Red October – End of World as We Knew It – Clif High

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Evening Post)

Clif High is an Internet data mining expert who has many well-documented correct forecasts.  He predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $64,000 (it did) when it was less than $10 per unit.  High uses something he calls “Predictive Linguistics” and computer programs to sort through billions of bits of information on the Internet to predict future trends and events.  High’s recent data shows everything is in the process of breaking down.  Food production, trucking, health services, millions will get very sick and many of them will die, the military breaks down, political system breaks down and the financial system will suffer a horrible unfixable crash. High says the breakdowns are getting so bad that he is calling this month “Red October.”  In short, the breakdowns will wake up the masses to all the evil that has been hidden.  High says, “We can follow these things on up to find out where the real evil is, and I hope we don’t destroy our ability to do that in the process of cleaning this out.  We are, at this point, where the ‘normies’ are going to wake up.  But what are they going to wake up to?  Are they going to wake up to Biden cheated?  Are they going to wake up to Biden the traitor at the request of the CCP?  That he assisted the CCP in cheating?  Or are they going to wake up to Biden the Globalist working with the CCP stooges?  There are so many layers it’s going to take a long time for people to come to some understanding.  I think, basically, they will get to a point that they say that’s good enough, I don’t need to know anymore.”

One very big wakeup call is going to come from our crashing financial system.  High explains, “This hyperinflation is showing up everywhere. . . . We will have the real markets, cost of potatoes, gold, silver and Bitcoin and those things that are outside the dollar system . . . this month, October, I think we will start a bull run in commodity prices that is similar to what happened in Venezuela.  That will be our financial system . . . last gasping breaths.  It will be shuttering and shaking through October, November, and I don’t know if it will be through much of December.  This will be a very . . . crushing time, a very burdensome time.  People need to know we will get through this.  It’s not going to be the end of the world, but it will be the end of the world as we knew it, but the end of the world as we knew it was oppressive.  It was from the people that kept us enslaved.  This is a very terrible time indeed, but it liberates us.”

High also sees in the data people will wake up to being purposely poisoned and murdered, and this is actually “asymmetrical warfare.”  The Deep State players such as government bureaucrats, drug company executives and doctors who pushed this will face an outraged grieving public.  High says, “. . . This will turn very, very ugly. . . . I don’t even like to talk about it because there is nothing you can do about it. . . . They will come to understand that this was deliberate . . . the data says individuals will take revenge on the people who actually injected them.

High goes into detail of what he is seeing in the data for years into the future, and it’s not pretty for the evil people who perpetrated this crime against humanity.  High explains, “I am also of the opinion that will carry up the chain, and you will see people take revenge on, basically, world leaders, you know, the politicians and the Bill Gates of the world.”

High says the data is telling him that “cash will be king” even though the Federal Reserve may go completely away.  High also sees gold at “$20,000 per ounce” and silver vaulting higher day after day.  High contends when it comes to silver in the low $20 per ounce range, “they are actually paying you to take it.”  High also says, “The price of the white metal should be at least $600 per ounce . . . . They are suppressing it by about $580 per ounce, and that means it’s very cheap to buy at the suppressed price.”

High says Bitcoin will go to “at least $100,000 per unit” and maybe much higher by the end of 2021.

High’s data also says, “At least 30% of the normies will be awake by the end of October with many more to follow in November and December.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with data mining expert Clif High, and he goes on a deep data dive as to what is likely to happen from now to the end of 2021.

(What is written here is a fraction of what is in this 1 hour and 34 min. interview.  Because of the length, I will not be posting on Tuesday or Wednesday.)

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After the Interview:

Clif High says he no longer sells his Internet data mining reports, but he does commentary about his data mining research and gives free analysis on his Bitchute channel.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Great interview, just what I needed for another Sunday on location in Lockdown Madness Central’.
    “When the going gets tough, the tough get going”
    That’s exactly what you are Greg Hunter.
    Bless you Man.
    Propaganda in overdrive here; threats, scare tactics and even lotto tickets for the Vax.
    Trauma Based Mind Control at its best.

    • A Friend

      Very true. I used to know Mark Phillips and Cathy O’Brien. They published a book years ago titled, Tranceformation of America. They talked about trauma-based mind control. Basically, when a person is traumatized in any way, it makes their mind more suggestible. The controllers have been using this for a long time to manipulate the masses. A perfect example was 911. Covid-19 was another example.

      • Anthony Australia

        Fritz Springmeier books I read many years ago helped me understand the concept and prepare myself mentally for this.

        • Brooklyn

          Anthony, we here at USA Watchdog are an International Family of love, sharing, respect and prayers for one another. We sincerely thank you and a few other regular Aussies who post here for your “street reporting” (as our leader, Greg would say). You verify for us what life today in Australia is truly like and we pray for the health and safety of you and your loved ones. Similar to the way in which our USA Watchdog family came together when Jerry told us of the tragic way his son died of covid, where life saving meds were not available to him. I’m not sure how many of you put on a full-court-press to obtain HCQ or IVM, but me and my family did, and we thank the USA Watchdog family for that.

          God Speed, Anthony of Australia


      • Donna Wilson

        You were acquainted with Mark and Cathy? Do you believe what Cathy reported in TRANCE-Formations of America re: ritual abuse, high-level political figures involved? Do you believe HRC abused her? If so, why? Thanks!

        • A Friend

          I do. There was a lot of internal evidence presented in the book. I need them personally and have been to their house many times. I saw some of the scars.

          • Donna Wilson

            Thanks, Friend. I didn’t necessarily trust the book to verify the book–that’s like believing in Batman because Dick Grayson and Commissioner Gordon say they’ve hung out with him. And she could have got the scars elsewhere. But I do appreciate your answer! In the end, if it hasn’t happened to us and we haven’t witnessed this stuff with our own eyes, it comes down to who you’re going to believe and what meets your criteria for credibility. I certainly believe organized ritual abuse has been around for ages, including here in the USA. As for what constitutes proof in any particular case–it gets murky. Thanks again!

            • Marie+Joy

              People, almost, never believe other people are capable of heinous crimes. Most psychotics hide it well.

              • Paul ...

                M+J … Hard to hide the fact that these psychopaths are now negating the entire anti-segregating movement of MLK … and are now segregating the jabbed children from the un-vaxxed children in our schools … once again (just like in Nazi Germany) they are making un-vaxxed children wear “Yellow Stars”!!!

                • Paul ...

                  Why is it no one ever thought to have Fauci and the other psychopathic scientists making their gain-of-function viruses … “inject themselves” (in their sealed laboratories) “with their new viral creations” … and “test it on themselves” … “before they release it on the general public” to see how well it works on exterminating people???

                  • WRE

                    Oh, “come on man” haven’t you seen Joe and others taking the salene shot right on camera??

            • Robert Dziok

              There have been many editions of the book and NOBODY referenced in it has ever sued because of what was said about them in it. Not “Poppy Bush” (Bush senior) or anybody. Proof enough?

              • Donna Wilson

                Excellent point.

      • Russell Holmes

        I have several really smart friends who say that one of the top 10 books everybody should read is Extraordinary Delusions and the Madness of Crowds. Actually, I have the book but, dang, the print is so darn small I just can’t read it. I’m going to buy a Kindle just so I can read that one book.

        • Justin

          I absolutely agree with you on that book. It is a collectors item, and worth its weight in gold.
          Keep it as the prize that it is, and pass it on to your children.
          BTW, I found it back in the 1990’s from a Playboy article, which proves that some Playboy articles are great.

      • Peter Pi[er

        When people realize that, such trauma should not affect them. It doesn’t affect me. People should get rid of their TVs and cell phones. I tossed mine 14 years ago and that has helped me to tune out and make their efforts of no avail.

    • Paul Anthony

      My Wife and I are praying for Australia. ! God Bless you and yours Anthony

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks so much.

        This needs to be checked out..(with permission Greg)

      • Laura McDonough

        The men in Australia need to grow spines, they probably never had any since they gave gov. their guns in ’97. How can the women respect men that don’t stand up for their familys or future generations? Seems they want to regress back to a penal colony 1770’s? Seems nihilism has taken over the masses, and any sign of Christianity and freedom has been brushed aside.

        • Paul ...

          Laura … The men in America also need to grow spines … and put these three(3) murderers … … on trial before a Nuremberg II Court for crimes against humanity … Fauci, Birx and Redfield are all incestuously complicit in not only HIV/AIDS frauds and malpractice but today hold the future of the American public’s health and safety (and the entire world economy) in their greedy criminal hands … their insane psychopathic gain-of-function work to make the Corona virus more easily spreadable to humans … and their mass murdering Clot Shot “jab” is the greatest criminal fraud and Holocaust in the entire history of medicine!!

          • Boots4Jesus

            Amen Paul🙏

    • Mandy Logan

      You will be free in not to long Anthony. You guys keep up the good fight! The whole world is rootin for ya…..particularly New Zealand, also in lockdown! 😘

      • Anthony Australia

        Thanks Mandy, hope we all are.

    • Robert Applebeck crimes against humanity PLEASE SIGN! Not click bait! I have full faith that the Aussies and the rest of the world will prevail over these globalists. Here’s more proof of the bioweapon from Dr. Flemming on

    • Jeff

      What is 50 nanograms/mml Vit D equal to ?

      • Donna Wilson

        Jeff, it’s not the dosage that you take, the 50 whatever units refers to the level in your blood that you want to reach. You have to get a blood test to tell your level. Your doctor can order it for you.

      • Jim Miller

        Jeff, That number is the result of taking a blood test for Vitamin D3. Specifically testing for the level of cholecalciferal in your blood.
        Anywhere from 35 to 55 is within the standard deviation for normal.
        Please be cautious and have your levels measured.
        Vitamin D3 affects many chemical pathways that control numerous essential healing, repairing, and immune functions of everyday metabolism. So you always want to have your levels at that figure. i have been taking 1,000 to 2,000 mg 0f D3 per day for over 20 years because of its many health benefits. But others may need to take more or less. You only know whats safe for you if you have it measured. It is an inexpensive test.
        You can easily overdose on Vitamin D3. Going above a level of 60 in your blood serum is dangerous. Hope this helps.
        Do not take

      • Mark

        I was taking 10000 iu morning and 10000 iu in the evening and my ng/ml was 120.
        considered to high. I now am doing 5000 morning and 5000 evening. 75 to 80 ng/ml.
        i weigh 185.

        • Jeff

          Thank you all for the reply.

    • Ilona Passino

      Love hearing Greg’s reports and ClifHigh also…this was eye opening and very informative. Thank you both!

    • Guy Baker

      “Asymmetrical Warfare” indeed.
      Most of Congress and Biden are being told what to do and here’s the WHY of all the insanity we witness each day.

      • Laura McDonough

        I’ve known for decades voting is utterly useless except maybe local levels. I have studied the globali elite since ’78, read many books and researched when I knew people in the Birch soc. yrs ago. Now stay informed online. The elite controls the gov. anyway, right now Obama is on his third term, now coaching Biden and talking on the phone almost daily. This is one reason Biden did what he did in Afghanistan, sudden pull out and bringing the afghan men over here, possibly later used for UN troops against Americans. Now the welfare burden is much greater than ever. No borders either, thus no country. We are living under a lawless regime.

        • Paul ...

          Laura … We can vote with our money which is very effective … simply don’t purchase the products or services of the corporations in bed with the Eugenicists trying to “jab” us to death … let give the CEO’s of these corporations heart attacks and strokes (when they see their corporate profits go negative and their stock options begin crashing in value) … put the evil corporations firing us … likewise into bankruptcy!!

    • Susan D

      We’re praying for AUS Anthony! Keep up the good fight!!

    • Paul ...

      AA … Good to listen to Clif High … as he makes us think and use the brains that God gave us … supposedly Clif does not believe in God … but he really does … as he believes in the Universe (all that there is ) as an “immovable object” that is “timeless” (the very definition of God) … he believes that in order for such a constant immovable being that is everlasting in time (to change our universe) … it must constantly be created and destroyed (about every 23,000ths of a second) … now there is a woo woo woo thought to contemplate … it makes time “an illusion” … where “the passing of time” is simply the universe being created and destroyed every 23,000ths of a second … where each new universe created “is like the image on a movie reel” and when looked at in sequence makes one believe “we are moving in time” like the actors we see on a movie screen … now that’s interesting thought for sure … contemplating that all the things taking place in time in our world may just be “an illusion” … but I will have disagree with Clif on this woo … for when the “commies” purposely come to take our children “out of this world” with their “jab” … that is no illusion!!

      • Wendy

        In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth. Ergo the Creator is above, beyond and before the universe. Mr. High might be conflating the two or be might be recognizing the creative, balancing, justice (etc.) of the Self-Existent One that He instilled into creation, without his recognizing His Personhood(s). Mr. High would do well to turn his extraordinary linguistic tools to the study of God’s Word and God the Word. That might fill his Woo with OOO!!!

    • Paul ...

      AA … Now the Nazi Police Goons in Australia are breaking heads of people going to the store to buy food?? … why aren’t the people swinging their slings to take down the Criminal Nazi Goliath’s???

      • Wendy

        The thing that made David’s sling effective against Goliath was his confidence in the living God. Australians must awaken their faith in the triune Creator to likewise overcome.

        • Paul ...

          God and practice … David was a sheep herder … and was slinging rocks at wolves all day long (to protect his sheep)!!

        • Ken Landon

          well stated

    • Retired 22

      I believe that here in America it may not be as bad as many believe. This is because we Americans Have our own Great Reset which will beat the Globalist Great Reset.
      Our Great Reset is the 10th Amendment of the U.S. Constitution that will empower the Free & Sovereign Red States & return us back to Constitutional Government!

    • Paul ...

      AA … These psychopathic criminals out to “jab” us all … actually think that: “They Own Our Body’s” … and that “they” can inject whatever they want “into those Body’s” (they think they own) … and “can put those Body’s “out of work” (if the individual inside that body says: “Wait a second” … “I own my own body”!! …
      If we individuals don’t make clear to these psychopaths … that “We own Our Own Bodies” … they can decide to throw our bodies (they think they own) into Ovens At Any Time … It Is Time Folks!! … It Is Time!!! … to grab these psychopaths (who think they own our bodies) by the neck and drag them off to prison … to await trial for the hundreds of thousands of murders they have already committed with their “jab” … and now … now they are coming for our children (which they also think they own) … and they think they can do anything they want to them (like cut off their breasts and their testicles) and turn them into sex slaves for there gay and psycho pedophile buddies!!! … It is Time Folks!! … It Is Time!!!

  2. tim mcgraw

    Hi Greg, Thanks for having Clif High on again. I’ve been looking forward to this interview for two days. Will watch it tonight. I read the intro. Yes, people are waking up. My Mom, 89 living in St. Louis told me that “Covid is over! This is all ridiculous. The nurses at the hospital where Dad is are not showing up for work because of vaccine mandates.” My Mom is angry. “Too much socialism in this country for too long.” She said to me today. And of course she is right. She lived through the Great Depression, WWII, and all the rest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tim! It is a very deep dive. Don’t let cool hand Clif’s demeanor give you any false sense of security. Clif is matter of fact about how very bad this will be. The data is the the data. Don’t stop preparing and putting your self in the best position possible.

      • Jo

        Thx to you Greg, I have been prepared for a decade AND had the opportunity to help other adult family members awaken and prepare. God bless you in your continued endeavor of awaking as many as you can! I believe this was God’s intention for your life.
        God bless you.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Jo. That’s music to my ears!!

          • djk

            Hi Gregg, outstanding stream with Cliff high.
            He expounded on a theme and belief that I have had for many years .
            Emotion is the engine of imagination, imagination is the engine of manisfestation.
            Capture the imagination with entertainment/.negative news and ‘authoritative’
            pronouncements’ and you control the mood and manifestation power of the masses
            who will shape and form the reality

            • Paul ...

              djk … And let’s use that engine … to demand that all Bio-weapon Laboratories Be Shut Down Around the World Immediately … to change “this crazy reality we are living in” … where psychopathic mad scientists like Fauci “can create all kinds of new deadly viruses at will” … that has the Gain-of-Function capability “Of Exterminating the Entire Human Race”!!!!

      • A Friend

        I found myself asking recently, where have all the heroes gone? Where are the good guys who ride into town like in the days of the old Western movies, and take care of the bad guys and fix things?

        • tim mcgraw

          Be your own hero.

          • Brooklyn


            So well said, my friend!

          • Lisa


        • Clare Doll

          My Friend,
          You have a hero running this site! Sorry to break it to you but taking care of the bad guys and fixing things is OUR job.

          • Marie+Joy

            Clare, We’re not doing our job.

        • Warren B.

          Actors playing out a scripted narrative to create an imaginary good ending. Hollywood does its job well – corrupting the minds of the populace. The Actors have long sold their souls to Satan in return for Fame & Fortune.

          • tim mcgraw

            Warren B. I take issue with your blanket statement about actors. I worked for six months in the Amazon on a major motion picture “At Play in the Fields of the Lord.” The actors I met and became friends with were intelligent, kind, and worked very hard for their success and on the film. Hollywood is a tough place to make a living. But you don’t have to sell your soul to succeed.

          • Freebrezer

            W – Actors like Jimmy Stewart, lee Marvin, and can not leave out a REAL hero actor Audie Murphy … yah, they are from a bygone era, but none the less, real hero that stood for Freedom! Thus not all actors are the scum of the earth. I believe part of the problem is the feminization that has led to a sharp decline! And jane Fonda started it!

          • Warren B.

            Let me clarify my comment.
            “Actor” refers to those who are engaged to behave in the manner of a character, usually by reciting scripted dialogue, in order to entertain an audience. I know the accepted reference is to those who occupy residency in traditional mediums of theatre/film or television – but it goes further- to include those who take part or participate in…. which can be in reference to any Organization or Body of People or Government (as in a person who puts on a false manner to deceive others = bad actors).
            Hollywood is the ultimate propaganda machinery of the Aristocrats. It is useful in distracting the masses – to keep their minds occupied and away from the critical aspects of National importance and World Politics/Economics and Financial matters. It is notorious for re-writing /misrepresenting history…as well as being a powerful psychological tool (used in conjunction with the Music Industry) to move the psyche of the populace in any given and preconceived direction.
            In essence Hollywood is indoctrination – false and misleading. Those who participate (KNOWINGLY) have no misunderstanding about their vocation – they are all PAID LIARS – not because they are evil and twisted and have complete disregard for the TRUTH – they are remunerated to create a false paradigm (World) and are required to act accordingly.
            The Actors have long sold their souls to Satan in return for Fame & Fortune is a reference to those who participate and have prestige/elite status – knowing they have pulling/drawing power – with high levels of ready and willing subjects who wish to be brainwashed. Their success is measured in terms of Fame and Fortune – but it comes at a cost – they know they sell their souls – this speaks volumes to those who choose to move away from Hollywood after acquiring their fortunes (having an epiphany). The people you speak of I cannot comment except to say their level of “success” is perhaps measured in different dimensions. For those actors of yesteryear… they were remunerated to entertain – regardless of their morals – they still participated and were all PAID LIARS. It is called the Entertainment Industry for a very specific reason – primarily to keep minds distracted and away from matters of importance.

        • JC

          High Noon quote. Martin to Will.

          “People gotta talk themselves into law and order before they do anything about it. Maybe because down deep they don’t care. They just don’t care.”

        • Ben Franklin

          This is where the Americans rise up together. The people we’re waiting for are us.

          Fall of the Empire, Rise of the Republic!

        • DIANA G THOMAS

          We can NEVER put out faith and trust in man, it’s got to be in the Lord our God. Our country has been taken over by evil people and we must take a stand to get our country back because it happened on our watch.

        • Paul ...

          A Friend … You ask “where have all the heroes gone”? … they have all been fired by an evil Satanic Demon from Hell (NY Gov Kathy Hochul) put into office by people who thought Gov Cuomo was not doing enough to kill off the old people … this Satanic Demon tells us the Blood Clot Shot “jab” that produces strokes, heart attacks, cancer, etc., etc. is a gift from God to us … the only “God” that would offer such “gifts” … is Evil Satan … she tells us: “we must say Thank you God” … she says: “there are people out there who aren’t listening to (her false God) and what her God wants” … she says: “I need you to become my apostles … and spread the word of my (false) God throughout the land” … and “I need you people in the National Guard to go out and take the jobs (of our former hero’s) … as we as Satan lovers … owe this to each other”!!

        • Laura McDonough

          Where have all the heros gone? a reply. Most I know have passed on, I am 76, and find the few patriots in my area who will fight to the death are in their 60’s on up. I don’t know how many in each generation, but doesn’t seem like many in the 30-55 age bracket. I may be wrong, but am going by feed back from some in my community. Majority are self absorbed w/ social media , TV sports, texting and video online games. Churches won’t sound a warning because most (few conservative ones will) are 501c3 gov. controlled from the heirarchies/nat. assoc. level down to local clergy. These apostates are gatekeepers for the globalists and are muzzled by the IRS since 1954. They will remain social clubs to keep members “active w/ fun things” and run as a business w/ tax exemption perks. Sermons are shallow and focus on social issues.

          • Lorainne Brady

            Including the mormon church-
            “as appropriate opportunities become available, the church urges its members, Employees, and missionaries to be GOOD GLOBAL CITIZENS and help quell the pandemic by safeguarding themselves and others through immunization. Individuals are responsible to make their own decisions about vaccination. In making that determination, we recommend they counsel with a competent med
            ical professional about………..
            1st presidency-Jan 21,2021
            As a past believer I no longer believe this church leadership listens to Jesus.

        • JW

          They got their horses caught and are getting ready to saddle up very soon.

      • Christina

        Hi mr hunter , my name is Christina . I am a young mother of 4 teenagers and 2 little daughters . I grew up in a small town and was told I’m related to the king of Sweden . I have grew a passion what’s going on in the world and not very educated. I have always had dreams of what may com and what I believe God given insight on some matters . I believe the lord led me to this . I have been preparing with food and some for neighbors. But I am clueless on the gold and Bitcoin. Do you have any advice what and how I should start investing? That in itself will take a miracle . But that’s not my concern. Thankyou , sincerely Christina .

        • Greg Hunter

          I would buy Silver Eagles a little at a time. They are cheap and there is little downside risk. I am not a money advisor but everybody needs some silver as a core asset. Time is short though.

