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By Greg Hunter’s 

In today’s crazy world, there is no telling what is going to happen next.  There are earthquakes going off all over the planet, extreme flooding in the Western U.S., tornados wiping out large sections of towns and cyber-attacks shutting down critical systems.  In almost every case, cell service has been disrupted and often for long periods of time.  Wouldn’t it be nice to have a reliable backup for an affordable price?  Because of the new offers from the Satellite Phone Store, you can have that critical backup plan for communication with a free phone to boot at the end of your contract.

You get a choice between the “Iridium 9555” and the “IsatPhone 2.”  Both satellite phones come with 100 minutes per month and free activation ($50 value) if you use the promo code USAW.

The “Iridium 9555” has a 24-month contract at $99.95 per month, and at the end of the contract, the phone is yours free.  The “IsatPhone 2” is a 12-month contract for $89.95 per month, and at the end of the contract, the sat-phone is also free for you to keep.

Plus, there is 10% discount off all other products such as Generators, Faraday Bags, Solar Panels and Bivy Sticks during the month of May from the Satellite Phone Store.  You can get a 10% discount on those products by using the promo code USAW10.

These special offers are through from the Satellite Phone Store (  So, watch the video for more information, and support the companies who support the truth-tellers.

After the Post:

Don’t forget to use the promo code USAW to have your $50 activation fee waived on your “Iridium 9555” or the “IsatPhone 2.”  

Call 855-917-0897 to talk to a human and tell them sent you.

Also, please use the promo code USAW10 for 10% off any other products from the Satellite Phone Store (

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  1. Don W.

    Greg, I say again, we are closing in on the END TIMES. He is coming and coming soon. Look at ALL the things that are happening that you mentioned and the many other things that are happening today that are ALL told about in the Bible. I will be 90 next year and I may see the start of the end times and may even be taken up by our Lord and His Angles just past the mid point of those 7 years.
    I do hope you get some of those phones sold as they will be a real help for those that are doing a lot of traveling, like I did. They will need them, but we ALL need the Lord in our lives, as He is coming soon.

    • Rick

      With the border invasion now taking place and the Marburg Virus soon to be released the End Times will soon be upon us – we need to send a Few Good Men “to take out” the entire Globalist Leadership “before” they release their next planned epidemic upon our wives and children – because the Marburg virus they will be releasing is a Neurovascular Hemorrhagic Agent designed to produce bleeding in the brain and subject us all to a “Stroke Epidemic” (the way their Covid 19 Virus produced a “Heart Attack Epidemic”)!! – We don’t have much time – we need a “Night of the Long Knives” (in reverse) before these Truly Evil Satanists “Kill Us All”!!!

      • Rick

        The Demonic Evil Globalists killing our children and cutting off their sexual organs “have no mercy and no morality” – what if we did the same to their children?? – in the Bible it says if an evil person pokes out your and eye and then pulls out your tooth “do it back to them” – well – they are cutting off the balls our sons and breasts of our daughters!!!

  2. Colleen

    1.Does the ISAT telephone fit in the small “go dark” bag?
    2. If the grid goes down, can you call a person with an IPhone or does it only contact other ISAT telephones?
    3. Can a person pay monthly charges in advance?

    • Greg Hunter

      Call Sat Phone Store and ask. They are nice people. 855-917-0897

  3. R. Patrick

    I have the ISAT. It’s a good unit and the minutes roll over. Easy to use, but you must get the updates and the actual price per monthly billing statement for me is $111.95 after 12 month contract expires. With the taxes.

    Good for privacy.

  4. John E Easler

    Can the other person call you back with their regular phone or does it take commo between Satellite phone to Satellite phone

    • Greg Hunter

      A regular phone can call a sat phone and a sat phone can call a regular wireless phone or land line.

  5. Anthony Australia

    White House bans The Post from Biden event as Hunter indictment looms

    The hypocritical major-media plot in advance to suppress The Post’s Hunter Biden reporting

  6. Andrew

    They are all the same.

    Florida. SB222 is dead.  A powerful freedom bill that deserved passage into law.  Floridians created the bill and it was gaining great support! It protected people’s vaccination and immunity status, ended all vaccine discrimination, stopped the federal government from getting our medical data, protected our children from EUA vaccines, protected all public and private employees from all vaccine mandates and vaccine passports.
    killed the bill. 

    And now, Floridians are about to have their freedom stripped away this coming week as legislators prepare to pass a #fakefreedomflorida bill SB252 that forces employees to follow federal government mandates and opens the door to the World Health Organization to control our health policies.  And, while it claims to prevent MRNA vaccine mandates that’s not permanent and runs 20 months. It’s all a game to create a false narrative to sell to the public.

    You were warned by many of us trying to get the message to the masses.  Doomsday comes as DeSantis manipulates the media.  This is not a freedom blueprint but a path toward one world governing control. 

