One Giant Financial STD and Everybody is Infected – Bill Holter

By Greg Hunter’s 

Precious metals expert and financial writer Bill Holter said last summer that the Fed rate increases would tank the economy.  Everywhere you look you see the economy falling apart.  House prices and sales are down.  Banks are clocking record losses, vehicle prices are falling and unemployment is rising.  The economy has not completely crashed, but it will.  Holter explains, “There are over $2,000 trillion worth of derivatives outstanding on a global economy . . . that has maybe a little more than $500 trillion in asset values.  So, you have this dog walking around with a gigantic tail that will shake the dog.  When derivatives go, it’s a 48-hour event. Who do you think holds all these derivatives?  You’ve got the big banks, all the big brokers, all the big insurance companies and they are all going to go down.  It’s like one giant financial STD, and everybody is in bed together and everybody is infected.”

Add to this the announcement from Saudi Arabia that it will now accept payment in currencies other than the U.S. dollar and you have the makings of a destabilizing hyperinflationary catastrophe for America.  Holter says, “There will be other Arab nations to follow, and that is a huge hit to the artificial demand for the dollar.  You had nations all over the world who were forced to buy dollars to buy oil, and that is no longer.  Going one step further, these nations who have stockpiled huge dollar portfolios are no longer required to use dollars.  What do you think is going to happen to them?  Those dollars are going to come back to the U.S., and that will be a hugely inflationary event.  It will add many multiples to the dollar pie that thus will dilute the value.”

What is the Fed going to do?  Holter says, “The Fed is in a box. . . . They will have to make a choice to save the dollar or save the financial system.  They can’t save everything.  Something has to break.  I have said this for years, and that is there are already losses out there, but somebody has to own up to them.  Nobody has had to take the losses because everything has been papered over for so many years where losses were just kicked down the road, and there is no more road.”

Holter goes on to say, “The best way to sum it up is the facade that we have lived our lives through is ending and will completely end.  The reality is going to blow people’s minds.  That will be a depopulation event because people will be starving. . . . The Fed has always feared a deflationary collapse where it cannot inflate the system.  Credit is the foundation to the whole system.   If credit cracks and credits collapses, it means the foundation collapses and thus the entire house.”

It everything is collapsing in price, what happens to gold and silver prices.  Holter says, “Gold and silver are the only real money on the planet that cannot or will not default.”  Holter likes them both and adds, “Silver is the most undervalued asset out there right now.”

There is a lot more in the 48-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with financial writer and precious metals expert Bill Holter for 1.24.23.

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After the Interview: 

Bill Holter starts his new website early next month.  It will be  Be on the lookout for it.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Just what I needed today Greg, an interview from you with my favourite guest. (Love Bill Holter!)

    Looney Tune times are coming so buckle up fellow USAW members.

    Pure Bloods to Be Hunted Down Like Dogs and Exterminated Says New NZ Prime Minister.

    • Rodster

      And this is precisely why Americans will NOT give up their guns. The US Constitution gave its citizens the right to carry and bear arms. What those in Washington will never mention is that it was put into law to protect its citizens from its own government.

      Those countries that have taken away that right because their people were hoodwinked into turning them over are now having to deal with tyrannical governments. If you or anyone else have noticed, that idea has never been mentioned in the US. It is because its citizens still have gun ownership and it is a lesson well worth heeding.

      • Bob

        Rod, I couldn’t agree with you more, nor could I have worded it any better. Kudos to you>

      • Ray

        Hi Rod,
        Mate…….no one has come to me threatening to vaccinate me by force.
        Around 50% of Americans (and 80% ofAustralians) have been duped into being poisoned by their ever loving governments, media and medical establishments.
        I don’t see any US patriots walking up Pennsylvania Avenue with guns-a blazing after this act of what can only be described as Democide.
        It’s just not gonna happen.
        Sadly, it appears that guns in the US are more used in schools, movie theatres and night clubs to cull and slaughter innocent lives rather than in any patriotic remembrance of the gift and vision given to citizens by the Founding Fathers.
        With Respect,
        Ray , Canberra, Australia

        • Dawn

          I think it’s hard for people to do anything about it like narch up to the White House or wherever bc it seems to me there is no one stepping up to lead. I am all for people keeping their guns despite the school etc shootings.

          But when people do finally hit the streets what I want to say is:
          Take your anger to blame to those who are responsible- ——Governments and City officials of whichever country you are from.

          Take you anger and blame to the banksters / Federal Reserve / past politicians- Boy Bush – Clinton’s — Obama – Blair – Cameron- Trudeau and ALL the others in the world who have played a part in this.

          Take your anger and blame yo Buffett – Gates – Greenspan – Bernanke et al.

          But please do NOT destroy your neighborhood/ community/ loot / riot
          Do NOT take your anger and blame out on animals/ children
          Love and protect animals and children
          Help animals and your neighbors

          Do NOT even destroy the property of those responsible
          We can use their assets to better this world for people / for animals/ for the planet
          To destroy does not help anyone or anything

          But those responsible MUST be made accountable and then when they’ve been found guilty the same fate awaits them as what Romania 🇷🇴 did to Nicolae Ceausescu = death by firing squad.
          I would gladly be one of those to hold and pull the trigger .

          But please spread the word to NOT destroy your community or kill animals or your neighbors or loot or riot.

          Please please please take blame to where it truly belongs.

          • Ray

            Great comment Dawn!
            Particularly your point regarding the fate that befell Nicolae Ceausescu.
            These people need to face firing squads.
            Here is a quote that I hope many of them read in the days / weeks leading up to there capture & detainment by the people:

            “The most terrifying force of death comes from the hands of Men who wanted to be left Alone. They try, so very hard, to mind their own business and provide for themselves and those they love. They resist every impulse to fight back, knowing the forced and permanent change of life that will come from it. They know that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them, are over. The moment the Men who wanted to be left alone are forced to fight back, it is a form of suicide. They are literally killing off who they used to be. Which is why, when forced to take up violence, these Men who wanted to be left alone, fight with unholy vengeance against those who murdered their former lives. They fight with raw hate, and a drive that cannot be fathomed by those who are merely play-acting at politics and terror. TRUE TERROR will arrive at these people’s door, and they will cry, scream, and beg for mercy… but it will fall upon the deaf ears of the Men who just wanted to be left alone.”

            – Author Unknown

            Ray, Canberra, Australia

            • Benn17

              That quote about ” the men who just wanted to be left alone” was written by Alexander Solzhenitsyn.
              And my guns will be used to defend me and mine if it came down to it. I Don”t go looking for trouble but if it finds me, trouble there will be. It will be the last opportunity to use them. There are many who feel the same way. “…they know,that the moment they fight back, their lives as they have lived them are over…” And we just wanted to be left alone.

              • Ray

                Thanks for the heads up on the author Ben.
                Ray, Canberra, Australia.

          • John

            Great guest and great interview, thankyou .

          • Earth Angel

            Beautiful and well said Dawn. Thank you. The majority of people on this planet are NOT principally responsible for the woes we now face, and certainly NONE of the innocent animals or plant life is to blame. Only a fool burns down his own house and kills his family members in trying to rid his home of an intruder. The correct criminals must be removed from the premises in an appropriate manner without harming the dwelling or its rightful inhabitants. In this case planer Earth and her innocents.

        • Kimberly Nolin

          You need to read “More Guns, less Crime” by John Lott, a statistician who has shown that in states where you can carry a gun, with permit or not, the crime rate plummets. MSM wants you to think it’s still the Wild West. But, they never, ever talk about the people who have avoided becoming a victim because they were carrying a gun which is the subject of another book by John Lott.
          When I was in high school the guys brought their guns to school and kept them in their lockers to bring with them to Gun Club after school. Nobody shot up the school. What changed? Guns didn’t become more deadly. Think about it.
          To paraphrase Charleton Heston, they will have to take my gun from my cold, dead hands. And then, I won’t be the only one dead.

          • Ray

            Hi Kimberly,
            Thanks for your reply.
            I am with you……Second Amendment is more blessing than curse.
            Hoping US patriots will use their Second Amendment blessing against those it was designed to ultimately defeat.
            Hoping……..yes…….hoping indeed.
            Hope put to one side though…….rampant US Kardashian Kulture, Sport Idolization, Social Media Filtering, Mainstream Media Deception, Fiscal Ineptitude & Deep State Lunacy…….it’s highly likely that Western Civilisation will hit the rocks hard of Unmaskable Truth and founder……as all rudderless ships eventually must and ultimately do.
            Take care Kimberly……my best wishes be with you and yours.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Tod Mills


        You wrote, “The US Constitution gave its citizens the right…”

        That is 100% incorrect.
        Rights are bestowed by our Creator.

        The US Constitution is just a piece of parchment with some words. Don’t try to glorify a piece of parchment; it is unworthy.

        People, including those who are part of the criminal gang we call government, have a choice of either respecting our rights or infringing upon them. When someone chooses to join the government gang, they are actually choosing to infringe upon our rights. Any particular gang member might not infringe upon all of our rights at any given time, but since everything government has, it has taken from others with the threat of force, they are always infringing in some way. 1 Samuel 8 points out the consequences of wanting and having earthly rulers.

    • Won Witness

      This brought tears to my eyes,

      In a powerful letter making waves across Europe, French General Christian Blanchon praised citizens who refused the experimental Covid “vaccines” injections.

      Even if I were fully vaccinated, I would admire the unvaccinated for standing up to the greatest pressure I have ever seen, including from spouses, parents, children, friends, colleagues, and doctors.
      People who have been capable of such personality, courage, and such critical ability undoubtedly embody the best of humanity.
      They are found everywhere, in all ages, levels of education, countries, and opinions.
      They are of a particular kind; these are the soldiers that any army of light wishes to have in its ranks.
      They are the parents that every child wishes to have and the children that every parent dreams of having.
      They are beings above the average of their societies; they are the essence of the peoples who have built all cultures and conquered horizons.
      They are there, by your side, they seem normal, but they are superheroes.
      They did what others could not do; they were the tree that withstood the hurricane of insults, discrimination, and social exclusion.
      And they did it because they thought they were alone and believed they were alone.
      Excluded from their families’ Christmas tables, they have never seen anything so cruel. They lost their jobs, let their careers sink, and had no more money… but they didn’t care. They suffered immeasurable discrimination, denunciations, betrayals, and humiliation… but they continued.
      Never before in humanity has there been such a casting; we now know who the resisters are on planet Earth.
      Women, men, old, young, rich, poor, of all races and all religions, the unvaccinated, the chosen ones of the invisible ark, the only ones who managed to resist when everything fell apart. Collapsed.
      You’ve passed an unimaginable test that many of the toughest marines, commandos, green berets, astronauts, and geniuses couldn’t pass.
      You are made of the stuff of the greatest that ever lived, those heroes born among ordinary men who shine in the dark.”

