The Collapse Is Now-Gregory Mannarino

4_jpgBy Greg Hunter’s

Financial analyst Gregory Mannarino says time is short for the next financial calamity.  Mannarino contends, “Not only are things are getting close, but we are here now.  This is it. . . . The collapse is now.  Look at what is going on. . . .Despite actions by world central banks, which are unprecedented, we are still going nowhere.  The economy is going nowhere.  The proof is simply in the money velocity.  The issue with the money velocity . . . or at least one of the reasons we are not seeing massive inflation, is the cash is not moving.  Once cash starts to move, and it will move, all of those extra bills that have been printed out of thin air are going to be chasing the same amount of goods.  You do not need to be a rocket scientist to figure this out.”  Mannarino goes on to explain, “Cash will leave the debt market, and that will push yields higher.  That will put pressure in equities.  This is a reverse of what we see now in inflating this super bubble here.  There is a super bubble in debt.  There is a super bubble in stocks.  When all this cash starts to move, it is going to look for a place to go, and it is going to move into commodities.  As this is occurring, all these bills digital or otherwise, that are around the world . . . when people see the value of currency start to drop precipitously, they are going to come back here to the United States.  Massive amount of bills are going to chase the same amount of goods and whamo–there’s your inflation.”

Last week, Mannarino said the stock market had topped, and it has nowhere to go but down.  Why?  Mannarino says Dow Transports need to be rising in order to sustain a rising stock market.  With all the gains of 2015 now wiped out, Mannarino says, “You would expect the Dow Transports to be rising with the equity markets or stock market.  We are not seeing that at all.  There is an absolute disconnect here. . . . The Dow Transports have begun a clear leg down, and unless something dramatic happens to bring the Transports back up, this bull market is over.”

On the recent run up in 10-year Treasury yields, Mannarino says, “This is the free market just trying to determine fair market value.  When this comes down, forget about it.  There is going to be a moment when all assets will correct.”

The correction is going to be painful and deep because Mannarino contends, “What we have here is an environment involving the most gargantuan bubble that has ever been seen in the history of the world.  What we know about bubbles is this, every single one without exception bursts.  They burst because they rise above a level that can be sustained by any means.  That means despite whatever the central banks are going to try to do to keep this whole thing pushed up, it will be the free market that will dictate fair market value.  That is going to be that epic snap back where all assets across the board, debt, currency, metal and stocks, correct to fair market value.  It is going to shake the core of the earth when that happens.  It is going to be nothing but a wealth transfer.  People who have exposure to this market on the long end, 401k’s and retirement funds, their wealth is going to be transferred from their pockets to another group of people.”

How has Wall Street kept the game going on so long?  Mannarino says, “The corruption is so extreme with metal manipulation, currency manipulation and banks that continue to be brought up on charges, and no one goes to jail. . . . It’s unbelievable fraud to such an extreme it is frightening.  The entire system is built on trust that the system will work, and the banks are well aware of this and are exploiting it.  This is why no bankers are brought up on charges.  This is why no one gets handcuffed and no one gets arrested because it would shake the very foundation of the financial system.  It is built simply on a trust mechanism.  So, the bankers can rig everything, and they are, and they will not get in trouble for it.”

In closing, Mannarino says, “We are at a tipping point.  There is no doubt about it.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gregory Mannarino of

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Gregory Mannarino hosts, and it is 100% free.  Mannarino sells nothing and gives away market commentary and trading tips every week.  You can also download a copy of his free book “Ultimate Guide to Money and Markets” by clicking here.


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  1. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Thanks for bringing Greg Mannarino on to get his take on where we’re at in this whole fiction of an economy based on bubbles financed by debt which cannot and will not continue. This was not discussed in this interview, but I think it is a huge story if in fact it is true as reported and that is regarding the near fatal assassination attempt of Secretary of State John Kerry which is being reported merely as a “bicycle accident”. If in fact it turns out to be true, what does that say about the political reality we currently face and the fact that we have an administration that is so bankrupt that all they can ever do is engage in more distraction and cover-up to keep as many people as possible from seeing the weakness, failure and corruption of our current political leadership which is also part of the consequences for allowing immoral choices to be made with respect to banking and financial policy? The fruit is indeed rotten from the core to the skin. But as you say “Fear Not” for the Lord has not given us “a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” 2 Tim.1:7. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Greg and for all who put their hope in Him Who “through death destroyed him who has the might of death, that is the devil that he might release those who through all their life were held in slavery to the fear of death” Heb. 2: 14-15.

    • NC Gal

      If you got that story re- Kerry from Sorcha Faal (, you can disregard it entirely. The name Sorcha Faal was appropriated from a Russian convent and religious order by that name and is a false persona bebing used to claim “insider” information from Russia that can never be substantiated. That site also takes actual information and spreads it around to make it seem like the disinformation is valid, a typical disinformation tactic. If you can substantiate that claim from some other, more reliable source (that has not simply repeated it from, I would be interested to see the link.

      • dbcooper

        NCG, I would be interested to get your read on Benjamin Fulford and also Karen Hudes, Thanks DB

        • NC Gal


          I don’t know if you will see this response because it’s already Friday morning and the new WNW is already up. I find it interesting that you ask about those two individuals. Hudes apparently has fallen for the NESARA scam, so she seems to be one person whose discernment is not up to snuff.

          I have seen the Fulford allegations and they do not stand up under scrutiny. I say that because he has tightly partnered with David Wilcock, a notorious fraud and scammer himself, and if one looks closely at the terms the so-called White Dragons would put before the elites, they are laughable and not credible at all.

          There is a saying, “The road to hell is paved with good intentions.” I do think that Hudes means well, but her good intentions ended up being a trap she fell into.

          I worked closely with the late Bill Cooper on the last book he published (“Oklahoma City: Day One”) and learned a great deal from him regarding sorting out truth from fiction. He always emphasized verifying and triple-verifying whenever possible.

          Cooper also identified Alex Jones as a disinformation agent, and while I do think that Jones does present some truthful things, I am always suspicious of his allegations if I can’t verify them from an independent source. Almost always, they are repeated verbatim by other sites, but they always come back to Jones as the source, and I generally avoid listening to him because of the emotional energy he comes across with.

      • mark

        Hi NC gal,
        Thank you for commenting. I first heard of this story in the comment section here and I believe you or someone else posted a similar comment in response. The link provided in the comments was in fact from The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit NCgal!

  2. Sam Hill

    Oh boy! Gregory Mannarino! Again! But seriously can you guys try to make your view a little more upbeat? I’m trying to plan my European vacation right now!

    • Gary

      Well living in Canada we have a exchange rate of 1.24 vs the US Dollar, I cant afford to go to Vegas anymore, and if you exchange at a bank its 1.27.
      While the vast majority of readers on this site are American, I would like to get some feedback on when the US Dollar goes in the shithouse what will happen to the Canadian Dollar.

      Right now I think Martin Armstrong is on the right track, US Dollar is going higher due to the crisis in the Euro Zone.

      At the same time I converted the Cando to US Dollars in Costa Rica and get a 10% return on cash in the bank., plus there is no Capital Gains tax.
      Unfortunately whether your a Yank, or a Canuck you have to report your
      income to BIG DADDY and FATCA takes care of that
      So, if you can get 10-12% on US Dollars in Costa Rica in a bank, why cant you get the same interest in Canada or the USAe
      Just throwing out the TOPIC for discussion, and Revenue Canada wants their pound of FLESH on investment income, buy a Invetsment Property
      in Costa Rica, and these pricks want 48% of your income if you buy it through your company in Canada.
      Bottom Line: 100K in Costa Rica gets 11% on Us Dollars in the bank.
      100K in Canada gets you fact in a business account I made 1300.oo over five years,

      Several of my friends are seriously considering giving up their American & Canadian Citizenship,

  3. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    What do you mean we’re all going to be dead by the time fossil fuels are no longer used? I’ll be a mere 155 years old and still going strong! Nice interview as always Gregs one and two., A

    • Gert

      You speak the truth, Randy Andy;

      Isaiah 35:5, 6: “At that time the eyes of the blind ones will be opened, and the very ears of the deaf ones will be unstopped. At that time the lame one will climb up just as a stag does, and the tongue of the speechless one will cry out in gladness.” Andrew I’m sure there’s room for us oldsters!