    We the people created SB222 because this is what we wanted legislators to pass on behalf of Floridians.

    Big Pharma & Governor DeSantis created SB252. 

    Remember that when your children are dragged and forced to line up and be jabbed during the next “pandemic.”  Because they are planning another one and we are being set up to fall.

    🍿🐸🇺🇸 SHARE!


    • Marie Joy

      DeSantis iS Deep State.

    • Jerry

      Andrew, during the “con”vid plandemic the company that I work for did just that. What ever the CDC came out with they followed. Mandatory masking mandatory shots! Many of us filed exemptions which were granted at last minute as the gov. date to vaxxed ticked down. One of the supervisors, a veteran, a patriot told me that the upper management directed them to deny all exemptions!!! They were later granted. Out of a shop of about 45 at the time, ten of us did not take it!

  7. Dan Greystrok

    Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine? Russia’s Moves in Zaporizhzhia Spark Concerns|Vantage with Palki Sharma Firstpost 4,915 views May 10, 2023
    Nuclear Disaster in Ukraine? Russia’s Moves in Zaporizhzhia Spark Concerns | Vantage with Palki Sharma
    A dangerous situation is developing Ukraine’s Zaporizhzhia – one that raises the risk of a nuclear catastrophe. The IAEA has warned of a “severe nuclear accident”. Palki Sharma brings you the latest from the Russia-Ukraine war.
    The US could potentially default on its debts. The Biden administration has flagged a potential constitutional crisis. Time is running out for Washington. But how did the US end up in such a situation? Palki Sharma explains.
    Goldman Sachs has agreed to pay $215 million to settle a lawsuit. This comes after the bank was accused of bias against women in both pay and promotions. How severe is the issue of gender pay gap?

    BOMBSHELL! This could END western society as we know it | Redacted with Clayton Morris 197,681 views May 9, 2023
    Is the population actually in decline? We’ve been told we are heading for a population bomb. Students at Cambridge University are trying to cancel a documentary film about population decline. Why can’t we discuss this? What is the transhumanist agenda behind this disruption?
    Douglas Macgregor – Humiliating Russia and Making Terrible Mistakes

    Douglas Macgregor Col 91K views 2 days ago
    Douglas Macgregor – Humiliating Russia and Making Terrible Mistakes

    EXCLUSIVE: Dr. Phil on The HIJACKING of America | Huckabee
    Huckabee on TBN 59,799 views May 8, 2023
    Dr. Phil McGraw talks what we need to do to get America back on track and he says it starts with the family unit. Has our country been hijacked? Don’t miss his insightful interview here on Huckabee!

    Kyiv’s Drones Hit 3 Russian Regions, 690 Russian Troops Killed, Putin’s ‘Snake’ Malware Dismantled /CRUX 5,777 views May 10, 2023
    Russian governors of three regions claim that their regions came under drone attacks on May 10. Voronezh governor Alexander Gusev said drones attacked a military facility in the region on May 10. Belgorod region governor Vyacheslav Gladkov said an explosion from a drone damaged two buildings in Olkhovatka. Meanwhile, Ukraine’s military said its forces have killed over 690 Russian soldiers over the past day. The UK Defence Ministry claims that Russia’s military parade on Victory Day highlighted problems within the Russian military. The UK said the parade highlighted problems with logistics and strategic communications within the military. The US claims that it has dismantled a major cyberespionage system that Russia’s intelligence service had used for years. Watch this video to know what’s latest in the Russia-Ukraine conflict.

  8. Rich Rozmarn

    Greg check this out, just hit the news wire.

  9. Yancy Yates

    EMERGENCY BROADCAST: Americans Enduring Great Reset Collapse as Migrant Horde Set to Swarm Border – Infowars Crew Reports LIVE From Border With Michael Yon & More! The Alex Jones Show | May 10th 2023
    The UK government reports the first humanoid baby has been born with THREE parents!
    The transhumanist cult, is into overdriven death cult status!

    Putin warns NATO against further escalation in Victory Day speech | Redacted News
    Redacted 74,697 views May 9, 2023
    Today is Victory Day but the West has decided to re-write history. We go over the real history of Victory Day and the way that this inconvenient truth is being re-written. Meanwhile, NATO moved into high alert after Russian and Polish aircraft nearly collided. U.K. and U.S. agree to massive new weapons package to Ukraine.

    The Untold Truth About The War In Ukraine 🤥 📺 – Jim Rickards
    London Real 8.7K views 7 hours ago

    Putin calls out West for a Real War against Russia – Tony Shaffer
    Judge Napolitano – Judging Freedom 79,904 views May 9, 2023

    John Ratcliffe: This will be an ‘absolute disaster’ for Biden
    Fox News 44K views 3 hours ago
    Former DNI John Ratcliffe discusses the end of Title 42 and the migrant crisis at the border on ‘The Ingraham Angle.

