Terror Grips World, House Votes No to Refugees, Obama Care Disaster


By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Weekly News Wrap-Up 217 11.20.15)

The attack in France is a game changer, not just for France, but for the world. France is clamping down, and the President of France is now turning hard core. This is in part due to fear and outrage from the carnage, but President Holland is also afraid that his number one political adversary is pointing out the attack happened on Holland’s watch. There is no telling who is coming into Europe with the revelation that fake passports are being used by terrorists.

Here in the U.S., the House has voted overwhelmingly to curtail the Syrian refugees. Both Democrats and Republicans put a stop to the refugees 289 to just 137. That’s enough to override a veto from the President. Intelligence experts say there is no way to properly vet and check out the thousands wanting to come into the U.S.

The largest healthcare provider, United Health, might be calling it quits with Obama Care. It should be called the “Unaffordable Care Act.” It was pitched by the Obama Administration that it was going to be cheaper and, instead, it is thousands more per year on average per family. If United Health can’t make it, other insurance companies can’t either. Obama Care will go down in history as the biggest public policy lie and, also, probably the biggest failure.

For most people in the U.S., drought is not a problem. Out west, particularly in California, it is a big problem, and there is no sign of the problem getting better. There is not a single square inch of California that is not in some sort of drought condition. In March of this year, NASA projected that California had one year’s worth of water left.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

More visual evidence of the severity of the drought in California can be found by clicking here.

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  1. [email protected]

    I live 100 meters from the Salzburg, Austrian train station. I walk through it daily lines of refugees 90 – 97 % male young men. They stare at me with pure hatred. Who are we kidding they want to kill us! We Austrians are 600 to one in favor of a regime change! Hear that Herr Faymann! Look at the comments in the krone.at if you don’t believe me.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your eye witness reporting from Austria. I think it is an invasion and your leaders are in on it. They would have to be.

      • philipat

        Polite request to our US partners. If you are not prepared to accept the refugess created by your pointless wars, please stop the wars so that Europe doesn’t have to suffer further.

        • blt

          In case you didn’t notice our politicians don’t exactly listen to us either. Maybe the country you are from can help out? You know put your money where your mouth is? Please??!!

    • Diane D

      Of course they want to kill you (and us). Ever since most of these young men were born or in their childhood America has been bombing their families attacking with drones, and waging war against them. 28 years in Iraq, 25 years in Afghanistan. They know America and it’s puppet nations are now hell-bent on taking down Syria and Iran. How would you feel if you were them?

      Events from 9/11 to al Qaeda, ISIS, Europe’s (and soon America’s) refugee crisis, Paris and warmongering Neocons are all being used by globalists to destabilize the West and help usher in global government. Never let a crisis go to waste. Right? These crises are not isolated events. Look for the real enemy, those who are creating such chaos that people will embrace their global government, currency, military, and police. End of game.

      Compliance will be at the point of a gun. And the gun will not be held by a radical Muslim.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Diane, you absolutely nailed it in two and a half paragraphs!

      • Hilde

        Some of the immigrants / refugees have bad intentions for sure, but I can’t in my perhaps naive way imagine it’s all. Also , a hateful look doesn’t necessarily mean an urge to kill IMO. They are extremely upset of the situation they are in. Also, bear in mind that the men go first to get permission to stay, with the hope to bring their family later. The trip is extremely dangerous. They know their children is without a chance to get any education thus a future whatsoever , because most schools have been obliterated during the last 4 years. The schools have been targeted by both Assads troops and IS. The refugees are fully aware that their only chance to get anything that resembles a life and a future for them and their families is to get to the West before it’s too late. And yes I’m aware that some have bad intentions. But not all, IMO. A quick glance and minor knowledge of what they are fleeing from makes it totally understandable that they are trying to get a better life. Then you have the problem of refugees from countries that don’t qualify to get protection under refugee law, one example is Afganistan. Life is extremely hard in Afganistan , but rarely do they get permission to stay when they apply.
        BTW, it is estimated that Norway will get 100.000 refugees within a year. Norway has a population of 5 million. Sweden will probably get 190.000 refugees .

        • woody188

          ” The refugees are fully aware that their only chance to get anything that resembles a life and a future for them and their families is to get to the West before it’s too late.”

          Wrong, they could stay and fight in their civil war and make it better in their country.

      • Russ McMeans

        Re: this matter from George Washington’s Blog: http://www.washingtonsblog.com/2015/11/if-we-want-to-stop-terrorism-we-should-stop-supporting-terrorists.html
        He also wrote a piece on Paris attacks. He’s featured on Zero Hedge.

  2. oneno

    FBI know who ISIS really is. Magnify GIF 233% to see Affidavit.

    • Mary Casey

      One Joshua Goldberg does not the Nation of Israel make.

  3. CAK

    Figuring out when President Obama will sign the 2016 NDAA is tricky. The revised bill was sent to him on Tuesday, November 17, from House Speaker Ryan. That gives the President ten days to sign, the last day being Black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving. President Obama is currently overseas on a nine day trip, having departed Washington last Saturday, scheduled to return to Washington no later than Tuesday. Of course, he could sign the bill while overseas, as has been done in the past with omnibus bills to avoid a government shutdown. There is no deadline such as that here, so presumably he will wait until he returns to DC, for a photo op with Congressional leaders and others, as is usually the case when the President signs these measures. Despite CLS’ unfortunate and false statements which led to her ouster from this forum, her initial and repeating warning was that the collapse would begin AFTER Obama signs the NDAA. While Obama does not have to sign, and the bill could become law after the ten day period without his signature, there is every indication now that he WILL sign the revised bill, notwithstanding his disagreements with Congress on closing GB. It seems likely then, that the next two weeks will be pivotal for all of us and Greg (and his guests) who have been watching these developments so closely.

    • Macray

      her OR HIS initial and repeating warning was that the collapse would begin AFTER Obama signs the NDAA
      What a prediction!
      We could very easily have a collapse before or shortly after the NDAA is signed by the POTUS, but I am at a loss to understand the how this event relates to coming future collapse. The November 30th date, as pointed out by a few sharp USA watchdog commentators has a bit more relevancy to the topic.
      If I were CLS, I would have predicted the collapse would begin BEFORE the next time Obama addresses the nation. But I’m not predicting because IDK!

      • Sam Hill

        The economy will not collapse on Nov. 30.
        I’m right and I will be proved right.


      • Jeff L

        I don’t remember who CLS is but I believe she was right on about the event happening AFTER the NDAA signing…… It is a prophetic warning because of what’s in the bill ( if you believe those things which I do)……. If you are of the mindset that it “should have been before” perhaps God would like to send a message to us all…….. So, we will see won’t we.

    • da diz

      thank you for the update.

  4. Cindy Stonum

    I am a health insurance broker with 21 years in the industry. Last week I received an email from a stressed out parent of a 19 year old. This Mom asked me if I could help them because her daughters health insurance premium was going from $274/month to $729/month on January 1,2016. This law is hurting middle class families. I see it every day. Makes me sad to go to work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding this street level, professional perspective.

    • frederick

      @cindy what id like to know is where is all this money going anyway Seems like a financial black hole

      • Paul

        Another financial black hole is Bit Coins … read the article by Hugo Salinas Price below … it says it all … essentially what Hugo is saying … is that because Bit Coin has “zero commodity value” it is as “inherently flawed as paper dollars” as a valid form of money!

      • freebreezer

        A lot of the money is going in to luxurious buildings. Where ever I travel (big cities), I see brand new, beautiful, 15 to 25 story buildings and it appears that quite a few sport a health care ins. organization name … Thus, a good portion of your money is going to build these buildings which all will need the finest new cherry wood conference tables, luxurious offices and jets for the executives, the middle minions going to Las Vegas, Hawaii for conferences, etc, etc.. I wager very little $$$ goes toward reducing the cost of health care! A good friend who is a cardiologist says out of each 1000$ paid for placing a stent in a heart he gets around 10 to 12 % (Note – out of the 10-12% he has to cover his insurance, office equipment & space, and all employees that work for him and expenses… he has an independent practice .. a rarity). He is quitting his practice (that will throw about 350 patients back out to find a new heart Dr.) later next yr because he says it not worth his time per what he makes … much less than he made 5 yrs ago … your premiums double and the doctors make less – hmmmm!. Very, very sad because he is in his early 50’s and at the peak of expertise! So many people (sheep) bought in to and trashed the Doctors for making a 1/2 million or more (The USA’s finest in education) and now some of these very talented Doctors are ‘quitting. I would wager that a least 100s of executives at each and every health care provider make in excess of of 1/2 mil! A lot of people (sheep) despised the Drs. wages, but not a peep about all the millionaires being created in the medical insurance business – SAD! And not one of these millionaire execs are ever going to help you or a loved one if you are sick, if your child is in a bad car accident, have cancer, a heart attack, etc.. My opinion – These health insurance companies (business men sharks) are parasites that are sucking the life blood out of America!

        • woody188

          I’ve the same story from a plastic surgeon. He would rather take cash than deal with insurance and Medicare because all his profit is lost needing the extra staff to try to wring money from these two stones.

          I’ve a theory that the Affordable Health Care Act was more about reeling in independent doctors and crushing one of the last areas where true entrepreneurship was thriving. They can’t control an economy of real free enterprise. The goal is to crush free enterprise and replace it with crony socialism/corporatism, aka fascism.

