Unstoppable Crash Worse than 2008 Coming – James Rickards

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Saturday Night Post)

Six-time, best-selling financial author James Rickards says the upcoming book “Sold Out” lays out the case why a huge crash is already a certainty sometime in 2023.  In a nutshell, broken supply chains have already caused big inflation, and the Fed is raising rates to tamp it back down.  On top of the perfect storm of inflation and prolonged supply problems, we have the recent meltdown of the FTX crypto currency exchange.  Rickards says, “It is definitely going to cause sequential collapses in the crypto world, but will it jump the fence into the broader financial world?  My expectation is it will, but it can take six months or more to play out. . . . We probably have an acute global financial crisis coming anyway.  If FTX never existed, I would say we are staring at a worse financial crisis than 2008.  Throw FTX on top of that, and it’s like throwing gasoline on a fire.  It will accelerate the fire.  So, we’re probably going to have problems anyway, but the FTX implosion just makes it worse.”

As far as the dwindling supply chains, Rickards says, “The old supply chain has collapsed.  A new supply chain will emerge, and I talk about that in my book and what it will look like.  Right now, we are in a very messy middle period where things don’t work well.  It’s like a vase.  You knock over a vase, and it breaks into 5,000 pieces.  You can’t put it back together.  You’ve got to go get a new vase.  We broke the vase, and we are shopping for a new one.  We are not there yet.  We are just cleaning up the mess. . . . Russia invades Ukraine.  The Ukrainian plastic conduit factory shuts down, and all of a sudden, the BMW production lines are shut down because they cannot get a part.  Again, this is another example of how this is all falling apart, and it’s not going to be put back together quickly.  There will be a new supply chain, and I call it supply chain 2.0, but we are in that in between time, and it’s going to be just a mess.”

Rickards says the Fed is going to keep raising rates because that is what they keep telling the public.  Rickards says, “They are telling us what they are going to do, and you should believe them.”

Rickards says we do have inflation, and it’s going to be with us for awhile, but we are also going to get deflation too.  Rickards points out, “Why does Warren Buffett and Brookshire Hathaway have $130 billion in cash?  Buffett is one of the greatest investors of all time.  Why isn’t he out there buying stocks?  Again, why does he have $130 billion in cash?  It’s because Buffett sees what I see.  Yes, this thing is going to completely crash.  It’s a really good idea to have cash because you can go shopping in the wreckage and pick up some bargains.  My point is, we don’t have to guess.  Look at the Treasury yield curve.  Look at the euro/dollar futures yield curve.  Look at other metrics, and guess what it looks like?  It looks like 2007.  Everything I am describing, but not quite as extreme by the way, was true in 2007. . . . These euro/dollar futures were behaving then exactly as they are now.  Except now, the inversion is even worse, which means we are in for a worse crisis than 2008.  It’s coming.  Everything I said has nothing to do with FTX.  Throw FTX on top, and as I said, you are throwing gasoline on a fire.”

After the inflation, Rickards says count on big deflation.  He will explain exactly how that happens in the 58-minute interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with six-time, best-selling author James Rickards.  Rickards’ new book “Sold Out” will be coming out in early December.

(Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

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After the Interview: 

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    • Marie Joy

      Excellent. Thank you.

    • Anthony Australia

      Wow! Thanks.

      Makes it easier to send a compressed video to people who ridicule me for not being punctured up.

      • Anthony Australia

        Dr. Reiner Fuellmich – Injected Behaving As Though Lobotomized!! Severe Adverse Effects Is Transformation Into Machine, Zombification Towards Death Says St. Germain!


        • George

          The “jab” administered by “the snake oil salesmen at Big Pharma” not only badly damages the immune systems of people but clots up their small blood vessels and capillaries in the brain (essentially performing “a lobotomy on the vaxxed” so they can no longer think logically) and like lobotomized mental patients they meekly line up for additional booster shots when told to by the Snaketnists at Big Pharma!!

        • George

          There is now a new crisis in our Military – a “jabbed” 3- Star General falls over dead (as grunts go from relative OK to dead in 30 days) and our pilots can’t get through flight training school as they have lost cognitive ability from the “jab” clogging the capillaries in their brains!!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/new-todd-callendar-crisis-in-us-military-update-90-people-dead-in-bunkers-at-fort-bragg-3-star-general-falls-over-dead-pilots-can-get-through-training-program-as-they-have-lost-cognitive-ability/

        • Earth Angel

          Another fabulous interview! Thanks for sharing it. Absolutely LOVE Atty. Reiner Fuellmich’s research and work, also Maria Zeee interviews. Folks, WE ARE gaining strength and making progress.. NEVER GIVE UP and ALL of us; Let’s KEEP GOING! And of course, as ALWAYS many THANKS to Greg Hunter & USA Watchdog for bringing us the superb guests and information we need to navigate in these uncertain and crazy times.

        • Greg Hunter

          You have given me truckloads of crap in the past, and now you use my comment section to promote your site? That’s rich.

          • Domenico Gillo

            Please consider having on Dr Francis Boyle to discuss the WHO treaty.

            • David Gordon Dunne

              Domenico, I first saw Dr. Francis Boyle in an interview on Alex Jones before even 1 Frankenshot, as he says, was given. I watched it over and over, then went on to Judy Mikovitz, Lee Merritt, Tennpenny, and Michael Yeadon. I am so upset that all my warnings were mostly ignored by hundreds including my family and closest friends. I filled up a note book of data so I would give the facts. Sadly, most ignored me and my facts. EVEN to this day, most are just still on ignore and act like they just bought a Lemon car and don’t want anyone to know about it. I have 2 friends just trying to make it through the holidays so they can die but I coubt they make it and a 3rd with Parkinsons. All took these beloved Frankenshots and boosters too. Some how, I don’t feel that sorry for any of them now. You can only lead a horse to water and being here in Thailand, I used to get 50 emails a day but hardly a trickle now. I pray and pray more. God help us all.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, it is kind of cheeky, but you constantly advise the disaffecteds to start their own site, saying it’s both liberating and easy. Longtime Watchdogger Concerned American Dad is doing what you recommend; you should be gratified. I’m going to give him a look. In the 10+ years I’ve been involved with USA Watchdog, I thought he had some legitimate and timely views. Best always. PM

            • Greg Hunter

              I do not have to provide a platform for anything anybody wants to say. This is like someone who wants to stand on the roof of my tall house and tell the world all the awful things they want to say. I say, stand on your own roof and scream all the crazy stuff you like. Don’t use my roof use your own roof.

          • Paul from Indiana

            Greg, I did visit the site after I left my comment, and it’s a string of tweets supporting his view. It’s a start; give the guy some credit. I left a comment over there encouraging him to have some original commentary along with his collection of tweets. Best always. PM

    • Cosmo

      Thank you for sharing this link, Mike. Chilling. But the truth must be shared.

      • Paul

        WHAT’S GOING ON? FTX Debtors File Motion to Hide the Names of FTX Creditors


        Won’t work legally

        Paul from arkansas

        • George

          The United Snakes of America think they can hide their venom for the people right inside the people and lying won’t hide the fact that sPLA2-IIA found in jabbed dead individuals shares a high sequence homology to the active enzyme in snake venom. sPLA2-IIA also has the capacity to bind to receptors at neuromuscular junctions to disable their function (just like snake toxin)!! – https://frontlinegenomics.com/snake-venom-related-enzyme-underlies-covid-19-mortality/

        • Paul

          Virtual currency, where it’s called a bitcoin vs. a U.S. dollar, that’s going to be stopped. No government will ever support a virtual currency that goes around borders and doesn’t have the same controls. It’s not going to happen.
          Jamie Dimon

      • Clayton Bye

        Really enjoyed your interview with Mr. Rickards , Greg.

        • Dawn

          Buffet needs to be in jail – he’s a crook
          Google – Buffets Betrayal
          2008 – approx 75% of his wealth would have been wiped out if it were not for the $Trillions bankster bailouts at tax payers expense
          He needed the bailout like you need air to breath

    • George

      Lets hope Governor DeSantis has the balls to criminalize the “Killer Jab” in the State of Florida – he “needs to do this” in order to make a valid bid for the Presidency of the United Sates otherwise he is not Presidential material !!! – https://ugetube.com/watch/karen-kingston-trump-admin-hhs-betrayal-head-of-hhs-under-trump-admin-knew-shots-would-cause-covid-s_KokqDG5fgN6v2YK.html

      • Betty Lincoln

        DeSantis is part of the PROBLEM. He has no problem helping the ILLEGALS from Central/S. America expanding and sending then to different states to take jobs, housing, and have you seen how fast the ILLEGALS breed? Could it be that DESANTIS wants Hispanics to become the largest DEMOGRAPHIC in America?
        What’s the point of having immigration laws when ILLEGALS are awarded for breaking laws and not held accountable?

        • George

          You know Betty – It may not be such a bad thing that our borders are open – look at the people we are letting into our country – “fighters for freedom” – not the mamby pamby weak and indecisive main stream media brainwashed Americans we have become who like controlled zombies bring their little innocent children for Clot Shot Kill Shots!!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/you-must-see-jaw-dropping-crowd-in-brazil-against-the-great-reset/

          • Art

            George are you freking kidding me?! Illegals have always voted Left, and they will continue to do so more then ever because lets be clear, they are coming in to freeload at the expense of the American people. In Europe their globalist leaders are now trying to push the need for more immigration into their countries because they need more growth as their excuse just like I predicted they would. The globalist agenda it to destroy all white nations and replace white people with black and brown people. It’s so obvious it would be laughable if it wasn’t so evil.

              • Art

                Greg, in all fairness that is very misleading, just because people are switching to vote Republican does not in any way mean they are becoming more conservative in this current environment. All that means is the Left has gone so Marxist extreme Left that they are picking the less of the evils in their view, and probably doing it with one hand over their nose. RINOs have tried to make the very misleading argument that in Florida Hispanics are largely conservative, but that is extremely misleading too because the only reason many of them tend to be more conservative is only because most of the Hispanics there are from communist Cuba, so of course they are going to be more conservative, but if you notice their children are usually not.

        • Shirl

          Yup, President Trump stood Nearly alone among MAGA Republicans to Build The Wall and got heavy resistance for a mere $5 Billion to finish it, whereas the DemonRat/RINOS together have unquestionably sent near $100 Billion to fund Ukraine… Makes sense only in the Clown World of idiotic Trump Haters 🤔

          • George

            To combat the Clown World of idiotic Trump Haters (now taking harsh revenge on Trump supporters) – why not simply make things fair – and declare Jan 6 “a National Holiday” (where we allow “all American citizens” to tour the Capital Buildings)!!

        • Amanda

          As a Floridian who has voted for Governor DeSantis twice, I can say he is NOT the problem! What a silly thing to say. He didn’t want or ask for the illegals that the Federal Govt flew to Florida in the dead of night. He didn’t put that on Florida tax payers. He sent them to Democratic enclaves where they could be removed from Florida’s responsibility. He is doing the job the Biden regime refuses to do. I approve of his actions!

          • George

            DeSantis is simply making the point that Florida is not a FEMA Camp for Biden’s illegals (who belong in Washington DC where they are so dearly wanted by our Demon-rat politicians)!!

    • Gary

      Love Jim…. But gosh hes overdone it with all these books….. Why not take a break and apply his expertise? One or 2 is fine but jim has really milking the book thing. Prefer those that have “day jobs”… More credible… Talk is becom8ng cheap amd overmonetzed.

      • The Canuck

        I’ve been watching a great many of these talking heads for the past twenty years. Rickards was the only one who mentioned that a pandemic amongst other things was a possibly. You’ll notice the cover of Aftermath has an asteroid on it. Check this out. The narrative is being created. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tM7EvboQStE

    • Qiu

      This FTX guy is not nobody ! His aunt is calling shots in WHO!

      • George

        And his Uncle is probably calling the shots at the Fed – on Tuesday (Nov. 15) the Fed announced a 12-week pilot program to test the feasibility of a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – we need to be as wary of CBDC as FTX (for it has a very “dark side”) – by replacing cash with a CBDC it creates the potential for the government to track and control consumer spending, manipulate interest rates and possibly even making interest rates negative (meaning they can simply siphon money out of your savings account at a 10% or 20% rate or even “turn off” your ability to make purchases at all) – a digital currency accelerates considerably the making of the US into a “Commie Surveillance State Republic” (CSSR) – the only way to fight these “commie queers” is by buying physical gold and silver that we can still use “like cash” – defeating the “Surveillance State” (SS) Goons (who want complete control over our economic life with their CBDC’s and complete control over our physical life with their “jab’s”)!!

        • Earth Angel

          Yes I agree! See goldback.com and then take action accordingly for YOUR state. (absolutely NO CBDC!)

    • Shiloh1

      Great video presentation, thank you.

      Prerequisite for typical viewer in U.S. : 4th grade arithmetic and perhaps also elementary school geography to know world and U.S. populations.

      Epic fail by public education institutions. Thank a $300,000 / year public school district superintendent (both salary, then pension – in Illinois)!

