Deep State Cannot Stop Unprecedented Awakening – Alex Newman

By Greg Hunter’s (Saturday Night Post)

Award winning journalist Alex Newman says, “The Deep State globalists cannot stop the “unprecedented awakening going on in America.”  Newman, who wrote the popular book called “Deep State: The Invisible Government Behind the Scenes,” explains, “Everybody knows that the press is lying.  Nobody believes the press anymore.  ‘Let’s go Brandon.’  Everybody knows this is absolutely absurd.  The point is not to make people believe these absurdities anymore.  The point now is to demoralize people and to really silence us.  That’s what’s going on with sicking the FBI and DOJ on parents complaining about hate being taught to their children, and that’s what’s going on with the propaganda. . . . They want to silence us.  They want to intimidate us.  They want to bully us, and they want to terrorize us into staying quite. . . . AG Garland said all these parents are intimidating and harassing school boards.  What could be more intimidating than sicking one of the world’s most powerful law enforcement agency on parents expressing their concern?  I can’t think of more things that would be more intimidating than that.  So, the irony is off the charts, but the goal here is to silence people into submission.”

Newman says the threats and bullying are backfiring and is not working in the least.  There is good news, and Newman explains, “They trot out these people to demoralize us and to scare us and make us think that everything is over.  Just keep your head down and comply, but it’s not working.  It is absolutely not working.  We have an awakening going on in this country . . . there’s an awakening that is happening here that is unprecedented in the modern history of this country.  It is such good news, but now we are in a race against time.  They are trying to collapse the supply chain and trying to implode everything before enough people wake up and do something about it.”

Newman points out that since 2016, the Deep State has been losing the narrative and losing badly.  Newman explains, “The entire propaganda machine was non-stop bombarding Americans with anti-Trump propaganda, and Americans went to the polls.  Even with all the voter fraud in 2016, Trump still won in an Electoral College landslide.  That’s how much they have lost control of the narrative.  They thought by shadow banning us and rigging their algorithms, people should not come across our information.  That failed, and that’s why they had to ban you.  This is why they had to ban thousands of top content creators that were making huge amounts of money for them.  They have lost total control of the narrative, and they are left with what can they blow up and what can they do to scare us?  What can they do to make us think we are all alone, and that’s exactly what we are seeing right now, and it is crystal clear.  I think everybody should be able to see this at this point.”

In closing, Newman points out how weak the Deep State really is and says, “Their entire narrative is based on lies, deception, trickery and intrigue.  When you examine it closely, it all falls apart.  It’s true with the clot shots.  It’s true with the mandates.  It’s true with the schools.  It’s true with the courts, and it’s true with everything that they are doing.  They have to rely on lies.  The Bible says the devil is the father of lies.”

Join Greg Hunter of as he goes One-on-One with award winning journalist Alex Newman, founder of and author of the recent popular book “Deep State.” (10/16/21)

(There is much more in the 38 min. video interview.)

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  1. Anita

    Always like hearing from Alex, thank you both.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Anita!!!

      • Oky1

        Great Job as always Greg!

        Fear Not… Where did I hear that? 😉

        Thank you.

        Big Tech has banned many great people they are afraid of. Some of them are finding a space/Channel at Banned.Video

      • Jack

        The next Christine Lagarde magic number 7 date is 10/26/2021. 1+2+6+2+2+1 =14 or 2×7. This in the USA falls on a Monday. Both 911 and London Bombings were magic number 7 dates. Share market crash ?

        • The Seer

          10.26.21 = 1 + 8 + 3 = 12 = 3
          not 7

        • The Seer

          The next #7 days are:
          10.19.21 TUES
          10.28.21 THUR

          10= 1
          2021 = 5

          19 = 10 = 1
          28 = 10 = 1

          Remember there is no meaning in and of itself in anything, only what the mind asserts or applies as has meaning individually or in consensus. As you know the clotshot is losing consensus former meaning to meaningful truthful science.

      • Hannah Loveanna

        What about the military being forced to take the jab? Many are leaving (1/3?) including pilots, seals, medics, etc..
        There are numerous videos of personal testimonies of military men & women who refuse the injection, have left, & are leaving. Please investigate & report. Your skills are our means of important info. Thanks, Hannah

        • Paul ...

          HL … The real target is our children … The President , the CDC, the FDA and the WHO all know … “they know” … that “jabbing” 5 to 11 year old children will give them heart attacks … “they damn well know it” … and yet … these murdering Demons under Satan’s spell … are still going after our children … it is up to us to stop them NOW!! … it is time … it is time (to get out of the propaganda headlights) and get off the road we are on … or we’ll be road kill to the happy eugenicists!!

      • ALAN

        Any way we can get a link to print out copies of the fda letter?

      • Peter Campbell

        Greg have you covered the New Green Deal which was in effect Sept No Truck 3 years or older will be allowed onto a dock or a port which automatically stopped 50% of trucks in the shipping industry to not be allowed to drop off or pick anything up. And you cant buy a new truck because china has not delivered the new computer chips for the new trucks this is what is creating the bottleneck at the ports not enough trucks to help unload goods…so there is no shortage of goods its a shortage of trucks

        • Paul ...

          Peter … You can clearly see the Globalist plans to destroy America … so who do we go after … expend our energy to recall the local puppets … or do we concentrate on bringing down “the men behind the puppets” hiding out in Europe and working through the UN and the Main Stream Media (to destroy our American Republic)?? … we need to take out their Command and Control Centers (the UN and the Main Stream Media) … the UN should be surround night and day with protesters calling out the Globalist criminals … as we continue to take on the “fake” Main Stream Media (with “truth platforms” like … It Is Time To Act … if we are to “Change The Future” where we will own nothing!!!!

      • Beverly

        A Patriotic widow out here in Utah helped to sponsor Alex’s visit to Utah. The first thing I said to him was: It’s nice to meet you. I watch you on Greg Hunter’s site. He said ‘Thank You.” So, it’s very true, Greg. Your site is influencing thousands of Americans. And, Alex has a DVD that is put out by the John Birch Society, that is all about the takeover of our education system. You can buy those on and distribute those DVDs to your friends. They can show them in their homeschool groups or you can invite others over to watch it in your home. Alex knows the political facts because he has been a member of the John Birch Society. People are afraid to say those words, but people need to stop being afraid. The John Birch Society has been uncovering the truth about the Deep State for YEARS now and their website, makes it VERY easy and convenient for people to get involved in politics by contacting their Governor, Congressmen and Senators. Thank you Alex, for all your hard work and Thank you Greg for all you are doing for America.

      • Kathy

        Just want to verify a comment from one of your listeners from about a month ago. Reference was made to All Day Chemist site to get ivermectin. It turned out to be legit. Love your work, Greg.

      • Simonfromflorida

        Pls forget the data analysis

        We 10 days away from fastest genocide in world history

        Biden admin aiming to jab 28 million kids in 8 weeks from Halloween to Xmas using 25k pharmacies and schools

        Posters and letters to parents oct 8 and oct 13
        Completely false promises

        Also note teachers without med training required to submit
        Vaers reports

        Pls pay attention to this next 10 days people need to pull their kids from school and move state urgently

        This is the end how do u save the kids?

        History useless next 10 days need immediate action

    • Warren B.

      I hear Alex’s story …the Awakening is happening…to a certain extent its true. Unfortunately and Inevitably they control all the levers and strings – consider what is happening in China – the electricity grid operates on a 4 day on/ 5 day off in some regions. They can interrupt business and supply chains domestically as well as internationally. Consider the consequences of the Mandates here, with the effects on industry and transportation (TRUCKING/ FREIGHT/ AIR)… supplies are already dwindling. Then there is the issue of depleted (lack of labor) workforce across the Nation. Everything comes to a standstill eventually because the foundation of business is broken. So who wins in that scenario?

    • Warren B.

      On the WNW this week I made a comment. This is my follow up.

      My comment today centers around a potential new threat to every human. This is not a short comment so please bear with me and allow me to recite some background information before proceeding to the critical part.

      This is my interpretation of what may transpire next in this great Extermination Event.
      It comes with a *****WARNING*****.

      With the COVID PANDEMIC a blatant failure in terms of Deaths from a non-existent disease (no isolation of the virus from an infected human and proven transmissibility) but the persistence of TPTB with their mandates for not only Vax (toxic jabs) uptakes, but also Passports and freedoms now being based on acceptance of VAX booster shots in other parts of the World. The evidence is in with regard the adverse effects of the poisonous jabs – the Hospital/ Health systems here and around the globe, are in crisis mode from those (predominantly) “Vaccinated” patients who have “Covid”.
      The jabs are designed to progressively destroy the body’s immune system (Karen Kingston has highlighted the multiple vaccine doses/recipes that are available to be issued and injected). The concept of immune destruction is rather straight forward – the action or mechanism of the jabs is that it permits pathogens (in the form mRNA which promote the generation of Spike Proteins) to create havoc with the system and cause many immune responses especially those of an Inflammatory nature. The inclusion of Graphene Oxide in the jab, is toxic to the system – especially to those who are elderly as well as those who have other health issues.
      The initial required protocol of two jabs has now transformed into potentially endless Booster jabs. The Booster jabs are to ensure complete destruction of our immune systems…. to then allow the pathogens to do their work.
      This last summer has been a time for reflection. It has also been a time of uneasiness. It was almost as if we had beaten the Covid menace and we were acting accordingly. Lockdowns were a thing of the past it would seem, and the other measures and restrictions put in place hindering /removing our freedoms had somewhat disappeared. Had we won the War and if so why the persistent threat with Mandating Jabs (and the eventual Booster shots) ? Looking at evidence from other countries, which are two steps ahead of us, I feel as though we have been setup and are about to experience what others have been through ……..and are about to transition to.
      As with all things evil, they never let a good crisis go to waste. In my humble opinion we are on the threshold of something inconceivably more diabolical. We have become complacent at a time when action was required, and these Eugenicists needed to be halted with their planned agenda. What was missing ….what was hiding in plain sight? What could potentially be the next threat that they could build on….the next phase of their planned extermination event?

    • Warren B.

      part 2 continued…..
      That is when I happened upon the following article…. After which the final pieces fell into place.
      Covid-19 was the “bioweapon” released on the world population, to which they had swiftly introduced a test (PCR) and a cure in the form of a Vaccine(non-vaccine) – all planned (refer patents for both vaccines/tests as well as the Gates orchestrated summit – Event 201).
      The known side effects would be built upon and allow for greater levels of fear with increased “infections” and transmission, especially from those who had been vaccinated (delta variant or ADE shedding). This has and will, drive the need for booster jabs. That intentionally brings on further (more rapid) destruction of the body’s immune system which ultimately creates severe acute viral infections (aka hemorrhagic fever) which affects multiple organ systems in the body. Hemorrhagic Fever will quite possibly be used to create mass hysteria along the lines of the following article issued by the Gavi Institute in April this year.
      Marburg fits neatly into the narrative around the hemorrhagic fever threat on many levels. The issue that stands out is why is Gavi discussing this disease if it has not been a threat to the global population (minimal deaths in the last decade)?
      Where it gets more interesting is that there exists a PCR test for Marburg (2018) ….a virus that has not posed a threat since 2005.
      To make all alarms bells ring simultaneously they have developed a “Vaccine” called RiVax – which is also getting warp speed approval from the FDA as I write this. Its main constituent is a product called RICIN – which is very toxic to the human system. It will have the desired effect once rushed to the market, of literally killing many people very quickly (in less than 2 weeks) once injected. There will be no time to consider the consequences or side effects, because the MSM will push this diabolical plan and there will be no room for consideration – it will be imperative. They can ensure the Execution of it – as the infrastructure already in place (thanks to the precursor and preparedness/readiness of COVID-19), would accommodate the desired take up – via a mass vaccination program on a scale and timeframe never-before seen.
      Be ever mindful of the returned freedoms and how quickly our Minders can take them away again with a new threat supported by the FEAR that they will use in the Mass Propaganda unleashed through their mouthpieces the MSM.
      Another fabricated pandemic will be the final step in their World Genocide. Marburg (hemorrhagic fever) may well be their designated next phase (PLANDEMIC 2): With their weapon of choice – the TOXIC RICIN – to be injected into the bodies of the masses.

    • Warren B.

      part 3 continued…..
      This is the part that joins all the dots:
      This agenda… and possible plan, has more credence with evidence that those who have been fully (double or possibly triple) vaxxed for COVID /China Virus – are acquiring the 21st Century form of AIDS (Acquired Immuno-Deficiency Syndrome). A study out of the UK brings this horror story to our attention and highlights some incredible findings:
      ….it is stated “Report figures on Covid cases show that doubly vaccinated 40-70 year olds have lost 40% of their immune system capability”…also……“Their immune systems are deteriorating at around 5% per week”….
      ….and this jaw dropping piece… “If this continues then 30-50 year olds will have 100% immune system degradation, ZERO VIRAL DEFENCE by Christmas and all doubly vaccinated people over 30 will have lost their immune systems by March next year”…
      I pose this question: What would be the ideal time to strike with another “Pandemic” (such as Marburg)?
      To obtain maximum effect you would expect that the Eugenicists would hit the GO button by March 2022 (end of winter) to coincide with the immune system degradation (by design) ….eerily similar to when COVID-19 became a problem for the World in March 2020.
      Given how well advanced they are with their planning (Designated Disease=Problem, Hysteria=Reaction and RiVax=Solution), they could literally bring this to fruition in a very short time frame. They will (if as intended) introduce the Warp Speed EUA Vaxx for MARV (Marburg Virus) come the early part of 2Q 2022. The current “mandating” and rush to meet their targets of Vaccine take up is all making complete sense.
      We have seen this sequence of events before (pre-dating) the actual Covid-19 threat.
      – We now have evidence of a Patented PCR test for MARV = 2018 (when there is not threat and hasn’t been for nearly 2 decades)
      – GAVI paper discussing the threat of MARV = April 2021
      – A Vaccine already being trialed and prepared for EUA by FDA = RiVAX
      – Then strangely and as if by coincidence we have our favorite institution the NIH, having a discussion paper on MARV = (Jan 2021)
      ……”MARV causes little to no clinical disease in its reservoir host”…they state!
      ….but this is the icing…..”Contributors to severe MARV disease include immune response suppression and inflammatory gene dysregulation (“cytokine storm”), leading to systemic damage and often death”…..! That is exactly what they have/are achieving with the Covid jabs (AIDS). They are killing everyone’s immune system to allow the toxic Ricin to be injected to create a full blown Genocide. This is a repeat of the 80’s with AIDS / HIV…only this time the greater humanity is the target.
      As we well know with Covid-19 … Marburg doesn’t necessarily have to exist for there to be a PANDEMIC. It just becomes the mechanism to allow the “must have” next round of lethal injections. Mass acceptance will be assured.

      • Jerry

        Warren B,
        Your comment is spot on. My son from Phoenix came to help my wife and I recover at home after being in the hospital for the last ten days with covid19. Guess what? He got covid19 last March and later took the Modena MRNA jab. Last night I had to put him on my oxygen machine because he was coming down with covid19 symptoms and couldn’t breath. Obviously the so called vaccines don’t work, or he wouldn’t have gotten sick? From what I was witnessing his natural immune system was totally compromised. He coughed all night long, and lucky for him he was able to make it back to Phoenix and will no doubt get tested. Booster shoots? Yea it’s a death spiral, but what else can they do. The vaccines are not working. I think Cliff High will be proven to be right. Watching large crowds this weekend in football stadiums is a complete breakdown. Factor in the medical personal who refuse the jab, that have been termed. It’s a setup for the perfect storm. I know many don’t believe me, but I’ve been living it the past two weeks.

        • Coal Burner

          Hang tough Jerry! We need you!

        • Self Exiled

          Warren B, Jerry: they maybe losing the narrative but their not frightened by this loss. They still carry the infrastructure necessary to carry out the war game and the momentum. Thank You for the research. This type of evil plan/precision/persistence/intricate detail is not of human origin.

        • Warren B.

