Currencies Will Be Worthless, Buy Precious Metals – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal and a renowned trends researcher, is back to talk about the recent Bitcoin boom and many other trends coming in 2021. On Bitcoin and its recent price explosion, Celente says, “Why is Bitcoin going back up? It’s going back up because everybody with a brain bigger than a pea knows that the central banks are doing nothing but pumping all this fake money into the economies to artificially prop them up. This is young people’s gold, and they are the ones that began it. . . . One of our top trends for 2021, and we come out with them in December, is the youth revolution. This isn’t going away. . . . Another one of our trends from a year ago is they are going from dirty cash to digital trash. You don’t want to trust that dirty money forever. You can get the virus from that (sarcasm). So, we are going digital. Now, they can know every penny that you spent, where you spent it and how you spent it . . . so they can get their cut. It’s called taxes, but it’s not really taxes. It’s stealing our money so these low-life scum pieces of crap called politicians who have never worked a day in their lives can keep sucking off the public teat. It is also to give all their buddies, imbeciles and morons called bureaucrats jobs.”

Celente goes son to say, “The currencies are worthless. They are going to come out with a new currency and say again, we don’t want the dirty money . . . we are going to come out digital so they can now readjust the entire system. They will make up a new coin, get rid of our debt and people will buy it. They will do what they are told just like they marched off to the Covid war. They will do anything they are told.”

On the economy, Celente says the trend is decidedly down. He cites New York as an example and explains, “We got his jerk (Governor Cuomo) that has destroyed New York State with executive orders. The place is dead. The economy is dead. We are in the ‘Greatest Depression.’ The Congressional Budget Office says it. The jobs that have been lost are not going to come back until 2024. That’s the jobs that were lost. How about creating new ones? No, we don’t need to create new ones because the rich are getting everything. . . . The ‘Greatest Depression’ is not just America, it’s global.”

Celente warns, “The banksters and the criminal groups are in control, and I am angry. I am angry that they are stealing my rights away from me. I was not put on this earth to take orders. I don’t give them, and I don’t take them. I am born to be free.”

Celente also like physical gold and silver. He calls these “safe haven assets.” He predicts the trends for both will be decidedly up, especially silver.

What should the common person do? Celente says, “Number one, get yourself in the best shape possible physically, emotionally and spiritually. The fight is on. You better be in good shape. You don’t win the fight without being in good shape. Number two . . . I believe in safe haven assets. . . . Number three, create your own future. . . . Think for yourself. . . . Do what you can to bring back freedom, peace and justice to America and the real American way, and do it peacefully.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, publisher of The Trends Journal.

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  1. Anthony Australia

    Keep up there great work Greg!
    Greetings form lockdown central.

    • Anthony Australia

      Keep up the great work Greg.
      Greetings form lockdown central.
      Daily updates on the MSM are nothing short of unsubstantiated rumours; completely clueless as to where, when, how and why!

      • AL HALL

        Greg: remember pastorWilliams- he told us in 2009 that his elite billionaire friend told him they ( the elite’s) planned to slowly pump up the stock again to gains the peoples trust after they had shorted the markets and stolen many trillions of dollars in 2008-09 stock market crash( a planned event).

        Michael J Lindell

    • Charlie Patterson

      “We love your work, Greg!”

      • Greg Hunter

        Thank you Charlie!

    • allen ols

      Anthony; You can escape to the outback, live on roo/shrimp/alligator, dont u think. What do u do for food, gas, beer, steak, etc? Do you sneak out at night, find a “speak easy”, ie bootleg, undercover joint, to dance, play darts, etc.

      • Anthony Australia

        Gear idea.
        Would love to.
        Out in the open, under the stars!

    • Bob

      Hey AA,

      I refer you to the youtube channel “In the Interests of the People”. They have a recent interview with a former treasury official who resigned in protest and has now submitted a paper to the International Criminal Court charging Daniel Andrews with crimes against humanity and mass murder.

      You should support these guys. They ran a campaign to stop the $10k cash limit and succeeded. They have contacts in Canberra and prove that the little people can move things if we put some effort in. The politicians in Canberra are all drunks and idiots (literally), so if someone who knows their stuff talks to them in the right way stuff can happen.

      Premier Andrews To Stand Trial At The International Criminal Court?

      • Anthony Australia

        Huge Bob!

    • James Cooper Barrett

      If we wait a minute I think Celente mat tell us what he really thinks.

    • George Nada

      I’m not sure Celente has examined the consequences of using blockchain for voting. It may eliminate voter fraud but he goes too far by wanting “blockchain democracy” (@14:40). This would result in electing politicians by popular vote eliminating the electoral collage. Given the large populations of the big Liberal cities, they would win every election. Forever.

      Careful what you wish for Gerald…

  2. jon

    Elon Musk Motivation speculation:
    If we look at the mentality of Elon Musk. This is an individual that has particular goals in life, which are focused for a place in History. Money is not as important compared to his goals. He wants to be the Big Space Cowboy. His SpaceX and associated activities are focused on blanketing the solar system and beyond with future colonies, space craft, satellites and all the various systems, nodes and space oriented societies along with commerce and exploration from Earth to Mars to the rest of the Planets.
    If we look at Bitcoin and associated blockchain. What we have is a self contained complete economic system which functions with little human labor and can function autonomously. What Elon Musk’s plan is. He wants to eventually make space and our Solar System a commercial, populated eco system. If he can legitimize Bitcoin, he could theoretically place that eco system with communication nodes handling the blockchain throughout the Solar System. Once that is established, a viable commerce system can service space activity within communications reach of the blockchain station nodes. That is what his plan is.

    • john beasley

      so the ptb have a plan to kill 50 million people or 6 billion people (Georgia guide stones) and what you think is Elon Musk is going to use Bitcoin as the foundation to populate the Universe, or the near planets?

      • jon

        Elon Musk is a separate entity. He follows his own tune and perceived place in History. He demonstrated this by walking away from California and on a personal level rejecting the need for personal wealth. He can walk away from the US at any time also if the biden person and friends damage the US’s ability to advance a space program. Of course he may calculate the Globalist desire to kill off billions. But that is not Elon Musk. The Elon Musk plan is to populate space and develop the efficiency of solar system exploration. For every Globalist psychopath, there are a multitude of real humans that want to expand humanity. An analysis of the person of Elon Musk is not a personal thing, it goes with any character analysis.

    • Paul ...

      Seems obvious now … that as soon as the Aliens heard of Musk’s plan “to populate the universe with humans” (protected by a Space Force) … they immediately ordered Gates, Fauci and the Globalists to quickly begin their Final “vaccine” Solution (to depopulate Earth as stated in the Georgia Guidestones) … because “no way are they going to wear masks on their faces forever ” to block out the foul smelling humans!!

      • JC

        You’re back. We hadn’t heard from you for a while.
        I was concerned that you might have been a victim of alien abduction, or that government agents picked up and you were assigned to a re-education camp.

        “Self-Exiled” has been conspicuously silent as well, maybe they got him.
        And whatever happened to “NotYourPatsy?”

      • Bill the Cat Guy

        There are no space aliens. Just demons who pretend to be them.

    • William+Stanley

      While cryptocurrencies generally may be/become important, Bitcoin, in particular doesn’t look viable long term (as Jennifer has pointed out). That’s because of its lousy ability to handle large volumes of transactions and the better technologies that are being developed. See, e.g.,

      • Paul ...

        Bitcoin is just like the Bill Gates “Trojan Horse” vaccine … once you take it … your life is under a death sentance … Bitcoin operates the same way that the Corona-19 vaccine does (which kills off your type 2 macrophages needed to prevent a cyclonic storm and attacks your lungs producing puss so you can’t breathe) … Bitcoin kills by cutting off your ability to prevent an economic storm and where your survival is completely dependent upon you not getting locked out of the electronic system by some dictatorial order by a Governor or a Government agency (only Gold and Silver is the antidote)!!

        • JC

          More than 650 silver Roman coins found in a jug in Turkey…

          • Paul ...

            JC … I made a nice find also … just picked up 200 (1 Peso 1957 – 1967) Mexican Silver coins (each coin contains 0.0512 ounces of Silver)!!

          • virginia clark

            Always love your posts. Gerald is one of the favorites. Keep up the great work.

        • Stan

          Paul: Please enlighten us as to why Gold tanked today

          • wayne hardin

            The answer to every ? you have .
            Or every comment you make .
            Is the lust for money .

            • wayne hardin

              Wait thinking about it .
              That is the whole problem with everything going on .

          • Paul ...

            Stan … The answer is simple … Gold is just “double testing” the breakout zone between 1750 and 1800 … the top bar on the following chart … … once the test is complete … Gold will rise above $2000 and never look back!!!

            • Stan

              Paul: Keep dreaming. Gold collapsed through major support today. $1200 by December – take that to the bank!

              • Paul ...

                Stan … I don’t take anything to the bank … as soon as my fake fiat money goes in … “I take it out” and put it into “real money” (precious metals)!!

          • Tin foil hat

            Stan, I believe you know exactly why the gold tanked and why it would eventual hits the moon. Here is a little history lesson to reflect on what’s going on today.

            The South Sea Company was a British joint-stock company founded in 1711. (Bitcoin was a Deep State crypto currency created in 2008) Since it was created as a measure to mitigate national debt, it was granted the monopoly to trade with the newly discovered territories in South America (in the new digital world of crypto currencies). However, in the early XVIII century (in the years between 2008-2012), Spain and Portugal (China and EU) controlled the vast majority of the continent and Britain (Deep State) was taking part in the War of the Spanish (Global Reserve Currency) Succession. Hence, there was no prognostic that the enterprise would be profitable.

            The company (Deep State) then proceeded to inflate its stock (Bitcoin valuation), capitalizing on the fact that no citizen wanted to miss the opportunity to invest in the promised New (digital) World riches. The wildest rumors were spread out and in less than four months, the share price increased from £128 in January 1720 $16,000 in November 14, 20) to £550 in May ($51,833 in less than 3 months). Shareholders ranged from King George I (Elon Musk) to the wealthiest politicians, which granted the company (Bitcoin) a high reputation and attracted potential buyers.

            Directors and officers (Deep State) sold out in June 1720 (in the near future) after eventually realizing that the price of the shares (Bitcoin) was not related to the future performance of the company (will not replace Federal Digital Dollar) by any means. News reached stakeholders and soon price collapsed …….

            Sir Isaac Newton (Stan), lost £20,000, which would be equivalent to today’s $3 million. After that, he provided history with a remarkable quote and forbade anyone to speak the words “South Sea” (Bitcoin) in his presence.

            • Tin foil hat

              “I can calculate the motions of heavenly bodies, but not the madness of people” — sir Isaac Newton after the South Sea Company bubble crash in 1721.

              • Rachel

                awesome analogy!

        • Bill the Cat Guy

          Bitcoin doesn’t kill at all. Just have an exit strategy. I sold 2/3 of my Bitcoin and bought gold. Since then it went up 50%. I’ll be selling some Bitcoin to buy $1000 worth of silver soon.

  3. Ahjohng Wang

    Thank you, Greg. Please keep the fight and spirit up.

  4. Jerry

    The globalist are attacking us on several fronts. Food is next.

    Gold may be a good long term investment, but you will never get to spend it if you’re dead. Do I really need to tell you about all the potential dangers that lay ahead, once Bill Gates gains control of food production? Food is another weapon the globalist intend to use to funnel us into the NWO. Once people are hungry they are easy to control. You don’t feel like fighting when you’re starving to death.
    A prudent plan for survival has two parts. Short term food supplies, and long term sustainability. It is no accident that I live next to one of the largest lakes in the Midwest. You have to adapt to your environment to make it work for you. Gardens are very difficult to maintain where I live. Gill nets and Jon boats are part of my backup plan. But right now it’s -6 degrees outside, so if the grid goes down I will be using my primary food source. A years supply should be standard. Either way have your own plan. No one will be coming to rescue you.

    • allen ols


      M-80’s in a weighted can, drop in lake, collect fish. Get a portable fish finder, like the ice fisherman use, find big ones, drop m-80, then grill time.

