Trump Hoax Investigation Heats Up, China Trade War is On, Crop Trouble

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 385 5.24.19) 

Last night, President Trump kicked the Trump-Russian collusion hoax investigation into high gear. Trump ordered “the intelligence community to quickly and fully cooperate with the Attorney General’s investigation into surveillance activities during the 2016 presidential election.” President Trump is also giving the authority to declassify documents to AG Barr. Maybe this is why the Democrats, like Nancy Pelosi, are saying crazy things as a way to mount some sort of defense about an investigation that will send many to jail for treason. President Trump said again on Thursday that “Treason” was committed in trying to remove him from office in what FBI officials said was an “insurance policy” in case Clinton lost.

China and the U.S. are entering into a trade war, and it’s not going to end anytime soon. It also could get very ugly as China can retaliate with its own tariffs. It can also sell its $1.1 trillion in U.S. debt. That might have a devastating effect on the bond market. Trump has long said China takes advantage of America, and with $500 billion annual trade deficit with China, who can argue that point.

Rain, rain everywhere in the U.S. growing regions. The USDA says planting is way behind schedule in many parts of the country. With the wet farm ground not drying out anytime soon, it may get too late in the year to plant some crops. Is this a harbinger for higher food prices?

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Analyst Bo Polny of will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release. Polny is forecasting some very dark days in the stock market. He also has positive predictions for gold, silver and Bitcoin. Find out when it breaks down in what he predicts will be the biggest stock market crash in history.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    2019 is shaping up as a repeat of 1929. I keep repeating this, because my research is rather frightening

    a) same sky-high, record inequality causing “underconsumption” which initiated the first (1929) recession.
    b) same record high debt as 1929 – which caused the recession to develop into the depression.
    c) same low interest rates – near zero – which left the central banks nowhere to go.
    d) same backsliding wages which fed into the underconsumption loop.
    e) most important, same syncronised business cycle in all major economies. The “Roaring 20’s” had boosted activity globally – all economies were syncronised – so when it arrived, they all went together.

    This is identical to 2019 – China down 11%, Europe about to tip into recession, Australia in a per capita recession and unemployment rising. Japan is still stagnant, nearly 40 years after their last boom, UK is in Brexit and collapsing.

    So when it starts, all the developed economies will slam into a recession, and they have no economic tools to dig their way out – No money for fiscal spending, unable to drop rates, the choice is either more debt, print money or Austerity.

    I would be saying to progressives, hedge yourself. This will arrive I guess in 6 months. The US is in its 10th year of cycle, and no cycle has ever gone beyond 11 years.

    If this follows as I see it, the housing market will become chaos. If our currency slides – 90% probability, because China will slide – then we’ll need to boost interest rates to attract foreign money. And that … will combine with increased unemployment to utterly kill the market.

    • Mike R

      You left out 28 yield curve inversions thus far this year. Banks make more money in overnight lending, than can be done on a 5 year note. In otherwords, its a massive ‘hot potato’ and nearly NOBODY wants to hold much debt for very long.

      IMF for the first time EVER, has cited sovereign bonds at 100% vulnerability.
      That means EVERY BANK IS IN DEEP TROUBLE. DB isn’t the only bank in trouble. Basically its EVERY damn bank in the ENTIRE global system. Which means EVERY individual is on the hook for a massive ‘bail in’ (i.e. they take EVERY dime you have on deposit at ANY BANK), and you go broke.

      Banks are NOT lending to corporations. YOU ARE. IF you own stocks, mutual funds, ETF’s, have a pension, 401, government bonds, or insurance based financial product – those are the ONLY people lending to corporates because their DEBT is so massive, and they are so over-leveraged, that no banks (who are insolvent anyway) will lend to corporates.

      You THINK you are safe in stocks, because they keep going up, yet corporates are BORROWING huge sums, to BUYBACK shares and PAY DIVIDENDS using all profits, so nothing is going to investment for the company’s future. Its milking yesterday. But every stock share is so overvalued, bc every corporation is SO over-leveraged, that not even banks will touch them. Stocks are worthless. Bonds are worthless. Government Debt is WORTHLESS.

      The only thing left is gold, and to a lessor extent silver. They have no liabilities. EVERYTHING else has exponential liabilities, and its many times over, due to derivatives. Its as though every company is like a homeowner, that not only takes out a loan on his or her house, but takes out loans for the full value of the house, 10 to 30 times, over. This is EVERY corporation, and every single bank. With DB its not 10 or 30 times over. Its incalculable, because of their derivatives, that are interconected, and reconnected, and rewired through millions of intermediaries, and EVERY single other corporate bank, and private banks, that its impossible to determine their liability. So just assume its infinite. Thats why their shares are near $6, and should probably be at negative $6 quadrillion. Its all over but for the fat lady singing.

  2. vincent_g

    Where are the republicans??
    If those on the other side broke laws where are the republicans???

    Why don’t we see more screaming, foot stomping, finger waging???

    Maybe we need a new party too!

    • Thomas G

      Trump is getting too much now. Bitterly disappointed. Voted to end market rigging and international wars.

      • vincent_g

        Market rigging?
        Everything is fake – where does one start?
        First we need to restore Glass Steagull Act
        You know – the one that Roosevelt put in place and Bill Clinton took away.
        The Act that would make it against the law for banks to push mortgages on wall street.
        Remember the housing crash – well get ready for crash part two.

        Also the federal Reserve – needs to go.

        Trump’s fav president was Andrew Jackson
        The President that has “I Killed the Bank” written on his grave stone!

        There is no way one person can right all that is wrong.
        You the people have to give all the tools needed to help fix this mess.
        Both parties are at fault and corruption runs deep.
        To make matter worse the Communists are making a move.

        When the next crash comes will you make the mistake to vote communist or will you pull your pants up and try and fix the problems?

        Banks are way too strong and are screwing up the country.
        Housing prices are going so high no one will be able to afford them soon.

        Thomas Jefferson wrote:
        I believe that banking institutions are more dangerous to our liberties than standing armies
        If the American people ever allow private banks to control the issue of their currency, first by inflation, then by deflation, the banks and corporations that will grow up around(these banks) will deprive the people of all property until their children wake up homeless on the continent their fathers conquered.

        Isn’t this what is happening???

        Soon prices of homes will be so high no one but the banks will own them.
        Of course they will rent it to you.

        • Tin foil hat

          There is no way one person can right all that is wrong but one person can stop the pendulum, reverse course slowly and get the momentum going.
          Trump is not a magician, he cannot change course abruptly overnight.

  3. paul ...

    Nancy , Chuck and Trump couldn’t discuss infrastructure even if they wanted to … because it would mean higher taxes (neither side wants to get blamed for) being imposed on the American people (because we can’t expect help from China anymore to buy our Treasuries nor American companies to build new factories here who’s output China will likely deny buying) … yes … the Japanese could build factories here (but they too are probably hesitant for fear of Chinese sanctions) … so it looks like Trump will have to rely on the Fed to print up all the infrastructure money he needs (out of thin air which will cause gold to rise) but it puts the banksters back in control … the very ones peoples across the entire Western world are revolting against (for bringing our monetary system to the brink of economic collapse along with their jobs)!

    • paul ...

      As the trade war heats up … it will spread to Europe and its economy also … China announces it is ready to impose sanctions on the UK …

      • Greg Hunter

        What make you think Chia can take a trade war?

    • paul ...

      Printing money for infrastructure or war or to prevent bank failures is going to be inflationary … the banksters know this … and they are buying gold at an even faster rate today then they did when gold was approaching $2000 a few years back … … and to give themselves a good deal as usual they are suppressing the price of gold so they can buy up huge quantities cheap … most Americans are not taking advantage of this “golden” opportunity!! …

      • paul ...

        Notice on the above chart the first quarter of 2017 to the first quarter of 2018 … as seen from the banksters buying actions … it look like “they determined the gold had bottomed during that time” … and their purchases ever since have been increasing significantly!!

  4. paul ...

    Just as tariffs plunged the global economy into a depression in the 1930’s … today’s tariffs (and all the associated sanctions) are now plunging many nations across the world into economic collapse! …

    • paul ...

