U.S. Not a Super Power and Not Credible Anymore- Karen Hudes

HudesBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes says the global opinion of America is tarnished.  Hudes contends, “Is the United States a credible super power?  The answer to that is ‘we are neither.’  We’re not a super power and we are not credible.”   Hudes goes on to warn, “The biggest game changer is something that people are just ignoring, and they ignore it at their peril, and that is the creation of a fourth credit rating agency. . . . If they do not get our act together, they will have no choice . . . We are losing our credit rating.”  Hudes, who is also a whistleblower, charges, “There is fraud and corruption from top to bottom in the financial system.”  As far as global central banks are concerned (including the Fed), Hudes claims, “The central bankers have a scam going on.  It’s a Ponzi scheme.  The citizens of the world are paying interest on their currencies.  These currencies are not being issued by the governments; they are being issued by private bankers.”  Don’t give up hope because Hudes says, “The U.S. has to come around to the rule of law. . . . and we are on track with a 95% likelihood, and that is why I think the dollar is not going to tank.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with whistleblower and former Senior Counsel for the World Bank, Karen Hudes.   

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  1. Brent


    I like pretty much all of your guests, but this one showed herself to be a charleton earlier this week on Rick Wiles trunews show. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e39RpfgsDRw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBpSlvedUI6VmwBjQLpFb0g

    • Arthur Radley

      Hello Brent and Greg and everybody,

      I certainly don’t know Karen Hudes personally, but I have seen both of her previous interviews with Greg. She seems to be authoritative and genuine to me. Anyway, I listened to that radio interview that you linked. What happened, IMO, is that she became enraged when the host, Rick Wiles, gave his opinion that the only way the people of the U.S. can “take control of this country” is via a bloody revolution (at 31:50 in the interview). She blew her stack at that exact moment. That’s all that happened. Then Wiles booted her off the air. It seemed to me that she didn’t like possibly being misunderstood as advocating violence in any way. She’s a lawyer, and she often speaks about the “rule of law” and such. Now, to be fair to Wiles, I don’t think he meant to propose a revolution. He was, I think, trying to illustrate how vast and intractable all of this corruption seems to him; that it is beyond law and lawyers, so-to-speak. But hey, Wiles is a religious broadcaster, and as such he probably thinks about things like this mostly from a Biblical apocalyptic viewpoint. So these two people never had a chance of getting along, IMO. One is an end-time preacher, and the other is a lawyer working overtime to organize a legal remedy to it all. That’s my opinion, anyway.

      • mohammad

        Though i have doubts about this lady’s agenda i can relate to what she went angry at. This is what happened in Syria and people got killed and country got destroyed and powers that be won when they played the masses into armed revolution. She saw it in Syria and does not want it here in US, i give her a huge point there!

    • Linda

      I listened to Karen on Rick Wiles’ show and she got angry when he suggested that the only way to take our government back was an armed insurrection. She got really mad and lost her temper with that guy, but I don’t see where she was proven to be a “charlatan.” She was against it. Her position doesn’t play into a Christian endtimes scenario, but that doesn’t make her a charlatan in my book.

    • Galaxy 500

      IS ENGLISH your first language? It easy to see what upset Karen.

    • j.c.davis

      Well done Brent. As with all things we take the good , tollerate the bad, and discard the spioled.

    • practicus

      Dear Greg,
      You must interview William Dean A. Garner.

  2. The Circus Monkey

    Greg, I got a good laugh at you saying she is one of your most popular guests. This may well be true, but for me she is the chief clown in the circus. We are coming around to the rule of law? Wow, must be some really potent weed – either that, or she is very, very delusional. She seems to go on and on, spewing out a bunch of gobbledegook and mumbo jumbo.

    Well, I can save myself the price of a circus ticket this year – I just saw the circus here!

    • Angusdude

      Yikes! And what law? Whose law? 188 nations she said thee other day all following a rule of law? Nonsense.

  3. Liquid Motion


    Nicely done….G-man.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Karen. I love the way she operates ( a no nonsense approach) but I hate the way she sporadically throws out tender morsels of information as if she was feeding the starving masses. Luckily she’s on our side…if not those tender morsels could very well be laced with strychnine.

    The US and its artificial monetary system (along with its hoards of corrupt crooks)…according to KH …is going to hell in a basket case. We should all rejoice about that. It will come to a point where patriotism is not synonymous with protection of the once mighty greenback. We’ll all be glad its done, so that we can become freer (and perhaps a little poorer) in the process.
    She’s 100% on the money when she says they (the crooks)need to be held accountable for the destruction that they have caused…..AND it has to start at the very top. That means the members of the BIS will have their heads rolling around the corridors.
    Trouble is …how do you take (and win) action against the criminals that invented and control the system. “Rule of Law” was never meant to be punitive for the controllers only beneficial in nature. Her quest may be admirable but could also be futile. Like I’ve been harking on about for some time…its the FED and its creators that are the problem. Private banking/money systems are never good for the populace. The odds are always stacked in the houses favour. Even the threat of losing the world’s crown will not unsettle the men (banksters)parading as central planners. They will put up a fight that will be as painful for the loser (US) as it is for the winner/successor.
    We still don’t have a time frame for this financial Armageddon , but we know it will be breathtaking, literally….for the implosion will create such a vacuum, the lack of Air will not sustain life.
    My theory about World war III is very much about the maintenance of privately controlled monetary systems/order and less about the threat of Nuclear/Chemical disarmament OR False Flags on home soil.
    Nevertheless, Karen’s got one helluva fight on her hands and its almost a call to arms. She needs all the willing and able bodies to fight the almost unwinnable battle.
    Speaking of which, don’t give up on yours. Your family will come to depend on you one day, when very tough decisions will need to be made. Its in your own interests to keep those close to you, educated.
    More knowledge and power to everyone. Keep bringing her back Greg….what she has provided to date has only just managed to touch the sides. Its not so much the frequency…but moreover the quality.
    I have to admit that every time you have Karen on …its like an episode from the latest espionage thriller by J Le Carre..this is too good to miss….and too good not to be true…while at the same time the whole setup is frightening the bejesus out of me.
    Bring it…!!!

  4. Taboola la

    Greg, Back in the days of me youth, I new an old Russian Gentleman in his late 90’s, who was in on the Russian revolution and during communism, apparently became so disillusioned, he was booted out the party and escaped to America. One thing he would always mention, whenever I saw him was, to just remember, If you steel a loaf of bread and get caught, you’ll go to jail for the rest of your life. But if you steel a million dollars, you’ll be a hero. In today’s dollars, I think, that would have to be a billion, to get away with it and be the hero and being a bankster wouldn’t hurt either!
    P>S> Between Karen’s hopes and jubilation’s, she seemed, almost on the verge of tears. I think Karen was an impressionable and pretty, young lady, when she got involved with the world bank and after so many years and finaly, relizing the emperor’s, “dirty old bankster’s” had no clothes, she blew the whistle and has been, in a sort of shell shock, on how they hung her out to dry, and how there about to do us all in, too! I mean she seems to refuse, to think we cant kill, this monster, before its, to late. Heaven help us, if we cant! Anybody know the words to “Nearer my God to thee”? HOW BOUT, gOOGLE

    The man upstair’s,
    will get the job done!

    Keep praying that your flight may not occur in wintertime, nor on the sabbath day; for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not occured since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.
    Matthew 24:20-22
    Here I is, chose me, chose me and have a Great Day, he’s got our back!

    • Greg

      Taboola la,
      He does have our backs. Amen.

  5. George Silver

    Dear Greg
    Every time you interview Karen Hudes it’s like watching a pro heavy-weight boxing match. At the end you seem exhausted. Your final punch was about Gold but she managed to dodge your punch once again.
    It’s all very enjoyable but whenever you interview her it’s as though we enter some strange surreal alternate universe.

    The question I am always left with is:- “Can I believe her?”

    The problem I find difficult to understand is that she is always talking about the USA and it’s corrupt financial system but this is also true of the rest of the World. Every country uses “funny money” fiat currency and every country uses fractional banking. Not just the USA.

    • Greg

      George Silver,
      Thank you for your comment and support. I don’t have to agree with everything someone says here. I just try to get the best people possible to help us all find our way. Hudes has excellent credentials and there is much to learn from her. I like her and her heart is in the right place. What is happening now has never happened on this scale in human history. I am hoping we can piece the puzzle together to give the best prediction possible as to the outcome and the timing. Hudes helps us get a little closer to the mark and adds some hope that things will turn around. I think things will turn around after a horrible collapse and many will be forever changed. It will be much easier for those who are awake and prepared.

  6. William Betts

    This woman knows what she is talking about! We need to issue our own money from the US Treasury and abolish the FED. It is an unconstitutional organization that got JFK killed because he wanted to do just that issue our own money.. See executive order JFK issued June 1963. This got him killed. This FED bank cartel has destroyed this country. They are thugs and crooks as Ms Hudes states. She should have a body guard. Why don’t you ask Dr Paul Craig Roberts why he want take on the FED with its debt money that is nothing but a ponzi scheme for the last 100 years. We could operate this country without an income tax if we issued our own money instead of the bank cartel issuing it with a price tag to the people. We need to tell the BIS in Basal to stick it up their ass and get out of that shit. If we don’t do this we are ruined as a country and that is no shit…… Betts

  7. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    It’s always interesting to listen to Karen. Her dedication to her beliefs and her rare willingness to fight relentlessly for them are probably also at the root of her optimism. Unfortunately I’m not as optimistic as she is. I truly hope I’m wrong and she’s right.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mal. I think any way you cut it the world is in for some very rough times.

  8. kashif

    What no one seems to be covering is how the US debt clock spiked over 300 billion USD just in one day after the debt ceiling removal. This looks unsustainable.

    • chow

      Because they have to pay off what the treasury secretary, Lew, said about extraordinary measure (I forgot how he called it) which is borrowing from pension funds, etc. from when the last debt ceiling was reach in May till they raised the ceiling last week. You must have observe that the national debt remained the same since May even though the government was spending like drunken sailor (I used to be a sailor and it’s an insult to the drunken sailor to be compared to the insane government).

  9. Dave

    Gee, I guess we can all relax now, Hudes thinks there’s a 95% chance the dollar is not going to tank.

    Why? Because she also apparently believes the US government has a ‘conscious’ and ‘will’ come around to the law!

    Really? Since when?

    • art barnes

      Right on the nose, nail on the head, short but precise view of the “new america”, – (“home of the naive, future land of the enslaved”).

  10. art barnes

    Greg, to believe our government, the elite, & the financial system will commence playing by the rule of law is outrageous. The reason, easy: greed, corruption, & paid for media propaganda. 60 minutes piece last night about charging 18% to borrow from yourself and get it from campaign contributions is an example, it is the rule of law, this practice is allowed and legal. In essence, they play by the rules because they just write the rules to their order. Your guest is just to naive about a possible turnaround, the “high road” means nothing if you don’t have guns.

