Save Dollar or Financial System, Not Both – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s (Special Sunday Night Post)

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said last summer that the Fed rate increases would tank the economy.  The collapse of SVB (Silicon Valley Bank) is the latest sign the Fed is breaking the financial system.  Will it continue to raise interest rates as Fed Head Jay Powell said this past week?  Holter says that is the biggest question out there because it comes down to picking what you want to save.  It’s the U.S. dollar or the financial system.  Holter explains, “They can save one thing or the other.  They can save the financial system, or they can save the dollar.  If they save the dollar, they will have to raise rates, and they will have to keep tightening.  To save the financial system, they will have to loosen.  They have tightened so hard and so fast over the last year they have raised rates and tightened faster than anytime before.  This is in the face of the biggest over-levered situation in history no matter how you look at it. . . . They can only do one or the other, and they already look like fools.  The world is already laughing at the United States.  Think of what Russia and China think when we  are walking out some army general wearing a skirt.  We are getting to the end game.”

Holter, who is also a precious metals broker from Miles Franklin, says the bankruptcy of SVB is just the tip of the default iceberg.  Holter says, “The problem is a global bankruptcy.  In order to avoid the bankruptcy, you don’t go from bank A to bank B or some sovereign treasury.  You don’t go to paper because paper can bankrupt.  It’s going to dawn on people all of a sudden that gold and silver are the safe havens.  That’s going to create a ‘failure to deliver’ event, and when you get failure to deliver, all confidence is gone.  This is all about confidence.  Failure to deliver is coming soon because you are talking about big, big money, and there is not big, big supply. . . . My phone has been blowing up all weekend.  People are wanting wiring instructions so they can wire money Monday morning. . . .This failure to deliver event is right in front of us.”

You might think everything will be safe in the bank because of FDIC deposit insurance.  That is not totally true because the government basically turned depositors into creditors in 2012.  Holter says, “In 2012 or 2013, the FDIC amended their rules and said there would no longer be bailouts, but bail-ins.  People don’t understand that when there is a bail-in and a bank goes down, it takes all or part of the money they are holding on your behalf to make themselves solvent.  It is no surprise that Janet Yellen (Treasury Secretary) is saying there are not going to be bailouts because it’s been official policy for ten years or more. . . .There are cockroaches everywhere.   The whole system is rotten to the core.  The whole system is over-levered.  The whole system is fraudulent.  The entire system is a Ponzi scheme . . . . The government of the reserve currency of the world has to borrow a trillion dollars a year to stay solvent.  That’s ridiculous.”

Holter thinks big inflation is coming when the Fed has to cut rates to save the system.  He says, “The government will inflate or die.”

There is a lot more in the 46-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 3.12.23.

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After the Interview: 

(Production Note:  There will be no Tuesday post because of this special report.)

Bill Holter’s new website is up and running.  It’s simply called

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks for the interview Greg.
    My favourite of all time.
    Just what I needed today, a voice of reason and accountability❤️
    I was feeling unsettled for the last few days, something just didn’t seem right.
    Bo Polny – spot on!
    Marc Faber your a legend also.
    Banking system is failing and please don’t listen to Yellen, AKA, I Don’t See a Financial Crisis Occurring ‘In Our Lifetimes’.

    • loverat

      Brilliant interview. Great guests as always.

      The US independent media well ahead of European independent media, hence why I watch it more.

      • Anthony Australia

        Both are WAY ahead of Australia although we are trying to breakout😀

        New Maria Zeee & Aussie Cossack: The Russian Military Just Dropped Huge Truth Bombs on the Entire World!

        • Anthony Australia

          Metal prices swinging like a YoYo today. Bill said years ago that this was an ominous sign and don’t be surprised if we see $100 movements up or down in one day.

          • Cheri Rodriguez

            Try getting any 2023 Canadian 1 oz Silver Maples. One major online dealer located in Oklahoma keeps pushing back the expected ship date. It was once February 7. Now it’s April 4. Failure to deliver?

            • Coal Burner

              Cheri, Thanks You for the report! As Bill has said before UnObtainium is closing fast.
              News back to you: I been looking for about 2 months for a particular class of coin. I decided Bill had sold them all in his giant deal a few months back. I decided my few local friendly dealers would have to have a walk in seller. Happened to call him today! Bingo he had one. A fairly hefty premium but I took it anyway. Because, UnObtainium is near. My local friendly dealer lives far, far away but that does not matter.
              Thanks Bill and Greg!

        • Jimmy

          The Globalists imposed economic sanctions on their enemy Russia and now are imposing economic sanctions on their enemy the American people with bail-ins as they proceed to impose “Operation Hemorrhagic Fever Contagion” upon the world by using 5 G to turn on the Marburg Virus “already injected into the people who were jabbed” (listen to the Maria Zeee video above)!!!

          • Marie Joy

            I hope Marie Zeee is wrong about an upcoming Marburg pandemic. That said, for anyone who believes we are facing more dangerous plandemics, it seems our best course of action is to become knowledgeable about all likely plandemics and the treatments we can use. Knowledge is power.

            Also, aside from covid, can ivermectin be used for any other illnesses? Asking for a paranoid grandmother (me).

            • Lisa

              Yes, ivermectin is anti-parasitic, and a virus is a parasite of sorts.

              • Jimmy

                Still – The evil Globalist eugenicists from Bill Gates to Fauci and down to Klaus Schwab and Biden are jumping for joy over the latest COVID-19 Update:

                The US has “the highest” number of coronavirus cases and deaths in the world, reporting a total of 105,665,980 cases with around 1,149,250 deaths – and the mass murderers should be receiving their bonus checks shortly (the way the doctors and hospitals get bonus checks for every patient they kill)!!

              • Jimmy

                But – the good news is Karen Kingsten has the goods on all the Big Pharma criminals “that will put every one of them in jail” (while they await their execution)!! –

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Anthony,
          Love Maria Zeee – thanks for the link.
          Decades ago I nearly became a £10 Pom but circumstances dictated I stay home. Ever since, I have wondered if life would have been better in Oz – until the scamdemic! From a distance, Australian authorities appeared to have gone full Nazi – with the population appearing to rollover?! Right now, I sense a fight-back. Australian, Dr Melissa McCann gave a brilliant speech at a recent conference entitled ‘Covid Vaccines & Effects Tour – Sydney, Australia 2023’. Doctor Peter McCullough and Dr Pierre Kory were speakers at the same event. Great stuff!

          Thanks for keeping us all posted on ‘life down under’.

      • Mary

        Thank you for putting this information out. This WHOLE financial system is BS. get out while you can!!!

    • Saeed

      You remembered that lie from that Khazaarian Hag, “there will never be another financial crisis”. These international Banksters will either enslave all the dumb asses who believe them, or kill them with shots for fake viruses.

      Thanks, Greg. Needed to hear Bill’s take on recent financial events.

      • Marie Joy

        One has to wonder if Americans will ever get mad.

      • Jeffrobbins

        This is a long shot- is your last name Goffingon? Think i spelled that right.

    • Jimmy

      Today banks are sitting on a time bomb – thanks to Powell raising interest rates and “their own greed” (not paying depositors a fair interest rate on their deposited money) – people are wising up – and are now taking their money out of the banks (paying no interest) and are putting their money to work in higher yielding investments (like Treasuries paying 5%) or into physical gold kept at home also yielding zero percent “but at least it can’t be bailed in and expropriated by the criminals running the banks – to stop this current run on the banks – the banks simply have to pony up – and give their depositors “a fair deal” (and that includes not raising rates on their customers credit cards to 30% percent)!!

  2. Skip ONeill

    Very timely. Love you and Bill, the information is so relevant.

    God Bless…

  3. Shirl

    Timely interview, thank you both.

    • Francine

      Greg …David Morgan was on an interview last night Sunday night with a few other guys on Beyond Mystic. They said Janet yelling said that the treasury will back all savings accounts or deposit accounts not stocks and bonds but all deposit accounts. So no bail out but they’re calling it something different which is a bailout.

      • Shirl

        “Stolen Elections have CONSEQUENCES” who knew? 😲

      • Jimmy

        Kevin O’Leary says: “I will never buy a bank stock again as Biden has essentially Nationalized the Industry post-SVB” – Warren Buffett has seen around $8 billion wiped off the value of his financial stocks in just three trading days (after the SVB collapse) – while his Gold stock Barrick rose 6.22% on Monday!!

  4. George

    The globalist plan is to crash the banks and to buy all the private banks for pennies then tell the depositors they have CBDC instead of Dollars, thereby trapping everyone in one fell swoop, so they can’t opt out of their new system.

    • Jimmy

      Depositors “will not be trapped” if they get their money out of the banks “before the Globalists buy them out for pennies on the dollar” – and simply put their money into things “that can’t be bailed-in” (like physical gold and silver held securely at home or elsewhere (but out of the reach of the dirty Globalist criminals)!!

    • MS


    • Margie

      Is there any way we can bypass or avoid the CBDC? What will happen to people who have prescious metals and are prepared? You still have to pay taxes on your property, right? This is just so evil!. I’m trying to figure out what to do and have been praying for months that these evil people don’t take over and I’m beginning to despair that God doesn’t hear us or maybe has another plan. I’m so worried for my family and friends and for the world!!

      • Earth Angel

        Want to by pass or avoid digital slavery?.. See… & silver. Me thinks that is one very fine way to avoid digital slavery.. barter is another. The more ways we have to trade with one another the better. Hey, it worked for thousands of years right?!.. let’s go back for the future.


        Dear Margie, Jesus said fear not I am with you and if we have Jesus with us we also have the Holy Spirit who Jesus said would lead and guide us into all truth. Don’t worry God hears you and me and all that are called out to Him. God is our Father and He’s a good good Father He knows our names where we live and our children and families and how many hairs on our heads, God loves you and He’s going to keep us safe. Remember what happened to all the evil ones who killed Jesus and all the evil ones who started WW1-2 and 911 their dead and had to face Almighty God and went to Hell. I’m going to pay two years of my house taxes I have some food and pray my water works I have my Bible and lots of books, some seeds, my cats, blankets, two fireplaces&wood,and believing Father God to get us to the other side to start over and the evil ones wiped out like Father God did for Moses. Jesus said not to lay up in-store where mold and rust can corrupt gold and silver don’t rust not that I have any of it. Jesus also said “having done all you can do and that’s all I can do,, to stand therefore on God’s promises”. Jesus also said “I give you Peace”<the peace that passes ALL understanding. So PEACE to everyone and remember God knows your name and where you live and has Angles round about you to keep you in all your ways. Jesus is our Prince of peace
        Lord of Lords, King of 👑.
        Peace Margie, Love Linda ☘️

  5. Shirley Thompson

    I’m not sure panicking and rushing to the bank to clean out your balance is the best move. A run on banks by consumers will be the impetus for the Globalist Cabal to take control, guaranteeing deposits. The catch will be transition to CBDC. THEY realize a smooth transition will not work – people and states are rejecting the digital coin. I agree with General Flynn – now is the time to stand and refuse/reject what they are doing. Realize 97% of Silicone Valley Bank are tech companies with excess $250K in deposits. This bank is NOT really impacting the little guys. The FDIC will bail to $250K individual depositors. My practice is to leave in the bank on deposit my monthly expenses, anticipated online purchases plus a $100 or so. I then pay utilities, auto/homeowners insurance, property taxes, etc locally. I pay cash for all intown purchases like groceries, feed, supplies. Then I keep the extra in safekeeping as cash. Let’s not give the crooks a reason to bring in their surveillance/police state tied to our money.



    • Jimmy

      Keeping your money “SAFE” (is the best move) – screw the banksters and the Globalists!!

    • Earth Angel

      I also agree. People must not panic and give them a reason to push the cbdc. Look to the Goldback currency. That is our way forward! ..

    • MaryR

      Bill Holter, please get a new clear microphone, and possible video camera. We so desire to hear your thoughts but with hearing problems it’s very difficult to understand you!
      Thanks very much….


      Amen Shirley , Fear is of the devil. We can’t be in faith and fear at the same time, A double minded man will receive nothing from the Lord Jesus. I still have my Shirley Temple doll from when I was 7 she still looks great. 😊

  6. D

    Thanks Greg, I’ve already been looking for Bill Holter!
    God bless you both!

    • American Citizen

      Two things… Fed Reserve in DC shutdown and barb-wired weeks ago should have woken us up? And is both Fed and Treasury going to spring CBDC? I fear this is the end goal.

      • Jimmy

        Intelligent people are now getting their US dollar cash to a safe place (like into physical Gold and Silver) which is out of the reach of the Globalists (who can only turn US Fed Dollars into CBDC’s) – physical Gold and Silver held outside the system are not at risk of a bail-in or conversion into CBDC’s!!

      • Shirley Thompson

        Look at the barrier – it’s a construction barrier and not substantive enough to keep out throngs of people. If they really wanted to protect themselves they would have erected a wrought iron fence complete with electronic barriers. Besides, all that resides in that building anymore are administrative worker types. Not the computer system nor the leadership. So why would people protest the Fed Reserve building?

  7. Major Payne

    Bill – What brand of cowboy hat do you wear?

    And where do you get them? Thanks.


    • Shirley Thompson

      Living in Texas, I’d bet on Stetson, custom made and steamed to perfection.

    • Earth Angel

      Yeah, it’s a good lookin’ hat alright and Bill reminds me of John Wayne in it.. Ridin’ in to save the day for us all! ; )

      • Susan

        Nah. He is more handsome than John Wayne.

    • Jimmy

      Hope everyone realizes that Bill is a “White Hat” – he only wears a Black Hat “to confuse the enemy” (and he also looks better in it)!!

  8. Major Payne

    The Head of Financial Risk Management at Silicon Valley Bank was

    Jay Ersopah – a black, gay, immigrant diversity hire, What could possible go wrong?

    • Mary

      Get woke, go broke. This Jay character epitomizes the lunacy of all the USA DEI and transgender nonsense. Jay was more concerned with LGBT and creating safe spaces than the health of the SVB. All BS.

    • Jimmy

      Don’t ask Biden (who puts gays into every important position in Government) – remember – Biden who is willing to rob the American people to pay that queer Zelensky – won’t think twice about telling you that your bank account has simply disappeared – Biden would likely tell us: “Get over it” – “just buy yourself an ice cream cone before all the cows are gone the way I do” – “because we are now in World War III” – “and after we are nuked – who is going to need money”!!!

      • Peter D

        Thanks Greg,
        It’s always nice to hear Bill Holter’s point of view and advice which is sane, rational and timely.

