Trump Fights Fed, Buy Gold, More MSM Propaganda

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 397 8.23.19)

If you think the latest stumbles in the U.S. economy were caused by the so-called trade war with China – think again. The reason why the economy is sputtering is the Federal Reserve. It raised rates only 2 times during the 8 years of the Obama Administration. In the first 2 ½ years of the Trump Administration, it raised interest rates 7 times. On top of that, the Fed started what it calls “quantitative tightening” (QT) during Trump’s first few months in office. QT takes liquidity out of the economy. At its peak, the Fed was burning $50 billion a month that businesses and consumers could no longer have access to. So, when you hear the President blame the Fed for economic troubles, rest assured he is correct.

The gold bandwagon is filling up with some of the biggest names in the investment world. Ray Dalio, who manages the biggest hedge fund in the world, is telling people to “buy gold.” Now, former Franklin Templeton ($28 billion) money manager Mark Mobius is telling people to “buy gold at any level.” What do rich money managers see coming?

The mainstream media (MSM) has basically turned into a propaganda machine for the Democrats and the New World Order globalists. The most recent confirmation of this is leaked audio of the brass at the New York Times discussing dumping the fake hoax of the Russian Trump collusion narrative for a new narrative—Trump and his voters are racist. This, of course, is yet another propaganda lie the MSM is telling to stop President Trump in the 2020 election.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up: 

Best-selling author Jonathan Cahn will come on to talk about his new book called “The Oracle.”


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  1. Mark James


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Mark!!

  2. K. Wayne

    We’re really getting to the pointy end of business now.
    One just wonders if the FED will “play ball” at the next FOMC…..and keep the party going on Wall Street (whilst smashing those on Main Street). Even with the trending growth in negative yielding Bonds across the globe over this last 6 months, I sense (given the historically “behind the curve FED”) that the FED will not move on rates. The implied risk there is an overdue Stock Market correction, a swift appreciation of the Dollar and hell across the EM’s. Those nefarious monsters (Globalists) want pain across the Globe (not least in China). Potentially we see the Dollar moving up in tandem with Gold in that scenario. As we move out of the Summer and into Fall we could very well be entering an extreme event. The wizards on Wall Street are expecting 50bps cut. I suspect they wont see it. 800 down on the DOW will look like a blip.
    Now you have to also give consideration to the new FED agenda ….. media blackout….that indeed has me more concerned than ever.
    Whose to blame for the Economy. THE FED. Who will take the blame….undoubtedly THE GOVERNMENT (with assistance from the controlled propaganda group aka MSM).
    I recently saw a revised Employment number being published for the period April18-Mar19….DOWN 500K. That’s says everything about this (NON) recovery and the state of the REAL Economy.
    The Yield curve inversion spells trouble ahead. How far ahead we don’t know….but I sense closer than what is being repeatedly quoted in the mainstream by the Keynesian trained maestros. Be prepared and informed. Perform your own due diligence.

      • paul ...

        Trump effectively proclaims “Set My People Free” … and bring those factories home!!! …

        • K.Wayne

          He literally has set the tone of what to expect from our Government. That is Totalitarian speak… no two ways about it. This is not right. It smacks of an agenda. Centralized control under a Dictatorial regime. HSP wrote an article on this topic a few months back. I posted a link and wrote a comment about the very same movement that we witnessed made by POTUS on Friday. Frightening…!!! …. the way things are headed. Dark days ahead … we should all be very concerned and alarmed by this manifestation.

      • K.Wayne

        The psychology is working a treat. It’s almost as if they want to intentionally bring the markets down… and with it the Global Economy. Who’s got the bigger mandate…or EGO.

  3. vincent_g

    Good wrap up
    We have serious problems going forward.
    I see signs of war in asia and in europe.
    Economic problems which I think will start in germany and domino from there.

    This new world war which we seem to be inching to will be real bad.
    I think we will see nuclear attacks.
    Japan – Korea – both north and south!!!
    Iran a big problem.
    Turkey – be careful they still want to regain it all.
    China – big problem.

    It’s becoming a powder keg just getting ready to blow.

    The political scene here is not helping.
    We need both parties to unit to try and ward off tensions over seas
    But we have almost chaos here.

    The democrat party have shifted far left – communists !
    The republican party is also a bit of mess.

    Is this what happened in Rome when Nero played the fiddle while Rome was burning?

    Is this where this country has fallen to?

    This next election will tell us all we need to know.
    We will either still be a Republic or not.

  4. Anthony Australia

    All about the ratings dollar Greg.
    I’m afraid that YouTube and the alternative media have become like this too.
    There are plenty of your guests doing their own shows now, I wonder what the motives are, cash or honest information.

