USA Today Gives JP Morgan Free Pass

By Greg Hunter’s 

Last week, I saw an interview in USA Today with JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon.  Maria Bartiromo of CNBC was the reporter; so, I am not surprised to see a very soft ball story.  I don’t know what you would call this kind of reporting, but it’s not journalism.  To me, it’s a PR piece for Dimon and JP Morgan.  USA Today gave a sloppy wet kiss and a free pass to Dimon to say whatever makes the bank look good.  When asked about how his industry was “demonized,” Dimon said, “What I would hope for: that there is no so-called pressure in the industry. That we had rational collaboration about how to build a great country with great rules and regulations that allow business to thrive. If business doesn’t thrive, it hurts America.”  (Click here for the complete PR interview from USA Today.)  In other words, if we don’t thrive, you don’t thrive.  So, don’t even think about punishing us.

“Rules and regulations that allow business to thrive”?  There sure doesn’t seem to be any rules or regulations to punish big banks for the crime and rip-offs that they have committed against the public, and you won’t hear it brought up by any of  the mainstream media (MSM) either.  Why didn’t Ms. Bartiromo ask about Massachusetts Attorney General Martha Coakley and the case she filed 7 weeks ago that alleges foreclosure fraud against Dimon’s bank?  The lawsuit is alleging JP Morgan Chase and 4 other big banks “. . . improperly foreclosed on troubled borrowers by relying on fraudulent legal documentation . . .” (Click here for more on the Mass. AG’s case.)  This is a case that has major nationwide implications.  How could Bartiromo just leave this out of her questions?  This is just one of several cases that have been filed against the big banks over the past few years.  Leaving this completely out of the question list is why I say this is a PR job and not journalism.

The latest stain on the bank alleges “JPMorgan Chase routinely fabricated documents to deceive bankruptcy judges. . .”   This is a charge in a current case on the other side of the country in California.  Doesn’t this sound a lot like the charges leveled in the Massachusetts AG’s lawsuit on the East Coast?  There was not a question on this case either.  Last week, “Courthouse News Service” reported allegations JP Morgan bank was “going so far as to Photoshop documents to “create the illusion” of standing “in tens of thousands of bankruptcy cases,” according to a federal class action.  Lead plaintiff Ernest Michael Bakenie claims that Chase’s “pattern and practice of playing ‘hide-and-seek’ with debtors, judges and other bankruptcy players” bore rich fruit: that Chase secured motions for relief of stay and proofs of claim in 95 percent of its cases.”  (Click here to read the complete Courthouse News report.) 

How about a question for Mr. Dimon about the MF Global bankruptcy and $1.2 billion in missing funds?  After all, JP Morgan Chase has been named in a lawsuit based on racketeering law about some of the missing money that was allegedly transferred to JP Morgan just before MF Global went under.  (Click here for more on that story.)  Maybe “Money Honey” Maria Bartiromo thought that question was a little too embarrassing for Mr. Dimon?  I don’t know, but it wasn’t asked, and it should have been.   Again, this is why I say this is PR and NOT journalism.

Why isn’t the Obama Justice Department going after JP Morgan and other banks?  Why are the cases only being brought as class action lawsuits from citizens or by a state attorney general?  Why hasn’t the Republican Presidential contenders not brought this issue up?  Could it be that banks conduct themselves in a deplorable way because they know they will not be prosecuted at the Federal level by either party?   If the MSM was bringing this type of activity up in interviews and stories on a consistent basis, do you think there would be some outrage?  Of course there would be, but the MSM is owned by corporate America, and this is the system it likes.  By the way, JP Morgan Chase (Dimon’s bank) is the biggest shareholder of Gannett which owns USA Today.  I am sure that has nothing to do with the soft interview and positive coverage that was given to Mr. Dimon and his bank in the paper.  USA Today should be disclosing this fact every time they print this kind of a public relations interview/story—they don’t.