          The GAVI Institute state that MARV is the deadly cousin of Ebola – infected patients (aka those with hemorrhagic fever or more correctly Depleted Immune Systems=AIDS) experience symptoms of fever, chills, muscle aches and vomiting then bleeding from every orifice. Once the Health system starts to report on cases of the above (which are directly attributable to the use of Toxic Gene altering/Spike Protein producing Injections – NOT a new virus), then they will assign the symptoms being witnessed
          as being caused by MARV and create a mass wave of panic. Then they unleash Hell on Earth with the RiVax Vaccine.
          Today was symptomatic of their twisted thought process. I too saw the massive turnouts at the football stadiums across the Nation. They have us all on their terms with the belief that the Covid Jabs are “working” (not in a beneficial sense). The gradual destruction of the Immune systems of the “Fully Vaxxed” will be seen as per the UK report I posted above, with the expected timeframes (30 -50 yr old) commencing in the New Year then peaking in March (everyone over the age of 30yrs) . If true, the I would expect to see the MSM reporting on the designated MARV sometime in the Q1 2022 with hospitals inundated with Hemorrhagic Fever/MARV = Total Immune System Failure = AIDS.

          • Jerry

            Warren B.
            More proof of what’s coming.

            Did you notice they blamed his death on another condition that compromised his immune system? It’s a perfect cover.

            • Warren B.

              Yes Jerry,
              He himself was a victim of a Weapon of Mass Destruction.
              He is not the first and certainly wont be the last.
              You can see how they have surreptitiously implanted the narrative around “compromised Immune System”…..with “being treated for multiple myeloma, a blood cancer that suppresses immunity”. Was the cancer the result of the immune system destruction? (I BET IT WAS) ……not as they have described it… working in reverse. Watch how this new Pandemic gradually evolves…….. to levels where we see hospital reports of patients bleeding out from Covid-Jab induced hemorrhagic fever = the 21st Century AIDS = which will be classified as MARV to suit their agenda.

        • Paul ...

          Jerry … The Fauci plan of action to exterminate the human race is to have them stay at home without taking ivermectin, vit d and zinc until they can’t breathe … then when they do come to the hospital … put them on respirators … to blow out their lungs and kill them for the $52,000 dollar bounty Big Pharma is paying to make sure we die!!!

          • Paul ...

            We need to surround the Corporate Offices of the CEO’s (helping to bring about the destruction of our Republic) … and have them walk the gauntlet every morning to their office … through crowds of protesters calling them out as traitors … until they stop going to work (where they dream up their evil master plans to impose carbon credits on us)!!!

        • steve

          Whatels can they do

          What else can they do?- its called ivermectin. also if you are beginning symptoms use high dose C and D


        • Beverly

          Everyone who wants good health: Look into Jim Humble’s product called MMS. It stands for Miracle Mineral Supplement and it literally IS a miracle. In fact, Alex’s friend’s wife needs to start taking it for her brain tumor. There is a man out there that goes by the code name Gene Decode and he has developed health protocols to overcome Covid—even after you’ve gotten the vaccine. And, the NUMBER 1 thing he starts out with is: Get on the MMS. It is SODIUM CLORITE. You can buy it in powder form, mix it with distilled water and learn how to make your own. After you make up or get your solution, you mix it with citric acid or lemon juice or vinegar in a certain ratio, and then drink after 3 minutes. This MMS kills Malaria, Typhoid Fever, AIDS and all kinds of stuff. But, of course, the FDA does NOT want this news getting out about this very inexpensive cure. Get on the internet and find Jim Humble MMS. Get some MMS and USE IT! I’ve used it many times and it really does work!!

      • Edmund Burke

        Thank you Warren B.

      • AndrewB

        Hi Warren,
        Thanks for that. I listened to the president of Tanzania broadcast to his nation the Rockefeller Foundation agenda, which included a ‘phase two’ as you have indicated. Naturally, this president has since suffered a ‘heart attack’ and died!

        Also, regarding GAVI: When Trump withdrew $2bn US funding from the WHO, I applauded. However, one of my daughters dampened my enthusiasm when she pointed out that Trump had diverted the $2bn to GAVI – one and the same Bill Gates controlled GAVI you mention in your commentary. This was very concerning to me at the time and, since then, we have witnessed Trump ‘taking ownership’ of the various c19 inoculations and encouraging their use! As a former supporter, I take no pleasure in recognising my faith was misplaced – based on recent evidence, including ‘crickets’ on the fate of the incarcerated ‘DC protesters’. I wish it were not so. ‘We the people’ of the world are desperately in need of an HONEST, fearless, and charismatic leader.

        • Brooklyn

          Damn Andrew!

          My support for the “mystical” Donald John Trump has been slip-slinging-away for a long while now. We knew he met with Henry Kissinger in the 1990’s when his Atlantic City casinos where going upside down. And, rumor has it that Henry is but a fixer (aka: bagman) for Baron Rothschild. We always wondered what the back end of “that deal” was, especially when Trump almost immediately came out smiling-like-a-rose and began building international hotels and golf courses in Ireland, Scotland, and other European countries.

          And, then he ran (a second time) for POTUS and above all odds (and Dominion vote-fixing-machines) beat HRC the already crowned winner. Everyone believed, at the time, that it was a coalition of US Military Flag Officers who made Trump POTUS, but when we step back and look at that theory in the rearview-mirror, one must wonder where are those same so-called-military-leaders today? And, the fact that Trump was the catalyst behind the OWS to get the Killer Vax out right-on-schedule, knowing he had to authorize an EUA with NO APPROVED ALTERNATIVES DRUGS! Oh, and under no circumstances, Baron demanded, can you FIRE FAUCI! One wonders if the eugenics-minded-Rothschild might have a hand in where we find ourselves today. And, so we come to realize that Trump mislead many of us when he himself took HCQ or IVM to make his little Covid problem go away.

          As you say, “In order for us to survive, the USA is going to need a charismatic, but honest leader with integrity and skills to help us pick-up-the-pieces and move us forward…and DJT is NOT the One, for he is not who many think he is.

          Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum…

          • AndrewB

            Hi Brooklyn,
            We are on the same PAINFUL page. I came to my conclusion very reluctantly. In the past I stood up for Trump, when doing so attracted derision – especially here in Ireland. It’s doubly difficult when there appears to be no obvious successor. Trump has charisma in spades and his supporters will find it utterly demoralising when they finally let go their ‘Trump dreams’. On a positive note, it so often happens that,
            “Cometh the day, cometh the man*”
            Here’s hoping!!!

            *Or woman.

            P.S. This is the one comment I would most like to be proved wrong.

      • Steve Bice

        Hi Warren: That’s some evil stuff. I’m not telling you anything you don’t already know, but if a large subset of the population is subject to 100% immune system collapse, you don’t need Marburg to depopulate the earth.

        Any cut, any bacteria, any virus…heck, an infected hang nail will proceed to sepsis and kill you if you have no immune response.

        If your time frames are correct, then we should indeed “look up” because our redemption is drawing nigh…and final signs of the end should rapidly come into play. What you describe would literally be hell on earth…and that is not our destiny.


        • Warren B.

          My belief is that they will make it compulsory to take the RiVax Shot – regardless of your own immune system strength levels/vax status. Those fully vaxxed persons obviously will not have any defense against any and all pathogens ..but moreover those unvaxxed will IMO be alerted to the more deadlier (fictitious) Virus in the form of MARV. Let me be clear MARV will NOT be the actual threat (it poses not immediate threat) – it is actually the destruction of the immune system through the toxic Covid jabs that causes AIDS or what they will term hemorrhagic fever – and by association a NEW PANDEMIC with MARV as the lethal pathogen (hence the papers, the research, the patents and the manufacture of Rivax). Health orders will make it compulsory for everyone to take a ready made Vax (complete with the TOXIC substance RICIN) .
          Re-read the GAVI article, where it explains what the symptoms are – gruesome – then consider how effective their narrative will be when push comes to shove (hospitals are swamped with infection levels to drive an immediate crisis response).
          They will also IMHO bypass the human trials – given the life threatening conditions of the Lethal MARV (non existent / no current threat) – for the “protection of public health” and “national security” (repeatedly used during the Covid scam) .
          Its game over at that stage because I believe it will be virtually impossible to avoid this planned 2nd round of Vaccines.
          To sum – the fully (Covid) vaccinated will be useful to the architects and designers of this diabolical scheme – as they will be the victims that will present as “the MARV infected ” – thereby IMO, allowing the balance of the “hesitant” population to be persuaded to take the next emergency Vax. They have planned this meticulously. It spells EVIL on every level and is truly borne out of Satan.

          • Steve Bice

            So, you are not expecting Marburg. You are expecting a media-fueled slight of hand whereby declining immunity causes widespread disease outbreaks that will be blamed on Marburg…necessitating the Ricin “vaccine” kill-shot. Have I got that right?

            If so, this reminds me of the line in “shooter” where Bob Lee Swagger frees Agent Nick Memphis from the torture/suicide device and says: “What kinda a**holes think up a thing like this?

            Where’s Bob Lee when you need him…

            • Steve Bice

              “sleight” of hand…

            • Warren B.

              Yes Steve that’s exactly what I am expecting. Let me elaborate.

              The Covid Jabs are designed to have multiple effects :
              1) Introduce a gene altering substance (mRNA) into the system which changes the DNA of the injected.
              2) The mRNA becomes the mechanism to create Spike Proteins… which is now proven to cause vascular damage throughout the human system.
              3) The immune response through the toxic jabs is such that it creates ADE (disease enhancement – virus binding and replication).
              4) The jabs are destroying the immune systems of those injected – as explained above.
              5) There is also a biological effect called Genetic Recombination – which causes inactive viruses to become active inside the cells of the human system. There are studies that prove that those who have received a lifetime of numerous Vaccines, have inadvertently received cell lines from monkeys and bats and aborted fetal tissues that contain untold viruses. These viruses have remained dormant in cells…until they are made active via the recombination mechanism.
              These Eugenicists know exactly what they are doing with these COVID Jabs. The immune system destruction is a big part of it – with the expected cytokine storms (inflammatory responses) as well as new diseases appearing.
              The desired and planned hemorrhagic fever (multiple organ failure of fully vaxxed patients) that they will be inundated with … and gradually release through the MSM – will be painted as something more sinister by the health authorities (CDC/HHS/NIH) = virulent spread of MARBURG (the symptoms of which are identical to those that will be/are suffering from being vaxxed). The deadly MARV requires an EMERGENCY response in the form of a VACCINE = RiVAX (the KILL SHOT).
              That is my take on the evil agenda.

            • John eshleman

              Looks like it will be monkey pox with ugly photos to drive the trauma based mind control ugly photos of skin legions. Poxez.pox like the bible says about sores with puss running out people crying out for death that never comes the grinding ECT of teeth

  2. Cheri Rodriguez

    In 2024 Trump needs to run for Vice President. Sound crazy? (1) Nobody on the left would dare assassinate or impeach the President (Ron DeSantis?) because they’d end up with Trump as President again; (2) There’s no term limit on VP so Trump could serve until he was dead as long as there was a Republican President; (3) If the Senate was split 50-50, Trump would be the deciding vote; (4) Trump could spend all his time going after those in the deep state who backstabbed him when he was President.

    • Greg Hunter

      Not a bad idea Cheri!!!

    • Earth Angel

      Cheri that’s downright brilliant- we are playing chess with truly evil criminal bas#ar&s and we’ve got to out think them by several moves ahead. OUR lives and the life of ALL creatures inhabiting this once magnificent planet Earth literally hang in the balance. We cannot let these spawn of satan win this game. It’s a great idea, if we can keep the elections from being hacked once again and stolen.. I wonder if that’s even possible at this point.. ?

      • Paul ...

        EA … As you say: “We are playing chess with truly evil criminal bas#ar&s and we’ve got to out think them by several moves ahead. OUR lives and the life of ALL creatures inhabiting this once magnificent planet Earth literally hang in the balance. We cannot let these Spawn of Satan win this game.” … well … Bribe’n just made his chess move … telling us he is ready to “jab” all our 5 to 11 year old children (to kill them for their own good) … our chess move needs to put the King into Checkmate … by keeping all our children 5 to 11 years old out of the school system (home school them) … let the queers and transgenders “run empty schools” … how long can these perverts use lies, deception and trickery to collect their salaries (running empty schools)??… Checkmate!!!

      • A Friend

        Very nice. I see your comments on as well. Keep up the good work.

        • Earth Angel

          Thank you Friend. : )

    • Rodster

      As Martin Armstrong has said, he doesn’t want and I HOPE Desantis doesn’t run for President. Call me selfish like Armstrong. He’s what keeps my State semi normal. Besides the Deep State runs the US Government. He would have the same result as Donald Trump. Martin Armstrong said it best. Donald Trump thought being President meant you made your own decisions. The Deep State controls any President that’s sitting in the Oval Office.

      Even Comedian George Carlin figured that out back in the 90’s.

      • Paul ...

        R … One good thing Trump did was bring to public consciousness that the Main Stream Media (MSM) is the propaganda branch of the CIA (Deep State Globalists) … so now we can listen to the MSM … and know exactly what propaganda lies they are trying to promote upon the public … which is a good thing … as we are forewarned of their every move … see how they recently put Captain Kirk into space and then put him all over the Main Stream Medis … to embed into the public consciousness … that Earth is “very fragile” (the Earth is not fragile … it has been here for millions of years … but the Globalist propagandists want people to believe if they simply put in a World Government and take the “jab” … then the world won’t disappear in the next 10 years … well … I can tell you right now “the Earth won’t disappear in the next 10 million years” … the only thing that will disappear in the Globalists dreams over the next 10 years “is the human race” (if they will just take the “jab”) … these eugenicist Globalists in their child sacrifice ceremonies at Bilderberg seem to be taking orders from Satan who hated Adam and Eve right from the beginning … and looks upon the human population as an infestation (like rats or cockroaches) and has his evil Demons out with poison pray cans (chem-trails) to kill us and to speed up the process are putting rat poison “jabs” into our bodies … their goal is to kill-off the human infestation within 10 years … we can stop it … but we must act now … it is time … it is time!!

    • Chris


    • virginia clark

      WOW Interesting observation Cheri

    • Ed Pool

      Critical thinking is still alive. Thank you Cheri!

    • Gregory

      Did you forget that Trump was the one who enabled lockdowns & green-lighted the Vaxxx agenda we’re facing now?

      Trump stabbed America in the back…stop acting like he’s your savior!

    • The Ogs

      Yes Cheri! I had a dream about this, and the overwhelming support for Kristi Noem when she revealed Mr. Trump as her running mate elected her in a landslide as America’s first woman President.

    • John eshleman

      Desantis will be a bait and switch just like the democrat’s don trumpy bear was. A democrat his hole life till told by rothchild to run for president will fix it so you win like we have done since Woodrow Wilson gave us our Jewish usery the federal reserve act
      The biggest communist Jewish success since our civil war a practice to our Russian revolution that Jewish communist mass murdered 100 million white christian Russians like the millions of Americans white christian in your civil war..and all the rest of the wars since our federal reserve organized crime syndicate took over..both world wars killed more white christians from around the world since our 100 year war the crusades..why. Because we Jews are the destroyers nothing you stupid you ever do will be good enough.we Jews want a world of our own…that is a quote from one of those members of the synagogue of Satan..funny just how many Christians are worshipping and idol worshipping the vary people behind there own destruction and’s ok for the Jew to point out what there doing to the human race but an American points it out there called a racist or antisemite and other Americans dumber then a nail agree with the Jew.
      Well injoy your selfs. You got think you can vote your way out of this b.s. after 2020 not to mention every election since 1913 and the federal reserve act.. you Americans are as guilty of treason as any politician is and there all guilty since the act of 1871 when they abolished our constitutional republic….
      Go back even further when the 13th amendment of the year of 1813 rarified and disappears…1812 not 1813…any way we haven’t had a ligitiment government for over 200 year

      200 plus years of an illusion of fraudulent history fraudulent illigitament government fraudulent illigitament money

      How many Americans and there families since the federal reserve act this privately owned foreign run organized crime Americans know anything about the money in there pockets verses the coinage act of 1792.
      When most Americans hear the truth for the first time they look like there insane there’s a physical and mental rejection that is profound.these banksters owe at least 20 million dollars to every American family that’s lived here since the federal reserve.over a century..20 million dollars is a bare minimum.through in lives lost in all the wars..150 million jobs lost to China to build up a 200 million communist military all Jew created and controlled

      Americans destiny is soon at hand .. every one of you man woman infants are going to be shot by a Chinese Jew control communist soldiers
      Your military has just had one third quit I guess two thirds took the jab..meetings of the world economic forum the world health openly about 90% of world population will be dead by the end of the decade 2030 from the the mean time other operations will still be used to ensure death..

