Climate Engineering Must Stop or Humanity is Finished – Dane Wigington

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Climate engineering researcher Dane Wigington says the extreme drought conditions that have plagued the Western U.S. are being turned around by more climate engineering.  California has been in the bullseye.  It’s not good news because it’s from one destructive extreme to another.  Wigington explains, “We know the technology exists and is being used to steer upper-level wind currents and, thus, steer moisture currents, and they are directing moisture into where they have engineered back-to-back snow storms.  There is no question that it is being engineered. . . . People act like this is some sort of fringe theory, and it’s hard science.  We can test the snow and find the same things in climate engineering patents.  We find aluminum, barium, manganese, polymer fibers, graphene and surfactants as well.  All of these are found in our snow. . . . The directing of this moisture flow without chemical nucleation on top of this chemically frozen nucleated material is creating flooding right now as we speak.  This is not debatable. . . . Whatever a person’s perspective is, can there be any legitimate discussion about the climate without addressing climate engineering first and foremost?  The answer is patently NO.”

Wigington goes on to warn, “We have to stop climate engineering statistically and mathematically or we are done in the very near term.  Stopping these operations are weather warfare.  They only serve the masters by masking the true severity of damage done to the climate while using weather as a weapon at the same time. . . . By itself, climate engineering is the largest single factor, and it’s not just destroying the planet’s life support system, agricultural production, the Ozone layer, it’s also, and this is key and critically important, it’s contaminating every single breath we take. . . . There is likely 60 to 70 million tons being dispersed in our skies annually of these particulates.  It’s not even factored into the dire warnings of how toxic the air we are breathing.  It’s an incredible lethal brew we are breathing in.  Nobody is looking for these nanoparticles even though they are the most harmful of all.”

Wigington says, “. . .Ecosystem collapse is happening all over the globe.  At, our mission is to expose this biggest hole in the bottom of the boat. . . . Critical mass of awareness is the only way out. . . .Climate engineering is pounding nails into all of our collective coffins.  We have to plant the seed of awareness. . . . When you arm yourself with credible data and you wake those people around you, they begin to wake others.  Now, they realize they do have power if they focus what is in their power. . . . they can move this fight forward.”

There is much more in the 35-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with climate researcher Dane Wigington, founder of, with an update to the ongoing global drought to flood calamity for 3.11.23.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    This is one special guest Greg.
    We need to stop polluting our planet too.
    Can’t even breath when passing through major cities in China, Vietnam and Thailand.
    Watching the cricket on the TV with Australia touring India and how can they possibly even see the Chemtrails, the live in a perpetual cycle of greyness.

    • Trinacria

      Absolutely correct, Dane is a great guy to use his expertise to expose all this corruption. Greg, thank you for giving him the airtime – I pray that his message picks up steam. I will certainly spread this around.
      I’ve said it before, this seems like one giant Jonestown suicide pact. The people that are behind this, we know the cast , and I’m sure there are others, breath the same air, their families breath the same air. Once the ground is polluted, all of us are affected, not just the rank and file.
      So, is this really a long term suicide pact as what these evil clowns do to the earth, they also do to themselves. I would never want to live in a bunker and come back to a totally dystopian world.
      Patrick Henry comes to mind: give me liberty, if not death is fine as I am a believer in a better place where justice will ultimately be served.

    • Anthony Australia

      Nearly 200,000 People In Thailand Hospitalized Because Of Air Pollution

  2. MacGuy

    There are so many things happening today I cannot understand why. The only comfort I find in these situations is knowing there is ONE who does.

    Revelation 11:18 says that God comes to reward those who have honored his name, and to “destroy those who have destroyed the earth.”

    • daniel j turner

      It’s history. It’s science. It’s The Grand Solar Minimum. It’s a 400-year solar cycle possibly as old as the sun itself and weather extremes like this .have been recorded throughout history. During these cycles volcanic and seismic activity also increases along with increased chances of solar flares. Look into it for yourself I am not going into any details here since a simple Google search will tell you everything. Humans are little gods changing the climate and controlling the weather. Martin Armstong a regular visitor here has mentioned the Grand Solar Minimum several times but Greg has never pressed him for more information.


    Greg i haven’t watched today’s show just yet and will tune in in the morning.
    Is it possible that bank failures could be encouraged so as to bring in CBDC.
    Kind regards

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Michael,
      “Is it possible that bank failures could be encouraged so as to bring in CBDC.”
      My initial thought/s exactly when I learned about Silicon Valley Bank. Concurrent with the SVB bust, both Janet Yellen and Klaus Schwab made unsupportive statements about the banking sector – as if to encourage bank runs (sorry no links, just reporting what I heard). CBDC does away with the need for any other than Central banks. Imagine if TPTB manage to excite massive bank runs . . . This may provide the ‘excuse’ they need to instigate bail-ins. Ordinary consumers could become destitute and desperate. Solution – issue CBDCs to all the citizenry to enable them to buy essentials. Who is going to refuse to accept CBDCs in such circumstances?!
      The Hegelian Dialectic – problem : reaction : solution – is employed against ‘we the people’ time and time again.


        Thanks for the reply.

      • Fred

        Missing from bioengineering discussion, is where the massive funding is coming from and how do we shut off their cash flow?

      • Pete+only

        Good theory Persona, you may be right.

    • elle

      See Diamond at oppenhiemer ranch project on youtube. He is very informed and many degrees. I wish Greg would have him on.

  4. Jimmy

    We should all be frowning and taking action against the evil Globalists who are destroying our world as Dane is warning – before we all die (smiling about it like life was one big joke)!! –

    • Karen

      Where are these flights originating? What are the identifying numbers on the planes? Who is delivering the chemicals? Nothing specific is discussed. I would like some solid evidence.

  5. Jerry

    It should be clear by now that the elites running this scam don’t care.

    Death is the ultimate climate change goal. IE the Philippines have issued a warrant for Bill Gates arrest. They get it.

    • Self Exiled

      I’m in the Philippines and they don’t get it. My friend (Australian); both children have had two shots or could not attend school. The baby born to parents who live behind me both inoculated died 1 month after birth (organ failure). The grand father now has heart issues. Many more I can site. Jerry if you can give me more information concerning your statement. In the local news statements that inoculations are out of date and more need to be ordered. Also two new 5g towers are being built and we have 2 already in this small community. I have lived in this community sense 2015 and watched the progress of this calamity except for a year and half I had to return to the US. I hear nothing here that these inoculations are a bio weapon, except From my Australian friend who has had two shots of Astra Zeneca.

    • Jerry

      Time is running out.

      This week could be a real nightmare. What happened to faith in the

      • Self Exiled

        Thank You for the fact check. Spoke to a young man here who had one shot and is the weakest he has ever been and has many days of feeling sick. “No more shots.” If people are getting it here there not talking about it. Also never thought money would be safer in pesos. Maybe.

  6. Stymie

    Being attacked behind various cloaks of disguise from the fake Vaxxxines, Poisons in the food, to all the rest of it including the Weather Manipulation doesn’t mean its Orange Man Bad’s fault… none of it is, C’mon man!

  7. Really Awake

    I think this is just the beginning of what’s coming. It reminds me of a scripture in the Contemporary English Version: “People will be so frightened that they will faint because of what is happening to the world. Every power in the sky will be shaken.” Luke 21:26

    It’s beginning to look like to me that at least some of the fortold Biblical catastrophe is actually caused by mankind. Man is currently ruining the earth in so many ways. And this will continue until it reaches a critical time of distress which causes great “fear” in the masses. In other words things are going to get so bad that even the ignorant public is going to be scared to death of what’s happening to them.

    I also think that there comes a point when Almighty God has to put a stop to all of the evil…..

