Trump Coup MSM Ignores, Trump Branding MSM Fake News, Tommy Robinson Free

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 346 8.3.18)

The mainstream media (MSM) refuses to acknowledge the fact the FBI and DOJ used phony research paid for by Hillary Clinton and the DNC to get warrants to spy on Donald Trump and his Administration. It refuses to report there is not one single piece of evidence linking Trump to the Russians, let alone that the entire Mueller investigation was started on totally false pretenses. It ignores former Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, who came out recently on CNN and essentially blamed the failed coup to stop Trump and remove him from office on his former boss President Obama. The MSM has turned into fake news.

The MSM is upset that Donald Trump has branded them “Fake News” or, in the case of CNN, “Very Fake News.” Trump is also branding them “The Enemy of the People.” The MSM says they are worried about violence against reporters, but I think they are worried about declining revenue and falling ratings. Trump is branding them fake news, and the MSM is destroying itself with lies, lies by omission and false narratives. Donald Trump is simply pointing that out as he fights back against bias reporting of the MSM that is set out to destroy him and not inform the public.

Free speech activist Tommy Robinson is free from his 13 month jail sentence. Robinson was charged, tried and convicted on the same day in the UK. Robinson was pointing out gang rape and pedophilia of the radical Muslim community in England when he was arrested. The top judge there overturned the conviction and offered the lower court a severe beatdown for how it handled the Robinson case. This is good news for those who love free speech and freedom.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(This post talks about the MSM ignoring a failed coup of Donald Trump, fake news of the MSM, and the release of Tommy Robinson in the UK.)

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Dr. Dave Janda from the popular radio show “Operation Freedom” will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.

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  1. Marie Joy

    Conservatives need to be more active in our support for President Trump and our nation.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Wow! The president and CEO of New York Times “was educated by Jesuits at the independent school, Stonyhurst College” He was also BBC Director General. Seems like a Jesuit education will take you far as we have a Jesuit educated President, a Jesuit educated Fed Chairman and Jesuit Pope. Me smells a conspiracy.

      • Barney Google

        Why The Poorest County In West Virginia Has Faith In Donald Trump Anywhere But Washington
        And probably the most solid British stock left in the United States of America, out side the Cornish miner settled upper peninsula region of Michigan, eh. Which is part of the Iron range, that stretches on into northern Wisconsin and Minnesota, there being a smattering of Swedes, Finn’s, Croates, Serbs, & Slovenes. There too, along with the ubiquitous Cornish, now several generations American.

      • Frederick

        TSI my son is aGeorgetown alumnus Jesuits oops

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I’m sure they go in fine.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            I’m just joking. You have to be selected Frederick. Not everyone that goes to a Jesuit school will turn into a pawn for global domination. I made a similar point to William Stanley regarding his friend that became a Jesuit priest. Most people within the Jesuits (especially low level) will know the ultimate aims of the organisation. If that was the case they would not be secret for very long! As you and William have just demonstrated keeping the low levels of a secret society in the dark is an incredibly effective cover as everyone knows someone in the Freemasons, Jesuit school etc. They seemed to be ok so the whole organisation must be legit. This is like saying the CIA wasn’t involved in 9/11 because I knew someone who did some training with them and he seemed alright. These societies will only reveal their true aims if you have been selected due to family background, particular attributes and/or working your way up through the system.

            • This Sceptred Isle

              Sorry I meant to say that most people in the Jesuits will NOT know the true aims of the organisation.

      • paul ...

        TSI … Of all the animal kingdom humans have become the most vile degenerate perverts … we live in a world where the “free press” thinks it has the inherent right to “attack everyone”, the warmongers think they have the inherent right to “attack everyone”, the pedophiles, snowflakes and racists think they have an inherent right to “attack everyone” … all for the lust of money or power … all these degenerate human perverts need to take a lesson from “the animal kingdom” that “don’t kill their own” … a lion may kill a buffalo to eat for survival, a gorilla may kill some plants to eat for survival, etc., etc. but animals don’t nuke and kill “others of their kind” in non-stop perpetual wars on such a “massive scale” the way humans do … humans for some reason don’t look at other humans “as themselves” … instead they use color, race, religion, etc. to subdivide the human race into “different species” … by color (black, white, red, yellow, tan, etc) race or religion to make other human being “non-human” and thus “acceptable to kill” … it is time for people to be educated by the Jesuits or by others that claim to teach morality … and instill in people’s minds that “all humans are part of one family” (simply look at our DNA code for proof) … and like the other animals in the world “We Should Not Be Going Around Killing Our Own” … and if that is just too morally hard to do … at the least … we should not be killing Human Women and Children … instead “morally perverted humans” nuke “japs” because they have slanted eyes, kill “niggers” for being black, kill “gooks” for being yellow, “towel heads” for living on parched dry land with oil under it, “ruskies” for having vast natural resources divide European “dago’s” or US “gringo’s” , etc., etc. because humans have “different cultures” or speak “a different language” … it is about time we get back to “being animals” … instead of the “morally degenerate perverts” we are “who kill our own” … seems under Trump we are beginning to make a start by locking up the degenerate perverts that prey on our children … but we won’t become “true animals” until we begin locking up the warmongers!!

  2. Sneak Pete

    Greg, accidentally posted on Gerald Cilenteas interview.

    • Sneak Pete

      Greg could you post it here on the WNW? THANKS, either way. Your the boss!