      When the collapse finally comes … what will you do … if the disaster lasts longer than you had planned on … and you run out of food? … it is essential to have community plans also … like community chicken coops and having goats to produce milk (instead of wasting precious gas in lawn mowers) … this will provide eggs, milk and cheese … community breeding of rabbits (that multiply rapidly) can provide meat … so begin organizing and preparing for community efforts “now” (rather then simply going it alone) … such community efforts will show much benefit when the economic disaster turns into years rather then months!! …

  5. paul ...

    We better start thinking about the day “machines get into the neurons in our heads” and begin to “control our ninds to further their species” … humanity has always worried about an alien specie from outer space taking over our world … seems that specie will not be ET … but AI from cyber space!!! …

  6. Anthony Australia

    ‘Journalists’ here are starting to spew their own propaganda, rather than rehashing articles by Bloomberg, NYT & WSJ. You don’t need to wonder why our election this week gone, brexit and 2016 there all went against their hopes.

  7. paul ...

    Our problems in a nut shell … as explained by Charles Hugh Smith … is the institutionalization of fraud as Business as Usual (BAU) … fraudulent money, fraudulent wars, fraudulent economic numbers, fraudulent news, etc. etc. … to the point where it’s no longer viewed as “wrong” … “or destructive” … “or an aberration of evil-doers” … but as simply as an accepted way to maximize personal gains by offloading risk onto others!!! …

    • paul ...

      More BAU … tell the truth (and get on Hillary’s bad side) and you get 175 years in prison … but commit treason, charity fraud, tell lies/bribes, pay for phony coup dossiers against a sitting President and you walk free …

      • paul ...

        CIA whistle-blower says: “Assange is going to get railroaded by a Hanging Judge” …

        • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

          Yes…and Greg’s silence re Assange’s treatment is deafening.
          How disgraceful is this!… So much for the name ‘Watchdog’!

          • Greg Hunter

            Are you an idiot that just talks without listening to my report? I guess so. This is why I hate having you comment because you are factually wrong most of the time. CHECK THIS VIDEO at the 20:30 mark and please go away and comment some place else with your lies and false accusations. There might be a nice communist site you can comment and where you will fit right in.

            • William Stanley

              And not the first time you’ve vocally supported Assange here, either.

            • Mario Borsato

              Hey Greg
              I hope all is well.
              We have to stop name calling others regardless if they are behaving like an idiot or a donkey. You have a great site Greg and do a great job. Don’t lessen it buy having comments that show your frustration.
              The first comment you made above you have two spelling mistakes in one sentence. Everyone makes mistakes when they text, write, post etc but the majority can be avoided if you take a quick second to read it over before you hit post or done or send. If one of your readers makes a typo or spelling mistake that’s different but you should take extra care not to.
              Kindest regards and blessings,


              • Greg Hunter

                I am only human and sometimes it gets the best of me.

            • Tin foil hat

              ” CHECK THIS VIDEO at the 20:30 mark”
              I don’t know why but this makes me lol and I still have a smirk on my face as I’m typing this comment.
              So typical!!

    • iwitness02

      Theft under the color of law. What fun for the reapers.
      Brandon Smith has pushed the idea of community for years. I totally agree with him on that. I have been trying to find like minded people in my area, but so far I haven’t found one interested party to partner with. Some talk the talk, then do nothing. Others don’t have time for anything so abstract. To many are caught up in the work a day world, and have no energy or desire to pursue anything else. So far it has been impossible to make any connections with like minded people. I guess it hasn’t got bad enough yet. Or, I haven’t tried hard enough. Sometimes I get discouraged, then I have to start reminding myself, “fear not.”

  8. davefairtex

    Here’s something I don’t see talked about a lot: “the two hop rule”.

    This was brought to my attention by Bill Binney, who mentioned it (with a gleam in his eye) in a discussion about the Spygate affair. I then tracked down what it meant.

    What is the two-hop rule? A FISA warrant routinely empowers the government to collect data on everyone up to “two hops” from the target of the warrant. This presumably includes all email traffic, all telephone conversations, all the metadata stored for the past 5 years – literally everything the NSA has on all those people. And since it was renewed 4 times, that coverage lasted for a year. How many people might that have covered?

    Well if we assume that Carter Page has 120 contacts, and each of his contacts has 120 contacts, then a FISA warrant on Page allowed the government to pull up data on 14,400 US citizens. For a year. In real time. Emails, phone calls, metadata going back 5 years, the works.

    So Page was just a means to an end. They needed a target two hops from everyone important in the Trump campaign. And they got one: Page.

    Do you think watching 14,400 American citizens based on one FISA warrant was bigger than one listening device at the Watergate Hotel? It sure seems like it.

    But nobody is talking about that two-hop rule.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good point and analysis Dave!!

  9. Nick de la Gaume

    Had to interrupt the broadcast to watch Theresa May resign in tears.
    LAAAAAARF!!!!!!!! I only watched the tearful moment about 20 times. Sooooo funny.
    I left there for the last time in1995 and swore that I would never return.
    Looking forward to lots of American tears. Thanks Jim Sinclair for turning me on to your show, Greg and you for introducing me to Dr Dave.
    God Bless The Donald!
    Back to watching the joyful event several more times!

  10. al

    Excellent commentary. You said something I didn’t hear since before the Crimeton/Clinton administration, you said “Red China”. Back then no one said the word China without the Red first. I’m glad the word Red is back because people have to keep in mind that China is Communist.
    Democrats go beyond Communism, I call it Dumb-munism. I don’t see China or Russia with open borders. I don’t see Venezuela or other South American Countries with open borders but the Dumb-munists in this Country and in Europe want such destabilization.

    Also, I know what you said about the media of late but please don’t forget, they are Red too. The Red Media was trying to destroy this Country and they failed. What you are witnessing now is capitulation but don’t be swayed, they will stab our President in the back when given a chance.
    RED MEDIA = ENEMY MEDIA. They must be replaced with honest reporting!

    Thank you Greg for your commentary and especially the Farm Report, I always look forward to that.

  11. Da Yooper

    “pilosi may be part of this”

    She & schumer – fineswine – wassermenrschultz – wacky maxie are in this up to their neck. Until they & many others ( the clintons ) pay ( swing ) for their High Treason the rule of law is dead.

    China is working hand in glove with the democraps ( biden & fineswine ) to try to help the democraps mess with Trump. Just a FYI in my area we are 10 inch’s above normal on rainfall .No one I know can plant because the ground is saturated.

    “What would make people break law after law after law ”

    Simple they sold themselves out for the almighty $$$$$ somewhere all these people have an offshore bank account that needs to be found. They did not do what they do for free we need to find the money.

  12. foggygoggles

    When are people going to call out the unheard of weather for what it is–geoengineering? Trump needs to make this a priority, especially since the problem is primarily visited on his base.

    • Justn Observer

      Can you say – Super Grand Solar Mininum? you tube =
      Valentina Zharkova
      Ice Age Farmer
      John L Casey

  13. paul ...

    Finally … Theresa May says that she will resign on Friday, June 7 as she abandons her “unsigned” Brexit withdrawal agreement … instead of trying to force it through the Commons for a fourth time … people in Europe (i.e. France and Germany too) are removing leaders who won’t represent “the public’s wishes”!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Too bad China can’t remove their leader because he’s dictator for life. That’s who you want to do business wit???

      • paul ...

        Greg … Trump could sign an EO making himself President for life … but it’s not what our founding Fathers had in mind … nor would it be Constitutionally legal under our system of government (that is until the demon-rats make us into a full fledged “commie nation” and completely destroy our Constitution … in any case … I don’t believe our Founding Fathers ever put any restrictions on America “trading with dictators” anywhere in the world!!

