Unconstitutional Trump Impeachment, Deep State Threats, Rich Buy Gold

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 414 12.13.19)

The impeachment of President Trump continues even though not a single specific crime has been identified by House Democrats. The two articles Dems settled on are “Abuse of Power” and “Obstruction of Congress.” Neither is a proper reason to impeach a President according to the U.S. Constitution. Speaker Pelosi says House members should vote their conscience. Will the House vote to impeach with phony unconstitutional charges and zero crimes committed by President Trump? Yes, but will it pass? We are going to find out before Christmas.

Many people say they do not expect charges to come from the bombshell IG Report that outlined many crimes and failures in the Trump/Russia collusion hoax and FISA abuse. Many also say this was a failed coup attempt by Democrats and the Deep State. If no real charges were coming, the deepest of Deep State players, former AG Eric Holder, in the Obama Administration would not be out in front with an Op-Ed in the Washington Post criticizing AG Barr and questioning the reputation of Barr’s top prosecutor. Somebody is very worried, and Holder’s toxic Op-Ed is a big tipoff.

The rich are buying gold. This revelation leaked out in an investment note to clients from Goldman Sachs. The note cites “fear driven demand.” I thought the economy was great, but Goldman Sachs must believe otherwise.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he gives his take in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Former CIA Officer and counter-intelligence expert Kevin Shipp will be the guest for the Early Sunday Release.  There is plenty to talk about in Swampland D.C.


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  1. paul ...

    WONDERING brings up this interesting thought:
    And a lot of people will get great joy from such an event happening … because they admire “criminality” … they go to the movies to see the Godfather 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 … and they get really excited by all the killing and murder … seems to me “most ordinary American people” really enjoy violence and love organized crime leaders like Hillary, Pelosi, etc., etc. as they easily get away with murder and do all kinds of evil things (i.e. like having Qaddafi raped and murdered and Trump wrongly impeached, etc.) … I’m beginning to equate this love, fascination and romance with evil organized crime members “by the American people” with a subconscious desire on their part “To Become Crooks” (what else can I think … if after 4 long years … “no arrest has been made to lock Hillary up” … and she is now running for President of the United States (along with that other crook Biden) … both of them knowing full well that the American people “love crooks”!!

    • paul ...

      And it’s not just “regular” crooks the American people admire … they admire and continually vote for “commie crooks” that take away their freedoms of speech and privacy as these are the crooks “most loved and admired by American’s who seem to have subconscious sadomasochistic tendencies” … we can see it in their love for killing babies (inside and outside of the womb) … we can see it in their love for continuous wars … they can’t wait for WWIII with China (and they want their next war to be “nuclear” because “American’s are exceptional people”) … just like those “exceptional people who crucified Jesus” because he preached goodness and overturned the banksters tables … just like Americans (the people at the time of Christ let that “evil crook Barabbas” run free just like Hillary) … back then they shouted down the man who dared to say “we are all brothers” … nail him to a cross “they shouted” … this man “who dares think he is King” … impeach his treacherous ass “for suggesting seeking peace with ones enemies” (i.e. like Trump trying to have a dialog with Russia or trying to put an end to that 18 year war in Afghanistan) … “never bring the boys home” the warmongers say “just move them to another part of the world” … during WWI their rallying cry was “Save the World for Demon-crazy” … and these crazy Demons then got us into WWII (easily staging a false flag at Pearle Harbor) … now they sanction the entire world … to bring about “the nuclear war” they want … to satisfy their blood thirst … and wish one another Merry Christ mass-murder … by lavishing gifts “beyond comprehension” upon all the money changers (in a $500 Billion Repo Operation) to steal away even more of our wealth and make their New Year bright!!!

      • paul ...

        So the rush is on “to impeach by Christmas” … Schiff insisted that waiting for Republicans to return from their Christmas break will mean a guarantee of that there will be no impeachment!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/political/jonathan-turley-slams-schiffs-need-impeach-christmas

      • AndrewB

        paul …
        Some great observations – obvious parallels, now that you point them out. Thanks.

        P.S. Also, timely of you to warn of the tactic of passing controversial (unpopular) legislation when the majority of senators are away on vacation. The passing of the Federal Reserve Act must rank as one of the most treacherous acts against humanity, yet still it perpetuates!
        Source: The Creature From Jekyll Island’ by G Edward Griffin – a paradigm-changing book.

    • Fatima message

      Strange things in history: the evil entity the USSR came into being on Christmas Day in 1921. The USSR dissolved itself when the military agreed to dissolved itself on Christmas Day in 1991. A biblical span of 70 years to the day! The REAL event of Fatima declared that unless people reversed their morals and repented that Communism would takeover the entire world as the “errors of Russia spread over the entire world.” A few persons in strategic places in Russia gave the world the first Communistic state. We are seeing how a few strategic persons in the right places can hold the world in their grasp. In a Financial depression persons in strategic places could hold up worldwide food delivery unless everyone took the MARK Of THE BEAST. When communist Russia “fell” in 1991 was anyone incarcerated? Did Communism cease to be when the USSR ceased to be? The errors of Russia have spread throughout the entire world! God help us. Does this remind anyone of Our Lord’s parable of the cockles placed by an enemy amongst the wheat. How did the MAN handle the situation in the parable? The cockles were destroyed in the fire at the time of the harvest. Our sun is already “primed” to cause the “fire falling from the sky” in a micro nova event as foretold at the Marian Akita apparitions in 1973. A micro nova was depicted during the Miracle Of The Sun at the Marian Fatima apparitions. Our enemy the devil has spread evil so deeply into worldwide society that now only God can “weed it out,” I‘m sorry to say.
      If interested check out the catastrophe series on the YouTube channel Suspicious Observers(if YouTube hasn’t killed it). Also physicist Prof. Paul LaViolette’s book “Earth Under Fire,” especially chapter 12. It appears the 12,000 year cycle of our sun’s micro nova sequence is primed and waiting to be triggered.

      • paul ...

        Fatima … If the Sun throws off a big micro-Nova explosion (every 12,000 years) seems the Mayan’s “were right all along” … and what of those ancient people who prayed to “the Sun” of God for salvation? … they probably also “knew all along” that … as evil increased in the world … it somehow had a corresponding effect on the Sun … making their God’s temper-ture rise … who would after 12,000 years of turning the other cheek … would one day simply explode in anger … and put an end to all the evil in the world!!

        • paul ...

          If 2046 is the correct date for the Sun of God “to explode in anger” … the evil banksters, pedophiles, warmongers, etc, etc. … have only 26 years to get their act together … and repent … perhaps cooling the Sun down!! … http://www.neelu.net/explore/edge-science-gaia-exclusion-zone/solar-micro-nova-in-2046/

          • paul ...