          • DaDiz

            Yes, the eagles offer a good investment vehicle, since they are readily recognized and tradable.
            Also, one might consider purchasing mercury-head dimes. Think they will be good tools for trade:
            – they are readily recognized as 90% silver;
            – possess minimal silver content for reasonable cost, allowing one to purchase some quantity;
            – thus mercury-heads should most likely offer high utility when trading for needs.
            Wish you the best

          • Misfit71

            I too highly recommend silver as a hedge and first best use of any additional cash for investment and preservation of any wealth (and not just the wealthy well to do’s) – after you lay in at least a short term store of food and emergency cash etc

            Its sage advice Greg is giving – silver is great because you can spend a little at a time – no need to invest huge amounts – just a little at a time – and the most important part to pay attention to – time is indeed short – please start now if you have the means

            Once you get that silver in hand – put it way and do not hope to watch it increase in value exponentially – valuation of silver has been and currently is highly manipulated – its true value will only be after economic crisis (of which we all will know when its time)

            • Wendy

              My question is: how can silver be a good hedge when it is so highly manipulated?? If it breaks out of the manipulation, it will be too late to buy any.

              • Misfit71

                Its a hedge to protect value – to me at least I see it as a way that when other “assets” like cash, bonds, stocks etc. are worth little or bankrupt or unredeemable (like a bank run) at least I have an asset that I hold on my own and retains a value – in this case likely a much higher real value than the prior manipulated price – which to me the manipulated price can be appreciated at times when its price is low in which case I buy extra

              • Paul ...

                Wendy … Say the US Mint prints only a few proof platinum coins (thus highly manipulating the market supply) … but circumstances gave you a chance to buy (these highly manipulated coins) “cheap” … you are telling me “you would not buy these cheap coins” (because they are highly manipulated)???

        • Marie+Joy

          Feeding 7 people takes one damn lot of food. Put back as much food as you can.

      • Caroline Woodward

        Hi Greg
        Fascinating interview I really think Boris Johnson must be a Good King Wen….fingers crossed….he appears loopy as anything…. flip flopping here and there now I see it!…..That’s amazing!….Also here in UK every time I’m ringing the doctors its always the nurses dealing with it and they point you into more self help stuff…..20years ago I nearly went into nursing it was then you had to do a degree as the standard was being raised…..Now I’m wondering if the nurses have taken over the health care system and maybe the hospitals and docs along with big pharma are under some kind of judgement???….Also I got a feeling slowly slowly over many years this has been put into place by the Military gathering evidence On All Involved In The Plot To kill off a lot of us???…..AMAZING TIMES WE ARE LIVING IN!!!….Cliff is a genius But So Is The Plan!!!….Great interview with Cliff….

      • Robert Applebeck crimes against humanity PLEASE SIGN! Here’s more proof of the bioweapon from Dr. Flemming on

      • Michael Cagney

        Great interview however I was disappointed you didn’t ask about an update on the progress with devolution.
        This, according to Clif, was going to be one of the key hopes we had left to depend on.

    • Wendy

      If his dad is in the hospital for Covid, kidnap him out of there as fast as you can! See Dr. Ardis explain how the hospitals’ “Standard of Care” with Remdesivir and another contraindicated drug are killing Covid patients’ kidneys and lungs and lives!! Find alternative treatment a.s.a.p. Front Line Covid Critical Care Alliance.

  3. A+Jones

    Sign of The End Times: I remember the movie “Patton” when near the end Generals Patton and Bradly were standing on a battlefield and Patton tells Bradley that it is all over, just a matter of wiping things up. General Bradley ask Patton how he knows and Patton replies “because they are using horse carts”. I now say the same thing about the Civil War we are in now. The clue is not horse carts but it is the United States Postal Service announcing a huge cut back this week. The reason I say this is that throughout American political history the Post Office Department has been the backbone of political power for the ruling party (jobs) and is the back bone of the Democratic Party power structure today. More departments (unions) will follow meaning no federal jobs no Democratic Party. When the Post Office goes belly up so does the Democratic Party. When the Feds lose the narrative, it is a new ball game. When the mob finds out the pension check is not coming is when the shtf. The October fuse has been lit. Enjoy the fire works because it is going to be a real light show like you have never seen before.

  4. Poochiman

    Thank you for inviting Clif. I am a huge fan and follow him everyday. I do have trepidation about a financial system collapse. China and the US simply print money out of thin air and sanitize it with reverse-repos and many other schemes. In other words, monopoly money is as good as they say it is. In conclusion, I do not see a positive future. I see more control and more tyranny. I hope I am wrong.

  5. john forgione

    As an Australian I am forever hearing US folks say that “they” took our guns away. It is a misconception they have. We never had guns; they were banned in the 1800’s. A farmer or shooter could apply for a licence. When all that hyper footage of gun destruction being shown around the world what you were seeing was automatic weapons being removed from licence holders. Back in 1969 the only State with armed police was NSW.

    • Jeff robbins

      Ammunition is in short supply here. Whenever a store gets some it gets bought. It’s good to know people who have been doing the stocking up. Community is so so important.

      • Paul ...

        Jeff … Begin accumulating “smooth rocks” for your Paracord slings now … the ammo is both “free and abundant” … even before you learn to become an expert like David (who was able to go against the Goliath Nazi of his time)!!

        • Paul ...

          Not up to speed with your sling? … there is no reason you can’t throw a hard ball at the legs of the one particular Nazi trying to smash peoples heads!! …

        • Paul ...

          Why the legs? … because we don’t want to kill the enemy … we just want to injure them … so it takes two other Nazi’s to drag them off the battle field!!

    • Russell Holmes

      So John, you’re saying that the reports that 650,000 guns were confiscated are inaccurate? From what I’ve read, the 1996 law banned the importation, ownership, sale, resale, transfer, possession, manufacture, or use of all self-loading center rifles, all self-loading and pump action shotguns and all self-loading rimfire rifles. In the photos of the huge piles of guns which the government there was destroying it looks as though those were what was confiscated and I didn’t notice any fully automatic weapons at all. Perhaps the media cherry picked what to show, though.

    • Galaxy 500

      I know people in Australia that had guns they were required to turn over to the state. Plenty of people there had guns. The government confiscated them and they were half way compensated for them

      • john forgione

        they only confiscated automatics from licence holders…. that is a bottom line. Admittedly they have now made it more difficult to get the licence!

        • Paul ...

          JF … Buying food in Australia is now a crime?? … every Aussie man needs to make a sling (like David in the Bible) … and stand up to the Nazi Commie “Goliath” Goons breaking the heads of Australian citizens in order to stop them from buying the food they need to feed their wives and children!!

          • J from the Land Down Under

            That’s not true cobber.
            I live on the West Coast and I am free to purchase whatever I need – I’m not poisoned with the COVID Shot either. They are talking about introducing a “Pass” for those (Vaccinated) in the states of NSW and Victoria but that’s yet to come into effect. Restaurants and Large businesses are being mandated to “Police” their patrons to only permit those who can demonstrate double shots. There is still some way to go on this because of the repercussions and the kickback from even those who don’t want to see segregation and division. Even some members of Parliament are anti-Passports so the Federal and State Governments have some real work to do yet to get this through.
            Some of the Eastern States are opening up borders Internationally come mid-November but here in the Wild West we remain locked out from the other States and the rest of the World until perhaps Mar/April 2022. We have ZERO cases and ZERO DEATHS.
            An Island we are – and very Isolated. This worked to our advantage last year when we were the envy of the Western World when cases were negligible and we had our freedoms. How they turned it around once the rates of vaccination were shown to be the lowest in the developed world (June 2021). They managed to ratchet up the propaganda of Fear and created what I believe were fictional cases to support lockdowns during our winter (FLU SEASON). It then escalated from there as if they needed to appease some God to achieve their targeted 70% vaccine take-up.
            Full blown Dictatorship in the Eastern States with everyone affected. You see how the Premier of NSW has recently quit – too much pressure mentally or perhaps she saw the obvious. Australians (in the majority) have always trusted Government to do the right thing – to take care of the people of this country. People are slowly waking up to the Dark side of Government because that is clearly not their agenda. Some talk of Communism even making its presence felt with so much destruction of Business and peoples lives. The Government packages of financial support are nothing more than bribes. They are clearly playing for time.
            What a perfect prison colony. They have cut off all avenues of escape except for the Elite and those in Government or Multi Nationals. We do have the luxury of being very resource rich and have an abundance of pristine Agriculture with ample water supplies. The interconnectedness of the Globe means we are reliant on many other Nations for many consumables. Our manufacturing base (like that of the States) was destroyed and shipped offshore (China, Japan, India, Malaysia, Indonesia, Taiwan). The current supply chain issues with Global Shipping and Manufacturing is beginning to have an effect – it is also noticeable in terms of trans-national shipping with delays (freight) well beyond the normal. I speak to the local Manager of a Large Retail Grocery chain – he has told me that its a lot worse than what we are seeing because they have very large distribution centers with high levels of inventory catering for existing demand. Bottlenecks as well as short supply will start to appear within a month. Covid Lockdowns have compounded the issue, driving the Economy into the ground.

            • J from the Land Down Under

              This would be funny if it weren’t true. Slippery slope for them all.

              • J from the Land Down Under

                First off our cops don’t dress in Black. They are para- military and I’m not even sure they are Australian as their faces are covered.
                Covid restrictions in place in Melbourne Victoria are quite severe with lockdowns, curfews, limited travel options, mandatory mask wearing in public, no social gatherings. Dissenters including peaceful protesters have seen a dramatic response from police with brutality and use of weapons.
                There is no doubt that the Police/military response in this video is extraordinary, but is not reflective of the whole country. I believe the Aussies being affronted are not following Covid mandated mask wearing.
                The State Government of Victoria is acting like a Dictatorial State and attempting to use tactics to quash any resistance to their authority.
                People even in Melbourne are free to shop with the proviso that they adhere to the rules.
                The Premier has a reputation for Kowtowing to CCP much like you guys have with your President.

            • AndrewB

              Hi J,
              Based on your account – thanks – it’s obvious people in Western Australia have been very fortunate. The national government has focused its Nazi crackdown on the more populated East coast. Everyone in Western Australia has had time to see this evil crackdown for what it is. At this stage in the ‘game’, anyone still holding on to the belief that Covid lockdowns and ‘vaccines’ have anything to do with health, needs their head examined. Since you Westerners know what’s coming, you have an unique chance to resist.
              RESIST WITH ALL YOUR MIGHT – you’re lives depend upon it.
              Good luck!!!

              • J from the Land Down Under

                Cheers for the support.
                Unfortunately there are a majority who are still holding on to the belief that “Covid” lockdowns and ‘vaccines’ have everything to do with health, hence their willingness to play the game of Russian Roulette. They purposely targeted the mostly heavily populated States to ensure that the rest of the country is shamed and held to ransom into following their lead. The same two States are our Financial and Manufacturing bases so it has been useful for them to push hard with their agenda. There are factions within those States that still do not agree with Mandated Vaccines namely some within Health Care and Hospital and Building Industry workers.
                Out here in the Wild West the Government is now pushing our Mining Industry workers to complete the Vaccination protocol. Slowly but surely they are getting their desired compliance which typically entails starting with the Large National Corporates and Government Instrumentalities and working down the ladder from there.
                The biggest element in this sad saga is those whose livelihoods depend on a job to cover the essentials and pay mortgages (many are exposed to substantial debts) are feeling helpless and trapped. There is no refuge. Protesting and boycotting has minor impact given we the unvaxxed are insufficient in numbers. What is evident though is that the vaccine push has had the resultant effects on employee resignations and then the Covid testing has debilitated industry to the point that I can see how the fracturing, has by design, slowed the Economic activity down to almost recessionary levels.
                Us “Westerners” know exactly what’s coming, we have been fortunate but some of us know we are dealing with psychopaths. Resistance is not futile but there are limitations. When the Government has co-opted Big Business and vice versa and the Media is playing the shame card, it leaves those people who chose to avoid the Jab, exposed. There isn’t a massive division within the community around the treatment of two classes of people yet, but I feel it is developing. Australian’s in general tend to have a degree of care and respect for each other, so in that sense the Federal Government may find it difficult to achieve their mandates of full vaccination and segregation of two classes. We have traditionally stood side-by-side when it comes to Government overreach.
                I agree with the comment about our “lives depend upon it”. Unfortunately it is the majority who have been coerced and brainwashed. Most lack any common sense or knowledge of the depth of corruption within Pharma and the motives of those who pull the strings of the puppets in Government. It is more than Luck we need. I can see that we will perhaps in 2022 become desperate to the point where our plight will be witnessed on the World stage and this will rally international condemnation and support against the Tyranny that us Aussies are all facing. We are the worst treated humans in the Western World. We do not have a democracy. Clearly in my view, their agenda is one of absolute control. Understanding the methodology they have used to get us to this point of fear and then providing a solution in the form a Vaccine which causes more harm than good, speaks of the intention to cause harm. Outwardly it would appear as though Australia has been a testing ground for TPTB with the gradual removal of freedoms and liberty and other personal rights in order to test the reaction/acceptance.
                God be with us all and watch over our souls.
                ps. We are watching and preying that our cousins in the USA will stand strong and protect the rights of American citizens and then every freedom loving global citizen. The world is watching for your guidance and impetus. The Winter period for the USA may be the Battle that determines the War. God strength and blessings to you all.

                • AndrewB

                  Thanks J for your thoughtful reply. Having seen videos of protests in Eastern Australia, and of open rejoicing at the resignation of the NSW (lockdown) President, I had been hopeful that ‘Westerners’ may have been jolted awake. I am sorry to learn from your reply that my hopes in this regard are unfounded. These are desperate times, requiring desperate measures!

    • L.

      For my clarification…. would that be FULLY automatic or SEMI-auto they confiscated?

  6. Country Codger

    It was the original 13th Amendment during the confusion of the Civil War because the President of the United States was a GB Bar certified attorney and therefore not eleigble for public office.

    • Manny

      T.O.N.A ( Titles of Nobility Amendment ) and that amendment was never repealed/replaced, still in effect to this day and most of the laws passed since 1819 are null and void . Oh……. if people only knew how bad it is , there would be a revolution by morning !

      • Country Codger

        Very correct Manny. If everyone knew that attorneys were barred from holding public office or US citizenship people would go nuts.

  7. David

    FYI, the video window does not show up when I use Brave browser. I had to switch to Chrome to see the videol

    • James LaGarde

      I use BRAVE and had zero ploblems….

      • swimfinz

        Brave works well for me as well. No problemmas.

    • Kim C

      It may be your operating system version. Use the pull-down menu. Brave has an option to report a broken site. I’ve done that before with sites that weren’t fully functional with their browser and within days it worked correctly. Hopefully that is your answer as well.

  8. Francine Archambault

    Thank you for all your hard work. Greg please be careful very weird things happening with conservative news people as I’m sure you already know. Jesus put your hand of protection on our brother Greg. Love you

  9. tim mcgraw

    At 44:00 Clif High talks about a “Reconstituted Federal Government”. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. After the collapse we, the states, will never go back to a federated government. NEVER!

  10. Peter Erikson

    I Think – be positive and take advantage of this bad Situation by Loading up on SILVER, and , ETH, ADA, AAVE, MATIC, CHAINLINK, MONARO, BTC. HEX, PULSE, VET. DOT, CARDSTARTER, KUSAMA,

    Someone Will Make Millions if they Develop a A Treatment OR SEVERAL PARTIALLY EFFECTIVE TREATMENTS for the Toxic Components in the Vaccines. It won’t come from Gov. or Big Pharma.. PEOPLE NEED A WAY TO GET CLOSE TO NATURAL IMMUNITY TO THESE TYPES OF VIRUSES WITHOUT GETTING REALLY SICK AND THE RISK OF HORRIBLE HOSPITALIZATIONS. SO MUCH NEGATIVE STUFF – make money by solving Problems and stay strong mentally.

    Get a second passport and cheap farm land in Eastern Europe. WHAT ELSE?

    • Alida Herrera

      Look up the Zelenko protocol for products you can buy OTC and one to buy online to prevent virus infection ands promote healthy immune system. Start with healthy lifestyle habits!
      Prevention: Quercetin 500mg once a day, Ester C 1000mg once a day, Zinc 50mg once a day, EGCG (green tea capsules) 400mg a day, Vitamin D3 5000 units once a day.

      If you get sick you need Ivermectin or HCQ added WITHIN 5 DAYS to stay out of the hospital. Also antibiotic and an inhaler. These are filled:

      • Wendy

        I tried to get a telemedicine consultation for a prescription from the AFD connection but my requests were cancelled because they were overwhelmed with such high demand. I quit trying after two cancellations. I may have found a local Dr. who will give me a consultation for preventive medicine. But now I’m hearing those drugs are being removed from all major pharmacies… anyone experiencing that where you are?

  11. Self Exiled

    How do you rebuild an infrastructure without a [1]moral populous of people [2] willing to work [3] for a delayed gratification??? Do we have a populous capable of such a quest??? ”Thinking out loud in print.”

    • Charles H.

      S E,

      That’s kinda like being immature and deciding one morning you are going to grow-up because you decided to. Motive is only a beginning; it does not encompass the act. WORK is a conduit to self-discipline – that only over time establishes. Bottom line? You have to learn to say “NO” to yourself, and make it stick.

      • Self Exiled

        I comfortably agree. Thank You Charles. Well said.

    • Bonefinder51

      I stopped by our local feed store this morning, out of curiosity. I had purchased ivermectin there a a few weeks ago, in ample amounts. The shelves were empty. I didn’t dare to ask if they have it on back order. Pretty scary.

  12. Bonefinder51

    My list of predictive/analytic/fact presenting gurus has dwindled over the last five years. You are pretty much at the top of my list, along with Polly St. George ( Amazing Polly, if you haven’t followed her on Rumble). I literally wait for your latest videos because it cuts my brain drain time in about half. I can now save all my brain power for what is to come. Any time you have Clif on is a major priority for me. Thanks for all you do to keep us enlightened about where we are all heading. Your approach is honest, straightforward, informative and has helped me make many future life decisions. You are a gem, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      I always liked Polly. She is very clever.

  13. William Mitchell

    As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

    • Paul ...

      Seems to me like most men’s souls are tied in knots and they can’t free themselves!!

  14. Mike Scirocco

    GREAT interview, thank you both very much. We’re in for some really dark times.

  15. Kim

    I Love to receive your updates in my Inbox Greg. You have the best expert guests.
    Your honesty and truthful reporting is world class in a league of its own! Heartfelt Thanks sir!

    • A Friend

      I’ll second that.

      Thank you Greg…

  16. Marcus West

    You can get Ivermectin and the other medicines needed just incase anyone needs this no prescription needed from Grant Pharmacy online

    • AndrewB

      Hi Marcus,
      You have hit on a HOT topic – where can people obtain Ivermectin?
      You suggest Grant Pharmacy on-line, so I looked them up. As a usual precautionary measure, I also looked up reviews of Grant Pharmacy. The reviews point to this being a scam site. I am mindful that TPTB are intent on discouraging anyone from obtaining Ivermectin and that on-line reviewers may be party to deception (Stopes ‘fact checkers’ to name one infamous example). These are difficult times and I would encourage all watchdoggers to do their due diligence . . .

      • Brooklyn


        We are spending the day with family at an Oktoberfest, but will post the exact path we used to purchase IVM…

        It begins with the Frontline Doctors, where they provide a list of doctors or companies such as SevenCells who will charge you for an online interview and then ship the Ivermectin to you. We used an doctor who then sent the prescription to a pharmacy…

        More later my friend…


      • Trish Fosdick

        Don’t use this pharmacy. I checked them out too.

  17. Lee

    I see a higher movement in Gold/Silver price only after 1 January 2022, when Basel III takes full effect for the world banking system. At this point Banks will be far less able to manipulate the prices of Commodities–Including Gold & Silver. In the meantime Gold may drop in value a little because China may be dumping it to obtain money to shore up its economy. That may not happen though. Silver could go way up once Industrial production gets back to “normal” and natural Demand increases. Just my thoughts.

    • Warren B.

      When making the statement “Gold may drop in value a little because China may be dumping it to obtain money to shore up its economy”….you are expressing an opinion.
      The FACT is China will be releasing its GOLD backed electronic YUAN come February 2022. That will have devastating effects – not only on the King Petro-Dollar – but also the demand for Gold. International Trade (with China) will move away from the Dollar settlement regime and be forced to use the Electronic Gold Backed YUAN.

  18. William L Talada

    Clif warns about the next seven days being crazy. I think it has to do with a story Maria Zack will be breaking tomorrow or Monday. She has an Italian billionaire who shared intel with many presidents of nations on Friday. He was in the room seven years ago when covid was planned. He will go down in history for releasing this intel to all people in a day or two. See or for the pre-interviews leading up to tomorrow.

    • John

      I’m waiting for the interview too, lets hope something good comes out of all this and these people get exposed for what they are and what they did.

    • DaDiz

      Thank you William.

  19. Jim Miller

    Cliff High stated that there seems to some “central figure” controlling the great reset attempt.
    Reiner Fuellmich, an international trial lawyer may be on to whom the “Central” the controlling operatives are.

    But first, who is Reiner Fuellmich? Reiner is the International trial lawyer whose small law team was the first to prove in court the massive criminal fraud taking place at the giant international bank HSBC. HSBC held accounts with international drug dealers and cartels such as the Sinaloa cartel. HSBC was founded in London by the Hong Kong and Shanghai Banking Corporation. and traces it origins back to 1865, virtually at the beginning of the opium trade.

    Reiner also moved on in another lawsuit to prove fraud perpetrated by Volkswagen. VN was proven to be hiding details about the level of pollution which Volkswagen cars produced.

    Reiner’s small team of lawyers are now focusing their legal expertise to take aim at the WHO – for misleading the world about the pandemic, and thus committing crimes against humanity.

    In detailed preparation his team has interviewed a host of top medical experts from around the world. But beyond the medical experts he also looks at the research of others with compelling evidence. In one of these interviews, a young investigative writer who has tried to answer the same question. Who is the central operator orchestrating the great reset.
    This young genius establishes his credibility because he only quotes sources from public speeches, published books, and published articles.
    Reiner is not often impressed, but he listened intently to the shocking evidence which this young investigative writer has assembled.

    A worthwhile and fascinating interview with Matthew Ehret.