    • Greg

      Another thing is if these guys lose power, then what’s stopping criminal prosecutions? It will be tough dislodging them because they are bribing Congress, the White House and Justice Department as well.

  11. rjsgso

    I wished I shared her surety that things will turn around. Saner heads have prevailed at other times in history, maybe we can prevail this time too. The banksters will not go quietly, that’s for sure.

    The CAFR issue Karen mentioned, it IS a big deal. Trillions have been siphoned off from public funds. It dwarfs even the mortgage securities fraud. The whole “underfunded pension funds” issue is a gigantic fraud. It’s just another money grab by the banks. Matt Taibbi wrote about it briefly in Rolling Stone:


    For more in-depth information about the CAFR situation see “The Biggest Game in Town”:


    and “The Great Pension Fund Hoax” for a more exhaustive investigation into the true state of government wealth.


  12. Antonio Martins

    Total Global Economical Financial Terrorism by these Financial Criminal Terrorists at the World Bank in W.D.C.
    Why aren’t they waging war against these terrorists and terroristic institutions and there leaders and sending them to Guantanamo Bay?
    What are they waiting for?
    Must the people end up in another Civil War or Revolutionary War in the USA and around the World in order to make things right at the expense of millions of innocent lives?
    I see a blood bath in the streets in the USA and around the World if this issue doesn’t get resolved peacefully with out any disruption of the financial sector domestically and internationally.
    Keep up the fight/expose/great work and transparency on all these issues that’s affecting the USA & Global Financial Economy.
    God Bless and be safe.

  13. Jerry

    Great interview Greg.
    I’m sorry unsustainable debt, trumps “the rule of law”. The Chinese are going to dump the dollar as a mechanism of exchange. And when they do, its going to change everything. Why else would they be buying tons of gold?

    Mrs. Hudes lost me when she said the dollar will not tank. Really?
    How do we get out of a 120 Trillion dollar debt bubble without it not tanking? I’m sorry Greg Karen makes me suspicious that she might be a plant by the NWO to make sure people do not withdraw their funds from their Banks. Maybe its the fact that I don’t trust Bankers (never have) but something was not right about this interview. Did you detect a note of hostility when you brought up Professor Blacks name?
    I found that reaction very interesting.

  14. Antonio Martins

    I totally agree.
    That’s one of the reasons the USA is losing a total grip on World events around the Globe as well as in the currency markets war.
    Financially and Economically.
    We’re in serious trouble if nothing is done in the very near future before the domino effect kicks in and not in our favor or for the World in that matter.
    Thanks for exposing it all and for doing something about it too.
    God speed and all the best.

    • Galaxy 500

      I am unsure it matters if we fixed everything now, even if we could.
      If you know a pilot ask about the point of No Return. You are at the end of the runway, taxing into position for take off. You hold the brakes for a sec, firewall the throttles and start down the runway. There is an imaginary line on the runway called the point of no return. Once pasted, you are committed to take off. Doesn’t matter how bad you want or need to stop, after that point, it doesn’t matter. You can cut the engines off…you are still into the trees…or if your lucky, you merely damage the under carriage running into the rough.
      Looking at what we owe, can anyone really believe that we are not past that point. We are going down the fiscal runway at breakneck speed. We’ve passed the 17 trillion mark on the books and another 90 trillion of unfunded liability (you know the social security and Medicare we promised and robbed everyone of)…how much past the point of no return can we be? I don’t know but we ARE PASTED IT. Maybe we should be concentrating on finding the crash point that will give us the best chance of survival.

  15. Shammy Sham

    Ron Paul has been saying this for 30 years, nothing new, but has been unable to achieve anything. Human nature is drawn to greed. Anyone with too much power is prone to sacrifice ethics for personal gain. Too many corrupt people in world government.

  16. Galaxy 500


    Can you believe the above article (linked)? Bring in the clowns! After all, we already have a king ruling by fiat.
    Thanks for putting Karen back on so soon. I disagree with some of her positions but I believe if we can return to a law abiding society, maybe we can regain our stature in the world.

    • Greg

      Galaxy 500,
      Mark is doing this survey in California. I think they are well over $500 billion in debt. They have some of the most delusional and clueless voters on the planet. I’d like to see him do this in Texas or North Carolina. I’d bet he get many more “hell no’s ” for the “police state.”

  17. Rodster

    Greg, that is the only guest of yours that drives me nuts. She tells us why the whole system is so corrupt and who’s behind it. Then we are led to believe that the criminal Banksters who are behind this are supposed to do the right and legal thing and the dollar won’t tank?

    That flies in the face of their current actions and policies.

    • Greg

      Sorry you don’t like Ms. Hudes, but I try to put on as many different qualified voices as possible. I don’t agree with everything she says, but we can learn some important info and perspective from Hudes and her contacts. Thank you for your feedback.

      • Rodster

        No Greg please don’t misunderstand. I like your guest including Karen. It’s just that sometimes she states the situation with articulation but then seems to contradict herself at times. For example, she told us all the things the banksters are doing wrong and then thinks they will somehow do the right thing in the end and the dollar won’t tank. This goes against what John Williams and Gregory Mannarino say will happen.

        • Greg

          I try to put on as many voices as possible. Thank you for the feedback.

  18. David

    “….and we are on track with a 95% likelihood, and that is why I think the dollar is not going to tank.”

    The more I see this woman the more I think she is a crackpot. At the very least a sheep in wolves clothing. The dollar isn’t going tank? You have got to be kidding me! Never, not one time in history has a fiat currency survived long term. Hudas thinks that the dollar is exempt from the laws which govern economics. Sure, just as Icarus was exempt from the laws of thermodynamics.

    In this interview Hudas kept talking about the US returning to the rule of law. Of course she wouldn’t tell you exactly what that means to her. Finally at the 18 minute mark I turned it off. Her condescending smirk was just too much to watch anymore. This woman brings nothing substantive to the conversation.

    Greg, you pressed her a bit on the dollars floating around the world and what that would look like when they come home to roost but she wouldn’t answer the question. This is I think the third interview I’ve watched on USAWatchdog with Hudas and it certainly is the last time I’ll spend my valuable time watching her.

    • john

      fo shzille david,…..shes either a plant or in la la land and needs to stop swallowing whatever has her seeing visions of sugar plums dancing in her head. the white knight is her and her friends. lets all hold our breath

  19. Mark

    I commend this lady for her optimism, but i don’t see these people giving up they’re power just like that. You have one guest saying shtf soon and she saying don’t worry it’s going to all work out. I just witnessed the deficit go up 350 billion in one day. I’m just a bit confused with her.

  20. Cathy Downes

    Know that you are on the right track, when your family thinks you are crazy. That’s how it works, they don’t want to hear the truth. Remember the quote “the truth will set you free”, unfortunately for them, at this time, they don’t want to be free and don’t even know that they are not free!!
    Interesting perspective today, seems to be the opposite of the other men you have had on. I don’t think I agree with her optimistic view. Thank you again for your truthful and informative show!!
    Keep up the good work!!!

    • Greg

      Cathy Downes,
      Thank you for the feedback. At least the interview made you comment and I appreciate that.

  21. mohammad


    Something strange and peculiar about this lady that did not feel right, she is ambiguious, mysterious, definitely with an agenda that is not fully known nor fully revealed and i have reasons to say so.

    One of those reasons is this interview with RT (Russian) and yes i know she went every where but the link to the video is:



    Should we buy gold?
    “Yes and No
    I think gold is a wise purchase right now, it is more an insurance than than an investment because there is a great deal of gold. There is even more gold than people know about. FOR EXAMPLE THE AMOUNT OF GOLD IN DEPOSIT IN BANK OF HAWAII IS 170000 tons”
    So here she says that there is a staggering 170000 tons of gold in Hawaii….can any one comment on this bombshell?

    then we advance the interview to the mark 15:00
    she is asked if gold baking currency is a reasonable thing since there is abundance of it.
    hoever she says the currency should be backed by asset.
    So why in the world gold should not back a currency if according to her there is 170000 tons of it in one bank? Ho much of it in the other banks?
    Something is not right here….!

    On Mark 20:00 and on.
    She is in support of Bitcoins, we know bitcoins are favored and pushed by Germany, i linked in a previous post that Germany wants it as a legal tender….


    That is another question mark on what is the real agenda this smart intelligent world bank lawyer is pushing for.

    Any thoughts?

    • mohammad

      Sorry for typos in my post, sometimes my thoughts are faster than my fingers.

      • Greg

        I spelled Karen Hudes’ last name wrong in this post(Now corrected). I have you beat by a long shot!

    • Allen Ols


      The gold is white dragon gold ‘ancient gold’ pilfered by japanese, hidden in caves in pphillipines, by PI workers, than killed, gotten back by chinese via yakoza, japanese mafia. Jim willie, hat trick letter.
      White Dragons–think 20 Rokefeller type chinese families

      He thinks Hawaii, Alaska will separate from usa

      Listen to karens info, but not her conclusions’– paraphrased jim willie. Hat trick–much more on this than these brief coments, b cause. Jim sells his research ie ‘ hat trick’ so wouldn’t b fair to him as this info just revealed sundays addition.

      Get greg to ask jim in next goldenjackass interview. If not I will copy 3 paragraphs in 3 weeks.

      Finger on the pulse of ever changing events@USA-Watchdog

      G. Hunter–brilliant loner. According to J Willie. For us who walk alone w/little or no family interest or back-up


      • mohammad

        I know about operation golden Lily if it is what you are talking about.
        Still 170000 tons is a gold weight that can sink Hawaii under the ocean, and if true who is in control of it now? and why she is against gold backed currency since she is ok with commodity backed currency?
        many questions that honestly confused me, but one thing am sure of and that is she is very very intelligent, she is very very dangerous to the opposite side of her stance no matter what side it turned out to be!
        Thank you for elaborating.

        • Allen Ols


          E mail the jackass, he is forthcoming

          • mohammad

            call me Mohammad

        • George

          I agree this seems a little too out there. Not impossible but highly improbable.

    • Galaxy 500

      Interesting link to RT…thanks

      • mohammad

        It seems we are getting closer and closer…!
        So far so good!

        • Galaxy 500

          I seem to recall you being a doctor. What is your take on Obama care?

          • mohammad

            Single payer plan.

          • Galaxy 500

            Do you think single payer would make things better with the tyranny of pricing the government imposes? Not sure how things are where you practice but here few doctors will take a Medicare patient they have not had a relationship with before. Hard to be new to town and be old here. The doctors tell me that the reimbursement doesn’t cover their overhead, much less their time.
            There were a few doctors that would take any and all but they are having legal issues due to allegations of fraudulent billing and some are being investigated for their cash for prescription operations.
            I could see that singled payer would make it easier for doctors as they would only have the government to deal with but that idea scares the hell out of me. The government has too much power over the people now. Giving them healthcare would enslave us for generations.