  1. Paul

    Filing Bankruptcy? Disclose Everything, Hide Nothing. FTx creditors


    • Freebreezer

      Given their pedigree, they will not be prosecuted by the DOJ ….This kind of blue blood democrat can not be prosecuted! They where young and did not know better will be the defense!
      The Bankman-Fried extended family is the quintessence of Woke aristocracy. Dad Joe Bankman and mom Barbara Fried are both law professors at Stanford. She also acted as a money-bundler for the Democratic Party and ran two non-profit “voter registration” orgs (against the IRS laws which only permit non-partisan organized voter registration). Brother Gabe Bankman-Fried headed a non-profit named Guarding Against Pandemics (funded by Sam), which lobbies Congress to construct new platforms for medical tyranny. Aunt Linda Fried is Dean of Columbia U’s Public Health school, and is associated with Johns Hopkins, which ran the October 2019 Event 201 pandemic drill (sponsored by the Gates Foundation) months before the Covid-19 outbreak.
      Sam’s girlfriend, Caroline Ellison, ran the Alameda Investments arm of the FTX empire (that is, FTX’s own money laundromat). Her dad, Glenn Ellison, is chair of MIT’s Econ School. His former colleague on the MIT Econ faculty, Gary Gensler, who specialized in blockchains there, is now head of the Securities and Exchange Commission, an agency that Sam Bankman-Fried was attempting to rope into a regulation scheme to eliminate FTX’s crypto-currency competitors. Caroline’s mom, Sara Fisher Ellison, is an MIT econ prof specializing in the pharmaceutical industry (fancy that!). Caroline Ellison is currently on-the-run.

      • Shiloh1

        Give Biden a lock of Caroline’s hair to sniff and he’ll track her down like a bloodhound!

      • Richard Longacre

        Freebreezer, Great job of tying the family and friends connection together.

        Neither Gary Gensler (Head of the SEC) nor the justice department will ever find any wrong doing or charge anybody with any crimes in this FTX fraud and theft (because they were all in on the money laundering and Ponzi scheme from the beginning). They will never investigate themselves but we must continue to expose their crimes. Justice will come eventually.

        • George

          Isn’t it just wonderful that all the money FTX lent out to politicians, friends and family can be stolen from FTX investors by simply claiming bankruptcy and letting the American people who were smart enough not to invest in FTX pay the bill!!

  2. Hubbs

    The fact that BTC deviated from the original rationale for its “value,” that of being a decentralized currency, by wandering into the trap of “securitization capture” by the likes of FTX, in doing so has declared its true value: nothing.

    So it’s not the cryptos are bad. If they had kept true to their original reason for existence, they would be “worth “ more.

    • Mike D.

      1) Bitcoin is not a “currency.” Those that understand Bitcoin have always known this, because when it is sold it creates a taxable event. Currency does not do that.
      2) As I write this on Nov. 20, 2022, Bitcoin has a market value of US$16,618. That’s not “nothing.”
      3) Bitcoin is a store of value.
      4) Bitcoin will be volatile during its early years, which includes the present time.
      5) Many years from now, people will regret they didn’t buy Bitcoin during its early years.
      6) Many years from now, Bitcoin will be worth >$1,000,000/Bitcoin.
      7) There will never be more than 21,000,000 Bitcoin. In practice, there are far less because the keys to millions of Bitcoin have been lost forever.
      8) Bitcoin is not going away.

      • George

        Mike – Many years from now when Bitcoin is worth $1,000,000 dollars you have to ask yourself the next important question – what will the dollar be worth? – looking at the following graph – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – the US dollar will likely be worth $0.000001 cent when Bitcoin is worth $1,000,000 dollars – so your Million Dollar Bitcoin will effectively be worth “One Dollar”!! – Take your $16,000 dollar Bitcoin and buy $16,000 dollars worth of physical gold and you will have all that money when the dollar collapses to $0.000001 cent!!!

        • Mike D.

          Bitcoin will increase in value relative to constant dollars (choose any year, such as 2022, to measure against). In terms of 2022 dollars, one Bitcoin will surpass US$1,000,000 by the early 2030s. I agree, however, that the US dollar is headed toward eventual collapse. Historically, no fiat currency has ever avoided eventual destruction. Precious metals, and now Bitcoin, are impervious to inflation and a collapse in value. Bitcoin has important advantages compared to precious metals, such as the ability to safely transmit at nearly zero cost, and the ability to hide keys to avoid theft by governments or anyone else.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Nothing exists in a vacuum. That’s the genius of gold: it doesn’t change, evolve, or otherwise succumb to corruption. Best always. PM

      • Mike D.

        Gold will always be an important store of value, however, it has severe disadvantages compared to Bitcoin. Physical gold can be confiscated or stolen by governments and others with superior force. Physical gold can be expensive to safely store, and expensive to safely move (“transmit”). It can take a lot of time to safely move gold. Large amounts of Bitcoin can be safely “moved” in minutes anywhere on the planet.

        • George

          Mike – Quantum computers can break “any” crypto security code and steal your money from afar – so your Bitcoin is not as safe as you think – put a few gold coins in your gas pipe at home and no quantum computer, crok or government agent is going to find it to steal “unless they tear your house apart” and you have a right to shoot such home invaders!!

          • George

            err – crok should be crook (and such crooks “should be shot” if they threaten you and your loved ones lives “by tampering with your home’s natural gas pipelines” (our homes should not be looked upon as simply a Nord Stream gas pipeline that can be sabotaged at will by government agents to make us paupers and freeze us out of our wealth)!!

          • Mike D.

            1) Quantum computers powerful enough to break present day encryption don’t yet exist.
            2) You’re not aware that encryption techniques impervious to attack by quantum computers are now being developed by NIST.

        • Paul from Indiana

          Mike, I didn’t say you should not and can’t have all the Bitcoin you can afford. I was merely stating that forces that could affect Bitcoin are not going to affect gold. I rejoice at whatever success you and others achieve in Bitcoin. Go for it, but I won’t be joining the party. Best always. PM

    • Nick Reynolds

      Dr. Craig Wright, who was kicked off Twitter about a year before Trump was, claims to be the inventor of Bitcoin. Most of the crypto big shots call him a fraud. That’s because he claims they have deviated from the original bitcoin of the Bitcoin White Paper and that the other cryptos are all going to zero, except Craig’s version called Bitcoin Satoshi Vision (BSV). Before denigrating cryptos, you might check out Dr. Wright and BSV. It’s selling for about $50.

    • William

      I recommend that you check out David Morgan’s “The Crypto Conspiracy Podcast”. It is a series that began in November 2021. Currently, there are 25 episodes that are nearly up to date. It is beyond outstanding. Why it is still available on utube is beyond me. The depth on deep state is as “deep” as I have ever heard.

      Keep in mind if you decide to listen to this that you are listening to info that began in Nov. 2021. I just came across it last weekend via a commenter at ZH. I have listened to David since 2010 and had never seen even one of these episodes. In fact, I had never even heard of any of his guests…John Perez, Cyrus Parsa, Boyd Anderson, Micheal McKibben, Kent Lewiss. Cherry pick if you must but check it out.

      I recommend it to everyone here.
      Thanks for all your hard work as well Greg.

  3. Elinor Saunders

    All Stock on Wall Street are in the Street name and they buy and sell, “hypothecate) these shares all the time. Wall Street is 1000% more corrupt than crypto exchanges. What about Madoff who took billions from their customers. JPMorgan chase was the Trustee of this “steal”…and knew the whole time that it was totally corrupt. Governments and corporations want to crush cryptos, so they can roll out their Central Bank Crypto Currency. They will use this to take control of the monetary system. Don’t buy it!

    • Shiloh1

      Also Goldman Sachs was the true beneficiary of the AIG bailouts. As the counterparty they were holding the ‘winning bets’ on the derivatives, but AIG couldn’t pay.

  4. Prospector

    ” Atlas Shrugged ” was not meant as a how – to manual.

    Who Is John Galt ?

    See you all in Galt’s Gulch. 🙂

    • CJ

      Atlas Shrugged should be required reading.

  5. Rant

    Jesus said we will “see these things begin to come to pass” (Luke 21:28). He didn’t say “if” we see them come to pass. He was telling obedient believers who “watch,” as given in Mark 13:37, that we will know He is drawing near when we see things prophesied for the end of the age “begin” to come to pass. are you rapture ready?

    • George

      Everyone who took the “jab” and had their children take the “Kill Shot” have effectively been “raptured by Big Pharma” (who believes it is doing “God’s” work) – don’t be so gullible as to allow yourself to be raptured by a self- appointed Anti-Christ Queer Atheist “God” called Klaus Schwab or his side kick Noah Horrori!!

  6. Anthony Australia

    Thanks as always Greg, our Sunday who not be the same without your interviews.
    He’s always on point but never on the money. I have read all of his books and they sound more like science fiction than reality.
    Apologies Greg but this guest out of them all is the one I distrust the most. Have even seen him in Australia and he always talks over people and feels he’s ever so right.
    One reality I’m sure of is that we are getting shafted one way or another. Like Robert Kiyosaki wrote in ‘Who stole my pension’ three billion people will retire in the next years, do you really think the establishment will fund this.
    Another reality is we are all looking at Revelation in the eye.
    FOOD RATIONS ARE HERE! – As Shortages WORSEN By Design, Globalists CRACK DOWN On Humanity!
    Holy Grail of Enslavement: World ID Lockdown Control Grid Pushed at G20

    • Anthony Australia

      Greg you are and will always be a champion for the little people, this cat is a champion for his friends and ego.

      • Ray

        Hi Cobber,
        I see your concerns mate…….although some parts of the interview I found valuable.
        Rickards is a true chameleon to be sure!
        He has gone from his original “Lex Luther” look (his older promotional photo) to…..well….how can I label it?
        Perhaps the “Andy Warhol” look?
        Or did I see him in “Solo……A Star Wars Story”……playing the old female general one of the far flung Galactic Republic worlds?
        All jokes aside…….Richards makes a contribution, however, as the old saying goes, “Once CIA, always CIA”.
        Like me, he will have to explain himself to God when his time is up on this human made hellhole, and I genuinely wish him all the best.
        Take care Brother,
        Ray, Canberra, Australia

        • Anthony Australia

          Love you Brother Ray!
          I went with my heart for that honest comment about Luthen Rael because the ‘gut’ knows more than the mind sometimes.

        • tim mcgraw

          Ray: I think Rickards looks like the “Amazing Mr. Toad”. I also share your and Anthony’s reservations about Mr. Rickards. But the truth slips through.

      • Fred from Czech

        Pretty much agree with Anthony. I definitely admire Jim´s vast knowledge and experience, even his insider know-how. However, my gut has always been telling me not to trust this guy too much. Is his intention to honestly “educate”/help/inform us or rather to mislead us? Hmmm, not really sure…. I also read all his books btw.

        So, to this interview:
        – Good insights into supply chain
        – Great explanation of rates on bonds linked to its role as collateral, inversion of yield curve, its implications and interrelations etc.
        – Time 07´14: “But the one thing you never do on Wall Street – you never touch customer money”. Right! Fractional reserve banking? Multiple rehypothecation? Etc. etc.? So, here are 2 and only 2 options: either I completely misunderstood Jim (which can be – I am not a native English speaker) OR Jim plainly and blatantly lies. Period!
        – “Portfolio recommendation”: I can hardly believe that his guy does not see that the SYSTEM AS SUCH is ending. Yes, in any previous crisis where there was more or less clear that the SYSTEM (currency, stocks etc.) will continue in the generally same shape it makes sense. But now… I have my serious doubts and prefer having Au, Ag, Pb, firewood for 6 – 7 winters, basic food for 2 years (e.g. salt for lifetime, rice for half-lifetime, …), solar panels on my roof, 5 bee hives, flock of chickens etc. on my property, water well, rainwater collection, heating by tile stove (love it!), no debt, some cash, some/few cryptos… So, in this respect, I am pretty much in the “Lynette Zang camp” 🙂

        But overall very much worth listening to, no doubt!

        Thanks, Greg!

      • Anthony Australia

        Confessions Of An Economic Hitman | John Perkins

        NEW ECONOMIC ORDER IMMINENT! – The COLLAPSE Of The Dollar & The Old World Order!

    • Johnson T

      Yes this guy comes up with a lot of good points and is very articulate. However, I have an issue when people advise to hold cash in a deflation. In a deflation banks go bust and money disappears so your money is only worth more if it survives. Jim Rickards also doesn’t mention the possibility that the fed will scale up QE by many magnitudes and will flood the system with quadrillions of dollars. Finally, what happened to his Ice-9 theory where everything in the financial system will freeze up? No mention of it here. I would suggest people hold physical cash (notes and coins) and metal as well as tinned food.

