Trump Deals with China, Senate Tax Cuts-NOT, Financial Market Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 309 11.10.17) 

The most important stop on President Trump’s Asia visit is undoubtedly China. Trump slammed the massive trade deficit, but did not blame China for cutting a deal that was to their advantage.  Trump blames the lopsided trade deficit on past administrations and Congress.  Trump is trying to balance the scale between the U.S. and China by pushing $250 billion in deals.

The Senate version of a tax cut is out, and it’s basically a complicated scam that won’t cut taxes at all for many, especially in the top brackets. Trump pushed for simplicity, and the new Senate tax bill is 450 pages long.  I wonder if Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is really just covertly trying to make things so complicated and onerous to sabotage Donald Trump’s mandate given to him in the 2016 election.

Gregory Mannarino of is worried about the financial markets. Mannarino noted in a rare occurrence that both the bond markets and the stock markets sold off at the open Thursday morning.  Mannarino said if the markets were “real,” this would be an ominous sign that the financial markets were headed for big trouble.

These stories and more are analyzed by Greg Hunter of in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Gregory Mannarino of is the guest for the “Early Sunday Release.” Mannarino is seeing some problems coming for both the stock market and the bond market.  Mannarino will go into detail about what he is seeing and what it means to you.


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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: I’m getting an eerie sense of foreboding.

    • Paul ...

      I’m getting just the opposite vibes William … I think we have the Trump “we voted for” back again … seems he is resisting the warmongers around him pushing for war … and wants to solve the worlds problems “by negotiation” with China (and likely Russia too)!!

      • Paul ...

        What gives me “hope” is that although Trump “slammed the massive trade deficit … he did not blame China for cutting a deal that was to their advantage” … so perhaps … even though he recently slammed the Iranian Deal … he may not go to war with Iran for cutting a deal that was to their advantage!!

        • Paul ...

          Any war between Saudi Arabia and Iran won’t be pretty … as both nations have “most likely” purchased hydrogen bombs from Pakistan on the black market!!

          • freebrezer

            Paul – that would be a shame if Saudi Arabia and Iran blow each other up.

          • Paul ...

            Actually a Saudi Arabia that has moved toward closer ties with both China and Russia should be inclined “not to go to war” with Iran (also an ally of China and Russia) … and any “false flag” the neocons use “to get a war started between the two” may simply fall on its face (like the missile fired by “unknowns” from Yemen into Saudi Arabia)!!

      • William Stanley

        Paul . . . It’s good to see your optimism. However, my foreboding wasn’t that Trump has become a warmonger. It’s something more ineffable. It’s hard to put my finger on, but more centered domestically around intransigent political opinions I see among my associates and the sense that compromise is no longer possible. My most tangible worry centers around the Mueller investigations: neither side trusts the impartiality of the justice system.

      • Russ McMeans

        Paul; I think Trump is doing an excellent job considering the whole damn world- just about, is against him. He’s brilliant but human too. Much history being made here and will be written.

    • OutLookingIn

      William – Same here.

      I stay informed. Being old now and retired for some time, I have the time to invest in this morbid fascination of not only micro, but macro social, politico, financial and military information.
      My “filter” over the years has been tuned to a fine degree, by witnessing all the unpunished criminality in high places. I grow ever increasingly concerned. The time it seems, grows ever shorter. You are not alone in sensing this foreboding. Fear not.

      • William Stanley

        OutLookingin: Yes, there are so many intractable problems in so many spheres, both foreign and domestic, and such little domestic unity. Thanks for the “fear not.”

      • Paul ...

        I hope this “foreboding” is being felt most acutely by the warmongering neocons!! … as Deep State Prince Bandar who helped dubya Bush and Cheney do 9-11 has been arrested!! … Bandar can tell us much about “the traitors” who attacked their own country on 9-11 for money and power!! … get them Trump … get them all … you have to … before all the warmongering neocons try to impeach you!! …

  2. Sayonara

    No ObamaCare repeal and the Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell tax plans are nothing more than rearranging the chairs on the deck of the sinking Titanic. There is no tax cut – just a rearranging of who pays more in taxes. I detest the Marxist Democrats, but what I detest exponentially more than all is the Republican kapos Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell and their ilk. They are absolutely despicable and deplorable! The real problem we have in this country is that organic constitutional conservatives have no organization or funding and we are on the verge of extinction because the Marxist left controls all of the social institutions and the constitutional conservatives control nothing and have no funding. Absolutely Pathetic!
    It is time to say Sayonara.

