Dow 5,000-Big One Starts in 2017-Charles Nenner

8By Greg Hunter’s (Early Sunday release)

Charles Nenner, renowned financial and geopolitical analyst, says a major top in the stock market has been made, and it’s downhill from here. Nenner explains, “I still think big up moves should be used to sell equities.  We are going slowly to a major sell-off.  I still look for Dow Jones 5,000.  I think the second half of 2016 is going to be a bad situation for stocks, but it’s not going to be the big one.  The big one will start the third quarter of 2017 ending in 2020 or 2021.

On interest rates, Nenner says, “According to the numbers the Fed looks at, the Fed should hike two times. On the long term picture, I think we are going to be in trouble.  The rate hikes come in September and December.  June will be too early. . . .  I think the market will turn down before that.  After the summer, the whole second part of the year will not be good.”

On the U.S. dollar, Nenner contends, “I think the dollar will still stay strong. There is no extreme in the dollar.  Interest rates are going up in the United States and down in Europe.  Why would you not keep dollars?  The U.S. economy is still better than the European economy.  I am not sure why people think the dollar could crash. . . . If the dollar is strong, that is even worse for the profits of the companies.  If the dollar continues up, it is almost certain the stock market is coming down.”

On gold, Nenner says, “I think we have seen most of the upside for gold at the moment. We have a short term downside target of $1,187 (per ounce).  If it hold there, we could see one more rally.  If the Fed hikes interest rates, I don’t see gold going very far.”

On war, Nenner says, “We are still looking over all for the big one. I still think it’s going to involve China and maybe Korea.  It will be in that neighborhood.  I think the rest (meaning the Middle East and Eastern Europe) is going to stay under control.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with analyst Charles Nenner of the Charles Nenner Research Center.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

Nenner says the first domino to fall in the U.S. will be the stock market. After that, the bond market will get into trouble and sell off.  He also says “the big one is for sure coming but just not this year.”  You can follow Mr. Nenner on  There is free information and podcasts on the home page of the site.  If you want to get a free trial subscription of his work click here.


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  1. Dan


    His analysis on the war with China: “…because it always comes from the unexpected place.” “Based on Confucius and Laozi..”? That’s it? Are you serious? How is he the least bit credible? Has he ever even been to China?

    Basing gold on 30 year cycles. Sorry, the markets are a much more maniplulated on a monumental scale compared to 30 years ago.

    For freakin sakes, what is he smokin? Time to keep away from those Amsterdam cafes! This guy is coucou.

    He’s not backing his speculation on anything solid whatsoever.

    Sorry Greg, it seems like the quality of guest is getting weaker and weaker. It’s time to get people who know what they’re talking about and can BACK IT UP. A potential guest like Andrew Maguire comes to mind; I’m sure he’d be glad to accept such an invitation.


    • Jerry

      Here you go Dan.

      I don’t fault Greg, for having a variety of guest from which to choose from. That’s what an investigative journalist does (or used to do), and Greg is one of the best. Appreciate the content for what it is, “another perspective”. Once you’re totally awake, you can begin to sympathize with Greg’s desire to offer a wide range of subject matter, after watching the daily drip, drip, drip, of propaganda manufactured by banker controlled media. Historically, “truth” is the first victim of any totalitarian regime.

      • Jerry

        I would say if you’re looking for a sign of where things are headed this would be it.
        Connect the dots with my previous post and you will begin to see that the dollars days are numbered. Consider the fact that the house of Saud is in survival mode, and will most likely sell off its bonds to buy gold as the price index begins shift. Can you say goodbye petrodollar?

        • Jerry

          At the risk of overkill I would like to repost a part of the last link.

          The idea that the PBOC is urging its citizens to buy gold right now should send chills up your spine. Its comparable to the Federal Reserve Bank telling U.S. citizens to buy treasury bonds. Anytime the largest bank in the world issues a directive like that, you know there’s blood in the water somewhere.

          • Macray

            This info is obviously big time bullish for Gold.

            Andrew Maguire continues: “I drew attention to a new push by Chinese officials a few weeks back after a contact alerted me to prime time television ads being run in China where the PBOC was openly encouraging its citizens to buy gold. And those ads by the PBOC have been running ever since then.

            Jerry, while Andrew Maguire is quite creditable, he was alerted to the above by a contact. It would be very nice if everyone could confirm such important info with multiple sources.
            I am not saying here that the info is incorrect. I am unable to confirm this major info by any other means. A bit frustrating when potentially hundreds of millions of the Chinese population would have viewed these ads.
            If anyone can point to other sources, it would be most appreciated. Thank You!

            Imagine if other countries would run similar prime time ads!

            • Macray

              Better yet, an actual video of this Chinese prime time add would be most welcome!
              In my opinion, such a video for all to see would change Mr. Nemmer’s “gold at the moment” views immediately!

          • allen ols

            There were five reasons for France’s illegal war with NATO against Libya. Sarkozy sought, according to Blumenthal, “a. A desire to gain a greater share of Libyan oil production, b. Increase French influence in North Africa, c. Improve his internal situation in France, d. Provide the French military with an opportunity to assert its position in the world, e. Address the concern of his advisors over Qaddafi’s long term plans to supplant France as the dominant power in Francophone Africa.”
            Under the neo-colonialism favored after World War II during the period of the Cold War, we preferred to bribe various African leaders to help us loot their nation’s resources. The U.S., of course, killed any Pan-African aspirations as well as potential leaders like Patrice Lumumba.
            This highjacking of Arab and African resources and slaughtering of Arab civilians is a long-standing plan put forth by neo-conservatives in the United States. The Project for the New American Century (PNAC) has had a “hit list” of Arab nations and little regard for Arab casualties.
            General Wesley Clark wrote in “Winning Modern Wars” that “As I went back through the Pentagon in November 2001, one of the senior military staff officers had time for a chat. Yes, we are still on track for going against Iraq, he said. But there was more. This was being discussed as part of a five-year campaign plan, he said, and there was a total of seven countries beginning with Iraq, then Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan.
            What we witnessed in Libya was old-fashioned 19th century imperialism — the deliberate plundering of a sovereign nation-state’s resources by more powerful Western conquistadors.

            • Brad

              Clark wants to genocide Europe too. It’s all connected.

              The US is run by rather evil people with big plans for EVERYONE.

            • Jerry

              I saw Wesley Clarks interview. I think the neocons have hit bottom in the Mid East thanks to Russian involvement. They can’t loot Ukraine or Syria.

          • Jerry

            This gold news just keeps coming in.
            I’m not a gold investor, but I’s really like to know what will happen if physical delivery can’t be met? I’m hearing from Harvey Organ that the Chinese will not take paper.

      • Dan

        Jerry, already listened to that one. If someone knows what he’s talking about, it’s definitely Andrew Maguire.

      • Dan


        While I concur and appreciate that Greg adds variety by getting different kinds of guests, one important duty of a reporter is to hold his subjects to a higher standard.

        In my opinion, Greg is a bit too soft, as he does not seem to push his guests to back up their claims with more solid evidence. I’m not sure why. Maybe he doesn’t want to put his guest “on the spot” so to speak or make them lose face. But we all know for a fact that Greg does “pre-interview” them and thus could perhaps push the envelope a bit further in the pre-interview as to have a better result. Just a thought.

        In my personal experience, when you hold someone to a higher standard, they usually respond in that way and it becomes a win-win.

        Greg is a true and admirable American hero and is one of the few genuinely committed reporters in the USA.