          • mohammad

            Sadly we are had any way you look at it, and by the way it is the insurance companies shoving this Obama bill down out throats.
            They are the underwriters, it is only the sharks are getting the smaller fish until the biggest of sharks swallows the rest of them. Same thing happened with the banking industry, mortgage industry…. so on.
            I have to admit that doctors have abused the system for long time, and they were looking at the dollar sign in neon light flashing in front of their eyes whenever they look at the patient (for sure not all of them), doctors used to charge the insurance in a way that is sickening, that will blow your mind, couple of them were here in MI taken in handcuffs for fraud. yes I agree with you on that aspect but also you can find some doctors paying out of their pocket to cover the charges of some patients that can not afford some tests that are crucial so those doctors will not waive the charges and then risk getting fired by their employers when the biller finds their initials on the waiver.
            This profession should not be tainted by greed, we are trusted on the most valuable thing any human can have and that is their lives and their beloved ones lives.

  22. beligerant

    Karen keeps bringing up “Rule-of-Law”. The Rule of Law must begin in D.C. As long as the congressmen can trade the markets on insider information without punishment and large donors influence decisions I don’t understand how this Rule Of Law happens. Nor do I understand how she expects them to crack down on Wall Street or the big banks when congressmen are making huge personal fortunes from this insider information.

    While I agree that eventually it must happen we must assume those profiting from this will follow history and squeeze every last drop of blood from the onion before those new rules and laws are implemented. That means the Mother-Of-All-Crashes or some type of currency crash must happen first.

    Maybe Karen should watch 60 Minutes because they’ve covered many of these items about insider trading in detail and last night discussed congressmen Slush Funds.

  23. jc davis

    Thank you Greg for having Karen Hudas back on. What a world of information. After this interview all I could do was sit in shock.
    I do think John Williams is/was correct about his may prediction of hyperinflation. Greed is just too out of control, and the oligarchy running the world will not lose there grip without being killed first. The USA republic has surrendered to that oligarchy this month. How do you kill a oligarchy that hides so well. What a mess we are in. Thanks again buddy.

  24. Jerry

    Greg at the risk of being repetitive I’m going to repost a link
    that I posted earlier in the year, that goes directly to the heart of the topic you were discussing with Karen Hudes. Their viewpoint is quite different than hers.


  25. Craig

    Karen, as intelligent as she is and as powerful a job as she’s had, seems to be a bit naïve about the “real world”. “Just throw them out!” Come on now! What, are we supposed to “vote” them out? Armed revolution? We ALL want to throw the bums out, but up till now it certainly hasn’t worked! We can’t THINK them out! I guess from her lofty perch all of this chaos is fixable and we’re two inches from being ‘peachy’! I don’t know if SHE has the correct perspective, but she’s certainly trying to effect change, I’ll give her that.

  26. jane

    I’m more than a little confused because last week she stated on RT news that the dollar was going to crash. Now saying everything will be all right if we start enforcing the rule of law. What does the rule of law have to do with preventing a dollar crash? What would the dollar be backed up with if we did bring back the rule of law since we shipped most of our manufacturing jobs offshore and outsourced must of our computer related jobs. Wouldn’t the dollar have to be devalued to reflect our GDP?

  27. Oracle 911


    Great interview, sadly your guest looks really tired. About her work, she will be able postpone the coming catastrophe and ease some impacts for USA, sadly the economy and politics was hollowed out by 75 %.

    About the criminals, this picture sums it up (bit humorous and sadly true-please look at that): http://www.damnlol.com/i/d79baf1a3954fe4858d855b993aeae0d.jpg

    So what may happen when the US economy collapse (for strong stomaches): http://investmentwatchblog.com/12-shocking-clues-about-what-america-will-look-like-when-the-next-great-economic-crisis-strikes/

    Italy’s political scene is in turmoil: http://www.reuters.com/article/2013/10/21/us-italy-berlusconi-insight-idUSBRE99K09I20131021

    -as Rome: http://investmentwatchblog.com/roman-dismay-thousands-protest-italys-worst-recession-since-wwii/

    -and something about FED notes, although it is called US dollar in this article: http://investmentwatchblog.com/jim-cramer-alasdair-macleod-abandon-the-dollar-now-us-is-laughing-stock-a-currency-crisis-could-arrive-sooner-than-even-many-dollar-bears-expect/

    What do you think Greg?

  28. Apollo

    Greg somehow Hudes contradicted her self about the Dollar. In her previous interview she said “they know the U.S. dollar is going to lose its status as an international currency” while in this interview she thinks that the Dollar will not tank, Why did she change her story? Cheers

  29. frosty


    Hearing Ms. Hudes tell us that we are 95% of the way to establishing the rule of law in the American banking and political systems is news that lifts my heart. If I see a few of the criminals being charged with crimes and taken away in handcuffs, I’ll jump for joy.

    That being said, I am concerned by her brief mention and apparent joy in looking forward to constitutional convention. In my opinion, it would be not only stupider than stupid but incredibly dangerous to alter our Constitution to rectify the problems created as a result of ignoring and violating its mandates. For example…

    At the monetary level in Federal government we ignore the fact Congress is authorized, under Article Section 8, ” “To coin Money, regulate the Value thereof, and of foreign Coin, and fix the standard of Weights and Measures.”

    We don’t need to use money issued at interest by a foreign banking cartel. The Congress can issue money, interest free and backed by gold, silver or other precious metals. We don’t need to change our Constitution but do need to stop ignoring this clause.

    At the monetary level in State governments, Article 1 Section 10 prohibits the States from the exercise of certain powers….”No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts.”

    So, where is the gold and silver, or anything backed by these precious metals? Again, we don’t need to change our Constitution but need to hold our State officials accountable who now violate this Constitutional mandate with impunity.

    As to civil security and disorder, Ms Hudes talks of a “Council of Governors, set up by executive order, together with the Department of Homeland Security leason and the Department of Defense” which is to “maintain order if there is civil unrest”. This is a bone chilling description of a national police state, operated and funded by the federal government and implemented through the State governors who have surrendered their powers to it. So what does our Constitution have to say regarding civil security?

    “A well-regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.”

    According to the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution, it is deemed not simply appropriate but absolutely necessary that the people who reside in a given State be armed (with military grade weaponry equivalent to that available to those who would come against them) and organized in order to protect their State’s security.

    Here again, many State Governors, including mine, not only ignore the Constitutional mandate regarding the necessity of organizing State militias but actively conspire with the federal government to violate the Constitutional mandate prohibiting infringement of the peoples right to keep and bear arms. It would be far better to punish the sedition than to change our Constitution and now allow this abomination to continue.

    I strongly agree with the plea to re-establish the rule of law but suggest that Ms. Hudes focus her efforts strictly in the financial arena where her legal expertise applies.

    In issues more general, those who penned our Constitution still stinging from the rule of tyranny imposed by king George, were likely far wiser, more prudent and more careful than any of our contemporary politicians calling for a Constitutional convention. We have a great Constitution that does not require re-crafting to establish a new order of things out of a chaos arisen from our having allowed it to be willfully ignored and actively violated with impunity.

    • John Galt

      Well said Frosty!

      • mohammad

        That what JFK did in his executive order 11110.
        The rest is history.

  30. Jim

    Good interview. Ms. Hudes is absolutely right about the US alienating its allies and gradually losing its reserve currency status. However, one wonders how she concludes that the “rule of law” is going to prevail. All indications are that the opposite is rapidly taking happening.

  31. Bob

    Wow!! We need this woman on our side. These crooks must hate her for letting the light shine into their dirty lies. I like her idea of minting ONE coin and giving it to the Fed for the entire “value” of our paper debts. “Paid in full” and don’t let the door hit you in the butt on the way out Beranke. I believe a police state is already in place for what’s next however. Life for Americans will get very, very hard before anything changes. I just hope Karen is there, in the courtroon, when the world sentences these awful crooks to death——–Maybe God will beat them to it———————-

  32. Rebecca

    Thank you for bringing Ms. Hudes back on your site.
    I enjoy hearing a different perspective on the current economic crisis.
    Unbiased reporting and objective reporting demands nothing less than allowing those who come to you for the truth, to hear both sides of any issue.

    I mean no disrepect, for I have a lot of respect for you, Mr. Hunter.
    Just call it my “old” reporter’s ears, but I was disappointed that you kept trying to steer to conversation back to the perspective voiced by William, Sinclair, Mannarino, Celente and others of that mindset.
    Ms. Hudes made many interesting remarks that I wish I could fully understand the scope of what she is trying to tell us.

    1) We. She keeps mentioning “we.” Who is this we? I know you asked her, but I would have liked if you could have kept after that question until there was clarity as to who all makes up this “we.”

    2) Very interesting comment: I don’t know how smooth the transition will be. These “guys” are not going to let go of their power until they have to. (Or something to that effect) Don’t know how smooth the transition will be? Transiting from what to what? From the Federal Reserve to ???? Currency minted by the government instead of the Fed? Currency on the state level? Digital money? She seemed to advocate we get into bitcoins? Is that the future economy? Don’t know how smooth the transition will be? What at the bumps that could be experienced? I would love to know more about what ripples she expects as this “we” works to undermine the most powerful group in the world.

    3) The Federal Reserve is the United States central bankers? Is this transition going to hit central banks around the globe? Is this purely an U.S. transition? What about the central banks in other countries? Is one global elitist group trying to undermine another because the U.S. abuses its power? I thought all the central banks were just members of one big elitist group. Is Hudas talking only of “unseating” the United States’ Federal Reserve.

    So many unanswered questions of questions not asked.
    Her scenario does not fit in the “game plan” of your usual guests and different questions need to be asked for your viewers to understand if Hudes’s viewpoint as opposed to the currently accepted viewpoint.

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for all you do.
    You are still the best place to come for the “truth.”
    You are definitely growing in your skills and knowledge of what’s happening out there.

    One last note:
    This is USA Watchdog and there is more than the economy to be watching these days. It would be nice to hear truth on Fukushima. I read an article recently that work will begin in November to remove the spent fuel rods in the building of Reactor 4. One scientist was asked (in this article) why, considering the high risk involved, were the spent rods going to be moved to a “safer location”? The scientist replied that everyone involved with the project was fully conscious of the high risk, but that this was one time when the risk of doing nothing outweighed the risk of moving the rods. Main stream news is not reporting on Fukushima. I trust you to find the “right” people to talk to about this issue. It does have potential impact on the US. I would really like to hear from objective, honest people of knowledge just what that impact might be and if there are any precautions we Americans need to be undertaking right now.

    I would also like to hear more about TPP.
    Some may say that you can just google it on the Internet.
    Yes, the Internet is an open source with LOTS of information on it.
    The trouble is one does not know if one is getting someone with the knowledge to actually be speaking on the subject.

    When I was in high school (40+ years ago), my high school computer teacher (our computer ran on a magnetic tape) told us then that you can make a computer tell you whatever it is you want to hear. It is like taking statistic or a graph of numbers, you can read into whatever you want it to say. Surely I can go online into the Internet world and I can find whatever I am looking to confirm what I ‘WANT’ to believe.