    • Clay- Daniel: Jones

      Howdy, Clay from Wyo. Oilfield
      last 25 years , UnVaxed along
      with my Wife. To the Point: Nickles have approx 8 cents worth of nickle in each nickle.
      I am mid 60’s and was not always Oil Field.. I have Observed no less than 3, diffrent
      Donald Trumps, No BRAVO SIERRA, No Blue Smoke Enema.
      and the 4th one says this or that or thus such, but don’t seem to see the D. T. that says this ? HMMMM.
      Exciting times to be alive to watch see the Consumation of the last Civilization (9th) 9=no. of Judgement, 6000 yrs/ 6 th Day= 9 digits in SS 9= no. of Judgement/ 6= no. of man. Next=
      10= no. of inordinal perfection,
      7= Gods perfect no. HMMM.
      Mark of Beast: What FORM
      did it Take?: The VAX , literally
      changes your DNA: Thus Change of Jurisdiction, Having Removed yourself from Jurisdiction of God Almighty Jesus Christ, When Bottomless Pit Opens the Locust have no trouble determining who took
      Mark of Beast/ VAX, and Torment them, Vaxees are under their Jurisdiction.
      Production of Food at Individual Personal level a

  2. Anthony Australia

    Don’t be fooled The Saudi Hierarchies, Arab Sultans and All BRICS Members are complicit and controlled by the Establishment. Killing off the US Dollar is just part of the equation for a complete digital enslavement system.
    The West are very different from those in the East but have been instructed to do their best to ensure that the system works.

    • jon

      I agree. The globalist shift has made the tyrants lean toward future dig currency…rather than dying dollar. Comiserating I am sure……

    • Rober K

      Spot on A.A.! Everything is connected and planned. There are no coincidences.

      • Anthony Australia

        War drums are beating loudly, Germany has sent tanks to Ukraine and virtually declared war. There is but a voice for reason that has spoken at the EU meeting.

        • Paul from Indiana

          My heart sank at the news of hearing USA Abrams and GDR Leopards going to the front. Tanks are not a defensive weapon, so the idea they are being sent to keep Ukraine from being overrun is specious at best, and outright BS at worst. Any way it’s presented, this has to be seen as an escalation and a huge complication, boding ill in my view. Sad to see. Best always. PM

    • Carra


    • Andrew

      You hit the nail on the head!
      Although I wonder how the dollar flooding back into the US would work to cause massive inflation, a dollar flood. I have my reservations about that effect, because of how the petro dollar system works. Because that system has in biggest part nothing to do with either a petro nor a dollar. It is rather a ledger ‘dollar entry in the commercial (Euro) banking system, multiple times bigger than the dollar system. Nobody knows the scale of this derivative bubble of what should be really called “fractional reserve lending by commercial lending entities in form of ledger entry out of thin air but in dollar terms”.
      It stands to reason that when demand of dollar term ledger credit is sinking, the lending will just move onto a BRICS based basket. What will happen is that the dollar termed derivative market will diminish. Not sure what that will do, but I can’t see how that imaginary derivative construct diminishing will have an effect on inflation, albeit maybe delayed by the falling dollar. It will be a demise in the profits of these banking sectors, no doubt, but the grand scale of banking doesn’t give a hoot. In the end, all (almost) Central Banks are privately owned.
      Inflation will grow, but that has IMO more to do with direct national dilution of the dollar base. And of course there IS a trickle down effect from the obscenely rich, who don’t give a hoot about inflation and who CAN pay $5 for an apple.
      I’d appreciate if anyone can shed light into possible cause/effect of the above described derivative market (Euro/dollar market) demise and inflation in the US .
      Thank you.

  3. Half-Matter Wallace

    Add to that all the layoffs that are happening, and those that will soon happen.
    Which will reduce consumption demand, which the Fed hopes will reduce that inflation.
    But it won’t be enough. Not by a LONG shot!

  4. Colleen

    I just viewed Gerald Celente and Judge Napolitano speaking on YouTube. (Gerald’s vlog) The Judge said that he viewed photos of American Tanks being off-loaded in Denmark on there way to Ukraine. He also stated that hundreds of Ukrainian soldiers were in Fort Sill, Oklahoma learning to repair the Patriot Missile Systems. Napolitano commented, “What does the government know that we don’t know”?

    • Shirl

      Colleen, to answer Naps question, “What does the government know that we don’t know?”…they always know ahead of public disclosure, although that doesn’t include everybody in the government.

      Yuge, yet not widely mentioned Swift Crypto Financial news and more related, very interesting perspectives you may want to give a listen:

    • Mark Clark

      Russian warship carrying hypersonic missiles ‘sails towards US waters’
      Story by Brooke Davies • Yesterday 2:14 PM
      A Russian warship armed with ‘unstoppable’ hypersonic missiles has sailed towards the US coast in a ‘show of strength’, reports say.

      Pro-Putin Croatia lashes EU for ‘overreach’, Warns against Brexit-like situation amid war / Hindustan Times 172,823 views Jan 22, 2023
      Croatian President Zoran Milanovic called out the European Union for treating its members like ‘retarded children’. Milanovic told reporters on Friday that his tolerance for such behavior was approaching its limit. The Croatian president condemned the EU for its efforts to financially penalize Hungary for alleged breaches of rule of law standards in the country. Milanovic echoed frequent Hungarian criticism of the EU, saying the bloc was overreaching in its powers over member states and that this excessive control is what led to Brexit.
      @djfmitv 2 days ago
      Croatia and Hungary are on the side of truth and the correct side of history 👍
      @brianporter9508 2 days ago
      If Putin stated that if you put your hand in a flame you will be burned – if I agree it doesn’t mean I have an allegiance with Putin – it means I have common sense. It is so childish to consider the whole of life in a perspective of for and against Putin.



  5. Art

    Just don’t want to let people know the seals and trumpets schedule do you? WWIII is the 4th seal.

    • Don W.

      You are right on Art. We are moving toward that time and we all need to be ready.

  6. Anthony Australia

    Cash is starting to be rejected now at some places I frequented, well used to, the excuse stemming from the Coronacon Scamdemic.

    • Rodster

      It is what CAF and Martin Armstrong have been saying for years. The move is to go all digital and eliminate cash. The governments want all their tax dollars they can shake out of its people.

      As the famous 1980’s bumper sticker in the US used to say: “Don’t Steal The Government Hates Competition”

      • Benn17

        That was also on a plaque on Ron Paul’s desk when he served in Congress.

    • Ray

      Hi mate,
      I hear what you are saying…….and taking your business away from such places is a step in the right direction.
      May I offer some gentle and brotherly advice moving forward for next time you go to a business that refuses cash?
      Play it along these lines and see how you go.
      You: “Hi……I’d like a cup of coffee and a bacon & egg roll. How much will that be”
      They: “No worries, that’ll be $12.95”
      You: “Excellent……I’ll order that from you now, thank you”
      They: “OK, great……that will be $12.95”

      At this point, any refusal of cash (legal tender) becomes illegal under Common Law.

      My advice is to proceed down this route…….get the coffee and your bacon & egg roll, and offer the cash as your payment. If they refuse your payment, simply walk away, coffee & roll in your hands.
      If they have the balls to actually call the police, you can LEGALLY stand there and say that “YOU” placed an order (made a verbal contract of sale) and that “THEY” have simply elected to give your your breakfast for free, by the breaching of the verbal contract set up by “YOU” & “THEY”.

      The copper will let you walk on with your day, and the cafe will have lost $12,95…….a customer (YOU) and will likely have provided a veritable plethora of mirth and entertainment for the many guests of the cafe, many of whom will re-tell the story to family and friends (who then may try it themselves!!!)

      Keep throwing out the left jab mate.

      Ray, Canberra, Australia.

      • Anthony Australia

        Brother Ray, I will take this on your sound advice and give it a crack!
        Either leave some cash or a 1oz Silver coin and let them know I’ve just paid for a weeks’ worth of breakie 😆

  7. Scott

    The video link works perfectly – so before anyone comments that it doesn’t work….Check your internet browser…

    Greg – – Perfect timing for an update from Bill – – – Absolutely brilliant insight(s)….If you do not own physical Gold or Silver (in your home), this is your final warning….the system is crashing…

    • Stan

      Scott: The system is crashing? I’ve been hearing that since 1980. Don’t fall for that rubbish. I’ve made a fortune shorting Gold & Silver over the last three decades. I am presently huge short Gold & Silver.

      • Ray

        Hi Stan,
        Hope you are well.
        What is your current price for a physical ounce of gold, and what is your earliest delivery date for a physical ounce of gold at that price?
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Stan

          I don’t sell Gold – I short it.

          • Ray

            I think you do……to a degree.
            You purchase “it”at a price and then sell “it” at another price, at another period in time.
            You DO sell “gold”…….even if you call it “shorting”.
            Technically though…….I am in agreement with you, because you don’t purchase, sell or deliver any physical gold…….you just take a punt on the price curve over time, never touching any physical AU whatsoever.
            It should be made illegal in my opinion.
            Anyway, what is your “short” price currently Stan that you are making trades on?
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

  8. David

    “Paper markets will be eviscerated” Paper mkts determine the price (in dollars) of gold and silver … How then would the commodities be priced? How to determine forinstance a barrel of high quality crude is ‘worth’ in weight of gold (or silver)?

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi David,
      In free markets, the value of anything is determined by what a willing buyer is prepared to pay being accepted by a willing seller. ‘We the people’ do not need government to dictate prices . . .

      • Paul

        Bills analysis is steadfast for many years. Sdr’s will be coming.
        Best to be tight, right and look for light. The controversial or not following the herd mentality is once again playing out for forward thinkers. Keep your resources in tangible and get out of the cities toward food production areas.
        We’re in the blender of strife.

        Paul drone arkansas

        • Paul

          It would be easy to bug out and disconnect from many things.
          But people fail to understand is the younger child raising folks it is very difficult with new debt, schools and jobs that’s very problematic.
          People who own supply businesses and require sizeable liquid cash for purchases it’s not possible. If businesses meet the fate as Bill describes your supplies will evaporate, leaving only the chosen businesses to survive and unemployment will shoot to unimaginable levels.

          One option for business liquidity is eastern foreign currencies and conversion to meet requirement.

          As Jim Rogers says it going to be very hard for young people going forward.

          Paul from arkansas

  9. ronald L howell

    Greg the children were forced to get these vaccine, I remember New Jersey when the shots first came out were vaccinating their young children like it was something great, and The children are dropping dead too. It must have slipped Bill’s mind when he said no one was forced. Just like aborted babies, these young kids had no voice but were at the mercy of these criminal governors and mayors of all these states forcing them to get vaxxed to stay in school. I thought that should be said no punt intended.

    • Christian

      Bill Holter used the term:


      Thick dictionary definition:
      Name originally given to BRAIN-DEAD Donald Trump zombies, .

    • Felix

      no they were not forced there were plenty of ways around,then home school your children and take them out of the public satanic indoctrination camps.Most people took the easy way out.Purebloods

    • Nick Reynolds

      Right. It branded my heart see videos of children crying as they were being jabbed. I had to look away because I was helpless to stop them. If I had been there, I’d have shot the nurse, the doctor, the cop – it wouldn’t have mattered – doing the jabbing. These “vaccine” mandaters are going to pay, either in this life or the next.

  10. cookiesncreamicecreamintravenously

    Emergency brakes initiated to stop the plunge over the cliff today, 1,24,2023..

  11. Skip ONeill

    Always love it when you have Bill Holter on

  12. Sean

    My work said they werent coercing the unvaxxed employees while tell them to get the jab or you will be fired. My union president told me get the jab or find a new job. When you have a mortgage and family and have a scenario where their are lockdown restrictions all around and the govt is saying you dont get unemployment insurance if fired for not getting vaxxed you have been forced equivalent to tied down and shot in arm.

    • Greg Hunter

      Take Ivermectin ASAP on a regular basis.