    • Pete+only

      And he bought 10 year u.s treasuries paying 1.5% interest…at a time when interest rates were going up…when the U.S government had over $30 trillion in debt…liberals and democrats would call it racism for having this type of judgement.

  9. Rich Rozmarn

    Thanks Greg for getting Bill on so fast. This could be it and the dam breaks.

    • Jimmy

      Breaking News!! – “Gold just hit $1900 dollars per ounce” – as people quickly convert their Fed paper Dollars into “real” money – before the evil Globalists convert all their Fed dollars into “fake and controllable” CBDC’s!!

      • Jimmy

        It is now 1:20 New York time – Gold is up 2.62% and Silver is up 7.11% – not a bad day at all for the gold bugs (as the strong dollar crowd see’s their paper money “evaporate” out of their bank accounts)!!

  10. Shiloh1

    Thank you Greg and Bill !!!

  11. Sylvia Sires

    Put no trust in man but God only. The Illuminati have to tell you the truth before it happens, that’s their own law. I don’t trust Q now. He told us things before they happened! We’re even told of events before they happen in movies!!What happened in Ohio 1 month ago actually happened in a movie made years ago in Ohio!!! Now listen carefully; Q told us that the banking system was going to collapse a few years ago. This large Bank that collapsed in CA. could be the beginning of more banks collapsing’; the banking system is going to collapse because Q said that. And who is Q? Supposedly its Trump and the military. My mind is going crazy right now. Something bad is going to happen. P.S. The illuminati are Satanists. My head is spinning. I’m trying to figure this all out. Maybe there’s apart of me that doesn’t want to believe this. IF THIS IS ALL TRUE, THINGS ARE GONNA GET REALLY BAD!

    • Freebreezer

      SS – there is no going back. I read a great book many years ago on complexity theory and civilization and it collapse. Basic premise is – Civilization’s complexity overshoots what can be managed and it collapsing back down a few rungs. Here in the USA and the west we are catalyzing (i.e. hyper priming) the demise of our societies via the diversity/equity crap and putting inferior minds into important positions of control. Our fundamental foundations are/will crumble because the best are no longer in charge. Look at what the universities are pumping out (scary!) To advance our civilization and integrate it with the growth of technology takes promoting and grooming the very top tier people to take charge (regardless of skin color or sexual crap). Again in the west, the universities are promoting Diversity/Equity/ and other bullshit sexual crap and promoting accordingly to skin color and sexual orientation? … Most of these prodigies have no qualifications to be in control. Thus, put a fool in charge of complex structures and get hellish outcomes – DAH! Just look at South Africa … That is where this diversity crap is leading the west too.

      • Coal Burner

        Been that way in SA for over a decade and we caused it! After TuTu, it was back too the Dark Ages. Their philosophy is we do not care how many die because we get rid of the few with technical knowledge to keep 40 million alive where only 2 million can survive. They don’t care, we will still be chiefs of what ever is left.
        The WEF and their owned monions in western governments have addopted the same garbage. Those dummys actually bought the CO2, gonna’ kill us all, Climate change! LOL! Not!

  12. Allen

    Hate to sound like a complainer but I had to turn Bill off. terrible audio.. increasingly it seems guests are not checking their. audio…… maybe they need to spend more time learning how to record and film these things….Bill actually hurt my ears.

  13. Jeff owens

    This has been their goal all along. To kill the system AND the dollar. Bring it all down to usher in the “New” CBDC as the only way out.
    The rapture is knocking at the door my Brother cause this is the opening Salvo to total control and the entrance of the anti-christ who will bring us “peace, prosperity and safety”

  14. Carol

    Hi Greg,

    Just saw this:
    March 12 (Reuters) – State regulators closed New York-based Signature Bank (SBNY.O) on Sunday, the third largest failure in U.S. banking history, two days after authorities shuttered Silicon Valley Bank (SIVB.O) in a collapse that stranded billions in deposits.

    • Shirl

      Carol, that “Signature Bank” was coincidently another WOKE Bank that had attacked President Trump with some kookie WOKE Scheme of one variety or another, I don’t recall exactly what LIES they were trying to float against The America First President but, kinda glad they are getting a turn in the GO WOKE GO BROKE learning barrel 🙂

      • Carol

        Agreed Shirl! Not concerned about Signature only that it might start some momentum.

  15. Cathie Merry

    Thanks Greg and Bill for your insight.
    I think the roller coast just changed tracks. Only this time no seatbelts.
    I think people are going to need more than just the gold & silver to see this through. There may be a run on led, water, gas and food. Just like any major storm, this one will be bigger than Catrina.

    • Prospector

      Hi all , a few choice quotes this Monday. Silvergate seemed very under-the-radar.
      FTX > Silvergate > SVB > Signature Bank NY > next ?

      Barney Frank helped create the 2008 Financial Crisis then lied about it and was then put in charge of fixing it(Dodd-Frank). Now the same guy is on the board of Signature Bank which just collapsed. This is the Clown Show our Federal Government has become.

      ( Responding to Becky Quick CNBC )
      And there is a cost to taxpayers when the nation’s insured institutions must bear the cost of the bailouts, those costs will, in one way or another, be passed along to consumers. This was just another bailout by another name.

      The Fed’s newest credit facilities allows banks to borrow against their long duration bonds at par, despite the historic drawdown.
      SVB went all in on bonds at the generational top, and yet would have never failed if these facilities were in place just last week.

      Mexico wants to join BRICS ??? ( Unconfirmed )

  16. Jimmy

    It’s Monday morning overseas (and Janet Yellen had just stated: “SVB won’t be bailed out”) – markets began to crash – making it look like Monday “mourning” – so – Janet Yellen immediately reversed course and said: “SVB will be bailed out” – and overseas markets have begun to turn and are now rallying – why?? – because – if the Fed “is forced by Treasury” protect all small US banks (as a panic ensues) – it means Powell will be forced to hold back on raising rates at the March 22 meeting!! – and this possibility – is now weighing on the price of the US dollar (now “falling” in trading overseas) and both Gold and Silver are rising – the US dollar is down against almost all major currency pairs – losing around 1% of its value against the Euro, the British Pound and the Japanese Yen (whereas Gold is up 1% and Silver is up 1.5%) – an economist at Goldman Sachs says “he no longer expects the Fed to increase rates at its next meeting” (he had previously expected a quarter-point increase) – however – he still expects rate hikes in May, June and July “after this SVB matter is put to rest” (ultimately pushing US interest rates up to 5.25% to 5.5%) – so – if he is right – any Gold rally we have here “may not hold for long” (unless complete panic sets in and the Fed is forced into immediately lowering rates “to prevent a total economic collapse”)!!!

    • Jimmy

      If there is complete panic – Bob Moriarty has some advice (all crypto’s are going zero) – four of the Biggest US Banks Lost $47 Billion in Market Value last week when SVB went down (JP Morgan lost $20 billion in market value, Bank of America lost $15 billion. Wells Fargo $8.5 billion and Citigroup $3 billion) – but – the big game changer (a total collapse in confidence) will hit markets very hard when Credit Swiss collapses in the not to distant future (it could be just a matter of months)!! –

  17. Jimmy Jamestown

    wow! Very impressed that Greg Hunter took charge of the situation and provided this special Sunday release video. And thanks to Bill Holter. Godspeed.

  18. Robert Olin

    Banks putting money into treasuries at 1.5% and then need to cash out when they are at 4% says it all. Must be those inclusive, woke executives.

    • Pete+only

      Robert, I can’t agree more with you.
      Stupidity has AWOKEN when a bank invests in a 10 year treasury at 1.5% when a bank’s customers can take out money at a moment’s notice, and at the same time everyone knew interest rates were heading higher.
      This had to be a deliberate time bomb to go off when the powers to be have mastered the Central Bank Digital Currency…I don’t believe it when people say that this won’t happen for awhile. It is here right now (CBDCs).
      My guess is those living pay check to pay check will be pushing for Central Bank Digital Currencies very soon…
      In one day, all of the precious metal stock in the area that I live in has already disapeared…

  19. Jayna Williams

    Just to show you how quickly things change, by the time this was posted, Yellen and the FED are going to to “bailouts” calling it a “loan” based on the maturity value of the bonds, but the Treasury is going to keep the bonds until maturity and use that to pay back the loan.

  20. Andrew Harrison

    could the Fed be deliberately crashing the banks to consolidate in preparation for CBDC?

    • Jimmy

      That’s the plan Andrew – in Germany during the Great Depression they called it “Wheelbarrow money” – in today’s modern day Weimar “Demoncrazy” (Democracy) they call it “CBDC money”!!

    • Shiloh1

      Not disagreeing with what you say.

      Greg mentioned Tom Luongo.

      I occasionally follow Luongo whose theory is that by raising interest rates Powell is trying to kill EU and Davos crowd. I just don’t know.

      • Coal Burner

        Yes, I heard that possibility from Tom. It added credence when I heard Jamie Diamond was on board with the FED master. My logic is neither wants to lose their kingdom because they are both out if WEF takes over. No one will need a FED or JP Morgan if WEF is running the clown show disaster.

  21. Mike Mchugh

    please try to get ed dowd back to discuss bank issues?

  22. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter a timely interview indeed.
    Here in the UK our banks,wether domestically owned or foreign, are nothing but LIARS,incapable of telling the truth to us plebs as illustrated by September 2022 disaster in our pension funds that “own” “liquid” assets and are marked to market at 100%.The reality hit us all last September (2022) and those awake suddenly saw the head of the Bank of England covering for the Marxists really in controls ,laughable, leaping into action promising to rescue the pensions which in reality he did NOT. Encouraging others to buy in with yet more pension funds. Its a circle jerk of idiocy. Still its the lying cheating UK what did we expect?

  23. tim mcgraw

    I like Bill Holter very much. His analysis is always on the money. I do wish he wouldn’t say “They” won’t let SVB fail. Be specific and say, “The bankers and Big Shots on Wall Street.”
    And don’t say “Injections of liquidity”. It sounds like a saline solution at the hospital.
    Say, “The bankers at the Fed will create the currency digits and send them to the banks.”
    Be specific. Spell it out for the audience. People need to know the basic mechanics of how this con game works.
    That’s the only way we can stop it. And by “we” I mean the workers and retirees and kids who are being sodomized every day by these banker/con artists.

  24. tim mcgraw

    Of course, the central banks, all banks, are insolvent. Banking is based upon fractional reserve banking. That’s a fancy way of saying the banks take one of the depositor’s dollars and turn it into ten dollars and then loan out the money or buy bonds with it.
    These effing bankers think they can create money out of thin air with a keystroke or two.
    It is not reality.
    Wealth is created through hard work, not financial shenanigans.
    Banks are a Ponzi Scheme… even worse if you think about it.

  25. tim mcgraw

    The Fed will save the dollar IMO. If they don’t they will hang by the neck when chaos breaks out.
    The financial system can fail and the masses, who have maybe $599 in the bank, won’t give a damn.
    But if the mob goes hungry, bankers die.
    If it comes to choosing between money or life (the old Jack Benny joke), the bankers will hem and haw, but they’ll choose life.

  26. Justn Observer

    Greg, Timely interview, as always you are on it !…Bill Holter a very intelligent and truthful guy for sure. AND R.I.P. Ron Kirby, who likely would also have much to say about it as well!

  27. Breck

    Good morning Greg,
    My wife and I were looking for comments from Bill Holter over the weekend and “voila” you brought him on a special show. Thanks. I appreciate how he explained the tensions in the banking system and the choices before them – no winning hand for we the people. But, we have been warned by you and your guests for some years now.
    Also, in your last interview with Bo Polny, he said something big in March around Purim. Bingo!
    Some trust in horses, some in chariots but we will remember the Name of the LORD our God.

    Thanks for all you do on behalf of we the people.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Breck & your wife for all your support.


        Dear Greg and Bill, someone’s said they HOPE he is dead right. You don’t want to be DEAD anything. Forty years ago our minister told us to get the evil words out of our mouths completely because Jesus said you will get what you say. We will live and not die no corrupt communication will come to our of our mouths in Jesus name. Bill is blessed and not cursed so are all who STAND for life. DEAD is an evil word. Also I heard Robert F Kennedy Jr is going to run for president he might be standing against the shots BUT remember he and his family though I love them they supported Hillary, Obama and the Democratic. His uncle was killed on my birthday, my father’s father’s grandmother was Fitzgerald’s from Ireland that went to Boston and we’re all Catholic BUT how can they all vote for killing of babies. Why can’t they see this? “Having eyes they cannot see and ears and cannot hear”Lord Jesus Christ. Those who walk in darkness will see a great light, Jesus. Thanks Greg & Bill. I speek life in Jesus name 🙏🕊️🇺🇸
        Stop the machine. 🔥the war machine. 🙏 🕊️

        • Jimmy

          The Globalists who want to never die – will never get out of the Hell they have created if they live forever – and the ones that do die – will be thrown into the Hell that God created for them – so they are total losers – and they are pissed – and that’s why – these Globalists want to make it Hell on Earth “for everyone” (with their “jabs” and their “nuclear” wars)!!!

      • Tim K

        Thanks Greg!!!!!!!

        Did not expect this great report. Oh, you are smart!

        God bless you my friend


        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Tim!

          Bill Holter is the “smart” one!!


          • William Mitchell

            As Hunter Biden says “these are times that try men’s souls”.

            • Jimmy

              As Joe Biden says “these are times I’m going to tie up men’s souls – and take away their gas stoves”!!

  28. Brian Perks

    They are not going to look like morons.
    They have always been morons.

  29. Jimmy

    As Bill Holter has said: “Those with a thinking brain (who have read the provision under the 2010 Dodd-Frank Act – allowing Systemically Important Financial Institutions (Big Banks) that get into Trouble To Bail-in or Expropriate their customers money to prevent insolvency)” – are logically getting their money out now – and are putting it into “real physical money assets” like gold and silver which can’t be automatically converted into “controllable CBDC’s” like the Fed notes (US dollars) held in a bank account!!

  30. Earl Thornburg

    Greg, An excellent choice to get Bill Holter. The timing of this interview is exactly what we needed. This may develop this week quickly where you might want to keep Bill on speed dial for an update.
    Thanks Bill for your opinion.

  31. Thomas Fiust

    Bill Holter you are the man. Nice crisp shirt and tie dimple, Greg Hunter. You guys rock. Aloha from O’ahu.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Thomas!

  32. Jesse

    “Watch the television the old-timey way with an antenna”?

    According to a lot of people in the know, you would be better off watching zero TV. The only use I have for a TV (flat screen, non-smart TV) is for a computer monitor. Maybe if more of us were not entrained, this regime would not have gotten so out-of-control?