    • Chip

      You’re right. We’re fighting everything, the Washington establishment, the globalists, the TBTF banksters, the media, the universities and the leftist entrenched public education system. It’s an uphill battle all around… Chip

      • Flattop

        Allow me to quote a now famous person; ” Fear not, God the Father is in charge “

        • Paul ...

          Now what would God the Father think about the 1% that want to kill off 99% of humanity … would he perhaps think they are crazy? … do you think maybe he just might wake up the 99% … to get rid of the crazy 1%???

    • Tommy

      Impeach Congress…make Trump emperor. Maybe we could get something done then.

  3. Bruce

    I can’t find any reference to Ahmadinejad having written a book calling for the destruction of Israel or any book at all for that matter.

  4. Paul ...

    Destroying farm acreage is not going to help our trade deficit with China … Monsanto’s mindless evil scientists not satisfied with creating “soul-less” seedless fruits and vegetables have just destroyed 36 million acres of healthy crops … hey you evil scientists … you are not being held to an “unfair standard” … the standard is: “Life over Death” … … hey Monsanto … your business model is all screwed up … soon we will have “farms in space” with tremendous yields (24 hrs of sunlight and zero insects)!!!

  5. genocidal politician

    there’s a prairie to be settled watchdog, the wagon train must go on…

  6. marschFarm

    Dear Greg
    and the the Holy Spirit.

  7. Stuart McBurney

    Thanks for delving into the swamp on our behalf. I always look forward to your articles and guests. The way news is presented on this side of the Atlantic is very slated. The powers at be are worried that the little people are beginning to take notice that they have been turned over for the last forty years.

  8. Bob

    Greg, looks like your neighbours Canada have followed Trumps lead and pulled out of the Trans-Pacific partnership, looks like the deal is dead.

  9. Jim

    who the hell are the idiots that give you money?

    • Greg Hunter

      Not one-time “Idiot” paid troll commenters like you “Jim.”

    • rwmctrofholz


      Remember when Hillary chose to go after Trump supporters instead of just attacking Trump? You (brain washed Libs) never learn. How do I know you are a Liberal? Because you spoke in platitudes without even of mention of a single thing you disagreed with Greg on. As Trump says, “Sad.”

    • Flattop

      I am one of those idiots who give Greg money. Why don’t you join us idiots and support Greg

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Flattop for supporting USAW!!

    • Hatemail

      I’m an idiot, and proud to be one.

      • Paul ...

        That’s exactly what mad scientists say … “like idiots” they remove the seeds of life from God’s living creations (to make them dead) … and then “proudly” transfer fetus brains into rats (to make live) creations God did not intend!

  10. jim c

    Love the cartoon greg, Hopefully donna brazile will see this , LMAO.

  11. Jerry

    Greg & Friends,
    Though its been a long time in the making, what we are about to witness is the birth of a new economic system without western cabal interference. The preparation is well under way as evidenced by the sell off in the middle east.

    The purge in the Saudi banking system comes on the heels of new agreements signed with the Chinese back in September. All of this to make way for Chinese loans, and new repayment systems involving gold backed Yuan petroleum bonds. History is being made, and Wall Street is getting whiffs of what is to come as central bankers tinker with their fraudulent data to continue the illusion.

    What’s the plan? Look no further than the Affordable Care Act (LOL) repeal for your answer. They don’t have one. Unless you consider letting the wheels come off …a plan. The western banking cabal and their congressional puppets will continue the illusion as long as the can, until their credit card gets cut. And from the looks of it, that’s NOT going to be very long.

    For years the Chinese and the rest of the BRICS nations have been busy constructing an alternate exchange system to replace the dying, corrupt, Bretton woods system. Everything has been ready for quite some time to pull the trigger on a global currency reset. So what’s the holdup? Well that’s where things get interesting. There’s a reason that three battle groups are sitting off the coast of North Korea and that all of the military bases in the U.S. are on high alert. This is what the central banking cabal does when they feel threatened. They reinforce their economic grip with military might. Should China and the BRICS nations continue their plans to launch the petro Yuan before Christmas, I know as sure as God made little potatoes there will be a false flag event directing is to war with North Korea. How many times have we seen this show?