        • Greg Hunter

          Really? You think our Founding Fathers would not be worried about having a $500 billion a year annual deficit with a totalitarian Christian hating regime??? Really, you think they would be that stupid??? Please stop, you are embarrassing yourself with your Red China loving defense. The faster we get away from China the better. Look at what they are doing. How dare we ask for a fare deal!!!fair trade. Are you this stupid Paul are you just so deep in the tank for Red China you cannot see straight? Reprisals, non stop negative propaganda about America all because Trump stood up to them and asked for Think what they would be ding if they had even more advantage over us?

          • paul ...

            You always say “fear not” Greg … since China only has approximately 260 nuclear warheads and America has 10,000 should we be in such fear of China? … even Israel which has more nuclear weapons then China fears a nation with “none” … and additionally needs America for extra protection?? … look at what fear between men is doing to India and Pakistan … Pakistan is now deploying low-yield tactical nuclear arms at its forward operating military bases along its entire frontier with India … and “ominously they have given the decision to fire these nuclear tactical armed missiles to local commanders” … nuclear war between India and Pakistan will result in eight to 12 million fatalities between them … do you think perhaps the billion people worldwide who will be put in danger of famine and starvation by the resulting “nuclear winter” have any right to comment on these two nations situation? … similarly … the consequences of a nuclear war between America and China will be many times worse killing hundreds of millions … shouldn’t some voices “be allowed to be heard” who are trying to stop the current slowly developing global nuclear holocaust on the horizon between America and China? … by simply suggesting brotherhood between men??

          • uncommon sense

            China is Christian hating? How come they are rounding up all the Muslims Uyghurs and putting them in concentration camps then?

            • Greg Hunter

              I guess they hate Muslims too.

  14. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good WNW all things considered. A number of things seem to be coming to a head at the same time.

    Regarding Assange, the charges may work if it gets to court, but they won’t hold up at the first level of appeal. Freedom of speech is for all of us, not just network affiliated journalists. Freedom of the Press doesn’t give us freedom of religion, speech & assembly, the 1st Amendment says that the government won’t interfere with those rights.
    Quote: Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances. Unquote

    Is wikileaks the press? Don’t know, don’t really care. Regardless of how Assange came by the info, he was under no obligation to safeguard it. OTOH, the source of much of his treasure trove of US government secrets, little Bradley/Chelsea Manning did have an obligation to safeguard it — instead he took it and gave it to wikileaks. Manning should have spent his life in prison for treason & espionage instead of being released early from a mediocre sentence. But that’s just my opinion.

    Alan Dershowitz to Newsmax TV: Assange Indictment ‘Setback’ for 1st Amendment

    Too much stuff happening, but the coffee was good this morning and life goes on…

  15. paul ...

    Looking at the facts “does not mean I love China” … but let’s look at Trump’s very aggressive tariffs and the cutting off of Huawei … he has completely shaken and woken up the Chinese Leadership (who are now unleashing their own very hurtful trade war sanctions on the US) … besides China’s rare earth sanctions, telling it’s people not to buy American goods, etc., etc. they are now de-listing Chinese companies from the New York Stock Exchange … Trump and his economic advisors “obviously expected all this to happen before he started” … so did “the plan”have some other ultimate objective” other then a “better deal” with China? … with all the warmongering neocons surrounding Trump it seems like forcing a Military War with China may have been the real goal … I hope not … but American’s should be prepared (with underground fallout shelters) … for any hot war with China will be nuclear (and the nuking of American cities will negate all the re-industrialization we will be paying for (with increased taxes and more monetary inflation)!! …

    • paul ...

      China’s Largest Chip-maker “Semiconductor Manufacturing International Corp (SMIC)” … De-Lists From the NYSE … should we expect more Chinese companies to leave over the next few months?? … how will the S&P 500 Average be maintained at current levels if companies with large capitalizations are removed? …

      • Greg Hunter

        So we should submit to China? Really?? A communist one party rule and zero rights for citizens with a newly installed dictator for life. What could go wrong?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you love China and we should not be in bed with a communist dictatorship with a $500 billion trade imbalance. So what. Let China delist and run back across the Pacific. We don’t need them. Let’s look at all the crap China does!!! How about that???

      • paul ...

        Greg … you say I love China … I would like to make it clear that I love all peoples of the world … as long as … they are decent … and moral (for as Jesus taught we are all brothers) … however … those who kill women and children (like neocons do in their continual wars) are not loved by me … no matter where they are physically located geographically in the world … they are not my brothers … geographical location has nothing to do with my loyalty to God’s Commandments!!

        • Greg Hunter

          You seem to love all people of the world less than Americans. You cannot criticize Russia and China on a website like this in those countries. You would be dead in prison or both–in a day. Please keep that in mind when you are basing America and holding up Red China and Russia as some sort of model global citizen.

          • paul ...

            You hold America up as a land that is high above when compared to the “commie” nations Red China and Russia … and I never said I held them “as model citizens” but when compared to fostering continual unending wars in the world “they seem to be” … I pray America lives up to your expectations when Assange goes to trial!!

        • Tin foil hat

          Did all women and children survive the Great Flood?

          • paul ...

            TFH … If you think I’m some sort of a wackado for hating neocons that do violence to women and children in their continual wars … what do think of God? … who said to Noah: “I have decided to destroy all living creatures, for they have filled the earth with violence … Yes … I will wipe them all out … along with the earth” …

            • paul ...

              Of course God “was partial” to fish life … he didn’t kill any fish in the Great Flood … probably why Jesus used the symbol of a fish as his moniker!!

            • Tin foil hat

              I believe you mentioned Annunaki and Sumerian mythology a while back. Do you know iconography depicts Enki as a bearded man wearing a horned cap and long robes as he ascends the Mountain of the Sunrise; flowing streams of water with fishes run from his shoulders, emphasizing his association with life-giving water. The streams are interpreted as the Tigris and Euphrates Rivers. His name means “Lord of the Earth” and his symbols are the FISH and the goat.


              Try to imagine this scenario: Your dogs gain the ability to talk, they stop showing their affection jumping around you and start complaining about dog foods and living conditions in the dog house. You can’t sleep because they won’t stop complaining and may even have schemed to take over the house. What would you do?

              Btw, clay really means earth or earthing.

  16. H. Craig Bradley


    Note: Politicians have been discussing “infrastructure” in most every Presidential election since Jimmy Carter. The money never seems to be there and so, little actual construction is accomplished. Pay closer attention to what actually gets done on-the- ground, not what you hear about (rumors).

    We are seeing both flight or flight in recent years, particularly the latter, as yet millions more Middle Class residents move to lower cost, lower tax ( or no tax ) state jurisdictions. It reminds me of someone who built a number of sand castles from the low tide line up the beach incline. Then, as the tide rises, it takes-out each individual sand castle, one by one.

    This is the pattern of out-migration (“vote with your feet”) I have noticed since 1992 as individuals and businesses, some very large ( Parsons Engineering, Jacobs Engineering, Toyota, all formerly located in Pasadena or Torrance, CA), leave Calif. for good, taking good-paying jobs and millions of tax dollars along with them. Turns-out, a warm climate is not the deciding factor at some point. We passed that particular road sign a long time ago.

    This population change or trend is now accelerating, as of late, as well. Eventually, a Democrat will become president again. You can bet if its not a California Democrat, it will be a New York Democrat or some other like-minded (Liberal) asshole. In the end, it won’t matter much where you live because going forward, all our government can possibly do is continue doing what it has been doing all of my life: run up more and more debt faster and faster and promise whatever to get elected, regardless of party.

    In the process, the government takes a little bit more of your income or wealth and gives-back less and less value in exchange. As socialism starts to collapse ( its close ), the “taking” part will progressively increase proportionately and the end-game will ensue.

    So, say good-bye to your sand castles. None of them will last very long when California Dream’in goes Federal (National) after the next Democratic President. President Trump is a pause or respite in the process of America becoming a full-on collectivist state. Most don’t yet know how screwed they will be if “the people” don’t wise-up soon. Highly unlikely at this point.

    Reference: Author & Economist, Dr. Thomas Sowell in a recent interview concerning growing socialism in the U.S. and the odds of “America not making it”. He is visibly worried, so we should too be worried. Very uncertain future for ALL of us. If we do happen to make it, it will only be “by the skin of our teeth”. So a big fight or showdown is coming (Civil War).