        In our overall/common purpose, we all gotta elevate our game if real change is to take place.

        God Bless and thank you Greg for your hard work, passion, and dedication!

      • WD


        Thanks for pointing this out, also I know you are a fan of “V” remember what he says about events being planned. One cannot plan everything and he has no faith in these “leaders” to do anything but to have an utter collapse with NO ONE there to swoop in and save us or imprison us.

        Never going to happen that way.

        Take care

        • Jerry

          You are correct. I am an avid follower of V. However I disagree with him on timing and on outcome. History has a way of repeating itself over and over again. It is still debatable what actually caused the crash of 1929. My grandparents said the stock market was hitting an all time high just prior to crash. I am of the opinion that everything is manipulated, including the markets, and that nothing is left to chance. When you consider the quadrillions of dollars of derivatives resting on a less than a few trillion dollars in actual hard asset’s you start to think that way.

          • WD


            I agree, but eventually it gets to be uncontrollable…like Mannarino states eventually the markets have to seek their level.

            I also feel that China and Russia know where their fates lie, with each other. Their only hope is to go full force with BRICS and not look back US is morally and financially bankrupt and they know it…. only option is to get off the sinking ship.

            The Saker wrote a great piece on Russ-Sino relations stating that if US proceeds against Russia….we will pay for it over and here at home….I have no doubt he is right..

            Take care…

    • alan

      He’s right a lot.Example:his man Gurwitz was on Kitco with their annual Dec. predictions for the year ahead (in 2014.)
      He said gold would top at 1278 in 2015.It topped at 1285.
      Pretty close! Its on the video archives at Kitco
      He’s been good with oil,as well. I would subscribe,but it too much money for me…

    • Paul ...

      Dan … buy he did say gold could go to $50,000 per ounce … only that it is “not predictable” on his charts!

      • Paul ...

        As for Nenner’s claim that there is “no manipulation” going on in the markets (despite the admissions of outright fraud and manipulation from Banks in the US, England and Germany) Nenner really shoots himself in the foot when he “effectively claims” his charts are always accurate to 0.999999 percent … only “computer manipulation” of markets … can make Nenner’s charts oscillate “with such precision”!!

        • Paul ...

          And as Jerry says the Peoples Bank Of China is urging its citizens to buy gold “right now” … Soro’s is buying gold … Maguire and others know gold is going to explode upward … but Nenner can’t say because it has not shown up in his charts yet … remember … charts only show “the past” … they can be used to “predict the future” only if the charts are of an “oscillatory nature” … gold “does not” oscillate … it follows (in a reverse manner) the US dollar which has gone straight down from 100 cents to 1 cent over the last 100 years …

          • Paul ...

            The “dollar strength” Nenner see’s is a mirage … all paper currencies are becoming “more worthless” as the world central banks print fiat non-stop … the fact that other fiat currencies are falling faster then the US dollar does not mean the US dollar is going up … it simply means the US dollar if falling less quickly then the others … toss a Euro coin, a Yen coin, a US coin off the top of the Empire State building … if after a few seconds the Yen coin is at the 50th floor … the Euro coin is at the 60th floor and the US coin is at the 65th floor … is Nenner going to tell us the US coin is going UP relative to the other world currencies???? … the US dollar is “not strengthening” … it is simply falling at a slower rate then the rest … and gold rises relative to the fiat currency you choose to calculate it value with!

    • Tony Wojcik

      What a waste of time . I stopped listening to him right after he stated that there is no gold manipulation responding to Duetche Bank admission He really does not allow the facts get in his way I will remember his name and avoid him.

    • ross

      Greg is just being fair and giving the other side of the argument. Yes you are right about gold . We have never been here before with such low rates, negative rates, global money printing, bail outs, bail ins etc. We cannot predict the future on what happened in the past 40 yrs because the present is now so different.Will the bankers allow Glass Steagall and forgive much of this illegal debt? Will they act responsibly ? They’ve never done so in the past.

      Charles does not mention that real-estate is very over valued in many countries.All markets are manipulated by cheap available money while the real economy shrinks.There are very few assets that are under valued.

    • Scott

      Two thoughts spring to mind:

      1. Complaining is easy, running an independent broadcast is very hard work. Are you contributing financially to this site in a major way? If so, I’d say getting a steady flow of unbiased, non-MSM professional journalism week in and week out is a prudent expenditure of funds, and you have my thanks. If not, then please tone down the unwarranted criticism.

      2. Greg brings in the full spectrum of guests, the viewpoints are divergent. These things you already know. Some of us may not agree with or like every guest, but if you know of a more fair-minded program than USAWD, a more equitable line-up than you find here then please, do share. I’m all-ears and would love to hear about it.

      @ Greg: FWIW my wife enjoyed hearing from Nenner. Her question to me during the interview (we watch together): “oh, so not all of Mr. Hunter’s guests see things the same way – I like it!”

      • Tin foil hat

        You are a very lucky man. My wife thinks I’m a tinfoil hat wearing nut.

    • Brad

      I like his opinion on Obama.

      “JFK put a man on the moon, Obama put a man in the ladies toilets.”

    • dblu

      Dan, your analysis of the basis for Nenner’s conclusions and predictions is accurate IMHO. Gregg let him present his analysis. More importantly, Gregg drew out Nenner’s BASIS for his analysis. That is so we, the readers, can evaluate Nenner’s opinions based on Nenner’s logic. THIS IS WHAT WE NEED! Nenner is respected and quoted frequently and has a website. But without Gregg’s ability to gently persuade Nenner to discuss his bases so we can examine them, we are just left with Nenner’s opinions and we can’t evaluate them. Let’s not shoot our messenger. Thank you, Gregg.

    • dblu

      Andrew McGuire speaks with authority and uses so much jargon that he sounds like he surely knows everything that is going on. But you must check out the accuracy of his predictions. Many of them aren’t accurate. Don’t be fooled by high falutin’ words! Check it out! Keep a record.

  2. SilverSerf

    Nenner sounds bearish on almost everything except the US Dollar. And he shows very little excitement for gold’s future. Maybe his research on cycles uses corrupted price data to forecast. Does he take into account all the machinations and manipulations in the gold market? If the stock market crashes and the bond market crashes, why wouldn’t gold rise this time in the face of QE and worldwide insolvency? Gold and silver might be the only financial assets that survive the next crisis.

    • keith sweat

      excellent points

    • Karen

      This was just too painful to watch. Usually I watch USAWatchdog interviews all the way through at least once, often twice. Less than 10 minutes was all I could take of Nenner.
      And yes, thank you Dan for the comparison between Nenner and Andrew Maguire. The contrast is shocking. Why on earth would I listen to Nenner’s jabbering on gold, when I can simply go back and listen to Maguire’s most recent and excellent interview on USAWatchdog. Maguire truly is an expert on the gold and silver markets; Nenner is just blabbering…

  3. NH Watcher

    The old phrase rings true here: “Better the devil you know (than the devil you don’t).” Wouldn’t it be to the Elites’ advantage to bring the system down now, rather than wait until the fall of next year? If they let the US election cycle run its course, they are dealing with an entirely new US President (no matter which party), and all that goes with it. If they let the Brits leave the EU, how much would the work of the past fifty years (for a united Europe) be considered a waste?

    What Nenner may be missing here is the spiritual element … what are the Elite really waiting for? What are we all waiting for? The next hand of God, and what that will be. The Elite cannot control the Almighty, so must wait to see what His next action is. Then they’ll be able to move forward with their plans seamlessly. And why would God wait? The blood of the martyrs is crying out for vengeance daily. If we must wait much longer, maybe what Ruth Graham once speculated would be true, that God will have to apologize to Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Sin must be reckoned with; I do not see how it can last one more year, much less one more month.

