U.S. Not a Super Power and Not Credible Anymore- Karen Hudes

HudesBy Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Former World Bank lawyer Karen Hudes says the global opinion of America is tarnished.  Hudes contends, “Is the United States a credible super power?  The answer to that is ‘we are neither.’  We’re not a super power and we are not credible.”   Hudes goes on to warn, “The biggest game changer is something that people are just ignoring, and they ignore it at their peril, and that is the creation of a fourth credit rating agency. . . . If they do not get our act together, they will have no choice . . . We are losing our credit rating.”  Hudes, who is also a whistleblower, charges, “There is fraud and corruption from top to bottom in the financial system.”  As far as global central banks are concerned (including the Fed), Hudes claims, “The central bankers have a scam going on.  It’s a Ponzi scheme.  The citizens of the world are paying interest on their currencies.  These currencies are not being issued by the governments; they are being issued by private bankers.”  Don’t give up hope because Hudes says, “The U.S. has to come around to the rule of law. . . . and we are on track with a 95% likelihood, and that is why I think the dollar is not going to tank.”  Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with whistleblower and former Senior Counsel for the World Bank, Karen Hudes.   

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  1. Brent


    I like pretty much all of your guests, but this one showed herself to be a charleton earlier this week on Rick Wiles trunews show. Here is the link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e39RpfgsDRw&feature=c4-overview&list=UUBpSlvedUI6VmwBjQLpFb0g

    • Arthur Radley

      Hello Brent and Greg and everybody,

      I certainly don’t know Karen Hudes personally, but I have seen both of her previous interviews with Greg. She seems to be authoritative and genuine to me. Anyway, I listened to that radio interview that you linked. What happened, IMO, is that she became enraged when the host, Rick Wiles, gave his opinion that the only way the people of the U.S. can “take control of this country” is via a bloody revolution (at 31:50 in the interview). She blew her stack at that exact moment. That’s all that happened. Then Wiles booted her off the air. It seemed to me that she didn’t like possibly being misunderstood as advocating violence in any way. She’s a lawyer, and she often speaks about the “rule of law” and such. Now, to be fair to Wiles, I don’t think he meant to propose a revolution. He was, I think, trying to illustrate how vast and intractable all of this corruption seems to him; that it is beyond law and lawyers, so-to-speak. But hey, Wiles is a religious broadcaster, and as such he probably thinks about things like this mostly from a Biblical apocalyptic viewpoint. So these two people never had a chance of getting along, IMO. One is an end-time preacher, and the other is a lawyer working overtime to organize a legal remedy to it all. That’s my opinion, anyway.

      • mohammad

        Though i have doubts about this lady’s agenda i can relate to what she went angry at. This is what happened in Syria and people got killed and country got destroyed and powers that be won when they played the masses into armed revolution. She saw it in Syria and does not want it here in US, i give her a huge point there!

    • Linda

      I listened to Karen on Rick Wiles’ show and she got angry when he suggested that the only way to take our government back was an armed insurrection. She got really mad and lost her temper with that guy, but I don’t see where she was proven to be a “charlatan.” She was against it. Her position doesn’t play into a Christian endtimes scenario, but that doesn’t make her a charlatan in my book.

    • Galaxy 500

      IS ENGLISH your first language? It easy to see what upset Karen.

    • j.c.davis

      Well done Brent. As with all things we take the good , tollerate the bad, and discard the spioled.

    • practicus

      Dear Greg,
      You must interview William Dean A. Garner.

  2. The Circus Monkey

    Greg, I got a good laugh at you saying she is one of your most popular guests. This may well be true, but for me she is the chief clown in the circus. We are coming around to the rule of law? Wow, must be some really potent weed – either that, or she is very, very delusional. She seems to go on and on, spewing out a bunch of gobbledegook and mumbo jumbo.

    Well, I can save myself the price of a circus ticket this year – I just saw the circus here!

    • Angusdude

      Yikes! And what law? Whose law? 188 nations she said thee other day all following a rule of law? Nonsense.

  3. Liquid Motion


    Nicely done….G-man.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Karen. I love the way she operates ( a no nonsense approach) but I hate the way she sporadically throws out tender morsels of information as if she was feeding the starving masses. Luckily she’s on our side…if not those tender morsels could very well be laced with strychnine.

