Election Fraud Proof Puts Trump Back in Office – Mike Lindell

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 4.8.21 (This replaces WNW 4/9/21 & Saturday Night Post 4/10/21 – Yes, I think it’s that good!!)

There is no one working harder on the massive 2020 election and voter fraud than My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell.  The voter and election fraud has been documented in many ways, and it was used to steal the election from President Donald Trump.  Insiders from the Deep State swamp, Democrats and Republicans worked together, along with foreign countries, in the biggest fraud in history.  Lindell thinks all the new election fraud proof, added to what has already been uncovered by his team of data scientists and election experts, will ultimately put President Trump back in office as the rightful winner of the 2020 Election.  Lindell predicts Trump will be back in office in August and explains, “For one thing, the country will be ruined by August if he doesn’t get back in there.  With everything I know to get all the evidence out over the next 5 weeks to the masses, whether you are Democrat or Republican, it doesn’t matter if you know this was an attack by China on our country.  Even the Democrats are realizing that this isn’t the party they voted for.  This is socialism and communism.  What I want to do is get all this out there and just flood the Internet and flood everybody with information and the evidence.  Then I want to get this case before the Supreme Court.  I believe with what’s going to come before them, they are going to have to accept the case because it was an attack on our country.  There is no statute of limitations for fraud, and this is the biggest crime and the biggest cybercrime in history.  They are going to have to pull that election down.  I don’t know if we have a new election or we just give it to the rightful winner, which was Donald Trump, who had 80 million votes for Trump to 66 million for Biden.  With all this stuff that is coming out, I think August is a good time frame.”

Lindell goes on to say, “I want to tell you what’s coming here.  What I have done in the last month is have people on the ground, and they validated the IP addresses, the IDs of the computers, the longitudes and latitudes, the buildings and who did it.  We did it for 20 of the China attacks on November 3rd.  We had this validated by a third party.  This is what is going to come out in ‘Absolute Interference.’  Just in those 20 cyber-attacks from China, and there were thousands of cyber-attacks, they flipped and turned all five states:  Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, Georgia and Arizona. . . . This is coming out in my new documentary called ‘Absolute Interference,’ and it’s going to show this was an attack by China on our country.”

Lindell also says, “What they don’t want you to look at are the voting machines.  They don’t want to do an audit.  I’ve been sued by Smartmatic and Dominion, and these lawsuits and threats to people, and if I was accused of having rocks and knives in my pillows, I would bring all the media in and open them up and say, look, this is beautiful fill, but they are not doing that.  They have been hiding and suppressing the truth.”  (Dominion and Smartmatic have repeatedly said all voter fraud claims with their machines and software are false.)

Never-the-less, Lindell says he can prove the election was stolen on many levels.  150 million have already watched his first voter and election fraud documentary called “Absolute Proof.”

Lindell also says it was not just Donald Trump that was cheated, but down ballot candidates were also robbed.  Lindell says he can also prove fraud was involved in the U.S. Senate seats and House of Representatives seats, as well, in the 2020 Election.

To present his proof of massive election fraud to the public, Lindell is rolling out a new social media platform called “Frank” on April 19th.  Lindell says he spent serious money to deliver serious performance, and up to one billion can use the platform at the same time.  Lindell says, “When we launch at 9 am on April 19th, we are going to have a ‘Frank-a-thon.’ I am going to livestream from that for 12 hours, and we are going to talk about losing our 1st Amendment rights. My Pillow is also going to sue Dominion and Smartmatic.  It will be the biggest 1st Amendment rights lawsuit ever, and Alan Dershowitz is on my team of lawyers.”

There is much, much more in this 50 minute interview.  Lindell also talks about the mainstream media, how they have covered his voter fraud quest, threats on his family, losing millions with stores dropping his products, conversations with President Trump, the big cover-up of the massive voter and election fraud on November 2020 and that he is in the process of making a third documentary called “Absolute Cover-up.”

In closing, Lindell says you are going to hear new evidence about massive election cyber-attacks and the cover-up of the biggest voter and election fraud in history.  Lindell guarantees, “The fraud is all coming out in the next few weeks. . . . We can’t wait until 2022 or 2024.  We have to do something now before they destroy the country.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with the CEO of My Pillow, Mike Lindell.

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(Programming note:  Mike Lindell’s interview replaces Weekly News Wrap-Up 4/9/21 and Saturday Night Post 4/10/21.  I think this interview is that powerful and needs to be heard now.)

After the Interview: 

Lindell says if you want to buy any of his many products, you can find them on MyPillow.com.  Lindell offered a discount code that can save you up to 66% on some products.  Use ML33 for the discount at 1-800-544-8939.

(Greg Hunter and USAWatchdog.com get $0 compensation from Lindell or MyPillow.com.  Some of the money from sales, no doubt, goes to continue the election fraud exposure hosted on Lindell’s social media platform called “Frank.”  Lindell is funding all of this effort out of his own pocket.)

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  1. Jacques Bourne

    We need a new birth of freedom!

    • Paul ...

      J … Like three-persons in one God … each human (built in the image of God) … also has a divine Trinity (RRR) within us (to ferret out the lies of Satan’s Demons among us) … we use our Real-eyes … to Real-ize “within our mind” … “who is telling us” Real-lies!! … we were not put here by God the Father simply for Rest Relaxation&Recuperation (RRR) … but to use our God given mind & body in a more divine Trinity (RRR) “to ferret out evil” (Real-eyes … Real-ize … Real-lies)!!

      • S Jones

        Don’t know what bible u read but there is no trinity in there. It is a man made believe. Are u and your father one? Just because God gave Jesus powers to create with him and heal people doesn’t make him one and the same. Also we don’t have a soul in us. That to is man made. God’s Holy Spirit is his active force that he uses to create . It’s right there in Genesis. The Bible says man is a soul . It doesn’t say man has a soul. He also calls animals souls. God is called the Alpha and Omega . Is Jesus called that? Who ever taught u these things u should run far away from them. And reread the Bible.

        • Mario

          I’m not sure what Bible you’re reading.
          In the one I read Jesus said “I and the Father are one” and also Jesus said “if you have seen Me you have seen the Father” .
          Jesus is the Word made Flesh. Jesus is God. When God came to earth He came as Jesus who was fully man and fully God.

        • Bill the Cat Guy

          (Acts 13:2 NIV) While they were worshiping the Lord and fasting, the Holy Spirit said, “Set apart for me Barnabas and Saul for the work to which I have called them.”

          (John 8:56-58 NIV) Your father Abraham rejoiced at the thought of seeing my day; he saw it and was glad.” {57} “You are not yet fifty years old,” the Jews said to him, “and you have seen Abraham!” {58} “I tell you the truth,” Jesus answered, “before Abraham was born, I am!”

          (Daniel 7:13-14 NIV) “In my vision at night I looked, and there before me was one like a son of man, coming with the clouds of heaven. He approached the Ancient of Days and was led into his presence. {14} He was given authority, glory and sovereign power; all peoples, nations and men of every language worshiped him. His dominion is an everlasting dominion that will not pass away, and his kingdom is one that will never be destroyed.

        • Paul ...

          Hey Jones … what Bible do you read? … man has no soul?? … in my comment above I was trying to show the “tripartite nature of man” … the Bible states emphatically that man was created “as a trinity” of spirit, soul, and body … even as our eternal God is Himself a trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit … man (was made in God’s image) … and has eyes to illuminate the Spirit within our minds … so as to provide us with Divine Truth!! … read Matthew 7:6 “Do not give what is holy to “Demons” or throw your pearls before “Rats” … otherwise the “Demon-rats” will trample them under their feet and turn around and tear you to pieces (with their lies and their completely Satanic evil deeds) … it is by our “God given human spirit” that we are enabled to see … to investigate … to think … and weigh the evidence before us!!

    • Sid Weiner

      i don’t know about President Trump’s return to Washington where he will need to wade thru the same political sewage he put up with while in the White House.
      He may do better outside of official politics as the leader of a giant Mass Movement bigger than the Washington Swamp.
      In their arrogance the Globalist Elites at the World Economic Forum have set loose forces that they thought they could control.
      Which they can’t, No mortal can!
      They sought their Great Reset & now there will be a great reset,
      but not the one they envisioned.
      Rather,this stolen election has stirred awake the dormant Free Sovereign States from a century’s long slumber.
      Free Sovereign Red States,as guaranteed by the 10th Amendment of our Constitution & protected by the Posse Comitatus Act.
      Meanwhile,the Democrats have not conquered the country as they at first believed.
      They merely got themselves an enclave in Washington that they have fenced off for their own personal safety.
      Biden & the Democrats have an impossible agenda that can’t but fail.
      They are an occupying power with nothing to offer the public, aside from pain.
      As such,the only way they have to enforce their diktats is with an enforcement arm. An enforcement arn capable of terrorizing the public into submission & this they don’t have!
      All they have for a terror weapon is their virus from China & this fear is slacking off.
      As the American Vichy in Washington loses power & the public under their control becomes more frantic,the Red States will gain & take over power.
      It well may be power as they had back 110 years ago!

      • Paul ...

        Sid … It is time for us to swab “Schwab’s Great Reset” … and then throw the foul toxic smelling schwab … right into the dustpan of history … and “Heil be as Happy as a Nazi” we did it!!

  2. Marie+Joy

    The Supreme Court cannot be relied upon to do the right thing. SCOTUS is a bunch of traitors and cowards.

  3. Tom Wigand


    Thanks (and prayers) for you and Mr. Lindell for continuing the mission that I’m now calling: REPEAL THE STEAL

    I truly believe that you are both in God’s service right now – along with General Flynn; Sydney Powell; Lin Wood.

    As soon as I saw this hit Rumble I watched it, and then worked to spread the word on Parler and GAB encouraging people to watch this. The so-called “mainstream media” (I refer to it as the “blue pill media” as that is a more accurate portrayal) is going to try to continue to bury the evidence — we the grassroots must not let them succeed.

    God willing our prayers will be answered, delivering us from the evil of the Biden-Harris Junta (and the CCP behind it) … and that we will REPEAL THE STEAL.

  4. Shirley Thompson

    Mr. Lindell has done an yeoman’s job of researching and disclosing the truth. His videos, interviews along with his experts more than proves the 2020 Presidential election was attacked by a foreign power. The NATO nations that assisted have been absolutely proven. Yet, with his immense faith and belief the good will prevail, I don’t see anything coming from this.

  5. Harold Swift

    Whee and when is this all going to come out? There is not a court in this country or government office either for that matter with an ounce of credibility. When it comes out again and again and again, it always falls on deaf ears.

    I am still waiting for our military to put this country back in business with the government that WAS elected. We run around the world saving nations and ours can go straight to hell. Trump put more than two trillion dollars to put these people on top of the world with fire power and everything they need. Where is it when we need it?
    PA.. Yes, my hat is off to the pillow man, Mike.

    • Paul ...

      Harold … It should be very obvious to all that Special Operations Teams need to be set up to take out the Globalist’s Command and Control Centers (and their leadership) to begin to make a dent in their evil plans to destroy America!!

      • Paul ...

        Mike Lindell “is just the first salvo against the evil ones” … we all need to “join the fight” and “begin boycotting the evil corporations” in earnest … we need to “hit them” … and “hit them hard” … like the Russians hit Hitler (who was another puppet stooge of the Globalists)!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oGV1Duq5wLk

        • Paul ...

          Before “you” (in the trench’s on the front line) buy anything (like baby powder for instance)… “think” … think of who manufactured the product you are about to buy … and if it is an evil corporation working for the Globalists … switch to a different brand … if you can’t find am alternative “non-evil manufacture” of the product you need … switch to an alternative (like buying a box of corn starch) … or simply do without (until the evil company goes bankrupt) and a new “more moral company” takes its place!!

          • Paul ...