  17. paul ...

    It’s kind of ironic … but if Trump had removed our forces from the Middle East (saving Americans billions in defense expenditures) … there would be no need to send more forces to the Middle East (increasing our defense expenditures)!! …

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Paul lets just let Iran take over it all and finally push Israel into the sea.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        Maybe Michael the Archangel, Israel’s assigned Guardian, has something to say about Iran and Israel. Iran can not win in the end. In the meantime, they can not achieve their National goals of destroying Israel. However, If America ever stops supporting Israel, then we become (very) extendible. Either some other protector or nation will step-up to assume or place or role or internal discord or conflicts within Israel’s enemies will develop.

        Same outcome either way, no matter what: Israel is here to stay, but not necessarily with the U.S.A. We choose our leaders who determine our collective fate. No assurances for “the people” if our secular leaders or political elites fail or go against the grain. You can not beat the Almighty or hope to win for very long, history has amply proved. Better wise-up folks. Sodom and Gomorrah in West Jordan are a permanent example of national folly, as was the Roman Empire.

        We are NOT exceptional if we continue to act in a foolish manner for much longer. Obama was a deceiver and the people who elected him the fools. So, they made us all look like fools, and history will record that fact on our collective tombstone. ( Here Lies the World’s Most Foolish Nation ).

      • Thomas G

        God is on Israel’s side so let them take care of it.

        • Greg Hunter

          Genesis 12:3

          • Thomas G

            Not cursing them. Just sayin if God is on their side why do we need to get involved?

            • Greg Hunter

              Thomas keep thinking that way and read Genesis 12:3 again and notice the curse part for you.

      • paul ...

        Peace requires compromise “on the part of both sides” … and Trump is supposedly working on a peace plan for the Middle East … lets not be like the New York Times and try to abort any type of reconciliation from ever happening! …

      • susan

        Greg, just ignore Paul. I’ve ignored him for quite a while now. He is not worth it. Another Gina.

        • paul ...

          Susan … you are probably a city girl who cares less for the troubles being caused to the farmers and business men in America … remember its not only farmers in rural America “that are caught in the crossfire of Trumps escalating trade war with China” … but US business formation is also collapsing … so go ahead and have your war with China … but gracefully accept the consequences … like a complete Chinese ban on agricultural and manufactured products made and grown in America!! …

          • susan

            Paul, I just have to respond. I’m afraid I have been a country girl all my life except when I went with my husband when he was in the army. Right now I live 210 miles from the nearest city of 100,000 people. If it weren’t for ranchers and farmers, we’d probably only have 750 people in the county I live in. For your information they all love President Trump. End of discussion.

            • paul ...

              “Country Girl” Susan … I also like Trump … “most especially” when he moves against the evil neocons in the CIA, DOJ and Military Industrial Complex!!

      • gh

        I hope all the evangelicals, who support a greater Israel and war with Iran, will be the first to send their children to war. If not they are pure hypocrites, like the lily livered neo cons (unlike most of them McCain did at least fight in Vietnam). Also Trump has some sons of fighting age that could be spared for the cause.

        • Greg Hunter

          Iran has 10 military bases in Syria and it’s supreme Leader has written a book about seadtroying Israel. You need to include this in your rant:
          gh = troll

          • gh

            I am just saying that there are a lot of arm chair crusaders now. At least in the good ol days it was done face to face.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yeah and then people used a full name and owned their words.

              • gh

                not really. once you put on a Crusader helmet you were anonymous. but they did at least put their necks on the line!!!

  18. iwitness02

    If the light of truth shines bright and we see justice served, we will be seeing history made, and prophecy fulfilled. The Scriptures say in no uncertain terms that everything that is hidden will be made known. The truth will set us free. Yes, there will be violence, but freedom is never cheap. Steady as she goes.

  19. Bill

    Oh no, not Polny. Most of his calls have been so far off over the years he is actually laughed at conferences and around the internet. Similar to Greg’s last genius, Cliff High.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are factually incorrect Bill. Polny called the stock market sell off at the end of 2018 and said so on USAW on election night. He called the bottom of the gold at 10.45 on 2016and has made numerous calls on cryptos and has a track record on You Tube and newsletter to prove it all. Is Polny 100%? No, and he would be the first to tell you this. I know for a fact he has been way more correct than wrong. Are you surprised that someone could get the gold and silver market wrong with all the intervention and manipulations going on? Polny is the guest on Sunday and I am proud to have him. You are welcome not to watch. Either way it is free.

      • R. Patrick

        Mr. Polny is using data that can no longer be relied upon as the system is fake, phony, false… He would have been correct more often if not for those little details. I enjoy listening to him even if he is not liked by some.

        • Michael

          Another one is Charles Nenner. He consistently said the big stock market collapse would happen in 3/4 2017 and continue into 2020-2021. Still waiting. Is it possible the markets could be rigged and what is the point of an analyst that fails to take account of this.

          • Greg Hunter

            You do realize the markets are propped up with lots of fake money and CB intervention don’t you? Or, do you think this is a real market?

    • H. Craig Bradley


      The cast of characters like a popular weekly T.V. show: (Nerdy) Cliff High, Charles Nenner the Incoherent (Communicator), Mark Taylor, The Self-Anointed Prophet of God from NYFD, and lastly Bill Polny ( The Phony ). Greg is charitable and gives them each a forum, or a “place to go” and some respect, as well. Thus, they can then maintain a sense of self-worth in the world. In addition, its necessary to maintaining one’s identity ( a core aspect to their mental health). Maybe a “lack of identity” is why so many either O.D. on Oxycontin or go on a shooting spree at the local school or shopping mall.

      U.S.A. Watchdog fulfills a valid need for all and is a good private sector alternative to the government make-ready job, also intended to give people a place to go and something to do. Whether its productive “work” or not remains to be seen often times (political). We have way too many unhappy Americans as it is. (Moral or Spiritual bankruptcy ? ) More possessions (materialism) has not a life made.

      Social problems grow along with overpopulation and too many workers who are just sitting around in an office and doing their time on your dime. Add-in all the illegals and welfare recipients and you can see why our economy can’t grow much over 3% a year, if that. Plus, we have a birthrate that is now below replacement level (1.2 kids per couple) so we can not even maintain our gross population numbers without continual immigration above the legal quotas.

      There is no real political solution to such a deplorable national condition. So, we need another war to thin the herd before they can demand Universal Basic Income for everyone- eventually sinking the whole ship-of-state. Its either lighten the plane’s payload or crash and burn.

  20. Linda

    For all you doubters and trolls which will show up in the comments, get this at least. With the declass focus on two central themes. The rise of mass surveillance, including social media, and its abuse to gain illicit power and the entrenched criminal system that enables this, including a compromised and corrupted mass media, whose primary purpose is propaganda.

    Declassification of the EVIDENCE of abuse of the FISA court process in the United States by the Obama administration is equivalent to a neutron bomb going off. These acts were supported by the governments of the UK, New Zealand and Australia — who have abused the “Five Eyes” intelligence agreement to circumvent legal controls. The seriousness of what has happened cannot be overstated. There are no words that would qualify as hyperbole: this is treason by Americans, and acts of war by supposed allies (note Teresa May crying last night as she resigned). The failed coup attempt to cover up these crimes — via Russiagate and the fabricated Steele dossier — has been exposed. The evils of the Obama era, and those before it, are soon going to lead to war crimes trials.

    All of the central traitors — like Clapper, Ohr, Strzok, Brennan, McCabe — face the mandatory death penalty as a result of their high treason. The last two years have been one vast trapping operation to catch all these criminals in the act during their cover-up, and to clean up the justice system to process them. There have been legal teams working in total secrecy for the last two years preparing for this spectacular public take-down of the gangsters in government. Expect Huber, Horowitz and Durham to provide us with a constant supply of shocking reports and high-level indictments well into the summer and the fall and further on.