      When Old Ones Will Be Young Again

      WHO of us welcomes the effects of old age—wrinkled skin, poor eyesight, loss of hearing, and unsteady legs? You may wonder, ‘Why would God create us with the potential to enjoy the vigor of youth only to have us end up dreading the effects of old age?’ The good news is that this is not what God intended for us. Rather, he has lovingly purposed to release us from the aging process! Notice the words spoken to the patriarch Job, found at Job 33:24, 25.

      Elihu conveyed to Job a positive message from God: “Let him [Job] off from going down into the pit [the common grave]! I have found a ransom! Let his flesh become fresher than in youth; let him return to the days of his youthful vigor.” ◄ Job 33:24-25 ►

      The ransom that God accepted in Job’s behalf had limited value, for the man remained imperfect and later died. We have a much better ransom available to us. God the father lovingly gave his Son, Jesus, as a ransom for us. (Matthew 20:28; John 3:16) All who put faith in that ransom have the prospect of living forever on a paradise earth. In that coming new world, God will release faithful humans from the aging process. Andy why not learn more about how you may live to see the time when old ones will see their “flesh become fresher than in youth”?

  4. irene

    Greg, this becomes so ironic, when the system collaps, the big majority of people will not able to pay for the expensive over-subsidized alternative energy solutions like electric cars and solar. In fact coal will be the most cheap, affordable alternative that exits!

    • paul

      Correct … in a system wide meltdown we will back to burning fossil fuel (like wood) to not only keep our caves warm but keep the wild bears and tigers at bay … electric cars will likely be hollowed out … placed over a big hole in the ground … and turned into safe latrines protected from the elements and the wild animals!

  5. David D

    I know that the inflationary cycle has begun.
    Just look at your grocery bill. I know my has
    risen at least 20% in the last year. I’ m not
    eating filet mignon. What Greg Mannarino
    is saying is absolutely true, crude oil the most
    important commodity as far as pricing effect
    on all other commodities has risen from the
    mid forty dollar level to now over sixty dollars
    a barrel in less than three months. This is not
    due to supply and demand because there is
    currently an over supply of oil. Conclusion,
    the dollar is weakening. Greg Mannarino
    is spot on, all commodities including food
    stuffs are destined to rise exponentially and
    everyone should take Warren Pollocks advice
    and keep a stack of twenty’s and some gold
    coins. Looks like the storm is real close.
    Thanks Greg Hunter for all your hard work
    and dedication to helping regular folks.

    • West Tejas

      Point to consider: During the Weimar Republic Hyperinflation, before the onset it was estimated that about 5% to 10% of the families budget was used to purchase food. By the end of the hyperinflation upwards of 90% to 95% of the families budget was used to buy just food.
      A couple days ago I walked into a corner gas store and was amazed to see all the candy bars were $1.99 to $2.19 each. These were common candy bars that up until a couple years ago was $0.79 and $0.99 / each. It seems some items are seeing much higher than 20% food inflation per year. Maybe an overall average is 15% to 20% depending on items purchased but its definitely going up much, much faster than is reported by the lame stream media.

  6. JC Davis

    Greg’s I understand how the bond market can run into asset markets. will this not cause spending, and investment in the stock market also. Reality of the free market has been gone for many years. The whole system is now based on velocity of trading, and greed not the markets, so they will come up with another quick fix for whatever problems arise.
    I am not saying I am right, or making a prediction. This is my thoughts. What am I missing?
    Also Greg M. could you speak more to the outcome of Jade Helm as is may effect the velocity in the economy?

    • JC Davis

      I am reminded of a comment from SIG. “The Century of the Dragon is upon us.
      They will impoverish those that choose not to be aligned and will provide golden wings to those that ride with the beast.”
      Honest people will be forced out to be the servants of the ungodly. There is a plan in the madness we are seeing.

      • Silence is Golden

        China does indeed understand the need for this paradigm shift. It is the Leader in fact in bringing about a new beginning. It also fully understands the consequences of such action….nothing short of devastation for those who have an appendage to the OLD decaying system. Note carefully how China is empowering others without the use of force. It is subtly and yet overtly creating its own position of strength without the need to make threats or use of coercion through political or economic or financial means. It is quite simply offering others a CHOICE. That is the beauty and simplicity of this beast. The fruits (benefits of a “Golden” variety) will be shared amongst many but none more so than those that have control of the Gold.
        Follow the Golden Dragon…..there awaits…… a prosperous life.

        • JC Davis

          Sig this was a good read. you likely already know.
          Sent to me from Allen Ols.
          “This makes no sense to me at all,” said Andrew Hofer, the head of bond research at wealth-management firm Brown Brothers Harriman & Co., at a conference for bond-fund managers in Boston this month. “If gates are now required features of money market funds, why are regular [mutual] funds unable to gate?”

    • JC Davis

      Worldwide Jade Helm.

  7. paul

    Greg …
    As Greg Mannarino implies if interest rates are allowed to rise … trillions in derivatives the banks own will “collapse the banks now”!

    The bankers will likely try to hold interest rates down by every means possible as it is in their own self interest and survival … this means QE4 and thus a further devaluation of the currency.

    If QE4 is not implemented or does not work … and the “free market” begins to operate expect the collapse Mannarino says will take place … however printing money out of thin air is a piece of cake for the banks and they will probably do it to save everything they own from being annihilated.

    But buying gold and silver coins serves to protect us whether the bankers “succeed or fail” in their actions … if the bankers “succeed” gold (and silver) will rise in inflated currency terms … if the bankers “fail” (and interest rates rise) the money coming out of the bond market will head into commodities as Mannarino says driving gold and silver higher!

    So gold and silver are currently in “a win-win situation” … hence it doesn’t matter whether the bankers succeed or fail in their actions to survive!

    • paul

      One thing to be cautious about is not to bet the farm on a stock market collapse … because if QE4 is implemented one could actually see the stock market bubble expanded further!

    • Greg Hunter

      I think the implication of QE 4 will set off a gigantic sell signal. This, in turn, is going to trip the global bank bail-in mechanism already agreed on at the G20 meeting in Australia. Ellen Brown was all over this late last year, and you may want to take a look at her interview:

      • paul

        Greg … Zimbabwe’s stock market soared during its hyperinflation period of 2008 … because stock earnings and inflation tend to move together … I’m not suggesting all stocks will advance during a QE4 hyperinflation … but previous evidence from countries that have gone through hyperinflation suggests that stocks in general are regarded as a good hedge against inflation … that is the only reason why I cautioned against betting the farm on a coming stock market crash due to an inflationary QE4 operation … perhaps shorting financial stocks would be OK … but upon re-listening to Ms. Brown … she said the top five banks will survive the coming financial storm? … so for me … I’l stick with gold and silver!

  8. Matt Jaymes

    That was a superb interview! Double ping, one for Jim Sinclair and one for Nomi Prins.

