Today Looks Like Just Before 2000 Dotcom Crash – Charles Hugh Smith

By Greg Hunter’s

Journalist and book author Charles Hugh Smith says the next market crash and recession will unfold like the bursting of the 2000 Dotcom bubble. Smith explains, “The bubble popped or deflated not for any crisis, but simply because there was too much debt, too much leverage, too much euphoria and unrealistic valuations. I think we are seeing that now in stocks, housing and a lot of other assets around the world. The valuations just exceed what makes financial sense. . . . And remember, we are at the longest expansion in history. It’s over 10 years, and the average expansion lasts 5, 6 or 7 years. So, this expansion is pretty long in tooth. . . . You will get a slowdown, and that is a self-reinforcing feedback loop. Once people stop buying houses and once people stop buying cars . . . then you are going to get people being laid off, less people being able to afford to eat out, and then you get a self-reinforcing recession. It’s not a crisis, but like an erosion because everybody is kind of tapped out.”

Recently, President Trump and his economic advisors have been talking up rate cuts and money printing to help the economy. Are they seeing a slowdown coming? Smith, who has written 12 financial oriented books, says, “I think they do, and I think that’s the only reasonable explanation for why they are talking about rate cuts when the employment is strong and the economy is looking good by many factors. Why would they want cheaper money unless they see the slowdown in auto sales, and they see the slowdown in housing, and they see a slowdown with all the things where you have to borrow a lot of money to make it work.”

Can team Trump keep the economy going until after the 2020 election? Smith says, “I think you are pushing a little bit on a string to get a 10 year long expansion to stretch out to 12 years. It’s like you are pushing sand uphill at some point. . . . Inflation is roaring in assets. Housing is unaffordable in many areas, and the stock market is at nosebleed levels. So, it’s kind of hard to say we are going to get another two years of growth, but I don’t think anybody can say it can’t happen. What we can say is debt levels are rising at a much faster rate than earned income. That’s where you are going to get a reset at some point. As costs go up and debt levels go up, then lowering interest rates gives you a little leeway, but only for awhile.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Charles Hugh Smith, founder of the popular website

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Thanks Greg.

    This is the greatest ‘fleece’ of all time, drown us in debt and force us to pay back the elite for an eternity.

    Yes we are fixing their mistakes.

  2. Anthony Australia

    Australian and Canadian housing updates.

    “Timber, Look out below”

  3. Jerry

    It now appears that President Trump is preventing the petrodollar from collapse by positioning U.S. troops off the shores of Yemen in support of the Saudis.

    • Jerry

      Do you remember this little threat a few weeks ago?

      Thank you Henry Kissinger. This is what happens when you back worthless paper with someone else’s natural resources. The dirty little secret is the Saudis have already cut a deal with the Chinese to sell their oil for gold. Ain’t it great? America being blackmailed to support a bunch of Islamic gabba the huts.

    • uncommon sense

      Yep, I guess the fact that ISIS just murdered a few hundred Christians doesn’t bother him too much. Trump has decided to align himself with the Sunni Muslims.

  4. Jerry

    This presents a good case of why you should home school.×320/D2NzdBet71hQdh-1.mp4?tag=8

  5. ConcAmDad

    From zerohedge:Hillary Outlines “Roadmap” To Trump Impeachment, Says “Anyone Else Would Have Been Indicted”……. still waiting for the truth bombs….

  6. Rob

    I am with you Greg in that I think they are going to push this expansion to the end of 2020. Right after Trump is elected to his second term the world will suddenly get 20/20 vision as to the global bankruptcy he was “chosen” to oversee!