            This is the way “to vote out evil”… and “make a better world” for our children … “it is not done at the ballot box” voting for some better politician (as even the best of them can be corrupted) … it is done at the grocery store, at the car dealership, the appliance store, etc., etc., etc. … you Vote (whenever you choose to buy a product) … like an I-phone for instance , or signing up with an internet provider, etc., etc. … by”thinking” before you make any purchase … (if we think and use the brain “God provided to us” we can defeat Evil “every day” … no need to wait 4 years “to try” … but really do it now today) … “this powerful weapon” was given to us by God … so we can use it to defeat Evil … the Globalists know this … and have been trying to destroy our God given brains … by putting fluoride in our drinking water, aluminum in the air we breathe, GMO’s in the food we eat … and now “experimental” vaccines (to create prions in our human brains) to give us Alzheimer’s (or Mad Cow Disease) … it is time for we the people to stand up and defeat the evil Satanists NOW … who are out to destroy humanity (created in the image of God) in every way they can!!

          • paul anders

            They own ALL the corporations that matter. Voting with your wallet will not work.
            The only thing they understand is blood…theirs.

            • Paul ...

              PA … Pull all the fiat money you use to pay your bills out of Chase Bank and put it into a Credit Union … pull your money out of Chase Bank CD’s and put it into Gold and Silver … before you say: “it won’t work” … you may be pleasantly surprised to actually see Gold and Silver prices begin to rise as you boycott the Big Banks … as the Banksters (desperate for cash) allow the precious metals they currently hold as a tier one asset … to rise in price!!

    • Harry

      Where is the military? Perhaps this is the answer.

      Abraham said to the Lord, “If I can find Ten righteous people In Sodom and Gomorrah will you spare the cities?

      President Trump said to General Flynn, “If you can find 10 patriot generals, can we save the country?”

      • Paul ...

        Obviously Flynn was not as lucky as God (who at least was able to find one drunk … Lot)!!

    • Frances Schroeder

      Unfortunately, from what I read, is that the young people have been so indoctrinated that they want this country to fail. That is why they are continually rioting in the streets of major cities. We also have a lot of corruption in our government which I knew before Mike mentioned it. I am refusing to send any money to the party. I have vetted my chosen candidates from various states and have been very surprised at people I thought I could trusted to find out I can’t. I am finding out that many people are thinking the way I am about just donating to the party. The Republican party did not have Trump’s back. He was new to politics, but many who originally were against him became fans of him after seeing that he put country first.

  6. Jorma

    Another world-class interview by Greg Hunter

    • Dana McMichael


  7. al


    Thank you Greg

  8. Eric M.

    I have to say, I love my-pillow. I have four, and everyone in my family has at least two.

  9. Chris Morris

    Great interview with Mike L. Greg…You are a true reporter Greg, you show the truth!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Chris!!

      • Oleta Payne

        Mike Pence is siting what he and President Trump did in their presidency & asking for donations to his site to fight the democrats. …after stabbing our beloved President Trump in the back.

  10. Charles

    Mike’s Absolute Proof movie is one everybody shoud view.

  11. George (Bill) Heuschele

    I can’t thank you both enough. God Bless!

  12. Justin King

    If any of this had merit, it would have come out in the 60 court cases, including the Conservative Supreme Court.
    The Truth Will Out.
    Lindell should sleep on that.

    • Greg Hunter

      You are misinformed. No court looked at the evidence. That is a fact. It had nothing to do with “merit”–that’s a bogus lie.

      • Jan

        I would love for the madness to end.
        Question: If Trump would return to white house, as Lindell says:
        Would that change anything?
        Wouldn’t he be embroiled in impeachment day and night from the Congress?
        Wouldn’t he be restricted by those who surround him, like they did the 4 first years?

        One more question though: Would they look at Lindell’s evidences?
        They have tossed out every cases this far. Why wouldn’t they toss this one as well?

        • Greg Hunter

          Lindell is building public awareness. His last documentary called “Absolute Proof” got 150 million views. At least he’s doing something. This isn’t good enough? What are you doing?

          • Thomas Surguine

            GREG!!! What a GREAT ANSWER!! Don’t you just detest folks who have got a pea sized “brain”? AND, this gives me the opp’ty 2 let you know in no uncertain terms, just how very, very much this expat who NEVER NEVER misses a posting of yours,,as it ALWAYS “MAKES MY DAY”, 4 which I CANNOT THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! Expat tom

    • David Gordon Dunne

      WRONG Justin. The SC is compromised as many courts are now. They are either
      blackmailed, threatened with death and their families too or just Liberal pigs.

      • William Richard Nicholson

        I concur emphatically ! If one gets into any substancial position , it is usually because they are handled by a Control File ! Blackmail used to achieve the goals of the so-called world leaders. ” World Lesders ” are controlled by Lucifer to whom they have sold their souls to . Money at top controls banks & the governments below them. Want the real power center in any area , then find the biggest bank , biggest church and then follow their primary ” leaders ” especially on Halloween night or Easter & New Years. You’ll find them attending Satanic sacrifices with all sorts of perverse activities ……

        • Sara Witt

          I agree with Mr. Nicholson.. I love Mike Lindell, but this is a world-wide scheme and is all about bible prophecy written 2000 yrs ago. This psychotic behavior by the Left is no coincidence. What can make people stop in their tracks more abruptly but than to lose everything you have i..e., jobs, money, homes, family, status, health? This is getting people’s attention.. What is really important? It is not baseball..Choose the Lord Jesus Christ and live ..
          God is calling us back to him, can you hear him? Soon the trump will sound.

      • Jim

        There are times in life you decide if your something or your nothing. It has happened right here in my county a couple times. More people are being revealed for what they are every day. Our county and state are likely going to become sanctuaries away from the ongoing inept, ill conceived things being forced upon our nation. The proposed IRS changes are enough to to bust every farm and small “under $40 million” business in this country. You better hope someone makes progress pushing back. These same, as my WWII veteran neighbor called them, “pot lickers” loved Chavez when he came to power. Take a good look at Venezuela and other socialist debacles. Don’t think for a second “it can’t happen here.”

    • Gordon

      Hello Justin,
      It is my understanding that SCOTUS, the court that should have heard these very important cases refused to hear them based on procedure and standing. The evidence was never heard. SCOTUS is obviously compromised. You are wrong Justin, however, you are not alone, there are many of you out there that have somehow bought the lie.

      If they have nothing to hide, why all the delays and issues getting these audits completed.

      We find the answer in a quote from Joesph Stalin “Those who vote decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything”.

      Do some research Justin, you will find out that Greg is right. It is a big fat lie, you have been had by powers that be. You should be very concerned for your future and the future of your children and their children. Enjoy your day.

    • Charles H

      “The Truth will out, Justin? BWAaaa-Haaa, has,ha,ha! How IRONIC you should cloak yourself with THAT phrase: when this is exactly what you would not wish to come to pass. OK – form a national committee, with international independents to compile, examine, and compare ALL the evidence. Ya know what would happen? A national consensus of the +85 millions who voted for Trump would sent the National Guard home and toss Congress out on it’s ear, along with the illegitimate posers in Office now. The Georgia Senate too! All the Judges who would not “hear” cases will be removed, including SCOTUS. So, heck ya: let the Truth be out!

    • Sandra Sullivan

      Y0u are not informed or a troll.

    • Thomas Surguine

      As far as the “s.c.” is concerned, u can FORGET ABOUT IT, One major, major reason we left usa 4 GOOD, is Roberts declaring bozo heads health care crap a “tax”…that did it. bye bye usa.will never see ya again. Had 2 go 2 H.K 2 get cured of all kinds of respitory problems! And NOW, with this HORRID STOLEN ELECTION, just serves 2 make our decision even more solid…mores the pity. Life is wonderful,,& HEALTHY here in S.E. Asia….Expat tom

  13. Doug22

    The election was the second attack. The Virus was the first attack setting the stage to weaken the country !

  14. Craif

    I pray for the truth every day, God bless Mike Lindel he is carrying a heavy burden. If this comes out and it’s true it’s gonna be the equivalent of Pearl Harbor

  15. PeterM

    I’m sorry to say but there not going to be a somebody do something.
    At this Point What Difference Does It Make. Sounds familiar? No one has been held accountable for anything for a long time. The swamp is deeper now than when Trump first got in. Mike save your breath to cool your poriage.
    I’m not giving up I’m making a stand personality and telling everyone of the fraud but most of all tell the good news of the Gospel of Jesus because there’s no coming back from this. Pray hard and lean on the promise that the last days will be shortened or no flesh will survive.

    • Greg Hunter

      Somebody is doing something. Lindell to a large part and to a smaller part and USAW posting this information. Give up someplace else and stay out of the way.

      • Barb

        Amen Greg great interview God Bless you

      • Mike

        I don’t trust Dershowitz.

      • The Det

        Spot on, Greg.

      • Sandra Sullivan

        Isn’t it amazing that some people don’t know the truth or listening to the wrong people and have no discernment. But I thank God for you and Lindell. You are our gatherers for excellent truth. Salute! Champions.

      • Thomas Surguine

        CAN NOT RESIST THIS COMMENT 2 SIR “MR. TRUTH G R E G”…..Your “retort” peter is so precisely “right on” that it is just one more reason why this guy just enjoys your FABULOUS SITE SO VERY MUCH!!! Once again, THANK YOU,,THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!
        Expat tom

    • Self Exiled

      I think he is correct that by August we will be seeing much more destruction both financially and medically. The grip on the US and other nations is extremely well developed and is the product of years of scientific and financial planing. I do not think of it as a swamp but a world movement well orchestrated with unlimited funds and talent. Living here in a foreign country and visiting three others has convinced me of the spiritual magnitude of this movement. Lindell’s efforts are not in vain. People need to know and be educated about the details to the extent they can make connections to the Truth of the events that are occurring world wide. So that many will realize that this is bigger than they are and seek the only source of Hope: to expect Trump/one man/or one nation to reverse this destruction man kind has been bent on for thousands of years is inappropriate. As I said in a post before—everything is breaking down. Governments, medical systems, presidential degradation [Biden falling down], communication—even between individuals, between governments, financial implosion, morality destruction, child sexual sacrifice, educational eradication, family annihilation, and more. It is God’s revelation to us that the Hope we are looking for is greater than we hoped. This site and Lindell’s determination to provide Hope is the proof of the knowledge of God’s providence and concern, but He must be true to Himself and His Son and us who do not deserve His Love. This site is and others will be a guide post, this is only the beginning. Posted before ” I believe USAWD will become a spiritual force to defend/uplift/strengthen/convert those who will now entire the dark night of the soul. A time of extreme insight/suffering/enlightenment/pain and renewal to what is more important than country: our eternal relationship to He Who is orchestrating the events we are watching. We forget faith is not knowing but still/believing/following. Those who are caught in this will gain experiential knowledge of His Presence. Our gravest danger is giving up on HIM, our assignment is moving forward in trusting dependence on HIM.” and that is what I read in your post and what Lindell is doing in my onion.

      • wayne hardin

        He Who is orchestrating the events we are watching .
        God the father is in control .

    • Geena Gador

      Peter M. You are a dumb ass coward, not to fight for freedom. Here and now. Fight for freedom or go to hell like the ones who stole the election.

  16. Mary Mason

    Greg, you need to watch this 4-minute video on the COVID vaccine. Dr Mike Yeadon, former Pfizer senior vice president and chief science officer states, “Your govt is lying to you in a way that could lead to your death. The vaccine can cause a massive scale depopulation.” start @ 23 min. https://www.trunews.com/stream/peter-navarro-father-fauci-helped-china-genetically-engineer.


    If what you say is true, and Im not saying it isnt. Because its obvious that something happened.
    What do you think China would do, If Trump got back in? If they did what you claim and it ultimately failed, what do you think they would do next? Bio-weapons? Nuclear? Cyber? oh wait they already did the cyber thing. One thing is for sure they will up the game.

    • Greg Hunter

      Let em.

      • Sandra Sullivan

        ‘Let ’em”. that hornets nest is already buzzing. Go ahead hit it!