      • Jerry

        Thanks for the tip. Where I live it is also common to see car lights on the front of fishing boats at night. Spoonbills are very tasty.

      • Robert

        Perhaps we are neighbors. I live very near the eastern edge of Lake Michigan. It’s near zero here, too.

    • Jerry

      As I’ve posted, here’s the next phase of agenda 21.

      Please understand that there is a reason Bill Gates is now the largest holder of farmland in the United States. HE KNOWS WHATS COMING ! You thought COVID-19 was big? You haven’t seen anything yet. The master key to total control of the human population is food. How does Jerry know that? Jerry has friends who worked for major seed development companies over the past thirty years. All of them, including vast amounts of farmland are all corporate owned.

      Now enter Klaus Schwab. For those who don’t know, he is a personal friend of Henry Kissinger. Kissinger has always held the belief that nations run on oil, and that you can control the human population with food. Food is, and will be, the ticket for the final solution by the globalist elite. Have you noticed what has happened to gasoline prices since China boy took office? In my area it went from $1.78 a gallon to $2.35 in less than one month. What do you think will happen to food prices once China boy gets ahold of farm production with his build back better program, under the guise of the great reset?
      Do I need to draw you a picture? Everything that effects everyday human life is being used as a funnel to the NWO. Are you prepared?
      If not, the time you have left to do so, is very, very, short. If you are one of those people who still think there is “ A PLAN “ ? I have some bad news for you. There is a plan, but you and I are not part of it.
      Get your spiritual house in order, and buy some extra food. You don’t have much time left.

      • allen ols

        dpmt stop bring it, love u stuff, al ols

      • Tom Cunningham


        I am seeing the same exact thing with fuel in my area. In November I could get regular for $1.69 at Costco. Now it is up to $2.39.

  5. rod brumley, sr

    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot
    Each of us should never watch You Tube Again – Personally I will never watch again just like NFL Football!!! Another great Interview Gerald is a very smart Man an Tells it like it is. Silver is my first choice to maintain wealth and Gold is next. Don’t trust Bitcoin and never will. Fight for Freedom or Die

    • Robert Olin

      I mostly use bitchute as the commercials on YouTube make it unwatchable.

      • Bob

        Get Brave Browser. No ads. All disappear.

        • Greg Hunter

          You do realize people like me keep the lights on and keep if free with the adds?

          • Montana Guy

            Greg, and financial supporters like me who dared to speak the truth were censored by you. The shoe is on the other foot now. He who lives by censorship…..

            • Greg Hunter

              Montana Guy,
              This form a weasel who has made 176 comments on this totally free

              • Thomas Surguine

                Re Montana Guy….Sir Greg….some g9lks just have NO CAPACITY 2 see, or hear, TRUTH as itis so FAR fr9m their preconncievd notions. I had 2 learm, years ago “you cn lease some of the people some of the time, but its impossible to please ALL the people ALL the time. Its pretty clear 2 this outsideie observer thst you do one HECK OF A JOB with your extremely marvelous site. This avid reader,places your site 2 be just as important as LRC, PCR, Armstrong Economics, Stephen Lendman, “the truth will set you free”…AND ” You can please some of the people some of the ime, and it is IMPOSSIBLE 2 PLEASE ALL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME. This reader has nothing but serious praise 4 you, your site, your incredible guests…all in all, a seriously WONDERFUL & IMPORTANT site,,which is no doubt a very very WIDELY READ. SO THANKFUL 4 ALL THAT YOU DO!!! Expat tom

        • Thomas Surguine

          Sir Robert…..A totally excellent comment. I have been using NOTHING ELSE BUT BRAVE 4 who knows how long. Their new group voice system sounds like just perfect 4 the correct audience. CANNOT PRAISE BRAVE NEARLY ENOUGH, Expat tom

  6. tsuki

    The reason that they censoring “election fraud” news is HR1. HR1 is the bill, a priority bill, that codifies everything that happened in 2020, ballot harvesting, no signature verification, drop boxes, late ballots, no ID, no watchers, etc. The Federal Government intends to take over the entire voting system of the US and cut the states out. There is also a provision that all law suits can only be fired in DC. The packed Supreme Court will declare it constitutional.

    BLM better watch out. Once this law is passed, the Dems won’t have a use for them because they will control the vote nationwide without them.

  7. Alfy

    I’m giving the military until april to do the right thing. if they haven’t stepped up by then, it’s kattie bar the door time in my view. as for trump just laying down to the election theft, knowing full well what that means to his family and his wealth, I doubt that. as for Q, most likely military intel, and for the most part, not meant for us little folks.

    • Alfy

      the question why is the deep state pushing so hard to force everyone to say the election was legitimate. your guest appeared to not know why, too bad he didn’t fess up to that and instead made a reason. much more plausible reason- they haven’t yet won. So, they must push as hard as they can to get as many citizens as they can on board with seeing the election as legitimate. Is a sick game they play with us citizens, at best we nothing more than bargaining chips for them, and perhaps in this case hostages/human shields. The deep state appears to be acting as if they are insecure in their control and that time is not on their side.

  8. john+duffy

    Another Doctor of many, who is a expert on vaccinations, explains in layman terms how RNA vaccines work. She believes all people who take these vaccinations will start getting sick and dying in 4 months to 14 months time. Sad how people are rushing to sign up for their own death. Who needs cattle cars. When people start dying they will claim the pandemic as cause and bring in more vaccines. I remember when vioxx killed 40,000 heart patients. At first they blamed the patients having heart attacks.

    • Paul ...

      Yeah … the Big Pharma Cabal learned a big lesson from the Holocaust to “never again” take the blame for mass murder (nor the liability) … so now “their final solution” will be “blamed on a virus” … and stupid dumb ass people are lining up “to get shot voluntarily” this time around by “new executioners” lead by Gates and Fauci!! … but have no fear … we will defeat them … for as the 7 billion dumb asses in the world die off without a fight … they will unknowingly “break the back of Big Pharma” … as there will be no suckers left for the prescription writing doctors (working in tandem with the mass murdering Cabal) and Big Pharma to sell their toxic killing drugs and vaccines to!!!

    • Jeff

      This may sound callous but true….. look at who are running for a vaccines. Mostly Demon-crats. Accident ? As much as AIDS effected gays was an accident.
      I pray for forgiveness for my enemies daily. But they are choosing their own demise.

  9. Jacqueline Calkins

    I love your channel Greg. However, I do not believe that Mr. Celente has any belief in God. I believe something totally different that what he is predicting. And if indeed his predictions are true, the one true God will come for his elect.

    • Robert P. Maloney Jr.

      God is first and paramount in both Greg Hunter and Gerald Celente’s life.
      He commented on that fact when he said that we could not even celebrate CHRISTmas.
      I am sure you meant no great disrespect to anyone, you were confused. Both believe
      wholeheartedly that God the Father, His son Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit are firmly in control.
      As for most, possibly you and I, we are not seeing the financial, personal and professional devastation as we have pensions still coming in from the State, Companies, Social Security, Investments, or loved ones still working etc. We may also live in a state without extreme lockdowns and / or financial collapse, yet. Our country is doing much better than most and his trends cover them all.
      The world he is referring to is the one where people are losing jobs, vehicles, HOMES, lively hoods, family members etc. Most are living though very hard times right now and that is what and who he is talking to. Now he also said that UNLESS we get a hold on this and we pray and get Gods help to turn this around.
      So please know that they both
      love you, God and their families very much.

    • Paul ...

      Jacqueline … It is easy to prove Celente believes in God … just look at his face … he is not wearing a mask (like Bribe’n and Herass do) … those who believe in God … know we were born in the image and likeness of God (who didn’t wear a mask or make us humans be born wearing masks) … therefore by not wearing a mask … proves you believe in and follow God’s example!! … so when people come up to you and say: “Why aren’t you wearing your mask”?? … simply answer: “I believe in God and I was born in his image”!!

  10. John Alba

    I am glad you are still moving ahead. God bless you and your family. All will work out.

  11. rod brumley, sr

    Was surprised when Gerald said he has Mannarino writing for the Trends Journal ???
    Mannarino in my opinion is a Freak

    • Keith+Wilson

      Well rod 10 years ago I listened to another so called freak called max keiser. He was telling the world to buy bitcoin at one dollar per bitcoin.Today bitcoin is nearly 50,000 per bitcoin. Today bitcoin freaks are telling the world that bitcoin could reach 250,000 by July this year due to the biden gang and the federal reserve printing the dollar into oblivion . So on that comment I will be listening to these freaks and taking there financial advice before we get to july.

      • Paul ...

        So Keith … you didn’t buy at $1 dollar and now you are going to right the situation by jumping in at $50,000 dollars?? … ever hear of taking profits during the final pump and dump phase of an exponential run up??? … during the Tulip Bulb mania many people avoided getting involved (knowing they were just flowers without true intrinsic value) until right at the end of the exponential spike … figuring they could buy high and sell it higher to some other sucker … it may work for a few lucky people who are not afraid to take profits … however the majority of people are afraid to take profits (because their greed “for every last dollar” keeps them in until the bubble pops)!!!

        • Keith wilson

          Paul I own no bitcoin. What I have done is purchase a sizable position in a bitcoin mining company called Argo Blockchain.Today on the London stock exchange it closed up 31%. When it hits hopefully 20 I will sell and transfer the profits into the plsv. This is how I am playing the price movements in bitcoin.. Most of my investments remain in silver coins which remain my biggest investment.

          • Paul ...

            Keith … I don’t understand how you can invest in some “electronic” crypto miner speculation after an exponential spike from 16 cents to $2.74 per share? … when you can buy a real precious metal speculation like RMLFF selling for only 4 cents (which has about 10 million “real” ounces of gold in the ground)???

            • Keith wilson

              Paul it’s gone up another 34% today to 3.64.

              • Paul ...

                Yes Keith … I’m looking at the chart … … hope you took some of your original money off the table … RSI is extreme and the “Island Doji” is a big warning sign … certainly worthy of your attention!!

                • Keith wilson

                  Thanks for your advice. Sold a good bit of my original investment when the market opened. Did well I bought at 0.91 a few weeks back before bitcoin took off. Banked and waiting for another investment to come alone. Still holding 15000 stock of Argo Blockchain .

                  • Paul ...

                    Oorah Keith!! … smart men never go broke taking “their money” off the table … now you are “free to gamble” (without fear of that RSI indicator)!!

                  • Keith wilson

                    Bitcoin over 52 000 about 4% up. Argo up another 27%. Talk of bitcoin hitting 55 this weekend ?

                  • Paul ...

                    Keith … It’s not just crypto’s making money … my little 4 cent “gold stock” (RMLFF) … “beat almost all the crypto’s (Bitcoin, etc., etc.,etc.) big time today” … up 24.38%!!


      Many years ago, Mannarino was an intelligent voice. In my opinion, he has gone over to the dark side. He plays music that is from Satan himself, is insulting to listeners, and looks like he lives on Coke. I stopped listening to him at all a couple of years ago when these trends started to manifest.

  12. Craig+Furlong

    Hi Greg,
    I watched your interview with Gerald Celente tonight. Great as usual. Gerald sure was peaved about everything going on these days (and we can’t blame him for that).

    I’ll let you in on a secret. Something is going on with Trump, and it is big and will become known to everyone within a couple months (word has is it will become known sometime between now and the end of April).

    It will cause Gerald, you, me, and everyone to rejoice (but not the bad guys). The Lord Jesus Christ is bringing blessings to us all, praise His Holy Name.

    Your Brother in Him,
    Craig Furlong

    Keep looking unto Him, Greg

    • Robert

      Calling someone a ‘freak’ is not very specific, for positive or negative.

  13. john+duffy

    Now Karl Denninger of the Market Ticker is also claiming that this vaccine can kill everyone who takes it.

    • allen ols

      john duffy
      If its that what u say; then this may be the way to drain the swamp. We should encorage more dems. some rhinos to get in line first. Start w/ pelosi/shumer/a shiff/nadler, schmuer,biden,etc,etc. dont u think?