    • c

      Top 10 Owners of HSBC Holdings PLC
      Stockholder Stake Shares
      owned Total value ($) Shares
      bought / sold Total
      Dimensional Fund Advisors LP 0.23% 9,472,392 250,450,044 -191,332 -1.98%
      Renaissance Technologies LLC 0.12% 4,786,843 126,564,129 -1,189,000 -19.90%
      JPMorgan Securities LLC (Investme… 0.09% 3,623,034 95,793,019 -434,918 -10.72%
      Credit Suisse Securities (USA) LL… 0.08% 3,175,672 83,964,768 -255,298 -7.44%
      Parametric Portfolio Associates L… 0.07% 2,842,013 75,142,824 +287,434 +11.25%
      Northern Trust Investments, Inc.(… 0.06% 2,480,457 65,583,283 -751,675 -23.26%
      Jane Street Capital LLC 0.05% 1,951,047 51,585,683 +339,416 +21.06%
      Goldman Sachs Asset Management LP 0.05% 1,911,118 50,529,960 -77,495 -3.90%
      Morgan Stanley & Co. Internationa… 0.05% 1,839,772 48,643,572 +1,839,400 +494,462.37%
      Citigroup Global Markets, Inc. (I… 0.04% 1,744,471 46,123,813 +202,622 +13.14%

    • DaDiz

      thank you Jim

  20. W E Goode

    Greg thanks to you and Cliff, great interview that may be your very best.

  21. James LaGarde

    That was AWESOME!!! Thank you SO much for having Clif High on again for a VERY infomative interview. Clif shed light on many very important subjects and the world owes much to both of you. God bless you Greg Hunter (and Clif as well)!

  22. Mike R

    I truly hope Clif is right about this crash, and that it exposes all the evil by those in our government, and those outside our country interfering with our government and our lives.

    Its interesting that he is calling for a crash in the financials but calling for gold to $20,000 and silver a lot higher. October is the typical month, many in the past have called for crashes. Robert Kyosaki is calling for a crash in stocks , a crash in silver, and a crash in gold, so basically everything going down the toilet. The way everything is intertwined, that would not surprise me. A massive crash in bitcoin seems inevitable, more so actually than stocks, because Bitcoin is nothing but a fairyfart. Its thin air, and digital boohaa. Its been proven many times over its not secure. Look at all the hacking and ransomware that has occurred with it. It sucks all kinds of energy just to exist, and the energy consumption is exponential, the more its used. a teeny tiny number of transactions are occurring with it now, and it sucks so much power than China is shutting it down, because the miner server power consumption has been harming their power grid. There is no effing way it could ever be used with the number of transactions that occur with something like VISA or Mastercard. So its totally useless. And just bc it went to over $60,000 does not mean it has any intrinsic value. Mankind has placed insane ‘valuations’ on all sorts of stupid crap, over history, such as Tulips.

    Biden’s days are numbered. No doubt about it, as he has been nothing more than a useful dumb idiot for the cabal and deep state. (useless of course to the American citizens). The deep state set him up with the Afghanistan fall, and military generals basically stabbed him in the back. He has to know by now, that he is being forced out. And will be made the fall guy. So now he starts uttering really stupid stuff, and his penchant for eating his own shoe leather, will really get him on the wrong side of history.

    I’m not worried at all about any crash, or society becoming unglued. Most of this has been unfolding already in slow motion, but the headlines have yet to show us all how really truly bad it is under the surface. Clif’s bots obviously are catching all of that. So no surprise there really. I wont believe it until I see the bad guys and the evil outed once this goes down. These crooks in DC, and foreignors and CCP ALWAYS get away with so much evil, and are never ever held accountable. Look how the Clintons have skirted so much for so many years. They will die of natural causes before they are ever held accountable. Same can be said for Obama, Pelosi, Shiff, Comey, and so many others. Soros skates free too, and he has uncalculable damage to our country, funding many of the hate groups, and funding so many left wing zealots who want to destroy everything that has been good about the country. Soros hates conservatives, and hates all religious groups. Who is this guy, and how is he allowed to spread so much hatred, bigotry, and wreck our country, and also shred our constitution ??? The evil Dimwit does not even live here. I don’t give a hoot if he has billions. The fact that he gets away with committing so many crimes against our country, is criminal in of itself. The CIA should have long ago taken this guy out of the picture. That is, if they are on the side of Americans. Soros is far worse and far more evil than any middle eastern terrorist.

    Yep, hope Clif is right this time.

    • steve

      intrinsic value is determined by people mot opinion. Cryptos are determined by the people not governments

      • MC

        The Declaration of Independence proclaims men are endowed by the Creator with certain unalienable rights. This is a concept of intrinsic value that people might contemplate when comparing precious metals with software. The latter, being of man, is derivative.

        ps. Circa 2014 Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter gave a talk at a hotel near LAX, Los Angeles. Holter got into praising China for “investing” in its infrastructure. But money manager Monty Guild was in the audience and took issue with Holter by saying China was squandering money on junk infrastructure. The conversation got so heated Jim Sinclair had to stand up and cool it down. …… It’s nice to see that Clif High is here in this video confirming the gentleman Monty Guild.

        pss. Proverbs 10:24-25 (KJV, NASB) could be read as reminding us to focus upon our righteous desires rather than fear. . . . e.g., as regards investing/speculations don’t get caught up in FOMO, but instead act by plan, perhaps.

      • Gunny HiWay

        Wrong… “Intrinsic value” is determined by the USES of said product, mineral etc.
        Silver will never crash. It has way too many uses in our modern society.

      • Paul ...

        Steve … Say people drive Bitcoin to 3 times it’s current price … compare that to investing in silver that goes to $600 per ounce … silver will generate more then 20 times your money!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Clif High agrees. Silver has the biggest upside and the lowest downside risk.

          • Paul ...

            Plus Greg … we have a totally corrupt Dallas Fed chief (Kaplan) who refuses to release precise details of his insider trading … the dates he bought and sold … as well as whether he ever shorted gold or silver is not being released … and it is occurring on Powell’s watch … so I expect the Demon-rats will replace Powell next year “before he can taper” … and likely replace him with a Modern Monetary Theorist who believes as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez does … in creating “an infinite M2 money supply” … which will eventually result in a massive bank run … as people seeing the value of their money disintegrate before their eyes (Zimbabwe style) rush to withdraw their cash from banks … and put it into precious metals!!

  23. Tim

    Excellent show!!! Always look forward to Cliff High. Sounds like there is hope.

    God bless you and Cliff


  24. Matt Jaymes


    I wish I could put something in the collection plate, but at this point in time, I’m still jobless; but I will offer two things:

    1.) A huge thank you.

    2.) Our Father who art in heaven, holy is thy name, thy kingdom come, thy will be done, on Earth as it is in heaven, give us this day, our daily bread and forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. For the kingdom, the power and the glory are Yours now and forever……….Amen.

    If you knew me, you’d know how uncharacteristic that is of me.


    Matt Jaymes

    • Greg Hunter

      No guilt here man. The site is free and please use it. Thanks for supporting USAW with your very kind words bother!!!
      Brother Greg

      • David W Allen

        Hi Greg, Thanks for all you do and love Cliff! Not sure I agree with Cliff on a spiritual level but believe that he is a truth teller with great insight like King Cyrus. I am trying so hard to rightly divide the truth in these terrible times. I am only weeks away from drawing my SS benefits and have been feverishly scrambling to better position myself for the thing coming. Stocking up as best as I can for good reason,( not fear but, inflation, supplies being available, and to shore up supplies when my income drops.. in addition…get what little I have out of bank and put it for better use.) I really don’t have much cash and little to no retirement savings except a few ounces of silver. Now Cliff is saying that SSI benefits may die before my very eyes. I have checked into buying more silver recently and it is cheap but the damn premiums are crazy. How does one take a chance with only a few dollars and possibly no income. What the hell is one to do. If I do purchase any silver with so few dollars, is bullion a good choice? Thanks for any feed back you can offer!

        • JuicyMoosey

          Hopefully we’re not going to end up in an “Every Man For Himself” situation. What little I have I will share with awake people – Even silver.

          One of the most important currencies we’ll really all need is hope with which to destroy the debt of despair. Maybe consider buying some seeds. Seeds represent hope. Tools for gardening. Learn how to make water filters out of sand, gravel and activated charcoal. (If THEY turn off the water you could show your neighbours how to make their own filters – that’s incredible hope right there that silver just couldn’t achieve)

          THEY think they can cow us by destroying the financial system. They think we’ll cry and whimper when we can’t get our fiat paper monies. They think we’ll come crawling to their satanic digital currency? Begging on our knees…that’s what they want. Won’t it be a laugh on them when we start growing our own food, creating our own economies and rebuilding our infrastructure – All without THEM.

          We can come out of what they’re doing to us stronger than ever. Revitalised…not crushed.

  25. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview with Clif High. A very entertaining 90 minutes.
    Many of the states in the USA will break up into parts. Decentralization is the future. Please ask Clif about this trend, or Gerald. The age of large nation states is coming to an end.

    • Warren B.

      I tend to agree with your assessment…the parts (of the whole) would be IMO called Zones – North, South, East , West and Central…which is more in tune with the Global OW Agenda ( in reference to continents).

  26. rich

    WOW, one of the best interviews with Cliff and so here comes WW4. Prepare accordingly.

  27. Paul Anthony

    Incredible and informative interview !

    Thank you so much Greg and Cliff

    Here is a link regardding the Vax. Pray for these people everyone !

    • Southern Girl

      Paul Anthony,
      WOW!! What a great video ! Thanks

    • Frank D2

      Paul Anthony,
      Plenty of great info in that link. Thanks for sharing.

  28. Marie+Joy

    Unable to play videos, except YouTube, unable to get to most conservative sites. Unable to buy online vitamins except for Walmart.

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 20 sec. That will clear censoring codes your ISP is putting in. Also, try a different browser. These are two ways big tech is censoring USAW material. Let me know how it works.

      • Marie+Joy

        Greg, Unplugging didn’t work. Trying to talk my brother into changing the browser without luck. Surprisingly, able to see videos on Brighteon. Thank you.

    • paula davis

      Personal recommendation, Country Store ( phone 217-446-7279) custom tinctures, bulk teas & spices, high quality supplements…Master Herbalists…check please, but they have been offering free ship for orders over $100.00. There may be e-mail address…I call in my order for delivery. Plus, a “better nutrition” mag. comes w/the order. This biz has been our supp source since ’70s.
      To paraphrase Paul , “let your food be your best & least expensive supplement source…” but when you cannot, check out Country Store supp needs.
      I have no financial interest in this biz I just know their products well from personal use.

      • Marie+Joy

        Thank you.

  29. Mark

    YOU ARE MISSING OUT because I cannot share a link to your video with others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 20 sec. That will clear censoring codes your ISP is putting in. Also, try a different browser. These are two ways big tech is censoring USAW material. Let me know how it works.

    • Anthony Australia

      VPN works wonders 😊

    • Marie+Joy

      Mark, Can you forward Greg’s email, telling you his interview is ready?

  30. Mandy Logan

    Absolutely BRILLIANT interview!! Justice really is going to be served! SO exciting 😃 Thanks Greg & Cliff….hope New Zealand shares in the good news 😘

  31. Lynn Scott

    What an amazing interview. You guys work so well together. So if social security is done then so are pensions? If our income is taken away and we can’t pay our house payment then we become homeless?

    • Paul ...

      LS … When “we re-set” the American dream (from the current “commie” dictatorship) and get these monkey’s off our back … lets make sure that in our new America … when we buy a home … “it can never be taxed by governments for any reason” … if you allow any government to tax your home “you don’t own it” … everyone’s home “should be nontaxable wealth that can be passed down to our children ” just like a gold coin!!

      • Paul ...

        “It is the end of the world as we have known it” … when people are denied access to a supermarket to buy some food for their families! … it is time!!

  32. Lynn Scott

    We are believers in Jesus. My kids grew up in a Christian home. My second son whom I was close…. A year ago stopped wanting a relationship. He said I wasn’t the same person I use to be. Thinks I’ve lost my marbles. Broke my heart. My hope is in Jesus. Thank you for so much

    • Greg Hunter

      Is your son vaxed? Hang on to Jesus and be ready when you son needs your help and he will need your help especially if he is vaxed.

  33. Mike DeCoker

    So according to cliff all that got the vax only need to keep their vitamin D levels up and the spike proteins will go away and save these people? There is a pill form from maerk supposedly coming out to combat the virus. I’d be interested to hear what Karen has to say about it? Thanks Greg for your great guests and for all you do. Your the REAL journalist!

    • Alida Herrera

      The pill is made by Merck who makes Ivermectin. Typical Big Pharma move, make a Brand name to replace a cheap generic to cash in on the fear. Ivermectin is safe and effective. No Cv19 in India or Mexico where the government gave it away. Contact Frontline American Doctors for an online visit and a human RX if you don’t want to use the paste form. It still works, but you need to know how to use it per protocol by body weight.

      • JC

        Pfizer Launches Final Study for COVID Drug that’s Suspiciously Similar to ‘Horse Paste’

      • turtleeatsustainablerenewableimmigrants

        market-ticker org put up an article about the Merk drug being unrelated to ivermectin. See Oct 3.
        Merck’s New Drug – A Wonder Or Incipient Slaughter?

      • Gunny HiWay

        Merck makes Gardasil as well.
        Gardasil is the vax for the non-existent disease called HPV.
        Gardasil gave my daughter cervical cancer in 45 days and killed her in 30 months.
        You can take the Merck pill. Be my guest.. I will never comply with ANY medical mandate and will ventilate anyone who forces me.
        This is MY “line in the sand”.
        This whole covid thing is a hoax. It is a bad flu. Period.
        It affects old people, fat people and unhealthy people.
        But…All their vax’s KILL PEOPLE.




  35. Texas Road Runner

    Thank you Greg for having great guests on your show, especially Clif High.
    Both of you are Patriots because you are informing people about what is going on in our country and are telling the truth which is being hidden by the main stream press.
    Jesus said “You shall know the truth and the truth shall set you free”
    I totally agree with what Clif was saying when he stated we are at war against those who are liars, and who want to subdue and control us through their global cabals.
    The one thing that evil people cannot not stand up to, and overcome is the truth.
    I believe one of the reasons your program has gained so much popularity is because all of the MSM and those in Washington, and government level spokesmen have lost all credibility due to their dishonesty and constant lies for years now.
    Your show is a breath of fresh air!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Texas. I lived in Beaumont in the early 80’s and LOVED IT!!

  36. Mark

    There is no denying it Clif High is fascinating to listen to and radiates an amazing intelligence, with jaw dropping insights.

    I am spiritually and economically prepped and stacked for what is coming. Unjabbed and unbowed. Self sufficient food wise and doing my best to wake up as many ‘Normies’ as I can.

    As I have done in the past I will pass your site and this powerful interview on directly to many family and friends.

  37. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Greg,It seems that Cliff either isn’t aware of or has no interest in Biblical prophecy or doesn’t believe the time line is at hand.At no time did Cliff say or indicate that a leader will step up having solutions to the World’s problems! Cliff had voiced possible moves that would bring a different outcome, but never saying or indicating that at this time a one World currency ( Mark) and a one World Government will come into play!😳 I believe we are quickly coming to ” the End of the ROAD”! We listeners are trying to form strategies for either expected or unexpected turns but without the understanding of what is written in The Book of Revelation a MAJOR error or at the least a HUGE surprise awaits! I have assets that certainly will have value in certain scenarios but my ACE is in God’s WORD,and that never fails! Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree “God’s word never fails”!! We all need to prepare spiritually above all and mean praying to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

    • Laura McDonough

      Most churches never even touch on prophecy, others when asked if their preacher ever mentions prophecy, they say no. They need to find another church and realize most mainline pastors are globalist enablers/gate keepers. But like most, they are there for a social outlet or other self interests.

  38. Rob

    Greg Hunter interviewing Clif High = the best pair up on the inter-webs!
    I was glued to the screen, could have listened another 3 hours. Greg, what you said about Clif at the end, I say that about you, my friend. You are a true Patriot and man of honor doing a great service for the U.S. and the world.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rob. You are very kind to say that.

    • Bonefinder51

      You can listen more than three hours. Go back and listen two more times over the way I did. Everything he says is gold.

  39. Troy

    Hey Greg I have been following you for years. My wife and I love your guests like Cliff High. We live in Canada, which is a lot like Australia with Government control and vaccine passports. Life is very hard when you are not vaccinated, they are pushing it on all sides, the Doctors are scaring you, the schools and hospitals are mandating it. People are being forced to vaccinate and if you don’t you are punished and marginalized and discriminated. The media only discusses one talking point with no discussion.
    When it comes to COVID it really comes down to relative vs absolute risk.

    However, no one talks about this and we are left thinking are we making the right choice. Even though we love your guests and feel they are right it’s hard to believe that millions of people are going to get sick from the COVID vaccines. If this really occurs do you think people, the healthcare professionals, politicians, and media will connect the dots. What happens if they don’t?

    Also, have you or any of your guests heard of Novavax? Apparently, it’s a traditional vaccine with no mRNA. Any thoughts?


    God Bless

    • Greg Hunter

      Do NOT take the vax–period.

      • Beligerant

        My cousin took this vaxx a few months ago and just died of Covid. The vaccine seemed to hide the virus effects until it was well entrenched in his lungs. He took the jab because he was high risk and it did nothing to save him. If anything it helped hide the symptoms until the lungs were well infected and damage done. 🙁

  40. john beasley

    what is the 6,000 year old death cult that rules the world?

  41. Kim M.

    A pharmacist friend that works with the big drug companies, warned me of a new variant that is coming this winter and will cause many deaths. They are calling it the “Wu” variant ironically. Take care and remember to focus on Jesus who loves more than we understand.

  42. neville

    There is an old Scottish saying which says …..”Save yur own cool your own porridge” That said AAcrime is “The” most heavily devided nation on the planet of that
    there is absolutely NO DOUBT………which leads me to what our LORD JESUS CHRIST said of a such a nation and that was “It will soon fall apart” How absolutely right JESUS was and now what we are seeing frame for frame the motion picture of life is that not only do they exist in a country where the elections were stolen in broad view of the republic but right in front of GOD ALMIGHTY ……So whoever they are they know who they are GOD has your card marked and you will be hearing from HIM one of thesse days.
    The profit Daniel tells us that the statue of liberty will be smash by a meteorite marking
    the end of the evil american so-called empire
    Then just to touch on the american virus C19 ,they have done a lot of damage world wide to increase poverty,to smash economies,to kill jobs etc etc etc.Then there are the injections concocted from the most heinous ingredients imaginable so much so that it
    made Karen Kingston GOD BLESS her weep from knowing the reality of the injections potency.
    As for the RIGGED mockery markets which appear to have topped out despite all the the counterfiet cyber cash thrown at them.Nothing lasts forever and dispite the best efforts of the scum of the earth better known as the deep state /UNDERWORLD in reality.The markets will crash and as Cliff says the normals in society will kick back at the unscrupulous underworld gangsters which include the likes of feckless fauci,gates etc etc
    Now about Evergrande ,AAcrime also had their variety of Evergrande called Fannie Mae and Fannie Mac.Ledgend has it that over one TRILLION dollars was pumped in which was the start of Quantitive Easing or Quick Fix for a better understanding of the problem…….they both just about went to the wall…….What will happen to Evergrande
    who knows who cares but like all ponzi schemes it’s BUSTVILLE for them the greedy barstards…..
    I agree with brothe Bo Polny on s#itcoin it looks like that run is in progress but will burst without warning….my advice I didn’t go to wedding and I am certainly not going to the funeral…….No one went broke taking a profit occasionally!!!!

    When will the Churches be all fully open and the insult to GOD for closing HIS HOUSE OF PRAYER ,b e punished to the full extent OF GOD’S FURY?????

    Thanks Greg and Cliff

  43. dlc

    FF to 53 minutes which begins a dialogue on Trump. Danielle DiMartino Booth was euphoric the night that Trump was defeated. She is an absolute hysterical witch on a broom when discussing Trump. She calls Trump “the divider” and would like to return to “civil dialogue” that involves “reaching across the aisle. ” Her words portray a mindset that I hope to see scrapped in the near future.

    The whole panel agrees that Trump created “unnecessary enemies. How was anything else possible given the day one verbal lynching that he was subjected to.? I am so done with go-along appeaser politicians. I am not a MAGA, just not suicidal.

  44. JC

    CH: In their minds, they have these two ideas, that the virus somehow has taken on the persona of an active, intelligent, sentient, aggressive agent, and that in order to prevent this, you must have every vaccinated.

    The people who are alone in their car, wearing a mask, surely believe this.

    • eddiemd

      Still seeing many people driving alone in their vehicles wearing masks in Phoenix.

      • Warren B.

        Yep I see it all over the place. Indoctrinated Dumb-$#!t slaves who have a Death-wish.

        • Paul ...

          WB … Jabbing us with living organisms “WITH SELF-AWARENESS” is like injecting “an alien life form into our bodies” (and as seen in the movies … will likely emerge right out of our chest … once our heart stops)!!

          • JC


            G.A. Stewart: The people of the Earth are being lied to, and it is time to deal with the consequences. This is not science fiction folks; it is science fact.

            September 29, 2021
            Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

            October 2, 2021
            Critically Thinking with Dr Carrie Madej and Dr Christine Northrup – Tentacled Organism Identified?

            July 25, 2019
            Mapping Cells in the Immortal Regenerating Hydra


            • Paul ...

              These jelly fish are like polypodium that have an unusual life-cycle (and have high rates of DNA evolution) … they have a cell type most commonly found in cancer cells … although it spends most of its life inside the cells of its host … it goes through many phases … including a non-parasitic “free-living stage” … when “it emerges” from the host cell (into the blood stream) and then fragments into multiple medusoid-like organisms … that go on to multiply by the millions by means of longitudinal fission … these jellyfish then pulsate through the blood stream looking like Satan “snake-haired” mythological creatures (their snake-like tentacles make them look like “Medusa” from Greek mythology) having the ability to turn the human body into “a stone cold cadaver” … and it is our taxpayer money that is used to support the research done by these perverted bio-weapon psychopaths!! …

  45. dlc

    Fast forward to 53 minutes which begins a dialogue on the subject of Trump. Danielle DeMartino Booth was euphoric on the night of Trump’s loss. She is an absolute hysterical witch on a broom when discussing Trump. She calls Trump “the divider” and would like a return to “civil discourse” where we can once again “reach across the aisle.” Gasp. This is a mindset that I hope to see scrapped in the near future.

    The panel all agreed that Trump created “unnecessary enemies” for himself while in office. How does one share tea and crumpets and wax graciously with the bug types, as Clif describes them? I am not a MAGA, just not suicidal.

  46. Jennifer Sue Smallin

    Great interview! Thanks Greg! Thanks Clif!