            Instead of just blindly accepting our fate … let’s proactively show our faith … why not give repentance a try … how about we humans all try to act “more moral” … and be “extra kind” to one another “for a year” … and then have scientists use their scientific instruments to measure the Sun’s temperature to see if it helps to cool it down … I don’t need any instruments … I’m old enough to know the Sun today is white “hot” and long to see it that “cool” yellow color it was when I was a kid!!!

            • paul ...

              This Christmas is a good time for all the people of the entire world to being being nice to one another … why not have all Governments fighting continual wars “Declare a Truce” for a year … just to see if the Sun actually cools down … what do we have to lose?? … at least one of the 26 years we have left will be peaceful … and show what Humanity could have been like in an ideal world … before we all pass away!!

  2. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    Merry Christmas!
    And a Happy Brexit, too!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks William. Johnson should leave the EU ASAP. Warning this could be extremely destabilizing to the global economy.

  3. JC

    Well, according to G.A. Stewart…

    If readers have not noticed, President Donald J. Trump is on the ropes, as the findings of the FBI Inspector General’s report shows.
    Yes, it is a complete whitewash and fiction, but that should not be a surprise to the regular readers of this Website. The fix is in, The Deep State has the power to lock down everything and force events and people to move in their direction.
    So, what are you going to to about it?
    Well, I believe that it is a lot more complicated than people believe, and the metaphysical aspects of the political intrigue are just more fodder for the professional critics of Conspiracy Theory. Only a few websites consider the spiritual angle, and that is where this all leads.


    • Greg Hunter

      Not sure you are right about Trump being on the ropes.

      • JC

        Greg, it’s not me, it’s G.A. Stewart. He stands by his interpretations of the writings of Nostradamus. And in closing, he says he hopes he’s wrong.

        “My Christmas wish is to be totally wrong about Nostradamus’ vision of the future. God Bless us, everyone!”

      • Galaxy 500

        “Trump will never be elected.”
        “Trump will be impeached.”
        “Orange man bad” the NPCs continue to talk about the impending doom of Trump.
        Trump was elected by the Will of God.

    • Galaxy 500

      “The Deep State has the power to lock down everything and force events and people to move in their direction.”
      Hmmmm… They do have some levers of power but we have numbers on outside. And unlike the rest of the world, we are armed Freeman. And even the Elites will not prevail against the Will of God.

      • paul ...

        G500 … a little cocktail-napkin math shows the entire financial, economic and monetary system is teetering on the brink of a nuclear meltdown as bad as Chernobyl and Fukushima combined … but we as Free Men have the God given power to bring the Deep State and the elites down as well … simply take our money out of their system of banks and brokerage houses as Sinclair suggests and buy gold!!

        • paul ...

          The US government fully intends to have the Fed print a “staggering amount more fiat paper” than is now being printed by the Feds Repo operations (way out into the indefinite future) … that is the government plan … look and see what the long term official budget projections are … http://danielamerman.com/Images/Resources/CCC/Cycles/FedBalance7.jpg … “our long term plan” must be to continue to buy gold and silver to protect our savings!!

    • David Dansker

      That comment holder made directed at the investigating prosecutor was an unveiled threat no mistake about it I would consider investigating him you can’t just go around threatening people like that this guy is a douchebag

      • David Dansker

        Also regarding this visa for farm workers routine back in the 2016 campaign when candidate Carson mentioned the $4 tomato regarding all the hidden cost built into these inexpensive produce we get from these inexpensive laborers imported from south of the border I decided then and I still do I don’t touch anything that comes out of the ground I quit eating tomatoes I quit eating lettuce and just about everything else I simply refuse to support it and you know what tomatoes are bad for you anyway and lettuce isn’t that great

    • Bill B

      J C. Don’t know that I agree with you completely.
      Some of the power of the deep state has been usurped. Google, Facebook etc have been gaining power, and are pulling some of the strings from behind the curtain. Watch what is going to happen in the 2020 election. If they don’t like what you say, they just cut you off.
      USA Watchdog is a good example

      • Greg Hunter

        Please remember Google and Facebook DO NOT create content. They scrape content, and sell adds, and make money from other people’s thoughts and words. Stop giving these weasels so much credit. Google and FB are internet scrapers and nothing more. You are reading the created content here and other places where thoughts power the Internet. It’s hard to kill a thought. They have been trying to kill the thought of Jesus for 2000 years. How’s that been going for them?

        • iwitness02

          …..where thoughts power the Internet.
          Great observation, I like that.
          It’s hard to kill a thought.
          Another great observation, and a nice comment.

        • paul ...

          Yes Greg … our God given thoughts power the internet (turn the internet off) and our God given thoughts still exist … so too … when we think of gold as money (turning off the Fed’s electronic money bubble machine) does not make God’s given gold disappear … it still exists as real money!!

  4. MAL

    Hi Greg and Merry Christmas,
    I suspect most of your audience is computer literate enough to simply put your web site on their favorites list. I did that years ago with you and several other sites I regularly visit. Click on favorites then click on your site and your there. Some other sites are now advising their viewers to watch then on Bit Chute, Brighteon or Vimeo. They’re doing so on their Youtube videos. They’re doing what you already did once before and walking away from the limelight. I’ve reduced the time I spend on Youtube by 75%.

    • Robert

      The only people getting ready to steal an election are the democrats by accusing their sworn enemies , Trump supporters, of the very crime they plan on committing. Projecting is as old as the hills.

  5. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and a Merry Christmas to yo and your family and your vibrant commentators.
    Here we are in the UK handing the reins of government to Boris Johnson,however the Bolshevik commies are still in control of our media(BBC et al),the bureaucracy,town halls and most poisonous Westminster.They all speak with the tyrant’s accent and are determined to destroy the UK,which seems likely now.The UK will disappear ,Scotland will go its own way,sadly as will Northern Ireland and Wale,what will be forgotten will be the blood that was shed to unite these entities,and they were united because of the collapse in their economies.Now England will have a replay and the people in the rest of the UK have voted for the demise of the UK,by the backdoor.SAD!
    Still our economy really does suck for the peasant,but for now a ray of hope,escaping the commie EU,is possible.However the bitterness of this very vote is still present,Johnson needs to unite the country and soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your reporting Maria. Praying for UK and Britain!! Merry Christmas!

    • Diane

      Socialism lost big time in UK last night
      Warning to left wing Democrats….you will lose in 2020 election.

  6. Jerry

    I hope your readers take this warning serious.
    Two of my sources in the military, have now confirmed that something major is going to happen between now and the end of January. While I have no specific information, or date, both have been called back to active duty just as they were supposed to be discharged.

    My speculation from what I have managed to piece together is, that if the deep states attempt to remove president Trump by impeachment should fail, their cohorts in the United Nations will launch a direct attack to remove him by force with some type of drummed up international violation of law, resulting in civil unrest and a possible civil war?

    If I’m wrong I’ll own it. But, if I’m right, you can’t even begin to imagine the impact that an attempted coup to remove a sitting president will have on markets that are so rigged. Just remember that there are United Nations troops stationed all over this country. thanks to the Clinton and Obama administrations, and they signed multiple documents giving the United Nations powers to exercise international law.