      • Bob

        There are various vaccines and they are not all the same. This is common knowledge isn’t it? Just how much they vary exactly is the point. The safest ones might be pure water.

        Besides that, the elites will use HCQ, zinc, ivermectin, etc. The virus was engineered to be easy to cure but they don’t want us getting the cure.

      • AndrewB

        allen ols,
        Unfortunately, the high profile ‘stars’ and ‘elites’ are most probably only receiving shots of harmless saline solution (not the mRNA experimental biological agents being administered to Joe & Jane Public). Judas goats – leading the sheeple to slaughter.

    • Mike R

      I trust what Karl says. He is a very intelligent and wise man. Further, everyone needs to understand that China IS at war with the US. It’s not kinetic and no shots are being fired. That is because they cannot win that type of war, and their losses would be in the hundreds of millions dead, if they attacked us on our soil.

      BUT, that has not stopped them from weakening our nation at every turn. They have obviously infiltrated a big chunk of our government, swayed an election to someone wh they bribed with $1.5 billion and now obviously control, and have done significant cyber attacks to identity weak spots in our entire power grid and water grid, and overall communications grid.

      The the COVID 19 bio weapon is a new escalation of this next phase of their war against us, now using democrats in congress and that party to further attack American people. All our social media platforms have now been taken over by the CCP and they are being used to squelch and suppress our 1st amendment, and Chinese style censorship which is exactly how the communist government remains in control in China. They have not only persuaded and convinced the entire Democratic Party they can too stay in power forever using their censure ship methods, but are aiding and abetting demon rats and these democrats liberal Social media execs into doing Chinas bidding for them. Obviously China intends to be the real controlling entity here in the US, and not shot will need to be fired.

      But every COVID jab Americans take will be one more victim of theirs. Much of what Karl mentions is consistent with what Dr Tenpenny says in her video which is in the prior post above.

      Our military has to know this, and if they are not protecting us, then for sure we are fully compromised, and the CCP is winning. I will not let anyone in my family take the vaccine.

      • Bob

        Washington DC is worse than China.
        Change my mind.

    • Paul ...

      Once people are “sensitized” by taking the vaccine … they can be “killed off at will” by simply releasing a new virus that homes in on the vaccine produced anti-bodies … only those people intelligent enough “not to have taken” the Gates/Big Pharma untested experimental vaccine “will survive” … from the looks of things … it may be just 500,000 people out of 7.3 billion humans that survive on planet Earth … then Bill Gates will tell me and a few other survivors who didn’t take the vaccine “that it was for the common good” … “to save the planet” … explaining … that everyone who died were simply greedy psychotic pedophile criminal child molesters anyway who were only interested in taking bribes and gang banging young children and babies … and therefore didn’t deserve to live … at that point in the “final solution” of the Globalists … I guess it won’t really won’t matter if Gates was right or wrong!!

  14. iwitness02

    Hammer down, on the hell bound train.
    The whole world is on board.
    Final destination, still unknown.
    We all have our own hopes, dreams and visions
    of the future. These hopes are a lifeline to sanity
    as we look out the windows on the hell bound train.

    • iwitness02

      The reason the final destination is still unknown, is because we may figure out a way to get off the train. Here’s hoping the brakes work.

    • Paul ...

      We were made in the image of God living in Paradise … how did we allow that conductor Satan to get us all on board “the train to Hell” (just like he did to the Jews in 1942)??

    • susan

      Do you know the song, the “Long Black Train”?

  15. Donald Jones

    Was shocked that you were no longer on YouTube today. Been a fan for several years. Watch your Friday weekly roundup every week an in between. Keep it going a lot of us get our best insights from your work.-Don Jones , [email protected]

  16. Keith Ronald Kelsch

    It will get worse than a cashless society. It will get worse than continued lockdowns. It will get worse than deliberate scarcity and political fear. It will get worse until we find the path to a new heaven.

  17. Secret agent WD-40

    The entire federal government is EVIL with the exception of the military and the Veterans Administration. The blue state governments and some of the red state governments are too. We need to clean house, if you know what I mean. Thanks for doing a great job Greg and thanks for having Gerald Celente on. You are both SUPER.

  18. Charles

    Your best Celente interview ever.

  19. Dr. Joseph Monteleone

    Great show Greg, your guest is outspoken and refreshing; above all he’s truthful and correct on many things. I ‘ll say this about Gerald, he don’t care who they are he tells it as he sees it.

  20. Suhas Bhide

    I really appreciate your views and follow your videos, last five years. are doing fantastic work

  21. Jeffrey Webb

    Greg, so sorry to hear that you have been removed from YouTube. Know that we believe in your cause and will follow your work no matter what channel you are on. God closes one door and opens another; put out the truth for that is what we seek! God bless you and your work. Jeff and Betsy

  22. Carla hayes

    As usual another great inter view! Thanks Greg and Gerald !

  23. Butters

    Okay, what is colorless, odorless, invisible, born from solving a mathematical puzzle and currently fetching over $48,000.00 on the futures exchange? A: Ponzi scheme/Pipe Dream.

    Why isn’t a pencil going for $50,000.00? Perhaps they don’t understand the technology.

  24. tim+mcgraw

    Thanks Greg for all of your videos over the years. They have been great.
    What is going on now, imo, is a Great Harvesting. People will be killed. Wealth will be stolen. It’s WWI and WWII all over again. Just the techniques of theft have changed.
    Do NOT take the vaccine. As for protecting one’s wealth, which is really health; follow Gerald’s advice.

  25. Robert Olin

    Great minds think alike. Something else is going on “Satanic or alien or”. I’ve flashed on that and mentioned it to my wife the other day. She rolled her eyes.

    • Paul ...

      Robert … Mention to your wife that it would take at least $50 silver before a few precious ounces “might be pried” from the tightfisted hands of silver-bugs … then let me know if she rolls her eyes … if she thinks it is preposterous (like Stan does) … we can all be assured we will see $100 dollar silver this year!!

  26. Yolanda Bingham

    Democrats engaging in ‘sinister’ plot against American people
    69,184 views•Feb 13, 2021 Sky News Australia
    The Democrats tried to “tar every single American” who voted for Donald Trump as exactly as bad as the people who tore up the Capitol building on January 6, according to Sky News host James Morrow.
    Former President Trump was acquitted in the impeachment trial on Saturday (local time) as the Senate could not come up with the required two-thirds majority to convict him.
    Seven Republicans broke ranks to vote to convict the president taking the vote to 57-43, but the Democrats needed 17 GOP Senators to vote with them to achieve what would be a landmark victory.
    Mr Morrow said the whole impeachment was a “charade” as the Democrats were only trying to “stick a nail in the coffin of Trump”.
    “It was also about trying to tar every single American who supported Donald Trump with the mantle of being exactly as bad as the people who tore up the Capitol building,” he said.
    “That’s a very sinister thing they’re trying to do, essentially cancel 75 million Americans.”

    GOP lawmaker: Democrats turned impeachment into a ‘big political fiasco’
    16,983 views•Feb 13, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Republican Congresswoman Claudia Tenney has told Sky News the Democrats turned what should have been a “serious constitutional issue” into a “big political fiasco”.
    Representative Tenney was recently declared the winner of her Congressional race and sworn in as the Congresswoman for New York’s 22nd district after winning by only 109 votes.
    It comes as, former President Donald Trump was acquitted in the impeachment trial on Saturday (local time) as the Senate could not come up with the required two-thirds majority to convict him.
    Seven Republicans broke ranks to vote to convict the president taking the vote to 57-43, but the Democrats needed 17 GOP Senators to vote with them to achieve what would be a landmark victory.
    Ms Tenney told Sky News in an exclusive interview she doesn’t understand why both Republicans and Democrats would “support this charade”.
    “The president is gone, it (impeachment) is a removal statute, it’s a terrible precedent,” she said.
    The impeachment trial process ended abruptly on Saturday (local time) after prosecuting Democrats decided against calling witnesses or delivering key evidence.
    “They (Democrats) woke up this morning and realised they had not met the legal standard,” Ms Tenney said.
    “They got up and realised they didn’t make their case that the president actually did incite the riots”.
    House Impeachment Manager Jamie Raskin took to the Senate floor to prosecute his final case against the president before the vote took place.
    Ms Tenney said the “very divisive inflammatory political language” used by Representative Raskin “underscores how political this whole process was”.
    “It wasn’t a serious constitutional issue to them, which I think it really is,” she said.
    “Instead they turned it into a big political fiasco, and I think that’s what we ended up getting.”

  27. Skippy

    Thank you, Greg! Appreciate your hard work and dedication.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Skippy!

  28. Eric

    If corruption is ever made Public, it will not be the campaign or government psy-op, Q, it will be the hard work and dedication of independent journalists who care enough to uncover, expose, then report the truth.

    Keep up the good work!

    • Occasnltrvlr

      The corruption is publicly known, and has been for a long time.

      A large majority of people simply choose to disbelieve and ignore it.

  29. YolandaBingham

    McConnell Backstabs Trump Moments After Voting to Acquit, Wants Criminal Investigation Against Former President
    by Tom Pappert | National File February 13th 2021
    Mitch McConnell allegedly used the impeachment trial to blackmail President Trump — now he wants a criminal investigation
    You old China bought and paid for fool, we know why you want Assange in prison. SETH RICH! You can’t stop the truth. This is just the big inning. Not even Trump can stop this. Your all going to jail. You can’t stop the evidence piling in! Forget your retirement. Your all through. May you never retire and may it never be in piece. McCon’man’iacal.
    PS. When the Democrat’s bury you, it will be in China!

    Confederate Flag Hating Nimrata Nikki Haley Says ‘We Shouldn’t Have Followed’ Trump
    by National File February 13th 2021
    Nikki Haley says President Trump “let us down” and has no future in the Republican Party.
    When the Demarcates chew you up and spit you out, Nik. You’ll see, you let yourself down. Not Trump, or the American people. Who took you in and called you their own! No more, your on your own grey lady and may the God’s have mercy on your cowardice soles! You are not, so smart after all. 🚽⁉

  30. Fred

    Please, do not misunderstand me, I am as upset, disgusted, outraged about the “club we aren´t in” and its tyranny etc. etc. as any other decent man, christian. I have been following both, Greg and Gerald for years and appreciate their efforts, courage, energy, determination.

    However, in the last months, let us say half a year or so, I lost the ability to extract any thing constructive and helpful from Gerald. His endless rants of information we all very well know that one can hear more or less in the same form in each of his recent interviews are not helpful anymore; yes, hey were useful, when the information was new; now it is not, it is always the same stream of old news. OK, I can understand the frustration very well. But what would expect from the “greatest trend forecaster of all times” would be some indications of possible solutions, of possible constructive ways out of this.

    But maybe I just don´t hear it – after all I am neither a free American or a great-never-setting-sun-empire Briton… But guess what! I lived for almost 20 years under a communist regime, so tell me about it!

  31. Bingham Yolanda

    Oop’sy daisy,
    Here’s the missing link;
    🖖Live Long & True Peace And Prosperity!
    _________-_ The Battle Cry’ Of The Un-Civil War For Amurica!

  32. Jane Reynolds

    Excellent interview. Celente at his best. Thank you Greg and Gerald.

  33. Paula Davis

    As always a great interview. I must say that I am partial to Gerald Celent’s factual presentations mixed with a healthy dose of humor.
    BTW, as a senior citizen living on SS planning for what is coming, I need a miracle to acquire 15- acre mini-farm on which to live & create a food forest to feed my family. As an experienced University- trained horticulturist, this is a doable plan. I’m asking for your prayers to make this a reality. Thank You & God’s blessings to all as we plan responsibly for an uncertain future.

