Trump Border, DOJ FBI Indictments Coming, Big Bank Bankruptcy

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 340 6.22.18)

The Democrats and their mainstream media (MSM) lackeys are grasping at straws with the border battle with Trump. The vast majority of Americans want immigration enforcement, not more illegal immigration, which comes with a high price tag in the form of welfare.

All the attention the MSM put on the phony issue of children separated from their parents at the border was just a diversion for the story they did not want to cover, and that was the bombshell Inspector General (IG) report that came out this week. Top people in the FBI and DOJ are in serious legal trouble in the biggest fraud abuse of power and treason scandal in American history.

Deutsche Bank (DB) is signaling big troubles again. Its share price is hitting record lows again and is off by more than 40% this year alone. DB is one of the biggest banks in the world and is designated the most systemically dangerous by the IMF. Could a DB bankruptcy start another financial meltdown just like Lehman Brothers did in 2008? It looks like we will soon find out.

Join Greg Hunter as analyzes these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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  1. Ida May

    New Heart English Bible
    Be wise, my son, and bring joy to my heart, then I can answer my tormentor.​—Prov. 27:11.
    According to Satan, no one serves God out of unselfish love. (Job 2:4, 5) Has Satan changed since he made that claim? Not at all! When he was ousted from heaven, Satan was still called the accuser of our brother’s and sister, ‘“For the one who stood before our God and accused believers day and night has been thrown out of heaven.” (Rev. 12:10 Good News Translation) Satan has not forgotten the issue of integrity. He is eager to see us surrender to our trial and withdraw our support of God’s sovereignty. When you struggle with adversity, therefore, imagine this invisible scene. Satan and his demons are on one side, pointing to your struggles and alleging that you will buckle under the pressure and give up. On the other side are God our father, his reigning Son, the resurrected anointed, and myriads of angels. They are cheering you on, delighted by your endurance and support of God’s sovereignty. You can take personally the beginning scripture of this comment!

    God’s Word Translation
    Sensible people foresee trouble and hide. Gullible people go ahead [and] suffer._Proverbs 27:12

    • Andre

      Ida May
      Is it possible that there is a war on the Word of God? Certainly is. Rome first forbade the Bible, then burned them. These didn’t work. Is it possible that they found a better way? How about changing the Word and corrupting it so people wouldn’t know. Some small changes first, a word here, a comma there and over time you would have a different gospel. Ecumenical gospel that may fit everybody. But what happens to Jesus?

      John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. KJV

      Great lecture on it is here:

      • This sceptred Isle

        What are your views on the Council of Nicea. Was this Constantine editing the bible?

        • This sceptred Isle

          I think the pagans realised that burning and murdering Christians in Rome was not stopping the spread of Christianity so they took over Christianity instead by creating Roman Catholicism.

          • Greg Hunter

            History says otherwise. I would not take much of what you say about Christ or Christianity to be true because you are an unrepentant atheist clinging to a black hole of nothingness.

            • Kevin

              And you are clinging to a fairytale book….Please give me one example of anything in the bible that couldmt have been thought up and put on paper by man…Good luck because you wont find it….

              • Greg Hunter

                I can find it, but you will chose not to believe. So why should I bother? You are lost in a loveless black hole of nothingness. Seek Christ- feel loved.

              • art burgner

                The US is getting ready to invade. Very soon the Navy will relocate 5 super-carriers to both Mexican coasts. Marines are moving thousands of troops out of Norway and will join the fleet. Lopez is an outright Marxist and will Nationalize the Oil Companies. Right now Monterrey has over a million Americans living there and hundreds of American corporations.

                • Greg Hunter

                  This is new to me.

                  • Charles H


                    This is all hoowy – except for Lopez Obrador. Monterrey hasn’t many Americans there; only some companies and employees. This is fear porn in pure form.

            • Kevin

              Do you believe that your God intervenes in the lives of his believers? Help some but not others? Only 3 answers to why God allows suffering to people every second of every day…..1…He doesnt exist…2 He isn’t capable of doing anything about it it…3..He doesnt care to….Thats it!!! Whats your answer?

              • Greg Hunter

                There are only 2 answers for why you would write something like this. You are too small minded to realize God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ exists. Writing something this uneducated is a way for you to justify the denial of Christ and His Father. It’s so funny that pompous atheists like to look towards science to prove their point, but when it is fact that everything about Christ can be scientifically sourced and proven atheists chose to ignore science. Prediction: at some point you will believe in Christ. Mark my words.

                • Charles H

                  Those in Eternity DO believe: because they there understand their unchangeable destiny, albeit too late.

              • TooBadSoSad

                I believe in air but I can’t see it. I can only feel it.
                Start there.
                BUT for me I see God everywhere, like it or not.
                Oh but atheists would not understand. I guess the world evolved out of nothing, is nothing and will end up nothing to an atheist.

            • This sceptred Isle

              What is all this praying to saints about then? This sounds like necromancy to me. Why are Catholics praying to dead people if the bible says Jesus is the only way?
              Again they are indulging in pagan practices but calling the spirits Saints in order to make it sound more Christian.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are an atheist. According to you we both believe in nothing . Why do you care? You are comfortable in your black hole of nothingness and nothing I say will enlighten you.

              • Charles H


                Please don’t use a false issue to disqualify a true one. The status of “saints” is false. Jesus Christ is God Himself: and the only One to Whom prayers belong. Catholicism is removed from Christianity.

                • Occasnltrvlr

                  Haven’t you ever asked anyone to pray for you?

                  “…I ask all the angels and saints, and you, my brothers and sisters, to pray for me to the Lord our God.”

                  No, Charles H., you are removed from critical theology.

        • Andre

          Caesar Flavius Constantine was a sun worshiper, the sun god Mitra. He was not a Christian. There is a great documentary on him on youtube with archeological backing. Rome accepted Mithraism and Catholicism is just that. I didn’t study extensively this topic to take a stand on your question but I would refer you to Walter Veith lectures on it:

          • This sceptred Isle

            oh yes this guy is good!

          • Occasnltrvlr

            Newsflash, pal, it’s the protestants with the Easter eggs in their churches, not the Roman Catholics.

            Study a little harder, next time.

      • susan

        Best to read it from the Konai Greek. Studied it for years and I laugh to listen to all the so-called Bible experts. Then go on to the Septuagint. Then you shall learn a thing or two.

        • Andre

          One can surely find a “scripture” out there for very taste that fit you. Bible is written the way so unbelievers would not be able to understand. And it is written so to protect the Scripture. Imagine rulers learning that prophecy in the Scripture predicts demise of their kingdoms. What they would do? They would try to destroy it.
          If you want to learn what Scripture has not been altered watch the videos I posted the link to. Walter Veith PhD has doctorate on evolution!!! It is a large topic. Only for seriously interested – 3hours total. But if you are just a scoffer, don’t even bother. Just keep writing more of your pathetic posts wasting your time.

    • Robert Zionist Lykens

      Ida May,
      As we can see from this passage in Zechariah, our filthy garments/sins are taken away and we are clothed in clean garments/the righteousness of Christ.
      Satan is always present as we stand before God, accusing us and pointing out our sins. However, the redemption of Christ overcomes the accusations of Satan and we are justified by the Wonderful Blood of Jesus Christ!

      “Then he showed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the LORD, and Satan standing at his right hand to accuse him.
      And the LORD said to Satan, “The LORD rebuke you, O Satan! The LORD who has chosen Jerusalem rebuke you! Is not this a brand plucked from the fire?”
      Now Joshua was standing before the angel, clothed with filthy garments.
      And the angel said to those who were standing before him, “Remove the filthy garments from him.” And to him he said, “Behold, I have taken your iniquity away from you, and I will clothe you with pure vestments.”
      And I said, “Let them put a clean turban on his head.” So they put a clean turban on his head and clothed him with garments.”
      Zechariah 3:1-5

    • Paul ...