  33. Roger Stamper

    tks bill greg

  34. john beasley

    The Federal Reserve dollar belongs to the banking cartel. As well, they can print and spend all the dollars they want to with no accountability. To me, it seems obvious that the Federal Reserve banking cartel would choose to save their dollar over saving the economy.

  35. Joanie Flynt

    What happened to Dane W’s post? Listened to it last night and had many people lined up to send it to this morning, but it is as if you never had that conversation with him!

    What next!

  36. John Geis

    The system broke with the start of the war. They have been selling the last saving account, the SPR. The frackers went wild with BORROWED FUNDS with gas $6 now they can’t pay with gas $2 and change. They flew a B-52 within a hundred miles of Putin’s home town St. Petersburg!! They have to take us to the THIRD OPTION, When all else fails they take you to WAR! We just gave JDAMS which require PLANES to launch! Ukraine’s army is collapsing! They have to send in the Air Force pretending to be Ukrainian dropping 1,000 pound JDAMS on the Russians. A military emergency happened Sunday! The situation is so bad that in a war all our ships run out of ammo in a week!!
    WHEN ALL ELSE FAILS THEY TAKE YOU TO WAR!! Do not be surprised when they hit America with Putin’s weapon of INDIGNATION EMP! Do not be surprised when the lights go out and do not come back on!

  37. Stan

    I love how the doomsters are making a small banking failure into a big crisis. This always provides great opportunity for smart investors. Just like in 2012 I am now shorting Gold big time. I am long Dollars and equities. All this hoopla will be over in a few weeks and I’ll be driving a new Bentley. Our banking system is sound and is the envy of the world!

    • Jimmy

      Right Stan – the Fed has tightened to make the US dollar stronger because they have devalued it so much over the years – – now something big broke – what do you think they are going to do about it? – tighten some more?? – just so you can make some money shorting Gold??? – Gold is now over $1900 dollars per ounce Stan – all your short positions “are in the red” – tell me what are you going to do when you begin getting margin calls – and can’t withdraw money from your bank to cover!!!

      • Stan

        Jimmy: Just as I predicted, banks stocks are soaring today and Gold has resumed its downtrend. Most of short positions are not in the red. Thank you

        • Jimmy

          Stan – Your lovely American banking system that you claim “is the envy of the world” has now been effectively “Nationalized” by your buddy Biden!!! – I bet the shareholders of the now “Nationalized American Banking System” are not very happy about losing everything they own – if they are “envious” (they are envious that Biden bailed out the US depositors while all the shareholders were screwed)!! – still buying shares in Deutsche Bank?? – hope you realize that Credit Swiss is next to be Nationalized!!!

    • Jerry

      Really Stan?
      What does it say when another bank shuts down?

      Denial ain’t a river in Egypt.

      • Stan

        Jerry: I’m loading up today on Credit Suisse. This stock is a 10 bagger at minimum.

        • Greg Hunter

          How did your gold short do??

          • Stan

            Patience Greg, patience

        • Jimmy

          Stan – Before you go jumping into Credit Suisse (currently in need of a bail-out and most probably soon to be Nationalized) – you better take care with those short positions in gold you own (which looking at the following chart would seem to me to be on the verge of going even deeper into the red)!! –

        • Jimmy

          And one more thing Stan – another nail in the Credit Suisse coffin is the fact that the bank’s biggest shareholder Saudi National Bank (which is 37% owned by the Kingdom’s Sovereign Wealth Fund) has just “publicly ruled out any further investment in the bank”!!

  38. john beasley

    If money becomes worth nothing, how will we pay our property taxes? Will it be like after the Civil War in the Southern states. the people lost their land and properties to the Yankees. So is this planned, as was the looting after the Civil War?

    • Jimmy

      John – Jesus had the answer – “You give unto Caesar what is Caesar’s” (worthless paper dollars to pay your taxes) – and you “keep” God’s gold (to buy what is essential to live)!!

  39. john beasley

    derivities are like buying insurance on an investment? so these bankers were collecting a fee for every derivitie they sell.

  40. World on the BRINK?

    Douglas Macgregor – The Battle for Control
    Ms. Phoepe 6,744 views Premiered Mar 12, 2023
    Douglas Macgregor Interview – The Battle for Control

    Scott Ritter – A Defining Moment in the Donbass Conflict
    Ms. Phoepe 23K views 13 hours ago

    Biden in a huddle to avert major crisis after second U.S. bank collapses | ‘This Mess…’ Woke and BROKE!
    Hindustan Times 30,364 views Mar 13, 2023
    The U.S is grappling with a major banking crisis after the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank (SVB) on March 10. Another U.S. bank, Signature, a New York-based regional-size lender with significant cryptocurrency exposure has been shuttered after its stock price tanked. The U.S. authorities have now unveiled sweeping measures to rescue depositors’ money from failed SVB. Meanwhile, president Joe Biden said that he will address the largest crisis since 2008 today. Watch this video to find out what’s happening in America.

    EU’s Russian energy bluff exposed; Spain’s LNG import from Moscow soars by 151% in Feb
    Hindustan Times 65,181 views Mar 12, 2023
    The European Union has proven to be a plaster saint yet again for its sermons to the world over the use of Russian energy amid war. While the EU is lecturing Russian allies, including India, its own
    member state, Spain, is rapidly stockpiling liquefied natural gas from Moscow. Data from Spanish energy major Enagas shows that Madrid’s LNG imports from Russia more than doubled in February 2023 compared to the same month last year. Spain’s purchases jumped 151.4% to the equivalent of 5.46 terawatt-hours (TWH) last month, up from 2.17 TWH in February 2022, according to Enagas data. Watch this report for more.

    Nuclear North Korea threatens U.S.; Kim Jong-un vows to ‘mercilessly punish’ Biden | Watch
    Hindustan Times 31,688 views Mar 13, 2023
    North Korea has promised that its people will ‘mercilessly punish’ the U.S. as it held largest military drills with South Korea in the last five years. A day earlier, North Korea also test-fired two strategic cruise missiles. News agency KCNA reported that the so-called underwater launching drill verified a North Korean ‘nuclear war deterrence means.’ The latest nuclear-capable missile launches add to the barrage of missiles North Korea has fired off in recent weeks, including an intercontinental ballistic missile designed to deliver a nuclear warhead to the U.S. mainland. Watch this video for more details.

    Russia shoots down four rockets near Belgorod; Putin’s men foil big attack amid war | Hindustan Times 48 views Mar 13, 2023
    A rocket attack attempt on the Russian city of Belgorod was foiled by air defense forces. Four projectiles were shot down over the provincial capital and the surrounding area, said Belgorod Oblast Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov. According to preliminary reports, some debris fell on private homes in Belgorod, causing damage and injuring a woman. The city of Belgorod is located around 35 kilometers from the Ukrainian border. Authorities have declared a state of emergency in the border area, which is within range of Ukrainian artillery and evacuated some 250 families.

    Putin’s firepower burns down Ukrainian defence; Fight for last few kilometers of Bakhmut
    Hindustan Times 131,849 views Mar 12, 2023
    The Russian Air Forces have reportedly taken advantageous positions in Bakhmut. TASS cited reports suggesting that Russian assault units have seized all the paved roads leading in the eastern Ukrainian city. Fiercest battle for control of the city is going on this frontline city. A pro-Russia, retired soldier from separatist group in Luhansk claimed that Russian units have created a ‘good bridgehead’ for further advancement into Bakhmut.

    Douglas Macgregor – Ukraine’s Hope for Victory
    Ms. Phoepe 54,276 views Premiered Mar 11, 2023
    Douglas Macgregor Interview – Ukraine’s Hope for Victory

    Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine Is Destroyed !! Here Is Why
    Thisdayinfo 3,883 views Mar 13, 2023
    Douglas Macgregor: Ukraine Is Destroyed !! Here Is Why.
    In this eye-opening video, Douglas Macgregor, a retired U.S. Army Colonel and author, explains why he believes that Ukraine has been destroyed. Macgregor presents a critical analysis of the historical and geopolitical factors that have contributed to the current situation in Ukraine, including the role of the United States and Russia.
    He argues that Ukraine has been caught in the middle of a power struggle between the West and Russia, and that both sides have pursued their own interests at the expense of the Ukrainian people. Macgregor also discusses the impact of corruption, weak leadership, and the ongoing conflict in the Donbass region on Ukraine’s political and economic stability.

  41. Mark

    Beware the idea of march.

    • Jimmy

      The Ides of March approach – and as Biden leads us into WWIII he has his Military Generals all around him (just like in the days of the Roman Empire) – and likely (just like Caesar) is completely unaware that some very gung-ho “first strike” Demon-rats are probably in a fit (and want to remove him from office) because he has not nuked Russia yet!! – Caesar was also unaware and surprised (when he was stabbed in the back on March 15, 44 BC by his best buddy Brutus)!!

  42. Prospector

    It’s looking like coordinated action against CRYPTO bankers. NO alternative to fiat
    ( then C.B.D.C. ) can be allowed ?

    The real story is not the banks collapsing. It’s the Federal government intentionally doing it to crush crypto and then coming in to “save” them.

    Operation Chokepoint. Shut down the crypto friendly banks so all that money for this new asset class runs into the arms of the government’s banker friends.

    ( Why is UK – Bank of England involved ? Deepest pockets ? Control ? )
    Silicon Valley Bank UK has today been sold to

    This transaction has been facilitated by the
    in consultation with HM Treasury.

    • Jimmy

      The “crypto people” are on the front line against the Globalist bankers – they had to be used like “cannon fodder” so the “trained troops” (the gold bugs) had time to do an end run (sneak attack) on the Globalists – accumulating gold (cheap) and bringing back legal “Constitutional Money” in various States of the Union – we should honor our fallen crypto heroes who are now sacrificing their lives to IRS scrutiny and losing their fortunes “for the better good of humanity”!!!

  43. Mike

    It is well enough that the people of the nation do not understand our banking and monetary system, for if they did, I believe there would be a revolution before tomorrow morning.
    Quote by Henry Ford
    Seems relevant at this time.
    Thank you Greg for all you do, Same to Bill Holter.

    • Jimmy

      Mike – The people of the Nation do not understand how to read a chat – for if they did – they would have enough silver to throw it into the streets without a care and thus guarantee their entrance into Heaven!! –

  44. Francine

    Greg …David Morgan was on an interview last night Sunday night with a few other guys on Beyond Mystic. They said Janet yelling said that the treasury will back all savings accounts or deposit accounts not stocks and bonds but all deposit accounts. So no bail out but they’re calling it something different which is a bailout.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Francine,
      According to the so-called ‘Bail-in’ legislation, taxpayer funded bank bailouts are prohibited until the creditor (that includes depositors) funds have been bailed in. It appears that TPTB balked at the prospect of utilising a bail-in at SVB – perhaps ‘we the people’ are still too feisty and too armed – so they have devised a new method of bailout. This involves the Fed creating more currency out of thin air and thus increasing its already massive balance sheet. Yellen says this bailout will not be taxpayer funded, but this obfuscates the fact that creating currency out of thin air is massively inflationary, and inflation is a hidden TAX on ‘we the people’. Same old, same old . . .

      • Jimmy

        Hey Janet Yellen – Since when is money created out of thin air to bail out a bank “not taxpayer funded”?? – when it is added to our National Debt that we the people are responsible for paying??? – seems what you are now saying is “the American People do not have to pay back the National Debt – so is thisthe “Debt Jubilee” spoken about in the Bible finally coming to fruition????

  45. Prospector

    Well that says it all !

    Whatever you think of the SVB bailout, I want you to really sit with the fact that rich VC’s just got an Insta bailout while the people of East Palestine can’t even get a straight answer as to whether their kids have been poisoned.
    Mar 12, 2023

    ( VC – venture capitol )

  46. Russ 2

    Thanks to you and Bill — very important and relevant interview. The fiscal landscape will be very different by Friday.

    Assuming the contagion spreads as many suspect, my stack will eclipse any bank losses. A few weeks ago after your interview with Martin Armstrong I had a cashiers check drawn on my largest account for roughly half and moved it all into PM’s. It will seem to have been prescient to my broker but I can’t take any credit.

    Bill Holter, Peter Schiff, Martin Armstrong, Egon von Greyertz, John Rubino, Gerald Celente, Craig Hemke, Bo Polny … You and your guests have been warning that this day would come and here it is. The train is leaving the station and many haven’t bought a ticket.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Russ 2 for sharing this.

  47. Gregory George

    Greg, Monday morning ..
    I think that your audience would like to hear what Bill has to say now. I know I would. Do you think a special interview today or tomorrow could be done for us inquiring minds?

  48. Garry

    All is fine, only ” 2 weeks to flatten your bank account”; now onto more important issues climate change..

    ” The sun is causing global warming”

    • Jimmy

      And don’t forget the Marburg Virus Contagion that Bill Gates and the Globalists are planning to release upon us – likely at the sane time they do a nuclear first strike upon Russia (probably when Zelensky runs out of ammo)!!

      • Jimmy

        The US is currently running B52 “nuclear bomb practice runs” into Russian air space to either strike directly at the Russian Capital and kill millions of Russian civilians or have the Russians panic and launch a nuclear strike upon the United States – killing millions of Russians and millions of Americans is the Goal of these Military psychopaths – they thought nothing of killing millions of Japanese civilians at the end of WWII by dropping a nuclear bomb “on civilian cities” when they should have been only targeting the Japanese Military!!!

        • Jimmy

          The Demon-rats have Famine and Armageddon on the menu for the world and American people – so don’t count on having eggs – when all these chickens come home to roost!!!

        • Occasnltrvlr

          The B-52 sortie “NOBLE1” departed from Moron Air Base in Spain, did enter St. Petersburg’s Flight Information Region (Russia’s version of the ADIZ), but never entered Russian air space. Two Su-27’s were dispatched, but NOBLE1 turned course before intercept. NOBLE1 kept its transponder on during the entire mission.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Garry,
      “The sun is causing global warming”. – love it!
      According to Clif High, the sun imparts more energy upon the Earth in less than one hour, than ALL the energy generated by humans in a year! Made me think. However cold a day, you feel instantly warmer when the sun comes out from behind a cloud. The sun shines upon half of the Earth 24/7 x 365.25* days a year – providing all the world’s plants with the energy required to photosynthesise! How much energy is that?! Somewhat undermines the Globalists’ ranting about human activity based climate change.

      *365.25 takes account of leap years.

      • Jimmy

        Exactly right PNG – If Biden and his Green Buddy Psychopaths shut off all the gas, all the oil, all the coal and all the nuclear in the entire world – all the heat it amounts to “is like putting the Sun behind a cloud for an hour” – it’s a “Big Scam” (to make the people across the world revolt – so the Psycho Globalist Eugenicists can bring in their Commie/Fascist/Nazi/White Supremacist New World Order !!!