  34. B.Yolanda

    2024 Republican presidential nominee: ‘Donald Trump or someone from Trump-wing’
    50,528 views•Feb 14, 2021 Sky News Australia
    The Republican presidential nominee in 2024 will either be Donald Trump or “someone from the Trump wing” of the GOP, according to novelist Roger L. Simon.
    Seven Republicans broke ranks to vote to convict the president taking the vote to 57-43, but the Democrats needed 17 GOP Senators to vote with them to achieve what would be a landmark victory.
    The acquittal means Donald Trump will be able to run for president again in 2024 if he chooses to contest the Republican Party’s nomination.
    Mr Simon said the Republicans who voted against the former president and voted guilty in this “farcical impeachment” were mostly people who “don’t expect to run for office again”.
    “It will be Trump or someone from the Trump wing of the Republican Party,” he said.
    He pointed to Florida Governor Ron DeSantis as a potential Trumpian successor and the “guy everybody’s been talking about”.
    “He’s very smart and I think he’s better at being Trump maybe in some ways than Trump.”

  35. Gary Lamb

    Hi Greg. Did you leave YouTube voluntary or were you pushed . Good to get you here though.

    • Greg Hunter

      YouTube took my channel down.

      • Jason Smart

        What?!? They finally did it? I’m canceling my subscription soon. All my favourites are almost gone. Could you do in interview with Bix Weir?
        Keep up the good work Greg!

      • H.Craig Bradley


        YouTube “snuffed” you because you did not meet their “community standards”.

        Its happened to me when making an occasional (meaningful) comment on Marketwatch, for example. Any reference to Trump that is positive is automatically flagged by the site algorithms for further attention by the site “moderator”. Reader comments are managed by “Open Web” Organization.

        So, you might want to investigate the Open Web Group a bit for their actual owners/sponsors, which I suspect are the likes of Mark Zuckerberg or even George Soros. Then, you have a “smoking-gun” for all those Conspiracy Deniers out there, such as Bill Reilly, most recently, for example.

  36. John Henry

    Abomination of desolation Satan the devil he who occupies where he does not belong

  37. ISMAR


  38. Stan Sylvester

    Like most woke folk, I love Gerald. However, I am amazed at how many truth tellers that get interviewed rarely if ever mention geoengineering. The earth life support systems are being damaged. Aluminum and barium as well as other nano particulates are being sprayed in our skies. It’s been going on for decades . The ozone layer is being depleted. Growing food will be much more difficult as uv rays are more intense. Weather warfare is the crown jewel of the military industrial complex. Weather warfare can be waged on a state like CA or a nation like Iran and no one would know about it. The elite have utilized Covid to make it the overwhelming concern to the populace and understandably so. The last thing anyone wants to hear about is what those white trails in the sky are. I applaud Greg for having Dane Wigingon on from from time to time.

  39. Steve Carter

    Another great interview with Gerald. He is a master of common sense thinking and knows where the crooked Banksters are trying to take our Country. Thanks Greg!


  40. Jeannette+Rowden

    Gotta love Gerald Celente. Thanks for the interview. Trust in the Prince of Peace; truth will prevail.

  41. Keith+Wilson

    Tesla has made more profit holding bitcoin for 30 days than Tesla made profit on building cars in 14 years.

    • Paul ...

      Keith … I made about as much money percentage wise in a little gold stock (“in just one day yesterday” … 24.38%) … then Tesla did in a year (Tesla’s revenue for the twelve months ending December 31, 2020 was $31.536B … a 28.31% increase year-over-year)!

  42. Paul ...

    Celente effectively states that: People are jumping into Bitcoin “for protection” (because everybody with a brain bigger than a pea knows that the central banks are doing nothing but pumping fake money into their economies to artificially prop them up) … and now corporations are getting suckered into the Bitcoin trap … but what you must understand is that “protection” has more to do with the preservation of wealth then with greed for more fiat … greed for more worthless currency (whether made of paper or electronic bits) “can be instantly destroyed at the whim of governments” simply by issuing an executive order”) … remember greed for the accumulation of more fiat paper or electronic bits will never equal the wealth protection afforded by physical gold and silver “which is real money”!! … read the following and weep as the Bitcoin balloon gets pumped up!! …

    • Bob

      “In conclusion, the reason why India’s upcoming bitcoin ban and cryptocurrency ban is troubling is that India has always been a testing ground for global initiatives, including even their rapid conversion from a nation that Mastercard called among the worst prepared for a digital economy into one, less than a year later, in which 95% of all 1.1 billion (at the time) Indian citizens possessed a unique digital identification number based upon fingerprints and retinal scans that could be used for transactions in a digital economy.”

      They just love IT don’t they?

  43. Bradley

    I just have to say Gerald Celente is The Man!! He has to be one of the most colorful truth tellers out there. He pumps out the facts one after another in a style that gets people’s attention. I am sure I speak for thousands…We Love You Gerald. Keep up the Good Fight!!

  44. Marie+Joy

    Please, if you’re able, become a poll monitor and, if you’re the devious sort, become a democrat. In these times, of universal deceit, one learns…

  45. Marie+Joy

    Have you given up your TV, yet?

  46. Jerry

    It smells like team spirit.

    All brought to you by the Gates Foundation. They care so much about all of us that they want to put in a needle in our arm and deliver a drug that’s never been tested, by a corporation that has no liability, to a live clinical trial whose outcome may not be known for months or even years.

    • Jerry

      There’s the perception of the way things are, and then there’s the reality of what things really are. I wager that the globalist are laboring under the former and creating a virtual hell on earth.

      When I say virtual, I mean it both figuratively and physically. Sometimes I’m not sure they can even tell the difference. In Bill Gates world everyone is either a test subject, or a lab rat. I’d say with the vaccine, it’s both. All because they care. 🥸

    • Paul ...

      It takes 4 months to 1 year for the Covid-19 vaccine to cripple or kill … if the politicians taking the vaccine in front of TV cameras are not dead or crippled within a year I think we can safely assume they were vaccinated with salt water … with all the nurses and doctors dying off from the vaccine … perhaps Patriots “who do not have crippled fingers” can help administer the vitally needed “follow-up injection”!!

  47. Russ

    Thanks Greg, I mostly agree, but GC’s statement that Trump will not come back is a bit premature…

    “Trump: Will Always Champion ‘Unwavering Rule of Law’ “
    …It is a sad commentary on our times that one political party in America is given a free pass to denigrate the rule of law, defame law enforcement, cheer mobs, excuse rioters, and transform justice into a tool of political vengeance, and persecute, blacklist, cancel and suppress all people and viewpoints with whom or which they disagree. I always have, and always will, be a champion for the unwavering rule of law, the heroes of law enforcement, and the right of Americans to peacefully and honorably debate the issues of the day without malice and without hate.

    This has been yet another phase of the greatest witch hunt in the history of our Country. No president has ever gone through anything like it, and it continues because our opponents cannot forget the almost 75 million people, the highest number ever for a sitting president, who voted for us just a few short months ago. … unquote

    That does not sound like someone who is throwing in the towel. President Trump’s and the Founder’s dream for America is not over.

  48. Stan

    I see the Dollar gaining market share and getting stronger. The Dollar buys you twice as much silver now than in 1980.

    • Paul in OZ

      Good point Stan … I see the dollar also buys half as much gas, a little more than a third of the milk, cost of a postage stamp is almost 4 times more, 8 eggs instead of 12. Meanwhile gold price average for 1980 was no more than $600 …so it seems gold would still allow you to buy the same quantity of all the things the dollar can not … of course at this point it doesn’t go as far when buying a new house which has gone up nearly 5 times the cash price … and you think silver is a bad investment …. LOL … give your head a shake!

      • Paul ...

        OZ … I guess Stan doesn’t realize that “if people can buy more silver today” with the ever more and more worthless Fed fiat IOU’s they print out of thin air … “then silver is selling at a bargain” … and Stan wants people to sell it???

    • Paul ...

      Stan … Do you understand that lower economic activity results in lower corporate profits? … if you say yes … then you know that lower corporate profits leads to lower Federal Tax revenues … now … if we have lower Federal tax revenues in the face of increased Federal spending (that Bribe’n is planning to do) it will causes a geometric rise in the US Federal Budget deficit (this is also true for City and State budget deficits as well as for the Federal government) … the increased US Federal Budget deficit (in the face of an increasing US Trade Deficit) increases the US Current Account Deficit which needs to be filled by the Fed printing up new money into existence … and printing infinitely more and more fiat money makes the US dollar “less valuable” Stan!!

      • Rachel

        Yes Paul, and the 10 year yield is closing in on Rick Ackerman’s target of 1.267% for loss of financial control with today’s yield up to 1.25%

        • Rachel

          and now a day later it’s at 1.3% so we’ll get to see if it is a significant market change indicator.

          • Paul ...

            Rachel … If rates continue to rise … we may soon see another “REPO Moment” (like what occurred back in September) where the Fed “will be forced to print a lot more funny money fiat” just to keep the banks from collapsing … if another REPO moment occurs … the Fed itself “will grudgingly be the catalyst” that drives Gold over $2000 and Silver over $50 … even while the Plunge Protection Team (and Stan) sell more paper gold and silver contracts short to desperately keep the precious metals on a leach!!


    Greg, thank you for having Gerald Celente back on your show. Gerald, I appreciate your intelligence, but even more, your passion for the truth. Unfortunately, our generation (I am a retired senior citizen) is the last of the independent thinkers. We are the ones that are devout Christians who built the middle class. Now the churches have been infiltrated and corrupted, along with our government.

    • Coalburner

      I am pleased that twatter, Googleo, and Fakebook CIA are pissing on everyone. The sooner a new company will arise. Trump is going to have to do something to protect himself and his family. They will murder the whole family if they actually get him down. He should try to get his hands on CNN to start with and build a Trump book. He should ask Putin for help since Putin was maligned so badly while the liars tried to smear Trump. That would be funny.
      I tell you what the morons at Senile-ville DC should be worried about instead of harassing Trump. The up coming generation of geniuses nurtured by us old freedom loving oppression hating Patriots will take their brains only to good colleges, not the ones where idiocy is taught and college idiocy is rampant all over the country. The big IVY name business means nothing anymore and I know that. I went too a “never heard of them school” and my Grandson is now in another similar college. They don’t deal with the lunatic garbage the big names do. They are there to learn, teach and do real research. And of course, that is where the real advanced companies that “you never hear of ” go to get them every year. I tell those kids early to never go to a college where you must search for a job. You go to one where the best companies come looking for you and every one of your classmates for a position that means you will do something that is meaningful.

      Back to those freedom loving brainaics, in the next generation. Seeds have been planted that they have what it takes to just move to somewhere else in the world to do their lifes work. Where they have the freedom to do what they want to do and mail-in the answers to the world. Citizenship is coming into question with the likes of Alkys like
      Pigosi and Scheemer running the country. Then you have Lindsey Girl and The Turtle. They have been left behind and it is time for them to move out of the way and allow some freedom lovers to move in. The next generation is not going to stand for being taxed to death and have their freedoms jerked around. There is competition in the world today for better living conditions. The Covid Chinese Bat Flu has severely damaged our living conditions and there are lots of countries that reacted very differently and the results were the same as our average, a lot better than California and New York. Every time another million crosses the southern border it is one more nail in our coffin too but that is what todays billionaire wants. Afterall they can just move on too. Oh yes, we are not going to talk about that moron Gates. He wants to help. Just disappear Bill and that would help!


    Wash, Rinse, Repeat, your guest have been saying “BUY GOLD” for 20yrs, and still nothing. Until our Military indicts, arrests, tries, finds guilty and HANGS them, nothing will change, the deep state, dumbacrats, globalist will continue to do whatever they want, at our expense.

  51. George+Eddleston

    Not a civil war, it’s a continuation of the revolutionary war.

  52. Marie+Joy

    PCR says we are insouciant. Is he right?
    During these times, PCR is an interesting read, at

  53. Easyenergy

    Bitcoin is this century’s tulip bulbs. Bitcoin has no intrinsic value unlike the blockchain technology that underpins it. It can never become currency since governments will not allow this power to be taken away from them. China & India have already banned it. More will follow.

  54. Alyce

    Great interview. And btw, we loved your election coverage that night.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Alyce. That was an exhausting night!

  55. Greg Morrissey

    you are not the only one Greg being banned

  56. George+Eddleston

    Adm. Charles Richard ” The US must shift it’s principle assumption from ‘ nuclear employment is not possible to nuclear employment is a very real possibility.” Worse people are in charge than in 1954, when in second grade they had us hiding under our desks from Russian bombs. On the bright side the USA will land a rover on Mars this week!