      Ida May … good quote [“Sensible people foresee trouble and hide. Gullible people go ahead [and] suffer._Proverbs 27:12”] … crooks have such gullible people in mind when they go into their various “Tulip Bulb” selling businesses and sell them fake things (just like the MSN cult of crooks that deal in “mind control”) … such crooks get together to sell a computer generated “fake” coin, or roll out a fake news story on computer controlled printing press, etc. to fund their fraudulent business model and collect billions of dollars from “gullible people” willing to buy their Initial Coin Offerings (ICO’s) or their fake news papers … the beauty of selling ICO’s in their fraudulent companies (instead of stock certificates) is that they are unregulated by the SEC (right now) … however … soon all these “unregistered coins” will strangle the crooks and put them behind bars in this world and bring them suffering in the next … as for all the “gullible people” who bought into the crypto mania … much torment awaits them in this world!!

    • William Dunn

      Very beautiful comment. Uplifted by it’s truth. Thanks.
      Will in Somerset, NJ

  2. Jerry

    This train is leaving the track.

    At this point all they have left is to spin a false narrative of confidence because of supposed restructuring. It’s just a matter of who looses their nerve first and pulls the trigger. This whole thing has George Soros fingerprints all over it.

    FYI Greg I’ve had to resort to using an old Apple iPad to post with . My main computer was under constant attack when I was posting information thst evidently somebody didn’t want released. Please forgive my spelling. I’m still learning how to use this thing.

  3. Deep State New's & View's

    The ‘Mockingbird Media’ Propaganda Minions Lose Total Control Of The Narrative In The Midst Of Multiplying Scandals
    Cultist’s unite!

    • Donald

      Interesting observations in this article. The Editor wrote:

      “the questions that continue to run through my mind are: “Why are the media so desperate to protect the deep state members of the intelligence community, many of them no longer holding positions of power? Why are they bending over backwards to protect the Obama administration, who again, no longer hold any power?”

      Why is MSM protecting the “Democrats”? Easy. Because they do the bidding of those who control them. Why does Jeff Bezos feel the need to own a failing MSM news source that publishes rubbish??? Seriously, the ONLY answer is that he has an agenda he wants to promote. Same with the rest of these MSM news sources. Those who control them thrive in a world where their crime, corruption, and mental illness is kept out of the media while that of others, even lies, are promoted. Its a big factor in how they control illicit wealth and politics. Like one individual wrote 20 years ago – the illicit drug business (probably worth about $2+ trillion per year world wide) requires a massive amount of chemicals to operate. Such a volume of chemicals is easy enough to trace and then shut down this business. yet nothing can be done? Why? Its being protected by people at the top. This is our world. Any wonder why Armageddon is coming? Or MUST come? And possibly fairly soon….

  4. pat the rat

    Deutsche bank is a mess, there own people are starting to leave. This bank will be too big to fail till the collapse. When will that be I do not know, we will see.

  5. USAWatchdog: The Real Deal

    Reporter Admits Most Media Work for CIA, MI6, Mossad
    October 26, 2014
    A CIA agent who interned with the Central Intelligence Agency before becoming an Operation Mockingbird Asset. Media analyst Mark Dice has the story. © 2016 by Mark Dice
    Once a spook alway’s a spook?
    More propaganda? Glorifying spookhood?

  6. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter,astonishing that he main stream media are still intent in destroying their own business.Their shareholders must be wealthy,thrilled or satanists.
    Here in the UK,those who investigate paedophile activity amongst the elite and political class seem to end up interned or their lives ruined.The elite are so sure of their position that they have the audacity to bin investigative files of detectives by their bosses and then have those same detectives lives ruined.Do you think their is a connection in the lack of real investigation ?
    The emergence of Hilary’s servers seem to have occurred in 2004,quite some time ago,but of course this may just be hearsay but of course it disappeared until 2013,but this attributed to Russian security details of oligarchs here in London,so perhaps not quite kosher.However,Caroline Kennedy was ambassador to Japan and was renowned for her open server,perhaps this was Hilary’s model .
    Here in the UK our economy still sucks,the government has huge off books accounting shenanigans ,PFI etc,and shops are struggling to make a turnover whilst those in the dregs of food sales are booming.
    Still what could go wrong!

  7. Solomon


    I most assuredly believe that there should be multiple indictments and public trials. However, I will only believe in the potential return to the rule of law and justice in the USA when I see all of these criminals in orange jump suits and chains while stand before the bar for sedition & treason and then frog walked to tall gallows or multiple firing squads.


    • Paul from Indiana

      You’re not alone, brother. Best always. PM

    • Chip

      Me too…. Chip

    • Paul ...

      You know … Hillary knew exactly what it would take to protect, exonerate and elect her to the highest office in the land … “It Would Take a Village” … a Village full of DOJ, FBI, CIA, NSA, DIA and MSM conspirators along with Obama White House officials and hundreds of thousands of illegals … and from her big sleazy “Migrant Village” she figured she could rule America and get even richer (guess the undocumented removal of all our Fort Knox gold was not enough) … but as Greg says Trump has removal plans for any such “Migrant Camp” of undocumented aliens, Traitors and criminals!!

  8. Jamarcus

    American’s, with the exception of the readers of USA Watchdog,
    are suffering from cognitive dissidence. Dr. Paul Craig Roberts
    has explained how asleep the general population truly is.
    I do not even try to enlighten most people anymore because
    it is an exercise in futility. My nieces and nephews and some
    of their friends “get it” but anyone over 30 and most boomers
    not so much.

    • sk

      “dissonance” PCR is SMART!

    • Frank D

      Jamarcus…interesting, but I experience the exact opposite. My younger nieces and nephews do NOT “get it” at all but the older folks certainly do.

    • K. Wayne

      Brilliant stuff from PCR.
      He sums it perfectly …”There is the real world and there is the propagandistic made-up world that covers over the real world and serves special interests”.

      Cognitive Dissonance-:
      “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioural decisions and attitude change”. In colloquial terms this is also known as Flip-Flopping.

    • William Stanley

      JAMACUS: “My nieces and nephews and some
      of their friends “get it” but anyone over 30 and most boomers
      not so much.”
      Why do you think that is? And odd, isn’t it, that most Watchdoggers are over 30 (my guess)?

      • William Stanley


      • This sceptred Isle

        My speculation, for what it is worth, is:

        1) That boomers have done disproportionately well from the current system. They avoided the two world wars and benefited from the financial system coming off the gold standard. The resultant accumulation of debt and economic growth (whilst ultimately unsustainable) increased the living standard of the baby boomers over previous generations. Baby boomers also benefited from favourable demographics. The large numbers of boomers when of working age paid taxes and only had to support a relatively small number of pensioners as previous generations had been depleted by the war and the boomers by definition were plentiful.

        Unfortunately, those generations that succeed the baby boomers will have to pay back the debts accrued by the boomers. They will not have the same pensions that retired people enjoy today. Younger people today with any awareness will realise that they have been screwed over by the avarice and lack of wisdom in the governance of the boomers.
        The unsustainable financial and environmental excesses temporarily raised living standards but now the environmental degradation and massive levels of debt are beginning to hurt. Increasing automation is also cutting job opportunities.
        In short: the elite sold a dream of infinite growth – the boomers bought it – the younger generation is paying for it!

        2) Younger people have less to lose if the current system crashes. Many boomers have invested too much faith in the old system. It would be too psychologically painful to admit that most of their life has been dedicated to perpetuating a parasitic system that has destroyed many lives and left succeeding generations bereft of the opportunities that they had (free education, good pensions etc).

        3) Younger people are more likely to source their information from a variety of sources and not just rely on the mainstream media. It is very frustrating to try to debate someone on 9/11 when they have never even heard of building 7!

        Having said that, the wisdom of an older person that has accumulated experience yet retained all of their marbles and ability to be open minded is an unbeatable source of inspiration.

        • William Stanley

          TSI, thanks for the analysis!
          Of course, there is self-selection going on here as well: we come here partly because we find it congenial to our preexisting views and, perhaps, because the format is somehow more appealing to people older than 30 than the formats of twitter and other social media.
          I suppose you agree with me that Mr. Marcus is right that younger people are more likely “to get it.” Indeed, it may be a rare older person who can shed the assumptions fostered over decades of consuming propaganda.
          I would also suppose that it is an exceptional young person who can escape the much more intense propaganda and indoctrination of recent years. Although, it’s also possible that the propaganda and indoctrination at schools in recent decades has been counterproductive for intelligent young persons precisely because of its intensity and irrationality.