    • Barb

      They are already using the game . So is russia you need to do some research . They are trying to start wars .

      • andyb

        You have totally swallowed the Deep State propaganda about Russia. Putin is a devout Christian and he is a true nationalist. In spite of the nefarious activities of NATO and the psychotic US MIC, he has followed a Russia first agenda for hi s people. He is very much critical of Main Stream and Social Media. Remind you of anyone?

        • Mike Anenberg

          Agreed. He and Trump are friends.
          Common sense men that the world needs now!

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Dugtrux, We can destroy all of China and don’t think that is not on the table now.
      My friend who was Secret S. for 35 years in the WH told me after retirement, “Dave, if
      you really knew what went on daily, you would never be able to sleep again.” If that
      was not the case, China would have already sent in the troops or cut our grid off.

  18. WarProfit

    April 19th, the same day the Ukraine war is alleged to kick off. There are no coincidences.

  19. anthony . salamone

    Great video ,very uplifting.I hope Mr.Lindell isn’t on anything,he’s too speedy and hyper.

  20. Brian Keane

    tried http://frankspeech.com/ but no vip registration etc required before Thursday midight (today?)–iam in Canada so maybe a fiter?would appreciate working vip link-thanks G

    • Nat

      Brian, I tried to early (VIP) download too in Texas. No option to do so on frankspeech.com ?

  21. BDS

    Great Job Greg,
    Two patriots getting the word out! Sounds promising!
    Still want justice on Clinton Emails scandal, Uranium one, Weiner’s laptop with Insurance folder (snuff film?), Clinton Foundation pay for play donations, Comey, Brenner, Operation Fast and Furious Border, McCain Vs Obama rigged election/test of voting platforms, Hunter Biden laptop/deviant behavior/Burisma/China $1.5 Billion and Quid Pro Quo Joe/Bad parenting raising a morally bankrupt child and destroying USA. There is so much more $30 Trillion in Debt it’s so insane it will never be paid back until the fiat system is destroyed.
    Where is the “We The People” justice for these treasonous people get what they deserve.

    • Nat

      Sorry Greg, my reply should have been to Brian NOT BDS. Could not cancel.

  22. robert howell

    Look at these idiots banning gun parts i mean these senators have never shot a weapon in their lives. Even democrat friends are calling this lunacy. I am hearing about china off the coast of the philippines. Crime /food no jobs there. China came out with we will fight for taiwan to the bitter end in an article. Food prices are going up. I am going north of seattle sat to buy food. Locally here farm stores are never having wheat or products again because they cannot get it. TP is for sale right now at Costco. Stock up on coffee columbia and one man said have beans rice wheat 750 ibs per person. An ex boss after 2008 on a job told me he was a ret colonel on a japanese tunneling job told me buy 5 acres and have a garden. My grandmother said 1929 collapse was over night people are so screwed what is coming.

  23. caroline

    I appreciate everything you do and Lindell is a true patriot. Got my pillows and towels coming! Let’s get this party started!!

  24. Diana Brown

    Thank heaven for Patriots like Mike Lindell and Greg Hunter. Mike is correct, there will be no country in 2022 or 2024 if this fraud is allowed to pass without serious blow-back to those involved in this treason/sedition. What I dont understand, and never will, is WHERE IS OUR MILITARY? They are charged with protecting this Nation, this Republic, from attack foreign AND domestic. Its been 5+ MONTHS since the attack. Its inexcusable.

    • Paul ...

      Diana … It is absolutely inexcusable for our Military to stand down “again” (like they did on 9-11) when “traitors within” attacked America!!!

    • eddiemd

      The military command is compromised. All the general officers are political appointees. They are part of the problem.

      Don’t expect anything from Milley. He works for Pelosi and the dark side.

      Endless wars to keep the MIC rich. Many a retired general officer moves quickly into the MIC.

      • Self Exiled

        Sad but true. Even Gen. Westmoreland was I think deceived into believing a war could be won [body counts] by the MIC [military planners/think tanks]. They kept refining the war process [no coffins on TV], no war footage on the news. When I read Obama had cleansed the ranks [he had 8 years to do it] and they had been retiring out the old die hards before his presidency what is now a revelation to some was a now occupied nation to me. I feel silent and left. I choose a place with no abortion, or legislation to debate the issues of gender. Thank You Eddy, I didn’t know you were 60 years old.

      • JC


        Dr. Ryan Cole says regarding Covid, the best “mask” is a healthy immune system.
        He talks about the importance of Vitamin D and more…


  25. Donna

    “Lindell.” I’ve come to understand that God speaks to us in names. The family name is largely Swedish, but Lindell is derived from the German word for Lime Tree. In Hebrew, the word is Teil or Terebinth.

    Absalom rebelled against his father, King David, and tried to kill him. His glory was his long hair and a royal mule. Absalom’s defeat was that as he was escaping David’s men, his hair got ensnared in the branches of the Teil tree and he was hanged, while the mule kept going.

    The wicked are prideful and haughty and believe they’ve gotten away with their attack on the rightful anointed one, but the Lindell Tree is about to ensnare them all, not to mention they are all going to lose their ass.

  26. Daniel

    If 2020 didn’t convince you the Supreme Court is a joke, nothing will.

    • Robert K

      Amen! Bought and paid for by the Deep State. All you have to do is look at Roberts Barrett, et al.

      The Supreme Court of The United States that was supposed to represent law, order, justice, truth, and the AMERICAN way, has morphed into the Supreme Communistic Oppressive Takeover of the United States. SCOTUS… Same acronym, totally different meanings, one is false, while the other is real. Sadly, the latter is reality. Mark Twain said it best, “Truth is stranger than fiction”.


    Greg, we all should pray for Mr Lindell, with his evidence, the dark deep state may try to off him, I remember JKF they got rid of him, I don’t trust this Government, and with Biden doing , what I call ” OPERATION WARP SPEED OF DESTRUCTION” of the United States- as fast as they can do it, Mike is correct, we can not wait four years, in a year or two, we won’t recognize this country no more and I can’t see a way to reverse the damage by that time by this administration.

    • Paul ...

      Getting rid of JFK with a bullet … and Trump with fake ballots … is just the beginning of the Operational Plan (OP) developed by Satan (for his Demon rats to carry out) … Satan’s OP is clearly written on the Georgia Guide Stones (which should be taken down as being racist against all humanity) … Satan’s intended goal is “the outright destruction of all humanity” … as he can’t cope with “so many images of God” all around him on planet Earth … Satan must find ways “to sterilize humanity” and fight back against Gods plan (to have millions of moral people being fruitful and multiplying “to torment Satan” … so Satan has put Melinda and Bill Gates on the Job “to sterilize humanity” … and completely “do away with all these images of God” now surrounding Satan!!

      • Self Exiled

        No need to off individuals anymore, right Paul. They have worked themselves right up to humanity itself. This I have learned thru the years———- Be still before the LORD; wait patiently for Him and entrust yourself to Him;
        Do not fret (whine, agonize) because of him who prospers in his way,
        Because of the man who carries out wicked schemes. Psalm 37:7

  28. William Glaser

    Greg even if Trump was to regain power, we are still screwed. Trump caused the lock downs, the mask mandate and most importantly the gene therapy shots. Our only hope is Jesus Christ’s return . Put your faith in no man.

    • Paul ...

      William … Put your faith in “all moral men working together in unison” to boycott every one of the evil companies working for the Globalists … this is not a job one man can do … we need “to work together” to defeat evil during working hours (save the praying for the evening as we focus our attack plans for the next day) … and don’t stop boycotting evil companies until they declare bankruptcy !!

      • FC

        Exactly Paul… I’ve lost my marriage, family and Religion (Catholic) over this battle, all this while being surrounded by NPC’s (Non Player Characters)
        I have nothing else to lose.

        “Hard times create strong men. Strong men create good times. Good times create weak men. And, weak men create hard times.”
        ― G. Michael Hopf,

  29. HumanityAwakenZ

    Greg Hunter you’re my hero!!!

  30. Randy Vice

    Trump won’t be back in office until 2025 and I wouldn’t be too surprised if it was his son and not him. The deep state owns Roberts, they own the WH, HoR, and the Sen. No one is going to force DS out of power for the next 3.5 years. Short of insurrection, no one is going to do anything but whine about it.

  31. Moe

    Pass this article from Jim Stone on to Lindell, if accurate Lindell’s site will be compromised

    Lindell launching a new social media platform that “can’t be canceled” or censored –
    It has not launched yet, but for now, the domain is Frankspeech.com and he is claiming it can handle up to a billion simultaneous log ons and can’t be censored or de-platformed.

    I’ll tell you how to know if that’s true or not –
    Once he gets this going, if you do a whois lookup it should say “hosted by frankspeech”. If this is going to work, he has to set up his own server farm and then hook it up to a whole bunch of super high speed fiber optic connections right on an internet backbone, and everything in the data path has to be his. He will also need a direct IP manager that switches the site over the way this one switches over. If he does not do it that way, he’s a goner even if he gets hosted from Iceland and I am not sure Iceland could handle serving a site as powerful as Youtube, and even if he lets Iceland handle the servers, he still needs direct IP that functions without user request the way this site does or all they’ll do is remove him from the DNS servers and POOF, he’ll be gone.

    It is not easy to prevent a site from being removed from the web when “they” want it gone, you really have to cross your T’s and dot your I’s, this site might be the most robust on the web as far as “difficult to remove” and Lindell needs to do it a step better by not having a host at all.

    If he does not do it as I stated, his site will either be a censorship hell hole, troll farm, or whatever else – successfully destroyed even if only by infiltration with no cooperation from him – or they won’t let it live. There are many ways to shut a site down and this one is set up to go around every last thing except ONE, and it’s up to Iceland to give that protection. I cannot pay for a totally independent internet backbone and run without an ISP, I could probably build a suitable server but having the actual line into the internet is not an everyday thing.

    Who knows – maybe he’ll have it all sorted out. We’ll know he got it sorted out if his site stays up for more than a month or two.

    • Greg Hunter

      Hey Moe,
      This would mean more if you used a verifiable name. Keep hiding man you will be ok.

      • Brandon Tew II

        Greetings to my favorite Yankee bloke Greg Hunter. Long time listener on YouTube. I just made my way to your site.

        Greg, you are marvelous in all you do. Anyone that thinks otherwise is more daft than the draft upon Big Ben.

        I wish more were like you over here. My Auntie is all fussed up about getting vaccinated and so is the lorryman. Why, I’d be tempted to peek into the Queen’s knickers if I’d stumble upon the reason it’s such a hit. This world has gone cracked polo-mallet mad.

        Now, I’m using my real name mind you but try not to be so hard on those that don’t online. Many have employment to tend to and having to dust off the CV for commenting online is, well, not desirable.

        Well, blessings to you and keep up the pressure. I’m pulling for your election to get turned around.

        • Greg Hunter

          Thanks Brandon!! “Never, never, never give up”!!

  32. Coalburner

    The Commies in DC are too frightened and crazy to allow Trump back in office. I don’t think most Americans realize how far they have fallen. Did you see the big General kissing the imaginary Pecker of Elmo the tranny, the laughing stock of the world. It will take civil war which no one is willing to pay for now. The suffering has only started for a few. All will have to suffer long and terrible before any fight back will come. You have to have nothing left, to be willing to fight to take your country back. You must remember half the people were willing to vote for a senile old man in the face of a world with plenty of enemy’s. They don’t understand that it takes leadership to have the greatest Defense in the world to stand up and face the enemy. We have squandered our men, money and war machine, though still the most powerful we will not back a senile old idiot who wants to take our rights. The Dimtards do not defend this country its the warrior families, the families that provided the soldiers, the machinery including the Doctors of war and the technology of war. My family has for generations provided all that without anyone getting rich and some barely surviving. That takes sacrifice! When you have a bunch of people as worthless as fill this country today you can forget sacrifice. Just ask me! I will recommend my grand kids leave first. Tell Piglosi, Schumer, That Chinese spy lover, the bug-eyed liar, the fat boy with no balls and that sawed off Bloomturd to defend themselves. Can can have them.
    Chinese do not know how to invent, think up something new, and they won’t kill us because we can do that in my “Flyover Country”. Like we saved the German scientists, the Chinese will want us! They still like to eat and they plow with water buffalo, LOL! Bottom line; Shove it Libtard, Senile, Biden Administration! Oh yes one more thing, does anyone thing AI will replace good old American ingenuity. LOL! yeah!!!! Sure!!!