  57. Mike

    Trump does not talk like someone who is defeated. These are his words after the latest criminal impeachment was over.

    “We have so much work ahead of us, and soon we will emerge with a vision for a bright, radiant, and limitless American future,”

    “Together there is nothing we cannot accomplish.”

    “We remain one People, one family, and one glorious nation under God, and it’s our responsibility to preserve this magnificent inheritance for our children and for generations of Americans to come. May God bless all of you, and may God forever bless the United States of America.”

  58. Juli Barbato

    Gerald is such a hoot! He reminds me of the Napolitano Italians in my family and all around my part of Bergen County, NJ (Lodi), where I grew up (b. 1955). He’s like a male version of my late mom. We’re all a little gruff and sometimes bluntly truthful, but we have good hearts. And good taste, especially in Celente’s case!

  59. Juli Barbato

    Sorry to bogart the comments, but one last thought: Why are we forced to wear (useless) masks if on the other hand the borders are wide open and anyone, sick or not and in truth an invader, is allowed to traipse in? Utter BS!

  60. Kathryn Hernandez

    We can always count on Celente to hand us our asses on a silver platter. The guy always delivers a whollop and today was no exception. Couple of disagreements, however: Trump not finished, nor bankrupt. But he stealthily retreats and watches from afar. Sun Tzu. It’s in Trump’s best interest to ensure that the majority become awakened. Meanwhile, too many oddities in the fake Biden administration point to “You are watching a movie.” And Trump promised he would never let his followers down. We need to hang on another few weeks.
    The second issue I take with GC is his lack of understanding bitcoin. Blockchain technology doesn’t mean “blocking” in the sense that Gerald believes. It’s a system of blocks, or blocked spaces chained together to form a giant node network. The network is real and represents decentralization, or many, many active nodes that make it immutable and trustless. The central banks have been trying to destroy bitcoin (BTC) for years! Confounded by its properties, they’ve decided if you can’t beat ’em–join ’em. Hence all the adoption. Oh, and Ethereum (ETH), second in market cap, is next. This work-horse, launched in 2015, will rise in price beyond what anyone can imagine. Thanks for all you do.

  61. Nancy McDaniel

    Thank you brothers for speaking Truth and reality. It’s the British American Pilgrims Society banksters that have created the destruction of the world’s economy. China is their proxy which is more than evident by they are the only country doing well. It’s so in our faces. History repeating itself. This is the beginning of the beast system totalitarian genocidal government. Yeshua told us all about it. He even described it as the RED DRAGON for us! Watch for the antichrist (an Assyrian per Scripture) to show up at a Passover season THEN there will 3.5 years of hell on earth coming to an end on Feast of Trumpets rapture. The 4 horses are galloping for those who have eyes to see and ears to hear. I pray the ink horn angel mark of protection for you and all the Body of Messiah.


    PS, it cant be done peacefully, the Liberty tree needs fresh blood.

  63. Aaron ML

    Thanks for having Gerald on…he is great! Love ya Greg.


    When Gerald (whom I adore for his ability to tell it like it is), says that Trump is gone, he is not saying that from the point of view of one who listens to God. Therefore, his information is incomplete. The Adonai News Network is the only one who gets it right all the time. He says Trump isn’t done. Biden is. Thank you, Father God !

  65. JC

    Celente is correct.
    EVERYTHING has been stolen from us.

    Celente is angry, and rightfully so.
    If people don’t come out of their stupor and get angry, we’re doomed.

  66. Pat Price

    Thanks Greg! Keep up the good work.

  67. Thomas737

    I agree with Mr. Celente about Trump. I think we can actually do better. But that won’t happen by selecting swamp creatures who promise to drain the same swamp that nourishes them.

  68. Tod Mills

    The Bitcoin fans are all excited and pumping up their digits. This, from Stacy Herbert, interviewed the other day by Daniella Cambone:

    “Bitcoin is a bet on the future of humanity; gold is a bet against it. Bitcoin is relentless optimism; gold and silver are non-stop disappointment and despair.”

    Talk like that reminds me of Ponzi schemers trying to suck in more victims.

  69. JC

    Stacy Herbert: Bitcoin Fastest Horse in the Race, Gold Headed for the Glue Factory
    She says she still has gold and silver for entertainment value.

    I hope Rick Ackerman sees this and comments.

    • Paul ...

      JC … Bitcoin will be like wading through a bucket of glue compared to the returns gold and silver will bring … look at this little gold stock RML.V which returned 24.38% yesterday (while Bitcoin was up a measly tinny weeny 4%)!!

  70. William+Stanley

    Mr. Hunter:
    Mr. Celente was a great choice at this moment in time because the political aspects of the situation are looming so large and because he puts the proper spin on it.

  71. Cameron Bogle

    Greg, I love the brutal honesty of Gerald Celeste. He is passionate about freedom and justice and sets the high water mark for others to follow.

  72. Mr. & Mrs. Warren Mace

    Whats Behind The Current Nightmare_We find ourselves in?
    Woe for the earth and for the sea, because the Devil has come down to you, having great anger, knowing he has a short period of time.”​—Rev. 12:10-12…. Satan and his demons are bent on doing the greatest damage possible in the tiny portion of their “short period of time” that yet remains.​
    Folk’s this “short period of time” must be our day and time, that Satan must be stopped and will be stopped, so help us God!
    The signs described in Revelation chapters 12 to 14 will help us to broaden our appreciation of all that is involved in that woe and in bringing God’s sacred secret to a finish.
    We read: “Be glad, you heavens and you who reside in them!” (Revelation 12:12) … Terrible things happen to people “because the Devil has come down” and he has “great anger, knowing that he has a short period of time.” (Revelation 12:12)
    After the end of Babylon the Great at the hands of the nations, the nations themselves are destroyed by Jesus and his angelic armies. (Revelation 12:12; 17:16, 17; 19:11-16)
    The conquering Michael referred to in Revelation 12, is told by GOD to “go subduing in the midst of [his] enemies.”​—Psalm 110:1, 2; Acts 2:34, 35.

    King James Version Daniel 2:44 And in the days of these kings shall the God of heaven set up a kingdom, which shall never be destroyed: and the kingdom shall not be left to other people, but it shall break in pieces and consume all these kingdoms, and it shall stand for ever.
    JOB 1, Jesus get yer done!


    • Sedly Seditiouse

      Satan sure is working overtime!
      The Dystopian Bubble: George Orwell Meets Charles Mackay
      by Kevin Duffy |
      The opening pages of the new decade feel like we’re living through a combination of George Orwell’s 1984 and Charles Mackay’s Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

  73. Mr.&Mrs.Warren Mace

    “But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace.”
    Psalms 37:8-40 King James Version (KJV)
    8Cease from anger, and forsake wrath: fret not thyself in any wise to do evil. 9For evildoers shall be cut off: but those that wait upon the LORD, they shall inherit the earth. 10For yet a little while, and the wicked shall not be: yea, thou shalt diligently consider his place, and it shall not be. 11But the meek shall inherit the earth; and shall delight themselves in the abundance of peace. 12The wicked plotteth against the just, and gnasheth upon him with his teeth. 13The Lord shall laugh at him: for he seeth that his day is coming. 14The wicked have drawn out the sword, and have bent their bow, to cast down the poor and needy, and to slay such as be of upright conversation.
    15 Their sword shall enter into their own heart, and their bows shall be broken.
    16 A little that a righteous man hath is better than the riches of many wicked.
    17 For the arms of the wicked shall be broken: but the LORD upholdeth the righteous.
    18 The LORD knoweth the days of the upright: and their inheritance shall be for ever.
    19 They shall not be ashamed in the evil time: and in the days of famine they shall be satisfied.
    20 But the wicked shall perish, and the enemies of the LORD shall be as the fat of lambs: they shall consume; into smoke shall they consume away.
    21 The wicked borroweth, and payeth not again: but the righteous sheweth mercy, and giveth.
    22 For such as be blessed of him shall inherit the earth; and they that be cursed of him shall be cut off.
    23 The steps of a good man are ordered by the LORD: and he delighteth in his way.
    24 Though he fall, he shall not be utterly cast down: for the LORD upholdeth him with his hand.
    25 I have been young, and now am old; yet have I not seen the righteous forsaken, nor his seed begging bread.
    26 He is ever merciful, and lendeth; and his seed is blessed.
    27 Depart from evil, and do good; and dwell for evermore.
    28 For the LORD loveth judgment, and forsaketh not his saints; they are preserved for ever: but the seed of the wicked shall be cut off.
    29 The righteous shall inherit the land, and dwell therein for ever.
    30 The mouth of the righteous speaketh wisdom, and his tongue talketh of judgment.
    31 The law of his God is in his heart; none of his steps shall slide.
    32 The wicked watcheth the righteous, and seeketh to slay him.
    33 The LORD will not leave him in his hand, nor condemn him when he is judged.
    34 Wait on the LORD, and keep his way, and he shall exalt thee to inherit the land: when the wicked are cut off, thou shalt see it.
    35 I have seen the wicked in great power, and spreading himself like a green bay tree.
    36 Yet he passed away, and, lo, he was not: yea, I sought him, but he could not be found.
    37 Mark the perfect man, and behold the upright: for the end of that man is peace.
    38 But the transgressors shall be destroyed together: the end of the wicked shall be cut off.
    39 But the salvation of the righteous is of the LORD: he is their strength in the time of trouble.
    40 And the LORD shall help them, and deliver them: he shall deliver them from the wicked, and save them, because they trust in him

    • Paul ...

      The little bit of gold and silver that a righteous man has … is better than all the worthless fiat paper riches of the many evil criminals of this world!!

  74. Dave

    Agree with Celente about Trump. The Senate acquittal is a temporary victory. McConnell hinted he would have voted to convict if Trump was still in office. McConnell, Thune and Tillis among others are saying, after the vote, that it’s up to the courts to hold Trump accountable. There are giving a green light to the courts to convict Trump of a felony. If he is then he’s barred from holding a federal office. Already there are several suits against Trump pending which if successful would be felony convictions.

    In Wyoming Cheney is organizing moderate Republicans to challenge Trump supporting Republicans at the GOP county level. The same will happen in Louisiana and North Carolina – the GOP senators from those states voted to convict. Both were censured and both are counting on non-Trump Republicans to take control of their state GOP.

    All this is a huge victory for the Democrats who wanted to split the GOP which they have done. Cheney will face a primary challenge in 2022 but will likely win with her opponent then going independent and turning it into a 3 person race which gives the seat to the Democrats. Th same holds true for Georgia’s Greene whom the establishment GOP will primary in 2022. If she loses she will run as a third party candidate. That scenario will be played out across the country and could bolster the Democrats to big gains in the Senate and House in 2022.

    There is no salvaging the GOP. It is useless. Biden has issued about 50 EOs and only 2 have been challenged by the GOP. Virtually every Trump EO was challenged by the Democrats. That tells one all they need to know. The GOP is playing the loyal opposition to the Democrats. A fan dance. Both parties are bought by TPTB. Which BTW is why the GOP accomplished nothing when it held all the power during Trump’s first two years while the Democrats have already accomplished much. Transformational changes which will not be reversed.

    • Clint+D.

      Psalms 38:27 “depart from evil”.

      Eventually, “my people” will need to leave the evil USA before it is destroyed. The USA is “Mystery, Babylon the Great the Mother of harlots and abominations of the Earth. Both the Apostle John (Revelation 18:4) and Jeremiah (Jeremiah 51:45) spoke that “my people” need to leave Babylon before it is destroyed. Her destruction will occur in the Summer time most likely before 2026.

      • Paul ...

        The question is … in what direction will we leave … Gates wants us to leave by going six feet down!!

  75. Dan Barlow

    Breaking: UK Govt Admits COVID-19 a Cover For Depopulation Program

    MUST SEE: CDC Admits Massive Number Of Old People Dying After Taking COVID Vaccines; Feb 11, 2021

    Newspaper Edits Story Connecting COVID Vaccine To Death
    Feb 12, 2021

    Bill Gates Has Succeeded Like No Other Tyrant Throughout World History
    Feb 12, 2021

    • Paul ...