One of the main reasons the country is in trouble is because the MSM fails to do its job as a watchdog and is really just a lapdog for corporate America.  America is in deep financial trouble, and the mainstream media is just propelling a fantasy world that few believe will ever change.  It will change, and it will be dramatic and cruel.  Many people will wake up one day unexpectedly poor, and that’s when they will find out they’ve been living a lie happily delivered by the MSM.

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  1. BK Aloha

    Maria Bartiromo may be the “Money Honey”, but I much prefer Greg Hunter the “Truth Sleuth”. Whenever I’m watching a MSM generated news story, I wish I didn’t have to wonder about where the bias was coming from, but unfortunately, that’s what it’s come to. Sad…

  2. Tom H

    Hey Greg, how about there illegal exploits in suppressing the price of silver and their ridiculous short position that the CFTC turns a blind eye to? How about the fraud in Jefferson County? How about the way they naked shorted Bear Stearns into oblivion catalyzing the financial crisis to begin with?

    Oh yeah, I guess you weren’t writing a book, and it is impossible to summarize all of the fraud committed by this corrupt institution in one short article, so I will give you a pass.

    If you are searching for the source of the world financial crisis, all roads lead back to JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs and the Fed. Corruption rules the day and the new paradigm to live by in the USSA is if you are going to steal, steal big and then use a tiny fraction of what you stole to pay off the government. It’s the American dream; 2.0.

    • Greg

      Tom H,
      ALL valid points my friend!!

  3. rich

    It looks like Jamie Dimon has a letter of marque…

    Kim Dotcom vs Corzine and Modern Day Letters of Marque

    A letter of Marque is a government license authorizing a person to be a pirate (a privateer). This authority defines who is a patriot and who becomes the criminal. Today Kim Dotcom (megaupload) the owner operator of an electronic self storage locker gets to have all his property sued and then confiscated worldwide without a trial! CONFISCATION OF PROPERTY WORLDWIDE WITHOUT A TRIAL OR A GUILTY VERDICT OF ANY KIND. This way his assets can be used by the security state until such time as they are proved innocent of conspiracy of illegality of any kind. Meanwhile he has not been proved guilty in any court of law anywhere. Yet the FBI can have NZ, HK, and other international authorities confiscate millions thereby leaving the burden of innocence of proof to be proven by his lawyers. Meanwhile Jon Corzine , who has a letter of Marque, gets to keep all his property even though much of it may ethically belong to customers. Other parties with Letters of Marque include the movie industry, the copyright police, the trustee and judge involved in MF Global wind down, Louis Freeh, JPM, and other state sponsored players. Property rights are now non existent, laws are by decree, and your future freedom has been put into peril from every direction possible.

  4. Art Barnes

    More of the same, CNBC’s staff are the soft ball kings & queens of economic reporters. Its over ever expecting the media to go back to some type of honest reporting, its simply not the same America who are their audience anymore. The elite are find with such reporting, the old guard such as we saw in S. Carolina Saturday still believe in just another election will solve the problems, and the “food Stamp” rest of the country don’t care being to busy just surviving. The old guard is the major problem, wanting some old white wall tire speaker and now lobbyist millionaire 3 times married with old ideas for their change they can believe in; simply naive. Maybe its time to wake up and smell the roses, the bankers, the elite, MSM, & the political class succeeded while the middle class played golf on Saturday and lost it. The late great middle class can soon be classified as so small and shrinking so quickly as to be not relevant in America affairs. A couple of more elections and there will be only two classes left, the elite and the rest of us, a powerful third world military superpower much like the late Soviet Union will have formed and solidified, its already has its Pravda in place (the MSM).

  5. John

    America has become a cesspool of political and financial lawlessness. The Global MF insolvency should be be a wake up call for anyone with investments on Wall Street. If you continue to keep your wealth in the hands of thieves, it will be eventually stolen. Capeesh?

    As for the Obama Administration and his ministers, they were bought and pay for by Jamie Dimon and buddies in the banking industry a long time ago.

