Trump Stops Syrian War, Mueller Witch Hunt Continues, Bankers Keep Cheating

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 293 7.21.17) 

Did President Donald Trump just signal an end to the Syrian civil war? President Trump just announced he was ending a covert CIA program to arm the so-called rebels.  It was ISIS and al Qaeda we were supporting because the Free Syrian Army has long been dismantled.  Is this the deal that Trump was cutting in his more than two hour meeting at the G-20?  The Syrian war has taken the lives of nearly 500,000 people and displaced millions more.

Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is expanding his probe. Now, he’s going beyond the so-called Russian collusion story and probing Trump’s business transactions.  Mueller and his staff of mostly Democrat lawyers (who are also donors to top Democrats) are going to be looking at transactions as old as 10 years.  Trumps says this is unfair, and Mueller is crossing the line if he delves into the family business.

You can chalk up another fine for another big bank for market rigging. This time it’s BNP Bank, and it was fined $246 million after traders for the bank were caught in chat rooms rigging the currency markets.  Nobody goes to jail for felony law breaking, and the best part for them is shareholders are the ones that actually pay the fines, not the criminal bankers.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

After the Wrap-Up: 

The guest for the “Early Sunday Release” is filmmaker, author and 25 year radio host, Steve Quayle of

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  1. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter: Thanks for another great wrap-up. We out here in internet-land really do need you in order to stay sane in this swamp of lies and deception. I imagine that you “know” far more than you can prove and report and, I suspect, that must cause you some pain. Be assured that your listeners value your high standards and view your site as the bedrock of truth.

  2. dlc

    John McCain should by all rights step down from the Senate. Glioblastoma is nothing to shrug off and I expect him to go as fast as Ted Kennedy. If you remember, Ted had a chunk of his brain removed and did not last long after that surgery. McCain has already exhibited odd behavior and aggression beyond what he is normally known for.

    Tug McGraw (Phillies relief pitcher and Tim McGraw’s father) had a brain tumor and ended up convulsing in the back seat of Tim’s car. Imagine McCain convulsing on the Senate floor.

    I had a beloved uncle in Bridgeport who died of a brain tumor. He had the most upbeat personality, lots of fun to be around. The tumor made him a terrified, paranoid soul. He went down fast. I haven’t known of anyone who lasted long with a brain tumor.

    I transcribed a good share of Oncology and Neurosurgery over the decades. A brain tumor is a terrible thing. It’s a mercy that you don’t linger.

    These politicians have no business running for office in their 70s and 80s. Who gets to have a job and steal from everyone around them for that long? You have people making law with consequences they will never live to see or pay for. Their families are set for life into the 3rd generation or so, however.

    • Paul Murray

      DLC, thank you for your candor. The solution is to stop the election process. In its place, put the social security numbers of all NET taxpayers and property owners in a hopper and draw the required 435 every two years. (Senators go back to being appointed, as was originally the practice.) It would be a process similar to the jury pools. Everyone would be required to go and serve. live in federal housing, no excuses for missing a session or a vote, and no professional lobbying allowed. In two years, a new crop comes in, and the old one goes home, and back to earning a living. Best always. PM

  3. Paul ...

    Like a rat falling from the ceiling of a Chipotle restaurant and up Trumps backside special prosecutor Mueller is expanding his probe to Trump’s business transactions because the Russian collusion story is a dead end … but like a rat nibbling at cheese on a mouse trap … out of the blue Mueller’s head could suddenly get wacked !!

    • Paul ...

      Trump (the chief chef in the kitchen) has “many rats” other then Mueller to take care of … leading the “rat pack” is Washington Post and Amazon owner Jeff Bezos who is deliberately using his power over the press and Hollywood to lead a charge of fake Russian news and promote a negative smear campaign against Trump … but these “Demon-rats” will find themselves on Trumps chopping block … Trump will take the big rat apart as heading a monopoly under the anti-trust laws … those motivated to attack Trump do so to create hate and conflict … the foundation upon which wars are built … these neocons profess love of humanity but only bring death (500,000 men, women and children in Syria alone) … Trump has begun to stamp out this mindless vengeance by closing down the CIA’s covert operations in Syria … next he should work with Russia to close down the drug trade out of Afghanistan … these Demon-rats who promote evil like war, drugs, pedophilia, selling children’s organs, etc. will all be called to account … and those who blindly listen to and follow these purveyors of hate should wake up from their trance and begin to recreate “true capitalism” in America once again … instead of the crony crap-italism we are currently burdened with … lets stop all the manipulation by the evil banksters, drug pushers, warmongering neocons, child molesters and outright killers of humanity!

      • Paul ...

        To all the Mafia organizations in the world … I know the Ten(10) Commandments of God the Father is just too much for your evil souls to abide by … but how having the balls to stand up for just one(1) principle … No Women No Children!!!

