love your work Greg, you are a true Patriot and one of the few remaining real journalists out there today. I used to follow sports, was a die-hard Yankee fan since I was a child having grown up in the shadow of NYC and The House That Ruth Built (aka Yankee Stadium in the Bronx), and have a ton of fond memories watching games with my dad, idolizing Mickey Mantle et al, etc… Have not turned on a single baseball, football, or basketball game in several years, and that was well before the current reign of insanity and groveling we see on full disgusting display these days. Marxism cannot be allowed to push its agenda of destroying this country, its culture, its history, and traditions. We the People of the USA must act to preserve the nation’s sovereignty and address the many challenges we face, however “systemic racism” is NOT one of them!

    Thank you for all you do and for having the intellectual honestly and personal integrity you display each and every week & in every segment you post. My family & I have come to regard Greg Hunter & USAW as one of THE most important sources of honest reporting and intelligent commentary & analysis, bar none. Be well my friend…

  25. Fatima message

    Fantastic news summary! Simply fantastic.
    Fatima prophecy is the truth.
    Watch for Chinese military invasion of the west coast, which will be stopped!

  26. paul ...

    You know … with Gates’ buddy Dr. Fauci saying: “I would not ride in a plane or eat in a restaurant” … he is effectively saying “don’t get into any confined space with other people” … this means … locks should be put on all elevators in every big Demon-rat city that supports all Dr. Fauci’s dictates … the “commie” elite will simply have to walk up 20 to 50 stories to their penthouse apartments (or else move out of the city) … big real estate firms who own these high rise apartments and hotels will be hurting as much as the airlines and restaurants (investors buying these stocks have to be out of their minds like Stan) … all high rise building owners are likely praying their buildings will collapse (like WTC building 7) so they can at least collect the insurance (the same way Larry A. Silverstein did)!!

    • JC

      Morning rush hour in NYC…
      People pouring out of Penn Station in Manhattan, rushing down the street, one on top of the other, then entering skyscrapers and cramming into elevators like sardines…

      Before arriving at their destination skyscrapers, they have to stop at the intersections when the “red hand” (formerly “don’t walk”) sign flashes. Most won’t wait at curbside, they extend into the street on both sides, leaving barely enough rooms for the cars to pass.

      The others who don’t exit Penn Station, get on the subway, cramming into the cars, also packed like sardines…. I can never forget, it was many years ago, I had injured my knee tendon, it was very painful, but I had to go to work so I put an Ace knee support, it helped, but I couldn’t walk up the subway stairs at the normal hectic pace as everyone else, I was lucky I didn’t get trampled by all those who were desperate to get past me….
      In NYC it’s the law of the jungle…

      Now with the “virus” situation, how many are planning to escape from New York?

  27. donna s.

    I know you watch the US debt clock and was wondering if you saw the ” glitch” that occurred today , july 23? silver yesterday was $3,890 and gold was $32,264., today I just happen to look at it while trying to explain this to someone else ( who thinks I am crazy ) and the debt clock showed silver at $9,354 and gold at $77,576. have you ever seen this before? I was lucky I got a screen shot of it cause about two hours later when I was able to go back to it , it had changed to about the previous days amounts. just curious and was wondering what you think?

    • paul ...

      Donna S. … My answer about the “glitch” is embedded in the PS: section a few comments above where I talk about Stan not using his God given brains!!

    • Lord Nasdaq

      Great points Paul. I’ve been on vacation here in N.C. Got out on June 1st for many reasons including Greg discussing riots. Damn land in my area has gone from $5000.00 to $10000.00 per acre in October 19 to $20000.00 per half acre now due to b.s corona -virus and riots.
      May have to check charts and metals, Donna.
      Heard silver moving. In March during all-out panic, I purchased pounds of silver during days/hours of $11’s one minute bids and sells.
      God bless yall and Mr. Hunter from down the road.

  28. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you again, you help me to cope in this insane world.

    I have an issue that maybe some of your listeners can address.

    When I type in USA Watchdog, I go straight to the site (thankfully). Now, when I type in other sites I like to visit, I cannot go straight to the site like I use to. I have to rely on those who upload the site. Once in awhile the upload is current. Many times it is old uploaded programs.

    I hope I explained it adequately.