    “The appointed time came [by God] to bring to ruin those ruining the earth.” Rev 11:18

    Frankly, I don’t think that the anthropogenic weather manipulation gets solved by writing your congressmen. You can speak out, if you like, but as for me I have spent a lifetime of speaking out truth to powerful men, yet to no avail. After a lifetime of actively speaking out to man, I now know that speaking to God in prayer is the first and foremost act to do.

    I don’t like to say this, but the situation is going to get a lot worse before it gets better. And it won’t be mankind who rights the wrongs and heals the earth.

    • Michael

      Some legal system. We have obvious crimes being committed. Even one idiot telling us, we will soon face another ” much more serious pandemic that will be based on a different pathogen.
      He would be a called a person of interest based on what he is saying now and in the past.
      Normally police who have identified the most serious crime of all time and know of a certain person who, in high probability, knows full well what is coming. You normally match the two, pick that person up and interagate him like the world depended on it. It does.
      How is that not taking place? Did he just get awarded cart blange on everything?
      Why! The crime can’t be stopped by rounding up a bunch of these freaks.
      If I were a cop, I would draw up the case and charge him. Many others will step in to help. Let’s get the wheels of law turning proactively instead of after a few are left gathering whatever. Right!!

    • Jan, from Budapest - Europe

      I do agree. God works through man and so does our enemy, which I do believe we see on display these days. And, when man does something, it may have some side effects or results they thought of at the time of carrying out their deeds.
      The Euphrates is drying up in Syria and Iraq, just like revelation says it will do. This is caused by Turkey’s building dams for power production. The Bible doesn’t tell us how it dries up.
      The earthquake in Turkey, in close approximate to Euphrates. Was that manmade? I don’t know, but even if it was, could that be trigger to set loose the angles bound there, Rev. 9:14.
      Knowing the events supposed to happen as described in the Bible, we are not told how it would look like in the natural. We are told the effect of them, but how do they practical play out?
      Not saying it is like that, just saying what it may look like that. It could be that we are further into the end of the age than we usually walk around thinking we are…

    • CJ

      Really Awake, the verse Luke 21:26 has been on my heart lately. When I first heard about the heart problems those who have taken the jab are having, I thought of it. Everyone who took the injection did so because of fear. Fear of the CCP virus. Fear of harming someone they love by transmitting the CCP virus. Fear of losing their jobs. Fear of the social ramifications of refusing. Fear of never getting back to the “old” normal. If taking the jab is the first fear part, I think you could be right that environmental issues could be “those thing which are coming on the earth”. Thankfully, we know that God does not give us the spirit of fear (2 Timothy1:7) so we know who sends that evil spirit.
      I had never heard of the translation that you used. Looked it up. Thanks for posting it.

      The translation I’ve been pondering on is this one:
      Luke 21:26 King James Version
      26 Men’s hearts failing them for fear, and for looking after those things which are coming on the earth: for the powers of heaven shall be shaken.

    • Mario

      Good comment.
      Only God can fix this situation for sure.
      I think He is going to say “ENOUGH” very soon.

    • Lynda

      Really Awake—
      I concur that speaking to our CREATOR is our first and foremost source of power to:
      1) carry the hardships and sufferings of JESUS, our tears and heavy heart, into His throne room and then to allow His love to wash over us and heal…even the deepest of trauma(s)…ours and those of whom we care about and bring before Him;
      2) bring the sacrifice of praise to the Most High as the Healer of the nations, as the Most beloved within our being, as the Friend that sticks closer than a brother;
      3) to humbly ask to be empowered so much that all aches and pains move to the back burner of our focus and enable us to press through ALL of the tasks we are assigned to for this time.

      He IS everything we will ever need to endure, to love others unconditionally, to forgive ALL transgressions against us, and to THRIVE in this time of darkness.

      Each step we take toward loving, planting seeds of encouragement, righting the ship…brings a spark of His Light. Brothers and sisters, I pray the LORD to direct us each and every moment. That we find the roads of giving freely and bringing in the harvest we are called to bring in for His GLORY. All for His GLORY! <3

  8. Jason Sykes

    Please have Bill Holter back on. He is one of the best people to be explaining what is going on economically, especially with the bank failures starting to occur…

    • Greg Hunter

      Good idea! I will.

      • Jonathan

        Thank you Greg. How about Sherry Tenpenny as well?

        • Greg Hunter

          Wroking on it.

          • Jonathan

            Thank you Greg. She practices up in Cleveland where I did my residency. She’s extremely intelligent and very personable. She is a wealth of information on vaccine injuries, and she has a way of explaining things that are easy for people to understand.

      • Mario

        Hey Greg
        I hope all is well sir.
        You have great guests!
        Bill Holter is awesome and it would be great to hear from him now about the banking situation.
        I remember him on your show many years ago saying the system already has collapsed. The fed is pumping billions into it to keep it propped up but it’s already collapsed and the only thing holding it together was confidence and that was deteriorating.
        Blessing brother

    • Jimmy

      Seems like banks will be seeing more and more people withdrawing their money on Monday – and as the bank-runs gain momentum – the Fed will likely have to print all money needed – but – all that money printing will push up the CPI and push down the purchasing power of the US dollar (which is already almost worthless – ) – so I guess the Fed will issue 100 year bonds to all the people demanding their money from the banks (instead of printing cash) which will postpone the day of reckoning until after all the people are dead!!

      • Cheri Rodriguez

        I started pulling my money out in 2001. On 9/11 when the second plane hit, I was immediately on the phone—“Everything to Gold!” Been stacking physical Gold & Silver (guarded by 10mm Glocks, 12 Gauge shotguns and Vz 58s) ever since.

      • Paul from Indiana

        As Greg likes to point out: It works, until it doesn’t. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          I keep hearing that line from “Forrest Gump.” Forrest says, “And then one day it was over, just like that.”

  9. Joseph

    Greg please take a look at Ben Davidson’s play list on Earth Catastrophe Cycle which is on Youtube Suspicious Observers. Here is the link:

    Yes they are causing great problems by geoengineering but there are other factors involved.


    • Jonathan

      Hmmmm… Regarding what you wrote about God having to put a stop to this…

      There is something in the Bible that may take a different position than you do.

      If you look at the 8th. Psalm, look at versus five and six. It says we were created just a little lower than the angels and that the work of God’s hands has been put under our Dominion. So it looks like it’s up to us.

      • Jimmy

        Exactly – It is up to “us” to save God’s creations from the Evil Globalist Demons!!

    • Jan, from Budapest - Europe

      I second that, Joseph.

  10. DJ Garcia

    Thank you Greg!! Love this info. I’ve gotten to the point where I just look outside and if they are chem-trailing, I just stay inside that day.

  11. Bonnie Grudsky

    People are waking up to weather modification. I live in CA on the Central Coast. The norm is 4 or 5 planes at the same time spraying poison into the sky almost every day for hours. It is rare that no spraying takes place on any given day. My local newspaper had a front page article about 2 months ago showing the seeding machine that it located on the local open space in my town. Look at the publications on this site: There are publications clearly admitting to poisoning the skies in North Dakota & California. Thank you for all you do Greg!

    • Michael

      Has anyone approached town council to see what they say?

  12. bert

    We are at 2 inches away from an immovable object and we’re going 1000 miles an hour. You can forget about man made climate change. Wait until natural weather cycles return. Got preps? God Bless.

  13. Ed Mustafo

    Greg, maybe you could get Mike Pento on the show some time soon to discuss the current financial situation.

  14. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Wigington sadly our super elite seem to know better than us plebs and we will die for them.

    • tim mcgraw

      Maria das Santos: Sad indeed. It’s an old story…

    • A Friend

      I would take a different position from what you said, respectfully…

      I would say that no person has the authority for the right to determine when my life is over except for the one who made me.

      It is only almighty God’s authority that I respect… no longer man’s.