  4. dlc

    If they nail Trump to the wall after letting the Clintons and the Obamas totally off the hook for all of their doings, there truly is no rule of law.

    I do not think the people will stand for Trump’s removal. The press has outed itself as well as many of the politicians. It’s rather obvious, the public be damned. He has performed a service in that respect.

    Only thing left to see is what will the voter do about it in 2018 when all of the House is up for re-election.

    • Paul Murray

      DLC, your idea is good, but it has no chance. You are correct; there is no rule of law, only cronyism. The Clintons and Obamas are favored and protected. Their protectors LOVE this idea of leaving it to “elections”. As you can see, that road leads to nowhere and the continuing of the status quo. It is a mirage. All we have to do is just win another election, right? No, what we have to do is unstack the deck. And that’s where it ends. We aren’t up to that task, and the other side knows it. Best always. PM

  5. Frederick

    John McCain is sadly to say suffering the negative effects of karma for all his nefarious warmongering

  6. Charles Turner

    I don’t understand why everyone who is anyone is quiet about the Democratic servers: It is the equivalent of having removed a body from a murder scene and saying it does not need to be inspected. The scene of the crime is the start point of any investigation and leads are followed up after this. I don’t understand why there isn’t an outcry and people marching on the streets. I don’t understand why the likes of McCain and Graham would prefer to throw their own party under a bus to go along with this. I don’t understand how Rod Rosenstein didn’t make this the central plank of any Russian investigation. I don’t understand how special Council Mueller hasn’t even mentioned it. This is America not a third world dictatorship. How could something which is staring everyone straight in the eyes be whitewashed from an investigation? I am really, really struggling on this one as it is the complete antithesis of what I have always believed democracy is. This does not reflect well on America around the world

    • Faith

      What about the IT guys that were employed to maintain those servers? Three Pakistanis and their wives. Where are they? Why weren’t they arrested? The last I read about them was they had gone back to Pakistan. And they had access to a lot of congressional computers and had possibly siphoned off data.

    • Paul Murray

      CT, they moved Vince Foster’s body, and nobody said anything. As for no outcry, see my response to DLC. We the people just don’t have “it” anymore. Best always. PM

  7. Corleone

    It does not matter anymore whether USA would continue to support ISIS or not. Syrian army (along with Lebanese, Iranian, Russian, Chechen, and Chinese commandos) has occupied all important areas since two weeks ago, while ISIS (along with other transgenderist forces) have been living as sayonaraed rodents in empty nagasakied desert areas. Syrian mass media rarely report about small battles still occuring in some areas. They prefer to make reports about trade expo, gold jewelry exhibition, opening of new restaurants and night clubs, and reconstruction projects that will start in January 2018.

  8. Frederick

    Greg I know a Romanian couple who live in. Two million dollar house in Bridgehampton NY the husband is a contractor who earns a lot and the wife and kids use Medicaid She told me I could too but never did nor wanted to The honest people are getting hosed Greg

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Frederick for the Intel!!!

    • Calgirl

      Report suspected fraud to: › Medicare-Medicaid Coordination

    • This sceptred Isle

      When there is no rule of law the psychopaths and charlatans will rule

  9. Jerry

    The world banking system is well beyond rigging. Its in full blown cyber war and manipulation.
    Many people (including myself) have wondered what is holding up global currency reset, and why the BRIC alliance through China has not triggered their alternate exchange system? It now seems apparent, that even though the Chinese have built an alternate exchange system through CIPS and AIIB to break away from the rigged markets of the west, that when it comes to the United States they are still at mercy of the deep state who control their interest inside the western banks with cyber attacks and hacking. Where this will end up is anyone’s guess, but I would wager that if currency seizes up inside the system (as looks from the latest money velocity chart) the Chinese may take more drastic measures.

    • Jerry

      There were several reports this week of banks being down because of power outages.
      Maybe? But I can’t help but wonder if this isn’t a tune up for something much, much, bigger. Its Friday. If they plan on doing any kind of bail -ins, it will most likely happen over a weekend followed by a bank holiday on Monday. Just saying. As for me, I keep my money in the bank of Jerry.

    • Paul Murray

      Jerry, Go ahead: kill the USA. Then what do you do with all the teeming hordes in China who work for nothing, thinking they’re working for something, and there is NO MARKET for their products? Yes, I’m sure they’re frustrated with us and with good reason, but as it is, their plans can go forward incrementally. Kill the USA, which sounds SOOOO good, and their whole scheme is blown, even if they own every ounce of gold on the planet. Keep drawing those lines in the sand, buddy. Best always. PM

  10. Peter

    And Greg, who are the murderers in this total picture….yes correct: the USA BANANA REPUBLIC.
    And the MUELLER-story – is FAKE and total nonsense.