          • This sceptred Isle

            In my personal experience I have found people in their 30s are most likely to ‘get it’. They are young enough not to be fully committed to the old system but old enough to remember 9/11, the Iraq war and WMD lies. Talking to people in their 20s I realise they can be more naive as they are not so familiar with these formative lies of the early 21st century.

    • Jodyp

      Glad for you Jamarcus, but at what age are your kin gettin’ it. My experience shows schrewel can flip em the other way. Fast. Good luck!

  9. David

    Since release of the IG report, has anyone heard publicly from Comey, Brennan or Clapper? Crickets.

    What is so stunning, is that the totality of FBI shenanigans came from the very top….. It is a conspiracy at the highest levels….. One that would have gone unnoticed if not for the arrogance and sophomoric actions of two romantically involved FBI employees….. It was their text messages that revealed the depth of FBI involvement…..

    Too smart by half, but it left a perfect transcript for every American to consider…. Absent the utter stupidity of Page and Strzok, Americans would be in the dark, naive to the threat posed by a few, against the will of so many…. Therein lies the real threat to our democracy and the long-held belief that we have a “government of the people, by the people, and for the people”.

    Historians will spend years writing about this.

    • freebrezer

      David – to add to the shenanigans you need to add the total jerk/SOB John McCain … Judicial watch just go their hands on material that implicates the jerk in the IRS scandal with the tea party – His chief of staff was pushing the IRS (Louis Lerner) to take the tea party groups out … more info to come – With crap like this in the republican party it makes you wonder who else is on this jig. My guess is all the Rhinos that are out to get Trump! Trump was correct in saying McCain is no hero … A little background – he disobeyed Navy orders and took a US Military Jet and flew it well under the 19,000 ft ceiling established by the US Navy to protect our pilots while flying missions over North Vietnam. Under 19,000 ft , the anti missile stuff would be diminished … He took the jet well under this ceiling and got shot down … It is called hot dogging ( and is not called being a hero!) and again the SOB got shot down by his shenanigans. His actions as a POW were exemplary and heroic but how he got there was shameful!

      • DB Cooper

        Sir, From what I understand his actions while a POW were far from exemplary and were in fact traitorous. Look up USS Forestall for example. McCain deserves drawing and quartering in the public square.
        I am disgusted by this traitorous bastard … death by firing squad and if President Trump will ask for volunteers and will sign the warrant I will be at the head of the line … Tell us what you Really think DB ??
        Yours in Faith and Liberty, FN, DB.

        • Jodyp

          AMEN! DB!

  10. Weiss

    Hello from Italy, Greg–where the wonderful new Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, and his too-good-to-be-true cabinet have framed the “immigration” issue right up-front in exactly these terms: “From today, Italy will also start to say no to human trafficking, no to the business of illegal immigration.” Under the guise of “refugees,” God only knows how many thousands of children and also women have been trafficked into Europe as sex-slaves, and then have simply disappeared without a trace. And THAT is the issue: it’s not about refugees, it’s all about HUMAN TRAFFICKING.

    This is why POTUS said at the G7 meetings that “Italy got it right!” Still pinching myself, can’t believe it yet…

  11. Da Yooper

    Great wrap up Greg

    At some point we have to address that reality that those who call themselves democrats are mentally ill. Their beliefs are so extreme there can be no other answer for their actions.

    • nich

      There is a Christian answer for what you said:

      “Why do you look at the speck of sawdust in your brother’s eye and pay no attention to the plank in your own eye? How can you say to your brother, ‘Let me take the speck out of your eye,’ when all the time there is a plank in your own eye? You hypocrite, first take the plank out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye. Matthew 7:3-5 (NIV)

  12. Billy

    Thank you Mr Hunter for your never ending persistance !!

    The LGBTQ movement is pure evil, I hope God Destroys it!! They are some of the worst people in the world with the worst hearts. They see themselves as angels and look down on anyone else.

    • Andre

      Billy Roberts
      Homosexuality was practiced since Sodom and before and was part of worship of pagan deities. Since the elite still worship the same deities they promote homosexuality and sex in general. There is big propaganda aimed at confusion of gender in young people that are just falling victims to it. Good parenthood could prevent it. But parents are confused too.
      Soon everyone will have their reward.

      • Billy

        Agree- Whats coming out of the school and college education is confusing the hell out of kids. Man and Women are completely different both physical, mentally and emotional. Manliness is a dying trait!!

      • This sceptred Isle

        Yes the paedophilia as well is linked to worshipping these pagan gods as you end up channelling their energies. Explains what goes in on the Catholic Church.

        • Greg Hunter

          TSI (AKA: Atheist clinging to a black hole of nothingness)
          You have to separate the ideas of Christ with people doing evil in the church. It is not one in the same. Of course you making this leap make you feel justified in denying Christ. Christ can be scientifically sourced and proven and I am, talking Death and Resurrection along with miracles He DID DO. Prediction: One day you will believe in Christ. Mark my words.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Matthew 7:15-20 New King James Version (NKJV)
            “You Will Know Them by Their Fruits
            15 “Beware of false prophets, who come to you in sheep’s clothing, but inwardly they are ravenous wolves. 16 You will know them by their fruits. Do men gather grapes from thornbushes or figs from thistles? 17 Even so, every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. 18 A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. 19 Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. 20 Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

            So the bible warns us that a bad tree bears bad fruit. I think we can agree that genocide and torture on a mass scale are ‘bad fruit’. Therefore logic would lead us to believe that the Catholic church is a bad tree.
            I repeat, the misdemeanours of the Church were orchestrated from the very top.
            Whether I am an atheist or a believer is irrelevant and my conclusions are unencumbered with years of brainwashing.

            • Greg Hunter

              This is rich, an atheist who does not believe in God using the Bible to denigrate God’s chosen people. You write nothing about the stabbings and murder and child marriage and murder of Gays and Palestinians teaching their children how to hate Jews in public schools and paying rewards for the murder and stabbings of Jews and the Hamas charter that says it wants to wipe out Jews and Israel. Yes Robert, “you will know them by their fruit.” Your orchard is a black loveless hole of nothingness and this comment is your hateful fruit.

              • This sceptred Isle

                By the way where are all the other people defending the Catholic church? You are the only one 🙂

                • Greg Hunter

                  I am defending the Catholic faith big difference. So you hate Jews and Christ. Got now give it a rest. We know you believe in a big black hole of nothingness. Congratulations for believing in NOTHING. Why do you care? According to you we both believe in nothing.


                  • This sceptred Isle

                    Can I just clarify that I do not hate Christ as that would be of the anti-Christ and evil. I just believe that the Catholic Church needs to be open about what they are worshipping as they are messing with peoples’ souls.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    TSI look up the five pillars of the Catholic faith, and you will find: Christ was Son of God, Virgin Birth, Died on the Cross in a Blood Sacrifice for the sins of the world, Rose Again on the third day, and Christ will come again to judge the living and the dead. That is what the Catholic religion is based on–period, the end. This is why it has lasted more than 2,000 years. If you do not believe in Christ, you are an anti-Christ and You deny him. Do not sugar coat it. Please re-read the fifth pillar. It is of high importance to us all.
                    By the way, you are an atheist. What do you know about or care about souls? You believe in a black hole of nothingness. Hold tight man, oh yeah, there is nothing to hold on to.

      • William Stanley

        Andre: Apple just sent me advertisement for an app for LGBTQ+A (whatever that is). I wonder if they have me mistakenly profiled, LOL, or whether everyone got the advertisement.

  13. flattop

    GREG: A question
    In your opinion, who has the best shot at becoming speaker of the House, replacing Ryan??

    • Greg Hunter

      Someone in the Freedom Caucus. (Mark Meadows?)

  14. Russ McMeans

    Laura Ingraham is addressing the issue of immigrant child abuse and trafficking by the coyotes and unsavory criminals here in America due to bad laws set in motion by liberal courts. The whole fiasco on our southern border was created by the Democrats and many Republicans. Laura Ingraham radio show early morning. Thanks Greg for our weekly news. Wish there were more good news though. There are 2 parties in America: the evil party and the stupid party. The stupid party needs to get smart real fast; times a wasting.