    Next Wednesday the house will vote to impeach President Trump, and then it goes to the senate, where God only knows what will happen? I’m sorry, but I don’t trust Mitch McConnell to do the right thing. He has to many globalist ties, especially to the Chinese. We are at the crossroads of our republic, and truly in the hands of the almighty.

  7. Galaxy 500

    Great Wrap up Greg,
    Merry Christmas to you and yours. People have said things will happen in September. People have said things will happen in October… November… December… 2017… 2018… 2019… 2020… 2021
    Do I believe hard times and pain is coming? It is inevitable. And the longer it takes to come, there is the likelyhood of great pain and turmoil. But more time also give us time to prepare and lay in supplies.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks 500!!

  8. Galaxy 500

    Since 2013, an average of 34 illegal aliens have been charged in North Carolina with 151 counts of raping or sexually assaulting a child per month — and that’s based on police data from less than a third of the counties in a single state.

    Shocking child sex crimes that you’d expect to happen about once a century now come at a clip of “every few years.” Within a five-year timespan, for example, the same California judge presided over these two cases:

    — Guatemalan Willy Alejandro Jimenez grabbed a 4-year-old girl in a Palo Alto parking lot, raped her, beat her unconscious, then threw her naked body from a moving car.

    — Fifty-year-old immigrant Paul Narvios repeatedly raped his girlfriend’s 9-year-old daughter, getting her pregnant and making her one of only four girls under the age of 10 to give birth in the United States.

    Since 1990, the media have reported on 53 specific girls aged 10 or younger who have given birth in Latin America. In the United States, with a population about 70 percent the size of the nine countries where those births occurred, there were four reported births to girls that young.

    Three were to immigrants.

    Two were fathered by Hispanic immigrants, one by a Haitian illegal immigrant and one by an American. But for William Edward Ronca, there would not be a single confirmed case of a white man in the Western Hemisphere impregnating a girl 10 years old or younger.

    A report from the Inter-American Children’s Institute explained that Latin America is second only to Asia in the sexual exploitation of women and children because sex abuse is “ingrained into the minds of the people.” Women and children are “seen as objects instead of human beings with rights and freedoms.”

    If the “Law & Order SVU” writers are worried that Trump is preventing these child-rape-happy cultures from coming to our country, I’ve got good news!

    Just two months ago, at an illegal immigrant flophouse in Immokalee, Florida, a teenaged girl got up to use to the bathroom in the middle of the night and caught an adult man in the act of raping a toddler, with blood running down both their legs.

    Although the victim’s age was redacted from the police report, the child was wearing a blood-soaked diaper when she arrived at the hospital. The infant was injured so badly that she’s been in the hospital since the attack, undergoing multiple reconstructive surgeries — with more to come.

    We know the child’s rapist was an illegal alien — there was no one else in the trailer. At the moment, it appears that the primary suspect is her “father,” Hector Gabriel-Jimenez, 23, who has been arrested for child neglect.

    He entered the country illegally back in February, was apprehended by border police and sent on his merry way — by a president who launched his campaign talking about Mexican rapists.

    Incest and child rape are not native American habits. Nor is child rape common in Spain. This isn’t genetic. Bestial behavior toward women and children is a hallmark of primitive, peasant cultures — the cultures we are importing by the million.

    The hallmark of civilized cultures is to arrest and imprison child rapists.

  9. JC

    Regarding “It’s ok to be white”, how about this?

    “Asian Restaurant In NYC Forced To Close Because Critics Say White Owner ‘Culturally Appropriated’ Chinese Cuisine”


    • paul ...

      Want to open an Italian restaurant in Greenwich Village if your not Italian?
      … “Faggedaboutit”!!!

  10. Marion

    I am a believer in Yeshua too which is why I watch your program when I get a chance.
    God is firmly in control. Amen and Amen.

  11. al

    Greg, you’re looking younger.

    GREAT QUESTION you ask.. If the economy is so great why don’t the Conspiracy Theorists in the Cult Enemy Media report on things like the Fed flooding the Repo Market with $500 Billion in the coming 30 days to avoid a Repo crisis by the end of this year? This just came out today, 12/13/19.
    FIVE HUNDRED BILLION Greg.. and the lame stream Cultist Whores in the Enemy Media won’t touch it.
    Isn’t it obvious by now that the media is run by corporations, who bow down to the Fed? Look no further.
    This impeachment diversion is perfect! The Demoncraps are probably being paid very well by the Fed for this diversion, as long as it’s taking up the “B.S. news cycle” while the economy is tanking.

    A HALF OF A TRILLION $$$$$$ DOLLARS $$$$ IN$$$ ONE$$$ MONTH!$$$$
    Let that sink in.

    Where is FOX IN THE HEN HOUSE NEWS on this? At the very least someone there should be talking about this atrocity. Some trusted source like Hannity.
    But No… NO ONE IS TALKING ABOUT THIS! Yet what a perfect jab by the Enemy Media at the President who touts a strong economy. This is HUGE! But they won’t take it.
    So Trump is playing the Fed like a fiddle and I’m loving it, what’s best is that the Cultists at the Enemy Media are NOT ALLOWED TO TALK ABOUT ECONOMIC FACTS!!! Because it shows the Fed’s fickleness and incompetence in the matter.

    How about hanging up this sign all over the place?

    As for the USMCA, I’m going to trust Trump on this one. He does not want to look bad or give the over-emotional democrap treasonous morons any ammunition, so it’s a wait and see scenario. It can’t be worse than NAFTA so let’s give it some time.

    Can we finally, FINALLY see Gold go to its fair value which is now estimated north of $8,000 per ounce? Do the math… $$$$ 500,000,000,000,000.00!!!! IN ONE MONTH!!! Zimbabwe/Venezuela got nothing on the Fed, but don’t talk about it. 🙂

    Thank you for all your hard work Greg… AWESOME AWESOME REAL NEWS!!!

    PS: I don’t escrow my taxes or insurance on my house either, haven’t for years. I’m not rich but it makes sense. I DON’T TRUST BANKS TAKING MY MONEY TO PAY MY BILLS!

    Merry CHRISTmas… as in CHRIST-MAS! Stay warm and healthy

    NOTE: Look up THEYTUBE’s competitors like BitChute which is much better than (the do more evil people)

    • Hockey Puck

      Interesting observations, Al. Thanks. My question is this: Where is the $500 billion going? With FASB 56, we’re never going to know. But if Steve Bannon and General Spalding are right, the Elite is now controlled by the Chinese Communist Party, which could mean that the Fed is too. This is such a tricky 5-D chess match to decipher. Could it be that a large amount of that money is making its way to China to prop up a totally dysfunctional economy? I wonder. Your thoughts?

      • William Stanley

        Al and Hockey,
        And impeachment . . . and acquittal . . . and a take down of the coup plotters . . . and mass social and economic disturbances?
        Maybe Jerry is onto something.