  5. David

    Thanks Greg! I am really looking forward to your interview with Jonathan Cahn!

    As always, live today like you’ll be forced to survive tomorrow.

  6. Russ McMeans

    If our Dollar is to have value it should cost something to use it: ie interest. I’m glad our Fed fund rate was 2% and sad that the rest of the world is at zero or negative zero. The Fed blew it running up their balance sheet by buying all the crap they could. And then they tried to reduce their balance sheet and here we are. The world is screwed and we’re next. Bankers always screw the ‘natural world economy ‘ by meddling in it’s affairs. Being able to create money out of thin air is so tempting, even once mighty Rome tried it. In the end only wild animals roamed the hallways and the peasants the countryside. I plan to hopefully roam the countryside away from the cities with my small bag of gold and silver for barter and a pistol to defend myself and family – plus the garden. This money printing- as Marc Faber calls it; will not end well. If money is to have value it must cost something to use it. Period!

    • iwitness02

      Your name have been bugging me. Today, I realized that it is Russell Means that is mixing me up. Oglala, Lakota Sioux Indian activist that became widely known at a stand off with the US gov. at Wounded Knee in the early 70s. (just thinking out loud)

  7. Kathy Rochester

    I just listened to the Alex Newman interview and heard him mention UNESCO. I tried to find out information about their curriculum and I can’t find any details, just general BS about fighting global poverty. Can you direct me to some real information about them. My granddaughter just started school and is attending a charter school that is a science and technology based school. I am worried they are using the UNESCO curriculum.

    • Greg Hunter

      I emailed Alex and cc’d you Kathy.
      Mr. Newman is a brain and a very good reporter.

  8. Russ McMeans

    Be careful with your time spent on social media and watching mainstream tv news. It will cloud your mind. You’re safe here though at Watchdog and other smaller sites. Zero Hedge and Drudge Report are safe too. Be careful in comments section in ZG though. It’s like a Hell’s Angels biker club compared to the church choir club here at Watchdog. Oh I forgot to mention your daily knowledge vitamin intake should ALWAYS include the amazing Rush Limbaugh. ( I’m so glad he’s an optimist- it keeps the anger at bay, though he gets angry too, but he’s good at channeling it)…….

    • Sherry Davis

      There is a new social media account/website that is worth your time. It is called Some of the smartest posters on the web post there. Quite a few were banned from twitter and are posting again. Southern Gal.

  9. Montana Guy

    Yes, Trump is correct that the Fed is hurting the economy. Worse is that they intend to destroy it and come to the rescue with global government. Who will Americans blame? Not the Fed. Most Americans are clueless about who the Fed actually is. Americans will blame Trump. The MSM and the Fed have already started the narrative. He is the perfect scapegoat for their ‘global economic reset’.

    Trump 2020 is fading fast with his broken promises and now his support of Red Flag gun confiscation laws.

    My point: if globalists think they will lose their scapegoat in the next election look for them to ‘pull the trigger’ before then.

  10. Frederick

    Greg couldn’t agree more and I’m buying today actually On another topic I will be returning to Raleigh and staying with my good friend Patsy Kravitz to look at houses My wife and I will share our time between here and there Hey we will be neighbors Won’t be buying until things de-bubble a bit though It’s disturbing to hear how left leaning North Carolina has become I might even join a church and get out of my “black hole of nothingness” hallelujah

  11. andyb

    Re the FED: we all are aware(or should be) that the formation of the FED was the greatest treason perpetrated on the US; outsourcing our monetary supply and policy to foreign entities who work for their own interests and not ours.
    Re Barr: all you need to know is that Barr, historically, has always been a “deep state” fixer; do not expect the accountability for the Clintons or the coup conspirators to be realized.
    Re gold: Trump wants a weaker dollar which would be great for gold. But…but…but the global economy is as, or far worse than the US situation; as often said “we are the cleanest dirty shirt”. This means that in the immediate future, money will flow into the US and strengthen the dollar, keeping the gold price in a tight range. So don’t expect gold or silver to skyrocket any time soon, although at the reset both metals will explode.
    Re the 2020 election: if something is not done about the algorithmic biases of Google, Twitter, et al and the massive voting fraud in Dem precincts, Trump will lose, no matter the Dem candidate chosen.

    I see martial law in our future; be prepared.

  12. Da Yooper

    Nice warp up Greg

    The Fed must go. It is a political tool of the Satanic NWO crowd.

    I do not recall seeing any coverage of Epsteins ………funeral …… you ?
    I predict sometime next year pictures of him will surface proving that he is alive & living the high life like nothing changed.