  6. rio

    Pitch perfect, Greg! I’ve been dismayed, amazed, demoralized, and yet somehow not surprised, etc. at the refusal of the Justice Dept to do anything meaningful re: this. It is outrageous. Thanks!

    • Greg

      I am surprised when there is little or no spin and that is rare. Thanks for the comment.

  7. Edward Ulysses Cate

    As an old Englishman might say, “By jove, I think you’ve got it, sir.” Alas, as roaches don’t like light, the last SEC filing (9/30) that came out in December shows they’ve dumped almost 11 million shares of Gannett to become only the 4th largest holder. Never fear though, they have substantial interests in the other top three major holders. JPM’s financial despotism constantly changes as not to be too easy of a target.

  8. Phillip Fleming

    Lies on top of lies is how success has been built in this country for over 40 years. How is it that it is always time for some one else to pay the piper but never from the funds where the hording takes place. Nothing new in this report Greg. I want to hear news of these cheap bastards getting busted and doing time. It’s time for this ruse to come to a close. I know it is wrong to think in such a way, but sometimes I wish it would all just fall in so we can see where the bottom is and start the recovery process. It should have happened when we had the cough, now we have to recover from double pneumonia. Just saying.Thanks for all you do Greg keeping us really up to date.

  9. PatriotRider


    Hard to say it any better than you have in this post. It’s all a facade. and when the facade finally falls down, there will be a large number of American’s that will have nothing left but the shirt on their backs.

    I don’t want to be “reporter” sitting in a news room, or a politician on that day…

    Heaven help us all…


    • Greg

      The MSM unanimously said “nobody sow this coming” after the crash of 2008. That will not work again and the next crash will be much bigger and much more devastating. Thanks for your support.


  10. James Bouris

    Greg, Once again you prove that both Political parties are bought and paid for by Wall Street and the financial industry! It doesn’t matter who is President since they are just Puppets of those who paid for their campaigns. I fear that this will never change! Keep up the good work. By the way, Maria Bartiromo is a joke, she would do or say anything to please Jamie Dimon, and has even called him the “Rock Star” of CEO’s!!! James Bouris Honolulu.

    • Greg

      Thank you for the additional info on the “Money Honey.”

  11. Dennis

    Thanks for alerting the public again on an interview that I personally didn’t see. Of course I’m not glued to CNBC on an hourly basis like many. Jamie Dimon is a slime ball in the extreme. Should we expect anything different from him than what he provided?
    Mr. Obama’s Justice Dept. is probably the worst we’ve seen in the last decade. Financial corruption has been swept under the rug for so long that it needs a new defination. Elliot Spitzer was the last AG with the cahunas to do the job his office was created for but he managed to basically take himself down with his personal activities.
    In fact, I believe the single biggest mistake of Obama has been the failure of his Justice Dept. and when he loses the coming election, he’ll have to look no further than Eric Holder as the main reason.
    However, after he loses, let’s not expect much change in a new Republican Justice Dept. since they’re more prone to protect the banks than the Democrats. Fact is, they’re all owned by the participants in the FIRE economy, which is why we are where we are.
    Personally, I’m completely out of hope!


    • Greg

      Don’t stop preparing!!! America will need you on the other side of the next crash.

  12. L Jackson

    I wonder sometimes if the reason the big banks are not fined and prosecuted more by this administration is because the banks are broke and it could bring them and the banking system crashing down.

    • Greg

      L Jackson,
      Yes I think so too but the banks are going to crash anyway. We should have taken them down in a controlled crash in 2008. It would have been rough but it would have been over and we would be in a real recovery by now.

  13. Morpheous

    This loads slow, well worth it. Side by side columns; The Republic vs THE CORPORATION

    Government run schools have but one objective, to dumb down critical analytical thinking, and lie about our true history. If you really want to understand what is going on, it is worse than you thought.
    Who is running America?