    • shadowrising

      thats what ive been wondering. What are they waiting for? they can crash this whenever they want. any market analysis is useless, unless its its to observe the manipulation. maybe there is something to this shemitah thing. my other observation is that yes, gold has been used as currency for 5000 years. but its really just a metal from the ground. its in fact as worthless as fiat. its only us as human beings who give it value. unfortunately the problem for our race is much bigger. it looks as though were going to be exterminated.

  4. Laura

    Good Morning! This isn’t related, but I wanted to share this disturbing video concerning the opening of a tunnel in Switzerland. Why should that be disturbing? Watch and see.

    Greater is HE who is in me than he that is in the world. It’s getting real, folks. Read your Bible, talk to God and find like-minded people to build community with.

    • Greg Hunter

      I saw this and it is creepy and satanic. Thank you.

      • allen ols


        In this episode, Michael and Meranda discuss how many visions of the concentration camps sound the same. Most of them speak about lines, interrogation rooms and GUILLOTINES. Why are we seeing mas…

    • MIlton Welch

      “Those two’s” take on performance was painful to listen to.
      Other than that interesting guest, as always, to add a new angle.

    • Don

      That is crazy, isn’t it?

    • Tom

      I disagree, gold & silver are not only used for making of jewelry but even more importantly they are great conductors of electricity (used in all electronics – cell phones – electric vehicles – computers), they don’t tarnish (non-toxic) and are also used in the medical (medicine) & dental fields (filings). There are many practical uses for precious metals that gives it value beyond just being a”currency”

  5. Guest

    This guy doesn’t have a clue.

  6. jim c.

    OMG , this guy is suppose to be an expert and he doesn’t believe there is gold and silver manipulation . He had better change his glasses. The gold and silver sale can not be going threw the roof and paper price dropping without manipulation. Charts and cycles are out the window with the banks manipulation. Only china and russia will decide when the price of gold and silver explodes .

    • jim c.

      And another thing, this guy is not worth listening to because he must thinks he is just so smart that he can time everything to the day. If he talks about $5000 – $20000 gold , why would he tell people not to buy it, that is the dumbest advice I have heard.

    • Bob

      “He had better change his glasses.” …and what he pours in them.

  7. Damon

    What would gold a silver or, any asset for that matter, be worth after a nuclear holocaust? The problem with most financial analyst is that they only see the future in terms of money. Every empire that has ever existed has fallen and each successive decline has been worst than the last. Every one has ended by the blade of the sword. This time is different because now everyone has weapons of mass destruction.

    • Shadow of Doubt

      Henry A. Wallace once said, “The American fascist would prefer not to use violence. His method is to poison the channels of public information. With a fascist the problem is never how to best present the truth to the public but how to use the news to deceive the public into giving the fascist and his group more money and more power”.
      But be warned, when misinformation and dishonesty fail, they will harken to Sun Tzu, “Let your plans be dark and impenetrable as night, and when you move, fall like a thunderbolt”.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Wallace was a communist. He thought he was exposing those on the right, labelling them fascists. Fascism is a leftist phenomenon. The difference between the two is that in communism, the state owns everything. In fascism, private ownership and the economic establishment collude with the government. Today, we call it “crony capitalism”, but it is fascism with a wig on. With his statement, Wallace merely outted himself and his leftist cohorts. Best always. PM

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Paul from Indiana,
          It is unlikely that Harry A. Wallace our 33rd Vice President of the U.S. will ever become synonymous with the likes of Stalin, Lenin or Trotsky. Granted he was a member of the the “New Deal Democratic Party” and he did found the Progressive Party (which he later broke from). But he certainly seems reasoned and rational by the Democratic leftist (who are actually communists) of today.
          Crony Capitalism is better called phony capitalism or perverted capitalism–as it is fundamentally opposed to genuine capitalism.

          • Paul from Indiana

            I knew the Wallace family, but Granddaddy Wallace was before my time. I stand by my comments. He did have a nice farm on Rose Island Road near the Jefferson Co./Oldham Co. line in north-central KY to the east of Louisville, KY. His grandson just recently passed away. Just because someone is a communist doesn’t mean he is a Stalin or Lenin or aspires to that. Best always. PM

            • Shadow of Doubt

              Paul in Indiana,
              I certainly enjoy your comments and you could very well be right about his political leanings. My relatives coming out of the Great Depression told me many people had developed “socialist leanings” or what the New Dealers called the “Common Man” philosophy. It doesn’t surprise me Henry Wallace had a large farm as he was an agricultural expert, with a successful hybrid corn business.

        • susan

          In my American history class, we had an entire unit on fascism and communism. Fascism is to the extreme far right and communism is to the extreme far left. At that point they are nearly the same.

          • Shadow of Doubt

            You’ll get no argument from me, my father was a history professor who was fond of saying, “When a communist regime fails, a fascist regime takes its place”.

      • allen ols

        Tonight’s movie is a must-see episode of Frontline which covers the great lengths the Bush administration had to go through to get PRISM, the NSA domestic spying program, pushed past the legal barriers imposed by the Constitution.

        • Shadow of Doubt

          Thanks for the heads up–I’ll check it out!

  8. terry44

    Stopped listening after he said the gold and silver markets weren’t manipulated.

    • Chas

      I did the same thing. Even if we dont look at the obvious chart patterns and propaganda screaming ongoing manipulation. My gosh DBank admitted it with other entities admitting rigging in all other markets. What does it take for people to figure out its rigged, when the riggers are telling you they rig it.

      Greg, you have given your audience a great gift. How to think critically. Thank you.

  9. Sven

    Please don’t wait another year before having Charles back, Greg. Really interesting interview!

    • diane s.

      Sounds a little like Martin Armstrong…except Martin is an American.

  10. William Betts

    This guy does not know what he is talking about. I don’t know this guy; never heard of him in the gold market. Yes, Andrew McGuire from England would be a great guest on your program…..Betts

  11. Aurele

    Sorry Greg, l stopped listening 5 min in the interview. Win some, lose some.

  12. randy0302

    If he told his clients to buy gold stocks this year they would already have 2x or 3x the money to put into real estate.
    What is coming is unprecedented, past cycles just don’t count……he sees everything but gold and silver?
    Where are people going to go when markets tank? Real Estate? nooooooo.
    NUGT was $19 in mid Jan 2016 closed Friday at $99.90 and has been $130.
    5-6 bagger already. Get NUGT….Sell NUGT…… silver.

    Thanks Greg!

  13. Shawn G


    Thanks for having an opposing view on! It truly shows that you want to educate all viewers on all the sides to the issues. Keep up the good work!

  14. Todd

    Greg, I now believe we are in the most important time in the history of the world to be prepared. I believe we must look at what the Lords cycle is. We are now in the year of the Juballie. It seems to me that this will be a very sudden collapse in our monetary system! It also seems like Israel will be redeemed. It seems to me that only through a huge collapse, that people will turn back to God. I think we need to do all we can to be prepared, but we also need to realize that we are totally dependent upon God!!! I believe that our monetary system is about to be destroyed. We need to be as self sufficient as possible. If at all possible, we should have a years supply of food. Wheat, beans, sugar, etc. store for many years in 5 gallon plastic buckets. I also have chickens, and a small garden. May God bless all those who serve Him. Thanks, Todd

  15. Hatemail

    Wow, your readers don’t like to hear points of view contrary to their belief system. The choir wants preachers who praise gold. Gold is just a counter balance to the value of the dollar. Mr. Nenner encourages the readers to invest in small rental units. Nothing wrong with earning a steady income and providing shelter at an affordable price. Being a landlord is hard work though, it’s not for everybody, especially the lazy.