    But that is not what I want.
    I want objective reporting that tells me the truth and allows me to form my opinions/beliefs around the truth.
    That’s why we need reporters like you, Greg, to help us get to the truth. We need objective reporters who allow both sides of every issue to receive proper venting. We don’t “lead” people to believe as we believe, we give the “facts” and present the opinions on both sides of an issue, and let those reading/viewing our reports determine the truth for themselves.

    It’s the only honest way to do reporting.
    Anything other than that, is MSM news today — one sided, biased, opinionated reporting.

    That’s why we left MSM and came to you!

    • Greg

      Thank you Rebecca for adding your voice here and for your support.

  33. Joseph McNulty

    Everything that is happening is by design by Obama (or, more precisely, his controllers). When collapse comes, civil unrest will result (when the supermarket shelves go empty), giving Obama a perfect excuse to declare martial law. Hyper-inflation will quickly lead to wage and price controls. At that point. Obama will have created a “siege” economy, like Lenin, and everyone working will have a government job, be part of a youth work brigade, or be on Food Stamps. The plan for what he promised — “total transformation of America” — is proceeding, and the average American is not even aware of it.

    • Galaxy 500

      What you said! Spot on

  34. Charles H.


    The dichotomy of – America WILL be saved; or America WON’T be saved – is served here: and Karen Hudes places in the latter minority that gives controversy such popularity. Sifting through her arguments and points, one finds some validity: but the overall context rules, as it is in what everything is drawn to prove. America to be fixed, restored, and re-take it’s place as prosperous world leader? I wish.

    IF the majority of U.S. Governors ARE organizing to reform Federal level corruption and the Banks; just as the World Bank would deal with the BIS (Bank of International Settlements) – I would say, well, there’s enough plausibility to generate hope; or it’s one Big Carrot to keep people off-guard. And, you know, maybe she IS lining-up all these ducks: but if push comes to shove who will win-out? The Federal Government has practically RAN-OVER the States in all issues such as Immigration, Money Creation, Legal Sovereignty, etc… The National Guard is now incorporated into the Military. And if such Governors are surgically removed early into Martial Law to “Luxury Accommodations” – then citizens are left alone against Federal resources. Due to the Obama voters – I doubt America has the spine to fight and win. Pockets of resistance will not evade and last to fight guerilla-style as in times past: too much tech now. And it is the blind and self-serving mentality of those in top positions that frightens me. I’d like to believe Ms. Hudes – but she is the only blip on the radar of her sort; and I doubt the rug can be pulled out from under those in power.

  35. Rebecca

    I have listened to Hudes’s interview again.
    There is a gnawing in the pit of my stomach.
    There are several important issues that need clarification.

    1) Who is “we”? Hudes throws around a lot of names of government and banking entities. She uses the “we” emphatically, which makes HER a part of this “we” entity that she says is going to restore the rule of law. When she speaks with all these governmental and banking entities, under whose authority is she speaking, whose power is backing her up that she is given admittance before these powers to speak? She says she purchased a World Bank bond. Really, she has all this power to speak because of a bond? Whistle blowers don’t usually carry much clout with governmental entities?

    She is a part of the “we” and they seem to empower her.
    Who is “we”?

    She states that those who are predicting an economic collapse are puppets of the Central Bankers, giving out a message “they want” to be told to the people. Why? Why would the Federal Reserve want people to be scared of an economic collapse? Fear is a tool of manipulation. What do the Feds hope the fear will manipulate the people to do? Give them a “cover” as they collapse the economy?

    Hudes is definitely the “voice” for this “we”.
    Without knowing fully who this we is, how do we know she is not manipulating the people toward “we’s” objectives.
    The Federal Reserve note is going away, Hudas affirms, replaced by what?

    Her advice: buy bitcoins and other money assets.
    Tell the Federal Reserve “good-bye” and replace it with what?

    She is very good at telling us what is wrong with what we have.
    She is very good at pointing out their corruption. This is truth.
    She is not forthcoming in telling us what the “we” is transiting us to.
    One corrupt power replaced by what other power — for indeed it will be a power, and my gut says it is not “of the people.”

    She is a good cheerleader.
    She throws around enough names.
    At the end of the report, there are some really very important questions not being asked and not answered.

    WHO IS WE?
    What is their goal?
    What will their money be?

  36. jimmy

    Greg…..How can as vast a criminal enterprise as the U. S. Government is, be made to knuckle under to the rule of law? They (the powers that be) would all hang! I think the world of Karen Hudes, but I’m afraid she’s underestimating the desperate measures to which these crooks will take to maintain the status-quo. No, the dollar will tank, our bonds will implode, and gold and silver will be the “coin of the realm”. The U. S. is toast! Jimmy

  37. Gabriel

    Her name is HUDES not HUDAS: kahudes(dot)net

    • Greg

      I know and I have fixed it. Thank you.

  38. Bill Echols

    I am confused as to what Ms. Hudas claims needs to be done to correct the financial system particularly in the U.S. Here are some questions I need answered:

    1. For the 25% of the world goods exchanges not denominated in dollars, are the participants using BIS? If not, how are they financing their businesses?
    2. What is her solution to the burgeoning U.S. debt? Removing the FED?
    3. Upon what basis is the BIS issuing individual country’s currencies? Gold? Is it fiat?
    4. What specific steps should the U.S. take to prevent the dollar collapse? Or, should it just allow the dollar value to continue to z zero value?
    5. What specific steps should individual states of the U.S. take to prevent the dollar collapse? Would setting up precious metal exchanges through state banks would only quicken the dollar decline?
    6. What specific steps should individuals take to protect themselves from the declining dollar that to Ms. Hudas will not collapse?
    7. What steps are required to return to “the rule of law”? List by country, state, and individual steps.

    Thanks for all you do.

  39. Arizona

    GREG,twenty years ago,my cousin, who was in the army national guard,told me the day would come when a .308 round of ammo would be worth more then its weight in gold,RIGHT now as we speak,DHS,is going around to ALL the reserve food warehouses and taking all the food to the landfills and burning it,NOW judging by all the animals and fish,and ducks and geese the government is killing I’d say there is a major disaster on the horizon,and its coming our way,and the storms name is “FAMINE”,why is it I seem to be the only one who understands what will happen in a famine in america?and I am talking about something that will destroy everything in america,IN A MATTER OF WEEKS,mass death,by the millions……….

    • Allen Ols


      You are correct, jim willie posted in past some fema camps equiped w/ 2 story ovens, w/gillotines.

      I have missionary friends in italy, came home, we visited his 40yr old son credible states;

      My italian friend came to usa, moved to n. West got a job– one day lunch break wandered into off limits warehouse, full of large gillotines, got scared, quit, moved back to italy.

      I sent this to the jackass, he printed it in 3 hat trick letters ago.

      Arizona, is on the ball, pat on back out to u


      • Shadow of Doubt

        Well said Arizona & Alols,

        In the late 1990’s I had a retired ATF officer take a close friend of mine aside to tell him “War is coming to America”. Whatever he shared with my friend scared him silly. My friend immediately started to burying guns/ammo and he’s prepared for the worst.

        In Italy the elderly have been committing suicide at an alarming rate due to stopped government pensions and/or the inability to secure enough food. Barter is now being utilized there. But you hear nothing about this from our media!

        Here in the U.S., with 1 in 6 people on food stamps this makes for not just a recession but a depression. If we still had soup lines today they would easily equal those of the 1930’s.

        I have also heard of the mass coffins, guillotines and boxcars with manacles reportedly being delivered to FEMA camps. I am not holding my breath but perhaps one day a sizable portion of our population will consider the issues put forth by Mr. Greg Hunter and wipe the fairy dust out of their eyes.

        • Galaxy 500

          Can you source the FEMA comments?

          • Shadow of Doubt

            Galaxy 500,
            We have a cadre of retired military officers and CIA Analysts that are both in the know and stay pretty current on FEMA . My two high level sources both recently passed away. One wrote a newsletter much like Jim Willie’s and had impeccable sources. And the other was a retired general who alluded to things which you never thought possible.
            That being said, both had great respect for the website blackfive.net. Some recommended sources on the right side of this site are; 1. that debunk myths found in the MSM and another that highlights 2. threats. I hope this helps.

          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks for the link. I decided it was time to renew some old acquaintances. Nothing these thieving pretenders do would surprise me. And I mean to drink to their UNhealth, and urinate on their graves. Much of Ayn Rand ‘s fiction has turned to truth. Public good and fairness dictates I bust my tail to pay for a crack heads food and crack…now it’s calling that I throw in health care for the crack head and 11-30 million illegal aliens.
            Thanks for the info. I try to look at the data myself. It’s my analytical nature.

        • Allen Ols


          I started yrs ago for very remote escape. There will be hands full rounding up alex jones, celente, greg hunter, P C Roberts, for the gillotines.

          The jackass has military contacts in the fema know.


          • Galaxy 500

            Thanks Al. I am talking about something to cross check. I was hoping for location and other things that I could research.

    • frosty


      This sounds like an undeclared act of war and against the American people. If this is truly the case, then Ms.Hudes battle to establish the rule of law is impracticable and futile. However, Psalm 91 is not.

      • Greg

        The beginning of Psalm 91: “He who dwells in the shelter of the Most High will rest in the shadow of the Almighty. 2 I will say of the LORD, “He is my refuge and my fortress, my God, in whom I trust.”
        Amen brother

    • George

      why are they destroying the food? Is it outdated? What about medical stores? Are they being replaced? Are there any news reports backing this up? not that news reports or lack there of determine if such an event really happened.

  40. John

    Greg Karen had nothing new to say and she still believes in the rule of law which is a joke. These elite bankers are just laughing at her as this corruption goes from the top all the way down to the politicians, so where is she going to find an honest man to perform these miracles.
    Half the governors of the US are bought and paid for so her governor association is unlikely to be doing much. I like Karen but i think she is living in a fantasy world. I did think differently a couple of months ago but now i see Karen knows much but is unlikely to ever pull off any rescue.

  41. George

    A terrific interview, Greg! It sounds as if there is a change a commin’ as told by Karen Hudes. Still, I don’t don’t if anyone really knows how this will play out. There are so many moving pieces at work here. If things go down the way Ms Hudes describes, this won’t me a mid to lower echelon group of people facing charges, but the elite themselves. That is hard to believe, although it’s quite appropriate based on the criminality that has occurred throughout the system. We are living in remarkable times!

  42. Snorky

    Thnx for another ‘real news’ interview.

    I hope she is correct in her assessment regarding all of this having a positive ending once (if) all of the corruption is cleaned up.

    However, it may take a heavy rain for 40 days and 40 nights to wash this scum from the face of the earth since the extent of the corruption, evil, narcissism, selfishness, impatience, etc. is biblical and spans all social strata.

    I used to think we were ancient Rome (meaning, the modern ‘human race’). But now it appears to me that we are more like Sodom and Gomorrah (didn’t Warren Buffet or Charlie Munger once say that? … not that they should be held up on a pedestal).