  33. Jim G

    Whistle blowers with their identity hidden, the Supreme Court is going to reverse the election with a vote 9 to 0 and Trump got 80 millions votes to Biden’s 66 million. What is this guy smoking?

    Lindell is totally delusional thinking the election is going to be reversed. If he was smart he’d disappear before they disappear him permanently.

    Of course often they just discredit and financially destroy those like Lindell as it usually is all they need to do. If that doesn’t work they have plenty more arrows in their quiver so all this big talk coming from Lindell is pure nonsense. In any case, nothing to see here people – move along.

    • Greg Hunter

      Jim G.
      You’re a quitter Jim. This is exactly what evil wants. You are so afraid you don’t even use a verifiable name. Please Jimmy go hide and stay out of the way.

      • David ben Jesse

        There’s a man in canada named christopher james(awarriorscall.com) that I think that you should check out. He was on the sgt. report. I think the reason that the courts aren’t hearing the cases is because possibly we are operating in the wrong jurisdiction.

  34. Louis

    Great Report !

  35. St. Longinus

    The problem is more than China. What is going on comes from the bankers. China is doing their bidding. That’s what the ‘reset’ is all about. It’s a world-wide wealth transfer AND depopulation agenda. Sept. 11 was the beginning of the “century of change”. They weren’t kidding. Altering the results of one election won’t stop this juggernaut. Placing hopes in one election or one man is not going to solve the issues. If the Constitution actually worked, it wouldn’t matter who was in office. But the Constitution doesn’t work. It was meant to fail and it did so spectacularly in the 1860s when a supposedly VOLUNTARY union of states was not permitted to separate by the use of extreme force. For further, detailed explanation of the problems the Constitution has wrought and why the Articles of Confederation were far superior, please visit http://www.thetruthaboutthelaw.com. The person who runs/writes on that site is a lawyer who goes by the name ‘[email protected]’ on twitter. He also has a patreon show several times per week. It’s excellent and I highly recommend your listeners/viewers visit the site and support him on patreon. Mr. Hunter, he’d make a GREAT interview.

  36. Joe

    He’s all in. Massive respect. This guy could go down in history as the greatest patriot. It’s victory of death for Mike. He’s one of the few people who can say he fought for the country with every ounce of his being.

  37. steve

    Hmmm..I think its possible China was involved, however more likely it was a deep state/Dems set up, perhaps together

  38. Kevin Tatanka

    Another excellent HONEST interview, Greg! Mike Lindell is a solid American with an incredible life story. Oh yeah, he makes really great products, too! Proud to have him as a fellow Minnesotan!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Kevin for not quitting and being supportive.

  39. Mr Mike S

    Warriors …that can’t be bought! Like 45, Mike didn’t need this cross he’s bearing. God help and protect Mike and all he knows and loves! Faith can move mountains! Thanks Greg for jacking up the car so we can REALLY FiX IT!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Mike!!
      Your Brother Greg

    • Paul ...

      Mike … It is going “To Take All Of Us” … to “Really Fix It” … by “Boycotting Evil” where ever we find it!!!

      • Paul ...

        And the great thing is … we get to “vote every day” … each and every day we can “vote” by buying the products “manufactured by moral people” like Mike Lindell, etc., etc., etc. … “not just once every four years” in a fake and fixed election!!

  40. Greg

    I love Mike. I love his passion. I love his energy. But there is no need to look to foreign countries when looking for who stole the election. The election was stolen by our own election officials. The State election officials, County election officials and Local election officials. That is who perpetuated this fraud. There is no need to look to other counties. That is misdirection. We need to look no further than our own back yard.

  41. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Wow, what a block buster coming April 19th, 2021 This will prove to the World how the biggest coupe in history almost killed our Nation. I say almost because I believe the evidence is so overwhelming it will cause the greatest outrage this Country has ever seen. People will rise up and demand justice and those responsible held accountable.

    Greg, I can’t thank you enough for bringing Mike on your show, my respect to you both, God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Duke!!

  42. Sam Tiburzi

    God bless you Greg once again your Persistence has giving me HOPE again .

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Sam. Never give up.

  43. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report. Thanks.

  44. Lori McNeil

    Dave Rubin interviewed Mike Lindell about a year ago. It was an excellent hour and I greatly admire how far this man has come in his life. Mike was a total mess before he found a loving God and changed everything. An amazing story.

  45. Connie Sponheim

    Great Man to have on your show! He is totally On Point with everything! I have research so much…years! This is NOT Socialism..it IS COMMUNISM…period. Some Scumbag Cowards in this country have allowed this to happen to a good country…with good people. It’s true most are clueless, but that is NO GOOD REASON to allow those PSYCHOTICS IN THE CCP TO GET in here. The CCP has been infiltrating for over 20 years. Hollywood needs to END. All people must get out of cities…start their homesteads, smaller towns, villages. If you are in a city, you will be a victim of the evil-doers.
    Thanks guys…so glad this is on the net…

    • Jan

      Hello Connie,
      There are two basic forms of socialism. Social democracy which is practised to a some extent in many European countries today. That is sort of voluntary socialism. You know, the kind people for some reason vote in.
      The other fork of socialism is Communism. That version is forced on people in revolutions by weapons or other form of coerce. And, that is what you see signs of in USA these days.
      Of course within these two main forks, there are several subgroups but that is another discussion.

  46. Joseph Wagner

    Looks like Bo Polny was right about the end of April being a time when the Hand of God moves biblically! Sorry…is that a word?

  47. David Gordon Dunne

    I love Mike lindell. He is a great patriot and have many of his super pillows. He speaks the truth and if we can’t take these Wolves in sheeps clothing, COMMUNIST, in charge,
    we are finished as a country and as Russia, and China alone, 100,000,000 were slaughtered soon after the total take over.

  48. Jim Yost

    So, Trump is going to be back in office in August eh? When I read that the first thought that popped into my mind was the saying “If something sounds too good to be true, it usually is.”

    • JC

      Jim Yost,

      We may see interesting twists and turns in the coming months.

      G.A. STEWART:
      If the Biden Administration is thrown out and Trump returns in August, Barack Obama will follow with a full-up coup d’état, and most likely it will be as bloody as Nostradamus describes.

      Beware a Trump Return.

      What I wrote about Barack Obama’s triumphant return after a Trump failure equally applies to The Return of Donald J. Trump after a spectacular Joe Biden military failure. Maybe Senile Joe Biden is being made the sacrificial lamb to start a nuclear war with Russia and China.


      • Greg Hunter

        Bring it. I’d rather die on my feet, but let’s not die. Let’s win, and pry to Jesus who said he would not forsake us.

        • JC

          Bo Polny said “April is going to change our world forever.”

          Let’s hope it’s not due to nuclear war.

      • Jim Yost

        It sounds to me like you have Obama on the brain. That silly craphead can do nothing. You don’t know what you’re talking about.

        • JC

          Ok, Mr. Know-It-All, whatever you say.

          By the way, it’s the analysis of G.A. Stewart, not me.
          Feel free to let him know that he doesn’t know what he is talking about.

        • Jerry5

          Let’s be honest. Anything is possible. Two years ago if I would have told you that you would be wearing a diaper on your face you wouldn’t have believed that either. In 1969 we thought flip phones in Star Trek was science fiction. Wake up and smell the mRNA. Anything can happen.

          • JC

            Thank you, Jerry5.

  49. Allen Freeman

    I’m speechless.

    Thank you Greg, for a stunning interview.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Allen I agree. I was stunned when I was recording it.

  50. Kayla Cameron

    This is hope. I am going to spread this as far as I can. Thank you, Greg!

  51. Sue Robinson

    Thank you Greg! You and Mike Lindell are real heroes. You let Mr. Lindell speak to all of us with very few interruptions while at the same time providing some careful guidance and good questions as this important interview rocketed along. I pray that God’s Grace will protect both of you and your loved ones and that our beloved country will be saved. We will, as you remind us, “Fear Not,” because Jesus has this one.

  52. Leo V

    Biden just reached over 100,000 DISLIKES on his official youtube inauguration video vs only 16,000 likes. Take a look by yourself on the white house channel.

  53. Jayna Williams

    On the old video games, when you lost, it said “Game Over” Thanks for playing.
    2020 election — GAME OVER THANKS FOR PLAYING

    • Greg Hunter

      Just the attitude evil wants in a quitter. Please stay out of the way and don’t try to get other people to quite. Now go somewhere and hide–quick.

  54. Clint Young

    The USA is about to see en masse deaths due to the over reaction of enhanced antibodies created within the bodies of those who took the COVID Vaccine. This is what is called a “cytokine storm”. During the maximum chaos period of these 150 million deaths, most likely the King of the North will nuke the USA bringing an end to the American empire. All this could happen much sooner than any might realize. So, the issue of a stolen election is a mute point.

    “There’s a storm coming. I know.”

    • Paul ...

      Looks like the Demon rat “Commies” are going to hit us Americans with a number of storms “at the same time” … a Nuclear War Storm … a Cytokine Storm … an Ebola Storm … a Sterilization Storm … an Alzheimer’s Storm … etc., etc., etc. … we Americans need to hit the “Commies” back with our own Storm … by Boycotting and “not supporting evil” wherever we find it!!

  55. Zoë-Gabrielle Miroy

    Honk honk Biden.

  56. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr hunter and Mr Lindell, utterly appalling that Mr Lindell should not be able to sleep in his own bed at night, what does he pay all those taxes for?
    However, whilst China may be the handmaid in this nefarious debacle, the real culprits are in your midst and Switzerland hosts the organisation and the people who have attacked the USA. The World Economic Forum wants America destroyed and under the cruel rule of a Bolshevik Communist elite,just as we have have here in the UK and Europe. We plebs looked to the USA as a possible “go to” to escape the communists here,now where can we flee to? Klaus Schwab and his team are using the Green Agenda as a mechanism to destroy the USA as we have been destroyed here in Europe and the UK. The coming Ukraine proxy war is nothing more than a mechanism to close a gas pipeline from Russia to Germany cutting off not only energy to Germany but destroying its economy and production as well. A clear attack on Europe and Germany by the World Economic Forum.

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Maria! Lindell is a good man.

      • Allen+Starr

        The new agreement between China and Iran allows China to build military bases in Iran. The Chinese already have people in Iran who will decide where the first bases will be built for the first 5,000 Chinese troops. The fools who control the US Govt finally pushed China and Russia over the cliff and there will be no more cooperation from these countries in the future. Other countries are now joining with China and Russia to defy the US and all kinds of things are taking place as Russia has had enough and is becoming just plain hostile.

        • Allen+Starr

          What an interesting time to be living here in Siberia. Russia is in control of the oil and gas markets now after winning the war with the US over the Nord Stream II Pipeline. China will be putting troops into Iran to secure their oil supply and Silk Road and Russia is close by to lend China support if necessary. Russia is able to produce oil and gas much cheaper than other countries because all work is done in Rubles and they don’t import anything. The exchange rate of $78 to one Ruble is meaningless if you aren’t using the Ruble to buy imports. I immediately exchange $’s for Rubles and the wife just loves spending all those extra free Rubles she gets. She just bought a 3rd mink coat a few months ago. She had a very hard life here and you couldn’t find a harder worker so maybe she deserves a few of the finer things in life.

          • Allen+Starr

            Made a mistake. It’s 78 Rubles per $1.