  7. Anthony Australia

    News on a local front.
    Generally we only ever encountered Homelessness centered around the CBD area.
    This has transitioned over the last year or so, there are many any more found in the outer districts now.
    I am flabbergasted to see people at intersections asking for donations and people from all walks of life sitting in front of shops looking deflated.
    I personally have experienced this in may other countries throughout South East Asia, parts of Europe and even South Africa; many of you will see this being the norm in the States, but for us in the once labeled ‘Lucky Country’ it sure sends a shiver down the spine and brings tears to my eyes.

    • Anthony Australia

      The new face of homelessness in Australia
      People are finding themselves homeless for the first time due to the rental squeeze
      ‘Invisible homeless’: Why having a safe and secure home is still out of reach for many
      Rent and cost-of-living pressures are exacerbating homelessness and hunger in Ipswich
      Governments housed homeless in hotels during lockdowns — but many are back sleeping rough

    • Jeffrobbins

      I can’t get my head around the ‘homeless/ help needed’ people sometimes on the very corner that has a sign “Hiring” nearby. The number of beggars on corners has doubled in the last 2 years around here. The word on the street is that Seattle gave bus rides to a bunch of their homeless to a number of places elsewhere in the state. Granted, an address, ID., and phone number are very necessary in this enlightened world, but still if it were me i would talk until someone gave me a shot at something. My wife says i don’t think like most people- and I’m fine with that. Sometimes i think about “The Good Earth”- a must read in todays times.

      • Anthony Australia

        Joffa, that’s the thing that boggles me the most.
        There’s a huge labour shortage here and so many ads in the windows for ‘help wanted’, something I haven’t seen since the last inflation blast during the 80’s.
        This phenomenon warrants further investigation.

  8. Ranger

    We were warned that if we allowed Private Banks to issue our currency, this would happen.
    Yet, nobody wants to shut down The Federal Reserve Central Bank and arrest them.
    Until that happens. ….only destruction will continue.

    • Paul

      Egon von Greyerz Stated in his last usa watchdog interview derivative exposure was 2.5 quadrillion dollars. (Amounting to 320,000. 00 dollars for every soul on planet today) Now Jim is saying off book derivative exposure is 1 quadrillion. That representing 10 years of a 100 trillion of all global revenues,
      And they want dollar treasuries notes for collateral. Last I read countries were sending them back.

      Something is not adding up.

      Supply chains 2.0 is the great reset of supply chains. I have been an importer and exporter since 1988. We had abnormalities in trade only when harbor strikes happened and since event 201 , and repo madness in late 2019 this has been an orchestrated destruction of the supply chain. Who’s to gain with supply chain 2.0.

      Paul from arkansas

      • Greg Hunter

        Pay attention Paul. Rickards said the dollar derivatives were $1 trillion dollars. There are other sorts of derivatives, and another big category is interest rate derivatives.

        • Paul

          I am trying to pay attention
          This is what is published on banking derivative exposure


          Paul from arkansas

          • Cmoore

            Great interview!! Thank you!!

        • Mellowbird

          At about 29 minutes he said that there was “1 quadrillion of swaps options and swaps and futures (both involving interest rates), forwards (any commodity), etc. etc.” So when did he say “dollar derivatives were $1 trillion dollars”?

          • Greg Hunter

            Rickards did not say the derivatives involved interest rates he was talking about the dollar. I asked him a follow up question about it. He was specifically talking about a “dollar shortage.”

            • Paul

              It sounds we’re back to September 2019 with banks and hedgefunds not lending to each other in overnite lending. That started around 60 billion a nite and quickly escalated to close to a trillion nightly. Then under the cover of Covid FED lent an excess of 8 trillion.

              Why does the usa central bank lend to Swiss banks and not the BIS.

              No Covid cover this time and it’s going down fast.

              Paul from arkansas

            • Mellowbird

              Ok, so the quote refutes what you said in your response … he DiD say it, its right there in the interview! More importantly, you did not answer my question, perhaps because he did not say that there was $1 trillion in dollar derivatives. ainsi soit-il

              • Greg Hunter

                Go back and listen to it. It is implied. We are talking about dollar demand all over the worlld and why it is so high in value.

        • Fred Demarest

          I realize you didn’t want to start a debate with your guest but a simple question of “What is your definition of inflation” should have been posed. I’m sure You know the significance of his answer that conflicts with your other guests, such as Bill Holter, Peter Schiff or the late Rob Kirby.

          • Fred Demarest

            furthermore, in past interviews, he completely dismisses the Catherine Austin Fitts and Dr. Mark Skidmore discoveries as “accounting discrepancies”. Providing him with a future opportunity to clarify or reaffirm his position with elaboration on these 2 issues would result in a much more interesting interview. Thank you Greg!

      • Marie Joy

        When quadrillions of derivatives are paid off, the dollar will be worth less than zero. Best to figure out what you will use as currency. That could be toilet paper, booze, Au, Ag, Pb, cigarettes, food, honey, etc. What you have for currency, you need Pb, etc, to protect it.

        • Rick

          Who says it WILL BE paid? I can see default all the way. That means that the little guys won’t be the only ones suffering. It will take a chunk of life out of EVERYONE breathing on this little blue rock called planet ponzi – 3rd rock from the sun. Only your faith in the almighty and perseverance coupled with preparation for hard times will win out.

      • BornInABarn,Fran

        Comment from eyes on. I live 900 yds from I-40 East-West USA Train SW Union Pacific. Supply since 2-2022 all gung-ho. I see supply problems in Lowe’s/walmrt etc. stores. So, where’s all this stuff going??? On grapevine friend’s friend working on NM-TX town train intersection had to change electronic time interval on intersections because trains increasing trains length, which have been up to +- 1 mo. ago +- 2+ miles long double stacked pus other ‘stuff’-oil and good Lord knows what. Tractor-trailers, again, no let up in traffic observation.

    • Laura M.

      This is why I don’t trust politicians (even conservative ones don’t address these issues) US dollars backed by assets creating stable currency; Get the U.S. out of the UN (turn the building into apts or office space.) No winwars since 1950 ongoing; Ban gender teachings and other perverions in gov. schools.; close the borders to invaders. This country is reverting back to the middle ages (like Europe is also) invaders coming in and taking over communities daily like the middle/dark ages robbing, pillaging, occupying countries. Ongoing breakdown of societies who once prospered. Since 9/11, God’s hand of protection lifted ongoing. Most people unable to process logical thinking and haven’t a clue what is going on now, focused on social media and other trivia trusting TV news for info.

      • George

        Most people are unable to process logical thinking – like when our Saudi “allies” flew planes into the Pentagon and WTC on 9-11 – Bush had good reason to invade Saudi Arabia take their oil and lower gas prices for us “as reparations” – but instead, he sends our Marines off to fight in the mountains of Afghanistan to get their cocaine to give to our children – now we have Biden also killing our children with the “jab” and sending our Marines to go fight in the Ukraine (spending $100 billion dollars to defend a non-NATO nation’s borders – but couldn’t find a measly $5 billion dollars to close our borders)??!!

  9. Judith

    Kudos Greg, GREAT INTERVIEW !!!

  10. john lance

    I would like to ask a stupid question. Where does Buffet keep $ 130 billion dollars in cash ?

    • Tom C

      That’s a very good question!! The FDIC certainly doesn’t cover that amount.

      • Sara Young

        GREAT Question! I would like to know too.

    • Marie Joy

      In the den?

    • George

      If Buffet is keeping his cash under his mattress he is as stupid as the 99% of the American people who believe Fed IOU”s (fiat paper cash) is actually money worth something – for all his supposed abilities as a shrewd investor his actions show me he is a complete moron – especially if he has looked at the following chart – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – and still puts his wealth into ever worthless Fed IOU promissory notes (called dollars) rather then bars of gold, silver, copper or nickel – for the Fed’s IOU paper will soon be declared worthless “by an Act of God” (Klaus Schawb) – and Buffet will be in exactly the same boat as the rest of humanity “he will own nothing” and probably “not? be so happy about it!!!

      • Pete+only

        George, if Warren Buffet is keeping his $130 billion in the form of gold, he would have about 72.22 million ozs of gold, ( at $1,800 per oz) which is highly unlikely, given the tight supplies of it, and if it was all in silver, he would have 5.8 billion ozs of silver, again highly unlikely, as total annual silver production is a mere 1080 million ozs or 1.08 billion ozs according to the Silver Institute’s 2022 World Silver Survey.
        Silver is a very small market size, as is gold really in the total scheme of things when talking a physical nature.
        Bitcoin it is said has a ceiling of 21 million coins, and at a present price of about $16,000, is $336,000,000,000 or $336 billion, so he would own 39 percent of all bicoin t the moment, again, highly unlikely.
        Derivatives, on the other hand, are in the quadrillions, which are thousands of trillions. Next up are quintrillions which are thousands of quadrillions.

    • Shirl

      Last checked, his liquidity is calculated in Equities of the companies that Berkshire Hathaway owns. He sold out his physical Silver holdings long ago at a profit and has since referred to Au & Ag as less than worthy assets that don’t pay dividends…

    • John Maskell

      Under his bed. He needs an elevator every time he goes to sleep !

    • Shiloh1

      So would I. Especially in the context of what his definition of ‘cash’ is. I hope Uncle Buffy and Uncle Charlie haven’t forgotten where they’ve buried it.

    • JayJay

      I am thinking of a storage facility built by him with round the clock guards.
      With that type of wealth, he can build his own bank.
      Security would be the latest updates.

      • Laura M.

        Jay Jay: The wealthy have private security vaults for whatever they want to stash, mainly in large cities. I have known about some renting them in smaller cities for the wealthy families (or anyone) some who run the city/town.

    • Art

      Well..you know..he keeps a little here a little there!

  11. Don W.

    I would fully agree with him and also add that by the end of 2023, we will have the ONE WORLD GOV. in the world we live in as well as a lot more about the END TIMES. I am excited about where we are heading today. I may be Blessed by just going strait up before I got down 6 ft. I Pray that will happen. We have some tough times ahead for the next four years or so, but for those of us that know Him, we will make it.

  12. Rick Candler

    Great interview Greg! How safe is cash if the government goes to a digital currency? Everyone will get screwed on the exchange rate. I can’t imagine the crooks in DC exchanging dollar for dollar.

  13. larry giglio

    Hello. Not this year Elizabeth, but next year, closer to the Republican victory taking over the White House, the BIG ONE, Elisabeth, I’ll be coming to be with you again, Elisabeth, in a year and a half after the BIG ONE, Elisabeth… the Demoncrats have to be blamed for economic collapse. The Republicans will sweep this time , trust me. This will be the worst economic depression ever, by Demoncrat design. Give it time. It’s coming Elisabeth

  14. Mike Macek

    Great show, Greg. Timely…👍

    • No Thanks

      They will absolutely NOT sweep anything until we put the brakes on all the avenues of blatant CHEATING!! They did it in 2020 and again in 2022 – do people not seem to get the basics here? ?

  15. Mike Macek


    • Art

      No, I don’t think they do. Every time it’s the same ol story…well next time we’ll get them, next time we’ll be prepared, etc, etc! People don’t realize that every time they do this they are one step closer to checkmate where there is no way out, not even with physical rebellion because they will be monitoring every little thing you do and whenever some little flicker of rebellion starts they will be there to nip it in the bud with a vengence. Every time they get away with this is one step closer to our total slavery. People need to stop thinking these people are playing checkers and learn the game of chess. It’s not about the pieces you collect, it’s about checkmate.

  16. George

    In the upcoming chaos to come (as trust now fades in both fiat and crypto currencies) gold will likely ascend to the top of the global monetary order as the overriding Tier One reserve asset of Central banks who have recently been diversifying away from the US dollar and into increasing exposure to gold (buying nearly 400 tonnes of gold in the third quarter, up 300% from last year). Thus gold should have a strategic place in every investor’s portfolio seeing as how miserably the US Dollar has performed over the last 100 years!! – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 and the Fed raising interest rates on such highly depreciated fiat paper will probably require 40% interest rates to make them “somewhat acceptable” to hold for a fast transaction into physical precious metal!!

  17. Enrico

    I am stunned at the cogent and very clear explanation of the current situation concerning the supply chain, various details of finance, inflation, deflation and more. This is one book I am getting in December. Thank you Greg and James.

  18. RH

    I have been watching James for a long time. I remember he was totally against Bitcoin and expecting Special Drawing Rights (SDRs) to be a thing.. If you bought BTC at that time.. at $300ish, you would be laughing.. if you didn’t, you missed out. I don’t trust these “EX-CIA” guys. Buy and use some BCH, and you will be laughing. Love you Greg, but I don’t trust this guy at all. Yeah – get out of debt, buy some food, some precious metals and some BCH (or at least check it out). Great interviews – just be wary of the nefarious types. Sounds like he helped a lot of bankers and the FED, what has he done for people/humanity? and by the way, FTX was just another money laundering scam, always do your research.

    • Tim K


      You could be right. Thanks for speaking up.


    • Tom C

      Ukraine is/was involved in the FTX money laundering scheme. Funneling big bucks back to the States to mostly Dems and RINOs.

    • stanley skrzypek

      RH…..You are COMPLETELY RIGHT….I did research on this guy a few years ago…totally UNIMPRESSED………glad to know I am not the “only one” ….”Crypto Groupies” my ass….