    Things have just gone too far to one side for this modus operandi to continue much longer. I can’t believe it has lasted this long already.

    Rant over …

  43. chow

    I guess I missed her point on how the dollar is not going to collapse. She keeps repeating the rule of law will not let the dollar collapse…but how is that? Will the US treasury just print currency just like John F. Kennedy did and pay off the federal reserve? Will they back it with gold and silver as it says in the constitution because if not we’ll just go back to good old money printing?

  44. M. Smith

    Greg, your you tube video was great, the comments went into high gear with back forth from people from world wide! That means you are reaching a huge amount of people & that is what is needed, to bad the USA remains under the control of the DC Corporation & the MSM.

    People need to take the time to read this site explaining the difference between the USA as a Republic & the Corporation of the all Caps CORPORATE NAME! “www.usavsus.info/”, Karen Hudes should know the difference as a lawyer, each should read this before it vanishes like so many sites I use to find out about the truth of our history then is gone unless you print them out or someone puts them back up using the past data they saved!

    Now her saying we have a 95% chance is reaching for a ball of twine that’s already been thrown, I hope not but it does not look as if we will be spared the pain.

    Just put your folks to work reading the ACT of 1871 & the web site http://www.usavsus.info, I have spent all day there after a reply from the Act of 1871 sent me to this site. It has been worth every minute & explains more than I even wanted, but needed badly!

    My best to you & all you come here to get the truth, it has been hiding in plain site & we just walk right by it daily!

  45. Jerry

    Greg I found this interview that Karen Hudes did with a Russian morning news show just 1 week ago. The title is ” Dollar valueless about to crash” World Bank Whistleblower.

    Here she says “95% likelihood that the dollar is not going to tank”.
    What game is she playing here? Or is this the case of where’s my Prozac?


  46. Jughead

    Greg….I enjoyed the interview ( I think), but I think her communication skills are poor….articulation means conveying a logical and reasoned path of information….but she skips to subjects willy-nilly without a clearly presented and reasoned sequence…..I find myself trying to relate the things she says with questions I have….how this impacts our debt, public and personal….how this will impact our foreign trading partners who hold so much of our debt…and currency that physically is outside the country….and how we will address the welfare and entitlement culture…should her rule of law be suddenly re-instituted…..and a multitude of other issues that will come into play…..Jughead

  47. Liquid Motion

    Ever thought about getting Edward Snowden ( a captive of Russia) on your show?
    What about former IMF head Dominique Strauss Kahn (get the truth behind the scandal = Gold & the lack thereof in Fort Knox).
    Whistleblowers bring a different dimension to the table in understanding the goings on behind the scenes. What we really dont know, but ought to.
    You wonder why Julian Assange (WikiLeaks)is hostage in an Ecuadorian Embassy in the UK.
    How about Mahmoud Abdel Salam Omar….he would have something to say about injustice and conspiracies. An inside man too nonetheless.
    This is the plight of those willing to dispense the truth.
    Very surprised to see that Karen Hudes has the freedom to speak about the inner sanctum of the World Bank. Maybe her litigious background sets her appart from the others ?

    • Eric

      Good point you are making there Liquid in motion. I think she’s a high level deceiver paid by the power that be to confuse the masses.

      • Galaxy 500

        No house can stand divided

    • Galaxy 500

      I like Strauss Khan idea but after the way they rolled him with those trumped up charges…well, not sure he’d be willing to put a bulls eye on his back. Love to hear him though

      • Liquid Motion

        Wouldn’t it be a gas…to hear from an insider like DSK or for that matter MASO ? If you think the charges laid against DSK were “trumped up” then see what they did to MASO once he was contacted by DSK about the so called “lack of GOLD in the USA”.
        What sets Karen Hudes and the others that I have mentioned appart?
        Why doesnt Karen have a target on her back ? Why havent they contrived some scam to put her under arrest for being a terrorist?
        She presents enough ammunition to bury an army…and yet ??
        Just saying….I have an eye for inconsistencies…and this one stands out like a sore thumb.
        Greg, see what you can do on the Strauss Kahn proposition. He would be quite the show stopper. You may even have a coup there as well bcos I’m not sure he has done a “post charges” interview. Honestly it would be remarkable if you were successful. He I believe has aligned himself with some finance house operating out of Luxembourg.

  48. jimmy

    Hi Greg…I think, after reading all your visitors comments, Karen is an imposter. She is a shill for the Feds around the world, and is not to be given the credit bestowed upon her. Not a true whistleblower in the Snowden tradition. Beware! Jimmy

  49. Doug C.

    Very interesting again Greg. The thing I find hard to listen to is the fact the Ms.Hudes is going to save the U.S. and the world ecconomy all by herself. If you and everyone else would only listen to her everything would be so nice. She is very smart and connected but incredibley full of herself. Wow! I hope she is right that the bankers will just let her run things by the rule of law, but I don’t think that’s going to happen easily.

    • Galaxy 500

      She is better than the ones currently running the show

  50. JT

    The Feds charter in the U.S ends this December 22nd, after 100 years of enslaving the masses, Did Obama finally try and free America from the London banking cabal, no, as usual he threw America right under the bus by accepting the Feds decision of who will be the next Fed chief…

    You have the same bankers owning all 3 entities, US Inc, which is their corporation that employs Obama, Federal Reserve, which is their ponzu branch, and the IRS which is their muscle for collecting taxes from the people..

    In return, the Rothchilds, Rockefellers, Etc, give the American people absolutely NOTHING for their $2.5 Trillion annual taxes paid to the London scumbag bankers–

    You WANT your country back —GET RID OF THEM!

    • George

      Sorry to say but the Fed’s charter doesn’t expire ant more. I’ll send you the Act that took care of that and it is quite old.

  51. Sanjay Kashkari


    I am sure she means well, but Karen Hudes has more faith in “rule of law” than can be counted on by this group of crooked men (and women).

    She talks about “her point” or “her strongest point” saying … “the securities laws …. I bought a world bank bond” (I was thinking woopty-doo when she said that.)

    She goes on …. “I am entitled to accurate financial information … I did not get that information” (I was thinking … Yeah … the folks who had a billion in SEG funds ripped off at MF Global also felt entitled to know that their SEG funds were secure.)

    She maintains she has a lot of people “behind her.”

    She then chasitises you with … “Greg … You’re not getting the point.”

    C’mon Greg … What point is there to get ?

    Karen obviously has misplaced faith that the masses (including sherifs, deputies, governors and legislatures are going to have a come to Jesus moment.

    Do you believe that knowing how these charlatans work ? Since Vietnam, they just pass the sauce down as far as they need to to ensure loyalty by the most critical players while building organizations of willing thugs to do their dirty work.

    I am sorry, but this is one listener that is not drinking the kool aid.

    Whats more, she concedes that Federal Reserve Notes will become obsolete (at some point).

    Talk about oxymoronic !!!!!!!

    • Sanjay Kashkari

      Just want to follow up with one note on this because it came to me after I posted last …. It is plausable that Karen is hinging her hopes on the (American) reaction to escalating Syrian tensions. For that I guess we should give kudos to the mainstream media.

      However, we should NOT underestimate the mettle of our foe.

      He may be immoral. He may be insane. He may be decadent and psychopathic. Nevertheless, he is out for himself AT OUR EXPENSE !!!!!

      GOT GOLD (and Silver … and guns and food and water and shelter and seeds and fuel and other tangible stuff … and friends) ?????

      You better have ……… cause if Federal Reserve Notes go by the wayside …. the next move you make will be “interesting” in the Chinese proverbial sense.

      God Bless the child that has his own and looks out for others …….

    • Galaxy 500

      Nice post. Depending on where you lived, if you had the police on one side of you and the Bells Angles on the other, you might side up the the Angles because even they have rules of conduct. I know most police are OK…even better than OK…but they can’t seem to clear the despicable ones out. And the evil power hungry piece that seek to subjugate people and have power over them will flush the good police officers and urinate on the rest of us.
      We have some good Sheriffs in our area but we have one Democrat that believes only his boys should have guns. Those are the ones to be scared of.

      • Galaxy 500

        My psychotic spell checker/ mind reader….

  52. Ugly

    Karen is more optimistic than me on the recovery and the fall of the dollar.

    US Dollar Index (running average for year, estimated).

    The last time our dollar was indexed above 90 was back in April 2006.

    We have not been above 90 since. In fact, for a running year average we have been below 90 for 10 years now (hardly a recovery). Now can anyone guess why Bank CDs and savings have hardly been above 1%.

    Year USDI

    All I see is a low dollar index along with a staggering price tag called debt.

  53. Galaxy 500


    Faber says QE can to to trillion a month….snap…that’s the sound of rubber band of our economy popping

    • Greg

      Thank you 500. I posted under “Hunter’s Top Stories”!!

  54. R S Dorsey

    This lady is delusional as any number of your other commenters have indicated. She’s full of fire (and herself), has talked to many people in many organizations for many years and she’s still locked out. We, on the other hand, are still in the grip of a bought-and-paid-for Congress, Executive Branch and Supreme Court. The black hats destroy those who question them with firings, IRS harassment, media control, etc. John Williams is right and she seems incapable of coming to grips with the reality John’s data clearly presents and forecasts. She hasn’t said anything new in this interview that she didn’t say in earlier ones and I think she’s locked into her own dimension – but there is no superpower or group of her backers that is going to return us to the rule of law without a severe wringing out of the issues John Williams and many others have detailed for quite some time. I’m sorry but she’s not an asset to your show. RSD

    • Galaxy 500

      Karen is correct about corruption getting us here. Only in America are people stupid enough to believe that you can get something for nothing.

  55. deedee

    Hi Greg,

    I am just amazed by Karen! She is so intelligent and has had such an interesting career. Can you imagine all the powerful people she has met and worked with and my God, the brilliant Professor Antal Fekete is supporting her cause, HOW CAN YOU TOP THAT??? I was first introduced to her through your show and I was taken back because she threw so much powerful and new information out and I struggled to trust her, then, right in the interview she stated that we were trying to go to war with Syria over gas pipe lines to supply Europe with gas and compete with Putins monopoly…..I had read all about this weeks before and saw maps of the pipe lines, etc, (nobody I know had heard of these pipe lines at this time) and I knew she was right on the money. As a female myself, I feel bad how judgmental people can be towards other females. If she were a man, I believe people would be more kind. I agree that Karen is extremely hopeful that things will change…..(even in the face of the corruption in our mainstream press that refuses to cover her)…..she still has faith that Rule of Law will return. It has been expressed to me that the main difference between first world and third world countries is the Rule of Law, so I admire her bullseye precision of how to fix it. It is hard to take someone so hopeful in the mist of all the corruption. Thank you for having such interesting players on your show!! This is one brave and brilliant lady!


  56. charles

    Man how would you like to go home to her every night.Can she ever answer a question so an old mid west boy can understand the answer.I have seen you in a cornfield Greg tell us what she is trying to say.