      • Tim K


        Nuclear war will wipe out just about everybody (most will die from starvation and disease due to nuclear winter) on this planet. If we avoid this, I believe the massive unemployment will reverse for the unvaccinated. The vaccinated will drop out of the work force due to disability and death. Ed Dowd calculated (based on real data), that working age people are currently leaving the US work force at a rate of 7500 people a day (2500 dead and 5000 disabled). So society will need every able body person to help everyone else to survive.

        Take care my friend


      • Big Fan of USAWatchdog

        Hello Greg! Please find an advertiser who offers Ivermectin that’s made in the USA. Thank you!!! LOVE YOUR SHOW.

    • Anthony Australia

      Hi Sean,

      Plenty of us here had the same situation thrusted on them, some with a similar conditions to you others not.
      Some buckled, others stood their ground.
      You can’t take material items with you, including your family, one must strengthen their spiritual resolve.
      Bottom line is you’ve given in to not being destitute and you lost out to the pressure that comes with not fighting the evils of this world.
      Love conquers all.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Sean,
      Not going to pretend that refusing to take the shots was / is easy, and your point is well taken, BUT, IMHO, Bill Holter is correct to say taking the shots was not mandated (made compulsory). I think we can agree that all ‘western’ style governments coordinated the scamdemic and implemented ‘Covid’ measures in unison. Therefore, I believe my observations in the U.K. likely reflect what happened in the US. There were ‘mandated’: lockdowns, travel restrictions, mask wearing, social distancing, and bioweapon shots in the U.K. Only thing is, if you challenged these ‘mandates’ by not complying, the consequences were not as advertised. If you refused to wear a mask, then you were not FORCED to do so – not even in a police station! If you travelled outside of the ‘mandated’ five miles from your home, nothing happened to you. Advertised (fear-porn) fines of £1,000 ($1,200) for failing to wear a mask in a public place, such as a supermarket, were rarely issued and NEVER enforced. The government was very careful to ensure that, legally speaking, compliance with ALL ‘Covid’ measures was VOLUNTARY. This was/is their ‘get out of jail free’ card. Example: on the U.K. Government official website concerning mask wearing, it was stated that a valid exemption was, ‘if wearing a mask caused anxiety’. The same website even had a link to a template exemption badge, enabling anyone to print off an exemption badge for use if challenged. Also, this government website included clear guidelines for shop management and staff – informing them that they faced a PERSONAL fine of up to £9,000 if they challenged anyone wearing an exemption badge for the reason, as this would contravene the ‘disability discrimination’ legislation. Knowledge that all the ‘mandates’ were advisory and not legally enforceable enabled me to retain my basic freedoms. However difficult it may have seemed, I submit that NON-COMPLIANCE is and was the way to go . . .

      • Ray

        Hi PNG,
        Excellent post as always…..thank you.
        It is interesting to look into the difference between an ACTUAL STATUTE IN LAW and what is passed off by politicians as a “law”, which in this era is called a “mandate”.
        It becomes apparent even after 15 minutes research that a “mandate” is not an actual law, and if one can summon the individual strength (not always easy) to stand their ground, a very solid legal defence can be put across……from which most of todays dumb & brainwashed lemmings will simply back down.
        Politicians rely on people not looking into these things.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Andrew

          Ray and PNG,
          Your argument stickles with bureaucratic struggle that adheres to the adage : Don’t wrestle with the pigs (system) because they love it (systemically) and you only get dirty (exhausted). Do you really need to shill to belittle the difference of implication between law and mandate? Have you walked around lock-downs willingly and invoked that shit argument above to a cop??? Don’t call people who don’t have the capacity to research, who don’t have enough personal strength to stand their ground against a govt Moloch, who don’t have the expertise to contemplate solid legal defense or are simply too bogged down to make ends meet, …don’t call them “dumb & brainwashed lemmings (who) will simply back down.”
          THEY are guilty of much more than you two want to make light of and WE THE PEOPLE are coming for them. Maybe open the window and look outside. You may see a few of us.

          • Ray

            My argument is sound…..and valid.
            You can whistle Dixie for all I care.
            I have stood my ground in ALL of this son, and have prevailed thus far FAR better than most.
            My employer wanted me jabbed……I stood up to them and won the argument handsomely…..all others at my workplace folded……one has heart issues now AT ONLY 38 years of age.
            My window is open Andrew…….breeze tossling in my curly yet thinning – with – age pate.
            I have stood and argued the Good Fight with police here in Canberra, and done it with absolute pride. Some have even agreed with me.
            I am a man who has studied the law……because I decided to put the time aside to do so……so I could approach my life in a certain way and be confident in doing so.
            Others who sit around playing Candy Crush on their little electronic oblongs, or watching celebrity dross on TV……they are the ones who need to “open their windows” in my estimation, for they are now reaping the bitter harvest of wasted time and energy.
            What I really don’t need is some cumquat telling me how to run my life after I have put in MANY, MANY HARD YARDS (either here at this platform, or on a wider scale in the general society).
            I have been preparing for many different scenarios for over 20 years, and whilst some have may have initially laughed, many are now seeing why I indeed started down this road, and are starting to follow.
            I certainly do hope WE THE PEOPLE eventually come for them…….unfortunately, I can’t see it happening anytime soon though.
            Have a nice weekend Andrew.
            Ray, Canberra, Australia.

            • Andrew

              I can subscribe to much of what your experience and expertise might be, because I live a similar ethic. What I do object to, is ad hominem attacks on people who are just not quite as brilliant as you are, and maybe your condescending stile. But hey, looks like you need that.

              • Ray

                The “attack” Andrew…..if you must call it such…….is not against “ordinary people”.
                It is aimed at those who were looking to enforce these ridiculous “mandates”,
                If you care to re-read my post in that context, perhaps you will offer up something of…..not an apology, but of an understanding of what I was trying to say.
                Take care mate.
                I know you are one of “the good guys”……not someone I would be against.
                I will bet on the look out for your comments……and support where I agree, ask for respectful clarification where things seem otherwise.
                Ray, Canberra, Australia

    • Marie Joy

      Your union and your union officials do NOT have immunity. You should sue your union president. Do some research and give it to the biggest prick lawyer you can.

      • Marie Joy

        I HAD a really good super prick of a lawyer and my doctor stalker paid him big bucks to betray me and tell him things, about me, that only he knew. So much for super prick lawyers.

    • Dan


      Trump said his vaccine was a safe and effective miracle which probably saved your life.

      If Trump says this it must be true because there is no way he would put people in harms way by lying about it.

    • Linda Majors


      Dr. Judy Mikovits recently started a website that instructs people what to take for those who got the vax. (Ref. link below) She even offers an 8 Hr. course online for medical professionals, as well as anyone interested. She provides very valuable info, including a protocol, and sells products for healing and prevention. There is hope, even for those who were coerced into getting the vax. (You may have heard of Dr. Mikovits. She’s written several books. Fauci tried to destroy her life. Even had her arrested. But she prevailed. Fauci will probably end up in prison.)

      Good luck!

  13. Harry

    Then in addition to everything Holter predicts is coming – we will have a major clash between the great powers – latest news is Biden has authorized the sending of US tanks to Ukraine and thus Germany will now also send its Tiger Tanks to Ukraine – Russia has prepared and has already brought up about 2,500 tanks of it’s own along with 600,000 Russian troops to the coming battle (600,000 Russian troops is more men then the United States of America has in its entire Armed Forces)!!
    Note: The big Russian offensive is supposed to begin within the next 12 days – what will that will do to commodity prices “like copper” (the metal of war)!!

    • Keith

      Well according to the alternative news media. The Russians have nearly surrounded the BAKHMUT pocket. Thirty two infantry brigades of the Ukrainian army are going to be cut off and annihilated by the Russian army. The reports from the bakhmut pocket gives 500 Ukrainian soldiers dieing every day. A lot of foreign fighters from Poland Germany and USA and UK are in the pocket and are getting creamed. The tank armies are needed urgently to prevent the complete collapse of the Ukrainian army in the east. Most military experts give Zelensky Ukrainian army three weeks before the collapse .

    • jomer

      Copper is nice but nickel might be even better. Nickel is already in short supply, and harder to mine. If you look back to WWII, they only had to resort to making steel pennies for one year for the war effort, but they had 4 years for the silver war nickels to meet the nickel demand.

      This would be another bonus for them to go to a cashless. when everyone turns in their coins they’ll be sitting on hundreds of millions of tons of copper, zinc and nickel.

  14. Robin Pye

    The US mint’s “official” production numbers for silver eagles were significantly lower for 2022. That’s really interesting. It certainly doesn’t appear to have been due to lack of demand. Why the low number? Was it indeed low or just “officially” low?
    Given that the quest for truth these days has regular people everywhere looking beyond official sources, it makes one wonder…. What were the real 2022 numbers for silver eagles? Has the physical silver shortage affected the mint’s ability to supply silver coinage? Is the mint (US gov’t) looking to flood the market with physical silver at some point soon to disrupt a silver price momentum run and defend the dollar when the credit markets break? 🤔

    • Sam

      Robin you point out excellent facts laid out with unanswerable questions????

      Hi Ho SILVER AWAAAAAY, its unstoppable as Bill points out for many reasons..Got SILVER, Folks 😉


    Bill Holter is very confused about the real facts regarding Trump & the vax. As to being forced, children are held down and given the vax & patients having surgery are being given the vax against their will after they are under anesthesia by orders of the surgeon. If this isn’t being forced, what is it? My husband needs knee replacement surgery but won’t go into the hospital in Dallas because he will be given the vax by order of the surgeon. This country is in a mess!

    • Anthony Australia

      MB, the world’s in a mess. Depopulation means just that, nothing less,
      They are not discriminating either, death to us all on this realm.
      I’ve been watching a few NDE videos, many similarities between them but and all common theme is none of them wanted to return here.
      Make your peace with God and we’ll be fine.

      • Bill Walton

        Clif High’s discussions pertaining to his psychedelic trips do NOT sound like anyone’s NDEs on youtube. In other words, he is an outlier and a rather grandiose one at that.

        So, people should not be quick about setting aside the sacred tradition and Jesus because of anything Clif says.

        So far Clif has not gainsaid Jesus. At this point, with everything going on in the world, if Clif were to gainsay Jesus, betcha the blessed mother, commandant of the angels, would have Michael rubuke Clif post haste. . . . She should do it anyway so that Clif would become inclined to make some woo-videos along the lines of what Mel Gibson did in 2004.

    • Shirl

      Hi Mary, thanx for sharing that VAXXed information especially on your husband’s situation…forced Jabs as a requirement for hospital care is a crime in itself, horrible Nuremberg Violations of forced experimentation upon innocent patients. Unconscionable!!!
      Bill Holder is GREAT in the Financial Arena and I AGREE, on the Political front, he’s completely out of his depth….

  16. Frank S.

    Great to hear from Bill Holter ‘at such a time as this’. I think you’re right, Greg, the Saudi’s WEF “bombshell” was basically telling the world that they (and the BRICS) no longer trust the fiscal longevity of the petro-Dollar. I believe the ‘one-world currency’ is fast approaching, as talk also ramps up about Universal Digital I.D. Aren’t ‘end times’ fun?

  17. Jamie S

    In Encino CA, word is that Jews are right now acquing collections of Penthouse and Hustler magazines for when the internet goes down due to, at the very least, collapsing infrastructure. These Jews will resell these at higher price to those who no longer have access to internet porn.

    • Naomi from Israel

      You are an anti-Semite.

      • Naomi from Israel

        Hello Greg,
        Why wasn’t Jamie’s comment moderated?