    • Aurele

      Its not that readers don’t like to hear points of view contrary to their belief but this guest presented very little to support his claims. By the way, you should get a better name. Mr.Hatemail kind of weekends you hand.

      • Hatemail

        All the guests on this site have been wrong. Predictions of our demise have been greatly exaggerated.
        Sometimes when I piss people off and I get negative feedback that cannot be repeated. Hence; I get Hatemail. I’ve been trying to behave myself, but you can insult me, I don’t care anymore.
        Aurele is pretty name. It has a nice ring.

      • Hatemail

        Aurele 06/05/2016 •
        Sorry Greg, l stopped listening 5 min in the interview. Win some, lose some.

        You say the guest presented very little to support his claims yet you stopped listening 5 minutes into the interview. So the truth is he was not telling you what you wanted to hear and you tuned him out. I was right, you are in the choir. You should listen before shooting your mouth off. Many of the guests on this site may be on the fringe but they are not ignorant or uninformed by any means. They all are intelligent, informed, free thinking individuals that are not afraid to speak their minds. This is what makes USA Watchdog so damn interesting.
        Not only that, it was Monday not the weekend.

  16. Tracy Welborn

    I think I’ve read this suggestion in other comments, but wouldn’t it be cool to get two guests on at the same time? It would probably be a production nightmare for Greg. I would have liked to have Bill Holter in on this one. He can explain in great detail how the COMEX paper market manipulates the price of physical gold. Heck, it sounds like Jim Sinclair is leading the way on price manipulation lawsuits.
    Also, how do cycles work in an economy where price discovery isn’t allowed. Greg M. talks about this all the time. It’s ALL manipulated.
    In our current world of too big to fail, where is the cycle? I don’t think the Fed even believes in cycles anymore.

  17. Rob

    I’ve stopped listening to anyone that say’s the markets are not manipulated. By stating the equivalent of the earth is flat is tipping you off that they are part of the “system”.
    No time for the Bix Wiers types with comic book theories either.
    Time for Rob Kirby , Bill Murphy or Andre Mcaguire.
    Thanks for the interviews.

  18. frederick

    e said that there is a gold/silver ratio and that cannot get too out of hand however it already has gotten “out of hand” at historically the ratio runs between 10/1 to 16/1 and recently it was as high as 80/1 That fact appears to contradict Mr Nenners theory

  19. Blue Skelton

    OK, thanks for that opinion. But for as long as Europe and the USA keeps allowing tens of millions of “immigrants” in, the economy will sail right along at 0% to 1%. This could go on far beyond 2060. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE DO THE MATH ON THIS ONCE AND FOR ALL? The real reason for this forced immigrant-services is to get tens of millions of new welfare recipients and load them into the credit system. Each immigrant is worth $47k to $100k to the economy, and the goods and services they consume is paid in newly created debt. AGAIN, Each immigrant is worth $47k to $100k to the economy, and the goods and services they consume is paid in newly created debt. Without this immigrant-services economy, Europe and the USA would have -5% GDPs. I wish someone would research my idea here and finally report the true economic reason why for this “immigration.” Find a guest that can report this, the real reason, which also means the European and USA EDSEL is choking on fumes from an empty tank full of not repairable rust holes. The only wars will be small wars where the USA bullies non-white nations, wars in which USA spends tens of billions killing hundreds thousands and destroying trillion in infrastructure, which we will fix by spending trillions in newly created debt. Sorry, no big wars. Another suggestion, get some tax expert interviewed showing just how badly the 90 million full time workers are getting screwed by supporting 330 million people in the USA, and no one complains as if taxation and welfare is some kind of responsibility noose around the working taxpayers neck…. taxation is theft. End the ATM machine [handouts and subsidies for everyone except me] and save the USA. Trump halts immigration, Wall Street stucks of goods and services stocks will drop as there will be no growth! Imagine the hit taken when no more growth in welfare and handouts.

  20. John Shipp

    The collapse is going to happen in 2014. the 2015, then 2016, now 2017, tomorrow never comes.
    I do not seem to be alone look at the others.

  21. mike

    I can’t be bothered listening to this one after first reading the comments!!!
    No gold or silver manipulation!
    sounds like Doug Casey! no manipulations??
    and Douche Bank pays fines admitting tv it??
    Do these goons think we are all comatose??! Like really!

  22. ray antley

    Thanks for getting Charles Nenner. He has an interesting and different perspective.

  23. Bob

    Greg: As different from many of your guest as CN is, he is closely in sync with Harry Dent. Strong USD, low gold and Dow with similar time frames. Where will you place your money bet?

  24. Don

    Greg, when I seen you had Mr. Nenner as guest, I had to give some thoughts. What was billed as a conspiracy a few years ago, is now an in your face experience in Europe and America’s planned take down and silent coup is in progress. Mr. Trump, is the wild card. A planned collapse and breakdown starting this fall, and continuing through 2020-21, is an end game time frame. Mr. Nenner is familiar with the Goldman ideology, and the cycle the globalist will use. If Trump is not elected, Hilary will play the final card, for takeover, or they’ll attempt to use Bernie, if not. Europe’s leaders have planned and financed, along with Soros and the Obama administration the invasion of Islam of the west. Mr. Obama, as well as Hilary, stand to face charges of treason of our nation, if Trump is elected. Its everything, or nothing, to them. The support Obama has given of Iran, Isis, Muslim brotherhood, to blossom the chaos needed to bring in the NWO, is in full swing, and if not stopped our nation will be loss. Soros, has been financing many fronts of chaos, to see the full takeover accomplished. He to, may find himself in jail, if Trump is elected, and they’re able to unwind the web of treason. People should do whatever it takes to prepare and support Trump. I am a patriot and I don’t need to like an individual’s character to vote for him. If Trump looks to when the generals, they will collapse the system before the election is final, and Obama will plunge our nation into the chaos before his term is up. Your site is helping the people to be informed, It would be a little different for you to have a military insider, but if you could help the people through having a guest of stature from the military, that knows the inside take on Obama’s actions to support Islamic theocracy, then they would understand how Islam is being used as a tool of the NWO. Well, good job once again brother, Lord bless.

  25. Johnnie

    All I know is that no-one has the corner on the truth or has 100% accuracy in being able to forecast the future. Everyone is probably best off by listening to a myriad of opinions (even ones you don’t exactly respect) and formulating a personal concept that makes sense. It’s crazy to go 100% along with even the people you hold in the highest regard. The important thing is that it should be treated as an ongoing process where you keep taking in new information and incorporating it into your personal world view. Unfortunately we rarely receive truly accurate information, and there is always a lot of smoke and mirrors in life. Even with unadulterated information, we live in a multi variable world where very few things happen due to a direct cause and effect. Anybody can conceptualize a single variable cause and effect outcome, and too many things are explained away using this, turning up in catch phrases and sound bites. Everyone likes to ‘figure’ things out as soon as possible and with the least effort. Again I think everyone is best off refining what they think they know and leave a little room to the possibility of having to junk it all for a whole new concept. USAWatchdog certainly brings in a variety of points of view which is critically important if you want to enrich, deepen and expand your concept of the world. It’s an interesting hybrid of pure journalism and op-ed commentary.