      Good luck not knowing the khazar ( Jew) agendas for the dumb down got
      Only thing that’s going to work is following the federal law the 2nd amendment.women go buy a rifle shot gun hand gun and a thousand rounds for each get help about the 12gauge rounds needed in war..train your children use are all members of the local organized militias no matter what those. D.C. demons say or claim

  3. Jr

    proposed book title for Alex (if the ink & paper supply lines hold up)

    WE’RE ALL AMISH NOW! (subtitle) But. unlike us. they know how to do it!

  4. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Unfortunately an Epic Nightmare is Upon us – there no longer is any doubt. Schools are Indoctrination Centers and have been for decades!!! Lyndon Johnson said in 1967 we will Keep the Blacks on the Plantation by the Democratic Give Away Programs and now for 50 years 90% of the Blacks vote for the Democratic Communist Party. The money printing will destroy the Reserve Currency status – then the Dollar will be Doomed. Personal opinion is if you don’t have Water, Food, Guns and plenty of Ammo along with Gold and Silver – 90% pre 1965 dimes, Quarters and Halfs are a must for Barter purposes. Biden is trying to deflect everything by the Vaccine mandates and the DOJ saying parents are Terrorist.
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I will not be Silenced

  5. Rod M. Brumley, Sr.

    Epic nightmare is upon us!!!
    Greg Hunter our Ultimate American Patriot 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Rod. You are a good man to support USAW!!!

    • barsoom43

      I agree with everything you have to say Mr Brumley.. We’ve been in ever increasing decline since 1913.. I was alarmed when the national debt approached $2T.. I gave up on this current union, under this Constitution, in Nov 2012 and began in earnest preparing as fast as I could.. DJT just gave some of us 4 more years to get ready.. We’re leaving the Dependency stage of the Tytler Cycle and are now entering the last stage, Dictatorship..We’re divided into 2 main camps: the Marxists who want everyone to be equally miserable in their workers’ utopia and the Constitutionalists who want limited government and to just be left alone.. Both sides hate each other.. It’s going to be a bloody mess but I have hope- Governments come and go but the people and the land remain..

  6. Marie+Joy

    IF you can, take your children out of the indoctrination centers they call schools. antifa and blm were educated? in those schools.

    • Paul ...

      Correct strategy Marie+Joy!!

    • dee

      the bank is acting as sovereign and people like ben shapiro and marc levin are always extolling the virtue of that system. the acting courts and police force also hold thus standard. not civilian criminals are above the courts. the courts serve the bank, not the good people. they serve only the bad. the schools teach you to help the bank oppress the people. homeschooling is a target 🎯 for this cult.

  7. Anita

    That was too short. Get Deep State for your kids & grandkids, they need to know our history and how it is effecting todays world. I am also glad Alex leveled with us by saying we are not out of the woods and need to see how this plays out. I believe we are in the last of last days and God’s prophetic word is being revealed, but that does not mean we remain silent against evil. Fight evil & give the gospel. That said, do not be stupid about it, it may cost you more then you realize ???

    • Paul ...

      Anita … We need to surround the UN with protesters 24/7 … make the Globalists that work there against our American Republic “walk the gauntlet every morning to work” and “hear our voices calling them out as traitors to humanity” … we don’t need to kill them … just make them fear for their lives … and perhaps … when inside the UN building (hearing the crowds outside protesting 24/7) they may have second thoughts about rolling out “their carbon taxes” upon the American public …who made “these un-elected crooks” our new government demanding taxes from us?? … this is taxation without representation “all over again” … It Is Time Folks … It Is Time … for American Patriots to resist “those who want to be our King” (not to simply impose a tea tax upon us … but to impose an even more sinister carbon tax upon us)!!! … do we need to dress up like Indians again and take all their cars with diplomatic plates and throw them in the East River???

  8. Jo

    Speaking of awakening….
    Read the obituaries in your area everyday! Sadly, persons in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s dying “suddenly at home” seems to be the new normal majority here. Everyone is noticing & mentioning it is the jab—even the jabbed are questioning now.

    • Paul ...

      Jo … The Globalists had Captain Kirk fly into space for a reason … so “his words” would get the attention of the entire world’s news media … essentially telling us …”We will all be dead by 2030″ … so it looks like the Globalist chess strategy is to “imply” some Catastrophe from outer space is about to hit “our fragile planet” … and therefore … we should all be like obedient religious cult members … and “drink the cool aid” (by all taking our “Kill Shots”) … before the extinction event (as we can’t all afford to build underground bunkers in New Zealand)!! … do you believe these eugenicists are moral people and won’t tell us lies and use trickery … to deceive us … into obediently allowing them to slaughter us (with their “jab”)!!!!

      • Jo

        I always say the kool aid only works if everyone drinks it!
        God’s blessings to you

  9. Catherine

    I am a retired teacher in a suburb of NYC. I saw the efforts to destroy our country in the mid 1980s as the curriculum focused on DIVERSITY AND THe EVILS OF COLUMBUS AS A GENOCIDAL MANIAC. I kid you not! I taught for 30 years and it ended at the point of watching high school children girls kissing girls and boys kissing boys in the hallways. The administration instructed teachers not to stop them. WOW INDEED.
    I of course opted out of all directives and did exactly the opposite in all the above things I witnessed. I was frowned upon but tenure protected me from being fired.
    The faculty in some districts had very dedicated and wonderful teachers but sprinkled among them were activists and pedophiles drug addicts and sex in closets among faculty and administrators.
    I could write a book but no one would believe it.
    I saw the deviant behavior of faculty members grow into a majority in some very affluent districts toward the end of my tenure. It was DISGUSTING and all that is being said here today is a small sampling of the complete takeover of our education system for DECADES. Mostly because they hid it from parents.
    Can it be fixed? I wouldn’t know where to start. Some activist teachers and administrators deserve to go to jail. And the unions are COMPLICIT!
    Thanks for bringing this sad sad situation to the public because even though I told everyone what was happening no one cared.

    • R J Wolf

      Catherine, Write the book,WRITE THE BOOK!!! You go girl!

      • FreeMpg

        Start with writing just one scene of what you know.

        • Catherine

          I would have 30 chapters of terror and deception. I in the New York public schools.
          I also volunteered in the Catholic Church for 10 years (while my son was attending to make sure it was safe for him ) after school programs during the pedophile debacle and was privy to information from the goings on of pedophile priests and bishops. That would be part of my book. Your imagination would be burning!
          I need someone in the publishing industry to give me guidance about the process of publishing.

          • FreeMpg

            Use It’s self-publishing but they don’t publish just anyone. The CEO, Angela, is a powerhouse. Her support staff is top notch, easily accessible. They will assist in formatting, cover design, and even marketing if you so choose. Angela is apolitical on the surface but she tipped her hand to me, loving my book which is conservative themed. They do not do editing. You have to do that yourself which, judging from the quality of your post will not be an issue (typos, however, are always an issue, especially when continuously revising). If you like, you can contact me, freempg at

            PS: I went to a Catholic university back in the day. It was the epicenter of pedophilia for the region. Even the abbot was a pedophile.

      • Catherine

        Yes I have been told by many to do that

    • Paul ...

      Catherine … We need to collapse the current degenerate school system … by withdrawing our children from these dens of evil … and home school them … until some day in the future … when our schools are once again administered by “normal people”!!!

      • Catherine

        Teaching to me was a sacred profession. I was so shocked to see the real situation but I helped so many special Ed students and had some very abusive parents, jailed for sexual or physical abuse. I was relentless in helping these children to survive their circumstances. So I kept teaching and accumulating deeper and more troubling stories within the system

        • Self Exiled

          That is why I never underestimate evil. I many years ago was a Child Care Counselor for Emotionally disturbed Children in a residential treatment facility. They had been sexually, physically, emotionally and spiritually abused. I would some times assist and/or share treatment plans with the special ed teachers concerning our clients who could function in that setting. You are fellow combatant.

          • Catherine

            God bless you S E

            • Self Exiled

              The LORD bless thee, and keep thee: The LORD make his face shine upon thee, and be gracious unto thee: The LORD lift up his countenance upon thee, and grant thee HIS peace. Numbers 6:24

          • susan

            My daughter had a friend in high school that had been abused every way imaginable.
            She needed a home and we gave her one. It is truly unbelievable what people will do to children. Luckily her life turned around and she became the person God created her to be. Catherine, please write the book. You will be the heroine for so many.

        • Anthony Australia

          Bless you Catherine

        • Earth Angel

          God Bless you Catherine for your loyalty and dedication to your students, your son, and your profession. I hope you are able to write and publish your book of experiences while witnessing this assault on America’s children through the evil takeover of government school systems via the NEA & the marxist/communists. You were wise to keep watch over your son while he was in the catholic institutions as well. At 60 yrs. old I am stunned at how far we as a nation have been de-moralized and dumbed down in just the span of my lifetime. I agree with Paul and the others who state that the best way to remedy this situation is for parents to REMOVE their children immediately from the dangers by home schooling where possible or look for other alternative independent schooling opportunities asap! Great work… and please keep speaking your truths to all those who have ears to hear.

    • david

      Catherine … you NEED to write your book. Parents have to know whats has and is going on in their school system.
      And I second … “you go girl”

    • Al

      I think that book would be a best seller! That’s a deep prospective in to these criminals.
      Write the book! I’ll buy a copy and promote it on my network.

      • Catherine

        If you can help me get started we got a deal!

        • Edward Ulysses Cate

          You might want to consider using this person’s work as a guide.
          Maybe you’ve heard of him.

          He is best known for his books “Dumbing Us Down: the Hidden Curriculum of Compulsory Schooling,” and “The Underground History of American Education: A Schoolteacher’s Intimate Investigation Into the Problem of Modern Schooling,” which is sometimes considered to be his magnum opus. He was named New York City Teacher of the Year in 1989, 1990, and 1991, and New York State Teacher of the Year in 1991.

    • Al

      GREG! Pay attention please. This Lady may be a great guest. 🙂

    • Allen+Starr

      Don’t worry about these people not listening to you as they are not your friends. Find someone to grow crops with if you want to stay alive. I went over and looked at Kolya’s fence on the road behind ours. The male bear clawed it up pretty good and then went right through it. He left 10 piles of crap next to the outside of my wives Dacha fence and he better be careful who he messes with. She has everything she needs for next year. She sold her last 85 kilos of potatoes on Monday so the potatoes are finished.
      Don’t worry about the west taking over Russia, China, Venezuela, or Iran. We will all be dead before any of that happens.

      • Self Exiled

        How warm is a bear coat and how good does bear taste. I hear it is kinda greasy.

        • Allen+Starr

          My reply wasn’t posted and I don’t know why.

        • Allen+Starr

          Best to grind up bear meat and mix it with beef for sausage. Horse meat is also sweet but kind of interesting to eat when you can get some of it. When I first met my wife here about 19 years ago, her apartment was broken into and her mink coat was stolen. Winter would be here in a couple months and she asked me if I’d buy her a winter coat. She said I could get the coat for half the price if we waited a few months. It was a full length, dark brown sheepskin, and more than an inch thick and cost me $250. Now she also has three mink coats but when it gets cold below -20C, she’s not afraid to go anywhere in that heavy, warm coat and the mink coats go in the closets. We bought her three mink coats while on vacation in China where the prices were very low. We don’t have a need for a bearskin coat.

          • Self Exiled

            Thank you. Always interested in other life styles.

      • JuicyMoosey

        Listening to my intuition regarding agriculture in the next decade.

        The concept of the “sun being blocked” keeps appearing in the woo.

        As a previous guest here on USAwatchdog has stated, an effect of blocking the sun can be achieved with chem-trails thus causing plants to wither. Essentially, the plants are tricked by the chemicals into believing they are in crisis and stop growing.

        Therefore, while prepared for traditional agriculture, I’m also taking a note of all large greenhouse facilities in my area. A crash course in hydroponics, solar electronics and wide spectrum LED grow-lamps might also be necessary.

        There was some talk of converting the now unused skyrise buildings in NYC into solar hydroponic vertical farms…and then nothing. However, the plans might still be available. Might be worth looking at.

  10. Steve

    This is a breath of fresh air. A slight ray of sunshine for humanity

    • Adriane

      I am appalled at what is going on in the schools today. I went to jr. high in Harlem. New York 1960s. Teachers dressed. Appropriately. Taught students
      Very well.. I fear for my great grand children…..there are many people
      Out there going along with the program. I’m at odds with them getting
      The jab etc….

  11. Stephen Weber

    Hey don’t forget J.P. Morgan and cohorts altering the educational system in 1903!

  12. Country Codger

    Shalom Greg and Alex,
    I wish we had 10 or 20 million more like the both of you. FANTASTIC!!!

  13. caroline

    Thank you for the upload gentlemen, great discussion.

  14. David Mahon

    Greg, NJ got new voting machines this year just in time to get governor Murphy reelected. Made by Dominion

  15. Stephen Weber

    God bless and keep you both!

  16. Anthony Australia

    WAKE UP!

    • Paul ...

      AA … FEAR NOT … “Except” (When You Are in a Doctors Office) … the reason they are trained for so long (8 to 10 years in Medical School) is to purposely put “huge student loans” upon their shoulders … so that they will prescribe every Big Pharma medication for a kickback and do unnecessary operations … just to pay off their big loans … they are trained to tell you … “you are going to die” … unless you do their treatment protocol (like a cesarean section, heart by-pass surgery, take the “jab”, etc., etc., etc.) … so there is a place to have “a lot of FEAR” (in a Doctors office)!!

      • Paul ...

        Of course … I’m not always right … sometimes it is worse then I think … and you “should fear” the “commie” politicians too!!

      • Paul ...

        We should all “fear” politicians who effectively tell us … they want to kill everyone for their own good by mandating a Clot Shot “jab” … that “they know” will kill us by destroying our God given immune system and they want to “jab” our precious children too … to give them heart attacks!! … when politicians kiss our babies … they are giving them the Kiss of Death!!!

      • Stan

        Paul: With you its one conspiracy theory after another.

        • Paul ...

          That reminds me … fear the Banksters also … they are out to destroy the value of the US dollar (while they lie right to your face and tell you holding dollars is the best way to protect your wealth)!! …

        • Self Exiled

          Stan what do you stand for? US dollar, shorting gold, anything else. Just curious, you have been here quit awhile.

          Behold, now is the accepted time; behold, now is the day of salvation. Make a decision Stan, you’re worth it.

          • Stan

            Self Exiled: I believe Dollar is king and will be for for centuries

            • Paul ...

              Stan … “Be happy” about holding on to your US Dollar paper IOU’s … that promise “to give you nothing” … and watch in pain … as the dollar breaks below 93 very soon … when it does … Gold will break out of the flag it is currently in (up above 1840) … … and it will advance nonstop to test (and eventually break through) the old high at 2080!!

  17. virginia clark

    Home schooling is huge in Fl. We have a home school program from the public school and FLVS which is excellent and a no brainer for the parent. These kids excel, the graduate sooner and the colleges like them because they are self motivated and good students.
    As far as socializing, that’s nonsense. They have groups that get together and the kid can take classes in public school because we pay taxes.
    I think a forensic audit needs to be done on the local level. Why is it that all these school boards are democrat? Someone is paying to rig the elections. It needs to be looked at once and for all. China is mixed in there some where and I understand they actually own some private schools. Abolish the Board of Education. Worthless
    Since when do employees arrest the bosses for what they think or say. The boards of education have their jobs thanks to tax money. They are not autonomous.

  18. Tommy

    Great interview….by the way, does FBI now stand for Federal Bureau of Intimidation.

    • Madi

      Actually FBI stand for fake bureau of investigation. In my opinion the head of every government institution is corrupted to the bones. Who is telling the truth?