  11. Chip

    For a good laugh…

  12. Brerrabbit

    If the Trump family business has been involved in russian money laundering, then that’s exactly where Muller has to go because that’s part of the quid pro quo. Do you believe in the rule of law?

    And Don, Jr himself released evidence of collusion so it’s not so-called any longer. He should have just waited a few hours until the New York Times released it and then they could have called it fake news. These are not very bright people.

    • Greg Hunter

      What is the source of your claim? You do realize that Trump and his business has been audited by the IRS for the past 15 years?? I must be over the target because I have a brand new troll spewing unverified false claims. Now run along and go collect your $5 bucks.

      • Scott Miller


        How do you hide money laundering? If it happened, they would already know about it.

        At this moment, this investigation has turned up nothing.
        In fact, this investigation is disrupting the governmental operations, which is exactly what the Russians are accused of doing.

        Btw, why would he Russians stop if they did what they are accused of. They need to stop talking in past tense.


      • Paul Murray

        $5? That’s all these trolls are worth? Really? What a lousy set-up. Best always. PM

      • Brerrabbit

        $5, LOL. The only trolls who are getting paid are Putin’s Russian trolls.

        • Greg Hunter

          One false statement and fantasy after another = Troll.

        • Frederick

          Rabbit I was going to junk your comment and than I realized it was sarcasm

  13. ivan kruger

    Obama and his administration planned the destruction of Trump’s presidency by framing him with the Russian collusion excrement . It’s premeditated treason , but we don’t need another dog and pony senate hearing show that ends without a grand jury being convened. I say round the whole crew up Obama , Hillary Clinton , Loretta Lynch, James Comey and anyone else that’s involved and hold military tribunal s for them .

  14. Hatemail

    Without the fraud, rigging and money printing we would be in a depression.
    The game can no longer be played honestly and fairly or it will all fall apart.
    We are long past over the rainbow, there is no going home.
    As far as news organizations go they have all adopted the National Enquirer model of reporting. Lies, innuendo, and scandal mongering. I refuse to listen or read any of it anymore. The populace is totally brainwashed by it all. They are all getting screwed over and told they should enjoy it. And they do because it’s not PC to disagree with the man behind the curtain.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Let’s hope there is a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow!

  15. Southern Girl

    Always look forward to FRIDAY’S …love,love,love your take on what is really going on. We the people seem to be winning and the controllers are losing and whining about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      “We the people seem to be winning and the controllers are losing and whining about it.” You are correct and this is why the deep State and the left and the MSM propaganda media are sooooooo Angry. They weren’t angry when Obama was in office we’re they??

    • Joe


  16. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, the witch hunt continues for our President, such a shame. Mueller is just another Comey in that he was appointed by, and is just listening to the Democrats and doing their bidding; shameful conspiracy to stop the Trump agenda and to dishonor the election.

    On another note, O.J. out of prison on parole, bet that despicable excuse for a human being will be back to his old dishonorable habits in no time.

    • Greg Hunter

      O.J. should repent and get right with God. If not nothing good will happen for him.

      • Frederick

        How does one get right with God after brutally slaughtering two innocent people? That’s quite an accomplishment

        • Charles H

          Under the terms of Grace – the penalty of the crimes can be expunged, or sin forgiven. The consequences of the acts are not relieved.
          Nothing is impossible with God. The reality is that most people will never take that route: but it is there.

    • Paul ...

      We all know “which witch” they should be hunting for … as their “there there” is nothing like Clinton’s “is is”!!

  17. Mike from the North


    For over 100 years the AVERAGE JOE has been sold a bill of goods by the elite. In reality we have lived a life of lies and the Elites have molded us so they could have the gravy while we fed on the crumbs.

    If I did not believe in a God I would be very angry right now.

    JUSTICE will be served upon those that have deceived us…

    Prepare for what they are about to drop on us.

  18. Flattop

    GREG: Maybe we need a special prosecutor to investigate the special prosecutor.

  19. JQP

    Hey Greg,
    There is a very easy fix for healthcare and jobs and this idea will get the whole economy cooking like crazy…
    1. Eliminate Medicaid and Medicare. New law ALL insurance premiums, deductibles, co-pays and any other healthcare related expenses will hence forth be paid 100% by the U.S. Federal government. In addition, very large federal awards will be given to insurance companies providing the highest efficiency (premium vs. benefits paid should try to target 1:1 relationship (of course common sense rules will be in place to mitigate creeps trying to take advantage)).
    2. Hence forth all Federal income taxes will be eliminated. Additionally, any state and locality that eliminates taxes and fees will be reimbursed by the U.S. Federal government.