      • FC

        I have an Italian friend who is doing the same thing, does that make me antipesto?

        • Naomi from Israel

          FC, Everyone can do things like that – not only Jews; but yet we are reminded that “The Jews” are at it again. This kind of remark reminds me of Shakespeare’s Shylock. It is inappropriate!

          • Perry

            Naomi is so RIGHT. We like her posts.

            • Naomi from Israel

              Thank you Perry. Much appreciated.

      • Perry

        And Jamie I bet you pray to Jesus who was a Jewish Rabbi. Figure that out.

    • Perry

      I read that Jamie S is buying up all of these magazines for when the internet goes down. That make as much sense as your statement Jamie S.

  18. Shirl

    Hello Greg, thanx for bringing Bill Holter back for more level headed financial analysis.
    The Saudis unplugged from the struck deal of the Petrol Dollar…that is like a damn breaking although this information isn’t getting very much circulation…wow!
    Times are very interesting in all directions, hang on to your seats…

  19. alfy

    of nations who hold dollars for buying oil. I suspect they would be inclined to spend those dollars on buying oil, and when they are gone, to then buy using their own currency. if they went with the option of trying to move those same dollars back into the usa, it would likely result in the value of the dollar falling off a cliff. resulting in those nations being able to buy less oil than if they just used the dollars they now hold. I suspect most of the nations have already spend down their dollar holdings for oil, and will over the next several months start using their own currency. This is just my gut hunch, most of those dollars (now stockpiled in saudi) will be wiped off the books. agreements have been made in quiet between usa and saudi over the past 6 years.

  20. Frederick R. Barnard

    “The best way to sum it up is the façade that we have lived our lives through is ending” and will completely end. The reality is going to blow people’s minds. That will be a depopulation event because people will be starving. . . .
    Aussie Motorcycle cop. in your future?
    Or an American State Trooper?
    Better toe the line, better stay stay inside. Hang on, AT LEAST 90 DAYS?

  21. Scott

    Did the Dovos crowd demand non Vaxed prostitutes as well????? Because nothing says save the planet more than imported high dollar hookers

  22. Ed Mustafo

    When TRUMP says he saved 100 MILLION LIVES with the vaccines, he’s talking about the people like most of us here who didn’t get the jab because we didn’t have to. The death jab was planned under OBAMA, as documented by Karen Kingston and was coming no matter what. By forcing the Deep State to roll out the jabs ahead of their schedule with Operation Warp Speed, Trump was able to END THE LOCKDOWNS which gave people a CHOICE. Otherwise, lockdowns continue, Creepy Uncle Joe is installed in the White House and they create a vaccine mandate. EVERYONE would have to get the jab and a vaccine passport to go anywhere out of their house including food shopping etc etc etc…. So yeah, TRUMP saved every person who didn’t get the jab. YOU’RE WELCOME….Maybe Bill Holter will read this comment and wake up along with all the other confused people who criticize Trump about this.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump did not save a single life. It’s a bioweapon and bioweapons kill and disable people. Then there is this:

      • Health-Seeker, SeekerOfHealth

        Absolutely right Greg. I cannot support Trump unless he has some reasonable coming out against it. He must do it soon, as I think he will end up taking the fall for it, at least by public opinion, when people really wake up to what happened and why their loved ones that were injected are dead and injured. We were attacked and the so-called remedy or countermeasure is a BIO-WEAPON that does zero good and a lot of harm, injury, disability, and death. Very sad. (Dr. Malone just came out with the same sentiment.)

      • Health-Seeker, SeekerOfHealth

        Trump’s rhetoric of he’s proud of the warp speed injection (bioweapon) and still saying it’s safe and effective is unconscionable and encouraged people to get it and that makes him morally responsible, in my view, for killing and injuring those people, and their children, he convinced it would help them. I am disgusted by his stance and I voted for him both times, but not again at this stage.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi Greg and thanks for the link. Here is a ‘sub-link’ copied from the landing page. It’s entitled ‘Stop The Shots’ by Doctors for Patients UK and dated 12-21-22:

      • Ed Mustafo

        Greg, you’re wrong. The only reason every single person didn’t have to get the jab is because Trump got us out of lockdowns. They wanted to keep us all locked down until everyone had to get the jab and the jab passport to do anything. I never said the jabs themselves saved lives. The early rollout did. Was there another way to end the lockdowns considering that the entire medical system had been captured and corrupted? Tell me, because Trump gave us the cure ( Hydroxychloroquine) and look what happened. So tell me your solution.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are just making up what I said. I have said repeatedly that Trump would have never mandated these injections. My solution was never take the injection. I said so repeatedly. I am a reporter and not an advocate.

    • Shirl

      Ed Mussato, I AGREE. That makes perfect logical sense as President Trump did save lives from that perspective…I’d say many millions incalculable number of lives indeed. I could credit him for saving my own too and those in my immediate when he introduced the HCQ, Ivermectin, Zinc, Vitamins C&D and other remedies which are mostly the Dr Zelenko protocols. He defiantly introduced them at the high profile White House Pressers while the LLM (DEATH CULT DNC & RINO TOOLS) lost their minds with Hate, Unhinged Vitriol, and various ATTACKS that continue to this day…Thank God he did because I rejected the idea right then that an experimental “vaccine” was even needed where the survival rate was 99.998% if you came down with the Kong Flu in the 1st place 🙂
      Thanx for posting

    • Theresa Fitzpatrick

      I remember Trump’s initial stance clearly bcz I remember strong words I had with my cousin at that time. She was telling me how scared she was of Covid and I told her not to worry bcz Hydroxychloroquine will cure it. I am a retired pharmacist and I knew that HCQ was given the Nobel Prize, plus I had dispensed it for over 30 years without a problem. But that did not matter to her. She screamed into the phone that she will not take HCQ bcz “ that idiot Trump recommended it.” Astounded that she would even refer to ANY politician about medical issues, I just sputtered to please look into HCQ. Anyway. Trump’s first stance was to take HCQ — NOT THE VAX. From everything I read and every video I watched, people are saying that the banker scum replaced Trump with a double bcz he recommended HCQ, and the real Trump went into hiding, supposedly in Cheyenne mountain. The double is the one that has white make-up under his eyes, plus other differences that I cannot remember now. The double is the one that instituted Operation Warp Speed for the vax. When the White Hats are ready to reveal the Trump switch, only then will the truth come out about Trump’s stance on HCQ vs the vax.

  23. Really Awake

    Bill Holter’s warnings are sound. Heed the warnings by preparing.

    And what if Bill is incorrect on his timing of SHTF? What happens if the crap doesn’t fly for years? Don’t let that deter you from preparing now. You don’t have to spend a fortune on a little SHTF insurance.

    On the other hand, personally, I’m also prepared for the U.S. government to drag on for years. A bad economy could drag on for years. The U.S. dollar could remain the most relevant currency in the world – for years. Wall Street could dominate the market for years.

    It’s a difficult time. Nuclear war could end modern life in a few hours or modern life could be ended very slowly by a series of socioeconomic and geopolitical downturns.

    I’m glad I read and study the Bible daily. The best explanations and solutions are found therein.

  24. Lynn

    What a breath of fresh air seeing you two. I would love to get answers from you and bill. 1) in layman’s terms explain what happens to people who have credit? Will they be punished? 2) what happens when they shut off social security and pensions? They take our money and expect us to still pay. Another thing that frustrates me is the politicians saying we are taking handouts for these. We worked and put money in and our employer’s put money in and all they do is steal it. 3) can you guys explain into detail what all of this will look like in the day to day living for people who have not put food away or planned for what’s coming? Jim and Bill did a show with you like ng time ago and they described very well and in detail what is coming and how it will be for normal people. Thank you so much for your time

    • Lynda S

      Hi, Lynn 🙂
      Your Qs are not directed to me, but I am reminded of something while reading your words and would like to share…
      Years ago when I was a little girl and my great grandparents lived in the house in front of ours in downtown LA (when it was a nice place to live). Our neighbors were a fragrant bouquet of transplanted Cubans, Mexicans, African Americans and the Italians (us). There were others on the next block that were from Russia and Asia descent too. Many in the mix trying to begin a first generation transplant to America—where they believed in the chance to make a life for themselves and their posterity.

      I remember LARGE family dinners around the holidays (Nana kind of insisted on it!). Everyone cooked from scratch then and gifts were of hand-made things along with delicious, and I mean delicious, amazing food. My elders would talk about EVERYTHING at that adult table and we would mimic their body language and stances from the children’s table 🙂 Many still spoke broken english as “Think!” was expressed as “Tink!” — “Thank you!” as “Tank you!” — pretty funny then, and now, as I recall 🙂

      We had a LOT of food and items from other countries to choose from at the Big-Ds up the street (note the items from Mexico have the fewest ingredients now as they did back then!)

      They were all a mix of Repub and Dems and spoke openly about it ALL. As you might remember when JKF was killed the conspiracies were spoken out in the open in front of God and everyone and ALL took in each others ideas and points of view. Yes, it was Italian-style heat at the table! Also when folks discussed things across the chain-linked fence lines outside—different opinions abounded and they did not matter—you mattered more than the goofy political or religious or whatever the subject!

      EVERYONE HAD EACH OTHER’S BACK COME HELL OR HIGH WATER— and that was clearly understood. We figured things out then when credit was between the store clerk and yourself and all you had was your word of honour. You’d look each other in the eye, make a promise to pay, and so be it. If you did not have the cash you’d come the promised day to say why, offer to do some work around the store or something to make up for the inconvenience and then make it good asap.

      These things strengthened our little town. Even when my siblings and I went into foster care for 3 years (mom had struggles and did not turn to family for help with her 5 children), visiting monthly was like heaven because that little area was FAMILY. Our neighbors were like family. When great grandpa had the heart attack, ALL OF THE NEIGHBORS like clock-work covered the meals, cleaning, errands, ALL was cared for LICKITY-SPLIT! These habits of caring were born out of the war in the depression, WW2 and Nam—even the elders carried the HOOSHPA from the depression and soup lines (they’d make mention of it often!).

      I am believing that folks will open their hearts again to one another. Maybe have more room mates or families may have generations under one roof again and ALL of us will pull together for the LOVE OF GOD and to make the Lord Jesus proud to call us His own. Even for those who do not call upon Jesus, I believe others will care for them and they will also have their part to give to make sense of the ABUSE THAT HAS BEEN LAVISHED UPON US from EVIL. (Not raising my voice with the caps, just emphasizing as I’m a bit mad at the father of lies right this moment in time. Furious with him is more precise. (Mark 4:39))

      I’m sure Bill and Greg have a response to your Qs. But since the memory of problem-solving, hard-working, good and strong, honest survivors came to mind, I thought it might be appropriate to share and lift your heart for a minute 🙂

      If you were my neighbor Lynn, I’d do exactly the same as explained above. I’d be sure that you were cared for properly.

      Take care, Lynn 🙂

      PS—One last thing, my foster mom nick-named me Little Lyn as her best friend was “Aunt Lyn” to me and “Big Lyn” to everyone else. That time in life was a blessing! I warm up inside when I hear the name Lyn as it represents unconditional love to me 🙂

  25. Garfield

    Paraphrasing, but on the discussion regarding Trump needing to come clean:

    Media: Have you ever asked God for forgiveness?
    Trump: No, I just try to do better.