  26. Indiana Jim

    He is into cycles. Is not going to leave things sit a long time waiting to catch up on his prognostication. He said he thought g and s would get high last part of 2017. I got concerned when he said f things get much worse in Europe people will stop getting their pension money. Imagine being in a row house situation and that money stops or is seriously devalued. Wonder if it could happen here? I bought a book 20 years ago that showed correlations in commodity prices short, medium and long term with the phases of the moon and tides regardless of historical events. Definate patterns but still difficult to trade. Cycles!

  27. Oxfarmer

    Another date setter, sigh

  28. Brent

    I am going to go against the grain and say this guest is great! Most guests have been calling for a crash over and over again, and they have been wrong. They will have called 100 of the last 2 recessions. I personally have always said the crash will be before the end of 2018. Nenner’s analysis is close to mine. As far as metals, he is also correct. People need to realize that if gold and silver are manipilated, then ALL commodities have to also be manipilated since all of them are down. If all other commodities were up, except gold and silver, I would agree that they are manipulated. However, that is obviously not the case. Keep up the great work Greg Hunter. You are my #1 source of unbiased news!


  29. James Hastings

    Hi Greg. I enjoy your show. Now…..I’m a track record type guy…..SOOOOOOOO, can we, as a viewing audience….compile a track record of your guests? How so, you asked me…? If someone could glean the anticipated results / month, from your guests interviews, from previous interviews, over the last 18 months….we would have a great batting average. THEN…..we would be able to determine who is clued in on the market. So, If we track Gregory Mannarino…who I think is an excellent analyst…..(I’m biased), Bo Polny (I’m a fan), Charles Nenner, Mr. Dent, and say…..Mr. Black Cowboy Hat…(Fan)… We can get a good idea of who has the insight on reality. If the viewers start listing projections from each guest and we start a running batting average.?…….then, when the system collapses…..we can tar and feather the losers. 🙂 Just a thought, let’s nail this down and eliminate the wanna bee’s….If we select a group of 7 popular guests (Magnificent 7…great movie), and we have access to their interviews in this time period, some great statistical viewer can create this batting average. AND WE KNOW…..Just a thought. 🙂

  30. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Greg, thanks for bringing Charles Nenner back on. He has a very interesting perspective on precious metals manipulation being overwhelmed by the cycles. There’s still room for short term manipulation if the manipulators aren’t fighting against the cycle. So he doesn’t recommend buying gold now, but you didn’t ask him when he would recommend it! Arggghh, Greg!! His reasoning for buying small rental real estate is similar to the reasoning most people use to recommend gold except that rentals can generate income while gold doesn’t. Unfortunately, I don’t have the funds to invest in either at this point. Also interesting that he appears to find the Fed overrated.

  31. john duffy

    He lost me when he said that there was no manipulation. Why are thousands of gold contracts sold in 10 minutes, definitly not to get a better price. In 2014 all the pundits were predicting a crash in 2015. In 2015 they said that there would definitly be one in 2016. Now I am hearing more and more of them saying it won’t happen til 2017. Eventually someone will be right, but I wouldn’t bet the ranch on these expert opinions. Martin Armstrong and the so-called Shemita were calling for a crash in sept. 2015. I’m still waiting.

  32. coalburner

    I thought I heard Mr. Nenner say, the gold and silver manipulation did n0t matter. That market forces were to much bigger. Markets would do what they would do sooner or later. Sounds like it would work for me. What if the price stays in this neoghborhood till 2040. If you bought in 2000 or even up thru 2007 or so, you are way ahead in preserving your wealth. We were being told way back then by the heralds like Greg. If you own it you are preserving your wealth whenever you bought it. Deflation he said, but either way you will preserve. As for rentals, again you better have done it years ago than now but it is all about location. All the great rental books tell you the rules about buying well or dont do it at all. Not easy but possible. Nothing he said is that far off the expectation. Keep stacking the important stuff by priority. food, lead, defense ammo is really cheap now. Armory 556 amd 308 are cheap , cheap now. water or the way too have it, and so on. I hope he is right about more time to keep storing. As for the tunnel in Swiss LAnd. Just another reason to shake their dirt off our feet and hope Britian Exits the EU for its own good.
    GO Greg!

  33. Peter

    I agree with Tenner, Gold is limited on the upside and the stock market isn’t going to crash before the election. The federal reserve will keep things in check as long as a corrupt democrat is in power and they will help purposely help Hillary. But in the log run the US is in economic trouble. The latest jobs report was a stinker and is proof there are not enough good jobs in the US for people. The middle class is disappearing and there will be chaos eventually.

  34. Zoey

    I have been listening to Trunews on my way to work these days, and Rick was talking about the Gotthard tunnel video. I watched most of it, but couldn’t tolerate enough for the entire content. It was so dark and hideous it made my skin crawl.

    It just further confirmed to me how I better stay right next to God Almighty who is all loving, perfect, and joy to be with.

    • allen ols

      me too, I posted the link above.. under a greg comment. total satan, and black Sabbath bot hit by lightening

  35. coalburner

    Laura, Europe is “done for “, I wouldn’t waste much time there. That Christian today hacked to death in Asia somewhere, that is the way the muslims do it. Europeans are unarmed and foolish. They will die by their own stupitdity hacked to death with a sharpened auto leaf spring. That is the muslim and north African’s tool of preference. The only thing to watch is what happens to the Catholic Church, I bet it goes down like the Yadzid’s in the Middle East and the Coptics in Egypt and whatever in Iraq. Without a whimper! Me I am too much a sinner begging weekly for help, to go that way. Give it a couple more generations with Oblabber, Hitlery and such villians.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Anybody can accomplish the same thing. Go to a surplus store and buy a machete for $10.00. These things come intentionally dull. With the same file you use to sharpen your lawn mower blade, you can rough-in an edge, and with a sanding block, you can hone. You can attach a hilt if you like and even polish the shank, and thereby produce a poor man’s cutlass. I put a point on mine and “gutter” grooves so it can be used as a sword as well as a slashing tool/weapon. A lanyard/wrist-loop will keep it from getting away from you. Best always. PM

  36. Snorky

    Lots of theories out there. It is good to have a mix of guests with different perspectives, Greg. It is dangerous to become attached to one theory and not be willing to change your plan as things evolve.

  37. coalburner

    He is not saying they did not try to manipulate the PM markets but their success was questionable. His view is very different than we usually hear. To him the marketsare so big they do not matter. He is describing the deflation, iinflation question makes it difficult to price gold and silver. Until we return to real money we wont know what gold is worth. But it will be wealth. Also years will go by. One of the Watchdoggers said that recently. He reacts to Obumdumb just like me. Hit the turn switch. Ostupid is a lying idiot.

    • Diana Dee Jarvis

      Coalburner, exactly. Nenner’s example of the Hunt brothers trying — and failing — to control the silver market is a good one. Judging by his accent, English is probably not his first language, and there were problems with the audio quality. Methinks the people writing him off did not pay close attention. I chuckled when he said no one listens to Obama.

  38. coalburner

    Jim C, listen a second or third time. I believe you may have misunderstood the man. He is hard to listen too. You have to consider he lives in Europe but watches the big dog closely. Sounds to me he is saying hold your gold and buy a different asset that pays you some cash. Inflation, up the priice, deflation, lower the price but still get income of some kind. He is saying dump your stocks. Now where have we heard that before. He said a lot of what Jim Sinclair says but from a different point of view. Also like Greg Mannarino.