    • Da Yooper

      “History is being made, and Wall Street is getting whiffs of what is to come as central bankers tinker with their fraudulent data to continue the illusion.”

      Jerry dont forget the fraud & manipulation of the gold & silver markets by the banking “cabal” & the mining CEO’s stay fast asleep while their share holders get screwed

      38,800 Gold Contracts Dumped In Eight Minutes And The Silver Price Smashed

      When will the class action lawsuits begin on this never ending rigging & manipulation?

    • Macray

      Per Jerry –
      “Should China and the BRICS nations continue their plans to launch the petro Yuan before Christmas, I know as sure as God made little potatoes there will be a false flag event directing us to war with North Korea. How many times have we seen this show”?
      Jerry, I cannot argue with your premise here.
      Jim Richards says that he was in direct contact with CIA Director Mike Pompeo last week. Director Mike told him that it would be imprudent to assume that N. Korea wouldn’t be nuclear capable within 5 months. And since our generals have said that N. Korea will not be allowed to have this capability, we will start a war before March 2018.
      See video starting around the 11 minute mark —

      Because the CIA is the Mother of all Fake News, you all can make up your own mind about Jim Richards, I am speculating that their will be NO war with N. Korea. I think Russia and China will convince N. Korea to give up their Nukes in return for formal security agreements with both countries. I also think that S. Korea will endorse the agreement and both countries will benefit my new Silk Roads coming their way. We will see.

      Now I can see a false flag event directing us to war with Iran. From Zero Hedge this morning

      Setting The Stage For War: US Air Force Says Missile Targeting Saudi Capital Was Iranian

      And from Zero Hedge twitter this morning
      Saudis Say Iranian Markings on Missile From Yemen: U.S. AirForce
      Ah, the infamous “This missile was made in Iran” marking

      I know, how do the markings survive the missile strike? You will need to ask are CIA, our Air Force or a paid off Saudi : )))

      As far as when China and Russia choose to pull the trigger on a global currency reset, I think it will come like you have indicated before, when they are having difficulty procuring physical gold. We may be close, but truthfully IDK. I know the Gold community mystics think the time is very close, but I am not convinced that they really don’t know either.

    • Occasnltrvlr

      Funny, I noticed you haven’t posted this:

      It isn’t China and the rest of the BRICS nations changing the Bretton Woods system, it is the ENTIRE WORLD, including the USA, changing the Bretton Woods system. It has been happening, and it has been happening slowly and carefully.

      But, of course, I am the one who cannot find his derriere with both hands.

    • Paul from Indiana

      It was the revolutionary Chairman Mao himself who said that all true political power proceeds from the barrel of a gun. End of story. Best always. PM

  12. Jallen

    For watchdogs to think about! Walter Koncrite reported THREE GUN SHOTS were fired, when John Kennedy was killed! THE FEDERAL RESERVE IS TOTALLY ILLEGAL as its charter has expired. It is time for America to declare bankruptcy, pay its debts (so much on a dollar), and issue a currency backed by gold. It is also time to return the school sytem to the way it was before the Liberals got hold of it. Our corporations are out of control, the president of a company should make twenty times what the janitor makes, so, if the president of the company wants a raise he has to raise the salaries of everyone else in the company. The television networks are completely out of conrol, they must remain neutral when reporting political news by reporting the truth and not their political propaganda. It is high time we police the pharmaceutical industry and its control over doctors and television. It is time we put Bible reading back into out pulic schools as our children need higher learning from the Almighty G-d of Abrham, Isaac and Jacob and his only begotten Son who lived in the flesh Jesus Christ. For those who disagree, compare our schools today with those when there was Bible reading! For you liberals, you have all but destroyed our country, may G-d have mercy on your soul. Please don’t get me wrong, we all fall short of THE GLORY OF G_D!!! Woe unto you Judges (especially the supreme court) for destroying the womb, woe unto you Liberals!!! Woe unto those that have corrupted the financial industry (ie Mortgages turned into bonds, car loans turned into bonds).