  47. Adam Munyard

    Wow, very intense interview Greg. I believe Cliff is on the money with what is to come. Although we cant see it in the physical realm as we only see evil men , ultimately this is a spiritual battle as the Bible says.
    My stepfather before he passed away told me that he believed in his heart that the AntiChrist and 2 witnesses would be revealed to the world very very soon. I personally feel its perhaps 2 or 3 years away. And 2021 is not over yet, i believe something catastrophic is still yet to come.
    The coming events will IMO transpire concurrently, and one after the other in quick succession. Shocking the world population so we cant think straight so many things are going on. And when the giants come up on the earth, the alien revelation and other supernatural events occur… if we are not steadfast in our faith and Gods word… its going to be an extremely difficult time period

  48. swimfinz

    Oh My Buddah! Thank you Greg Hunter for having Clif High back on, preparing us all for what we know in our bones what is forthcoming!


  49. Mark

    Dear Greg,
    After listening to this interview with Clif I remembered you once saying the Bible is full of STUNNING REVERSALS!!!!
    As I listened to Clif’s explain his understanding of the power of words through his study of linguistics, it occurs to me those who align themselves with evil MUST LOSE because JUST AS THERE IS NO TRUTH IN FALSEHOOD (in an absolute sense) AND THERE IS NO LIGHT IN DARKNESS, SO MUST A STRUCTURE BUILT ON A FOUNDATION OF LIES INEVITABLY COLLAPSE!!!!
    Remember that the Lord Jesus Himself, as the Seed of Abraham to Whom the promise of the Spirit was made (Gal.3:16, 19, Gen.13:15), after His greatest work of faith in obedience to the Father in fulfilling all righteousness with respect to the putting away if sins once for all through the sacrifice of Himself (Rom.3:21-22) received the promise of the Spirit (Acts.2:33, Gal.3:19,22) which Spirit is the promised blessing of Abraham which was to come to the nations IN CHRIST JESUS (Gal.3:8,14, Gen.12:3) and which Spirit He Himself became in resurrection as a life-giving Spirit (1Cor. 15:45, 2 Cor.3:17, Jn 7:38-39) so that any and all who BELIEVE ON HIM FOR THIS RIGHTEOUSNESS which has come into being THROUGH HIS FAITH (or His faith-fulness) RECEIVES HIM AS THE VERY SPIRIT OF SON-SHIP IN THEIR HEARTS WHICH CRIES “ABBA, FATHER” (Pappa, Daddy!!!) (Rom.8:15, Gal.4:6) and is immersed in that SAME SPIRIT INTO HIS ONE BODY OF WHICH WE ARE MEMBERS ONE OF ANOTHER IN HIM (Gal. 3:27, 1Cor. 12:12-13, Rom.12:4-5) , the Lord Jesus Himself, having obtained a MORE EXCELLENT MINISTRY, IS NOW MEDIATING A BETTER COVENANT WHICH HAS BEEN ENACTED UPON BETTER PROMISES (Heb.8:6) which promises are the very promises which the Son Himself received from the Father including ” You are My Son this day have I begotten You’ and ‘I will be a Father to Him and He will be a Son to Me’ and ‘Sit at My right hand until I make Your enemies a footstool for Your feet’, along with “Behold, I and the children You have given Me”, and the one which offers particular comfort to those who have “fled for refuge to lay hold of the hope set before them” and which was made with the taking of an oath: “The Lord has sworn and will not regret, You are a Priest forever according to the order of Melchizidek”.
    So then, the One Who has been designated as Heir of all things being also the One through Whom God created the “universe” which Clif mentions, is not some mere abstraction, which cannot be known because He has chosen to embody Himself in the One Whose very Name is “THE WORD OF GOD” AND SO AS BEAMS OF LIGHT ENERGY RADIATE FROM THE SUN THAT GIVES US DAYLIGHT TO SEE, SO TOO THE ONE “IN WHOM ALL THE FULLNESS WAS PLEASED TO DWELL” SHINES FORTH ALL THE VIRTUES AND EXCELLENT GLORIES OF THE GOD WHO DWELLS IN UNAPPROACHABLE LIGHT (Whom no one has seen or can see), but the Son Who is literally “into His bosom” (Jn.1:18) “HE HAS DECLARED HIM.”!!!!!
    So now, after having made purification of sins once for all through the sacrifice of Himself, He is now mediating a better covenant in which He has willed to “write His laws in our hearts and on our minds inscribe them” and to “be propitious to our unrighteousnesses” and to “remember our sins no more” while making intercession on our behalf as our Advocate with the Father based on the spotless perfection of His own blood sacrifice while sympathizing with us in our weaknesses, BECAUSE HE IS NOT ASHAMED TO CALL US HIS BROTHERS SINCE BOTH HE WHO SANCTIFIES AND THOSE WHO ARE BEING SANCTIFIED ARE ALL OF ONE!!!!

    • Paul ...

      Mark … The Globalists can’t build their New World Order Church … on a Foundation of Lies and Censorship … it just won’t work!!

  50. swimfinz

    After listening and forward Greg Hunter’s podcast to many, I wait two days and listen all over again.
    Glean many nuggets.

  51. swimfinz

    I heard about ordering 12mg tabs of Ivermectin and 200mg tabs of HCQ from India
    I placed an order. Took two weeks, order arrived.
    Make your own inquiries.

    If things do not make sense, try this “….all governments, world wide, are trying to kill it’s citizens.” FIFY (fixed-it-for-you).

    • Doug Jackson

      Dear swimfinz,
      I have checked out Indiamart and got back many, many emails. Don’t know who to trust.
      Would you please do me the favor of telling me which company you used? Thank you
      Doug Jackson

  52. steve

    Greg many thanks for this interview, the next could be Martin Armstrong ? to fill in more gaps perhaps.

  53. Robert

    Excellent overview of these COVID vaccines and the danger they pose by Dr Richard Fleming. He and his partners in science are pursuing a complaint through the International Criminal Court against many of the players promoting these vaccines as well as the creators of this biological warfare gain of function disease SARS COVID. Well worth watching. Greg, you might want to get this guy on your schedule to interview. He’s as good as Karen Kingston and he’s scientist.

    He believes many of these players are guilty of treason and crimes against humanity, just like the Nazis and judges who enabled them were found to be complicit in.. and he shows why in a very methodical manner. He’s as articulate as the creator of mRNA technologies, Dr. Robert Malone.

  54. Karen

    Hi Greg, I’m in NSW Australia enduring our 15th week of lockdown. In one more week the fully jabbed get some of their freedoms back. Non jabs have to wait until December, assuming we reach 90% double jab….an almost impossible figure.
    For the past month I’ve run a FB group which helps unjabbed find businesses which will serve us. It is a disgusting, discriminatory world and I pray that things will improve. But most people here are asleep and becoming quite antagonistic.
    Thanks for your website and interviews. I wasn’t able to find the interview to listen to but read the summary. Keep up the good work.

    • Adam Munyard

      Thank God Gonzo from the muppets resigned the other day. On the news it said there was an outpouring and flood of support to her, then demonstrated a photo with 5 envelopes and 3 lots of flowers. Sure, a real outpouring of love HA !
      Stay strong mate… there’s another one coming. My pick is Ebola

      • J from the Land Down Under

        Sad to see her go ..NOT !!
        It could very well be the start of a long overdue culling process where all State Premiers decide to call it quits (see the writing on the wall) given their complicity in this evil scheme. What’s that story about the sinking ship and the Rats …? There is little doubt that they are all puppets (like the rest of them) and are fully aware of the Great Plan…hence their perceived impunity and ever growing Dictatorial powers…until the proverbial hit the fan …. and all is exposed. Where to then Mr Andrews / Ms Palaszczuk … communist globalist pigs ?

        • Self Exiled

          So you guys watch the Muppets a lot. No wonder you waited so long to kick the British out. My British friend in the Philippines would not think this funny and my Australian friend would not either. LOL Hopefully I can get back to them.

  55. Dr. Joseph

    Greg what can I say but Wow, what a great show you had tonight. Cliff High was outstanding, however, I noticed his demeanor was somewhat sad as if he hated bringing forth the bad news but had no choice. All in all you asked all the right questions as usual and brought us the best of Greg Hunter. God bless Greg and family.

  56. Robert Manley

    What is WOO?

    • Chris Chambers

      That’s Clif’s shorthand for “conspiracy theory type stuff”.

    • NC Gal

      Clif defines “Woo” as all things that have been hidden.

  57. Greg Hunter

    I think you will have to do that on your end. I don’t see a way to do it mon my end.

  58. dlc

    It would not break my heart if there were no more elections. People get upset over an outsider who calls career pols morons, but will line up for kill shots and stand by as their very children are destroyed. Joe Demento is highly insulting of the non-vaxed. Recall how Adolf accused Jews of being disease carriers like rodents. And, you’d be a lying dog pony soldier if you said Joe isn’t a big league name caller.

    I guess the difference is that Joe insults the people, whereas Trump insults the elites who can dish it but cannot handle a hot tar reply.

    It would not break my heart to see the collapse of allopathic medicine. It is a big business/gov’t entity. How much more convincing does it take that they are not about health, jabbing people and withholding inexpensive meds that actually work?

    I have always expected SS to go poof. And, people won’t be singing Lennon’s “Imagine” when all the gov’t handouts dry up. Just duck the day that happens. Normies will go brrrrrrrr.

    I enjoyed Clif High this evening. I suspect he truly could storm hell with ice water.

  59. Keith Babola

    Clif high is brilliant. Loved the interview.

  60. oskar

    AU is at the same point now like Poland was at 1988 … just look at the old massacre in Poland … look at the Coil main “KWK Wujek”:
    I gues the same kind of event Clif is expecting in the Australia… you see … western world thinks about “stupid polish” as a superstation but in fact we Polish was the same point of own history 40 years ago like you face now in the AU. Look what happen with the policemans who took the acction there… ZOMO formation… they finish as a very sick neurological problem after all…wracked…. My regards for all police forces who learn from history.

  61. Bill McFarlane

    Thanks,…. what a way 2 start the day Clif & Greg … Yes!

  62. Bjorno

    JPMChase Eat My Naked Silver Shorts: I co wrote, produced etc this music video about 11 years ago:

  63. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr High.
    Without the America we all love, es even those of us outside the USA, we are truly stuffed.
    At te time of the Tianamen Square massacre Mr Deng had aircrafts full of US DOllars sitting on the runway with their engines going as he sent in troops to slaughter the unarmed . Fortunately for him the slaughter succeeded and the CCP families of eight remained as emperors .Now however the CCP have a ship full of Gold and money parked unknown just in case. In case of what? Perhaps the elite in the USA have parked money just in case a real lesson from recent history.
    Here in Europe and the UK our elite have parked money but are parking in the US Dollar such as the unelected Ursula von der Leyen head of the unelected European Commission that writes laws in Europe and the Parliament has to rubber stamp them. See Europe is post democratic. Meanwhile Klaus Schwab and his WEF at Davos and his team suck money from the United Nations and many other sources to soothe the brows of the Bolshevik Billionaires ,but stashing money in Switzerland,his homeland, unaware of this weakness, his homeland is a target for the plebs. The United Nations elite suck money and hide it in jam jars under glorious beds whilst whingeing poverty. Even the Vatican has hundreds of Billions sloshing across the world to its vaults all US Dollars,not Euros you may note, whilst decrying poverty. So the elite suspect a bloody end ,the blood being that of us plebs. Still America’s unwillingness to slaughter these elites is a sad reflection perhaps a trigger will be the slaughter of just one or even worse.The slaughter of plebs in public by police then the gloves will be off and any Bolshevik Communist better hope Tehran will take them in.

  64. Steve Kloppers

    MAD MAX coming up!!

  65. Chris Chambers

    There is a good read about silver and silver manipulation on scribd by Charles Savoie…just google it. It discusses in great detail all the rich and powerful people and families that have hoarded, traded, mined and manipulated silver over the last few centuries. Very interesting stuff. You will recognize many of the names, but some are a surprise.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      It was Cecil Rhodes who said “It’s a pity we cannot annex the stars.” Sociopaths never have enough, no matter how much they’ve acquired by lyin’ and stealin’.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Edward,
        Cecil Rhodes > the Fabian Society > the Council on Foreign Relations > the World Economic Forum > genocide and slavery.
        Cecil Rhodes has a lot to answer for!

  66. Jane Reynolds

    I never miss Clif. Thanks you both superb.

  67. Jeff

    Thank you Greg for this fabulous interview. Clif High is bright beyond belief. He presents some of the sharpest reason and research that exists on the internet today with regards to where we stand in this very troubling time in American history. I listen to his words carefully. I don’t hear any inaccuracies at all from the years of research that I have done. I love the words “conspiracy theory”. The phrase is designed to discredit a person who thinks deeply about a subject. The word “misinformation” is one of the latest attacks on our cognitive abilities to question what is going on. Bravo to you and Clif. 100% nailed it. Thank you for all you do. You are truly a USA Watchdog. God bless you, Clif and all American patriots who are pushing back.

  68. Mark (UK)

    Great interview with Clif. I hope – “despite an embarrassment of bookings” – he becomes a regular fixture. Great insight and commentary on what is unfolding globally along with a message of hope that a brighter future awaits us on the other side of difficult times ahead.

    Like others, I need to listen again to pick up all the nuggets of information and insight.

  69. Robert Coleman


  70. Donnie

    Title of nobility is the term cliff was talking about article I section 10

  71. AMids

    cliff high has been the biggest spoiler, the biggest helper

  72. Alan

    Riveting & brilliant observations & commentary from one of (if not THE) most prescient voices out there today, the inimitable Clif High! Thank you both so very much, Greg you deserve ovations of accolades for your incredible reporting with USAW. I rarely miss any of your posts and NEVER miss a session with one of the true the sages of our time Mr. High. Red October has indeed arrived, strap in friends for what may well be the ride of a lifetime, white knuckles and all ha

  73. Jeff

    Hi Greg

    In regards to Karen Kingston, I would be interested in what is in these booster shots. Is it exactly the same as the previous shots? Are they a stronger concoction? I have not and will not take it but I am trying to educated my vaxxed family, who by the way, 7 members have tested positive. They wanna blame an unvaxxed person.

    • Charles H.

      Ask your vaxxed family if thy are thinking straight. What is the purpose of the Vaccine? Answer: To prevent the disease. Did the vaccination prevent the disease? Answer is NO.
      So one can understand the vaccines don’t work. But there is more…

      What do the vaccines contain? Are they not related to the disease so the body can react and try to stave-off the disease? Answer is Yes – the vaccines DO have biological similarities to the disease itself. We continue…

      If the vaccines do not work; but they DO introduce into your body the facimilies of the disease: is it possible that this foreign substance of a facsimile can be at least counter prudent to your body? That is THE LEAST consideration; what would be the WORST scenario?

      Lastly the unvaccinated has nothing to do with being sick or not. You can’t get sick from a person that is not sick. You can only catch sickness from someone who IS sick. If someone is vaccinated and does get sick: they can spread the sickness to others. Conversely, if a person is not vaccinated but is NOT SICK: they cannot spread any disease.

      No one will do an honest assessment of the incidence of disease between the vaxxed and the unvaxxed: simply because they will NOT RISK the finding to possibly come out that the unvaxxed get sick less often. So instead of doing a proper study: all that is done is to blame the people who haven’t bought their line of BS, in an attempt to bully them to pay up. The Jury is out; no proof is offered: and the prudent reserve and hold back. Time will tell. Blaming the unvaxxed for people becoming sick is illogical nonsense.

      • Paul ...

        CH … The reason fat people are fat … is because the un-fat people won’t eat their desert the way the fat people have … so government needs to mandate that skinny people be “forced to eat desert” or lose their jobs … the “commies” running the government slaughter houses … want everyone fattened up … before the butchery and extermination of the herd of useless eaters!!

        • Self Exiled

          Ya know Paul your explanation is how they think. Now Charles has explained it more delicately. LOL LOL

          • Charles H.

            S E,

            One of my all-time favorite movie characters, from The Wizard of Oz: the Wicked Witch of the West… “these things must be done delicately!’ The lilt of voice, the rhythm of the words… stays with me.

  74. Keith Kasprzak

    Why is it that none of this comes as a surprise to me? Out of all the conspiracy theories with this whole plandemic thing I have always said ‘well, some theory has to be the correct one’. And this is usually the first possibility that comes to mind and after time turns out to be the correct one. Wuhan, CCP, high stakes corruption, the timing of all this including the covid testing and vaccine, BLM riots, Jan. 6th. There’s just too many events that conveniently fall right into place. If there’s one thing I learned about the guarantees in life such as death and taxes, it’s that money is power and power corrupts. Absolute power as we witness at the highest levels of the global elite… corrupts absolutely.

  75. Dan

    Another great interview Greg. I’ve known about and followed Cliff for about 10 years now. Always great stuff from him. And he’s very correct in how the “words” could have a different meaning then what you might think when they play out. I’ve seen it happen that way in the past.

    On another note, you should interview Dr. Mike Adams at as he’s full of knowledge about the virus hoax and would do a great interview with you.

    Keep up the great work. May God bless you and your family.

  76. Paul Anthony

    fantastic interiew so much to unpack and think about and take in

    thank you Greg ! 👊


  77. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview – thanks.
    I appreciate you have reservations about Tucker Carlson. ‘Team Tucker Carlson’ has just posted a video entitled, “Sen. Ron Johnson Reveals the True Number of ‘Fully Vaccinated’ People Dying with Covid”. Info like this fits Clif High’s prediction that a coalescence of information will shortly awaken the ‘normies’. Worth a listen . . .

  78. Terry H


  79. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, Cliff
    Excellent interview with a massive amount of information. Hearing these things along with God’s word provides us with discernment in all this caius.
    Thank you both for your work!

  80. ron martin

    Clif is one of my favorite people on your show. Buying all the silver I can afford. If Clif is off in his timing silver is still better than our funny money. Been buying silver since 1997 @ $6 to $9 an ounce and still buying it at $28 with premium. I never sell any. Of course food, guns, ammo, generators, solar, fuel, medical, Rx’s and other preps come before silver. With baby-killer Cooper there and CCP Kemp here we have criminals at the top but also many folks on our side increasing push-back against tyranny. Keep it up Greg cause I never miss an episode.

  81. jon

    Hi Greg, There seems to be a number of studies on NIH sites indicating damage to both DNA and MRNA integrity by exposure to low intensity magnetic fields. Of course there are other variables. But the MSM personnel inside these MSM studios are heavily exposed to magnetic fields, emf, rf etc. Anybody can draw conclusions of an acceleration of blowback to those MSM talking heads that have been vaxxed along with graphene oxide appearing more erratic on TV.

  82. Gloria Charlier

    Clif is my favorite! Thank you Greg. Another terrific interview.

  83. NC Gal


    Thank you SO MUCH for having Clif on again! His steadiness at the helm is helping me stay sane in an obviously insane world. And it is also notable that his timing has proven correct, so that helps me navigate things better, as well.

    Thank YOU for staying the course through many challenges. I truly appreciate being able to come to this site and have done so as faithfully as you have made it available to us.


    Around 1:13:23 into the video Clif states the Chinese Govt spends no money on public drains, and immediately assumes this is undesirable.

    This system trains everyone responsibility for one’s waste, as well as trains to use the waste productively even within city settings. One man’s waste is another’s gold.

    Such a system is the only one that can be sustainable over time as waste is used by the system much more productively and at large scale more productively.

    A system that encourages waste and removes waste from view: this same system encourages and promotes toxic waste dumping and therefore toxic waste production. And thus such a system becomes polluted and unproductive, and gets only worse as scale increases.

    Simple comparison shows No public drains is more sustainable. People are taught by design a low waste and high efficiency lifestyle especially in larger cities where such is necessary.

    On another subject research Stefan Lanka’s basic experiments to understand the depth of the deception that is cv19. Understanding virology and vaxinology or immunology via intervention are built on theory not fact, is key to seeing through things. Then you’ll see why the PCR testing is deception. You’ll see easily who is promoting this deception. You’ll see the small group controlling the deception, easily. Kate Sugak and Dr. Cowan interview Stefan, and it’s easy to find those videos.

  85. EdTeller

    Greg, It seems like it is time to have Jim Sinclair back on the show. He called the great reset back in 2019. I wonder what he is thinking now.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Ed,
      If I recall correctly, Jim Sinclair predicted two resets. The first, man made (by the ‘elites’) which would fail, and the second ordered by ‘financial mother nature’.

      • Warren B.

        That would be tremendous. Timely !!

  86. Tamara Fox

    Thank you for a great interview!!

    • EdTeller

      Yes AndrewB. I remember that as well. Would love to hear where he thinks we are relative to mother nature’s reset

  87. Lightning

    Thought provoking and hopeful interview.

    I believe the “vax” contains self assembling constituents that can provide a wireless interface to the human brain.

    That suggests the vaxxed can be controlled.

    Surely the “power elite” have plans to weaponize that capability.

    I would appreciate readers thoughts on what that might entail. Is it just a kill switch? Can it force vaxxed people to collaborate and do acts they would otherwise morally refuse to do if they were under their own self control?

    Is Biden already controlled via a numeral lace type setup?

    How advanced is this control element?

    • AndrewB

      This may provide an answer to the questions you pose.

      How to integrate humans into ‘the internet of things’:

      • Lightning


        I understand the science very well including the integration of humans with automation and robotics. Like any great tool, it can be used as a great weapon.
        These injections certainly seem to have a purposeful depopulation goal but it’s much more than that. It’s aimed at TOTAL control.

        For example, Sensors are first used as an offline measurement tool after production of a product. Then over time they are used to monitor processes in line ( during production). Eventually they are used to CONTROL production in real time.

        There is an analogy here with information gathering on you ( as a human being). First they use smartphones, wearable device data like Fitbit etc as an offline measurement tool.

        Once they force sensors into your body, they have ( at the least) advanced now to monitoring everything you do, everywhere you go , who you do it with and potentially everything you think. Lie detectors are already used as admissible evidence and they use physiological body responses. They’ll have all of those physiological responses from you 24/7/365 .

        The question I ask is how far have they progressed at control . I have enough knowledge to know that they can have a kill switch capability. Certainly having that capability over you or one of your loved ones is enormous power. But I’ve recently read that they may have progressed to relatively advanced control capabilities.

        Even if they could merely project a strong feeling of anger or disagreement into your mind every time you heard, read or saw info on a political candidate ( for example) they could essentially control how that individual votes and hence election outcomes.

        We should not underestimate this control element nor dismiss its potential to be weaponized. Who needs a false flag event when evil doers can generate their own manufactured riot or mass shooting event etc… via remote , external control of people who are no longer truly autonomous.