  15. Bloglogician

    ** I’d rephrase: no one (except billionaires like gates, dod, governments, nasa, cov-authorities, dental [fluoride] industry, climate changeists, money printers etc) put out so much information just to lie to you :).
    ** I also think there must be detox strategies so the billionaires can save their own families (unless they really plan to live in a bunker.. or maybe the ‘fertile land beyond antartica’ as admiral Byrd” said – which isn’t so crazy since no one is allowed to fly over antartica)
    **Yes it was a good question – are the nanoparticles lipid nanoparticles? I presume some are morgellons some are just Ti or Al or Barium metal salt particles. Nice to test however. They make the fungus grow. Make the cancers bloom. Acidify the blood. Provides the self assembling parasites in the vaxXx’ed metals for their structures. TiO2 nanoparticles are in sunscreen – it goes into the blood thru the skin – what does that do to my kids? Dark times. Great show.

  16. Jeffrobbins

    It certainly is bad news most all the way around. Be careful folks how stressed out we let ourselves get. We need to get good sleep, good food, have worthwhile pursuits, and make a difference. The problems we face could easily steal our peace, then our health and render us less effective. ‘Fear Not’ really is a great tagline. And Jesus owns it all anyway.

  17. tim mcgraw

    I like Dane. He’s passionate. CAF calls it “The Great Poisoning.” I’d agree with that.
    Humans seem to have a death wish. I’ve never understood it. All these wars, rapes, and killings, (I see that Chicago already has over 130 murders this year.)
    And it gets worse every day. Darkness is upon us.
    Personally, I like this cold wet winter here in Sonoma County. The engineers are letting water out of the reservoirs and yet the NOAA meteorologists just won’t let go of the drought/climate change narrative.

    I don’t see any way things get better. I think it was the masking of children and closing the schools that convinced me the USA wasn’t worth the time of day. Abusing children is the end of society.

    • Paul from Indiana

      That and the trans agenda. They keep coming up with new means of destruction, each more lethal than the last. Best always. PM

      • Jimmy

        To qualify to be a politician one must be gay pervert transgender queer – from Obama to Zelensky look at the world they have created for us – it is time – it is time to put these evil queer ducks trying to exterminate humanity with bio and nuclear weapons into a prison from which they can never escape (like God did to Satan)!!

  18. Don

    Hello Greg, Good interview, I hope Dane Wigington is wrong!

  19. tim mcgraw

    9:15 Dane says “We are preventing the planet from responding to the damage.” (I’m paraphrasing). Dane needs to explain this. The planet is not a living thing, though living things live on the planet. People conflate this all the time. Drives me nuts. The Earth is a rock with a molten core and a surface that is 68% water.
    The Earth doesn’t “respond” to anything. It is an inanimate object.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please study You simply do not know much about this:

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg: I understand Dane’s position and his facts. I’ve been watching his interviews for years. I agree with them.
        My problem is with Dane using the verb “respond”. The word denotes a living thing. Geoengineering can cause this and that to the Earth and us. We can respond. The Earth cannot.
        I know it sounds like I’m splitting hairs, but this “Gaia” BS philosophy that the Earth is alive and protects itself (propagated by the Eco Nuts) drives me crazy.
        Words matter. Especially in this Orwellian world of doublespeak.

        • Jimmy

          Tim – If you believe the universe is something that did not exist “until it was created by God” – then the universe is “a part of God” – and therefore how it “responds” can be interpreted as an act of God – and if we ourselves and all the matter in the universe is a part of God then the way we respond to say the “jab” or the way the Earth will respond to a world wide nuclear war (by creating very harsh winters) can be looked upon as God responding to the perverts who are trying to dismantle his creation and thus his very existence (the way Noah Horrori keeps telling us God does not exist and therefore man must also be made extinct)!!!

          • tim mcgraw

            Jimmy: We are all part of God’s creation, but there is a difference between animate and inanimate matter.
            There are chemical and physical reactions to events by inanimate objects, but they don’t respond.
            Only animate creatures respond.
            Do not confuse the two.
            That is like having a pet rock.

            • DrS

              My Friend,
              You seem like a smart fellow, but honestly, you need to beef up your understanding of science. The world is full, literally teeming with feedback systems. The currently scientific term is “self-organizing” systems. All living organisms are full of them and the modern mathematics that gave the field a kick was from the study of weather: the Lorenz equation was actually a model for convection in the atmosphere. That gave rise to the study of chaotic systems, and from there the field of nonlinear dynamics really got going, especially because computers became available around that time.

              When system feedback is negative, systems can be self-healing or stabilizing. They do not need to be alive. If you need an example, think of a thermostat. It regulates your house temperature, but it is not alive and does not even use a computer.

              Out earth ecosystem is literally full of such processes. I would personally say God made it that way, but the processes are physical and what we would call inanimate. Dane is not wrong in his language, though it is true that some people may be confused.

              I am a retired physics professor, just so you know who you are hearing from.

  20. tim mcgraw

    There have been five (The Bi9 Five) mass extinctions in the Earth’s history.
    The last one was 65 million years ago that killed off the dinosaurs.
    That’s the theory anyway.
    George Carlin was right when he said the Earth would go on with or without us. It’s a rock orbiting an average sun in an average galaxy in a huge universe with billions of galaxies.
    When humans quit killing each other, I’ll give a damn about the outcome of geoengineering, or asteroids, viruses (if they exist), aliens (if they exist), or anything.
    Jesus said the poor will always be with us. He didn’t say anything about murderers.
    Why did God protect Cain after he killed Abel?
    I don’t understand this place.

  21. Geo K

    Keep in mind Cramer told good things about Bear Stearns & Lehman days before tjey imploded. And he recommended Silicon Valley Bank very recently.

    CNBC Jim Cramer recently tweeted JP Morgan “is a fortress”.

    Is not JP Morgan a huge player in silver and silver derivatives? Check with Bix Weir & Bill Holter.

    • Jimmy

      Lets never get rid of Cramer – he is helping us ordinary people get rich by simply doing the opposite of what he says!! – his recent JP Morgan statement is very very good news for us silver and gold bugs!!

    • Coal Burner

      Jamie Diamond of JP Morgan would not want to fall for many reasons but, he is at odds with Klause “The Louse” Schwabe Rothchild and that is why we do not want Diamond to fail. Of course , Biden/Obama are on Klause ‘s team.

  22. tim mcgraw

    16:00: Dane says that “they” decide who gets the moisture. Well, who is “they”? I’m sure that not only the US government has this weather manipulation technology. Are the Chinese manipulating the weather? Are the Russians doing it as well?
    Does the sun, planets, and Earth’s wobble on its axis not also have an effect? The Earth’s changes in orbit? Milankovitch Cycles showed these effects a hundred years ago.
    Too many variables…
    The only constant I see is the stupidity of mankind.

    • Jonathan

      Tim, I think it would be helpful if you spent some time. Seriously going through Dane Wiggington’s website. It would answer many of your questions.

      • tim mcgraw

        Jonathan: I have perused Dane’s website. I watched “The Dimming” and other videos. I agree with Dane’s information. I’m just not sure what is going to happen.
        Do you think only the USA is doing weather manipulation?
        Do you think other events, solar, lunar, and planetary, might also contribute to our climate?
        Our solar system is going through a more active part of the Milky Way galaxy. All the planets in the solar system are heating up a bit.
        We are getting more cosmic “rays” (really particles). These particles cause rainfall.
        It’s complicated. I can’t figure it all out. No one can.

  23. Sam

    Seems to me that the Insane people doing this to our Atmosphere dont care about the Earth so why are they be Afraid to NUCLEAR BOMB the Planet?