  3. Pugsley
    Former CIA Station Chief In Moscow:
    ‘Brennan And Clapper Are Doing Putin’s Bidding’

    • William Stanley

      Pugsley, re: “Brennan and Clapper Are Doing Putin’s Bidding”
      You’ve employed a fascinating technique for serving up NWO/neo-con propaganda, well done! From that phrasing, one might infer that Putin is so powerful that Brennan and Clapper were agents of Russia and, therefore, that Putin is even more dangerous to American interests than the Globalists, including those comprising the Shadow Government and Deep State.
      I infer from what I see you peddling, that your masters are beginning the process of throwing to the wolves Clapper, Brennan, Hillary, and the rest of the coup plotters who are already exposed; and all this in the hope that such will distract attention from those who are better hidden and those who are higher up the food chain.
      It might work, but it reeks of desperation and, since desperate people are willing to do desperate things, it should serve as a warning that some very hard times are soon coming, including, perhaps, economic collapse and civil war.

  4. Pugsley

    Trump needs to step up public statements against Russia after WH show of force, Dem says – CNNPolitics

    • William Stanley

      Pugsley, your ploy will not work: you’ve already exposed yourself as a Globalist tool.

    • paul ...

      Hey Demon-rats instead of going to war with the “ruskies” … lets have every voter show their drivers license or birth certificate before being allowed to vote!!

  5. Derek Sinclair

    Greg, I have mentioned this before. You say that “Robinson was pointing out gang rape and pedophilia of the radical Muslim community in England when he was arrested”. That is not true. The gang raping paedophiles (of little white girls) were not members of the radical muslim community, they were members of the common or garden muslim community. So, for avoidance of doubt, these paedophile activities were not conducted by “extremists” they were conducted by members of the so called “moderate muslim majority”. It is of vital importance that people know that and remember it.

    • Frederick

      No different than the Hollyweird pedos or the friends of the royal family Like Savile evidently They are all sickos

    • This sceptred Isle

      There you go Greg, I was right to bring up Guantanamo Bay in relation to this topic as Tommy Robinson has done. You have to examine your own glass house before throwing stones. Why does America always have to conduct its dirty work, such as torture and imprisonment without trial on foreign soil. At least Putin has the guts to carry out his own dirty work and not outsource it.

      • Greg Hunter

        There is no comparison to the treatment of Robinson to the treatment of terrorists at Gitmo. Your country is failing and you focus on this stupid narrative. The UK has plenty of sin why don’t you focus on that? Hang on to that black hole of nothingness because nothing will save you.

        • This sceptred Isle

          Tommy Robinson made the comparison

          • Greg Hunter

            He’s still wrong.

        • dan

          “In the land of the blind, the eyed man is king”.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Derek, yeah exactly right. When the ones in Hollywood are exposed will they be calling them Jews and Christians?

      • William Stanley

        TSI: Are you being sarcastic? I thought Derek’s point was just the opposite: that even “moderate” Islam is at war with Western values and, indeed, considers non-Muslims as less than fully human, hence fair targets . . . even if they are little girls.
        It strikes me that the problem goes way beyond religion: it is cultural, indeed tribalistic, and will not be fixed or even ameliorated
        by “tolerance.”
        Europe and Britain really are being invaded by hostile powers that seek your subservience and the destruction of your culture. Atheists and pagans will fare even worse than Christians and Jews. The Globalists are helping and enabling them. You are less than human in their eyes as well. So it comes down to this: the peoples of Europe and Britain are going to have to replace their “wishbones” with backbones if they are to save themselves and their cultures.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          Yes, well spotted William. My point was at odds with Derek’s. Should we refer to all Nazi criminals as Christians?

          • Greg Hunter

            The Nazi’s are national socialists. The lib-tards own that crap. Hitler was not a Christian. He faked it.

            • William Stanley

              Mr. Hunter: Upon reflection, I find that I agree with Derek, TSI, and you. Yet, I think my point, such as it is, is somewhat different from any of yours:
              1) My take on Derek’s point is that Islam, even moderate Islam is, at least, a major part of the problem. I agree to the extent that it’s an important part of what defines the mindset and the affiliations of the invading tribe and those pedophiles in the grooming gangs focused upon by Tommy Robinson;
              2) I agree with TSI that affiliation with Islam was not the only factor there, but I disagree with him that it’s doctrines played no important part;
              3) I agree with you that Christianity did not define Hitler and that he faked his affiliation in order to garner followers to further his drive to establish a new, powerful pagan tribe;
              4) My thought is that a tendency toward tribalism and “othering” is inherent in humans and that it can be harnessed in service of evil; however, it is also necessary and can be harnessed in the service of good as well.
              5) Finally, humanity is now faced with a Globalist tribe that “others” the 99.9 percent of the rest of us (while cleverly fooling most into identifying with and serving them) and that we, the 99.9 percent, should use our own tendencies toward tribalism to temporarily band together to “other” and utterly destroy our oppressors. Then we can get back to more normal tribalism characterized by differences in religion, culture, and affiliations that fulfill our need for inclusion without letting “othering” run rampant to the point that it serves evil. Indeed and ironically, such balanced tribalism could, IMO, lead to increased awareness of and delight in not only our differences, but of our fundamental similarities and virtues.
              Unfortunately, such tribalism cannot maintain its balance indefinitely and strife (and war) will always lurk — unless the evil forces of Globalism win, thus forever destroying freedom and human dignity.

      • Derek Sinclair

        If you think a Jewish or Christian pedophile is representative of Jews or Christians then you out yourself as a muslim apologist. What muslims are doing in the UK is simply following their “holy” book and the life of their “perfect” man.