      Good confirming data Dan!!

  76. Felix Lietner

    Chicom Dragon Takes Over Viral Zoom Call
    The Chicom Dragon, Takes Over Viral Zoom Call and let’s stupid American[McConnel] know. He and XI Jin Ping are in charge!

    Endgame…Emergency Transmission… –
    The NWO has launched its big defensive, but humanity is waking up fast and they know they’re in trouble! Fight back against the globalists by overriding their censorship and by sharing…..

  77. Upside-down Flying Dutchman

    Will there also be a coming shortage of 1st responders and medical staff? I am naturally suspicious of any flu vaccine since I lost my surragate grandmother to the swine flu vaccine back in ’75.

    • Paul ...

      What I want to see is all the Demon-rats take the Covid-19 shot and drop dead … if we can get their population numbers down … the world will be a better place … wait a second?? … wait a second!! … I think am I beginning to sound just like Bill Gates and the Globalist eugenicists??? … but maybe … “if it’s for a good cause” like fighting a forest fire by burning a back fire it would be OK?? … but … Bill Gates is using the same excuse “kill the people … to save the world” … so NO it’s not right!! … we must get the word out to “All the People” about the danger of taking “the experimental untested” vaccine!!

  78. Trudie Struth

    BREAKING|Feb 13, 2021
    ‘TRAITOR’ Painted Onto Trump Lawyer Michael Van Der Veen’s Driveway
    Joe Walsh Forbes Staff
    You know George Conman Conway must have something to do with this?
    Thugs get paid for this sort of things. Who’s the real traitor in this? Van Der Veen is a Dem, voted for Beijing Biden. Bet he’s seen the light as so many of us since the steal!

    • Clint+D.

      Many first responders will be incapcitated or possibly will die. This will be blamed on the new virulent strain of COVID, not the “COVID vaccine.” The “COVID vaccine” will incapcitate and eleminate the most trusting of the system. Once they are gone, the system will have a lot harder time convincing the remaining to get in line.

      • Paul ...

        What I want to know is … why do people place such trust in Doctors who never spent any time learning about the benefits of vitamin D , vitamin C, etc., etc., etc.?? … they go to school for 12 years simply to write prescriptions for Big Pharma drugs … that treat symptoms … but never cure anything???

        • Paul ...

          And now the Demons in Washington want to forgive their student loans?? … how about forgiving my credit card loans first!!!

  79. Dana+M.

    Celente makes you look bad, Greg. He is an uncontrollable “potty mouth” whose inability to use intelligent vocabulary discredits his legitimacy as an authoritative resource. It was a chore listening to this interview to its end. I definitely will give any future interviews with him a pass.

    • JC

      Dana M,
      Are you a nun?

    • Occasnltrvlr

      I think you mean “inability to use vocabulary intelligently”.

      Having and using a, as you say, “potty mouth”, is in no way an indicator of an inability to use language well, and those who would, on that basis alone, discredit a speaker are likely unable to grasp complex points spoken plainly.

      In other words, “M’Boy knowz – stop talkin’ sh#t!!”

  80. al

    just shaking my head, no comment

    • Dana+M.

      I said what I said correctly. I did not say Celente could not use vocabulary intelligently. It is his inability to use intelligent vocabulary that is the problem. His filthy name-calling language detracts from his otherwise meaningful content. Remove his unnecessary foul speech, and he actually comes across as a smart guy instead of a small man.

  81. saperavy

    they can ban gold like they are gonna ban cash

    • Greg Hunter

      Think Peer to Peer “Sap”

  82. H.Craig Bradley


    It is said the first stage of grief is denial, then anger, then acceptance. We are still in Stage 1 (Denial) of the Recovery Process, 3-months AFTER Trump. High Time people move-on towards recovery. They are just making it harder on themselves and their families, and neighbors, as well. America is smelling like a spoiled melon, going sour ( Maduro) in a Local Weekend street market.

    Just visited Ralphs Grocery Store (Kroger) in La Canada, CA. Briefly talked to the Store Manager at check-out. He told me he thinks “things will return to normal after the next Mid-Term Election or at least the next Presidential Election” in 2024. ( It will get better. ) I do not share his optimistic view as I see no MAGA by then at all, as neither does Gerald, even with the most optimistic scenario from here.

    As the classic story went, nobody could put Humpty-Dumpty back together again after his Fall (from Grace). Getting angry about it towards one’s fellow man/neighbor won’t help a bit ether. A lot of truly miserable people out there, even Democrats considering their guy won, right ?

    Taxes and living costs will rise and the dollar’s purchasing power, (sic. Inflation), will fall by some amount. How many more $ trillions of monetary methadone will Congress, the Treasury, and the FED unleash to prop-up real estate and stock markets, or will a terrible crash ensue before then, possibly? We live in interesting, if not dangerous times indeed.

  83. donald mcleod

    It’s the Cabal, the same people that crash stock markets and economies. The Cabal is in full control of the planet. Trump never had a chance.

  84. Helen Swanson

    I believe that now that the door is open for being able to impeach former presidents, how about impeaching BO.

  85. robert heartland

    Greg I used to live in Denver CO in the 1990’s and it was great but now, now there are tent encampments all over Denver! The Capitol park in front of the state legislature building has tents all over the place! You couldn’t pay me now to go back to Denver! It is a heartbreaking sight. I would freak out if this started happening to my home town of Huntington station Long Island NY ! The taxes I’m paying now?!!! And this might happen soon because I’m expecting the economy to tank,I don’t know why it hasn’t tanked already except because of manipulation although I’m beginning to regret buying a house here! America soon will not be just a swamp, but a Pig Stye ! Americans soon will be looking for another country not just another city. Would you be willing to live in a tent? During the winter? I’m 66 now. How long could I last in a tent in Huntington NY? Or NY city? NY city is full of homeless people and the cops who watch over them in halls and Penn station and Port Authority and the cops look like they are depressed and the cops will become aggressive if I’m normal and I don’t have a reason to be in Port Authority with a ticket then I would have to leave! I asked myself “would I want to be a cop in NY City?” “HELL NO!” Soon America will become a powder keg! I feel this summer it will blow!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting.

    • Coalburner

      Robert, get to a more southern and rural or semirural little town in the country for now. There are plenty of places where you are away from the huge masses and where they cannot survive very well in a tent. With lower taxes but not too far from a city with good heatlth care. Make froends! Be part of the community! IF you are a Vet go to an area where there many others. Shop around , you will be surprised. Down the road if the right people don’t get back into power, just watch where the kids go and follow them to some other country.

      • Robert

        Any suggestions of little towns in? Tennessee Kentucky Missouri ?

        • Justn Observer

          South of the 25N lat… 200 miles off the coastline….above 700 ft and flood zones…and well clear of the New Madrid fault zone…will help….

          • allen ols

            its me bruh

            • Robert

              When did bro become bruh and why?

    • eddiemd

      Think clean water. Springs.

      States like Arizona, Nevada, and California are doomed. All rely on the Colorado River. These are some areas that may survive but very limited. Look at the histories of the native Americans. Here in Arizona they survived where they could find water. Some tribes were semi-nomadic.

      Upstate New York where the Mohawk, Seneca, and Mohican lived. Or coastal areas up in Maine. Cold weather. For an older person it will be very difficult to survive the coming storms no matter how well you are prepped.

      There is only one way. Jesus Christ of Nazareth. Every other plan will fail.

      1 Kings 18:21
      20 So Ahab sent for all the children of Israel, and gathered the prophets together on Mount Carmel.
      21 And Elijah came to all the people, and said, “How long will you falter between two opinions? If the Lord is God, follow Him; but if Baal, follow him.”

      You have to make a choice while there is time.

  86. Dante

    I don’t know Think Trump is holding the energy card….didn’t his uncle help confiscate the Tesla papers? Free energy is probably why all the elite class controllers have been screeching all this time! Keep watching because after all Trump is the trump card!

  87. tim

    Gerald didn’t like silver a year ago wonder what changed his mind. Said silver was not a good investment. That it didn’t have any monetary value just industrial. The 10 year yield is at 1.215 up 4%. Lets see if Rick is right when it hits 1.26%.

  88. France Marie Gelinas

    God bless you Greg and thank for your platform of freedom and all that you do to present us with truth.
    Your guest Gerald Celente, is a God fearing independent free thinker making timely important points concerning our future.
    Thank you for having him on.

  89. eddiemd

    Fauci in the same sentence as Mengele. Sounds correct.

    Perhaps Fauci has lived on the “Island of Dr. Moreau”.

    • Paul ...

      I know Bill Gates lived on Jeffery Epstein’s Island for awhile as they conspired together to form Charitable Trusts similar to Hillary’s “to avoid taxation” (as they considered themselves “elite” and above paying taxes like the common people)!!

  90. Secret agent WD-40

    On the subject of Bitcoin, these are just my own thoughts, I am not an expert and I have no inside information. Who invented Bitcoin ? Satoshi Nakimoto ? Is he real or a fabricated entity ? A mystery. A real person or perhaps it was created by the CIA or NSA or another secret group. We do not know. It follows that the secret to the “blockchain” is a mystery also. Since we don’t really know who invented it, we can’t be certain how secure it is. At some time in the future, could the inventor or inventors release the “key” to the blockchain to the public, blowing up the whole thing ? Possibly. Or, if the government ( U.S. and other governments) decides to, could it ban Bitcoin and the other cryptocurrencies and declare them worthless ? Or just seize them all ?
    This is not to mention the fact that cryptocurrencies are dependent on the internet remaining intact. Could an EMP wipe them all out ?
    Like I said, this is all my own speculation. But things to consider. Can anyone explain why I am wrong ?

  91. Suzanne Powell

    Hi Greg!
    You might want to get back in touch with Clif High… all of his latest dovetails perfectly with what Celente is saying.
    Live, Suzanne

  92. Jay Dee

    Greg, Your listeners need to here this video concerning the vaccination for COVID-19.

    • Paul ...

      Yes … it is biological warfare … we are now at War (World War III) … and this war is not military against military … it is a war upon ordinary citizens … Bill Gates and his co-conspirator Fauci have turned traitor upon America … they went over to the enemy side to develop their “deadly gain of function weapon system” … and then they released their deadly weapon “upon ordinary citizens” (the same way Truman released the Atomic Bomb upon Japanese citizens) … and since this war is not military against military … but designed to be against ordinary citizens … then it is up to us ordinary citizens “not to get jabbed” by Gates … throw off the useless masks and methodically remove the people within our government who are giving support to our enemies within (Gates and Fauci) and then proceed to use our conventional and nuclear military power against our foreign enemies military/industrial complex (that means we do not drop nukes on civilian cities but only upon military assets) … they started the War … it is up to us Americans to finish it … our first strike should be against all the bio-weapons labs around the world!!

  93. Jennifer

    As more and more people are speculating and participating in bitcoin, and as this activity now includes a growing number of wealthy players and Hedge Funds, one can expect financial institutions to get involved in bitcoin for the simple reason that if they do not, then these institutions may risk sizable outflows of their investors’ deposits… into those institutions that will perform bitcoin transactions for these investors who want to own bitcoin in their portfolios.
    Also, financial institutions make money on transacting. There are now billions of transactions occurring on bitcoin exchanges. Do you think that financial institutions would like to capture some of this revenue stream? If the answer is you think that this implies that they endorse bitcoin? I would be inclined to think it reflects their competitive need to keep funds from flowing out of their institutions as well as to capture some of this transactional revenue. And that it does not necessarily imply that they endorse bitcoin at all.

    • William+Stanley

      Re: “‘Enabling’ Bitcoin versus ‘endorsing’ it”

      What if lots of swaps, mortgages, bonds and other financial instruments/contracts start to become denominated in Bitcoin due to The Network Effect? Does Bitcoin become the defacto “reserve currency”?

      What if financial instruments/contracts become “self executing” (as could happen, some say, with an Ethereum-based blockchain? Whither gold?