  15. james

    Greg, though we differ on many topics, I enjoy your site and interviews because you are truthful, honest and passionate about what you talk about, to many subjests to list. The system is corrupt, hoping Trump can clean it up, God bless him and you for keeping up the fight.

  16. flattop

    Everything the Libs throw at Pres Trump doesn’t stick.
    We have a new, ” Teflon Don “

  17. Russ McMeans

    Coyotes are charging $10-15 k to smuggle immigrants from Central America. The border patrol then ‘pimps’ them into our country to steal our jobs and free access to our healthcare and schools. Further clogging our civil institutions until they collapse. I forgot to mention the effects it has on housing. Google housing crisis California. Rent skyrocket and renters flood into the great American outdoors to join the homeless. Ca state government raises taxes to save the homeless. It will not work however. Too many! Welcome to Democrat hellhole created out of thin air in our once beautiful America. ( there is no mention in media anywhere about effects of illegal immigrants and skyrocketing rents. Not a peep) .

    • Andre

      Russ McMeans
      Good points. Question. Why this is happening and nobody can fix it? Why there is “insane” immigration to Europe and all governments work in unison to continues it and no-one can oppose it? Is Western World suicidal or stupid? Surely not. Politicians like to be called stupid or incompetent because what would be alternative to it? Treason? No-one was hanged for stupidity. But they are not stupid.
      Why they do it then? It is nothing to do with money. It has to do with their belief what is coming. They are all in secret societies and devil worshipers and more and more people are becoming aware of it with the new revelations on child rapes and sacrifices.

      The game must be moved to the next step and they are behind the schedule. Please notice the effect of this “immigration”. It dilutes the population of white people who in US happened to be mostly protestants and in Europe, atheists.

      Let’s take a look at Europe: who is pushing for it? EU run by Jesuits and Pope! Don’t believe that Jesuits run EU? Look up who founded EU – Jesuits and 33 degree Free Masons. It is a religious organization as is UN by the way. So when muslims will start to call for Sharia Law who will come to the rescue? Of course the Pope. You create a problem so you can solve it. Nice thinking.
      The purpose? The Europeans must go back to church and worship the beast. It is better than Sharia Law. This is what spirit of prophecy tells me. Thanks our Lord Jesus Christ the victory has already been secured.
      Here is a course on Bible prophesies by secular Dr. Walter Veith:

      • This sceptred Isle

        Pope has called for countries to take in as many migrants as they can.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Interestingly, the Syrian refugees ‘rescued’ by the Pope have not been sheltered by the Vatican.

          “The three families have been in Rome for one month, and I speak to two of them. Contrary to some reports, none has spent a night inside the Vatican and live, instead, in a refuge run by Sant’Egidio, a few streets from the school.”

        • Greg Hunter

          Pope = Evil. This Pope gets the most sever criticism from INSIDE the Catholic Church. That is a verifiable fact.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          What a clever ruse. This way the Catholics can continue the torture and genocide you accuse them of, all from the comfort of their own respective countries.

          • This sceptred Isle

            Which part of history do you deny? You better study harder pal! Try the bits about the Crusades (specifically Albigensian), the inquisition and the paedophilia. Oh forgive me you didn’t actually deny all that did you? Just stated that I accused them of it. A ‘clever ruse’ indeed.

            • Greg Hunter

              Hey TSI you are an apologist for Islam. Islam has invaded Europe orders of magnitude more than the Crusades. It’s not even close. Don’t take ,my word for it. Look no further than a PhD Bill Warner that lays it out for anyone to see the truth: YOU are wrong and it is YOU who does not know history. It is YOu with a “clever ruse indeed”:

              • This Sceptred Isle

                (This is Greg Hunter, TSI if you would like to comment on the content of the articles, please do. Your anti-Christian atheism has nothing to do with what we are talking about here and I am not going to post any more of it.

  18. Charles Turner

    In 18 months Trump will be the unwritten leader of the G7/ G8. People don’t realize that the old guard is leaving or will be gone.
    Cameron is gone in the UK and May is a lame duck.
    Renzi is gone in Italy and the new parliament is more in tune with Trump than the EU/ G7.
    Merkel is mortally wounded in Germany. One day you will wake up and she will be gone.
    Macron is riding high in Europe whilst Paris burns. within 18 months he will despised in France as his election cons disappear in thin air.
    Justin Trudeau will lose the trade war with Trump.
    They may mock him now, but Trump will be the strong man an leader in the G7/G8 before the end of 2019 and hopefully we will have improved relationships with Russia.

  19. DBCooper

    Greg, Bring it on … Yours, DB.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg. Being a FoxNews/DrudgeReport/NewsMax/ZeroHedge junkie I wasn’t going to comment because at least for me, what’s happening isn’t news, but I like your very astute analysis and you did put a nice period at the end of this week’s sentence — and yes, the Mexican border issue and is a sideshow (although the trafficked children issue remains and should be dealt with).

    That said, when you mentioned Canadian trade, I was reminded of an article I read just this morning…
    “Welcome to Blaine, the town Amazon Prime built”
    Blaine is a little town on the Canadian border (which I remember from long before Amazon was built) that serves as a gateway to Canada (I-5 on the Canadian border). Apparently a lot of Canadians have Blaine, WA shipping addresses so they can buy American products with known shipping costs rather than what happens when they ship through all the border controls. It’s a get-around if Ottawa does something stupid to stifle trade so the little guys in Vancouver BC can still get their American made stuff (or Chinese made stuff cheaper). Really, that’s a sideshow too, there’s a bigger elephant in the room.

    Reset? When have I heard that… oh yeah, for the past 6+ years, it’s the only way out of this without a major Eff’ing war that no one will win. Get the big players together and agree to a new global monetary regime. IMO a lot of the 1% are positioning for just that while the elite may be thinking, “no, a war is better, it’s always worked in the past”. Some players (US) take a major haircut and others do better. Gold re-enters the world monetary scene — standard or standard-ish, dunno, maybe a guy like Bill Holter will have a better clue. Film at eleven.

  21. Southern Girl

    I would have commented more but having kitchen and bathroom remolded. You are the KING when it comes to your interviews and your famous WNW. You have me laughing at your sound effects. Don’t get me wrong everyone in my family makes them and when I’m in a conversation and make the noises they look at me weird. Its okay!!!

    Love, love, love your undocumented sale. I want someone to tape an undocumented sale and see if they don’t get arrested. I know it is you and your wife but sure wish you could do the news everyday. You are GREAT at it and I depend on you to help me sift through the BS from Lame Street News.

    • Sue Patterson

      I love “the voice” and the “undocumented sale” too. Today’s WNW had me laughing out loud.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Don’t folks typically have mold removed?

  22. DBCooper

    Greg, I guess I am missing something but I find no ‘join’ button on your page. DB

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s at the very top of the gage in the middle.

  23. dlc

    One black man’s take on immigration.

    Terry Anderson died not too long after this interview. I used to listen to him on Sunday nights. He saw his community (in LA) destroyed by politician sellouts and became very vocal about it. Everything he mentioned has become reality across the U.S.

    • Greg Hunter

      This guy get’s it and very smart!! Thanks DLC!

    • William Stanley

      DLC: I’ve heard it said that if just 15% of black voters switched their votes to Republican, few, if any, states would be Democrat Party controlled ever again. And strangely enough, the Republican Party is the party of Lincoln, and the Democrat Party is the party of the KKK and segregation. Moreover, at least in the South, Blacks tend to be conservative culturally (IMO).
      Sadly, the Republican Party is in really sorry shape, itself.

      • Chip

        There are maybe three dozen members out of 535 in congress and the senate that are worth a damn. Most all of those are in the freedom caucus. The rest are worthless and do the bidding of their masters… Chip

  24. Diane

    Love it Greg
    Great nick name coined by Los Angeles radio host Bryan Suits…..Justin Trudeau…..

    • Paul ...

      The incoming Mexican President believes it is every ones “human right” to immigrate to the US … … that should help us US taxpayers out immeasurably and bring in even more MS13 drug gangs to ply their trade and hurt American children … Mr. Trump we need our troops back home from Korea, Germany, Afghanistan, etc., etc. to protect our country and let other nations protect their own borders rather then having us US taxpayers pay to protect them and leave our own borders unprotected!!