    • Andre

      The war is on white people and western culture. It started with Reformation when almost entire Europe rebelled against Vatican and pointed to it’s errors. Vatican couldn’t defeat the Christianity because the more Bibles and Christians they burned, the more new Christians sprang to life. Then, Satan came with different strategies which was much more successful. They destroy religion in the West entirely. It started with French Revolution. Did you know that Voltaire, who wrote of Human Rights was a Jesuit and this Declaration was presented in the form of 10 commandment in direct defiance of the Law of God? – just check – don’t miss the fascia in the middle representing Rome and fascism. Now they need to bring religion back because they need to implement false worship and Mark of the Beast.
      They are now creating as much chaos as possible bringing Muslims to eventually ask for Sharia Law. Why no country in Europe can resist? Who is behind it? Specially Germany, Holland, Belgium because there was the heart of reformation. When all this reaches climax, who do you think will come to the rescue? Of course the perpetrator – the Pope himself. Catholic is better than Sharia Law after all. But people will need to come to the church on the day of worship. When all forgot about true Christianity, who they will worship? Of course the beast.
      We are very close to final events.

      • Andre

        The question remains where we stand in the stream of time as Christians? We have 36,000 denominations each preaching different doctrine. How many truths are possible? One.that only one. Is God perfect? He surely is. What He expect from us?
        Mat 5:48 Be ye therefore perfect, even as your Father which is in heaven is perfect.
        Does this verse leave any room for error in doctrine? I don’t think so. We surely need to be very careful and search Bible with prayer and supplication to find the truth. The Word is given to us for our admonition. What doe the Word say about ancient Israel when they walked away from truth and practice syncretism (mixing religions). They were taken captive to Babylon and only remnants came back.

        Rev 12:17 And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the REMNANT of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.

        So we have again: remnant – very few. Bible says that most people will not be saved. Most professed Christians will share the fate of the 5 foolish virgins from Mat 25:1-11 who didn’t have enough oil.
        Mat 25:12 But he answered and said, Verily I say unto you, I know you not.

        Walter Veith, PhD unscrambled it all in his lectures:

        • Greg Hunter

          Did the good thief that died on the cross next to Christ make it into heaven? How did he do that?

          • Andre

            The thief that repented will make to heaven as Christ promised. As of now, he is still in the grave where all others are.
            Luke 23:43 And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee, today shalt thou be with me in paradise.
            The problem is in a little detail (comma). If you move comma after today, the meaning is different.
            And Jesus said unto him, Verily I say unto thee today, shalt thou be with me in paradise.
            When Bible was written, even New Testament, they put no commas nor numbers on verses. The comma is misplaced even in KJV. We need to look at different parts of the Bible to get the story right.
            Imagine how disappointed would have been Lazarus when Christ gave life back to him if he was in Heaven. (This is Greg Hunter and I cut this comment. You are contradicting the word of Christ and you simply don’t know. I don’t care what all the other Bible verses you posted say, the word of Christ is the word of Christ and second guessing Christ is WAAAAAAAAA above your pay grade or experience> You were not there and the people who wrote this down were. It means what it means, and you have no way of proving this point–period the end. You are saying we cannot believe the word of Christ because of a comma???? I call BS on that. This is the end of this discussion.)

  6. Pugsley

    How Not To Get Phished Like The DNC
    Leaks Are Different;
    Don’t rig elections!”

    • William Stanley

      Pugsley:Yes, leaks are different. I’m going with Bill Binney, former Technical Director at NSA on this one. He says technical analysis shows the download of information from the DNC server and handed over to Wikileaks was done at speeds not then attainable over the internet. In other words, the download was a leak (not a hack) done locally to a thumb drive or external hard drive by an insider. (Maybe Seth Rich, an insider who worked at the DNC and who was later murdered).
      BTW, none of the Wikileaks information has been shown to incorrect. So, if Hillary did lose the election because of the DNC leak to Wikileaks, it was because the truth got out.

    • Andre

      You drink too much coffee Greg,
      You just discarded Bible verses from Genesis to the book of Revelation for one ambiguous verse.
      Entire Bible is the Word of Christ who is the Word.

      Besides, why did you deleted other verses? Were they not spoken by Christ Himself?

      • Greg Hunter

        You write to much, anonymously.

        • Andre

          What do you mean by “anonymously”?

          • Greg Hunter

            You can’t be this stupid.

  7. Anthony Australia

    MSM all over Q now.
    Nearly fell of my chair reading the newspaper.

  8. MKS

    Blaming Obama is just them laying the ground work to use Obama as a false flag trigger for increasing racial strife. They will claim these statements was a trigger for a “right wing nut job’s” action.

  9. Jodyp

    Today’s journalism does not affect us here at USAWatchdog. We are awake!

  10. Roger D

    Greg nailed it. ‘Failed coup’ is exactly what took place. It failed. But they will not stop until the Republic falls. And it will fall.

    Again I urge Watch Dogs: For the cost of just ¼ oz. of gold today you can go to Costco or Sam’s Club and purchase 415 lbs. of rice and 225 lbs. of black beans.

    Imagine the torture watching your loved ones slowly starve and saying to yourself, ‘If I had just spent a lousy $350….

    • William Stanley

      Agreed, Roger D.

    • paul ...

      Good insurance … and if nothing happens in the next few years … just give the rice and beans to charity before it goes bad for a tax deduction (and buy another $350 worth of “fresh” beans and rice)!!