  29. Sharon

    Thanks for being a USA watchdog. If you had only known what an apt name than would be when you began! I love the way you end the show. HOPE! Keep up the good work.

  30. Daryl

    Great to see a Journalist exposing some of these fake test results. I have been a practicing doctor for over 30 years and I have never seen such nonsense with using these tests. None are FDA approved. The package label says they are not to be used for diagnostic purposes and are for experimental use only. And this is what is being used to confirm a pandemic? I have first hand knowledge as well about a nurse in our local hospital who decided to send in 5 unused test kits to the lab. They all came back positive!

    I would recommend you interview Denis Rancourt, PhD. He just did a study on this and more. You can view some of his interviews on youtube as well.

    • paul ...

      This is a fake “Plandemic” … want proof? … Here is “the absolute undeniable proof” that our economy was needlessly shut down and people thrown out of work (just so Big Pharma could make trillions selling vaccines and put the Mark of the Beast on all of us) … deaths in the US population “from all causes” was 9.6 deaths per 1000 people back in 1950 … currently in 2020 deaths in the US population “from all causes” is down to 8.6 deaths per 1000 people … so all the fake testing and unnecessary mask wearing “is a giant hoax” … deaths in the US have been steadily falling for the last 70 years … this “Warp Speed vaccine” Trump is preparing for us (under the guidance of Bill Gates and the eugenicists) “is most likely designed to reverse the lower death rate trend of the last 70 years (that has been reeking havoc with the Social Security System)!!!

  31. Ed Milligan

    I got my HCQ from insulinhub.com . Fill out the online questionnaire and wait for approval within hours.

    • William Stanley

      I just ordered some Ivermectin for a friend’s horse. Depending on the size or your horse, the cost is about 20 cents a dose. Got to be careful not to give a small horse too much.

    • Southern Girl

      Thanks, I just order me some. I didn’t even know of that site so again thanks.

  32. JC

    Kneeling stupid, ignorant baseball player millionaires.
    And the imbecile fans go to Yankee stadium to pay…
    One ticket $65 – $250
    Concessions – $50.00 per person, a lot more of you’re really hungry
    Parking – $40.00


    • eddiemd

      Most people with common sense and money are done with professional sports.

      More exciting to watch a high school or college game and very much affordable. NBA, NFL, and MLB are over. Perhaps a NHL game on the TV.

      • JC

        Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems to me that if you watch footage of baseball games from the past, the players were of all different shapes, sizes and physiques.

        I would say in the 90’s that changed, the players all seemed to be the same physically. Meat robots collecting a big paycheck.

        • eddiemd

          Interesting that you bring this up.

          I watched game 1 of the 1973 world series between the Mets and Oakland last weekend. I was raised a Mets fan.

          That game had Willie Mays, Reggie Jackson, Bert Campaneris, Sal Bando, etc

          Granted Willie Mays was at the end of his career but he was not a big muscle head. Neither was Jackson or any of them. Most were average sized, some larger than others.

          The 90’s brought performance enhancing drugs and supplements. I still suspect that players use steroid supplements off season. Perhaps when ever they can get away with it.

          I played baseball from age 6 to 17. I was a shortstop and pitcher.

  33. Craig J Simonson

    Greg, what’s your assessment of this article from the Rutherford Institute?


    • William Stanley

      It’s “ironic” how the Rutherford Institute discovered “States Rights” and Constitutional limitations on federal power only AFTER President Trump was elected.

      • William Stanley

        Okay, I was overly harsh. But, the point remains: Your article blames President Trump for policies that were in place long before he arrived on the scene. It was a hypocritical partisan hit piece.

  34. Redemocracy2

    Hi Greg—Can you please address one day why George Soros has not been arrested?
    Thank you,

  35. JC

    Martin Armstrong:
    All of the main news organizations, CNN, ABC, CBS, and NBC, are all linked at the very top to the Democrats.