        • William Stanley

          Oh, I forgot Greg’s warning about Brexit.
          Quite a toxic brew.

          • Hockey Puck

            Great summation, William! … a toxic brew indeed! I didn’t put 2+2 together the way you did. Thanks. It could be ALL OR NOTHING right now. That’s how the CCP is thinking, The Elite, Obama, the Demonrats and, last but not least the Fox in the Hen House (LOL) News. Wow!

  12. paul ...

    The Deep State crooks in Washington who took over the Ukraine to put a choke hold on gas being shipped to Europe … and raise the “gas transit fees” being charged Russia for shipping that gas to Europe … are now in a frenzy to put sanctions on the piping construction companies assembling the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline (that now bypasses the Ukraine altogether) and ships natural gas directly to Germany … to the utter consternation of the frustrated and livid Deep State crooks like Biden, Pelosi, Hillary, etc.!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/energy/germany-trump-dont-meddle-europes-energy-after-nord-stream-2-sanctions-passed

  13. Greg Hook

    YT saddled your Friday wrap-up 12/13 with a 24 minute video. [They] want you to go away.
    As for myself, love your work.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Greg. You Tube says that want “financially viable channels,” then they do this with monetization or as they call it “demonetization.”

  14. Chip

    Excellent WNW Greg. Hope you get to feeling better… Chip

    • Greg Hunter

      I am feeling better. I hate doing the Wrap-Up coughing but the show must go on. Thanks for your support and very kind words!!! I spend way more time on the Wrap-ups than the interviews.

  15. paul ...

    As Greg states: “The rich are buying gold” … “even though” gold’s COTs have shown little improvement as the bullish flag has unfolded … which could help facilitate the Feds manipulation of the gold price down to say 1440 (as the Fed does it’s Repo Operation “to inspire confidence in their failed economic system”) … however “any Fed manipulated downtrend” will not be the start of something more sinister (as Stan want’s us to believe) as there is a clear positive divergence between accumulation and the price as seen in the following chart … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/gold6month121219.jpg

    • paul ...

      You know … even though the Fed can create more dollars out of thin air for their bankster buddies and manipulate the peoples gold down in price … it is not going to solve their problems … their unsustainable dependence on debt “to fund their greed” is simply the unbridled lunacy of a bankrupt nation of corrupt crooked banksters … and these banksters supposedly with “a higher education” (with diplomas not worth the paper it’s printed on like their money) … are managing a Deep “National Security” State that burns Trillions on unwinnable wars and then lie (and claim National Security) over the additional $21 Trillion they stole … and then with a straight face tell the old people their pensions like Social Security have to be cut back “to save money” … while they are loosely printing “a Billion a day in Repo money” … to enrich themselves … and I bet even the $365 Billion in “our” Repo money they are handing out to themselves … will not be enough for their greedy hands!!!

    • Free Slave

      Gold is never worth zero.

  16. andyb

    Greg: many pundits are declaring that Trump should be a landslide winner given the impeachment farce and a strong economy (thanks to QE 4ever).
    The only way the Dems can win is by voter fraud, which I feel will be accomplished primarily through motor/voter legislation. Currently there are 14 states that allow this. They are (with electoral votes in parentheses):
    CA (55) IL(20) OR(7)
    CO (9) MD(10) UT(6)
    CT (7) NM(5) VT(3)
    DE (3) NV(6) WA(12)
    HA(4) NY(29)
    Total electoral votes are 176; 2/3 of the votes needed to win. The vast majority of these states voted for Clinton in 2016 so you can say no big deal, RIGHT? Well, Clinton was supposed to win handily, so perhaps the other voter fraud methods were underutilized, such as Diebold machines (controlled by a Soros entity) and the dozens of precincts throughout the US that captured over 100% !!! of the eligible voters. Then too are the precincts noted in Ohio and PA during the 2012 election that showed less than 5% of the voters going for Romney (a statistical improbability) .

  17. steve pool

    it will all change in 2020 or in 2024, the united stated only has 5 yr left. once trump is gone the deep state will be able to put it all back in place. they will take down the wall, put us back in the paris agreement, put back in place all trade agreements and continual to push for war in the middle east and around the world. so the way I see it we here only have 5 yrs to enjoy what ever life we can. after that its any bodies guess, but it wont be good

  18. Nathan E Foote

    Thank you Greg! We are grateful for your fervent stand for Jesus Christ in our world, AND, for the sovereignty of the Father in all of this mess! Thank you for citing Matthew 28:18, as no truth is greater than this. The depth of criminal corruption at the HIGHEST levels of the banking system and deep-state gov’t are profound and depressing to say the least, but our confidence regarding the outcome should be steadfast and strong! God bless, brother Greg! Carry on sir! Carry on! Your true power comes from above!

    • Greg Hunter

      Amen Brother Nathan!! Your Brother Greg

  19. iwitness02

    Looking to the immediate future, all I can say is; it hasn’t gone hot, yet.

    • paul ...

      Iwit … Are you talking about the Sun or the economy??

      • iwitness02

        Referring to the cold civil war that is ongoing.
        I worry that it could go hot, after the election.
        The way it’s shaping up, half will be happy and half will be unhappy.
        The unhappy act out like never before. That is a concern to me.

  20. ken

    When you look at this whole impeachment debacle. With what the democrats have listed in the articles, they have nothing no laws broken just a bunch of what ifs.

    Well folks this a perfect example of a “ RED FLAG LAW”. A certain party in congress believes that the POTUS could be a danger to himself or others in the government. Therefore he needs to be striped of his rights and privileges as POTUS .
    How do you like it now folks!!!!!!

    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Ken! “. . . a Bunch of What ifs”!!

  21. Ed Milligan

    Sorry Greg. I only watch you here. I avoid the other site like the plague.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ed!! I don’t really know how long I will be allowed to stay on YouTube. This is why I work so hard on USAWatchdog.com.

  22. Jay Cornell

    Abuses By the Obama FBI you heard here first@ USAWSatchdog.com!

    Mueller enabled the Deep State Overtake of the Agency – Former FBI Agent
    libertyacademy in deep-state

    Barr Picked Up On It!
    There isn’t a single factual argument to be made against Barr’s assertions.
    Hugh Hewitt Dec 11, 2019

    The Obama FBI; Still With Us?
    FBI EXPOSED: Lindsey Graham DETAILS Massive FBI Bias Against President Trump
    373,160 views•Dec 11, 2019
    FOX 10 Phoenix

    ‘This lit up our base’: Trump campaign says impeachment will help him win reelection
    Toluse Olorunnipa 13 hrs ago
    Don’t Mind Toluse Olorunnipa’s poll number’s, totally bogus.LOL!

    US. Demoncrat’s Take Note; The Writings On The British Wall!
    Cummings pours scorn on ‘educated Remainer types’ after Tory election win
    Dec 13th 2019 3:28AM
    GINA AND DEM’S PLEASE TAKE NOTE; Trump is over the target, your demise is fast approaching!