  26. Lynn

    P.S. Trump is truly one of them. He is the Trojan horse that takes America down. He’s the one that started dividing people on Twitter and played the victim. He’s as dirty as they come. They all played a roll. God showed me back in 2017. There’s so much evidence but people are worshipping him like the idols in the israelites time. Man cannot save us. Only God can. If you read in Isaiah it tells you America is under judgment right now just as the israelites were. Our judgement will be as theirs. We have the famin& the droughts, pestilence and we will be invaded by Russia.

  27. Tommy

    I chuckled at the thought that Bill mentioned it was easier to transport Gold vs Silver due to the weight comparison not taking into consideration the current rigged market…never heard of anyone complaining of having too much money that way but, stop and think about when the ratio gap between Au to Ag closes…will anyone be concerned with the weight then? 😂😂😂

    • jomer

      I agree Tommy. I look at it this way: historically silver comes out of the ground at a ratio 11:1 to gold. It was valued at a rate of 15:1. The reason for the adjustment was to compensate for that addition cost of transporting and storing of the silver compared to gold. When looking at all the other factors that have happened since then, the cost of transporting it should be pretty much insignificant and the ratio should be below the 15:1.

      • Tommy

        Yessiree jomer, in fact, many opine that the ratio could drop closer to 1:1…if and when that happens, I certainly will not be complaining of my HEAVY load 🙂

  28. Jeff Brown

    Greg love your show. Thanks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Jeff, for the kind words of support!

  29. Tom

    The one world currency has always been here and God gave it to us . Got Gold.

    • Stan

      You have been watching too much Flintstones. The USA has a modern monetary system – we don’t trade with rocks.

      • Greg Hunter

        How is that short gold trade?

        • PersonaNonGrata

          Hi Greg,
          ‘Stan’ is a Troll. What his/ her / its motivation is – that’s anyone’s guess. What is clear, is that ‘Stan’ claims to maintain virtually constant short positions on gold. He cheers loudly whenever the gold price falls but fails to mention the gazillion times his short bets are losers when the gold price rises. At best, ‘Stan’ posts on here to get a buzz out of the irate responses. As I have suggested numerous times in the past, it’s best to ignore ‘Stan’.

      • Won Witness

        True Stan you don’t trade with rocks.
        You short (sell now buy back later keeping the gain or loss)
        You Trade with leverage, claims for an asset your counter party has sold and must buy back at a much higher price the same gold he sold cheap. Counter party risk/bankrupsy is NOT a worry if you own and hold your gold.

      • Harry

        Yeah Stan – you trade with worthless paper!!

      • Ray

        Mate…….if the USA keeps poking the Bear regarding Ukraine, it’s a very reasonable bet that The Flintstones will definitely be a “modern Stone Age family” in comparison to most American families, once the mushroom clouds appear on your horizons.
        Trading with rocks……..????
        Very feasible.
        Trading them at each other’s heads, and trading them for real items of value as well.
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

  30. Joan'ofArkansas

    Stay Faithful Through the “Great Tribulation”
    Oh love Yahweh, all you his saints! Yahweh preserves the faithful, and fully recompenses him who behaves arrogantly. ◄ Psalm 31:23 ► World English Bible
    IMAGINE that the nations have just made their long-awaited proclamation of “peace and security.” If they haven’t during the end of the cold war? Yet they yet, may boast that the world has never been so safe, if we avoid WWIII of course. The nations will want us to think that they have the world situation under control. Ya, fool me once shame on you! Twice? But remember, they have absolutely no control over what will follow, the calm before the storm? Why not? According to Bible prophecy, “sudden destruction is to be instantly on them, . . . and they will no way escape.”​—1 Thess. 5:3.
    A weather forecaster examines a developing radar image. He sees a dangerous storm bearing down on an area with a large population. Because he is concerned for people’s safety, he tirelessly warns them before it is too late.
    In a similar way, here on God is now alerting world wide earth’s inhabitants, to a “storm” that is more ominous than anything they might hear about in a weather or financial report.

  31. Kris

    Greg can you please find out, why jsmineset is down and not being revived, it used to be a very important informative and essential website. It had taught me how not to be lost in translation of MSM interpretations and spin of reality. [it had opened my eyes to the ways of the world.] It is a serious loss for the good people. It can’t be allowed to quietly die like this.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Kris,
      “Greg can you please find out, why jsmineset is down and not being revived”
      This was covered in some detail in an earlier USAW interview with Bill Holter. My understanding is that jsmineset was not owned by Jim or Bill but by the webmaster who created the site. (Similar thing happened to one of my daughters). Goes to show that even very astute people can get scammed when they have to rely on people with tech expertise!!!

  32. PersonaNonGrata

    Bill Holter at 41:20, “Credit (debt -sic) is the foundation of the whole system”. Exactly! The wealth of the world has been plundered over generations by ‘Babylonian Money Magik’ – the creation of currency out of nothing and lending it WITH INTEREST. Unlike the lender that created the capital with zero effort, the borrower has to work to earn the interest due on the loan. Arguably, interest payments are what give fiat currency any value.

    Sources: ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G. Edward Griffin.
    ‘The Hidden Secrets Of Money’, episode 4, by Mike Maloney.

  33. J.O.Arkansas

    Today, all people must know. Like never before and respond to the urgent appeal. That is now, even more so being announced earth wide. While he was on earth, Jesus warned that at the end of the age, the present system of things would eventually be destroyed during a “great tribulation.” (Matt. 24:21) Regarding that future judgment, he provided a detailed prophecy in which he described what his followers could expect to see and experience as that time approached. Jesus thus outlined major global events that we see happening today, ad infinitum..​—Matt. 24:3-12; Luke 21:10-13.
    In harmony with that prophecy, God is now urging everyone to submit to His loving ways and rulership. He desires that obedient people enjoy a better life now as well as the future blessings in his righteous new earth. (2 Pet. 3:13) To encourage faith in his promises, he has provided a lifesaving message​—the “good news of the Kingdom,” which Jesus foretold would be “preached in all the inhabited planet earth. for a witness to all the nations.” (Matt. 24:14) You too can give this “witness,” or preach this divine message, because God wants as many people as possible to heed the warning and escape the coming “storm” of his righteous judgment.​—Zeph. 1:14, 15; 2:2, 3.
    Rest assured, “Love Never Fails!” convinces us that we can remain ever safe under God’s loving protection.​—1 Cor. 13:8.
    __Rescission, Depression, or Great Depressing Reset?
    We wont have to wait much longer, so stay tuned,
    and stay here on USAWatchdog.com_

    • Joan

      __*[Recession], Depression, or Great Depressing Reset?
      Rescission? Don’t know were that came from?

  34. Andrew Harrison

    Great interview, I wonder if the demand destruction brought on by population reduction may ease pressure to increase interest rates in the G7?

  35. Jim Hebert

    Aubrey Plaza on SNL wins the Miss Universe pageant and
    her acceptance speech is “don’t take the vaccine!”

  36. Brian C

    This administration is not looking for financial solutions at all but are turning a blind eye to the monetary oncoming train. Their plan appears to be controlled demolition of the system and our nation.

  37. Roger Stamper

    tks for post bill greg

  38. Cathy Palmer


    “It wasn’t President Trump that endorsed the Covid vaccines. It was a Deep State clone of Trump that endorsed the vaccines. Those that discredit the credibility of clones are not up to date on science. White Hat military didn’t believe in clones, until they discovered a clone lab just last December. That clone lab had one Biden clone, two Fauci clones, a Chuck Schumer clone, a Hillary Clinton clone, among others. All those clones were in various stages of development. The real Donald Trump is not yet ready to denounce the clone that impersonated him. He’s got to finish removal of the Deep State first and then much will be revealed.”

    • DR

      Cathy, you are an idiot! The coment you mentioned is absolute rubbish and you area fool for spreading such lies!

      • Cathy Palmer

        To DR, I never said it was true just that it’s an interesting comment. You, however, are very rude.

  39. Jason Tingley

    Greg, what do you think about money in the bank or cash on hand when the dollar collapses. If you have debt, let’s say a mortgage. The worthless dollars you still have left over should still pay down debt just the same as now correct? When the dollar dies most ppl have items they can sell at an inflated price due to the dollars buying power plummeting and then take those worthless dollars and pay down debt they may have? What are your thoughts?

    • Greg Hunter

      Those are all Federal Reserve “Notes”. “Note” means debt instrument and debt can be canceled. Gold and silver cannot be cancelled.

    • Paul from Indiana

      What if those debts are indexed BEFORE the big takedown? Gold is always your best bet in currency devaluation schemes. Please (re)consider your situation. Your whole life is in front of you. There is no way to tell just how it’s all going to play out. Best always. PM

  40. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg & Bill

    Greg you talked to Bill like you have interviewed Scot Ritter. He would be a great & timely guest to interview. Where is the interview? Or is it to come?

  41. Stephen Ryals

    Your going to die on your Trump sword. Why not Desantos? At least he is honest about the vax. There will be no president when they burn the country down. Why would u want a pedophilia back as president? We are in the end times Greg. We don’t come back from this. Jesus fixes it. Not scam artist Tbone. Die on your sword. U got played on the double move they hate him. No they don’t they love him. He was a tool to take down the pats. Poisoning 2/3 of the country. Ivamaka Trump published he was in talks with phizer prior and invested in them before the vax. Lol. Hey at least he went to the funeral of s person he killed. Guuud guy

    • Glenn Austin

      I do not understand the principle:
      “Everyone “hates” him, so I “love” him.
      Is that a principled reason for support? Sounds lame from this end.
      The same could apply to anyone on the left. Everyone hates Kamala, so I love her?
      Say what?

      Lots of silence regarding:
      Mar-A-Lago, Log Cabin Republicans, queer fest.
      He gets a resounding “pass” from the republican audience.

      Love USAWATCHDOG. Please continue.

  42. Patrick Alaggio

    Greg, YOU ARE WRONG about Trump deserving to be president again. When are you going to get it through your THICK SKULL that he is NOW AN ACCOMPLICE to mass murder, genocide and crimes against humanity by NOT reversing his support. \

    You, my dear sir, are undoing decades worth of good and moral work by supporting this criminal. I URGE you to reverse YOUR POSITION and STOP being an enabler to a man who will not stand up and do what’s right.

    I EXPECT you to rethink your position or this patriot, and devoted watcher of your channel, WILL DROP YOU from my viewing priorities for the sheer principle of the matter. So go ahead, sell healthy powders as you support DEATH BY LEGAL INJECTION! I’m ashamed of you.

    Read this to Bill Holter and I bet that he agrees with me. And, like you said, HE IS a (HELL) of a lot smarter than you!


    Patrick Alaggio

    PS: I still love so ass… but please, wipe it and clean up this mistake!!!

    PPS: If you want to change the world for the better then read THIS message ON AIR and reverse your position. ONLY THEN will ex-President Trump get the message and UNDERSTAND that he CANNOT stand with the bio-weaponized death jab eugenics agenda and be taken seriously ever again.

    • Dave P

      by and large the vaxed are viticims of the propaganda, or they were coerced economically, or they were vaxed while they visited the hospital for something else and it was done to them stealthily. In any case, they are victims.

      There should be compassion for the vax victims and rebuke of the vax pushers like Trump and Trudeau, Obama and Joe, Bourla and ilk. Compassion for the junkies and contempt for the pushers. Follow the example set by the ministry of Jesus who loved sinners and the poor but at every chance rebuked the Khazarians.