  36. Charles H


    If you “go for the money”: you will work for the wrong bosses. There’s no doubt China has bought the University Regents and Academia. Knowing they have stolen Intellectual Property could be the tip of the iceberg. How many were corrupted with money, or sex, or both? And that is just to polish the snowflake product of the Public School System. Kids can’t read, write, or reason. How R U? China in the Mainstream Press? NO surprise there? China buying up great tracts of land in the USA? That’s not in the News. China buying up commercial ports for their ships all over the world? That’s no rumor. China bought up a great part of the Water Rights in Australia. China now owns lots of important commercial interests in the US, like Smithfield Pork. It’s like the kids of multi-million dollar businesses get out of college, inherit their founder father’s ownership: but don’t want the headaches – so they sell it to the Commies and party-on! (swimming pools… movie stars)
    Doesn’t it make sense now that the commie Democrats are all pointing their fingers at RUSSIA?!?? America hasn’t been “dumbed-down” – generations have been made blinded and stupid. My liberal parents believed and trusted that all the wonderful ‘scientific’ knowledge would make their kids better than them. They really did. Instead we have godless masses: who don’t know their right hand from their left. Not caring WHERE the money comes from – is now an American hallmark.

  37. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    You hit this out of the park with your show. Hit them where it hurts. In the pocket book.

  38. Brooklyn


    Once more your weekly wrap up ‘hit the ball outa the park’ . And, as a lifelong NY Yankee fan, we have watched our last game of their foolish truncated season. As you say, if you want to kneel down, go to Arlington Cemetery, or a closer option is to walk into any church, hopefully one that is not closed so you won’t be arrested.

    We are surrounded in MADNESS!

    You’ll enjoy this, Greg, but your name as a MUST WATCH or listen to voice of reason in the Alt-Media is everywhere. I was reading an article by Brandon Smith on Zero Hedge and a commenter named KnitDame offered a long but valuable post listing a number of recent omens to validate whaat is coming and then wrote how everyone must listen to Greg Hunter…

  39. iwitness02

    Sold my Harley. (I miss it)
    Using some of the money for maintenance and repairs. Solar batteries need to be replaced soon. Got six years of service life out them. Sun and hail have destroyed the greenhouse roof. Need lots of paint. Some of our gardening tools are broken and need to be replaced. We use to raise worms in a 4 foot wide X 10 long enclosed area built into the garage. We quit raising worms, and the same area is being converted into a large dehydrator with seven large drying racks for dehydrating stuff from the garden. Trying to get everything ship shape while materials are still available and we still have freedom of movement. If mandatory vaccines become an issue, we may not have access to much of anything. Trying to accomplish as much as possible right now, so that if we need to stay home in the near future, we will be in good shape. Lots of work to do, but I don’t know how much time I have to get it done.
    Trying to stay focused on Faith and Patience.
    Trying to be as loving and supporting of all of my family as much as possible, as we all need help.

    • William Stanley

      Thanks for the report and moral example.
      I’m pretty sure your Harley is having a good time; so don’t worry about it too much.

    • Self Exiled

      You don’t need the Harley. Some time back someone posted they had a daughter that had just born her first child and she was overjoyed but you [possibly] did not have the heart to open her mind to events you saw coming. Was that you, my memory, is deficit at times. What has helped me has been to practice His Presence. How I do this is by talking to Him about everything that concerns, matters to me: my pleasures as well as my problems. I gradually went from a problem focus to a Presence focus. I have been practicing this since 2011. Call me crazy but I’m to the point if some one gives me hug or loving embrace, intimate conversation, or holding a child, silently I say, ”this is also for you Lord”. I believe He deserve everything we can give, share with Him considering all the negatives that come His way. By such: He has become a real present person to me as well as God.

      Seek the LORD and His strength;
      Seek His face continually [longing to be in His presence]. 1 Chronicles 16:11