  25. Jerry1

    1) Sex trafficking
    2) Cannibalism
    3) Drug smuggling
    4) Monies from MS-13
    5) Coyote smuggling
    6) Organ harvesting for longevity
    7) Huge kickback for illegal tariffs

    1) Illegals to help agriculture [cheap labor]
    2) Huge kickback for illegal tariffs

    All campaign financing needs to be investigated. If improper, hang them.

  26. Charles H


    They say: “follow the money”. Well, in this case – you must follow the spirit, using the Duck Rule as the measure. (If it walks like a duck; if it quacks like a duck; if it looks like a duck: it’s a duck.) The great societal divide, along Liberal and Conservative lines is made between what is a Lie and what is True. And these polar opposite correspond, ultimately, to the devil and God: because these are their authors – Lucifer, the father of Lies; and God the origator of Truth. Those who will engage in Lying – polarize themselves, knowingly or not, to the authority and influence of Satan: and the world is going after this. The Few who adhere to truth, almost a small generational remnant, still stand their ground: but unless they are “saved” Christians – they lack spiritual discernment. And those true, born-again Believers are quite few – who bind themselves to the Bible as their source of faith.
    Since the introduction of technology, like the Steam Engine and Automobiles, electricity and appliances, radio and television, computers and the Internet – the world has been distracted, formally questioned the existance of God, and drawn away. Add formalized, government sponsored Education, which was quickly taken-over by godless Liberals – first in the ‘higher’ school levels; but now throughout, being in the government themselves. It has been a long, unabated progression.
    The biggest victim has been the ‘societal values’ as a nation; as we see great divisions – between the cheaters, “we won, get over it”; and the Trumpsters, who finally put their foot down. With the evidence now coming out of Election Fraud – I question whether Obama won his first term; and I seriously disbelieve he won the second. Such fraud, and by extension, all manner of Crime – proceeds from subscribing to Lies.
    Laws are the formal expression of morality; which is the formalized synthesis of the True. When you are taught to believe there is no God; and that you decide what is true or what is false: a Lie offers the easy road. There can be as many ‘truths’ as there are people: and nobody can question their authority. So we have generations of ‘no pain, no gain’ snowflakes, who cannot deal with reproof. And the Truth governs and reproves.
    The question then is – can America get on the same page? Those who adhere to the Truth, are obliged and inclined to observe or obey Laws; those who are an authority unto themselves, because they believe they determine the truth or not – twist or negate the Law. And once the Law is negated by ‘democrtic majority’ (mob rule) – all you do is to pervert government by forging Laws that reflect the immoral and unnatural. A Lie is a perversion of the Truth. Isn’t Canada allowing some forms of Beastiality? Isn’t California a State of Illegals? But the most base and important issue is spiritual: because EVERYTHING goes back to it. And THAT is a ‘leading a horse to water’ issue – which we can’t make anyone drink.
    Romans 1:25 “Who changed the truth of God into a lie, and worshipped and served the creature more than the Creator, who is blessed forever. Amen.”

  27. Tad

    We’re probably at a point where all imports will be tariffed, regardless of country origin and US manufacturers with operations outside the US will likely be tariffed also.

    • Russ McMeans

      It’s possible that, and Trump has already suggested it; zero tariffs worldwide. He should push for a world forum held at UN based on no more tariffs. This would at a minimum give our President and country good optics.

  28. Sue Patterson

    I wanted to share my morning facebook post with you:
    Not only was the lefty media showing photos from the Obama years of kids in cages, calling them Trumps’ concentration camps, but now we have this. Liberals, please, vet you crap, first, you, too, Time Magazine.

    “The father of the 2-year-old Honduran girl that became the face of the media’s recent attack on the Trump administration for its “zero tolerance” policy on illegal immigration says that she was never separated from her mother at the border and that the mother abandoned her three other children and paid a human smuggler thousands of dollars to illegally enter the United States, all against his wishes.

    In an explosive interview with the Daily Mail, Denis Javier Varela Hernandez revealed that his wife, Sandra, had always wanted to move to the U.S. to have access to better economic opportunities, but that she left with their daughter without telling anyone.”

    And this is for you, Greg:
    1 Timothy 6
    12 Fight the good fight of faith, lay hold on eternal life, whereunto thou art also called, and hast professed a good profession before many witnesses.

  29. Tad

    Almost sorry I felt compelled to post this extremely disgusting filth, but it probably ties in with Dave Janda’s knowledge.

    Yes, you’ll notice the Clintons tied in with the Podestas and “artist”Jeff Koon.

    Somewhere during Hillary’s reign as SOS, she was part of a policy that shipped human art (young children) throughout the world bypassing customs inspection from all countries that it passed through. I haven’t read this article in a while, so memory is a bit fuzzy.

  30. Gary

    Greg I love to watch what you have to say . I watch you all the time . Just my opinion when you talk about rotating your food your saying prepare for the end. I think if you would go back and listen to your friend Mark Taylor just the opposites is going to happen. You have a lot of great guests on here to keep us informed thank you for that. But sometimes to many voices can bring confusion. It’s your site not telling you how to run it . Just saying America’s best days are ahead of us Because that’s God’s plan. I’m still a fan and keep up the good work thanks for listening

    • Greg Hunter

      Food is cheap insurance. I ;lived in Florida for 10 years and I always had 3 weeks supply of everything. I think things will get better but there will be some rough spots.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: Food is very cheap insurance, indeed — especially if you just keep a deep pantry and store what you normally eat. Just make sure to rotate it out. For single persons and small families, it doesn’t even take up much space. I’m single and can store a year’s worth of food in one closet, although most of that is in air-tight containers, freeze dried, or rice and dried beans (25 year shelf life). I also keep about three months of canned goods that I rotate out every year or two.
        I would point out, however, the importance of water. Water is bulky and heavy, but you can only last about three days without it. You can go up to three weeks without food. Thus the importance of storing water and having a way to obtain and treat/purify it. Good water filters can be pricey (but a good investment), but you can treat water with common (SCENT FREE ONLY) bleach (one teaspoon per 5-10 gallons — I’d go with 1 teaspoon per 5 gallons if the water is questionable in the first place).
        It’s also inexpensive to stay stocked up on sanitation-related items and rotate them out. Same with trash bags, etc. (and don’t forget the ammo). Okay, rant over . . . for now.

        • William Stanley

          Oh, one the water, MINIMUM of one gallon per person per day!

        • Jodyp

          Good advice. I go with pool shock stored in Mason jars. Liquid bleach goes bad after a while.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter, More rant, sorry:
        The New Ant and the Grasshopper… Two Versions:
        This one is a little different….
        Two Different Versions …
        Two Different Morals
        The ant works hard in the withering heat all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
        The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.
        Come winter, the ant is warm and well fed.
        The grasshopper has no food or shelter, so he dies out in the cold.
        Be responsible for yourself!

        The ant works hard in the withering heat and the rain all summer long, building his house and laying up supplies for the winter.
        The grasshopper thinks the ant is a fool and laughs and dances and plays the summer away.
        Come winter, the shivering grasshopper calls a press conference and demands to know why the ant should be allowed to be warm and well fed while he is cold and starving..
        CBS, NBC, PBS, CNN, and ABC show up to provide pictures of the shivering grasshopper next to a video of the ant in his comfortable home with a table filled with food.

        America is stunned by the sharp contrast.
        How can this be, that in a country of such wealth, this poor grasshopper is allowed to suffer so?
        Kermit the Frog appears on Oprah with the grasshopper
        and everybody cries when they sing, ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green …’

        Occupy the Anthill stages a demonstration in front of the ant’s house where the news stations film the Black Lives Matter group singing, We shall overcome.
        Then Reverend Al Sharpton has the group kneel down to pray for the grasshopper while he damns the ants. He later appears on MSNBC to complain that rich people do not care.
        Former President Obama condemns the ant and blames Donald Trump, President Bush 43, President Bush 41, President Reagan, Christopher Columbus, and the Pope for the grasshopper’s plight.
        Nancy Pelosi & Chuck Schumer
        exclaim in an interview on The View that the ant has gotten rich off the back of the grasshopper,
        and both call for an immediate tax hike on the ant to make him pay his fair share.
        Finally, the EEOC drafts the Economic Equity & Anti-Grasshopper Act
        retroactive to the beginning of the summer.
        The ant is fined for failing to hire a proportionate number
        of green bugs and, having nothing left to pay his retroactive taxes,
        his home is confiscated by the Government Green Czar
        and given to the grasshopper .