            • Allen+Starr

              I bought an apartment and garage years ago for almost nothing. We have a good sized Dacha and also own a car which we will need to replace in two years. Because of this export based economy using the Ruble inside Russia; the two of us live quite nicely on about 30,000 Rubles a month with the car being our biggest expense. It just blows me away how cheap I can live here and I just received my Permanent Residence Permit to live in Russia last year. I don’t know why but we were able to pick up a case of 8 year old Armenian Cognac and a case of Spanish Extra Virgin Olive oil last month at very cheap prices. I gave my Armenian doctor a bottle and he says the Cognac is very nice.

              • Clare+Doll

                The mink coats and the land and the house and the cognac! Oh yeah, and the garage! Man you are livin’ the life! When you finally have to buy that bicycle because the “car” is such an expense, might I suggest bicycle snow tires — and a mountain bike for those Siberian winters. These items would be foreign products to you so that you could afford them in rubles.

    • AndrewB

      I agree. Pointing the finger at China (substitute the name of any ‘axis of evil’ country de jour) may help get the slumbering masses sufficiently perturbed to wake up and take notice, but IMO, this ultimately plays into the hands of the HUGELY wealthy banking families (beyond imagination wealthy – and don’t take any notice of the Forb’s Rich List) who pull the strings of virtually every country president / prime minister, parliament, and legilature. Pointing at countries, and not noticing the real culprits pulling all the strings, is playing by their rules. TPTB love war. It’s highly profitable for them, and afterward they hoover up national assets for pennies on the dollar. G Edward Griffin pointed out the real villains in his best seller, ‘The Creature From Jekyll Island’.
      They have been seeking world domination for a very long time, quote from Mayer Amschel R***schild 1744-1812, “Give me control of a nation’s money and I care not who makes the laws.”

  57. Derek Sinclair

    Mr Lindell is one of the few conservatives to come out of all of this looking good. He has highlighted the fact that most “conservatives” are nothing of the kind but are simply traitors. He has done a stellar amount of work and has put everything on the line. A real American patriot.

    • Paul ...

      Now let us all join this “Real American Patriot” who has taken up the flag of our once Great Nation and is holding it high … and begin in earnest … boycotting all the evil companies and their manufactured products … beginning with Big Pharma … who is now physically attacking us and our children … with their “experimental vaccine”!!!

      • Paul ...

        Some will say: J&J makes the best baby powder and Apple makes the best computers and you want me to buy something inferior? … my answer is …to fight evil … you do “what is required” … even it brings some pain … otherwise … you and your children’s immune system and brains will be turned into “Globalist controlled Borg type computer robots” by these evil Satanic eugenicists!! … avoid their products and put them into bankruptcy if you want to save what God created in his image!!

  58. Vincent Leason

    Watching from Ireland with my full support and admiration since the day I first started following you!!! … April 19th…its the same day that Biden() has just bumped up His c_o_v_id push from May1st… talk about classic cover ups to detract from what this patriot is doing.. bring on the Frank!!!

  59. virginia

    Greg, Thank you for some great news! I am so fed-up with the gates of hell lashing out. We need help for right now we are swirling into the depths of hell. I’ll accept any hope!
    When I saw your notice I could not wait to watch, so it’s three AM and now I’ll go back. to bed with the anticipation of Mikes’ new website and all the hope it holds. God bless us.

  60. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Wow! Loved your interview with Mike Lindell. What a courageous man – and smart!!!
    Even though I have shunned social media platforms to date, I for one will be signing up for frankspeak.com. This guy needs and deserves all the help we can give.

    As Mike’s new election fraud documentary is due to launch on 19th April, I wonder if this fits with Bo Polny’s ‘prediction’ about big things happening on or around 25th April? Sincerely hope so!

  61. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Just caught this amazingly emotional video by a Scottish nurse revealing the establishment lies about C19. Watchdoggers, please review what this courageous person has to say . . .
    Note: Bitchute videos take a few moments to start, please be patient.

  62. ildiko somogyi

    Always watching from Australia. Thank you so much Greg for putting out the truth for us. You would be surprised how many Australians support the Presidency of Donald Trump, Most of us want what is best for the western world and humanity. Mike Lindell is a brave man and has put his reputation on the line where many would not.
    Blessings to you, Ildiko.

  63. Jerry5

    I loved this interview. Mike is a true American patriot. I appreciate his passion …..but…unfortunately our government is already in the hands of the globalist.

    The battles going forward will be waged on the state and local levels, especially with the onslaught on the second amendment. The national sheriffs association is the last line of defense. Recently my county was told to overturn its concealed to carry laws or face cutoff of national funds and backing by the ATF. Our sheriff told the fed to take a hike. The people in my county stood up and applauded his decision, and now the fed is coming after him big time. The globalist have a big problem. In my state there are approximately 186,000 people who have a concealed to carry licenses. Unless they drone the crap out of them, there is no way, they’re going to lay their weapons down.

    The next phase of lockstep will come in June when the World Economic Forum launches cyber polygon and begins to take the grid down in phases. The planners know there is going to be resistance to the vaccinations, and have planned to counter it using digital technology. Banking systems, the electrical grid, and the internet are all on the table. Just like COVID-19 was used to launch the mRNA vaccinations, cyber attacks will be used to take us into a new grid controlled by the globalist.


    I really hope Mike Lindell is correct and the fraudulent election results are corrected and, most importantly, that all the traitors receive the justice they deserve.

    My only reservation is this: will your military allow an election reversal after allowing Biden to steal the election in November?

    What will happen if the top brass does not want to protect your Constitution and is as corrupt as the FBI, CIA and the Supreme Court?

    Sorry, but someone had to ask this question, particularly in light of the fact that the military appear to be doing noting to stop the invasion of your southern border.

  65. Dave

    Please God. I believe that Mike is right about the election. The big danger is that the baby killers will provoke world war 3 before we can remove them. They will provoke nuclear war to kill us while they still have the launch codes. You can put nothing past a party that can murder over 60 million innocent helpless babies, they will do anything.

  66. Marie+Joy

    I expect the grid will go down, long-term. Get ready.

  67. DachsieLady

    Pray for Mike Lindell with all your heart.

    He is the only person showing that all of the electronic voting machines should be deep sixed NOW. I know of no other politician of any party who is saying this obvious fact. There is no way to have honest voting and vote counting when private companies with their proprietary software can only give us black box joke machines with local joke elections personnel in control

    It is extremely important to also note that Mr. Lindell has sstated the fact that E S & S brand of voting machines, as are in operation in our crooked little town under communi9st destruction at present, Austin Texas. He has stated clearly as no other person has that ALL of brands of electronic voting machines must stop being used forevermore and immediately. Also, of course the mail-in voting needs to be stopped immediately and absentee voting needs to be tightly controlled. I have been saying this since 2003 when our hell-hole town started having the electronic voting machines.

    We must have
    hand counted
    paper ballots
    counted in the precincts
    in full public view.

    Several years ago Jim Condit Jr made an effort to start this process to have honest elections by writing this…


    Secret Computer Programs now “count” the ballots in more than 99% of elections in the USA. At least three standing U.S. Supreme Court decisions state that secret counts are illegal.
    The people must demand computer-free, machine-free elections. We must restore hand-counted paper ballots in each precinct, counted, posted, and reported BEFORE the ballots leave public sight.”


    Thank you, Mike. Your passion and love for God and country shines through. After we are told everything you and your family have done for our country, I hope you get national recognition. I look forward to using “Frank”. We need at least one source for a free press.

  69. Andrea van de Kleut

    I knew this wouldn,t last 6 months after the fraud was / became evident. it is sad however that all of the US gov,t was so easy and quicly sold out by people in THIS country , I doubt that even Chineses people would have more scrupple’s then that! . I hope all of the people that sold out will end up poor (like us ) and on the street) like us). all their money must be frozen and re distributed to the US people. !

  70. Matt Jaymes

    My God Greg, you knocked that one out of the park, over the parking lot into the next zip code. WELL DONE! I’m gonna go buy a few pillows now……………..

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Matt. I give Lindell all the crecit!

  71. hudiburgh

    Wow, that was beautiful, watching two eminent patriots together, riveting, loved every second, thank you, thank you!

  72. Dana McMichael

    It is a mistake to suggest China stole the election for Biden. Such a mindset fails to capture the fact that China simply played the role solicited of them. The depths of the evil involved in this coup, and the masses of numbers of people who actively participated (and are still participating) in this overthrow of the Democratic Republic known as the USA suggest an organization that far exceeds what most of us can even imagine. National borders are not remotely a function that can define the source of this coup.

  73. David+Bain


    The Rule of Law needs to prevail in the USA.
    The Political parties need to be brought to heel to the Rule of Law Framework in the USA.
    The Communists and hackers had better hope our US hacking experts whether private or public don’t disrupt their countries like they have ours.
    The Military needs to back up the Rule of Law Framework and the EO of Trump of election interference whether it be foreign or domestic.
    The Beam of Light of the USA is seemingly dim at this moment especially when the politicians are shredding the Constitution and Bill of Rights.
    The avenues being used may look legal to the Public but they are de facto Unconstitutional in their substance.
    The EO’s of Biden are pure dark and evil tactics to make things look legal when in fact they are a direct violation of the Constitution.

    I hope the legislatures finally start piling on this tactical approach to take away our freedoms, liberties and powers.

    From My Chair

  74. Mike R in Naperville IL

    Anyone who has half a brain, and watched during the election night what was happening with the super fast, and impossible swings late evening, that fraud so MASSIVE was occurring, that it was a hugely compromised and corrupted election.

    I am glad that someone like Mike Lindell is exposing this to his fullest extent possible.

    That said, we need more than those 80 million Americans to do WAY MORE THAN JUST WATCH. Americans have become COMPLACENT, and Apathetic on so many levels, precisely because corruption has gotten so embedded in our government at every single level, that far too high of a percentage of our population has allowed themselves to be brow beaten into submission. The DEMONcrats want you all submissive. They want you to lose your anger, to lose the fight in you, because that is the ONLY way they can keep stealing, cheating, lying, corrupting, and destroying our country. China would not, and could not get away with ANY of this, if they didn’t have a willing accomplice, and that is MOSTLY the democratic party LED BY OBAMA !!! Biden is Obama’s puppet, and Obama is CHINA’S CONTROLLED ACTOR, working behind the scenes to destroy YOUR COUNTRY.

    America – WAKE UP. PLEASE PUT INTO ACTION AND DO MORE THAN JUST VOTE. WE NEED 80 million Americans to start suing every single politician, and every perpetrator in Lindell’s videos, and using every possible method that is legal to take back our country. Marching in the streets, voting, calling your CORRUPTED politician, e-mailing, twittering, or whatever on social platforms is simply not going to cut it.
    We have to hit these corrupt pigs in office, RIGHT BETWEEN the eyes, and the way to do that is by HITTING THEIR POCKET BOOKS. LAWSUITS PEOPLE !!! Just like Dominion and these other obscenely corrupt companies are suing Lindell, we Americans need to ACT, and also sue the life out of every single corrupt politician, and make their lives so utterly miserable, that they will need to move out of the country.

    We used to have ‘pitchforks’ to accomplish this, but in this day and age of unlawfulness and disorder, where none of these corrupt people (true criminals) play by the rules, we have to be far more forceful, and do so in real actions. We need to spend our own money, and form class action lawsuits. We have to force the courts via so much pressure, that the courts themselves cannot resist.

    Rest assure the MSM, Jack Dorsey, Bezo’s, Gates, all demoncrats, Facebook, all these sillyconman valley corrupted CEO’s will viciously attack Lindell, and do everything humanly possible to take down everything he does from here on out. Politicians will be forced to discredit all that comes through in his video documentaries, so knowing that will happen, American citizens, and AT LEAST the 80 million if not more, need to go beyond just watching and get into the action of rebuking this stolen election. I am a business owner, and I will be finding ways to act against this corruption. Living here in Illinois I have seen such deep government corruption, and witnessed mayors getting ’90 percent of the vote’ (obvious FRAUD) and this is where Obama honed his DEEP political corruption ‘skills’, and became the absolute criminal and treasonous traitor to our country, that I am no longer going to be complacent, and will act, and join Lindell in doing much more to take back our country, and get Donald J Trump back in office. I would hope our military does the same, and takes back what was stolen.