      • iwitness02

        Self Exiled,
        Want to mention that I have spent a little time in the P.I.
        Loved it there. Marcos and Imelda (spelling?) were in power at that time. I would have stayed, but I had someone back home in the States, waiting for me. We have been married 48 years now. I made the right decision, returning to the states.
        To answer your question, that wasn’t me. But, as a parent, I can appreciate the reluctance to talk about a grim future with a daughter who is so happy at that moment.
        In the year 2000, my eight years as an owner operator (trucking)
        came to a close. I felt like a failure as I was in debt and had nothing to show for it. That is when I learned that I was missing out on good living, because of wrong thinking. I had to learn to discipline my thoughts before I destroyed myself. I did learn, and I also turned to the Scriptures for further help. Now I give thanks to God before every meal.
        I pray for friends and family. I pray often. Everyday. In your own way, I suspect that your constant dialog with our Lord is much the same as my prayers. Talking. Prayer. Probably no difference when your mind is focused on our Creator. (I pray to God through the name of Jesus)
        Point well taken about your focus. From problem focus, to Presence focus. We are both on the same path in that regard. And yes, the relationship becomes more real with constant practice. After all, we walk by faith. The more we exercise our faith, the stronger it becomes. In my mind faith in God and His Son Jesus will be, or is, the most precious of all the Graces, with love running a very close second. Or maybe it is a two way tie for first place.

  40. True Historian

    Hi Greg,
    I wish you would conduct an interview with someone who could present a plan for removing the Federal Reserve system. Presently, there is a draft bill in congress authorizing a US Treasury Dollar; the bill would also implement a US Treasury “checking account” for each citizen.

    See https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7BCXe353-gg

    • paul ...

      The new “Treasury Dollar” will also very likely be printed to infinity also (so keep your Gold and Silver) … what this new “Treasury Dollar” is likely designed to accomplish is to “take the power to print money out of the hands of the Banksters that killed Christ” and “Overturn Their Tables” … problem is the US Government is now being Crucified by these banksters just like Jesus was … our Liberty has already been taken by forcing a Corona Crown of Thorns on our heads in the form of masks and lock-downs … our Happiness has been taken by their BLM “soldiers” whipping us in the streets … next they will take our Life by lifting us up upon a Cross of Gold where the outcome will be depression and despair … people will be calling out to the Father as Jesus did and the America we once knew will die … it may take 3 days … but more likely 3 years for America to rise again … hopefully it won’t be with the entire population “euthanized by vaccine” and where we live as “spirits” in the cloud controlled by Google!!

  41. vincent_g

    China is in big trouble of which most of it is due the the CCP.
    The flooding is not normal.
    The reason for it is due to the government projects by the CCP.
    This government is self destructive.
    But war maybe around the corner.
    The leaders know that things are near a breaking point.
    I suspect they will start a war to avoid a overthrow of the CCP
    There are rumors that the top leaders are worried they maybe on the chopping block as lower ranking members are looking to remove them.

    It’s possible that we will see either the collapse of the government or war soon.

    • Self Exiled

      Any power block: provincial governors, generals, lower ranking families, even close family members have escalated to positions of authority by deception and deceit. It has been a part of their cultural tradition for 2000 years. That is why the Americans are so easily deceived by their friendly attitudes, to them everyone is suspect and useful at the same time. Hear in the Philippines about twice a month 20 to 30 Chinese are deported; usually for a financial scam, human trafficking or illegal gambling. Remember I’m talking about power blocks.

  42. JC

    Off topic:

    Why hasn’t there been, let’s say, a post-mortem IRS audit of this guy? Where did the money come from for these properties? There are forensic accounts that have the skills to figure this stuff out. For sale. By who?

    Jeffrey Epstein’s NYC, Florida mansions hit market for combined $110M


    • Tin foil hat

      Watch the movie “American Made”.

  43. eddiemd

    Many people saw the thugs, rioters, and looters arriving. Cultural Marxist/Leninists.


    Seeing more and more places not accepting cash. The excuse…”banks not providing coins and cash.”

    Portland looking more and more like Kiev during Maidan. Soon they will be throwing molotov bombs at the federal police guarding the courthouse. This will be followed by Antifa/blm snipers shooting their own. Just like Kiev.

    • eddiemd

      Cultural revolution in the USA.


    • Steady Boy's Steady

      Eddie you know!

    • Self Exiled

      Wouldn’t the military be aware and prepared for snipers. I understand hunting snipers begins with being located by other snipers and neutralized. Also line troops are also effective once spotted. I would think the Federal buildings being protected would already have snipers posted and observing. Granted the blame for any deaths would go to the Federal protectors. What an amazing mess.

      • eddiemd

        You are correct. If the federal police did not have sniper coverage with FLIR capability then they would be making a mistake. Counter sniper operations.

        Still the Antifa/blm probably thinking about shooting their own at some point to trigger further violence. They don’t care. They will do what it takes to further the chaos.