  11. Jerry

    It’s getting harder and harder to sort through fake news and determine what is real and what is not. Maybe the truth lies somewhere in between.

    According to some sources we will be under some form of Rex 84 by mid August. I don’t know, but the signs are clearly there that we are headed in that direction . I would like to ask Dr. Dave Janda if he thinks the prosecutions that are coming will be conducted in our current court system? I don’t. I see military tribunals under martial law. I also see Donald Trump using the theft by the deep state as the scapegoat for the coming currency reset. At least that’s what I would do. Let them take the fall. It’s like draining the swamp using a 1 ton diesel pump. Great wrap up Greg!

    • Jerry

      Speaking of CNN. Do you remember this interview?

      • paul ...

        US citizens or terrorists who kill or maim other humans “should” be tried before a military tribunal who kill humans for a living … because these terrorists “are not animals” who live by certain moral rules (i.e. not killing their own) … and for being in violation of the “law of nature” as provided by God … they should not be able to claim the God given Constitutional Rights we reserve only for the more moral animals!!

        • paul ...

          I I didn’t make it clear enough … it means “they should” be tried by a jury of their peers (people who kill for a living) … not by a jury of civilized men who don’t kill their own!!

    • Stan

      Jerry: By the way, you laughed at me a few weeks ago when I bought a boat load of Deutsche Bank stock at $10.63. Guess what? It closed today at $12.50. Are you still laughing?

    • Jerry

      I must have struck a nerve with my last post. Yesterday I came home to find my email account had been hacked and my phone had been tapped. What are they afraid of? Freedom of speech? Being able to have thought outside the government matrix? Gutless maggots ! Greg, please make sure your server has not been compromised by these nazis. Thank you for all you do. You ARE the last source of real news and truth.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        Stan has gone too far this time. I always believed his obsession with you was more than just platonic.

    • Jerry

      I guess I know why they’re worried enough to tap my phone when you consider that some of them may be on the list.

      I’m tired of the sneaking around. Let’s get this out in the open and deal with it.

  12. Jim Weeber

    Went and saw Dinesh D’sousa’s new movie in the theater last night with friends. Tremendous history lesson leading us to where we are today. Very much worth the time and not boring! Great supplement to what we follow here. I think every high school civics class should see and discuss this work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim!!

    • Bob the Blessed

      I saw it too. An excellent movie exposing who are the real Nazis in the USA and their origins.

    • RTW

      I agree with you completely and I would encourage everyone to go see it. I think this movie is his best. I attended a special screening of the movie Wednesday night and the theater was completely sold out. Not to give anything away, but at the end of the movie, the national anthem began to play and every single person in the theater was out of their seats and stood silently until it was over. It’s encouraging to have people like Dinesh D’sousa (and Greg) getting the truth out there to so many people, while we’re pummeled everyday with outlandish lies from the evil cabal known as main stream news.

  13. Julia

    I thought everyone might enjoy seeing President Trumps ratings along with the other leaders ( May, Macron and Merkel);

  14. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter.The silence of our media here in the UK over Mr Robinson’s internment and many others has ensured their demise.Unfortunately this will also ensure others,such as the Murdochs,emerge from their hidey-holes to enrich our torture.Mr Robinson’s reporting clarified that moderate Muslims were aiding the shelter of these rape gangs which emerged in the trials of the ghastly Muslims.
    All this demise of the media has been around since the financial coup of 2008 where no one reported the truth.No wonder so may simply walked away from their media worldwide ,all future unemployed journalists must thank all the Fed Governors Green span,Bernanke and Yellen,whose academic records are disgraceful and plagiarised.
    Today,here in the UK,we have a bank Trustee Savings Bank part of Sabelle of Florida that are openly thieving from their customers with the complicity of the police and government.Media,silence.
    No wonder our economy sucks as we make enemies of the USA with MI6 spying on a president for the good of the previous president and Mrs Clinton.We are going to be thrashed for the behaviour of the elite who should be interned .

    • William Stanley

      Maria, re: “MI6 spying on a president . . ..”
      I hope and believe that you are incorrect: almost all here, at least, know very well who the enemies of America (and the other peoples of the world) are . . . and it certainly isn’t the British people.
      How strange it now seems that, partly in order to maintain our differences and individual national characters, the actual peoples of the world are uniting in struggle against the Globalists. Long live our differences!
      P.S. The British high court has set a wonderful example for the world in, finally, rejecting and denouncing the government’s imprisonment and cruel treatment of Tommy Robinson. Unfortunately, the whole incident reveals not only the heroism of individual persons but, also, the tendency toward cruelty and cowardice of the many ordinary people who identify with, support and further the interests of their own oppressors.

      • Greg Hunter

        It is a fact the Obama Administration used UK intelligence services to spy on Trump. 100% verifiable and true.

        • This Sceptred Isle

          I heard that America routinely uses British intelligence to spy on its citizens whilst Britain uses American intelligence to spy on its citizens. They then exchange the information.

          • This Sceptred Isle

            That way they can’t be prosecuted.

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s still wrong and illegal for allies to try to take down a duly elected U.S. president.

        • William Stanley

          Mr. Hunter, Agreed: I never meant to imply otherwise. My point — perhaps you disagree — is that, in this matter at least, the British intelligence services didn’t get their marching orders from the British “people” any more than FBI or CIA got it’s marching orders from the American “people.” They were all acting on behalf of the Globalist cabal.