    The 2018 House election was also fraudulent, and the exposure of FISA fraud will result in the legitimacy of that election to be called into doubt. If you are still in doubt that this is a military operation to remove the crime gang that has infiltrated and hijacked the government of the United States (and elsewhere), then you are going to be in for a difficult journey of awakening.

    Behind Obama is a global system of criminal “dark power” that is going to be exposed. For those still not familiar with the NXIVM case, get familiar. There are a lot of top players involved, who connect with countless other big-league players, and it’s all about controlling the system, manipulating and blackmailing high-ranking individuals and corporations, as well as child sex trafficking and female adults being branded after sexual interactions with their harem “leader” Keith Raniere. Not properly covered by your sell out media. The Clinton Foundation will be exposed this year for its “America for sale” trading of state secrets, and involvement in human trafficking and organ harvesting. The Uranium One scandal involving Russia and Iran will chill you. It’s time to wake up.

    There’s no way to sugar coat the fact that the public has been brainwashed via the deep states clandestine control over the mass media. The true history of Hollywood is going to upset us deeply, and there is a cultural upheaval ahead the likes of which we have never experienced before. Some citizen journalists, such as USA Watchdog, have provided a reliable guide to what is unfolding. This can be contrasted with the sustained malevolence of the fake news. As the socially engineered hoaxes of the past are exposed, and the complicity of the mass media in maintaining these lies becomes clear, trust in these institutions is going to evaporate.

    • Da Yooper

      Nicely done Linda I hope it & more come to pass.

    • iwitness02

      do you have any insight concerning Ruth Bader Ginsburg? It’s been very quiet on the RBG front. I’m unable to determine if she is still alive.

      • William Stanley

        Linda laid it all out with her overpowering comment.
        This war has been ongoing for many years and we’ve already suffered enormous damage.
        Amazingly, President Trump has been waging the most brilliant “military” campaign in history. And, as you may be hinting, history will record that his patience in waiting for RBG’s demise was a critical component in his eventual victory.
        Unfortunately, victory against an enemy this evil and this entrenched cannot be had without enormous pain and loss. I know that you’re preparing for the inevitable pain.

        • iwitness02

          William Stanley,
          Yes, restraint is an element of power. However, the time must come to throw off all restraints. Like you said the other day, “I think we have turned the corner.” The restraints are being removed. Time for aggressive action to subdue the lawless nature of government. You are right again, I take this very seriously. Seems to me that the time is now, to make a stand for freedom. Feels like we are reaching Critical Mass. (Politically speaking) For a sustained and vigorous pursuit of Justice.

    • full back

      Linda, so the women get to walk free? Hillary, Lois Lerner, Loretta Lynch, etc, don’t get to face justice? Splendid mentality of female privilege you exhibit there.

  21. Loren Hoover

    Brother Greg
    Hey I know a little about farming I was raised on a ranch that was 43,000 acres in California in the 50’s and 60’s . When you lose that planting window you got a world of problems. the only thing that can you save you is a better price next year and government aid.
    The farmers may come back to great price window in the near future. It sounds like that maybe part of our President’s plan for next year (if you think Trump isn’t looking that far out in the farming market you have under estimated the president again.) Major price increases next year on all types of edible commodities that the Chinese will have to pay is they want to eat.
    Please try to get “Trade Genius” he really explained the reason why we are having all the wet cold springs and that food shortages are right around the corner.
    Weather patterns run in cycles of 15 to 20 years (and could be more)
    I’m not a prophet Greg but I told my wife the day after Obama was elected the second time that Donald Trump will have to run for president and win to straighten this mess the democrats and the worthless republicans got us into if patriotism was made from rope there wouldn’t be enough the tie one of their shoes.
    Greg your a real blessing to us all
    Remember the filthiest word in the English language is Compromise!
    Brother Hoover

  22. Paul Anthony

    Thanks Greg. Just shouting out a thanks. Still watching every broadcast you put out even if I don’t comment as much. Thank you Thank you thank you for your work!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks PA!!!

  23. Ashley

    Greg, you really shouldn’t have had Bo Polny on, every month for the past 4 years he’s been calling for a market crash and gold revaluation, He’s lead a lot of retail small investors astray. Me many others are hurting because of him and CLIF HIGH. 🙁
    *its your show and you can have on whoever you want but we small folk watch your show and are calling out the hucksters

    • Greg Hunter

      Polny is not 100%, and he’s be the first to tell you that but he is right a lot and has documentation to prove it. (Of course we all know the intervention and manipulation in the PM markets has been completely criminal and obvious, but that IS NOT GOING TO STOP THE TREND AND IT IS FOR PMs to rise–a lot. He said the stock market would sell off by the end of the year on election night 2018 (on USAW). It bottomed on Dec. 24 nearly 20% down. That is a provable fact. You don’t have to watch, but There is a reason I decided to put him on now.

  24. Justn Observer

    Greg, Seems like Lambert trial was/is much more than the court wants people to believe…and likely why none of the MSM and Fox News showed up = plausible deniability so they did not have to report on it… GW did show up as you know and found out more about the ‘players’ involved…the U.S. and other nations have been getting the shaft for decades …their nuclear material theft and re-sale by the ‘agency’ and congressional insiders…shipping and trucking it in and out of U.S. for years and sharing it with the U.S. supposed ‘enemies’? Same deal as the gas and oil pipelines and the slant drilling / sticking straws under others property reminiscent of Kawait?
    And so why indeed has the Uranium One story dropped out of the news?
    Follow the twitter threads – looks like Samantha Powers and Susan Rice might be getting thrown under the bus soon and other interesting tidbits surfacing?

  25. Russ

    For all of you who (like me) really missed Dr Dave Janda last week…
    Dave Janda – President Trump and the Deep State ‘Hammer’ Cover Up

  26. K. Wayne

    My concern is that the Trade War with China is not being seen for what it truly is. A War of Technology.
    Kudlow’s recent comment was that it was the consumer that took the hit for increased tariffs. That’s a half truth. The full story is much more widespread and severe.

    The current attack on HUAWEI affects the company directly. That’s a given. It’s a witch hunt.
    Not many people are sufficiently aware that HUAWEI is supplied by many American tech and semi companies.
    Google has suspended business.
    Tech Giants Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom, Xilinx have all said they were moving to stop supply.
    The obvious impact of the Blacklist is to obstruct the global reach of Huawei.
    That has far reaching consequences…..many of which include impacts on the US economy. Directly in terms of reduced sales from products and services supplied. Directly from the loss of employment ….the magnitude of which has not been fully factored in but I can assure you that the Giants mentioned above along with many European suppliers which have hitched a ride on the same Bus – banning supply, would be having serious discussions behind closed doors over the last week. So much so that you would expect to see revisions to expected earnings as going forward statements.

    It is very apparent that “Technology” is central to the dispute between America and China and that’s concerning on a number of levels none more so than the possibility of it going off the rails/getting out of hand. Technology transfer has been a crucial foundation of our dramatically improved standard of living. That’s a Global Benefit. Something which is now under real threat. China has been a critical element to that equation whether we like it or not. They have some clout in terms of reciprocatory sanctions as in supply of Rare Earths to the US /possibly Globe. That in itself could cripple industry in America. That is not hyperbole…it is a FACT.

    I put to you that if America and POTUS are so concerned about the potential of Huawei spying for Technology purposes. then America has a real problem. It’s Alphabet Spy Agencies will go out of Business in very short time. Many of the devices used by them are supplied by China. China’s stranglehold of Rare Earths supply will come back to haunt us in a destructive way.

    POTUS dig your heals in. Give no inch. Consider the consequences.
    You will be held accountable for the ramifications of your actions. You are playing with the livelihoods of 320Mln Americans. Each of their standards of living will be shattered by your policies. I’m not pro-China in anyway shape or form but I certainly do not wish for a bifurcated world. Leaders of the world need to act in unison, working together in the same direction ensuring technological breakthroughs continue to advance the human race. Pres. Trump…that includes you.
    Importantly that can be achieved whilst still protecting IP rights.