  9. Wim

    Hi Greg,
    I can inform you the unravelling got kickstarted. The star umbrella around me closed Amsterdam airport for nighttime as I was there four times. The last time they tried to sabotage me away, as I stayed after dawn noticing the old Indian doesn’ t show at daytime, but did so on radar. The morning I stayed last friday I noticed capacity of the airport was reduced by some 80%. The star umbrella gives blips on the radar as traffic has to fly VFR (visual flight rules) reducing the airport’ s capacity. They tried to sabotage me awaym as I took a flight to London Heathrow saturday. I am still here, as the airport is very quiet. I asked an Asian pilot who confirmed they have toleave the airport VFR. Flights are reduced for some 80%, as at nighttime there is flying nothing.
    They keep it out of MSM. I experience a movie again, but the serious thing has begun slowly step by step. I tried to look on, but it’s blacked out. As I said Jesus Christ (JC) will be back with armies from the skies. A slow step by step process.
    I keep hanging around here for some time, and will resume to block Amsterdam airport after that. Expect the unexpected.

    • Galaxy 500

      ??? What am I missing here? This looks like gibberish to me.

  10. Gert

    Gregory Mannarino and Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog’s, NZWatchdog’s, AUSSIEdog’s, Cannuk’s, Brits, World, ect. . . Wherever you are? Youwho0O, I mean y o u !

    “The True Culprit Behind War and Suffering”

    On November 11, 1918, World War I came to an end. Businesses shut down, and people danced in the streets. But the dancing did not last long. Another menace—even more lethal than the machine gun—followed hot on the heels of the world war.

    A deadly plague known as the Spanish flu had invaded the battlefields of France in June 1918. The virus soon proved how deadly it could be. For example, within a few months, it killed more American soldiers in France than did enemy fire. And the flu quickly spread worldwide as it accompanied the troops who returned to their homelands when the war ended.

    The postwar years were also marked by hunger and economic misery. Much of Europe was starving when the hostilities ended in 1918. By 1923, German currency was practically worthless. Six years later, the whole world economy collapsed. And finally, in 1939, the second world war began—in some ways a continuation of the first global conflict. What was behind this unique string of catastrophes?


    Bible prophecy enables us to see what lies behind certain historical events, and this is especially true of World War I. Jesus Christ foretold a time when ‘nation would rise against nation’ and food shortages and pestilences would sweep through the earth. (Matthew 24:3, 7; Luke 21:10, 11) He told his disciples that such calamities would form a sign of the last days. More details are provided in the book of Revelation, which links woes on the earth to a war in heaven.—

    This same Bible book describes four horsemen, sometimes called the four horsemen of the Apocalypse. Three of these horsemen depict the same disasters that Jesus had earlier foretold—war, famine, and pestilence. Clearly, the first world war triggered a time of affliction that has not abated. And the Bible reveals that Satan was the one who, in a sense, pulled the trigger. (1 John 5:19) Will his power ever be checked?

    The book of Revelation also reassures us that Satan has only “a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:12) That is why he is full of rage and instigates untold woe here on earth. By the same token, though, the troubles we see prove that Satan’s time is running out.


    World War I was indeed a turning point in history. It brought about an age of total war, sparking revolutions and mistrust of human leaders. It also provides vivid proof of Satan’s ouster from heaven. (Revelation 12:9) And this unseen ruler of the world reacted like a vicious dictator who knows that his days are numbered. When those days come to an end, the time of troubles sparked by World War I will finally end.

    In the light of Bible prophecy, you have reason to trust that Jesus Christ, our heavenly King, will soon “break up the works of the Devil.” (1 John 3:8) Many millions already pray for God’s Kingdom to come. Do you? Thanks to that Kingdom, faithful people will finally see God’s will—not Satan’s—being done on earth. (Matthew 6:9, 10) Under God’s Kingdom, there will never again be a world war—or any wars at all! (Psalm 46:9) Learn about that Kingdom, and live to see the time when peace will fill the earth! —Isaiah 9:6, 7. Dont be late, it’s an important date.

    • Galaxy 500

      You could point to several other war in history. Could this be the end times? Maybe. Maybe not. The original 12 disciples of Jesus thought they were living in the end times and that was 2,000 years ago.
      No man know the time of Christ’s return, not even Christ. So I don’t put much stock in your analysis. How ever, no one knows when they will check out of this world so it’s best to be right with God every day. And to be prepared for the economic and very like social upheaval is called being intelligent.

      • JC Davis

        Well said G 500. To one on there death bed life was a twinkle of the eye.

      • Gert

        G500 How We Can Tell Armageddon Is Near

        YOU know what a sign is, don’t you?— We read about the sign God gave that he would never again destroy the world by a flood. Also, the apostles asked for a sign so that they could know when Jesus had returned and when the end of the world, or system of things, was near.—Matthew 24:3.

        Since Jesus would be invisible in heaven, a sign that people could see was needed to show that he had begun ruling. So Jesus told about things his disciples should watch for here on earth. When these things happened, it would mean that he had returned and had begun ruling in heaven as King.

        To teach his disciples the importance of keeping on the watch, Jesus told them: “Note the fig tree and all the other trees: When they are already in the bud, by observing it you know for yourselves that now the summer is near.” You know how to tell when summer is near. And you can tell when Armageddon is near when you see the things happening that Jesus spoke about.—Luke 21:29, 30.

        Yes read about the things that Jesus said would be part of the sign that the Kingdom of God is near and when all these things occur, God’s Kingdom with Christ as Ruler will crush all other governments.

        • Galaxy 500

          Yes I know what s sign is. If the guys who were the disciples of Christ, some of whom wrote the New Testament thought that they were on the end times, the guys who were so blessed that they walked with Christ and they were wrong about it… what would make me think that you have special inside info out insight.

    • Grafique

      You can’t expect the world to see “Biblical end-time prophecy” the same as you or I.
      If Greg would have an interview with Tom Horn, more people’s eyes migr be opened.

      • Grafique

        “might” be opened.

      • Greg Hunter

        Who is Tom Horn?

  11. Dan

    What does Greg think the price of silver will go too?

    • Greg Hunter

      The only way to look at Au and Ag is either you have them or you don’t. You will not be able to buy them when the house catches fire and right now I am smelling smoke.

  12. Mark


    Bravo! This was one great interview due to content and allowing the guest to speak his peace. The bond market seems to be the key to the coming collapse, but the fact that bankers still don’t get jailed sickens me. Glad to see he confirms the money will search for a place to go that’s real – commodities like gold, silver, etc. I’ve heard for awhile that wealth isn’t destroyed, but merely transferred during economic calamity. A great follow-up to this guest would be someone like Mike Maloney or Marc Faber to add more fuel to the economic fire our central planners are stoking. I repeat that were are currently under the worst administration of our lifetimes if not on record. Lord help us all!

  13. vincent_g

    Transports are down .
    The trade deficit is down.

    Which means Sales are down.

    Maybe this is due to credit rejection recently being at an all time high.
    This info is given by Mike Maloney on his new Video with Peter Schiff

    As for bank execs jumping ship – banks make money on credit.
    My guess is look for a high number of credit defaults very soon.

    The main problem with this economy is you have a system with two opposing forces.
    You have corporations which is a price reducing force.
    And you have the Federal Reserve which is a price increasing force.
    People are the victims of these opposing forces.

    The Fed pushes to raise the cost of living ( inflation )
    Corporations push to lower costs which increases profits so people get lower pay checks or worse no pay checks as their jobs are sent over seas.

    The only way to solve this problem is to remove one or the other.
    How long will you allow this game to go on?

    • Grafique

      What “trade deficit” is down?

  14. Russ

    Good interview Greg. You may not have all the answers but you have great questions. I linked this interview to a friend who has been waffling on what to do with her IRA.

    My advice based on this interview and Warren Pollock’s is to dump all things paper but a months worth of cash, pay off bills and get everything else into tangibles — stock the pantry. The drought in Califorrnia and the poultry (bird flu) being slaughtered just screams food supply issues. To use Warren Pollock’s metaphor, if the coming wave is too big to duck under you had better be able to rise with it and keep your head above water.