    This pushing the global system through QE expansion to its very limits will set in motion the vision our Father gave David Wilkerson:

    This global collapse of all fiat currencies will set in motion the first four seals that our Father gives Jesus to open during the 1st half of the tribulation possibly as soon as 2022:

    1st seal ~ white horse ~ manchild ~ Moses was a type! ~ possibly 2022
    2nd seal ~ red horse ~ peace taken from the earth ~ possibly 2023
    3rd seal ~ black horse ~ famine from both inflation and crop failure ~ possibly 2024
    4th seal ~ pale horse ~ death that follows those 3 horses ~ possibly 2025

    Even our government websites predict much loss of life in the more industrialized nations of the world by 2025:

    Most people believe a mark such as a RFID chip needs to be inserted within the body but this mark is spiritual and has to do with who you give your “mind” (forehead) to:

    Philippians 3:13-21 Brethren, I count not myself yet to have laid hold: but one thing I do, forgetting the things which are behind, and stretching forward to the things which are before. (14) I press on toward the goal unto the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus. (15) Let us therefore, as many as are perfect, be thus minded: and if in anything ye are otherwise minded, this also shall God reveal unto you: (16) only, whereunto we have attained, by that same rule let us walk. (17) Brethren, be ye imitators together of me, and mark them that so walk even as ye have us for an ensample. (18) For many walk, of whom I told you often, and now tell you even weeping, that they are the enemies of the cross of Christ: (19) whose end is perdition, whose god is the belly, and whose glory is in their shame, who mind earthly things. (20) For our citizenship is in heaven; whence also we wait for a Saviour, the Lord Jesus Christ: (21) who shall fashion anew the body of our humiliation, that it may be conformed to the body of his glory, according to the working whereby he is able even to subject all things unto himself.

    We are commanded to have the mind of Christ but those Christians who mind earthly things are becoming the enemies of Christ as Judas Iscariot became:

  7. john duffy

    This should be required reading in all schools:

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Why are critical thinking skills and actual history virtually ignored in the public school system? Answer, it runs counter to the great “dumbing down” of America. Education is all about teaching the young minds of mush what to think; not how to think! Thanks for the article. SOD

  8. paul ...

    Smith seems to have it right … “the bubble will pop as valuations are unreal” … we see an economy where retailers have already shuttered more stores so far in 2019 than they did in all of 2018 (shattering the all-time record for store closures in a single year by more than 50 percent already) … we can try to blame all the store closings on everyone doing internet commerce … but such commerce “is not expanding as fast” as brick and mortar stores are closing … so if the US economy was really “booming” as Trump says “this simply wouldn’t be happening” … what is happening “is precisely what would occur if the US economy was heading into a recession as Smith says … again … a bi-polar dichotomy glares out … we have Trump (rightly) railing against the fake news media for their manipulation of the public with their false narratives … but then Trump does exactly the same thing “with what seems to be an equally false economic narrative”?? … Trump’s intent could be well meaning … but isn’t trying to manipulate public perception in such a way (to produce a turnaround by shaping reality) doing exactly what the fake news media does?? … but I give Trump a pass on this one because “over time” Trump will be right and Smith will turn out to be wrong … as a more dovish Fed “with enough money printing and the lowering of rates” could push “these truly insane markets” higher still along with gold that also responds to a more dovish Fed (just not immediately)!!!

    • brvalentine

      Well said Paul.

  9. Chip

    Great interview Greg and Charles. I’ve read a couple of CHS books and they lay out the problems but also offer some solutions. Very intelligent guy.

    Concerning the media, read this story of an exchange between two acquaintances. One a well informed blogger like those of us here, the other, completely indoctrinated and fully brain washed by the MSM. If you want to know why and how the MSM continues to get away with being a lying, progressive, propaganda mouth piece of the democrat party, read this exchange…


  10. paul ...

    Trump could be on shaky ground in the Supreme Court trying to defend “his right to declare war” which is not granted to him in the Constitution … Constitutionally Trump has the right “to command” the Armed Forces of America to attack another Nation “but only after” Congress declares war on that Nation (Congress has not declared war on Yemen yet)!!! …

    • paul ...

      And lawyer that she is … look who is calling for Trump’s impeachment … “that nice lady” Trump will not arrested!! …

      • paul ...

        Giuliani pretends to lash out at Hillary Clinton … but read between the lines … what he is actually saying is that “Hillary will not be arrested by Trump” … Giuliani says: “I encourage Hillary to get very involved in the 2020 election” … now what does that mean?? … she is going to be “allowed to roam free to get involved in the 2020 election” while Assange is locked up??? … who is really in charge at the White House? … neocon Pompeo?? … who probably ill advised Trump to veto the Congressional Resolution on Yemen in order to get him impeached!!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Paul, he’s being sarcastic. He’s highlighting the fact she lost even though Obama and Dems tried to rig it.