    To Our Ounce Great State of California! RIP.

  23. Jon Vaughn

    As much as I “disregard” the democraps–having been registered as one for many years–it is difficult to get to mired in their little squabbles with the republicans. This is a sideshow, a distraction. The main action is at the top of the food chain: elite globalists, their debt money banking cartel, and all their sycophants in government offices, bureaucracies, “education” system, and “news” media. I see the “progressive era” surrounding WW1 as the key tipping point that got the snowball going downhill of its own inertia. John Dewey, et.al. got hold of the public school system, turned it into a mind control cartel, and we saw it explode in the 1960’s.

    The US opportunistically used WW2 to wrest control of the world’s money system from the Pound Sterling and the shipping lanes from the Royal Navy. The long sought empire really got going with Bretton Woods; Nixon boosted it with his bankster deal with the Saudi king; this in turn allowed the debt hockey stick to kink irrevocably upwards in 1983 (Bush-1). So in the last 36 years, the folks who issue the “money” have stolen us blind–literally. No matter how good the physical economy may or may not be, the financial cartel can destroy it in short order with a credit contraction and steal huge amounts of wealth in short order: e.g. 1977 – 1981; 1988 – 1993; 1999 – 2001; 2008 – 2014. And the next one is?????

    We no longer have even a semblance of a moral compass. Therefore, we are unable to make value-based decisions about what is really wrong and what to do about it. So, did O’Bama cause this mess? Trump causing more mess? Wrong question! What were/is their participation in this long running scam? What do they see as the underlying issues, and what did they do to address them? Who do they have working with them on this? E.G. Steve Mnuchin? George Soros henchman and front man in the IndyMac bank debacle! And Eddie Lambert’s partner in destroying Sears and stealing its bankrupt assets. What the hell is that about? And, as you pointed out today, why does the NAFTA replacement deal look almost indentical to the TPP, which Trump had excoriated?

    None of this nonsense is going to bend upward until we CANCEL the FED’s monopoly contract with the Treasury, reinstitute a direct money system that is not a DEBT instrument but indexed to something valuable (We have Hamilton to thank for that mess), rein in fractional reserve banking, and rewrite the rules for market trading of equities. All the rhetoric the Donald could ever expound in a lifetime won’t mean squat if the foundational issues are addressed. The rest is just the Truman Show.

    • Keith wilson

      When the federal reserve bank was created in 1913. The U.S. debt was 3 billion. Since then the is debt has grown to 23100 billion. So over the last hundred years the debt has been growing at about 8% per year. Using a 8% number in 2025 the debt will be 36 trillion. In 2030 it will be 54 trillion. In 2031 it will be 58.32 trillion and growing at 5 trillion per year by 2033. This is why the central bank’s are buying gold as fast as possible. The U.S. dollar will be gone by 2035. This 8% is just a conservative number. The real number is about 9% annual debt growth.

  24. Theta Lion

    Another excellent news summary….thank you Greg….
    Buchanan confirms your message with this
    and I humbly submit its time to look beyond the current chitshow and start focusing on what needs to happen at the people’s level…..we will continue to be slaves (or worse if 5G moves forward)….we need to get on with election reform. Martin Armstrong agrees.
    Can we start talking about this?

  25. Larry Rodriguez


    PS., Look up 2 Thessalonians, 2. Paul writes about the end times. But, interesting is where he speaks of God “making the enemies DELUSIONAL”. Well, the Lefties are certainly Delusional these days!

    • Greg Hunter

      Good one Larry and Merry Christ mas to you and yours!!

  26. Southern Girl

    Merry Christmas to you and yours. Remember what Kim Clement said sooo long ago about Trump before he even knew his name. He said, “They will holler Impeach…Impeach..and he will not be impeached”.
    Sent my Cousin Trump an article about his question, “Where is Hunter Biden?” The article was about his baby here in Arkansas and how they were trying to serve him papers for DNA and he was dodging them. His office responded with a quick thank you. Thought that was great.
    Making Christmas cookies!!

    • Greg Hunter

      After the performance of Schiff, Nadler and Pelosi with the sham impeachment there are more than a few Democrats that are losing confidence in the leadership of their party. Are they going to take them all over the Thelma and Louise Cliff, or are dozens going to jump out of the car and live to see another day/election??? I find it extremely hard to believe that Democrats Congressmen think this impeachment plan just went swimmingly–NOT. We shall see. Pelosi is telling people to “vote their conscience”???? She does NOT sound confident.

  27. Paul in oz

    Simply put all things considered, the MSM remains the absolute biggest threat today with their excessive influence over a dumbed down and lazy society. Outside of a few alternate media channels most if not all of which have certain biases there is no way to make an informed decision is to take the time to watch the direct testimony/interviews of the kep players. Anyone who saw the entire Barr interview with some MSNBC flunkie, (that was hard to watch since every ad was supporting how MSNBC is the real challengers of those who need to be held to account and arbitrers of truth .. how do they make money … but I digress) or Graham’s opening comments and you can see what a fraud the impeachment is and the heinous nature of the crimes committed by the FBI … the absolute most alarming thing for me is the level of non outrage of the American public. It boggles my mind that more people are not infuriated to the point of action.

  28. Justn Observer

    Greg, Hounds on the breadcrumbs… so much ‘coincidence’ all the trails are seeming to cross in Florida?

  29. paul ...

    To the warmongers in South Korea … if you do a pre-emptive strike (and start a war )… the US does not have any obligation to go to your aid as an ally … you crazy idiots do a pre-emptive strike and you are on your own … do you think we Americans will send our boys “over there” to be killed … just because “you loony tunes decided to start a war”!! … now how do you think “Rocket Man” is going to respond? … shoot a missile over your heads?? … https://www.zerohedge.com/geopolitical/south-korea-releases-imagined-pre-emptive-strike-video-north

  30. paul ...

    Fed Chief Powell says that the Fed “lost inflation somewhere” … Powell should speak with John Williams who can tell him exactly where it went … it was manipulated away … with phony accounting … and by putting “chains on the CPI” … remove the chains off the CPI Powell … and start calculating as John Williams does … and “you will find your lost inflation” … which is currently averaging about 10% per year nationwide (12% in New York)!!

    • paul ...

      So is Powell finally coming around to my idea on how to get people to spend and boost the economy?? … “give them some money” (by raising their Cost of Living Adjustment each year)?? … seems the greedy banksters (who wanted all the money for themselves) may finally be relenting … and will now allow the common folks a few extra pennies to pay down their debts and begin buying “some real steak” instead of those 90 percent soy chicken nuggets!!!

    • paul jr.

      Well if you think that inflation is currently averaging 10% nationwide I would like to know where you are getting that number. Inflation is up more like 5% or 6% for the average person nationwide for the last ten years based on all the data that I found. And some of the data has nothing to do with the chained CPI either.