    There are too many unknowns, but leadership, bankers and brokers have all demonstrated a propensity to lie.
    Thanks again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Time is short in my humble opinion. Thank you for your comment and support.

  15. AussieAl

    Another excellent interview, Just love listening to Greg you can feel the passion that he has for the Markets. He gave some very, very good insights, and really clarified loads of stuff for me. Thanks Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      The 10-year hit 2.49 today and fell back a bit. in Feb it was 1.67%. That is a stunning move on a percentage basis in a short amount of time. Mannarino is spot on with this canary.

  16. Jerry

    Greg what does it tell you when Germany wants to be AIIB’s 4th largest shareholder?

    From where I’m sitting it says Germany knows the EU and the dollar are toast when Greece defaults in July. It’s also a strong indication that Germany is trying to find a safe haven to protect itself from severe economic pain, when the debt bubble burst.

    I think Greg Mannarino is totally correct in his statement that “The Collapse is Now”. Those playing the denial game, that have not prepared, will pay for it dearly. Get out now.
    – Get out of paper
    – Get out of debt
    – Get out of the cities if you can afford it.
    – Get your money out of the banks (under $5,000. increments)
    – Last but not least, prepare to live off the grid. Its going down.

    I myself have paid off my debts. Pulled the money out of my 401K’s. And cashed in my life insurance policies. I have also emptied my bank accounts leaving only enough to pay my bills, and as time progresses I am slowly replacing my cash with silver. If anyone knows a good place to buy silver, please let me know.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jerry for all your comments and links. This adds to the site!!!!

      • Jerry

        Greg its easy to do when you present incredible interviews week in and week out. I only wish I had more money to donate to your site. Your body of work will stand the test of time, as the last beacon of light in a world that fell into darkness. You are writing history here my friend.

        • Greg Hunter

          You are very kind and you are doing your part as well my friend!!

    • Charles H.


      I cashed in my Life Insurance policies too – and they thought I was crazy. Tried to talk me out of it. Put most into silver – but bought at costs much higher than now. I’m tapped-out and have to stand pat. And look to reduce the amount in my Credit Union to bare bones. Seeing I am in a city – I’m somewhat trapped. And somewhat prepared.

      • dbcooper

        Charles/Jerry/Greg/Et Al… We are GOTS; also bought in at a higher price (Oh Well) and we are standing fast. Also logging the farm before the economy tanks completely and thus are improving forest health and improving the Field Of Fire. I am waiting for Unintended Consequences !! John Ross, GREAT BOOK. Yours in Faith and Liberty

    • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'


      Methinks you are a very wise and compassionate man.
      I wish you all the best in surviving the imminent turmoil but I fear that it is going to be a very dangerous period even for people like you who have gone to a lot of trouble to prepare.
      Down here in NZ we may perhaps be a bit safer physically but the financial repercussions will be devastating for us as individuals as well as for our economy. My biggest fear is for the pensioners of the world and how they will get through this.

      Cheers and very best wishes to you

    • Mark


      I’ve purchased most of my metal at and have had a good experience each time. This is Peter Schiff’s company and the reps are helpful and will price match other sites to stay competitive. Give them a try if other options fail. Keep stacking!

    • Rambos Monster

      Jerry, I’ve used JM Bullion for several years now with narry a hitch. I was referred to them from a prepper site I frequent.

      • Greg Hunter

        Rambos and Jerry
        Discount Gold and Silver Trading (Yes, they advertise on this site but I do NOT get a commission) are also very good and I have not had a single complaint.

    • Chip

      I am not affiliated with them but buy almost exclusively from APMEX….

    • WD


      It appears Germany has been talking out of both sides of their mouth for a long time, or maybe they are going this to protect themselves from the Greek debacle, who knows.

      But it appears US has been hoodwinked by the best.

      Its a bout self-preservation!!

      • Jerry

        Thanks everybody for the great silver tip. I definitely will be contacting these people now that I have some of the basics covered. For those of you who have doubts about the reality of marshal law coming soon, you may want to take a look at this. Be sure and zoom in close to get the real picture.'07.7%22N+94%C2%B015'14.4%22W/@33.4349833,-94.3533059,2031m/data=!3m1!1e3!4m2!3m1!1s0x0:0x0

        It literally took my breath away.

        • Chip

          Red River Army Depot. These exist all over the US and have since WW2. Ammo bunkers.

          • Jerry

            I live next o base. They never service this number of vehicles unless they are being deployed somewhere.

    • Steve

      I have been reading about GOTS and getting out of cash, however please explain why getting out of debt is so important>

  17. Alan R.

    Great job once again Greg, your friend Greg Mannarino has been spot on for as long as I can remember and minces no words in his current sobering commentary. Also want to say that one BIG reason many of your audience DO get it is your superb line-up of guests, incl Paul Craig Roberts, Warren Pollock, Bill Holter, Greg Mannarino and many more too numerous to list here. Plus your own excellent interview style & questions. There is no one else I am aware of who brings such a high caliber, highly credible array of guests on week in and week out, USAW is a must visit online destination for me no matter where I am, no question I am hardly alone in that sentiment. We are in such uncharted territory and the criminality continues unabated, though thoroughly abetted by the so-called “regulatory bodies”, what a complete travesty…

    Thank you and Gregory M once again for a no holds barred assessment of what appears to be on final approach for an horrific crash landing :0 :0 :0

    Best always,

    Alan R

    • Greg Hunter

      Alan R,
      I think this is what the powers are trying to do and that is have a controlled crash. There reaches a point in every crash when the controls can no longer guide your craft. I think we are getting close to that point. Thank you Alan for your comment.

  18. Al Hall

    Greg: Another great interview. He is on top of what is happening. You know me- you know I know what’s about to happening.
    My friend-pastor Lindsey Williams said it “WILL” happen this Sept-October. Greg M. is saying the same. Lindsey has also begged people to buy gold/silver just as Greg said.
    People have no idea what is about to happen- your regular visitor do know! They are
    a great bunch of informed people!


  19. Chip

    One of the best GM interviews to date. Some might say he’s chicken little but IMO he’s spot on. We’re a razor’s edge away from something major…

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree!! Thank you.

  20. andyb

    Greg: GM’s rationale for his opinions is quite sound, and I agree that the great reset or SHTF moment is just beginning. Many believe that there is time to prepare, even in these few months prior to the Fall when many think the unthinkable will happen; bank and ATM closures, food scarcity, martial law etc etc. I believe that we’ll get a USD devaluation and possible bank bail-ins within 2 months. The situation at Deutsch Bank indicates that the derivative market is beginning to implode; i.e. all hell breaking loose.
    If you have money in a TBTF bank, get it out now. Just keep enough for Bill Pay or Auto deductions. Keep at least $1000 in 20’s, 3 months (at least) of food and water and a good pump shotgun to deter the rabble, rapists, and marauders who will be out there in wolf packs. Get your neighbors on board; ex-military especially; have a plan.

    • Galaxy 500

      Sound advice

      • dbcooper

        Talked to a friend yesterday who has a lot of prophetic dreams and she had two in one night and three times was told to assess her neighbors; know her neighbors. A lot of people are having dreams now and this theme of know your neighbor is being very common, DB

  21. foggygoggles

    This side of the boat is getting pretty crowded. Time for Catherine Austin-Fitts or Richard Duncan. People continue to underestimate the criminals’ ability to keep their game going.

  22. David

    Greg: Your comment about fossil fuels as a topic at the G-7 Summit is spot on. The house if burning, and they’re talking curtain fabric. Where are their priorities? You would think that fossil fuels would be at the bottom of a very long list, if at all.

  23. nm

    Once cash starts to move…

    What is preventing it from moving right now? Aren’t the banks holding onto it and paying themselves? What incentive is there for them to start moving it?