  24. DEE K.

    Greg, thanks for having Dane on again. Glad he is ok & still has a roof over his head! May God bless you both & protect you & yours. Dane has painted a very dark picture in this interview. And it can’t be denied as we see on the news in CA now, catastrophe! I also think to myself, “I am gonna go take a walk outside & get some fresh air”. Can’t say that ever again.😨 Dane has been sounding the alarm for so many years & the spraying still continues. It seems like a lost cause, but miracles still happen. 🙏✝️

  25. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Many people do not want to face the dark reality that they are ruled by psychopaths, sociopaths and other corrupt actors. At some point people have to look at the information and decide that they are the power called we the people or they can continue to ignore the intentional acts of public officials that are reducing life on earth, reducing the peoples private property wealth to finance said destruction that results in their own health declining and early death from the acts committed by public pretenders of office. When you examine where this geo-engineering is headquartered, it is the same entity that operates bio-weapons labs, the Pentagon. The State Craft that devised the Federal State was somewhat sophisticated in the framework. What is called the United States Government is a compartmentalization of information, one office does not know what the others are working on, politicians of every type, brand, character uses these compartments to build programs like geo-engineering, bio-weapons, whatever the tyrants are working on to further their program. On a need to know basis. Cleverly written by attorneys are the municipal codes of Congress for local control of the people, policies, statutes, administrative procedures are used to get around the Constitutions limitations and restrictions, the administrative state is fraud. My point is that the U.S. Constitution, in Article 1, § 8, and Clauses 1 thru 16, grants to Congress the power to act for the fifty Union States as an international representative and to do so without and outside the boundaries of each of those fifty States. The Constitution specified to Congress the seat of government, subsequently known as the District of Columbia. Over time, Congress created a government for the [District] and this [District] became a federal state by definition. This federal state styled as [District of Columbia] is not “united” by or under the Constitution for the United States of America. The District has never joined the Union, several unsuccessful attempts have been tried. The Constitution granted Congress authority to govern the [District] a military district. The legislatures of each of the several States of the Union govern their States within the geographical limits of those States. As Congress began to legislate for the [District] under authority of Article 1, §8, Clauses 17 and 18, the difference between citizens of the [District] did not possess the right of suffrage or other rights retained by the Citizens of the Republic States and were not recognized as a part of the Sovereign Body of (We the People). The Constitution for the United States of America provided no means of forming municipal governments and exercising taxing powers over these citizens within the territories of the “United States” by definition is foreign to the fifty Union States and was decided by the insular cases. Wherever you see “United States” is a foreign government that is not United under the USA Constitution and has zero allegiance to the fifty Union States. City Hall is United States, County of Polk is United States, State of Iowa is United States which is the foreign [District of Columbia] a military district overlay and the United States is at war with the fifty Union States of the Republic and the American people who have their abode or residence in the fifty Union States. It is a sophisticated overlay onto the territory through word art developed by attorneys intended to confuse the enemy American people. In the Union States your county would be (Polk county) your state would be (Iowa state) and the constitution is the United States of America constitution. What exists is a foreign government headquartered at District of Columbia that has reached its tentacles out into the fifty Union States and is at war with the Union Citizens under various declared federal emergencies. The District of Columbia is a war government, it de-industrialized the fifty Union states around 1980 by an actor named Joe Biden and Mitt Romney that made a profit purchasing manufacturing outfits out in the fifty Union States, moving the factories over to China and then laying off the American employees of those factories and then put the title on China as most favored nation status. The foreign District of Columbia is still at war with the fifty Union States as well as at war with many nations around the world for the reason the District of Columbia is a war government. Geo-engineering is one aspect of that war government, the bio-weapons is another aspect of that war government, drafting American children from the fifty Union States is another scam that the foreign government has successfully used against the American people who are mostly unsuspecting of the war government and its plans to continue to murder people wherever found and make a profit while committing the murders and probably the worse part is the soldiers, enlisted contractors have no idea they are doing so for a foreign government styled as the [District of Columbia] a foreign government at war with the Citizens of the Union States. The January 6th scam was a program to get Union Citizens into the [District of Columbia], take the peaceful protest and turn it into some violence by what is known as agent provocateurs, agents of the foreign [District of Columbia] a war government at war at all times that setup the peaceful protestors and have tortured the prisoners, will torture the prisoners they have caged. Torture in US prisons is standard policy of the war government, medical experimentation on prisoners is standard policy, experimentation on soldiers is policy as they are viewed as (expendable lives of the war government). The vast majority of prisoners are in for “political offenses” not for actual harm or actual violence and once the war government has you as a prisoner there is no good that will come from being tortured, reduced medically by reduction in health, served prison grade food that is absolute garbage. Self defense is the time for violence and the Union Citizens need to know that is when you use violence to defend your life. With all the deception by the [District of Columbia] and deception by Congress, deception by Senators and deception by Governors who agreed to give the foreign [District of Columbia] the access to the private property of the Union Citizens without compensation to use in the foreign government that is at war with the American people. When you have this knowledge you can see how the [District of Columbia] Congress, Governors have put into place this overlay that brings the foreign municipal war government out into the fifty Union States to rob and plunder the productive laboring Citizens and murder those that they deem too knowledgeable and to effective at uncovering the truth as to the status of the fifty Union State Citizens and the foreign war government styled as [United States] to continue living, that war government has turned to using the medical profession to assist in ending lives prematurely recently in a much larger scale than before through unproven vaccines which are actually part of a larger war to reduce lives, among other wars of finance in the too big to fail scheme, geo-engineering and the next planned financial collapse is going to be the opposite of the last engineered financial collapse where it’s reversed and the foreign war government does “bail ins” meaning the funds you have on deposit will bail out the foreign war government called United States. It is through these tricky and artful definition changes that have fooled the people into the hands of tyranny by making the people out in the fifty Union states falsely believe that you have representatives in government, you don’t have any representatives in government, all United States politicians, boards, commissions, agencies, departments are in fact an extension of the United States war government [District of Columbia] that is at war with the Union State Citizens as well as all the nations the war government is currently occupying around the world. So far the United States war government have fooled the Union State Citizen into falsely believing that is their government. The pentagon and the intelligence branches of the United States dominate and operate the entire digital platform of social media etc, what a tool to gather information about the Union State Citizen enemy. Most people are too busy working, raising families to dig into all this information, they are tired and when they are not tired they are resting from working, but today it is more available than ever before to go and examine for themselves and decide if they wish to exercise their powers as Union State Citizens of self-government. Every time I hear the so-called government say that a Freedom of Information Act request can not be done for privacy reasons or they do not posses the information, lie or a board or commission says they can not release any information because of their privacy, lie. They are hiding what they are doing and attempting to keep documents, information private so no audit can be done, now if that board or commission wants your information they will use every attempt to deceive you into giving it to them and they will cite anything as a means to gathering your private information as a Union State Citizen. People say they went to court and mentioned the constitution and the judge said do not mention that dirty document in my court ever again. That is in fact a United States Court of the District of Columbia, a war court. United States District Courts of any District are Congressional courts for Congress and Senators to apply political offenses to any they deem a threat to their war government. United States District Courts are not courts of record. The fifty Union States have the exact same scheme in State Court it is a United States court, a war court of the war government called United States and headquartered in the foreign [District of Columbia]. United States of America has nothing to do with United States, the crafty use of words and their actual definitions is used everyday to fool the Union State Citizen into thinking they are United with United States, remember the United States is not part of the fifty Union States, it is that foreign war government that is not United with the fifty Union states. The fifty Governors are United States and have nothing at all to do with the Union State Iowa or the Union State of North Carolina, these governors are part of the overlay that was created to give the impression that the Union State Iowa and State of Iowa are the sane thing, they ain’t. The Governor is the Governor of the State of Iowa which is a corporation under the United States [District of Columbia] war government. The fifty Union States have no dejure governors, they are lapdogs of the foreign war government United States that is headquartered at [District of Columbia] and commonly referred to as the United States federal corporation. For example, the territorial Capitol of Iowa is Iowa City, Iowa. The Capitol was moved when the corporation styled as State of Iowa was created and moved to Des Moines, Iowa which is the corporation Capitol for said corporation that is an extension of the incorporated United States a federal corporation at [District of Columbia]. The territorial Capitol in Iowa City is still maintained not because the corporation State of Iowa wants to maintain it for any historical reasons rather they maintain the territorial Capitol because the State of Iowa corporation jurisdiction ends at the floor and door to the corporation State of Iowa, they have no jurisdiction outside their corporation and the Union State Citizen is not in their corporation so they use the territorial capital and the territorial laws to creep out into the Union State to rob, plunder, capture the enemy State Citizen, the enemy County Citizen which is their enemy as declared in such documents as the trading with the enemy act and other federal state emergencies of the United States. These schemes have worked because of lawfare of the United States and their deception. If you are a registered voter you declare you are a United States citizen of the foreign United States and a subject with no rights of suffrage, in exchange for being a registered voter in their foreign elections you agree to fund, pay and finance all of their costs, expenses, fees for exercising your opinion in who you would like in office of the foreign United States. I know the United States war government has suckered the vast majority of Union State Citizens into that trap. If you notice, what United States politicians give you is the bill to fund your own death and destruction thru the IRS and REVENUE employees of the [District of Columbia] a war government also known as United States, not to be confused with the United States of America. I know they did not teach this in law school or any of the government public schools of indoctrination and as people move up in the system, the higher they go the more they know about how it actually is layed out. Deception is how they have conquered the fifty Union States of America. The Selective Service System sent out a notice that they have been prepping for the draft, yeah they are going to press-gang into service boys and girls as canon fodder of the United States war government. In every place you believe is a state of the Union is actually an extension of the military war government of the foreign United States at [District of Columbia] where you see the word district, that is a military term, a military war government. A foreign occupation out in the fifty Union States.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Rick, don’t hold back on us. Tell us how you really feel. I get the sense you’re disappointed. I understand. Denial and the normalcy bias are at work here, and both are part of human nature. Best always. PM