    You may be asking how do we fund this?
    1. All gifts in excess of $500 (annually) will be taxed 95%
    2. Political donations in excess of $500 (annually) will be taxed 95%
    3. When you pass away all your assets can pass to your spouse (1 time pass through) tax free. After that all assets will be the property of the U.S. Federal government. By law the government will have 180 days to sell or liquidate all acquired assets at market rates (with common sense rules to mitigate any funny business).
    4. If there is any gap in funding it will be met with the printing of new money. For any year that there is an excess… it will be used to pay down debt, if there is no debt it will be used to shore up or increase social security benefits.

    It’s time to stop the legacy money.

  20. Russ

    Thanks Greg, good wrap-up. IMO the big story now is that the Trump team is going after special prosecutor Mueller’s team. Special prosecutors are supposedly untouchable UNLESS they are shown to be biased and conflicted; at this point the “investigation” appears to nothing more than a witch hunt.

    We don’t know what we don’t know, but I really don’t care who Trump Inc. sold condo’s to in the 90’s. I really don’t care about a Trump real estate project in Soho. OTOH, where’s the investigation into Hillary’s known connections to Russia vis-a-vis Uranium One and Russian campaign contributions for Bill’s speeches. The Hillary campaign contributors on Mueller’s team don’t want to go there, but that’s where the collusion and treason will be found.

    But that’s just my opinion, aka News Analysis 😉 For someone else’s opinion, the two articles below are a good read.

    Trump Preparing Counteroffensive; Begins Investigating Mueller’s Team For Conflicts

    The second article begins with, “If God is truly great, Trump will fire Mueller, seize his documents, and have him arrested for colluding with the media and plotting a coup against the President.” Sure would be nice if Sessions were available to provide some adult supervision of this witch hunt.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mueller has a bad case and a biased team. Terrible combination if you want to attack someone. They will fail. They are not up against only President Trump, but God the Father and his Son. They will fail!!!

      • Arthur Barnes

        Greg, wow, I love your faith, so right, so right….so right!

  21. ccwaters

    What a powerful presentation. Thank you for the ever-earnest survey of current events. You are the berries, Greg.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you CC!!

  22. Robert E. Salt

    Health insurance was started by citizens to get the fortunate to help the unfortunate with medical expenses. The government has no business in health insurance. They have turned it into a massive tax collection system driving up out of pocket costs. If the government was serious about health care they would give every American the same plan congressmen have. There’s more than enough money to do this by cutting the defense budget. We shouldn’t be wasting money on nuclear warheads that will never be used, aircraft carriers that became obsolete last century, and military bases around the world that shouldn’t exist.

  23. Diane

    Greg Hunter unleashed!
    Give Hell, Greg!

    Love it!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      A fellow Missourian President Truman once said, “I never did give anybody hell. I just told the truth and they thought it was hell.”

  24. Daniel Smith

    Trump needs to declare martial law and have the military arrest all of these swamp traitors!

  25. evan trofholz

    Exactly! The Obamacare logic would mean that a person with 5 DWI’s should pay the same car insurance premiums as I do.

  26. Sylvia Sterling

    People spend too much money on insurance premiums. They pay without question.
    The government and health care industry have everyone so frightened about
    their health, that millions are spent for ‘protection’ from sickness and disease. But
    when you analyze it : The people are betting that they will get sick; the insurance companies are betting that the people won’t get sick and they can keep the money.
    It is all just another scam.
    Doctors and hospitals overcharge for their services and insurance companies pay for it.
    No body ever seems to question the size of their fees .
    If the people believed that our God created us and created all the herbs and food for our well being,, they would then spend their money on. healthy foods for protection and prevention of disease instead of supporting a swindling health ? care industry.
    Didn’t Hypocrites say : “Let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food”
    We should follow his advice and also depend on our God to protect us from harm and we should be buying healthy, natural food for our body’s protection.

  27. evan trofholz

    “Susan Page, I don’t know what you’re smiling about….”

    Classic!! Made my morning!!

    • Greg Hunter

      Not the News and Not reporting the news. P R O P A G A N D A!! Shame on Susan Page. At least make you bosses call it what it is– an Op-Ed NOT News Analysis.

  28. OutLookingIn


    Shouting down a differing point of view.

    ‘The louder the words – The weaker the argument.’

  29. F Vevaina


    You do a wonderful job in accurately summarizing what is actually happening.

    I personally think that many of Trump’s men, like Jeff Sessions, are letting him down because the Deep State has dirt on all of them and are probably blackmailing them.

    I sincerely hope that Trump is able to withstand the dirty politics and gain supremacy in the battle against these criminals.

    • Frederick

      OK but if that’s the case why doesn’t Trump nominate clean people who aren’t blackmailable to his top positions DONE

  30. coalburner

    Excellent job. As for Trump’s shiney object, I do not think he does anything by accident. He is thinking about this and wondering how he got into that aggravation. Sessions has a lot of recovery to do. Fire Rosenberg, start prosecuting these criminals and getting rid of Mueller’s side show.