    We all need to boycott the MSM do not spend a penny on their papers or on any advertiser hit them where it counts most their checkbook.

  13. Southern Girl

    Just wanted you to know that our, Senator Cotton from Arkansas it was reported in our newspaper August 22, 2019 said, “he broached the topic with the Danish ambassador to the United States several months ago ” about buying Greenland. “He also recommended to President Donald Trump that he should try to buy the territory from Denmark.”
    There is a good reason that Thule Air Force Base has remained operable in northern Greenland since the 1950’s. Cotton said the territory also has “untold” economic potential in mineral wealth. Just street reporting from Arkansas.

  14. Southern Girl

    Thanks for all the charts I’m a visual learner and that helps me understand what the heck is going on in the economy. Personally I loved when Trump said he “was the chosen one”…the media went crazy…too bad they don’t believe he is being directed by God. The demonrats and all their minions won’t be able to knock Trump out of the box at all…I thing God is letting them flush themselves down the toilet…they won’t be able to blame anyone but themselves..and they will all try to out do the next one….it is just laughable right now.

    Also just bought some more silver.

    • paul ...

      Good move S Girl … everyone should follow S Girl’s example … and get some silver before it hits $20 (above that level the five biggest banks will find it increasingly difficult cover their short positions … and will face bankruptcy … this will require the mega-banks shut down … and a precious metal re-set done (likely over a weekend) … spiking gold and silver higher overnight (thus completely denying the opportunity to purchase except at much higher prices) … so I’m buying like S Girl below $20! …

      • paul ...

        And those with lots of free cash (like insurance companies, mutual and pension funds) should get into some gold “now before the re-set” … otherwise … you will be paying $10,000 dollars per ounce for it instead of the $1525 you can get it for now!! …

    • Freebrezer

      SG – I too just bought a couple of tons of gold!!! Then my wife abruptly woke me up to remind me to take out the the garbage … it was good while it lasted!

      • paul ...

        That’s funny Freebrezer … but you know … buying silver and then falling to sleep is likely the best way to play it … back in the 1970’s the silver bull market was almost impossible to trade … the reason it was virtually impossible to trade is that “once the breakout occurred” the price of silver went straight up without much of a trade-able pause … I believe the same thing will happen during the current bull market in silver … and the explosive breakout point I’m anticipating is at … $21.44 !!!

  15. Sherrie

    Thank you for another great video filled with important information!

  16. gregd

    Excellent weekly wrap -up. Once again the MSM is attacking President Trump at any turn and like you said his voters. I feel he has to do some things that I don’t quite understand perhaps to get re-elected but I think he has a plan or at least my hope is that.
    Barr is confusing me. He says the right things but I’m still hoping with him too. Either way what choice do we have? There is nobody that I can see who running for office who even looks hopeful in the smallest of ways. Without Trump, all is lost.
    Having said that I’m a little worried about your friend Greg Mannarino. He’s a great guy but he’s kind of gone off the deep end with anyone who defends Trump. I hope he watches USAWatchdog.

  17. Dennis Skorek


  18. Sue Patterson

    The Nation of Israel failed to exterminate the Canaanites from the Promised Land, so eventually the Canaanites became the ruling elites and bankers of the world system.
    Judges 2
    1 And an angel of the Lord came up from Gilgal to Bochim, and said, I made you to go up out of Egypt, and have brought you unto the land which I sware unto your fathers; and I said, I will never break my covenant with you.
    2 And ye shall make no league with the Canaanites, the inhabitants of this land; ye shall throw down their altars: but ye have not obeyed my voice: why have ye done this?
    3 Wherefore I also said, I will not drive them, the Canaanites, out from before you; but they, the Canaanites, shall be as thorns in your sides, and their Canaanite gods shall be a snare unto you.
    4 And it came to pass, when the angel of the Lord spake these words unto all the children of Israel, that the people lifted up their voice, and wept.

    When you look at what’s happening around the world you might be tempted, like the children of Israel, to lift up your voice and weep. I prefer to follow Jesus, and your consistent admonition to fear not.

    • paul ...

      Don’t vote for any Demon-rats in 2020 … as the Lord for a long time now has wanted for us to throw down their Satanic Alters, their “commie ideas”, their Fed (that won’t use what God made precious for money) and he want us to also put a stop to their pedophile ways!

  19. JC

    11:00am EST, gold just spiked $30.00.
    Poor Stan.

    • K.Wayne

      More rhetoric & More Tariffs, market and DXY down.
      Hmmmmm…. let the show begin.