    This concludes another Jallen rant


  13. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up, nice studio, really nice. I agree, something is coming down and it won’t be pretty. First thing Trump needs is House and Senate Republicans who are on board and that will take an election. Too many currently sitting congressmen are loyal members of the swamp and they are not on our side. We need the Trump supporters to supplant the swamp creatures currently in Congress.

    In case anyone was wondering about Greg’s hat —

    BTW Greg, that black/gray/white plaid doesn’t work – too much winter. You need something in fall colors, something like Mossy Oak Breakup – Then maybe cue a white-tail to cross the scene behind you. Did I mention that I loved your studio.

  14. john duffy

    Everything Is Being Exposed!

  15. Suzia

    I live in Texas we have high property tax rates. It appears we may lose our property tax deductions along with the SALT deduction so we care.
    Thank you for your work.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Suzia!

    • Russ McMeans

      Thank Paul Ryan on this one. If I lived fairly close to him I would dump dry horse manure along his fortress fence/ wall, add some diesel fuel and light the puppy up. The smell would be so fitting for that weasel little man that claims he represents us. Yeh right!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Russ, agree, Ryan is a weasel. Disturbing that Congress made him the Speaker, he doesn’t speak for me! Traitor Ryan, biggest pig at the trough. Can’t figure out why our esteemed President would even talk to that wimpy lowlife. He is no friend of the America people or of Trump’s either. Hope America is strong enough in time to make it past that phony butt; worst Speaker of the House we ever had and we have had some real losers in the past.

        • Arthur Barnes

          Also, Ryan’s proposed tax plan is only 250 pages long, talk about streamlining the Tax Code, just more bullshit from a phony guy we call the Speaker of the House. Also, notice how he really tried to get rid of Obamacare, just another RHINO on Capital Hill.

  16. Macray

    Excellent 309!
    By the way, I am sure that reading and reviewing all the USA Watchdog Comments may be fun, but it also requires a lot of time and work on your part. Thank you!
    And thank you for the suggestion to request your stock certificates for any PM miners equities anyone invests in. Done!

    On a differnt note, here is a different perspective of what may be going on behind the scenes on the Korean peninsula.
    South Korea imposes limits on THAAD, rejects tripartite alliance with US and Japan, begins defense talks with China

    One thing our CIA specializes in is lying, lying and more lying to the American people and the world.
    It’s a shame that Bill and Hilary didn’t choose different careers.
    But being extremely bright is a prerequisite for landing any position at the CIA.

    Jim Richards has suggested that the US will preemptively attack N. Korea by March because that is when CIA Director Mike Pompeo told him that N. Korea will have the means to Nuke the U.S. Is the CIA lying again? I suggest they are.

    • Paul ...

      Macray … you provide “a very clear and logical perspective” on the Korean situation that seems more in line with the underlying truth … whereas … the big US military build up near Korea may not be directed toward “regime change” in the North … but in the South!! As S. Korea “is resisting entry” into a trilateral military alliance with Washington and Tokyo … instead … both S. Korea and China are moving closer together in a bi-lateral relationship “to block war by all means possible” … S. Korea has clearly stated that “any military action against N. Korea should be decided ONLY BY THE S.KOREANS” … “NOT BY ANYONE ELSE” … wow!! … the warmongering neocons must be in a lather splashing around in their swamp … imagine … some “moral human beings” actually “rejecting war” for “Peace”!!!

  17. Macray

    Per the linked article,
    “It is not after all as if the contours of a possible Korean settlement are difficult to see: a non-aggression pact between the two Koreas, a withdrawal of US troops from the Korean Peninsula, and an agreement by North Korea that it give up its weapons in return for formal security guarantees from the Great Powers (in this case this means the two Eurasian Great Powers, Russia and China)”.

    The Don told N. Korea, Lets make a deal. Give us a proposal.
    Given the possibility of WW3, should the US actually go forward with a preemptive attack, this possible Korean settlement may actually be workable. However, not sure it would be acceptable to the Neocons and the CIA.

  18. Flattop

    Listened to a Vonda Smith regarding Sutherland Texas. Witnesses inside the church state the shooter shot himself inside the church. If that’s true, who was the guy across the street shooting at and chasing down the road at a high rate of speed. Only one shooter? Here we go again Greg

  19. Jeannette Rowden

    Thanks for your weekend wrap up. Regarding the tax bill, these despicable Republicans led by McConnell and Ryan are all working against the President and against the people. We will have to wait until we can vote them out in 2018 for Trump’s agenda.