    HOW I CLOBBERED EVERY BUREAUCRATIC CASH-CONFISCATORY AGENCY KNOWN TO MAN … a Spiritual Economics Book on $$$ and Remembering Who You Are by: Mary Elizabeth: Croft
    The solution/remedy is too simple for a complicated mind to except.
    Why do you let the government define who you are? Define yourself and declare it.

    Copy and paste this, spread this around, the truth is a powerful disinfectant for the rot and stench in gov’t.

  14. Mike

    Mr. Hunter

    I have written to you several times and each time I have suggested readers “pull” registered documents from Government Registry Offices [ Land Titles Registry, Personal Property Registry etc] on persons suspected of being influenced and/or manipulated by the Banks such as Bankers, Attorney’s, Politicians, News Reporters etc.

    It has been said ” the devil is in the details”. The hard cold fact is : Lending Institutions [Banks] have been allowed to leverage citizens deposits by a factor of 12-15 times to create loans – basically creating “loans” out of thin air. Lending Institutions in America, Canada, Britain and most everywhere else grant personal and mortgage loans INTEREST FREE and PRINCIPAL FREE and more often than not write them off [charge off] as a bad Small Business Loan.

    Registered documents tell the story. I have “pulled” dozens of Registered documents and what I or anyone one would see and learn is more than shocking and disturbing.

    Let me put a question to you Mr. Hunter: If JP Morgan Chase offered you a $500,000.00 operating loan for your business [ and disguised it as a real property and/or mortgage loan] – Interest FREE and Principal Free in exchange for you to refrain from negative reporting on their Bank – would you do it ?

    That’s one of the ways many Institutional Lenders operate.
    Registered documents tell the facts. These “sweetheart loans” are set aside for all the “sweethearts” out there. What Power !

    Have you ever heard of a Banker, an Attorney, a Politician, a Lobbyist, an influential New Reporter ever losing their family home and property to an Institutional lender. I have’nt.

    Thank you.

    • Greg

      Good comment and good advise!

  15. BigTom

    “One of the main reasons the country is in trouble is because the MSM fails to do its job as a watchdog….” yep – foreign affairs(arab spring etc.), domestic affairs, politicians, Obama’s past? Geeze, this could go on for pages. Instead you just name it and MSM perpetuates ‘green shoots’ to cover up the real darkness. I’m from the ‘boomer gen’ and often must do work with the 20/30 somethings. ‘holy kazoomba,’ many of the 20/30 somethings have no idea what is going on and totally believe this stuff they view on television. When they watch an interview like you have just reported on here, this group would just follow this reporter right on down into the rabbit hole and emerge from the darkness feeling enlightened. Our education system has spawned millions of young dummies that are fed daily by MSM. This stupidity totally boggles me as you can see by this ramble. When I was in college during the 60’s independent thought was promoted, even encouraged. Today independent thought is despised among many in that crowd. Sometimes one becomes suspect if ‘thou protest too much!’ I’m not making this up. Greg-keep up the good work. always know I can get bit of truth on your website….

    • Greg

      Thank you BigTom for the comment and support.

  16. Sandy

    It’s sites like yours that keep the truth flowing. You are like a modern day “radio free Europe”. It is a wonder to me that the MSM has any relavence at all since they make a mockery of our intelligence. It seems every thing you read or hear these days is so skewed by these so called journalists that its hard to believe anything they say. The world is headed not only towards a total monetary collapse, but to a new war with Iran. The leaders of the western world are running amok with policies that the MSM justifies as the right thing to do. I just pray you can keep going before the government shuts you down.

    • Greg

      I hope I keep going too but at least the Internet piracy/censorship bill “SOPA” has been killed–for now. Thank you for your support.

  17. Frank Rizzo

    Yep USA today is another newspaper I won’t bother to buy or read! I just got one at the hotel I am staying at and I didn’t make it past the titles. The bias and subjectivity is overwhelming. Why can’t journalists write the facts on both sides of an issue and let the informed reader decide how to view them. Instead, depending on the newspaper or station I can hear the slant. It is getting disgusting and it is causing me to further search alternative media to get information to hear both sides of the story.