  19. Really Awake

    Pat yourself on the back for no longer being part of making money for YouTube. Really, all of the “content creators” who got deplatformed by the Matrix have done both themselves and others a solid favor. Take Alex Jones, Mike Adams, and even the young and upcoming Nick Fuentes who are all building their own successful brands. These guys and many others like them are tbe talkers who push back against the Elite State until the time comes when men of action, warriors, replace the talkers.

    And even if the warrors don’t appear this time around in the cycle of empires, the talkers might just be enough to foil the evil plans and help crash the Elite System before it depopulates the Earth. The Elite State at best wins a pyrrhic victory, yet the global population shall indeed be greatly reduced. So, humanity pays a heavy toll, no doubt about it.

    Our mission, as individuals, it to withdraw our support from the Elite State and survive its downfall .. We are really the resistance. Our job is to figure out how individually to best act. And supporting sites like and not YouTube is the very least we can do.

    • Anthony Australia

      YouTube have helped create generation dumb.

    • Paul ...

      RA … From Alex Newman to Alex Jones … our leaders will rally the people (now unknowingly working for the Globalist eugenicists) to foil their evil plans in any way they can … and thus help crash the Globalists agenda to depopulate the Earth by 2030 …

    • Al

      1000% Correct!
      Let me add “BOYCOT WALMART”, you’re not welcome if you’re white. They consider you a racist based on the color of your skin. ???
      Wait a minute, isn’t that the pinnacle of racism? Prejudging someone based on their skin color? I guess morons like Walmart Execs don’t think that deep.

      Going to Walmart? You’re supporting CHINA, AND THE MARXIST LEFT ! Let that sink in a bit.

    • dee

      talking about individual rights is HALF the problem. we need to talk about what is right and WRONG. feeling that everything is right by individual standards is our problem. the only thing wrong is to be right. this is our mentality. neo-fuedalism is here in this respect. people talking in these platitudes cant see that is what all the migrants coming here believe. individual rights. equality. the lawless bank down to everyone on main street is believing the same thing. anyone who feels otherwise is canceled targeted and buried

  20. Al

    Great guest. It sounds like you have more viewers than CNN. Alex says they have 1 Million viewers, well you have much more than that. Congratulations again and you do it all alone, incredible!

    These situations are definitely DEPROGRAMMING the public. I saw in NY that people were protesting in front of the NYT building saying “Defund The Media!” … YEAH!!! NOW WE’RE TALKING!

    The Deprogramming is spreading like wildfire ! I love it !!! Blessed be the God of heaven and may he bless you, Alex and all your Families.

    • dee

      i think they tallied up about 11 quadrillion dollars world wide. the only thing going to be defunded is the weak and the poor. that qualifies as “progress” to 99% of the people. the banks are getting holier by the day

  21. EJ

    Good evening Greg! I’m a long time subscriber and I followed you here after YouTube tried to cancel you! LOL….looks like that didn’t work out so well for them! Anyway, even though I agree with Alex, in a general sense, that Americans are waking up by the millions and yes, there might be some reason for optimism. HOWEVER, we have NEVER been in such mortal danger as we are in right NOW! Let’s not forget who we are dealing with here! These are the same criminal scumbags that brought us 9-11, the “Patriot Act”, and “Homeland Security”! ….but wait, there’s more: NOW they’re jabbing this poison injection into little kids! These “people” (or whatever the hell they are) are NOT going to just crawl back into their crypts and go away! “They” have war-gamed this entire c-19 narrative out – 6 ways from Sunday, and they know exactly what they’re doing! I’m afraid they’re only just getting warmed up. And since this narrative now does appear to be crumbling, they have no choice but to stage some horrific false-flag operation, or take us to WWIII. They will stop at nothing to usher in this NWO-World Government agenda. We should NOT let our guard down, and people had better brace for impact!

    • Self Exiled

      I wonder where the little suit case is that use to follow the president around. Never underestimate evil.

  22. Nancy McDaniel

    Thanks for having Alex on! I listen to him on Brighteon. You should put your programs on there too! I thank Yehovah everyday for using bold and courageous Christian brothers and sisters to expose the evil done in the dark to the Light and who are crying out for RIGHTEOUSNESS, JUSTICE and RULE OF LAW! When you have done all to stand, STAND!

    • Greg Hunter

      I have and that is where I post my programs. Thanks for spporting me here.

  23. [email protected]

    Those of us knew the shot was going to be mandatory years ago we knew alot of stuff because it’s written in our HolyScriptures we knew we would be going cashless decades ago we knew, all the while we were said to be wearing tin foil hats we were conspiracy nuts we were made to look mentally unstable there still alittle more that will happen the proof of vaccinations in the paper form will be replaced by a small implant on your right hand or for head for those without limbs, we are merely just at the very beginning of the time of Jacob’s trial, the harpozo will go down soon, lots of wonders in the heavenly body’s will be seen, war with China will happen but the u.s.(mystery babylon)
    Is destroyed beforehand, time is wrapping up finally we Yashua followers will be gone, you can not worship mammon and God you must make a choice.

    • Greg Hunter

      It’s not mandatory. It’s a scam. Fight and do not give up and do not take these shots.

      • Paul ...

        Greg … Planet Earth is now like “Jonestown” [where more than 900 people “many of them children” died in a mass murder-suicide in 1978 by drinking cyanide-laced “kool aid” on the “unlawful order” of cult leader Jim Jones]… we have a cult leader today named Bribe’n (branded FJB) also issuing “unlawful orders” to effectively drink the Big Pharma “kool aid’ (the Killer Clot Shot) … and is now specifically coming after our 5 to 11 year old children … but this time around we are not talking about 900 people being killed … we are talking about the 7 Billion people on Earth being mass murder-suicided!!

  24. LaG

    I read ‘Crimes of the Educators’ after hearing of it on your program. Excellent book and I recommend it to everyone. It is a real eye opener.

  25. George Hudson

    Hi Greg, This was absolutely your best interview ever!! And that is really saying a lot!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks George!

  26. John Pick

    There are so many evil agendas at play that anything evil you think the globalists are are doing is what they are doing against us.

    For instance Shots Kill and Disable Workers who will need a Basic Government Income to live….Basic Stay At Home Income ?
    That Agenda Accomplished !

  27. John Nordstrom

    Hey Greg,
    Would you be willing to put up a Poll asking your viewers if they would be willing to withhold State income tax payments until a physical paper-only ballot voting system is instituted in their State? Together, we cannot be stopped. #paperballot

  28. Brooklyn

    LET’S GO BRANDON is the theme that will never die. The media have become like Baghdad Bob, where everyone now laughs and mocks them knowing for sure that they have been lying all along.

    As the crowd yelled FJB! FJB! FJB! She told the world, “isn’t that great, they are all saying Let’s Go Brandon” …. What was left of the propaganda US media, died that day. And, no one will ever believe another word they say. Mock them! The Great Awakening is at Hand…

    • Paul ...

      Brooklyn … In the Old West … to prevent rustlers from stealing our cattle … we Branded them … today we are not going to brand our children to prevent Joe Bribe’n from stealing their lives away from us … instead … we have decided … Lets Go “Brand Him” … with the letters “FGB”!!

      • Paul ...

        err … FJB

    • AndrewB

      Hi Brooklyn,
      Absolutely agree. Powerful people can’t stand being ridiculed. The ‘Let’s go Brandon’, and the unvarnished chant of FJB! are powerful weapons in the hands of ‘we the people’. From here on in, I cannot foresee any public appearance of VP Biden where this chant will not rise up and grow in volume. Chechesko was all powerful – until the people gathered at his presidential palace and began to chant – then he wasn’t!

      ‘Let’s Go Brandon’ by Loza Alexander is now trending #1 on iTunes:

  29. Jim Miller

    As their control of the narrative crumbles, these madmen take their madness to the next level. This is what every communist revolution does at some point.
    When they “lose the patience,” when their narrative is no longer getting results they desire, then they will likely seek to silence the righteous narrative that is winning.

    They will take down the internet. And blame the crash on a cyber attack from Russia or China. Maybe even idiots like Iran. Thus they can silence the winning and righteous narrative, and at the same time, get their hands on war powers.
    The Commander in Chief, will gain even more power over our lives, than he got from the failing Covid Plandemic.

    The madmen of the 20th century did not know when to stop. Stalin, Hitler, Pol Pot, Kim Jong-un.
    They would rather drop a bomb on a large segment of humanity, than to give up their psychopathic grasping for more power.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Mr. Miller, It’s all got to run its course, because “we” never learn “our” lesson. Best always. PM

    • Paul ...

      JM … We must learn to “Be Afraid of Politicians and Doctors” … we have the FDA, CDC and WHO packed with Big Pharma executives on their advisory panels … who are recommending “a known Kill Shot” as a vaccine … in spite of many clinical studies published by world renowned Nobel Prize winning scientist who have demonstrated that the “jab” will destroy our God given immune system … the spike protein causes the body to attack itself “on a rampage of auto immune destruction” … and “they know” … “they know” the spike protein triggers this onslaught of destruction … “yet” US politicians (who have been bought and paid for by Big Pharma) are allowing an experimental vaccine to be used on their citizens … healthy young men, women and children … who had made the terrible mistake “of trusting their politicians” to take care of them in the same way they took care to defend our country in the time of need … but … “it was not to be so” … with the total absence of … or even a shred of safety testing of the “jab” (which is in fact the “Bio Weapon”) … we were injected with an unsafe “vaccine” … the tragedy is that this betrayal “was no mistake” … “they knew” the vaccine’s terrible consequences … and “they know” the “jab” will cause increasing numbers of deaths over time … as the animal experimentation they did with the mRNA spike proteins clearly showed it produced cataclysmic and lethal auto immune disorders in animals “100% of the time” when they were injected!! … so refuse the “jab” … but also “be afraid and aware” that Fauci is now working on a “nasal mist virus” he can spray over cities … designed to create a deadly flu that will leave immunocompromised people, pregnant women and young children (along with babies less than a year old), cancer patients taking chemotherapy and radiation, those on asthma medication and people taking any other type of immune suppression medication vulnerable to the viral disease (which can be spread by drones upon targeted communities) … so be afraid and aware of what these totally perverted evil psychopaths can do to you and your loved ones … it will be our only defense against them achieving their Satanic goal of human extinction!!!

  30. Doc

    Great show with Alex Newman … We needed to hear that to lift our spirits !
    There is hope and the loony left is drowning in their own lies …
    We so need to have faith and turn our ship of state around … I don’t really have answers for the rigged elections of the future and the massive invasion of future DemoRat voters pouring across our Southern Border ?? …
    We need to pay attention – keep listening and fight off the Socialist beast 🇺🇸❤️👍🇺🇸
    Thanks Greg

  31. Wanda Grubbs

    “They are losing control of the Narrative” So encouraging to every one out here. I pray for the Military troops who were force jabbed. I have learned whats happening to their health now since. These young people, who put on their uniforms with pride, when they took that oath, are now with tumors and blood clots and more. I pray, the ones who pushed this on them, knowing full well what would happen, are pulled in front of a military tribunal for their deceit and crimes, starting with the Commander in Chief. Destroying their lives, many will never recover 100%. No amount of money is compensation for their pain, the losses, and the families grief. Real punishment must be sentenced out to every one behind this mass attack on those we trust to protect us, protect this nation.

  32. John

    I listen to Daniel 7. Death is not the end but the beginning. No matter what happens I know who rules in the end. So fight the good fight with the sword of the Spirit.

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother John to the “Sword of the Spirit”!!!

    • Paul ...

      John … God the Father will give the “Sword of the Spirit” to each of us … when we sit alone and deeply contemplate … that is when God reveals himself (and what is in his mind for the children of men to do to save themselves) … it is his word within us that encourages and enables us … “to go out and soundly defeat evil” (even as it twists and turns in every way “like a snake”… trying to gain leverage over us … and “jab” us to death with it’s multiple needle like fangs)!!

  33. Sue Robinson

    Another great interview. Alex Newman is an inspiration. As are you. I too can ‘hear the thunder’ of a great awakening off in the distance. We have a long struggle ahead of us, but yes, more and more people are waking up, with the help of a nasty, blundering Deep State. I do fear for those who took the ‘jab,’ including members of my own family. But we can help them by encouraging them to boost their immune systems with D3 and Zinc, along with vitamin C and NAC (N-Acetyl-L-Cysteine). I will be sending packets of these immune boosters to family and friends this Christmas. Again, many thanks for giving us Alex, along with Clif High and so many others.

    • Greg Hunter

      Make it a very early Christmas. Don’t wait. Act now.

  34. john

    My awakening moment came during the Lois Lherner I R S scandal. barry sotero said he was going to get to the bottom of it. I thought to myself good, we can’t have a country where the I R S gets weaponized against any political party. Bama did jack nothing except cover it over. Why aren’t the normies waking up to the fact that the resident in chief won’t even insist that his own white house staff get the jab, but is insisting the rest of us “PEONS” must be vaxxed. Shouldn’t the staff be leading by example and get the jab? Has Psaki taken it? Bunch of evil hypocrites. Never hear the main stream media mentioning that fact. The media is so, so comromised. Hope the awakening speeds up and the voters boot out the socialist dems and rinos. Great job as always Greg. Been watching you for years. You have great, insightful guests, who’s knowledge is helping me to inform my friends about what these heathens are up to. Who knows, I might have taken the jab had I not been watching people like yourself and the doctors and scientists on social media. Greatful for you and all the truth tellers who put your neck on the line.

    • Paul from Indiana

      The “normies” aren’t waking up, because they are normies.! You can’t expect people to be other than what they are. Best always. PM

  35. John

    What a wonderful interview! I love all of the energetic optimism, and it is optimism based on facts and reality. I must admit that I did get very concerned with the way things were going but I’m sure now all is going to be fine. I’m really optimistic that the border will get under control now and I think that if they have a jubilee to get rid of all that debt that will no longer be an issue, which will be a big load off everyone. And like Clif High said, silver is going to be breaking up like never before. I think he said maybe even this week, but regardless that is going to happen soon.

    The one thing that did concern me is how all the people that got vaccinated are going to do. You watch, an anecdote will become available and their mistake will be reversed.

    I finally feel like going on vacation and enjoying life again. Well, I used to go to Disney and I won’t go now because of having to fly and the covid restrictions and right now Disney is too woke for me, but it sounds like they will have no choice but to get back to how things were, and soon. Hopefully, they will make an announcement to that effect before Christmas. With so many people aware of what is happening it will happen I’m sure.

    I miss the United States pre COVID. Thanks so much for keeping us aware that it won’t be long before all is fine again.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I miss the United States pre-Kennedy. Best always. PM

  36. R J Wolf

    Greg, Wouldn’t it be fantastic if every neighborhood had their own home school, school house, like there was in the 1800’s. Lets put these unions and school boards out of business!

    • Paul ...

      RJW … Exactly … de-fund the perverted Marxist “commie” queer transvestites ruining our school children’s minds!!!

  37. Steve

    The vaccine firings are still taking place, though. They’re just being called something different. The employees in question are being “put on unpaid leave.” It’s a firing in everything but name.

    • Paul ...

      S … Let’s “completely stop” buying the products and services of all the companies doing the bidding of the “commies” in control of our government!! … “It Is Time” … we can’t wait any longer!! … We Must Act Now!!!

      • AndrewB

        Paul …
        I completely agree with you, however, do you realise how many businesses are members of the World Economic Forum? A total boycott would mean people giving up on nearly every consumer good they regard as part of everyday life. The message from Catherine Austin-Fitts, and many others, is to support your local community, buy local. If ‘we the people’ are to fully withdraw our custom from WEF members, we need to be disciplined to do without many creature comforts we take for granted.

        Here is an alphabetical list of WEF members, to boycott – courtesy of Ron Paul:

        • Paul ...

          Yes Andrew … boycotting the evil corporations will require some serious sacrifice on our part to destroy the Satanic Cabal … thanks for posting the Ron Paul list!!

        • Paul ...

          People need to go through the Ron Paul list … and for instance under the A category avoid buying your beer from Anheuser-Busch InBev … avoid buying your computer or I phone products from Apple … avoid buying your drug products from AstraZeneca … and switch your billing and accounting business away from Automatic Data Processing (ADP) … go through the entire list Ron Paul provided and write down all the evil companies you have been doing business with … and then avoid all future purchases from them!!