    When you think of all of the “proven” allegations against Bill Clinton and his perjury, he was still in good standing with his party. Why do we worry about unproven allegations against Roy Moore which supposedly happened 30 years ago and never ended in sexual activity? I hope he wins by a huge majority.

  20. Macray

    Duterte meets Putin – thanks him for helping Philippines to win battle against ISIS

    The Don will be meeting with his good friend President Duterte on his current Asian trip very shortly. I do not anticipate a YouTube account of the meeting.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Maybe President Trump can persuade Duterte to tell him where the General Yamashita gold stash is, and our problems are solved! Best always. PM

      • Macray

        Didn’t Karen Hudes claim that she got to Duterte first : )))
        Even beat Putin!!!
        I think the President of the Philippines told her if you just shut up and stay out of my sight, take the whole stash!!!

        Ok, back to my day job : )))

  21. Randy RHCE

    Imaginary Line
    Visualize an imaginary line that all societies have. The line represents what is moral and immoral. The right wing of society desires to maintain a higher moral code. The left wing wants a more permissive society that allows what was once taboo, to become not only acceptable behavior but considered normal behavior. The right yields believing if they accept the one issue in question, the line will move but move no farther. I am a student of history and I can say positively that this never happens. Not only will the line move, but it will rapidly accelerate. If you don’t believe that, look around yourself. Now look back one decade and then two decades, notice much change? The things you are witnessing are not the cause, but the effect. The cause lies deep and only the symptoms are visible. There is corruption within the human spirit, and the corruption spreads to all aspects of society. Historically, few societies have ever been able to change direction, but it can happen. America has had Great Awakenings, which is a revival of the human spirit. “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.” Edmund Burke

    • Paul ...

      Visualize that instead of putting “live” fetus brains into rats … as immoral scientists do today … society becomes even more permissive … and in the future will actually “pay” to have their “live” human brains put into an AI computer (to achieve “immortality”) … imagine your consciousness inside a computer … what would you think about? … I know Hillary’s brain will be thinking about money all the time counting one million and one, one million and two, etc., etc. … but besides blocking out her thoughts … what will we be thinking about?? … perhaps a power blackout that could shut the AI computer down (so much for immortality)? … but what else would we do with our minds inside a dark computer? … would we not perhaps say “let there be light”! … let there be a world full of beautiful creations! … fresh air to breathe! … a world where we can run and play on the good earth in the sunlight where love and joy abound! … so what are we doing creating constant unending wars … contaminating our food, air and water … shooting each other on the street and in our churches?? … doesn’t anyone understand the gift of life we were given and the happiness that is possible? … why do we allow mad men to cut out the brains of our unborn children and scatter the brains of those recently born on the battlefield? … to fight over some “little piece of land” in a universe of infinite extent?? … why are our women and children made into slaves to satisfy the deviated sexual impulses of immoral pedophiles??? … America needs to have a Great Awakening … and a revival of the human spirit … to triumph over all this evil going on around us … “real men” must do something reverse it now and do it quickly!!

      • Paul ...

        “Good men” in Israel have criminally indicted neocon Netanyahu for corruption … they should now also indict him for warmongering … last time Bibi invaded Lebanon in 2006 he lost getting many Israeli boys killed … now he wants to do it again?? … against “a stronger” opposition (Lebanon is not “just Hezbollah” but a society of people composed of both Christians and Jews who want to be left alone and have been living in peace together for many years) … Netanyahu is just like the corrupt neocon Bush family who first gave us the S&L Crisis … then gave us 9-11 and Iraq … and then the 2006 Economic Crisis … and what happened with the Iraq war? (Iran won) … Obama was then manipulated into the Syrian war and what happened there? (Iran won) … hopefully Bibi won’t get Jared to manipulate Trump into another Israeli invasion of Lebanon … where many innocent young Israeli and American boys will lose their lives … Israel has no legitimacy for a war with Lebanon or Iran … the number of nukes Iran has bought from Pakistan is “kept secret” … like Israel keeps the number of its nukes “secret” … but these neocons use the “same rhetoric” a threat of a nuclear strike to get us into war (with Iraq, N. Korea, Iran, etc.) … when actually “arming” all these countries in the Middle East with “nukes” may actually “stop all these wars of aggression” … Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iran, Syria, etc., etc. should all be nuclear armed … and see how fast Peace breaks out in the region … as these Nations “politicians” finally put down their plans for conquest and begin to seriously “talk out their problems” without using our children for cannon fodder!!