  24. Watch-It

    I don’t want to scare you BUT….. I am seeing bad signs for the west coast of North America. Watch this: There are many other examples of the East Pacific ocean dying dead. Google and see.
    The drought in California is just the very tip of the iceberg!
    The drought in CA is the result of the ocean being hotter than normal off the coast! Fukushima radiation is killing the west coast – the eastern pacific. No snow this year in CA mountains.
    There was a very holy german person named Therese Neumann (She lived 30 years on just the eucharist as food). She died in 1961.
    She lived in a small village in Germany. After WWII (1946) she was asked by an US GI if the United States would be destroyed by war like Germany had just been.
    Her answer: ”Near the end of this century, the US will be destroyed economically By natural disasters.” Is this the start of these natural disasters?
    (Yellowstone eruption, New Madrid fault quake? either could completely destroy the US.) Search the web for other such news.
    The sardine industry in CA is now shut down – can’t find any sardines! Sea Lion pups in great numbers have been abandoned along the CA/OR coastline as their
    mothers can’t find food to feed them or themselves. Sea birds in WA dying by the hundreds. Sorry and very SAD. CA if a separate country would have been the 7th largest
    economy in the world. NOW it looks like devastation? This EVENT should be the TOP news story TODAY. Keep your eyes open. Watch events and plan ahead! California drought story just broke on King World News website. Greg can you dig up an expert to cover this story for your readers. I am constantly on your website. Thanks.

    • Galaxy 500

      She lived 30 years on just the eucharist as food…
      no she didn’t. People who buy into this stuff are silly. Do I believe in miracles? Yes, I do. This ? Not so much

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        Galaxy, I am Christian and I agree there is way too much ambulance chasing of magic and phenomena in Christianity. It doesn’t matter if it’s “true” or not…the fact is the Hebrews were forbidden to chase such things. Yes, God sent them dreams and visions for specific warnings and help. But it’s wrong to obsess over anything occult.
        Mystical gifts are for corrections…medicine…and they are instigated only by God. Usually they correct lies and rumors that have misled people. The Catholic and Orthodox churches are so besotted with such things it makes me sad…and now others as well.
        I think St. Bernadette’s face under glass is very touching…(much more than the very Euro-face on the Shroud). But it’s no substitute for Christian love and personal faith.

  25. southern girl

    Ding! Ding! Ding! Wonderful! I love Greg M. his is so earnest in his desire to help everyone to end up better because we have the knowledge.
    I agree that we have hit the top of the Ferris wheel and I don’t know that much about finances. I just know in my heart of hearts we are done. The frogs in the pot are already simmering and it will just be a few more minutes until we are dead.
    He points out great examples to look at such as money velocity, Bond market, etc. Great explanation on why no bankers are going to go to jail.

    He mentions how all of this is over resources. I saw a video that showed Americans in around the 1880’s and how resources we above ground. There was a photo of two guys on a small mtn. The mountain was solid copper. Our resources that were above ground are gone so we have to go deeper into the earth to get them. He is right and that is what all the wars are and will be…who can get and keep the natural resources.

    Okay someone explain this to me as if I was a five year old. The free market value and how that will effect our IRA’s & Pensions…this is the scariest part. I am on a pension right now so in the future will it be all gone? Our retirement system is mainly in hard assets such as real-estate. I’m straining to hear how this all plays out. Does that mean I get 50%, 25%, or nothing. I am trying to figure out when the SHTF how are people going to pay their day to day bills; electricity, gas, water, etc. I know Greg M. said it will be ugly but can someone try to give a summary of what they think?

    Greg, Love your take on the Bilderbergers meeting about fossil fuel. Your right who will be around in 85 years. What Wo!

    • Anne Elliott

      SG – how this will play out ultimately is hard to say, and runs the gamut from high inflation of all goods and services while pensions and wages are stagnant or are cut, and bank bail-ins occur (something like the Great Depression on steroids); to complete societal collapse and/or war with complete banking failure, no electricity, no transports of goods or food, no medical services, etc. (i.e. Mad Max scenario). Personally, I feel that there is going to be a major catastrophe in the US – real or false flag – that will shut the electrical grid down. People without electricity, food, and clean water would be so much easier to control… And then Martial Law and other necessities like banking changes and population control can be instituted with ease. JMO.

  26. Mr.Lee

    Chilling Mr. Hunter, chilling:
    By and large all of the guest you have on say the same thing more or less but from a different perspective. This now all ties in on why the West is trying to pick a fight with Russia and China. The system knows that it is doomed, what better way to blame an implosion of the system on a made up aggressor such as China/Russia. Looks as though the Chinese and Russians are not taking the bait for now…..they must know that the system is on its last legs as well. Perhaps they are waiting us out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mr. Lee. I think China needs a war too. It’s economy is also very unstable.

      • Chip

        Yes, from 7 trillion debt in 2009 to 27 trillion today!!! Lot of ghost cities…

        • Silence is Golden

          Interesting point on the “Ghost Cities”.
          To understand China is to know how they think….always long term. Cities capable of handling 25MLN people are being built in less than a decade.
          Cities, buildings,houses, roads, high speed rail, bridges…what is all this construction about ? Why build it if there is no one to occupy/use it ? …..YET !!
          The Central Planners have indeed planned well ahead. Refuge will be required…..on a grand scale.

      • Galaxy 500

        Plus they have an excess unskilled population. War is a great way to thin it out

    • brent

      As Lindsey Williams always said “if it’s written on a piece of paper it’s worth the paper it is written on.” This includes all 401k’s, IRA’s, pensions, etc. Unfortunately when the shtf you will lose the pension. You’re going to have to find other means to survive.

  27. Lost Sheep

    I think we are on the verge of a population bubble being popped that was inflated by the fiat US dollar bubble.

    • Greg Hunter

      My very first interview with Gregory Mannarino he said the same thing. You are in good company.

  28. frederick

    Hey Greg
    I like greg M and have been following him for a couple years but he always says the collapse is immenent I believe TPTB can keep this ponzi going longer than most of us realize. I am in Raleigh and will be buying a small hotel on the Turkish Aegean coast where my wife is from come autumn if we are still here that is. You are always welcome as a guest should you find yourself in that part of the world. regards frederick M.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind thank you!!

  29. Charles H.


    “Rhrutt, Rhoooh!” (Scoobie Doo) Priceless!

    Mannarino is totally correct: the wheels are coming off. But the government and MSM won’t allow it to be reported. It will actually boil-down to: ” It’s not a bankruptcy until we tell you it’s a bankruptcy.” And the duffus puppet president could implement absolutely anything under Martial Law. Same with Europe – some LYING story of a saving maneuver will come out and deflect from the smoldering train-wreck.
    The whole of government is going to be turned on it’s head – in a sort of self-preservation tactic; under the guise of saving the nation – when, in fact, it will enslave the nation. And competition to the government will not be tolerated.
    Government will claim Exclusive Right to declare “money”; the tissue-paper it issues. It will set in Law guidelines of Labor-to-Earnings schedules; and outlaw commerce outside of ‘legal tender’. (Of course, the “new” Dollar ((Shiez?)) won”t contain the motto: “In God We Trust”) And because the government ‘owns’ the currency, we only use it and it doesn’t ‘belong’ to us – all manner of value-added costs can be exacted from each ‘usage’. BARTER, and all manner of exchange for goods or services will be OUTLAWED.
    I think – EVERY conversion of equity to value will have to be declared and taxed. Garage Sales will cease to exist – or if you are caught: you may lose your garage! Every use of money, which isn’t ours, will cost us something. This is the logical end of the “Fair Share” philosophy – no matter what money you have: you pay to have it (negative interest), and you pay to use it. This should become so oppressive, that Digital Currency will be an easy ‘cave’.
    In the end – the markets will completely disappear – profits and losses only exist in governmental permission to continue. One nation, under surveillance – indeed. Transitioning to Chinese leadership under such conditions wouldn’t seem hard; in fact, we would fit the model by then.