  38. Sylvia Sires

    Bloomberg Oct 14, 2021 Vlademer Putin say’s he accepts crypto’s role in making payments. Accuses the U.S. of using its currency as a weapon. (SANCTIONING COUNTRIES.

  39. Upsidedown Flying Dutchman

    I wonder what it would look like if all the people who realize that our once great nation is in distress display the distress signal. Fly the flag of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA upside down until this debauchery gets sorted out and corrected.

    • JC


      • Robert K

        The new comic coming out Superman is apparently bisexual…

        Motto might as well be “truth, justice and super gay”..

        More hippie dippy Hollywood B.S. polluting the young.

    • travis moss

      How about flying the civil peace flag? The flag we see flying everywhere is a battle flag.

      • Brooklyn


        We hear you calling out in pain when you say, “the ones who pushed this on them, knowing full well what would happen, are pulled in front of a military tribunal for their deceit and crimes, starting with the Commander in Chief.“ But, know that the ones who pushed this on them are in fact psychopaths, who care for nothing but power and control over others. NOTHING! Which is just one more reason why they must be destroyed…!

        • AndrewB

          Hi Brooklyn and thank you for your recent support re various ‘sensitive’ issues.

          I guess it’s hard for normal decent family loving people to comprehend the evil that psychopaths are capable of. This lack of appreciation leads to denial of truth, as in, ‘Our government couldn’t possibly have been complicit in 911 – 3,000 people were killed! You must be crazy to suggest such a thing.’

          Anyway, based on Alex Newman, Clif High, Martin Armstrong, and others, we can take heart that a ‘great awakening’ is underway. IMHO, it will be a long time before the ‘normies’ are able to fully open their eyes. Here’s hoping there are enough of us, already awake, to stop these psychopaths before it’s too late.

          • Paul ...

            AB … Only one third of the American people supported the Independence Movement in 1776 … so … that is probably all we need today … to take back our country … and restore the aspirations of ordinary citizens to make their lives fulfilling once again for themselves and their families … to once again be secure in the privacy of our own bodies … regain privacy from the prying eyes of government embedded within our very possessions … to be safe in our homes from Nazi goons … and be free to take care of our own health and worship as we wish … and therefore improve our lives … by availing ourselves of the many opportunities God puts within the grasp of every single one of us!!!

            • Paul ...

              We must determine our own future “now in the present” … otherwise … we have evil Satanic psychopathic eugenicists determine the future of the human race “for us” … and it won’t be pretty … it will be “Hell on Earth”!!!

          • tim mcgraw

            Andrew B: Look up “Operation Keelhaul” or the nuking of the Bikini Atoll and the people there. Or Truman dropping the nuke on the Catholic Cathedral in Nagasaki. Plenty of examples of psychopaths in power in the USA. It’s all quite disgusting.

            • AndrewB

              Hi Tim,
              Thanks for the reference to ‘Operation Keelhaul’. What an appropriate name! There are no depths to which our ‘leaders’ will not sink . . .
              Best, always, to be aware of it.

  40. AndrewB

    Hi Greg,
    Thank you for your up-beat interview with Alex Newman. Essentially, people are at long last WAKING up. Clif High said the same during your recent interview. Another USAW guest, Martin Armstrong, said TPTB had “overreached themselves”. Cause for optimism.
    Thank you.

  41. Maria+das+Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Newman.
    Here in the UK as in the USA the Bolshevik Communists are out to kill us plebs aided by the Communists in government and the security services. We were warned by the Rev.Ian Paisley in 1972 about the Communist techniques of blackmail against the judges, members of parliament and the security services. Till this point his advancement in politics was celebrated by the British media thereafter he became a pariah. This is in Hansard records of 1972 a complete record of Parliamentary sittings.
    Meanwhile the Queen of the UK,for now, demands we all go Bolshevik Green,she obviously sees her and her court surviving the slaughter of us plebs,perhaps she should look at the sudden death of her husband post clot shot.
    Our economy here in the UK sucks and European leaders celebrate our demise, whilst te Euro bonds pay negative interest rates,go figure.The Communist Bolsheviks really do want us dead.

    • Self Exiled

      Maybe the Queen needs a historical refresher course on communist regime take overs.

    • Anthony

      Thanks, Maria. Here’s a few good quotes from Solzhenitysn who did what he could to warn us:

      “I understand. I sense that you are tired. But you have not yet really suffered the terrible trials of the 20th century which have rained down on the old continent…You’re tired, but the Communists who want to destroy your system are not; they’re not tired at all.”

      “Modern society is hypnotized by socialism. It is prevented by socialism from seeing the mortal danger it is in. And one of the greatest dangers of all is that you have lost all sense of danger, you cannot even see where it’s coming from as it moves swiftly towards you.”

      “You must understand, the leading Bolsheviks who took over Russia were not Russians. They hated Russians. They hated Christians. Driven by ethnic hatred they tortured and slaughtered millions of Russians without a shred of human remorse. It cannot be overstated. Bolshevism committed the greatest human slaughter of all time. The fact that most of the world is ignorant and uncaring about this enormous crime is proof that the global media is in the hands of the perpetrators.”

      and one from Pius XI:

      ““It is impossible to explain how a press usually so eager to exploit the little incidents of life has been able to remain silent about the horrors perpetrated in Russia…and that it should have so little to say concerning a world organization as vast as Russian Communism. This silence…is favored by various occult forces which for a long time have been working for the overthrow of the Christian Social Order” – Pope Pius XI, Divini Redemptoris, 1937

    • AndrewB

      Hi Maria,
      Those poor benighted countries under the cosh of the medical tyranny; Great Britain, Australia, Canada, and New Zealand, all pledge allegiance to the same Germanic royal family you refer to. Makes you think . . .

      • Ned Kelly

        This makes me think AndrewB, B fer BORING?
        Consider some of the social practices of the past . Slavery and slave trading , child labour . The treatment of women as second class citizens with no right to vote,. the poverty that was deliberately enforced by a system that kept everyone in their place . The subjugation of large parts of the world into the British Empire. Few people in the past saw anything wrong with these practises, although they were supposedly the “better people” who were not affected by “Satan having cast down to Earth” in WWI, or WWII, or whenever.
        On the part of the many and the commoner, there is a total blanking out of the well known facts of history. It does not suit their purpose and so they ignore it. We used to watch TV and read about the horrors and social evils that have been perpetrated on mankind in the past – and somehow always think that the subject was an exception to the rule, whereas in fact it was the rule – the everyday life for our forebears who lived in less enlightened times.
        Why did we apply such dissonance? I guess we did not want to harbour “doubts”.. In reality the teaching’s of today, is a whingers charter. It panders to the moaners, the grumblers and revilers who see everything as negative, apart from themselves. “Yes.. they say, that is exactly how I see the world “- but it is not true.
        Consider the great changes in social justice in the Western world, I contend that people of this generation have been helped to be more aware of others. The response to Charity Appeals is just one example, no doubt AndrewB, you can think of others .
        There is plenty of real information on the net for those who really want to know what the past was like . No doubt a lot of people did manage peaceable honorable lives, but the links below show that the golden years before WWI, were not always so great and it was people that made the times what they were.

        The scripture is describing the personalities of the people….
        Whenever there is a breakdown in family their is a breakdown in society… and that is why our live today are so critical… HARD TO DEAL WITH!
        And of course with technology in the hands of extremists creates a very very shaky world.
        Back in the day, there was never the ability to blow up the whole world!
        Now in these, the last days, it only takes one extremist to cause world wide havoc and destruction.
        Xi Jinping: China’s president and his quest for world power | Four Corners
        1,775,315 views Mar 1, 2021 ABC News In-depth
        China’s President Xi Jinping is a force to be reckoned with. As leader of the Communist colossus, he commands the world’s attention, but who is China’s strongman and what is his agenda?
        War with China: Are we closer than we think? | Under Investigation
        5,893,690 views Sep 20, 2021 60 Minutes Australia
        Under Investigation has put together a war table of experts to forecast how we participate and ultimately survive if a war comes to fruition between China and the United States.
        Republican outrage over Zuckerberg’s 2020 election splurge
        By Samuel Chamberlain and Bruce Golding October 13, 2021

        McConnell’s wife sits on board that opposes coal
        James R. Carroll The (Louisville, Ky.) Courier-Journal

        US ‘now a full-fledged banana republic’ after revelations over Mitch McConnell wife’s $78m grants
        Transport secretary reportedly designated special liaison to help husband’s state prepare funding applications
        Chris Baynes The Independent Tuesday 11 June 2019 11:22 comments

  42. W.G.

    We can not vote ourselves out of this situation. The system is captured. Put your faith in no man . Trust only Jesus Christ. Pray Repent Ask Forgivness, this si your only hope.

    • Brooklyn


      Okay, I have put my faith in Jesus many time as I worked the mean-streets of the South Bronx, when it was truly on fire. But, that was then and this is now. Now, is the time we start fighting back, like all the pilots who refused, or the 125,000 Boeing employees who said NO! Like the thousands of people in New York City, of all places, in front of the NYTImes building screaming, DEFUND THE MEDIA! No, W.G. prayers are good, but nothing sets the bad guys back on their heels like a good old punch in the mouth. It was another Brooklyn kid named Mike Tyson, who famously said, “everyone has a plan of attack, until you punch him in the mouth.”

      About we “Punch n’ Pray”….:/


      • Paul ...

        Let’s knock their teeth out so we can better see their forked tongues!!

      • tim mcgraw

        Hi Brooklyn, My son sent me a “Defund the Media” t shirt. Yes, it is time to fight back. Hiding behind a woman’s skirts or the robes of Jesus is cowardice. Self defense is just that.
        The time has come.

  43. JC

    They should to teaching the fundamentals in school, such as lessons in geography.

    Stymie, name me three famous rivers.

    Why did George Washington cross the Delaware River?

    Can you give me a sentence with the word isthmus in it?

    • Paul ...

      Kids were smart years ago:
      Stymie, name me three famous rivers … UGH? (Correct … the Ural, Ganges and Hitara)
      Why did George Washington cross the Delaware River? … To get to the other side? Correct
      Can you give me a sentence with the word isthmus in it? … It mus be my lucky day! 100%

  44. JC

    People power!

    ROME (AP) — Tens of thousands of union members and other Italians gathered in Rome to stand up against rising fascism Saturday, a week after right-wing extremists forced their way into the headquarters of Italy’s most powerful labor confederation while protesting a COVID-19 certification requirement for workplaces.

  45. Marie+Joy

    Georgia Guidestones says they want to kill most of humanity. I think they want to kill ALL life on earth.

    • Brooklyn


      We “usually” enjoy your succinct, well-stated and to-the-point posts, but not sure about this one? If their goal was to “kill everyone” ah…. where would that leave “them”…?

      • Paul ...

        Reigning (tears) in Hell (trying to cool the place down)!!

      • AndrewB

        “Where would that leave them?”

        In the warm embrace of their Master 🙂

      • Marie+Joy

        B, Same place they are now… Batsh*t crazy.

      • Marie+Joy

        B, They’re poisoning the air, water, earth, and food. There are constant large-scale kills of fish, birds, and animals. We are in an extinction-level event. Farms give you the best chance of survival.

    • Paul ...

      They want to kill most life on Earth … but they want to do it the way they did it to Socrates … they want us “to kill ourselves voluntarily” taking the “jab” the way Socrates drank the Hemlock by his own hand … … he was killed for the crime of refusing to recognize the Satanic god recognized by the State … and for corrupting the minds of the youth (by telling them the truth)!!!

  46. peter tomkins


    • Paul ...

      Excellent post Peter … Bezmenov explains our current takeover very well … the CIA Globalists have used the Main Stream Media “to demoralize us and change our perception of reality” … our schools have already turned our children into Marxists who don’t even have gender identity … and our Big Brother Government has now brought us to the point of economic crisis … where the “new normal” will be we the American people becoming as worthless as insects without the ability to protect their own bodies or defend our families, their communities or their Nation (which is now degenerating into racism, exploitation of our children and total slavery (where we don’t even have the right to reject poison being injected into our arms!!! …

      • Paul ...

        What the Satanists at the CIA did to Iran’s economy … “was just practice” for how to bring down our economy … cut off our fuel … shut down our ports … buy up our farms and cut off our food supplies and put us out of our jobs … they are Satanists “on steroids”!!

  47. Self Exiled

    The deep state may have lost control of the narrative but they are still in control; in the US and many parts of the world. Can a grass roots underground unorganized mob stop them. I don’ know? Ask Australia, look at the Philippines, still 95% compliant. Dr. Malone who has rubbed shoulders with these people refers to them in a podcast. They control banks, governments, industry, communications, markets, supply chains, food production, medical, local school boards and the list goes on. I think the Davos crowd and the deep state have over played their hand and are destroying themselves and us with them. They are playing right into China’s hand. China has 4000 years of political deceptive expierence to draw from. The only thing holding China back is God. It seems all of mans systems are in a self destructive loop. I cling to the Revilation of Christ. Why: because I understand from reading the old testament why God destroyed the entire families: men, women, children, cattle, right down to the chickens of these barbaric, child sacrificing sexually manipulative morbid cultures and secret societies. Its the only way to stop them. Once they have saturated themselves with this evil content to this depth of deception they are lost; and it spreads like a cancer into other cultural, political, financial, nationsal and religious institutions. . God then steps in. Before that he calls all those who are his to himself. He is also harvesting now. Enough, Love You Lord Jesus.

    • Paul ...

      SE … When the elite Globalist fools go out to eat at the finest restaurants … don’t they realize the slaves cooking their meals in the back kitchen … can drop some of their tainted “jabbed” blood on their dinner plates???

  48. Andrew de Berry

    Lovely interview Greg. Thank you! I love Alex…so coherent and such a noble man of God.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Andrew for all your support!

  49. James Hastings

    Hello from Georgia….

    I do like Mr. Newman. Great interview. Smart man.
    I regret to inform all, America is collapsing, with God’s consent.
    Do we deny the Tribulation comes? Is it for others, but not America?

    Nothing will improve. All is corrupt. It only collapses.
    Then Christ returns…to earth …to set up His Kingdom…Zechariah 14

  50. Craig Hofmeyr

    Hi Greg,

    I always look forward to your interviews. I have just watched a Lady who resigned (after this interview) from the Australian Police force, could you interview her?

  51. Daniel

    you can complain all you want you can believe what you want but the bottom line is this… the American people for a very long time did not watch out for their children…. the American people for a very long time did not take care of their churches….. American people for a very long time allowed their Congress their political entities their judges to get away with all this heresy this criminal decisions….. the American people refused to teach their daughters decency morality so that there would be no question of abortion……. the American people do not research for themselves right and wrong……. the American people go to Joyce Meyers or Ron hagee or Joel Osteen for the right and wrong……. churches in upstate South Carolina go to David Jeremiah for right and wrong…….. the tribes of Israel they’re descendants the true chosen people will not be destroyed…. the true tribes of Israel after the Assyrian captivity spread out to the North and the West….. the Bible says that they would go west until they could not go anymore…..the greatest civilization the world has ever known the greatest imagination greatest creativity the cotton gin the printing press which spread the word of God all over the world…… there is only one people that did this… these are the followers of Jesus Christ through Paul…… the gentiles did this but nobody knows what gentiles are……. America comes from the word heavenly right America will not be destroyed America cannot be destroyed even from within. . we just have to understand overall who the chosen people truly are versus those who call themselves chosen who teach our children who is chosen who is broadcast who are chosen but who are fake and they are the destroyers….. Revelation 2:9 Revelation 3:9 John 8:44……. you quoted Johnny 44 in your little dissertation and Jesus said to those either means descendants of Edom you are of your father the devil and the lust of your father you would do he’s a murder from the start he’s a liar and the father of it he does not know the truth because the truth is not in him…… yes these are Satanist and the proselytes of Satan….. Jeff Duncan and all those little young females he has surrounding him…. the mothers have given their daughters to these predators the mothers gave their daughters and sons to Michael Jackson….. the mothers send their sons and daughters off to war to die in these unconstitutional undeclared wars sponsored by the corporate empire…….. American people brought this to their doorstep themselves the American people through their purchases made China the greatest empire ever and now the American people are going to have to go to war with China…….. the American people truly are the authors of their own destruction……. there is only one God there’s only one heavenly Father manifesting himself as his son Jesus Christ today manifesting himself as the holy Spirit there’s only one one and only one……. the heavenly father will not allow America to be destroyed…. but he will allow America to be chastised to be punished the hurt is coming…… you have broken all the commandments……. you refuse to honor the Sabbath day……. America by its own hand will come to the brink of destruction…. and my heavenly father will be there for his people…. the true and only gentile race…… the true and only people that profess their belief unswerving allegiance to Jesus the Christ……

    • Paul ...