  15. Peter Harris

    No surprise, you support Tommy Robinson, a piece of human detritus, who is a dog whistling racist and bigot.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a freedom destroying liar that uses false branding to destroy what you fear. Robinson is a huge backer of free speech and if you are down with what went on with Robinson you are a true enemy of the people. Robinson was arrested, charged, tried and sentenced in a matter of hours in the UK. Robinson pointing out Muslims involved grooming and rape gangs, and Muslims that are committing sexual molestation and rape of children is a “racist and bigot”???? You are one sick crazy lib-tard. Go away nutty boy!!

      • paul ...

        Those who rape and kill other human beings should try to raise themselves up morally to the status of an “animal” as God made us … instead of the “degenerate perverts” they have become!!

    • Keith wilson

      Peter. If the Pakistani Muslim gang bangers got hold of your daughter. Raped her multiple times. Sold her to other Muslims for more rape and abuse. You would not be calling Tommy Robinson a racist and a bigot. The Muslim gang bangers where the bigots and racists. They are carrying out a holocaust against Christian white schoolgirls in the name of Allah. Thank God for Tommy Robinson and the great men who support the English defence league. Who wage a crusade against the Muslim invaders who are trying to take over my country.

      • This Sceptred Isle

        They do this against Pakistani girls as well. They are targeting vulnerable girls in general, not just white girls. I know this to be a fact.

        • This sceptred Isle

          The problem is that young girls from within the Pakistani community are LESS likely to report that they are the victims of these gangs because of fear of reprisals from within the community. You would be less likely to report the abuse if it was perpetrated by a family member, family friend or esteemed member of the local community.

          • William Stanley

            TSI: I read your linked article. IMO, it doesn’t support your thesis that white girls were not targeted by the gangs.
            The article does point out that there may be under reporting of sexual abuse by friends and family of Asian victims, but that seems a different sort of activity, although it may reinforce a conclusion that Islamic culture fosters sexual misconduct in general.

            • William Stanley

              For clarity, I should have said: “specifically targeted by the gangs because they were white,” not just targeted because they were vulnerable.

            • This sceptred Isle

              That is because it was never my thesis that white girls were not targeted by the gangs. My thesis was that Pakistani girls are less likely to report the abuse against themselves from those same individuals because they are part of that community.
              In my opinion the article supports that thesis. Is there any actual evidence that white girls were targeted for any other reason than that they were vulnerable? If you have any evidence that it was some religious/ethnic crusade then post the links. I am not disputing what is being suggested just waiting for some evidence.

              • William Stanley

                TSI: You went a bit further than you admit. You said “the problem” is under reporting and vulnerability.
                I simply pointed out the weakness of your “evidence” that it is all about under reporting and vulnerability. The article you offered in support doesn’t actually show that. In fact, it does report cases in specific cities where Muslim men were, indeed, targeting white girls. Moreover, the article does point out that 97% of the victims were white. Are 97% of vulnerable girls white? Do white girls generally live as close to and are, therefore, as accessible to the groomers as “Asian” girls? I doubt it. However, the article doesn’t give a clue, nor does it offer anything but a hypothesis on which group is more likely to report abuse. Moreover, the article didn’t even refer to grooming gangs as they may or may not exist relative to the hypothesized “under reporting,” but under reporting as it applies to friends, relatives and esteemed members of the “Asian” community.
                TSI, the Guardian article was propaganda based largely on an unscientific study by a Muslim women’s group.

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  Yes that is true William. It is just speculation based on common sense. If I can make a correction 97 percent of reported victims were white. So if you are applying the same level of scrutiny to the other side of the argument, where is the evidence that the white victims were targeted because of their race and that this relates to the religious beliefs of Muslims? You are inconsistent as you demand evidence of only one side of the debate and yet failed to provide any for the other side like I requested.

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  The girls are targeted because they come from broken homes and are often lured by offering free alcohol and cigarettes from the shops. With respect your argument is also weak regarding evidence as it seems to hang on one statistic, that 97 percent of reported victims were white. How can you imagine that the statistics would ever fully capture abuse by those same individuals within their own homes and those of friends and family? If you are seeking to be scientific you have to show actual evidence that white girls were targeted because of their ethnicity and also that these actions were motivated by religion. You have not eliminated the availability/opportunity hypothesis.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    Did you have Muslim grooming/rape and pedophile gangs before this New World Order invasion of Muslims??? NO. I rest my case. You should defend Tommy Robinson as robustly as you defend the Muslims destroying your country who are raping your women and children.

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  The accessibility to white girls comes through the shops that they and their friends own. They may target white girls because they are perceived as ‘easy prey’ but this does not amount to some kind of religious crusade against the white race (again I invite you to submit any evidence to the contrary). The fact that the white girls live further away makes it easier to report the attacks. Which victim is more likely to report the abuse: a white girl lured to a shop with the promise of free alcohol/cigarettes or a Pakistani girl who was attacked by her uncle and his friends. The latter must deal with repercussions from within her own community/household. There may be aspects of Muslim treatment of women that allows this abuse to happen but again is that the same as a crusade against white people. I am not saying you are wrong but cough up the evidence.

                • This Sceptred Isle

                  The problem with Keith Wilson’s post (whom you failed to challenge for evidence for his sweeping claims) is that all these crimes were actively covered up by the police, social workers etc. So, in my opinion, it is more likely a globalist plot to normalise paedophilia and sexual abuse (I refer you to the David Icke link I posted under the Dave Janda interview). How else do you explain the complicit involvement of all these government agencies if this is some kind of muslim conspiracy?