        So I’d be interested in all the ways people think this control could be weaponized to support the initial agenda of vaccines and vaccine passports and hence total control.

        • Self Exiled

          The template is so anti freedom/anti God that it follows the total antitheses of the biblical narrative that one has to be spiritually blind: as Christ showed us in His discourse to his people at the time of His Life. The concept of fee will to Love is absolutely still a revolutionary concept that we/I as human still fail to completely grasp mentality, emotionally and spiritually. My hope is that part of our redemption and translation to His kingdom will be the complete transformation of this knowledge into our being. No wonder God is a light of immense intensity. Thank You Lord Jesus for being the translator of Divinity into human kind.

  88. Paul Harvey

    Greg, this is perhaps one of your most impactful interviews ever! One thing we need to keep in mind is that China is hosting 2022 Winter Olympics in February. The world will be watching. Even though it is over four months away, if what Clif is saying comes true , we might NOT even get there!!! Or will China do everything in there power ie revalue Gold to try and smooth things over? May God bless you and your family. Keep up the great work. We need people like you to keep us informed with great open and honest guests. Of course above all else turn to the Lord Jesus Christ and trust in him!

  89. Robert Coleman

    FYI Greg – As a US Born Citizen – I have lived in Guangzhou China for 18+ years – over 400 Real Estate Developers have gone out of business this year already.

  90. susan russo

    This is extremely high emotional exposure. There is only one person in my life I can discuss this with. The others will break down in a psychosis with no means of equilibrium. I want to reveal this and have tried but now press my lips together in silence.

    • Self Exiled

      I know, for years I have faced this same facet of ignorance. Raised by a grandfather born in 1900 who remembered how upset his father got when they passed the Federal Reserve Act. Who also told me 2 months after Kennedy was killed that the Dulles brothers probably had something to do with it. Couple that with a degree in political science and another in history and your set up to question the narrative. So I self exiled at retirement.

  91. John

    Wake up Greg, you are trying to change their system. We are rebuilding our unincorporated state Assemblies now. Go to and apply your drive, intellect and platform to the only answer that is legitimate. Go and read! Read! Read. Most people cannot grasp the enormity of the fraud and criminality latched on to us like the parasite they are.

  92. Michael B Anenberg

    Judge Kavanah has Covid. But he is NOT symptomatic at all. And probably will never be? Anyway, will he still get treated? Are all other people with Covid molecules flowing in their blood get treated with Ivermectin?

  93. Elinor Saunders

    I have watched news channels over the years. Your site and information is always important, honest, and reliable. You are the very Best Greg, The very Best. Not just in your reporting but in your integrity, your spirituality, and your intentionality.
    Always grateful for you, Greg. Thank you.

  94. Steve

    This is Not a desperation psyop. The elite are not bumbling around like idiots panicking. Donald Trump did not delay anything. He is the deception in this mess. The elite are in complete control here. We are being deceived, globally, by the elite. Evil is overplaying his hand on the left, intentionally. He is showing Himself to the world through the left, intentionally. It’s a trick. Evil is intentionally exposing his own 6,000 year old old playbook to create global chaos. He is next going to deceive the right and come onto the global scene as a solution, offering Himself as global Order.

    We are being tricked currently.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree.

      • Steve

        Satan comes as an Angel of light Mr. Hunter. As a savior, not a destroyer. The planet is going to think he is a messiah, not a devil. The elite have been weaponizing freedom, truth, knowledge, and unity in all of us. To bring Order, he is going to deceive us all with freedom, truth, knowledge, and unity.

        I have really enjoyed your shows over the years. You are an excellent host. It’s ok that you disagree right now. Hopefully it will help you in the future. Keep up the good work brother!

    • Laura McDonough

      Most people and some not well informed on the right who “think Trump is perfect” even tho’ he pushes Covid jabs, never draining the swamp during his term, will be deceived by any charismatic type TV personality that the liberal news media promotes incl the antichrist, and follow him blindly to even take the mark of the beast. I have dropped friends in recent yrs, incl siblings, cousins (I’m a retiree) blocking calls and putting emails in spam folders, as I have zero time for these losers who lack left brain function or critical thinking skills, also lacking Biblical truth.

  95. Joe Boudreau

    I’ve kind of always sensed something was coming that would be transforming.
    Great interview. I’m ready for what comes next. And for God’s sake, get your silver, folks!

    • JC

      G.A. STEWART: I suspect that the reason no answers have appeared to any Globalist Elite funded think tank or research laboratory is because The Globalist Elite are morally bankrupt. The universe will ignore and reject them, because the universe only acknowledges growth and creativity. You cannot stifle and repress the growth of any part of civilization. Like a tire on a car, everything must be balanced to move smoothly forward, especially at high-speed.

      The COVID-19 Vaccine Mandate convinces me that The Globalist Elite are going to drive the car with that out of balance tire until a wheel-bearing seizes, or something worse, and the whole machine comes to a grinding halt.

  96. MJ

    Phenomenal Interview! God bless you Greg and Clif High for this interview! You are both a true blessing to us all!

  97. Ben Franklin

    Fall of the Empire, Rise of the Republic!

  98. Fred Daale

    Bo Polny’s interview last night with Noah would be a perfect complement to this Cliff High interview. Bo mentions that Cliff High’s data analysis parallels his Bible Cycles.

  99. John

    Why are members of congress exempt from the vax ? Why are employees of Vax makers exempt ?


    • Paul ...

      John … Someone has to survive to enjoy planet Earth … after all the useless eaters are killed off!!

    • AndrewB

      Hi John,
      IMO; because they are the enablers. Metaphorically, ‘Egor to Count Dracula’ – moving the coffins and shielding their masters from the cleansing light of day. They will be spared until their usefulness to TPTB expires – OR until ‘we the people’ take up our ‘firebrands and pitchforks’ and route them out. Either way, they’re toast!

  100. Cheryl

    Could the massacre language in Australia be triggered by realization of population level injection mortality/damage — imposed by corrupt corporations and governance? About using war drum language to deliver propaganda and incite emotion… we often view MSM and government as the sole perpetrator’s of this strategy. I would love to hear a message about how to recognize and discern when independent media outlets / talking heads are using this strategy — whether intentionally or by “useful idiotness” — doing so in normie ignorance, they don’t know how to behave any differently. I had an uncle named Uncle Normie. I never saw it spelled out but if he were still here on Earth, I imagine the name would be decidedly descriptive.

  101. Johan

    can see cliff is becoming overwhelmed. hope he is able to take a mini vacation. spend a few days in nature, away from the rest of the world. at near 70 year, is extra important to do so.

  102. matt

    Many of us in the know understand this is a Great Movie! We have won the War, we are just waking up the masses of dumbed down, indoctrinated meat eaters. We know Trump is the Commander and Chief, we know the Federal reserve is in control by Trump and the White Hats, we know the 13 Cabal families have been taken down by Trump and the Military. I hear many things in this interview that don’t add up with what we know. Therefore Cliff is participating in some way. Is he helping to promote fear porn for the sheep to awaken? Is he speaking so most will understand that are not awaken. Whatever it may be you have to use your discernment and know he doesn’t know it all or is part of one or more parts running this show. There are just too many things he says that locks up the known truth out there!

    • Paul ...

      Matt … God the Father is our leader … and he explicitly told us in Exodus 20:3 :
      “You Shall Have No Other Gods Before Me” … and in Deuteronomy 6:14 :
      “Do not follow other gods (especially) the gods of the (Satanic) peoples around you” … when God the Father created us (he gave us a very powerful immune system) … now the Big Pharma (false gods) … have many many Demons worshiping them (and taking credit for doing it at “Warp Speed”) … just look at Israel ( 90% of them have been “jabbed” and they are now taking their third booster clot shots) … have they gone astray … they are again idiotically worshiping a “Golden Calf” (Big Pharma) … in 2 Kings 17:35 the LORD made a Covenant with the Israelite’s … and forcefully “Commanded Them”: “Do Not Worship Other Gods or Bow Down To Them” … “Do Not Serve Them” … nor “Sacrifice (your women and children) To Them”!!

      • Paul ...

        Now that the Israelies have broken their sacred Covenant with God the Father … and are worshiping at the alter of “a false god” (Big Pharma) … all types of plagues will now befall them … compliments of Satan’s new Mengele (Anthony Fauci) … the Jews in the United States don’t have to worship Big Pharma … they can show God the Father their loyalty is to him … by selling all their Big Pharma stocks and boycotting all their products … everyone else in America and overseas should do the same!!

        • Marie+Joy

          IF they are 80% vaxxed, they have their plagues.

          • Paul ...

            M+J … The plague is being given to them by the “God-Father” (of a Satanic Big Pharma Mafia Cabal) … not to say God-the-Father did not bring a plague upon evil ones also (but at least he told the common people to eat bitter herbs to flush the poisonous toxins out of their liver) … while the Mafia Big Pharma “God-Father” is instead taking products (like Ivermectin, etc.) off the market … so “No One Will Survive the Plague” (they have brought upon the world)!!

  103. Cheryl

    No one is relating all of this to Bible prophecy. This is it people. No restructuring. No turning around. Read your scriptures. Revelation, Daniel, Isaiah, read them all. The tribulation is about to begin.

  104. Dan

    I very much enjoyed hearing the latest from Clif High, even though he says we are at the brink of though times. Like Clif, I also have a copy of the Declaration of Independence sitting on my desk in front of me, where I have underlined
    “–That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles an organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.”
    Indeed, it took some great minds to construct a Government that would serve a Union of Free and Independent States and yet wheeled enough power to protect any of the Union member States from invasion from European Powers. The creation of an honest Monetary system with the 1792 Coinage Act was key to Freeing the People from the British Bankers, and the War of 1812 proved that the British Empire was not going to take over militarily, however as a result of the Treaty signed in 1815 to end the War of 1812, the Original 13th Amendment (I believe Clif was referring to) effectively got nullified and later papered over with another 13th Amendment. The Treaty effectively allowed Corporate Courts (Law of the Sea) to exist on our Land along side our Common Law Courts (Law of the Land). Indeed, we see that the THE CONSTITUTION OF THE UNITED STATES, is the “Supreme Law of the Land” (not the Sea), and yet the Law of the Sea (Corporate Law) has taken over every aspect of our society.
    The Union Government created by the Constitution was a “Republic” whereby the Citizens of the Free and Independent States sent their Representatives. (Representatives that each State decided in their own way how to chose). In 1913 this all changed with the 17th Amendment which allowed for National Elections. The idea of a “Democracy” was taking root where the People were lead to believe that they would have some say in who would lead the Union. This is where the International Bankers who took control of the Money Supply with the 1913 Federal Reserve Act also took control of National Elections. J.P. Morgan was well aware by then that he only had to control 25 Major News papers in order to sway popular opinion, thus this new “Democracy” meant that the International Bankers could deceive the masses into their own demise.

  105. Steve

    It’s important to consider all sides. Evil (the god of the elite that Clif calls the “bug”) is deceiving us. It’s intentional. Evil cannot bring in a single global system of government and finance that has complete control over the population with 2 parties. He is destroying the 2 party system. Most of the left is going to perish from that vaccine. At the same time, the elite are overplaying their hand on the left, intentionally. They are putting all their crimes, evils, and showing themselves for the psychos they are on the left. Meaning, everyone on the planet that didn’t take that vaccine are intentionally being pushed to the right currently by the elite, into a single global party. In the near future, the same Evil that is creating global chaos using the left, is going to flank the right and offer up himself as a solution for the chaos and bring in Global Order. I’m right on this Mr. Hunter.

    • JuicyMoosey

      What if what you’re saying is “almost” what they want?

      There was a leak (That may or may not be true) out of the Bilderberg Group that stated their intention to create a form of National Socialism. What’s happening in the world right now may well create such a sociopolitical movement.

      We’ll all come together against THEM. Meanwhile they’ll go hide in their bunkers (Paid for by us) while we’re forced to work fixing this planet up from the damage their satanic policies have caused it; And we’ll love it.

      When we’ve innovated a load of new technology, become much more self-sufficient as a people and we’ve fixed all the world’s problems then THEY will come back and start all their subversive BS all over again. It’s like we’re only ever just working for them even when we think we’re free.

      Fable of the Ducks & Hens :

      • Warren B.

        National Socialism is as the name implies – operates within a Nation.
        Communism on the other hand, crosses all borders and becomes Global.

      • c

        Bravo. Right on the dot.

  106. Paola

    every time greg says “Gottlieb” Head of Pfizer – It reminds me of the opening ceremony of The Gottlieb Tunnel – openly satanic —- Im shuddering at the thought

    • AndrewB

      Hi Paola,
      I watched the opening ‘ceremony’ you refer to. It was grotesque!!! Like something in a badly choreographed satanic movie. What’s more, world leaders were in the invited audience and none, as far as I could see, left in disgust – they all sat and watched the sh**show like obedient children. I have tried to find a link to the original full-length recording but it appears to have been taken down. No doubt TPTB underestimated its effect on normal people – revulsion! If you have a link, please post it here. It shows them up for who they really are.

      • AndrewB

        I found the video – thanks to RT for keeping it posted. The opening ‘ceremony’ is in two parts, one in a tunnel, the other outdoors. It’s grotesque, but IMHO worth watching in full because it demonstrates the depravities the ‘elite’ rejoice in, and points to the ultra dystopian world they wish to create for all of us. That is to say, all who manage to survive the genocide.

        Starts off weird and gets much weirder after the four minute mark.
        Watch to the end (have a sick bucket handy) and then consider: the ‘elites’ who put on this ‘show’ are the very same people who are behind the C19 debacle. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot???!!!

        • Paul ...

          It’s a circus for a bunch of psychopaths who have lost their senses!!

  107. Galaxy 500

    Great Interview. I couldn’t stop until it was over. Just shows that God uses everyone, even Cliff, who appears to refuse God even though he see’s the Hand of God everywhere.
    Thanks Greg

  108. Phyllis Kessler

    Thank for the interview with Clif High. I was wondering going thru October on to December nothing has been said about the illegals that are invading our country. With Clif’s data, what happens when the U.S. no longer have the dollar and is bankrupt? Biden is giving these illegal people tax payer money to live on. As we go thru the Dark Winter and out the other side to January 2022 what is going on with this band of illegals still in our country? Are they here to stay? Are we going to welcome these people to stay to help rebuild our country seeing how the American citizens are being killed off with the jab and these illegals are not required to take the jab. Surely he must have some kind of data. I am sure you will have him on again and maybe you could address this problem.

    • Simple girl

      Phyllis, that is an excellent question. I too would like to have that question asked of Clif

  109. Cliff

    Greg, the people in the Biden Cabal…what ethnicity dominates it…?

    • Paul ...

      Cliff … The Fauci bio-weapon targets American Indians first, then Blacks and Hispanics … hard to understand why these people are purposely being killed off in higher proportions then Whites? … one would think with all the Government sponsored racial hatred toward Whites … wouldn’t they have designed their bio-weapon to kill Whites the most?? … but maybe it is simply a vitamin D absorption problem of darker skinned people and the clot shot was really designed to kill everyone equally!!


    THANKS- CLIF HIGH warns us to be aware of what we warn of as the old paradigm. BLM are useful allies to a fault because white folks do not burn down cities are suffering normalcy bias, when BLM knows historically that HUD spends rebuild money of whatever currency survives according the Catherine Austin Fitts.

    The 2005 PREP ACT aided by the 2016 CURES ACT took a long time in the making by the UNIPARTY and must be fought on the local level since the CCP owns the CONGRESS, EXECUTIVE and JUDICARY especially the Supremes who accept emouluents annually for running their mouths in China for the CCP and according to Pompeo MOST Governors!! MUST ALL BE tried for treason.

    Each local community must declare independence from the CCP / DC Crowd especially since we do not have any FED law enforcement for years.

    Fitts suggested every community have its own local currency even. I agree.

    • Paul ...

      CES … What the Satanic “commies” destroy by fire … only Holy Water can put out … lucky for us they have already put “lead” in our water!!

      • JC



        Joe Biden says he’s going to get it done, doesn’t matter if it’s in six minutes, six days, or six weeks. At the 11:00 mark.

        • Paul ...

          JC … If we overturn the Satanists tables as Jesus did … we get 999 … the meaning of the number 999 centers around God’s Holy Spirit (through which he accomplishes his will) 999 is the manifestation of God’s spiritual power “within us” … delineated by the Apostle Paul in the book of Galatians … Galatians 5:22-23 states: The fruit of the Holy Spirit is love, joy, peace, forbearance, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control … against these 9 things “there is no law made by man or a false god” that can override it … and these 9 fruit of the spirit … exists in all three dimensions of our physical universe 999 … which is the total volume of the different facets of what we as humans perceive to be reality … and this 999 dimensional space of the Holy Spirit within us … will hold in all the other possible universes (even with different laws of physics) as “these fruits” are immutable qualities and encompasses everything that is deemed good and possible in a universe created by God the Father and by which our Holy Spirit guides us to live our lives!!

          • Paul ...

            JC … As for ass-backward upside down brain defected Bribe’n … he thinks we live on planet 666 (in the Star System of Satania) … we need to grab him and turn him upside-down (when he bends down to touch the next little girl) … and hang him upside down from the nearest street lamp … then perhaps … his brain will see we are in really living on plant 999 (in the Star System of the Son of God the Father)!!

  111. eddiemd

    Message for today.

    • Rachel.M.

      The most worthwhile post on this site today!

  112. Russ 2

    Thanks you Greg for bringing Clif High back so soon and you and him taking the time to deep dive the various discussion topics.

    It has seemed to me that the vaccine narrative has started breaking down and that too many “breakthrough” cases were being reported — probably a fraction of the real number. After enough breakthrough cases are reported even people who were all-in on Covid vaccines will start to rethink — maybe, just maybe these breakthrough cases are what was intended all along although with a larger percentage of the population. The revolt against vaccines will accelerate.

    At some point soon the Covid vaccine program will come to a screeching halt and vast quantities of real treatments (Ivermectin, HCQ, et al) will be imported from the Third-world in an attempt to ameliorate the damage to those who have been vaxx’d. No one will go with PhizerMectin because the name Phizer will be a huge negative going forward. But people will still be dying from the damage of previous vaccinations — clots, ED, organ failure… Then will come a Mussolini moment and people involved with the vaccine program will be found hanging from lamp-posts — metaphorically speaking of course.

    Another case of slowly at first and then all at once.

    • Mike R

      Russ, basically that’s already happening.

      This Merck Announcement just reeks of being Ivermectin ‘re-incarnated’ from very cheap, very safe medication that treats all sorts of things, to now being a must have ‘miracle’ cure by a Big Pharma corruption factory. Called the “Covid pill.” You know after the establishment has basically banned, and put the lid on the effectiveness of Ivermectin. So Merck is just calling it something else, acting like no one will ever figure them out. So they can charge $100 per pill, instead of $2 per pill.

      Merck has the original patent by the way on Ivermectin. Long ago expired. So toss in a couple new ‘ingredients’ and wala, now these retards in congress can claim a ‘cure’, and back their way out of guilt and crimes for killing the masses with the Covid Fauci started, and the killer jabs that came out.

      For now they are labeling it ‘experimental’ so the corrupt cabal can retain the FDA EUA’s in place, so big pharma can keep reaping billions, while lining all the pockets of the dems, and other colluders in this massive crime against humanity.

  113. Joanne Hofmann

    Thank you Greg for another wonderful interview with Clif High. I find I must listen to these interviews 2 or 3 times because he shares so much information with us. Clif said that you will not get Covid if you take 50 nanogram per millilitre of Vitamin D daily. I wish you would have asked him how many tablets that works out to!!

    • Donna Wilson

      Joanne, like I replied to Jeff, above, the 50 whatever units Clif referred to is the vitamin D level in your blood that you want to reach. It isn’t a dosage that you take. You have to get a blood test to find out your level. Ask your doctor for the test.

    • Nadja

      Joanne, you’ll need a 25-hydroxyvitamin D blood test to determine your current Vit D levels. Then you would supplement until your blood levels reach the desired amount. You can do this with 1000IU- 5000IU daily. Don’t use liquid drops. They break down too quickly in the bottle. Use a tablet or gelcap. Go to and check rankings on the vitamins available in your area to get the best quality one you can. Stay well!

    • Bible Reader

      At the end of the video, Prof. Seheult says he’s taking 5000IU daily. If I remember correctly he also mentions the 50 nanograms in his review of the studies.

      Vitamin D and COVID 19: The Evidence for Prevention and Treatment of Coronavirus (SARS CoV 2)
      Premiered Dec 10, 2020

      MedCram – Medical Lectures Explained CLEARLY

      Professor Roger Seheult, MD explains the important role Vitamin D may have in the prevention and treatment of COVID-19. Dr. Seheult is the lead professor at

      Dr. Seheult illustrates how Vitamin D works, summarizes the best available data and clinical trials on vitamin D, and discusses vitamin D dosage recommendations.

    • Bible Reader

      COVID-19 mortality risk correlates inversely with vitamin D3 status, and a mortality rate close to zero could theoretically be achieved at 50 ng/ml 25(OH)D3: Results of a systematic review and meta-analysis

    • Paul ...

      Joanne … As I told Southern Girl … let the Sun produce Vitamin D in the mushrooms you place into direct sunlight … simply put fresh organic shiitake, maitake, button, oyster, shimeji or any other mushroom into direct sunlight from 10 am to 4 pm (for two consecutive days) … shiitake mushrooms (dried with gills up) and exposed to sunlight for two days (about six hours per day) produces the most vitamin D … sunlight will make the vitamin D levels in these mushrooms soar from 100 IU/100 grams … to nearly 46,000 IU/100 grams … very powerful natural medicine indeed (against Fauci’s and Big Pharma’s bio-weapon)!! …

      • Paul ...

        Has anyone taken notice? … that I have been recommending getting your vitamins “naturally” from food (rather then buying synthetic vitamin pills usually derived from petroleum products)??
        Here is the reason: The vitamins that are found naturally in whole foods come with additional biological and mineral components. … whereas the majority of vitamins that are sold in pharmacies, grocery stores, and vitamin shops “are synthetic vitamins” which are isolated from the additional biological and mineral components that occur naturally in food … for example take vitamin C … most vitamin C supplements only contain ascorbic acid (or the less acidic compound called ascorbate) … ascorbic acid “is NOT vitamin C” … it is a small part of the entire vitamin C complex … real vitamin C found in whole foods like fruits and vegetables contain the following additional components: Rutin, Bioflavonoids (vitamin P), Factor K, Factor J, Factor P, Tyrosinase and Ascorbinogen … so when you give your body “only ascorbic acid” (as found in your synthetic vitamin C tablet or powder) … your body must scrounge all of the other components of the full vitamin C complex from other areas of your your body … in order to make use of it … and if your body does not have adequate reserves of the other components … the ascorbic acid you are taking alone … will not provide the full spectrum health benefits that the full vitamin C complex does … and just like vitamin C … almost all other vitamins also only offer their full health benefits … when they are in the presence of other enzymes, co-enzymes, co-factors, and minerals …Vitamin D for example has twelve different active components it needs to be effective … this is the reason I have been suggesting you get your vitamins from whole foods … because whole foods “provide complete vitamins” (rather than fractions of them in pill form) which provides you their full health benefits!!