    • paul ...

      JC … As gold experts triple down on buying gold calls … Stan hocks his pants to buys more shorts!!

  20. Open Eyes

    Hi, Greg.

    Top Trends Forecaster Gerald Celente has said the greatest depression will occur after the 2020 elections. Given the global economic situation a big crash is really inevitable. It’s just a matter of timing.

    I’m actually starting to hope President Trump doesn’t win the 2020 election and wins the next one so he doesn’t become the fall guy for what’s coming.

    Gerald Celente would make for an informative interview regarding this.

    Also, Greg Mannarino has kinda been “losing it” lately. I’m thinking he’s listening to too much metal.

  21. GrayEagle48

    🇺🇸⭐️⭐️🇺🇸 Gold & silver time. Gold has a 6000 year track record, and has never been worth -0- Cant say that about the Dow. Build that commonsense border wall. Clever commentary, click my name.

  22. Jerry

    Here is something I’ve been keeping an eye on for months.

    If China buys Saudi Aramco it will for all intents and purposes spell the end of the petrodollar. It’s important to remember that Kissinger and the deep state tethered our world reserve currency to oil when we went off the gold standard. What interest do the Chinese have in buying Aramco when they already have their own oil production facilities you say? That’s right. None. It’s about putting a knife in the heart of the petrodollar pure and simple.

  23. Justn Observer

    Greg, Nice to point out the up-grade for the prison official…that would have surely gone under the radar even on Fox News, which now makes sure whatever anyone misses on the other main slime media WILL get to your ear. One does wonder what the progressives would do if Fox News stopped covering them… No doubt the real ‘establishment ‘agenda of Fox (Murdock/Paul Ryan/Chris Wallace) is alive and well there…

    Will post this hoping Rabbi Kahn might offer some insight as to what the teachings are concerning what befalls ‘some’ Jews (converted or otherwise) who sell out His chosen people for self-serving purposes = profit and world domination. Talk about ‘breaking bad’…
    More surprising history most not aware of? Jews selling out fellow Jews?
    Who was doing the plucking and offering salvation to the most evil ones from Europe after the war? Kissinger/Donald Barr/Angleton?
    – As for celebrities and ‘icon’ paid pied pipers for the elite from Hollywood and sports this might explain ‘their’ connections as well… Are they believers of what they represent and their anti-Trump rhetoric ..or… is it merely their need to do so to stay employed and their films funded? Seems a bit of both? Either way like those above…people need to be held accountable for their words, deeds and the fallout and repercussions of them.

    Greg, Your treatment of the Fed. interest rate chart clearly shows the bias of how they ‘helped’ Obama cover his ‘none fixing’ of the debt…while they now hope to hang it…like their other crimes…on POTUS Trump. Yet, POTUS Trump should just come clean, stop distorting ‘his’ reality…and have a fireside chat moment with the people…and the world… the world leaders KNOW what is up…they are a part of it …as are the hedge fund and bond market people…as well as the elected leaders… so just tell the people what THEIR icons and elected leaders have done = including the ‘missing $21 Trillion they saddled Trump and the people with… Also , it is time POTUS Trump ‘order’ AG Barr to de-classify all immediately…as well as release the JFK files…and re-investigate 911 as a crime with a grand jury NOT a commission report. Either way , the people are being ‘burdened’ with the debt – so do they not have the right to know who and how it happened so the people can hold those people responsible? To quote a person, ‘At this point what difference does it make?’ lol
    The middle class and their children and grandchildren are being saddled with the burden …so why should they NOT KNOW who did it to them? IS THAT the fear and the push to suppress speech and disarm the public before they do find out? LOL
    My guess is they do not have enough jewelry, artwork, and PM nor another country to ‘rat line’ to this time around… or do they hope they actually can escape to Mars?
    Yes, a breakaway society …but to where? My guess is that the plan is to align with the Grand Solar Minimum…which to more ‘modern’ studies there have been at least 25 of them, which are rather predictable given a decade or two, as to its arrival…do they hope the de-population / die off of ‘the deplorable people’ will be manageable as ‘they’ prepare for global ‘cooling’…as they lie to keep the people believing it is global ‘warming’ until it is too late to prepare or relocate?
    Notice the population shifts in the extreme latitudes compared to the equatorial ones on… Can anyone explain it any other way?
    Populations of 2017 =
    Population predicted in 2025 which is not that far off =
    in light of
    Layoffs in Canned vegetable industry due to shortage ? =
    People need to stop arguing the reality of a much older earth and civilization…and whether they chose to ‘believe’ in Jesus Christ or not…at least give His message a nod…try giving Love and Peace a try and living within the bounds of His commandments?
    The secular language spoken throughout the universe and the ages is mathematics…people might also give Carl Munch works some consideration as well… @4:45:45
    Book of Matthew, Chapter 24 verse 48:41 or is it just frequency holding life and the earth is suspension, E = MC2 , and He is… The Way, the Truth, the Light …indeed. and yes he is right so much is based in your attitude… “God bless those who are not afraid to learn and God help those that are”
    Then too, maybe there are those who might also want to consider why the Book of Enoch was rejected ?