  39. red

    Greg you nailed it with the “dollar” it’s over. No .gov in the world will let asset prices fall, it’s all about .gov pensions…it’s either hyperinflation or a 30yr non stop deflationary depression’ gotta pity farmers, miners, they should just walk away from any debt …but they’re so brainwashed … gov is just paying them to stay on farms now, have to keep the supply illusion going…the greasy pole of imaginary good life…lol

  40. Jim G

    Consider the source. Greenspan, Boesky, Milken, Madoff, Bernanke, Yellen, Spitzer, Kissinger, Lew, Abramoff, Nenner, etc etc etc.. Enough said

  41. Jack

    Nenner is all over the place. I took notes on his appearance on this channel 2 years ago where he said gold would hit $2100 first and then $2500. He is talking now about deflation. Gold does best in deflation but he doesn’t like it so he’s just guessing.

  42. Old Anony'mizer

    Prophets are appointed by God to deliver messages regarding judgment, pure worship, and the Messianic hope.
    Could prophets be found here on USAWatchdog? I’m doggone sure, but I’m just a schmuck and I know it!

    DURING the period of the kings of Israel and Judah, a special group of men came to the fore—the prophets. These were men of extraordinary faith and courage who delivered God’s pronouncements. Consider four important themes developed by God’s prophets.

    1. The destruction of Jerusalem. Long in advance, God’s prophets—Isaiah and Jeremiah in particular—began warning that Jerusalem would be destroyed and abandoned. In vivid terms, they revealed why the city had incurred God’s anger. Her claim to represent Jehovah was belied by false religious practices, corruption, and violence.—2 Kings 21:10-15; Isaiah 3:1-8, 16-26; Jeremiah 2:1–3:13.

    2. The restoration of pure worship. After 70 years in exile, God’s people would be freed from Babylon. They would return to their desolate homeland and rebuild the temple of Jehovah in Jerusalem. (Jeremiah 46:27; Amos 9:13-15) About 200 years in advance, Isaiah foretold the name of the conqueror—Cyrus—who would defeat Babylon and allow God’s people to restore pure worship. Isaiah even detailed Cyrus’ unique battle strategy.—Isaiah 44:24–45:3.

    The Jewish exiles leave Babylon and return to Jerusalem

    3. The Messiah’s arrival and his experiences. The Messiah would be born in the town of Bethlehem. (Micah 5:2) He would be humble, presenting himself in Jerusalem, riding upon an ass. (Zechariah 9:9) Though gentle and kind, he would be unpopular, and many would reject him. (Isaiah 42:1-3; 53:1, 3) He would experience a cruel death. Would his life then be over for all time? No, for his sacrifice was to make possible the forgiveness of sins for many. (Isaiah 53:4, 5, 9-12) Only his resurrection could accomplish that.

    4. The reign of the Messiah over the earth. Imperfect humans are really unable to govern themselves peacefully, but the Messianic King would be called Prince of Peace. (Isaiah 9:6, 7; Jeremiah 10:23) Under his rule, all humans would be at peace with one another and even with all the animal creation. (Isaiah 11:3-7) Sickness would vanish. (Isaiah 33:24) Even death would be swallowed up forever. (Isaiah 25:8) During the Messiah’s reign, people who had died would be resurrected to life on earth.—Daniel 12:13.

    —Based on the books of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Daniel, Amos, Micah, and Zechariah.
    Something to ponder, whom will be written about in future books of the Bible?

  43. Charles

    I am not so sure about this guy. Last time he was on your show he was calling for the dollar topping. Now he is bullish dollars. He recommends buying real estate but at the same time is calling for major wars. Look at the price of real estate at the end of major wars. You can’t move real estate. Seems to me gold/silver physical is still better than his real estate bet.

  44. Anthony

    Not one of my favourite interviews Greg, thank you never the less.

    One comment I did value; purchasing an apartment to rent out, if you can sustain this with low interest rates and rental demand, then at least you have something should all else fail.

    Purchasing of property here in Australia is the frenzy of all time.

  45. woody188

    I love reading everyone crying about how the “sheep” suffer normalcy bias and need to wake up and then Greg brings on Charles Nenner and everyone bleats about how he is an idiot and can’t be right due to their own bias.

    Just means you are doing something right Greg, keep up the great work!

  46. Karen

    Mike Miller, I didn’t like this interview either, but you know what? Greg is doing a great service in bringing thoughts, opinions and information for us to evaluate and then make our own, more educated, decisions. Some guests are awesome and extremely well educated and reasonable, others less so, and some are just silly. But, that’s life – that’s the spectrum of people that could be found in any field. If you are so bored with USA Watchdog and Greg then go to TMZ and check out what the celebrities are doing today.

  47. Jerry

    G20 secret emergency meeting.
    Those of you who are tired of waiting for the predicted collapse to come may want to take note. “This is the second emergency meeting in less than two months”. According to some sources several members of the Fed, including Janet Yellen, will be at this meeting. As far back as I can remember I have never seen two emergency meetings this close together. You may also want to take note in the sudden uptick of gold purchases by the central banks and George Soros. I smell smoke. How about you?

    • Jerry

      After my last post I find it interesting that the G20 just wrapped up meetings the end of May, just to then turn around and have an emergency meeting in June. What’s even more interesting is the last meeting was hosted by the PBOC. A week later they’re telling the Chinese people to stock up on gold. Hmmm.

  48. PeaknikMicki

    So Nenner thinks TARP, QE1, QE2, QR3 and $16Trillion dollars in foreign swaps didn’t have any impact on the markets. That is basically what he is saying. He says ‘the paper that Larry Summers wrote; Gibsons Paradox and the Gold standard (where they basically showed that to maintain negative real interest rates the price of gold needs to be kept low) is all wrong. He thinks Paul Volcker was clueless when he said the biggest mistake they did in the 70’s and 1980 was not to better manage the price of gold. He thinks Greenspan was deluded when he stated that gold is a thermometer of the markets and that by tampering with the thermometer (selling some gold) it actually not only would reflect but affect the markets.
    And what is this 30 year cycle in gold Nenner is talking about? We only have one example – 1980 – 2011. Before that you would have to go back hundreds of years to have something resembling free floating price of gold. Cycle theorists and Elliott wave gurus seem to have the common trait that they are very accurate in hindsight as they always find some way of fitting events to explanations. It was noteable also that Nenner doesn’t believe there is any major problem at all as he said if you buy an appartment and it goes down in value, 4 years later it will be back in value again. (And he doesn’t even believe that will be result of debasement as that obviously would be a form of manipulation of the markets.) And how does Nenner explain hyper inflations like Weimar, Hungary, Zimbabwe etc. There is no way these can be predicted based on cycles theory. They can only occur by manipulating deflationary markets by injecting liquidity.
    That should be enough ranting for today,.

  49. Wayne

    I don’t know Greg. I think when the big one hits the last thing I am going to want is to own apartments filled with unemployed people that cant pay their rent. I have dealt with this before and it is not a pretty picture. I can definitely understand real-estate (land) with resources (timber, sand, gravel, ect) which will have a lower taxes and something of value when things recover.