      Gasoline prices (lower than 10 years ago)

      National Average Rent Drops For First Time In 2 Years As US Property Market Sags

      Thanksgiving Dinner Cost Rises 1st Time in 4 Years (by only 1 penny)

      Average Cost of College in America (up about 3% per year)

      So show me were inflation is up 10% overall nationwide.

      • paul ...

        P Jr. … Here is the 10% overall nationwide inflation picture you wanted to see … http://www.chapwoodindex.com/ … the “best” 5 year avg inflation number is 8% (in Phoenix) … the “worst” is 13% (in San Jose) … average the best and the worst and we get a 5 year avg inflation rate of 10.5%!!

        • paul jr.


          I want to see data not some unreliable index. The Chapwood Index does not represent what the average American pays for goods and services. The problem is that it is comprised mostly of the Facebook friends of billionaire Ed Butowsky that live in the 50 largest cities in the U.S. When I looked at who his friends were about 7 years ago I found that 90% of them were white, upper income people. Not surprising considering that he is a rich white guy. Well only about 65% of Americans are white in the U.S. and the average American sure did not earn what Butowsky’s average Facebook friends earned. Plus only 20% of Americans live in those 50 largest cities. So obviously most of his Facebook friends buying habits would not be like the average American.

  31. anthony bona, m.d.


    this is a sept 2019 article from wsj explaining the mechanics of the repo mess in understandable laymen’s terms but not too simple. it is of only modest length and well worth a quick read. it explains how all of our daily transactions are handled overnight on our banking system ledgers to balance books.

  32. paul ...

    Giuliani flew back to the US from his fact finding mission to the Ukraine (at Trumps request) … Giuliani took a call from President Trump when his plane landed and was still taxiing down the runway … Trump asked: “What did you get?” … Giuliani answered: “More than you can imagine” … I think just from that statement alone … we can conclude Biden is in big trouble … and perhaps even Pelosi!!!

  33. lightning

    I’m surprised that none of the Republicans have the guts to state the obvious. Namely, that Rudy Guilianni had to go and do the leg work to bring the massive Democrat -Ukraine corruption to light because of the “resistance?/corruption” of the FBI and DOJ to prosecute obvious criminal activity.
    Its been obvious to the average American in flyover country (AKA us deplorables) that Obama/ Holder/Clinton etc have been deeply involved in criminal behavior but given a free pass by the FBI and DOJ.
    The FBI has betrayed the basic trust of America. The DOJ never had it.

    The fact that the most of the Republicans like Lindsey Graham, Mitt Romney aren’t pushing harder speaks volumes to me about the need for us to get true conservatives in their place that don’t have some sort of blackmail hanging over their heads to actually do the people business and follow the rule of law.
    Lastly the Strozk / Page email clearly stated ” POTUS wants to be informed of everything” Obama needs to be held accountable for his crimes and people need to be charged with Sedition.

  34. paul ...

    You know … by Jan 14, 2020 the Fed banksters will have printed up $500 Billion dollars with their Repo operations … this constitutes “massive money debasement” the likes of which would typically be seen in Zimbabwe or some other banana republic … now how does all “this funny money printing” the banksters are doing compare to what the Government typically spends to keep operating? … well our entire Government can run for six(6) months on $500 Billion dollars (as it costs about a Trillion a year to run our government) … so … what the banksters are printing up for themselves “in one month” can run our entire government (Military, Social Security, Medicare, etc., etc.) for half a year … bottom line … the banksters need for money is now “six times greater” then what our over bloated government needs to run itself … look at the Debt Clock … https://www.usdebtclock.org/ … and try to imagine the money printing going on here to be running “six times faster” … such is the actual increase in the US money supply that the banksters are currently creating out of thin air … obviously they are rapidly debasing the US dollars purchasing power ( the US dollar could fall to 86 within a month) … this is exactly how the banksters and the government “levy unseen taxes on the common people” to confiscate our wealth … now … lets ask the obvious question … what happens if the banksters continue to do what they are doing “for 2 months”?? … the answer is … they will print up what it takes to run our entire government for a year … this is “massive inflation folks” … and what if the banksters keep up their money printing “for many months”?? … we will be talking “Weimar type hyper-inflation” folks … and to think … even with all our efforts to save him … Stan “is still shorting gold” in this hyper-inflationary environment”???

    • paul ...

      Now let me ask the people who are shorting gold “because they are looking at this COT chart” … https://www.clivemaund.com/charts/goldcot081219.jpg … do you really think “in a red hot hyper-inflationary environment” you can easily scare the longs out of the gold market??? … just as it will take a long time for Hell to freeze over … this gold COT chart “is not going to contract” for a very long time … we are in a new hyper-inflationary environment where the old tied and true methods to trade gold “is no longer so cut and dry”!!!

  35. Marie Joy

    The world is becoming more, and more, unstable, every day.
    Train up
    Stock up
    Ammo up
    Courage up
    One way, or another, it has to break.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for “commenting up” here!!

  36. Joe

    Have picked up more silver myself especially 1/4 or 1/10 oz. for trading in future. Also waiting on a company in digital currency transactions to IPO, probably in 2020. Fiat currency dies by 2025. Nobody half my age in N.C. in 20’s has money. No money/fiat currency used in China. It’s all digital. Great moves by House Republicans like Jordan boosting markets. impeachment dies in Senate, but President Trump could still lose in 2020 due to New Yaork, Californya invasion coming to your state. Remember more people in L.A. than N.C and S.C. combined. Do you think they will change their ways when they move? So another great Weekly News Wrap-Up.
    Merry Christmas to you and your family, Mr. Hunter.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe. You can’t go wrong with what you are doing because the Fed money printing just went into high gear. $%00 billion injected into the Repo market in the next 30 days along with $60 billion per month of QE!!! What could go wrong???

  37. Brer Rabbit

    (((Jim Roth))) Dean of OK City Law School. Every. Single. Time.

    Get well soon.

  38. Peachy Pete

    Hi Greg!
    Luv your end of week reviews. Look forward to all your guests. Being a fellow retired FireFighter, I hope you can get Mark Taylor on soon to explain what the heck is happening out there in your great country. FISA and possible indictments, et al…
    Also, I can’t really understand why people go through this Gender “stuff”. For less than 1% of 1% of the population , they sure hold a lot of clout and drive a Big lobby agenda up here in the frozen north. They just luv Selfie Justin. Not sure how he won a 2nd election but at least it’s a minority. Call me traditional and family oriented I suppose. Which brings me to your Bruce Jenner comment. He actually won the Decathlon in Montreal at the 1976 Olympics not 1968. Even us Canadian track nuts thought it was an amazing feat at the time!
    Thanks for always encouraging us to fear not. Sound advice. Keep the faith Brother!

    • Open Eyes

      I get the eaties for my Wheaties!