    • Justn Observer

      ..more meta data unraveling an even more astounding story =

      • William Stanley

        Yes, astounding stuff. And it seems to hang together.

      • Justn Observer

        Pedophile rings ‘in the interest of National Security’, Who funded Jeff Epstein- set him up in business, the history of the partnership of the OSS and organized crime see Whitney Webb =

        • Justn Observer

          Greg, A lot of information in the Whitney Webb article. CAF is mentioned concerning her knowledge of BCCI…wonder if CAF has something she can share/add to this report?

          A must read for those interested in more than the direction of PM and rigged stock market. Also Epstein was deeply involved in Duetche Bank currency manipulation Ms. Webb reports… So for those who are ‘investors’ of DB they might reconsider why the unwinding of that stock and bank might be under so much ‘pressure’ at this point? …
          Maybe some wayback 1978 will help understand more of the roots of ‘todays’ corruption?This piece originally ran in the December 1978 issue of Esquire.

        • Frederick

          Just a wild guess Gizz-lanes dad/ Mossad

  24. iwitness02

    For anyone that follows current events, both here, and globally, what an interesting time in history. I feel like I’m an extra in the biggest movie productions of all time. I don’t understand everything, but I’m part of it. I’ll have to wait till it comes out in the theaters to grasp the whole story. I’m certain it will be a blockbuster with all the big names. Yomama, Clinton, Clapper, Comey, Brennan, Strozk, Page, Rice, and stellar, all criminal, supporting cast, as they go after the one man that stands in their way of obtaining eternal glory on earth. President Trump. Villain or Hero? Coming to a theater near you!

    Can’t wait for the Sunday release. That is a subject that I’m really fascinated with.

    • iwitness02

      Jubilee. 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      The biggest complaint is that the interview is going to be too short. You will not want to miss this one.

  25. William Stanley


  26. sharen brewer

    Great Report

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sharen!

  27. Ranger

    I’m not buying the gold buying rush. People are looking at gold as if when all this Ponzi Federal Reserve creation of magic money scam ends, that the price of gold will be tied to all the valuation of those gazillions of pieces of paper and digits. And that its price will be astronomical. That might be true in a case where the World Reserve Currency Status remains in the hands of those who the world now sees as…….well bad handlers of that privilege. And, I’m pretty confident that that privilege is about to be yanked out from under the credit addicted handlers who have it now.
    The bankers have played this scene before. Wealth is never allowed outside the circle.
    One of the Koch Brothers passed and immediately it was announced that ALL HIS MONEY WILL REMAIN IN THE KOCH FAMILY. Not a penny to any charity, or to help even one struggling person.
    The Wealth always stays in house.

    • Mike R

      Gold has begun a very strong C wave. C waves are where shorts go to die. For some reason shorters always get sucked in, near the beginning of C waves. They keep trying to short it all the way up. They will lose most of what they owned and then some. Bullion banks are getting their shorts clobbered right now, and trying to cover, but can’t. Russia is still buying gold hand over fist. A lot of central banks are too, and vainly attempting to get their leased gold back. They are dead meat.

  28. FC

    In this case lets hope Art imitates Life.

  29. Rob

    Hi Greg!

    I am looking forward to what Johnathan Cahn has to say as I keep a close eye on events occurring around the fall feasts because the the feast of Tabernacles is a shadow of the tribulation and the day of the Lord which occurs immediately after and easily proven with scriptures:

  30. Frank D2

    Hey “Stan”,
    Gold has “crashed” upwards $30 today to a high of $1535. So glad NONE of us listened to you telling us to sell for the past couple of months. I believe you continue to say “told you so”. Yeah, well, you told us. And you were dead wrong. Enjoy your gold shorts and DB stocks. LOL.

    • Stan

      It was a textbook blow-off

      • Greg Hunter

        How about shorting gold at $1,300. What text book did that little plan come from??

  31. Frederick

    HEY Stan DB is under 7 bucks and gold is up over 2 percent at 1528 Oops Better cover your shorts or yourll lose your shirt

    • K.Wayne

      Stan’s gold shorts ….have literally caught fire … and now the whole house is burning down. Ignorance is one thing…..but arrogance is his Achilles Heel.