  75. Neville

    As dear Bill Holter said a few weeks ago they lie about everything ……
    Some of the biggest lies were of course the Kennedy assassination,
    the lunar landing,the Twin Towers,a multitude of wars/invasions etc
    But election rigging which AAcrime committed in foreign countries
    first reared it’s head in 2016 when they falsely accused Russia of interference…
    All of the above have been so blatant in your face lies and the underworld
    called the deep state now richer than ever with a lot of QE counterfeit cash
    being passed to them via rigged markets ,vaccine manufacturing etc
    The BIG QUESTION of course is when will this abominable carry on come
    to an end…….We are due a very long term appearance of OUR LORD JESUS
    at anytime no one knows except the FATHER when that will be but we have
    a lot of signs which are noted in REVELATIONS occurring….Wars,rumours of
    wars,earthquakes,mark of the beast (N.B. These are vaccination scars) and then
    micro chipping,vaccine passports and the like which are restrictions of our FREEDOM.
    Greg thank you once again for allowing comment and for bringing onto your
    show the likes of Mr Mike Lindell ,all strength to his cause and May our LORD GOD
    Bless his Plans

  76. Dan Kenny

    Great interview, Greg. Thaks.

  77. Cindy Hodnett

    Wow! Thank you Greg!
    Love your WNW’s but you are right, this needed to be put up now!
    As you say, anyone with 2 brain cells should know that the election was rigged!
    Just look at the numbers! More votes received than registered voters?
    Open your eyes people! This wasn’t just another 4 year election!
    Trump broke the algorithms! Love it!
    I’m for another election, WITHOUT the machines!
    So many other candidates on the ballots should be able to claim their rightful victories!

  78. Mike Anenberg

    If Americans could unite and refuse to pay Fed taxes, that would throw it into chaos and civil disobedient fervor.

  79. LoneStarHog

    April 19, 1775: At about 5 a.m., 700 British troops, on a mission to capture Patriot leaders and seize a Patriot arsenal, march into Lexington to find 77 armed minutemen under Captain John Parker waiting for them on the town’s common green. British Major John Pitcairn ordered the outnumbered Patriots to disperse, and after a moment’s hesitation the Americans began to drift off the green. Suddenly, a shot was fired from an undetermined gun, and a cloud of musket smoke soon covered the green. When the brief Battle of Lexington ended, eight Americans lay dead or dying and 10 others were wounded. Only one British soldier was injured, but the American Revolution had begun

  80. Kerry

    Tried as Lindell stated in this interview to signup @ https://frankspeech.com/ but no luck.
    Not complaining but there is no early signup at this point on the URL as I see. If I’m in error then my regrets!
    Great interview and blessings to you Greg and to Mike as well.

  81. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    It is my understanding that over 1 million American citizens were involved in stealing the 2020 election. 1 million US citizens must go to prison for their treason against the Republic for starters.

    How do we – the God fearing citizens of the republic get justice in a “justice” system that has proven to be corrupt & compromised from top to bottom?

    How do we get justice from the corrupt MSM & the likes of suckerburg & screwgoogle who hide behind the 1st amendment to silence us?

    How do we rid the Republic of this corrupt banking infestation once & for all?

    • rich


      • Da Yooper


        lots of bankers get fined but none of them ever go to prison for the damage they do & keep doing despite paying fines. To them it is the cost of doing business – fines dont work on these criminals.

        I wonder why?

    • Paul ...

      You know Da Yo … we currently live in a “commie” transgender world that is totally corrupt and compromised from top to bottom … and it needs to be changed by boycotting evil … but lets start by removing that transgender head of Health and Human Services “commie” Bribe’n hired (who is a man pretending to be a woman by putting a hideous blond wig on his head) and is now proposing to remove young boys testicles and young girls breasts (without parental consent) … you know where this is all heading don’t you!?! … one day … the human head of your child “will be removed” from your child’s body … and put on a “unisex robot” … you will be told your children can no longer have any gender … they will all “be made into robots” by the “commie State “without parental consent” … your children will live “outside the animal kingdom entirely” almost entirely as a bio-computer robotic machine!! … and Demon-rat parents are willingly going along with this today!! … they have been brainwashed into believing they “can’t just look at their children’s genitals” to see if they are a boy or a girl at birth anymore!! … and these “brainwashed Demon rats” actually totally believe that they are being abusive to their children by buying them a pink dress and a doll or blue trousers and a truck … they have “simply given up their God given brains” … they no longer have any ability to think for themselves (or see what gender their child really is) … they have abandoned their precious children (who don’t know what’s going on in this crazy world they were born into) to a “commie” State … in these Demon rats minds (“it takes a village” as Hillary would say) … and so these Demon rats have abdicated any say in their child’s “gender reassignment” by an all powerful “commie” State … and “very very evil doctors” working for the State … will gladly turn perfectly normal boys and girls “into robots” (for the greed of fiat money printed out of thin air) … and if the “commie” State wants these robotic children “to have four legs” … these Demon rat doctors will gladly present parents with their “new modified robotic children” (who walk around like mechanical dogs) and can never call their parents Mom or Dad (because these Demon rats were never a parent) to their “now mechanical” children!!

  82. DanKnight


    Excellent interview. And I love the enthusiasm.

    But I do not use a verifiable name because …

    What I know about Google is confidential …

    What I know about China could put me in jail …

    What I know about the Demokkkrats has already cancelled me …

    … and no one listens to a “loser” … that sounds like a kook …

    I’m literally on a BATF watchlist (an illegal one) …

    … Just sayin’ … I would not dismiss the opposition.

    *** God bless you and everyone here – and we’re praying for Mike to win his lawsuits …

  83. Leena

    What about John James and Joe Collins? Maybe they were elected too?
    But what is the point of voting again in 2022 when every state still has the same
    machines as the 2020 election? States may have changed voting laws to require ID”s
    but the same entities that changed the vote before can do it again, regardless of “laws”.
    And finally, putting “evidence” in front of a population that has been brainwashed relentlessly for the last 5 years is not going to cause an awakening. The hatred and psychosis runs so deep as to be impenetrable. It is the MSM that must be dealt with
    and not permitted to continue with “the agenda”.
    Thank-you for having Mr. Lindell on your show-I admire his dedication to the truth.

  84. DanKnight

    What we need is Lindell Webservices – or Trump – or somebody – to supply the underlying infrastructure for all of the alternative ‘platforms’ …

    … In other words, Frankspeech would be more effective if Mike offered it as a service ALSO to Rumble, Bitchute, etc. to keep everyone online.

    This service could operate in parallel – and in collusion and cooperation – with other webservices.

    This coordinated action would also prevent Google from taking any/all of them down.

    If they understood what was going on, they would do this. Google is not a ‘fair’ or ‘free’ enterprise on an open internet. Google is a Deep State operation that is no more ‘private’ than the Post Office.

    I could go on and on … but no one listens until it’s too late.

    The 2020 election is a good example. We were warned about the Demokkkrats cheating and stealing – and I seem to recall some guests on USAWatchdog expressing these concerns. But even with the 2020 election fraud … all too many conservatives still don’t see the problem.

    We must fight back, and we can fight back … but we have to be willing to work together and fight smart.

    *** God bless you, and God bless USAWatchdog … hang in there!

  85. Bruce

    9 am on the 19th (of April) in which time zone, eastern, central, etc. ?

  86. Geena Gador

    I love Mike Lindell. I have one of his pillows. He is a fabulous warrior for freedom.

    Mark Zuckerberg looks like an alien. He looks like a lizard hybrid.

    We must not stop until Donald Trump is restored to his office as the President of the United States.

    Geena Gador

    • Mike R in Naperville IL

      I’d like to see a GoFundMe started for Lindell, to give him all the money he needs to put the full force of litigation against ALL of the election fraudsters who were complicit in this wrong doing.

      Or Maybe Lindell could also start a “PillowsforPatriots.com” website, where you could buy one of his Pillow’s (perhaps even with an American Flag printed into the pillow cover), and charge like double for the pillow that he normally does, with half the money going to this cause of fighting election cyber fraud, AND holding China and the complicit DEMS, accountable.

      This has to be more than just Lindell ‘putting his own neck’ on the line, in fighting this terrible crime against all American citizens, especially all those who were REAL voters, and LEGAL US citizens, who voted, but their VOTE was STOLEN. Lindell needs way more people and way more money on this, and while it sounds like there are others, its hard to see whether they have enough financial power behind this. I would hope Trump is also helping move this along from behind the scenes. We need Trump back desperately, in the office of the President. He was robbed of that chance, and we American patriots were also robbed of not having who we voted for, and who actually won, in office.

      What possibly could be more demoralizing, than realizing your vote truly did not count, but was BEAT by literally fake voting ? This is the purest definition of a banana republic, where the people living in such a rancid environment, have no say whatsoever, bc the country is being run by a dictator or autocrat, being controlled behind the scenes by other country’s bribes, and wealthy elitists who want to suppress and control our citizens.

  87. Tory Allan

    Thank you Greg and Mike Lindel!! I tell everyone I meet about the fraud and that Biden is NOT the president. The evidence is extraordinary and the fraud is in your face. I’ll keep shouting from the rooftops the Truth. God Bless you all that fight for the Truth!!!

  88. C'mon Man

    I love his energy. He is a direct threat to the Communists in charge! Stay Safe!! Just bought a couple of beach towels – I know he’s a gazillionaire, but I want to be a part of it! Look forward to signing up for his new platform.

  89. Andrew de Berry

    Simply brilliant guys. Thank you, thank you.


    We all know the election was stolen, what’s a bigger issue is that Trump and our Military let it happen. If our Military doesn’t hold trials and convict the guilty, then a revolution of the 2nd amendment holders has too happen, let the body fall and plenish the liberty tree with fresh blood. Trum failed, he saw it coming, couldn’t stop it, so we the people are the last line of defense, of its over for this country and the 1%ers will overtake the world.

  91. iwitness02

    Mike Lindell. No one ever expected there would be a Mike Lindell investigating the criminal activity that is still going on. No one seen that coming. No one suspected that there would be a FrankSpeech.com where evidence can be poured out to the public. This just might work. FrankSpeech.com might be the end of Suckabuck and Dorsey and more. Mike Lindell might be able to apply the brakes to this hell bound train we are on. Sure is nice to have hope that the lid can be blown off all the corruption we are trapped in.
    Go Mike! May God bless you and keep you safe.
    Good call Greg! Great interview.

  92. Edward J. Sorrentino

    Greg, Have Faith, Trump IS coming back. Many evil people are going to get arrested, put through Military Tribunals and sent to Gitmo or possibly put to death. We all know this was treason. One of the highest crime against the constitution and our country. Us Patriots are taking back this country. We are not going to stand and watch these COMMIE’s take over this country. May GOD bless you for the work you do.

    • Paul ...

      Ed … Do you think having Trump come back will result in him locking up Hillary? … stop Big Pharma from injecting our children with DNA altering vaccines?? … and reduce the power of the Military Industrial Complex??? … Americans (and all the people of the world) need to work together and “vote with their paper dollars” every day … and in such a way … as to reduce the power of the evil Globalists and their evil corporations … and also begin selling the Globalists evil shares out of your stock portfolios … we need to bankrupt them … before … they destroy humanity (that God created in his image) … and replace us … with robotic bodies (in the image imagined by their god Satan)!!

  93. Robert Veklotz

    Considering your interviews with Bo Polny and Mike Lindell it looks like the end of April is going to be interesting. My fear is the deep state’s propensity to deflect with false flag operations or perhaps a Chinese invasion of Taiwan while we have a pRESIDENT in office who doesn’t know his ass from first base.

  94. Justn Observer

    Greg, A message from Dr. Cole in Idaho all should hear….and consider strongly..