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes you are pro-China and have a short horizon. Funny how thou pro-China scaredy cats never bring up Red China is a totalitarian communist regime with zero rights for the people. Hey this is the 30 year anniversary of “Tank man.” Remember him. He stood in front of a Chinese tank to stop it during the Tiananmen Square uprising. Ever hear from him again???? You get my point. It is a One-party Christian hating system and people have no say and now there is a social credit system. Oh and they cheat on everything and take 51% and the intellectual property of every single company stupid enough to get in bed with this New World Order scum. There is more to what is going on than trade. Trade is not much good if you allow yourself to be taken over by a communist government that would kill you in a heart beat. Oh and F@@# HUAWEI. America does not need them. I could not care less about the trouble they have. You can kneel down for China but NOT me. End of comments about this.

      • Cassandra calling...

        You do realise America actively aided and abetted Suharto during the Indonesian genocide don’t you? Is this not evil?

        • Greg Hunter

          Tell the whole story. The U.S. also worked against him:

          • Cassandra calling...

            Greg, this article is actually very damning of American involvement.

            • Greg Hunter

              Yes I know this, but it also shows the U.S. government also worked against him. What do you expect from me?

                • Greg Hunter

                  You can bow down to a totalitarian communist dictatorship-I will never. USA does not need China. Look at how desperate they are to attack USA? Pathetic.

                • Tin foil hat

                  Everything in perspective:

                  Everything China has, they got/copied that from us. The technology they are using to punish/mold their citizens with social credit is one in the same as the informations mining and selling which are recurring here 24/7.

                  The only difference is that the Chinese is shamelessly but at least honestly totalitarian about it vs. we are doing it behind a thin veneer of commercialism

                  Everybody, except most Americans, knows, NSA can access data in your cells. Do you really want the Chinese to have that same access?

                  I don’t even trust the NSA but there isn’t much I can do about. I definitely don’t trust Huawei.

                  • K. Wayne

                    You want perspective?
                    I’m appalled.
                    Your indifference is as staggering as it is shameful.
                    Google, Amazon, and all Social Networks (FB) have been spying since day dot on not only American citizens, but those around the Globe, that have chosen to blindly accept & use their applications.
                    Forget about NSA, these Public companies have done the deed on everyone. AND STILL DO TO THIS DAY.
                    We all live behind a very thin veil that is hiding very dark secrets.
                    The chilling facts are to be seen in removal of access for user indiscretions , removal of freedoms (freedom of speech)….soon to be removal of the 2nd Amendment.
                    BIG DATA has and continues to be the mainstay of power and control in this country and across the world.

                    The real issue in the Trade War (which in truth is a Cold War) with China is about TECHNOLOGY.
                    HUAWEI, whether we like it or not, is the leader or very close to it. Some of their technology is years ahead of anything in America.
                    Stealing technology or IP is hardly the issue given their current position.
                    Some people still can’t move on from the China of past. China are no longer the home of the manufacture of cheap and nasty useless discretionary things.
                    This couldn’t be further from the truth today.

                    The Technology race is very important. The next War is technology based. 100% Guaranteed.
                    POTUS is very aware of this. He is very well informed.
                    China cannot be permitted to gain any further advantage over the US in the race to supremacy.
                    The current leader in technology in China is Huawei. Hence the attack. In reality Huawei is but a pea compared to the enormity of the super powerful nations of USA and China.

                    The argument used against China as being a Totalitarian/Authoritarian regime is a false context.
                    Especially when you consider what we have as “Capitalism”. Ideological differences aside each has their own distortions, some more extreme than others.
                    In the End …..they share a common aim. They both are vying for Digital Dominance over the entire Globe.

                    To put it into economic context – new technology could stimulate multi-trillion dollars in wealth creation within the next two decades. The Apple’s, The Intel’s, The Qualcomm’s know this very well.
                    The spoils go to those that possess the best technology not the most missiles.
                    So far….China is leading on that front. It currently possesses technology that is at least 2 years ahead of anything we have here or in EUR.
                    Guess what. They aren’t about to share any of that with us….don’t you know!!
                    Don’t believe me…..ask anyone working in the Tech field.
                    Based on that premise, this so called Trade War isn’t about to be resolved within the next two years. The resultant is a downturn in global economic conditions.

                    It is absolutely astounding that we are being fed lies and those lies are being repeated as a weapon. China’s not the only nation that poisons their people. If anything they have taken a leaf out of our book.
                    The extremes the Shadow US Government will go to in order to ensure that they capture and maintain control is not only breathtaking … its immoral and diabolical.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    K Wayne,
                    So you hate America? This line was too funny:”The argument used against China as being a Totalitarian/Authoritarian regime is a false context.” Are you nuts??? You know they kill Christians and Muslims and there are zero rights, oh and there is that social credit system where if you say the wrong thing, and think the wrong way, you get to live in a “box down by the river”!!! Please move to China and report back in a year or two– if you can.

                  • K. Wayne

                    WE ARE SUCH AN INNOCENT NATION.
                    I DO.

                  • Greg Hunter

                    I am doing it. I am running USAW and give away the content for free.

                  • K. Wayne

                    I’ll be the first to admit China is well renowned as a Counterfeiting Nation.
                    When viewed in the context of what we do here (FED Reserve) & the FRN, the Masters of counterfeiting leave the rest in their wake.
                    You seem so nonchalant with your view on NSA having their way with your privacy. But happy to poke China in the eye.
                    NEWSFLASH: UK, France, Germany, &…..Israel are doing exactly the same thing.
                    Lets not get into the argument over their respective ideologies. It is what it is.
                    Data mining is here, now and as pervasive as the spread of Influenza.
                    Don’t try to get off the train. Pointless.

                  • Tin foil hat

                    I don’t know why you are perturbed by what I’d said since we are basically on the same page.

                    I concur the NSA has been using Google, Amazon, and all Social Networks (FB) to spy on not only American citizens, but those around the Globe. Do you really think Huavei will be any different or more benevolent?

                    I agree the real issue in the Trade War with China is about techonology, I have no problem with that assertion. As the matter of fact, you should watch the movie “Mortal Engines”. The movie is adaptation of the first of four novels in Philip Reeve’s quartet which was written in 2001, interesting timing!!

                    The movie really sucks but its concept which the Chinese love and use as propaganda is in your face.

                    The movie is set in a post-apocalyptic world, ravaged by a war, which caused massive geological upheaval. To escape the earthquakes, volcanoes, and other instabilities, a huge engines with platform and wheels were installed under “The City of London”, and enabled it to dismantle (or eat) other cities for resources. Although the planet has since become stable, this mobile city technology has spread to most of the world except for Asia. Much technological and scientific knowledge was lost during the war. Because scientific progress has almost completely halted, “Old Tech” is highly prized and recovered by scavengers and archaeologists. Most of the western world are dominated by Traction Cities, and the stronghold of the Anti-Traction League in the east (China), which seeks to keep cities from moving and thus stop the intense consumption of the planet’s remaining resources.

                    China would love to have you believe they are the saviors of the ongoing madness. The truth which I believe you would agree is that they are no different from our overlords in “The City of London”.

                    Perhaps the only different is that the “Made in China” cages are a lot smaller than the “Made in U.S.A.” cages which we are currently in. I hope you will put that into perspective.

                  • K.Wayne

                    Your original comment (as a retort to mine) was to “establish your perspective” of the real China. I outlined some hard truths ….you countered those with what turns out to be a false admission.
                    IMO I have the right perspective and as you have so coherently pointed out …the Trade War…is in fact a Charade. America has chosen (under the guise of the POTUS agenda) to instigate isolationist/protectionist policies. Not because of the so called trade imbalance but moreover the FACT that America is not generating sufficient income. It has to create money out of thin air.
                    China, Russia and Greater EUR are on the nose. Soon to be joined by S. American Nations, ME Kingdoms, Japan and Nth Korea.
                    We Americans are living a lie. We have a fake economy built on the fraudulent behavior (Money Counterfeiting) of the Elitist Bankers and the well bought and paid for Political Class.
                    TFH, we might have some commonality in opinion but your persistence about “who you can /cannot trust & the consequences of that” sets us apart. This is a 3D puzzle.