    • Jim

      What is the intrinsic value of BTC?….

    • jeannie

      Read online for FREE the pdf book called the creature from jekyll island AND YOU WILL SEE THAT INFLATION IS SIMPLY HIDDEN TAXATION.
      This guys knows this, he is just covering up for his handlers

    • Shiloh1

      At the moment, the chest deep freezers are easier to get now than 2020-2021. If kept in unheated garage during cold winters need to make sure it’s intended/rated for that location. I know sounds counterintuitive. Has to do with motor / compressor. Amana makes one that I’m familiar with.

  19. PersonaNonGrata

    6:35 “With crypto there’s nothing there.” Jim Richards.
    Thanks Jim. This has been my conviction from the get go. Not disputing that some people have speculated on crypto and won big, but others have lost big. Like roulette, you put your money down and the croupier releases the ball and spins the wheel – the odds ALWAYS favour the house, not the punter. Me thinks, more losses to come in the crypto sphere.

  20. James LaGarde

    Jim Rickards is the best! Thanks for having him on your show. It is very refreshing to hear the straight scoop from a man who explains it so well.

  21. Coal Burner

    Thanks Greg, Rickards really showed his stuff this time. I will have to watch more times to get my skull around the full picture. Oh yes and the Experimental Gene Therapy appears to be a total failure, depending on what they were actually looking for!

  22. Ed Mustafo

    Rickards is a brilliant guy. He’s like a human machine gun that shoots information. He certainly understands the big picture as well or better than anyone so he never trips up or has to pause to think. Great interview. Interesting overview.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Ed,
      Don’t get me wrong, I enjoyed this interview with JIm Rickerds, but he is not always right. I read his book, ‘The Death Of Money’ when it was first published in 2014. Jim’s conviction / prediction in the book was that fiat currencies would become valueless and that world trade would transition to SDRs (Special Drawing Rights – a basket of fiat currencies). I bow to Jim’s superior intellect, but could never go along with the idea that ‘people’ who had lost faith in the US dollar, the Japanese Yen, the British Pound, the Euro, et al, would have any faith whatsoever on a basket of the same devalued ‘monopoly money’.

      As with the Covid scamdemic, ‘we the people’ need first and foremost to apply critical thinking to everything we hear – and to everyone we hear it from.

      • George

        Lets give Jim Richards some credit – he did say you should own physical gold and silver “before the transition” to a basket of SDR’s (which is simply an assortment of worthless fiat paper IOU promises from various bankrupt governments around the world)!!!

        • Pete+only

          George, well summarized, but Jim went on to say that the SDRs would also fail in the end, and he did seem to say that that the return of a physical gold standard was probably the best alternative in the end for a sound money system, which goes against all WEF policies of today.

          • George

            James Rickards should not be selling his books – he should be lending his books out to people who lend him a one ounce silver coin – by lending out his books he won’t have to pay any income tax – and the people who lend Jim a silver coin won’t have to pay any sales tax!!
            (It goes without saying if Jim never pays back the silver coin he borrowed the person who borrowed the book should not return it)!!

            • George

              And the people who never get back the silver coin they lent to Jim can get their money back from the government by writing off the loss on their income tax (the way the elite do it)!!

              • George

                Then after getting your money back from the government you simply buy back your silver coin!!

              • George

                See how useful a silver coin is – it is a like a “jab” that destroys the Globalists tax system (which makes it a nice payback for the Globalists destroying our immune systems)!!

  23. john lance

    I was going to buy a new boat at off season prices . Jeff Bezos comes along and says don’t buy big ticket items [even big screen tvs.] He said hold on to your cash. If I am not mistaken Amazon is letting 10,000 employees go. What I can’t understand why Jeff would make a statement like that which would hurt Amazon.

    • stanley skrzypek

      John……..do EXACTLY the OPPOSITE of what these Elites say to do……they are NOT on our side….”we ain’t in their club”…..as George Carlin said

      • Pete+only

        Stanley, good point, here is George Carlin telling us about it.
        If you only have 2 minutes time, fast farward it to the 8 minute mark, but it’s very funny and true, all of the 10 minute summary that life is worth losing.
        This originally came out in 2005, and is still very much true today.

  24. Paul

    WHAT’S GOING ON? FTX Debtors File Motion to Hide the Names of FTX Creditors


    Won’t work legally

    Paul from arkansas

  25. Skeeter

    There was never a deflation linked to the 1970’s inflation since there was no lack of continued printing. The inflation was only quelled once bonds had positive yields at a FED funds rate of 20%. There is no possibility of a positive yield in bonds now since 20% FED funds rate of greater than the price inflation rate is no longer possible. There will be no general deflation.

    • George

      The banksters lending out dollars on their credit cards want 27% to 34% interest payments on all those dollars they lend out – that’s how fast the US dollar is falling in value – yet they tell us “the US dollar is the strongest currency in the world” – if this https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 is the strongest currency in the Western world – I think the Western Banksters are in very big trouble – the Fed needs to push interest rates to at least 40% just to make the banksters break even on their credit card loans – but at the same time they need to increase the money supply by 40% “just to maintain their zero interest rate policy” so as to keep the stock market going up!!

  26. Joe Wong

    Nice and very informative video by the GREAT Jim Rickards. However, everyone is noticing the worldwide DUMPING of the US Dollar has begun, because its the strongest currency now, and people are coming-up with alternatives for same. Have a nice evening, and nice Thanksgiving day as well.

  27. Mike S

    Thanks Jim the supply chain overview was excellent!

    I would have liked to have heard Jim’s take on this “Central Bank Digital Currency” “Solution”.
    A centralized solution. Which isn’t a real solution IMHO.

    And why that is better than a Bitcoin option.


    Centralized unbacked CBDC vs. decentralized computation-backed BTC. With perhaps a million independant mining operations. And a guaranteed LIMITED supply.

    The unbacked fiat oligarchs know it could and ideally should be a part of the solution to free us from central control of our assets. That’s why…

    They’ll do anything to keep it suppressed. A LUNA crisis here. An FTX there.

    In real terms you just need a wallet and the other party needs one on…say …a smart phone.
    A rare (NOT!) device. To transact.

    Or technically there are even paper wallets believe it or not. Don’t need an exchange to buy a loaf of bread. Just agree to pay what the store asks. Scan. Done.

    May God Bless and protect Greg and all his guests and their families.

  28. Raymond J

    “You don’t touch the customer’s money…”

    Uh, ever heard of fractional reserve banking? Rickards admits, like he does in his books, that he helped negotiate bailouts and tries to sell you on them (otherwise there will be shutdown of the financial system, martial law, etc.). If you want to understand how these bailouts really work, pick up a copy of “Creature from Jekyll Island.”

    • No Thanks

      They are All utter, common CROOKS!!

    • Paul from Indiana

      The purpose of so-called bailouts is to perpetuate the system. That’s all. Those vested in the system are pro-bailout; that’s simple. When bailouts no longer work, we’ll get bail-ins, aka confiscation of money and assets. Best always. PM

  29. Jack M Stein

    EEOI – Excellent, Exemplary, Outstanding Interview!

  30. Doug

    Great guest. He’s able to simplify the complicated. I was hoping he’d offer his opinion on what he expects gold and silver to do during this inflationary/deflationary fire storm.

  31. Fred Daake

    I cannot understand why anyone ever saw Bitcoin as having value as money.

    The concept was based on a fantasy. The idea was to create and promote an inherently useless medium of exchange that was developed in secrecy by an unknown group of dreamers. The result was supposed to be a better version of the fake government money that is currently backed by the largest militaries in the world. What it turned out to be was nothing but a casino game that had no widespread demand in real life.

    It is not possible for any type of fiat money to have widespread value unless there is a large enough market acceptance that it could sustain a thriving competitive environment. That means that there also must be enough stability in the demand for this fake dollar that users could be assured of a relatively stable purchasing value in the short term that favorably compares what it cost them to acquire it.

    As nothing more than an accounting program that reflects zero assets and stores its information in a series of short +5 volt bursts, it is absolutely silly to think that it can ever be capable of replacing the fiat dollar. Especially after the world has seen how the FTX dominoes could delete depositor’s fiat wealth in a flash.

    Article: 75% of bitcoin investors have lost money:

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Fred,
      I am no supporter of Bitcoin, however, the info you link to is supplied by the BIS (Bank of International Settlements). If, like me, you believe the Central Banks to be, ‘the giant vampire squid’ sucking the life out of humanity, then the BIS is the heart of the beast.

      • Fred Daake

        Good Point!

        But back to the bitcoin comments in my original post.

        Block Chain is a fantastic technology. It has a ton of great potential. In terms of accounting, banking, document preservation, and voting, if properly used, it can make it almost impossible to cheat.

        But the major problem that we have with the current federal reserve central bank system is not limited to bookkeeping. It has to do with maintaining purchasing power over time while stopping abnormal federal control over freedoms.

  32. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the interview. My Dad only invested in mutual funds based in the American Midwest that in turn, invested in companies in the Midwest (3M is an example. Honeywell is another).
    Midwesterners have morals. These bankers and financial “wizards” on the east and west coasts of the USA have NO morals.
    Sam Bankman Fried (as in “fried chicken”), is a perfect example of the immoral financial “wizards” on the coasts of the USA.
    The Midwest of the USA has the food, energy, education, and morality to be a success on its own. One day I hope the Midwestern states from Canada to the Mexican border declare their independence.

    • George

      So why are the suicide rates higher in the Midwest??? – https://www.cdc.gov/vitalsigns/suicide/img/vs-0618-Suicide-infographic-920.png?_=02636

      • tim mcgraw

        George: Suicide rate increases are the same in Nebraska as in California. You can’t blame the weather.

    • The Canuck

      The new Conservative Premier in Alberta, Danielle Smith and the province of Saskatchewan are certainly entertaining the idea of change.

      • tim mcgraw

        The Canuck: Alberta has plenty of energy, food, and a moral hard-working people. The Albertans should get out of Canada.

        • The Canuck

          If you follow Armstrong’s historical analysis of collapsing empires he indicates borders change. Western Canada is prime for this situation (Wexit). Alberta needs tide water to get product to Asia. I’m in British Columbia on the coast. The east half (north to south) of BC relates well to a conservative Alberta/Saskatchewan but the west half of BC is “highly” socialist, much like California. Also, Alberta’s major cities (Edmonton/Calgary) are turning socialist, Trudeau voters and the Indigenous are pushing back against the new Premier. The sovereign nation of Canada is falling Tim. I will add that our Central bank is legally owned by the people, it has no share holders but it has been captured.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      Why I wanted all of you to watch some of this video as it went on for 30 minutes and showed mostly people close to where I live in Thailand all jabbed up and dying right in front of all to see. Some fell in front of trains, cars, but one common theme in all of them as you observe is they all dyed exactly the same way. They flop around, spin around and then crash hard on the road/floor ect and die real fast. Family here one is a nurse and no one is taking these kill jabs now. If you looked at the Bangkok Post, they lie to people but the people are wise here. They all all still griped with fear as well over half wear masks all the time still and very few died of the Covid but many got the Frankenshots. Please watch it or some of it and FORWARD TO ALL YOU KNOW. WE MUST WAKE PEOPLE UP AS THIS ALL IS MAKING ME SO UPSET TO SEE SO MANY SO STUPID NOW. Greg, Thank you for Jim as both he and Martin are so intelligent and helpful for all of us. God wins in the end.

      • BornInABarn,Fran

        Tragic. 1980 I was in Thailand. David and all still reading this blog. Our best weapon in this sort of warfare is Prayer. More prayer. God alone can unite and lead us; Heal the ‘stupid’ in our humanity.

  33. Cat Merry

    Where is the chapter on how things go without the Federal Reserve. Jim had some good ideas, but he lives for the existing system. I think a different system is needed. Remove the taxation without representation the US currently has in place. The whole thing needs to go. Powell is worthless and so are his cronies. The Federal Reserve system is not Federal, it’s privately owned. This ponzie scheme is done.

  34. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Rickards love how you,Mr Hunter, asked your question stood back and interjected infrequently but pointedly and allowed Mr Rickards to bring his thesis to fruition. Great interview.
    Indeed those of outside the US Dollar are utterly destroyed, “real” money here in the UK,Europe and elsewhere are fleeing to the US Dollar. So much of our debts are denominated in US Dollars and our repayments have to be made in US Dollars,yet our earnings on the ground here are in our local currency and with an escalating US Dollar are debts are exploding. Still American oligarchs seem to think buying here in the UK is a good idea,but crime is exploding and you are not allowed to defend yourself,for the courts will destroy you for doing so.So good luck to the new transplants into London from the USA hope they are all UFC/MMA fighters in disguise.
    Our economy here in the UK is abysmal and our freedoms are being squashed daily.Its like my home of Northern Ireland in 1969 just before things got really nasty and oppressive. The fury on the ground here in London is palpable and the police are so frightened that they now walk about armed in a country where gun owning is illegal!