    • Jimmy

      Rick – You make many valid points – the abusive commies [AC] in [DC] are mostly queers and pedophiles – thus AC/DC has zero allegiance to the normal (straight) American people in the fifty States – they are like a foreign “transgender filled government” that considers “normal straight” American people “as an enemy” (and they are forcefully coming for our children) using everything in the book against us – from Geo-engineering to bio-weapons and now most likely a nuclear war – the good “straight” American people are mostly unsuspecting of this war being waged against them by transsexual deviants and pedophile perverts who fill our government but who are in fact “mad psychopaths” with plans to murder 99% of the normal straight people in the entire world – so – “only they will be left” – then they will call themselves “normal” – look at the January 6th “false flag” scam – it was a Demon-rat inspired operation – to make normal patriotic citizens waving “true American Flags” into Terrorists (by using AC/DC Agent Provocateurs) – American Patriots are now locked in prison – who are probably being tortured and subjected to medical experimentation (as normal-straight-patriotic Americans are viewed “as expendable” in the furtherance of these psychopathic perverts continual “War Government” so they can rule the entire world (for orgies and profit)!!!

  26. Michael

    Terrible answer Gred.
    “For those who profuse themselves to be intelligent aren’t. JThey are actually stupid because they simple dont understand these bad people controlling the weather, actually want to live underground. That’s a bit rich.
    Do you really thinkthe elites are looking forward to living underground?
    Why would they strive for such a low goal with all their power?
    I will give you that these moving of weather systems is purposely ruoning areas so they can’t be farmed.
    However, the avg goblal temp has gone up 1 degree c since 1880.
    Hardly a panic and aside from perhaps moving weather systems, man has zero impact. The climate has been changing since the beginning of time. Prediction after predicted disaster dates have come and gone. If this new disaster is real, there would be no need for the shots, poison in the air, new laws to enslave us, right?

    • Jimmy

      Exactly Michael – If the world is going to end because of Climate Change – what need do the eugenicists have to “jab” us with their killer bio-weapon clot shots, kill all the cows – burn down the chicken farms producing our eggs, derail our trains, etc., etc. and now bring us to nuclear war?? – when they can simply sit back and allow Climate Change kill everyone???

  27. Andrew Cox

    Great programme!
    Dane makes some excellent points as usual. Geoengineering / weather warfare is devastating many parts of the planet. Catherine Austin Fitts talks about the Great Poisoning – and this is a key part of the poisoning.
    But the rapid decline (collapse?) of the Earth’s magnetic field is the other major factor which will cause an environmental catastrophe and mass population deaths over the next 20+ years.
    I suggest you try and interview the presenter of SuspiciousObservers who covers this issue each day. You can’t just look at geoengineering without adding the decline in the magnetic field – which is accelerating the decline of the Ozone layer, etc.

  28. A Friend

    Thank you for your post John. In response to your reference to the recent earthquakes in Turkey in Syria, those things were covered in the global alert news section of Dane Wiggington’s website, after the earthquakes occurred.

    He mentioned HAARP and other ionosphere heaters being used there, as they were in many other cases through the years, including several days before the earthquake that caused the wreckage at Fukushima. He talked about all this recently.

  29. Jane

    Think how many pilots it must take to fly all these planes every day! Maybe one —slightly— bright side of bioweapon injuries is many will no longer be able to fly to spread this poison. Where are the pilot whistleblowers?

  30. Carl

    Dane was just a man that was concerned , in the beginning
    just wanted the most out of his solar panels . He then noticed a
    20% reduction in the intake of his panels and then began the
    Long road to help expose the harm of Geo- Engineering.
    Dane is a Warrior-
    Thanks for the interview Gregg you are a truth Warrior as well –
    Stolen elections have severe consequences-

  31. Roger Stamper

    tks dana greg

  32. Mike

    Hi Greg

    A+++++ Interview
    I would like to see Dane Wigington and Edward Dowd and others combine and utilize their data to obtain a more accurate analyze of the depopulation (extermination) numbers.

    Any chance of this happening?

    God Bless

  33. DANNY


    • Coal Burner

      Add a tornado cellar packed with three years supplies and located at higher elevation and I will agree Danny. That covers a lot of the theory s tat will wipe out people but of lot of people will survive the assorted earths catastrophes both man made and natural events.

  34. Steve Nussdorf

    What happened to cliff high…is he alright?

  35. IVAN

    Mar 11, 2023 Breaking! Gen. Michael Flynn Issues Emergency Message To Humanity! MUST WATCH


  36. Linda

    Minute 22ish: “They wouldn’t do this to themselves”. Wow, have I heard that one before. Another iteration of that sentiment, when I suggested to an old hippie friend that 9-11 might be an inside job and she should check out building 7 pancaking, she said that she didn’t even think George Bush (whom she hated) was that evil. She wouldn’t even look at the video I sent her. I have shared this with the people I usually share things. All of them assiduously avoid every commenting or replying to me.

  37. greg sabourin

    It didn’t surprise me to hear that the environmental movement isn’t interested in Dane’s message. They’ve always been green on the outside and red on the inside, I’m sure they are onboard with depopulation, (to save the planet of course).

    • Pete+only

      That’s because Climate Change is just a control mechanism along with 15 minute cities used by the cabal, along with the CDC/WHO to lock everyone down, and once having CBDCs (Central Bank Digital Curencies), we may all eventually become slaves.
      I hope that I am wrong, but if people start bank runs, this coming week for example, the 40-50% of people living pay check to pay check may actually demand CBDCs….Turbulent times are likely coming soon.

  38. Johnny

    I was getting ready to hit the beach to catch some sun,
    oh wait a second, what sun?

  39. Robert K


    Why can’t all states pass the Clean Atmosphere Act like Rhode Island?