      What’s the practical difference between “enabling” Bitcoin and “endorsing” it?

      • Jennifer

        Regarding Endorsing vs. Enabling…Ex.) When an investor purchases shares in the stock market, a financial firm will perform the transaction for all companies listed on the publicly traded exchanges. They do not endorse these companies these companies when they perform the transaction for an investor. The company can go to zero, and many of them do. But they still enabled the transaction. They got paid for performing the transaction.
        Bitcoin can go to zero, but the companies and exchanges transacting in them still walk away the winners…which is why I invest in these companies. I do not believe in Bitcoin and do not want to buy it, but I did see an opportunity to capitalize on this transactional activity, and have acted accordingly.

        • William+Stanley

          Thanks for clarifying. You seem to be making an analogy to the merchants — who profitably sold picks and shovels to the (49ers) prospectors and miners — and those same prospectors and miners who, by and large, lost money.

          A few random thoughts, none of which are intended to refute yours:
          1. Many/most cryptocurrencies run on the Ethereum blockchain;
          2. Many financial firms now seem to be “investing” in Bitcoin in their own accounts;
          3. It DOES feel like a mania is underway in cryptocurrencies; and
          4. The physical metals markets DO seem badly askew (one example being the large divergence between the gold/silver ratio on the “spot” market, versus the ratio for physical gold and silver at, say, APMEX).

  94. bill

    Gerald Celente Unleashed!
    (I am not complaining, it’s refreshing!)

  95. Not So Free

    “Those who make peaceful revolution impossible will make violent revolution inevitable.”

  96. Danny

    Hey Greg, I think watching your guest is so much better here on your website. It’s great to enjoy the freedom of expression (Like Gerald Celente), and not have tro worry about censorship.But at the same time it does put a dent in your pocket book.

  97. Robert

    I swear this site is all about pimping gold and silver. What happens when the government makes it illegal to own gold and silver and your made to turn it in for the commensurate value in the new digital currency?

    It’s not like the federal government hasn’t made owning physical gold illegal in the past.

    • Greg Hunter

      Tell us all your strategy. You have the floor.


      • Tech Guy

        Wow, I was shocked to find YT deleted your channel this week, but not surprised. I been watching your content since 2008-2009.

        I have to agree with Robert, that at some point the gov’t will ban PM ownership or slap a annual property tax like they are planning to do with fire-arms (HR127). As for alternatives, TINA: there probably won’t be any alternatives. My strategy is to go homesteading: Plenty of land and being self-reliant as possible. Nothing I have is something TPTB would be interested in. Rural areas will always be more free than urban areas simply because law-enforcement, censorship, etc is much harder. Its difficult to stretch authorianism enforecment in rural regions.

        PMs may pan out if the gov’t collapses quickly since the US is dependent on the dollar for imports: The US imports just about everything, and if the dollar goes bust, so will the imports. My biggest concern is the rising possibly of another world war. The US is declining, and China wants to replace it. Rarely does an empire go down without a fight.

        Why not try starting a new YT channel, just don’t discuss trump or specific politicians at least directly. Focus on economics, US & global, overseas, and use lots of substitution words and phrases: China = “large asian nation”, Biden: Blue Dog, Washington DC: The Beltway. I am sure you can get really creative.

    • JC

      The federal government also made alcohol illegal, remember?
      By the way, is the “federal government” your God?

  98. Kelven Mays

    Love you Gerald! Freedom Fighter!

    You are a man’s man!

    Don’t stop!

  99. TrudieStruth

    U.S. Troops Refusing COVID Injections + India Bans Pfizer Jab February 14th 2021
    Across the globe the COVID hoax is unraveling as major governments cancel inoculation programs as illnesses and death trigger massive backlash
    As expected, Joe Biden has pledged to register all gun owners, ban semiautomatics, and ban high-capacity mags

    Leftist Narratives Collapse As They Browbeat, Bully Americans Into Compliance — February 14th 2021
    Tune in and share this link to fight back against the coordinated censorship and inject truth into the left’s tapestry of lies

  100. Daniel Pete

    Cryptos may have a future, but be forewarned. They are not totally free from fraud, and theft. All computer programs have back doors built into them. All electronics can be hacked . Anything digital leaves a footprint on the WEB. Bitcoin was designed to be “anti bank” – and now the banks are buying them up. Arent Cryptos suppose to be an alternative to the dollar ? Yet it is tied to the dollar . What happens when the dollar becomes totally worthless ? Hypothetically, lets say the dollar crashes to zero. what is Bitcoin worth then ? Who is going to take an electronic payment , thats pegged to what ?

    • Paul ...

      Exactly Daniel … to be a real currency (that can be called true money) it needs to be backed by gold and or silver!!

  101. Steve

    What happened to Greg’s youtube channel? I can’t find it

    • Marie+Joy

      Gone. Youtube took it down.

  102. americawakeupnow

    Celente is absolutely right. It is unbelievable to see how the sheeple have rolled over for “their” masters!!! IT IS SICKENING!! PEOPLE GROW A SET OF BALLS AND PUSH BACK!!!

    • JC

      They have been trying to shrink, downsize, and eliminate “balls” for quite some time…

      • Paul ...

        US Military Special Forces should be throwing “ball lightening” at all the bio-labs around the world “destroying them all” … what the hell are they waiting for?? (Google to ship them some new red high heel shoes)???

  103. Jerry

    I hate to say it, but I told you so.

    What did I say COVID-19 stood for? Certificate of vaccination ID.
    And who is chartering this movement? The banks.

  104. Jerry

    I want to pass this along to your readers.

    Texas is being hit hard right now with a power outage during a major Arctic clipper. Should this continue, the outage could spread to other areas as the power companies try to buy more power to meet the demand. -20 degree wind chills is not the time to be without power.

    • Jerry

      I’m not saying there’s a connection to the power outage, but it could be. Do you remember “ operation dark winter “?

      • Paul ...

        Bribe’n hands the US power grid over to the China Commies … and now all of a sudden large parts of our Nation do not have power in a snow storm??? … it’s about time we take down their power grid (especially during our Presidential elections to prevent their interference)!!

  105. Steve Nussdorf

    God he just rants… real view on BC…….one side its a young peoples gold…other side the gov’t will stop it………then he just spews on people…….doesn’t really tell us what we need to know…….who cares about the peeps he talks about…we have to survive… are we wasting time by staying with PM’s or is BC going to make us irrelevant….he kind of gave an answers to that but not definitive..that’s what we want to know…….not his career…plus he did invest in BC……so he didn’t just stack……and stay true to his principles….he’s opportunistic…….he’s all over the place btw, the money changers were there to convert foreign currencies so contributions could take place…they were not evil but helped tithing….,,gerald listens to himself too much…..he too is corrupt if BC is corrupts and he is into it. shame, there are certain things he has been on to…but he is an ego gone wild…too far……he’s a small man and always crits people for there size….what is wrong with him he was wrong often btw….he did not see QA so extensive which changed everything… his own admission he missed that…well that was the biggest thing almost ever.

  106. Marie+Joy

    De Blasio calling out, communist, Cuomo, on his murder of thousands of elderly, indicates De Blasio is planning on running for governor or senator. Politicians eat their own when it suits their purpose.

    • Greg Hunter

      Good analysis Marie. Of course De Blasio is going to have to explain killing off NYC under his watch. Commercial real estate occupancy rate in NYC is 14%. He killed it dead!!!

    • Paul ...

      Yeah Marie … it’s like mass murdering Mussolini telling Hitler he fouled up by burning the Jews … and therefore he should now take over command!!

  107. Robert

    God Bless you, Greg. You are God’s true servant, and I appreciate you and your blog more than words can convey. Please continue your essential work.

  108. Great report.

  109. Dan Stecjuk

    Everything on TV is a lie, I shut mine off over 20 years ago, and stopped listening to the garbage 50 years ago.

  110. Paul ...

    Alert!! … People buying the ETF (SLV) “to get hold of some silver” are in for a shock … SLV “cannot acquire sufficient silver to cover the share purchases being made) … the people buying SLV (as a why to own silver) are in actuality just buying “paper” (they should instead be buying silver coins or bars and taking delivery of the physical metal)!!

  111. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Something to cheer you.

  112. Justn Observer

    Greg, About says it all =

  113. Russ McMeans

    Your website is so much like Reno Nevada city slogan. “Biggest little city”. USA Whatch Dog. Com.
    Sorry. Cannot see font when typing into websites. Especially Facebook. Glasses are not even helpful

  114. Russ McMeans

    America going to come to rejoining soon. Cannot see font. ). Too many ungrateful people out there. Judgment day coming and no mention of us in book of Revelation in Bible. I find that disturbing. If my back surgery failed, what else is going to fail. ?
    I don’t have much hope left. The Marxists are coming people. Wake up.

  115. Rodster

    Iran is looking into issuing its own digital currency because it says there is a global race to eliminate physical currencies. So it backs up what Gerald Celente was saying about “digital trash”.

  116. Mike R

    not a single bit of any of these digital ‘coins’ are worth a thing, nor are they ever going to be currencies. what they are, is the last blow off stage of fiat currencies, where people are creating fake vehicles to lure people into throwing away their fiat more quickly, rather than converting that fiat into hard assets that will stay the test of time, and survive beyond the fiat currency collapse. the US dollar representing a more than 60% of world reserves is now in a very rapid rate of decline. this is reflecting in the constant and rapidly continuing ramp of global QE. Bitcoin would go to zero immediately if QE did not exist. QE cannot be re-tracted at this stage or ever stopped. It has to keep accelerating at a more rapid pace as time goes on to prevent sudden and immediate collapse of the US dollar, which would in turn collapse every single other fiat currency out there, since they are ALL tied to the existence of the dollar in the world’s transaction system. Chinese yuan, or whatever is trying to be the next ‘reserve currency’ is totally bogus. you cannot physically develop a new fiat currency that can survive until all the $300 trillion in global debt is zeroed out. Meaning all current paper wealth would evaporate. Bill Gates knows this factoid and knows its imminent bc he is attempting to ‘transfer’ a fragment of his paper wealth into US farmland.

    Folks the dollar implosion at first appears slow, but then on-set is rapid. Nobody knows the exact date we will see a real sudden drop in the dollar. The global powers don’t know either. they can’t model it, even with multiple super computers, bc they can’t model each individual human’s emotional reaction for over 7 billion people simultaneously reacting to a currency collapse that is worldwide. Again,NO FIAT in existence today will survive this collapse, and in particular Bitcoin or digital coin owners of all flavors would have the absolute worst possible chance to convert to anything else quickly enough to get out of it. you can purchase hard assets way faster and of multiple varieties with a declining fiat, especially the one that is the largest reserve by a country mile, and held by nearly every single country, with the largest percent of any reserve, and that is the US dollar.

    Everybody has wanted that US dollar as an intermediary position, to then figure out what else they are going to get into. You can only stock up on so many jars of beans, peanut butter, rice, guns, ammo, or even durable goods, before you run out of places to store all the crap, and you can’t really ‘diversify’ into paper investments that are all largely denominated in the one reserve currency that is in non stop decline, and going to zero. Its happened to every single civilization who has ever created a fiat currency. The world cannot get the US dollar back on a gold standard to save that fiat – its too late. The final blow off and super rise of both gold and silver, which will rise so utterly fast you wont be able to even get in it, will the final and most obvious signal the collapse of the dollar is upon us. Not a soul on the planet will accept bitcoin for transactional purposes once that blow off occurs, and in fact Bitcoin will be plummeting in value even faster than the dollar. As will other digital coinages. Right now, I see the last of the really stupid money going into Bitcoin, or doge coin, and thats the money from these money stupid people like Musk, or Bezo’s, and some of the richest on the planet. Too much money has made them dumber and dumber and dumber. They are all drunk on fiat. Musk’s pronounced use of all kinds of drugs signals the end of his own demise. Its symbolic of how stupid he has become due to all his paper money. The average human does not recognize that that much money makes people really stupid. It shrinks the brain. Seriously. The psychological effects are devasting. The closest thing we get to seeing it or hearing about it in public is the huge percentage of atheletes who lose all their paper wealth. That kind of paper money is VERY hard to manage, because for one, you get a target on your back and become vulnerable to highly predatory scam artists who pose as every kind of ‘advisor’ on the planet. They FIND you if you become rich, and they find you much easier if you’ve become super rich, suddenly. Lottery ticket winners are the most pronounced, but trust me when I say all those like Bezo’s, Musk, even Buffet are massive targets for scams, and some of the scammers are savvier than those mega targets. They’ve made a living off of being predators where the targets have not made their living building defenders against such predators. Bitcoin is thee ultimate scammers tool. Bitcoin was designed from day 1 just like every digital currency was designed from its infancy, to be that ponzi, and be that super seductive sink that would suck so many people in, and away from the declining fiats. People very unwisely think its ‘protecting them.’ But people who have the money being put into Bitcoin, have really lost most of their critical thinking skills. It therefore is attracting now the biggest of dumb money, like Musk. If Musk was critically thinking, he would have been in it FIRST. Not near dead last. sorry folks. If you aren’t in the right hard assets already, you are pretty much going to be screwed. same thing with working in the right industries, working for the right companies, or if you are self employed you need to be in the right line of business, that will make it to the other side of this fiat collapse, and you WILL need something like Gold and or silver to survive long enough, to get past the collapse.