    • al

      This is a stupid troll-bot. Nothing else. No brain behind the pesudo-keyboard. It’s a piece of software scraping the Internet and posting stupid refuse like this.

  16. Sayonara

    How dare CNN has the audacity to claim Trump is inciting violence for calling the MSM fake news when they aggressively support violent acts of Antifa and other radical left wing organizations. CNN is not only the fakest of news, it is nothing more than a propaganda machine for the violent left. We can only hope their revenue sources dry up and they are forced to shut down.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Sayonara!!

  17. tsuki

    Tommy Robinson leaving jail with the media surrounding him. Seems he agrees with you.

    I am unpacking the decision. It is very dense and far-reaching. I can almost guarantee that every judge/magistrate, solicitor/barrister, and attorney general is reading this ruling. PM Theresa May and Home Secretary Sajid Javid have lost a weapon in the attempt to silence dissent.

  18. Gregory Mannarino

    Who LOVES Greg Hunter USAWatchdog! Count me in!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Gregory. You do a great job at

    • Jeannette Rowden


  19. iwitness02

    Lively and spirited wrap up this morning, Greg. And rightly so. Considering the topics covered. I hope and pray that more than just Trump supporters are hearing the truth. And recognizing the truth. The #walkaway movement gives me hope that the truth is getting out to more and more people all the time. Greg, I know it is an up hill battle, but drink water, and march on.

  20. Ken

    It’s very clear that most of the folks are tired of this Russia hysteria. If the elections go bad for the left this November, which if believe it will. You can bet they will blame it on Russia BS! I fear the fall out will be very violent. An article showed up last week that Claire McCaskill is already hinting at Russian interference in her campaign…….Looking back you have to wonder…. How the Russians tricked Donna Brazille into giving Clinton the debate questions?

  21. flattop

    It appears that the CNN/White House war on words has gotten personal. How is this thing between Trump and Acosta going to end?

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s going to end withy trump winning and Acosta realizing that this is his very last job in broadcasting. Acosta it too stupid to know he’s being used and destroyed.

  22. wondrouscat

    Greg- You are the best.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Cat”!!

  23. Sue Patterson

    Greg, another great wnw, thanks.
    A friend and I were recently discussing the level of Trump Derangement Syndrome we see in our liberal and Democrat friends. These friends tend to get their news from the news outlets you regularity mention; CNN, MSNBC, NYT, WaPo, and even FOX. We have found that no matter what info we offer, our friends seem unable to hear or accept any other narrative, anything that differs from the news on the networks. You worked at some of these places. Do you think they are using any type of subliminal broadcasting to alter or disable peoples’ ability to question their news narrative?

    • Greg Hunter

      No Sue. I think they hear what they want to hear based on their political views. Fact-less in their thinking. Don’t let them get you down. The truth is the truth and people know it when they hear it.

      • Chip2

        I think we are reaching a point where many WON’T get the truth because their bias precludes them from reading or listening to sources from which truth is coming these days. This is in direct proportion to how much time they’ve spent in universities.

        I tried to share a video with my cousin the other which I know she would have been edified by, but she noted that the author had been featured on Infowars and, therefore, she would not watch it because “Alex Jones is a nightmare of a human being”, etc. By rejecting a well-meant overture from me and dismissing it out of hand, she is effectively saying I am Alex Jones to her, an enemy. This is insanity, truly.

        The thing about left-leaning people is they will not even permit foreign-seeming things to enter their mind for evaluations.

      • This sceptred Isle

        Greg, If you are so into facts then you will appreciate that, according to the bible, the sabbath should be observed on the last day of the week, which is a Saturday.

        “You may read the Bible from Genesis to Revelation, and you will not find a single line authorizing the sanctification of Sunday. The Scriptures enforce the religious observance of Saturday, a day which we never sanctify. The Catholic Church correctly teaches that our Lord and His Apostles inculcated certain important duties of religion which are not recorded by the inspired writers…We must, therefore, conclude that the Scriptures alone cannot be a sufficient guide and rule of faith” ( The Faith of Our Fathers, 1917, p. 89).

        This is factual evidence that the Vatican has strayed from the bible intentionally. Why does the Vatican insist upon straying from biblical teachings time and time again? A rational analyses of the facts shows this to be true regardless of whether one is an atheist or ‘believer’. Satan will dress in familiar garb in order to deceive.

        • Greg Hunter

          What do you care? You do not believe in God, but the black hole of nothingness! You don’t need to wait for Sunday or Saturday you can praise and pray to God the Father or his Son any day you like or everyday.

          • This sceptred Isle

            I care because I still have to live in this society that these perverts are messing up. The Vatican puts itself above God and the results are an abomination.

          • This sceptred Isle

            You cannot have it both ways. You are the one going around telling everyone that the bible is literally correct word for word.

            • Greg Hunter

              You a total atheist who believes in the black hole of nothingness is not going to be our preacher/teacher. I can have it any way I like here and you can too on your very own site. Start one and let me know how your national socialist (Nazi) platform works out for you.

              • This sceptred Isle

                Well whatever the Nazis were the Vatican supported them.

                • Greg Hunter

                  TSI They did now give it a rest.