  27. DanT

    Greg, when are you going to address the Grand Solar Minimum? The weather around the world has been crazy with many crop failures and I have heard it said it will be the most significant event in our lifetimes. With what I have learned about past cycles and how the human race was affected in each of those cycles to say most significant is no overestimation at all. Most people are completely ignorant of the fact the sun is what drives the weather and not geoengineering or CO2.

    • Greg Hunter

      Dan T,
      You just did.

    • K. Wayne

      ….meant for TFH post above…… 😉

  28. Tom Wigand

    Hi Greg:

    Coming home from work on Fridays, perhaps pouring an adult beverage, and watching your wrap-up is one of the highlights of my week.

    In this installment you mentioned Progressives being Communists. Amen brother!

    In my book (“Communiques From The Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy”) I employed a biological analogy that I believe to be effective or persuasive (whether I succeeded or not is for others to decide).

    Anyway, I wrote that one can compare Collectivism to a genus, and below it reside various species: Communism, Fascism, Socialism and Collectivism. I pointed out that while each of those species have distinguishing characteristics — such as Fascism orienting toward nationalism, while Progressivism orients toward Utopianism and remaking mankind — in the end, if not stopped, they all “evolve” into (Collectivist) totalitarianism.

    I still believe that to be true. History supports my position.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Tom! Cheers!!

  29. Deano


    Hey gret have you seen deuchabank share price its breached 6.40 !, accoridng to Nenner that wa the point to watch and its come sonner tha expexted!

    will have to get him back on soon

    • uncommon sense

      Nenner said 6:40 in US dollars. The price you are referring to in in Euros. The stock trades on different stockmarkets.

      • Jennifer Ohman

        Uncommon Sense,

        I am a professional trader and I am familiar with Nenner’s work. I’ve subscribed to his service in order to study his methodology. ( Keep in mind Nenner Research does not trade their own recommendations. And C. Nenner sometimes trades his recommendations. I know this because I asked when I was subscribing.). Strange for me as I can hardly recall a time that I have not traded my own work and convictions.

        Nenner blends a number of tools, including trend lines and Elliot waves, but his cycle work recommendations, for the most part, attempt to predict short and medium term trend runs or waves…his version of overbought and over sold tradable moments.

        Now $6.40 may be an “oversold” cycle low projection for Nenner, and therefore a tradable bounces , but there is NO support there. In fact, there is no defined support now. It was taken out at around $8.00.

        Keep in mind that even at $8.00, DB did not put in a bottoming formation. It was just a stopping point. There was no accumulation. .. a bad sign…and so it predictably resolved itself by moving lower.

        The only likely support, if there will be any, will come from an intervention by Germany. Now, maybe that intervention will come and maybe that will happen at $6.40…but the market will tell you when and if it is . And then onecan make one’s tradable decisions at that time, if they’re so inclined.

        But DB has broken down. There is no support. And without intervention it’s headed toward zero.
        Jennifer Ohman

        • Greg Hunter

          DB is $7.22 in overseas trading as I write this. I am no expert but the chart looks terrible and DEB loos very weak and in just treading water.

          • jennifer ohman

            Hi Greg,

            YES…It is weak and it is in breakdown mode. The prior low made in the week of Dec. 24, 2018 was at $7.62. It closed on Friday at $7.18. After hitting the low in December it bounced back above $8.00, but it did not accumulate. Instead, it rolled over. More aggressive traders, like myself would sell it through this point..$8.00. The trade is confirmed in making new lows.

            Keep in mind that DB is trading now at 20 year lows. In May 2007, DB traded at a high of $159.76. Even during the depths of the financial crisis, DB bottomed at $21.13 in February 2009.

            We are not in an apparent financial system melt down, yet DB is trading more than 60% lower than its financial crisis lows!

            It has technically broken down and there is no support in this stock right now. It’s in serious trouble. It now appears that if there is to be any sustainable support, it will have to come from government or CB intervention. But, currently, there is NO support at $6.40.

            • Greg Hunter

              Good point Jennifer!

            • K. Wayne

              It will be stripped of its “remaining” assets and the shell will be Nationalised.
              DB hasn’t turned a profit since 2008.
              It’s been on a downward trajectory ever since.
              Lower lows beget lower lows and NIL support.
              The markets will wake up at 10 mins after midnight. At exactly the same moment the CB’s realize it’s too lat.

  30. Anthony Australia


    Can you please try getting John Adams on your show.

  31. D70inilm


    Your willingness to stand by your friend, Bo Polny, is to be admired and speaks positively of your character.

    A causal use of any search engine lists so many incorrect predictions Polny has made over the years. The Silver Doctors have a page that lists all of his calls going back to 2013, its not a good track record.

    Here is another website that lists some of his more outlandish predictions….

    Also, isnt Polny a chiropractor by trade?


    • Greg Hunter

      So if you would want to destroy somebody you would only bring up the bad calls and non of the good calls. Polny has also made good calls such as calling gold’s recent bottom at $1045 in late 2015. Polny also said the stock marked would sell off going into the end of the year in 2018–it did– and he made this call on election night in November 2018 on USAW live. Here are some more calls by Bo, and he backs it up with public videos: In real journalism you give both good and bad. You also use a real verifiable name. Who are the “Silver Doctors”? Who compiled this post? First and last name please. I don’t have time to vet this post you posted from SD, so I do not even know it’s true, but I do know it was done anonymously, and that ain’t journalism.

      • uncommon sense

        “In real journalism you give both good and bad.”

        Greg, then I would suggest you do the same with Israel then as they can’t always be beyond reproach.

        • Greg Hunter

          Please start your own site, use your capital, and put all the Jew hating you like on it. Nobody is stopping you.

  32. Tom McLaughlin

    Thanks Greg in advance for getting Bo Polny on, I’m looking forward to the interview, I respect his cycle work, he’s got conviction to make calls in advance on popular podcasts. I traded commodities in the past, everything including the sun has a cycle, but understanding that cycles are indicative is the key. They happen often enough to take notice, put odds in your favor but don’t always have to happen. With so much manipulation and interventions in the markets today, personally I would favor Bo Polny’s calls in the crypto markets over the stock market which is so rigged it’s stupid. Perhaps consider getting Rev. Jonathan Cahn on again, love to hear the biblical take on the world today.

  33. Jerry

    I have a question for you and your readers. Some circles are saying that the word “intervention” is a code word used by the deep state to declare a assasination of President Trump ( IE Nancy Pelosi ). Apparently it was used for President Kennedy.
    What say you?

    Oddly enough, President Trump has left the country for Memorial Day to parts unknown at the same time he authorized the release of the FISA report. Just saying.

    • Tin foil hat

      He better be careful in Japan. Having it done oversea adds a little distance and deniability.

  34. Mother Love Bone

    Ain’t no “big dogs” going down. Obama, Hillary, Roberts, et al, will continue to walk free.

  35. paul ...

    Good picture of the neocons involved with the discredited “Steele Dossier” (obviously “frown material”) …

    • paul ...

      Remember how the neocons took over the Ukraine (and tried to make Russia look like the invader for taking back Crimea) while Demon-rat Joe Biden got hold of some very lucrative oil wells for his son? … well Trump is now going to look into all the Ukraine shenanigans (along with the “regime change” roles the UK and Australia played) … “In the Greatest Hoax in the History of Our Country”!!!

  36. Lake M

    I used to have a bumper sticker on an old vehicle which said
    NO Farms NO Food. Trump’s solution is woefully inadequate and doesn’t do diddily for the real problems which plague the ag sector. First, many farmers are 70 yers old. Their sons or daughters in many cases, cannot continue with the family operation, whether they want to or not. Many farms hover near bankruptcy. Land prices have risen sharply while commodity prices have been extremely low the last 5 years, with operational costs, equipment and raw materials rising to new highs . Rising land prices and low rates allowed farmers to accumulate excess debt.Mis-allocated capital via excess credit created by the FED. A big increase in rates would be destructive to many operational farmers unless commodity prices reverse significantly. Banks are sitting on loans, increasing those of which are in default. Financial players then swoop in and are able to purchase the farm assets at discount prices. That means the oligarch players only gain strength and prominence. The rural heart of America continues to wither while corporate ownership gets more and more concentrated. What’s left is a corporate farm station that houses a manager and a collection of immigrant laborers to run the operation, for the boss who resides in a 20 million dollar mansion in NYC and doesn’t give a crap about much but the bottom line. Farmers were the backbone of our land. The loss of this group of Americans and their way of life is a significant factor in the decline of the national character.