      Jesus is truth … and you can’t kill the truth … it will live (even if YouTube tries to nail it down and bury it using their AI Centurion Guards) … their stone wall of censorship “will be rolled back” … and the truth will re-emerge … in a dimension that they cannot touch or even comprehend (as it was put within us by God the Father to overcome all evil)!!

  52. Kate

    Hi Greg, many thanks for another awesome interview. Alex Newman is great. So grateful for everything you do. Blessings from Christchurch, New Zealand

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Kate from New Zealand for all your Blessings & support!

    • Paul ...

      Kate … The Globalists in charge of your government shut down your entire country because they had “one case” of the Corona Virus? … was it keep people from traveling there?? … so the elites will have privacy (as to where they are building their underground retreats)?? … do you know if building is going on deep into mountain sides??? … like they are expecting “a storm of meteors to hit the Earth” (like Captain Kirk seemed to imply)!!

  53. Marjet Bedi

    Thank you Greg for your great interviews with great Americans. Catherine Austin Fitts, Alex Newman and Cliff High being my favorites.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Marjet for tuning in!

  54. Marie+Joy

    We, all, need to be in better shape for what is coming.

    • Paul ...

      What is likely coming is Fauci will spray his next gain-of-function virus creation over our cities using drones … so a “jab” will not be necessary to kill us … the Deep State is already running drills … testing to see how effective such an air release would be … Gates and Schwab are probably ecstatic about this new mass murder technique … and are likely hoping the air current tests work out well!! …

  55. Marie+Joy

    To reach DJT, go to, click on contact at the top of the page, fill out the form and tell him what you think.

  56. Marie+Joy

    It’s hard to fight back when you’re starving.

    • Paul ...

      M&J … Begin growing sweet potatoes and buy some chickens now … so you can have an egg for breakfast … and chicken cutlets once a month!!

  57. Jim Hebert

    How do we know what they are up to? They told us but we need to pay attention. Now for a bit of light reading. This site has dozens of books written by the left going back to the 1930s

  58. Alan

    Always love hearing from Alex and especially when he is here with you Greg on USAW. Just an outstanding discussion betw two of my most favorite truth tellers… Thank you both immensely for your intelligent, clear, and honest commentary

    • Greg Hunter

      Alan, your support is greatly appreciated.

  59. J in Europe

    Hi Greg,
    You are on a mission even if you don’t admit to it openly. Jesus summoned them and said to them, “You know that those who are recognized as rulers over the Gentiles lord it over them, and their great ones make their authority over them felt. But it shall not be so among you. Rather, whoever wishes to be great among you will be your servant; whoever wishes to be first among you will be the slave of all. For the Son of Man did not come to be served but to serve and to give his life as a ransom for many. “
    The Deep state want to eliminate anyone who will not worship the new world order. Christian, Jew, Muslim etc. Hence the targeting of religious groups.
    I have some Muslim colleagues who recount unspeakable horrors perpetrated on people in the Middle East. They haven’t targeted believers living in the US yet, but they will try. Spread the word and be strong. Become your own missionary.

  60. Roger Stamper

    tks for post alex newman

  61. ron martin

    Thanks Greg for having Alex on your show. JBS has been the most maligned organization in the US since it’s founding yet has remained moral and patriotic through it all and continues to fight the good fight. Like you, Alex is like the energizing bunny who just keeps pumping out the truth for all to see and hear to educate and enlighten all those who are waking up from the matrix of evil surrounding all of us. Like Alex said, we and our republic may not survive this war but our Creator and His Son will prevail over the evil ones in the end.

  62. Neville

    As has been mentioned before AAcrime is so steeped in lies that they cannot remember what they last lied about and so all they do in amplify narrative (current lie that’s what this word means these days.)
    It is somewhat encouraging to hear that Joe Citizen has started to play catch up with
    Notwithstanding all the above AAcrime’s days are numbered as the day of JUDGEMENT
    is getting closer with each and every passing day.

    Thanks Alex and Greg forvthe crime update….excellent!!!

  63. Charlene Bliss Beyer

    As Always, this was a great interview. Alex Newman is a patriot who has been sounding the alarm in the Public schools for years. Our family started home schooling in 1982. Ground zero is the school districts. All citizens should attend all school board meetings. Demand cameras in every class room. All school boards should disconnect from the National School Board.Dismantle the NEA and Department of Education. Stand for America! Demand Patriotic Assemblies in all schools and watch the Marxists go crazy!

  64. John

    De-fund the School Boards

    • Paul ...

      And thus have our property taxes reduced!!!

  65. andyb

    I apologize for not saving the links, but how many have seen the interviews and posts that provide microscopic examinations of the vaccine ingredients? Scarey stuff to see living organisms that should not be there cavorting through blood streams. Brings to mind the original ALIEN movie. An “aware” living organism inside your body. No wonder that the Red Cross ( a criminal organization BTW) will not accept blood from those vaccinated. I still maintain that 1000s (maybe millions) of deaths from vaxxing have been suppressed and that’s the reason there are no bodies available for essential jobs. How about airline pilots dying in mid flight. Delta had one. Jet Blue had 4. Wait for the strange freeway and turnpike accidents at high speeds as blood clots cause embolisms (brain and lungs) and people suddenly die while driving 70 mph.

    The mandatory vaxxing of heath care workers is alarming. Who will be left to care for the sick when they all die off. Most alarming are the military mandates. Will the Manchurean Candidate thus allow a CCP takeover of the US w/o a shot being fired by a vastly depleted trained army.

  66. Joe Boudreau

    You know, Greg… when the Bolshevics went into Russia, the first people they went after were the intellectuals, free thinkers and truthers, basically all the smart people. Fast forward to today and we’ve now witnessed the same thing, except with shadow banning and de-platforming, etc.. The American people are the only fully armed populace left in the entire world. This time around, they can’t send us to the Gulags and starve us to death because they know we WILL fight back. America, stand up for your rights / dignity and show the world how it’s done.
    Thanks for all you do, Greg!

  67. Jim Kuzdal

    Arguably, the two best truth tellers, awesome show!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Jim!

      • Dawn

        Can anyone please explain to me how the US is more free than:
        Great Britain
        Australia/New Zealand
        Most European countries
        The list is long

        Only about a quarter of the world’s countries are technically under some Gvt control.

        The US has never ever been as free as she and people make out.
        I live on a condo complex and would like to paint my front door blue / change my windows out but I’m not allowed – that’s not being free.

        This country has used Social Security Numbers as a means of tracking people movements for decades yet I know that in countries like Great Britain their equivalent IS purely used for tax paying purposes only via the company /business one works for.

        The US has NEVER been free in the manner most people think – it’s all an illusion and brainwashing.

  68. Da Yooper

    Timely interview Greg

    Found this while crawling around the internet. It appears those who got the shot are now having problems with the common cold . Surprise surprise.

    Super cold: Is ‘the worst cold ever’ going around?

    “ZOE, the world’s largest ongoing study into the virus, states through their millions of health reports, many of the symptoms of Covid-19 are now the same as a regular cold, especially for people who have received two doses of the vaccine. That makes it harder to tell the difference.”

    • Paul ...

      DY … It stands to reason that when your God given immune system is wiped out by the “jab” … you will not be able to even fight off “the regular common cold” any longer … and will begin dropping dead without any further action by them (just as the eugenicists planned)!!

  69. Steve

    WW3 started when Wuhan released the COVID virus. China owns the Federal Reserve and all this nonsense is to keep us Serfs busy and stressed. Takeover is imminent and when Biden term is over it will be obvious that China is in charge and calling the shots.
    Protest and you will be marginalized.

  70. Joel Jimenez

    Where can I find the information of the FDA to Pfizer from 8/23/2021 that is shown on the video? I’m not been able to find it online. Thank you for keeping all of us awake.

  71. jim

    keep hitting home runs, greg

  72. Serge

    Very uplifting !
    It’s indeed harder by the day to find a fool who believes the MSM !
    And yes America can be saved but it has first to repent from all the evil it did to the world and the forever wars !

  73. Dave

    I keep asking – if this die-off comes in the next year as Clif High and others suggest, does Trump bear any culpability? He is still promoting the jab and his WarpSpeed developed it. One thing is certain – if the vaccine actually kills and disables people in the coming months Trump will not be president again.

    • Greg Hunter

      This is why I am saying Trump has to come out and say “Stop the Shots”!!! He has to say this is not what he had in mind and was told this would be safe. Of cpurse we now know It is not safe and totally ineffective in stopping CV19. He has got to come out soon and says “Stop the Shots”!!

      • helot

        No evidence of that being likely to happen:

        “… I did three vaccines in less than nine months and they do work, they work really well.


        “I would convince people, take it.” …

        – TUESDAY, OCT 19, 2021

        • Greg Hunter

          You do not know what they have done because all the injections they call vaccines are experimental. There is little date that show effectiveness. It’s quite the opposite. None are approved, and the one that is “approved” you cannot get. Your feelings are not facts. President Trump is totally wrong. You think the vax works ell? It did not work well for double vaxed Colin Powell who just died of Covid. We now have a pandemic of the vaxed because the vaxed are the overwhelming percentage of new cases of Covid. That’s a fact. The lie of Breakthroughs is in fact ADE. Don’t take my word for it listen to the 2008 Nobel prize winner in medicine :

          You sir are not sick–yet!!! Here are some more facts without any of my feelings involved: We have over 1,600 deaths in VARES and hundreds of thousands of terrible debilitating reactions. There is less than 1% adverse reactions ever reported according to a 2011 Harvard medical study: report: VAERS (Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System) has more deaths and injuries for the CV19 vax than all vaccines combined in VAERS more than 30 year history. The hundreds of thousands of bad reactions include but not limited to heart failure (Pfizer actually has a warning on its jab for this)and severe blood clotting. According to Dr. Ryan Cole, cancers are emerging with a vengeance at 20 times the normal rate for the vaxed.

          We could have just took Ivermectin early on, and there would be no need for an experimental vax. Oh, and let’s not forget natural immunity that some in the medical community now say does not work too well after 6,000 years preserving humanity. More Horse crap to scare people into taking a dangerous and piss poor working experimental gene therapy vax!!!!

          I could go on, but YOU thinking this vax works well is a “feeling” that the facts destroy. Good luck, and make sure you get your next gene therapy experimental booster because one is surly coming out for you.

          President Trump is wrong. Just wait until this winter when the vaxed are getting sick with no ivermectin being prescribed to save their lives–just more boosters. So long Colin Powell. The Deep State could have saved you with Ivermectin, but too bad. Thanks for serving the evil Deep State. Now die because giving Colin Powell Ivermectin to save his life is not an optic or a narrative the Deep State wants out there.

          Good luck with those feelings–you are going to need it. With ivermectin you don’t need luck–It’s a cure.


          • Nadine Kelly

            Near the end of the Zero Hedge article Greg it says,
            Already, 79% of US adults and 77% of people over age 12 have had at least one COVID jab, which is a rate much higher than other countries, like Russia, where the adult population has largely rejected the jab.
            With what the Russians have gone thru in recent history, it’s no wonder they don’t trust GOVERNMENT! Looks like those lessons are coming fast for the western world!
            Benjamin Franklin’s WARNING;
            If there is a lesson in all of this it is that our Constitution is neither a self-actuating nor a self-correcting document. It requires the constant attention and devotion of all citizens. There is a story, often told, that upon exiting the Constitutional Convention Benjamin Franklin was approached by a group of citizens asking what sort of government the delegates had created. His answer was: “A republic, if you can keep it.” The brevity of that response should not cause us to under-value its essential meaning: democratic republics are not merely founded upon the consent of the people, they are also absolutely dependent upon the active and informed involvement of the people for their continued good health.
            The covid cover-up, has not taken our health, but maybe soon our republic. The great reset, the much vaunted new world dis-order is upon us. but so is a rising of the people and just as France rescued the new American republic from the clutches of the British empire so will our land lord Jesus the Christ, save the rising of the sheeple!
            IT IS the hour of God’s judgment! Listen, then, to the divine message: “And another, a second angel, followed, saying: ‘She has fallen! Babylon the Great has fallen, she who made all the nations drink of the wine of the anger of her fornication!’” (Revelation 14:8) For the first time, but not the last, Revelation focuses attention on Babylon the Great. Later, chapter 17 will describe her as a voluptuous harlot. Who is she? As we shall see, she is a global empire, she is religious, and she is Satan’s counterfeit system that he uses in fighting against the seed of God’s woman. (Revelation 12:17) Babylon the Great is the entire world empire of false religion. She includes all religions that preserve the religious teachings and practices of ancient Babylon and that manifest her spirit.
            The Bible compared Israel’s relationship to God as that of a married woman who is unfaithful and engages in adultery with the nations.
            [A second angel followed and said, “‘Fallen! Fallen is Babylon the Great,’ which made all the nations drink the maddening wine of her adulteries.” Rev. 14:8]
            Further information concerning Babylon the Great is revealed in the description of how this city will commit the sin of adultery with the nations.

            So China can now nuke anything on Earth from space…. meanwhile in retarded U.S. Military…. OMG – we are so screwed.
            Why the masks outside? ONLY thing it can do is hurt the troops for NO REASON. It’s almost like the woke morons are doing all they can to destroy us in all ways and even in the military.

            How to make a NATURAL FORM of Hydroxychloroquine!
            99,093 views Jun 6, 2021 Mind & Body Mentor
            Natural remedies to support good health. This recipe is a natural form of Hydroxychloroquine. Most all pharmaceuticals are sourced and created from natural resources that then are made synthetically with chemicals.
            I choose natural when all possible. Natural resources work in harmony and synergy with the body.

          • helot

            I guess I worded that a bit wrong? I’m totally anti-vax to the max, germ theory is flawed, L. Pasture was wrong, Beauchamp was right, ‘it’s the terrain’. I’m mostly a, “Just The Facts, Jack!” kind of guy.

            That said, I feel your passion. And, I feel badly for those who have been consumed by fear & stupidly got The Shot. I read a fine article the other day which talked about that, the title was, ‘Why Smart People Are Stupid’ By Bionic Mosquito. It explained quite a lot.

            ‘The Banners of the King of Hell Advance’ By Edward Curtin was a good follow up.

            Perhaps that also helps to explain Trump staying on the same ignorant course? Idk.

            All the best to you.

            • Greg Hunter

              My apologies Helot. I thought you were saying the opposite. I now realize it was not your quote. So sorry!!! Please forgive me!!!

              • helot

                No problem & no need to apologize. Your energy, passion, and enthusiasm are admirable. Heroic, even.

            • WarPony

              Devil is father of lies. That’s really all you need to know, and unfortunately, that position isn’t falling apart as quickly as this author predicts. The pit is opening, and masculinity is being removed from the system. The biblical Revelation is upon us, soon. Learn about how your body is an Angel trap and about how to escape the pit (Jonathan Kleck on bitchute). JK is the prophet before the fire. As he points out, evil is manifesting exponentially because the pit is opening.

        • Roger

          Dr. Carrie Madej

          Helot do yourself a favor and take the time to listen to Dr Madei. You will be shocked at what you just injected into your own body.

          • helot

            “You will be shocked” – I’m not at all shocked about what’s In ‘The Shot’. What I’m still a bit in shock about is how it came to being there. The horrible, barbaric and simply evil descriptions, if true, in the below,… all I can say is, wow. I can’t unsee it:

            ‘Was COVID vaccine fetal tissue obtained by the murder of an infant?’
            Oct 18 by Jon Rappoport

  74. Galaxy 500

    Wow. Very interesting. Glory be to God in the Highest. I see the scales falling from those that were lost every day.
    Few are in position to lose everything over night.

  75. Ralph+k.

    Hi Greg,

    Alex Newmans’ website does not load. Being suppressed?