    • db

      Wayne, You might find issues for residential and commercial lending to be helpful. Just today I read the article titled ‘CMBS Uncertainty Threatens Lenders’ and can infer much about the markets from now through 2020

  50. Jack-G

    I was surprised with the number of comments saying they did not like Mr. Nenner’s interview. I thought he did a very good job. Nenner cuts to the chase, makes his point, explains why he believes what he does and moves on. PM people have been screaming at us that the price is going to go into the stratosphere yet, nothing has happened. I’m not saying that Mr. Nenner is right, I do not know, but I appreciate his views that sometimes differ from the others. Nenner’s outlook on the market is pretty universal; I think his war outlook has sound reasoning; his outlook on the disappearing middle class I, unfortunately, agree with; his view on the dollar makes sense; and I totally agree with his view on Obama. I hope he can come back in the 4th quarter of 2016 or the 1st quarter of 2017. Another quality interview, thank you Mr. Hunter.

  51. gregd

    Mike Miller,
    I understand what you’re saying about the guests but you have to consider that their opinions change as new info is revealed. An example would be the ESF buying government bonds to keep the interest rates low when China and Russia were dumping bonds. And look who’s buying our bonds today, Ireland, Luxenberger etc. QE is still alive, no matter what they say. Who really knows how much they’re printing to cover what they’re doing. It may be in many trillions. When that’s finally revealed, the gold and silvers holders are going to look pretty good, don’t you think?

  52. francis m reps

    Greg, Thanks for having Mr. Nenner on your show. He makes some interesting points….and if he had a better command of our language..he would probably be better understood. His view of gold as both a commodity and money { two different roles } with different outlooks for future prices was not expressed as clearly as it might have been if he was more familiar with our language. His insights are correct. My understanding of his view is that the ” little guy ” should try to get some small rental property or modest income producing tangible in view of the coming difficulties. That is good advice.His offer of a trial period for his service is also generous. I like him, and think he is an insightful man.

  53. Bill

    All of you who are quick to criticize Greg over his guests comments and opinions. You should start a website and have a guest on everyday who hits a home run. Let us not be quick to criticize someone until we have walked a mile in his shoes!!!

  54. Scott

    Sorry to hear you’re unhappy with the content, Mike. Please don’t let the door hit you in the behind on your way out…

  55. Bill

    Greg, when you have a financial expert on next time, I would be interested in any opinion on the Israeli shekel. Seems all opinions are on the dollar, euro, and yuan. Is there a time in the future when the shekel will be a good investment??

  56. Paul ...

    On the subject of the military … some of my colleagues tell me I’m being too harsh … I don’t think so … if warning them that “saying they were just following orders” is not going to be a “sufficient” excuse when the “9-11 Holocaust” against American citizens goes before Judicial Review … our current generals did nothing to stop Americans from being “burnt alive” with hot molten iron created by “military grade” thermite that creates heat so intense that hundreds of Americans trapped high up in the World Trade Center Towers had to jump to their deaths! … don’t get me wrong … some good American Generals are presently in our military … who recently stopped the neocons from detonating a nuclear weapon in an American city … and changed the launch access codes to begin a first strike nuclear war against Russia … so there are definately “good Americans” in our military … we just have to weed out the ones with “duel citizenship” who have difficulty being “loyal Americans” … when General Eisenhower was in charge of our military “his allegiance was with America” and he fought for America “against his homeland” Germany … these are the types of Generals we need in America now … as it seems to me our nation is now overrun by “duel citizenship neocons” that will actually attack American cities and the Pentagon itself “to promote their Agenda of Terrorism” throughout the world!

    • Paul ...

      Notice how the (s)electors of our Presidents are now choosing people that were not born in America … so that the Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces will not have “full allegiance” to the American people … our Constitution forbids this … and is yet another reason why our Constitution is being destroyed! … a people 1) without a true American leader and 2) disarmed … can be subjugated very easily!!

      • Paul ...

        Look with “very high suspicion” at all those who are now vocally promoting the disarmament of the American people … and weed out all those people who have covered-up “proper birth certificates” being produced for those seeking to become the Commander and Chief of our Armed Forces!!!

    • Jim Bond

      Paul, seems old Ike’s a mutt. American as apple pie!

  57. your fan in Japan

    So on comes Nenner to overturn our “gold to the moon” tables. Remember people, NO ONE knows the future. This guy says one thing. That guy says another. Look at your situation. Think for yourself. Then act. I found it interesting that Nenner recommended small rentals. This is one of the investment ideas in a book called “The Inflation Crisis and How to Resolve It” written by Henry Hazlitt in 1978. You know what happened to gold at that time. His number one asset choice was gold, but he cautioned that it had political risks. Thus, one alternative was rental properties. The same thing that Nenner is recommending. Gee, I already knew that. Mayby Greg should have me on. But first a disclaimer- I really and truly don’t know what is going to happen.

  58. WD


    Yellen is now back stepping rate increases…after saying she was going to go through with them.

    SHe has no idea what she is doing

  59. Doug

    Whatever he is smoking, please send me some ! He is right on the money, if you are not out of the market , you deserve what they give you, a 20 to 30 percent decline this year, that’s on top of the 8 percent they you from the beginning of this year. He is right on the South China sea, if Trump don’t get in office and put a stop to it, kiss that part of the world good bye because we did not have the “BALLS” to put a stop to it. One of your better guest Greg. Have him on every six months to up date us.

  60. Diana Dee Jarvis

    Just came across this. Martin Armstrong says people obsessing over Fed quarter point raises are missing the big picture. Brexit would have long term influence on capital flows into USA. This would support Charles Nenner’s bullishness on US dollar.

  61. albertarocks

    Why is Charles Nenner considered a guru when he makes a prediction that “the market will tank in the second half, and yet the Fed will hike in Nov. and Dec.” Utter nonsense.

  62. susan

    Interestingly, my husband is a minister and suddenly he is being bombarded with ideas and scriptures that he feels must be preached about. Also, in the meantime he is being called to do three funerals this weekend, a death to a close friend and diabetic problems in the middle of the service. We feel like we are truly in the “war”. I hope everyone is praying daily for those who are in the fight for Godliness. Jesus is the way, the truth, the life. period.

  63. pat the rat

    first thing you better have are about 20 $20 dollar bill . The kids at the super market would know what a gold or silver coin looks like.It’s not gold or silver time yet.

  64. Spacely's Sprockets

    The theory of the Democratic puzzle is that the Obamas and Clintons loathe each other to a huge degree; plus ideological dimension – In the 1990s Bill Clinton was a pragmatic, Blue-Dog centrist Democrat. When he ran, he dragged the Dems from the radical left to the center; was rewarded by being elected twice. Today’s Democratic Party is Mr Obama’s, moved back to the radical left. He will not allow the Party to return to the hands of the Clintons as he doesn’t trust them, any direction. He needs a successor he can control, and who’ll carry on his revolution, and someone who won’t investigate the disasters of the last eight years – health care, immigrati0n, Benghazi, Fast and Furious, so many; he’s stopped the investigations he didn’t want. The compbinati0n of personal and ideological animus suggests that Mrs Clinton will go down in flames, whereas Mr Biden could hold the course, and at his age he’ll be one term; and last August he met secretly with Elizabeth Warren, who’d be a perfect sequel to Mr Obama. As this theory is speculated on very widely, note no disagreement from Biden or Warren. It now seems to be assented to by Steve Forbes, Doug Schoen, John Fund, and others. As everyone attacks Trump, no one rides to Mrs Clinton’s defense. The dog that doesn’t bark.
    Emails Block Clinton Pivot to the Positive “Close allies of Hillary Clinton are encouraging the Democratic front-runner to spend less time honing her attacks on Donald Trump — and more time focusing on a clear and positive message about her own campaign,” Politico reports. “But the State Department inspector general’s report released last week has thrown an email-shaped roadblock into Clinton’s path as she attempts to whittle down her high negative ratings. And that has complicated the already difficult task of reshaping perceptions about a universally-known candidate.”