    • Charles Tas Maniac

      Maria, maybe the Europeans could use this ongoing and deepning tragedy, to wake up to the unfolding realization, that we are in a time of judgment.
      Judgment day approachith.

    • Shiloh1

      No prob. Sen. Quadruple Chins (R) should be flushed down the toilet, too.

  35. Randy Best

    It is amazing how many still have faith in worthless Government/FED fiat currency.

    • Fred Daake

      The problem is that nothing works better on a wide scale in the marketplace. I predict that if there were a better alternative to the current international fake money, most people would flock to it overnight.

      Perhaps the only solution is one that will be expensive and painful to all of us. The current system needs to crash and burn ASAP so that our only choice will be to develop local currencies like the ones that existed in the early American colonies. When individuals have personal relationships with the source of all money and property, it will no longer be possible for huge international crime rings to fund their immoral operations and gain tyrannical control over large governments.

  36. Marie Joy

    There are instructions on YouTube on how to make just about everything, including cream cheese/ various kinds of cheese.

  37. Mr. Miller

    Great advice. Diversify your investments and buy a freezer or two. Meanwhile, the PTB are working overtime to kill most of you and they are succeeding with no resistance at all. The American sheeple is alive and well but not for long.

    Listen, it didn’t make any difference how much wealth you had or where you were on the Titanic once it hit the iceberg. Unless you made it into a lifeboat, you were a goner and right now all of you are on the US Titanic and it’s already hit the iceberg.

    Bottom line, if you don’t know by now what’s really going and do what you have to in order to survive what is coming, then your fate is already sealed. Wasting time and money buying books like Ricard’s makes no sense at all but if that’s what you believe……

    • Really Awake

      I disagree with your assertion that “wasting time and money buying books like Ricard’s (sic) makes no sense at all”.

      I say reading well written books is like weightlifting for the mind. Weak minded hoi polloi have one thing in common. They don’t read much, and when they do it’s scribble and screed.

      Sometimes I want to puke. The abject ignorance and poverty of the American mind is nauseating. Really. The mindlessness is stunning. Ayn Rand used to criticize “the ignorant masses”. I wonder what she’d say were she alive now?

      Listening to this interview at 1am in an environment so quite that I could hear a pin drop was actually beneficial for me. It keeps me sharp when I match wits with such an erudite man as Jim. And I don’t just passively listen. I perceive, anticipate, analyze and draw conclusions. I exercise my cognitive ability.

      Winners anticipate. Losers react.

      It is the same with books. A best selling author, Robert J Ringer, told me long ago that successful people are self-taught listeners. Exceptionally good listeners. And that includes listening as you read books. Just the act of being a good listener in and by itself is nourishment for your mind.

      Finally, I say this: mankind’s most effective and useful ability is our power of reasoning with a full mind. So fill up your mind with good books and good interviews; because your very survival is largely dependant upon the choices you make. And weak, empty minds often make weak, pooor choices;thus, creating poor odds for themselves going forward.

      • tim mcgraw

        Really Awake: You are right about successful people being self-taught listeners. My Dad would have his salesmen take a course in listening. Listening to the customer was paramount to a successful sale.
        Reading is also important. I’m still reading a book a month or so. My Mom at 90 reads two books a week (fictional books). I like non-fiction.
        “Weak-minded hoi polloi” is also all too true. It gets discouraging.
        Thanks for your comment.

      • Mr. Miller

        Right, keep reading as that’s the answer to surviving what’s coming.

        You’re obviously one of the sheeple who will be taken out with the “ignorant masses” as you’re part of that group, though you try to make it sound like you are superior when you are not. This is a common trait of those who like to point fingers at others when what they really need to do is just look into the mirror. Stay put, keep reading. You’ll be fine.

        • tim mcgraw

          Mr. Miller: If you are talking to me, I have been on the front lines since the Vietnam War resistance. Reading gives us ammo to fight the war of ideas.
          If you don’t think the masses are lazy, ignorant, apathetic sheep; you aren’t paying attention.
          As for “feeling superior”; guilty. I work every day at being a better human being.
          Do you?


    Rickards had me at Green New Scam. Great interview Greg. I’m so glad I support you.

  39. Vincent Mc Cooey

    Jim was fantastic Greg, why did it take you so long to get him on, it must have been well over two years since you last interviewed him. Brilliant and God bless you. Vince in London.


    Much better then the last interview!!!!! Had his shit together, And laid it out so Dummies like me could understand.
    All in all EXCELLENT!!

  41. Marie Joy

    I don’t think Christians are capable of doing what needs to be done. Combine Christianity with fluoride and easy times and the apathy is off the charts.

    • Kay

      Marie, I think our million $$$ Christian leaders are all part of the club. Stop buying their books and trinkets. They are making merchandise out of the true church. I stopped listening to preachers on the radio. During COVID, almost all were touting a book to get followers through COVID. Few urged believers to go deeper into the WORD and get closer to God. They played off people’s fears to sell more books. I am done with that rubbish.

  42. Really Awake

    Really good interview with lots of details, explanations, examples and historical perspective from an experienced insider and well seasoned man.

    I like Jim because he’s a skilled communicator who knows how to build a case and articulate a narritive.

    I agree with his opinion on crypto currency – especially how this imaginary money is nothing like stocks insofar as stocks by and large are offered by a real company offering a REAL good and/or service.

    I go further and say Crypto Creepy Con Clown Coins are backed by nothing, zero, zippo, nada, thin air. Frankly, crypto coins are Orwellian excrement. And what started out as a smelly pile of crap back in 2010 has grown into a Mount Everest of worthless toxic dung. Calling crypto manure is far too kind, because at least manure is useful as a fertilizer. Crypto is actually a poison. An added poison on an already sick upsidedown inside-out ass backwards monatary nightmare…

    BTW: without giving away what some people pay Marty Armstrong for; it is possible that interest rates don’t quickly fall as Jim Rickards conjectures. It’s entirely possible that interest rates stay up and don’t go down. Suprise! To all of the Big Money Players! Suprise! And if that happens, then all of those BiG MoneY PlayerS that Jim says are betting on LOWER (not higher) interest rates a year from now, well, they will lose some big intrest rate bets. And when that happens, the SHTF and then flys all over Wall Street…

    Have Marty back on. And ask him the reasons why interest rates could actually stay up and not drop back down like many big traders (including Goldman Sachs trading desk players) think…. Ask Marty how a loss in confidence in sovereign debt could actually FORCE government to PAY a HIGHER rate just to sell its debt… Remember, this time isn’t like last time around inasmuch as this time we are entering the cycle of collapse in government – including Keynesian Economics… All the big players are betting on a pivot. But what happens when the pivot doesn’t work? – and Keynesian economics collapses?

    Ask Marty, because Marty is a brilliant trader. In fact, I’d say Marty is about the only truely brilliant trader who is willing to speak publicly. I repeat again what I say on a daily basis: very few traders are going to get 2023 right. Fewer 2024. And only a handful out to 2032.

    Back to Jim: he gives some really great practical advice. I laughed (in a good way) when he said he had four freezers full of food. Yes. That is the way to go. Emulate Jim. Stockpile food. For most people canned food is a better option, simply because most don’t have an independent power supply like Jim does… Gold. Guns. Grub. Goods. Gas. Get as much survival REAL stuff stockpiled as you can. That’s the biggest take away from this interview in my opinion.

    • IowaFarmer

      Great Reply. You said it better than I could have.

      • Gary C

        I would never bet against Martin Armstrong & Socrates. His track
        record is outstanding.

        • Greg Hunter

          I agree Gary. Martin Armstrong is good at what he does.

  43. Clayton Bye

    Really enjoyed your interview with Mr. Rickards , Greg.

  44. Naomi from Israel

    Hello Greg,
    Thank you for the interesting interview.
    Regarding the link, you provided for pre-ordering, why do you link exclusively to Amazon? There are other bookstores on the Internet that one can pre-order from. Amazon is a large cooperation that exploits its workers. It also competes with many small businesses and forces them to close shop.

  45. Andrew Harrison

    Great interview, great guest, I read an article a few years ago, sorry I can’t remember where, however it said we would get global inflation, deflation, depression and then war, seems like we’re seeing the back of inflation sooner than most of us thought, I wonder if the rest of the sequence plays out? Additionally I was amazed that ‘insider’ Jim Rickards just came out against the ‘vaxx’ deadpan, statement of fact, they don’t work, they are not vaccines and they are observably harmful, paraphrase. This guy’s a lawyer and knows the potential consequences of making false statements! Greg your advice to Donald Trump to admit this and point out he was lied to comes to mind.

    • George

      Trump must not only admit the “jab” is killing people – but must also forcibly move to “criminalize its further use” – and also “ban any mandatory vaccination of the unjabbed” (with the latest aerosol spraying of the Clot Shot into the atmosphere over US towns and cities for the un-vaxxed to breathe in)!!

      • George

        Trump realizes “jabbing fake ballots into voting machines can hurt people – so he should also realize that jabbing a fake vaccine into people on ventilator machines can also hurt people – he professes that the jabs “should not be mandatory” – yet – where does he stand on the aerosol spraying of the Clot Shot onto the unvaccinated? – We all need to know where he stands on this issue “as our lives depend upon it”!!

  46. Claude

    Thank you, Greg for being such a good interviewer. Your interviews with Jim Rickard’s are the ones that I always listen two beginning to end twice to be sure I don’t miss anything.

  47. stanley skrzypek

    “crypto currency – especially how this imaginary money”…..are you SERIOUS?…and the credit card you use EVERYDAY is just like Ag and Au? and not imaginary money?…….glad only historically a tiny fraction of people “get it”……and you are the happy majority?….tell me in a year or 2

    • JayJay

      If Buffet has 130 billion (with a B) in cash, I’d love to know what he has in Bitcoin.

  48. Marie Joy

    People are, all, one way, or another, easily led.

  49. stanley skrzypek

    Really Awake…….should be REALLY WOKE…..you have a Real Destiny….

  50. Motto

    “Why does Warren Buffett and Brookshire Hathaway have $130 billion in cash? ”

    Because he is disoriented . The system is rigged beyond his compehension ( perhaps his cognition deteriorates as Biden’s and Pelosi’s ) . He is from old world, where rule of law was a thing. Now he thinks sitting on pile of cash will help him wheather the Great Reset. And he acquired a phobia of PM market.
    He is pure product of kenesian school of economics.

    Soon he will learn what hyperinflation is.

  51. Da Yooper

    Good interview Greg

    It is a shame Rickards never touches on the rigging & suppression in the Gold & Silver markets. That is a rabbit hole he needs to address.

  52. James

    Thanks for another fine program, Greg!

    Excellent info from Catherine Austin Fitts discussing the situation and the State Banking solution with TN Sen. Frank Niceley – https://www.bitchute.com/video/2aJVbvPbvGHp/

  53. Nick de la Gaume



  54. Neville

    AAcrime is run by “THE” most despicably DISHONEST scumbags in the world!!!
    That said Gerald Celente who uses the phrase “when they’ve got nothing left to lose THEY LOSE IT” Like the bunch of cowards that they are they pull the rest of AAcrime down with them ,taking them to the cleaners…..
    And as the brilliant Gen Eisenhower warned years ago to be CAREFUL OF THE MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX…….Well as we have discovered of late that everything and I mean everything can be laid at their doorstep all in the line of their evil duty and using the Credit Card used for Emergency Use Authorization The Covid scamdemic is one of their latest initiatives. This sort of treasonous treachery skullduggery ,chicanery call what you will is the most evil thing on this planet involving the citizens and indeed the military conscripts alike…..
    In the end all will mitigate the concomitant punishment that will be coming their way!!!
    May THE LORDS PEOPLE IN AAcrime be protected,all the innocents, THE TRUTH tellers and people generally of GOODWILL….

  55. Susan R

    Pure Gold. Thank You Greg Hunter and Jim Richards.

  56. Joseph Boudreau

    You’re the best, Greg! Jim Rickards shares so much information every time he’s interviewed. I have to agree that the worldwide distribution system causes so much waste, it’s not funny.
    It is a great idea to diversify. Also, I was surprised when Jim mentioned hes many freezers because I bought a third freezer in August myself. Got an extra sump pump, microwave oven, coffee maker, coffee grinder, oil and filter for the car and some wiper blades among other things because I know there will be a period ahead of us when these items may not be available for some time. As for food, I’m always prepared going into our great Canadian winters.
    Here’s a good candidate for interview, Maxime Bernier, leader of the People’s Party of Canada. He was the only political leader to go and actually speak with the truckers last winter. I’m sure he’s got plenty to say and he could use the support.
    Best wishes,

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Joe.

      • Tim K

        Hi Greg,

        What James is not saying is that the deflation will be caused by the massive jab deaths.


        • Greg Hunter

          Yet, I am hoping it’s Rickards’ next book. Catherine Austine Fitts already thinks the Injections will cause a death wave big enough to cause deflation and Ed Dowd does too. They both told me much the exact same thing.