    • Linda louin

      I just received notice that my health insurance is going up by $151.00
      each month for a grand total of $721.00 per month as of 1/1/16. I never use the plan except for preventive health care exams, don’t smoke and have diligently worked my entire life. I guess I was a sure bet for the insurance company/worth the investment for all the free rides (as many of us are now). Very soon our H/C premiums are going to be as high as mortgage payments, and for some I guess they already are.

    • Jerry

      Lets just call it what it is. A last minute money grab by greedy Health Insurance CEO’s before the collapse. They knew there was no way they could bring on 30 million uninsured Americans, cover all preexisting conditions, and meet all of the 1700 pages of government mandates without collapsing the Healthcare System. I personally talked with a CEO of a major carrier 12 months before the Affordable Care Act went live. He told me that cost projections were 2 Trillion dollars more, than what the government estimates indicated. What does that tell you? They knew there was no way this system could be sustained long term.

    • Lake M

      The daughter’s plan you mention is probably the lowest priced Bronze plan. Then there’s the Silver and Gold plans which top out for executive level benefits at over $1200 per month per adult policy.

      With Obamacare assistance, a single person earning $30,000 per year would pay out of pocket only $120 per month/$200 per month (smoker) and the taxpayer chips in the rest. The taxpayer gets screwed and the health insurers rake in the cash. Nearly $500 per month subsidy paid directly by the government to the insurer for the $30,000/yr recipient. If one decides not to take advantage of the government welfare program they will face paying over $7,000 extra from their own pocket for minimal coverage (the bronze plan > $2 million max, 70/30 and $6700 deductible and small co-pays)

      Prior to Obamacare, a policy offering this level of benefits was around $300 per month…known as a catastrophic policy, it was discontinued by most insurers at the onset of Obamacare.

      The average US household income is $50000 per year. These new insurance costs are going to devastate many household budgets. The economy will fall further unless there’s big wage increases on the immediate horizon. That’s unlikely to happen. In fact tens of thousands of good paying jobs are being eliminated across the country in the 4th quarter. It’s rice and bean time for many as food,utilities, insurance, education and taxes/fees are rising. The current oil price is helping some, but the savings is being outpaced by other rising costs.

      I would also note that hospital administrators, doctors, insurance executives and pharma CEO’s are all making multimillions per year. HA

      Follow the money… we are getting ripped off.

    • Russ McMeans

      I drew a red line on the concrete last year: no health insurance. Period. Cash or credit card and bankruptcy if it comes to that. And a letter to the IRS if need be. (To go pound sand). This is war.

  5. dchayden

    As always, great Friday wrap up Greg, and a great week of interviews ! Much appreciated !

  6. BetterChetter

    Great WNW 217 … finding myself commenting on websites about taking better care of our own vets 1st, than these refugees, or to let it be a grassroots/local churches stepping up to ‘sponsor’ them, rather than our being conscripted to take them in … which doesn’t really land with liberal friends’ beliefs. Agree to disagree, then.

    Also came upon story of 91st brigade in WWI – who all recited daily the 91st psalm. While other units had up to 90% casualties, the 91st had NONE, after being in 3 of worst battles – Chateau Thierry, Belleau Wood, & the Argonne – all in France.

    Perhaps what is needed is another influx of consciousness, of prayer, by any & all who care to save themselves and protect themselves physically, mentally, emotionally & spiritually.
    March on, Brother Hunter ~

    • Russ McMeans

      When I face and stand against the collection agencies- including the IRS, Pslam 91 will be my war cry!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Yes, the answers to prayer, the miracles of rescue…they were all over the place in war. They don’t get much press, I think because faith empowers little people. We’re supposed to be dummies who suck it up and do what we’re told…not real men and women.
      Faith lifts a person to sit up with a smile directed at others, a sense of humor. Where I live those are often the older black people…they still have that dignity.
      Watching our US countrymen and women lose that public attitude has been one of the saddest things…I like to people watch at the mall. The Mexicans still have personhood. They look after each other and delight in the little things like giving a kid a ride on the carousel, even if they can’t afford anything else.
      I don’t know why I went on this tangent…but that’s what I see around America.

  7. JC Davis

    Greg Obamacare is the biggest deception this country has ever seen. In 08 election I voted for him based on his plan to fix the health care system. The first democrat I ever voted for, and the last . Never again. At that time I had Spinal Stenosis, and no health care. I had the church daycare kids pray for me and was healed totally. Now I have had bleeding problems of a unknown reason as I will not sign up for the Obamacare deception. I would qualify for it free, but I have concluded rather then give my soul to a evil plan I for one will live or die with good principal, and eternal faith. Obama care was based in lies, enforced with fear, and designed to destroy. All the things I stand against. Sorry for the long post.

    • frederick

      @JC Davis we have much in common as i too have spinal stenosis and have not signed up Cheers frederick

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        I haven’t signed up either. But I’m fortunate in that I’ve always enjoyed excellent health. I eat well, exercise, and live simply and stress-free for the most part. I haven’t been to an allopathic doctor since I was 21, and that was quite a while ago. Chiropractic and acupuncture have worked well for me when things have gotten out of balance. The allopathic health system is only to be used as a last resort. Especially now that it’s rigged and controlled by Big Pharma and the Health Insurance Cartel.

      • Terry

        JC, Frederick, I hate obamacare and want to see it repealed. But you guys should sign up and get treated. That’s what I”M paying for. I want the good guys to survive and live to fight another day. We need semi level headed patriots like you guys in the Country. Plus, you will be directly involved in a sensible solution. God Bess and Heal You.

    • Hilde

      Davis, you should still see a doctor and get help through that insurance. Having paid tax all your life you have probably paid tenfold for that “free” health care you now are entitled to.

    • Russ McMeans

      My prayers are with you uninsured, but insured by the Lord; brothers.

  8. Jerry

    My son is in the Insurance Industry. He tells me there is isn’t a day that goes by that he doesn’t get a phone call from somebody who wants out of the Affordable Care Act. He says he hears from people getting 30% increases. He hears from people having to pay backend tax penalties because they underreported their income on tax credits. He hears from people having to pay $17,000. in out of pocket expenses because they went to a non-network provider for services. And now he’s hearing from employers who say they are going to drop their health insurance plans altogether because they can no longer afford to pay the premiums.

    But do you want to know what the real kicker is? He says that none of these people realize that there is NOWHERE ELSE to go. They still think they can shop the markets like they used to for lower premiums. He has a sign that hangs in his office that says,
    ” If you have a question or complaint about the Affordable Care Act here’s the number to the White House 1-800-XXX-XXXX. They have all the answers”.

    But hey, the economy is humming. We don’t have to worry. So much so that the Fed says it may do a rate hike in December.

    • Jerry

      I wanted to make one additional comment to my last post. United Healthcare getting out of the business “IS” a big deal. How many people do you think are employed directly or indirectly through them? The Healthcare Industry as a whole comprises approximately 17% of our entire GDP. When you blow a hole through that, you’ve got a major problem. To me its just more Cloward and Piven.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for the street level reporting Jerry (and everything else you post here!)

      • Jerry

        Greg, you would appreciate this. They say a picture is worth a thousand words.

      • Jerry

        Thank you Greg.
        I realize I post to much, but I am genuinely concerned about my fellow Americans and what is about to happen to us. I woke up in 2012. I genuinely thought that Americans would come to their senses and elect a president that would steer us away from the financial cliff. Though I am not a republican I thought Mitt Romney could pull it off. Instead Americans embraced socialism. I realized at that point that we were going to go off the cliff and that something sinister had seized control of our country. At that point I decided to add my voice to yours in sounding the alarm. Thanks would not be enough for all you do Greg.

    • Russ McMeans

      A black market in medicine is starting up. At least for non-lethal medical issues. The costs are often less than the co- pays…. At least until- God forbid that Hillary becomes president. She would ban any outside -of -insurance activities between us and wonderful doctors. Hillary is much meaner than Barry O. ( isn’t she a Scorpio?)

      • woody188

        A few years ago I did some computer work for a black market doctor. He would see kids and neighborhood folk for $20.00 cash on the spot. Whatever prescription you needed, he would make sure you got it for that $20.00 fee. He ran for about two years before they shut him down. Tried to put him in prison but he was a licensed doctor so they kept it all in court until he couldn’t afford to fight anymore. That’s what happens to doctors that don’t play the game. Red tape death.

    • Russ McMeans

      Thanks Jerry!… You always have the inside scoop on what toppings are put on us after we’ve been stuffed with the latest ‘dressing’ by our benevolent Big fat Government!

  9. Chip

    Another great wrap up Greg. Have a wonderful weekend… Chip

  10. CrazyCanuck

    Dr Paul Craig Roberts is one of many credible geopolitical commentators suggesting the Paris terrorism is but another false flag operation perpetrated on France by their own government and various behind the scenes power brokers. He sees this as a means for the US to use NATO puppets to invade Syria, depose the current Assad government in favour of one more compliant to American wishes and their corporate backers — what a surprise.
    The sad part is that with the Western populace so unquestioningly supportive of the ” you surrender your liberty and we will protect you” narrative, we travel down the road to police states foretold by George Orwell back in 1948. It just seems so easy to pull off these false flags and so tragic for the sacrificial and innocent citizens who happen to be in the wrong place at the wrong time.
    Thank goodness sites such as Watchdog exist to counter the all persuasive propaganda outlets known as the mainstream media.