  49. Jane

    Thank U Greg for the Special Report.

  50. Joseph Boudreau

    Greg, thank you from bringing on Bill Holter again. Such a smart guy. I watched a video yesterday with Bix Weir and their mutual friend, Andy Sheckman. So many smart people sharing REAL information, unlike Jim Cramer, who only a month ago said to pile into SVB. What a joke. He needs to go!
    Measure you wealth in ounces!!!!
    My latest blog post:

  51. Skippy

    What if..all wars are bankers wars this time doesn’t mean boots on the ground,tanks and bombs but..bankers vs bankers. White hats want to crash the system cuz of the corruption and put commodities for a trade/ commerce foundation..Black hat weffers want to crash it with their cbdc foundation…so…collapse it is,either way. A collapse leads to destruction then rebuilding. Are you ready to maybe live like a peasant to get through the destruct phase and see the rebuild? Both white and black have offensive and defensive moves…however..Mike Tyson sez..your plan changes when you get punched in the nose..Fear not ,Greg . You know the rest of the saying.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I think you read too many “Spy-vs.-Spy” cartoon strips.

  52. Stan

    I’m also buying Deutsche Bank at these levels – the stock is a steal!

    • Marie Joy

      Stan, You have a great sense of humor.

    • Jimmy

      Stan – Stop trying to be another Jim Cramer – getting us in “as you probably are pulling your money out” before the “Lehman moment” occurs!! –

      • Jimmy

        Your soon going to be in “a world of hurt” Stan – as Gold is on its way to smash through $2000 dollar per ounce level (probably within the week to 10 days it takes for people to get their money out of the banks and into the safety of “physical gold in hand” that “can’t be bailed-in” by the criminal banksters)!!!

    • Justn Observer

      Stan, just curious, how long before the people in Germany wakes up and they to think more gold and silver and less bully fiat bank manipulators might be a better path? And by the way, where, and to who did all the UKRAINE gold go to? If gold is so ‘relic’ sure seems every time an event takes place….the country’s GOLD is the first to go missing? then the museums are ‘raided’ for their ‘protection’ of course…and then in comes the dealmakers and CON-tracts for those nations’ natural resources and high cash flow infrastructure in the GR$$N ZON$S? LIBYA, IRAQ, UKRAINE, etc.
      Rather like in the end of Lawrence of Arabia
      Seems like that is kinda like what is happening in the U.S. with the excess printing and all the highrollers access to it buying up all the ‘real’ assets/gold-silver-land-high cash flow, and NEEDED industries for private/or gov’t nationalized assets in the future to be CON-trolled by the new WEFer and multi-national corp, fascIST states?

    • Justn Observer

      Maybe soon the German people might like GOLD over U.S. fiat?
      Ukraine latest w/ Ray McGovern fmr CIA analyst

      • Jimmy

        With Biden attacking the Nord Stream pipeline and “in effect” Declaring War on the German People – do you think perhaps the Germans driving those Leopard Tanks in Ukraine might turn their tank guns around and start blowing up the American Bradley Tanks “as payback”???

  53. Pat McGee

    Great timing and great interview, thanks Greg.

  54. Brink of DESTRUCTION?

    Refusing to go along with the US sanctions plan! Belgium’s imports from Russia hit a record high!
    Deepin Moments 13,281 views Mar 13, 2023
    In summary:Since the first round of sanctions against Russia was announced by the EU countries and the US shortly after the Russia-Ukraine conflict, it has put the US and European countries on the path of sanctions completely. As of today, more than 10 overall sanctions have been introduced by Western countries. However, Russia seems to be unafraid of these sanctions and once said “tough talk”. But after the Western media published data on Belgium’s imports and exports, it became clear that Russia was not talking tough, but telling the truth.

    Rejecting expensive US energy, German people demand NATO fix pipeline to restore Russian gas
    Deepin Moments 41,660 views Mar 12, 2023
    In summary:It has been a long time since the Nord Stream pipeline was bombed, but Germany and other related parties still have not released credible investigation results. Recently, a senior US investigative journalist turned the tables on his own government, claiming that the pipeline was bombed because the US government quietly placed explosives underneath the pipeline and then ignited them with the help of its allies.

    Russia’s ‘dreaded’ rocket launcher rains ‘hell-fire’ on Ukraine troops in Donetsk | Hindustan Times 78,538 views Mar 13, 2023
    It has been a bloody March for Kyiv with an incessant missile storm by Vladimir Putin’s army across the line of contact in Ukraine. In the latest ‘dreadful’ Russian BM-21 GRAD attack, multiple rocket launchers rained fire through the special military operation zone. According to the Russian Defence Ministry, the strikes were carried out after UAV crews detected camouflaged positions of the armed forces of Ukraine. The Russian army rapidly repositioned after specific inputs and destroyed Ukrainian units. Watch this report for more.

    USA vs China: The Battle for Global Supremacy Intensifies
    Barrett 7,471 views Mar 13, 2023
    In recent years, China’s influence on the global stage has been growing rapidly, and this has caused concern for many nations, particularly the United States. One of the most significant ways in which China is exerting its influence is through its role in the Middle East. China has brokered a peace deal between Saudi Arabia and Iran, which could have major implications for the region and the world. In this video, we will explore China’s involvement in the Middle East and its potential impact on the United States, particularly regarding the use of the US dollar as the currency for oil transactions.

    SVB Collapse: The Banking Crash Has Begun!
    BAILOUTS ARE BACK Sean Foo 19,926 views Mar 13, 2023
    Silicon Valley Bank has collapsed. A massive bank run has happened and this contagion has spread with the fall of Signature Bank! The Fed’s rate hikes are crashing Wall Street with major banks getting exposed with big bets on US bonds. This is why you need to get your money out and why the recent depositor bailout isn’t good news!

    Huckabee on TBN 63,428 views Premiered Mar 11, 2023
    On Huckabee, Rudy Giuliani and Dr. Maria Ryan say it’s well past time to stand up to “woke left lunacy” and they’re discussing the recent release of the Jan. 6th security footage. In the wake of a bombshell report accusing the Biden administration of blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline, Congress has been silent. Dennis Kucinich has NOT been silent, and he’s sharing his thoughts on the matter! Jennifer O’Neill is the star of the classic film “Summer of ’42” and she’s speaking about her upcoming movie called “Reagan.” The comedy of Terry Fator and the music of The Zombies are not to be missed here on Huckabee!

    ‘I LIKE TO ASK HIM QUESTION’ Wray STUNNED DUMB after Stefanik has B0MBSHELL Hunter laptop confession
    Otobüs Videoları 146,006 views Mar 10, 2023

    ‘WE SEE IT ON TV’ Trump’s aide Johnson puts Wray in HOT WATER w/ SH0CKING Hunter’s photo at hearing
    Otobüs Videoları 503,531 views Mar 12, 2023

  55. Marie Joy

    AJ interviews Gen Flynn on and Gen Flynn says this is the time to take your stand. I believe if WE don’t take a very firm stand, most of us will die. My favorite, Bill Holter doesn’t use those words but that is my interpretation of his words.

  56. Robert Coleman

    FYI – Greg, originally from St. Louis, Mo, have been living in Guangzhou China area for the past 20+ years, and when I went to my Bank here in China ( BANK of CHINA ) on Tuesday of last week – they came up to me and told me of a program offering 5.3% on USD$ deposited into a special no risk account for one year with a minimum of USD$50,000.00 deposited. Obviously, the Chinese Government wants USD$.

  57. Prospector

    If everything is ” fine ” , why do they need this ?

    BREAKING: The US system of Federal Home Loan Banks, a key source of cash for regional banks, is seeking to raise about $64 billion through the sale of short-term notes, per Bloomberg.
    12:23 PM · Mar 13, 2023 @unusual_whales

  58. John


    Can’t get your interview to play. They don’t want this info out there/


  59. Pete+

    Here’s Bill Gates admitting on camera that mRNA vaccines change a person’s DNA, and its part of a plan with Central Bank Digital Currencies to gain total control over people.
    Please share with as many people as you can.
    The walls are closing in…

    • Jimmy

      The Marburg Virus can’t spread “in the air” like Covid-19 – people actually need to touch someone who is infected to catch it – so for the Globalists extermination to work – people must be “crowded together” – so the Globalists came up with the idea of “15 minute cities” (as the slaughter pens to take us out like cattle)!!

  60. Merry Piper

    Holy Macaroni what a brilliant interview! Thank you Greg Hunter and Bill Holter. Love it when cowboy Bill rides again!!

  61. iwitness02

    Great work Greg and Bill. I’m surprised at how quickly you were both able to respond in a public format to what is happening in the banking industry. Thank you.
    I checked an online dealer last night for junk silver. They had no inventory. This morning I called the man that I buy firewood from and ordered firewood for the coming winter of 23 into 24. I’m afraid to wait.

  62. ken

    One has to wonder in amazement when people start watering at the mouth at the idea of gold at some ridiculous price like $20,000 per ounce. It doesn’t seem to occur to them that it means the dollar is worth 1/10 of what it is now… in other words a zero sum gain where the metal is concerned. Gold retains the same value it has held for thousands of years, yes even before the dollar was a dirty thought.
    As for the banking ‘crises’. My mother who went through the great depression of the 30s said two things…. get gold and stay away from banks. She said that if not for gold they would not have survived. She also said few people actually turned their gold over to the mafia. Of course people back then knew how to deal in gold,,, today they can’t give change without digital telling them how much.
    It’s something how the masses believe the lying, thieving politicians. You know whatever they say it is actually the exact opposite! The banking system is safe and effective,,, you betcha!

    Following these morons over the cliff is going to be an eye opener for sure.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ken, Take your point about the projected value of gold in devalued dollars, but IMHO there is some significant ‘catching up’ to do if and when TPTB lose control of the fictitious gold futures ‘market’ . Since it is estimated that physical gold has been rehypothecated by as much as x200, the eventual reevaluation in terms of buying power could be significant.

  63. Da Yooper

    Greg check this out . Go to ……….

    on Telegram & see more of the article below without paying for it from the Financial Times. FJB has to bail out his chinese owners.

    NEW – Collapsed Silicon Valley Bank was in deep with Chinese banks and companies. SVB was especially popular among Chinese biotech groups that operated between the US and China, according to the Financial Times.

  64. The Ghost of Paul Harvey

    Yes….we’ve all heard it 1000x before.
    So maybe THIS time will be THE time…..
    or maybe it won’t.

    In the end… won’t be gold “still standing”….

    it’ll be LEAD.

  65. Scott

    Remember Powell said he would raise rates until things brake because by saving the dollar they have tools to fix what they broke. Never mind the real lives they will destroy in the process. Well now they broke it so nows they have the excuse to stop increasing rates

  66. Justn Observer

    Greg, did grandma Y and corn-pop J just save China’s investment money? @3:30

    thinking we are just whistling passed the bank graveyard on the way to the PM mines? The current reprieve is but another last call opportunity?

  67. Jerry

    I went into a precious metals dealer this AM, wow wow wow! The owner told me that he had already sold a quarter million worth. While I was in there a gentlemen purchased 40k of silver. People are purchasing in response to the two bank closures; there may be a run on gold and silver.

  68. Mark

    Great time to have pet rocks!

  69. Marie Joy

    The government lies about everything so, as soon as they say the banks are safe, you should know the banks are NOT safe.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Marie,
      Agreed! I think it’s Dave from the X22 Report who always says, “Whatever they say, it’s the opposite”.

      • Marie Joy

        As if on cue, my credit union just emailed me saying my money is safe with them.

    • Robert Dziok

      Cramer also recommended SVB not long before it collapsed.

      • Jimmy

        When is Cramer going to recommend Klaus Schwab for President of the United States???

  70. Nika

    On the Jimmy Dore show, Jimmy points out that Matt Taibbi, discovered several Govt. agencies were funding, the “Virality Project” @ Standford University. The purpose of the “Virality Project” was to “Censor” stories of True Vaccine side effects, due to the Govt. agencies belief that ordinary Americans can’t handle “difficult” Truths!
    On the same show, Jimmy Dore talked about the engergized, Democrat Attorney, Dan Goldman (He was on Mueller impeachment team), who forgot, he sent a email asking President Biden for Censorship of a certain entity, at 4:30 am, on President Biden’s first day in office in 2020.

  71. freedomdog

    Hi Greg: Thanks for bringing on Bill.
    People please listen.
    As a country we have no money in our system. Its been that way since 1933. All absolute title and gold was taken away and pledged as collateral to back the curency.We can never PAY for anything. We can only discharge the debt with cash OR OTHER INSTRUMENTS!!!
    We the people of this country back up and are surities for the Federal Reserve note.
    This form of banker script is used when the country is in receivership… ie. Bankuptcy. The country still is opperating in bankupcty as well as all Corporations. The UCC and other federal and state statues allow discharging of debt. Mainly because techially you already discharged it when you paid for it.- but didnt formally discharge the debt. You think you received money from a loan and they are all the happy that you feel that way. But the scam is they dont tell you whats really going on.

    Research: Colonel Madel House– and read the quote from Coversation he had with FDR.
    Why is NO ONE TALKING ABOUT THIS? Sorry Bill, I never heard you talk about these facts..
    Everything is pre paid..You probably think Iam nuts. Go research for yourself
    The reason the FED has to inflate to infinity is that
    1. The majority of the population believes that they are the debtor and receive a loan- thats not what really happens. We are the creditors the banks, corporations, governments are the debtor. What you create when get a loan is promisses to pay- that is what is the ‘money’ currently is in the ‘economic system’ that we use.
    2. In this type of system the debt must discharge or at some point you will have systems collaspe as the debt service eclipeses the ability for the utility( dollar) to opperate… like now- and people see this and pull their promisses to pay out of he bank.
    3. The scam of all these fake loans on the people creates an asset for the banks and corps and they dont or will attempt to not allow you discharge for it takes away their gravy train- their asset of conversion of your promiss to a ‘loan’ in exchange for your lifes energy. You have to understand this to make sense of what is ging on.
    4. Diriveratives where created to temporally manage being over levered and put off the enevitable of this temporary system. We are still under the national emergency decalred back in 1933. Do you understand this??
    5. You must re-claim the credits YOU cretaed when you took the loan or the banks or the “lender’ will steal them from you- and they will use those credits… to make more credits. This is all done without your knowledge or skill to operate- and they know this. This is the discharging part I spoke of before.
    I laugh at those who tell me that they have no debt. I say to them well you have debt paper on a bank ledger that can be bailed in by the insolvernt bank you bank at… the same bank that convienced you that they make loans when they dont. That they are the lender when theyre not- you are the creditor.
    you must realise- to see with your real eyes..
    This is the last time I will speak of this here. You have been informed.