    • Greg

      I think she’s trying to say the world is in big trouble and she hopes it will be all OK.

  57. Kevin

    Everyone should listen to Karen completely freak out during the TruNews interview:
    She revealed her true colors. I won’t waste any more of my time listening to this poor woman (of course, I’ll watch all the other outstanding interviews by Greg).

    Karen seems to be completely detached from reality – especially the fact that the people currently in power are not going to just give up their power when “we the people” decide their reign is over. They will fight to keep their power. They will use false flags, NSA spying and all other means at their disposal. Karen is convinced that a few states will convene a constitutional convention and simply reclaim power for us. I think she has fooled herself into believing we can come together, pass a couple laws, change the world, have a kum-ba-yah moment and everyone will live happily after after. She can’t accept the truth that blood is spilled during every revolution, and by exposing these injustices, she is paving the path to the battlefield. Karen, for your own sake I urge you to seek therapy and deal with these issues. Greg, if you interview Karen again, whatever you do, do not say anything about an armed revolution!!!
    Kevin 🙂

    • Greg

      To be fair I think another way to interpret her “freak out” on TrueNews is she did not want people to think she was advocating armed insurrection. I think that is a possible explanation for her reaction on the show. By the way, I like the TruuNews folks too.

  58. Eric


    I would be very cautious when listening to Karen Hudes. High level deceivers are extremely good for presenting themselves as credible professionals that know the inside of the power that be. They are very effective at telling you all the things that you want to hear (most of which you already know anyway). Then, when they won your heart and intellect, they softly lead you to the wrong conclusion, away from the truth. They excel at pulling curtains, smoke and mirrors in front of you at the very last moment and swiftly turn your thoughts into the wrong direction, cleverly misleading you to the wrong conclusion. Like this idea that Bitcoin could be a better investment than gold… The banksters absolutely prefer people to invest in bitcoins rather than physical gold, for obvious reasons. Or the idea that the rule of law can be re-establish in the USA when the entire top of the pyramid has been taken over by the corrupt power over a decade ago.

    You should listen to an interview she recently gave on RT News. In that interview, she clearly mentions that the USA has over 170,000 tons of physical gold hidden in a secret vault in Hawaii… She also says a few more very weird things that don’t make much sense unless you want to drag people’s attention away from the real problem. The comments on the Silver Doctor’s web site are also interesting to read.


    I think she definitely has a credibility issue. Weather she is a high level deceiver paid by the power that be to mislead us in the wrong direction or she might simply be a nutter throwing out crazy ideas like a secret vaults filled with 170,000 tons of gold in Hawaii. I would go with the first option though.

    • Galaxy 500

      170,000 tonnes of gold!!!!
      heck, wouldn’t Hawaii sink!!??!! Hahaha
      Just because she is likely wrong on this doesn’t mean she is right on other things. Who knows what documents she had access to that were meant to lead her and US astray?
      This claim would be more gold than has been mined since the begins of time. It would be nice if it was true but then so would being able to teleport.
      Maybe a big blob of gold welled up in the mantle under Hawaii and erupted into Hawaii.

    • Karen Hudes

      Why does Eric accuse me of being a high level deceiver? Judge for yourself: here is the chronology of the cover-up http://kahudes.net/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/exhibit3.pdf
      With your help we will end the cover-up of corruption. That is underpinning the prediction of the power transition model developed in the Department of Defense, which outperforms intelligence analysts hands down and which started predicting rule of law in the international financial system when Elaine Colville and I got three statements on the UK Parliament’s website, and the European Parliament called the World Bank for an explanation on the chronology of the cover-up of corruption I reported in testimony to the Committee on Budgetary Control on 5/25/2011. I never said invest in bitcoins, I said learn to use bitcoins. As for the gold, these videos also refer to the gold: https://mail.google.com/mail/u/0/?tab=wm#inbox/141f018050a7b621

      • Galaxy 500

        Ms. Hudes,
        Thanks for the post and links. I appreciate your hard work on my behalf.

  59. Pete

    Sorry Greg… Since after the first time you had her on, I can’t listen to her again.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the feedback.

  60. Agent P

    Greg –

    It’s time again for a Jim Willie fix. Or Rob Kirby if you can get him on. We want to know what is going on with those IRS derivatives…

  61. Nam Marine

    And anyone would care what Karen thinks because ???????????????

    • Greg

      Nam Marine,
      20 years experience at the World Bank with global connections.

    • Galaxy 500

      I don’t agree with everything she says maybe not even 32%. But I do like different views to see if I need to recalibrate and/or reaffirm my views via the dispassionate review of facts.

  62. Spellin' It Out

    Greg – I’m just gonna say it: You know as well as the rest of us that “she” is a wolf in sheep’s clothing. You know darn well. Maybe you didn’t at first, but you do now. If you don’t know it Greg, you’re a dummy, but I trust that you do. I almost fell off my chair when you stated at the end that she has been reinstated to the World Bank. Oh, really??? No surprise there!

    Wow Greg – I just listened to the radio dialogue she had with Rick Wiles (one of your listeners posted the link above)….wow, wow, wow, wow, wow!!! You need to listen to it Greg, if you haven’t already. Greg – here are some words for you to ponder: whackjob, plant, deceiver, evil-doer. Greg, don’t delete my post for this one, but you could grow some balls like Rick Wiles. We would like you all the more for it Greg!

    • Greg

      Spellin’ It Out,

      You said, “you could grow some balls,” You do realize how this looks coming from someone using an anonymous name don’t you?

      • mohammad

        My hat is off to you.
        Just for the mere reason you kept his rude remarks I can say this is the free soul of this great country you represent here, this is the great professional journalism you lead, you did not even censor this post.
        God bless you Greg!

        • Galaxy 500

          What you said Mohammad

    • George

      Wow, big man (or WOman)
      Let me spell this out for you. I use my REAL Name. You use a construct. Are you some poor, pathetic tinfoil hat wearing ne’er–do–well living in their parents basement while plotting world domination?
      What are you asking Greg to do? Preach armed insurrection and the end times? May I suggest you “grow a pair” and use your real name when you make childish personal attacks. Better yet, build a website and preach the end of the world and armed insurrection.

  63. Galaxy 500

    Canada’s death panels

    You will no longer have the right to live as once you pass a certain age, your survival is contrary to the public good.

  64. brian wilson

    Let me get this straight, Karen was thrown out of the world bank for pointing out the epic levels of systemic corruption not just there but in the banking industry at large and that unmitigated acts of fraud and deceit are being perpetrated by folks with absolutely no remorse and even less accountability. We are then led to understand that this did not happen in secret, but in full view of anyone who would care to look……….and to this day no outcry and certainly no significant action has been made in response to all this.

    In light of this then, Karen tells us in all the straight faced earnestness of some zealous eleventh century monk describing the benefits of mushroom composting has on the cultivation of sweet peas, that as if by divine and unspoken fiat the criminal elements in the banking industry will either scurry away, bow to some yet to be manifest pressure from a selfless crusading mass of people or face the swift and unrelenting hand of justice wielded by some authoritative hand allegedly in the process of stirring from its groggy slumber? And then, on top of this, a stable form of currency will simply self promulgate in some mildly uncomfortable transitional phase and all the governments of the world will just sit back and go along with the somewhat laminar flow and not try to seize the opportunity and force any gains of their own.

    I think Karen forgets what ultimately got us here in the first place…that being wide spread complacency and dereliction of duty on the part of the public who is tasked with being responsible for shouldering the burden of their own God given liberty and those who have been entrusted by the same to act in service of the this republic as defenders of the constitution and preservers of the rule of law. With that in mind, how is it then we shall overcome decades of inertia where entire generations have come to accept things as they are to then take up the monumental effort it will take to actually brings things more in line with the intentions of those who founded the country?

    In short I find it almost impossible to believe that a woman as intelligent as Karen, who has had the experience she has had can sit there straight faced and say just what she said to all of us guests here at USA Watchdog.

    • John

      I think she is grandiose

  65. Galaxy 500

    Congratulations on your website! It just came out that the Obamacare website crashed at a level of 2,000 viewers! You have more than that streaming video any given time. How much did you.spend? Anywhere near half a billion? I would guess a million. Can you start a web company and have your web guy fix this site next week? I’ll do the accounting, you do the organizing and hiring. We could have this fixed in 60 days for 250 million and have a 100 million left. Now Obama is calling in the “best and brightest”. If you and I had done it, wouldn’t we have hired those first? Hell, if we had spent half a billion, the website would diagnose you via virtual reality and write you a script.
    Obama always seems to hire the corrupt and incompetent. Greg, it can not be an accident. If the Obamachrist was merely incompetent, the law of average states he would accidentally pick a winner every once and a while. Obama is choosing to fail and damage the country. He is trying his best to bring the middle-class into poverty.
    This website is not working, IMHO, because if it was working and showing how expensive and unaffordable the Obamanation’s key stone legislation, even the people that would vote for Satan if he ran as a Democrat would be calling for Obama’s head.
    I am shocked about how Obama appears to be TRYING to destroy our people, our constitution, our economy and our way of life. If you really analyze the data…without passion or any biases…just cold logic…there is only ONE CONCLUSION! It is not merely incompetence it is unwavering MALICE and HATE toward the American way. Obama care is about controlling the people, not delivering healthcare. Obama HATES AMERICA and is hell bent on its destruction. Just look at the facts and leave the politics behind. Obama can’t be this incompetent by accident. It defies shear luck and random chance. Obama must have MALICE toward the American people and US Constitution because everything he does is against it. If this was not his intent, even random chance would provide a different result. Ignore the evil of the Obama and his minions at your own peril.

  66. Jerry

    Galaxy 500.
    My son lived in Canada several years ago. Death panels are nothing new there. Since the inception of national healthcare they have been making the elderly go to the back of the line for service. I personally know an elderly lady (who is dead now because of a death panel) that was put on a 3 year waiting list for surgery on her brain. Her condition worsened to the point she died.

    That is what is coming here. I wouldn’t be surprised if thinning out the elderly population in the U.S. is part of the plan for the economic collapse. You must realize socialist minded people only think of the good for the collective. not the individual.

    • Galaxy 500

      Thank you for the real world data point. Hoping for the best but trying to have the worst covered, too.

  67. Mary

    Sorry, NOT a credit to your show.
    Completely self involved, not a good communicator, and possibly delusional. A “highly accurate” video game (??) model tells her we have a 95% chance of coming out of this positively???

    Also, the criminal activity she uncovered was the interest paid on fiat money? …is my understanding correct on this claim? Griffith and Martenson (spell?) and others have been explaining this for years.

    I don’t have a single positive thing to say about this individual.

    • Greg

      Not a video game, but “game theory.” Very big difference. Here’s more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Game_theory Thank you for your feedback.

    • mohammad

      It is a study made in the Zurich technology institute, what they did they followed the random base of share holders and the assets of the companies then they narrowed that down to a core that held most of the voting power of those companies.

      Here is James B. Glattfelder: Who controls the world?