  76. Nick Reynolds

    We see only what our assumptions allow us to see. I’m sorry. You’re too quick to believe what you want to believe and refuse to believe what you don’t want to believe. But this is It. This is the “Great Reset,” the great reset in human population. The super-rich don’t need us anymore. They’ve now got robots and AI and nanotechnology. Economics doesn’t matter. This is for all the marbles; it’s for the earth. Either we hang Rockefeller and his allies and puppets, or we’re all dead or electronically enslaved. And please stop thinking that Trump will do anything. He can’t, or he won’t. He’s not on the People’s side. They tricked most of the Democrats into taking the “clot shot.” Now they’re tricking the Republicans into doing nothing, waiting for Trump, who they hope will lead the rebellion. Meanwhile, they’re putting in 5G everywhere they can, which is how they will control the robots. So, am I advocating violent overthrow? No; I can’t imagine Jesus doing that. “Turn the other cheek.” “Love your enemies.” All I’m saying is, aside from a miracle, which I’m not discounting, rebellion, including assassination, will occur and is probably the “only” practical solution. The sooner the super-rich experience the fear of God or the fear of death, the easier freedom for the rest of us can be recovered. It’s not going to be easy.

  77. Thomas `` Argyle

    The Week: MSM’S Covid Disinfo HYPOCRISY, Chappelle FLOUTS Cancel Culture, Biden LOSES Key Voters
    15,987 views Oct 17, 2021 The Hill

    • Chris

      I don’t equate “love your enemies” as meaning you just stand by as they murder your loved ones and yourself. Somehow, I discern it to mean to act righteously (sometimes using force), but without hate and attachment. Likewise, “turn the other cheek” isn’t to become a door mat for abuse and slavery. After all, Jesus showed quite righteous anger and even some violence when he attacked the money lenders at the Temple. It depends on the situation too, I think. After all, life is given by God and we have a duty to maintain it where possible, except in acts of legitimate sacrifice. Jesus also said, “leave the dead to bury their dead”, by which I think he meant the majority of people (in his day as in ours) are already dead – spiritually – even while alive – physically – which is what I think afflicts most people with fear of death and makes them vulnerable to control. You cannot reason with psychopaths nor can you awaken the sleeping mass of the dead to resist either of their fates. But it will require a pretty major force to deal with this evil infestation that’s got the world in its claws right now.

  78. Russell Holmes

    Newman is brilliant and though about 7,624 times smarter than I, he and all of you are missing it. Do you really think they’re not PURPOSELY causing supply shortages, driving our brave police and millions of Americans out of jobs, purposely causing mass inflation, purposely enraging s0-called “conservatives” in every way possible (schools, inflation, forced vaxx’s, persecuting and torturing those from Jan 6, crushing free speech, etc, etc, etc, etc )? They’re purposely driving up fuel prices, causing droughts to bring food shortages, sicing the FBI, the (in)Justice Dept and ALL of the now 54 Federal agencies that carry weapons on as many Americans as possible and for any slight, imagined infraction. The military has already purged 10’s of thousand of conservative troop and I 100% guarantee that they’ve selected those they know will shoot Americans if order to (and simply won’t deploy those they think won’t follow their fascist orders). I say they’re planning to implement nation wide Marshall Law and will pull a “Hitler in Poland” maneuver where the Germans kidnapped Polish troops, murdered them, placed them on German soil then blew up some of their own military equipment to try to make it look like the Poles attacked first. It could come in as little as 3 weeks but they may wait until the dead of winter when millions can’t afford to heat their homes, when “conservatives” have finally had enough and the Maoist media has 24/7 coverage about how these “hatefully, racist, Bible/gun-clinging fascist” are planning a coup.
    Mark my words……

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes Russell, Newman said it is on purpose.

  79. R.Patrick Carpenter

    Me. Hunter richly deserves the highest honor in “News Reporting”. The others not speaking any truth whatever! That’s why I killed the TV and only use it for watching movies from my video library.

  80. Kristian Bach

  81. Sue

    One word solution: VOUCHERS

  82. Bobby Brave

    We need to remember two things about our enemy.
    1. If they don’t achieve their objective, they don’t change their objective, they change their method.
    2. They never stop trying to achieve their objective.

    • Paul ...

      BB … But with less options … they get weaker and weaker … so keep blocking them at every turn they make!!

  83. Paul Anthony

    Just my opinion I am not an expert in anything excpet Music education which I have a Masters degree in. I can tell you Ive delt with DCFS when I worked in CHicago Public school and was put on the DNH list becuase I reported Child on Child sexual abuse – How dare I right ? Fast forrd a few years later and guess what ? Parents were suing the school I worked at beccuse no teachers were reporting child on child abuse – well except for me who was punishedfor it. >>

    ok – Here iws my opinion – Until we storm our leaders physically into the streets – everything will contine as its going .. at some point I think that will happen – The other powers that be .. maybe are trying to go through poroper channels and follow the constitution – but no one is follwoing the constitution so .. what othger way does it end .. except when we the people funally put it in our own hands ????? I hope and pray it will end with out massive death and authroties wthat have power do something …. but after all this time – they have done nothing … I cant do this myself – but when we actually take it to tyhe streets .. Ill be there too … Until then I am praying daily

  84. Linda Puetz

    Bravo Gentlemen. Bravo! Thank you for dedication to our great nation and her amazing grace. liberty and justice. Thank goodness for your show Greg. Peace to all who enter here.

  85. Frank Passifume

    Afghanistan Harbinger ( Jonathan Cahn)

    Bigger Shakings Ahead

  86. wayne hardin

    OK lets brake it down .
    Even if school quits with all this crt nonsense and the mask nonsense people still need to take their kids out .
    It is all a game to make people think they won and all the time they just keep on doing the same thing they have been doing for years , Brain Washing the kids .
    If you want to win take you kids out of school and teach them the golden rule .
    That is the only thing that will change anything .
    At least that is the way i see it . Wayne Hardin .

  87. Madi

    Greg as always ,
    You speak truth…Alan is a good young man who like you believe in GOD.
    I still care for all my patients . I reminded all of them there is a plan, not mine but God’s plan.
    Thank you to keep us informed and reduced our Fear at times.
    Greeting from Maine

  88. Paul from Indiana

    Wayne, Just because you are right doesn’t mean it will happen. What we are fighting is inertia. What has been put into motion is going to play out. Best always. PM

    • wayne hardin

      I agree with what the bible says will happen no matter what people do .
      but it would be nice to see parents step up to the plate and do what is best for the kids .
      Come Lord is all i can say .

    • wayne hardin

      I agree with what the bible says will happen no matter what people do .
      but it would be nice to see parents step up to the plate and do what is best for the kids .
      Come Lord is all i can say . When i said / That is the only thing that will change anything .
      I meant the kids would quit be brain washed .

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Wayne, as I said, you are right. That’s a great first step, but look at whose kids are in school now. I’m 69. I had 5 kids. My wife taught at the high school, and I saw the whole deal from the inside out. I fought hard just in my family to counterbalance the indoctrination, which was prevalent EVEN THEN. This has been going on a LONG time. NOW, it’s my kids’ kids that are in school! How are most of that brainwashed generation going to educate and “de-brainwash” this generation of kids? They’re not! This must run its course, sad as it is to say. If God is in control, as many believe, than this MUST be part of the plan. Stick with us, brother. Your scriptural convictions and unflinching courage to speak the truth are needed more than ever. Best always. PM

        • Greg Hunter

          Coming events will show they were lied to. The will change or die, ands yes, many will die.

  89. Jack M Stein

    I love Alex Newman. I also loved that he is recognized from the Greg Hunter website

  90. wayne hardin

    Lets look at what the bible says about what will happen before Christ comes back shall we. .
    It plainly says satan and his followers will come as angles of light doing miracles and wonders to deceive even the elect if it were possible . So people better watch who and what they listen to the old saying if it looks to good to be true it probably is .
    All the people running around talking about blessings without repentance are not speaking for God . Blessings from God are being set free from the power of satan
    and money cant buy it .like the word says
    For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?
    Most of the people are talking about mammon being the blessing but it could be a curse also . Jesus told satan . It is written, Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God.
    The point being look for Jesus not signs and wonders .
    Be careful satan is a roaring lion seeking peoples souls and he will be looking like a angle of light doing signs and wonders to make you think everything is alright and that he is the savior don’t be deceived .

  91. Thomas

    Oh no 😞 … Clif High no longer viewzble on bitchute from BELGIUM where I live. Anyone else with this problem? How lame.

    ‘I get the following message when trying to access his videos:

    your location due to the following restrictions:
    Contains Incitement to Hatred’

    Clif never incites to hatred!

    • JuicyMoosey

      You can trick the system:

      Go to a web vpn. For example – Search for : vpnbook or hidester

      Get Clif’s bitchute URL
      Paste in clif’s URL into the web vpn.

      The web vpn can’t run scripts so you’ll just see bitchute’s red twizzler animation. So…to trick that… on firefox browser, go to the top menu VIEW > PAGE STYLE > NO STYLE

      This will force the browser to display what it can without using the script. (This trick can reveal many awkward websites with or without VPN)

      Find the video you want down the page. Click it. Then go about half way down the page and there will be a line that says

      Right click the line and then SAVE AS and save the video onto your computer. Then watch it with your own computer’s video player.

      Fiddle with the web vpn, it’s very useful for many such problems.

  92. Dr. Joseph

    Your show is growing far and wide Greg Hunter, God is good and loves his children, and those that spread truth. God has given you a platform to tell the truth and you have, as a result I think you will continue to grow as long as you follow the LORD. God bless you Greg Hunter, let Gods will work through this platform amen.

  93. Jr

    Greg, Alex & everyone on here should watch this in its entirety:
    this is one of God’s key “watchers” letting it all go –

  94. Kyle Dornan

    Alex is one of my favorites among the regulars 🙂

  95. Marie+Joy

    No matter how much you have, you need more.

  96. Dean

    Hi Greg:

    There is an interesting young man named “Patel Patriot” who runs a website called

    He explains why Trump left office in January of 2020 (to avoid the Deep State’s plan to cause riots and mayhem if Trump decided to play his hand back then, like the riots and mayhem the Deep State caused in the summer of 2020 with BLM and Antifa), and how Trump has been quietly turning the Deep State’s “color revolution” in America to get Trump, right back on the Deep State’s own head, using “devolution”.

    “Patel Patriot” is a very good interview, worth your time.

  97. Justn Observer

    Greg, New report from DR. ZEV ZELENKO

  98. Mike R

    Fully vaxxed Colin Powell has died. Of Covid. “complications.”

  99. Robert K

    Colin Powell passed away today at the age of 84. According to his family, “He died of C19, despite being vaccinated twice”.

    I don’t relish anyone passing away, it sucks and is painful no matter how you look at it. But the fact his family had to make it a point that he was “vaccinated twice” and he died of “Covid” tells you all you need to know.

    My family knows a lot of people, since taking the poison jabs, who have died, or have serious irreversible medical ailments… But, the MSM continues right on queue, “The “unvaxxed are the causing the “vaxxed” to die, even if they’re vaccinated”… Powell, who had cancer in 2003, his death is now classified as a Covid death. I am sure the double poison shots didn’t do him any favors…

    It’s funny, I’ve read no less than ten different articles from various websites on the internet about Colin Powell and what you read about his death today, the topic quickly changes to “breakthrough cases” “Powell voted for biden” “Powell said Trump is dangerous and won’t vote for him” and on and on. The media never misses a beat… Truly disgusting.

    • eddiemd

      He was 84yo.

      He had multiple myeloma. Already had a dysfunctional immune system.

      One foot in the grave and one on the banana peel. The covid jab finished him off.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Doc, It possibly saved him from an even worse demise. A friend of mine passed in a blink of an eye at 62 of acute myocardial infarction. While I still miss him today, I say it was a great way to go. Thank you for your contributions here at Watchdog USA. Best always. PM

  100. Robert K


    Have you seen that Canada has threatened to fire federal employees who use the phrase that has become synonymous with F**K joe biden, “Let’s Go Brandon” in a correspondence letter.

  101. Jeffersonian

    Thanks Greg for brining on guests who help shed light on the darkness happening nationally and abroad

    Hard to argue with what Alex has to say. But as long as the deep state controls all three branches of government, mainstream media, alphabet agencies and is joined at the hip with FOMC they remain in control and will not go gently into the night but will rage rage against the dying of the light

    If in fact they totally lose their narrative they will create a major crisis or like Celente says take you to war. Why? To distract the public and further consolidate their power just like 911 and the Patriot Act Like Twain said history may not repeat but it does rhyme. Be prepared

    Speaking of shedding light on the darkness here are some guests that you may want to get on and I base this on topics germane to everyone

    Food corruption GMOs and sustainability Joel Salatin
    Clot shot not Dr David McCullogh
    Debasement of currency Rob Kirby
    Geo politics and government corruption
    Paul Craig Roberts
    Gold and silver Andy Schectmen
    Libertarianism Michael Oliver
    Good debt bad debt Richard Kiowsaki
    Don’t feed the beast Catherine Austin Fitts
    Religion and civil disobedience John MacArthur
    Living as Jesus would today Dr James Dobbson
    Organic prepped Donovan
    Geoengineering Dane Whittington
    Inflation John Williams
    I misspelled a few names sorry and I’m sure there’s lots more important topics and speakers I forgot but your listeners could suggest more

    Keep shedding light On darkness Greg always look forward to seeing what’s next up your sleeve

    Ps finally getting the rain we need pastures fertilized and growing well livestock thriving on the new green grass hays in the barn and firewood stacked and dry
    Ready for winter ps made a ton of elderberry syrup high in antioxidants to aid out God given immune system

    Bought some metal gates up 70 percent for last year but wait according to goon Powell inflation running at 5 percent not in my world Toto


  102. East Coast Guru

    Question my wife asked me… if vaccinations are so bad for your immune system, why haven’t we seen more people who took the initial vaccines in the early part of this year sick now? Why is it always wait until November/December to see the sickness/deaths develop? Is it because the flu season starts then?

    • Greg Hunter

      Yes, but it’s much more than that. Multiple problems are going to come up in the months and years to come.

      • Shiloh1

        Also Vitamin D Deficiency in winter.

  103. Self Exiled

    Mmmmmm interesting…………..

  104. JC

    Are you exhausted just thinking about the best ways to make Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas as divisive and miserable as possible for family and friends?

    Are you concerned that your 6-year-old, who has a better chance of dying from walking in front of a bus than dying from COVID, might get the CCP virus from your unvaccinated uncle?

    Do you wish you had an easy way for guests to know who they should and shouldn’t talk to or get too close to when it comes time to choose a seat at the dining room table?

    Well, you’re in luck. The CDC has published its…

  105. eddiemd

    Joe Dementia and his wife going to meet the devil.

    Global tax is the end of times monetary tie together. Everyone is onboard. With the FATCA run by the IRS and AI everyone will be locked into the antichrist system. Of course you will need your vaccine passport and poison injection.

    Cashless society inbound. Step up and get your tattoo/chip.

    And Nancy Mussolini (Pelosi) was seeing the pope dope last week. Wonder what they spoke about. Notice the Freemason handshake. The satanist luciferians are up to something.

    • eddiemd

      Pelosi should get a refund on the plastic surgery done to her face.

      The wicked witch meets the devil himself.

  106. Robert K

    Italian Archbishop says vaccine victims are sacrificed at the altar of Moloch…
    This is refreshing news to hear a holy man state, as most clergy members in the Catholic church have doubled down on the poison death shots and to borrow a poker reference, have gone “all in”.

  107. MC

    As Trump continues to push and push and push the satanic vax, now DeSantis’ Florida rolls out the UN digital ID linked to AppleCorp.

    This is Revelation 13 happening in real time. Stop listening to the false prophets who told us to admit the anointed Trojan Horse.