    • Jimmy

      Basically – if you are saving your money in a bank – you are the lender to others – and if those who borrowed your money fail to pay it back (you lose) the bank is simply the middle man “skimming all the interest on your loan for themselves” (when the Fed keeps interest rates at zero) – right now Powell has moved rates up to about 5% giving something back to the people who lent out their money – but the middle men are getting squeezed!!

    • Shiloh1

      I’ve read about House and Wilson getting U.S. into WWI , but nothing about House and FDR. I’m interested if you can post info. Thank you.

      • Jimmy

        It is common knowledge that FDR turned off Japan’s oil to get the US into WWII (just like Biden has turned off Russia’s gas to get the US into WWIII)!!!

  72. Justn Observer

    Greg, more truths being exposed behind the SVB players need for bail outs? take a scroll down the latest posts.

  73. Pat

    Actions speak louder than words. An old but true axiom. Biden actions have been to sabotage the U.S. Its already proven that he has taken money from Chinese Communists. Now its just a matter of finding out how much. Thats why the Bank transfer SARS are being kept from sight. Every move Biden has made has been to disadvantage our Country and advantage the Chinese. Xi committed an act of biological warfare on every country in the world. Yet, Biden has slowed down and covered up a true investigation. He sold off our Strat Oil Reserve which we will need when China attacks Taiwan. Biden stopped the anti Chinese Espionage operation. Biden looks to be a Chinese agent and he and all those covering for him ,Democrat leadership, Democrat main stream media, look to be committing Treason against you, me, and all other true Americans…

    • Nika

      I read on another platform, 90% of the accounts in SVB were over $1M. Biden is not suppose to bail out accounts over $250K. FDIC is suppose to be, for the little guys with less than $250K. Biden Bailed out the Millionaires and Billionaires at SVB! FDIC only has a total of $200 Billion in their coffers. One more bank goes broke, and the FDIC is BellyUp!

      • Wayne


        Just so you know, when most banks fail the FDIC pays out very little and sometimes nothing at all out of the insurance fund. From 2008 through 2013 almost 500 banks failed at a cost of only approximately $73 billion to the Deposit Insurance Fund. The Deposit Insurance Fund today is almost twice that size. When the largest bank failure in U.S. history happened in 2008, that being Washington Mutual, not one penny was needed from the FDIC insurance fund.

        Here is what happens when a bank becomes insolvent, and the FDIC takes over as receiver of the failed institution. First, the FDIC looks to find another bank that would want to acquire the failed bank. Over 90% of the time that is what happens according to the FDIC. The acquiring bank takes possession of the deposits, both insured and uninsured, and some or all of the assets of the failed bank. Those depositors will then have access to their accounts the next business day but now their accounts are with the new acquiring bank. Not one penny is lost to any of those depositors when this happens.

        As far as the other banks that do not get acquired, the FDIC, as receiver and insurer, sends a check to all depositors for the full amount of their deposits up to the insured amount. Those depositors that had uninsured amounts must fail a claim with the FDIC and then they will get a receivership certificate for the remaining amount of their uninsured funds. The FDIC sells off the assets of the failed bank which includes securities such as treasuries and mortgage-backed securities, loans, real estate and other property. Those proceeds, along with any cash and funds that were on deposit with the Federal Reserve, are then used to pay-off the creditors who filed a claim and got a receiver certificate. This of course includes the uninsured depositors. Most times the proceeds are large enough so that the uninsured depositor gets some or even all of their uninsured amount.

        Unfortunately, many people do not know how the FDIC resolves a bank failure and they just look at the how much the FDIC has in the insurance fund and assumes that is all the FDIC has to cover all the insured deposits. The fact is the FDIC does not need a lot in the insurance fund because most times the failed bank simply gets acquired with little or no cost to the FDIC insurance fund. And if the bank is not acquired, then the FDIC has all of the failed bank’s assets to pay off creditors like uninsured depositors, at least in part.

        • Chris in Arkansas

          Wayne – please stop telling us what actually happens when a bank fails. It interrupts our “sky is falling” panic mode. :). In all seriousness, I hope that people actually read your post and gain a little knowledge. These are smaller banks that probably would have failed anyway without SVB going under, just not all at the same time. A couple of larger banks will get thrown in for good measure due to investor confidence issues and regulators starting to circle the wagons (Credit Suisse, etc) and we’ll see some extremely rough markets during this time. But people are making a lot of assumptions about FDIC insurance that are just false. Printing money out of thin air to shore up the banks is also false (for now). Oh it’s a crisis all right but at this time it’s not as bad as 2008-2009, not by a long shot. Yet.

          • Wayne


            Thanks for your comment.

        • Nika

          Wayne, thank you for taking the time to advise me and others what happens during a bailout. One News Channel said that the bailouts of SVB and Signature Bank of New York cost the FDIC, $150 Billion. The Newcaster, said the FDIC had $200 Billion to start with. Which means there is only $50 Billion left in the FDIC kitty.
          Does that sound correct? Or does that particular NewCaster doesn’t know what is talking about? I will cut your post and keep it for reference. Thanks

          • Wayne

            Well as of the time that I am writing this, SVB and Signature Bank are still in receivership. They have not been acquired by another bank nor have they been liquidated which would result in the FDIC paying out money from the insurance fund to go to insured depositors. No money has been needed from the FDIC insurance fund as of yet until one of those two things happen. So, I do not know how anyone can say how much of the FDIC insurance fund will be used at this point. I would not be surprised if some of it will, and it could easily be in the tens of billions. I doubt if it is much more than that because I believe that those two banks will be acquired, at least in part, which would help to reduce the cost to the FDIC insurance fund.

            I personally think we are in for a lot more problems in the banking system down the road and that people and employers should try to at least reduce the amount of any uninsured deposits that they have in the bank or credit union, even if those institutions are sound.

            • Nika Loy

              I agree, a lot more problems down the Road!

  74. Dave

    Bush bailed out the banks and Biden is doing the same. Congress voted top support Bush’s bailout and the same will happen with Biden’s.

    Controlled conservative media is zooming folks by saying Barney Frank voted for this. True. But the Trump Administration was the one that propose easy risk scrutiny of banks the size of SVB. The GOP House and Senate voted for this. A few Dems went along – including Frank who has ties to the banks.

  75. PersonaNonGrata

    Very difficult to determine what to believe in a world run by criminals with zero integrity. For what it’s worth, here is Lynette Zang’s take on the FDIC. FF to the 20 minute mark . . .
    NOTE: The FDIC has funds equivalent to only 1.27% of insured accounts. As of today, 03/13/23, Janet Yellen has declared that all SVB depositor accounts will be made good – that is to say, insured AND uninsured (over $250,000) deposits. If applied to deposits at all banks, as would appear to be the intent of her statement/s, this will significantly reduce the FDIC funds to liabilities ratio from its already minuscule level.
    Also noteworthy is the precedent set by Ireland early in the 2007/8 banking crisis. To stop the massive outflow of funds from Irish banks, (which had overreached themselves by extending international loans) the Irish government panicked and declared they would guarantee all depositor bank accounts. This resulted in Ireland having one of the highest debt per capita ratios in the world. The country cannot escape its debt obligations and is now enslaved to the European Central Bank, et al.


    • Wayne

      Unfortunately, Lynette Zang, like most people, does not understand how the FDIC resolves a bank failure. She seems not to know that over 90% of the time the failed bank is acquired by another bank at little of no cost to the FDIC. She seems not to realize that the FDIC takes possession of all the failed bank’s assets and uses them to pay-off creditors like uninsured depositors. All she and others do is focus in on the size of the Deposit Insurance Fund thinking that this “small” amount is all that the FDIC has to be able to pay all the insured depositors when in reality most of the times little or nothing of the insurance fund is needed.

      For example, from 2008 through 2013 almost 500 banks failed at a cost of only about $73 billion to the Deposit Insurance Fund. The Deposit Insurance Fund today is almost twice that size. When the largest bank failure in U.S. history happened in 2008, that being Washington Mutual, not one penny was needed from the FDIC insurance fund because JPMorgan Chase acquired all of the deposits, assets and certain liabilities of Washington Mutual. This is the typical resolution of most bank failures. It is called purchase and assumption (P&A).

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Your thesis that the FDIC can insure depositors’ bank deposits without the need to hold sufficient funds to cover same – because historically, other bank/s have acquired the failing bank/s – fails utterly in the event of a systemic bank failure. Also, the FDIC themselves admit that their aspirational* target fund of 2% of liabilities would not have been sufficient to cover two major crises during the past thirty years. This info is on the FDIC website.
        *The fund is currently only 1.27% of liabilities.

        • Wayne


          Yes, you are probably correct. If we had a systemic banking crisis with many banks failing at the same time, then it is quite possible that most of those banks that failed would not have been acquired. This then would have cost the FDIC insurance fund a lot more and also the uninsured depositors in those banks would have lost some or in a few cases even all of their uninsured money. That is why the FDIC tries hard to find another bank to acquire the failed bank. As long as the FDIC has the time, they can accomplish this in most cases. But if dozens of banks fail including some large ones over a week or two then it would be very unlikely for them to succeed. It would be a mess.

          Of course for the very large banks, the ones that are considered systemically important, if any of them fail the FDIC has stated that they would create a “bridge bank”. They then would place the deposits, assets and certain liabilities along with the derivatives in it. This is what they just did with SVB and Signature Bank. The depositors would have access to their bank accounts, at least the insured part of their accounts. The FDIC has stated that they would operate the “bridge bank” while they work on a resolution. This could take several years. During this time no payout from the FDIC insurance fund is needed since the insured deposits are in the “bridge bank”. A bail-in could be done involving some of the uninsured deposits in which they would be given equity shares of the new “bridge bank”. NOT shares in the old failed bank as every thinks. I say some of the uninsured deposits because many businesses would be relying on some or most of those deposits to run their business. Much like those depositors in SVB or Signature Bank.

          As far as that 2% of liabilities that you mention, I think that you are a just a little off. The FDIC website states that their target for the Deposit Insurance Fund (DIF) is 2% of insured deposits, not 2% of liabilities. You are correct however that the FDIC has set a target for the Designated Reserve Ratio (DDR) at 2% for the Deposit Insurance Fund and that this amount still would be short of what would be needed in the last two banking crisis. However, I recent found out that the balance of the Deposit Insurance Fund does not include the loss reserves. And what are the loss reserves? The loss reserves are money taken out of the Deposit Insurance Fund and set aside in expectation of future bank failures. This is similar to what banks do for the expectation of bad loans. They have a loan loss provision. This is when the banks take money and set it aside to cover any potential losses from bad loans. So during the GFC the FDIC took money from the insurance fund and set it aside to cover expected future bank failures. This caused the DIF balance to decline even though that money was not actually used yet. So the FDIC did have more money available than what the DIF balance showed. Not saying it would have been enough, but just that they had more than people realize.

  76. Steven K

    the black male is possessed by Satan. There are now tons of episodes like this happening in the USA, Canada and Europe.

  77. Barbara

    Maxine Waters said banking system is safe – if that doesn’t scare you nothing will

    • Jimmy

      Perhaps she meant “the banking system is a safe” (filled with gold and silver coin)!!

  78. Paul in oz

    an excellent analysis from Jim Rickards … seems like the all-in moment to me.

  79. Diana

    Great timing Greg thank you for bringing Bill on. I respect the both of you. Now it is time to bring in Bo P. the wheels are falling off.

  80. Justn Observer

    Greg, some see this as only the beginning of a larger problem that the markets see, here and overseas, more than Powell and Yellin are addressing…and All Central banks are having to quickly lower rates in unison/

  81. JACK

    SVB (distraction) and curious timing-

    Anyone that is opposed to the digital currency takeover needs to read this immediately.
    Your Uniparty state legislature is advancing this NOW!

    ‘South Dakota and other red states are about to ban Bitcoin as legal money and grease the skids for CBDC ‘
    note: the article is from early March, before SD Gov. Noem vetoed said bill.

    “”Bills that contain this redefinition of money already passed the Kentucky Senate, the Montana Senate, the Indiana Senate, and the North Dakota House. They have breezed through the committees in every state they have been introduced.”

    However, state committees, including TN, are voting, TOMORROW, March 14.

    (Page down to the bottom,

    State committees that have already approved various versions of the same UCC, or are about to further their bills, as follows:

    KY – SB64 AN ACT relating to the Uniform Commercial Code.
    Last action:to Judiciary (H) (March 8, 2023)

    MT – SB370 Generally revise uniform commercial code
    Last action:(S) Transmitted to House (March 3, 2023)

    IN – SB468 Uniform Commercial Code amendments.
    Last action:First reading: referred to Committee on Financial Institutions (February 28, 2023)

    ND – HB1082 Relating to the adoption of the Uniform Commercial Code amendments (2022); Last action:Second reading, passed, yeas 34 nays 12 (March 10, 2023)

    WV – HB3212 Updating the provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code
    Last action:To House Judiciary (February 2, 2023)

    WV – SB549 Updating provisions of Uniform Commercial Code
    Last action:To Judiciary (February 2, 2023)

    CO – SB90 Uniform Commercial Code 2022 Amendments
    Last action:Senate Considered House Amendments – Result was to Concur – Repass (March 7, 2023)

    MO – HB1165 Modifies and establishes provisions relating to the Uniform Commercial Code
    Last action:Public Hearing Completed (March 7, 2023)

    NV – AB231 Revises various provisions of the Uniform Commercial Code. (BDR 8-604)
    Last action:From printer. To committee. (March 3, 2023)

    AZ – HB2770 uniform commercial code; 2022 amendments
    Last action:Committee of the Whole: do pass. (February 28, 2023)

    WA – SB5077 Concerning the uniform commercial code.
    Last action:First reading, referred to Civil Rights & Judiciary. (February 27, 2023)

    TX – HB5011 Relating to amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code, including amendments concerning certain intangible assets and the perfection of security interests in those assets.
    Last action:Filed (March 10, 2023)

    Last action:STBTC: Reported by committee with Do Pass recommendation (March 8, 2023)

    DC – B5 Uniform Commercial Code Amendment Act of 2023
    Last action:Referred to Committee on Public Works and Operations (January 17, 2023)

    ME – LD91 An Act to Adopt the National 2022 Amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code
    Last action:The Bill was REFERRED to the Committee on JUDICIARY in concurrence (January 10, 2023)


    TN – HB640 Uniform Commercial Code – As introduced, incorporates into the Uniform Commercial Code the amendments adopted by the Uniform Law Commission in 2022. – Amends TCA Title 47.
    Last action:Placed on s/c cal Business & Utilities Subcommittee for 3/14/2023 (March 8, 2023)

    TN – SB479 Uniform Commercial Code – As introduced, incorporates into the Uniform Commercial Code the amendments adopted by the Uniform Law Commission in 2022. – Amends TCA Title 47.
    Last action:Placed on Senate Commerce and Labor Committee calendar for 3/14/2023

    RI – HB5543 AN ACT RELATING TO THE UNIFORM COMMERCIAL CODE (Provides amendments to the Uniform Commercial Code for emerging technologies. Effective 1/1/2024.)
    Last action:Scheduled for hearing and/or consideration (03/14/2023) (March 10, 2023)

    HI – HB525 Uniform Commercial Code
    Last action:The committee(s) on CPN has scheduled a public hearing on 03-15-23 10:00AM; Conference Room 229 & Videoconference

  82. Don Conrad

    Greg, you do a wonderful job. Love your high-quality quests especially this week. Like Catherine Austin Fitts, CBDC is the worry that wakes me at night. I think it is the worst thing we will face. Everyone needs to wake up to this monster. Depressing.
    Then you brighten my day with Bill Holter. Something about his delivery I really click with. One of my favorites. Keep it up, you arte a true patriot.