      • Greg Hunter

        This is all Hillary has got to try and keep her from jail. It ain’t going to work.

        • H. Craig Bradley


          Hillary will have a stroke and fall down, breaking a hip or other bone before she ever goes to jail. God truly has mysterious ways that we can not comprehend. Nevertheless, no jail for the dynamic duo: Bill & Hillary Clinton. They are part of the elite and are fully protected from the fate of mere “criminals”, sorry to say.

        • George

          Hi Greg. Never going to happen. The Controllers will never allow it. She has done some very evil things for them. She is above the law and protected by the Controllers.

          • Greg Hunter

            U Sure about that?

            • Shadow of Doubt

              It could never happen Greg! (sarcasm),
              If you recall the French nobility they also had a damn good run fleecing and stomping on the Third Estate (the commoners) and never gave a second thought to an accounting ever coming their way. Then lo and behold in 1789– the unthinkable happened. SOD

            • Jerry

              He’d better pull the trigger soon, or it won’t matter.

              The Chinese art of war, roper doper style, eventually loses its effectiveness. It’s time to act. NOW!

        • Mike R

          Biden is only running as a front man for Hillary. You watch. He is going to select Hillary as his VP. He’s got a 30 point advantage over everyone in the dem field.
          After he’s Potus, then figure in a few months he’ll resign for ‘health reasons.’ Wala. Hillary sneaks her way into the POTUS, as she is eminently unelectable as a Presidential candidate. Biden beats Trump in a lot of polls. Trump knows this so he’s gonna force Powell to cut rates right up all the way through to the election to keep the stock markets super goosed. Then it all falls apart after Biden/Shillary rig elections (again) to become the Potus elect.

          Then all hell breaks loose.

          • Greg Hunter

            Mike R,
            Please don’t fall for the “30 point advantage ” crap. This is the same psyop they used with Hillary and we all know how that turned out.

  11. paul ...

    After allowing a “Crusades in Reverse” into Europe (after bombing the hell out of the Middle East killing and slaughtering millions in Iraq, Syria, Palestine, Yemen, Libya, etc., etc. the West now denounces “growing Islamic violence against the Christians” (who invaded their homes and countries to do regime changes)???? … seems to fit the globalist agenda “to create chaos” in order to more easily bring about acceptance of a New World Order!!!

    • Mohammad


      You nailed it,
      Chaos in order.


      • paul ...

        Yes Mohammad … the OLD WORLD ORDER to the globalists was like a chocolate candy bar with the word PEACE written upon it … to remold the chocolate candy bar so as to have CONTINUAL WAR written upon it … it must be melted down in the fire of CHAOS … then allowed to set into a NEW WORLD ORDER … where the Military/Industrial/Bankster/Fake News Media Complex can make infinite amounts of fiat dollars for themselves … so they can live like Kings off the labor of Slaves!!

        • Mohammad


          Let me correct the last phrase if I may:
          “so they can live like Kings off the labor of Slaves!!”

          They are not kings, and they do not live king’s life not even the queen of England.
          I would never ever want to be in the elite’s shoes for one second.
          They pay a hefty price to reach where they are, that price is selling their soul to the devil, so they can do whatever the devil asks them to do, actually THEY ARE THE SLAVES to their dark master.


          • paul ...

            I like your correction Mohammad!!

      • Tin foil hat

        paul …
        ” seems to fit the globalist agenda “to create chaos” in order to more easily bring about acceptance of a New World Order!!!”

        You almost connected the dots but didn’t do it for whatever reason. The globalist agenda is bring about acceptance of absolute “SUBMISSION” via the following:
        Financial – control of the new global reserve currency
        Surveillance – social behavior control
        Religion – the Catholic church is losing control in the Information Age (folks like me are not relying on the church to read/define the Bible), Islam is much more suited for total control with Sharia.

      • Tin foil hat

        I don’t understand why you can’t see or refusing to see that sharia loving Muslims are part of this chaos in order.
        If you started an IslamWatchdog blog, what entity will be the equivalent of the Deep Stste/banksters?
        Not one American here supports the banksters. How many Muslim would reject sharia which is the equivalent of the Deep State in that blog?