  10. Soup Salsbury

    ______________________TO END THE THREAT OF CivilWar-2.0!
    “We are a divided government. We need to hear both voices. That’s what you see. Republicans are on the air on CNN, Democrats are on the air. All voices should be heard,” Zaslav stated.
    The Warner Bros chief executive did not elaborate on whether the network would have a system in place to edit or censor Trump’s comments. Last month, Democrat presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. accused ABC News of editing his remarks about COVID-19 vaccines and placing a disclaimer in a move that he described as censorship. ABC later confirmed editing Kennedy’s statements that were critical of vaccines.
    A CNN spokesperson told news outlets last week that “our job despite his unique circumstances is to do what we do best: Ask tough questions, follow up, and hold him accountable to give voters the information they need to sort through their choices.”
    Zaslav, who took control of the media giant and installed Chris Licht to replace Jeff Zucker as the head of CNN last year, added to CNBC that the town hall will be an opportunity to show CNN is a “network about the facts … great journalism and not just politics, either.” He added, “When we do politics, we need to represent both sides.”

    BRAVO ZASLAV! Were countin on ya mate, because this involves the WORLD!
    Trump Issues Warning Ahead of CNN Showdown: ‘Could Turn Into a Disaster for All’
    Jack Phillips May 9, 2023 THE WORLD WILL BE WATCHING

  11. Naomie Zondervan

    Which Country Do You LOVE The Most? | From RUSSIA
    gus1thego 566K views 2 years ago
    Check out some of the other countries, there is hope!
    Beware, you may shed some bittersweet tears of joy!

  12. Bill's Stilled!

    Kennedy JUST Pissed Off the DEEP STATE
    Stephen Gardner 97,071 views May 9, 2023
    Robert F Kennedy Jr. says the CIA was behind the death of his father and President Kennedy. Tucker Carlson may have found a loophole to exit Fox and start an independent show. Trump has been found guilty of defamation and sexual assault for an event that took place in the 90s. Italy sticks it to China and tells them to take their belt and road initiative and shove it.
    Happy Days!
    Take cover, Boy’s! Cover’s Blown! Plausible Deniability can’t hide you from the big Guy! AIR AMERICA HAS BOUGHT THE FARM! Honest money will save our skins!
    Grey is the new black: covert action and implausible deniability
    Rory Cormac, Richard J. Aldrich
    Be Sure Your Sin Will Find You Out
    With reference to the surpassing value of truth and wisdom, Job said: “A bagful of wisdom is worth more than one full of pearls.” (Job 28:18) In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus Christ counseled: “Do not give what is holy to dogs, neither throw your pearls before swine, that they may never trample them under their feet and turn around and rip you open.”
    Don’t Cast Your Pearls Before Swine!
    Don’t be swine and he that has not sinned cast the first stone.

  13. Marie Joy

    Expect grid down. Winter can be rough without power.
    Wood stoves for heat and cooking. Hide your wooden basements and on porches. Backyard holes.
    Like minded people need to come together.
    Forgive yourself.
    1 is none. 2 is 1.
    Redundant redundancy.
    Spare parts. Extra toilets. Extra tools. Extra drills. Extra everything.
    OTC meds/supplies.
    These phones are a step in the right direction. Payments systems will likely go down.
    Best to find an alternative to monthly payments.
    The ability to protect it all.

  14. Marie Joy

    It’s time to ease out of our normalcy bias. Know that we are at the end of normal. When it hits the fan, we cannot stand still in shock. One way or another, it will be time to take action.
    I read of an older couple who fortified their bedroom dresser with metal so that when they had a home invasion, their guns were on the back of the dresser and the dresser was covered in bulletproof materials, They stood behind that fortified dresser and used their previously positioned guns to kill the intruders. The couple was wounded but they lived. That whole thing took American guts. It’s, really, time to get ready.

    • Allets


  15. Roger Stamper

    tks greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Roger for all your support!

  16. Neville

    Remember short wave radio was al,maybe it will come back again.
    the rage at one time.

    In the mean while

  17. MJ

    If WW3 comes, I always heard that our enemies will first knock out our satellites to stop our comms and GPS capabilities. What will happen to this service if this happens. Have you heard the same about always knock out your opponents communications first in the beginning phase of a war??

  18. Sir Lancelot

    Any form of communication other than face to face or local messenger type service is not reliable. Sure satellite phones are great but when SHTF satellites can be taken out real easy and you are in the same boat, no electronic comms.

  19. Jaimie Demure

    the Apple iPhone is a spy device. Besides listening in to all your conversations, it is taking fotos of you constantly.

  20. mike peterson

    I love your news. I look forward to every time you are on,keep up the good work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike.

  21. Allets

    You get a choice between the “Iridium 9555” and the “IsatPhone 2.” Both satellite phones come with 100 minutes per month and free activation ($50 value) if you use the promo code USAW.

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