    Don Conrad

  83. Prospector

    YOU know some of this , but not the whole story ……

    This is the first thing Howard Beale says …… but his talk LATER in the film is even more important.

    Movie : Network – 1976
    Beale: I don’t have to tell you things are bad. Everybody knows things are bad. It’s a depression. Everybody’s out of work or scared of losing their job. The dollar buys a nickel’s worth; banks are going bust; shopkeepers keep a gun under the counter; punks are running wild in the street, and there’s nobody anywhere who seems to know what to do, and there’s no end to it.

    We know the air is unfit to breathe and our food is unfit to eat. And we sit watching our TVs while some local newscaster tells us that today we had fifteen homicides and sixty-three violent crimes, as if that’s the way it’s supposed to be!

    We all know things are bad — worse than bad — they’re crazy.

    It’s like everything everywhere is going crazy, so we don’t go out any more. We sit in the house, and slowly the world we’re living in is getting smaller, and all we say is, “Please, at least leave us alone in our living rooms. Let me have my toaster and my TV and my steel-belted radials, and I won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.”
    Well, I’m not going to leave you alone.

    I want you to get mad!

    PAY ATTENTION — His Second talk is where the REAL thinking is …..if you can think

    This tube is the gospel, the ultimate revelation.
    This tube can make or break presidents, popes, prime ministers.
    This tube is the most awesome goddamn force in the whole godless world.

    And woe is us if it ever falls into the hands of the wrong people.

    And that’s why woe is us that Edward George Ruddy died.

    Because this company is now in the hands of CCA — the Communication Corporation of America. There’s a new Chairman of the Board, a man called Frank Hackett, sitting in Mr. Ruddy’s office on the 20th floor. And when the 12th largest company in the world controls the most awesome goddamn propaganda force in the whole godless world, who knows what shit will be peddled for truth on this network.

    Television is not the truth. Television’s a goddamn amusement park. Television is a circus, a carnival, a traveling troupe of acrobats, storytellers, dancers, singers, jugglers, sideshow freaks, lion tamers, and football players.
    We’re in the boredom-killing business.

    So if you want the Truth, go to God.

    Go to your gurus.
    Go to yourselves!
    Because that’s the only place you’re ever gonna find any real truth.
    You do whatever the tube tells you —
    You dress like the tube.
    You eat like the tube.
    You raise your children like the tube.
    You even think like the tube.

    This is mass madness, you maniacs!

    In God’s name, you people are the real thing.

    We are the illusion!

    So turn off your television sets. Turn them off now! Turn them off right now! Turn them off and leave them off. Turn them off right in the middle of this sentence I’m speaking to you now.

    ( Now , remember they are saying —– vaxxines are safe , BANKS are safe , and food , baby formula is safe. )

  84. tim mcgraw

    I saw that today TRX, Bill Holter’s Zambian gold mining stock, is up almost 10% to 45 cents a share. Maybe the gold rush has started.

  85. Robert Dziok

    “King Dollar” is going by the wayside as the World does not want the useless piece of paper anymore. Babylonian Usury Satanic Globalist Controlled “Money Magic” (Print out of thin air) financial systems have run their life cycle. Gee, the US/NATO/West will not be able to fund their endless wars anymore to STEAL the assets of other countries under the guise of “Democracy” (e.g. Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen, Afghanistan, Ukraine). NO buyers Worldwide at the last auction for US Treasuries. China has ordered authorities to dump US Treasuries ASAP. The “Petrodollar” is dead. Saudi Arabia recently announced it will accept payment for oil in currencies other than the US Dollar. The BRICS are rising in membership and want something of value or backed by something of value for goods and services and not useless fiat paper. Payment systems outside of SWIFT have been developed and are used. The US/NATO/West have DEGENERATED into nothing but a Hypocritical “Band of Thieves” Warmongers serving their Satanic Globalist Masters.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Robert,

      • Jimmy


  86. Anita

    Thank you both. Have been looking for answers the past few days & I know no one really knows. But every bit of info. helps. Its a waiting game to see what happens next.

  87. Brian Hill

    Greg, Ackman has done well scaring everyone but only after he has placed his bets.
    True low life in my opinion.

  88. Don

    Greg, Great interview, It pisses me off too. {I’m laughing}, but your right I fix everything I can myself, my car is 17yrs old, {2006}, my pickup is 28yrs old (1995}. I’ve been working since I was a kid,{ paper routes, cutting grass , shoveling snow, {no snow blowers back then}. Lol, but one thing I’m grateful for, The Lord Jesus Christ is firmly in control!

  89. Bonefinder51

    Bill Holter is my favorite guest you have on. Also, Jim Rickards did a fantastic update on this whole imbroglio earlier today. Definitely worth a listen. He has such clarity.

  90. Carol


    Can you have Clif High on again? Just saw his latest video that he posted. Interesting take on some of these current events.

    • bonefinder51

      Clif sounds like he is knee deep in alligators with getting things in order and taking care of extended family. I would love to see him here as well but I suspect he isn’t doing alternative interviews outside of his personal videos.

  91. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. The foreign United States is a federal corporation and a foreign power in relation to the Union States which number at fifty. The overlay was done by Congress with the District of Columbia ten miles square and under that District of Columbia scheme the United States corporation moved their bookkeeping scam out into the fifty States by incorporating the States. City of Chaos, County of Murder, State of Iowatucky is a foreign occupation out in the fifty Union States. This incorporated United States did not unite with the fifty Union States, rather the United States is out in the fifty States and at war with the Union State Citizen. US passports give you the option of declaring a United States citizenship in their private political party war regime or American National which is the same as Union State Citizen. They fooled the people with this and that is the reason they do not have any concern about the Union State Citizen, the United States foreign corporation is at war with just about everyone. That is why they abuse the Union State citizen out in the fifty Union States and trade with the enemy which is the Union State Citizen. The Congress contracted away their power to issue the currency, regulate the value thereof by giving that power to the private federal reserve which is bankrupt, it has no collateral, it has no assets, all it has is phony baloney paperwork under the debt instruments code of the UCC. All they have is the “con” that you will pay in debt instrument dollars. Whoever holds the most dollars is the loser in their bookkeeping scam. The federal reserve had had the luxury of having the United States military enforce the dollar at the end of a gun barrel. Once the people figure out this scam it will be on like dead on. What you believe is your United States politicians do not represent you and view all life on earth as expendable just because they can. Now Joseph Robinette Biden Jr is occupying the foreign office of United States. The United States of America Office of president is vacant as well as all offices of the United States of America are vacant. The foreign military war regime styled as United States is in panic mode, not because of the bank failures but for the reason the war regime United States is being isolated by a large part of the world because they are a war regime business operation that takes profits from engaging in wars and murder just because they can. They are in fact at war with the American people. I will give it to them that they created a sophisticated scam. If you have skills you will do all right as they collapse the system.

  92. Roger Copy

    Rich, his truth keeps marching on! Glory glory “hallelujah”! Which by the way, in English mean praise Jah, short for you know who! Glory glory praise Jehovah! It’s Yahweh or the highway!

  93. Thomas Fiust

    If we all took ECON 102.
    And Macroeconomics 201, our fearless leaders would spend fiscally conservative. Basic ECON.

  94. Honest Injin

    ‘China’s Military To Turn Into…’: Xi thunders amid rising tensions with West over Russia’s war / Hindustan Times 58,574 views Mar 13, 2023
    Xi Jinping has vowed to make China’s military a ‘great wall of steel’ in the first speech of the new presidential term. “We must build the People’s Liberation Army into a great wall of steel that effectively safeguards national sovereignty, security, and development interests,” the Chinese President told nearly 3,000 delegates of the National People’s Congress. His speech comes amid spiralling tensions with India along the LAC, with Taiwan and the U.S.-led West amid Russia’s war in Ukraine. Watch this video for more details.

    End of Road for the U.S. as Saudi Arabia Chooses to Decouple | Vantage with Palki Sharma / Firstpost 94,778 views Mar 13, 2023
    End of Road for the U.S. as Saudi Arabia Chooses to Decouple from Washington | Vantage with Palki Sharma​. Saudi Arabia wants to play a bigger role in the world. Its ambitions are growing, and it is undergoing a transition – both an economic and social one. The US does not figure in Saudi’s scheme of things as Riyadh turns to China and Russia. Palki Sharma tells you more.

    Is defending Bakhmut the best strategy for Ukraine? | DW news
    DW News /4.5M subscribers 9,095 views Mar 14, 2023 31 minutes ago
    Ukraine’s future depends on a victory in Bakhmut and elsewhere along the front line, President Volodymyr Zelenskyy said in his evening address on Monday.
    Bakhmut has become the main focus of Russia’s assault, where it has captured the eastern part of the city.
    “It is very tough in the east — very painful. We have to destroy the enemy’s military power. And we will destroy it,” Zelenskyy said.
    Russia says taking Bakhmut would allow it to capture the rest of the Donetsk region — a key war aim for the Kremlin.
    But in recent weeks, trench warefare has claimed a huge toll for both sides in Bakhmut.
    On Monday, Ukrainian soldiers said they were repelling intensified Russian attacks in the city.
    Zelenskyy said the front line towns are where “the kind of future we are to have is being decided, where the future of all Ukrainians is being fought for.” More below;

    Biden Tries To Avert A Banking Crisis In the U.S. | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    Firstpost / 727K subscribers 110,182 views Mar 13, 2023
    Biden Tries To Avert A Banking Crisis In the U.S. | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    President Joe Biden has said the US will do “whatever is needed” to shore up the banking system. This comes after two American banks collapsed in less than 48 hours. Is the US under threat of another major financial crisis? Palki Sharma explains it.

    Tucker Carlson: This is why our big banks are woke broke incompetent
    686,844 views Premiered 7 hours ago
    Fox News host Tucker Carlson takes a closer look at the roots of the Silicon Valley Bank collapse on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight.’

    Hannity: We could be facing a huge woke broke crisis / 103K views 5 hours ago
    Fox News host Sean Hannity gives his take on President Biden’s response to the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank on ‘Hannity.’

    ‘Designated experts’ on ‘climate crisis’ proven wrong again
    Sky News Australia / 16,813 views Mar 14, 2023
    Author Alex Epstein slams “designated experts” who catastrophise the “climate crisis” by making absurd doomsday predictions.
    “There are so many of these false predictions,” Mr Epstein told Sky News host Rita Panahi.
    “They need to give evidence, and they need to look at the big picture.

    Russia unleashes ‘Alligator’ in Donetsk; KA-52 hunts down, destroys Ukraine’s command post / Hindustan Times 16,649 views Mar 14, 2023
    Russia is inching towards complete control of Donetsk with gains in Bakhmut and Vuhledar. As the battle for Donetsk intensifies, the Russian army is now locating the Ukrainian stronghold and launching air assaults. In one such operation, Russia’s deadly ‘Alligator’ was leashed on Ukrainians. Moscow’s KA-52 attack helicopter, also known as ‘Alligator,’ launched missiles, destroying a major stronghold of the armed forces of Ukraine. According to the Russian Defense Ministry, the attack carried out by KA-52 annihilated a command post and armoured vehicles of the enemy. During this operation, ‘Breakthrough’ T-90M Proryv tank crews were tasked with providing fire support to advancing airborne assault troops. Watch this video for more.
    “Climate anxiety is totally unnecessary, but so many people complaining about it are the cause of it.”

    Biden family was receiving payments linked to Chinese Communist Party, leading Republican says /Fox Business 5,393 views Mar 14, 2023
    Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., provides insight on the Biden family business and rips Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on ‘The Evening Edit.
    Investigating $3.8 Beijing O’Biden’s crime family Billions, is not going to be like a Trump fishing expedition! We got the fish, just got to fry our fish now and eat it too!

    US bank failures: Who’s to blame and what to expect? | DW News
    DW News / 189,693 views Mar 13, 2023
    Stock markets in Europe suffered their biggest losses of the year on Monday, as the shock waves from a major bank collapse in the US spread around the globe. On Friday, the Silicon Valley Bank, a regional, obscure bank tanked after it spooked customers with plans to sell its own shares to cover losses.
    In the span of 48 hours the fear of contagion forced US banking regulators to shut down another bank, the New York based Signature Bank on Sunday. The speed of social media plus the cryptic impact of cryptocurrencies were both factors in the government intervention.
    On Monday, trading in some banking shares was temporarily halted on Wall Street. And US President Joe Biden attempted to reassure the public that this is not another financial crisis in the making. So what is it then?

    • Jay V. Silverheels

      Here it is;
      Biden family was receiving payments linked to Chinese Communist Party, leading Republican says /Fox Business 5,393 views Mar 14, 2023
      Rep. James Comer, R-Ky., provides insight on the Biden family business and rips Silicon Valley Bank’s collapse on ‘The Evening Edit.
      Investigating $3.8 Beijing O’Biden’s crime family Billions, is not going to be like a Trump fishing expedition! We got the fish, just got to fry our fish now
      and eat it too!

      New Biden family member emerges in Hunter Biden probe
      Fox News 360K views 22 hours ago

      New revelations on ‘suspicious’ Biden family business deals surfaces
      Fox Business 269,691 views Mar 13, 2023
      Maria Bartiromo, Solus Alternative Asset Management strategist Dan Greenhaus and Fox News contributor Liz Peek discuss the Biden family business dealings and fallout from the Silicon Valley Bank collapse.