          • Tim K

            Hi Greg,

            Thanks for your reply and your excellent truthful reporting. Ed Dowd and CAF are some of my favorites.

            Take care my friend


          • George

            If the Globalists succeed in killing off 90% of the American people – the 8,200 tons of gold at Fort Knox shared out equally with the 10% globalists who survive amounts to only 7.7 ounces of gold each – so for about $13,500 dollars each these greedy globalists are exterminating humanity???

    • Bob

      Joe. Here in Central Texas. At gas station ..just now met 2 groups of Canadian snowbirds….big 3 axel 5th wheels. Nice folks!

    • JayJay

      I also bought extras…slider shoes that help my sore feet, a am/fm for mowing, a weed eater, a watch, few other things….and then I think, will we really be mowing in a grid down??

    • The Canuck

      I agree completely brother ! After all, Mad Max may very well end up negotiating with our neighbors to the south. Oh, and interview Kevin O’Leary aka Mr. Wonderful. Ask him how his crypto ventures are making out with the troubles at FTX, …. lol

  57. Roger Stamper

    tks for post james greg

  58. steve

    He seems to have lost much enthusiasm for Gold…didn’t he predict 10000 gold….just softened or sold out or just going along with flow….sounds like a generalist…..almost status quo promoter

  59. James PTY

    Well, few can school on financial reality in so articulate a manner as Rickards.
    Restrained argument against FTX being the straw breaking camel’s back based on clear evidence of purposefully designed to defraud, launder, in order to bribe and ultimately fail in bankruptcy forcing cryptolandia to consolidate at the terms of regulators AND benefit institutions like BlackRock, Circle (Goldman Sachs) and Van Eck (all listed participants).
    Supply chain 1.0 ends introducing 2.0 likely built upon Decentralized Ledger Technologies running the Internet of Things to communicate between a web of local economies. The model for these future local economies may be high tech walled gardens implementing on-demand manufacturing by three dimensional printers running software using intellectual property represented by Non Fungible Tokens generating royalties for the owner of the IP.
    Complexity of interconnected supply chains quashes short sighted green agenda not to mention liquidity problems in the credit market, that Holter explains so well, rooted in Dollar dependency that Rickards says… “the early 80 when all this was CREATED”: Lawyers chose wording very carefully. Also, note the very careful acknowledgment of vaxxx danger without directly commenting on origin, intent, or direct effect on deflation: All being witnessed is a controlled demolition of what had previously been reality (again, WEF publicly stating same for over three years).

  60. Tony

    It was not a trans pacific traffic jam it was simply the truck drivers where not allowed to load because the shipping yards where not allowing movement of the containers it was all a big ass created lie. If you think there agent enough truck drivers then you’re pushing the agenda the deep state wants you to push. I know this because I was at the shipping yard in Charleston SC that had 80,000 containers that just set there doing nothing

  61. Won Witness

    James Richards is not an Austrian economist, He is obviously a Keynesian economist.
    The difference is He thinks inflation is the product cost rising.
    A Keynesian knows All inflation is the result of a falling dollar value due to government over spending.
    A Keynesian knows rising prices increase supplies due to the manufacturer’s profit incentive. (let’s make more of these and make more money)
    The Fed raising rates without cutting government spending is only going to crush consumer credit use.
    The Fed raising rates INCREASES consumer inflation as it is the consumer who pays the producers higher interest rates. Polititians say “Let’s tax those greedy corporations !” results in “dear customer, as our expenses rise we can no longer hold down our prices and will be raising prices starting next….”
    The Fed will raise them until the national debt approaches no longer affordable levels, and all tax dollars go to pay the interest costs only, with nothing left for any other program. You can bet rates will top out prior to this. If not congress couldn’t be paid !
    I also disagree on the supply chain breaking down prior to 2020, working in the grocery industry I can state that the shelves never were bare until covid lockdowns were implemented to start the evil klaus shwab / wef great wipe out / reset ?
    time to pray, and pray some more.

  62. bible reader

    Deuteronomy 28:5
    Blessed shall be thy basket and thy store.
    Deuteronomy 28:17
    Cursed shall be thy basket and thy store.

    • CJ

      One of my favorite Chapters. Verses 1-14, the blessings received for obedience. Verse 15 on, the curses that are received for disobedience. Lots of wisdom in that chapter. Thanks for sharing.

  63. francis reps

    His book ; ” The Death of Money”: follows the 1960 book “When Money Dies” by Adam Ferguson. The entire Western Monetary system is now entering its own ; Weimar Experience. Jacque Reuff ; and Charles De Gaul made these same points in the late sixties ; when De Gaul actually sent the French Fleet to New York Harbor to bring “all” of France’s gold ; stored in NYC ; back to France. We must all keep in mind that the “so called” conventional wisdom OF the Majority of humanity is usually wrong ; as evidenced recently by the clamoring by the public for the Experimental Clot Shot. This aspect of humanity is a good reason to have selected and truly decent and knowledgeable Elites overseeing Affairs of State. We thank your guest for adding more information about the fake money we have been inundated with.

  64. Jim J

    best interview ive seen here, thanks, Thankyou Greg for your true display of journalistic integrity and dedication to truth!

    donations to follow.


  65. Jeff Park

    always thought of Rickards a bit too DS but that was one of your best videos about finance and the economy.

  66. Russell Holmes

    WOW, one of your best interviews yet Greg. I’ll get Rickard’s book though it’s not available until Dec. 9th.

    Bloomberg had an article from 2013 which said that the Fed actually created $28 trillion of fiat dollars between 2008 and 2012. The link evaporated into cyber hell, of course, but I will link an article with a video from 2013 which is even more upsetting. The video is of a Congressional hearing with Obama’s Federal Reserve Inspector General “testifying” (lying through her teeth that is). Bottom line is that she refuses to answer how $9 trillion was created or who got the money. That was in only the 8 months prior to that hearing and at least $1.5 trillion went to bailing out the super rich bond holder, mostly US auto companies that were going under. Around 9 of the $28 trillion they created went to foreign banks to prevent a crash of the dollar. But to this day almost every so-called economists will tell you that during those years the Fed created “only” $8 trillion. I contend that the same is true today and that since 2020 they’ve printed a lot, lot more than the $12 trillion we’re being told. Mr. Hunter has done a fantastic job reporting on the failing banks in Europe and just like the crash of 2008, the Fed will again print untold trillions to bail them out. This is also why the fascists in Congress are passing multiple trillion dollar bill. They know the game is up and are giving their cronies our money so they can buy as much physical property, gold and whatever else will retain value once they destroy the dollar.

  67. Rod Brumley, Sr. USMC LT.Colonel (ret.)

    Unfortunately Jim has been wrong most of the time
    Greg Hunter is our Ultimate Fighter for America 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

    • WK Swanson

      Col. (Semper Fi, BTW), -I have to disagree. Rickard’s book, Currency Wars, is playing out in spades right now as the half of the world moves away from the Petro-dollar. The BRICS+ nations will most likely use a gold-backed basket-of-commodities type of currency, again making his book, The New Case for Gold, relevant and timely. He doesn’t know everything, true, but he accurately depicts a lot of big picture thinking.

  68. Future Boy

    2027… The murder rate in America has dropped to a new all time low of 0% as President Cortez outlaws reporting and investigation of all crimes after all the guns were confiscated. She credits the universal gun ban and confiscation laws for this suck-cess. More than twenty million people are mysteriously disappeared. Thugers are now the majority party.

    2028… All currency has been banned as stores have given up on shoplifting. Stores now make their profit directly from the US Treasury and only need to hire employees to restock shelves, remove squatters, and fecal/urine removal from store floors.

    2029…. The last active duty policeman finally retired today. BLM ANTIFA have now fully assumed the policing of the American streets. The curfew for all straight white males has been increased to 23 hours each day, violators will be shot.

    2030… No one owns anything, it is a total free for all!! Somehow much of the stuff previously owned by people has ended up in a mafia-like super warehouse ‘trading center’ located in the burbs of each large city-zoo, operated from past elected officials.

    2060… Racism has finally ended as the last caucasion is sent though he vaporization meat reprocessing plant. President Cortez said it was delicious on a cracker. She recently won her 10th term winning the 2060 election with 100% of the vote, even carrying all of the states in South America, Africa, and Canada where she had trouble polling above 99.9%

  69. larry

    Thank you Greg…Such great guests…Telling truth…
    A market crash first..Bottom late 2023 till 24……Then the hyperinflation…..IMHO

    Save your assets now like Buffet is…glta

  70. don

    A bad economy is the least of my “worries”. These days, there are much bigger fish to fry, mentally, physically and spiritually.

  71. Rose Mont Sellicka

    The complete interview with Scott Ritter
    /Declaring Independence 8 hours ago

    Interview col. Douglas MacGregor about Ukraine and Eastern Europe
    Votum FM 2 days ago

    Barry takes a triumphant interview, they love him!
    Question is, whom does Barrol+d love? Funny how that works.

    TRARILLA 2 days ago
    A few words come to mind listening to this conversation is… intelligent, respectfull, dignafied, principal, honorable and humane Just exactly what a president should be! 💯

    Douglas Macgregor Interview – The Result of a Ukrainian Air Defense
    31 subscribers 442 views Premiered Nov 17, 2022
    Douglas Macgregor Interview – The Result of a Ukrainian Air Defense

    Rosenstein says he “probably would not have” named special counsel for Trump cases
    Face the Nation 283K subscribers 9,322 views Nov 20, 2022
    Former Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who appointed a special counsel in the Russia probe, says he “probably would not have” appointed a special counsel to oversee the Trump investigations

    Full interview: Former Vice President Mike on “Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan”
    Face the Nation
    283K subscribers 4,448 views Nov 20, 2022
    Watch the full version of an interview with Former Vice President Mike Pence that aired on Nov. 20, 2022, on “Face the Nation with Margaret Brennan.”

    Lets cut the mustard gas, Russia will win. What it will win? $64,000 dollar question. Same with Trump. Despite all the spite and improper ganda. YOU CAN’T FOOL THE PEOPLE ALL THE TIME! We see through you, apparently we aren’t as stupid as you.
    Ok, lets cut to the mustard. When they say peace and security, then sudden destruction will be upon them. Believe it. You can’t fool mother nature and you aint gonna fool father God. The writings on the wall.
    Hearing and Doing
    18He chose to give us birth through the word of truth, that we would be a kind of firstfruits of His creation. 19My beloved brothers, understand this: Everyone should be quick to listen, slow to speak, and slow to anger, 20for man’s anger does not bring about the righteousness that God desires.…
    Berean Standard Bible ·
    the writing…..is

  72. Wilfong

    I feel lucky I didn’t take the jab, have employment and PM. I managed to get out of China too. Thanks for helping me on that Greg.

  73. Phil

    Pay attention: this is true.

    3878. “Sovereign” Debt Collapse, Forced Migration, and Motivations http://annavonreitz.com/sovereigndebtcollapse.pdf

    3879. A Full Explanation of the UN Connection http://annavonreitz.com/unconnection.pdf

    3880. The Fallacy of the Strong Dollar http://annavonreitz.com/fallacyofastrongdollar.pdf

  74. Gina M Mancarella

    I can’t wait till 2024. We can beat them with mail in ballots every time!
    (This is Greg Hunter. “Gina” (my very own assigned troll) comments every week here on USAW. It’s mostly vulgar deep state crap so I don’t post the hundreds of comments a year he/she posts. I am posting this one as it tells all aboput the Dem strategy in the future of cheating in the elections here in the USA. Greg)

    • George

      All ballot machines should be scraped and any paper ballots that come in after midnight on election day should be officially made null and void!!

    • Jeffrobbins

      If this is Greg, then you are a success and USAWatchdog is a success. It’s like a wealthy person in a family and the money is as much of a hindrance as a help. A farmer told me once that if you are dealing with people then you have problems- its fair to say that the more success you have the more problems you have. Congrats.

    • Booth John Will

      True Gina
      To bad you’ll never get old enough to sign a nursing home ballot.

  75. Christian

    I love you getting into the weeds too!

    This is a smart audiance!

  76. Justn Observer

    Greg, Interesting and important report on jab injuries for your guests to may expound on from their points of view/

  77. PersonaNonGrata

    “And so I take the position now that instead of protecting . . . . They are co-conspirators with government in state sanctioned murder – period.” Dr Roger Hodkinson in recent hard-hitting interview with Robert Vaughn on just right media. The gloves are coming off! Worth a listen . . .

    • PersonaNonGrata

      On landing page, scroll down to interview entitled, ‘First Do No Harm’ published 11/7/22

  78. Michael

    Thank you Greg for all you do!!! Several months ago I left a message for you saying….You gotta have James Richard’s on your show! Am so glad you were able to book him and have him on Greg. A great interview and a real ‘ Master Class’ on what is going on today. We know that most of your guests are really busy and we are very grateful for all the hard work and many hours you put into USA Watchdog….may our Lord continue to bless you any your ministry as well as all your guests!!!