      • Paul ...

        Note: There are two kinds of vitamin D (vitamin D2 and vitamin D3) … the D2 is derived from vegetable sources (like mushrooms) … and the D3 from animal sources (like salmon, tuna, mackerel, beef liver and egg yolks) “both are just as healthy” (the D3 simply lasts longer in the body) … but animal sources can’t be our sole source of vitamin D (because they contain low D3 levels and we don’t consume large enough quantities of these foods) … while with mushrooms a small handful will provide all the D you need!!

      • Paul ...

        Warning: People taking Steroid or Corticosteroid medications (used to alleviate inflammation) can impair their vitamin D metabolism necessary to fight viruses … same with Weight-loss drugs or Cholesterol-lowering drugs … they too can reduce the absorption of vitamin D … and reducing vitamin D absorption … will cause cancer!!

        • AndrewB

          Paul …
          To that, I would add some observations by Doctor Jennifer Daniels. She claims that cholesterol levels have been deliberately reduced – by wide use of statins – because the uptake of lipid nano particles is very high in those with low cholesterol. She sees patients who are proud and loud when they have achieved a cholesterol level of 180 against their target of 200. She believes a healthy level is 300 – 320 and recommends eating animal fats. She says that avocado and even eggs are a poor substitute for animal fats.

          In summary, if I understand her correctly, the human body is ‘starved’ of cholesterol if you take cholesterol lowering drugs (big Pharma profit generation) and ‘hungrily’ absorbs the lipid nano particles in the ‘vaccines’ as a cholesterol substitute. A high cholesterol level therefore offers protection.

          Interesting that the recommended cholesterol level, in order for doctors to prescribe statins, was significantly lowered as recently as 2018. Looks like TPTB were setting us up (especially the elderly, the majority of whom have been prescribed long-term statins) for their nano lipid kill shots.

          Who would have thunk it?!

          P.S. I stopped taking statins two years ago on the advice of my naturopathic daughters.

          • Paul ...

            You have smart daughters Andrew … yes … Big Pharma would tell people not to eat eggs “to reduce their cholesterol” … when the body needs cholesterol to make vitamin D … the lack of vitamin D can cause cancer (a big money maker for them) … eggs are also rich in sulfur … our body needs sulfur to build and fix our DNA … and protect our cells from “jab” damage that can lead to cancer … there is method to their madness (to make money)!
            Note: [Other Sulfur Rich Foods are Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Cauliflower, Broccoli, Asparagus, Meat and Fish]

  114. eddiemd

    In addition to the .gov and especially California forcing injections on your children, this is their agenda.

    They are coming for the young people to brainwash them and harm them. The people in charge are sociopaths and worse.

    • JC


      What a disgusting freak she is, talking to innocent children that way, trying to corrupt them.

      • eddiemd

        It is wickedness. The new world order comes in all shapes and sizes.

      • W H

        The bottom line is it is the parents fault for sending the kids to places like that .
        And even more sickening is they are still sending them . even with all the info coming out .
        Poor kids .

        • Warren B.

          The Parents are liable for the injury or death of their children….especially if they allow them to be “Vaccinated” with a toxic substance that will ruin their life….in the least.

    • Self Exiled

      When an adult is focusing on a child I try to observe the nature/personified projection that is projected on that child by that adult. After being a counselor to/for emotional disturbed children I always watch the focus, observe and identify the character of focus of that adult on that child. The assessment concerning this projection is to me is a barometer of ones relationship with God. When I see a child/baby I can feel reverence/wonderment knowing they are a fresh from God. Jesus constant reference to them as a spiritual barometer should warn us that The Holy Father’s focus on them is a warning to all humanity that they are in the closest proximity 0f His Heart.

      Thank You Heavenly Father for Your ability to absolutely heal/restore the broken soul of a child.

  115. Paul McCarty

    We as members of nations need to correct the massively unrealistic views of life which has allowed this Covid crisis to occur. A healthy society does allow this mass hypnosis to occur. Over many decades the Deep State, through social programming, has created a society which is so disconnected to reality that a majority of citizens believe just about anything.

    • Paul ...

      Paul … Playing with Bio-weapon “gain-of-function” viruses that can more easily infect human beings is psychotic (even to the psychopaths at the DOD who produced nuclear weapons and used depleted uranium to kill people) as they rejected Fauci’s requests in 2017 to release an aerosol version of his Corona virus … so he went to China … but this psychopath (Fauci) “still has it in his mind” to release his deadly virus as an aerosol spray (likely including them in the chem-trails now being sprayed on the human race) in order to “exterminate humans” the way farmers exterminate pesky insects …

      • Paul ...

        It is Time … It is Time … To Swarm … and Sting … the unbelievably Hellish Evil Beings … “Who Think They Rule The World”!!!

  116. Chris

    It would have been nice to hear what Cliff and his bots had to say about vaccine passports

    • Greg Hunter

      The tone of the overall interview is the narrative is falling apart and country is breaking down in every sector.

  117. Paul Merkel

    Hi Greg,
    Don’t know whether you have had a chance to see this infuriating Alex Newman interview.

  118. Diana Brown

    Thank you both for another excellent Saturday night broadcast. Both perspectives you offer are helpful.

    Question: Clif mentions Reggie Middletons technology. I am not familiar with this decentralized finance but have read it is a hot topic in crypto world. Is it possible to get some instruction which includes how this logically fits into the reset?

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

  119. william moulyn

    I do not have access to videos?
    Thank you

    • Greg Hunter

      Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 20 sec. Thi\s will reset it and take out censoring codes for USAW material put in by your ISP. Also try a different browser. experiment. More big tech censoring.

  120. Julia

    I started listening to the Woo Reports as they are very interesting. Thanks for a informative interview!

  121. You know

    Fun fact is that NAC fights the Rona too and they can’t call it horse medicine

  122. David

    The leaders of the Revelation chapter 13 era will do four things:
    • declare war against the saints and conquer them;
    • They will test the endurance and faithfulness of the saints;
    • mandate that all humans must carry a mark on their right hands or foreheads;
    • Those who do not carry this mark, … , are not allowed to sell their wares or buy in the market.

    When you see leaders doing things that are insane by the standards of liberty that our English-speaking nations, for starters, were based on, you can be sure of where their motivation comes from. Even as Nero covered Christians with pitch and burned them in his garden, so leaders demanding the unvaccinated be isolated from society or demanding to fire 70,000 plus health care workers in New York for not taking the “vaccine” are clearly going down that path. Can anyone deny this path is right in front of us?
    Regarding the religious sounding propaganda from the New York Governor consider this: “Then I saw three impure spirits that looked like frogs; they came out of the mouth of the dragon, out of the mouth of the beast and out of the mouth of the false prophet.”
    —- Revelation 16:13

  123. Dave

    When the norms come after the elites after they realize the the nature of the vaccine, wall they come after Trump and his family? Especially so, if it comes out that Trump did not really take the vaccine and neither did his family – as many suspect.

    At the very least Trump’s vaccines were failures give the breakthroughs, at the worst they were part of a Deep State plan akin to what Mr. High mentions.

    In any event Trump was either part of the plan or a complete dupe of the Deep State. Trump is still hawking the vaccine as “perfect”. In either case he does not deserve to be President again after the fiasco of the vaccine.

  124. davo22

    The numbers of recorded cases in Australia have increased 1000% since the introduction of the injection “vaccine”.
    Join the dots.

  125. W H

    So most everybody is running around trying to figure out who or what is to blame for the things going on when the Bible plainly tells who is responsible Satan .
    The what would be us not doing what God said .
    All the questions about over population if people would do as God said and keep their pants on unless married there would be no over population .
    If only people would follow the bible it would be heaven on earth .

    Let the wicked forsake his way, and the unrighteous man his thoughts: and let him return unto the LORD, and he will have mercy upon him; and to our God, for he will abundantly pardon.

    For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.

    For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

    It is time ///// Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ;

    How about the Golden Rule .
    Therefore all things whatsoever ye would that men should do to you, do ye even so to them: for this is the law and the prophets.

    The point being God has all the answers to every question so why keep looking every where else only he can give us peace in every situation .

  126. Merry Piper

    Greg: Good God Almighty! Thank you and Cliff for this interview. Yes it is intense. Back in the day, I bought his reports. I am into details and bring them on!!


    Greg! I suspect Chinese speaking fees for U.S. Supreme Court justices are NOT paid directly by the Chinese Communist Party or the Chinese government. But Congress has ample power to regulate the foreign speaking fees of U.S. Government officials via the “Necessary and Proper Clause” and by defining “Emoluments” to include such speaking fees. [Art. I, Sec. 9, Cl. 8].

  128. rwmctrofholz

    Someone get Greg Hunter a White House press pass, NOW!! This guy deserves a seat at the table!! Been with Greg for a long time, not as long as others; not sure where I’d go if he wasn’t around.

  129. Lynn Scott

    Hi Greg, I’ve been listening this a second time. I get what Cliff is saying except Biblically we will never stand again. At the end of the breakdown the antichrist will arrive to save the world and EVERYONE will follow him. There will be horrors beyond belief.

    • Charles H.


      You and Cheryl (above) see it – as well as through a glass darkly can be.

  130. Barb

    The Missing Original 13th Amendment, the real evidence part 1
    On YouTube channel, GLOOG
    Love your interviews of Cliff High, Gregg

  131. Ed

    The people will lose because they won’t fight.

    • Greg Hunter

      Speak for yourself.

    • Laura McDonough

      Husband and I will fight from our residence, most likely be killed, because being killed resisting is way better than being hauled into detention centers and separated from friends and family members. These centers are extermination centers and some will end up slaves on the corp. plantations owned by the elite. Communities may or may not have their resistance movement. I know of none in my community, but police and sheriffs and x military would be best ones to org. one.

  132. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    You are a beacon of light in an increasingly dark world. I’ve also worked in Texas, as an MD. One night, we tried CPR on a very young boy with huge burns. We tried for hours to save his life. Repeated calls to my boss, chest compressions for 2-3 hours, multiple infusions. We were all exhausted but kept going.
    From the corner of the room, an old Mexican man in a sombrero approached the table and he pushed my hands away as I was doing CPR. I hadn’t noticed him. He sat in the shadows, eyes fixed on me.
    He spread his arms wide over the young boy and looked to the ceiling. He started praying in Spanish.
    I asked the nurses what was going on. I’m not American but was fully trained in the UK and was highly qualified at the time. I was leading the team that night.
    They told me to stay back. It was over. This was the child’s grandfather and he was giving his grandson’s soul back to God. I slouched back against the walk and I watched him give his grandson back to the Almighty.
    Nothing prepares you for this.
    That simple man taught me that life is for living but the Almighty rules over everything. Follow him no matter what happens and you will reach salvation. Do not be distracted by gold, silver, money, goods, success but free yourselves from materialism and greed. That will set you free. This simple man had more faith than anyone I ever met (and I met one of your former US presidents) .
    He was truly free.
    This day was made by the Lord. Enjoy it like no other!
    J in Europe

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank “J” for sharing your story here on USAW!!

    • Catherine

      Jay. Wow. A very powerful story indeed.
      I was a teacher (special education) for many years and I was once teaching twin boys age 7-8 for a few years. They were an American Indian family. One summer afternoon I encountered them (after tutoring someone in their neighborhood) playing with their bikes in the street. I told both boys to get on the sidewalk and stay out of the street. They listened and I left.
      While sleeping that night I woke up by a dream that I saw the boys father in the emergency room hospital in a panic and he looked at me knowing that I was there.
      Next morning my school district called me to tell me one of the twins died that night after having his bike get stuck in the third rail of the nearby commuter railroad tracks. He wasn’t killed outright but the ER was working feverishly trying to save him. He was transported by helicopter to another hospital and died there. I believe that my dream occurred as the boy and his father was saying goodbye to each other.
      The twin brother later that year in my classroom told me how his brother was burned etc. it was so very sad.
      you are right in your understanding of your events
      The God sees all, knows all, and will judge all. Through our connections to life and death we are sometimes graced with the ability to see through the veil of a concealed God. Who purposely choses to conceal Himself so we must LOOK for him.
      And then when we encounter a situation that allows us to pierce that thin veil we can know He is there, everywhere and is with us at all times.
      Do good ,be kind, help your fellow man, and know all is for the good because God is a God of kindness and only Good surrounds Him.

      • Gunny HiWay

        Gardasil Killed my daughter in less than 3 years with cervical cancer.
        Her mother got her the shot just after her 17th birthday.
        Jessica died on Christmas Eve of 2013, just 8 days after her 20th birthday.
        I will never comply with any medical mandate. Period.

        RIP Jessica ~ 12/16/1993-12/24/2013

        • Greg Hunter

          I am so sad. I remember talking about this in a news meeting at CNN. I said it was a reckless push to vax these girls. I was talking about doing a story about how many unknown consequences there were and nobody wanted anything to do with this kind of talk. I called it an “experiment” back ion 2007. Bosses shot me down. I am praying Jesus blesses you and Jessica and her mother.

  133. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    The Country is on the Edge without a doubt – prepare best you can with water, food, gas, Silver and Gold – along with weapons and plenty of ammunition – be able to protect what is yours – because the criminals will want what you have. This is when family and friends are important – safety is in numbers.
    Mr. Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks brother Rod!!
      Brother Greg!!

  134. Gunny HiWay

    Great work Greg!
    Be safe,

  135. Emily Yorke

    Greg, I watch most-all your videos and most-all Clif’s videos. This one was so awesome, I watched it twice! Please don’t stop. Keep up the good work. Feel proud. And may God bless you both, keep you safe, and protect you from evil. Love to you both from super-vaccinated NJ.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Emily!!

  136. Harold Crapper

    Great interview, thank you, I feel the need to buy a lot more silver, food and self protection supplies after listening. its going to be an expensive night.

  137. Elias Andrinopoulos

    Another powerhouse interview!

    Greg, I can’t thank you enough for having on guests who offer solutions and actionable steps which are doable and practical.

    I met a woman this week who was “red pulled” during Covid. Very nice girl, well spoken, intelligent, and I have to say, very pretty. She works in a hospital. Short story long, she sees the corruption, she sees the evil, she sees the immorality of the masks and mandatory vaccine. She sees it all. But, her faith is not there yet, her belief in Jesus is not strong, and she’s freaking out, “should I go back to Greece? Should I learn how to shoot guns and move to the Rocky Mountains??” 🏔 I’m like, “Just have some food, water, gld silver and cash and low to no debt, for starters.” And I keep telling her your words (repeated from The Bible): “Fear Not.”

    • Elias Andrinopoulos

      I wanted to add that, that’s the difference between you and alex Jones (I like Alex, but I don’t hear a lot of practical solutions on there).

  138. Bible Reader

    Ironically, Alex Jones reporting on Jonestown 2021

    New York Governor Declares State Is God, Asks For Apostles To Force Vaccines
    Sep 28, 2021

    Counter Globalist News

    4 days ago
    This lady is out of her damn mind. When is she passing out the Koolaide

    • Mike R

      Thats the CULT OF COVID ! These people are drunk on their own Kool-aid, and pretending they now have ‘super powers’, to coerce people into doing whatever it is the diabolical dems want them to do.

  139. John

    Regarding silver to $600, I’ll believe it when I see it. I don’t think the deep state is losing. In fact, they are still winning on every topic.

    • Warren B.

      The price of Silver @ $600/oz – indicates something is dreadfully wrong with the currency of denomination …aka the USD. Whilst that level might seem far fetched – its not impossible given a Hyper-Inflation of the currency du jour. Its all relative – meaning the PPP will be indicative of its true value.

  140. Wanda Grubbs

    ok so I am late to the video here, been so busy, crazy busy. I listened to a recent video on YT from Dana Ashlie Now I lived with an ex for ten years who was a horrible abusive, controlling man. Her recent video, I watched, titled if at first you can’t coerce and I was amazed at how she compares the agenda against all of us, to an abuser. IF you know some one who has or is living with an abusive controlling partner, (or even if you dont) but then you can see, realize, how what is being done to us, to all of us, is like a mirror image of that very thing. Please, listen to her video, and do share it. Possibly many out there who thing today is normal? Listen to what Ashlie says? They may get a glimmer, of knowledge, a red pill so to speak!

  141. Pamela Hankins

    While what Cliff says is fascinating, and partially true, we need to be careful to discern by the Word of God. He talks about the Universe personified, that is not the same as God. God does not call Himself the ‘Universe’, and He has given us His Word to inform us about what we can expect to see in the last days just before the Rapture, and after the Rapture, in the Tribulation period. Revelation tells us what the seals contain and that’s what’s going to happen regardless of the ‘data’. In fact the rider of the white horse has a bow, (Greek: ‘toxon’), and a crown (Greek: ‘corona’). He’s on a white horse that symbolizes ‘peace’, but goes forth rather to conquer taking peace from the earth. The Scripture tells us that the world will be deceived by sorceries, (Greek: ‘pharmakeia’). Pretty specific, don’t you think. And much more, but we need to rely on that and not on our natural mind, or technology, or our imagination. Much love to you, and many prayers.

    • Steve+Twitchell

      Appreciate your comment. Would also like to hear more about what you think Revelatons, Isiah etc are telling us. Your knowledge of the languages is intriguing.

      • Pamela Hankins

        Thank you. I have just completed the last of my five year (turned out to be longer) study of the whole Word of God (which is the beginning, not the end, lol) and so I ‘sat’ in the book of Revelation for several months. My studies are posted book by book, and chapter by chapter on my FB page, “Come Let Us Reason Together”. It’s not the best platform, and you have to do some scrolling, but they are together there in reverse order if you’re interested. Here is a link I hope it works. If not you can find me on my other ‘regular’ FB page under Pamela Hankins and there is a link there.

  142. Lisa Stahl

    Greg, Clif, Thank you! Love you both! We are buckled up! God Bless, God Speed.

    • Greg Hunter

      If trump took the Pfizer vax he is in serious trouble unless he took a placebo version.

  143. Paul

    Cliff needs to breakdown the levels of vitamin D needed to combat Covid into terms that are more understandable. I don’t understand nano grams to ML or whatever he quotes, nor do I know how to calculate it. How many grams or IU of vitamin D does the average person need to take to reach the right levels to fight the virus? That’s what we need to know I think.

    • Greg Hunter

      Study it Paul. Investigate it like your life depends on it.

    • Paul ...

      Paul … Don’t worry about tests or dosages … simply buy some mushrooms … dry them in the sunlight from 10AM to 4PM (for two consecutive days to) and it will accumulate enough Vitamin D for you and all your loved ones … put them on a beef hamburger (for your zinc) with a slice of raw onion (containing the quercetin that will get the zinc into your cells) … and you will likely “never get infected” by Fauci’s bio-weapon!!

      • Paul ...

        You know … for many years our American Government has been “going after terrorists” all around the world for the killing a few thousand Americans on 9-11 … now when we have a known “terrorist” (named Fauci) “documented to be complicit in the killing of hundreds of thousands of Americans with his “Gain of Function” bio-weapon research (and his partner Gates complicit in the killing of millions of people around the world with his “vaccines”) … our Government does Nothing???? … and appoints this terrorist Fauci to to head of all our National Governments Health and Safety Departments??????? … that’s like putting Osama Bin Laden in charge of the Pentagon and having his terrorist finger on all our Nuclear Weapons!!!!!!!

        • Self Exiled

          I’m more concerned Obama has his finger on the nuke button. Our government is/was the true terrorist and because we the people allowed this illegal man hunt that created terrorist we are now the hunted and called terrorist. What is allowed/goes around comes around.

          ‘As for the promise which I made with you when you came out of Egypt, My Spirit stands [firm and immovable] and continues with you; do not fear!’ Haggai 2:5

          • Paul ...

            SE … Let my people go they cried … and they came out of Egypt and crossed the Red Sea … only to be burned by Hitler?? … and jabbed (with clot shots) by Bibi??? … what is going on????

    • THe Seer

      5000 iu common daily
      A DR took 60,000 daily for
      Three days when came down
      With covid
      Budesonite nose spray off the shelf
      Nebulizer colloidal silver , hydrogen peroxide And
      Iodine 3x day if infected.
      List of remedies supplied here a month ago and never posted. It will save lives. I was on medical round table zoom tonight.

    • Donna Wilson

      Paul, Clif is talking about the level of vitamin D you need to reach in your blood. You have to take a blood test to find out your level. Your doctor can order the test. Once you know your level, you take vitamin D (in the form of D3, =not= D2) for a period of time and then get retested. Once you’re at the desired level, you take the maintenance dose of vitamin D3 to stay at that level.

      Here’s a thread of people talking about being tested, having abysmally low vitamin D levels, and being prescribed vitamin D by their docs.

      The most common prescription appeared to be 50,000 IU vitamin D once a week for 12 weeks, then retest. I had this prescription myself years ago. However, I discovered a problem with it. It’s a pharmaceutical preparation, and it was all D2–the less useful form. You want a D3 level of 50. I asked the pharmacist if they could give me the D3 form, and he said no, they didn’t make it in D3 form because D2 was less expensive. So I stopped taking that and got a D3 supplement from the local health food store. Anyway, that was ages ago. My last level was 50-something, and I was taking at least 5000 IU/day. I’ve upped it to 10,000 IU/day since I want my level to be 70-80, which is apparently more of an ideal range for protection against many diseases. Will ask for retest of level at my upcoming doc’s appointment. If it’s over 80 I will drop down.

      Everyone has to start somewhere. If you weren’t taking any supplemental D3, or only getting the minimal amount of 400 IU/day in supplements, you (probably, I don’t know you or your medical history, etc.) could safely take 5000 IU/day to start raising your level. Or 10,000 if you want to do it faster. If you have not had your level checked first you should definitely plan on getting your level checked at some point to see if you need to keep taking that much or drop down. (DISCLAIMER: I am not your doctor! Do your own research, be responsible with any supplementation, etc.)