  12. iwitness02

    For me, this is another new name, and another new body of work to discover. I very much enjoyed this interview with Charles Smith.
    I like his simple observation: “they see a slowdown with all the things where you have to borrow a lot of money to make it work.” My small household can now longer afford any sort of credit. We can pay as we go, but there is no room to take on a payment for something bought on credit. We would love to have a new pickup truck, but instead, I go to NAPA and keep the old one going. Bottom line on this, is the fact that we are still happy and satisfied with our lot in life. We have love in our home, and love in our family, and Jesus in our hearts. We are doing fine. Within the confines of our little place, life is good.

  13. H. Craig Bradley


    Its more than a resemblance of the past- what is going on in global finance is unprecedented in all of recorded History, according to economics Martin A. Armstrong.

  14. Da Yooper

    Interesting interview Greg

    Greg the democrats will rely on voter fraud to win in 2020. I hate to beat a dead horse buttttt ………..after what I saw in the Michigan midterms where democrats took over. Trump better fix this or he is toast.

    It makes me crazy when so-called prolific writers like Charles Hugh Smith refer to America as a democracy , only LIBERALS refer to America as such. Democracy is nothing but 2 wolves & a sheep voting about what is for dinner. In other words …mob rule. Greg why didnt you call him out on that?

    • BobT

      Exactly. America is NOT a Democracy and NEVER has been. It always was, is, and always will be a Republic.

      • Da Yooper

        Correct Bob T

        I must say it bothers me when people who know better let liberals slide by with their promoting the lie that the USA as a “democracy ” when it is not.

  15. George

    There are only two ways to conquer any nation.
    1. By the Sword.
    2. By Debt.

    The USA ceased to exist except by name only on December 24, 1913.

    • Me....

      George…. I agree and would add one other nation conquering strategy and that would be uncontrolled population displacement invasions like our current situation. The Native American Indians are one example.

  16. Me....

    Hi, USAWATCHDOG .. Greg, …A good guest although I and many other Watchdogs I think would like to hear the proper descriptive word used for our type of government and hope you might correct them on their accidental mistake or in some cases intentional use of “DEMOCRACY” which is incorrect because we have a “Republic” form of government as Ben Franklin stated… “if you can keep it” which is totally different than the “Democracy” the left likes to try to promote. Thanks Greg, and keep up the good work!

  17. Alastair Carnegie

    Nice and simple. here is something even more simple:- Suppose a SUV automobile is powered by a 50 kW NO FUEL Generator. (These have existed a loooong time already) Suppose this SUV is on the road 4 hours in every day. The other 20 hours a day it is plugged in delivering Electricity to the grid at variable tariff. low ot ‘off peak’ high at ‘peak demand’. Let us just assume an average of 6 cents a unit. Do some very simple mathematics to understand that the consumer will earn $22K per annum $44K for a two car Family) from his SUV. with plenty to spare for covering the various ‘service’ costs. Insurance, Finance, Maintenance, Road Tax, etc. … So my question is:- “Why hold this irrational dogma, prejudiced from ignorance, about “Free Stuff’? Please do some genuine journalism and discover this truth! ……(Edit:- To help our friend Greg Hunter, please note that circa August 2009 I uploaded my only YouTube Video, a Chaos Pendulum we discovered when dismantling a Magnetic Gear Metrology Test Rig in very basic form. back then I was “WarzSchoolchild” a pun on Schwarzschild Radius a tribute to Stephen Hawking, who sent me Mathematics Papers to Peer Review and occasionally correct. (TRUE) …. This is the Drive Motor we intend for Formula-E Racing. Stephen Hawking asked Charles Fox Author of the blockbuster “Great Racing Drivers and Their Drivers” to Ghost Write “Brief History of Time”. James was the Son of our District Commissioner at Nakuru, in Kenya, a very old family friend. James Fox was also in a wheelchair. He followed up with “Portrait in Oils” all about corruption in the Oil Industry, suppressing FREE ENERGY like J.P. Morgan scrapped Nikola Tesla. etc. So Check out THE most efficient, compact, high torque, no wear, no moving surface contact, no breakable part electromechanical device ever manufactured.) ENJOY HERE:-