    The US and its artificial monetary system (along with its hoards of corrupt crooks)…according to KH …is going to hell in a basket case. We should all rejoice about that. It will come to a point where patriotism is not synonymous with protection of the once mighty greenback. We’ll all be glad its done, so that we can become freer (and perhaps a little poorer) in the process.
    She’s 100% on the money when she says they (the crooks)need to be held accountable for the destruction that they have caused…..AND it has to start at the very top. That means the members of the BIS will have their heads rolling around the corridors.
    Trouble is …how do you take (and win) action against the criminals that invented and control the system. “Rule of Law” was never meant to be punitive for the controllers only beneficial in nature. Her quest may be admirable but could also be futile. Like I’ve been harking on about for some time…its the FED and its creators that are the problem. Private banking/money systems are never good for the populace. The odds are always stacked in the houses favour. Even the threat of losing the world’s crown will not unsettle the men (banksters)parading as central planners. They will put up a fight that will be as painful for the loser (US) as it is for the winner/successor.
    We still don’t have a time frame for this financial Armageddon , but we know it will be breathtaking, literally….for the implosion will create such a vacuum, the lack of Air will not sustain life.
    My theory about World war III is very much about the maintenance of privately controlled monetary systems/order and less about the threat of Nuclear/Chemical disarmament OR False Flags on home soil.
    Nevertheless, Karen’s got one helluva fight on her hands and its almost a call to arms. She needs all the willing and able bodies to fight the almost unwinnable battle.
    Speaking of which, don’t give up on yours. Your family will come to depend on you one day, when very tough decisions will need to be made. Its in your own interests to keep those close to you, educated.
    More knowledge and power to everyone. Keep bringing her back Greg….what she has provided to date has only just managed to touch the sides. Its not so much the frequency…but moreover the quality.
    I have to admit that every time you have Karen on …its like an episode from the latest espionage thriller by J Le Carre..this is too good to miss….and too good not to be true…while at the same time the whole setup is frightening the bejesus out of me.
    Bring it…!!!

  4. Taboola la

    Greg, Back in the days of me youth, I new an old Russian Gentleman in his late 90’s, who was in on the Russian revolution and during communism, apparently became so disillusioned, he was booted out the party and escaped to America. One thing he would always mention, whenever I saw him was, to just remember, If you steel a loaf of bread and get caught, you’ll go to jail for the rest of your life. But if you steel a million dollars, you’ll be a hero. In today’s dollars, I think, that would have to be a billion, to get away with it and be the hero and being a bankster wouldn’t hurt either!
    P>S> Between Karen’s hopes and jubilation’s, she seemed, almost on the verge of tears. I think Karen was an impressionable and pretty, young lady, when she got involved with the world bank and after so many years and finaly, relizing the emperor’s, “dirty old bankster’s” had no clothes, she blew the whistle and has been, in a sort of shell shock, on how they hung her out to dry, and how there about to do us all in, too! I mean she seems to refuse, to think we cant kill, this monster, before its, to late. Heaven help us, if we cant! Anybody know the words to “Nearer my God to thee”? HOW BOUT, gOOGLE

    The man upstair’s,
    will get the job done!

    Keep praying that your flight may not occur in wintertime, nor on the sabbath day; for then there will be great tribulation, such as has not occured since the world’s beginning until now, no, nor will occur again. In fact, unless those days were cut short, no flesh would be saved; but on account of the chosen ones those days will be cut short.
    Matthew 24:20-22
    Here I is, chose me, chose me and have a Great Day, he’s got our back!

    • Greg

      Taboola la,
      He does have our backs. Amen.

  5. George Silver

    Dear Greg
    Every time you interview Karen Hudes it’s like watching a pro heavy-weight boxing match. At the end you seem exhausted. Your final punch was about Gold but she managed to dodge your punch once again.
    It’s all very enjoyable but whenever you interview her it’s as though we enter some strange surreal alternate universe.

    The question I am always left with is:- “Can I believe her?”

    The problem I find difficult to understand is that she is always talking about the USA and it’s corrupt financial system but this is also true of the rest of the World. Every country uses “funny money” fiat currency and every country uses fractional banking. Not just the USA.