    • frederick

      many people are saying the same thing Canuck including Morris Herman who gives it alot of time at 108morris108

      • Nancy

        I’m glad you mention Morris Herman here. More people need to listen to him. His videos are very informative and he truly is a voice to trust, as he relies only on donations, having no commercial sponsors to influence his reports, but most of all, he really knows his geopolitical stuff!

    • Grafique

      It’s absolutely ridiculous to suggest that islamic terrorism is “really” governments acting against their own citizens.
      Conspiracy-theory lunacy at its most insane worst.

      • Charles H

        Sunni -vs- Shiite, under different Caliphates constitute a war against their own people, under the banner of the same religion. Also Islam is not only a religious organization; it is governmental in form and function, with Sharia Law effected by the same. Those who embrace more radical interpretations and application can label those who lag behind as apostate, and create impetus for them to join and support.
        “In this situation I think less and less is determined by law, and more and more is determined by he who acts. And the person who acts in fact has the power.” Hansjoerg Mueler, Landshut, Germany.
        I ask – is not war the imposition of government? And in this case, like Paris, France – is it not then citizens acting against government? Citizens who represent other sovereign authority? If Islam is the over-arching authority for terrorism; and terrorism is war. and war is an imposition of government: are not u

        • Charles H

          …. are not disloyal citizens superimposing a different government upon the one they are violating by terrorist acts?

          Ishmael, the father of the Arab race – is a wild man; and his hand is against every man and his brother. Islam which came 2500 years after Ishmael has filled that bill. AS long as there is “convert or kill” language in the Quran, and the imposition of Sharia Law, which is a form of government – there is enough systemic evidence to link conspiracy with terrorism. I wish this were not the case.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        A bit like it was “absolutely ridiculous” that 9/11 building 7 was shown standing in the background behind a BBC reporter who was announcing its collapse 26 minutes before it happened!


        Keep guzzling your cool aid, the government will look after you.

        • frederick

          @Colin thank you for pointing out the obvious Grafique seems to be fully enjoying all that government Koolaide You sir are fully awake and İ salute you Cheers frederick

      • Nancy

        ISIS is a creation of the US, Turkey, Israel and the Gulf States, and they are fostered, funded, equipped, armed, trained and protected by the NATO allies and the GCC, France included. https://www.corbettreport.com/paris-attacks-truth-isis-is-a-false-flag/

        • frederick

          @Nancy Correct

      • Paul

        Grafique … something about this crime scene just doesn’t look Kosher …
        … explain to me how people shot dead … are then get dragged through pools of blood?? … would terrorists do such a thing? … or a government (in an effort to “create a better picture of the evil carnage” for the gullible news media to tout) so as to “get a war started” and perhaps divert attention and cover-up some big derivative or banking problems?? … then you have the “owner of the theater” selling it right before the incident happens?? … just like the owner of the World Trade Center took precautionary action to financially save himself before 9-11 … lots of things about this evil crime … points to a false flag!

        • Paul

          If this evil French mass killing turns out to be a false flag perpetrated by the government to start a war and direct public attention away from the failing banks … we should get the DNA genes of Robespierre … and bring him back to life to finish the job of getting rid of the “evil ones in government” … because it seems he didn’t kill enough of them during the French Revolution!

        • frederick

          @paul yup Larry Silverstein knows but has never been investigated as far as İ know Something is VERY rotten in that entire episode

      • sk

        Don’t think so, Grafique. PC Roberts is a very wise man. You have a ‘dog in the fight’, and it isn’t hard to guess what that dog is. LOL, Grafique.

      • Ross

        Grafique open your eyes. Our Govts do this all the time. Here is 42 false flags they admit to. http://whatreallyhappened.com/WRHARTICLES/42falseflags.php#axzz3sC7MdFa0

  11. steve R

    Could the united health care threat just be a shakedown for more government monies?

    • JMiller

      Could be. I read that other health insurance companies are doing OK.

  12. Peter


    No matter how much I listen to you with your point of view – “US”, you really need to look beyond the “western” press.

    ISIS is a group backed by western governments to over throw the elected government in Syria. France is only bombing Syria because the Syrian Arab Army is going to take back the oil fields from ISIS. The Western government are in the process of destroying Syria’s infrastructure in their scorched earth policy.

    Best Regards,


    • Greg Hunter

      You are reading a site called USAWatchdog.com and I use many sources. Thank you for pointing this out and for your comment.

    • frederick

      @Peter you sir are one of the enlightened few God bless and keep questioning EVERYTHİNG frederick

    • Russ McMeans

      There are many theories about world events and who is behind it all and what the ‘ plan’ looks like.
      I suspect it’s a bunch of Godless, narcissistic sociopaths muddling through their daily lives trying to make up the newest ‘plan’ for today.
      FOLKS, they are guessing, or making it up on the go!…

  13. John Ripic

    Enjoy your reporting!
    Have a Happy Thanksgiving!
    GOD Bless America! Fast!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you John. I am taking Thanks giving off and there will not be a WNW (or much of one) next week.

      • David

        Greg: If anyone has earned a day off, it’s you, sir. Thank you for all your work. Happy Thanksgiving.

      • JC Davis

        Oh no say it isn’t so. Love your guest, and commenters. I know your parents must be proud of your life work.

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Good on you Greg, and happy Thanksgiving.

      • Thaddeus Thurston Thistlethwaite III

        Or much of one… Take the day off, Greg. And enjoy it!

      • Terry

        How about a “Best of USA Watchdog” episode? So many of you and your guests forecasts and predictions have been 100% accurate. Sorry Greg, that just makes more work for you. Have a great Thanksgiving and don’t forget to save that Reynolds Wrap heavy duty aluminum foil turkey tent for a few of your posters here. Makes a great hat and blocks the rays. The gravy stains make great camo and the yummy roasted turkey smell repels liberal veggies!
        Thanks for a great site.

  14. Jerry

    And so it begins. Indonesia drops dollar.

    Those of you still clinging to the view that Yuan incursion into the IMF basket is no big deal, may want to rethink that line of thought. Other countries may soon follow suit.
    But never fear, we still have _______ to trade with? Russia? China? India? Germany? England?

    • Faith

      Hey Jerry,

      Did you see this video by Peter Schiff? I think that he nailed it. Again.

      It was refreshing to see someone with skin in the game come out and say what is going to happen. Will it happen tomorrow? No. But the Chinese have 5, 10, 20, and 50 year plans. Unlike the US which is currently governed by people that only plan to the next election cycle.


    • Russ McMeans

      Don’t worry! Our bombs- I mean our diplomacy!… Will save the day! Everything will be fine. They said so on TV!

  15. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    Terror will always grip the world as long as there is a US GOV.

    • Nancy

      Why stop there? Look who’s controlling them. The US government is their tool.

  16. Spanky

    I watched a Frontline documentary last week about the establishment of ISIS in Afghanistan. Until recently, ISIS was nonexistent in that country, but, If the documentary is correct, ISIS has not only established a foothold in Afghanistan, it now has control over two entire regions.
    As one might expect, ISIS forces are waging war on the US-backed Afghan government. But, oddly enough, ISIS groups are also attacking Taliban insurgents. One might think that it would be logical for the Taliban and ISIS to be allies because they share a common foe. Instead, ISIS forces are attacking the Taliban because the Taliban are not true believers of the Caliphate. To demonstrate this, the Frontline piece also aired a video (released by ISIS) of Taliban elders being executed by ISIS militants. In this video about a dozen Taliban men were forced to kneel on explosives that were later detonated by the terrorists.
    There‘s obviously something pathologically abnormal about these fanatics. At the very least the depravity of these terrorists has to rival the atrocities that the Nazi’s inflicted on the Jews during World War II. Moreover, in a part of the world where extremism is relatively common, ISIS makes the average radical look quite normal. They’re not just extremists, they’re uber extremists. And to describe them as monsters just doesn’t quite capture the degree of wickedness exhibited by these individuals. In my opinion, ISIS’s actions closely resemble those of a rabid dog.
    All this terrorism and insanity going on in the Middle East (and now Europe) has me wondering how George W Bush, Dick Cheney (and the rest of the clowns in that administration) can sleep at night knowing that they are the ones whose actions spawned this nest of vermin and vipers.

    • frederick

      @Spanky psychopaths have no problem sleeping as they believe they are in the right

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

      These two dangerous morons wouldn’t have a clue as to the mayhem they have created.
      If they did have enough grey matter to grasp the enormity of it all, I am sure they wouldn’t lose sleep anyway.

  17. brian

    Fear not? Gods in charge? I don’t think God would want any fingerprints on this world, its doomed.

    • Greg Hunter

      You need to read the Bible. Start with John 3:16.

    • Charles H


      To only say ‘God wouldn’t want to be identified with this world, and it’s doomed is like being a doctor and saying only the symptoms matter. You must look beyond the symptoms. Creation, conversion (sin nature), and Redemption by a singular Triune God, also proportions the Truth by which enough sense is made for man to act upon. Man has become a little god, and sovereign will the determinant of eternity; where the morality play of life points to the higher stakes of eternal destiny. The (singular, Biblical) way back to God is open to all; only that, few there be that find it with an understanding heart. Mr. Hunter is right – in the sense of the end of the play, God will overrule, validates his claim of God being in charge. Until then – we decide where we will end up. The spiritual cure really works: but only to those who take it.

