U.S. Not a Super Power and Not Credible Anymore- Karen Hudes

HudesBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes says the global opinion of America is tarnished.  Hudes contends, “Is the United States a credible super power?  The answer to that is ‘we are neither.’  We’re not a super power and we are not credible.”   Hudes goes on to warn, “The biggest game changer is something that people are just ignoring, and they ignore it at their peril, and that is the creation of a fourth credit rating agency. . . . If they do not get our act together, they will have no choice . . . We are losing our credit rating.”  Hudes, who is also a whistleblower, charges, “There is fraud and corruption from top to bottom in the financial system.”  As far as global central banks are concerned (including the Fed), Hudes claims, “The central bankers have a scam going on.  It’s a Ponzi scheme.  The citizens of the world are paying interest on their currencies.  These currencies are not being issued by the governments; they are being issued by private bankers.”  Don’t give up hope because Hudes says, “The U.S. has to come around to the rule of law. . . . and we are on track with a 95% likelihood, and that is why I think the dollar is not going to tank.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with whistleblower and former Senior Counsel for the World Bank, Karen Hudes.   

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  1. Brent


    I like pretty much all of your guests, but this one showed herself to be a charleton earlier this week on Rick Wiles trunews show. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e39RpfgsDRw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBpSlvedUI6VmwBjQLpFb0g

    • Arthur Radley

      Hello Brent and Greg and everybody,

      I certainly don’t know Karen Hudes personally, but I have seen both of her previous interviews with Greg. She seems to be authoritative and genuine to me. Anyway, I listened to that radio interview that you linked. What happened, IMO, is that she became enraged when the host, Rick Wiles, gave his opinion that the only way the people of the U.S. can “take control of this country” is via a bloody revolution (at 31:50 in the interview). She blew her stack at that exact moment. That’s all that happened. Then Wiles booted her off the air. It seemed to me that she didn’t like possibly being misunderstood as advocating violence in any way. She’s a lawyer, and she often speaks about the “rule of law” and such. Now, to be fair to Wiles, I don’t think he meant to propose a revolution. He was, I think, trying to illustrate how vast and intractable all of this corruption seems to him; that it is beyond law and lawyers, so-to-speak. But hey, Wiles is a religious broadcaster, and as such he probably thinks about things like this mostly from a Biblical apocalyptic viewpoint. So these two people never had a chance of getting along, IMO. One is an end-time preacher, and the other is a lawyer working overtime to organize a legal remedy to it all. That’s my opinion, anyway.

      • mohammad

        Though i have doubts about this lady’s agenda i can relate to what she went angry at. This is what happened in Syria and people got killed and country got destroyed and powers that be won when they played the masses into armed revolution. She saw it in Syria and does not want it here in US, i give her a huge point there!

    • Linda

      I listened to Karen on Rick Wiles’ show and she got angry when he suggested that the only way to take our government back was an armed insurrection. She got really mad and lost her temper with that guy, but I don’t see where she was proven to be a “charlatan.” She was against it. Her position doesn’t play into a Christian endtimes scenario, but that doesn’t make her a charlatan in my book.

    • Galaxy 500

      IS ENGLISH your first language? It easy to see what upset Karen.

    • j.c.davis

      Well done Brent. As with all things we take the good , tollerate the bad, and discard the spioled.

    • practicus

      Dear Greg,
      You must interview William Dean A. Garner.