  108. Greg Morrissey

    Greg if you can you should interview Lindsey Williams as he ahs been telling of the events that are coming. Look who he is quoting Familiar ?
    his website is
    Please every one. READ
    As I said in the email I sent to you that included the ‘New Signs of the Elite’ presentation this email is essential reading for all patriots of freedom. There is a crisis in the real world economy not just in the United States but around the world. Shortages are everywhere. This crisis you have prepared for if you have taken the advice of Pastor Williams over the last 40 years. If you haven’t prepared, you have little time left. Over the past few weeks, I have sent you access to several presentations from Pastor Williams where he has told you what was going to happen many years in advance. These presentations are essential viewing for all patriots of freedom worldwide. They give you an advantage.

    I have gotten some information from Pastor Williams directly. ‘We definitely are living on a knife-edge right now. This may not be a pretty winter.’ He ended his email with ‘Truly, the return of Jesus Christ is imminent.’…
    I have been looking at what other analysts have been saying this past few weeks and here is what they are saying about what is currently happening:

    Gerald Celente says: You are seeing under the surface, the economy is stalling out. The markets are going to crash, and the economy is in crash mode. The rich are getting richer, so they are going to take us to war because it is already crashing. Mom and pops have been driven out of business due to Covid and that leaves market share for big companies. Big companies control everything. Median household income has had its sharpest decline since records began. The future is going to be hell on earth being a “slave on the Slavelandia plantation” or worse unless we unite.
    Robert Kiyosaki says: It’s going to be the biggest crash in world history. We have never had this much debt pumped up. Debt is the biggest problem of all. The debt to GDP ratio is out of sync. So when it comes down, it’s going to bring down everything with it, that’s when I’m going to be buying more gold, silver and Bitcoin.
    Clif High says: Everything is in the process of breaking down. Food production, trucking, health services, the military and political system are breaking down that will cause the financial system will suffer a horrible unfixable crash. Hyperinflation is showing up everywhere. This month, October could start a bull run in commodity prices similar to what happened in Venezuela. Cash will be king, he sees gold at $20,000 an ounce and silver vaulting higher day after day. When it comes to silver in the low $20 an ounce range “they are actually paying you to take it.” The price of silver should be at least $600 per ounce. Bitcoin will go to at least $100,000 per unit and may be higher by the end of 2021.
    Peter Schiff says: Had the Federal Reserve done the right thing following the bursting of the dot com and housing bubbles, and not slashed interest rates to bail out the rich, a lot of rich people would be less rich, and some would have gone broke, but the average American would now be far better off. Senate leaders have agreed to suspend the debt ceiling until December. This will allow the government to continue to pay its bills and recklessly spend the nation even deeper into debt. The Federal Reserve will then monetize much of this new debt, causing consumer prices to rise even faster. The irony of President Joe Biden having a conference to warn Americans about the dangers of defaulting on the National Debt is that as a U.S. senator for 35 years he was instrumental in running up that debt. The bigger problem is not defaulting on the debt, but actually repaying it.
    John Rubino says: Gold has almost doubled from its 2015 low. History says that the real action is still to come. In the 1970s there were two bull markets in gold separated by a correction in 1975. If you view that decade as a single bull market you get something as long as and much more lucrative than the 2000-2012 bull market, with most of the gains coming towards the end of the run. The 1970s gold market is a good template for the 2020s because of the following similarities: A bungled exit from a pointless and costly war; Rising inflation due to excessive debt and artificially easy money; Leadership that seems less competent and trustworthy every time they speak; A rising power that threatens US military and financial hegemony – and by implication the dollar’s role as the world’s reserve currency; and a manipulated and forced Energy crisis. Toss in the plandemic that won’t go away, a labor shortage, supply chain disruptions, immigration chaos and a weirdly-general societal shift away from discipline and rationality… and you get an economy that’s locked into an easy-money, souring leverage trajectory until no one in their right mind will want anything to do with traditional financial assets. In this environment, the boring market action in gold – a form of money that has protected against financial and societal chaos for all of recorded history looks like the calm before the storm.
    Ron Paul says: The bipartisan addiction of government spending money that it doesn’t have is an argument that is a reflection of the current situation and they will try to spin the narrative because they cannot accept the solution of agreeing to live a more conservative, living within our means and cutting spending. The odds of that happening is zero and that’s why this is going to continue and the people will not wake up until the crisis gets much worse.
    Greg Hunter says: McConnell and ten other Republicans joined with the Democrats to raise the debt ceiling a further $480 Billion. The new ceiling will be reached by early December 2021 when it will need to be raised again. Everything is costing more. So much for the Federal Reserve saying inflation is transitory. Market experts are saying it’s permanent or at least sticking around for many years to come. It may be a good idea to stock up – on everything!
    Max Keiser says: The Federal Reserve has two jobs one is full employment the other is price stability. Predictably, they are failing on both of their primary jobs. If you are simply printing money to bail out bankers all day long you create a situation in which you do not have any reliable price discovery in the economy for any of the components that make up the economy and this leads to corruption, malinvestment and wealth and income gap and as we see now, stagflation. You now have unemployment high. Inflation is high. Both of these things are now structural. Cyclical. They cannot be cured by simply extending and pretending. If the US were to introduce 100 or 200-year bonds that are not going to solve it. Negative interest rates are not going to solve it. This is pretty much heading towards a real catastrophe.
    Alessio Rastani says: Two parts of a bearish signal have been met. The DOW Theory is one of the most important and reliable methods of analysing charts. What happened in September on the S&P500 was a secondary reaction 5% drop and more recently a 3% bounce. The period between September to the end of October is a seasonally volatile period for stock markets. The third part of DOW Theory has not yet been met. If it is no means a certainty, the S&P500 were to fall below 4,300 it could trigger a DOW Theory Bear Market that could see a 12% correction in the stock market from its highs back in September. Anything can happen between now and the end of October 2021.
    Bo Polny says: The dollar is free-floating, it’s not attached to gold or oil, the only thing that is holding it up is faith and confidence. How confident do you feel with what is going on in the United States right now? The dollar is about to go down because we no longer have a contract with Saudi Arabia or Russia to trade in the US Dollar.
    Egon Von Greyerz says: Hyperinflation is likely to occur within the next 5 to 10 years and it is the penultimate phase of the current monetary system. The final phase will be a total implosion of all asset classes such as stocks, bonds, and property and a deflationary depression as the central banks try to save the system. These futile attempts will lead to a total debasement of the dollar and all currencies.
    Take that information and research, I am not a financial advisor and cannot offer advice on which way you should invest your money. However, one thing we have always said is to hedge your investments against financial instability with physical gold and silver. That’s the currency of the Elite.




  109. tim mcgraw

    A very good interview. Yes, the Lords and Ladies want us to shut up and stay in our prison cells at home watching the video screens on TV and Cell Phones.
    What I’ve learned from these past 2 years is that 67% of Californians are insane Commies. Only 33% of us are sane. What’s the point?
    If you were raising a family, would you have three kids knowing that two out three were going to turn out to be stupid, bootlicking, non-thinking, non-reading, no critical thinking, lovers of the state?
    I keep seeing that boot on the neck of mankind forever.
    Why is goodness, sanity, kindness, Christianity, always in the minority of mankind?
    Why? Is evil stronger? I think people are just fecking lazy.
    It’s depressing.

  110. Coal Burner

    Greg; Don’t know if this is too late for you to see but I went back and listened too Clif High again.
    He made a profound statement. He talked about the mass shootings during the Obama Administration and how it ended when he left office. Think about that statement. It rings so true! It should be pointed out in every heading that is possible. So many mass shootings in Obama’s eight years.

  111. Robin

    They killed ur audio. I came in two diff ways @toggled audio on and off but no audio.

  112. tim mcgraw

    The kidnapping of children is an age old story. In America today 40,000 children are stolen every year. The area of the highest child abductions is Washington DC. What a surprise! Ha.
    Government schools are just a newfangled way of stealing the children. A new way of enslaving them for the elites who run the show.
    The Arab slave raiders were so bad in the Mediterranean that the Europeans abandoned the coastal towns. The word “Slave” comes from “Slav” which is what the Arab slave traders called their catch.
    And now the American government enslaves the children of its citizens in schools and then dead end jobs. No hope of advancement or wealth creation as the Fed destroys the currency.
    It is slavery pure and simple in a fancy wrapper.

  113. tim mcgraw

    I will be more specific about my loss of faith in humanity. When I was 19 I watched some fat feck in a uniform pull my birth date out of a lottery drum to see if I’d be drafted into the military to go to fight in Vietnam. I was lucky and got a high number.
    A few years later Nixon resigned. The draft lottery was cancelled and the US Military was whipped like a bad dog in the media and Congress. The good guys won.
    But now here it is again. Bush didn’t resign though he should have been impeached for the lies leading to the invasion of Iraq. Dick Cheney is a war criminal. Never punished.
    The US Military and the CIA are stronger than ever.
    The bad guys won.
    “Where is the truth? Where is the beauty?” The Garlic Lady of Healdsburg, CA.

    • MC

      cf. “The Lottery” a short story written by Shirley Jackson (c. June 25, 1948).

      cf. “Lord of the Flies” a 224 pages novel written by Nobel Prize-winning British author William Golding (c. 1954).

      Text can be found in public libraries that have not been purged by Biden/Obama. Reading the plot summaries on wikipedia will spoil. These are easy and fast reading anyway.

  114. Marie+Joy

    Everyone is waiting for everyone, else, to do it. That’s NOT how it works.

  115. Marie+Joy


  116. Kepano

    Sadly, people waking up to the evil WILL NOT STOP it. No one wants to do anything but talk talk talk.
    Evil people, the globalists and such don’t care what you think, the info you know. They continue their agenda in spite of it. They don’t care. Spreading information is WORTHLESS unless you act on it.
    Example: Founding fathers decided to hold rallies, wave flags and protest, but never took any action! Then there would be no USA more than likely, but more of a Australia country.

    THE FOUNDING FATHERS TAKING ACTION, NOT SITTING AND TALKING IS WHAT WON THE COUNTRY. Everyone says how can we stop this, well not by sitting around talking about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Way to give up and lie down using an anonymous name. Stay out of the way and keep hiding in the dark you loser.

      • Kepano

        Greg, I’ve been watching you for years. That is my name there buddy. I suggest you educate yourself on the Hawaiian Language, it means Stephen in English. You really showed your ignorance there didn’t ya?

        Hiding in the dark. Wow wow wow…..see the truth comes about from the so called conservatives, the one that actually worked for communist news network.

        Buddy I took an oath to defend the country, how about you? Coward out and couldn’t make it in the military?

        AS A REAL PATRIOT, SITTING AROUND AND PEOPLE TALKING FIXES NOTHING. I can see you are not a real patriot I thought you were.

        You claim to believe in God and would end a lot of your weekly wrap ups with some godly advice. Yet you call me a loser and hiding in the dark, while people like you want to ONLY TALK….the time for talk is over. Or are you gonna submit to tyranny. See you are the type of person that would sit there and let someone kill you. Just like the losers the islam filth would line and kill. Instead of running or fighting, they just sit there and die.

        All these years, I thought you were a real patriot, you are NOT. You want to sit and cry about what’s wrong, but no balls to do anything but TALK!

        • Greg Hunter

          Last name? Good points though. So why aren’t you fighting now and giving up?

        • wayne hardin


          Greg is doing a job that not many will do and for free while what you said in the first post was spot on the second post was uncalled for .
          If we were doing what Greg is we would not have time to do much else either , so do what you can and let Greg do what God tells him to do .
          Thanks for your service to you both .

          Wayne Hardin .

        • JuicyMoosey

          Come on guys, there’s one path we’re all on together. We don’t have the luxury of time for petty divisive squabbling among ourselves.

          They’re rattling our cages, building stress and tension, mocking us. We absolutely must not let THEM sow division among us. Instead, we will stand together united – and be ready to help each other – when the camel’s back is finally broken.

          Forgive each other, at least in heart. Please.

      • wayne hardin

        What did he say that was wrong ????????
        I not see where he said he was giving up / he is just telling the truth .
        You do a good job at reporting what is going on but it will take people walking out and showing them they wont listen to the nonsense not people talking about it .

        auctions speak louder than words / i think that is all he is saying and it is true .

        Wayne Hardin .

      • wayne hardin

        What did he say that was wrong ????????
        I not see where he said he was giving up / he is just telling the truth .
        You do a good job at reporting what is going on but it will take people walking out and showing them they wont listen to the nonsense not people talking about it .

        auctions speak louder than words / i think that is all he is saying and it is true .

        PS I would say it is fat finger on the misspelling but sense u is a ways away from a or c that is not the case . i have noticed it happens all . go figure . and the not should be don’t also .

        Wayne Hardin .

  117. Deadline Dave

    It is time to pick a side.

    It would be nice if the true American spirit here at USAWATCHDOG all subscribed to Sovereign Nations channel on YouTube.

    SN could use your non-monetary support, they produce content showing the destruction of the once great American society and the economy.

    I am not affiliated with SN with the exception of supporting them with my subscription to their channel. Thank you.

  118. MC

    Looks like intuitive Penny Kelly’s October Look-See on bitchute is coming to happen sooner than later:

    “I’M VERY PROUD OF WHAT WE DID WITH THE VACCINES,” Trump told political news host Bill O’Reilly.

    “It was supposed to take five years and they said it wasn’t going to work. I did three vaccines in less than nine months and they do work, THEY WORK REALLY WELL.

  119. Marie+Joy

    A nurse on the “What Is Happening” Channel on Brighteon says they have covid camps and they are “shielding” vulnerable people in these camps. These people can be taken from their families, or off a train, or from anywhere and put in these camps. I think they are covid death camps. Don’t go anywhere with a government person.

  120. Mauri

    Alex is a well informed , well spoken guest. Always enjoy listening to his take on things.

  121. eddiemd

    The religion of climate change.

    All aboard. Israel and India signing the treaty.

  122. wayne hardin

    Head Line .
    Fighting Back! Unhappy With Prices, Ranchers Look To Build Their Own Meat Plants

    DO IT …………. Actions .

    Time for talk is over !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wayne Hardin .

  123. regaleagle

    The coming together in sharing of information, current events, historical ideals and beliefs, and common interests sets the foundation to bring unity, agreement, strength, energy, and resolve to change the current paradigms in which can see that the direction we are headed is not in the best interest of the people. This is why sites like USA WATCHDOG and Greg Hunter are so vital to move us forward.

    • regaleagle

      May God Almighty in his infinite Sovereignty grant and protect His true believers and Church on this earthly dwelling more time and unity of purpose to bring more unbelievers to Salvation. AND may He also grant His Church and true believers the power, strength of purpose, and humility to usurp those in power in the USA to effect a spiritual awakening in this nation where righteousness reigns over injustice. Amen.

  124. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    100% right on the money. Under the Executive, Legislative and Judicial functions are a small group of color of law actors in key positions that each operate the functions of each of the three defined branches. It is really one branch where the executive makes their own laws, makes up their own court orders out of thin air and then enforces their agenda on the American people who are in fact the “enemy”. The color of law defacto actors that use and hide behind titles like Judge, Magistrate, District Judge, Commissioner are each at war with the United States Constitution, at war with the Bill of Rights, and hate the very idea of America and it’s historical organic laws. The so called judicial branch is the face of corruption, bribes and defined crimes in fact. The State Courts learned the corruption from the Federal Courts and use their tactics to coordinate the agenda. Today there is zero difference between a so called federal court and a so called state court. The cases are rigged 100% everyday. And what they can’t rig in those so called courts they use administrators to get around the laws and constitutional protections by using administrative procedures. The problem for decades is the American people have no courts of law. All that exists is statutorily created low inferior courts run by crooks, idiots, imbeciles and low attorneys that each hate America and hate Americans. The other problem I see is that a federal judge and state judge with their administrative judge should have to post the menu publicly. All parties in court should have equal access to the bribery menu the judges charge for each case outcome. That would give published notice as to how much in money, property or favors the proposed winner of a case has to pay or outbid the other party in the bribes paid to the judge and really all politicians should have to post their bribery menus to give notice before you choose to do business there. Full disclosure and truth in lending should apply to judicial bribes.

  125. Daryl

    Greg did you see this story. A researcher did a search on the CDC’s website for deaths due to the flu vaccine. In 2019 117 deaths, 2020 95 deaths, 2021 as of 10/4/21 90,694! Is the flu vaccine being replaced with the covid jab?

    Here is the link where the researcher goes through he search process.

  126. Mark

    No link to the video, search of the web yields ZERO links

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