  39. Madi

    Dear Greg,
    I first listened to you on Trunews. com few years ago. I care and trust you.
    When you get fired for reporting fraud, you become financially and physically ill.
    you can pray but you still have to pay your bills and support your family.

    Merry Christmas! God bless you for telling the truth…
    This is my new email

  40. Stan

    Let’s see here. REPO Market blew up on the 17th of September and ever since the FED has been putting in huge amounts of cash into it (at times reportedly up to $110B) almost on a nightly basis. (Which depending on the arrangement get rolled out a few days or a few weeks later.)

    Three 25 basis point rated cuts have been implemented since July 2019.

    FED restarted indefinite monthly (don’t call it QE) purchases of $60B per month of Treasury Bills as of the 15th of October and the US is not even “officially in a recession”. ($60B/month, isn’t that about the same amount of money spent on the entire US military per month? Boy that sure gives you some perspective as to how much money were talking about here.)

    BIS statement explained that the issues in the REPO market are a result of the 4 largest banks in the US removing funds usually made available to the REPO market with those Banks instead invested those funds elsewhere. The Banks reassessed their risk exposure in the REPO market and deemed that due to the Hedge funds who now control around 20% of the REPO market and who are not regulated as per the Banks present a higher risk factor in the REPO market to the Banks. The banks hence decided that they needed to reduce their risk exposure. This higher risk factor being especially true, in the event of a significant drop in the market when the Hedge funds would have to liquidate fast.

    Greg Hunter/Bill Holter interview on 12/12/19 “Gold Market Fraudulent Can’t Deliver”. We have heard about this situation for quite some time but perhaps this “Can’t Deliver” fraud is much closer to blowing up than previously thought and perhaps is even eminent.
    As Bill explained “What’s happened so far this year, there have been roughly 5,900 tons of gold sent to London under ‘exchange for physical.’ The world only produces 2,700 tons a year. There is only one official hoard in the world that is more than that, and that is 8,300 tons in the U.S. Treasury. It has not been audited since 1956. What I am telling you is over 200% of annual production has been sent to London for delivery, and it is an impossibility to deliver. The metal doesn’t exist. Once it gets to London, it is totally shrouded. We see nothing in terms of proof or verification that delivery is being made. It’s being sent to London to die.”

    Numerous other articles of late have discussed how many of the major banks are now repatriating and or buying physical gold plus others big investment firms are advising their high net worth clients to buy physical gold.

    FED announces 12/12/19 that through various programs it will be putting into play an additional amount of up to @ $500 Billion into the REPO market over the next 30 days.

    So what does the FED and the other big banks and Governments know that they are not telling us directly?

    • paul ...

      Stan … you are awakening … so there is hope for all of us … eventually we are going to get these crooks!!

      • JC

        paul… I suspect that this “Stan” is not the same stock loving, gold hating Stan that we all know and love. No way. Of course, I could be wrong…. maybe he has Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde syndrome.

      • Jerry

        That’s not possible. Stan doesn’t have enough sense to pour piss out of s boot, much less have any fundamental understanding of how economics work in the real world.

      • Stan

        That was not my post!!! Someone is impersonating me!

        • paul ...

          I Stan corrected!! … and I thought we would finally have the pressure taken off gold by all Stan’s short sales!!!

        • markp

          How do I know you are Stan?

        • JC

          So I was right! Thanks for confirming Stan.

    • StanO

      PS. By the way, I am a different Stan (StanO) to the other Stan who posted comments earlier in the posts above.

  41. jennifer ohman

    I loved the rant about Bruce Jenner. I could not agree with you more. I trumpet the same message and speak out against the political thought-shaping, too. As a woman, I can say of Caitlyn, “That’s no woman!” And as a man, I’m happy to hear you say, “That’s no woman!” (lol) It’s crazy that this should even be a conversation.

    I often feel like the child in The Emperor’s New Clothes. Bruce Jenner, biologically, is a man! Sorry to be so blunt here, but that “girl” (Caitlyn) has a penis!!! Women…well, we just don’t have penises! Bruce has a mans’ body…in its entirety! He has given birth to children! He is a father! OH, but how can that be? Because Bruce is a man, whether Bruce likes it or not! That he cannot seem to reconcile his feelings and emotions and align them with the facts of what he IS does not put his biology in question!! It does, however, puts his mental state into question.

    Now, I will go one step further. I will also say that it is not normal , in my opinion, to be gay. Men are not designed to be having sex with men and women are not designed to be having sex with women. NO man has a genetic predisposition to insert his penis into another man’s derriere! Sorry, but these acts are perversions!! This is NOT normal behavior!!
    Yes, I do believe that a person has a right to their own body and they can do what they wish with it. If two adults consent to a gay relationship, that’s their right to do so. But they do not have a right to deny MY RIGHT to state my view as I see them! They do not have a right to silence me nor prevent me from saying that their behavior is not normal, if that is what I see and therefore, what I believe.

    Another reason I am and have been vocal about this for a number of years now, is for the children. Children, who have not even learned about the birds and the bees yet… who have not yet learned about normal heterosexual relationships or that mommy and daddy created them, are being taught in children’s books about gay penguins and the “normalcy” of gay relationships… first! This is taking place in their formative years, when their identity as boys or girls are being formed and solidified. Instead, they are being taught that it is NOT O.K. to call yourself NORMAL when you are a NORMAL boy or girl! Heterosexual is normal. It’s healthy. It’s normal. So, is it any wonder that so many young kids these days are addicted to drugs, confused and that suicides among the young occur at such an alarming rate!

    I think it’s very important for normal men and women to speak up for what IS normal, rational and sane, and to stop being so cowardly.
    I’m glad that you took the bull by the horns, Greg. That was great!

  42. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report Greg.

  43. JC

    Martin Armstrong has been busy. Could the Repo Crisis be because of Deutsche Bank?

    “The unannounced meeting between the Fed and Trump was a briefing on the Repo Crisis BECAUSE the real crisis cannot be discussed publicly.”


    • paul ...

      Likely Trump and Powell were discussing what comes after Repo … when things really get hyper-crazy … and the Fed needs to freeze the yield curve (so it will never go negative) … will need to begin doing equity purchases … along with capital controls … and will have to impose wealth taxes … along with price controls … none of which will work!!! … https://www.zerohedge.com/economics/rubino-exposes-central-planners-desperate-acts-clueless-people

      • paul ...

        So what have ordinary folks been doing to prepare … right now many are rapidly exiting stocks … so far this year they have pulled $135.5 billion out of US stock mutual funds and ETFs (the most ever in a single year going back to 1992) … a lot of this money has been parked in bonds and money market funds “paying near zero yields” … soon … these folks will begin to focus on gold and silver (which historically perform well in times of economic and financial turmoil) … just like the evil banksters have done … in 2018 alone the banksters have massively added to their gold holdings (at the fastest pace in nearly 50 years)!!! … http://www.usfunds.com/investor-library/frank-talk/is-the-fed-gearing-up-for-a-new-round-of-quantitative-easing-here-are-the-possible-signs/#.XfUiinCfLAR

        • paul ...