      • brian

        We belong to God, we do not belong to this world…and we sure as hell should not be serving those forlorn souls claiming this world as their kingdom.

    • BetterChetter

      I feel this way a lot – how can God be in charge when all the calamity happens? Seeing you express it allows me to address it (where I often never play ‘devils’ advocate’ to my own inner dialogue).
      Solely in this 1 life, it seems unfair. Yet seen from a larger view, one where reincarnation is part of the conversation, then we see how we each can play roles in both sides of the game of life/death. Over lifetimes, we take on all aspects of the struggle – the victim, victor, indifferents, supporters, instigators, etc.
      Even in this 1 life, its unfairness is relative to our expectations of the world … should all be fair(?), or should we look at limitation, pain, & negative circumstances as cues for us to awaken to a greater awareness? It can take a lot of meditation to get out of the way of our own prejudices, attitudes and opinions – in order to allow insight or inspiration to bubble up from God, to us. Others can offer their insights, but until we each seek the kingdom within, we will never really truly have answers which can & will satisfy us. Wisdom is others’ words; knowledge is our direct experience w/ truth.

      • brian

        We should play devils advocate more and we should never seek from our beliefs the satisfaction of purpose, meaning and life that can only come from faith in God. There is a difference between faith and belief; the two should not be conflated.

    • Paul

      Brian … Not wanting any fingerprints on this doomed world is exactly why God will send his son to “charge” at the head of a heavenly army to extinguish the evil ones of this world … it may be hard for you to believe that a peaceful, kind and gentle man like Jesus will head up such a heavenly army and blow the trumpet to charge and take charge … but that’s what the Bible says will happen! … I should know … because I too was once a peaceful, kind and gentle man … but with such evil I see in the world … I can feel God’s anger within me too!

      • brian

        Matt 8:22 is something I often consider. Is it not that Christ came to show to us all the difference between what is alive and dead as demonstrated in Matt 21:18-22?

        Christ was offered this world by one who claims authority over it and he rejected it out of hand (Matt 4:1-11) . Noting that it was not to live in this world that He came into it; but instead that Christ came to the world to give to it the light of the truth so that it should stand and be judged, so that it might come to repent and know life.

    • Hilde

      I humbly disagree. The world is not doomed. There is always something one can do about things, there is always hope , there is a God who will help but He needs all our help, too. We are all in this together . There is no excuse to give up, never has been, never will be. The good will prevail . Constant alertness, constant willingness to fight back is the prize of freedom. Also read Corinthians 13:13: – So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

      • Hilde

        That was for Brian.

      • brian

        There is always hope for us so long as we know where to find hope, there is always life for us so long as we know where to receive it from.

        Matt 6:24 allows for us to consider our place, our predicament. The ones who claim authority over this world are not one and the same as the one God who claims authority over us! We should not become confused regarding this matter and should not allow ourselves to become entangled or ensnared (Matt 18:8, Mark 12:16-17).

        We are all servants of God, we are here to let our lives, our deeds and our words serve to demonstrate to this place that there is a God and that we are creations of that God. Should we be rejected or accepted is of no concern of ours lest we find ourselves like Jonah (4:1-4)

  18. john duffy

    Why does the US media ignore the murder of one of their own?


    • frederick

      @John because to investigate it would lead back to them just like 911 so WHY would they do that? Luke Rudkowski is great by the way Did you see the video of him questioning Kissinger and Rothshild He is VERY brave that kid

    • oneno

      Yes, why indeed is the Western media not reporting this story of murdered journalist Serena Shim? Why is the US Government keeping silent?

  19. ED

    Nice write up, Greg. Short and to the point.

  20. JC

    I think it is the multitude of issues coming at the same time that makes the future so perturbing. For example, paring this drought and a hit to the dollar definitely would cause the price of food to skyrocket. I haven’t seen anyone else reporting on the impact of the drought in California. Thanks as always Greg! By the way, hope you can get Howard Davidowitz on sometime to talk about retail. The man is an excellent source of information and his colorful personality makes him highly entertaining to listen to at the same time. Happy Thanksgiving!

  21. Hank

    Great weekly debrief, as usual. My thoughts on vetting 3rd world Arabs…it is an impossibility to “vet” anyone from a 3rd world country like Syria. Social security numbers don’t exist there, they don’t know or record their own birth-dates, most have a single name (no middle or last name though ONE particular prophet name is quite popular), their homes don’t have numbered street addresses or zip-codes, anyone can buy a passport (bribery is a way of life) with whatever name they want to have put on it and finally, what ministry in Syria or Iraq or Libya is DoS going to call to find out about them??? …..what could go wrong??? Once again, we the people are being Lied to.

  22. Rock

    Greg, great week of work. Thank you for your fantastic guests. Pollock is one of my favorites. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours.

  23. Jerry

    I couldn’t help but post this. There are a lot of people that come to this site that appear to me to be government employee’s. The feeling I pick up on from their post is that they could care less about those of us who work in the private sector who are getting hosed over on a daily basis by this government as long as they get what they want. Well guess what Uncle Sam didn’t forget you. Good ole uncle Lew, gave you the big screw. Did you miss this one?


    Guess what? When the bank bail ins come, you’re going to be right in there with the rest of us. You know diversity and all?

  24. diane s.

    Happy Thanksgiving Watchdoggers.
    I live in Southern California so the drought issue catches my attention.
    We work at Santa Anita Racetrack in Arcadia…and they are preparing for a major El Niño this winter /spring.
    Perhaps we will get saved by the El Niño.
    Greg’s report on the chem trails and weather manipulation is disturbing. ..you hear nothing of this in the MSM. I see it damn near everyday.

  25. pat the rat

    Spanky is wright isis do remind of the nazi.

  26. Grafique

    I’ve known for most of my life that “God’s in charge”. Nevertheless, I still need to hear it often, especially when I look at the mess the world’s in.
    Please don’t ever stop saying it. It does my soul good.

    • Russ McMeans

      Yes!, I 2nd the motion. God’s in charge! Thanks Greg!

  27. karl

    Do you think they are bringing all these I am a mists in to create a diversion when the economy collapses?
    I do not get it I mean the NWo are Zinnias so why would they want the West Islamified .
    I do not get it

    • frederick

      @karl you can get alot of good info on the “why” of all this from Morris Herman at 108morris108

  28. karl

    Apologies for my typing. I mean the elite are Zionists in the main so why would they want the West Islamified?

    • Occasnltrlvr

      To create chaos and fear in order to foster acceptance of Agenda 2030 initiatives.

    • sk

      I WISH they were zinnias! Zinnias are annuals.

  29. Dave

    Obamacare is a giant tax and control procedure over the American citizens . It should be done away with all together. Let’s follow the U.S. congresses lead. They want nothing to do with having to be enrolled under it what so ever !

    • hoopshound

      ” Let’s follow the U.S. congresses lead.”

      Yup, I agree. Every member of congress gets excellent taxpayer funded health insurance.

    • Jeff L

      “Let’s follow the U.S. congresses lead” …… Respectfully Dave, congress has done nothing to date about 0bamacare. Why do you think that is ?

  30. oneno

    jimstone.is has some hard questions for the group responsible for the Bataclan incident in Paris France.

    How much does it take to connect the dots?

  31. Faith

    Another excellent weekly wrap up Mr. Hunter! Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family and to the other posters in this forum.

    The drought map was instructive. I remember when NASA said that California only had enough water for one year. I have a rhetorical question. Who is going to take in all the California drought refugees once people are no longer able to live in California because there isn’t enough water? Is Europe going to take them? Maybe Canada will allow Vancouver, BC, to be flooded by California drought refugees.

    California grows much of the produce that is used in the US. What happens when California needs to use water for survival and there is no more water left for growing crops? I have a prediction: expect the price of produce to increase. In previous posts I have brought up the idea of using your backyard to grow vegetables. My local farmer’s market sells seeds from those plants that do well locally. If you do not have a farmer’s market there is a farm / agricultural area on Craig’s List. Rain barrels and water cachement systems are going to become not just a fad but a necessary item for anyone that lives on the west coast.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I second your prediction concerning food prices. I expect food prices in the US to rise by an order of magnitude, perhaps by the end of 2016.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      I’m sorry, Faith, for trolling your comment, and providing no links, or explanations.

    • Linda louin

      Yes, backyard gardening is a great idea. Parents/families need to teach their children survival skills, including how to grow their own food…
      even in smaller environments can work. I stay away from genetically modified seeds, buying only organic, natural seeds. You probably already know that Monsanto has patents on modified/GMO seeds and are going after (suing) farmers who attempt to harvest their seeds for use in additional seasons. They’re doing this to grease their pockets and to control the food supply (New World Order agenda).

  32. Jannut

    Greg, thank you for your passion for reporting the truth. It must be getting tiring since the bad news keeps getting worse but you are not giving up. Like you, I believe in God. A bible reader who peers into spiritual things has a much broader viewpoint on the world than one who only looks at physical things.
    For anyone who would like to read the bible with understanding, download the FREE app JW LIBRARY for the most highly recommended Bible. Many languages too. Check it out.