  22. mark

    We are seeing several libertarian/conservative blog sites down here in Nor Cal/ So Oregon.

  23. eddiemd

    Having been engaged in studying for my family medicine board exam this past month and then taking the exam yesterday, I found it very concerning about the emphasis placed on vaccinations. The human papilloma virus (HPV) vaccine is now recommended for both adolescent boy and girls. The current recommendations also include two different pneumococcal vaccines for the 65 and over crowd. Influenza is recommended for everyone over 6 months.

    I have never been a proponent of the Hepatitis B (HBV) vaccination to be given in newborns or children unless there are risk factors. It goes against science to give this vaccine within the first 24 hours after birth in low or no risk neonates.

    The use of the HPV vaccine in the adolescent population is also questionable. I would not allow it for my own children.

    In regards to the HBV vaccine, the routine vaccination of newborns was a move by Big Pharma in the 1990’s to make money. There is no scientific reason to give this vaccine unless there are risk factors. Money is the reason behind many vaccines.

    I can remember in the 1990’s when in the Army that the DOD made anthrax a requirement. Anthrax had been in the arsenal of both the USA and the Soviet Union for decades. The vaccine had been available since the early 1970’s. The decision to vaccinate the armed forces was made after a retired group of high ranking military officers bought out the manufacturer of the anthrax vaccine and then convinced the DOD that it should be made mandatory. There was money to be made by these reired admirals/generals.

    I bring up the idea of vaccines because of the concern for the potential use of hidden nanatechnology within the vaccines. It is certainly very easy to hide nanoparticles within vaccines and give this to unsuspecting populations. Has this ever been done? Perhaps, perhaps not. Could vaccines be contaminated by nanoparticles with a future goal to activate the particles at a later date? Perhaps. The technology exists. Magnetic energy for example, an MRI type of scanner, could be used to activate particles potentially leading to death. Perhaps the use of x-ray energy, backscanner for instance, could be used as an activator.

    Think about it.

    • Macray

      You can tell that you have been putting in the study time for your exam. I wish you the best with all your test results!!!

      Very interesting comments you make regarding vaccines and the potential use of hidden nanotechnology within the vaccines.
      In the world we live in today, how can anyone be surprised if your theory’s here prove to be accurate.

      I personally enjoy following the latest news on Nanobot technology and it’s latest uses in Medicine!!!
      Given the obscene manipulation of our free markets, especially the PM sector, I may need to stick around another couple hundred years to see if I was a smart as I have been telling myself : )))
      In the future, I may be looking for a good Nanobot Doctor!!!

  24. H. Craig Bradley


    I don’t think its quite accurate to couch the election of President Trump as a “Mandate”, as yet. The primary reason is public opinion polls give Trump about 48% approval ratings over the current year. Bill O’Reilly estimates it as even lower, in the 35% range (core supporters). This is the main reason why President Trump has so much political trouble in the U.S. Senate. In addition, the Republicans only have a slim “majority” of 50 to 48 Senators.
    Several Republican Senators like Senator John McCain have proven themselves to openly be “snakes”, as well. So, Can we refer to them at large as “Swamp Serpents” ? The voters will have to remedy this political problem next Nov. during the Midterms. If they vote enough of them out-of-office, then perhaps the numbers will shift and a True Mandate will be realized by 2019. Until then, Gridlock prevails, I am afraid.

    • Greg Hunter

      I did not believe the polls before the election (that is well documented on USAW) and I do not believe them now. Thank you for your comment and analysis.

    • Russ McMeans

      It would be nice if we could just do away- dismiss the Senate. They don’t represent the American people. They represent the big military industrial complex, Pharma, insurance and you name it. Mark Levin said the Senate should be disolved. They are not close to the people.