  32. Paul in OZ

    racismaniais off the charts …. AOC claims the electoral college system has a racial injustice breakdown … assigning a human characteristic to a democratic process is beyond irrational it is pure desperation and plain stupidity. the election of the squad is proof positive that some election results were rigged.

  33. Marie Joy

    And The Fed will own everything… Your house, my house, your car, my car… They’ll own the fillings in your teeth and, for them, it won’t be enough.

    • Frederick

      Never is with psychopaths Marie

  34. Stan

    Increased my Gold short position today. Today was a picture perfect textbook blow-off for Gold. Only a blind fool would not short Gold at these levels. A trade like this separates the men from the boys. Went to the Bentley dealer today to check out the new Flying Spur 🙂

    • Greg Hunter

      Stan pleeeeeaaaaaase this is just stupid. You are not fooling anyone. You are getting killed, gold was up almost $30 today.
      Run Stan Run!!!

      • Steve Bice

        Stan’s armchair “investment” advice:

      • Mike R

        I think Stan is hysterical ! A fool and his money are soon parted.
        Come Sunday night into Monday, Gold will be trading up $100/ounce higher than it is here on Friday. Trump hates Stan too.

      • Stan

        Do you remember 1980? 2012?

        • Greg Hunter

          Do you remember 1974 and 2000?

    • K.Wayne

      Find another hobby Stan….OR better still … GROW UP.
      I did offer to help you with coming to terms….with reality. Crickets…..!!!!

    • Jerry

      I can see your meds still aren’t working. Deutsche Bank 6.9

      What are you using to buy that Bentley with? Monopoly money?

      • Stan

        Deutsche Bank is a steal at 6.9

        • Greg Hunter

          Stan, you do realize you told us here you were going long DB at $8 and $9 right??

    • Tumbleweed

      Stan – you’re a whack job! Give it up buddy. No market goes straight up and even a stopped clock will be right twice a day. Gold will surely correct on its way north, but make no mistake its going higher over the long term. Perhaps you should settle for a tin spur rather than one that flies.

    • FC

      Stan, don’t you mean you were bent over on your deals without any lubrication?

    • paul ...

      Stan … looking for a “Flying Spur” … check out this chart … … if you do buy some silver … “do not sell short” when it gets to $60 thinking it has peaked … $60 is the launch point for its exponential move upward … just continue buying all the way up to $60 then simply hold and wait for the “Flying Spur” upward!!

      • paul ...

        Stan … obviously you believe gold is in a bubble (where gold above $450 (according to Harry Dent) is bubble territory … but consider that Harry Dent is measuring gold “with dollars” … “dollars” that Trump is going to push down with respect to other currencies (to put the American economy back in balance) … Trump will do QE until the dollar is as numerous as grins of sand … so what Dent is saying … is that the price of gold will go down as the value of the dollar declines?? … obviously Dent needs to seriously re-think his prediction as you do Stan … you can’t use an infinite entity as a true measure of the worth of money … as the M1 money supply “is currently growing exponentially” which is weakening the US dollar … actually the correct way to measure gold (which is real money) is not by using a huge number of man made exponentially printed M1 Fed paper, or a desert full of grains of sand as the unit of currency, or infinite numbers of crypto electrons as the unit of currency … gold should simply be measured by its weight … the weight of gold is the true measure of money (because gold is not an infinite man made entity) … but a “very rare element” made so by the hand of God!!!!

        • paul ...

          Stan … you and Dent should read the Coinage Act of April 2, 1792 … and consider what it means for the banksters who price money in terms of fiat … “it establishes a simple, clear, and meaningful penalty for those introducing fiat currency into circulation in America via any means whatsoever … Death”!!! …

          • paul ...

            You know … although it is common for people to “value gold” by the number of paper dollars they can get for an ounce … it is really the other way around … we should be “valuing paper” by the number of papers it takes to buy an ounce of gold … only “a bankster shill” would promote gold’s real value in absolute terms using “a variable fiat paper IOU” … for it deceives people … into thinking the Fed’s fiat paper is real money (when in fact it is gold that is the real money) especially when M1 is exponentially increasing right before our very eyes … it’s a cruel con … to fool people into believing they will receive “less paper” for their ounce of gold when this paper is methodically being QE’ed to infinity!!!

            • paul ...