        I would believe that the federal agents are using predator drones overhead to listen in on all comms and monitor the situation. At some point they can throw the switch to shut off all cell phone comms in and around the rioting areas.

  44. Faizie

    I was talking with a fella that works at a plumbing supply store in Watertown NY; he was telling about a fire department near where he lives that had an all day covid testing event at the fire hall a couple of weeks ago. His wife and another woman went to get tested. There was a long waiting line and as the day was getting late they were advised to go home because there would not be enough time to include them in the test.

    They both went home and were called later that day saying that they both tested positive. Sound a bit familiar ?.

  45. tim mcgraw

    I’m 15 minutes into the video. Good report. I watched a video report yesterday on the Yangtze floods. Terrible flooding and the rainy season there has just begun. 10″ more rain fell in one day after everything was already at record flood heights. There is also a drought in Northern and Southern China affecting crop outputs. The price of our food will continue to go up and up.
    As for Covid-19; too many lies and propaganda out there for me to figure out the truth. I do see that total deaths in the USA are the same or less than they were a year ago. That is a statistic that can’t be manipulated.

  46. Tom Wigand

    My fellow USAWatchdog viewers will share my reaction to his YouTube (which came across my radar last evening). YouTube describes it thus: “A woman who fled the former nation of Yugoslavia discuss how socialism led to the downfall of the nation and how events happening in America parallel what happened there.”

    Here’s the link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wj-opN-dxv0&feature=youtu.be

    She recognizes the the intended revolution currently underway in this country, because the same playbook was used in her (no longer existent) country in the 1990’s. There the evil agenda was successful.

    She lays it all out, the step by step, hoping that we can avoid the same fate; and then provides sound recommendations about what we should do, so that the fate she and her countrymen lived does not also happen here.

    She concludes without direct reference Ronald Reagan’s “Time for Choosing” speech, but poignantly echoes him: she says that if we Americans don’t stand up and prevail now, the whole free world will be lost.


    • Russ F

      Tom, thank you, and you are correct…..
      Everyone should watch!

  47. Rodney

    WHY WHY would you get a TEST??? The mind boggles, once they have your name address who is in your family, this could lead to real bad news when they generate the next wave of BS to destroy families and peoples lives.

  48. wondering

    Best show ever Greg. I salute you for calling out the phony Covis numbers. I thought you would have called it three months ago but better late than never.

    Another major point, and this is my opinion – not fact- after hundreds of hours of research. When they are ready for the big kill with vaccines, they will use five gee towers to beam tens of thousands of people dead with microwave beams “daily” using the GPS on cell phones to scare people into taking the vaccines. This is where social distancing comes into play. It would look too phony if three or four people fell dead at the same time at the same spot. Six feet apart would only kill one person. They did this in Wuhan. People were falling dead on the sidewalk. Get real. Anybody sick enough to fall dead walking on the sidewalk would be bed ridden, not walking.

    The five gee and towers have to be talked about repeatedly for people get the message out there. When thousands of people are falling dead daily, it won’t be a virus doing it.

    I would like to make an observation on your Germany comments. The USA has never defended Germany from Russia. It was the other way around during WW2. The Military bases in Germany aren’t for Germany’s protection. The US has 720 military bases in over 180 countries. And it ain’t for their protection. It’s called global dominance. Those bases will enforce and implement the NWO.

  49. Galaxy 500

    What a great report. Thanks for being you.
    I will not watch NFL, MLB, etc. And to Hell with the Marxist. Screw them all with a red hot poker.
    Hey, everyone please vote.

  50. Bruce Douglas

    THANK YOU Greg, stay vigilant. We desperately need your reporting…

    • Self Exiled

      Nevertheless I am continually with You;
      You have taken hold of my right hand.
      You will guide me with Your counsel,
      And afterward receive me to honor and glory. Psalm 73:23-24

      But as for me, it is good for me to draw near to God;
      I have made the Lord GOD my refuge and placed my trust in Him,
      That I may tell of all Your works. Psalm 73;28