      I have no proof just a gut feeling that Germany is behind Karen’s moves (she is a front to a more sophisticated power, spearing heading the coming wave of dethroning US dollar) and a tip to this is her advocating Bitcoins. Germany wanted bitcoins as a legal tender, bitcoins will deliver a big blow to US.

  68. Galaxy 500


    I will vote against McCain…Hell, I did last time. If I wanted a piece of human refuse in the President ‘s office..well, then I would be happy with the current occupant.

  69. Galaxy 500

    In the real world, could anyone in private industry that could raise half a billion dollars from private investors come any where near this degree of ineptitude? If they had burned $50 mill and had nothing to show, the investors would have castrated the company…in comparison, Obama would give the company more tax dollars and blame the Republicans for being naysayers.
    I read today that this half billion dollar socialist wet dream had error messages when about 2,000 users hit it.Where is the aaccountability?

  70. a. Hall

    Greg: You need to have this wonderful guest name -NAMES!


  71. Jonathan

    This woman blew any ounce of credibility when she said the JESUITS and the VATICAN were the root of all of our problems. Wow, talk about a convenient, politically correct entity to blame — I almost fell out of my chair laughing — especially with Ms. “Hudes” not exactly like she just got off a flight from Reykjavik. Not living in the eighteenth century, I’d believe in David Icke’s reptile-people before I’d believe that the “Jesuits” are a problem.

    As an aside, this reminds me of those old Jack Chick comic pamphlets that used to be circulated back in high school that used to blame the Catholic for all the evil in the world. Those under the age of 35 probably won’t remember these things, but they were the absolute best, and pure comic gold for any smart-alecky teenager. They epitomized the absolute worst of dogmatic religious fanatacism (and I say this as a traditionalist church attendee) and even a 12 year old couldn’t take them seriously… someone has surely archived them out there so Google away.

    • al

      Jonathan:- you’d better learn history – she is totally correct. It is the Jesuits and the vatican-

      You would do well to study Jordan Maxwell’s 50+ years of research on this subject. He tells it all!

    • Estella

      At the top of the pyramid seats the Vatican, the eye of evil, because….Surprise!!! they control every religion.

      Every time a new President is elected in the USA first he goes to England and bows to the Queen and then he goes to The Vatican and kisses the Papal Ring. Ask yourself… why? Considering JFK was Catholic the rest were and are not…why?

      Jordan Maxwell does a genius unveiling, you should watch.

      • Jonathan

        I never thought I’d say this, but I did some research and you’re 100% correct.

        Not only did I discover that the last three Fed chiefs are Jesuits, but the Secretary of the Treasury is as well. Jesuits are also 40% of the world’s billionaires and they have an influence in Hollywood and Wall Street that is exponentially disproportionate to their numbers!

        I was also shocked to learn that the USA gives billions of dollars a year directly to the Vatican! Unbelievable. Obama might as well be wearing a funny hat as he’s obviously taking his orders directly from the Pope.

        • Galaxy 500

          So the Vatican controls all religions? This was satire right? If not, it is even funnier

  72. Jerry

    Galaxy 500.
    I get you. You are correct sir. Obama is doing everything in his power to push what is left of our economy off the cliff. I was at a meeting recently with one of the largest insurance carriers in the country. We were told that Obamacare would cost 2.7 Trillion more to implement than the original government projections. We were also told that premiums would go up by at least 50% across the board. This plan was designed to fail on purpose, so they could funnel everyone into a single payer plan. That is the strategy. Dingy Harry and the Democrats have wanted a single payer plan from day one.
    I enjoy your post.

  73. Dee Miller

    Did anyone catch her suggestion that a gold coin of sufficient size to equal the amount of money the Fed has printed should be struck and given to them and then tell them good bye? Hmmm. This puzzles me as to her motivation. Just in case this scenario could happen, I need to know: Who will put the value on the counterfeit money they have been printing for a hundred years? In fairness, maybe just the cost of ink and the paper should be tallied.

    What I’d really like to watch is a real interview of Karen by someone who will hold her feet to the fire and guide her through a rational iteration of actual events, in sequence, that she has experienced in her dealings in her attempts at rehabilitating the World Bank and the associated wealth and power mongers. But, after listening to the interview on TrueNews, maybe she just needs medication.

    • George

      Say you take a one troy oz coin, gold or platinum and mint it with a face value of 100 trillion dollars. Give it to the Fed Reserve. Disband. Rinse. Repeat.

    • Arthur Radley

      …I’d really like to watch is a real interview of Karen…

      Hello Dee Miller,

      She was interviewed for two hours by Veritas (easy-to-find). I only listened to the first half because I didn’t want to subscribe to hear the second half. Anyway, it was more of the usual stuff from her.

      I don’t think she “needs medication”, but she does say some things that sound ridiculous such as the Bank of Hawaii holds 170,000 tons of gold. Most central bank hoards around the world are mere hundreds of tons, and the US claims to have 8,000 tons, for example.

      IMO, her main problem is being an Obama supporter (according to Greg and not denied by her) and therefore a leftist (or worse). So the scariest thing she talks about, IMO, is that constitutional convention business. If that ever happens, I promise you that a side-effect of whatever she envisions for that will be gun confiscation.


  74. DAVE

    Hi Greg
    Here’s another major currency SWAP.It seems to be moving faster


    Thanks Greg

    • Greg

      I agree!! This is speeding up not slowing down. Thank you for posting the link!!

  75. Jim Weeber

    Ms. Hudes makes reference to the “rule of law” as a vehicle for eventually getting the country back on track. We see no one put in jail, or under meaningful scrutiny yet for things Karen has said are criminal. Seems like the “boys” will continue to ride the same horses as long as they run. How will rule of law save the system if financial practices are allowed to do continuing irreparable damage to our country?

  76. George

    Just a short note about Karen. She seems to be a lighting rod 😉
    People seem to either love her or hate her. I do see some apparent contradictions between some different interviews and I cant help but wonder if she misspoke on at least some of them; especially going form 95% failure to 95% success. I do appreciate the breadth and depth of opinions and information that your site provides instead of the people that only bring in the guests that agree with them.
    Keep up the good work and please bring Karen back. she isn’t wrong that we were robbed by the world bankers. She tried to expose them and paid the price. She may not be 100% correct on everything else but I respect her for her actions and intellect.

    • Greg

      Thank you George. That is a fair appraisal.

  77. Coalburner9

    A good thing about Karen is that she has generated more thought exchange on this site than I have seen lately. A lot of good info has passed by here. I have a few comments, first on Bitcoin. THe US Treasury, FED etc are not going to allow any currency that may compete with their fiat. There was a raid lately on that “Pirate” guy where they stole all his Bitcoin stash and they plan to use it to foul the system. Second, Just what is Obama up to, firing so many military leaders and signing so many really totolatarian executive orders? Third, is their any real facts to prove this FEMA prison camp blarney? If that is true storing or stashing any supplies is a useless effort. FEMA is authorized to steal it. When they show up people’s families are going out the back door to hide and let them have it. They should leave before FEMA comes for it, if they want to survive and try to dodge the Camp life or death! Is there anyone legit that you can interview.

    • Greg

      I am not a fan of Bitcoin either. Why not have a a core asset real money such as Au and Ag coins? I sell zero investments of any kind, but if you ask me that should be a core “set it and forget it” investment. What people need today is financial insurance and that is what Au and Ag should be and nothing more. Thank you for your comment.

      • mohammad

        Bitcoin is the nucleus for the new digital money.
        Notice Karen Hudes did not like gold backed money despite the fact she claimed in an above linked Video with RT that there is at least 170000 tons of it in Hawaii only, that is a big red flag!

        • Galaxy 500

          The Obamachrist has a kill switch for the internet. How would you spend this if he killed the net for while. I am not a bitcoin fan because I have lived long enough to see the unhackable and unbreakable code both hacked and broken. But I believe bitcoin is a better investment than dollars in a CD.

  78. Marner Campbell

    Praying for you Karen—-we are in the endtimes—and so much is coming–Daniel in the Bible know what he was talking about—-and I think you do too—-Blessings!

  79. Estella

    If the Powers that ordered KH re-instated can’t even get her a batch to go back to the World Bank what can we expect to be done to end the corruption we suffer?

    She was fired several years ago, what progress has been made to end the corruption and take down this criminals?

    If the group of Governors and Congress are aware of the problem, why can’t she start a petition outlining all the issues and submit it to the white House, the Governors and Congress? am sure thousands will sign it
    IMO She seems to have a problem understanding that we already know what’s going on,so somebody needs to sit down with her and calmly explained what we know because she assumes everyone is asleep.

    I found peculiar that she seems to think the solution is talking to our neighbors about it in trying to wake as much people as we can
    we have so much technology right now there are way better options to do this.

    She needs to start facing the fact that Congress is as corrupt as Eric Holder, the World Bank, The IMF, etc., so what is the solution?

    Who is working to end the Corruption can we get a name and number so we can call this person and voice our support and demand action..NOW?

    Something is missing and I can’t pint point it.

    There were several meetings last week, BRICS, WB, IMF, in DC, according to her something was going to go down on this meetings but she didn’t mentioned if she knew the outcome

    Greg, you as usual, are doing an outstanding job, I am a new fan and appreciate everything you are doing.

    God Bless

    • Greg

      Thank you and welcome to the “Red pill” world!! You can never go back to sleep after you are awake.

  80. Motorbike Mike

    Greg –

    God is on a permanent vacation and “George” self-appointed himself as the Moderator-In-Chief of the comments on your website. Or, maybe it’s the Troll-In-Chief.

    • Greg

      Motorbike Mike,
      God never takes a vacation and George’s comments are approved by me–same as everyone else. George is not a troll. I know that for a fact. Thank you for your comment but in the future please challenge what you think is wrong about what George is posting. Please don’t resort to making false charges and calling him names. That makes it look like you have zero argument against him.

  81. James

    I DO believe that Karen has the inside scoop, although she is NOT telling ALL. In order to understand her statements, one must be privy to other world financial/monetary reform intel. She is spot on with her history of the banking cabal and their agenda. Based on my research, I too am hopefull that a complete world financial meltdown will be avoided. What she stated BUT did not say is that there is a 95% chance that the USA Inc. will be replaced by “the rule of law” the Constitional Republic. Then the Republic Treasury will be back in control of the Monetary agenda set forth by the Constition, ie: “the rule of law.”

  82. Granny Franny

    What people seem to be forget is that what happens to us has tremendous implications on all world’s countries and their economies. Karen Kudes and her whistleblower allies have contacts with finance ministers from 188 countries. She has credentials in law and economics and understands all the intricate implications that they also understand.

    Other countries don’t want war and they are cutting her as much slack as possible so the world can find a graceful transition for everyone. The cabals running our country also rule other countries. All countries have seen if not experienced first hand the consequences. They recognize that the housecleaning needed here can not be handled through normal channels that are puppets for the international cabals.