        The story ends as we see the grasshopper and his free-loading friends finishing up the last bits of the ant’s food while the government house he is in, which, as you recall, just happens to be theant’s old house,
        crumbles around them because the grasshopper doesn’t maintain it.

        The ant has disappeared in the snow, never to be seen again.

        The grasshopper is found dead in a drug related incident, and the house, now abandoned, is taken over by a gang of spiders who terrorize the ramshackle, once prosperous and peaceful, neighborhood.

        The entire Nation collapses bringing the rest of the free world with it.
        Be careful how you vote in 2018 and 2020.

        • William Stanley

          BTW, not original with me.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter, Disease outbreaks worldwide in last couple of days. Coincidence?

        Be prepared!

  31. foggygoggles

    Loved the sound effects with this report. You should think about incorporating them in every weekly news wrap, we could use the comic relief! 🙂

  32. andyb

    Greg: slightly off topic, but I feel I must respond to the hate filled tweets of Peter Fonda.

    When I was growing up, Hollywood stars like John Wayne, Burt Lancaster, et al were “da bomb”. There was no question about Hollywood politics, excepting those who were persecuted for Communist Party affiliations during the McCarthy witch hunt era, although in the end Joe McCarthy was proven right. And although John Wayne was a staunch conservative, that never seemed to matter to his fame. We certainly were not aware of Movie Idol overt politics, it just didn’t seem relevant. But due to the actions of his children, Henry Fonda must have been a real communist sociopath; who would have guessed?

  33. This sceptred Isle

    red is a good choice for the robes as it hides all the stains.

  34. Mike R

    As I’ve said before, these IG reports are total nothing burgers. They will not result in Clinton or Comey or anyone important being indicted. Yes they look like people did bad things. But you have to understand the context under which they are being instigated, and the parties doing the investigating, and WHAT is actually being investigated.

    To understand what I’ve meant all along, and I’m no FBI agent, but this person is (was) who wrote the below article, none of this is hard to see if you use logic, pragmatism, and have a clear head when seeing whats happening.

    People like Clinton may have been guilty of crimes, but indictments ain’t going to come out of any of these top down investigations.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike R,
      You are embarrassing yourself.

      • Frank D

        Greg, I love you man, but until Hillary gets indicted, never mind convicted, my money is on Mike R’s opinion.

        • Greg Hunter

          You and Mike were probably the same folks that were jagging me that Trump would never be elected. We know how that turned out.

          • Mike R

            sorry greg, wrong again. I was for Trump from long before it became popular to speak of his courage.
            Its just that a whole lot of people are mis-interpreting the IG report. You included. You gotta get out of that CNN, sensationalism mode on this topic, and actually use your brain a bit more. Everyone wants these criminals to be buried, such as Hillary, or Comey, but you can’t let your emotions for them to be crushed to allow you to put so much faith in these reports. These reports are big time CYA’s for the politicians. That is ALL they are. Anything REAL that might happen to bring justice, is NOT going to happen in broad daylight, and the media will absolutely be the very last to know. Things will happen behind the scenes that even you won’t be privy to, even with your great connections. All this nonsense about 1000’s of ‘sealed indictments’ is just that – nonsense, and nothing burgers. At most, you will see someone very small in the big picture, possibly get their hands slapped. It will be years in the future, before you learn about what actually happened to some of these people who we all want brought to justice.

            • Greg Hunter

              What can I say Mike. We will have to agree to disagree. You have “feelings” and I deal in “facts.” We will see.

      • JMiller

        Well it would not be the first time Mike R did that.

    • Uncle Sam

      Mike R, from another former F.B.I. agent who makes the case, if it aint broke, don’t let Obama and Herr Mueller fix it. Their National Socialist’s to the core!

      Here is the entire letter from that retired FBI veteran:
      Thank you for, in my opinion, your best Weekly News Wrap!

      I spent 24 years in the FBI as a Special Agent and Supervisor. I retired in 2007, at which time the fissures within the FBI were becoming more and more apparent. There was a distinct dividing line developing between the old line FBI Agents, whose fealty lies with the Constitution and the American people, and the new line agents whose fealty was with Director Mueller, and what has been revealed with time to be the Deep State.

      The reason I retired was Mueller’s Five Year Up or Out Policy, adopted to remove senior FBI Supervisors, loyal to the Constitution, from the ranks of FBI Management. The Policy, simply stated, required anyone who had held a Supervisory Special Agent ( SSA) position for more than 5 years, to return to FBIHQ, or be forced out of management. Prior to Mueller, all field Supervisors were required to spend 7-10 years as successful Street Agents, then spend 3-5 years as SSAs at FBIHQ, then become SSAs in the Field. To become a SSA in Division 6 ( Criminal Investigative Division), as a Street Agent you were required to have successfully taken several cases through trial, to have been a Case Agent on a Group I Undercover Operation, with positive results / convictions, and preferably have served as an Undercover Agent, before you could even apply for a SSA position at FBIHQ. This policy guaranteed that agents applying for SSA were battle tested, experienced, accomplished and hardworking men and woman admired by their peers. Mueller’s policy turned all that upside down, allowed politically motivated, less qualified, woefully inexperienced candidates to become Supervisors and to hold the key positions ( SSA) which determine the workload of Criminal, Counter Terrorism, and FCI squads, throughout the country. The last place a great SSA wanted to be was FBIHQ. The real work is in the field not at FBIHQ. Needless to say, most experienced SSAs stepped down and retired rather than return to morass of FBIHQ.

      In my opinion, this is how the Deep State got its foot in the door of the FBI. During the Obama Administration, all of the FBI SSAs, that achieved their position through merit, had been forced from their positions under the 5 Years Up or Out Plan. This allowed the Deep State to take over middle management, whose ranks become upper management.

      The rest is history. The FBI Senior Executive Service (SES) on the 7th Floor was politicized, middle management politicized, and good Street Agents were not allowed to pursuit public corruption investigations, or any investigations which encroached on Deep State criminal activity or operations.

      Sadly, in my opinion, most of the FBI Management is compromised, and the corruption has now begun to spread to the rank and file, as you so astutely point out.

      I have lost friends, inside the ranks of retired FBI Agents, because I believe that the corruption in the FBI has reached Agent level. It was not a Senior Executive Service (SES) Member(s) of the FBI looking at and analyzing Clinton’s Computer Server, it was not SES personnel reviewing and analyzing the information on Anthony Weiner’s lap top, it was not SES personnel testifying before the Judge in FISA Court, it was not SES personnel interviewing Tea Party Members when working jointly with the IRS, it was not SES personnel handling the Cooperating Witness, writing the debriefing FD-302s, listening to, and transcribing ELSUR tapes, in connection with Uranium 1.

      The list can go on, you get my point.

      Many case agents, and support personnel, who uncovered evidence of criminal activity, stood down their criminal investigations based on being told to do so by corrupt management, not based on the evidence, or based on the results of presenting the case to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for a Prosecutive Opinion.

      Thank you for having the courage ( unlike Sean Hannity and others) to state the obvious, the FBI, DOJ, CIA, NSA, and State Department have traitors throughout their ranks. All of these agencies need to be purged of these individuals. Failure to investigate, identify, indict, and prosecute, these traitors poses a direct threat to the Constitution, our God given rights, the Republic and the Rule of Law.

      God Bless you and your family.”

    • Mark

      I am thinking that under different circumstances, like if the economy was truly doing well and people were in fact prospering (not just taking on more debt), your observation would be correct. But being that we have entered a phase of what Jim Willie calls “the Systemic Lehman Event” where now even Sovereign bonds are toxic and Deutsche Bank is for all practical purposes dead, it could be that as the economy is falling apart the real struggle is over who is in control of the narrative as to what is happening and why and who is responsible, (i.e. the globalist banksters or patriots) as Dave at x22 report points out. So as Dave Janda and Greg discussed, we are in a place now where there must be the real prosecutions of real crimes in order for confidence to be restored in the rule of law so that a reset of the monetary system will take hold effectively.
      As always Mike to you and to all who come here to read and post and who receive the testimony which God has testified concerning His Son, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind because Great is the mystery of godliness Who was manifested in the flesh, seen by angels, preached among the nations, believed on in the world and taken up in glory, with Christ in us as the hope of glory Whom we announce warning every man and teaching every man in all wisdom that we may present every man full grown in Christ.