    Every state should introduce legislation and pass this.

  40. Lowell kaul

    Great topic humanity is being destroyed ,but we know God is control.the 1st Incident Weather control I believe it was in job when a great wind destroyed a house.another topic unrealized capital gains tax.

  41. Kirsten

    Climate Change is real and we don’t have any more time to waste arguing with anti-Science Deniers.

    Conservatives and Big Oil have nearly destroyed Mother Gaia and now it is up to Progressives to pull off a near-miracle with a Greenhattan Project!

    In the 30’s & 40’s we Progressives saved America with the New Deal and saved the world from ultra-Conservative racist Hitler (whom Isolationist American Conservatives either supported or wanted to ignore).

    We will now do the same with the Climate Crisis!

    Any Deniers who get in the way must now be treated as Enemies of Earth…

    • Lucy Lucent

      don’t you realize that your use of the term “Mother Gaia” marks you as a science denier.

      And anyway, if you have belief in a positive power greater than yourself, then you have more in common with the USAWD audience than the governments, universities, hospitals and mainstream media which having been serving the “science” . . . the same “science” which delivered the Covid-vax which has made women infertile.

      • Jimmy

        Lucy – Right on!! – couldn’t say it better myself!!

  42. Jim Grant

    Lie and propaganda are halfway around the world before the truth put its boots on. The truth has put its boots on. Time for the reckoning.

  43. Susan R

    I come from farmers on both sides and have kept gardens myself for much of my adult life. I am privy to that awareness of watching the health of crops and all living growth. I am just somebody who is very observant and when I saw the tic, tac, toe in the sky in the 90’s, I knew something was up. Yes, we are being poisoned and trampled on from every direction possible. It is war being waged on this planet against the masses. Dane’s efforts are Heroic. He may be able to swing awareness to this war that most do not see. I do my best too. This planet and humans are under attack. If we lose, it is necessary for us to know our species origin and to plan to go home.

  44. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg, and Dane. I totally agree and for years pointed out checkerboard patterns in the sky to my acquaintances. But they couldn’t see. So, I also escaped, I thought, to the forests of northern California. But these rains and snow that we’re having right now are unprecedented and not natural.
    I suspect that “Global Warming” is nothing more than a cover for weather experiments that the military performs. The military weaponizes everything it can, including weather, drugs, medicine, probably even music, everything. We need to stop trying to figure out ways to make life unpleasant for, or kill, other people.
    Personally, I think the legal and political system in America are broken, probably beyond repair. But if I hold out any hope, it would be that we revert back to secret ballots in Congress. It’s nice to know how our representatives are voting in Congress. But in that pivotal year, 1971, signed by President Nixon, a reorganization of Congress occurred. Balloting in Congress, which had been secret, became public. Open government, you see. Yay! But the corporations that give large donations can also see how their donees vote. It was just a matter of time before the entire Congress was bought and paid for by “special interests.” That’s why they’re so out of it. One solution is to go back to secret ballots. You’d think our representatives would go along with that. They’d be freer to vote the way they really think.
    Anyway, keep up the good work!

  45. Shiloh1

    Don’t look now, but

  46. Pamela Hankins

    Most people don’t have the patience to sit for a minute at a stop light, how do you think people, whose minds have already been debilitated, can handle this kind of knowledge? There is nothing anyone can do to fix what is going on. Crazed mobs would just be a reason for the ‘powers that be’ to justify killing them. When the ideology manifests all the way into the air, food, water, and airways; when the farmland is polluted, the water is contaminated, and minds and bodies are already weak, what can be done against those who control all of the above? The Scripture confirms that there are people who desire to destroy the earth. God will ultimately deal with them. We are on a roller coaster headed to the top and all the screaming in the world will not change it until the only God steps in as He said He will, Revelation 11:18, “And the nations were angry, and thy wrath is come, and the time of the dead, that they should be judged, and that thou shouldest give reward unto thy servants the prophets, and to the saints, and them that fear thy name, small and great; and shouldest destroy them which destroy the earth. “

  47. Shiloh1

    Dave Collum posted this today on his twit –

    Bob Moriarty interview by I think a Miles Franklin guy.

    In the precipice of Bill Holter’s scenario, when a second late is too late to get out.

    I think Collum is available via his Cornell email and phone info.

  48. Cousin vinny

    This type of rain and snow was normal in Southern California in years gone by. The rain storms used to be called “The Pineapple Express”. Maybe we are returning to a normal cycle of rain. I am not disputing that there is spraying going on I can see it most days. I have lived in California my entire life and skied the local mountains when we had snowfall amounts of this magnitude. I am not buying that all weather events are engineered. Maybe the good Lord is pissed off and decided to take over the situation.

  49. Rickey Johnson

    Greg great interview. Your guest is definitely on to something however he would do well to stop sensationalizing the situation. He said they are dumping 10 million to 20 million tons plus of particles in the air every year. There aren’t enough aircraft; our largest is the 747 which carries 120 tons would take 83,333 flights every year just for the 10 million tons if they use something smaller than a 747 you have to multiply the number of flights: that’s when he lost me.

  50. Peter Sanford

    Hi Greg,

    Another nice interview with Dane Wigington.

    It occurred to me while watching that ivermectin might strip some of the
    Heavy metals from the cloud seeding out in the same way it does the spike proteins.

    If that is a ridiculous idea, so be it. But if not, maybe you could ask some of your
    Medical experts what they think.

    Thanks…..I never miss a show

  51. Jonathan

    A Dr. Klinghardt was interviewed several years ago about aluminum toxicity on Dane’s program. I contacted Dr. K. to ask him what he recommended to help detoxify our bodies from the aluminum, which is a neurotoxin. He told me that he recommends, and it is from that website, based in Austria, I have been ordering zeolite ever since. I take my vitamins in the morning and zeolite two capsules at night. It binds to positively charged ions as well as metals like aluminum. So if you take supplements like zinc, calcium, magnesium things like that or a multivitamin, take the zeolite about 12 hours afterwards. It helps to bind up some of the heavy metals like aluminum that are in the food we’re eating, and to clear it out of your system. Dane has also told me that he recommends lots of water as well as vitamin c and trace minerals to help further detoxify the body from aluminum. Trace minerals are in this version of zeolite that I’ve just told you about.

    It is no coincidence that a time in human history when people most need to think clearly, that people’s collective cognitive function is being systematically targeted by the aluminum.

    Scientists Dane is working with have recently calculated that the approximate amount of nanoparticles put into the atmosphere every year is currently between 50 to 70 million tons.

    There is a YouTube documentary titled, “What in the world are they spraying?” That came out in 2011. You can see Dane at a climate conference asking one of the world’s leading geoengineers, Dr. David Keith, about the aluminum and Dane was told they were going to be putting about 10 to 20 million tons annually of aluminum in the atmosphere. In 2011. It’s gone up since then and there are all kinds of other things that are also in the mix they are spraying.

  52. Merry Piper

    Thank you Greg and Dane, for having “the courage to swim against the tide”. I say against the criminally insane, psychopathic satanic monsters. My health, and my beloved husband’s health, is on the edge of no return.

  53. Merry Piper

    Greg: Remember the Purple Rain song by Prince? Now I sing my song, Graphene Rain. Dear God! Blessings upon you and yours.

  54. Ozo

    Woke Bank? Broke bank!
    Were w0ke, broke, busted and now finally thoroughly, disgusted!
    On Obombers third term presidency’s tombstone;
    Build back better! Ya. Lets git rid of the bum’s out of Washington, now!

  55. Jonathan

    In the 1970s g. Edward Griffin wrote a book titled, World without cancer: the story of vitamin b17. Vitamin b17 primarily comes from apricot pits. It is one of the most potent anti-cancer treatments in the world. sells vitamin b17.