    U. S. cabals wants to handle this the way they usually do: start a war. Other countries don’t want war and they are cutting her as much slack as possible so the world can find a graceful transition. Moreover, they recognize that she has established contact with the attorney generals and governors of all our states.

    This is a historial moment: a time of worldwide collaboration as opposed to the usual competition. Karen Hudes understands that the media is owned and controlled by the cabals so she is pushing to reach the U.S. public through alternative internet media. As the word spreads, other group efforts are underway and we can accomplish the impossible. She is not a Monday morning quarterback so is one hell of a doer.

    • Greg

      Granny Franny,
      Thank you for posting this back-up information of Karen Hudes. I agree, her credentials are sterling.

  83. marcus

    I think a non violent takeover is a possibility. It in fact sounds like a takeover that would certainly be blessed by the lord. The meek will inherit. The riches will belong to the poor. I sent her a message saying I admired her for wanting to have a peaceful takeover and forgive the wrong doers if they would repent and do right and those who would not repent should get out of the way. Wow it sounds good just to think about it.
    She is not thinking about revenge. Revenge is mine sayeth the Lord, She is thinking about mercy and goodness and repentance. It is possible if you “IMAGINE” not every one wants things the way they are. Jesus said even a tax collector gives good gifts, See how even those doing wrong now would have opportunity to just get on the right path for the sake of their loved ones.

    OH ya I believe!

  84. Andre Da Jiant

    I have listened to just about every interview with this woman that you can find on the internet. Something is just not sitting right about her. I am generally a very analytical personality, but I have also learned over the years to trust my gut instinct about people and situations. This woman is not what she purports to be and there is some serious, yet nebulous, sinister goings-on related to her. It will play itself out in any case.

    • Galaxy 500

      wow and damn. What is it about Ms Hudes that generates all this venom? In my mind, it lends more credibility to her as most attacks are either and assault on her faith or her sanity. I see a few from the regulars like myself that disapprove of her theories or data and then explain why. Say what you will but Karen is a lightning rod that is being struck on a regular basis.

  85. Maria Heavens


    So many of the commenters seem to have given up. So, GUYS, cash your chips in and hide.
    Another female commentator, Solari Report’s Katherine Austin Fitts also talks about what we can do to change our situation. I’m amazed at the pathetic lack of will seen here among people with more $ than many US citizens.

    Thanks, Greg, for having Karen Hudes on your site.

    • Greg

      Maria Heavens,
      thank you for weighing in here and please come back.

  86. Dawn


    Thank you SO much for providing these interviews with Karen Hudes.

    Firstly, early on in Karen going public, she was asked couple times by interviewers to pronounce her sure-name, which she did. It is pronounced H-YOU-dez. it’s a hard U sound. Not who-dez. Is spelled Hudes. “U” is pronounced just like the letter sounds, with an H in front of the u. She’s quite a patient person & does not feel need to correct people mispronouncing her name. An admirable quality.

    Karen has often enough explained she is a spokesperson for a quickly expanding number of Whistle-blowers. Including herself. But, that she herself is, rather than whistle-blowing, more personally focused on ending the years of cover-ups of the vital information we people need to be educated about involving the central banksters corrupt ponzi schemes & other related events as they happen(ed), which is not allowed revealed via mainstream media channels. This is because only a handful of banksters currently own all the media channels here in the states. They intend the truth remain hidden from us.

    So, in short, Karen’s coming at the problem from a somewhat different direction (perspective)than that of a whistle-blower.

    I think Karen is displaying a rare positive approach (for today’s sad state of affairs with so many fear-based attitudes)… an unusual positive approach, in that she gives humanity her full benefit of doubt that we can & WILL overcome this dilemma involving reckless, self-serving, parasitic & jaded banksters & their cutouts totally riding on the backs of the rest of us! They have been robbing us of our Birthright here, of our inventiveness, creativity and our time. Karen has stated repeatedly she has few doubts about our abilities & successes. She’s in disagreement w/those who would dare steal from us our inherent rights to be freely & actively self-determining.

    She has no time for pity-me-parties re: collectives of negative pow-wows (talk is cheap) within fear-based mentalities today. Her efforts appear directed toward staying on-point while she increases her own knowledge base of the ever growing facts of what we are dealing with, both here in America and globally.

    One of the most dangerous, impending verities of what we are dealing with to date is the deviously planned protocols (bankster funded) objectives to push we Americans beyond the margins of our reasoning senses. Repetitive measures are promoted & funded & used against us so as to cause us to psychologically break down, ie: that we loose control so the plan of martial law can be imposed against us. This fact is evidenced in ongoing, frequently staged PLOTS involving Crazy Lone Gunman/woman shooting randomly at people in public places. Evidence has been forthcoming these are staged plots involving highly funded private (NGO) foreign groups simply following their scripts.

    “They” are attacking us from a temporary only vantage point, with everything they’ve got– including their use of technological weapons which are able to manipulate our emotive states.

    Karen along with growing numbers of whistle-blowers truly are making a difference! The empirical evidence discovered following more recent disasters is information that needs to filter down reaching more people in all walks of life. The more we learn the more we know; the more we know the less anxiety we’ll be dealing in. This withholding of factual information from us needs to cease! That is what our whistle-blowers are working toward. Psychologically, the unknown can be cause for buildup of fear in us. This need not be. To self-educate and then observe the staged play-acting as these events transpire is a priceless antidote in minimizing fearfulness. The criminals are highly predictable, repetitive. (ritualistic). They rarely deviate from the main format when carrying out their attacks.

    We have come close to being pushed to the edge of our sanity here… as Americans, and I know this is a major factor in play- which has Karen and others doing all that is within their abilities to help prevent this blatant bankster funded idiocy from going any further.

    The most immediate, the most looming situation, right in front of our faces daily now– we currently are dealing with, is the agenda being pushed (forced) on us involving martial law being imposed; with visions of goons (black boots) armed & breaking down our doors to confiscate guns. Leading to FEMA camp imprisonment (whether they find guns or not). In that order.

    THE larger agenda is also meant to “capture” our full attention in order to promote terror in us, in our psyches. And this is why Karen & those with her are appealing to our finer senses at this critical point. We CANNOT allow ourselves to be pushed beyond our wiser senses. Staying focused & calm while everything appears to be raging around us is absolutely necessary at this point in time. We have responsibility to control where we focus, and not allow our concentration to be captured & controlled by these tyrants. This period of time is begging for uncommonly common sense to be appreciated & spread freely among us.

    We really do have the ability to re-birth Common Law Courts, seated with lawful & educated Juries of We The People. Jurists have always had responsibility of nullifying bad law, ie: Unconstitutional polices (color of law). Corrupt magistrates have counseled juries not to make decisions based on (false)law as he/she presents them in court. The People are the only ones apparently willing & able to bring about Lawful Courts today. Counting on the current batch of extremely corrupted, totally self-serving government shills at federal, state, & local levels… is futile. Though there are some good ppl at these levels, we need more of US in the larger equation.

    This involves focusing on rebuilding instead of on fear of being destroyed.

    The Second Ammendment, Tenth Ammendment folks are working relentlessly– they remain focused & steady bound. There ARE honest Judges, true Judges willing to assist. This all takes extraordinary patience… self-directed education using our concentrated thought; along with our support, our time & efforts generously offered where & how we may– towards this better way.

    Collected groups of complainers are of absolutely no benefit to our welfare, short or long-term. And there are so many of these type Blogging groups today (usually funded by banksters). We need to learn to ‘see’ them for what they are and avoid their fear mongering, doubt-ridden agenda scripts. It’s the bankster fears we keep encountering, NOT ours. Though they fully intend to continue brainwashing us into believing their fears are ours.

    THIS is what Karen & so many other concerned Americans & international co-patriot cousins of ours cannot, WILL NOT take their focus off of; that being the undeniable FACT we are actively, deliberately being pushed well beyond our comfort zones here.

    So, we are being encouraged to freely mix & support where we’re able. To continue Self Educating.

    The net is full of classified documents (so many have lost their lives in the process of bringing these very revealing government documents to the People’s attention, via books & the net). Let’s not forget the many nameless heros who’ve passed their torches on to us.

    Critical thinking is needed. Groups of complainers who only complain are useless. Same goes for the fear-mongering promoters.

    Greg you have a great group of critical thinking commenters here. I’m glad to have found your site!

    Bless us all.

    • Greg

      Thank you Dawn for the comment and for adding your perspective.

  87. Akshay

    Under the leadership of President Barrack Obama,U.S. is the superpower.
    Best Regards

  88. Akshay

    From my point of view,money is not everything.Money is being made by human being.Fearless human being is the most valuable asset of a nation,globe or universe.

    • Greg

      I like the way you think!!

  89. Suzanne

    I’ve been watching Hudes since she burst onto the scene trying to insert herself into the prepper/liberty community a little while back. While she has a lot of background, she’s got some real problems with her cred.
    I also notice she makes it a point to raise her voice and talk over people… which really raises my eyebrows. Nobody else does this, why is she?

  90. Joe Morris

    Thank you Karen Hudes!! One day, she will be seen as a world hero!! Thank you for the hope of a more peaceful transition then one of a Mad Max scenario.

    Keep up the great work Greg and one day, your family will come around. Like I tell my family and friends, all I ask for, is a phone call and a admission that I was right all along. After that, it’s one love.

    Take care

  91. Galaxy 500

    Well snap. Is there no end to the progressive (communists have co-opted this) liberal assault on our privacy?


    This will stop when the liberal use this to track their own OR the real Americans revolt!
    “So G-500, you are saying Liberals are not Americans?”
    No, I am saying they are UN-American. They are working tirelessly to steal our labor and our freedom. Thomas Jefferson, in modern day Seattle, would walk down to City hall with the rest of the founding fathers, arrested the City Council, the responsible police officials and any responsible bureaucrats, try them for treason and then execute. All in 24 hours. Ignore these evil people at your own peril. You need to take action now.

  92. msbetz

    Karen Hudes is a very brave woman and a brave lawyer, she has gone all the way to bring down the corruption in the financial world and maybe she has aspirations to head up the “world Bank”. She may be THE woman to take on the financial structure of the world for the “benefit of Humanity”…sounds lofty but we’re aware of the total corruption that rules presently….It’s time for governments of the world to be held accountable for their crimes.
    Eric Holder had her ARRESTED…and Holder SUED Standard & Poors…they know something is up in their world of thuggery. KUDOS to Karen Hudes!

  93. msbetz

    Karen Hudes is a very brave woman and a brave lawyer, she has gone all the way to bring down the corruption in the financial world and maybe she has aspirations to head up the “world Bank”. She may be THE woman to take on the financial structure of the world for the “benefit of Humanity”…sounds lofty but we’re aware of the total corruption that rules presently….It’s time for governments of the world to be held accountable for their crimes.
    Eric Holder had her ARRESTED…and Holder SUED Standard & Poors…they know something is up in their world of thuggery. KUDOS to Karen Hudes!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you MSBetz.

  94. Darell

    Take into account that hack abuse may simply end in having your COC account

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