    • Gary C

      Great Post Mike R, As far as Bitcoin.
      “No Internet, No Bitcoin, or any other Financial Transaction”

    • Paul ...

      Words of wisdom!!

  117. Jeffersonian

    Here in the Pacific Northwest we had a monster ice storm ice 2 inches thick. Power lines dangling in the streets and broken limbs beyond the imagination—300k without power since Friday
    Power not expected til end of week

    Here on the farm we got generators powering well freezers heaters etc. We can last for months and months and months

    Point. Be prepared because there will be a day when you’ll need it—if not you’ll be at the mercy of others. Not a strong position

    The family is closer than ever playing board games at night by candle light and sleeping by the wood stove and reading Bible stories before bed

    God is good

    Water food and heat

    • Marie+Joy

      Freezing temps, in TX, will kill many crops including citrus, strawberries, wheat and many more. The Eddy Grand Solar Minimum is upon us. Wood stoves and a lot of wood. Food, drink, supplies. Large gardens. CYA
      I’m having trouble posting, still.

  118. John

    The bullion dealers are either greedy idiots are they have the intent to help manipulate the pm market. People would be pouring in right now if they didn’t have to pay these ridiculous premiums. That would break the manipulation. The dealers would then make a hell of a lot more. So why are they doing it?

    • Steve Bice

      John, I wonder what their actual cost is. Perhaps the “paper price” is not the price wholesalers are willing to offer to dealers in an environment characterized by spot shortages and choppy supply.

      The paper price may we’ll be illusory at all levels of the supply chain, and the increasing premiums may reflect the increasing stress in the wholesale market. We shall see…

      • Steve Bice


    • Rachel

      Hi John, It’s greed partly but it’s also the way the dealers have to hedge their prices to cover gaps between buy and sell times where the prices are ever changing. Precious metals dealer Andy Schectman explains here…

  119. John F

    At the end Gerald says this was done by satanists? Aliens? Read The gods of Eden by William Bramley. Printed in 1993. Documenting alien manipulation of earthlings for thousands of years. An aside” If paper money is too dirty to use then so is the US Mail, Amazon, UPS Fed Ex …………… Its all blatantly obvious. Another obvious that Gerald pointed out is that Trump is broke and has been for some time now. He’s Done!

  120. TedCronan

    I’m BAAACK!
    Watch: Trump Makes Appearance at President’s Day Rally in Florida
    February 15th 2021, 3:11 pm
    Large enthusiastic crowd proves Trump still a potent force in Republican party.

  121. T.Cronan

    I’m BAAACK!
    Watch: Trump Makes Appearance at President’s Day Rally in Florida
    February 15th 2021, 3:11 pm
    Large enthusiastic crowd proves Trump still a potent force in Republican party.

  122. Jim Furr

    Let’s all ommm together…
    LOL : )

    • Paul ...

      Ummm?? … are you suggesting it’s over? … that now is time … for humans to sit back, relax and simply accept the death the eugenicists will bring us (as dying is an easy way to enter that new world Jesus promised)? … … how about … we stop ummm-ing … and keep this world we’ve got … let’s simply round up all the eugenicists and put them on the first ship to Mars … perhaps the off world experience will teach them … that life is precious!!

      • Jim Furr

        Actually, no.
        I was laughing at a statement Gerald made.
        Did you watch the video???

        -Jim >

        • Paul ...

          Jim … My old computer won’t respond (so I’m currently blocked from watching the video portion) … and I’m not going to buy a new computer and thus support the evil people using slaves in China to manufacture their products!!

  123. Poochi

    One of my favorites speakers. He is right as usual.

  124. Boy

    Greg, Bitcoin is following the model to a t. It will go to millions within 5 years. Silver will reach near parity to gold. Gold will be the value of the Dow whatever that is. Oh, and you can’t kill Bitcoin. It’s more powerful than any government. Even the dumbass USA.

    • Paul ...

      Boy … Ever wonder in your brain … who is going to calculate the exchange rate between all the different “private crypto currencies”?? … say you have Bitcoin, Ethereum and a hundred other crypto coins in your pocket … how will you know (and the cashier at the grocery store know) exactly how many crypto coins you will have to pay for the one gallon of milk you want to buy??

  125. Marie+Joy

    WE need to be in better shape, in every way.

  126. Robert K

    Happy Ash Wednesday everyone! God bless!

    As a side note, I have been keeping track of fuel prices since election day. Here in Georgia, fuel prices in Northern Georgia were $1.85/gallon on election day. This morning, the price is now $2.39/gallon. That is an increase of .54 cents more per gallon… and I don’t see a decrease in sight. I imagine the fuel prices in larger populated cities are also on the incline. Looks like we are headed back to the 2007-2009 obama fuel prices of $4.75-$5+/gallon or more…

  127. Marie+Joy

    RED ALERT From Ice Age Farmer

    “Food Supply Chain Shutting Down as Blackouts Spread.
    Grand Solar Minimum”


  128. Raymond Jensen

    I disagree with Gerald about the 21st century being the “China Century.” I think Harry Dent would disagree too.

  129. Greg Morrissey

    Greg did you see this story and the attention its getting now ?

  130. Justn Observer

    Greg, Frontline doctor, Dr Simone Gold speaks, “The truth about the CV 19 vaccine”
    link = Silver Bear Cafe
    This seems to back up one of her claims…

  131. Jay Smithson

    ‘Plenty of evidence’ Nancy Pelosi knew and did nothing about January 6 riots
    769,048 views•Feb 15, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Sky News host Paul Murray says Speaker Nancy Pelosi did not want to be called as a witness in the impeachment trial because there is a “substantial amount of evidence” that she was pre-warned about the January 6 riots.
    “She did not want to be called as a witness because there is a substantial amount of evidence that she – as the presiding officer – was pre-warned of something might be happening on January 6,” Mr Murray said.
    ”There is plenty of evidence to suggest that she was not doubling down on security that day, and the former boss of the Capitol Police would have testified to that very point”.
    Multiple Republican Senators have suggested Speaker Pelosi may have known about the riots the as there was a credible threat identified by the FBI and Capitol Police the night before.
    Former Trump loyalist Lindsay Graham originally voted against witnesses to be called but changed his vote and suggested Senators could have called Speaker Pelosi to “to answer the question as to whether or not there was credible evidence of pre-planned violence before President Trump spoke?”.
    Mr Graham also said it could be asked “whether Speaker Pelosi, due to optics, refused requests by the Capitol Hill Police for additional resources like the National Guard?”.
    Republican Senator Roger Marshall also jumped on and asked questions about Speaker Pelosi’s responsibility.
    “That’s the question most of us want to know: did she bear great responsibility for what happened on January the 6th. She’s the one who had the intelligence,” Mr Marshall said.

    Trump launches attack on Mitch McConnell in scathing new statement
    380,557 views•Feb 16, 2021 Sky News Australia
    Donald Trump has released a scathing new statement where he ripped into Mitch McConnell and declared the Republican Party “can never again be respected or strong” with the Kentucky Senator at the helm.
    “The Republican Party can never again be respected or strong with political “leaders” like Sen. Mitch McConnell at its helm. McConnell’s dedication to business as usual, status quo policies, together with his lack of political insight, wisdom, skill, and personality, has rapidly driven him from Majority Leader to Minority Leader, and it will only get worsem,” Mr Trump said.
    “The Democrats and Chuck Schumer play McConnell like a fiddle—they’ve never had it so good—and they want to keep it that way! We know our America First agenda is a winner, not McConnell’s Beltway First agenda or Biden’s America Last.”

  132. JaySmithson

    Nunes demands Pelosi answer for her role in lack of Capitol security
    894,721 views•Feb 16, 2021 Ingraham FoxNews

  133. Jerry

    As I’ve said before, there’s the perception of the truth by someone, and then there’s the truth.

    Just like an alcoholic truth spin, ( you know the ones where they accuse you of doing what they’re doing? ) China is now saying that the virus originated in the United States. Does it matter that Bill Gates was involved with the development of the virus with Event 201, or that he has been involved with the vaccine development with GAVI? Apparently so, because now neither China or India will allow phizer to introduce its vaccine into their population without testing showing it’s safe. Phizer”s response? They withdrew their application.
    There’s the perception of truth. And then there’s the truth.

  134. Jerry

    I think we can stick a fork in it, and say that the United States Corporation is officially done.

    Under the latest SEC filing, it shows no filings. What does that mean? You tell me. I thought you had to have a SEC exchange license in order to exchange currencies. What do I know? We’re living in fantasy land where the fed can create money out of thin air, and loan it to a republic that doesn’t exist. No wonder we have Ronald McDonald for president.

    • Jerry

      Here’s your answer.

      Now we know why China boy, ( otherwise known as Ronald McDonald ) is invested with China. They filed their SEC exchange license. They’re in business to exchange currencies. Get the picture?

    • Paul ...

      Jerry … Perhaps the US “is covered” … simply by China registering with the SEC … as we are now under control of the China “commie” (Bribe’n) … thus officially making the United “Commie” States of America an integral part of the CCP!!

  135. Marie+Joy

    People, like Gerald Celene, Greg Hunter and Donald Trump have been standing for America and Americans for a while. During an age of universal deceit, that has become dangerous. I suggest you/we get ready to defend Patriots when needed.

  136. Colman Wessel

    Keep up the good work Greg. Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Colman for all your support!

  137. Justn Observer

    Greg, Loved Celente’s passion and your commitment to truth as well… No coincidence that Christians , truthseekers and conservatives and their beliefs are being ‘GASLIGHT’ by the Marxist/Globalists as strongly as they are… Gaslighting IS one of the most used weapons of the left/establishment… Explained by Marshall Sylver herein =

  138. King

    People are becoming worthless, not currency. In the 60’s we created welfare entitlements that made the taxpayer the daddy. In the 20’s we are creating a system of total support for all those that refuse to work, a system where trillions in debts are postponed or worse wiped out. America’s debt problem goes hand in hand with the doubling of the population during the past 50 years, where full time job numbers fell 25%. Double the number of useless parasites while cutting the number of full time jobs. I can see only one solution where all can pull their own weight, and that requires a world war.

  139. Robert Kaplan

    Love this channel and the great smart guests that are glad to be associated with your real news presentations. Now I realise that SensorTube kicked you off, so there is no more You in it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Robert for your support & very kind comments!

  140. Deadline Dave

    In Fiscal Year 2020, federal spending was equal to 31% of the total gross domestic product (GDP). This Federal Spending will increase year after year until nearly 100% of the economy is Federal spending, or else the economy will contract and whe can’t have that!

    Federal spending, hires million of employees to oversee the hand outs of trillions of unearned dollars created out of thin air to people that don’t work.

    At what point will the American workers all say fuck it, I quit.

    At some point in time the American government will have to force people at gun point back to work producing the services the welfare mochers steal.

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