        • John


          You have to understand that the early followers of Christ were primarily Jews who aligned themselves with the Nazarene sect within Judaism and at that time there were several factions within this monotheistic religion. After Christ was crucified and James The Just was killed the Jerusalem Church became more represented by the Gentile faction outside of Jerusalem. ( you know – the followers of Paul) In short, after a few decades any connection to the Jerusalem Church was lost and Christianity was transformed to a Gentile religion – losing its Jewish roots. However, make no mistake Jesus(Yeshua) was a Torah observant Jew and did not come to start a new religion – he came to repair and transform Judaism to a higher level – not just following the Law but having it written on ones heart as well. Interestingly it is Christianity that has preserved the words of Christ not orthodox Judaism. Messianic Judaism recognizes the teachings of Christ but within a Jewish mindset – we observe Saturday as sabbath. In addition, if one is to truly understand the teachings of Christ one must understand the Old Testament – hence, we use both the Old and New Testament. In regards on how to speak to the father – go into a secluded room in your house and pray as instructed by Christ- God is always there – 24/7 – does not matter if you are Jewish or Gentile and the day of the week is just a “postage stamp” as to the origin of your observance.

  24. brian

    Sometimes I get the sense that once a bulk of the boomer’s are passed on the gloves are coming off on both sides of this. It just seems that within the baby boomer generation is nested the last vestiges of feigned civility based upon an illusion of legitimate government, credible media, honest courts and sound money. I believe this simply because the boomers were the last generation to grow up in a society where the fleecing was manageable, the depravity concealable, the raw pillaging was under control and the lies were given an air of substantial veracity by the general prosperity and wellness that existed in their formative years. I think the 80’s is when the truth regarding the nature of our government started to become blatant and it was at that point that justifiable ignorance became negligent and willful to the point of complicity on the part of us all.

    As things run their inevitable course I think we will discover, while writhing in the caustic, fuming ashes, that all that we have left is the mercy of God. Perhaps in time, our regret and suffering will crystallize into something useful to God such as repentance and a new found adoration for all that is good, right and salutary. We will see where this goes I am sure.

    • Chip

      All any of us have is the mercy of God… Chip

      • Greg Hunter

        Who do you think sent us Trump?

  25. John M.

    About 2 weeks ago I was at jury duty. For my 2 days there, the 3 TV screens in the big assembly room were set on MSNBC. For me it was a living hell, as I don’t watch fake news propaganda for more than a few seconds at a time as it can cause you to go blind and dumb at the same time.
    Every commentator and guest on that network was electrified at Trump meeting with Putin in Helsinki the day before. I thought their talking heads were going to explode with accumulation of sheer excitement, as they said Trump was committing treason and should be quickly impeached.
    I looked around the jury assembly room and almost no one seemed to care or even look at MSNBC during all this time, as everyone was focused on their smartphones for hours.
    I’m not sure if this is a good sign or a bad sign.
    I’m glad no one seems to care about the MSM. On the other hand, does the average American replace fake news with social media platforms that may even be more dangerous because of their more hidden activities, such as “shadow banning” and who knows what else?
    These are dangerous times and everything from civil unrest to the rigged financial markets seem to be building to be climaxing. How much longer can it last?
    Mike Adams from Health Ranger is warning that something big might erupt at the Patriots prayer rally in Portland on sat, Aug. 4. Who knows the moment when the SHTF.
    The last few times I was at jury duty (10 and 15 years ago) the TV sets were always set on Jerry Springer. Jerry Springer is much more honest and entertaining than the MSM.

  26. Craig Furlong

    Thanks, Greg! One of your greatest news presentations I’ve heard.
    You, my friend and brother, are a real patriot to the people of this country!
    Keep the faith (the opposite of fear)…
    Keep looking unto Jesus, the Author and Finisher of our faith

    • Greg Hunter


      “Keep the faith (the opposite of fear)…” love this line!! Thank you for posting it here.


  27. Paul

    The media is complicit in their support of people in public office that condone illegal behaviour. Any person in public that condones illegal behaviour of any sort doesn’t understand the rule of law, are not fit for office, and are un-American. It is time for citizens to demand the removal of politicians and public servants who publically support the illegal actions of any person, citizen or non-citizen. The law is the law! These public servants are now seeing themselves as above the law and able to apply whatever parts they wish and ignore other laws. If this doesn’t stop America is going to face the same type of tyrannical rule that history has shown when leaders do what they want and violate the rule of law! Think Germany, Italy, Russia, to name a few. Stand up for the laws as they stand today … Changes to law should occur through the procedure of drafting a bill getting the consent of both houses and the president. This most important of processes protects the citizens and from both unscrupulous leaders and the propagandists supporting their illegal actions.

  28. David

    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you’re uninformed, if you do read it, you’re misinformed.”…. Denzel Washington. Quite the conundrum…. but true.

  29. Liberty

    What was done to Tommy Robinson is totally insane , criminal. Those people need to be punish, pay for the crime they did. I am totally outraged, hungry that Theresa May and those judge don’t pay for this.
    Theresa May should burn in hell , she should have the same treatment they did in the old days to the wishes.

    Tommy Robinson fight for all of us, this man is a hero ….

  30. Liberty

    I just read this comment on an another site , the person was asking the person doing the video a good question . Personally I think this is a good comments and I wonder the same question . May be Greg you can give your opinion or some of your next guest.

    ” It’s really nice to find someone that understands the financial predicament we find ourselves in. Why do you think Trump is blowing smoke up our ass calling this “the best economy ever?” Is he just trying to keep things afloat until they can “drain the swamp?” Why didn’t he get honest about the economy like he did when he was a candidate? Why did he take ownership of this economy? Why not continue to blame the fed and the Obama administration, even as the stock market was rising? Now that he’s taken ownership of the economy, he’s going to also own it when it implodes. ”

    Also, I would really like to have the different opinion of experts on how, how long and how would it be like if this reset happen.