    Donald Trump is the Trump campaign. He’s a master at getting the media to pay attention, has no ground game. Does He need money, and traditional organization, esp in swing states (esp Ohio and Pennsylvania; maybe Florida); get-out-the-vote, and data analytics – need boatloads of money to do these. Blue states? New Jersey poll: Trump vs Clinton, within 4 points in New Jersey! Hasn’t voted GOP since Reagan or 1988. Very expensive media markets. Calculate that he needs $5 million a day for 120 days,. Is there another way to do this? Don’t know. Hos first major fundraiser , in California, brought in $6 mil (Carl Icahn is a major supporter). Momentum for Trump. . . . We shall see. Tonight, who will bring the much heralded, True Peace & Security! Incoming!

  65. Jim Bond

    Wow, last night on Coast to Coast, Muslim plan to infiltrate the West for the make over of western civilization with Sharia law and the take-down of Muammar Gaddafi by Hillary Clinton was part of this spear head of the Muslim Brotherhood supplying arms and ammunition to ISIS!

    Is that why Hillary has been of late questioning the interpretation and regulation of the second amendment, the right of Americans to bear arm’s?

    Homeland Security Revelations
    Monday – June 06, 2016

    First Half: Philip Haney studied Arabic culture and language while working as a scientist in the Middle East before becoming a founding member of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) in 2002. He joins WND editor Art Moore to discuss how after Haney’s sterling career at DHS, he was disciplined for investigating potential terrorists and terror-linked Muslims and mosques — including ones that might have prevented the Boston Marathon bombing, and later the San Bernadino massacre. AS A COAST INSIDER;
    you can listen to the show live or on-demand as well as past and future shows with your computer or mobile device, 24/7. All audio streams are delivered in high quality, crystal clear audio.
    Additionally, you can chat with hosts and special guests, and e-mail the show host directly to further your investigation.

  66. Bill

    SUSAN; we are quick to compliment and encourage our military in combat, and rightly so. But those such as your husband and you who are in combat with our real enemy, we don’t seem to want to compliment and encourage. In days to come, it will become extremely difficult for your husband to stand and face the enemy, but for those who do the REWARDS WILL BE TREMENDOUS. God Bless you

    • susan

      Bill, thank you so very much from my husband also. He is a vet and our son spent 2 years in Iraq and 18 months in Afghanistan. But our family is more concerned about our work for Jesus and God’s Word. We have given all before and willing to do it again. Again, thank you so much.

  67. MCasey

    Strange world! While all the Politically Correct Republican rats run for cover, Trump’s position on Hispanic-American Judge Gonzalo P. Curie and his association with La Raza is defended by Obama appointee Supreme Court Judge Sonia Sotomayor.

    In Judge Sonia Sotomayor’s 2001 speech at the University of California School Of Law at Berkeley, she said:

    “Whether born from experience or inherent physiological or cultural differences, ……our gender and national origins may and will make a difference in our judging. ……I would hope that a wise Latina woman with the richness of her experiences would more often than not reach a better conclusion than a white male who hasn’t lived that life.”

  68. Christopher Earl Strunk

    Real Growth versus Nominal Growth… reflected by the Dollar value of gold per se.

    In my opinion BRICS was an effort by the German Secret Service / Frankfurt controlled Chinese to gain a greater position in the IMF SDR without floating their currency, and in which the Chinese used their position in US Bonds with threat of dump to manuveur as a false effort. BRICS has been under attack by the CIA that has chipped away S Africa and Brazil even to the degree that the ZIKA threat (that has been around for more than a century) propaganda is used to further colapse the Brazilian Economy designed to prevent the Olympics – at no time does the wide use of DDT again enter the discussion.

    The CIA based in Switzerland was setup by the Dulles Brothers at the service of the BIS directors with leverage over the required accounting of debt under IMF responsibility . The German Secret Service / Frankfurt (Prussian / Bavarian Abwehr) – now the Deutsche Verteidigungs Dienst (DVD) – never wanted the 1933 Glass Steagall Act that separated Commercial from Investment banking. And from the time that the gold window was closed in 1971 have sought to get rid of the firewall and accomplished that for the greatest theft in history using the the DVD contro,over the Bill Rockefeller Clinton administration in 1999 (eg Gramm Blyley Leach Act)- thereby facilitated the Depository Trust and Clearing Corporation holding company subsidiaries to steal all of the assets underlying the public debt by commingling the collateral to guarantee derivatives.

    The real battle internationally is deflation versus inflation. Gold is merely a reflection of that tug of war and always will be. You can not eat gold. I speak of reasserting Congressional authority to set a documentary tax as existed in 1964, and with which produced 1/3 of all US Revenue. I support Trump for an economic reason beyond just the political fray. I support nation states versus the NWO without borders or the ten regions that have been devised since the end of WWII. I urge real growth rather than nominal growth- we have lacked real growth for 30 years.

    I urge the arrest of those criminally responsible for the greatest theft in history since 1999, and I believe that will happen with a Trump DOJ as long as we can keep him alive.

  69. Steve

    Hello All,

    Gold’s going to the moon, gold’s going to the moon, gold’s going to the moon. Gold has been locked in a downtrend since 2011, fact. Gold will trade below $1000, fact. And when you have all given up and sold your positions, gold will rocket higher. That’s the way bull markets work, the sentiment, based on comments here, needs to move much lower to call a bottom in gold. There is a very logical, simple course of action to watch play out. Europe is in worse shape than the US. There is coming a serious financial crisis in Europe. This is the catalyst for the strong dollar and falling dollar gold price. This is going to happen, this is the basis for MA’s comments regarding the dollar and gold. Not sure why people are so blind to the fact that the US is going to be flooded with European money running from their economic problems. This isn’t to say it’s the right move, but it WILL be the move. If Britain leaves the EU, it will be the catalyst, otherwise it could be a Deutsche Bank collapse, either way, I’m of the opinion Europe will have a massive financial crisis, before the US. Everyone should hold gold/silver as an insurance policy, but currently it’s probably not a wise investment vehicle.

  70. Carl Boone

    The Ben Armstrong Show
    How can you not LOVE what Trump did

    2 days ago2 days
    # News & Politics

    Ben Armstrong;
    How can you not LOVE what Trump did to the lame stream media last week despite their vengeance this week! Need a good laugh?

  71. Scott

    Like Bo, another cycle theory expert with a short memory of past predictions.
    Past Cylce Results: In his initial interview, 5/21/14 Charles stated:
    – “Timing is our business, and we’ve always said the dollar is going to collapse in end of 2014.”
    – – What did happen: From May to end of 2014 the dollar went from about 80 to 90 and stayed in a range of 95 to 100 thru most of 2015.
    – – Cycle on DOLLAR – Wrong

    – “Oil is going to be much higher”
    – – David Gurwitz of Nenner Research said in April 2014 on McAlvany interview: ” . . . but crude oil, we see a nice bull market in crude starting in the summer. And you see this chart going back to 1990, so you have a 25-year chart, even though crude has been around 100-some-odd years, and it’s a very clear bottom in July of 2014, up for years.”
    – – What did happen: the “Very Clear” Cycle Bottom was actually a cycle TOP and crude went from about 90 in July of 2014 to under 40 in early 2016.
    – – Cycle on crude – very clearly WRONG

    I made the mistake of subscribing to Nenner Research in 2014 when the majority of the predictions went the opposite direction. So, just a warning – buyer beware, YMMV.

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