  79. Tina Frank

    In the pre-Vatican_2 Roman Catholic Church and all orthodox churches there are strict protocols for who may perform sacramental acts, healings, exorcisms and such. And the reason for this is given by St. Paul: 1 Timothy 5:22

    But among the Evangelicals anything goes because each man is his own authority. Right now social media celebrity Praying Medic is boasting on Telegram of amazing healings. And those who follow him are testifying to likewise calling in healings. . . . Maybe so, but there are risks of eternal damnation that nobody in their right mind should be ignoring.

    USAWD guest Michael Snyder told us recently that we are in the End Times or a version of the End Times. Jesus warned that during such times false prophets and other charlatans would arise like weeds.

    Therefore, beware the many false prophets and also the false mystics and performers of signs and wonders. Some may have noble intentions but fail to realize that they are playthings in the hands of the Devil. Proverbs 16:25

    • George

      You know – it seems to me the Globalists “are purposefully flaunting evil” right in the face of God “to purposely get him mad” – remember how all those nurses and doctors in hospitals happily danced as they “jabbed us to death”, remember how the NFL put on Satanic half-time dance for all the world to see, remember how CERN put on their Devilish sacrificial ceremony before the world – remember how Noah Horrori said before all the world “that there is no God and that humans are simply animals to be hacked” – what I believe these Evil Demons are doing is trying to show God that “humanity is not worth saving”!! – these Globalists have most likely read in the Book of Genesis 6:7: “That the LORD said: ‘I will blot out man whom I have created from the face of the land … I’m sorry that I have made man” – if it gets to that point we will all be goners – we need to stand up and begin arresting these evil Globalists “to show God “we are not a part of the Worldwide Demon Cult trying to Exterminate Humanity” – otherwise – God may simply allow these Queer Atheists to do what he did once before when evil Demon rats were running rampant in the world!! – and just electing Trump “is not going to save us” – even if he admits the “jab” is killing people – what Trump needs to do is “move forcibly to Criminalize any further use of the vaccines” – and – he must also “totally ban any mandatory vaccination of the un-jabbed by aerosol spraying of the Clot Shot into the atmosphere over US towns and cities (as the Globalists are now preparing to do)!!

  80. Jeffrobbins

    Thanks Greg, i have read a couple of his books. Sounds like we/treasury needs to create a whole bunch of treasuries if the world is clambering for them. Honestly, we should be investing in hard assets like ports, fresh water, oil pipelines, long list indeed- be smarter than handing out billions to corrupt countries. I wonder how quick the country could turn around if all of congress was replaced with a fresh batch at one time. Certainly, the people in charge haven’t a clue how most people live.

  81. Jeffrobbins

    I have been thinking a lot lately about barter. I know that some medium of exchange makes trade easier, but as soon as the government wants a cut-that dissipates the advantage of that medium- especially if they waste it. I don’t think there is any way to tax a trade of like items- it could be said that the services or items were of the same value- no profit and no lose. Of coarse none of these type ideas are taught in schools, but i wonder about local uses for such an idea. Anyone out there have much experience with say trading at a farmers market or among yard salesmen?? If i have a rental, and instead of rent the tenant gives me a gun or generator- are those items a type of escrow account?? CAF said in one of her interviews something about changing the money flow to deny the real criminals access to these revenue streams and it was very thought provoking.

    • George

      You make an important point Jeffr – if I lend my neighbor a shovel if he lends me a dozen eggs “no taxable event has taken place and you therefore don’t owe the government any tax on the “barter deal” (if your neighbor never gives you your shovel back – you don’t give him his eggs back) – using loans they never pay back is the same strategy the elite use (Hunter Biden for instance doesn’t get paid a salary for his work he is simply given a loan that he never pays back and thus avoids 100% of the income tax that would have been owed the government on his earnings)!!

  82. Irv

    Greg , I didn’t hear anything in this interview about Central Bank Digital Currency’s or the great reset , this is and should be a great concern to all of humanity especially believers in or Lord Jesus , I would think that of all people Jim Rickards take on this future event would be very relevant , I saw Jim at a prophecy conference years ago a Calvary Chapel Costa Mesa ,I believe he is a believer and the Bible is very clear about anybody who takes the mark is eternally separated from God ,Revelation 14:9-11@ 19:20 @ 20:4 everybody is going to have to make a choice ,how close are we would be the question for Jim ,

  83. Doug

    Great interview/great guest.

  84. tim mcgraw

    Supply chains are NOT the economy. The wheat doesn’t magically become bread. You need a baker. The HVAC part doesn’t magically fly into your HVAC system to repair it. You need a mechanic, an electrician, a plumber, a construction worker, a waiter, a trucker, you need people who make the system work. And don’t forget the farmers and factory workers.
    Check out this latest video by Mike Rowe:
    For every 5 skilled workers who quit or retire in the craftsman fields, there are only 2 new workers. That is not sustainable.
    That is the real economy. That is modern civilization. It isn’t your smartphone or computer or some financial shenanigans.
    The real economy is people doing real work.

  85. tim mcgraw

    30:00 in; No, it is not debt to GDP that matters. GDP numbers are manipulated and crap. What matters is debt per capita. All wealth comes from human activity.
    The country with the highest debt per capita is Ireland.
    The Irish always get f#@$%d.

  86. WK Swanson

    Greg, Thank you so much for having Jim Rickards on. I’ve been reading (and re-reading) his books for a good 10 years. I have learned so much from him -and from your interviews with him. Your work is tremendously important and influential. All the best. Wayne

  87. Nick Reynolds

    Thank you, Greg. This interview elicited some of the most lively comments I’ve seen on this site. LOL. Very interesting

  88. The Canuck

    One of the valuable things that the late James Dines taught me early on was don’t over think it, just look. The Dow 30/$US gold ratio shows the Dow is outperforming gold and has been since January 2013. It’s been bad, bad news for the equity markets all the way up as it climbed the wall of worry. The other brilliant analyst out there, Martin Armstrong, watches global capital flows. So if the EU is the first domino to go over, then Great Britain and a wounded Japan then where is the tsunami of capital going to go ? The core economy is the last to fall. Volatility will be off -the- charts!! https://www.macrotrends.net/1378/dow-to-gold-ratio-100-year-historical-chart

  89. Pete+only

    At about the 19 minute mark, Jim talks about supply chain 2.0 coming about, to replace the past 20 year global supply chain systems that have evolved.
    From so called “efficiencies” based on cost accountants not placing any concern for risks associated with these so called efficiencies, such as every day real world occurances.
    Donald Trump wants the new supply chains to do away with trade with China, and produce everything made in America or possibly North America, for really in the end, everything is already here to make everything that we need.
    Does it really make sense for everything to be shipped all the way around the world? Irronically, a make and buy in North America supply chain has less carbon footprint than what we presently have, but we all know that the corrupt fraudulent narrative by globalists is just that.
    A few strategic items might still need to be purchased from abroad, but basically, a north american supply chain is completely doable, when it comes to energy, water, agriculture, minerals, you name it.

    • johnny sic

      And lets think about that fake carbon footprint for a moment. When I buy a tool made in China, it looks efficient and pretty. But, when I use that Chinese tool, I will be lucky if it lasts one year before I need another. On the other hand, my dads tools from the late 1960’s all continue to work for me. I have already used up 3 Chinese made drills, 2 skill saws, several ratchet wrenches, levels that warp…my dads tools all still working.

      I was a product designer for 2 Chinese companies. My job was to make hand held blow driers as big and loud as possible for the American market and small & quiet machines for the Japanese market. The Chinese make items to break intentionally, it is taught in design school, I was told. It is called, Planned Obsolescence.

      I was on a Chinese made jet coming back to San Diego. On lift off several air vents had water flowing out of them with the steep climb. I could see 4 waterfalls happening.

  90. Rocky

    Big crisis coming.

    Bail in this time?

  91. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Excellent report.

  92. Tony

    Cominarty was NOT approved for use in the USA. FDA was up to legerdemain and why the current batches of poison (aka gene therapies) are still under a EUA.

  93. Russian Penicillin GARLIC

    Staying Healthy is Key to Fighting COVID
    eat fiber foods
    There’s no question that staying healthy, making positive lifestyle choices and taking care of yourself can help fight off sickness. The following can help make a difference healthwise.
    “Eating a whole foods diet rich in nutrient dense proteins, with as many different vegetables as possible
    Lowering or avoiding sugar and alcohol can help to lower the risk of inflammation in the body and optimize immune function
    Getting adequate sleep and adopting healthy exercise patterns can also help modulate inflammation and immune function
    Adequate hydration is also important for optimal function and recovery from illness. Aim to drink at least ½ your body weight ounces of water daily. For example, if you weigh 150 lbs., aim for 75 ounces of water per day and more if you sweat while exercising or drink alcohol or caffeine, which can act as diuretics.
    From a dietary supplement point of view, there are many supplements that can help modulate a variety of inflammatory pathways such as NRF2 and NF Kappa B, such as:
    Vitamin C
    Vitamin D (goal blood level around 50-60)
    Vitamin A (cod liver oil is a good source of Vit D and Vit A)
    Glutathione and its precursor NAC and or sulforaphane
    Alpha Lipoic Acid
    Curcurmin (turmeric)
    Note that many of these can be obtained through dietary intake.

  94. johnny sic

    There is a planet in our solar system that also supports life. This planet is called Earth. A previous place our ancestors would often visit.

    However, things have changed so much for earthlings, I do not understand why so many of them stay on the planet.

    In the 1870’s a group of men, whom think THEY own the planet, tried to start a money scheme to where any citizen had, was forced to use their money…the citizens revolted and foiled the plans of these super rich men. These super rich men tried again to pass their paper money scheme. This time, they killed one opposing member to their scheme who was traveling on the Titanic. (There never was a blue sapphire on the Titanic). This story was made up to satisfy the, now completely stupid, citizenry.

    It is 1912, with their opposition man, dead on the Titanic. The super rich men were able to buy an American President in the same year. This is the time our own leaders proclaimed, no more visitations from our people would be allowed to Earth….

    I understand, through feeds from Galactic News, the super rich men have completely taken over the planet and are killing vast quantities of certain light skinned inhabitants. At the same time allowing huge sums of brown skinned people to flow in unchecked.

    Our Galactic leaders are watching in horror as the planet is poisoned by the super rich men. The animals are dying, the oceans contain more radiation than our own atmosphere. The super rich men spray deadly chemicals in the air for the people to ingest not understanding they breath the same air.

    One joke we share on our planet at the expense of the super rich men. Goes like this: How did the Grand Canyon get so deep? A jew dropped a penny.

  95. Jackie Pollock

    Jim Rickards does a great job of explaining what’s going on now and what we are facing very soon. Inflation, recession much worse than 2008, and deflation too after that. The whole world will be involved and the chaos will be hell on earth. If there is our Earth left, that is.
    Very soon we will see this take shape and big collapse events will begin. How can this be denied?
    Outstanding report, Greg, with Jim Rickards!

    Jackie from Texas

  96. Sickle & Kneejerk

    Young woke white people today spend all of their time and efforts on avoiding all work that would make them feel proud and a sense of accomplishment. And the woke white adults, all of their time holding their woke white heads underwater.

    I finally got around to seeing the 2022 version of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre. That scene where the woke-2022-Karen-helpless-safespace-sexually-confused-adult-children in the bus when Leatherface came on with his chainsaw revving was priceless!! So frickin’ helpless and clueless!! And the main characters the entire film, one big privilege shame pity party, it is amazing that they even dare to allow themselves to even breathe the air. Rating: Three thumbs down and a slap upside the head.

  97. Kay

    If anyone needs more reason not to watch FOX NEWS here it is. Look at Paul Ryan’s other job. (Emerald Robinson posted this.) I

    Speaker Paul Ryan Appointed Teneo Vice Chairman

    To achieve that, Teneo hires influential political and corporate figures to advise clients. Last month it added its latest superstar, William J. Bratton, the former top police official in New York, Los Angeles and Boston, who will head a new security unit.

    Other prominent employees have included former President Bill Clinton and Huma Abedin, who, starting in 2012, briefly worked at Teneo while employed at the State Department under Secretary Hillary Clinton. At the same time, Ms. Abedin held a paid position at the Clinton Foundation, the family-founded charitable organization. Last year, Teneo declined to answer questions from the Senate Judiciary Committee regarding Ms. Abedin’s employment.


    Russian-backed investment fund tied to influential U.S. corporate consulting firm Teneo

  98. Jeanne

    Thank You, Greg, for another outstanding and timely interview. Your guests are the cream of the crop.
    God Bless You! 🙏✝️🇺🇸✝️🙏
    PS: Please may we have Ed Dowd back for another interview. He has a new book coming out in December. Thank You for your consideration.