      Please note: I don’t see this often enough–you also need to take magnesium and vitamin K2 (=not= K1) with your vitamin D3. Boron helps, too. Look this stuff up, it’s important, especially the K2. I would NOT take large doses of D3 without K2, because if you don’t the D3 can cause calcium to be deposited in soft tissues like artery walls, which would make your arteries stiff–not good! I also take a megadose of K2 with my D3, and quite a bit of magnesium. I do NOT know what is ideal–I’m just megadosing, as I gather you can’t OD on K2 and if you take too much magnesium basically you might just get the runs.

      I hope this helps.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Donna,
        Yes. Very important people take K2 (potassium) together with their D3 (calcium). Some preparations combine D3 & K2. Worth paying the extra.

  144. alfie

    Hmmm, according to this guy, the fecal matter will be hitting the fan this month or so, and if you aren’t ready, tough

  145. Marie+Joy

    Die-off forecast in the next few years. I hope they’re wrong/ My 50 yo daughter had the clot shot, months ago. She’s not sick but I’m worried.

  146. SilverHawk

    I posted on here back in March 2020 – Stephen King’s “The Stand” and Georgia Guidestones. A few months later I told people the virus is a bioweapon created at Ft. Derrick, taken to Wuhan and released during the 2019 world military games to make it look like it came from China. Why is this being done? To keep people from Jesus. Satan gets a vote for each soul he gets. 6000 year election for Master of the Universe. We are in the last few years before the second coming. The second coming will take place 3.5 years before Wormwood. Wormwood will pass between 2029 to 2031. You will know the end is near when Israel again becomes a nation And that generation will not pass before My return. Now sit back and wait for your eternal destination and take your turmeric to protect you (If your unvaxxed) . no cure for the vaxed.
    For those wanting to know where Eyes Wide Shut happens, go north on the Glen Cove Ave exit off the LIE to a town called Mill Neck.

  147. James j

    Hello Greg, great interview.
    Mr cliff’s remarks that a leader is required to carry out the changes needed…
    I have pondered on why the democracies survived against the axis powers in WWII.
    My first thoughts were taht in times of peril, democracies allow the needed leader to take the helm. In the 50 years or so since formulating that opinion, i’ve amended that belief ….i now beleive it is in only in times of great peril, are the true leaders allowed to take the helm …..otherwise the ptb make sure noleader can come forth……they don’t want the nuisance.

  148. Paula Davis

    TOMORROW Oct. 4, 2021, 8 PM, James O’keefe Proj. Veritas # Expose Pfizer…We are hoping James exposes Pfizer’s vaxx experiments on 6-month-old Polish orphan babies.
    Getting rid of the weakest continues to be practiced in the name of the greater good.
    Pray for these innocent orphaned victims…& children everywhere who are subjected to these experimental jabs.
    Nuremberg Trials cannot come soon enough!

  149. Else

    Thank you for having Clif H igh. He has been wickedly accurate. Thank you for your continued hard work. You are a true warrior and one of the only sights I trust. I am a firefighter soon to loose my job, but I will never get the Jab. Love you!

  150. Marie+Joy

    Arrest Gill Bates and Fauci for Crimes Against Humanity. Ideal but it won’t happen.

  151. Aelred A.

    I hope that the release of emotion at the end of the month will be because indictments against big guns (Hussein, HRC, Soros, et al.) that normies will be flabbergasted and patriots will be exhilarated: the release of the frustration of not seeing justice done. Here’s hoping!

  152. Mike R

    Biden and his mandates are getting it shoved right back up his you know what…

    90,000 Educators Beg Biden: We Need FBI Protection From “Mobs” Of Parents Irate Over Mask Mandates

    SUNDAY, OCT 03, 2021 – 08:40 PM
    How bad has the “it’s for your health” vaccine and mask mandates debate gotten?

    The National School Boards Association, which represents more than 90,000 school officials, “begged” President Biden on Wednesday for FBI and Secret Service agents to help protect against “mobs” of angry parents protesting the mandates, according to the Daily Mail.

    The NSBA wrote a letter asking the government to stand up against “mobs of angry parents”, labeling them “domestic terrorism” and “extremist hate organizations”.

    What did Biden expect, when him and FRAUDCI, try shoving killer jabs into everyone’s arms ? Not sure what part of that lunacy, and corruption that the ever senile Biden and his criminal co-horts called Democrats, didn’t GET !

    Americans need to continue to fight back even harder. Ironic that these (mostly liberal ) ‘educators’ are now scared for their lives, and begging for the equivalent of Presidential Secret Service protection.

    Sorry demoncratic liberal educators, but NO SS SOUP FOR YOU ! You are on your own. And stop echoing the criminal PRESIDENT and his criminal co-horts, and stop brainwashing the children of these rightfully angry parents.


    Thank Greg for asking the question on Australia that I asked you too. We now have the NSW Premier and Deputy both resigning this weekend , the new guy has 6 children and was or is the treasurer of NSW I for one am prepared to give him a go for a while , however some people are worried because his father was with the World bank , anything to worry about here and also he had 11 children I think to my mind all this is a positive except the World bank part of that I do not know

    • AndrewB

      Hi Vince,
      Could be a case of, ‘out of the frying pan, into the fire’ like in New York. Be very very concerned about anyone with links to the World Bank. Listen to Amazing Polly. When you hit the landing page, select the video entitled,
      ‘BOOM! Vaccine Exemption HIJACKERS Exposed!’
      References to the involvement of the World Bank start just after the 20 minute mark. IMO, well worth listening to all the video as Polly uncovers many layers of the onion.

  154. Saeed

    Thanks, Greg, for hosting Clif High more frequently as of late to share the critical stories. It is so heartening to hear the good news of deep state running for cover. Could that guy being killed on a yacht be Bil Gates? Who recently ordered Aqua the super yacht for US$644 million from some Scandinavian yacht builder in Europe.

  155. Marie+Joy

    Vaccine companies have immunity but employers, who force you to take the shot, do NOT have immunity from being sued. Sue the hell out of them.

  156. Clayton Marshall Bye

    Sure is amazing what the W.HO. med kits containing ivermectin did for india.

  157. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  158. Marie+Joy

    Rand Paul (KY), DeSantis (FL), and Abbott (TX) are controlled opposition. Invaders are piling in. It doesn’t pass the smell test.

  159. MDD

    Evil sociopathic witch Nancy Pelosi is on the slaughter list.

  160. Al

    I was around during the Regan era, it was great! I was in College and I can tell you one thing, That period DID NOT FEEL LIKE A THIRD WORLD WAR ! This period does.
    This is WW3 being fought everywhere else but the physical kinetic battlefield.

    WooWoo, space aliens, “universe”, blue space chickens, this guy is nuts!

    He is riding on this SUN prophecy which in 20+ years he turned in to Corona.
    Corona is a widely used term describing desperate objects.
    Everything he brought out is not new, he must listen to the same guys I do.

    This guy made his debut on Jsnip4’s youtube channel along with Bix Wier wearing a clown hat “no joke”. They called themselves the three amigos. This guy is a flim-flam artist riding on the word “corona”

    • Mike+G

      Clif is entertaining and he has an certain amount of truth in what he says. Always take whatever you are presented with a grain of salt. Too many normies just believe what the are told, thus the two party system and the infoentertainment media. A guy posts with a deranged monkey thumb, who should you believe?

  161. Jerry

    Hi Greg, I listened to every word Cliff said in this telling interview but have to add that the senate is moving forward to vote on raising the debt ceiling which is another long dreary move to kick the can down the road………more bullion and gems held in a suppressed state and weather that means our economy still undergoes a flush or not, we will be stalled into oblivion with the clot shots overtaking the media and our commodities lay in wait once again…..I HOPE we do have a massive correction very very soon as Cliff warned becausse for us who have our ears to the ground it will be a tremendous “lift” of pressure all who know will experience………great great interview…..more vital information and a crisp outlook ……..thank you both

    • Self Exiled

      Considering al that has occurred:

      And after the wind, [there was] an earthquake, but the LORD was not in the earthquake. After the earthquake, [there was] a fire, but the LORD was not in the fire; and after the fire [a sound of a gentle stillness and] a still small voice. 1 Kings 19:12 To me the voice of love after the storm.

  162. Old Rancher

    Clif said China’s CCP is a criminal gang with no moral authority. That being the case I’ve always had the sense that lying, cheating and stealing has always been a part of Chinese social order. They’ve never really been people you should trust. There’s always individuals in a society that have an innate sense of good and evil and how to treat others well but I simply can NOT see how China could become a World Power without having a massive “Come to Jesus”, so to speak, reformation.

  163. Peter

    Please please please ! Invite Chris Langan the guy with 195 IQ score. It will be amazing.

  164. Roger

    “YOU WILL OWN NOTHING AND LOVE IT!!!” Blackrock, Janet Yellen & Biden Are Conspiring to Steal Your Private Property

  165. Doug

    I keep hearing “elite” is doing this do thin us out. Well ,then that means the “elite” must not be getting vaccated, meaning the Bill Gates’s,the Fauci’s the Joe Biben’s of the world are lying to us saying they got vaccated because wouldn’t they die off us the rest of us? Don’t the Bill Gates’s, the Fauci’s, the Joe Biden’s think that they are a part of the “elite”. EXPLAIN THAT !!!!!!!!! Doug

    • Mario

      Everything on the main stream news is fake to one degree or another.
      The elite aren’t getting the vaxx that’s for sure. They’re getting a saline solution if it’s televised like Biden.

      • Warren B.

        Look carefully – fake shot + fake syringe + no needle + fake JB acting as FAKE POTUS = BS.

  166. Self Exiled

    At 25.38 there is mention of labs having their equipment stolen after researching the subject content of this video. If my thoughts are correct that requires a unsurpassed surveillance grid, a highly secret developed physical operative and a central organized/not large/well defined command structure. It’s affect was effective enough to stymy the research.


    • AndrewB

      Self Exiled
      “If my thoughts are correct that requires a unsurpassed surveillance grid, a highly secret developed physical operative and a central organized/not large/well defined command structure.”
      Sub-set of the CIA fit the bill by any chance? I recall these guys were very effective on Nov 22nd 1963. Hmmm.

      • Self Exiled

        I suspect so. Possibly linked up to one other surveillance agency who’s specific find is laboratory surveillance. They are assigned this specific task and have a highly mobile/skilled team of movers that appear very ordinary. The message they convey to the independent lab is extremely deafening that alters the recipients perceptions of safety without uttering a word.

  167. Self Exiled

    A follow to my last post: Dr. Carrie Madej: First U.S. Lab Examines “Vaccine” Vials, HORRIFIC Findings Revealed

    • Warren B.

      What kind of sick demented pathetic excuse for a human would create a synthetic / living organism WITH SELF-AWARENESS ….(WTF), combine it with lipid nanoparticles (graphene oxide) encapsulating an mRNA substance and then inject that into humans. This is the work of Satan – it is truly evil. We are without doubt on the dark road to transhumanism.
      I sense and trust that once this has greater awareness, there will be hell on earth…. extreme recourse and it will be prejudicial.
      More studies and analysis will be done to prove that what this Dr has observed and documented and brought to light is true – and when the findings are released the masses will be hysterical.

      Perhaps this shocking information will finally create some urgency and level of widespread acceptance that these TOXIC JABS are not Vaccines ….and their intention and motive is far removed from protection against a FAKE VIRUS.

      I urge everyone to watch these two videos – this one followed by the one immediately above as posted by SE….and then share it with as many people as possible. I was shocked to the core – witnessing something out of a Sci-fi movie – deemed impossible and unrealistic. This is a sad indictment of humanity – when we have devolved to such levels.
      I suspect that the surveillance has now gone to unimaginable levels given the speed with which those initial lab studies (proving and supporting the findings) were shut down. PRIVACY DOES NOT EXIST – THEY ARE WATCHING AND LISTENING TO EVERYTHING NOW….EVERYTHING.

    • AndrewB

      Self Exiled
      I had already seen the Stew Peters interview with Dr Madej, and thank you for the link to her more recent interview on ‘Critical Thinking’. This info is truly shocking, and also very saddening. I agree with everything Warren B has commented, above. If this utterly sickening plan is ‘of this world’, then an element of mankind has devolved (to borrow from Warren B) to an unimaginably base level. Or, is it possible that the genesis of this unfolding catastrophe is otherworldly?! This conjecture is very challenging – at least to me – but what is being perpetrated against all of humanity appears utterly inhuman.

      • Self Exiled

        Other worldly can have many avenues of thought. I will relate it to the inhuman . Charles H took exception to the concept of it having a genetic aspect but that is in sync with God’s first destruction of the earth when the human DNA was altered by other worldly creatures or as I relate to them as demonic.

        • Paul ...

          SE … Noah’s Arc Saved humanity once before … now we need Jesus to arrive in a big space ship with NoARC written on the side for us un-vaxxed to get into … to be rescued from the coming “flood of fire” that will destroy all the DNA mutations created by Big Pharma on planet Earth … the unintelligent “jabbed” will likely read NoARC written on the side of the space ship and not get in … but we the un-vaccinated will get aboard … knowing what the lettering stands for … “North American Rescue Capsule”!!

          • Self Exiled

            Wow “”North American Rescue Capsule” amazing. LOL You must be retired.

  168. Will

    HERE – an absolute MUST SEE, and share – the most comprehensive, informative AND inspiring presentation – of critical economic, social, medical / health info:

    (Long, but EVERY second is packed with important info / insights and it moves very fast.)

  169. Myn

    Fascinating interview Greg! Does anyone know the name of this Chinese emperor that was supposedly mental for 18years?

  170. Marie+Joy

    Recall communist school boards.

  171. Greg

    I have to take exception with Mr. High’s assessment that the cabal is losing control, they are not.That is not to say they haven’t suffered some set-backs, but they are still in control as much as ever. Yes, I believe the old order of things is ending, but it is because they have decided to end it, and are slowly bringing it down, so they can replace it with the new world order they have planned for years to institute. Once they crash the financial system and the global economy, they will usher in their digital “cashless society”, complete with a social credit system. Vax compliance will be a part of this. This is how they will keep people in line; Commit “wrong thought” or say or do something that is out of line with the official narrative and they will shut off your digital account until you are re-educated or correct your wrong. Trump isn’t coming back to the White House, get pass that. We are stuck with what we have, and half the country is alright with that, sadly. The supply chain falling like dominoes is of their own making, as is the fuel crisis in Britain and elsewhere. THE BEAST SYSTEM WILL NOT BE DENIED. It is coming into view, slowly. Chaos, the likes of which has never been seen up to this point is what must be, so that their “savior” can take the stage. Yes, I’m referring to “that guy”. But first there is going to be a war, a BIG one, where there will be no clear winner. They always use war as a distraction for a economic/financial collapse of an old order, then when it is over, usher in a new one. They did it with WW1 and WW2.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is your opinion with zero data. You are welcome to this opinion, but please do not pass it off as fact. Clif is using data mining models and predictive linguistics. This is mostly not just an opinion. That said, Nobody is 100%, but Clif has made many astounding predictions and some of them on USAW!

  172. Robert Hill

    Is the Facebook shutdown what Cliff predicted would happen this week?

  173. virginia clark

    ALways enjoy Cliff. As well as all you guests. You do the best interviews.
    Here’s a question: What was the point of Trump not conceding and running a “shadow” government when the actual power is in the hands of the democrats now? Besides the election results which will change nothing, what is the point of waiting till 24 comes around. There won’t be a 24. Did he step aside so he would not be blamed for losing Hong Kong and Taiwan? Does this keep his hands clean so he can later ride in and save us from the unsavable? Or is his mission all along to let depopulation etc happen and then save us with the new economic system that we who are left will embrace because we love Trump so much? I know Cliff says the DS was never going to win, but this is getting messy on the level of a rancid sewer. What really is Trump’s role.
    ALSO: He glossed over Nesara/Gesara in his last interview as socialism. Which I agree. Couild he expound on that a little more. AND, what happens to seniors alive if they take away SS?
    Thank you Greg

  174. eddiemd

    Not the first bioweapon.

    Interesting that Obama was a named defendant in this matter.

    July 2009.

    Looks like a list of the players involved in the covid bioweapon.

  175. Pete

    I ordered a satellite phone today. For a little more money, I took the one that shares 66 satellites with the military. Should be worth it’s weight in gold.

  176. Really Awake

    Mr. Clif High makes some very bold assertions. Tip of my hat to Clif for describing the CCP as a duplicitous criminal cartel. Try to get Marty Armstrong to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about the CCP. Marty won’t utter a negative word about the Chinese which would cause them to lose face… However, I do think that Marty’s forcast is right that the Chinese will survive as Western Civilization destroys itself… Marty is one hell of an insightful guy. And it will be quite a suprise to me if Clif is right and Marty is wrong on China’s future.

    Gold to $20,000 and silver to $600 per ounce means that the current monetary and credit system will collapse; in turn, that means the entire socioeconomic and political system will be totally upended; which, in turn, means chaos and total supply chain breakdown. No food on the shelf. No water. No medicines. No spare parts. Power outage. Massive unemployment. Violence. Strife. Hunger. Hopelessness. Anger. Riots. Cities burn. Police flee. Firemen no show. 911 dead.

    If Clif is right, massive, worldwide depopulation happens. Got food stockpiled? Water? Fuel? Guns?

    Got a fallout shelter? No? What happens when the elite take us to another Great World War? They always do. This time around they want maximum depopulation. Covid-1984 is just the beginning of the end. I agree with Clif that SHTF, but it might not happen this year or next. If it does, I’m ready.

  177. oldbat

    ever wonder what all those empty cities are for? i suspect they plan to ship us over there as slave labor once they and russia conquer this country.

  178. Carol Joyce

    Spectacular interview with Clif! Thanks Greg. I am still processing all the information contained in it. Outstanding and timely. Of course, I love all your interviews they are cutting edge.

  179. Wendy

    Since Mr. High is such an expert in manipulation with words, how can we know that he’s not using words to manipulate here?

    • Self Exiled

      We all are, just like you. Word produce thoughts: thoughts are manipulative. Hence; denial. Self thought deception.

      • Paul ...

        SE … I Think … Therefore … I Am … (NOT???)

      • Charles H.

        More likely – ability to connect the right dots, in the right order.

        • Self Exiled

          The ability escapes many. Some times I wonder what escapes me.

          So that, [just] as sin has reigned in death, [so] grace (His unearned and undeserved favor) might reign also through righteousness (right standing with God) which issues in eternal life through Jesus Christ (the Messiah, the Anointed One) our Lord. Romans 5:21

  180. Graham Moreton

    Hi Greg,
    As I watched this, 4th Oct, reports came in of 3.5 bn users have lost Facebook, Instagram and Whatsapp, looks like Cliff’s prediction is correct again.

  181. CCSydney

    I had to laugh when he mentioned the yacht theory. My husband works on yachts and sometimes he docks at a dock owned by a certain enemy of humanity. The giggles we have had over the vulnerability of these people is pretty accurate to the comments Cliff made. All these billionaires who are the bad guys (not talking about all of them, just the usual suspects) they still have to employ crew to run their yachts…those crew will lose friends and family members. These evil people don’t do menial tasks, they need employees for that. Good luck finding employees who don’t lose any loved ones. There is nowhere for these megalomaniacs to hide. Nowhere.

    • Greg

      Stalin murdered 50 million of his own people and guess what? They loved him anyway. No one ever even attempted to assassinate him during his time as undisputed ruler of the USSR. You accomplish this through substitution: Give them a straw man to hate instead of you. First he used Yagoda, then Yezov , then Trotsky and finally Hitler. Today old Russians in their 80s and 90s still regard Stalin as a saint. No one will try to kill the billionaire predators either.

    • Paul ...

      CCS … Gates and Fauci are basically cowards … who are deathly afraid when they see “armed people” who may threaten their place at the top of the food chain … they look at us Americans “like yellow jacks who can sting them” … thus they have called in the Big Pharma Extermination Companies to take down the American Colonies and eradicate and kill us (like pesky “bees”) … destroying our home nests and family units … spraying poison in the air (chem-trails) … they don’t want us to multiply as it threatens their life style … so they are now going after the children in the nests … cutting off their wings (breasts and testicles) so they can never ever fly !!!

      • AndrewB

        Paul …
        You have a point, but don’t lose sight of the fact ‘they’ are also going after many unarmed populations – UK, Ireland, Canada, Australia, and most of Europe. People in the US have the Second Amendment. As you know, it was not drafted for the purposes of sport, but as a means to defend the Constitution from government/s gone rogue. Of all the world’s victims of the scamdemic, those of you in the US are far and away the best equipped to act.

  182. Tarheel

    Gerg, I find myself hitting your website hoping for a new interview daily. I know it takes a ton of work and scheduling. You do a great job. Question concerning Cliff High and he’s mentioned it twice in your recent interviews. I hope you cover the answer in your weekly roundup so it doesn’t get lost in these message boards. WHERE IS THE PROOF THAT OUR SUPREME COURT JUDGES HAVE LECTURED AND RECEIVED PAYMENT FROM CHINESE UNIVERSITIES? I only capitalize that question in order for it to stand out. If America knew this and had hard copy proof, wouldn’t that be enough to confront the hidden agenda of those wishing us harm? If they do this they should all be removed immediately and sentenced.

  183. Justn Observer

    Greg, With all going on this needs to be part of everyone’s preview to understand the the how, why, and targeting of the people, systems, and control over the people’s informantion, voting, etc… With a fix, WHY bother to vote?

  184. Joy Daniels

    Illegal Immigrants Fly American, Courtesy of Biden Border Policy Steve Balich – May 17, 2021

    There is no American Monarchy National Mandate is a no-go
    By Steve Balich – September 30, 2021

    FDA Reveals COVID-19 Vaccines Kill 2x More People Than They Save
    By Steve Balich – October 2, 2021

    Project Veritas released the second video of its COVID vaccine investigative series
    By Steve Balich – October 3, 2021

    Staggering Costs – U.S. Military Equipment/People Left Behind In Afghanistan Is Either Stupid Or On Purpose!
    By Steve Balich – September 29, 20210114

    Staggering Costs – U.S. Military Equipment Left Behind In Afghanistan Is Either Stupid Or On Purpose!
    Adam AndrzejewskiSenior Contributor Policy

    The biggest threats to American freedom and how they will develop in the next few years
    By Steve Balich – September 27, 2021

  185. Breck Breckenridge

    Greg you have always cited High’s correct predictions whenever you had have him on. And I have been watching him. At this point, I wonder “DID CLIFF PREDICT COVID?”.