    Absolutely top-notch Greg & Greg show! (Interview)

  30. m

    Gregory and Greg, Please ask your followers, if they can, to stock up. Their very lives depend on it. You can see, from some of the comments, they don’t understand their realities.

  31. Tom Cunningham

    Hi Greg,

    I love all of your interviews, but this one with Mr. Mannarino was especially riveting. Everyone who walks around with their eyes wide shut are in for a rude awakening. The only way any of us will make it out of this situation is to stock up on the essentials (water, food, etc.) and hunker down. It is going to be a very bumpy ride that is not going to end well.

    Keep up the great work.


    • Greg Hunter

      What you are seeing is basically how we talk on the phone. Mannarino is a very bright guy!!!

    • Silence is Golden

      Even those who believe they are prepared…..are not really “Prepared” !!

  32. smaulgld

    The Fed will raise rates in order to combat de-dollarization initiatives and create demand for the dollar that is being reduced.

    People claim the US can’t afford the higher interest rates. Keep in mind the US can’t afford ANY of the payments it makes. It issues treasury bonds (ie borrows money) to make payments- it’s a Ponzi scheme.

    The Fed needs to raise rates to attract more demand for treasuries, with the principal they get from issuing more treasuries they can easily pay the additional interest.

  33. NC Gal

    I was glad to hear Mannarino give weight to the idea that the times ahead are unprecedented and that history is not going to repeat this time around since nothing like this has historically happened! I also like the fact that he gives evidence of ACTIONS that tell the real story of what is going on, such as the Transport index revealing that shipping is not taking place, similar to the Baltic Dry Index.

    I do question his explanation that the reason bankers are not being jailed is to maintain trust in the system. It would seem that trust would be increased if they WERE jailed. It would make it seem like the system and the rule of law are still working, when in fact they are not. I think they are not being jailed because they are doing exactly what the elites want them to do and are being rewarded for their actions through being given immunity from consequences. It’s another form of cronyism, something that David Rockefeller offered Aaron Russo when he was trying to recruit Russo to become part of the elite and their workings.

    My own thinking is that the elites have wrung out almost as much as they are going to be able to wring from the system. Only the pension funds and the collateral that secures loans is left to grab, so once that grab is a fait accompli, their next move will be to crash the system, so that they can take total control of what is left.

    I do think Mannarino is correct about the resource crisis and that many will die because of it, but I also think that is by design, not an “unfortunate accident.” The goal of the elites has included depopulation for a very long time. Rockefeller admitted it to Russo, but it goes much further than that.

    Just like in Nazi Germany, certain groups of individuals are considered undesirable, and they have already taken steps to eliminate some of them through the introduction of the lab-created HIV virus in vaccination programs in Africa (for smallpox) and among promiscuous homosexuals recruited for a hepatitis-B trial in New York and San Francisco. (See “The Strecker Memorandum” ( for more on that. You can also watch the movie, “And the Band Played On” ( to see how this was intentionally allowed to spread.)

    • Galaxy 500

      You wrote “lab-created HIV virus in vaccination programs in Africa ”
      Madame, that’s utter hogwash

      • mark

        Hi G500,
        A very interesting read you may wish to consider is the book “Dr. Mary’s Monkey” by Edward T Haslam published in 2007 which concerns real history regarding the development and distribution of the polio vaccine and the incidence of cancer as a virus (including AIDS) which was related to the primates that were used in research and development. The grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit G500!

        • Galaxy 500

          Al Gore wrote a book of fiction too…what’s your point? HIV nearly bankrupted our health system. Believe what you want but know it’s a fairy tale

  34. smaulgld

    The back and forth by some Fed Presidents saying they can’t raise rates and other saying they will is a suckers play designed to keep people in the market.

    The smart/big money has already adjusted its bets-closed positions, entered new hedging agreements etc in anticipation of a rate hike.

    The IMF statement by Lagarde is also a red herring- the IMF is run by the US-Lagarde’s statement admonishing the Fed not to raise rate is all part of the ruse. The Fed WILL raise rates, because it has to.

    The Fed lives off uncertainty. Had the Fed said in 2009 that they were going to print $4.3 Trillion over six years to buy treasuries and worthless mortgage baked securities, the dollar would have collapsed. BUT that is exactly what they did and the dollar is stronger now that is was before they started their printing spree.

    Why? Because they stopped and started, tapered threatened to taper etc.

    It’s the same with this coming rate hike- it’s been telegraphed and will happen but they have to throw out noise that makes it look like they might not raise rates. They will.

    • smaulgld

      The Fed has to be more concerned about the health of the dollar and the Treasury’s ability to issue bonds than a stock or real estate market correction. A stock market crash can be blamed on many things and the Fed can always come back with more QE if it needs to but the risk they will take is to raise rates, once then talk about the next hike and try another and hope for the best.
      If they pull off a rate hike or two they have cushion to continue the Ponzi scheme for a while longer as they can they lower rates again.
      A rate hike is essential at this point if they want to preserve the dollar.

  35. Dr Destitution

    Obviously, if you ain’t got no checkmarks against you, you’re a good person. Now, look, Blacks love drugs always have always will. Right Now, we need to decriminalize drug use, and possession, and let the people create a new productive market. All apologies. The thing about Greg is he knows the stock market isn’t even close to going way down, when shipping stocks smooth out their bottom its buy buy buy!

  36. Angee

    how does this guy stay looking so young? elixir of youth perhaps? ok yes i can see now what the bond market all means, thanks greg and greg for laying it out straight. good stuff.

  37. Wim

    Hi Gregm
    I am using airport internet, but there is no audio as I missed Gregory Mannarino.
    When I arrived a sort of secret service is around me. When I sit somewhere they just flash a streetlight, elevator door, as they can control just everything. Where I drink coffee six lights on the menu are used to interact. I mumble as they flash the lights to acknowledge something or not. Tonight is the first clear sky, as the lights in sight are not that manym and high up. Most of the stars (spirits) are not be seen. The old Indian accomodates then to keep it out of MSM, to show the world how they operate once the thing becomes obvious. They hope it will pull back as there was never a breaktrough the past decade. Now it’s around ne they don’ t realize it will slowly ramp up. As\I was just outside I saw a white light flying, and some lights not of an airplane. It’s a story beyond your imagination. I don’ t know a timeline, but it surely started. If there is a reader of WD who is a pilot or visited London Heathrow since Saturday 17:00 uur he/she can confirm my report. Keep you posted, as there will be a moment it will getwell known, but as said before it is a slow motion process, but blocking big airports if I am there, accompanied by the spirit world, and solid ETV’s (extraterrestrial craft),
    I did not see the ETV’s at daytime, but the lighting, no noise, no airplanes flying make me conclude they are ETV’s. The unravelling has started. We (me and the spirit world) do thank you for your open mind to post my weird story, but time will tell it’s just the truth. May the view of the foundiing fathers of America go viral one day. Expect the unexpected. May love be your guiding star.

  38. RSH0100

    Headline: G7 shifts focus to address emerging Y3K crisis

  39. Evan J

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for having Greg Mannarino on again. He articulates things clearly and with passion. Thanks also for holding up that ridiculous headline given all the other things going on right now. I was as flabbergasted as you when I saw that on the news.

    So Greg, do you know how you are always concerned about nukes being deployed (as are we all)? Well I came across a piece by our friend Bill Holter (he’s still writing at Miles-Franklin but now signing off Holter-Sinclair collaboration) which makes the headlines about use of fossil fuels ending in 2100 even more absurd. What Bill pointed out was shocking: Apparently nukes were deployed in Yemen late last month and no one reported on it. If true, and it seems it is, we have now crossed a threshold. God help us. Don’t know what else to say.