  99. G. Matzo

    What will life be like in a righteous new world?
    When justice fills the earth, the result will be peace and security for everyone. (Isaiah 32:16-18) God values every human life equally, so all will be treated fairly. The sadness, outcry, and pain that come from injustice will be gone forever, and even the painful memory of injustice will gradually fade away. (Isaiah 65:17; Revelation 21:3, 4)
    Can we really believe God’s promise of a world free of injustice?
    Yes. The Bible has a proven record of reliable prophecy, historical and scientific accuracy, and internal harmony, and these show that you can trust its promises.
    What about taking up arms and fighting injustice now?
    Well, good people in Bible times, did resist unjust treatment. For example, the apostle Paul was threatened with an unfair trial that could have led to his death. Rather than taking up arms, or passively accepting such an injustice. Paul used the legal means available to him and appealed to Caesar.—Acts 25:8-12.
    Nevertheless, human efforts to correct all the injustice in this world are doomed to failure. (Ecclesiastes 1:15) Still, many have found that building their faith in God’s promise of a righteous new world has helped them overcome inner turmoil and gain peace of mind in the face of injustice.

    So, what Will God’s Kingdom Accomplish?
    Jesus taught his disciples to pray for the Kingdom to come. He knew that the terrible things happening on the earth are not what God wants and that God’s Kingdom is the only government that can fix these problems. What will God’s Kingdom accomplish?
    Spoiler Alert: Daniel 2:44

    New International Version
    44 “In the time of those kings, the God of heaven will set up a kingdom that will never be destroyed, nor will it be left to another people. It will crush all those kingdoms and bring them to an end, but it will itself endure forever.

    Read full chapter
    Daniel 2:44 in all English translations

  100. Justn Observer

    Greg, some clarity about the FTX style infringements of Reggie Middleton’s patented P2P de-centralized transactions ‘their’ systems have been and are trying to get around and why that is so obviously being done? VIEW OF WHAT ‘THEIR’ INTENT AND PLANS OVER THE NEXT 3 YEARS COULD LOOK LIKE IN A NUTSHELL?

    Johnny’s Cash and The Smart Money Nightmare=




    Middleton’s lawsuit against such uses by those like FTX, COINBASE etc.=
    Crypto News: Veritaseum v Coinbase Global – What The Media Wont Tell You

    this on his process 8 years ago !
    How Reggie Middleton’s Start-up Filed for the Patent for The Future of Global Finance!

  101. Nika

    Arizona Attorney General refuses to Certify the Arizona Governor’s Race, unless there are answers to all the shenanigans that went on in Maricopa County. Don’t miss the excellent oratory by the citizen in the green shirt, at the 2:48 minute. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yx-16-tBnlE

    • Tim K

      Hi Nika,

      I live in Maricopa county. The guy in the green shirt was awesome!!!!!!

      Take care and thank you for that.


  102. Eli

    Another powerhouse discussion! Jim is really something else and so aren’t you, Greg!

    I wanted to point something out, this really goes to show how dangerous and damaging censorship is…!
    If you were on a major network, with your discussions reaching to millions of American households, the general public would be much better informed and we wouldn’t be in half this mess!

    As it is, I believe you do reach millions of people, anyway. Thank you again..!


  103. Kelly

    Very interesting. Thank you for another great interview. I’m glad you asked James Rickards about the effect of all the people dying, because I thought it was odd that he didn’t mention the impact of all the deaths on the economy and real estate market. Does he address this in his book? If so, I’d be more interested in buying it. Catherine Austin Fitts addresses the effect of the massive amounts of death all the time. Without taking this into account we don’t have the full picture. Thank you!

  104. Mike r

    The biggest crash will be in real estate, specifically residential homes, 2nd homes, and all the other homes bought for Air BNB rentals. Air BNB’s have totally dried up. While there is a supposed ‘shortage’ of housing, right now that shortage only exists in certain hot areas. Otherwise, in most areas of the country, there is no shortage really, and its only right now who is willing to sell, which is not many since prices are dropping slowly, and people who thought they were going to cash out BIGLY (the downsizing boomers) are all mistakenly waiting for the Fed ‘pivot’ that is never going to come again. In not too distant future those hold outs will sell in panic, and then it will be no holds barred in terms of a flood of homes coming on the market and prices dropping like a ROCk.

    The home price crash will be unprecedented, and even still when by they start to sell, many will go unsold because of mortage rates 10% or even higher. The payments are an absolute killer. Homes will be available on the very cheap in many places, but those will be places where no one wants to live.

  105. Occasnltrvlr

    Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for your excellent interview of Mr. Rickards, and thanks to you, Mr. Rickards, for explaining your insights so completely and with such clarity.

    Mr. Rickards described a situation that I remain very confused about, and I am hoping someone can help me to understand.

    Mr. Rickards explained why the currency of a nation in seemingly poor financial condition, that is, the USD, is relatively strong. He explained that there is strong demand for dollars with which to purchase shorter-duration UST obligations (Bills as opposed to Notes) to be used by investment banks as collateral underpinning derivative contracts. Well enough.

    But, if there is strong demand for dollars with which to buy T-Bills, then doesn’t that also imply a strong demand for the T-Bills themselves? And, if there is strong demand for T-Bills, wouldn’t that drive their prices up, and their corresponding interest rates down, resulting in a “conventional” yield curve instead of the current, inverted yield curve?

    I’m sure there’s just something about this I’m missing, I appreciate any insight about this, thank you.

    • Greg Hunter

      In simple terms people around the world borrowed in dollars and now they have to pay them back in more expensive dollars as the dollar has gained in relative value to other currencies. Thus, the dollar is in demand.

      • Occasnltrvlr

        Thank you, Mr. Hunter, for your thoughtful reply.

        My question is not concerning demand for dollars; Mr. Rickards explained that clearly enough that I think I understand it.

        The essence of my question concerns the Treasury yield curve. My question is, if there is high demand for T-Bills (for use as collateral for derivative contracts), then why isn’t the shorter-duration end of the yield curve lower (due to higher prices commensurate with higher demand) instead of higher?

        • Tin foil hat

          There is high demand for T-Bills (for use as collateral for derivative contracts) by the investment banks within the US.

          However, sovereigns are dumping US Treasury, including Japan, China, ….. even Israel.

          Btw, I miss Jerry, Charles H, Paul …. and eddiemd.

      • George

        Those more expensive dollars are now really worth about a penny – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1 – If the US Government took the 8,200 tons of gold it has at Fort Knox and shared it out equally to its 340 million citizens “each citizen would get about 3/4 oz of gold” – why each American citizen doesn’t go out and simply buy a one ounce gold coin for themselves now with 1,776 fiat US dollars (worth about a penny each in 1913 money) is beyond me – they would be way ahead of the game effectively buying an ounce of gold for $17.76 and ounce (when way back in 1934 it was officially valued at $34 dollars per ounce)!!

    • The Canuck

      If the relationship between a bond’s price and coupon rate is reverse logic would suggest there is more demand for a 10 yr commitment given it’s interest payment is less than a 3 month, 2yr and 5 yr commitment. So then, is Janet Yellen wanting to raise short term interest rates with the intention of financing the country with short term commitments ? Also, is QE of longer term commitments still at play ?

  106. Liam Bartmess

    Tucker Carlson: This should be a crime

  107. Marie Joy

    The next plandemic will be worse.

  108. Anti-Atomist

    “King Solomon…kept many horses, which a Jewish king ought not to do, and, what the law holds in equal abhorrence, he amassed much silver and gold. Under Solomon’s rule silver and gold were so abundant among the people that their utensils were made of them instead of the baser metals. For all this he had to atone painfully later on.”
    -Louis Ginzberg, The Legends of the Jews [1909]

    • George

      King Solomon knew what he was doing by keeping the money supply safely in the peoples hands rather then in a few elite banksters hands – global silver demand today is projected to reach a new high of 1.21 billion ounces (in 2022) and of that industrial demand makes up more than 60% of silver usage each year – assuming the industrial demand evaporates when all the European economies collapse and metal refineries close down for lack of fuel it will still leave investor demand at over 500 million ounces per year and only “already mined and refined” physical silver available to meet this demand – what do you think will happen to the price of silver when there is no supply and yet continual demand??

  109. PersonaNonGrata

    Released today, 11/22/22, ‘Died Suddenly’. Scenes from this documentary would not be out of place in a SciFi horror movie. A must watch for all Watchdoggers:

  110. Lightning

    I believe that most of what we are seeing from all governments, worldwide, is pre-scripted .

    Most people on this board will believe that “the west” is certainly aligned in its efforts to clot-shot vaccinate its population while simultaneously destroying its own supply chains. Clearly , the governments of the West are trying to kill their own citizens.

    But I bet few will believe that Russia and China are also in on it , too. They are all playing to a pre-devised script with a pre-determined outcome.

    This link details the massive number of “sudden deaths” in Russia, specifically highlighting 114 medical doctors sudden deaths after vaccination with the Russian SPutnik Vaxx. . Clearly the Russian Sputnik Vaxx is identically deadly to the Pfizer/Astra Zenica/Moderna/J&J shots. For that to happen, the Russian Government would have to be in lock step with the Wests plans on de-population.


    If that is the case, do you really believe the USA and Russia are really , truley , genuinely on war footing? If so, than you believe that we are at War but we are still clandestinely collaborating on worldwide depopulation via death shots? No countries truly at war would collaborate on something this heinous.

    Whatever happens, its coordinated and pre-planned.! A war with Russia will have pre-planned outcomes.

    Many commentators are convinced the FTX collapse was also orchestrated (essentially a financial false flag) to give cover for governmental regulation of cryptocurrencies. They do not want people to have alternatives that allow them freedom from CBDC’s . Expect them to ban or heavily tax precious metals as well.

    Soon the die off will be impossible to ignore by even the average , dumbass American.

    They clearly need events to occur that justify increased government controls.
    Gin up a Nuclear war? A rash of FBI fabricated false flag white nationalist “terror” attacks? Putting Trump on trial?

    We have to be prepared to call “bullshit” to all of these efforts.

    • George

      Humans have been walking in greed, moral corruption, and war circles for centuries – ring around the rosy – a pocket full of pose – and now with the “jab” we all fall down!!

  111. Cas Crispr

    If you have 55 minutes try Dr. Nathan Thompson regarding covert19 and the flu.
    He was right all along,
    covert19 was no big deal for those that have working immune systems, the healthy eaters with a reasonable body weight, exercise and sun exposure.

  112. Marie Joy

    0 seconds ago, on YouTube has THE best ending on ALL of YouTube. Priceless.

  113. Hurricane Smith

    Biden Admin. Sending Ukraine Another $400M
    Paying the blackmailer never ends well.

  114. peter

    A must see interview about CBDC digital ID, smart cities, etc.


    Its horrible horrible grid they build. absolute tyranny.


  115. James pty


    Tether failing would/will cripple cryptolandia… but especially the dark side exposing the ‘criminal cabal’ as Bix Wier rightly calls them…apparently at the center of pedophelia human trafficking and all things Satanic controlled: politicians/groups bribed/financed with US Dollars.

  116. War Monger

    To say I give a damn at this point is a total lie.
    I just found this news article below on a global news aggregate website called DRUDGE REPORT and it was originally sourced from a ‘Washington Post analysis’. The deaths described in this article are being blamed on COVID rather than the injections themselves which were supposed to prevent infection in the first place. They are killing people the Hell off through the shots. This is what many have been warning about for over two years now.

    It’s right in your face!

    If you read between the lines everything points to a real genocide unfolding…

    Vaccinated people now make majority of COVID deaths in US:

    Airline Pilot Suffers Suspected Heart Attack During Takeoff, Later Dies

    Top Virologist Who Voted For COVID Vaccine Emergency Use Authorization DIES SUDDENLY

    Wild Video: Bus Driver Suffers Heart Attack, Crashes While Transporting Passengers

  117. Galaxy 500

    What Oriental Joe gifted the Taliban


  118. Cee

    Happy Thanksgiving!
    The Jim Rickards interview cuts off about 34 minutes in when he’s discussing the big banks. Just wanted to let you know. The stream jumps to the end, so maybe the last 20 minutes or so is missing.

    • Greg Hunter

      4This may help: (Tech Note: If you do not see the video, know it is there. Unplug your modem and plug it back in after 30 sec. This will clear codes that may be blocking you from seeing it. In addition, try different browsers. Also, turn off all ad blockers if you have them. All the above is a way to censor people like USAWatchdog.com.)

  119. Susan Jones Aesthetics

    Passed up all the Comments by “Arm-chair Generals,” who “think more highly of themselves than they ought,” just to say: WHAT A GIFT this Interview with Jim Rickards is to the Nations! Yes, to the Nations! Truly a “Rickards Uncensored.” Thank you, Greg Hunter, and a Very Happy “Thanks!” Giving Day to You & Your’s.
    Psalm 144 – David’s Prayer for Rescue & Prosperity

  120. RB

    Globalism will NEVER work, neither will a one world currency, a one world religion or a one world government. Any one of them will cause the entire world system to die.

  121. Pete+only

    Top Vaccine Official “Dies Suddenly…”this official was also pushing vaccines on children..what goes around, comes around…

  122. WD


    There is a new movie that came out on November 21, 2022…..called “Died Suddenly”
    Its about the Covid shot and people dying unexpectedly ….
    After you watch this your blood will boil…..

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