    • Greg Hunter

      Trump might be playing them all and Sessions may be in on it too.

  31. Craig

    McCain with a cancerous brain tumor! You don’t have to apologize for this war-mongering psychopath. One down, MANY to go!

    • Paul ...

      God the Father works in mysterious ways … see … he didn’t have to blow up Yellowstone to get McCain … however Satan may … so we are all not out of the woods yet on that front!

      • Paul ...

        Talking about mysterious ways … notice how God the Father didn’t need a pole shift, sliding continents and tsunamis to put Satan’s evil minions Bill and Hillary out of commission (with AIDS and Parkinson’s) or put the Bush’s in wheelchairs!

        • Paul ...

          With Jesus and God the Father on the beat (playing good cop and bad cop) the evil crooks of this world have absolutely no chance (even in Hell)!!

          • Paul ...

            So far I’ve pieced this together … but the NSA spy agency is probably in possession of God the Fathers complete “To Do” list:
            Rockefeller (check)
            Brzezinski (check)
            McCain (check)
            Bill (check)
            Hillary (check)

  32. jodyp

    Hannity has a poll out on whether he should do a NY Times interview or not.I say no.President Trump has declared war on the MSN,but does the NYT interview anyway.Why? Turning a few opinions vs. the damage the hack media sends out doesn’t make sense to me.And it sells newspapers for them.Hurts my brain.

  33. Zak

    Greg – you are bang on the money – It’s all a smokescreen to delay, and absorb energy and draw attention away from the fact that Hillary needs to go to prison – along with her pedo and serial rapist husband Bill Clinton.
    It’s time for guilty people to pay for there sins – that includes all politicians, bankers, and pedos – enough already

    • Zak

      btw – “share holders pay the fines” – so why don’t we do it China way – Hang the buggers!

      It will stop quite quickly!
      Steal a candy bar / coke can – go to prison – Steal a nations pensions – no problem.

    • Frederick

      Zap Trump better not wait too long or the Clintoons will escape prison by dying of old age It seems that possibility isn’t that far off

  34. andyb

    Greg: I am sure that all of us by now are aware that AlQ, ISIS, et al have been manufactured boogeymen to solidify the control of the population under the Patriot Act and to continue to line the pockets of our corruptocrats through donations from the MIC. It also has been beneficial for all the Soros NGOs that have the agenda to destroy European individual state sovereignty through the invasion of displaced refugees. So the new boogeyman is Russia and to a lesser extent Iran.

    There is no concrete evidence linking Trump and collusion with Russia but there is loads regarding Clinton. The Dems have screwed up royally because the proverbial “man in the street” is now recognizing the hypocrisy. Why Trump and not Clinton? She and her criminal, treasonous associates; Rice, Powers, Harf , Abedin and the gaggle of FemNazi geese in the State Department should all hang.

    As to your comment re the insurance industry and our bought and paid for politicians, I would like to see a Congressional rule that no politician can vote on any bill when a party to that bill has provided funds to him/her. We could see total votes of 15 for, 6 against. /sarc

    The long hours disruption of Bank of America operations was a Beta test to gauge the public reaction. No different that the martial Law actions in Waltham, Mass after the supposed Boston Marathon bombing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Andy b,
      You might get a Congress where nobody could vote!!!

  35. Linda L.

    I Feel like I’m living in a crazy, alternate universe. The conspiracy theorists who follow CERN would probably say that we are. Everything that is good/decent is now viewed with such contempt, and malicious behavior encouraged/supported to levels that are surreal. I sincerely thank you for all your time.

    • Greg Hunter

      Linda L.
      Predicted in the Bible. Good will be called bad and bad will be called good. “Fear Not” The weasels are losing but too dumb to realize it. Don’t fall for the MSM propaganda hype. Thank YOU for your comment and support!!!

  36. JC Davis

    John May queen is the enemy of a free America. If he was dead I for one would be happy for America… What dumb a$$ voted for him.

    • JC Davis

      Spare me the ignorance of his past. Today he seeks WW3 at our cost. Na Ole John needs to go. I don’t care where he goes.. Just go away.