  33. RTW

    What is it with the Left? Why is it so imperitive that we take in these Syrian refugees and do it now? They don’t want to wait until a background check can verify that whoever gets in, isn’t part of or sympathetic towards that psychopathic cult known as isis, al quida, hezbollah or whatever radical islamic group you choose. Barry resembles a petulant child when he has to defend his stance on this. He accuses anyone who thinks it’s a good idea to wait, as being afraid of 3 y/o orphans and widows. Really? What photo is he looking at? I haven’t seen nearly as many 3 y/o’s as I have military age men. Their other old saw is that “if we don’t allow them in, it will be a recruiting tool for isis”. Everything seems to be a recruiting tool for isis. When OB says that not allowing Syrians in is “not who we are as a country” It’s good he said country, because in 2007 he was against allowing refugees from Iraq into the U.S. I guess that was then this is now. It’s good that the House has grown a spine and put together a veto proof bill to wait until vetting can be accomplished, before letting anyone in. But let’s wait and see if it sticks. Barry always finds a way to get what he wants.

    • brian

      ISIS can have all the raw recruits they want, without money all they can do is throw rocks and bat at us all with sticks. The real question is where the hell did these guys get all the guns they got, and more importantly, how come the assholes who gave them the guns have not have their crimes examined in a court of law and then taken out back and shot twice in the head?

  34. Mattie Waltzing

    What Is the Battle of Armageddon?

    The battle of Armageddon refers to the final war between human governments and God. These governments and their supporters oppose God even now by refusing to submit to his rulership. (Psalm 2:2) The battle of Armageddon will bring human rulership to an end.—Daniel 2:44.

    The word “Armageddon” occurs only once in the Bible, at Revelation 16:16. Prophetically, Revelation shows that at “the place that is called in Hebrew Armageddon,” “the kings of the entire inhabited earth” will be gathered “together to the war of the great day of God the Almighty.”—Revelation 16:14.

    Who will fight at Armageddon? Jesus Christ will lead a heavenly army to victory over God’s enemies. (Revelation 19:11-16, 19-21) These enemies include those who oppose God’s authority and who treat God with contempt.—Ezekiel 39:7.

    Will Armageddon literally be fought in the Middle East? No. Rather than being restricted to one area, the battle of Armageddon will encompass the whole earth.—Jeremiah 25:32-34; Ezekiel 39:17-20.

    Armageddon, sometimes rendered “Har–Magedon” (Hebrew Har Meghiddohnʹ), means “Mountain of Megiddo.” Megiddo was once a city in the territory of ancient Israel. History tells of decisive battles that were fought in its vicinity, including some that are recorded in the Bible. (Judges 5:19, 20; 2 Kings 9:27; 23:29) However, Armageddon cannot refer to the literal area near ancient Megiddo. There is no large mountain there, and even the entire adjoining Low Plain of Jezreel could not contain all those who will fight against God. Instead, Armageddon is the worldwide situation in which the nations assemble in their last stand against rule by God.

    • ˈzbʲiɡɲɛf kaˈʑimʲɛʂ bʐɛˈʑiɲskʲi

      Need Some Good News? I Do!

      We all desire good health and a long life for ourselves and our family? Do you also long to live in a world where pain, suffering, and death will be things of the past? Such a world is not a figment of my imagination. On the contrary, a righteous new world will soon be a reality, for God has purposed it. The fulfillment of his purpose is described at Revelation 21:3-5.—

      “[God] will wipe out every tear from their eyes.” (Revelation 21:4) What kind of tears will he wipe out? Not tears of joy, or the tears that protect our eyes. God’s promise refers to tears caused by suffering and sorrow. God will not merely dry off such tears; he will wipe them out completely by removing the causes of unwanted tears—suffering and sorrow.

      “Death will be no more.” (Revelation 21:4) What has caused more unwanted tears than our enemy, death? God will release obedient humans from the grip of death. How? By eliminating the real cause of death: sin inherited from our first parents, Adam & Eve. (Romans 5:12) He will lift obedient humans to perfection on the basis of Jesus’ ransom sacrifice. Then the last enemy, death, will be “brought to nothing.” (1 Corinthians 15:26) Faithful humans will be able to live as God purposed for them to live—forever in perfect health.

      “Neither will . . . pain be anymore.” (Revelation 21:4) What kind of pain will be no more? All the mental, emotional, and physical pain that has resulted from sin and imperfection and made life miserable for countless millions will be no more. Good riddance! That’s a dance i’m looking forward too! I’m waiting. . . Any volunteers? Come on u Tennesseans!

      A life without tears, death, and pain [will] soon be a reality.
      You can [bank] on it!

  35. john duffy

    We wonder how long until someone finally asks the all important question regarding the Islamic State: who is the commodity trader breaching every known law of funding terrorism when buying ISIS crude, almost certainly with the tacit approval by various “western alliance” governments, and why is it that these governments have allowed said middleman to continue funding ISIS for as long as it has?

  36. Jay Dee

    What the public needs to know:
    ISIS is the brainchild of the CIA to facilitate the Wolfowitz Doctrine for world dominance in alliance with the goals of the New World Order.
    The 9/11 event was an inside job to create fear and weaken the US financially and the degrade the rights of its citizens. The amount of evidence supporting this statement is incredible. It was also to foster an emotional Pearl Harbor mentality to gain public support for the subliminal Wolfowitz Doctrine regarding oil in the mid-east and crippling of the “evil Arabs”.
    The mainstream media are not the champion of working American. They are the hidden arm of the global elites and US government.
    The spread of “refugees” through boarders in Europe and the US is part of the New World Order agenda. In the US, the goal of boarder elimination between the US, Canada and Mexico was first made public in meetings between Vicente Fox and the senior Bush. Both the Bushes and Clintons are globalists and this is why the media keeps pushing them as presidential candidates.

    • frederick

      exactly Jay Dee

    • Hilde

      Well spoken , Dee. And in Europe we have Schengen. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Schengen_Area
      “The Schengen Area (English pronunciation: /ˈʃɛŋən/) is the area comprising 26 European countries that have abolished passport and any other type of border control at their common borders, also referred to as internal borders. ”
      Even a child would know that would lead to a flood of criminals across the borders. But all the politicians and political scientists with their Ph.D. ‘s couldn’t foresee that. Go figure.

  37. libertarian jerry

    I think that the Obamacare debacle was foisted upon the American people to purposely fail. And this failure would then have the government foist upon America a “Canadian style” single payer socialized medicine system as the government’s “cure” for the failure of Obamacare. In other words Medicare and Medicaid would be merged,all private insurance would be abolished and all citizens would be forced to carry a government issued healthcare card similar to a Social Security card. Of course there would be “escape clauses” where the rich and super rich could opt out and pay for their own healthcare with private doctors at private clinics. Of course with Medicare and Medicaid plus the VA now bankrupt you can see what kind of healthcare “service” the average American would receive. Be prepared to wait,wait and then wait some more. Be also prepared to send grand-mom and grand-pop home to die. This is the end results of a Communist style “healthcare” system.

  38. lynn

    Ok, this is the black swan event I believe. This is a true life example of what this means for all Americans. My son 2 weeks ago had a concussion. I took him to an older hospital ER, nothing special. They did not do anything except take a cat scan to see if his head was ok and it was. No tylenol, motrin, no iv, no mointors hooked up, no cup of water, no blanket, no gown, nothing else. Their computer system was down and they were unable to get my insurance info. They processed the claim without it. THIS IS NOT A JOKE. I got a bill showing the original amount of the cat scan FOR $20,000. YES YOU HEARD ME, $20,000…less a discount of $17,000 for being uninsured. My total was approx. $3000.00. OMG, I called, I thought it was an error. IT WAS NOT AN ERROR. How are they allowing the price gauging when it is against the law? WE ALLOW IT, WE ELECT THESE FRAUDS, BOUGHT AND PAID FOR STOOGES. NOT ONE PERSON WILL STAND AGAINST THEM. We deserve what we are getting. NOW ABOUT THOSE DEATH PANELS for those who have less than $1,000 in the bank? You are the walking dead America. I pray for all of you and for our country.

  39. Paul

    Well it’s official … “NO” Cost of Living Adjustment for Social Security recipients this coming January … have a Merry Thanksgiving and Happy Holiday Season (from your friendly government bureaucrats) … and remember … “eat less” … it is healthy for you!

    When I look at the recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics it shows that “core inflation” is currently running at a 1.9 percent annual rate in “their official government” Consumer Price Index chart … http://data.bls.gov/generated_files/graphics/CUUR0000SA0_983765_1448026128456.gif

    Yet … Social Security recipients won’t be getting a cost of living adjustment this coming year? … supposedly because “gas prices” have fallen … the reason being government bureaucrats figure that if gas prices have fallen … then the cost of transporting food to the grocery store is cheaper … and therefore the price for food items at the grocery store “should also be cheaper” … the problem with their loony tune whack-a-do thinking is they never bother to actually go into a grocery store “to see” what the price of one apple (or one tomato) costs … it’s about $1.75 each.

    Prices have not gone down at grocery stores not even at Walmart … the truth is the prices of food items “has actually increased” (even though the cost of transporting food items to the supermarket has gone down) … so government bureaucrats “once again manipulate the numbers” to rob seniors on a fixed income … so that they can give all the Thanksgiving goodies to the Military/Industrial/Banker Complex … and to make matters even worse … some retirees will see a $50 dollar increase in the cost of their Medicare part B this coming year “because of inflation”!