    Link to Bill Holter here:

    Another here:

    And another from Canada here:

    • Galaxy 500

      Think about what you are saying. There was a mushroom shaped thunder cloud on Russia and the Twitterverse exploded. You don’t think they have cell phones with cameras on Yemen? This would have been every where. That is if actually happened

  40. Robbie41

    Hello to you Greg, Your interview with Greg was very good, he is not afraid to tell it like it is. We as a nation, as in so much deep trouble its’ not even funny anymore. Most people just don’t see what’s coming, it’s soo sad.
    1. Jade Helm start’s June 15th. People will be taken & Disappeared.
    2. Cyber attacks on the banking system coming-up. (Sept 11th)
    3. We continue to lose our Right’s, Freedom’s & Liberties.
    4. Asteroid Incoming on Sept 24th, 3 day’s of darkness, then the last blood moon on Sept 28th.
    5. Out of control civil-unrest, & possible Civil War, for month’s due to the Puerto Rico asteroid.
    6. Permanent Martial Law will be in place, not just because of Jade Helm 15, but due to the Incoming Niburu Planet X. (Some time in May2016)
    7. Praying to the LORD, & get right with GOD, as Jesus into your hearts is the best option..
    8. Hope to live another day, & FEAR NOT.. Good-night Greg..

  41. Gert

    War on Earth and War in Heaven

    Some 19 centuries before the outbreak of World War I, Satan offered Jesus “all the kingdoms of the world.” (Matthew 4:8, 9) Jesus rejected that temptation, but he later described the Devil as “the ruler of the world.” (John 14:30) Additionally, the apostle John wrote that “the whole world is lying in the power of the wicked one.”—1 John 5:19.

    If Satan the Devil has so much power over the world, would it not be reasonable to conclude that he played at least a part in the first world war and its aftermath? Sure enough, the book of Revelation links Satan to the calamities the earth has suffered since 1914. Here is a brief outline of the events described in Revelation chapter 12:

    Verse 7 War breaks out in heaven between archangel Michael and the dragon (Satan).

    Verse 9 The Devil, “who is misleading the entire inhabited earth,” is hurled down to the earth.

    Verse 12 “Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.”

    Bible chronology and world events indicate that this heavenly war occurred after God’s Kingdom was established in the heavens in 1914. So the same pivotal year saw the outbreak of war on earth and war in heaven.

  42. Joe G.

    I know a young man in the California national guard – he says they are also starting
    training for large-scale civil unrest, and unlike “Jade Helm” it’s getting no publicity; probably because it hasn’t involved civilian participants.

    I feel like even within congress, and down to the mayor/city council level, VERY few people understand the magnitude of the Chernobyl-like experiment (and failure) of the debt-crisis, which you’ll noticed is referred to in the past-tense on all media outlets. However, there are SOME in the white house and pentagon who TRULY understand what is at stake, and that this nation is chugging down the tracks to a full on fiscal AND currency crisis. I enjoy your site a lot Greg! -a fellow “dot-connector”

  43. AussieAl

    Greg based on this interview is there any chance of a week Prepper shows as would appear good time to do it. ?
    Like everyone else I’ m doing as best as I can under the circumstances, but would be good to listen to some experts in the field, to dot the I’s and cross the T”s so to speak.
    cheers Al

    • Greg Hunter

      Aussie Al,
      Maybe, but who would you suggest?

      • Alissa

        How about Joel Skousen?

      • dbcooper

        Greg, Another good interview, I have great respect for GM, I suggest you interview James Wesley Rawles and everyone should read his book Patriots, DB

        • Greg Hunter

          Working on it. Thank you!

          • AussieAl

            Greg I am not too sure of the correct people in the US as am here in Australia. All I could suggest would be someone who knows whats going on, and will actually lay it on the line to people to actually help themselves.

  44. Silence is Golden

    I have mentioned many times how the Cabal operates behind closed doors and under a veil of secrecy and lies. We are never meant to know what is discussed and then decided…..and yet so few continue to decide for so many.
    I suspect that over the last month or so, we have witnessed an event (hidden) which demonstrates a loss of control by Central Banks. I brought this to the readers attention several weeks back when reference was made to the substantial movement in the TNX.
    Right now the secrecy is coming back to haunt the very same people who follow these Machiavellian practices. The market is “letting out” the secrets. Look to the desperation of the IMF and the EU commission as key indicators as to what will unfold.

    • Greg Hunter

      Spot on SIG!!

  45. foggygoggles

    Forgot to mention that Ben Hunt PhD, Chief Risk Officer at Salient Partners and the author of the newsletter Epsilon Theory, also offers an alternative perspective on the market through the lens of game theory, history, and behavioral analysis. He would make a great guest, and provide a counter balance to all of the fear porn currently pervading the the discussion.

  46. nuclear option

    the escalation in Iraq signals all is not satisfactory
    millions of acres of bitumen and concrete covering the earths surface has to be adding to climate catastrophes

  47. southern girl

    This is a Catholic website, but even they know something is in the wind.

  48. opalboy

    Thanks Greg,
    I just picture in my head, Nero fiddling as Rome burns around him!

  49. southern girl

    Just remembered something else that in the event of a “cyber war” or “bank holiday” your accounts in your bank and credit cards might just disappear or be frozen. I think the SHTF on September 13th, which is a Sunday. They may say that on Monday it is now a “Bank Holiday” and you will not have access to your account but don’t panic. Then they will say that a ” cyber war” by the Chinese just happened over the week-end, of course and has made all the information lost. But don’t panic…yeah right! The bank will say they are lost and you must prove you paid your bills. I go to my bank account and my credit cards and do a print out every couple of weeks. If the bank comes to you and said you have not made a house payment in three months you will have to prove it. I think things will be so ugly we just don’t have a clue.

  50. David

    That the situation is deteriorating should come as no surprise to anyone. The entire system is built on a foundation of quicksand. Money, that is dollars, is created by fiat through the issuance of debt and leveraged by fractional reserve banking practices. As such, all assets denominated in dollars are doomed to failure. Stocks, bonds, doesn’t really matter. All so called experts can talk about how this asset class or that asset class is a safe harbor but in the end there is no safe harbor for any dollar (or any fiat currency) denominated asset. It’s really not that complicated. The only question is how the patient dies. The only truly safe asset classes are food, land, AU & AG. This has been the case for thousands of years and will be again in the near future.

  51. wim

    Hi Greg,
    Like a fugitive in the run. London Heathrow airport is now low capacity for the 5th day.
    After I stated that Queen Elisabeth is almost a big a Devil as former Queen Beastricks of Holland they made a second set up to compromise me, but I didn’ t take the bait, but they will keep trying. The universe starts to target Washington if the American ally lapdog the UK keeps on playing the foul play the Dutch did for over a decade, as I lived in a mental Guantanamo Bay for over a decade by Dutch powerplay abuse, merely sinister corruption. I don’t like to go for powerplay. The English Queen and royals have to resign to save the British people from joining the Dutch in a sort of Armageddon.
    I left the airport for a Guiness outside. I keep you posted. Expect the unexpected.

    • Galaxy 500

      Like a fugitive on the run? I am guessing the people he’s running from are those nice young men in their clean white suits… The ones coming to take him away

  52. Glen

    Gregory Mannarino doesn’t know what is going to happen. He talks about a stock market top. Then he talks about a bond market bubble. Which is it? If the bond market corrects the money has to go somewhere when the selling starts. And, vice versa for the stock market. Where will the money go? And, when will this happen? Who knows? I think the dollar is going to crash. I just don’t know when. We are in some trouble I think. There is going to be a lot of money looking for a home when this collapse happens. The dollar will suffer when this happens.