  95. Gary Gillespie

    4/19 is an important date in history. I’m sure it was picked as the launch date for that reason.

  96. Allen Sachetti

    God Bless You Mike!! You Are My Hero!! You Are A True American Hero!!

  97. Felix A Renteria

    The more I hear of mike lindell,the more I love this guy.He is absolutely correct it does not matter what your political affiliation,the chinese(GODless) attacked our country.They put in a GODless fake president that should be hung for treason with the rest of the demonrats for the evil they are pushing on this country.I like trump[but I don’t necessarily trust him ,I think he is owned by the zionist bankers just like the rest of them but he is more a nationalist.Why did he push this poisonous vaccine and other gun restrictions,the second amendment shall not be infringed.SHALL NOT BE INFRINGED.Another great interview greg,keep up the great work

  98. Scott Manhart

    One of the most valuable traits President Trump brought to the office was his uncanny ability to irritate the opposition to a point where they voluntarily drop the camouflage and reveal who they really are.

  99. Jennifer

    Greetings Greg,

    Great news and a great story!
    Interesting…the coinciding of both the timing of Mr. Lindell’s April 19/20 events, with his scheduled release of information that seems seismic in its benefits for our country, as well as the launch of his uncensored “YouTube, Twitter” type platforms…and the timing of Bo Polny’s “Great Awakening/ Transformational” April 2021 call!!!

    We all have been taught that, “The pen is mightier than the sword.” What we are not taught, however, is that, “Silence is mightier than the pen.” Look, for example, at the power that the Rockefellers, The Bildeberg Group, the Partners of the WEC wield over societies as well as over governments, without ever making personal appearances or announcements. Yet they know exactly how to effect change in secrecy and in silence. I am happy to see that M. Lindell operated in the same fashion in order to get everything he needed to get done, put in place. And I am also happy to see that President Trump is now operating in the same fashion…working full-time for the good of our Country…but without speaking or without writing about his exact intentions or what exactly he is planning to do.
    I also believe, going forward, that this is exactly how good intentioned American citizens, who love their country, will be operating and becoming forces for good…both on a local level and on a national level, without announcements of their intentions, i.e., without inviting their enemies to block them before they effected change…at least until that time when they can once again feel and know that their safety to speak publicly, as a free person in a free society, is safeguarded and protected, as well as all of their other Constitutional Rights.
    Great work, Greg.

  100. Allen Sachetti

    Every American should be like Mike Lindell.

    WAKE UP you cannot be a weak minded fool qnd ignore the FACTS put forth in this video.

    WHERE are the rest of our MEN to stand up like Mike. Wake Up People, Wake Up!!

  101. Gerald Eatock

    Sixty six million people voted for sleepy joe ?
    Even knowing some of those were dead people its frightening to think how many brain washed communists and TRUMP haters you have there

    • Paul ...

      G … They say about 100 Million people have so far taken the “experimental” vaccine … if all the 60 Million (who voted for Bribe’n took the vaccine) then all these Demon rats will soon be toast, goners or sterilized … which means … only half the Trump voters (40 Million) took the jab … so “on a percentage basis” the world should soon “be able to become a better place again” (as long as the remaining 40 Million Trump voters refuse the jab) … and thus will remain healthy and can continue to have children … so … we should be able to repopulate our world (completely void of Satan loving Demon rats who currently dance around bonfires … and put babies on the grill … for an evening snack)!!

      • Paul ...

        The Globalist eugenicists have probably come to the same conclusion … and have likely threatened Trump and his family to force him tell his supporters “to get the shot” … since we know Trump “is compromised and must do has he is told” … we need to use our God given brains “to outsmart the evil Demons” … and refuse the jab (as we all know Trump has a gun to his head)!!

  102. Jeff Richardson

    Great interview, Greg, I watched his first video and it had powerful evidence. I think
    Mike is on the road to victory for us, and you are having a part of it too. Thanks!

  103. James A Driscoll

    Great interview with Mike Lindell. You are both patriots and I appreciate you so much. For such an hour as this, God has placed you as watchmen. There are others and we appreciate them as well, people like Sidney Powell, Rudy Gulliani, General Flynn, and the many others. May God grant us a new birth of freedom in this land. I pray daily that we will see justice as the usurpers are dealt with, either through the courts or the military. Military tribunals works for me.

  104. Jan

    I’m not an American. I’m sitting in Budapest, Europe, praying and hoping that the madness would end. If Trump would return to the White house, I would salute that. But, if that should happen, wouldn’t that mean there would have to be a clean sweep and draining off the swamp, for him to be able to actually do the things we have been hoping for? Would that be possible?

    • Paul ...

      Jan … The only way to clean up the evil swamp is not by voting in some politician … but by every one of us in the entire world “directing our spending only toward moral corporations” and bankrupting the evil Demons who are out to destroy humanity!!

  105. NC Gal

    You did a great job keeping the interview focused. Lindell gets so excited and has so many details running around in his head, he often doesn’t finish one thought before beginning another, and your questions kept the flow going nicely.

    I applaud his courage and devotion to this country and agree that Biden and those he is associated with are ruining what’s left of our country at a pace that is truly frightening. I wish I could be more confident in Lindell’s expectations regarding the Supreme Court, but given their unwillingness to address even a single one of the cases put before them related to this election, I can’t say I believe that Mike’s lawsuit will fare better, even with Dershowitz on his team.

    It is my understanding that Trump signed the insurrection act before his term of office ended, leaving the military in charge of the country and being the ones to decide when the “emergency” he invoked had ended. Under that authority, while not legally occupying the office of President, Trump remains the commander-in-chief of the military and has been issuing executive orders since then. Given the illegality of the election (including the down-ballot changes in the people who were left in Congress) and the absolute, demonstrated unwillingness of ANY of the Supreme Court Justices to look at the evidence in ANY of these cases, I personally think only a military solution will work to save this country from the criminals that stole this election and so much more. I also think that they are working toward that end, and I hope that it will be possible to undo the damage being done in the meantime.

    Lindell’s efforts will help with educating people to the truth, as does this website, but in my opinion, only the military has the ability to take charge and right the wrongs.

    • Greg Hunter

      According to Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump did not sign the insurrection act. I heard him say it.

      • NC Gal

        Greg, I heard him say that, too, in an interview with Doug Billings on February 5. That WAS up on YouTube and was taken down. Simon Parkes said that General Flynn HAD to say that and gave this 13 second video of Flynn (https://t.me/WWG1WGAhere/189) to support that assertion. Simon also explained it fully in his own interview with Doug Billings on February 8, which YouTube has also taken down.

        The fact that Biden has been totally forbidden to enter the Pentagon speaks loudly to the truth of what’s going on, as well as all of the lights in the White House being turned off every night at 11 pm. Do you not think it strange that Biden was not given any military transportation of any kind to attend the inauguration? Marine One and Air Force One were carrying Trump, but Biden was left on his own.

        We are in uncharted territory right now, with TWO parallel administrations. If this were Europe, the military one would be called an interregnum administration. There is a lot going on behind the scenes and I feel confident that in the end, Trump will return to his rightful place as the duly elected President, but for now, I also feel strongly that only the military can cause that to happen. Our legal system is essentially broken and I don’t have any faith it can be fixed until and unless the “swamp” is truly drained and these criminals are held to account for their deeds. Since the courts are broken and SCOTUS is unwilling to act on defense of the Constitution, it falls to the military to do that. I certainly hope they do or we have lost our country and won’t ever get it back.

    • Paul ...

      Like they did on 9-11??

      • Paul ...

        NC Gal … better to do the fighting ourselves (by boycotting evil “every day” using the power of the purse as individuals in the millions) rather then hoping for the US Military to act to protect the American people … tell me …where is the Military now as an invasion is currently taking place on our southern border?? … in the exact the same place they were on 9-11 … standing down!!!

        • NC Gal

          I don’t have an answer for that except to note that a LOT of people are becoming aware of the damage that Biden is doing to our country. You will note that he turned the handling of the border situation over to Harris and she has not done one thing about it that I am aware of. To the best of my understanding, everything WAS in place to do a massive number of arrests and prevent the Biden inauguration from taking place and hours before it was scheduled to happen, the “black hats” did something that caused them to re-evaluate proceeding as planned and the moment was lost before they sorted it out. That’s why there were the thousands of National Guard troops and Marines in DC, with those fences and tents set up to process the arrests. That’s why 2,000 of those National Guard troops were sworn in as Special Deputy US Marshalls — to help with those arrests.

          However, although the plan was delayed, it is still moving forward and a lot is being learned about who can be relied on and who was a traitor-in-hiding, so in some ways the delay has bought a lot of information that wasn’t available before and that supposedly will make the “draining” more complete. I certainly hope so!

          • Paul ...

            NC G … The Demon rats in Washington DC are so focused upon themselves (instead of the American people) … that they falsely believe that (America … is simply Washington DC) and that they just have to put up a fence up around DC … and that’s all that it takes … to save their America!!

  106. Jeff

    GREAT program, Greg! Mike Lindell is a HERO. Would that we had 100 more CEOs like him. Be well and God bless.

  107. Rod Brumley

    Greg Hunter and Mike Lindell two great Patriots. I’ve purchased his new Towels and they are the best I have ever owned. Highly recommend them. Doubtful that at this stage of the game there is any possible way for President Trump to get back into office before 2025

  108. James Hayman

    Greg, can I purchase a copy of this video to archive. It’s the most important video I’ve seen in years.

  109. Rich

    Greg, so happy I might have helped get you and Mr. Lindell together in some way! I am always happy to state you and USA Watchdog as being one of my two favorite websites and I am now going to try and match Mike Lindell’s efforts with the other!!
    A shame nobody thinks of the well being of his employees when they try to cancel his business!! Giza Sheets you say!! Next pension will get me something cool to sleep on this Summer and I’ll also work to get lightning to strike for Mr. Lindell again. Best I can do (something big from a small “seed”) and to the two of you….All the Best and God’s Blessings wished to you and all your subscribers!!

  110. Henry Ford

    China would not have been able to rig the election without help from the Democrats, RINO’s, and the courts. China did not fill out fake mail-in ballots. China did not harvest ballots. China did not run ballots through the machines multiple times. China did not cover the windows and prevent observers. China is not preventing audits. These things were done by Americans to rig this election and they must be prosecuted.

    • NC Gal

      And the CIA operatives who gave instructions from the US Italian embassy in Rome to the man who used the Leonardo satellite to manually change votes for Trump to votes for Biden when the other means you refer to were not enough were also party to the fraud and not from China. See the affidavit here: https://theoregonconservative.com/2021/01/10/italy-admits-to-interfering-in-us-election-in-favor-of-biden/

      There is lots more on Maria Zack’s NationsInAction website at https://www.italy-did-it.com/ .

      In my opinion, Lindell is focusing on China’s part in this because it’s the best grounds for his lawsuit. He makes brief mention that there were other players, including within the US, but singles out China because that is supported by the DNI report. However, the Dominion servers in the CIA safe house in Franfurt were the node that was transferring data between China and the US. Soros was behind the programmers in Serbia that provided the algorithms used to program the voting machines.

      There were many players at all levels who wanted to defeat Trump sand were paid to do so and then the globalists could finish destroying this country and bring in their one world order. This country has carried out regime change in other countries all over the world and now its own agencies are using those tools against us. It’s literally a battle as to who is going to control the world.

  111. Don

    Thanks Greg, it does need to be uncovered, and all I can say is, come on back President Trump, (the Trumpet shall return) and be in office when Christ appears and calls us into the heavens. We are the fig tree generation, who will see Christ come for his people. Come Lord Jesus, and take us away.

    • Paul ...