    So seniors (who for the most part don’t drive and don’t benefit directly from lower gas prices) will have to cut down on their Thanksgiving and Holiday food purchases this year … in order to help satisfy the wealthy bankers, industrialists and military brass who need extra trillions of dollars “as things cost a lot more” because of inflation!

    • Paul

      As seen above recently released data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the “core” Consumer Price Index is still growing at a 1.9 percent annual rate … http://data.bls.gov/generated_files/graphics/CUUR0000SA0_983765_1448026128456.gif … yet people like Dent and Armstrong believe “the bureaucrats who manipulate numbers” that say “deflation is making fiat dollars more valuable” … that we on Social Security can buy more food with these more valuable dollars and that the price of gold should fall to $300 dollars per ounce right along with food prices at our local grocery store!

      But “official government” core inflation numbers released by the BLS clearly shows the price of goods and services “is rising” by 1.9 percent … so “inflation” is taking place “not deflation” as the demographics proponents say … the Fed and other Central Banks have been creating Trillions in fiat paper money around the world … likely more then enough “to cover all the anticipated derivatives losses” … and this is the reason why the Fed can now begin to push its zero interest rate policy “up” from near 0 percent toward 2.0 percent over the next year … which means eight(8) … one 1/4 point increases … is in the cards … but I bet for “effect”… the Fed may well start out with a 1/2 point increase “just to break the back of deflationistary expectations” and to clearly show the Fed has “won its war against deflation”!

      Actually Goldman Sachs is currently predicting the Federal Funds policy rate will hit 2.4 percent by the end of 2017 (and will likely reach 3.5 percent in 2018) as the US economy “grows faster” because of all the Fed phony printed money (inflation) and all the phony money printed by other Central Banks around the world … the “explosion of fiat paper that has already taken place” is starting to work its magic … increasing pressure on wages and core inflation “world wide” (yet Social Security recipients will be getting a zero COLA this year)!

      Bond-market participants currently have very screwed up inflation expectations (just like Dent, Armstrong and all the Social Security bureaucrats) thinking that overall inflation will average zero or even be negative over the next “five” years … these bond market investors are going to get killed … as all the printed fiat will drive inflation-sensitive areas of the market such as gold and silver (even precious metals stocks) higher! … bottom fishing the “extreme selling pressure hitting gold and silver over the past few weeks” should be very rewarding … as silver futures declined 13 consecutive sessions in a row (something not seen in 50 years of market history) … when the Fed declares “victory over deflation” by raising interest rates … because its easy money policy has manipulated prices higher (look at the Federal Budget increases) … the Fed will now likely begin to orchestrate a manipulation of gold and silver prices higher “just to prove their point” that inflation must be moderated “by increasing interest rates”!

      It’s interesting that as the Fed will be raising rates “to fight inflation” … the Cost of Living Allowance for Social Security recipients will be ZERO this year (even though the BLS shows on their “official government site” core inflation is running at a 1.9 percent annual rate)!

      • Paul

        And just so everyone is brought up to speed … even the BLS “core” inflation rate of 1.9% is in actuality “understated” … the real CPI number is 7.8 percent (according to John Williams at Shadow Stats) … so the manipulative shenanigans being perpetrated against senior citizens by the bureaucrats in Washington is even more disgusting and evil then the general public realizes!

    • Faith

      Paul, thanks for the passionate plea. So basically anyone on SS will see their income decrease (due to the Part B premium increase) while all of their expenses continue to climb. The US government should be ashamed. Let me guess, the government employees protected by Federal Employees unions will certainly get their annual COLA as will Congress and congressional staff and aides. I don’t have any proof, just a guess.

      I was at the grocery store this week. Many elderly shop during the day and I have never seen so many people take so much time to read the prices and compare labels. It was sad. The older people barely had anything in their carts. I started noticing this trend a few months ago. But the young people are hurting too. They are working but cannot buy a house and rents continue to increase.

    • Robert

      This has happened only 3 times in #ss history . 2010, 2011, and this coming year 2016.

  40. glen

    clearly the other sides planning strategy and execution of plan is superior to the west,
    only 8 soldiers were lost in the offensive operation,
    their infiltration capabilities are extremely strong,
    no weapons of significance were destroyed or allowed to fall into enemy hands,
    communication lines remain available open and no doubt secure, if they weren’t secure the event wold not have taken place,
    there was no intelligence of long term value relinquished with the soldiers,
    the impact is grossly disproportionate to the damage inflicted,
    it was a clear and decisive battle victory in the larger war,
    most of all a victory of this type will only boost troop morale and embolden the cause,
    lashing out with massive bombing like a drunk swinging haymakers in bar room brawl as a propaganda action to lift the crushed morale of the target demonstrates the gratification mindset of contemporary western society.
    and further adds to the sweetness of the battle success,
    SITREP = its one of those unpalatable sandwiches that everyone is gonna have to take a bite of,
    the Vietnam syndrome is extinct, the use of the word nazi has been replaced with terrorist Taliban al qeada isis is and similar,
    there has been a massive cultural shift

  41. Sayonara

    Great Wrap Up hitting all of the important issues and points.
    The one issue that really needs to be addressed is that Barrack Obama is an absolute Traitor. There has never been an American that has committed as many and more serious treasonous actions than this man in the history of this nation. Just the fact that he is actively bringing large numbers middle easterners who have sworn to destroy us into this country and then has the audacity to ridicule American citizens that oppose his actions is enough to have this diabolical traitor impeached for treason and punished accordingly. What I find absolutely astonishing is that no one in Congress has the balls and will to aggressively and tenaciously oppose him. Unbelievable!

    • Grafique

      It’s hard to decide which of Hussein Obama’s acts is the most traitorous/damaging.
      Is it the open southern border?
      Is it the transfer of muslims to America?
      Is it the deliberate ruin of our economy?
      Is it the “global warming” push, which will cost hundreds of billions of dollars?
      Is it the “deal” allowing Iran nuclear weapons?
      Is it the socialistic seizure of 1/6 of the economy (Obamacare)?
      In all fairness I have to say that Hussein Obama’s most damaging act is his callous hatred of Israel. God promised to “curse those who curse” Israel.
      For Hussein Obama to ignore that warning is criminally reckless.

      • Grafique

        And he’s promising that for his last year as “president”, we ain’t seen nothin’ yet!

        • Sayonara

          You have summed Obama’s achievements concisely. Obama has done more to destabilize the world than anyone since Hitler, Mussolini and Hirohito. We have not seen anything yet. In his last year in office, he will create a major false flag event in which he will ban both the 1st and 2nd Amendments of the Constitution, then suspend the 2016 Presidential election. This is right out of the Communist play book which he has been executing with skilled precision. And the spineless Kapo Republicans are going to stop him? I think not!
          WASS – We Are So Screwed!

  42. David B.

    In March of this year, NASA projected that California had one year’s worth of water left.
    –Greg Hunter

    I’m wondering whether that statement was meant to scare the populace, or rather more realistically, we’ll see a California exodus in about two years–economic collapse or not.

    • Maggie

      We’re scheduled to get a boatload of rain in the next few months. Whatever the reason, I would be VERY happy to see an exodus from this overcrowded state. Way too many people here and few producers. It can’t last.

    • Paul

      Actually … California had about a five(5) year supply of water stored in its reservoirs to protect the State from this drought … but the State flushed all its water reserves into the Pacific Ocean using the false flag excuse that it had to do it to “save a sardine” that was not even on the endangered species list! … talk about “government conspiracy” … this has to be one of the whoppier ones … likely to eventually kill even more people then 9-11!

  43. Maggie

    I don’t know if this has been mentioned yet, but a guest who infiltrated Al Qaeda was on Megyn Kelly’s show and predicted an attack in the USA within the next two weeks. Lots of symbolic days coming up – travel before Thanksgiving, Thanksgiving itself, Black Friday, etc. I did not agree with his statement that ISIS is on the run in Europe and thinks their time is limited. As the first poster on the thread noted, Europe is teeming with Muslim invaders. Why would anyone think the Muslims were about to be defeated. My impression is they are feeling bold and gearing up.

  44. Occasnltrlvr

    Please scroll over, if you would like to avoid “random comments” not backed “up with anything” and with “no supporting evidence” from a “know-it-all” who is “the worst kind of troll.”

    Bank Bail-ins
    Yes, it is true that the money you’ve deposited in a bank does not belong to you. You are an unsecured creditor to the bank. Likely, most readers of Mr. Hunter’s site already know this. But there is a fallacy that this is somehow a recent change, and due to the G20. That is absurd. The G20 has no jurisdictional or other authority, it is simply a coalition. The laws concerning ownership of bank assets have been in place in the US for many, many years.

    Gold Price and Currencies
    The setting of the price of gold has nothing whatsoever to do with the values of currencies relative to one another. Assuming that some entity comes forward and establishes a true, legitimate price, based upon actual buying and selling of physical metal (of course I’m referring to the SGE), this does not in any way at all affect the value of any currency relative to any other currency. Gold at $10,000 (US) per ounce would be (very roughly) 62,000 yuan per ounce.

    Pegging of the Yuan
    The PBoC maintains their peg to the USD, although they adjust it frequently. Elimination, or abrupt, significant change to this peg, is highly disruptive to monetary systems, economies, and social order. (Think bond selloffs, and Tianjin). Big changes to, or elimination of, this peg require time.