  95. HonestInjin

    Russia unleashes ‘Alligator’ in Donetsk; KA-52 hunts down, destroys Ukraine’s command post / Hindustan Times 16,649 views Mar 14, 2023
    Russia unleashes ‘Alligator’ in Donetsk; KA-52 hunts down, destroys Ukraine’s command post / Hindustan Times 16,649 views Mar 14, 2023

  96. H.I.

    Oop’s, Oop’s,
    Biden family was receiving payments linked to Chinese Communist Party, leading Republican says Fox Business

    Russia unleashes ‘Alligator’ in Donetsk;

  97. Thomas Fiust

    Bill Holter: “I’m not a rocket scientist…”
    Yet I play a rocket scientist on T.V.
    Kudos to y’all in the crop areas of the Midwest.
    Best prayers to you.

  98. Keith

    Well in Febuary there was a railway accident in East Palestine Ohio. The county was contaminated and the water supply not fit to drink. The population asked the democrats in Washington for help and moron Joe Biden didn’t give a shit and dragged his feet on helping the local people. Bill Ackman who has a personnel hedge fund and a net worth of 3.4 billion had 350 million in a deposit account at SVB and was pressing for the government to guarantee the depositors money and not lose his 350 million at SVB. The democrats stepped in and saved the bank and Bill Ackman did not lose a dime. All sorted out in less than 24 hours. Bill Ackman is Jewish with dual American-Israeli passport and has connections in Washington. So what does that tell you ?

  99. Thomas Fiust

    Bank failures like dominoes.

  100. Michael

    Thank you, Greg and Bill for your insights to help us navigate these times. Greg, I know it is hard to book people, but it would be fantastic if you could get Michael Flynn to join you again. He gave a very good overview of the overall situation we are facing – CBDCs, vaccine passports, the shift globally to Chinese dominance, Chinese infiltration into US institutions, what we need to be doing now – Saturday with Alex Jones. It would be good to have him reach your audience, and I would look forward to hearing your exchanges and follow up questions.

  101. Prospector

    They took care of democrat donors with a ” Non-Bailout-Bailout “.
    WSJ also reports this.

    Kevin Hassett reveals “there were buyers who were willing to step in & buy [SVB, but] the radicals at the @FDICgov basically weren’t going to allow that to happen … the Biden Admin had a whitelist of companies that were allowed to buy the failed bank & companies that weren’t.”

    Meanwhile, law firms around Pittsburgh are preparing Class-Action Lawsuits for the East Palestine train wreck and toxic plume. They are asking people 15-20 Miles away to contact them. So much for the ” its contained ” story.

  102. Prospector

    Senator Mark Kelly Called For Social Media Censorship To Prevent Bank Runs

    Democrats are demanding ever-more censorship in a widening social media panic

    by Michael Shellenberger / HT @Matt_Bracken

  103. Justn Observer

    Greg, hope everyone sees the bank scare for what it is and takes more out of the Big bank accounts and deposit them in local regional banks as I agree with Mannarino, this was a CON-solidation move. Not unlike pushing the small stores out of business in rural flyover MAGA country with BOX STORES.
    People should identify who the smaller farmers and ranchers and small bus. need to keep their operations running and use those banks that provide them funds for their equipment, seeds, and employment….so they can KEEP from being dictated and subservient to the WOK- ESG BIG BANK who are likely to run them out of bus. and forced buyouts like days gone by. Where are the Willie Nelsons and others to give concerts to ‘save the farmers’ and small-town banks and businesses? Odd the people are said to be moving their money TO big banks that are most exposed to derivatives and in the opposite direction of what CAF and other’s have people would do = go local !

    • Rich

      That’s not what Mannarino said. He said get your money out of all banks and “maybe” credit unions might be safer…. But not totally safe necessarily. .

  104. Led Skelton

    Walleyed Street seems to be pricing in just one more additional 50 bp increase in the rates, followed by the biggest QE of all time. Kick the can for one more try, to get Neo-Convict Joe ‘Da Weasel’ Biden reinstalled as King Shit again.

    MSM, most American people… Who cares if Biden borrows and hands trillions away to people, corporation, foreign nations, and Biden crime family associates.

    Who cares when they have to raise the minimum wage to $100 an hour so that the dirt poor can eat.

    >> Who cares when welfare recipients get monthly checks higher than what a full time factory worker earns!! << At that point, why even work anymore.

    Why not just make everything free in this pretend world.
    As long as Beavis Biden steals a 2nd election.
    Vote Santa Biden, slogan "Let's Pretend"

  105. Russ 2

    For the readers here who do not follow Karen Kingston, Stew Peters interviews her at:

    Email summary:
    Lieutenant General Igor Kirillov, Chief of Russian Military Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Protection Troops, cites the work of Project Veritas, the Stew Peters network, and specifically mentions my med-legal analysis, including citing the legal definition of mRNA technology as a bioweapon under 18 USC 175.

    Stew Peters asked a great question during the interview which was, “If a General from the Russian Military can figure out that these injections are bioweapons, why can’t our Congress?”

    This post is public so feel free to share it.

    “Why is the Russian military launching a global criminal investigation of Pfizer, but the US Congress is not?”

    Instead of utilizing the Pfizer and US government documents I’ve exposed on the Stew Peters network and in my SubStack in order to criminally prosecute Pfizer and seize and destroy the COVID-19 mRNA bioweapon injections; US government officials are being misled by mRNA experts, and some medical advisors and attorneys who are claiming that the mRNA injections are ‘vaccines gone wrong,’ or ‘gene-editing therapies,’ or that Pfizer is protected under the US military contract.

    These are all deceptive, false and manipulative statements that protect Pfizer by delaying criminal prosecution of Pfizer others involved in the mRNA vaccine bioweapon technologies. Experts who are misrepresenting materials evidence and law are guilty of extrinsic fraud.

    “Ignoring crimes committed by Pfizer doesn’t make them go away, it makes the United States a complicit party” … the email summary continues. It’s all in the video interview –highly recommended!

  106. Sphinx

    The latest from our friend Ellen Brown.

    • Brian Vaci

      Not to mention all LIBOR derivative contracts have to be converted to SOFR contracts by the end of June 2023. So far this has not been successfully accomplished in testing. A HUGE financial catastrophe could be looming. A perfect opportunity to crash the sustem and introduce CBDCs? Perhaps.
      Unfortunately, no one except Lynette Zang is talking about this.

  107. Bill's Stilled!

    Multiple Mysterious UFOs Captured On Video Over California Puzzle Witnesses / Story by Douglas Charles • 1h ago
    A strange grouping of UFOs was recently captured on video in the sky over Menifee, California.

    Ginger Zee Apologizes After Being Accused of Lying
    Story by Shannon Power • 5h ago
    ABC meteorologist Ginger Zee has cleared up any confusion over a weather report she gave on the network’s World News Tonight show.
    [Is this Maria Zee’s, of, American cousin?]
    My American Cousin 1985 full Movie
    corradogirli 24K views 7 years ago
    One of my favorite movie’s, wanna share with you.
    @darrenh116 2 years ago
    Always loved the way this film plays on the stereotypes Canadians and Americans have of each other. The Americans are portrayed as rough-around-the-edges, telling-it-like-it-is type of people and Canadians as mannered, passive and British-like.

  108. Nick Reynolds

    In general, this is not a good time, but it’s a good time to own gold and silver, and it’s a good time to always tell the truth. But don’t overlook Bitcoin or cryptos. Bitcoin will probably become the world’s reserve currency someday, because it’s honest, it’s not controlled by humans, it’s a computer program that works and that’s open – anyone can look at the code. It may take a few more years, but it’s coming. It has been coming ever since 2017, when it finally hit the public’s awareness. What has happened to Bitcoin in those 5 or 6 years? It has grown.
    Look at what BTC did over the past few days of the banking “crisis.” It went up from under $20K a couple days ago to $26K this morning. People are taking their money out of the banks. That’s very sensible. People are slowly waking up. Where is all that money going? Some of it is going into cryptos. I’ve read that fifty million Americans, especially young people, already own some crypto.
    Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for gold and silver. Everyone should definitely have those. But bitcoin is better for several reasons: it’s more durable (!), it’s more divisible, it’s more transportable. It’s not confiscatable, unlike gold or silver. You don’t have to worry about where you’re going to hide or store it. It’s in the “ether,” but no one, not even tyrannical governments, can get at it without the Private Key, a string of about 30 letters and numbers.
    It’s complicated to understand and takes some learning at first. But actually using the “wallet” app on your phone, tablet or computer is easy. The app, or program, does all the work. Basically, you type in an address, as with an email, and type in the amount you want to send. It’s really that simple. It’s a little scary because you don’t want to make a mistake. You are in control and are totally responsible for your own money. No one can help you if you make a mistake. So, be careful, be exact.
    It just makes so much sense. In addition to precious metals, have some crypto. What we need, and what is also probably coming, is an Ebay, or Amazon, of sellers who accept bitcoin. Then buyers won’t even need to trade their crypto for fiat at an exchange to be able to buy something.
    Good interview with Bill. Thank you.

  109. Randy Best

    The USA is following exactly in the foot steps of the Roman Empire in so many ways.

  110. Liam Bartmess

    Breaking News: Russian jet strikes U.S. drone over Black Sea, officials say / CBS News 952 views Streamed live 6 minutes ago
    A Russian Su-27 fighter jet collided with an American MQ-9 Reaper drone over the Black Sea on Tuesday, the U.S. military’s European Command said. U.S. forces brought down the drone in international waters, the command said, and the White House called the Russian plane’s intercept of the unmanned aircraft “reckless.”

    • Coal Burner

      BS. Just their Top Gun showing his skill. Our guys do the same, well, at least before they were forced to take poison shots and wear dresses.
      Biden and the Pentagon can whine all they want between lies because Russia made a fool or their bad boi drone. Our leaders are weak and that is very dangerous. Weak Leadership begats lots of dead innocent people.

  111. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    Is anyone still thinking about the Jan. 6 committee?

  112. Shiloh1

    The Automatic Earth blog posted this March 14 2023 –

    .@RobertKennedyJr tells @jimmy_dore: “Trump got in there and said I’m going to get rid of the swamp. He asked me to be on a vaccine safety commission. When that news got out, Pfizer gave him $1 million for his inaugural party, and he appointed two of Pfizer’s lobbyists, Scott…

    — (@KanekoaTheGreat) March 13, 2023

    Trump cooked his own goose.

    • Dave

      Yeah. Trump has ties to Big Pharma. If the Florida grand jury is allowed to pursue the vaccine situation this person, among others, will be called to testify. There is a reason that Trump refuses to denounce the vaccine to this day.

  113. Justn Observer

    Greg, any surprise that ‘they’ knew the bank were going to crash 2 months ahead of time… So who does the Silicon Valley bank and investors -companies predominately donate to come elections? hmmm So, was this just another ” never let a crisis go to waste” moment? Now IF they stepped in and blocked the banks from issuing bonuses, or selling more stock as the ‘insiders’ were selling their stock…COULD they have ‘saved’ the banks and situation….or….does the FED now get to indebt WHAT? $TRILLION of debt of taxpayers money AT interest of course…when the regulator might have stopped it…or minimized the immediate problem to a few $billion ?
    Aboce my knowledge to know…but WHY did it have to be allowed to go on in secret, and kept from the public ….or was it the intend to allow the situation to fester and blow up for a greater scheme…LIKE …what are the agreements the all the banks will have to agree to…to get the funds now to stay solvent? Like, must accept the ESG …of other WOK agendas or DIE ! Mayebe someone like Paul Craig Roberts might have an idea of what or how ”’the agreements’ needed to access the funds now made available and to be allowed to participate in the NEW VERSION OF TARP? LOL =
    FDIC Knew This Crash Was Coming 2 Month Ago! They decided..”Don’t Tell the Public!” =

  114. Julia

    Greg, Thank you very much for having Bill Holter on concerning the banking situation. I understand where you are coming from when you do everything you can to save money, do things right and the Big Executives keep getting away with things. I never dreamed that I would one day own 4 to 5 different tupes of saws!

  115. Marie Joy

    Moody’s cuts outlook on US banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment’,

    Found that at Patrick Humphrey on Youtube on 3/14.

  116. Marie Joy

    Moody’s cuts outlook on US banking system to negative, citing ‘rapidly deteriorating operating environment’,

    Found that at Patrick Humphrey on Youtube on 3/14.

    Pay your taxes ahead of time for the entire year to get your money out of the bank.
    Buy Au, Ag, Pb, and a farm, and pay your bills, like your electric bill, ahead of time. Just get your money out of the bank the best you can.

  117. Marie Joy

    Etsy cannot pay sellers because they had their money in a collapsed bank. I found that at Patrick Humphry at minute 8:30 on Youtube on 3/14.

  118. Keith

    Hi Greg. Bill on the mark again. Any chance getting Jim Sinclair for a cameo? Your platform would be ideal. Jim ( and Bill ) have never taken a step back in there beliefs and are now proving again to be 100% correct in there assessments. These two together would be historic. All the best from down here in New Zealand .

  119. SR Kraken

    seer Penny Kelly’s “Look-See” this month provides little to none psychic prognostication.

    However, during the first 15-20 mins. she gives an over-view of the three major private armies in the world. And she talks about one which may already have been invading the USA. And another which might involve Trump.

    this is pertinent information that nobody else is telling us about– not Clif High and not Colonel Douglas Macgregor or General Flynn, not Mike Adams, not Steve Quayle not even Bo Polny.

  120. rootcellar

    Peter Thiel somehow knew just went to get out of both Silicon Valley Bank and crypto FTX before that. Is he psychic?

    Peter Thiel & Tim Cook (AAPL) are dedicated sodomites, and Donald Trump considers them his friends. Can somebody ask Mark Taylor if Trump is bisexual, for why else would Trump associate with corrupt Peter Thiel and Chinese slaver Tim Cook?

  121. Colleen

    I just viewed the latest interview with RFK, Jr. on Rumble. He stated that Trump took a million dollar donation from Pfizer for his presidential inaugural ball. Then Trump appointed two of Pfizer’s lobbyists to run the HHS. They then killed the vaccine safety commission . After that, one of them went to serve on Pfizer’s Board.

    Do you think this is the reason Trump will not speak about the dangers of receiving the vaxx?

  122. Prospector

    Same guy worked at $SVB – Lehman Brothers and ENRON before they collapsed.

    This may , in fact , be what the Mother-WEF’ers are planning , but this headline is a bit misleading.
    Read and decide.