  18. John

    America has become a cesspool of political and financial lawlessness. Continue to write your essays, Greg. The truth is needed NOW more than ever before.



    • Greg

      Thank you John for the comment and for your support.

  19. M SMITH

    Greg, you got it right, Gannett owns many of the souths news papers also, the way they dance around the truth is pass criminal the way they mis-lead or just leave out the in the section that JP Morgan has to defend it self over the mortgage rip offs they have engaged in. When folks bring it up in the comment section the lack of coverage about the new law suites against JPM, the editor shuts down any comments on the non-story! Our justice system has been broken for years as Armstrong has pointed out many times & neither party will address the problem. Armstrong wrote 3 pieces not long ago that gives details about the corruption of southern district of NYC federal courts, the link is here. The 3 part series should be a wake up call to any one doing business with these banks & supporting Obama & his people who are supposed to put crooks behind bars but instead they go after States who enforce the laws of the Constitution & skip around congress to pass regulations that is costing jobs to leave U.S. shores.

    The U.S. is at it again, not only did they take down Megauploads, they have convicted him in the MSM news court of law Hollywood style’, if the progressives in Hollywood don’t like what you are doing they call in a favor from the White House. The banks under Bush took Spitzer down with the sex scandal to keep Spitzer off the banks backs, now the banks, unions & Hollywood have pretty much got the White House protecting them as long as they keep pumping money into the Dems war wagon.

    You have to be a complete fool to believe the economey is improving as the MSM keeps telling the world, just what world do they live in is what I would like to know? As we know the TBTF bankers are’nt dumb and will pull all the punches to keep up their control as will the back room dictators Armstrong has spoke of as long as their masters see more wealth to loot while the dollar is bleeding & the blood supply has run out & now they are pumping any blood type they can into the patient hoping to delay the day they have to tell the family(the U.S. population)the dollar is no more & the close the banks. This blog makes the case on what may be going on. The same site has a piece Jan,9,2012 A New Reserve Currency to Challenge the Dollar.

    Also Greg, you wrote,’ one day people will wake up unexpectedly poor & that when they find out they have been living a lie delivered by the MSM. Here’s a piece from The content goes way back in time to the thoughs of ‘Another’ that was linked from fofoa.bolgspot where the topic is “Gold Must Flow”. 2012 has been full of surprizes & we are only 23 days into the year,I have feeling things will move faster as things are out of control, that’s is why NDAA passed so fast & SOPA is not even law yet but the screws was put to Mr Dotcom, his site is down & his assets have been seized, no day in court but by U.S. standards he is quilty! This is just the begging of shutting down sites that don’t tow the progressive line of ‘we are special & you are not’ so we will have you shut up because we own the courts!

    Like I said last week, this small time coin shop would not sell any of his gold period at any price & was closing for good, retreating to his farm and putting away more food. He also said fighting more regulations is hopeless for a small business owner, he will be missed, now the closest coin dealer( brick & mortor) is 25 miles away & his track record as a dealer has many people who say stay clear. It seems as if they(gov) is forcing more to use the internet to buy PM’s, unless you want travel to a big city where you know little if any about their true back groud as a business!

  20. masterluke

    Keep up the good work Greg the people need to see the truth so they can stop paying attention to the bull****.

    • Greg

      Thank you Masterluke.

  21. Shawn In San Jose

    I can’t believe Jamie Dimon told people they better hurry up and buy a house. I almost screamed in my cube at work! How utterly irresponsible. In a normal healthy market you never have to hurry up and buy. And we are no where near the bottom and even if we are its not going to be a V shaped recovery but a L shaped one.

    • Greg

      Shawn In San Jose
      Thank you for bringing that up. “Hurry up and buy a house”??? This just helps the banks. Real Estate will go down another 30 to 40% (in some places) in the next 5 years!!!\

  22. Larry

    I work for the USAToday (for now, people getting axed left and right) and for the past few years USAT has had a lucrative advertising business with JP Morgan, while our subscriptions, daily readers and adv. percentage has steadily decreased. They are one of the few advertisers still doing business with us, People do not like to pay to be lied to, and believe me there are lies in the USAT every day.