      • Paul Murray

        JC, like the monkey that got his tail caught in the lawnmower, it won’t be long now. Best always. PM

      • Frederick

        JC Davis Agree 200 percent with that

  37. Dr Darryl Jewett

    Thanks for another great weekly wrap-up. Without getting into the weeds about the ACA and how bad an idea just in concept it is let alone in execution, the reason it exists at all is that the “solution” for the problem of our nation’s barbaric system of health care promoted by Republicans is even more catastrophic. The dog-eat-dog solution to health care is just as bad as the slavery solution. They’re both unacceptable. There are real solutions but no one wants to consider or implement them because they’re not politically expedient and the majority of this country is parasites who don’t see anything in those solutions for them to turn a dishonest profit. It’s bad enough that health care doesn’t subscribe to the fundamentals of supply and demand economics but administering it as if it does and then inviting a bunch of parasites to exploit it only makes worse a bad situation that never lent itself to a business model in the first place. I’m 50 yrs old and I’ve been all over the world. The US has a health care system more barbaric than many developing and third-world countries. I’m educated and gainfully employed and health insurance alone (when I’ve even been able to afford it, which is only about one-half of my adult life) consumes approximately one-half of my income. The ACA of Democrats didn’t help. It just redirected my income reserved for health care from one demographic of parasites represented by Republicans to another represented by Democrats. The amount taken away hasn’t changed. Just the beneficiaries. And neither beneficiary deserves or needs any help.

  38. Tad

    For now, let’s avoid the claim’s veracity.

    An article published yesterday on Zero Hedge revealed locations of ten US bases in northern Syria. This is apparently a no-no, so much so that a link to its originator in Turkey was blocked from US readers’ access. In fact, the article mentioned how US media should avoid publishing the information.

    An article on Sputnik today indicated that US Special Forces have reiterated the claim that the US” CIA is no longer funding the Syrian “rebels” or terrorists.

    Sykes-Picot II, new Syrian Kurdish enclave or nation, Qatar pipeline across northern
    Syria run through as possibilities. US military withdrawal from Syria not in cards.

    Kadrov’s contention has some basis. Perhaps one-hundred percent.

  39. David H

    Michael Savage says the Trump administration is imploding. I hope he’s wrong. I like your more upbeat perspective. David Stockman would be a good return guest as he has some strong opinions on where things stand at present.
    David H

    • Greg Hunter

      David H,

      I agree he’s wrong. Don’t believe the MSM propaganda hype. Considering Trump has been under constant attack with leaks and the MSM, he’s doing surprisingly well. It’s the MSM that is doing badly. Look at Gannett stock in the last 18 months. it is the deep state that is collapsing. look at how panicked they are– they know they are losing.


  40. Michael Williams

    Thanks Greg, it saddens me how bad the US economy is getting and how false the report from MSM. I am an aussie currently working in the US and people keep apologising for Donald. They are so far off the mark.

    I think the might of the power-base in Washington will wear him down….but I respect his fighting spirit.

    I think the neo cons and teh israel lobby with take us into something ugly.

    Kind Regards

    Perth, Western Australia

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Michael. You must be on one of the coasts. I can assure you many in this country are cheering everyday. Thank you for the street reporting from inside the US of A.

      • titian

        Greg, Trump continues to hire billionaire coastal elites/hedge funders/Goldman folks as his closest aides. Most recently, the “Mooch.”

        You used to rail against those wealthy elites [including Trump] and now you are their biggest fan. What a turnaround. And what a shame you abandoned your principles to support a person with no principles at all.

        • Greg Hunter

          I didn’t abandon anything. I dogged Buffett because he is incompetent and got a taxpayer bailout. If you are rich and made you money fair and square, then good on you. Trump never received a taxpayer bailout. He filed for bankruptcy but that is far from a bailout. In fact, just the opposite.

        • Frederick

          Titian I like Greg and believe he has good intentions however he suffers from ” Religious blinding” when it comes to certain people and subjects It’s a shame because he’s a smart otherwise well intentioned reporter

          • Charles H


            Actually and factually – it works the other way. You consider Hunter’s religious stance as “blinding”. It actually is THE original conveyed knowledge system, which proportions the BEST perspective and criteria for judgment. With the very tools that you reject: Greg Hunter is advanced beyond your scope of consideration. He can resource BOTH spiritual and worldly input to his consideration: you limit yourself to only one. And you ‘put down’ Mr. Hunter for something which you do not apprehend?

      • Paul Murray

        “one of the coasts” Yes, and we will get nowhere until we recognize that we are now two countries in one area. The longer it takes for us to come to terms with that reality, the worse things will get. Best always. PM

    • Frederick

      Michael Your fears are well founded historically

  41. Joe

    Mr. Greg,

    You are right on Syria and if Trump is signaling the end he is right.

    How on earth can a country with $20 trillion in debt and hundreds of trillions of unfunded liabilities and adding to these unimaginable totals at a mind boggling rate possibly afford all this warmongering?