  53. Galaxy 500

    Here is what a country’s fiat based on debt looks like. 175 quadrillion Zimbabwe gets you $5US.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one man!

    • paul

      Galaxy … I give you a high 5 … I mean 500 (to account for inflation) … wouldn’t it be pure justice to see those who “sold their souls” for paper fiat … and have accumulated huge stashes of US paper dollar Federal Reserve Notes … will one day walk into a bank and get “one silver dollar coin” for every 250 trillion they hold!

  54. NC Gal

    Bill Holter posted at article today that totally confirms what Mannarino is saying about the markets and that the collapse is happening now:

    In the article he quotes Greg Hunter as pointing out that debt is NOT an asset; it’s a LIABILITY, and Holter draws a clear picture of how the collapse will occur as interest rates rise. He also notes the resignation of the two CEOs at Deustchebank and quotes Jim Sinclair about derivatives.

  55. Alissa

    I saw briefly an article in the Tribune about a bond decline (collapse?) in Europe this morning. I looked for it several hours later and it was gone.
    Did anyone else see the article?

  56. Coalburner


    JW Rawles, writer of several books, veteran, Survivalblog founder if you are looking. I have read the blog for years and they are a practical kind of blog.

    IF we could find a legit person to talk Fukushima, that would be great. Many are saying the PAcific Ocean is dieing and the Radiation being dumped at ever higher rates is a possible extinction event. Apparently no-one has a soliution just to stop the contaminated flow into the ocean from the three melted down reactors. This could be bigger than a monetery crisis.

  57. Grafique

    Economic disaster is not the only indicator of the ***LITERAL*** end of this age.
    There are many spiritual and sociological indicators as well.
    Tom Horn is able to elucidate many of these.
    An interview with him would elicit much feedback.

  58. Deanna Johnston Clark

    Lat week we watched “To Hell and Back” again. I’m always struck by Audie Murphy’s shouldering responsibility at 12 for helping his family. When the Mother died and the father ran off, the children were kept together because the oldest sister, married with a family, stepped in. Audie had all his Army pay sent to her.
    We used to have people like that all over the country….can the Starbuck’s kids do that? They may get the chance to prove themselves if Greg M is right.

  59. Mark

    Another good article on the historical madness of central banks money printing by James Turk!

    • Greg Hunter

      Love James Turk! Thank you.

  60. dee garmon

    Greg and Greg, unbeatable combination.
    We love to here from you both.

  61. Paul from CA

    Be careful. As a stock expert, Greg Mannarino is a fantastic Physician’s Assistant. You introduced me to his offerings. It appears his day consists of watching CNBC, doing his medical thing, and providing occasional doom and gloom commentary before the final bell.
    Showing that graph predicts absolutely nothing. You might want to run that mystical graph by Professor Shiller, who, BTW, is a true financial expert and the best

    • Greg Hunter

      I interviewed Dr. Shiller him right after the 2008 crash while at CNN. I referred to the chart in his best-selling book leading up to the 2001 tech bubble. Back then, he said the market was way over valued on an historical basis–same thing in 2008. now it is about 50% higher than it’s last peek. So, yes “run forest run.” Mannarino was also a Bear Stearns floor trader in a past life and still writes research papers for some of the big banks.

    • Greg Hunter

      Shiller is also giving a warning. This is from Forbes only a few days ago: I guess Shiller is watching Mannarino. Don’t come here just to trash people, especially while you use a fake name. Not very brave.

  62. Derrick Michael Reid

    Good interview.
    Blog up an running.

  63. Mike R

    If I only had just $1 for each time Gregory called for essentially the same ‘collapse is now’ situation- I could easily buy me a pair of Allen Edmond’s leather shoes.

    Thing is when a collapse or ‘crash’ becomes this overwhelmingly obvious, it’s usually the time to go way long. Because if its so obvious to us peons, and that includes mr. dark circles around his eyes, then its obvious to all central bankers who will keep on a doing what they have been doing the past 273 times and counting they have intervened in the markets to prevent them from dropping since 2008. Velocity of M2 has been dropping for eons and keeps dropping. So what ? Pretty much any indicator you want to examine, has become entirely irrelevant, when you have EVERY central bank on the planet, racing to debase their currencies. They can keep debasing, far longer than anyone can remain solvent, attempting to guess when these markets might top. Bonds are being exited, and that money is going to keep on flowing into stocks for quite some time. The stock market pales by comparison to the bond markets in terms of sheer amounts of money, or whatever it is you wish to call your favorite flavor of fiat. Personally, my view is the central banks could keep this rotation and flow of digital fiat going for years. They’ll become extremely skilled at it. And if it starts to get a little out of hand, they can go to yet another tier of debt, and that’s SDR’s. The whole debt thing is a big game, and one where these financial wizards have figured out how to keep pulling value from far far into the future, and convincing people its ok to be saddled with debt thats unlikely repayable over the next 3,4, or 5 generations. BY all rights, Japan should have bit the bucket years ago, but yet here they are issuing debt loads of more than 300% of GDP, and there is not any indication whatsoever they intend on stopping anytime soon. This means if you use the same ratios, the US could take its national debt from $18 trillion to $54 trillion, and still no one would seem to mind. Both the US and Japan have reserve currencies, so you can expect them both to pretty much keep going on an unlimited propensity to keep on issuing debt. Doesn’t mean its ‘right’ or ethical, or even prudent to do, but so long as people keep buying debt, then its just not going to be the issue that Gregory makes M2 velocity, or speculation about ‘unserviceability’ any more meaningful than all of the other indicators that have predicted every crash since 2008 that never came to be.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      The collapse is a process–a long one, and it’s picking up speed.

  64. Marvin

    I have been advising others about the impending financial calamity. At every opportunity I encourage others to watch your youtube channel of find your website, and to do their own research. I always caution against listening to those who propagate theories without firm evidence.

    My advice is always to listen carefully to those who offer solid arguments rather than mere speculation or assumptions. Disinformation is simply everywhere and so it is important to test before you buy.

    Unlike others in the industry, you present guests who have both credentials and credibility in their respective fields. Information which flows from these interviews generally stands on its own merit. Simple mathematics are all that are needed to confirm the basic principles on which most realistic arguments about the state of the economy rests.

    Anyone who has ever owned a business will certainly understand what it means to have a liquidity crisis. As a former specialized business financing consultant, I helped many struggling businesses resolve such issues. The basic concepts apply to any enterprise regardless of size.

    Further to that point, as a former employer I also intimately understand what it means to have to make payroll every second week. There is no mystery and no magic in basic generally accepted principles of accounting.

    Bad business practice is bad business practice. The honest truth is that governments have been allowed to be irresponsible and to conduct themselves by standards which will never be accepted in any legitimate business concern. Such is also the case for major banks, and specifically central banks.

    These facts are not disputable, as so many of your guests point out so well. Those who argue against these points simply ignore the root problem. They would have us believe that one can solve these basic issue by rearranging the deck chairs after the ship was already sinking.

    So many exceptional experts on your program have brought to light the clear and present danger of imminent financial collapse their conscious leaves no doubt. The trigger which will set the whole thing in motion is really the only point of debate.

    A looming question which does arise is if this crisis has been engineered. That can of worms I will leave for another time.

    One thing seems entirely certain to me. Most people I tell about this are either dismissive or confused. Almost without exception, they are fully unprepared. That is the most frightening fact of all.

  65. Rocky

    Greg you are generating emotional fear. I track the market for individuals and I can tell you as June 30, 2015 there is no sell signal in the market yet. There will be a sell signal at some point in the future, but it isn’t today. Invest to what is happening now not what you think is going to happen. But, I can say that it is not a good time to be entering the market.

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