    • Greg

      George Silver,
      Thank you for your comment and support. I don’t have to agree with everything someone says here. I just try to get the best people possible to help us all find our way. Hudes has excellent credentials and there is much to learn from her. I like her and her heart is in the right place. What is happening now has never happened on this scale in human history. I am hoping we can piece the puzzle together to give the best prediction possible as to the outcome and the timing. Hudes helps us get a little closer to the mark and adds some hope that things will turn around. I think things will turn around after a horrible collapse and many will be forever changed. It will be much easier for those who are awake and prepared.

  6. William Betts

    This woman knows what she is talking about! We need to issue our own money from the US Treasury and abolish the FED. It is an unconstitutional organization that got JFK killed because he wanted to do just that issue our own money.. See executive order JFK issued June 1963. This got him killed. This FED bank cartel has destroyed this country. They are thugs and crooks as Ms Hudes states. She should have a body guard. Why don’t you ask Dr Paul Craig Roberts why he want take on the FED with its debt money that is nothing but a ponzi scheme for the last 100 years. We could operate this country without an income tax if we issued our own money instead of the bank cartel issuing it with a price tag to the people. We need to tell the BIS in Basal to stick it up their ass and get out of that shit. If we don’t do this we are ruined as a country and that is no shit…… Betts

  7. MAL

    Hi Greg,
    It’s always interesting to listen to Karen. Her dedication to her beliefs and her rare willingness to fight relentlessly for them are probably also at the root of her optimism. Unfortunately I’m not as optimistic as she is. I truly hope I’m wrong and she’s right.

    • Greg

      Thank you Mal. I think any way you cut it the world is in for some very rough times.

  8. kashif

    What no one seems to be covering is how the US debt clock spiked over 300 billion USD just in one day after the debt ceiling removal. This looks unsustainable.

    • chow

      Because they have to pay off what the treasury secretary, Lew, said about extraordinary measure (I forgot how he called it) which is borrowing from pension funds, etc. from when the last debt ceiling was reach in May till they raised the ceiling last week. You must have observe that the national debt remained the same since May even though the government was spending like drunken sailor (I used to be a sailor and it’s an insult to the drunken sailor to be compared to the insane government).

  9. Dave

    Gee, I guess we can all relax now, Hudes thinks there’s a 95% chance the dollar is not going to tank.

    Why? Because she also apparently believes the US government has a ‘conscious’ and ‘will’ come around to the law!

    Really? Since when?

    • art barnes

      Right on the nose, nail on the head, short but precise view of the “new america”, – (“home of the naive, future land of the enslaved”).

  10. art barnes

    Greg, to believe our government, the elite, & the financial system will commence playing by the rule of law is outrageous. The reason, easy: greed, corruption, & paid for media propaganda. 60 minutes piece last night about charging 18% to borrow from yourself and get it from campaign contributions is an example, it is the rule of law, this practice is allowed and legal. In essence, they play by the rules because they just write the rules to their order. Your guest is just to naive about a possible turnaround, the “high road” means nothing if you don’t have guns.

    • Greg

      Another thing is if these guys lose power, then what’s stopping criminal prosecutions? It will be tough dislodging them because they are bribing Congress, the White House and Justice Department as well.

  11. rjsgso

    I wished I shared her surety that things will turn around. Saner heads have prevailed at other times in history, maybe we can prevail this time too. The banksters will not go quietly, that’s for sure.

    The CAFR issue Karen mentioned, it IS a big deal. Trillions have been siphoned off from public funds. It dwarfs even the mortgage securities fraud. The whole “underfunded pension funds” issue is a gigantic fraud. It’s just another money grab by the banks. Matt Taibbi wrote about it briefly in Rolling Stone:


    For more in-depth information about the CAFR situation see “The Biggest Game in Town”:


    and “The Great Pension Fund Hoax” for a more exhaustive investigation into the true state of government wealth.


  12. Antonio Martins

    Total Global Economical Financial Terrorism by these Financial Criminal Terrorists at the World Bank in W.D.C.
    Why aren’t they waging war against these terrorists and terroristic institutions and there leaders and sending them to Guantanamo Bay?
    What are they waiting for?
    Must the people end up in another Civil War or Revolutionary War in the USA and around the World in order to make things right at the expense of millions of innocent lives?
    I see a blood bath in the streets in the USA and aroun