              And to see just how much the dollar has been QE’ed to infinity … look at the following chart of every world paper currency from 1971 to 2019 …×411.jpg … the US dollar has lost a whopping 98% of its valve since 1971 … Dent has to be a loony tune for him to think that gold will fall an additional 50% to 75% over the 98% the US dollar has already fallen (when the amount of gold added to the world since 1971 is like “a drop of water” compared to the ocean of paper fiat money created by the banksters since 1971)!!!

    • Paul in OZ

      There are a lot of shorts out there, and it is possible for a short term smash on gold … its a fools game to play if you are not in a position to manipulate … one day the hedgers will get smashed and you may be amongst them.

  35. Henry Ripley

    Dear Greg,
    Thank you for all you do to tell the truth.
    Could you please look up the word “racism” and show that definition on your report. The term is being used today as a catch-all. “let’s see, what should we call it?, oh, I know, racism”.
    As used today, the word does not match the dictionary definition of the term. I think that should be pointed out. Dumbed down Americans don’t even understand what they are saying.

    • Montana Guy

      Henry, can I add the definition of ‘principles of conservatism’?

  36. Eddie Gonazalez

    Please remember investors like me told everyone if President Trump defeated Hillary there would easily be rate increase for President Trump in December 2016 prior to taking office in January 2017.
    So B.O only had one rate increase 1/4 basis point in eight years.
    Thanks for all you do, Greg.

  37. susan

    It sounds like it is over. If AG Barr gave this prison “overseer” a promotion to work directly in his department, I doubt anyone important will be going to jail. They will just bide their time until President Trump is no more.

  38. Paul Mallinson

    Hi Greg. Thanks for all your efforts to seek out the truth. Your summary is a highlight of my news week! It is invaluable for the international audience as you report aspects and nuances we would never hear on our news (and even local news within the US for that matter). Although I support Donald Trump on many issues, I can’t square what he says about the “Greatest economy” the US has right now with his calls for rate cuts and some QE. As Peter Schiff says, if an economy is doing well, it doesn’t need those measures. He has a good point. Ofcourse, the underlying problem is debt and that interest rates can’t be allowed to rise. As you have commented, this doesn’t bode well for the future.

  39. Tumbleweed

    Greg, you do a great job with your site, your interviews and selected guests. A valuable service to our Republic. Thank you! I mean that – Thank you. In the meantime this Overstock CEO’s story is just over the top. Please give your opinion on this story.

    • Greg Hunter

      More corruption and more evil and I think the Overstock CEO saved his own life by coming out and exposing this stuff. Deep Stare is very deep!!!

  40. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  41. Mike R

    Trump just tweeted that the $250 billion in China goods that had a 25% tariff, are now all going to 30% tariffs effective Oct 1st. and the $300 billion slated for a 10% tariff, will now be increased to 15%. Tit for tat continues between China and Trump.

    Gold should go through $1600 soon like a hot knife through butter. Its not the tariffs per se, but the geopolitical instability this is causing.

    When does this go from mere trade war to HOT war ?

    I dont think rate cuts are going to help stocks here, and we are probably looking at some form of USD devaluation – however the US would accomplish that is beyond me. But it appears we are heading straight on for that scenario very soon as well. Gold could just blow right through $2000 to $3000 in that environment. 10 year US T Bill yield will head straight to zero too.

    Its crazy how fast Trump is ratcheting this up now. China has no choice to also counter right back, as XI doesn’t want to lose face. This is ALL about appearances of strength, and it looks to me like Trump wants to bludgeon the crap out of Xi so he gets taken out by his comrades. Trump knows a weak player when he sees one. Xi is on borrowed time folks. And Trump is going to get this done well before the election.

  42. Ivan

    President Trump is opposing the same evil entity that JFK opposed . JFK was shot from the front and not from behind by Lee Harvey Oswald . JFK , 911 , Iraq war ,Jeffery Epstein ,etc, etc is all the same B.S.

  43. Ivan

    JFK , 911 , Iraq war ,Jeffery Epstein ,etc, etc is all the same B.S. the evil entity has been doing and getting away with for years

  44. Frederick

    Trumps latest tantrums are convincing me to wait on the sidelines to buy a home Looks to me like the bubble is about to be pricked in a big way I’m staying in cash and gold for the foreseeable future So longs chumps and that means you Stanley

  45. Gene


    With regard to Barr getting anything done with the Russia hoax I think we are all dreaming. As you mentioned in your wrap up this week, they left the highest profile witness unprotected. This of course would be the AG ‘s responsibility! In my opinion he just exposed his hand and showed the world what side he is playing for.