    As for Gateway Pundit, I have sent the Hoft brothers information about, and I want you all saying that they have never replied to me on this subject matter. They have completely ignored everything (links, info. etc) from Dane that I have sent to them.

    • Jonathan

      I’m sorry about the typo with the voice to text. I tried to say that I want everyone to know that they (Hoft Bros.) ignored me when I tried to share information on weather engineering.

  56. Rich Rozmarn

    Great interview. Dane is nailing it. FUGAL growth is due to 5G on top of many other health concerns including Covid spreading. Just look at countries without 5G and covid related spreading.
    Evidence for a connection between coronavirus disease-19 and exposure to radiofrequency radiation from wireless communications including 5G
    This is a peer review study posted on the Journal of Clinical and Translational Research.

  57. Johnny Sic

    You know and I know no level of talking is going to end this.
    Talking is what we do. Killing is what “they” do.

    We need to be on the other end of our position.

    What utter sheep we truly are.

    • Jimmy

      And there are only about 300 bad guys “at the top” for us 7 Billion to grab and lock up (or put down)!! – after we move – the world returns to normal!!!

  58. Don W.

    Good evening Greg
    I have been following you for a couple of years and never have I felt that you interviewed someone that was just out of it. But as the day grew longer, I started to think about it more and more and so I just got on again and listened to the total interview.
    I must also tell you that I have a degree in aeronautics and astronautics. But I got that in 1965 at the U of W in Seattle. It was the first college with that degree. I also studied a lot about the Astronaut that I wanted to get into as I was a friend of Walt Cunningham. As you may know he has passed away. But we were pilots in the USMC together. But one thing different, was that I was qualified to drop Atomic Bombs and almost did in 1956. That is another story.
    But I also flew for PAN AM and flew all over the world and continued by study of the atmosphere. I thought I knew all about it until I sat and listened to what Dane Wigington had to say. I have experienced just a small amount of the latest that he has information about. But, as I put his information together with the little I know about, it does ALL fit together.
    Greg, for my part, it was the most informative and about what WE NEED TO DO NOW, RIGHT NOW, that I have ever seen on your interviews. It was really informative and I salute you for doing it.
    Since I am 88, I will live long enough to see some of it happen but my children will see more of it until our LORD JESUS COMES TO TAKE US HOME.
    Again, Bless you Greg for all you do. No one could ask for anything more.

  59. Stan

    Another amazing opportunity to short Gold right now! Jump onit!

    • Jimmy

      Stan – Do you expect the Banks to sell their gold (for worthless paper) to remain solvent (as people run on the banks)??? – if so – “it would be a great buying opportunity” as their blood spills into the streets – lets see what happens on Monday – if the Bankers do “throw their gold into the streets” – it would fulfill a Biblical prophecy – and – it would be up to us “not to be too greedy” – as buying up “too much” will make it harder for us to get into Heaven!!

  60. Thomas Fiust

    Mr. Wigington is a hero for doing his work. He is on a noble mission to heal the planet. Aloha from O’ahu to Shasta.

  61. Glen

    I’ve made a few comments in the past when Dane was your guest regarding the water levels in the Pacific North West – specifically in regards to Lake Chelan and the dams on the Columbia River. Something is different this year. They always lower the level of Lake Chelan in the off season to profit from the hydro electric production. This year the lake is markedly lower. Sorry, I don’t have precise measurements/data. Both my wife and I have noticed the water receding way more than normal. Snow pack has been about the same or more actually. A local ski resort reports it’s longest operating season in 25 years and that of course means unusual levels of snow pack. It doesn’t make sense.

  62. Paul Grieg

    Trump confidante Navaro upset Tucker Carlson wants to ask Trump & deSantis about their Ukraine policy. Trump never likes to say what he believes. He always dilly dallies up and until the last moment when he sees public opinions. And also Trump is owned by Israel which Ukraine is its a client state.

    Navaro’s actions are not dissimilar to USAWD never mentioning Trump’s role in the vax debacle until just recently because USAWD was receiving so many comments about Trump and his vax that it finally could not longer evade the truth. Look, we watched over 2yrs of vax videos and barely a whisper about he who calls himself the father of the vax.

  63. Pete+only

    Another great interview Greg.
    Dane always has a lot to say regarding Geo Engineering, and I am truly grateful for his efforts, but one thing that is rarely if ever discussed is what makes someone want to fly these planes for the CABAL to dispurse these toxins?
    Are these Pilots somehow brainwashed into believing that they are somehow saving the planet, and believe in depopulation?
    This probably means the FBI, CIA and the U.S military is involved in these operations that have now turned on its own people. (I suppose no different than censoring social media and helping in election fraud).
    As well, these hundreds of tons of hazardous chemicals needs infrastructure to produce it and transport it to likely military bases.
    So many people involved, and nobady seems to be a whistle blower. That is the real tragedy here.

  64. Stephanie

    A lot of the specifics of this are far above my pay grade but I have long held Dane Wigington in the highest esteem for his courage, tenacity & care for all of us & for the world. I remain perplexed as to why it might not be possible to cauterize some of this ongoing damage through enlightening & working with insurance companies. Let’s just take damage to a San Bernardino mountain community from excessive snow causing house flooding & roof collapses as an example. There must be something I am not understanding: if insurance companies were educated about weather as a weapon in irrefutable detail, & it could be learned in specific just which agencies are causing this, wouldn’t insurance companies have irrefutable claims against those entities for damages which are placed currently on the doorsteps of the insurance companies? I would think insurance companies would be natural allies. What am I not getting?

  65. Terry

    Any one can use the airplane tracking sites such as to identify the planes that are spaying our skies. When you do this you will find that all the commercial airline (Delta, SW, etc) are involved in this spraying program. It is easy to track these planes and identify flight numbers etc. I have then used binoculars to verify that is was indeed the right plane by tail markings.

  66. Terry

    Dane recently posted an important video of the Aluminum levels in snow samples from Mt Shasta. As Dane stated the particle size of sprayed aluminum are in the nano meter range. If we look at the settling rate for these particles using Stokes Law we see that they stay suspended for a long time especially with the air current in the sky. I think Dane has identified an important mechanism on how these particles are removed from the sky using snow/rain washout. Keep up the good work!

  67. Marcus

    So, to summarize in two words what all your guests have said in the last 6 months : “We’re F****d “

    • Greg Hunter

      No Marcus, my guest have told you how to minimize the f-ing and sidestep some if the f ing altogether.

  68. Heath Hampstead Jr.

    The wild beast with seven heads introduced at Revelation 13:1 represents the worldwide political system.🌎🏴‍☠️🌏

    It has authority, power, and a throne, which point to its being a political entity.​—Revelation 13:2.

    It rules over “every tribe and people and tongue and nation,” so it is greater than a single national government.​—Revelation 13:7.

    It combines features of the four beasts described in the prophecy at Daniel 7:​2-8, including the appearance of a leopard, the feet of a bear, a lion’s mouth, and ten horns. The beasts in Daniel’s prophecy are identified as specific kings, or political kingdoms, that rule in succession over empires. (Daniel 7:​17, 23) Thus, the wild beast of Revelation chapter 13 represents a composite political organization.

    It ascends “out of the sea,” that is, from the turbulent masses of mankind that are the source of human governments.​—Revelation 13:1; Isaiah 17:12, 13.

    The Bible says that the number, or name, of the beast​—666​—is “a man’s number.” (Revelation 13:17, 18) That expression indicates that the beast of Revelation chapter 13 is a human entity, not a spirit or demon entity.

    Even though nations may agree on few things, they unite in their determination to maintain their authority rather than submit to the rule of God’s Kingdom. (Psalm 2:2) They will also join forces to battle God’s armies commanded by Jesus Christ at Armageddon, but this war will result, in all the nations of earth being destroyed.​—Revelation 16:14, 16; 19:19, 20.