    • William Stanley

      Using your assumptions, I agree that the annual revenue is almost $22,000 per year per car. However, I’m unclear where you got your “free” energy and how much money the 50 kW car and its associated costs would be . . . and why don’t the electric utilities use this “free” energy?
      (However, here is a back of the envelope calculation for “home-cooked” solar power: 100 Amp-hour batteries cost about $100. Deep cycle batteries can only be discharged about 60% to keep the number of cycles from deteriorating too quickly. Let’s assume that 50 kW power output over 20 hours requires 1,000,000 Watt-hours, or about 80,000 Amp-hours at 12.5 Amps. One battery provides about 60 Amp-hours 0f service at 12.5 volts. That’s 1,333 batteries (not counting, of course, the energy use in operating the car). If batteries cost $100, that’s about $133,333 for the batteries. And they would have to be replaced about every two years or so, since they can only be recharged 500 or a 1000 times . . . assuming inexpensive batteries. Let’s generously assume the batteries have to be replaced only every 3 years at half-cost, accounting for the trade in; that’s $22,222 per year. Oops.
      Now, mind you, we still haven’t gotten to the cost of the “free” electricity to charge the batteries. If you assume solar power at 5 good sunny hours per day (a generous estimate in some climes and seasons, and ignoring the possibility of a few rainy/cloudy days in a row), you’d need about a 200,000 watt solar array. At $.50 per watt of solar power capacity, that works out to about another $100,000 for the solar collectors; assuming a life of 20 years, that works out to about $5,000 per year.
      Now, all of this assumes away maintenance costs etc. and the time value of money as well as the cost of the land/roof-top upon which to place the solar arrays. However, at 10 square feet per 100 watts, that works out to about 20,000 square feet, or a rectangle 200 x 100 ft., which is almost a half acre.
      Your assumptions may differ.)

      • paul ...

        William … Why don’t we use the “free energy” technique used by the ancient advanced civilization that built the pyramids in Egypt and elsewhere … the way that advanced race used their pyramids was to generate electrical energy using crystals (i.e red granite) and subjecting it to Earth’s natural vibration pressure (i.e. the piezoelectric effect) … the small voltage produced (less then 2 volts) was then used to disassociate water (i.e. electrolysis takes place at only 1.2 to 1.5 volts) … all the hydrogen gas produced can then be stored (i.e. in a platinum/carbide matrix) and then used to run our cars “for free” (by either burning the H2 gas in combustion engines or passed the H2 gas through a fuel cell to produce the electricity to run electric cars) … if homeowners today would build their own crystal hydrogen generator they could get off the grid without using very costly solar panels and batteries (which only work while the Sun shines) … remember the Earth vibrates “both night and day” at a frequency of 438 vibrations per second … which charges our atmosphere … why not put a long wire in the air so we can capture this “free energy” (the way Tesla did) … and build ourselves a simple “crystal radio” (see diagram) to capture this “free Earth generated energy” … but instead of putting headphones at the positive and negative output … put the positive and negative leads into pure water (with a drop of electrolyte like vinegar) and start producing “free” hydrogen (and oxygen) gas!! …

        • paul ...

          Ideally … electrolysis of water (the decomposition of water into oxygen and hydrogen gas due to the passage of an electric current) requires a potential difference of 1.23 volts to split the water into “free energy” for all mankind … however the greedy oil, gas and electric corporations want to “sell us” what God gave to mankind for free (and what Tesla wanted to make available to the world for free) … it’s about time we take back our birth right … and put the energy oligarchs (i.e like the Saudi’s, etc, etc.) out of business!!

          • paul ...

            Alastair’s permanent magnet “free energy” generator could provide some use … remember however … permanent magnets “eventually lose their magnetism” under a constant load over a relatively short span of time … better to do “as the ancients did” and produce “free” hydrogen!!! …

          • William Stanley

            paul . . .,
            The problem is that the word “free” has several meanings. It takes economic resources to produce “free energy.” In other words “free energy” isn’t free. There are no free lunches . . . which is not the same thing as denying that some lunches are more costly than others.

            • paul ...