  51. S W

    I’m having a hard time understanding why Trump doesn’t go after the money of his son-in-laws business partner who everyone believes is behind the funding of the riots. He could us the NSA spy system (aka Stellar Wind) that Bush set up to spy on Americans and make the connection to the source of funding. Instead he chooses to send federal troops into cities. Is Trump assisting the left by nationalizing the police force. This will be their goal once they regain power. Or is he OK with stepping on the 10 Amendment? The sheriff is suppose to be in control of law enforcement as the highest power in the states. They have the authority over federal law enforcement entering their area. Is Trump helping the left build out the police state of the future? Could Trump be a trojan horse? I can’t think of one swamp creature that has been fitted for an orange jump suit. Trump has done some good things but nothing to stop the powers that are working to overthrow this country. We could be watching a wag-the-dog drama playing out.

    • Self Exiled

      I see a row of graves. In the distance are the more ancient ones covered in vines and stately old trees. The two most recent ones are just dug waiting for their occupants. Near them leaning against a tree in the shadows is an individual, unrecognizable. I walk to the first grave and try to make out the etching on a very worn gravestone; after pushing away the vines that have overcome it’s view of the world. It says; Egyption Empire: moving on, Hittites, Babylonian Empire, Assyrian Empire, Persian Empire, Roman Empire, Ottoman Empire, and others, the last grave occupied was Nazi Germany. The gentlemen leaning under the tree is becoming more recognizable, he has the apparel of the Middle Eastern descent.
      I woke up wondering about it all and how it applied to the modern age I occupied. What did this have to do with me; the ancient history of empires? Turned on the news: Fox, the usual deep state, Bush, Clinton crime family, FBI, CIA battling it out with the Trump Presidency. Ho hum, and then the poor troubled Mr. Barr is being interviewed concerning the delayed Durham report. I wonder if my theory of him being a compromise appointy between the Bush, Clinton crime families and Trump to secure the lives of his family members might be true. No, but Barr sure looks like he’s carrying the world on his shoulders. Maybe Barr is caught between bigger giants and only he can see them. Let’s see, how did his Epstein failure fit in to his appearance of depression. Epstein, mossad, his now captured madam and her father’s death. Farther down the tunnel I go. Amazingly Trump is still alive, how has he survived so long? He must be someones asset, he certainly has affirmed Israel and not released the Towers information.
      Oh well back to sleep. Darn; at that grave yard again. Nothing’s changed. The man in the shadows is still leaning there and the two open graves are still open: except the new graves have been etched with names. China, and the other United States of America. The man by the tree leans forward, confident, assured, purposeful, self assured, friendly and patiently waiting. I recognize him: yes Israel, well if anybody needs to control the AI cloud he does. He certainly has no illusions about his history of survival and attempted extermination. I guess it’s eternally wise to have God on your side.

      • JC

        Self Exiled…
        “Amazingly Trump is still alive, how has he survived so long? He must be someones asset, he certainly has affirmed Israel and not released the Towers information.”

        Think in terms of The Godfather films, it’s all about competing crime families.

      • Rachel

        Hi Self Exiled, … graves in a dream is about your friendships. The old ones are the past the newer empty ones are new friendships coming into your life. So new opportunities of friendship available to you ..Dreams are about the self , not the world unless something is moving from the world into your space.

  52. Anthony Bonaminio, M.D.

    Hi Greg—thanks again for your great work. Outstanding wrap-up.
    fyi—trump feeds the leftards the rope by which they hang themselves:
    latest rasmussen polls– black approval rating up to 43%, exceeding previous numbers of 23, then 30, then 41….. non-white total likely voter approval rating 53%.
    they say if trump only gets 15% of the black vote a dem will never be elected potus again. other swing state honest polls [those that do not oversample dems, undersample repubs, and tilt independents to liberal inner city younger people] show trump blowing away biden by double digits in some cases. also approval for blm is sinking rapidly among all age groups and educational levels. [see today’s video by tim poole on timcast–he shows all the data]. he has been red-pilled.
    this really is the great awakening.
    i predict a >400 electoral vote landslide. the mail in fraud won’t be able to keep up as authorities are looking hard and people are already getting busted. [ i would like trump to sign a simple exec order giving 10 yrs min mandatory penetentiary time to illegal alien voting, and a 25 yr min sentence to anyone altering or stealing ballots. one may add a criminal civil rights violation against one’s fellow constituents for their disenfranchisement.] sorry gina, thanks again Greg.