  35. elizabeth bryson

    Hi, Greg,

    Having been born in California in 1946 and watching the “wetbacks” do the heavy lifting and harvesting in the Central Valley, it is misleading to say the illegal immigrants are simply taking advantage of American generosity. The Americans have certainly benefitted from many of the Mexican illegal immigrants. Why hasn’t the US government brought Mexico up to the equivalent standard of living as that of the US over the years? My guess is that it has suited the powers that be to use many from Mexico as slave labor, when convenient, and then force them to return, when convenient. The amount of illegal immigrants overwhelming European countries is enormous and why are there so many people fleeing from their homelands? Ask the military industrial complex. People generally don’t willy nilly just leave behind their home and land, furnishings, friends, family etc. But through the years people have migrated to try to find a better, safer lifestyle, especially when being bombarded both on the ground and overhead. Ask the MIC complex where their next round of munitions are targeted and you will then know where the next wave of refugees will come from. Illegal immigrants and refugees are not accidental unless from natural events such as volcanos and/or earthquakes etc. Security firms, being privatized, have a vested interest in filling up space, so follow the money. It is just not so simplistic as “Go home, we don’t want you”.

    • Greg Hunter

      The folks that harvest crops is a small percentage of the people we are talking about. This is a huge criminal human trafficking operation and a huge expense to the country for welfare benefits and fraud. Yes, it is as simple as Go home, we don’t want you”. . . to cross the border illegally. Come through a port of entry and play by the rules. It is a two year jail sentence to illegally cross into Mexico.
      You liberals are doing this because your policies suck and you have to import desperate voter who will vote you your communism and welfare.

      • William Stanley

        Mr. Hunter: My “troll-dar” is beeping on this one. The linguistic signatures are all there.

        • DB Cooper

          WS, Your ‘Troll-Dar’ is like the stall horn in my plane … when it starts ‘whining’ you know you are about to stop flying !! DB

    • Charles H

      That’s funny, Elizabeth – my dentist worked in California illegally, covering hispanic friend dentists while they vactioned in Europe. He worked a job for a neighboring LA city and got citizenship pushed through. And despite not having enough registered ‘quarters’: he has more Social Security benefits than I do; which cover the payment on his wife’s BMW. MOST Mexicans MILK the system – it is the CULTURE. This dentist still works here in Mexico.

    • Russ McMeans

      Baloney Elizabeth; Mexico is in the condition it’s in due to corruption and narco drug cartels. There is no way we could effect change there. We could give them even more foreign aid and they would just misuse the funds.
      Trump needs to put a stop to any foreign aid NOW.
      Also Mexicans and Central Americans do a lot of labor here, but so do Americans. Anyone coming here needs to be vetted and do so legally. I know many Latinos that are here legally in Calitopia and they speak excellent English and are 2nd & 3rd generation. They are legal citizens. And they make great neighbors.
      And how are they going to survive if we swamp this country with millions of poor needy immigrants?
      This will not end well. Rents and housing supply is already too expensive now.

      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Russ!

  36. Harry Hydro

    Talk about the fact that Presidents are immune from punishment.
    I heard many years ago that “presidents of countries made an agreement not to assassinate each other…”
    Also, if Obama is prosecuted, should the Secret Service be included?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Harry, if Obama did not die my assignation on their watch the SS did it’s job.

  37. Russ McMeans

    Speaking of communists and Marxist Socialists: they are all on in the same: I can’t tell the difference between any of these adjective/ nouns- see if you can tell the difference: Communist, Socialist, Marxist, Nazi, Fascist, atheist, religious extremist, the modern Democrat, a Rhino, narcissist, liberal, progressive, racist, genocidal sociopaths, Satanist, Lucifarian……
    all these words mean the same thing to me; human beings that hate God and human liberty. That’s why they hate the Bible and our US Constitution.

  38. chris

    Hi Greg. Please bring back DANE Wigington. You do great work brother! Please ask him about: HAARP tied to Agenda 21 which is now called “RESELANCE” to dry us out to burn us out (the rural middle class) ultimitly to force us into the cities into the 200 sq foot stack and pack ’em which would be under the auspusous of FEMA. Citing the Autumn. Also the water myth there of which is another unaddressed lie. Touching on: good “PRIME WATER” 50’+ UNDER OUR FEET. THE COMMING to CA; WHERE MOST OF OUR PRODUCE IS GROWN. Big El Nino followed by many years of drought. Thank Greg.

  39. Russ McMeans

    I forgot selfish… the bad list is long. It sums up why Jesus Christ is making a return. Remember what he said before the religious establishment murdered him with the help of a Godless occupation army- Rome.

  40. Russ McMeans

    We need to have a website based birthday party for Greg Hunter. It would be cool! And he’s already got the platform set up. He could use a fake birthday like I do in Facebook for security reasons. It’s the thought that counts ya know! But keep the birthdate within your astrological sign dates/frame. Some of us believe in that stuff cause we think God was that amazing.
    We can send Greg A LOT of cool notes. I wonder if Gina and the other disenfranchised will send god will?

  41. al

    Excellent point on “undocumented purchases”. That alone made your weekly report! Awesome as usual Greg. So much good news.
    Much success.
    Thank you

    • Paul ...

      That’s what happened under Clinton’s watch … “undocumented purchases” of all our Fort Knox gold!!

  42. Tad

    South Korea’s version of the My Lai massacre.

  43. RTW

    Mike R is correct. I think all democrats should be imprisoned but Clinton will never ever never be prosecuted because if she ever was, Obumber would go down also and that will NEVER happen.

  44. Jerry

    Don’t be fooled. The reset will involve a new currency system involving the Chinese. Count on it aka the roadmap for RMB completion by Hank Paulson, Timoth Giethner and The Working Group.

    HSBC and Chase Bank have already been cleared as Yuan clearing houses for the United States. That’s a fact. President Trump must have some major master plan to not only deal with the deep state but the central banks as well. Short of collapsing the system and setting up martial law, I see no viable way to take on an advisary that controls not only the media, but all major economic institutions as well. Don’t fool yourself , this type of transition cannot occur without some type bloodletting. Historically when oligarchs fight over power, the common man is caught in the middle of the crossfire and pays the price. I challenge anyone to provide me with an example or a time in history when a power transfer occured peacefully. I love Greg’s positivity but it just doesn’t happen.

  45. cindy

    Greg, love, love your site. Thank you for informing the ” listening” masses. God Bless You, and Our USA…go forward doing what you are doing….many , many people appreciate you!

    • Greg Hunter

      You are very kind Cindy to support USAW with your comment and kind words!!!

  46. Peter from the Netherlands

    All these things can only happen in a BANANA REPUBLIC!

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes and your country is being taken over by radical Islam and Sharia Law. Here’s the difference: “We the People” are doing something about it and people like you are too dumb to know you are already defeated and have given up. Prove I am wrong by using your real verifiable name “Peter” and say something true about radical Islam infesting your country!!!! If not don’t bother writing here again.

  47. Peter from the Netherlands


    You talk, talk all the time about Deutch Bank and You compare a possible DB bankruptcy with the bankruptcy from Lehman Brothers. This is total nonsense!@


    • Greg Hunter

      You are an idiot that uses a faker name because you don’t really know what you are talking about. The IMF says DB is the most systemically dangerous bank in the world:
      By the way, this was your last comment under the fake name “Peter”!!

      • DB Cooper

        Greg … Can we please change the name of Deutshe Bank to something other than DB ?? !! Yours, DB !!

        • Greg Hunter

          Unfortunately for your Mr. Cooper the initials “DB” is the stock ticker for Deutsche Bank. Don’t worry you won’t find the “DB” stock ticker on the NYSE for much longer and you can have DB all to your self once again.