              Yes … William … even our Nation’s freedom depends on abiding by an agreed upon Constitution (which has personal costs) … hard to accomplish in a land where the majority in control want to steal everything and get a free lunch!!

  18. JC

    The bomb blasts began at 08:45 in the Colombo, Sri Lanka Time Zone.
    In New York City and Washington D.C. it was April 20th, 2019, 23:15. Therefore, this is definitely a Ritual Attack by Nostradamus’ Pagan Sect of New Infidels on April 20th, 2019. (April 20th is Hitler’s birthday)

  19. iwitness02

    This could be a game changer the MSM. Interesting read.

  20. Coalburner

    Dear Greg; For the end of the worlders! Ritual killings, maybe. himans are a messed up lot. I am not buying the end of the world. This has happened many times in history and will keep happening. The question is always what comes out the other end of the turmoil. Hopefully still enough Constitutionalism to have a Republic for another couple of hundred years.

  21. Anthony Australia

    The magic inflation numbers proven to be a hoax.

  22. Spurr

    What Mr Smith say is all very good and makes a lot of sense but he forgets everything is rigged unlike in 2000. Trump is unable to accept a stock market downfall…we saw this last fall… he’s got things rigged down to a science now! There will not be a huge market crash and there will not be the demise of the mighty American dollar and neither will there be a reset. The US controls everything! You cannot force something down the US throat short of going to war and this is where it’s going…WAR!

  23. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Democracy is government by force and fraud.

  24. Tod

    The terms UN Agenda 21 and Agenda 30 could have easily been used within this interview numerous times. Policy makers where I live here on the west coast of Canada are realllly pushing for extreme social and municipal changes to be in place over the next eleven years. We’ve bought it hook, line and sinker. Another term to do some serious research on is Technocracy. Greg, sniff out Patrick Wood for an interview to explain the tri lateral commission and the technocracy movement currently underway. I see it everywhere.

  25. Jerry

    I know you are as exhausted as I am waiting for redemption from the lucuferians, but something is apparently getting ready to happen. Even though I have not heard it from my sources, there is apparently massive troop movements currently taking place inside the United States.

    Since we have no real news, I can only speculate that since military units have already been deployed to the Mexican border over the last six months, this movement is in preparation for something else?
    Possibly civil unrest, in relation to coming deep state arrest. I’ve yet to hear anything, so I really don’t know. But, the movements are large enough that Russian spy planes flying over the United States have released information siting this activity to international media sources. Like everything else. It’s all speculation.

  26. Bill

    GREG: Kate Smith;
    For major league baseball to remove her National Anthem is a travesty, their criticizing her for words of a song she sang. That coming from an organization whose history is rife with racism and prejudice for so many years.

  27. Green Lantern

    Greg and Patriots: This is an essential read and connects a number of dots. Too much info is here to warrant just one read through. If this were a novel, it would be a best seller, yet the reality of it as reality is more disturbing.

  28. Open Eyes

    I had a couple of spiritual attacks last night. At 2 A.M., I heard a humming sound outside my window. It lasted for a few minutes then went away. I know it’s not an airplane motor because the sound never got closer then farther. The closest thing it sounds like is the hum of an electric fan but pretty loud. The crucifixes on my outside doors protected me again. I think this attack occurred because I made a friend aware (via The Vigilant Citizen) of the entertainment industry greatly being under the control of satanists.

    Greg Hunter, I watch some of Greg Mannarino’s videos. He had a really flippant attitude towards making the sign of the cross in his last video. You can tell him the next time you talk to him that he has that attitude because he’s never had to fight a demon in his entire life whereas others fight them on a regular basis.

  29. Open Eyes

    On this webpage there are pictures of Barack Obama and Bill Clinton making the devil’s hand gesture. George Bush Jr. is doing something similar but it’s probably just Texas hook’em horns (cattle horns). So, since I saw a Nancy Pelosi picture making the same hand gesture (on Zero Hedge) are we witnessing a literal battle between God and Satan in the halls of power?

    • Open Eyes

      Actually, I remember I saw the Pelosi photo on Drudge Report.

  30. paul ...