  53. david

    Greg, Thank You for all that you do.
    I admire your stand.
    The “Fear Not…” at the end of each broadcast, That is Class. Your parents raised you well.

  54. Self Exiled

    AL JAZEERA is totally completely anti Trump, a corporate NWO cabal network station.

  55. Gerald Benton

    This has nothing to do about your Friday comments. I am in the HVAC Business. Today I was told by a Air conditioner distributor that A huge shortage of air conditioners is coming. Which means in the next couple of weeks if you need an air conditioner, you might not be able to buy one. Your money will be no good, because there will be no product. Also, HVAC parts are going to be in short supply. One manufacturer of air conditioners has warehouses full of seer 14 AC. The fan motor is made in CHINA, and they cannot get the motor to finish the Condenser (outside unit). This shortage is expected to last from October into 2021. If this all comes to pass, expect huge layoffs in the manufacturers, wholesales, distributors, and service industry. Thanks for your service.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Gerald for your professional opinion and street reporting!!

    • tim mcgraw

      Damn! We were planning to put in central A/C next winter. Thanks for the tip!

    • Rodster

      Food shortages are also on the way. Now is a good time to stock up on non perishable foods while the masses are being lulled and not raiding all the Walmarts and local Supermarkets.

  56. Aaron Greenfield

    Rod, you don’t wish Ghislaine the best? Your not human? Did you ever think maybe jail may be the best for her? It might save her life, to be able to spend some time thinking about what she has done with her life. She also could be innocent of what judgment you are passing on her. Besides our criminal justice system is not about payback or vengeance, but reform. Wouldn’t you like for her to see the error of her way’s, if she is guilty and to be truly sorry for anything she might have done wrong and to be a truly reformed individual? Doesn’t she also have that right. She is a creature made in the image of God. She might still be able to be able to do something with her life, that might even save your life. How would you feel about her then?

    Unrealistic expectations can make a person more prone to find fault and less inclined to forgive.

    Misunderstanding. Many withhold forgiveness because they misunderstand what extending it will mean. For example:

    If I forgive, I am minimizing the wrong.

    If I forgive, I have to forget what happened.

    If I forgive, I am inviting further mistreatment.

    Really, forgiving does not imply any of the foregoing. Still, extending forgiveness can be difficult—especially in the close relationship’s, like between husband and wife.


    Understand what forgiveness involves. In the Bible, at times the word “forgive” means “let go.” So forgiveness does not always require that you forget what happened or minimize the wrong. Sometimes it means that you simply need to let go of a matter, for your own well-being and that of your own peace of mind.

    Recognize the consequences of not forgiving. Some experts say that holding on to resentment can put you at greater risk for a wide range of physical and emotional problems, including depression and high blood pressure—not to mention the damage it does to your relation ship with your fellow humans. For good reason, the Bible says: “Become kind to one another, tenderly compassionate, freely forgiving one another.”—Ephesians 4:32.

    Recognize the benefits of forgiving. A spirit of forgiveness allows you and your relationship to others, to give each other the benefit of the doubt rather than to “keep score” of wrongs. That, in turn, helps you to create an environment that keeps resentment in check and allows love to grow.—Bible principle: Colossians 3:13.

    Be realistic Rod. It is easier to be forgiving when you accept your fellow man or woman, for who he or she is, flaws and all. “When you focus on what you didn’t get, in life, it’s too easy to forget all of what you did get! “Which list do you want to dwell on at this point in life?” Remember, no one is perfect—including you.—Bible principle: James 3:2.

    Be reasonable. The next time you are offended someone or by something that your spouse, friend or a stranger said or did, ask yourself: ‘Is the situation really that important? Do I need to demand an apology, or worse revenge? Or can I just overlook what happened and move on?’—Bible principle: 1 Peter 4:8.

    If necessary, discuss the matter, you can even write to Ghislaine and Calmly explain what offended you and why it made you feel that way. Do not impute bad motives or make dogmatic statements, since these will only put Ghislaine on the defensive. Instead, simply relate how her actions affected you and her victims.

    “Continue putting up with one another and forgiving one another freely if anyone has a cause for complaint against another.”—Colossians 3:13.