    • Frederick

      Joe Simple The debt is for the taxpayers and the warmongering is for the “club” members that George Carlin railed about Never the two shall meet don’t you know

  42. John M.

    Greg, you’re not the only one mentioning the gravity of Pres. Trump shutting down covert CIA operations to fund and arm Syrian rebels.
    Joel Skousen also has this in today’s lead in his world affair’s brief: “Night of the Long Knives Coming for Donald Trump?”
    According to Skousen, “globalists (PTB) who control both major political parties are intent on purging Donald Trump from power”… “in a move that may seal his fate” … “like JFK, Trump may have crossed the red line in Syria that may endanger his legacy or life.”
    I do not regularly subscribe to Skousen’s newsletter, but he seems highly credible and knowledgeable about a great many things. We should pray even more zealously for the protection of our President.
    As I have said before, the Powers That Be play for keeps, and will do anything to destroy America. While many Americans have been struggling to pay bills and raise families, they might have not noticed that the Deep State has been methodically tearing America apart, little by little, for decades. The PTB may now get desperate and have to shift into high gear.
    It may be twisted, but I’m interested to see if the voice-boxes of the Deep State, like Rachel Mad-cow and CNN, can get even more rabid and deranged than they already are.

    • Greg Hunter

      John M,
      Don’t give these globalists weasels too much credit. They are up against God the Father and his Son. Christ was given all power in heaven and earth after the Resurrection. “Fear Not”

  43. Tony Z

    Greg I wasted my time and listened to your weekly review one more time. You are delusional and need help. What the hell are you drinking down there in Missouri?

    1) Oh, It’s a Witch hunt! You people didn’t mind it when Ken Star was after Bill Clinton for eight years and wasted millions of taxpayer dollars, for what? To impeach him for lying in a congressional hearing about cheating on his wife?

    2) There is no there there? What the hell are you talking about? There is plenty of there-there. Millions loaned to Trump by the Russians, when no U.S. Banks would loan him money because of all his bankruptcies. Eric admitted this to the press.
    All the lying about not meeting with the Russians, brining them into the Oval Office and rejecting the U.S. press! You people are just sick.

    The Nepotism is ridiculous. Ivanka getting all those Chinese patents approved, sitting in on State meetings. I could just see all your raged response if Chelsea was doing the same stuff as Ivanka has been doing!

    You need to get right with Jesus brother, there is more to life than catering to the wealthy. You wonder why the country is broke with all the selfishness and greed in Corporate USA? Then, they take all the money and wonder why the economy sucks and the country is broke. Go out and get a real job, you make a complete idiot of yourself doing your updates.
    Your boy is going down and deservedly so!

    • Greg Hunter

      Tony Z,
      Wow my own private paid troll complete with fact less arguments and false and bogus claims. I had to cut out all of your cuss words and if you comment like that again I’ll just spam everything you post because this is more work for me. OH and I am “right with Jesus.” I’ll blood spurted out of your finger tips when you had to type the word JESUS!!!! Now go play in the street.

      • Judy Kay

        Greg, what a lethal response. Your hypocrisy about being a Christian shows thru clearly. That was not a loving, Jesus-modeled response, at all. Sorry you are losing fans with every new twist of the Trump fiasco. Perhaps next time you all will more closely consider a man’s moral character before voting him in as President.

        • Greg Hunter

          I tell the truth, and yes, that can be the most lethal of all weapons against an empire of lies. Christ told the truth too and I am in His corner and always will be. You are no judge of me.

  44. bob lamb

    Why isn’t the Clinton Foundation be investigated? That is fertile ground to find corruption!

  45. Just The Facts

    I thank God that you do this wrap-up every week Greg. Here in Canada I follow the news on our MSM on a daily basis and end up with a completely distorted view of reality which you set straight for me with this report, Thank You! I question myself as to why I bother with our MSM and the answer seems to be that I have to know what the lies are to be able to relate to what many of my fellow citizens are talking about when they discuss these lies. I realize that every time I tune in one of the fake news stations, I boost their viewer ratings which and I am sure that other people are doing the same thing here and in America. This must give these presstitutes a completely false sense of their popularity. I would like to take this opportunity to do a shout out to these Canadian fake news networks and their lying presstitute whores. It is lead by the taxpayer funded CBC with Peter Mansbridge and Wendy Mesley followed by CTV and the once honest Lisa Laflamme who has sold her soul to the dark side and followed by Global TV and the BS laden Donna Friesen. A more evil cast of characters never existed in the media of the old days.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you “Facts.”

    • Greg Hunter

      I LOVE it and what I love most is it really pisses off the liberal communist left and it bypasses the fake propaganda media you all love. KEEP doing it President Trump, the libs are OFFENDED–GOOD!!!!! ( I am not talking about you Jody.) Thank you for your comments here on USAW!!!

  46. stonewall

    It’s not too difficult to visualize leaders in most other countries laughing
    their guts out as they sit back and watch the three ring circus American
    politics has become. I’m sure the current situation is an eye opener to
    many so it seems obvious the reputation of the DNC as world leaders
    is now so tarnished it’s beyond redemption. This is the result of their
    lust for power. They have proven to the entire world they are corrupt
    to the core and will do everything and anything and that nothing’s beyond
    the pale in their greed to retain control. Apparently the democrats are
    too stupid to understand they are a spent force and are now nothing more
    than a laughing stock as they flail around looking for leverage to take their
    President down. In the final analysis all they will have accomplished will
    be to have destroyed their credibility so I say Bravo . It looks good on them.