    Definition of a “Reserve Currency”
    It is frequently misrepresented that somehow the IMF defines which currencies are “reserve currencies.” A “reserve currency” is no more nor less than a currency held in reserve. The IMF holds no jurisdictional authority. If the treasurer of Botswana chooses to hold reserves in Mongolian Tugrik, they certainly may, and guess what? That makes the Tugrik, by definition, a “reserve” currency.

    Holding Reserves in RMB
    Any country may now, today, hold RMB as their reserves. Although the RMB isn’t directly freely convertible, that treasurer of Botswana could exchange Tugrik for USD and USD for RMB. Hence, no one is waiting for the IMF in order to “switch to the RMB.” Finance Ministers, by-an-large, are smart folk; if they believe it is appropriate to hold RMB, and they can, would they really care all that much what the IMF has to say about it?

    RMB Liquidity
    Reserves are held primarily as debt obligations. (This is the “and they can” part, from above.) Let us assume that more and more Finance Ministers (or any entity managing liquid assets) want to hold RMB in their reserves. How can they get their hands on them? There must be either RMB currency, or RMB-denominated debt obligations freely available in the open market. There just aren’t enough to go around just yet (which is referred to as “liquidity,” which is a point I’ve tried to make several times in previous comments).

    The Realities of Economics
    Of course, the “enough RMB to go around” bit is just arithmetic; if they become much more valuable relative to other currencies, then, it wouldn’t take as many of them to fill the role as a reserve. But, what if that happens? If the value of the RMB were to suddenly, significantly rise relative to other currencies, China’s exports would drop, and fast. For the life of me, I cannot understand why so many commenters here and other places don’t seem to understand the ramifications of this, and seem to think this is like flipping a switch. It isn’t. This is a change that is taking place, but it CAN NOT happen quickly. This is precisely why the PBoC maintains the peg.

  45. Runde

    If You(US) prefer paying 18% GDP to healthcare and that covers about 50% of patients costs(these are official numbers from before Obamacare)

    In most European coyntries we are paying around 10% GDP and that covers about 80% of patients costs.

    What eva makes You happy mahahahahaha

  46. Occasnltrlvr

    Inflation vs. Deflation

    First off, pricing is not the definition of inflation or deflation, it is an indicator. Those who insist that we have rampant inflation cite price after price after price. Absolutely yes, pricing indicates inflation. But, just as strongly or even moreso. the labor-force participation rate screams “deflation,” and there are many, many other indicators indicating deflation just as strongly as pricing indicates inflation.

    But, the rhetorical question I wish to pose to those who insist we will experience hyperinflation: what happens if the US Treasury defaults?

    Isn’t default of the US Treasury an arithmetic certainty?

  47. ED

    Drudge Report has had many reports of the drought in California, usually several each week.

    Happy T-Day.

  48. CAK

    I believe CLS’s emphasis on the NDAA is due to the fact that annual (and separate) military appropriations are needed for seamless continuance of the military-industrial complex, without reliance on a stopgap measure or other omnibus bill. Shortly after an economic collapse, if riots ensue and other disorder, martial law will be implemented. Those military executing such commands will expect to be paid … wouldn’t you if you were doing a job? The government otherwise will be shutdown; any agency not receiving its annual appropriation has no Constitutional authorization to function, except for whatever has been deemed essential by the President. There will be no social security checks, no food stamps. FEMA’s emergency management will likely be implemented, but FEMA is not a law enforcement agency. The military will be needed for that role, to establish and maintain curfews and other controls.

    In the transition to the New World Order, one might still say, what is the point of the NDAA? I believe it is a signpost for the elite, a key component to whatever transitional period they have planned, before the US and other sovereign nations are completely replaced by UN authority.

    As an aside, to those on this forum who believe CLS is an alias for James Bailey of Z3 News, I really beg to differ. What led to her posts stopping, started with her blatant criticism of Israel … Bailey is a born again Christian and would never post any negative comment on Israel, on any forum. What I have concluded since, and I have no inside information on her identity from Greg or anyone else, is that CLS is someone with senses and visions, some might say demonic, but that is for God to judge, not us. If she (and I have always believed she was a woman) is proved correct with the connection between NDAA and a collapse, it will only prove that her senses, dreams, visions, etc. were correct. I respect Greg’s decision as moderator of this forum to do what he did with her.

  49. 8Ball

    America… never trust the government. Putin needs to consult with PCR.


  50. diane s.

    Fed meets Monday to discuss rate increase?
    I remember a guy a few years back on Charley Jones Texas Overnight Show saying the USA will eventually have to save itself and stop trying to save the world.
    Armstrong make the case for this.

  51. Angelo

    Apart from the political turmoil we are seeing all around us right now, I happen to agree with Dane Wiggington that the “biggest existential threat” is weather modification that no one seems to be talking about enough. All you have to do is look up and see the heavy spraying that has been happening lately. I even see the spraying at night time! What solar radiation are they trying to protect us from at night?

  52. Calgirl

    Why is Barry so insistent that his refugee program go forward?

    Optimistic View:
    The gov is trying to correct the demographics of US by an influx of immigrants. Without this influx, the gov will collapse as too many of us are aged to the point where we no longer buy as much and tend to sell more…….such as real estate in order to downsize to a smaller home. Who will fund all the social programs and big government but these new immigrants? However, this viewpoint does not explain the abortion issue.

    Pessimistic View:
    Through destabilization of the American people it will be easier to control the populace, institute socialism and possibly NWO. Creating factions within America increases the probability that there will not be one huge mass in opposition but rather several factions fighting one another. Black Lives Matter, Hands Up, police brutality, immigration, dependency programs, global warming (or cooling or climate change) wars, demonetization of world political leaders, disarming of citizens, the “Stockholm Syndrome” we are seeing in our colleges, etc………..

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Perestroika Deception.

      Civil unrest is a key component. This has been planned for several years.

  53. Calgirl

    Fake Out- My Opinion
    Why are the PM prices manipulated to such unreasonable levels? In addition to keeping the price down to discourage investors and prop up the government/stock market, could it be that all the bankers and elites are stocking up at depressed prices? They want to buy on the cheap so as to increase their profits later. Just like when the gov passed the Gold Reserve Act and Americans were supposed to turn in their gold for $20.67 per troy oz. and then it was revalued to $35.

    Hang onto your gold and increase your stash of silver. They have to manipulate the price of silver too as they can’t have the silver price going up and gold going down. Silver is too heavy/inexpensive to “confiscate” via a “Silver Reserve Act”.

  54. Calgirl

    Mine Production Stagnates As Silver Coin Demand Hits Record High


  55. James Sullivan

    Hello Greg, and happy American Thanksgiving!
    Just a quickie re: Fears of a Canadian style single payer healthcare system. Let me sooth your troubled brow….If any issue could claim to have nearly 100% agreement in Canada, it would be “Don’t screw with our medicare system!” That should tell you something, when the PEOPLE who depend on it(and pay for it via taxes) are also its strongest supporters. Yes, its not perfect, and for some elective surgeries there are waiting lists. SO what? There can be no more important indicator of a nation, than how it cares for the physical health of its citizens, regardless of how wealthy they may or may not be.
    The ONLY reason i would suggest the US NOT go to a single payer system is that your so-called leaders would be sure to screw it up, based on greed and larceny….sorry to say that. I’ve long admired Americans for their many qualities, but you have lost your way, and if your nation is ever to recover it’s greatness, it will only be after much pain, suffering and humiliation of spirit.

  56. Jerry

    Here is our replacement in the Persian Gulf. France is now part of the BRIC Alliance with Russia. Now you know why France was attacked.

    A few weeks ago I posted that the U.S.S. Roosevelt Battle group left the Persian Gulf signaling the end of American military presence in the middle east and along with it, our 60 year commitment with the house of Saud. About the same time that was happening two Chinese Warships armed with Cruise Missile’s pulled into a navy port in Jacksonville Florida. And then the G20 met in Turkey and the Paris attacks took place. Are you seeing the Chess pieces being moved strategically into place?

    For months I have talked about something happening at the G20 meeting in November that would shift the economic sands of the world and have a great impact on the United States. At the time I didn’t know what it was. I do now. A false flag designed to drive a wedge between the EU and the United States. France is now aligning with Russia and the BRIC nations in Syria. With the problems Germany is having, they will not be far behind. This is important because it signifies the isolation the United States is facing at a time the Yuan is going online as reserve currency with the IMF. Stay tuned…

    Are you paying attention?

  57. Jerry

    The new Baltic Dry Index is stunning.

    For those of you who work for the government or are supported by the government let me explain what this chart mean to you.

    No shipping – Means no sales – No sales mean no sales tax- No sales tax = No government programs.

    Let me put it this way. The host ( economic markets) that the blood sucking parasites (government programs) have attached themselves to is dying. No amount of money printing can cover this up.

    We all knew the labor statistics were a complete lie. This proves it. If people had jobs, they would be spending money buying things. They’re not. Lets be honest. The globalist moved up the time table for the Yuan to get reserve currency status because they know the current global market is about to collapse, and they need a inflow of cheap money from China to save it. You don’t have to be an Harvard Economist to figure this out. A street hustler would see it in a New York minute, because that’s what these people are.
    Criminal bank hucksters who have seized control of our government and our banking system.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      “[C]heap money from China”

      So, you foresee a devaluation of the yuan, relative to other major currencies?