    “Ten horns and seven heads”
    Certain numbers are used symbolically in the Bible. For example, ten and seven represent completeness. The key to understanding the specific meaning of the “ten horns and seven heads” of the beast of Revelation chapter 13 is an “image of the wild beast” identified later in Revelation​—a bright-red beast that has seven heads and ten horns. (Revelation 13:​1, 14, 15; 17:3) The Bible says that the seven heads of this red beast mean “seven kings,” or governments.​—Revelation 17:​9, 10.

    Likewise, the seven heads of the beast of Revelation 13:1 represent seven governments: the primary political powers that have dominated through history and have taken the lead in oppressing God’s people​—Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and Anglo-America. If we conclude that the ten horns represent all sovereign states, small and large, then the diadem, or crown, on each horn shows that each nation rules concurrently with the primary political power of the time.

  69. Heathster

    Revelation 16:16
    English Standard Version
    16 And they assembled them at the place that in Hebrew is called Armageddon.
    THE book of Revelation reveals that God’s heavenly Kingdom has been established and that Satan has been expelled from heaven. (Rev. 12:1-9) That expulsion brings relief to the heavens, but it creates challenges for us. Why? Because Satan’s anger is focused on those who faithfully serve God here on -earth.​—Rev. 12:12, 15, 17.
    What will help you remain steadfast?
    How can we remain steadfast in the face of Satan’s attacks? (Rev. 13:10) One thing that will help us is to know what the future holds. For example, in Revelation, the apostle John describes some of the blessings that the earth will one day, now soon enjoy. Among those blessings will be the elimination of God’s enemies. Examine how, Revelation describes these enemies and what will happen to them.
    A description showing a dragon that breathes power into wild beasts, described in the books of Daniel and Revelation. The four huge beasts of Daniel chapter 7 come out of the sea of mankind and lead to the seven-headed wild beast, which also comes out of the sea of mankind. The seventh head of the seven-headed wild beast leads to the two-horned wild beast, which, in turn, leads to the scarlet-colored wild beast being ridden by a prostitute. The dragon, the two-horned wild beast, and the scarlet-colored wild beast all end up in the lake of fire.
    In the very first verse, Revelation tells us that the information we are about to read is being presented “in signs,” that is, in symbolic language. (Rev. 1:1) God’s enemies are described symbolically. We see a number of wild beasts. For example, there is “a wild beast ascending out of the sea.” It has “ten horns and seven heads.” (Rev. 13:1) That beast is followed by “another wild beast ascending out of the earth.” That beast speaks like a dragon and makes “fire come down out of heaven.” (Rev. 13:11-13) Then we see a different beast, “a scarlet-colored wild beast,” which is being ridden by a prostitute. These three wild beasts represent long-standing enemies of God and his Kingdom. Therefore, it is important that we identify them.​—Rev. 17:1, 3. The four huge beasts of Daniel chapter 7, coming out of the sea of mankind. The first beast is like a lion with wings of an eagle. The second is like a bear and has ribs in its mouth. The third is like a leopard with four wings and four heads. The fourth is an unusually strong beast with iron teeth and ten horns.
    They come “out of the sea.” (Dan. 7:1-8, 15-17) They symbolize world powers that had significant dealings with God’s people starting in Daniel’s time.
    Before we can learn who these enemies are, we need to understand what this symbolic language means. The key to understanding it is to allow the Bible to explain itself. Many of the symbols found in Revelation are already explained in other books of the Bible. For example, the prophet Daniel had a dream in which “four huge beasts came out of the sea.” (Dan. 7:1-3) Daniel records their significance. These huge beasts represent four “kings,” or governments. (Read Daniel 7:15-17.) That clear explanation helps us understand that the beasts described in Revelation must also refer to political powers.
    Lets examine some of the signs described in Revelation. As you do, you will see how the Bible helps us identify what these signs mean. We will start with the series of wild beasts. First, we will identify whom they represent. Then, we will see what happens to these beasts. Finally, we’ll consider what these events mean for us here on,
    The religious’ prostitute and seven heads of the beast of Revelation 13:1 represent the world empire of false religion and seven governments: the primary political powers that have dominated through history and have taken the lead in oppressing God’s people —Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Medo-Persia, Greece, Rome, and Anglo-America.

    • Olaf from Australia

      Heathster, All of these explanations of Daniel and Revelation do not see the Forrest for the trees.
      Daniel 7 is an expansion of Daniel 2. – NOT of the WHOLE image, but the FEET AND TOES – just a continuation of the IRON legs of the ROMAN empire.
      The feet and toes are STILL part IRON – Roman Power from Vatican.
      VATICAN has 7 KINGS since it was declared a SOVEREIGN State (Sovereign = KINGdom).
      1929 is when Mussolini Made the 110 acre Property (in 7 hills) – a country!
      Notice Rev.17:10 tells of 5 Popes dying (John Paul 2) was the last (5), then Benedict (6) as well as Frances (7) were TOGETHER as KINGS. – Till the last DAY of 2022.
      The end of that Verse, it says that FRANCIS (#7) will CONTINUE a short SPACE.
      Rev.13:5 says that (FRANCIS) will BLASPHEME (Power to forgive sins) as well as CONTINUE for 42 MONTHS! – HE (Francis) will be the (Whore – apostate “church”) that RIDES the UNITED BEAST (UN) with 7 HEADS (G7) and 10 HORNS (WTO) where of the FIRST (of the 10 WTO Centers) had a DEADLY Wound (911) – which is described in Rev.18 – (9x 1+1) or (9xII) . Read Rev.18 it tells of BABYLON is FALLEN x 2.
      The towers “fell” (imploded) INSIDE 1 hour (V. 10, 17 & 19) Dust was spread on the bystanders (Rev.18:19)
      The LAMB-LIKE Beast is FINANCE with 2 HORNS (Sanction power) of IMF & World Bank. – Which came from the LAND (Water on land = River) and the SHORE is a BANK (of the River)
      There is a lot more that can be identified in the FEET & Toes Prophecy.
      Olaf from Oz.

  70. Felix

    I believe they put the man made spike protein in the chemtrails,how else did the man made virus spread so fast worldwide.I truly believe that,these are the devils children.Evil is at the door.Gates,fauci,swab,larry rat fink,the clintons,bushes,obamas all these luciferians will burn for eternity.That is the only satisfaction we can get.

  71. Thomas Fiust

    Mr. Dane Wigington,
    I live on O’ahu. A few years ago I went AWOL and camped in a hammock at elevation 300′ for three months.
    The observation is, I did the same AWOL camping deal in 2017.

    The millipedes are gone. Maybe one cockroach, one centipede, when they thrived before. Something is hurting the insect population.

    • elle

      No sorry but everyone has not gotten covid.

  72. Deb

    We’ve known this for years. Watching daily as they chemtrail our skies. The other day, my husband made a snowball and we took a lighter and it burned, it didn’t melt, it burned and smelled like chemicals. I was totally in shock! I keep wondering if whoever or whatever is doing this to humanity is from this world, because how can they live in a poisoned world unless they are now from here? Sounds crazy, but I just wonder.

  73. R D Bailey

    Recently many of my relatives & I have been waking up with sore throats, allergies, horrible post nasal drips, general over all upper respitory & some occational lower respitory problems. Even our small 2 year old children are suffering with these problems. We live in a large metropolitan area in Texas & we get consistant chem trails spraying.
    Could these family ailments be due to this poisoning of our airs & atmospheres?
    If so, what can we do to combat these ailments. Can we get any special filters? Live in closed windows & doors inside our houses? What can we do besides constant major detox or does that even work? Please Dwane, dont give us just gloom & doom but give us some kind of combative measures to deal with demonic chem spraying until we can get this horid spraying stopped.

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