    “We all stumble many times.”—James 3:2.

    “Love covers a multitude of sins.”—1 Peter 4:8.
    If you have hurt your someone in some way, sincerely apologize. Even if you do not agree with your victims view of the matter, you can ask forgiveness for what you have done that resulted in hurt feelings or harm. If you work hard to avoid repeating the same mistake, you will give your fellow beings confidence that your apology was genuine.

    • Rachel

      Or we could stone her to death!

    • Self Exiled

      After being a Child Care Counselor for Emotionally Disturbed Children, and holding them in my arms so they will not hurt themselves; as they scream and sometimes spit in your face I still don’t know the answer to the above comments or question proposed. The suffering they hold in their hearts and mind is daily and unimaginable to those who have not been forced into an adult world that robs you of your childhood , joy, happiness of security and safety. The fear of losing control of your body the home of your soul before you are ready turns your world totally upside down.

      • Self Exiled

        I have seen the 10 criterias that determine if a child molester is a candidate for reform. Even if they meet the criteria, which is seldom, reform is seldom achieved. The internal mechanisms are not present for self control, incarceration is necessary or monitoring depending on the aggressors case. I do personally believe child molesters have past a demarcation zone which only God can determine. His warning that if someone should even offend [make them cry]these precious children , whose angles have direct access to the Father places the aggressor completely under God’s judgement and that would be the most completely fearful exposure to the Almighty that I can not imagine.

  57. Coalburner

    Greg: Do you think any one wants to visit Detroit or Minneapolis? LOL!!!

  58. Coalburner

    That comment above about getting tested. Not me! No way!

  59. tim mcgraw

    Well, for local news from the SF Bay Area: 487 restaurants in San Francicso will not reopen. You must wear a mask in SF and if you have a waiver, you better have that doctor’s waiver in your pocket along with your other papers of course.
    A family bowling alley in the suburbs has closed after 60 years. Sorry Dude, no more bowling for you, Donnie, and Walter.
    Baseball season opened at Dodger Stadium to cutouts of famous people. It was beyond silly.
    Now the bosses are getting into face mask etiquette. The mask has to be tight on the face. No more slacking with the masks!
    Every day is worse here in California.

  60. Russ F

    I have given up as well on professional sports.
    We all should.
    Please see this article on one MLB player that had the strength to do what we all should do.
    Stand up for our beliefs!
    Thank you Sam Coonrod for standing up (and not taking a knee).

  61. Self Exiled

    The Country of Georgia Never Closed Churches, and Largely Avoided COVID Pandemic – Did God Intervene?


    • Jack Pence

      Know the kid, and his brother well. Raised in a rural, small conservative town in west central Illinois. Enjoyed watching them both play sports!

  62. Self Exiled

    With Constitutional Changes, Russian Lawmakers to Legally Ban Marriage & Adoption by Sodomites.


  63. al

    if I may I’d like to call out the real problem child of this whole fiasco


    Get rid of them, problem gone

  64. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for the report. Well done! I’m not so sure about voting though. I agree with Martin Armstrong and others that no matter who wins we end up in a Civil War or War of Secession(s). The country is breaking up. What is there to unify it? Race? No. Religion? No. Politics? Hell no!
    It takes months to get an AR-15 now. Folks are building panic rooms and bomb shelters. Everyone is a prepper now.
    The election will be like the one in 1860 or worse. Get ready.

  65. Marie Joy

    Arrest governors who encourage this treason.

  66. Clint D.

    Thanks Greg for your excellent reporting. You implied that you report was a little long. Yet, a lot is happening. Enjoyed listening to every minute of your report.

    I look at what is happening as warnings for the USA of its ultimate fall. I plan to go elsewhere in the world before that happens. I estimate the USA has 6 1/2 years at most.

    • SolarGuy - Mario Borsato

      Hi Clint
      I hope all is well.
      You think tbe USA has 6.5 years max before a collapse?
      The USA has maybe 6.5 months! There is no way that the USA will last another year without an economic and societal collapse. The powers that be want to bring the USA down to her knees and they’re succeeding unfortunately. The media is on board with their plan and are spinning the racial tension.
      I’m not sure how you can think things will last much past the election.
      Prepare accordingly sir

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