  47. Kim

    Good wrap up! Keep up the great work!!

    The world’s insanity continues. In the big picture, battle of good vs evil rages on.

    God will fight our battles. His love is unconditional and is always present!

  48. Judy Kay

    Mueller “witch hunt”? Robert Mueller is a life-long Republican, with a stellar career behind him. He is widely respected, unlike Mr. Trump. Have you not been watching the Rachel Maddow Show, Greg? Try researching the facts before you make your opinion known…

  49. Darin


    I didn’t see this get any press. Of interest.

    • Greg Hunter

      Criminals untouchable. We are near the end. This signals they want to keep manipulating and this can continue unabated. Look out if the elite are that desperate!!!

  50. Judy Kay

    If the Russia collusion story is nonsense, you’d have to believe 6 impossible things. You’d have to believe:

    1) That all the emerging contacts, phone calls and meetings between Team Trump and Russian proxies, in the midst of Russia’s cyber and disinformation campaign aimed at influencing U.S. elections, were innocent and coincidental.

    2) That when Donald Trump Jr., son-in-law Jared Kushner and then-campaign manager Paul Manafort met in June 2016 with Russians dangling dirt on Hillary Clinton — “part of Russia and its government’s support of Mr. Trump,” the invitation email read — it was just naive openness to opposition research that came to naught, not attempted collusion that contradicted previous denials of contacts between campaign officials and Russian operatives.


    Give the Russia nonsense a rest
    3) That Donald Trump knew nothing about this meeting and it was pure happenstance that, three hours after his son agreed to the meeting, the presidential candidate gave a speech boasting he would soon release information about Clinton’s “corrupt dealings.”

    4) That the initial failure of Kushner to mention several contacts with Russians on his security clearance forms, and Attorney General Jeff Sessions’ failure to tell Congress about meetings with Russia’s ambassador to the United States, represented mere oversight or forgetfulness.

    5) That the president knows better than the entire intelligence community, which concluded that Russia hacked American democracy and views Vladimir Putin as a formidable adversary, not a strong leader worthy of admiration.

    6) That there’s nothing suspicious about recent discussion of presidential pardons and efforts to tarnish the investigation of special counsel Robert Mueller, the widely respected former head of the FBI.

    In the real world, as opposed to wonderland, a president with nothing to hide would welcome an investigation that would find him faultless.

    He would praise Sessions for taking the ethical step of recusing himself from the Russia investigation. He would demand transparency from aides regarding their contacts with Russians. (Kushner’s detailed 11-page statement Monday was a start in that direction.) And he would want them to testify voluntarily, under oath and in public.

    As this tale continues to unfold, the public should ask itself this: If stories about Russian interference are really “fake news,” then why are the president and many of his men acting so guilty? -by the Editorial Board, USA TODAY

    • Neil

      Judy you need to make a leap in awareness. This Russia stuff is orchestrated noise and intended to undermine and obstruct Trump from addressing pressing matters of State.
      Trump is the self styled self made President who got in the way of the self entitled Washington mafia known as politicians and their shadow handlers the Deep State.
      They have tried anything and everything to flick mud and make it stick. Even if nothing comes of the attempt he has to waste his time warding it off, justify his position or defend staff. This is the game being played. The people behind this are not interested in the wellbeing of the USA or your on-going existence.
      Once you are up to speed with how things actually are and not as they are presented to you to repeat you will better understand Greg’s reporting.

      • Judy Kay

        No, Neil dear, you need to see the viper before it bites you on the nose.

      • Judy Kay

        Plus I think we women are just better at wading through B***s**t than you men are. We have more experience at it…

        • Neil

          I am trying not to laugh….you need a fair bit of straightening out. Keep watching and reading alt news sources like USAwatchdog for important and sometimes subtle clues as to what is actually going on. I’ll give you a hint – its not the Russians… It might be Russian women though you just cant trust them…

  51. John A.

    Your political views are not what made usawatchdog a noteworthy source of information. You should have stuck with informing instead of your constant stumping for Trump.
    sadly, you are no longer a watchdog, but rather a lap dog.
    Dont bother to reply to my post as I wont even see it.

  52. Linda

    Great wrap up Greg, as usual. Can everyone help make this video link below GO VIRAL. George Webb (and Crowdsource The Truth) are doing great work, are true patriots. Now that George has a new computer he has access to his files, does a great summary on the spy ring in congress, the Awans, and more…..

  53. cnk guy

    Mueller needs to go and the witch hunt needs to end. Trump has a country to rebuild, let the man do his job!

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