    • jc

      H Craig If the folks in Hollywood keep getting busted the Dems will lose their base. LOL

  25. wondrouscat

    Just watched Trump speech in Vietnam and like his speech in China it was brilliant. We have elected a brilliant businessman, and it is wonderful to see him at work. Also, he is handing the globalists their tails as he speaks of each country as a star in the sky, and that each country must preserve and cherish their uniqueness, and be patriots, and look out for themselves first in business dealings, and to remember “Independence forever” from our 2nd president John Adams – and that we must choose independence and success vs. poverty and servitude. Up yours globalists.

  26. JC Davis

    Greg and site.
    Seeing the banks are not owned by the USA, could we not default to the using of the dollar and print a government gold back currency ? Every person in America receives 1,000 dollars, and declare all debts paid in full.
    I am sure it is much more complex then this, yet the foolish lender should be in part responsible just as the foolish borrower. A controlled restart is good for all.

  27. Jodyp

    Nice wrap up Greg. But the whole time I had John Denver singing ‘thank God I’m a country boy’ in my head!

    • Greg Hunter

      Well, I am a country boy. It was weird living 10 years in New York City.

      • jc

        Greg you just need a good beard.

        • Diane

          No…no beard Greg!
          You look fine.

      • sk

        Sort of like ten years in Hades? I was there for a few years in my youth, and I think I have IgM and IgG (ask Eddie MD) antibodies…anaphylactic shock due to revulsion…if I return I’m dead…lol

  28. Steve Hunter

    1Greg, I enjoy your news.good to a see miissouri boy taking a stance like you do…bet you came back to deer hunt…live in southwest no.,,,have a family farm in northwest no…heading up to hunt

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Steve. Hope you get a big buck with a perfect rack!!

  29. Tad

    Your McConnell imitation was spot on– and amusing. Rumors about the tax bill being considered in 2019 is hogwash; however, this provides an insight that says the Deep State wants the collapse soon.

    I’ve been wrong before, and Christmas approaches where we all think this will be the last “normal” one for years.

    • Paul ...

      All I want for Christmas is for Trump to “delete the elite”!!

      • jennifer

        Umm, Trump and his entire cabinet ARE the elite.

        • Greg Hunter

          Dr. Ben Carson??

  30. Russ McMeans

    Thank you Greg, we love you! You’re our ‘watchdog ‘
    Many reporters have forgotten how to do their homework and then report honestly these days. Sad.
    Also sad is the state of the Republican leaders. They can’t even do a simple tax cut for EVERYONE.
    If salt loses its saltiness, then it’s good for nothing and it’s time to throw it out. So now the Republicans can’t even stand for tax cuts and balanced budgets anymore. They’re done! Toast, roast, ghosts- most of them. But God bless Rand Paul and a few others- they understand things.

  31. Mike

    I think the swamp and deep state are just biding there time and positioning themselves for their own betterment. I remember a movie called Wag the Dog! our leadership is Payton place live.

  32. Charles Turner

    I am no expert in Middle East politics, but it looks like Lebanon is being set up for attack by Saudi Arabia. What a lot of people dont know is the 40.3% of the Lebanese population are Christain. To put some perspective on it 43% of people living in England are Christain. These are readily avaialble facts. In Syria, Iraq, Libya and Eypt Christains were respected and allowed to live in peace. Then came the coups and military inteventions. Joining the dots here one could come to other conclusions. I wish there was an expert that could string this together as it seems that the Wests’Middle East policy has been directly or indirectly anti Christain. If Lebanon is attacked , the headline news should be the plight of Christains there.

    • jennifer

      Why would the headline only be about Christians? Most of the people who would be killed if Lebanon were attacked are Muslims.

  33. Kim

    Nice wrap up!! I do not usually watch TV, but stumbled across a news channel that was actually pro Trump and reported factual news!

    One American News (OAN). It has been around for a few years. If you Google their web site, you can find a TV channel.

    Has anyone watched this channel? Thanks again Greg for your good work! You are truly outstanding in your field Lol!!! 😉

    Looking forward to Greg M on Sunday. Would you please consider having CAF on?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kim, and CAF is a regular guest–love her!!