    Thank you,

  31. al

    I am so glad that we have a true leader in the White House, not one who takes vacations and goes golfing while laughing at the taxpayers who pay for that.
    I am so glad that this true leader calls the fake news what it truly is, the ENEMY MEDIA!!!

    It’s the ENEMY MEDIA who fuels black lives matter (as if no one else’s does), antifa and the numbskulled moron SJWs who blindly follow the ENEMY MEDIA’s narrative.

    If you are reading this and still pay for TV, consider cutting the cable like so many have done in the past few years.
    All TVs sets today are Internet ready, or hook up a DVD player which can get Internet. Every device has a Youtube app, in it you can search and save USAWatchDog. Make your own news mix, don’t rely on the lame stream ENEMY MEDIA to fist feed you their garbage!

  32. Jennifer Ohman

    Great Job! Honest, Unapologetic, and Strong!!
    Much Thanks,

  33. paul ...

    Is this the way Trump will “End the Fed”?? … the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) announced on Tuesday that financial technology companies will now be allowed to apply for a special purpose “National Bank Charter” and operate across state lines … which will give the “now illegal” Fed some competition (as the Fed’s National Bank Charter has not been renewed)!!

  34. jerry falsetto

    I really like Greg. I don’t think that you should mix church and state. I also don’t that you should mix church and news. Greg obviously disagrees. That’s not going to change anytime soon. For now I will continue to listen and support because he’s on the good guy team.

  35. paul ...

    Is this “an asymmetrical counter move” by the Chinese to Trumps “Trade War”??? … … notice the wording … “to retake the rest of Syrian territory” … and what that implies for Israel and the Golan Heights!!

  36. paul ...

    De-dollarization and hypersonic weapons is replacing Washington’s US Centric Uni-polar World Order with a Multi-polar World Order … Russia now has the capability to neutralize the US militarily and China the economic power to neutralize the US economically … so the Washington neocon warmongers have lost the military and economic capability to perpetuate “continual wars” (even with 1000 military bases around the world sucking hundred of billions out of our budget that could better be used to eliminate our trade deficit) … hopefully this will prevent a war with Iran … which will be of great benefit to all mankind as it can easily go nuclear!! …

  37. Julius Caesar
    Don’t these people realize the seriousness of these talks? They look to the intelligence authority’s. Just who’s running the country as Rome burns? Russia is a nuclear power, second only to the US. In super power status, both can each equally destroy life on earth many times over. Think about that. Is Donald Trump the only adult in the room and Putin too is acting the adult. But this Russia Russia Russia, garbage is dangerous to life on planet earth. Wake up people. You could be soon a mist, a vapor appearing a little while. Let Donald Trump do the job we sent him to do. Clear the swamp of these war- mongering neo-con men and woman infesting our deep state shadow government of unintelligence fools and let the Donald make the call for peace and security, prosperity for all. Instead of us all on this very slippery slope, like a snowball headed for hell.

  38. Fredrick Getzschman

    Another great report and yes the F B I and United States Department of Justice is guilty of the failed coup against President Donald Trump among other crimes the F B I and United States Department of Justice are guilty in the matter for real. At this time we have the largest group of low life’s in key government positions.

  39. Bob the Blessed

    Preach Greg,
    Excellent righteous preaching. Superior work. Keep it up.

  40. Tommy

    What seems to be missing is that if Russia meddled at all in the election it was under Obama’s watch. Shouldn’t Obama and his people be the targets of the investigation? Yeah. It’s amazing how people like Acosta act all self righteous and indignant about people not believing a thing they say. The government/media complex is more pervasive and more dangerous than Pravda ever was. Remember, the Russian people knew Pravda was doling out bull. So do we.

  41. Tracy Welborn

    Is there a way that you can cover Q Anon?
    Q Anon is becoming a big story.

    • Greg Hunter

      There are people that do that far better than I but I wish the best to “Q”!!

  42. paul ...

    Could this meteor and the one that hit Russia a few years ago “be tests” of a new weapon system? … namely “throwing rocks at the enemy and pretending it was of natural origins” … once the US, Russia and China develop their Space Forces … I can see a day coming when meteors will be “thrown” at each others Nations … meteors with the force of nuclear weapons “hundreds of times larger” then the nukes dropped on the Japanese civilian population at the end of WWII … depraved immoral warmongers who one day throw swarms of meteors at each others population centers will tell the people “we are not at war” … so be prepared folks … today it is simply “fake news” we have to deal with … tomorrow it will be “fake war” that the Deep State Satanists give us … pretending over their fake news networks that all the death and destruction from their meteor nukes (creating millions of civilian casualties) was not something to be blamed on them … but was “An Act of God”!!! …

  43. paul ...

    And what word would one ascribe to a group of men consorting to overthrow a sitting President and get the United States into a nuclear war with Russia? … the word “traitors” comes to mind!! …

  44. coalburner

    Thank You Derek Sinclaire; Most of us know what you say but news reporting with intentional omission makes it slow getting from EU to the USA and the same for Fake News here. I live in New Mexico and we just had an arrest of two mangy monsters forted up with 13 children half starved. Living like desert rats in skullduggery. The news went Nationwide but they forgot to say they were African Muslims. Any time the “fake news” leaves out important facts about scumbats we all know that something is wrong and everyone tries to find out the truth and we do. It was all but implied they were anything but muslims up to no good. Like you say Derek these mu slims are mainstream enemies of America that have been allowed into our country too.

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