    WEF Insider Admits Silicon Valley Bank Crash Is a ‘Great Reset Scam’

  123. Marie Joy

    Steve Poplar’s methods to watch and get your money from The Poplar Report on Youtube.
    Put stock alerts on your bank to watch if it is having issues. IF your bank goes down 10%, you know you have a problem
    IF the bank won’t give you your money, get a cashier’s check. You can get a large amount from a cashier’s check and deposit it someplace else.
    Prepaid real estate taxes for a year or two. Check for the rules in your town.
    Be aware banks want you to call ahead to withdraw cash.
    When shopping, use your debit card and ask for cash back. The post office gives cash back too. Buy stamps, with your debit card, and request cash back.
    For the moment, taxpayers have bailed out banks so we MAY have a little more time.

  124. Sic, Johnny

    Useless Eater vs Useful Eaters

    Democrat-Useless Eater

    Republican-Usefull Eater

    Took 2 or more bio-shots Useless Eater

    Took no shots- Useful Eater

    Work in Hollywood-Useless Eater

    Work for any press service as seen on T.V.-Useless Eater

    Work as Independent Journalist-Useful Eater

    Wear a dress to cover your penis-Useless Eater

    Woman with a beard-Useless Eater (for the circus only)

    Believe in God-Useful Eater

    Believe in Satanic Worship-Useless Eater

    Males can get pregnant-Useless Eater

    Government Employee-USELESS EATER

    George Soros, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Jacob Rothschild-Useless Eaters

  125. GJ

    Thanks to both of you for the information and insight.

  126. Marie Joy

    Health Ranger Report from says, ” Don’t worry. The banks are as safe as the vaccines.”

  127. Anas

    I’ve been following Holter off and on since several years before he was in JSmineset. He has come across to me as one of the kindest, gentlest, most loving and intelligent commenter on finance. I listen to him, not because he’s always right (who is?), but because I trust him to tell us little people what he really sees. He cares.

    Thanks, Greg, for grabbing him so quickly, And thanks, Bill, for being who you are.

  128. Justn Observer

    Greg, seems if this true ….much more pain …as 40% of the Russell 2000 is cash negative….and several of the big banks were actually major depositors in are on duration risk like SVB? BAC #4 UBS#6
    So, hmmm people are pulling money out of small and regional banks to put their money is ””’safer”” too big to fail banks already holding massive derivatives that are in the high risk ? might only depending on choice putting their money INTO the same risk pool?
    Thinking NOW as soon as the new program makes the ””smaller local and Regional banks whole….people should swiftly move that money out and away from the larger banks more intimately ties to the failing banks in Europe and holding massive risk exposure in derivaties?
    As for some MAGA people who dislike Bidens’ new attack on guns might pull out some extra cash away from those bank a statement against that and for pushing the WEFer ESG agendas and hit your sponsor up for some PM’solidarity’ solution vs ‘their ‘liquidity’ problem just in case?
    Banks Get a Bad Grade=
    dan’s notes and new articles in the MORE section for all the articles he comments on….

    or here –—derivatives–der-rt.html

    • Jimmy

      Good point JO – Why would people idiotically pull their money out of the SVB “frying pan” and put it into the Big Bank “fire?? – More likely their money is going into gold and silver which are rising!!

  129. Justn Observer

    Greg, is the bailouit of SVN on hold? no buyers? does that mean the depositors ARE NOT going to get there money to meet payroll?

  130. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg,
    I’ve listened to this interview 3 times. Great interview. In my late forties or early fifties I told my Dad that the older I got the smarter he got and that if I live much longer he would be smarter than Albert Einstein. Unfortunately, he only made it to 79. He was a machinist, just like your dad. I still love the smell of cutting fluid. I have a 10″ x 30″ lathe and a small but great milling machine plus all the extras in hand and machine tools. How much will the skill be worth to run those things when everything goes bottom up? Priceless…

    Remember everything your Dad taught you.
    Lo Iyrah!!!

  131. Pete+only

    If you have a half hour, here’s a podcast which is Clif High’s interpretation of what will be happening with the economy starting early May, and going into September.
    He believe’s the deep state’s days are numbered, but there will be some bumps along the way.
    You only know what you’re led to believe, so a different perspective is worth while.
    He bases some things during the transition phase which is starting soon, on some of his relatives who lived in Weimar Germany in the early 1920s.
    We will get through it, but we need to be preparing for things now.

  132. tim mcgraw

    The financial system is collapsing. It causes pain. Always has. Always will, but the human race survived them all.
    Dane W. says if geoengineering isn’t stopped we are all going to die.
    Many scientists say that if a thermo-nuclear war breaks out we are all going to die.
    Some say the release of bioweapons will kill us all.
    Others say people will just stop reproducing.
    I’m not worried about money/currency/banks. They cause pain and suffering.
    It’s the nukes, weather manipulation, bioweapons (including insecticides and herbicides), and finally the ennui, the nihilism of the human mind that will end our human race’s time on Earth.
    And why should I care?

    • Jimmy

      One cares about death (especially if it is an untimely death caused by a “jab” or “war”) because we feel a human life has worth and thus has “a right to be remembered” – especially if they tried to do good as best they could while in this world (or forever vilified if they did evil things) – the act of caring for the dead brings to them “a type of immortality” (if only in the living memories of we who are still alive) – and even though we know it is only a small reprieve against an individual eventually being totally forgotten (after the gravestones, monuments, epitaphs and the carved names in stone weather away) – it is our belief in an Immortal God “that transcends our own mortality” – and thus by faith in a God that knows us as unique individuals – we can never be forgotten!!

      • Jimmy

        Since we are all are going to die – why not be remembered for our courage in the face of death – lets rise up and show our worth and lets get these damn Evil Globalists off our backs and the backs of our children and their children to come – and be remembered “as a champion for good over evil” !!!

        • tim mcgraw

          Jimmy: If everyone is dead, who is left to remember us? God knows all. God cares. But I’m talking about this planet, this life.
          If we are all dead, who is left to remember us?

          • Jimmy

            Tim: Likely only an alien anthropologist who has a deep curiosity in studying lost civilizations!!

  133. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nothing new, except that it comes from a writer on a liberal, progressive New England newspaper…. =

    Lucas: Biden will be remembered for wrecking the country.
    Excellent Boston Herald Editorial Opinion by Peter Lucas

    Joe Biden could have been a good president. All he had to do was leave things alone. Instead, he blundered into the office and wrecked the country.

    He is like the guy on a Boeing 747 high over the Atlantic Ocean who breaks into the cockpit and says, “I can fly this thing” “You don’t have to, Joe,” the pilot says, “It’s on autopilot. It flies itself. You know, computers.” Undeterred, Joe presses buttons and flips switches. The plane goes into a nosedive.
    Which is where we are today. You don’t put a guy like this in control.

    He is President Doom. Everything he touches goes bad. And nothing is his fault. He took an energy-independent country and turned it into a nation begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil. Gasoline prices hit the roof and inflation soared. But it is not his fault.

    He forgot how he preened on Day One of his presidency, launching his war on domestic produced energy in favor of his Green Dream of a fossil fuel free world. Biden, John Kerry, his climate change czar, and the progressives would have you believe that the world will come to an end unless their anti-fossil fuel agenda adopted.

    Yes, the world may come to an end. But the chances are the end will come sooner from the unleashing of nuclear weapons then it will come from the use of fossil fuels. But you do not hear politicians like Biden or Kerry talk much about doing away with nuclear weapons. On the contrary. Biden is reopening nuclear negotiations with Iran which will eventually lead to the Iranians having a nuclear bomb. This is the country where its religious fanatics have promised to use its first nuclear weapon on Israel and the second on the United States. If I were to bet, I would wager on the world ending in a nuclear bang before closing out in a fossil fuel whimper. Meanwhile, the rest of the world keeps pumping away, and the American people suffer. But it is not Biden’s fault. It is Vladimir Putin and his war in Ukraine who is to blame, not Joe Biden.

    Joe Biden took a working and strict border policy left to him by Donald Trump and turned it into a humanitarian disaster. Hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants from countries around the world are pouring into the United States and nobody is stopping them. And many of them are dying along the way. Bidens’s decision to do away with border enforcement has also greatly facilitated the smuggling tons of drugs into the county, including deadly fentanyl from China that is killing many unsuspecting Americans. But that is not his fault either. It was Trump’s racist border policy that caused all the problems. Besides, he assigned Kamala Harris to get to the root of the problem.

    Biden also authored the ill-conceived and humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, causing the unnecessary death of 13 Americans at the chaotic Kabul airport, leaving hundreds of Americans, abandoning thousands of Afghan allies, and throwing he country into the chaotic hands of the Taliban. Naturally, he blamed Trump, which nobody bought. The next thing you know Joe Biden will be blaming Putin for the Supreme Court’s decision to send the abortion issue back to the states. Putin somehow must have gotten Trump to appoint three conservatives to the court in order to roil the country.

    According to Biden, the “one thing” that has destabilized the country under his leadership has not been soaring gasoline prices, inflation, the open border, the shameful retreat in Afghanistan, the war in Ukraine, the frightening rising crime rate or the pandemic, but “the outrageous behavior” of the Supreme Court on the abortion issue.

    The court did not destabilize the country. Joe Biden did. This man does not belong in the cockpit.

    Peter Lucas is a veteran Massachusetts political reporter and columnist.

  134. michelle

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  135. josh

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  136. peterson

    Buy Bimatoprost Eye Drop Online, which is Eye Care treatment, and it includes Opthalmic eye drop Resolution. Bimat Eye Drop helps lower the prospect of imaginative and prescient loss by lowering the ocular stress as a result of glaucoma.

  137. Justn Observer

    Greg, so if Congress can declare war…say on the Mexican cartels or ‘invasion’ of people over the border bringing fentanyl…why don’t they?
    and then IF the POTUS fails to do so = impeachment for failing to act pr the will of the people to Protect the country and its national security and economic interests? Would be interesting to see those votes in Congress and then put ‘THE POTUS’ in a box as to whether he will abide by the will of the people to stop the drug trafficking and illegal border crossing and ‘gotaways’ infiltrating the nation….and if even one….causes an event, blows up anything, or kills any U.S. citizens…the buck will stop at his desk for failing to act? But then, no one is following the Constitution anymore- right? › wex › war_powers
    War Powers | Wex | US Law | LII / Legal Information Institute
    Article I, Section 8, Clause 11 of the U.S. Constitution grants Congress the power to declare war. The President, meanwhile, derives the power to direct the military after a Congressional declaration of war from Article II, Section 2, which names the President Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces.

  138. Pete+only

    Second attempt, here’s Clif High with his take of what is going on in the financial markets right now.
    Very interesting, and he has a timeline of May 1st to September of this year.
    He compares it to when his greandparents were living in Germany in the Weimar republic in the early 1920s, 100 years ago.

  139. Shiloh1

    I have to laugh at the ZH article this afternoon, “The Trump, DeSantis Tucker Effect: New Polls Show Republicans Increasing Done With Ukraine.”

    That is quite a main-stream understatement. They are not even half-way there. Over the past 13 months I have following the Ukraine war via:

    Colonel Douglas MacGregor
    Scott Ritter
    Gonzalo Lira (the Roundtable #42 with Larry Johnson (x-CIA) and Michael Vlalos is outstanding. Including where Johnson states that Russia has intercontinental NON-nuclear hypersonic missiles which can reach the U.S. mainland)
    The Duran (Alex Christoforou and Alexander Mercouris)

    Post James Baker (George H.W. Bush admin) and Gorbachev agreement “not one inch eastward” to expand NATO, the U.S. and NATO have been lying ever since.

    Old Soviet Union / Russia during the time of Yeltsin was being looted by the west, sometines with the aid of the some Russian oligarchs and Putin put a stop to it. Nuland during the OZero administration led the overthrow of the Ukrainian President Victor Yanukovych.

    Biden was in Ukraine 6 times in 8 years while vice president –

    During 2016 McCain and Lindsey Graham were in Ukraine laying the groundwork for more trouble. Recall at the time, it was expected to be “Her turn” with President Hillary.

    Who can ever forget FJB bragging here – Joe Biden Brags About Withholding Ukraine Aid in Council on Foreign Relations. 50 seconds in “well, son-of-a-bitch”.

    The audience just laughing it up, too! Sickening. This was in reference to a firing a Ukraine minister investing the corruption and bribes by Hunter and FJB. Kerry, Mitt and Pelosi relatives in up to their necks, too. Recall that Trump Impeachment 1.0 was about Trump calling Zeleinsky to get to the bottom of it. Too bad Trump did not think through that one – how did he not understand why Zelensky was installed there in the first place?

    Gotta laugh at the naivete of Karl Denninger post earlier this week, “…of course, Putin is a thug…” Putin is smarter and has more common sense than the 11 U.S. presidents – combined! Putin is simply a nationalist for Russia. And do FJB and Lindsey Lightloafers etc. know who Dmitry Medvedev and Maria Zakharova are, just in case Putin wasn’t there? They would not have the patience of Putin and would escalate at the drop of a hat if Russia was attacked. NORAD is barely capable of tracking hobby shop weather balloons and tracking Santa Clause on Christmas Eve.

    The whole thing is a looting / money laundering operation for the necons like Hillary and the grifters like FJB (with necons Nuland, Blinkin, Sullivan and Obama-ites Susan Rice and Valerie Jarrett behind the scenes), with the usual DOD contractors beneficiaries joining in the fun with the hot war. By the way, any recent news on FTX about their key role the for FJB sending U.S. taxpayer money to Ukraine and back to the DNC? Is everyone aware of the book – Ally Versus Ally: America, Europe and the Siberian Crisis written by Antony Blinkin in…2014!!!! There is no doubt about their reasoning to blow up NS pipeline to cut off Germany’s exit from this debacle.

    Perhaps the greatest mistake the U.S. ever made was entering WWI. No victory for the Allies, no Versailles Treaty, no reparations, no Weimar hyperinflation and debauchery, no guy with the Chaplin mustache, no WWII.

    Time for Europe to learn how to live peaceably on their own for a change, including on the rough side of town. My kids aren’t fighting there for the neocon rats over here.

  140. Little foot

    grab the popcorn ……. Jew vs. Jew

  141. Dan Yeager

    I am tired of hearing “spending like drunken sailors” in financial sectors. This is Fake News. Having just the same experiences in a previous life, can in fact personally attest that drunken sailors return to the ship when their pockets are empty. They do not borrow a damn thing..

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Dan,
      Do you by any chance speak from experience? 🙂

    • WT

      YES!…those poor sailors are getting a bum rap…how about drunkin politicians for a change.

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