  34. Diane

    Jared Kushner reportedly told a Time Warner executive to dump 20 percent of CNN’s staff

    I don’t watch TV but 20% seems to low.
    Greg thinks they specialize in fake news…that’s enough for me.

  35. Tad

    If this article isn’t propaganda–no reason to thinks it is–then we came extremely close to a nuclear exchange in October, 2017.

  36. mark

    Hi Greg,
    Sean over at SGT report recently published and article by Liz Crokin(you tube Liz Crokin) entitled “How Mueller and President Trump are Pulling the Biggest Sting in History” which would actually be very encouraging if true. However, I would point out that if anything, such a sting operation would not be the biggest sting operation in history, because the biggest sting operation in history is when the devil, by means Jewish betrayal and Roman corruption, had Jesus the Son of God crucified for “blasphemy” because being a man He was “making Himself to be equal with God”, which is how the devil thought he would be done with Him.
    However, the trick was on him (the devil) for through death He (the Lord Jesus) has destroyed ( annulled, made of none effect, did away with, and abolished) him who had the power of death, that is the devil, that He might release those who through all their lives were held in slavery to the fear of death (see Hebrews 2).
    For indeed, as Paul has written in his first letter to the Corinthians, had the rulers of this age known the wisdom which was hidden in God and predestined for our glory, they would NOT have crucified the Lord of glory!! (1Cor.2).
    So that is why I say to you Greg and to all who come here to read and post who receive the testimony which the Father has testified concerning His Son, Fear Not!, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit. Fear Not!, for God has not given to us a spirit of fear, but of power and of love and of a sober mind” (2Tim.1:7). Fear Not! “I am the First and the Last, and I the living One; and I became dead, and behold, I am living forever and ever; and I have the keys of death and of Hades.” (Rev.1) Fear Not, only believe by “looking away unto Jesus the Author and Perfecter of our faith”. Fear Not!

  37. Duran Duran

    Duterte meets Putin – thanks him for helping Philippines to win battle against ISIS
    While addressing journalists, Duterte said that Russia helped Philippines where the US failed. Putin in turn praised Duterte’s leadership.
    by Adam Garrie
    November 10, 2017, 12:48

  38. FreeOregon

    Losing deductions means we have new incentives to hold accountable our state governments.

  39. Tim McGraw

    I always enjoy your videos, especially the ones from Missouri. Thanks for caring about the future of the human race.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are a good man Tim. Don’t give up on California.

  40. sam
    Is Trump Jr Being Set up By his Own Lawyers?
    One of the most interesting events is how the Democrats and Muller have gone after Trump, Jr. for meeting with a Russian lawyer last year. The Russian lawyer who met with Donald Trump Jr. at Trump Tower said the president’s oldest son told her the U.S. government would review a 2012 law punishing Russian human rights abusers if Donald Trump won the presidency, according to a report. So what is this really about? It’s called the Maginsky Act.
    I have written before that the Maginsky Act was a political payback for Bill Browder. The claim of Browder that his Russian tax attorney Sergei Magnitsky was imprisoned and died before trial was trying to fight corruption in Russia is far from the truth with his Hermitage Capital. This is the very operation that Edmond Safra (Republic National Bank) and crew wanted me to invest $10 billion in and it was all about making money – not fighting political corruption.
    The documentary film about me and this incident, the Forecaster, was banned in the United States. NetFlix at first agreed to air the film and then management killed the deal. The distributor in the USA and Switzerland paid for the rights and then refused to show the film in theaters. That entire thing was about blackmailing Yeltsin to take over Russia. Talk about manipulating elections – nobody will talk the truth about this matter and you would think that Trump Jr.’s lawyers would be on the phone with me. No way! That leaves a HUGE question in my mind whether Trump, Jr.’s lawyers are really defending him or are they just pretending?

    Putin seized all the assets of Hermitage Capital and Browder fought in Congress to get the Magnitsky Act passed to try to seize assets to get his money back. I always found it very strange that here the object was to influence the election of the president of Russia by blackmail, and the Congress passes the Magnitsky Act as if it was human rights because of some attorney who dies in a prison in Russia. Something is seriously missing. The fact that Trump Jr.’s lawyers are not bringing this out, which would really go to the heart of all this Russian nonsense, makes me wonder who is pulling the strings behind the curtain to set-up Trump, Jr.

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