          As much as technical analysis helps in trading in and out of the market … don’t lose sight of the fundamentals … wealth preservation and overall portfolio risk mitigation “requires” holding a large percentage of our wealth in physical precious metal coins we don’t ever sell (except in a real dire emergency) and not as fiat paper cash in a bank … or as bonds payable in fiat … or paper stocks paid out in fiat … or electronic bitcoins paid into an electronic blockchain inside a computer … etc. … etc.!!

  44. ivan

    Globalization is a long way from being Dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=2342&v=gGirsRZik_c&feature=emb_logo

  45. iwitness02

    Seeing the lefts reaction to the election of Boris Johnson, I can’t wait to see the reaction to President Trump being re-elected. Seems to me that a growing number of people are wondering if we will be governable after the 2020 election. This coming election cycle may be where voluntary submission to government rule may be terminated. We may have a brush fire sweep around the world. Or maybe we will have a peaceful election and enjoy a prosperous future in safety and security. This is the outcome I would like, but seems the least likely. A defining moment in history seems to be on the horizon. We shall see. It is both exciting and discouraging at the same time. Isn’t that odd? Odd new world.

    • iwitness02

      Planned Parenthood: Dead babies are our bread and butter.
      That this is true, makes it seem like an odd world to me.
      It would take a post the length of the Encyclopedia Britannica to list all the oddities.
      Evil is a real money maker. Righteousness is a rather humble existence, and rare.

  46. Justn Observer

    Will the lies and cover-up never end? LOL The lies bubbling up appear to be long and deep concerning the FBI which really now appears to be firmly infiltrated by CIA after Obama purged it of most of the ‘old guys’ the same way he did so many of the Admirals and Generals out of the military? Am thinking people do need the book suggested as well as a good read and warning in the book, The Secret Team, by Col. Fletcher Prouty…(the guy played by Don Sutherland in the Kennedy assassination movie with Kevin Cosner…for those that do not know)… It just might be true …that investigating who is behind the Trump takedown ARE the same ones involved in 9/11 and some still of the JFK event as well ..?
    Again, do a scroll and go to court docs and posted verification and pics ?
    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 17h17 hours ago
    Buy the book folks. I am not backing off this story. We are coming back to Florida in January to do session four. This is the most important story in US history save perhaps the Kennedy assassination. This is the fact based Florida story of 9/11.

    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 3h3 hours ago
    Hank Ok-NY-ansky offered Roger Stone Hillary’s emails according to the Mueller report. Why are mass media reporters repeating Russia, Russia, Russia without actually digging into his background as a 17 year FBI informant?

    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · 22h22 hours ago
    We told you Pow Pow Pientka was the true evil doer with Strzok in Crossfire Hurricane. I have to admit I am getting tired of the victory laps.

    TruthLeaks – Investigative Journalist George Webb‏ @GeorgWebb · Dec 12
    Imran Awan, Larry Visoski, Imran Good, Larry Good, Imran Excellent, Larry Excellent

    Interesting that with all the ‘insider knowledge’ and contacts Kevin Shipp seems so out of the loop or not forthcoming. Hard to believe he ‘missed’ so much of all this? Or is he just still under NDAs?

  47. Dan


    Nuff said.

  48. Sheeple People

    The President Receives a HUGE OVATION!
    Donald Trump receives a huge ovation from 70,000 fans as he tosses the coin at the Army-Navy game after rubbing shoulders with the players in the locker room
    President Trump attended the Army-Navy college football game in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon
    He was seen greeting players in their respective locker rooms before partaking in the coin toss
    70,000 spectators cheered as the Commander-in-chief made his way onto the field
    The warm welcome was a contrast to the jeers he received from crowds at a World Series baseball game in Washington, DC last month
    Trump touts himself as a strong defender of the military and spent Thanksgiving with troops in Afghanistan

    PUBLISHED: 20:53 GMT, 14 December 2019 | UPDATED: 21:10 GMT, 14 December 2019

    President Trump received a very warm welcome as he arrived at the Army-Navy game in Philadelphia on Saturday afternoon.

    The Commander-in-chief, who is currently mired in scandal, took time out from the impending House impeachment vote to enjoy the annual college football game at Lincoln Financial Field.

    Trump was in very high spirits as he met with players in the locker room ahead of the game, before he took to the field to partake in the coin toss.

    The President, who touts himself as a great defender of the US military, has attended two other Army-Navy football games in recent years.

    And his vocal support for the armed forces appears to have paid dividends, as he was met with rousing cheers from 70,000 spectators in the stands.

    The warm welcome was a stark contrast to the jeers he received when he turned out to watch a World Series baseball game in Washington, DC last month, with all the swamp creatures and never Trumper’s, in full swamp regalia attendance! MUCH MORE;

    Take note Gina Treadhead and all your ilk. It will be a fear inspiring thing to land into the hands of the American sheeple!

    Gina, It’s coming . . ..

  49. Sheeple People

    Love and Courage, Gina!

  50. DavidC

    A great round up video and super interviews with John Williams and Bill Holter this week. You mentioned Martin Armstrong – I’m intrigued by his postings that what the Fed is doing is not QE but that there is panic behind the scenes hence the massive overnight repo funds availability. It would be great to have him talking about that if you are able to get him on. I’m also missing the other Greg!

    Thanks as ever for all you do.

  51. paul ...

    But “normal people” are not buying what Planned Parenthood is selling (only “Frankenstein doctors” are paying for the little dead babies to experiment with)!! … https://studentsforlife.org/2018/10/11/people-dont-want-to-buy-what-planned-parenthood-is-selling/

    • paul ...

      err … already posed above!!!

  52. Justn Observer

    Greg, Your last interviews with Bill Holter way ahead of this…what the heck IS up?

  53. H. Craig Bradley


    I doubt U.S. Attorney Durham is going to arrest or detain either Comey or McCabe for their respective roles in improperly investigating candidate Donald Trump. This investigation or “case” is going nowhere fast. Nothing Burger.

    • Greg Hunter

      Please come on and say you were wrong when the arrests start.

      • H. Craig Bradley


        I definitely will come-out and say if and when Comey, Mccabe, or other high level govt. officials are cuffed and read their Miranda rights. You hope for justice, but the corruption factor in government and the times we live in will dictate the actual events, not necessarily our own wishes.

        The reason it has not yet occurred is because nobody has the guts to do it. We live in the age of Girly-Men. Weak men bring about hard times. Its a cycle. So, I foresee hard times up ahead in future years. Bank on it.

  54. stephen

    Greg, my post was deleted. Is he mention of media and government corruption a violation of your policy? Just wondering for next time.

    • Greg Hunter

      I am confused. You wrote and said, “Greg, sorry disregard last post, wrong story.” Just repost the comment.

  55. Galaxy 500

    Interesting taken on the anti Zionists

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