    • JMiller


      Why not tell us why you think it is total nonsense.

    • Jerry

      Put this in your pipe and smoke it. But please take the hash out first.

  48. bob

    trump was placed by GOD! they are all going down and i believe it will be soon. I’m waiting for the day that the sleeping giant, meaning we the people, take to the streets with pitch forks.. and i can’t believe the msm just keeps on going with fake news…

  49. Mme. Hedin

    Greg, if President Obama had ever separated children from parents like Trump has, we would’ve heard about it. We didn’t. There would have been an outpouring out protest and outrage from every decent parent in this country. There wasn’t, because it wasn’t occurring under Obama’s watch. This disgusting policy of separating immigrant children from their parents was initiated by Stephen Miller and John Kelly. Please do your homework and find that out.

    • Greg Hunter

      Total BS as the MSM covered for Obama the entire 8 years of his Administration and are still covering for this weasel. This appraisal coming from a guy who spend nearly 10 years at the networks in NYC as an investigative reporter.

    • Paul ...

      Mme … you never heard about President Obama supporting the separating of “unborn” children from their mothers … and then having these fetus’s organs sold to manufacturers to help make our food taste better???

      • Mme. Hedin

        No, Paul, I’ve never heard of those rumors before. Have you any hard evidence to back up your claim? If so, I’d like to read it and verify it. If you don’t, then stop upsetting people needlessly. Americans already have plenty of true news to be stressed about; we don’t need more false news.

        • Greg Hunter

          Keep writing but keep it short. Mme. I think is a paid troll.

          • Mme. Hedin

            No, Greg, I am NOT a “paid troll”.
            But I AM a Christian, and tbat makes me a seeker of truth and justice for all; of love for every neighbor both near and far and of all colors/races/beliefs; and a supporter of widows, orphans, homeless folks, immigrants, impoverished and vulnerable people everywhere.
            Can you say the same thing, and call yourself a Christian too?

            • Greg Hunter

              You cannot believe in Christ and believe Abortion is not a huge sin for the mother. I believe the same as you do but where we differ is having open borders so you liberal Marxists can take control and crash the country.

        • Paul ...

          It’s no rumor Mme here is the evidence on Obama …

          • Paul ...

            This may be difficult for you to look at Mme … but you are the one who asked for proof … so here is the disgusting visual evidence that once “the children are separated from their parents” they are used in preparing the food we eat! … and Pepsi used fetus’s in helping to add a better flavor to their soda’s !!

            • Mme. Hedin

              About that fetus in food article….are you really so dumb as to believe anything like that just because it’s on the Internet? That is not a credible news site. Get a grip on reality, Paul!

  50. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Great WWU, Greg.

    FYI – In the US, mothers are absolved of responsibility from serious crimes (including murder) and not punished with routine by claiming that they are mothers and that if they go to jail, who’s going to take care of the children. (Of course no-one thinks about the father, if he’s still alive and she didn’t kill him already.)

    It’s so common as to be normal. I’ve been studying this stuff for more than three decades. I’m acquainted with hundreds of cases of mothers being exonerated completely of serious crimes (including murder) simply because of the children. That’s a helluva burden to put on a child. And on society.

    Liberals AND conservatives (this is definitely NOT an exclusively liberal phenomenon – liberals don’t have a monopoly on stupidity or evil). Conservatives are just as quick as liberals to hop on the political band-wagon and use children as excuses for serious crime in the US. Conservatives do it all the time in family courts. All day every day.

    As a matter of fact, conservatives are much more likely to be proponents of this kind of perverse “chivalry.” Conservatives are much more responsible than liberals for family courts and child support (they’re both responsible, of course, but from my review of history, the entire family court / child support nonsense arose from conservative philosophy (like chivalry).

    Where were conservatives for the past forty years while the lives and livelihoods of men and the economic foundation of the US was being destroyed by conservative family courts and child support? Simple answer: counting the money they made from their policies. Conservatives are just as bad as liberals.

    The reason you have a “liberal” problem in the US is because it was seen (right or wrong) as the solution to a much greater “conservative” problem which preceded it. Every time I listen to your broadcast, Greg, there’s a lot of liberal-bashing. But I want to remind your audience that the problems in the US aren’t liberal or conservative. They’re different sides of the same evil coin.

    They’ve both been manipulated by globalists. To the same end. A conservative philosophy is no solution to the problem. As a matter of fact, given some of the stupid things conservatives believe, it’ll probably make things worse instead of better.

    • Greg Hunter

      I disagree with pretty much most of this but I will put up the comment Doc.

      • Dr Darryl Jewett

        Thx, Greg.

    • Robert Zionist Lykens

      One HUGE loaf of balonet.

  51. Dr Darryl Jewett

    “Where were conservatives for the past forty years while the lives and livelihoods of men and the economic foundation of the US was being destroyed by conservative family courts and child support?” I forgot to add, “…and while children were being separated routinely from their fathers based on false pretense…” This has been happening in the US for decades. It’s been domestic fathers instead of illegal immigrant mothers who are seen as the victims. Suddenly this makes a difference? It’s not different.

  52. gregd

    With most things looking better I think it might be the right time again for John Williams to tell us the numbers. In normal times with no manipulation, I think his predictions would have been right. And it would have been better but they couldn’t let the rich take big losses, that’s just for us. So they manipulated the markets and let the rich know what they were doing so they could become even richer. Who would have known that the PPT was real and EVERYTHING was manipulated? Simple math is our best indication of what is to come now and possibly clue us in when.
    You are doing a great service. The best part is when you interview yourself, so to speak, with the weekly wrap-up.

  53. Roger D

    Every person added to our list (or the Marxist’s list) of people going to prison is another positive sign we are making progress toward the inevitable breakup of the empire. I suspects the globalists now have their finger on the button. Prepare accordingly. Where do you want your loved ones to be when the breakup happens, an ‘Estonia’ or ‘a Tajikistan’?

  54. Robert Zionist Lykens

    Greg, as we all know, sometimes in the “grownup-world of reality”, it’s sometimes necessary to pull a trigger to defend your country, home, family, society, economy and way of life. This is an obvious truth; otherwise we’d all be speaking Japanese, German, Chinese or most likely Russian.
    Israel has passed a law which defines Israel as a “Jewish” nation. Further, they have the will to enforce their law and protect their country.
    What’s wrong with that? God himself put divisions between ethnic groups into effect at the Tower of Babel. I believe with all my heart that God intended for mankind to be separated into ethnic units until the return of Christ.
    In my opinion it is the duty of United States citizens to defend, with force, their country and traditional way of life. This is a righteous and mandatory duty which only atheists and leftists shirk, to their shame.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert.

    • Roger D

      Mr. Lykens, you played the ‘Christ card’. OK, let’s cut to the chase. Specifically which wars fought by Americans would Christ support?

  55. coalburner

    Greg; This is one of the best all round summary’s of the actual news I have ever heard. You can’t get every subject at one time but you got the USA this time. Dilly, Dilly!!! Consider a rundown on Europe and the EURO un-elected Government , and maybe the Italian/ Papacy. Would love to hear it. I am wondering if they(the Papacy) are secretly supporting the populace backlash against the unarmed but savage invasion of European countries. Specifically Italy. The better minds in the Catholic Hierarchy must see the destruction of their Christian Empire if they do not fight back now. ??? The scourge of Islam will destroy them in a bloody binge of they are not very careful, even now. Find out where we can donate to the destruction of the NGO ships before South Africa cracks apart and they start delivering millions worse than North Africa and the ME to the Mexican shores. They will be treated worse by their own than the northern Africans. The government there knows millions will die from thirst and starvation but do not care as long as they rule what is left after the die off. Sound nuts but read up on their leaders.

  56. Rusty

    A few years ago, the Militia (whoever they are?) offered and partially observed the southern border. Crossings dried up. The left had a fit. Is it time to bring something similar back?

  57. Fredrick

    You are right on the money USAWatchdog.Com.

  58. AndrewB

    Hi Greg
    Absolutely love your analogy: “It’s like steeling from a store and calling it, ‘An undocumented purchase.'” Brilliant! The tragic truth behind your analogy informs we are already living in an Orwellian dystopia.

  59. Patrick Armstrong

    Thank you for your passion.