  43. Marie Joy

    Some go to other countries to have cheaper surgery. I don’t know if they force the jab in Mexico but you may want to inquire.

  44. Thomas Malthaus

    zero hedge
    Jan 23
    “China currently holds 96% of global copper inventories, 75% of global aluminum, 70% of corn, 54% of wheat, 30% of soybeans, and 22% of crude oil: JPM”

    Commodities as currency or barter instruments. If one considers China’s stated exposure regarding its copper inventories, it should come as a mild revelation to stacker that copper has attained monetary status.

    One could also interpret that nations won’t have sustainable recoveries unless they have cordial relations with Beijing.

  45. andrea

    Thank you Bill Holter, I always am so educated and updated when i leave here. LOL

  46. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    Another very good interview – thank you.
    I do not agree with what Mr. Holter says about people not being forced to take the shot. At least here in Israel, people went through an immense amount of pressure to take the jab. People lost their jobs, their friends and family’s support, the right to go to certain places, etc . . .. Our prime minister at the time, even said that the unvaccinated are like someone with a machinegun, who are shooting viruses in all directions (that is a loose translation).
    Even today, many relationships have not returned to what they were. There has been no apology from the Israeli authorities for what they did. The vaccinations are still going on, at the moment at least, without all the psychological pressure.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Naomi,
      “I do not agree with what Mr. Holter says about people not being forced to take the shot”
      You have first hand experience of what happened in Israel and I do not, however, I watched several videos shot by citizen journalists in Israel during the height of the scamdemic and these clearly showed that it was possible to walk the streets unmasked and even to sit at pavement cafes. Some establishments refused to serve – even to acknowledge – the unmasked would-be customers, but police / civil guards were not summoned to force the errant journalist/s to wear their masks. Not complying with the various ‘mandated’ Covid measures was not easy and attracted public disapproval, but to my knowledge no one was FORCED to comply. TPTB ensured those complying with the ‘mandates’ did so voluntarily, in order to give themselves the ultimate defence:- Any harm you suffered was self-inflicted!

      • Naomi from Israel

        Hello PNG,
        I must say, things got a bit extreme; for example, I was speaking to a friend near a municipal building, in the town I live in. She was fully vaccinated so she had a green pass (I did not have such a pass). She later wanted to enter the building to go to the WC. She was asked to show her pass so she would be able to enter the building. Unfortunately, she forgot it in her car which was parked far away. The guard would not let her into the building because she did not carry her pass. Luckily, I knew of a mall nearby where she could go to the WC.
        Yesterday, I spoke to another friend about her efforts to try and stay employed at the time. It was extremely difficult to be employed and not fully vaccinated. To keep her job, she needed to do PCR tests every 2 days and give the results to her employers for inspection.
        I think that if one was not under such psychological terror, one would say that no one was forced.


    I have said this many times. If you think America is bad, come to Canada. There are too many people who vote for those in power out of a mind-numbing reflex that makes our problems so much worse. They want, desire, crave, lust after free money, food etc. So much that those of us who had to WORK for what we now have will be targeted. I for one do not trust the mass of people receiving free goods for little or no work. I don’t trust them whenever this hits the fan, and I certainly don’t trust anyone in politics , who lining up to their troughs like pigs, will turn on myself and others who have tried to honestly make a go in this increasingly polluted world. I am not optimistic re the future, even though I saw this coming many years ago, and tried to prepare. I am no longer fearful or naive, but perhaps disgusted. What is the point of an education if by that education, one can not see clearly. The whole thing is a sham. Doctors, who by definition in marks, are supposed to be the brightest, clearest thinking people, teachers, and I was one, entrusted with the souls of young people, all have surrendered to filthy politicians and mob activates. When the truckers marched on Ottawa last year, every union, every organization should have risen up against the mafiosa in the gov. Led by comrade trudeau. Like Washington, Ottawa is a liberal city living off the sweat of working people and turned on the truckers. You could run a donkey with a liberal scarf in Ottawa and put a label on the side of it”vote liberal” and it would get elected just like Biden and the gov. Of Arizona and the mob would vote Democrat. There never will be justice in this world, and that is the reason, counties rise, countries fall. Civilizations rise and they fall. Corruptio pessimi, optimi. Corruption ofthe best is the worst. Has there ever been county in the history of the world as startling as the U.S.A. , and look at what those inpower and trough feeders have done!

    • Nika

      Ancient Romans loved, “Bread and Circus” too!

  48. Sierra Paladin

    Cheers Greg, Darryl Robert Schoon would be a fantastic USAW interview about his new book: Docking At The Mothership: Notes On Going Home. Kerry Lutz @ can put you in contact… God Bless, Paladin

  49. A+Jones

    Amiss all the pending gloom and doom I will attempt to insert a word of encouragement. Assume the worst and the global economy collapses. Then what can we anticipate? During all the bad weather this month of January I watched historic documentaries on WWII. I watched many on actual battles but this one really caught my attention. I have heard that for every soldier in combat it takes 9 other soldiers to supply the war machine. This documentary was on the invasion of Europe 1944 period supply issue. You cannot imagine the capability of the American industrial potential. A few examples but not including any combat equipment, just supply: First, all of the materials of war were shipped to England. The sight of this was unbelievable. How long do you think it would take today to build a gas pipe line under the English Channels and then build 1,500 miles of gas pipelines in France plus building a rail road and shipping in the rail road equipment while fighting another War on the other side of the World? Would you believe from June to December? Then add a truck fleet and communication system to get all of this to where it was needed. They could build or rather install huge bridges in days. Mean while back on the home front we were fighting a war in the Pacific and supplying Russia. We were building a cargo ship at the rate one every 7 days-so much that it boggles the mind. All of this using 1940’s technology! My point is that the problems in the World today are not capability but a problem of leadership. Then you view the total destruction in Europe during the war compared to how it has recovered. I watched a number of videos on sites of destruction then and now from all over Europe. With proper leadership there is no end to what mankind can accomplish so do not despair.
    Now on an unrelated subject concerning sending tanks and equipment to Ukraine: In 1971, I was stationed at Ft. Carson, CO., in parts supply for track combat vehicles. Here is the dirty little secret about that. When you give a million dollar tank to Ukraine what you are actually doing is planting a money tree. For years to come a fortune will be required to maintain each vehicle not to mention support equipment like tract retrievers which is a wreck truck to haul in damaged vehicles. I remember vividly sitting in my office at FT. Carson and feeling the ground shake as a 70 ton tract retriever drove down the tank trail 500 yards away. I know what it cost to keep the motor pool running and so does you know who! If someone gives you a dog you have to feed it every day and take it to the vet for the next 10 years. That is why Vets give dogs away. It is a gift that just keeps on giving.

  50. Felix

    Love bill holter very smart and on the money.I believe him to be correct,he was always saying your assets will devalue but your daily needs and expenses will continue to go up and up.Hey watchdoggers I read a zerohedge article and someone posted a link to a article of the kazarian mafia meaning rothchild,sassoon and many other fake jews.A absolutely mind blowing article on the countries they have raped and pillaged over the centuries.It was 62 pages I printed, thats how sad interesting it was.They have orchestrated all wars,pillaged the people of the world,stolen all their property.It was mind blowing the gold,rare artifacts,art,silver anything you can think of they stole.It rewrote all the history we were taught.For those that claim to be jews but are not jews,they are from the synagogue of satan.I leave you this in the name of JESUS CHRIST amen.PRAYthats all we can do,help your fellow man.

    • Janeas

      Felix, would you be so kind as to post that link. I would be very interested in reading that article but cannot seem to find anything which matches your description of 62 pages.

  51. Mike Low

    Great interview with Bill Holter!!!

  52. Dan Knight

    Hi Greg, …

    ‘Pike’ is fine. … It’s from the railroad days – the runaway train comes down the pike. And ‘pipe’ is also fine. It’s borrowed from ‘pike’ by plumbers – the sewage comes down the pipe. … We’ve just lost our etymology – and looking it up online doesn’t work either since all the sources are communist-vetted even if they’re not overtly ‘woke-ified.’

    Scott Adams lost me decades ago – I forget the exact issue, but it’s been a common peeve with me since the 80s – That computer programmer/IT/IS/electronics geeks all think that any corporation exploiting them – no matter how reasonable or how outrageous – justifies immediate attention and suspension of all customs, laws, and traditions. Buuuu tt … Criminals and/or traitors literally exterminate your job/business/occupation/ or industry … you’re just a Luddite if you complain.

    Rarely get personal – but my father is one of the nations’ leading computer scientists – I could tell you what he did, but I’d have to shoot and then swallow my cyanide kind of thing … and I saw this in the 70s. Dad survived at least three massive layoffs/reorgs/takeovers – all more or less methods of monetizing the programmers genius and making off with their intellectual property – essentially criminals using the corporate system and access to government and banks to steal the programmers intellectual property – and then firing them. That’s what led dad to make a move in the 80s, which secured his future and made him a millionaire. But it also convinced me not to waste my time on his ‘industry.’ (And I’m glad I made that decision.) … Scott Adams lived through this – and began his cubical nerd experience immediately after the next wave of ‘Financially Rape the Computer Geeks’ went through Silicon Valley in which Dad made his move.

    Scott Adams also illustrates how everyone is a conservative – and well-informed – when Team Satan drops a runaway train on top of them – in their own wheelhouse …

    … but does not even believe the same thing could happen to his neighbors.

    The blindness arises from arrogance and conceit – believing that they and their group and only them are the all-knowing, virtuous geniuses who create everything of value.

    Pardon the long essay – God bless.

  53. Marie Joy

    Hospitals give vaccines while you’re sleeping. They tried to do that to me in 2006 but I woke up before the nurse could give me a flu shot. TG.
    Is Mexico pro jab/bioweapon? To what degree?

    • Nika

      Do you think, the hospital would give you one, if you go there for minor surgery?

  54. Russ 2

    Thanks Greg – Thanks for having Bill Holter back. War, Covid, financial collapse … all connected.

    Yes, something is brewing but I find it strange that there doesn’t seem to be a fix in place to transition from one system to another… or maybe there is a fix. Since the 2008 financial breakdown/banking crisis, I’ve been moving (98% complete) my savings to PM’s. Not a lot at a time and by Bill Holter’s standard I don’t have a lot now, but it’s enough to restart in a new monetary system.

    The term “bioweapon” was also mentioned in the interview. Karen Kingston (a recent guest here) and Alec Newman (another past guest here) discuss that term and KK goes into much detail describing why the so called vaxxine is a bioweapon. I love the way she defines terms used so we layman can actually follow what is in the contracts.

    “Contract for Covid Jab “Bioweapon” VERY Strange, Says Expert Karen Kingston”

    KK lays out the lawsuit to go after Pfizer and as I was listening it became very clear that Pfizer will not want KK as an expert witness when the case goes to court.

    30 minutes interview, well worth the time.

  55. Nick Reynolds

    Thanks, Greg. I think you’re right about Ukraine. But the ultra rich don’t care about the economy; they don’t care about the dollar; they don’t care about us little people. They are going to head for their bomb proof shelters in Antarctica, start WW3 with Russia, and then China, both nuclear and biological, kill off the vast majority of people everywhere, and then six months later, come out and start over. But the elite’s plans don’t always go as they want. They actually got caught in their 9/11 false flag because they did not foresee the invention of YouTube. So, like Bill says, just get ready to survive on your own and your family and maybe neighbors. Trust in God, because all things are possible with God. But don’t count on governments to save you.