    • frederick

      @Jerry The Baltic Dry is indeed troubling as is the Velocity of money M2 which is at 1.488 a record low too İ believe Things are NOT good like they try to assure us constantly that much is for sure

  58. Ross

    People who bought PMs a few years ago are getting the knee trembles. I know of some who are totally selling up. Now is the time to tough it out. It is a do or die for the central bankers and they will throw every last piece of fiat paper at PMs to make buyers flee the and they buy it up cheaply.
    People like Bo Polny could be wrong and PMs stay down for another 2 yrs because of his unprecedented manipulation. JP Morgan would not be buy tons of silver if prices were to remain low. China, India and Russia would not hoarding record amounts of gold if the world economy had a sound financial structure. We have record debt, money printing, bubbles in the share market , housing, bonds and astronomical grow in derivatives with record low prices for PMs. There are few assets that have not been way over valued.
    If you don’t tough it out , you will again have fallen for the bankers trap.

  59. Snorky

    A couple of readers posted comments about spinal stenosis. I had it in my neck (cervical spinal stenosis). Once you reach about 50 years old, surgery may be needed as it was in my case. The pain became unbearable (including numbness everywhere below and even above the neck). Eventually, if you don’t get it taken care of, then you will become permanently crippled due to constriction of spinal fluid to the central nervous system. The surgery and subsequent doctor visits are very expensive and if you do not have some form of health insurance and are not wealthy, it could bankrupt you.

  60. Hilde

    Obviously not only IS who is inspired by barbaric Sharia laws. But of course, Saudi Arabia is an ally.
    North Korea, with death camps with at least 300.000 prisoners, has no interest to our governments, since they only have cabbage, and that’s on a good day.

  61. Calgirl

    Surprise, surprise: Here’s a congresswoman proposing the US adhere to International law:

    US Congresswoman Introduces Bill To Stop “Illegal” War On Assad; Says CIA Ops Must Stop

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Nothing will change. There have to be outlets, ways to let off steam, otherwise the pot would actually boil over.

  62. oneno

    Listen to James McCanney for insight into current events you will not hear in the MSM and get insight into Tier 1 science the West is clueless about regarding outer-space.

    Look at images of the Russian Space program from the 1960’s with their operating shuttle program. The West has been kept in the dark as to the scientific advances made by the Russians.

  63. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    A farmers view of the transition of the US$ away from being the world reserve currency:

    The world is preparing to move away from the situation that has been the norm for centuries where one currency has overwhelming reserve currency status.
    This will be a positive move for four very important reasons.

    #1 The Fed and as such the current US reserve currency is completely under the control of a private banking cartel that effectively operates with no mandate, is no longer audited and answers to no-one except its owners and chronies.

    #2 The Triffin Dilemna means that the assumed overwhelming advantages of a sovereign country holding reserve currency status are offset by the fact that it causes fundamental imbalances in the balance of payments. Supplying the world with this extra currency inevitably causes trade deficits. This is a good reason alone for a sovereign country not to seek a large stake of reserve currency status.

    #3 The fact that holding Reserve currency status seems to inevitably encourage the encumberant country to indulge in bad behavior. By this I mean they gain a position where they seem to be able to create almost limitless debt because their debt can ‘always’ be monetized. Another way of putting this is they find themselves in a position where they can squander other countries money [the countries that have bought that debt] and use it to prop up a completely dysfunctional domestic economy and yet still manage to rampage around the world spending more billions on killing people.

    #4 The extraordinary paradox in all of this is that much of the western financial world has traditionally viewed US debt as an asset when in fact it is nothing of the sort. By contrast countries like China with huge reserves and very little debt have farcically been seen as poor candidates for ever attaining meaningful partial reserve status.

    The solution to the above unsustainable situation is obvious and is currently in its final stage of evolution. It was first created in 1969 and is called an SDR [special drawing rights]. This initiative potentially solves all of the above problems because it is made up of percentages of five different currencies;
    US 41.9%
    Euro 37.4%
    Pound Stirling 11.3%
    Japanese Yen 9.4%

    My understanding of the transition time frame is as follows;

    November/2015 > formal announcement by the IMF that the Yuan will become part of this group.

    March/2016 > announcement of the rate that the Yuan will be given – the interim 4 months will be to allow calculation of what this rate should be – the figures I hear predicted range from 7% to 15%

    September/2016 > the new SDR will formally come into use. The six-month transition period will be necessary to allow for markets to adjust their positions.

    By its very nature the inclusion of the Yuan will by necessity displace other rights and the largest portion will be at the expense of the US, if for no other reason than the US is the biggest percentage holder. I also am inclined to think that even though the kick-off date is some 10 months away the move out of the US$, as a trading and a reserve currency, will continue its current trend and gradually accelerate. The US$ will gradually become just another local currency and the economy will have to function like any other sovereign country. The US will no longer be able to sell endless toxic debt and live recklessly off other countries wealth.

    The world and ultimately even the US will be far better served by this new system as the global power the Fed wields diminishes. The Feds role will be increasingly questioned and their destructive influence will be revealed more and more as they desperately ply their evil trade. This new status quo will mean they are only able to continue to wreck the US economy rather than the finance sectors of much of the globe.
    Greg – my apologies for the post ending up so long.
    Big subject – big post!

  64. Gina Mancarella

    For those who may wonder what vision our next president Hillary Rodham Clinton has for America, please see the following link. She is simply a wonderful inspiration and makes it clear where we can be as a country in just a few years from now.


    • Greg Hunter

      Hillary is an incompetent criminal liar who jeopardized national security with a private server for totally selfish reasons. Obama will never allow her to be president.

    • Occasnltrlvr

      Gina, Hillary, as a globalist, would not allow anyone stupid enough to support her to continue to live.

    • RTW

      I have 4 constructive words of advice for you. “Stop smokin that dope”!!

  65. Paul

    Update: China has now broken with the Western tradition of issuing its gold and silver coins “in ounces” … and will become the first nation to issue all of its gold and silver coins in “metric weights” … this change will make the coins directly comparable to the very popular bars in Asia having “metric weights” … China’s 2016 gold and silver Pandas will continue to be made with 0.999 fine gold and 0.999 fine silver… the design on the front of the Panda coins will continue to change each year … and the obverse will “stay the same” as usual.

    However … this change to a “metric coin” has taken some gold and silver “out” of the Panda coins … resulting in slightly “lower weights” by denomination (except for the old 1/4 oz coin which will now weigh a bit more) … the old one ounce (31.1 gram) gold Panda’s and the old one ounce (31.1 gram) silver Panda’s will now contain only 30 grams of gold (resulting in 1.1 gram less gold and less silver per coin)!

    Last year’s experiment of not putting the weight and purity on the coins has been done away with.

    Here is a summary of the 2016 shift to “metric weights” of China’s gold Panda coins:

    1) The old 500 yuan 1 oz (31.1 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced with a (30 gram) coin.

    2) The old 200 yuan 1/2 oz (15.555 gram) gold Panda … is replaced with a (15 gram) coin.

    3) The old 100 yuan 1/4 oz (7.775 gram) gold Panda … is replaced with an (8 gram) coin (so this coin will be heavier then before).

    4) The old 50 yuan 1/10 oz (3.11 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced with a (3 gram) coin.

    5) The old 20 yuan 1/20 oz (1.555 gram) gold Panda … is now replaced by a (1 gram) coin … and its “denomination” was reduced to 10 yuan.

    All the 2016 Gold Panda bullion coins will be “limited in mintage” to only 600,000 coins for each denomination.

    • Paul

      It is interesting that China “changed the denomination” on its 1/20 oz gold coin … a neat and simple way for China to re-set the world gold price would be for it to simply change the denomination on its 500 yuan gold coin to 50,000 yuan … since a yuan is worth about $0.16 US cents … a 50,000 yuan 30 gram gold coin will instantly be worth $8,000 US dollars.

  66. Steve Alexander

    When female Jihadist die they get 77 soldiers in heaven

  67. Follower of Allah

    There is much hope for the future of a just and moral America. By the wisdom given to us by Allah, peace and a new world order is coming. The people are in the process of learning what type of society they want by learning what kind of society they must reject. The new American society will not bless neighbors who fornicate with their neighbors wives. The new American society will not bless drug use and theivery. The new American society will endorse homosexual families raising children and proliferating obscene practices as normal and teach unclean things in the schools. The new American sociaty will lear how to pray several times a day upon calling to peace by the horn. No longer will people live in unrighteous fear. For the sons of Muhammed (Peace be unto him) and the prohets of Allah (Praise be unto him) shall cast out all defilers, idolators and infidels into the fires and the land shall be cleansed. Women shall be modestly covered and men shall be elevated by responsibility to their rightful place.

  68. Jean-Guy Lavallée

    I think the house’s move not to accept refugees is very intelligent.US should not
    accept refugees they created that could be very dangerous.US should try to find
    refugees from countrys they did’t bomb or stryke if that is possible.

  69. ken

    Greg. I sent this comment to my Missouri state Representative on 18th with this video.

    If the federal officials’ feel it is perfectly safe to allow the
    Syrian refugees into our country and force the issue under US
    immigration law.
    They need to be held accountable for any violence perpetrated. In
    other words we have a Paris style action in the US and any of the
    perpetrators were shown to be among these refugees.
    They the “Federal Official’s” would be personally charged with
    accessory to murder and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law!
    I believe that as long as the state of Missouri lets the feds know we
    will prosecute if this happens here, then go ahead bring them in.


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