    Going back to, oh say 2019, did his predictive computer program detect stupendous traffic on the word “COVID”? If he missed that then he isn’t worth much. I’ll make it even easier on Mr. High. Did he get tremendous traffic in, say, 2019, with the word “VIRUS”?

    • JuicyMoosey

      Clif did get data. The words I believe he picked up were: “Sun Disease”.

      Corona = Sun

      Also, Vitamin D is generated in our bodies by contact with the sun and Vitamin D seems to play an important role in protection from the Sun Disease.

      • Breck Breckenridge

        I’m not impressed with that. Sheesh! That’s really reaching. My question remains.

  186. Rich

    Clinical evidence of your immune system before the vac and after first and then after the second shot.
    From Dr. Nathan Thomson

    Patients Granulocytes were at 58 before 1 st shot and after second shot are at 79 out of range. Normal 39, high 75

    Patients Lymphocytes were at 38 before 1 st shot and after second shot tanked to 13. Normal 15 – High 49.

    His CD 8 went to 40 , Normal was 12-35.

    His Natural Killer cells are tanking.

    Adaptive immune system has tanked. Only a toxin could do this. This is very concerning Greg. Thanks for all you do man.

    • Paula Davis

      The vid has been taken down for violating U-tube’s rules
      10/05/21 Brighteon…China setting stage for nuclear war w/USA & world…scroll down to this vid, My jaw dropped when I tested someones immune system following 2nd jab
      This vid is still up this AM…

  187. Marshall Swing

    There is a mountain of reasons Klaus Schwab would pick October 24 for the Great Reset:

    Also congruent with Clif High’s Red October data bot predictions on Greg Hunter.

  188. Steven Fishman

    Cliff High never discussed HOW people will get sick and die. It is from the “Vaccine,” and I will explain why:

    First of all, this is not a “vaccine.” Vaccines contain antibodies that prevent disease. This monstrosity is an Experimental Eugenics Depopulation Lethal Injection Bioweapon that will kill EVERYONE who has been injected within 2 to 10 years. Why? Because Messenger RNA contains cytokine storms of spike proteins and prions [Prions cause Mad Cow Disease in cattle]. EACH jab, according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, contains 50 BILLION spike proteins which replicate in the human body, fighting the heart, lungs, and brain for oxygen UNTIL THE VICTIM DIES !!! There is NO CURE !!! The “brand” of the Lethal Injection DOES NOT MATTER‼!

    Spike protein “vaccinations” were created at the Wuhan Institute of Virology to kill each and every human being on planet earth who is inoculated. This is global genocide. Bill Gates, who is an ardent follower of the Georgia Guidestones [which mandates that there can be NO MORE THAN 500 MILLION people on Planet Earth], gave him justification to go into the Vaccine Experiment Business and quadruple his income. Saint Fauci is deeply enshrined in this conspiracy, along with Satanist Klaus Schwab of the World Economic Forum. These are DEMONS !!!

    The worst part of the Lethal Injection is a phenomenon called by Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, Dr. Jane Ruby, and Health Ranger Mike Adams as FREQUENCY TRANSMISSIBILITY, commonly also called “SHEDDING,” where a “vaccinated” person can contaminate an UNVACCINATED person through breathing, belching, farting, sexual contact, or anything expelled by any human orifice, since the spike proteins are microscopic, and by depriving the victim of oxygen, cause anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, mitochrondrial cancer, and DEATH !!! We, the UNVACCINATED, are at risk from being anywhere near the WALKING DEAD who have taken the Lethal Injection !!! Do your research, and stop believing these lying monsters in the government and in the media. Both presidents, 45 and 46, are responsible for promoting OPERATION WARP DEATH !!! We need a leader of this Republic who has the courage to come out against the worst mass murder in human history about to be seen. We, the UNVACCINATED, will inherit the earth if we survive the carnage. But what will be left for us?

    Additionally, the blood supply in the hospitals are fully contaminated with “vaccinated” blood. Beware of this before getting any surgical procedure that requires transfusions. It won’t be long before all insurance companies go broke because they can’t pay any claims for medical or death benefits. Hospitals won’t accept you without insurance. FEMA has ordered 562% more body bags than they did in 2020. I wonder why…

    The Plandemic was nothing more than a tool to scare everyone into taking the Lethal Injection. The powers that be knew that Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin worked and would have eliminated 99% of the deaths from COVID. But they didn’t want to eliminate deaths. This was only a dress rehearsal for world eugenic depopulation. That is what the Cytokine Storm Bioweapon will accomplish. By the time the deaths from the Lethal Injection exceed the COVID “deaths” [since everything under the sun has been attributed to COVID], it will be too late. And due to Frequency Transmissibility Shedding, the body count will rise astronomically after Fall 2021, or maybe even before. Enjoy life while you can, because it will never be better than it is right now.

    The violence on airplanes, as well as car road rage, is all due to PRIONS [Mad Cow Disease in Humans] caused by the Experimental Eugenics Depopulation COVID Lethal Injection Bioweapons, since the cytokine storm of spike proteins containing prions affect behavior in the human brain. Personally, I won’t fly on a plane unless I know that the PILOT and CO-PILOT are UNVACCINATED. I am not worried about the passengers. I refuse to put my life in danger being anywhere around “vaccinated” people, not only because of the PRIONS, but because of a phenomenon which Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Christiane Northrup, Dr. Lee Merritt, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Simone Gold, and Brighteon Health Ranger Mike Adams calls FREQUENCY TRANSMISSIBILITY SHEDDING, where UNVACCINATED people can get harmed by being anywhere near the Walking Dead who have taken the injection, since PRIONS are microscopic and can affect a healthy unvaccinated person through breathing, belching, leaving off gas, or other manifestations through escaped orifices. Scientific facts. We living in an age of global genocide where most “sheeple” cannot see what is exactly in front of them !!!

    Dr. Lee Merritt does excellent webinars on the Lethal Injection. Besides Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, Dr. Carrie Madej, Dr. Jane Ruby, and Dr. Christiane Northrup are excellent at explaining the risks to the uninitiated, but she has done positive work. So is Natural News Health Ranger Mike Adams, and Dr. Peter McCullough.

    The point I always try to get across is to illustrate it in simple terms that will resonate with the greatest number of non-scientific people: This is indeed a battle for life and death over OXYGEN. Each dose or jab, according to Dr. Sherri Tenpenny, contains Messenger RNA that releases a cytokine storm of 50 billion spike proteins [along with prions] whose only genetic instruction is to rob the heart, lungs, and brain of OXYGEN. Over time, the microscopic spike proteins always win this war, since they replicate and proliferate within conditions that cause anaphylactic shock, toxic blood clotting, fatal lung paralysis, endothelial cancer and mitochondrial cancer. THERE IS NO CURE, and this is exactly and precisely how the Messenger RNA were designed. It is a Lethal Injection Bioweapon. The only way to fight back is to prevent people from taking their first jab, because although all of them will be dead within 10 years, by taking second or third doses or “booster shots,” this only accelerates their rate of death. Keep in mind that all of these so-called “variants” like the “Delta Variant” are not COVID variants at all, but reactions to the “vaccine.” I always explain to people that real vaccines create antibodies to prevent disease. This monster releases Messenger RNA to kill people. Just calling it a “vaccine” is Global Genocidal Loaded Language or brainwashing calculated and designed to mislead people into participating in their own Involuntary Assisted Suicide without Informed Consent.

    This is a capsule of what is really happening so continue to save lives and let people know. Americans have been specifically targeted with the death bribes of McDonald’s French Fries, Krispy Kreme Donuts, and lottery tickets. That unto itself is the most horrific type of depopulation initiative. Doesn’t anyone wonder why they have to be BRIBED to be murdered?

    • Myn

      What you have stated is terrifying to the nth degree! It seems we are all doomed and it’s just a matter of time before the shedding affects us all. How can we avoid the microscopic proteins in the air and on surfaces? Imagine buying groceries or a meal from some restaurant and getting these nasty little guys! What can we do? Especially if we’re married to a vaxxed despite all the warnings? We are all at the edge of the Red Sea and the Egyptians are closing in…

  189. Randall

    Thank you Greg for keeping us informed by using knowledgeable people, not “experts” as the main stream media loves to say. In trying to keep up with all this madness, I just came across this where the former director of the US Mint says that they can stamp a $1,000,000,000,000 coin and presto, we have no debt problem again. What’s to stop them from printing a $10e20 coin? Now even valuable metals are being defrauded. I have nothing but disgust for all this!

  190. Self Exiled

    THE GREAT RESET Have you ever worked on anything electrical or mechanical; that after your done: it doesn’t reset like you thought it would or at all. I think the geniuses that thought this up are going to be surprised.

    Psalm 142
    Prayer For Help In Trouble.

    I cry aloud with my voice to the LORD;
    I make supplication with my voice to the LORD.
    I pour out my complaint before Him;
    I declare my trouble before Him.
    When my spirit was overwhelmed and weak within me [wrapped in darkness],
    You knew my path.
    In the way where I walk
    They have hidden a trap for me.
    Look to the right [the point of attack] and see;
    For there is no one who has regard for me [to act in my favor].
    Escape has failed me and I have nowhere to run;
    No one cares about my life.
    I cried out to You, O LORD;
    I said, “You are my refuge,
    My portion in the land of the living.
    “Give attention to my cry,
    For I am brought very low;
    Rescue me from my persecutors,
    For they are stronger than I.
    “Bring my soul out of prison (adversity),
    So that I may give thanks and praise Your name;
    The righteous will surround me [in triumph],
    For You will look after me.”

  191. Wendy

    I love Mr. High’s positive outlook on the destruction of a destructive system. He, along with Catherine Austin Fitts and the Fourth Turning bunch–and probably the Tea Party and Occupy Wall Street–envisions the deconstruction as a grand opportunity to start afresh – a Jubilee of sorts. Let’s not do this again! Human history appears to cycle through rising and falling on the imperial level. I’ve lived long enough to see both in America, but–“I can’t help it, it’s how I’m made”–I long to be free from the cycles–when the human age ends and the age of Christ commences. Jesus doesn’t come riding in on His white horse to bring the breakthrough Kingdom until first the world strives through an exceedingly fowl, deep, dark tribulation. Oh Lord, let us get it over with, end the heartbreak over the intransigent and worship in jubilation!

    • Self Exiled

      ”Breakthrough Kingdom” love your choice of words.

  192. Robert K

    Here are your daily B.S. stories being reported by the media about the poison shots:

    Now the shots are “Reducing infections and deaths in seniors”. In this video, Amber Schmidtke, is pushing people to ask their service providers if they have been vaxxed, because “of concerns of getting C19”. What a joke…

    According to HHS Secretary Xavier Becerra, “COVID-19 vaccines save lives, prevent hospitalizations, and reduce infection”

    Another town in Georgia is offering its employees $500.00 to receive the kill shot.

    This just never ends, and they are on a mission to see to a full-time purge of the populace.

  193. Zbignew

    Ask Clif High about San Pedro cactus and “going into Hyperspace.”

  194. Robert K


    What about AG Garland now sending in the fbi to pursue law-abiding opponents of CRT in order to “protect” school administrators and staff in what he called a “disturbing spike in harassment, dismay and threats of violence”. In effect he usurped local law enforcement, by weaponizing the doj and fbi.

    Here is a novel idea, maybe parents are pissed off about totalitarianism and having this garbage force fed down their throats. Here we go again, go along with the process or get labeled a domestic terrorist rhetoric. A group urged biden to check to see if these confrontations “violate the Patriot Act”.

  195. Self Exiled

    But the shots are killing people, that’s the issue.

  196. Matthew Lonergan

    The original 13th Amendment was the Title of Nobility Act, an elaboration of the original 10th Amendment

  197. Self Exiled

    Things are continuing to go exponentially against the shot. People are waking up. When will critical mass hit? Probably in a week or so, damn close to the predicted shut down date many people are repeating – the 15th.

  198. Self Exiled

    Oct 4, 2021,10:33am EDT|1,303,062 views
    Exclusive: Government Secretly Orders Google To Identify Anyone Who Searched A Sexual Assault Victim’s Name, Address And Telephone Number

  199. John

    Get Bill Holter back on, he’s the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      I will John and soon.

  200. Harve Osgood

    The Shifting Military Balance across the Taiwan Strait | Lyle J. Goldstein, Oriana Skylar Mastro
    Jul 27, 2021 National Committee on U.S.-China Relations

  201. mj Orlando

    Nope, I believe it will be a slow burn… Just like whats been happening in the last 2 years.
    Catherine Austine Fitts, hits it right, as being “a controlled demolition.”

    Thanks for your coverage. Love the site.

    • Self Exiled

      It’s been a controlled demolition for the last several decades as near as I can tell. Unless something unexpected comes along.

      Who is this who comes from Edom,
      With crimson-stained garments from Bozrah [in Edom],
      This One (the Messiah) who is majestic in His apparel,
      Marching in the greatness of His might?
      “It is I, [the One] who speaks in righteousness [proclaiming vindication], mighty to save” Isaiah 63:1

  202. Randy Best

    September has come and gone. Are we any closer to Bo Polny’s 180 degrees opposite? Stock markets are still elevated an gold/silver doing nothing. Where is the activity Bo said would be coming?

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you live in a cave or do you simply ignore the pace at which things are unwinding and breaking down?

  203. Marie+Joy

    rcet on has some short clips, with some horrific truths, including a grieving mother talking about her dead 5 yo, dead after 5 hours.

  204. zoey

    After watching Karen Kingston, I ordered NAC to use for Covid. However, I don’t have recommended dosage info for Covid, does anyone have any info?

  205. MC

    Verification of Clif High ….. this story link includes videos of Chinese men snapping re-bar with their bare hands. And they ain’t no Bruce Lee. This re-bar is what gets put into Chinese sky-scrapers.

    All throughout China, it’s not just the bonds collapsing but the buildings themselves.
    Mt 7:24-27

  206. S.Dodwell

    The only way to explain it is, “The Nobile Lie Syndrome!” Believe in the poppycock lie of the man behind the curtain, as in the Wizard of Oz. That the Emperor, [George sore ass Soros] has no Clothes. Is to lie by omission, for the power’s that be and headed by that scoundrel sore ass, George “humbug bum”
    Soros, at the top of the food chain and stands by and watches the death of the Anglo- American world super power and the rise of they’re replacement of LGBQTRWXYZ power of the Bill Gates consortium of Dr. Anthony the Fraudci and the US. un-intell agencies of our unrepresentative true state, deep state pack of globalist money hungry grubbing eugenicist traitress, thieving malcontent miscreant misfit, globalists Clintonite, mad men and Obama woman!
    Which begs the question,,, where’s Berry in all this? Hiding behind that Curtin of skirt’s, behind the walls of the B.S. bunker. Can’t he stand up to his gone stark raving mad creators and save his sheeple people and turn his back on those scum, who want to depopulate his beloved Africa, of his native next of kin and the poor white trash of mother!
    Whence wench. only makes one man standing against this evil cabal, is that little Neapolitan Napoleon Putin, of the vast Russian gas station, that forked tongue Biden is now sucking up to, along with his real vice- president, that smiley Miley Milley. The true dog faced pony soldier, of Afghanistan, Stan!!

    Head of Australian TGA ,Brendan Murphy, tells Parliament to keep quiet about vaccine effects /June 27, 2021 Admin. Comments
    Secret video of senate meeting with head of TGA (Therapeutic Goods Administration), Brendan Murphy, telling Parliament to not tell the public of their own vaccine effects coverup and that the vaccine kills people and they have no recourse from it because the government granted big pharma immunity from prosecution and compensation payouts!
    Orwell’s final warning – Picture of the future
    1,817,039 views Apr 17, 2020

    War with China: Are we closer than we think? | Under Investigation
    4,649,846 views Sep 20, 2021 60 Minutes Australia

  207. Lightning

    Excellent papers to provide employers mandating shots

  208. zoey

    If the vaccinated are infected with Covid and they can infect others through shedding, how is it possible for them to get reinfected with Covid, can someone explain this?

    • Greg Hunter

      Do not listen to the fake media that ths is not correct. It comes from the Nobel Winner 2008:

      • helot

        In some ways, it seems like some kind of perversion, this whole ‘shedding’ thing, is it possible it’s some kind of reverse psyop to get purebloods to mask up, wear rubber gloves & put on goggles & be afraid of other human beings like the fearful covid-cultist do? If not, it sure is … I don’t know what, frustrating, maybe?

        A guiding thought for me comes from a leftist environmentalist film from the 1970’s which seemed surprisingly good until the end parts, ‘Centennial’.

        Robert Conrad’s character would face his enemies and say something like, “I am here, unafraid”.

        I refuse to put on a face diaper, nor don a full NBC suit which should be the OSHA requirement in all workplace settings IF this plandemic is as deadly as “they” say it is.

        I am here, unafraid.

        Thanks for the information on this free website.

        • AndrewB

          Hi helot,
          I think you make an important point. According to Doctor Mike Yeadon, viruses mutate all the time, however, the variations typically differ by no more than 3% from the original. He goes on to say, it has been demonstrated that natural immunity protects against viruses that have mutated up to 20% from the original that gave rise to the body’s immunity.
          Taking this at face value, it would tend to suggest – as do you – that the whole ‘variant’ narrative is a psy-op. If so why?
          1/. it is a narrative that maintains and intensifies the fear among ”normies’
          2/. it provides ‘justification’ for booster shots – to the nth degree
          3/. it encourages the unvaccinated to disassociate from the ‘vaxxed’
          4/. it encourages everyone to keep social distancing – to enable electronic discrimination of individuals (problematic if huddled together)

          • Warren B.

            The variant narrative has many tentacles.
            Perhaps we can add other reasons to those you have listed
            5) To progressively reduce and then ultimately destroy the body’s immune system.
            6) To stimulate the growth of cancers once the T-Cells have been debilitated.
            7) To speed up the death rates with each successive booster shot.
            8) To substantially drive revenue increase of the Pharma companies and to increase payola of the Politicians…. pushing mandates.

  209. Marie+Joy

    Shut down schools. It’s not like they’re doing any good.

  210. Marie+Joy

    Take your children out of the schools that will make them communists. blm and antifa went to those schools.

    • AndrewB

      Hi Marie+Joy,
      My youngest grandson, age ten, was asked in school what they thought about electronic cars. He opined that they were not very environmentally friendly because you cannot recycle the batteries. The kids were asked if they could name things that were unnatural. Without hesitation, he said, “Hand sanitizer, Miss”. LOL! My daughter taught him well.

  211. Robert Swan

    Greg, you need to talk about this video and provide link.

  212. Self Exiled

    1 Corinthians 3:17
    If any man destroys the temple of God, God will destroy him, for the temple of God is holy, and that is what you are.
    So this is the great wisdom behind the great reset and the new world order.

  213. eddiemd

    I went to “healthwaves” clinic here in Phoenix and self ordered covid antibodies.

    I received a phone call this morning from a nurse to advise me of the results.

    As expected I had IgG titers. In fact they were so high that they were off the scale that they use. She asked if I had the “vaccine”.

    I have natural immunity. She cautioned me that the off the scale positive antibody titers may not mean I am protected. Really?

    I had the infection in June 2020 and my antibody titers are so elevated that they are literally of the scale. And I am not protected?

    I should have told her I took the injections. She would have told me that I was protected.

    What a joke.

    If you are in Maricopa County, you can self order an antibody test through healthwaves. $95.

    I rarely wear a mask. Still taking chewable aspirin, probiotic Kefir, vitamin C, zinc, and elderberry extract.

  214. Stephen Gookin

    Maryland man, 46, is charged after shooting dead his pharmacist brother and his wife for ‘killing people with the COVID shot’

  215. James Hayman

    It is the 13th Amendment not the 14th. It was subverted out around the time of the Civil War beginning. I found a copy of it in the Colorado Territory’s publication of it’s laws accompanied with the US Constitution as amended. I’m sorry but I don’t remember the year it was published but I think it was 1854-1856 timeframe. It basically says if you accept money and or a title of nobility from a foreign power you lose your citizenship along with the ability to vote or hold public office. It is my opinion the amendment was passed last by Virginia and published along with the laws of Virginia + the US Constitution in 1819. It was aimed at attorneys-at-law IMO. Regards, Jim

  216. Clint Young

    Clif High says we will get through this. If the COVID jab kills just about everyone that took it, I don’t see the loss of 200 million Americans allowing the country to survive.

  217. Oscar

    Thanks bendover brokeback babbling Briben!

    All that is missing now is all road signage written in Mandarin only. And there I thought they were going to ban English and make us all speak a third world tongue.

    I just lowered the odds of WWII to 7:5 by 2022. Too many idle useless mouths to feed. Wait till next spring when farmers can’t afford to even feed their livestock and plant their crops. What, Joe will Blow another $10 trillion, free money to everyone except me.

  218. Jesus Yepez

    I don’t think that using “Shamanic doses of psychedelic mushrooms” and “communicating with ant-like beings in hyperspace” to make a “Psychic trade” is a trustworthy resource.
    These “quotes” are directly from Clif’s mouth in a recent Delingpod Interview.

    A good track record can be gained, through knowledge given by the enemy.

    Clif neglects to mention the fact that he uses psychedelic mushrooms, to speak to entities and ask for information. He has spoken in other interviews, about how he has used them for decades.
    I think that is critical when you consider what he says. In this interview he gives the impression, the information is from computer software.

    In the Delingpod interview he tells more. He claims to have gained the most knowledge through interaction with psychic beings, rather than from algorithms.

    Galatians 1:8

    • Hey Soos Christos

      Is this the one on Odysee? Yeah, he starts talking about it about an hour and 15 minutes in.

  219. virginia clark

    It’s becoming apparent that the only way to bring these DS servants done is the money. Expose and prosecute insider trading, monetary gifts from China and foreign countries, money, favors from lobbyists. ect. Like Cliff said, start with the corrupt paid off Supreme Court. Force them to prosecute the cases in order to protect their behinds.

  220. NJ guy

    Use your heads. If Trump were still in office, the script would be flipped. Liberals would refuse to get the Trump vaxx and those refusing now would line up.

    The variable here is Biden’s ineffective leadership and his effectively trying to mandate these vaccines, which is unconstitutional and unconscionable.

    Of course these vaccines dont work. No vaccine for rhinovrises or coronaviruses have or will ever work in the way that vaccines for smallpox or chicken pox do. By his logic, you should never take a flu vaccine either. I just took one three weeks ago and still got the flu. We all know this.

    What is going on now is because or society is disinegrating, literally everything is being politicized, including this vaccine. I fully acknowledge that these vaccines dont work as advertised and should in no way be mandated but we are full on in dystopia at this point.

  221. shane wayne

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