  56. Ken

    Why is it with all of these financial guests they never talk about basic valuation measurements? No mention of the core basics: The Shiller Price to Earnings (PE) ratio for stocks, Dow to Gold ratio (determining whether gold or stocks is to be bought or sold), Gold to Silver ratio determining the better buy or sale for these two precious metals and lastly historical interests for bond investors? These measurements can easily be found on the internet! I’m just wondering???

    • Greg Hunter

      Because every metric is fed fake data which makes them worthless. Why do people not bring up FASAB rule 56 that took the federal government books dark? Why don’t people talk about the trillions of dollars off balance sheet? Just wondering????????

      • Ken

        I’m very aware (68 years old – investing for 40 years plus) that our Federal government has been cooking the books in all manner escalating to today’s level of madness. However the indicators that I mentioned are NOT dependent upon Federal accounting nor was I attempting to undermine your financial guests simply surprised these very basic core ratios have never been stated.

        As an example the Gold to Silver Ratio $1941 / $24 = 80 to 1. Since 1900 the average is around 50 to 1 thus making silver the obvious buy as compared to gold. Your guest stated that many times and he is 100% correct. A simple chart put up on the screen would show this dramatically. That’s all I was saying unfortunately that might not have come across as a simple observation.
        No longer wondering!

  57. foggygoggles

    There might be hope for those taking the jabs after all. Check it out…

  58. Susan R

    Love Bill Holter! If the USD defaults EVERYTHING will cease to work. Gold will not be able to pay for what does not exist. If you have a farmer down the road you could trade for food and something to use for that trade, good, but how can most of our infrastructure work without payment for truckers, electricity plant worker payments, payment to all workers who keep our world as we know it functioning. Of course, banks are central to this and defunct with a currency that is only good to burn for heat in the fireplace.

    • Randy Best

      I agree with you 100%. The problem is we have dishonest money, backed by nothing.

  59. Dindoo

    Bugged out in 99. I would rather be 10 years early.

  60. Fredrik Prost

    Great conversation, time to get ready for some tough times.
    About Trump and the shots, this was what finished his political career. Which is worst, he is to proud to admit he was wrong or he got bad advice? The first tells you he is a complete narcissist without compassion, the other tells you that he isn’t very bright and completely lacks discernment.

  61. Dave

    Like Celente and Austin Fitts, Holter sees through Trump. Per the Nuremburg trials everyone, including Trump, would be guilty of murder if the vaccine is proven to be a kill shot as some say.

    Trump recently attacked pro-life Christians as the cause for the failure of the GOP to win in the mid-terms. He hosted a celebration of sodomy at his Mara Lago. Just a few days ago he blamed evangelicals for their failure to support his campaign for the nomination. Shortly after that Franklin Graham said he is not endorsing anyone for the GOP nod. He joins a growing number of evangelicals who have left the Trump train. As one evangelical said upon being accused of being disloyal to Trump – my loyalty is to no man but the God-man Jesus Christ. I don’t see how any Christian can vote for a person who supports abortion and/or sodomy. Trump supports the latter and has always been homosexual friendly.

    As the non-Rinos try to oust the RINO Rona Romney Mc Daniel as RNC chair and elect Harmeet Dhillon for the position, Trump refuses to endorse Dhillon. Dhillon has fought the Deep State for years. She is the real deal and yet Trump refuses to endorse her. Trump is expected to run to the left of his nomination rivals. He recently took a shot at the GOP and warned them not to cut entailments in the debt ceiling fight. The evidence grows that Trump was a plant as some believe. Austin Fitts essentially says Trump is part of the Deep State.

  62. Robert K

    One giant financial STD alright, just like when Kemp went to Davos to meet with his handlers, and gas prices in Georgia increased .80 cents /gallon since January 3rd. Thanks jerk!

    Kemp could suspend the gas tax like before, but choose not to. Hate to see what prices will be during “travel season”. $10.00/gallon? F&*^%$# absurd!

  63. Chris Lavere

    Good to see Holter and hear his views. Disappointing he wasn’t asked about TRX.

  64. Anita

    Thank you both, love Bill Holter.

  65. Michael from Indiana

    Thanks Greg
    Bill has great advise and is a standup guy.
    I have followed gold and silver for years. A couple of gentlemen a lot older than Bill advise to keep gold and silver in non US coinage. They say when gold was confiscated in the early 1900s that the government had a right to claim their currency.
    Just some food for thought. Over the years I have bought both and bars. Mostly silver and just enough gold to bribe the border guards. I love that saying.

  66. Patrick Cook

    Sir, much respect to both Bill and Yourself. On 01-25 @ 13:06est Zero hedge posted. German foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock stated ” Germany is along with the West @ war with Russia “. Once again Bill is on point stating that the table will be turned over. You would think that losing on paper two world wars that Germany would steer clear Russia. There is no fixing stupid, once again the MIC will allow millions to die/suffer. Again much respect Sir. Patrick Cook.

  67. Nat

    Greg, did you mention an interview you had with Scott Ritter? Have not seen it and cannot find it in your USAW archives.

    • Greg Hunter

      I just quoted Scott Ritter. I would love to interview him.

  68. Frank Cooper

    World War Two 2.0! Germany Declares War on Russia as US Pledges to Send Heavy Battle Tanks! Russia Issues Nuclear War Alert –Infowars Jan. 25th 2023
    jETS ordered to Austin_ Sound breaking windows blowout Mach 1 speed.
    Final Warning @ Home of Infowars…………DEEP IN THE HEART
    __________T E X A S !

  69. Dave P

    fotos of new real estate developments happening on the nanoscale in the bodies of the vaxed. No wonder a realty magnate like Trump got excited and warpsped it.

    Somebody should ask patriot doctors about this:

    Colloidal gold has long history of use in autoimmunity including arthritis. It also modulates psychological mood and mental function. ………. Now, this doc is experimenting with colloidal gold as part of a remediation protocol for the vaxed.

    So far, it looks promising in vitro (in the lab). But in vivo (in the body) is so far a few annecdotes. And there is a huge difference between working in a petrie dish and working in the body. So do not just go out and buy MesoGold and start chugging it. Perhaps in the body it would aggregate and make things worse if they body did not then remove. And gold is a heavy metal.

    Others are experiementing with zeolite which is an ionically charged natural substance and EDTA, which is a metal chelator. Taking EDTA will also cause unwanted deficiencies of minerals you want to keep, so one has to us EDTA as part of a logical plan. .

    The bottom line is that there are people attempting to develop solutions. Not every patriot is on the Trump train of go get boosted.

    • Linda Walling

      Of course there has to be circuits in the vax, otherwise the vaxxed people couldn’t broadcast their bluetooth MAC addresses. I downloaded a low energy bluetooth app on my smartphone early on and did a lot of observations, before becoming weary and discouraged by what I was finding. I had truly hoped the numbers of people taking the jab were exaggerated, but from my own observations I found that almost everyone I knew had at least one MAC address. I observed on my own that people I knew to have been boosted had an updated bluetooth device different than the ones in the first and second jabs. I saw a video from Russia of someone who had hacked into the government servers and displayed the biometric data being collected from vaxxed people there, including one that identified one of his friends who had taken the jab. I also saw a video by a US military technician showing the rows of stacks of servers which he claimed collected the biometric data of the military personnel who took the jab. I’d be horrified to think that biometric data about my body was being transmitted to corporations, including the corporations that we call our governments and our military branches, yet I see many people wearing these stupid watches and doing it voluntarily. I am sure it is very good for business for the corporations–I can imagine many ways this data would be useful to them, but detrimental to us.


    Russia said German tanks in Ukraine and all of Germany is fair game.
    The moment they arrive the tanks will be destroyed.

    And now Biden commits national suicide by sending our tanks.
    Will all of America become free game too?

    Better reset the Doomsday Clock to one tenth of one second.

    An accidental fart will set off WWIII, and it’ll come from Joe Biden’s “brain”

  71. swimfinz

    Greg—most excellent show, thank you for bringing the hinterlands up to speed. America will be good place to hunker down. How about the Legions of ex-pats living overseas, yet their income dependent on American USD? Yes, “…a whole lotta shaking going on!”

    You are right, it is “pike”—based on a 1950s term “turnpike.” A turnpike is a freeway, an expressway. Term felt out of use throughout the 1960s.

  72. Edd

    Hi Greg, enjoyed the interview with Mr.Holter,as always,thank you. But off topic, I know that you fully believe that Jesus’is the Messiah, savior to all who accept him. Well, why not have TRUE, Bible scholar on your show? Many of your followers are just a smidgen misguided , mostly in the area of “Revelation’s” Hundreds of good ones available, my personal favorite is Dr. Charles Dyer.of the Moody Bible Institute, and Dallas seminary. He WILL respond to email at … You could also promote it by having your listeners to send you Questions to ask him. Well that’s my 2cents, thanks for All you do.

  73. Nika

    Tucker Carlson said, Miranda Devine of the New York Post, found a classified document on Hunter’s laptop. So, here we go! So, the House investigators said they don’t care about Hunter, making money. The House Investigators, want to see, if the Big Guy was invloved?

  74. Jenny

    it’s about Trump supposedly touting the vaxxine…..NOT

  75. Linda Walling

    No adult in the USofA was forced to take the jab. They made that choice. Children were forced but only by their stupid parents or by the gubmint, which kidnaps children and puts them in the care of psychopaths.

    • Nika

      8,000 American Soldiers lost their jobs, because they refused. I don’t how many hospital personell (RN’s, LPN’s and etc) across the USA lost their jobs.
      I am sure there were people, that needed to pay their bills. So, they took the Jab and died!!! These people made a big mistake, they made poor choices based on their need for money!

    • Susan Smith

      that is like saying no baby was/is forced to undergo an abortion.

    • Linda Walling

      No my assertion isn’t correct. Some adults in long term care facilities and other cases of adults who are not competent or capable of making choices for themselves and are subject to other people’s choices had the decisions made for them. In some states, patients were denied organ transplants unless they submitted (but I read where Texas welcomed transplant patients denied in Colorado). There was a lot of information available before the jab was released and I tried to share that information with a number of people, but was 100% unsuccessful except with a couple of people who had already decided NO.

    • Nika

      I am sure there were adults, that were mortgaged to the hilt, that were under tremendous pressure, who felt they had to take a chance with the Vaccine. Otherwise, they would lose their house, their car(s), and eventually get divorced.
      Yes, children do get forced! I remember, when I was child. I was forced to have my tonsils, surgically removed, because the “all-knowing” A.M.A, could not think of a good reason for children to have tonsils. 20 years later, the A,M.A figured out why nature gave tonsils to children. To kill germs in their mouths! After that, there were no more tonsil operations.?!
      I suggested to my younger, hard working friend, that he should invest in a supply of ivermectin for himself, his wife and their three children, in case they got sick from taking vaccine shots. My younger friend got angry and told me off, in no uncertain terms! I guess my friend comes under the “stupid parents” category.

  76. Nika

    Tucker Carlson revisited Jeffrey Epstein’s suicide. Tucker said, it’s been 3 years, and no one has made an attempt to find out how Epstein Really died, in a maximum security prison. After Epstein died, Bill Barr made a absurd and dishonest claims about Epstein’s death.
    Bill Barr: one medical exaiminer said, Epstein died by suicide. Carlson said, that was untrue, because the medical exaiminer really said, the cause of Epstein’s death was “Pending”. So, Bill Barr seems like a Deep State kind of Guy.