    I’m not so sure the Kim/Putin Summit was a success … would American Patriots consider it “a success” to have their 2nd Amendment right taken away if they were simply given a security guarantee by a government??? … and Putin “should know better” … he trusted in a guarantee that NATO would not advance one inch closer to Russia (and now he has nuclear weapons in Poland)!! … perhaps (like a homeowner who can’t fight a world war all by himself but is Constitutionally granted the right to own “a gun”) N. Korea should perhaps be granted the right to own one or two nuclear tipped missiles (so it won’t feel so naked in the face of a criminal intruder)!! …

  31. paul ...

    Breaking News: World renowned expert (Bostrom) believes the only thing that can save humanity “is government” … after everyone stops laughing … let me conjecture … a total surveillance state will result in the complete absence of free speech and free thought … the population would become so dumbed down they will never have the ability to even choose a “black ball” … so Bostrom’s “solution” to preserve civilization is to make life not worth living … which effectively “is choosing the black ball” he is seeking desperately to avoid!!! …

  32. paul ...

    The suckers who reside in Disney fairyland and wait in long lines to buy their crypto tickets to experience a thrill … just experienced “another exhilarating ride” !!!

  33. paul ...

    OK … but shouldn’t a distinction be made by the Supreme Court?? … individual citizens “can impose sanctions” on Nations by not buying their products (as a federal court has held that according to the Constitution to deny a US citizen the right to boycott unconstitutionally infringes upon their First Amendment right to bring about political, social, and economic change) … however … isn’t the President of the United States “limited in imposing sanctions”?? … because imposing sanctions on Nations is “economic warfare” … and Constitutionally a President shouldn’t be able to start an economic war with any Nation (which could easily lead to military confligration) without approval from Congress!! …

  34. al

    I follow Charles H. Smith from time to time. His commentary is very good and accurate, however he understates some things. According to John Williams and taking stagnant wages in to consideration, we have been under severe inflation for 10 years already at close to 10% per year respectively.

    Charles is very aware of what is going on and spot on when it comes to political views. I really enjoyed his comments on this interview.

    As for A.I., as a programmer I’m here to tell you that it’s a marketing term. Intelligence is more than an elaborate layered database running multi dimensional conditional statements (if this then that). That’s what the “do more evil” google people have as well as facebroke and twithead.
    If you study intelligence you see that it emanates from many areas including emotion and intuition. No algo will ever match what God created.
    Computers compile information.

    Thanks Greg for having Charles on

    • paul ...

      al … if an AI computer was given a gun … and the 10 Commandments to judge who should be shot … we would likely have less people on Earth then even the Georgia Guidestones provide for!! … programming judgement (a characteristic endowed by God into man) allows for “free will” … so what the AI programmers must do is give an AI computer a gun and then allow “it” to make the decision on which people to kill based solely upon what “it” feels is right … sort of like what our politicians do when they decide who to do a regime change on!!

  35. Joe

    Greg, sorry, not telling you how to do your job. But can you make sure your volume level is in sync with your guests’? I am having to turn you up and Charles Hugh Smith down.

    • Greg Hunter

      I had problems on Smith’s end with a automatic audio booster I could not turn off. n (Smith says he will get it removed on his end next time.) It’s amazing this turns out as good as it does and the best part is It’s Free!!!! (By the way, you are telling me how to do my job.)

      • Joe

        Ok, sorry. No offense intended.

        To tell you the truth, I’m on a short fuse today and ironically (or maybe not so ironically) it has to do with what you and your guest talked about.

        Just found out the city council where I live is looking at two tax increases and as your guest said it goes to the unfunded pension liabilities!

        Where I live over 20% of the residents live in poverty and the local bureaucrats have pensions worth millions each. And the roads are third world (full of pot holes, cracks, etc.). Plus we are being over-run by homeless, most of whom are mentally ill and/or criminals.

        The city council won’t do anything about all that but the sure as Hell will raise our taxes!

        Anyway, great interview and hope to hear from the guest again. Also, would be interested if you did a show on the unfunded pension liabilities because it’s a big problem. It is devouring the community I live in.

        • Greg Hunter

          I really try to get it right. I have to hire tech people all the time to help me out. I don’t say anything about this because tech problems are simply part of the business and so I don’t like to whine and complain. We are good man and thank you for your support!!

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