      We were put here for a purpose Don … read between the lines of the Bible … we won’t be taken away to manage a new world … until we can prove to God “we can manage this one”!! … Genesis 1:28 … “Be fruitful and increase in number … fill the earth and subdue (the evil eugenicists and tear down their Georgia Guide Stones) … rule over “every” living creature (like Bill Gates, Fauci and all the evil corporations to prevent them from destroying the DNA of my creations) … Genesis 1 :29 … God said: “I give you every seed-bearing plant on the face of the whole earth and every tree that has fruit with seed in it (take care that Demonic evil corporations do not remove these seeds from the fruit and trees I give to you) … if we can manage this world “the way God wants us to” … then and only then … would it make sense for God to transport us to new worlds for us to conquer (where most likely even greater evil exists to be subdued)!

  112. Jc Davis

    Nice work getting Mike. The world is under a spirit of deception. God has got this in automatic.

  113. Paul ...

    America’s Allies … please take note: Bribe’n states: “I’m not looking for confrontation with China”… https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/china-new-threat-taiwan-islands-military-wont-stand-chance … so all the thousands of Military Bases the US has around the entire world to “protect America’s allies” … is simply a bunch of bull shit … and a money making racket for the MIC … so lets “close all the bases down” … and begin to balance our out of control Federal budget!!

  114. GoneWest


    Big credit to you and Mr. Lindell on your efforts to expose the election fraud. You are doing necessary work.

    What you are doing will only be the start. It will not make the change happen. We need at least 3-10% of Americans in the street demanding that the Constitution is upheld and corruption is prosecuted. But there has to be an “or else” or the effort will be ignored. One “or else” that would work is a complete work stoppage. Nothing gets done, nothing moves, and everything is at a halt until it’s fixed. Protestors block highways. Trucks can’t move. Trains can’t move. It will be over in a matter of weeks when the grocery stores and gas stations are empty. Tough to do but it will take something of that scale to demand the attention that is required. Otherwise, lip service will be paid but no real change will be made.

    Until that number of Americans are willing to lay it on the line, we will continue down the path of communism/corruption.

    One to two guys can indeed make a difference. But change will require the masses.

  115. Vlad Pluton

    What If Mosquitoes Could Spread Vaccines?
    Duration: 04:41 1 hr ago
    Could this be the most effective way to spread a vaccine?
    Mankind is so smart!

    • Paul ...

      Vlad … Each of us should be like “a swarm of mosquitoes” and draw a little blood from the evil corporations each day (to vaccinate them from doing Satan’s work)!! … when these evil corporations say “they are doing God’s work” … we have to realize that … they believe in “a different god” then the one we believe in … to fire a shot “heard round the world by all the evil eugenicist Satanists” … we humans (made in the image of God) need to remove their Georgia Guide Stones (they planted l”ike a depopulation flag of conquest” on our very shores) … when we destroy their Guide Stones … is when the world will come to realize “we intend to do battle with evil” and all the completely insane psychopathic Demons trying to destroy humanity!!

  116. Mike R in Naperville IL

    The biggest threat by far between now and August (or whenever Trump might make it back in), and its more real than anyone can imagine, is Biden starting WWIII, and in particular his war mongering fellow demoncrats, igniting this whole mess with Russia. Russia has the ‘goods’ on Biden and his prior nasty and illegal Ukraine dealings, and Biden (and all his criminal cohorts in CONgress) will likely seek to find ANY excuse to have all of that ‘buried deeply’ as it were.

    Biden (besides his senility) has ALWAYS been a very stupid man, opening his big bazoo at the worst possible times, and always saying the exact wrong things. (It wouldn’t surprise me if Obozo admitted that he chose Biden, purely to make sure Obozo would actually sound ‘smart’ next to his next in line).

    This means STRATEGICALLY, Biden will be the worst possible person in office right now, to be leading the so called ‘free world’, right when Putin has a whole lot of people (countries) by the short hairs.

    PUTIN IS ALSO VERY STRATEGIC, and far more intelligent than Biden was ever even in his ‘best’ days (whenever that might have been a couple or few decades ago???)

    Putin basically sees the US right now essentially waging war against Russia on several fronts, besides Ukraine, there is also Belarus, and Russia itself that US and its proxies are stirring up the proverbial ‘hornets nests’, trying to bait Putin into a war.

    So Putin is going to continue to press for a strategic agreement with the EU, with in part its strategic NG pipeline, and Russia is going to do everything humanly possible to undermine the US dollar. (If the EU can bypass both oil and gas, by buying fossils from Russia, then it bypasses huge $$$ value transactions in the US dollar)

    The best time for Putin to strike up massive strategic energy agreements, and other alliances that could be viewed by the US, as harming the dollar, is RIGHT NOW, when the US has a super weak, super dumb, super fake ‘president’, and an even dumber and weaker congress led by a mess of a house speaker, and mentally whipped senate leader, with the world’s biggest whack job for a VP, all distracted by massive stimulus packages, spending America into oblivion, and still fear mongering about the pandemic.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right Mike. Good analysis.

    • Self Exiled

      I suspect, only my delusions of speculation and no sustenance of fact: that we the people/herd/world wide are caught between opposing forces [as NC Gal says to control the world] at levels of international magnitude of power addiction. These financial elite are now battling themselves over which fractions and families will control this NWO or gain the most wealth/territory. Deaths like Petr Kellner the Czech republic’s richest man and Sir Richard Sutton all in the same two days make me wonder. Kissinger coming out and saying the NWO should be accepted — who is he talking too, not you and me. Who high up is opposing this reset; maybe China CCP elitist families battling it out with European elites. The China against Russia play sure back fired and now we have the new alliances of China, Russia and Iran. The financial western elitist have their hands full trying to clean up Trumps presence in the US. The harder they work at this internationally also politically in the US the more it falls apart. It is absolutely futile to oppose the God Who casts no shadow and speaks matter into existence. They are working their own destruction.

      Trust [confidently] in Him at all times, O people;
      Pour out your heart before Him.
      God is a refuge for us. Selah. Psalm 62:8

  117. Malcolm Naylor

    I keep praying for Mr Trump & the U.S.A. God bless, Australia 🙂

  118. Mike+G

    Not going to happen. It is just hopium. The criminals will remain in DC surrounded by razor wire and 5k troops. All three branches are corrupt, if anything will change, it will be the peoples revolt that does it.

  119. Jerry5

    Here’s a lady doing the jab, stab, shuffle. Watch before it’s gone.

    According to many of the front line doctors, many of the adverse effects of the jab may not be known until 8-12 months after the initial hokey pokey. Some are saying, a large portion who took the jab will be checking out, when the next wave of a different strain hits sometime this fall.

  120. Wayne

    Hi Greg

    A appreciate you sharing your information/opinions with all of us, I recognize that it can not be an easy task with the massive/evil forces working against truth seekers/informers.

    Jim Willie has been doing an exceptional job exposing and dissecting all the “vaccine” related side effects and the related spin off reasons why. Of all the people that I follow, he seems to have possibly the best grasp and ability to explain COVID/Vaccines and has published 3 health reports this past year dealing with all this. I believe we are all in for the fight of our lives/souls,. As Christians it is important that we seek common ground, while doing our best while doing our best accepting any differences. I would also love to see more of David Morgan, Craig Hemke, Rob Kirby, Martin Armstrong and maybe consider Bix Weir. Others you might want to consider are Dr. Charlie Ward, Mel K, Robert David Steele….all three seem to the tapped into the political/freedom side.

    Keep up the excellent work Greg!


    Best wishes

    • AndrewB

      Hi Wayne,
      At least some 0f the people you mention are (IMHO) a little ‘dubious’ – in the Walter Mitty sense – but MelK is down to earth, cogent, and amazingly brave. She understands who the central characters are and isn’t afraid to name them – and often. I agree with you, it would be great to have MelK on USAW.

  121. Lazlo

    Why isn’t there an ARMY of MIKE LINDELS and GREG HUNTERS fighting for our FREEDOM?

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Ward, and Steele are bums!!!

  122. Greg Morrissey

    Greg the dates he is talking about line up with the dates that Bo Polny said that events were going to happen, am I right? 4/21/21

    • Greg Hunter

      You Can go back and look at the power point in the after the interview section but I think it was 4/2321 – 4/26/21.

  123. Greg Morrissey

    Bo Polny said that those same dates in April are going to show something big is going happen and Mike Lindell is too release data on election fraud at the same time .
    Something big is going to happen .

  124. Peter

    I love Mike Lindell and hope all the best for him, he’s a true patriot. He shouldn’t overlook the phony ballot/phony voters in 2020 because people in Arizona have done some investigation to determine many mail in ballots originated from addresses where people couldn’t live nor could they receive a ballot by mail. Ex, storage lockers, vacant apartments, parking lots, etc. It will be easier to track down bad ballots than strange algorithms run inside voting machines.

  125. Kay

    Mike Lindell loves America! God bless him. Mr. Hunter, I hope you will be covering the live Frankathon.

    Could you please get someone on to talk about the new app CLUBHOUSE? It is for the younger conservatives and invite-only. We need to be able to talk freely and safely.

    God bless Americans! ALL Americans not the select few.

  126. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Dr Reiner Fuellmich, who successfully sues VW and Deutsche Bank, begins Legal Litigation on the Covid-19 Fraud – The Greatest Crime Against Humanity:

    Interview with Dr Fuellmich:

  127. ken

    August? Got it. I assume this year. Marked on my calendar.

  128. AndrewB

    The ‘Covid Nazification’ of the National Health Service, by Doctor Kevin P Corbett MSc PhD

  129. Mark Spain

    is this the correct web address for the Frank page? https://www.thethinkingconservative.com/about-the-thinking-conservative/

  130. Bill the Cat Guy

    Greg, you really need to have a guest who can explain the silver squeeze. Places like the Perth Mint that sold gold and silver, and offered storage, don’t have the metal they’re supposed to have. In some cases it can take a year. You have to wonder how many times they sold that metal. The Wall Street Silver group on Reddit is encouraging people to buy as much physical silver as possible and take delivery of it. They hope to break the COMEX and create a free market for silver.

  131. Richard J Schofield

    Theta tv Greg get on theta tv no censorship

  132. wayne hardin

    Proverbs 3:5

    “Trust in the LORD with all thine heart; and lean not unto thine own understanding.

  133. Charles Norville

    Red China is not communism its autocracy that had the support of the elite when it was crashing like in Soviet Union when it crashed. Putin and Xi are emperors for life. The prelude to all this was America losing its sole with the execution of JFK by his executive and elite. Unfortunately the elite decided to throw the American people under the bus to bolster the China model (with Russia getting on board) to install an autocratic regime in the USA. BTW Taiwan is a decoy China does not need to take Taiwan, it would effect the markets badly and China would be biting off more than it could chew with eg Japan, Sth Korea, Singapore, USA.

    Put simply Australia is a better target, by threatening Canberra with one Chinese sub, the markets would stall but pick up… Australia coerced to negotiate with China. Australia could be easily defended with infinite modular built missile batteries located remotely near the coast, cheaper and more effective … Australia however threw its hat in with the USA defense and China trade and what is the USA looking like now?

  134. Stephen Gookin

    Good Interview Greg. (and Mr Lindell) .

  135. Robert Dziok

    Two Great Patriots (Greg Hunter and Mike Lindell) providing TRUTH and INSIGHT during a time when desperately needed! For sure we are all grateful for their hard work and sacrifice! Maybe ties in with what Bo Polny said also!

  136. Jay Jackson


    All crypto currencies have expiration dates just like a box of donuts you buy at the store. Actually Apple phones have obsolescence dates, after a certain time they slow down so you gotta get a new one. And all Microsoft software has backdoors. And even computer hardware has back doors.


    Here is the 1st official admission about the expiry of cryptos. This specifically is digital Yuan, but it’s the same with Bitcoin.

    It’s going to be karmic when Bix Weir and others who call goldbugs dinosaurs, one day discover their Litecoin has expired.

    The Russian-American psychic Utsava foresaw cryptos suddenly lose $value. She just never said why. . . . Now you know why.

    There are all kinds of risks with cryptos that people only now realize, but for most it will be too late.

    It has been part of the FedReserve’s plan to destroy deflation. You do that by making a lot of FRNs go poof. You do that by having all the cryptos expire worthless.

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