  77. Justn Observer

    Greg, Think any God loving individual would/should trust these people with making things to inject into our children?

  78. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    Great interview with Bill. I was out for a walk while I was listening and a couple of times what Bill said just stopped me in my tracks. As Bill said a few months ago, “the whole s-house is ready to blow!’

    Regarding Scott Adams, the Dilbert guy – he did not apologize for ripping those who refused the vax nor did he admit they were correct in the decision-making process. What he actually said was that those who did not get vaxxed ‘won a coin toss’ = luck. Both Karl Denninger and Jimmy Dore, two people on the surface would appear to be on oppose political poles, both ripped Adams this week, Denninger on a blog post a few days ago and Dore on a recent video.

    Adams was also feuding with Ben Garrison, the political cartoonist.

    If you are wondering about the last frame it is really about Fauchi’s fiendish experiments putting a live dog’s head in a box to be eaten alive by sand flies, which is what Fauchi himself deserves, but many times over.

  79. Phil

    Here is a link understanding the vaccines and technology cross over–bluetruth-documentary-shows-covid-vaccinated-people-emitting-frequenciesbl.html

  80. Sara

    Thank you for the Interview with Bill Holter! Once again, you bring to light the World-geopolitical news, that MSM chooses not. It’s a changing world, and having the insight you offer really helps!

  81. Russell

    The current premiums on silver are ridiculous. Be careful out there, folks! Develop a relationship with a local coin shop. I’ve been doing this for a long time and it certainly has its advantages. Do not buy precious metals thinking you will make a quick buck. It’s long game thinking, like a savings account that you hope never have to touch.

  82. Prospector

    Remember what George Carlin said ?
    ” You have owners , they OWN you ! ”

    Lawmakers REVOKE your right to consent — 2016 Obama-Era Cures Act:

    “Clinical testing of investigational medical devices and drugs no longer requires the informed consent of the subjects if the testing poses no more than minimal risk to the subjects and includes safeguards.”

    Source : HR – 34 . 114th Congress ; Subtitle C – Modern Trial Design and Evidence Development – Section 3024

  83. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Holter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Maria for all your continued support of the site!

  84. Kevin24

    Bill is always a logical dose of reality.
    You said Kitco wanted $12+ over spot and Bill said that was expensive?
    I believe Kitco is out of Canada and it cost about $1.35 Canadian for a US dollar so it was probably a Canadian price. Eagles were just under $50 Cnd when I looked the other day which is down, they were near $55 Cnd a few weeks back

  85. Nika

    House Speaker McCarthy had a outstanding moment, the other day when he told off an irritating reporter, that asked why Democrats: Schiff and Swalwell were taken off their committee asignments. House Speaker McCarthy said, basically they couldn’t be trusted.
    If, McCarthy continues to speak like that, then I think , he will be a Excellent House Speaker!!

  86. Yves SL

    Jim Sinclair called crypto “digital air”

    Clif posts regarding Swift stranglehold on cryptos

  87. Jethrine Bodine

    USA/Ukraine/NATO is going to look pretty foolish once the Russian offensive in a couple of weeks, knowing the US/GER tanks won’t be delivered until after Holloween.

    Yesterday, Ukraine Nazi leader (BEGGING) addressing arms manufacturers in Florida, proclaiming the hugh profits that will be made making and giving away weapons of mass destruction to poor little Ukraine. All this $100 billion worth of shit and the $80 billion worth of military abandoned in RETREAT OF AFGHANISTAN (BIDEN) is all arming the next 911.

    And, don’t forget the BIG ENCHINCHILLA, the coming $2 trillion dollar nation rebuilding contracts!!

    Maybe the Americans can dump plane pallet loads of $100 bills from aircraft to get the Russians to stop fighting. That still be cheaper than sending $100 billion of aid which is being sold off onto the black market and profits kept by the Ukranian Nazi’s and the Big Bloss and his Butty-Boy get their cut.

    Or just elect Trump and the war will go away, along with the trillion dollar Black Rock et al wet dreams and taxpayer bungflocks.

    November 2022, reported that the US armed forces think 100,000 Russians have died in this war.

    Yesterday, MSM reported that the US armed forces think 100,000 Russians have died in this war.

    I call bullshit on that. And bullshit to all the intel the CIA gathers.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree JB! 100,000 Ukraine military have Died!!

  88. Tina C

    not all southerners go along with Trump King of Sodom — celebration of the same-sex marriage law — at Mar-a-Lago

    this cop is VERY different than the Evangelical false prophets who told us many times that Trump is anointed.

  89. Wright

    I’m inclined to think the drop in Ag premiums is a signal that the good guys are ready with the new currency and ready to address the collapse.

  90. Shiloh1

    Hi Greg.

    Have you seen the latest 2-part Project Veritas expose with some imbecile from Pfizer?

  91. Shiloh1

    Project Veritas – Pfizer. Tucker breaks it down, Dr. Malone wraps it up:

    “The higher you go up the crookeder it gets!” – The Godfather, referring to politicians and cops.

  92. Bennet Cecil

    I enjoyed your podcast with Bill Holter. Everyone should get out of debt, hold some cash, silver and gold. Cash should be in Credit Unions and small local banks not the big ones.

    I will make the counter argument. The USD is not money since it has no intrinsic value. Its only value is that it has been accepted in exchange for goods and services since 1790. People could use Kennedy half dollars and Roosevelt dimes for daily purchases, but they don’t. People like electronic payments and paper cash.

    The US government has seigniorage, the power to create money out of thin air. Article One, section 8 of the US Constitution explicitly states that Congress has the authority and power, “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof…”

    Furthermore section 8 gives the Congress the authority and power “To provide for the Punishment of counterfeiting the Securities and current Coin of the United States;” Congress legally controls money in the US.
    Since the 16th amendment, Congress can steal as much money as they choose. They can and will grab what they need. Consider a federal tax on all real estate in the USA. Pay or the US government will assume ownership.
    UK citizens need about 1,000 GBPs to purchase the same basket of goods that 3 GBPs could buy in year 1489. The USD is following a similar path.
    If the US has a monetary collapse, it will be followed by a reset. Financial and real assets will re-equilibrate. Lots of Americans will be left holding worthless IRAs and 401Ks. The boomers were stupid enough to delay taxes on their savings via IRAs and 401Ks. The US government is no different than Bernie Madoff. Savers should have paid the taxes on their retained earnings as they occurred and diversified.

  93. Coal Burner

    I want to jump into a different subject on the Classified material furor going on. Watchdogs need too understand that what Biden mishandled as Vice President was far more devastating to the USA that the garbage found at Trump’s Mara Lago. Remember the photos the fbi released that was at Trumps, well, you will not see such a photo of what Biden mishandled because what Biden had was so dangerously secret that the fbi nor anyone without the highest level clearance even get to know the letters or numbers that designate that level of clearance system. I am saying people that see Top Secret all the time never even get to learn the “higher” level classification system. That is stuff that is often technological. The stuff we really, really don’t want in enemy hands. Was that level information at U of Penn or what ever University in Pennsylvania’s traitorous transfer occurred (yes, just my theory and rhetoric about the transfer)? Early when the Biden Story broke, I heard audio on these classification levels mentioned and then that was shut down immediately. Not just to cover for Biden but to keep the classification designations secret. My point is Biden did exponentially worse than Trump, not just mishandling the material but totally improper handling of the location and most likely revealing to whomever mystery people saw that material. This infuriates me because I do not know if names of people or companies could have been released to our enemy’s. Who’s life has that senile fool put into danger? I hope only people who voted for that idiot all these years. All this crap matters because it is a short set of steps from revealing information at that level to bloodletting in this coming world. What I said above is awful but I am sick of people saying oh they are good people and my answer is it looks more and more like they voted for not just war inside our country but nuclear war.
    Apology’s for ranting but this crap matters to real Americans.

  94. BJ

    Great interview. I agree with most of it but just so everyone knows. They DID go door to door in some states and FORCED mentally challenged people the Jab. I saw it multiple times. Not good huh. And they will do it again if we let them…

  95. tim mcgraw

    Another great interview with Bill Holter. Thank you, Greg.
    Oh, those damned bankers keep kicking over the table and millions die.
    The bankers in the USA convinced Woodrow Wilson to get the USA involved in WWI. The American people found this out after the war and were VERY ANGRY with the bankers and Democrats. But the banks were saved.
    FDR and the bankers were able to get the American public to support involvement in WWII by goading the Japanese into attacking Pearl Harbor where FDR left the Pacific Fleet (but not the carriers) as bait. The Admiral in charge who was against putting the fleet in such a vulnerable position in Pearl Harbor was fired by FDR.
    The bankers learned their lesson from WWI and after WWII ended the bankers controlled academia and the media to cover up FDR’s crime and the bankers who supported getting America into WWII.
    And here we go again. The bankers and the neocons want to turn over the table and be the world hegemon by starting WWIII. Our dollars are soaked in blood.

  96. tim mcgraw

    At 41:00 Bill Holter talks about a “deflationary collapse”. Assets lose value and the person holding the debt (usually a bank) loses.
    What if the assets are destroyed in a war along with the people?
    Look at Germany after WWII. The German currency collapsed. Most of the hard assets like housing, factories, and infrastructure were destroyed.
    The Germans had to start over as they did with Old Man Adenauer who was a free market sound money guy.
    In ten years Germany was an economic powerhouse again.

  97. freedomdog

    Hello Greg: Once again a great interview from Bill Holter…
    and here is what NOBODY is talking about:
    How to pay ones debts. We in the USA have not been able to do so since 1933- research HJR192.
    We can only discharge debt since the bankuptcy in 1933 and banker script( ie.currency Federal Reserve Notes) is what is used during such an event- as it is to this day because we are still in BK. Tempoary “money”.
    One can discharge the debt incurred by issuing to the claiment promisary notes,bills of echange and negoitable instruments along with FRN’s earned by ones labor as well as other forms and methods.
    Double entery accounting 101
    Credits/ debits
    There is a reason why its called a balance sheet…
    it needs to come back to ..what?… zero!
    The same way the universe works…
    Understand what Iam saying- one has other options to discharge debt other than using FRN’s through ones labor.
    Everything is pre-paid- because we cant pay anything and have lost everything real!! Ever since the 1933 bankuptcy the bankers demanded surity to back up the debt paper being issued… so they took over legal title to the following :homes,land,cars, all federal lands, critical infistructure, bonded ones birth certificate and so on- thereby making our ability to discharge unlimited… but you have be in the right lawful status- and its not the US citizen.
    Do you understand what is being said here??
    I dont think you do….
    Re-read it over and over to start to understand.
    Every live/living/breathing human being is the basis and underpins what we consider those forces that have control over us. We all make this country possible through our human energy as well as our ancestors and so on.
    How did this get so scewed up?
    Why are considered debtors?
    We are the creditors!
    Is there a way out that was created or “bake in” but is not being revealed/initially accepted ?- but will if you stand firm and know what you’re doing?
    re-read this again
    everything is 180 degrees out from your current understanding.
    Just my opinion- not legal advice.
    Do you own research.
    For entertainment purposes only

  98. Eli

    Thank you Greg and thank you, Bill. Many do not see what is taking place and perhaps they cannot be fully faulted; they don’t realize the news lies to them and don’t know where else to look anyway. We must be patient with our normie friends and family. I know they are frustrating but we don’t make allies by calling them stupid (that’s the left’s tactics).

    God Bless,


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