    These forces continue to change the way food is grown, processed and distributed. Something which is important to all of us. Pay Attention folks. Little of Trump’s
    $16 billion in aid will help the family farm but end up in the pockets of the oligarchs of agriculture. Oh and for the few of you still working on the farm, the machines are coming soon, with driverless equipment and robot sorting and packing machinery. Sorry, no labor needed here.

    This past week, mass media featured several stories about venture capital seeding research into the creation of fake food. Fake chicken strips, fake burger. An Israeli company has just revealed the first fake steak. This is pink goo grown in a petri dish.
    Yum. The oligarchs are very interested in this development. What’s on your plate?

    Everyone, please take a minute this Memorial Day weekend to remember those who died in the last great war, WWII. Few are left. And compassion for all those who died and were or still remain wounded, believing they were fighting for the country but were really victims of the phony wars perpetrated by the Deep state and corporate interests.

  37. Dale

    Greetings Greg from soggy Oklahoma. The link I am posting is from a time when news was still factually presented and actually based on sound scientific research. The video in which Leonard Nimoy stars is worth the watch and time of USAW viewers. You always tell viewers the site is free but we both know nothing in life is free and what the costs are for you to be offering news as balanced as you know how to make it. I thank you for your costs of time and money in doing this.

  38. Dale

    It is interesting that you mention Genesis 12:3 in this weekend edition. I think it very important in trying to understand Biblical prophecy that one needs to research where the lost tribes of Israel are. The tribe of Judah is easy but one must remember that all members of the tribe of Judah are Israelites but not all Israelites are from the tribe of Judah. Ephraim and Manasseh were Joseph’s sons and received Jacob’s(Israel) blessing before he died. A very important point is that the eldest son did not receive the blessing of the right hand. Judah was an important tribe and it’s bloodline bore Jesus. However, much of biblical prophecy revolves around the tribe of Joseph and the bible passage above applies to all tribes.

  39. davefairtex

    It occurs to me that, if China is going to be a potential adversary, having them manufacture all of our things – including our secure servers and whatnot – well it seems like a really unwise move. Strategically, I mean.

    I remember, back during the cold war – can you imagine if the US companies had used Russia as its manufacturing base? Think back for a moment. If you had suggested outsourcing our computer equipment to Russia, everyone back then would have looked at you as if you were completely insane. Of COURSE Russia would install back doors – into everything – assuming we were foolish enough to let them make all of our stuff for us.

    So if we don’t use China for hardware manufacturing and assembly, I’m actually fine with that, even if we have to pay more. Long term, it just makes much better sense. I mean, do you really want the PLA to have back doors into every piece of technology we have?

    Hardware back doors are the hardest to find. And if we use China to assemble our hardware, its easy-peasy for them to do it.

    Same thing with Huawei equipment. I’m sure its fine stuff, but – it also almost certainly has a hardware back door built in to every “export” model they ship. Chinese companies are required by law to assist the Chinese government in their spying efforts.

  40. Justn Observer

    Seems like people are now opening up…including ‘accused’Ukraine/Russian spies…one has written quite a history and exposes long links since the end of WWI WWII – cold war and how it links up to the ops today = such as the what why need to do a coup on the unexpected Trump win = fears of what might be exposed? Treasure trove of linkage and connections here…
    Was Trump’s support of brexit early on…and the revelation he might run for office be the start of his being looked at and set-up… was the early outing of ‘THE HAMMER”’ being used to spy on German Chancellor Merkel the earliest use of the unmasking abilities of intel agencies later honed and used against candidate Trump? And was/is UK involvement/Steele a retaliation for support of his Brexit and a return to nationalism that was disrupting the DS plan for a NWO? Seems there is so much more to the pay to play, world transfer and selling on nuclear material to ‘supposed’ enemies…which if ya think of it…how can there be a one world government unless ALL the world leaders are ‘in on it’ and only playing the borderless residents against each other , to keep surveillance over them…to retain control by those wishing to meet in DAVOS and such…to plan the little deplorable’s futures for them? A total top down cronyism of bribery and corruption …a world mafia with checks and balance … enforcers/x-military contractors …to control the world resources and run a world wide protection racket…all with each regional sub-mafia stepping on each other’s toes as they trade black market goods, child trafficking, drugs, weapons and intel and oil.
    Nice if one can make taxpayers buy strategic oil reserves and suck it out with a slant drill and ‘resell’ it? Same with nuclear materials from the ‘re-cycled’ nuclear warheads that the taxpayers pay for…then go missing…and need to be replaced with Uranium One mining yellow cake taken from under ranchers and fed controlled state property?
    Some interesting stuff on this twitter last few days….
    The FBI exposed Belfrage to MI5. The revelation worked its way back to MI6. An MI6 officer wrote back to MI5 saying “Belfrage’s career since that date is well known to our New York office, by whom, in fact, he has been employed”. Guess who that MI6 officer was? KIM PHILBY!
    In May 1940, Prime Minister, Winston Churchill established British Security Co-ordination (BSC), a covert organisation in New York City. BSC was an arm of British Secret Intelligence Service based at the Rockefeller Center.
    Svetlana Lokhova‏ @RealSLokhova · 10h10 hours ago
    Svetlana Lokhova‏ @RealSLokhova · May 22
    “I know noting shocks anymore but how brazen is this? DOJ and Obama State Department conspiring with the press to place false stories about Trump/Russia collusion. Ohr to Kavalec re Mother Jones article: “I really hope we can get something going here.”
    Mr @Comey do you know how I spent Mother’s Day? Writing yet more letters to the @FBI demanding the release of my files. Why? So I can see the evidence that your “Confidential Informer” Halper falsely accused me of being a whore. Thanks, Jim.
    Svetlana Lokhova Retweeted Svetlana Lokhova
    Not sure why twitter felt the need to censor my thread on HISTORICAL influence operations by British security services. Here is the missing bit.
    And again why so little attention or interest in the Lambert , nuclear material transfer, trucking bribery case?

  41. Simon H

    Greg, can I take this time to congratulate you on this informative site. Let us pray that Trump can reach a compromise with the Chinese as they seem stronger than us right now. China is conserving its energy and building business connections with other nations in order to secure resources. If this were a chess match China would be Kasparov and us Charlie Chaplin (a good amateur but no match for a professional at the height of its powers). In fairness t Trump he has been given a pretty weak hand to play with (Neocons intent on ruining our reputation with potential trading partners and the legacy of terrible colonial wars). My advice would be to apologize to China (behind closed doors to save face) and then drop the extradition orders against that female Huawei executive (no way to treat a lady).

  42. paul ...

    Who are humanities true enemies … to name two(2) we have the elite banksters and the neocons within the Military Industrial complex who want continual war …

    Well done Trump (like Ike and JFK before you) you are going after the warmongers in Military Industrial Complex … and have developed a “Peace Plan” for the Middle East …

  43. tim mcgraw

    A very good end of week report. DC is dysfunctional. The bureaucrats run the place. To hell with it.
    I just returned from a few days in Kansas City. I’ve never seen it so green. Flying in on the jet I could see the flooded lowlands and the high rivers. KC is getting a thunderstorm almost every day. It’s crazy.
    San Francisco doesn’t have any criminal mob activity. This is because the SFPD is the mob. They don’t allow competition. Those old “Dirty Harry” movies with an Italian mob boss in SF are fiction. Also SFO, the airport, doesn’t have TSA. They have their own private security firm do the work. They are efficient and kind and the money stays in San Francisco. San Francisco is a nation unto itself in many ways. SF makes billions a year off of SFO. If only they’d upgrade the airport.

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