    • Frank D

      I agree Gene. More than enough time has passed and still no major Obama admin players have been indicted, tried, and jailed/executed for sedition/treason. Barr is all talk, no action. The fact that Q said to trust Barr and Wray (!!) has me questioning everything. Trump’s great work on the economy and job front won’t mean much in a lawless nation.

  46. Harold Busch

    Stan could get a little from a near term correction… RSI at 80 for GLD could bring in some selling. On another subject: I buy 1/10th oz. Gold Eagles when finances allow. It is a way the “small guy” as Greg calls us to participate. Keep up the GREAT work Greg!

  47. paul ...

    You know … Trump needs to do something that puts money in “peoples hands” (not Wall Streets hands) … like taking the chains off the CPI and “giving ordinary people” the 9% cost of living adjustment they are really due in Jan 2020 (according to John Williams at Shadow Stats) … the “fake news polls” ( except for Rasmussen) are now showing more then half the people in the US disapprove Trump’s performance … “we know” this is probably being faked by powerful demon-rat shills like Google … but ordinary people who see Wall Street getting another break … while their Cost of Living Adjustment is chained and held “7% below the real inflation rate” may just believe it!!

    President Trump Job Approval Polling Data
    Approve Disapprove

    The Hill 46 54
    Rasmussen 50 48
    Reuters 42 54
    Economist 44 52
    Monmouth 41 53
    Politico 42 55
    CNN 41 54
    NBC/WSJ 43 55
    FOX News 43 56

    • paul ...

      PS: Interesting that FOX News (supposedly the best of the worst) is showing the highest disapproval rating!!!

    • Mike R

      the polls are worthless.
      real voters are ‘voting with their pocketbooks’, and Trump blowing out the entire DNC in terms of fund raising, many millions of small donations. at this early before 2020, it pretty much indicates Trump in a landslide. Polls are outdated in this era of the internet and social media, and they are so biased and manipulated in favor of lobs and dems, it makes them even more worthless when you have a President as strong and popular as Trump.
      We all know now that 20,000,000 of the votes for shillary were illegal, and google heavily manipulated everything in 2016, as did Facebook, so if Trump could not be beaten then, and now with all that he has accomplished, the polls could show 10% favorability, and they’d be lying, and he’d still crush any dem.

  48. paul ...

    This is interesting … American officials confirming that Israel was behind an airstrike on an Iraqi ammunition depot? … now why would the US admit Israel attacked a sovereign nation knowing full well it will hasten growing demands from the Iraqi parliament to call for all US troops to immediately exit their country?? … doesn’t make sense does it … unless Trump planned this with Bibi so he can “justifiably leave” Iraq (along with getting out of Afghanistan) before the 2020 election??? …

  49. Robert Dziok

    The White House is working on an Executive Order to allow state and local jurisdictions to deny entry to refugees even if they have been approved for settlement by the federal government. Spouses or children of those already settled would be an exception. Infowars put this out.

    • Frederick

      Robert What happened to the last “executive order” You know the one about people involved in human trafficking Wouldn’t Giz-lane Maxwell And Dershowitz fit into that mold

  50. paul ...

    You know … reading between the lines … this push by Trump to purchase Greenland probably means the US is seriously considering “leaving NATO” … and hence needs a different US military strategy in a post-NATO world!! … if this is true … it is very very good news … as Trump will be getting us back to what George Washington wanted for our Nation (no entangling alliances)!!! …

  51. J.

    Hi Greg, thanks for all of your hard work.

    Regarding U.S. Government propaganda, . . . based upon my approximately 10 minutes of research, it appears said U.S. Government propaganda, is . . . “legal.”

    Reference ‘‘Smith-Mundt Modernization Act of 2012’’.

    Please correct me if I am mistaken.


  52. Bill B

    Greg; A Suggestion.
    When you make your charts, use a felt tipped pen. Your charts were great, just a little hard to read for us old codgers. God Bless

  53. Marie Joy

    There are some who are willing to hold your gold, for you. Anyone who trusts anyone, else, to hold their gold, is foolish. People steal money, jewelry, gold, anything transportable, all the time. Do NOT trust other people with your gold.

  54. Edwin Meyer

    ************SYSTEMIC VOTER INTIMIDATION*******
    What is going on in the media, Washington Dims and RINO’s is, and should be openly called, “voter intimidation”…These peoples goal is to threaten even more violence if President Trump is voted into a second term…. ” Vote Trump out…or we will viciously attack each and every Trump supporter”.CALL IT WHAT IT IS FOLKS!

  55. Oxfarmer

    Greg, there isn’t a anybody I would rather hear than you in the Weekly Wrapup. Real reporting delivered by a real reporter: how refreshing!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Ox”!!

  56. Diane


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