    Way to go USAT/JP Morgan may your death be quick and painful!

    • Greg

      Thank you for the inside “whistle blower” type of information. I just wish I had posted it as the first comment!!!

  23. Paul Schaaf

    Dear Greg,
    I think you are hitting on the real “story” here. And, that story is the treatment of real issues by the press. Coverage of the banking industry is just one of these “real issues”. Others I can think of include: the coverage of presidential candidates, coverage of Supreme Court decisions such as “People United”.

    It seems odd to me that 100 years ago the issue was “Yellow Journalism”, and the thought was that journalists were not accurately reporting on stories, and were sensationalizing in order to sell newspapers. Today it seems we have the opposite problem. Rather than be concerned about selling newspapers, the media seems to be more concerned with “maintaining a message” to the public that is consistent with what the establishments wants communicated. The pendulum seems to have swung quite far in the other direction.

    As a result rather than sensationalizing stories and alarming the public, the media has taken the role of de-sensationalizing real issues in order to calm the public.

    I think one of the reasons the MSM do not talk about Ron Paul is because he has a habit of shooting from the hip, and telling it like it is. To a certain extent, I think Newt Gingrich exhibits some of this same tendency (although he is very inconsistent with this). And I think that is why there has been a significant amount of blowback from people who have voted for him in the past.

    I am not endorsing either candidate, and I’m not trying to make any political points here. I just think we should start having a real, unvarnished conversation about the role the MSM plays in shaping and forming the very real issues that lay in front of our country at this time. What do you think?

    • Greg

      Thank you Paul and Chris!

  24. chris vee

    Now THIS is reporting!!! Keep up the good work and thanks!

  25. Davis

    Fascism with a Human Face

    As I have touched on previously the ugly reality is that we are living in a neo-fascist state. Sure we still have the illusions free speech and free elections. But do we really?
    Just look at the choices we have for President in the upcoming elections. With the exception of Dr. Paul if one were to do a blind comparison among them all you would be had pressed to say who was who and who belonged to what party.

    There is a reason for this of course and that is that as in the classical definition of fascism the corporations and the state have merged into a single amorphous entity. The corporations hire the lobbyists to write the bills that they then send to their bought and paid for politicians who pass them into law and then the corporations just go about their business of pillaging the economy and the citizens and everything is nice and “legal.” Just like in Fascist Italy and Nazi Germany. Don’t ask questions of morality the politicians and the courts and the media will only ask that you consider if it is “legal.”

    Anyone who thinks that the MSM functions as anything other than Ministry of Propaganda for the neo-fascist state is either not paying attention, woefully ignorant, sadly deluded or to be quite frank, just plain stupid.

    So the point in time is rapidly approaching wherein a lot of people are going to have to ask themselves; can this be changed? Can we stand and fight the machine? Or; Do we just hunker down and try and hide from the eye of Sauron or perhaps even flee the country?

    How many of us can become capital “A” Anonymous and fight them and hope for continuing victories as was recently achieved in the take down of the proposed SOPA and PIPA legislation? Knowing full well that the state is actively engaged in hunting them down and will have no mercy when and if they find them. How many of us can really become little ”a” anonymous and have the means to effectively hide from the government with enough land and or resources to sustain ourselves and hopefully stay outside their reach or concern? In either case, probably not to many of us. The only remaining alternatives will be to either become a cog in the machine of the corporate government or simply go along with the corruption and fraud and hope that it doesn’t target us specifically.

    We are making the transition into what Fabian socialist H.G. Wells called “fascism with a human face.” How long until it devolves into what as George Orwell so succinctly put it “imagine a jack boot stomping on a human face.” No one can tell but have no doubt it will move in that direction.

    The reason that this neo-fascist state gets away with this slow one-by-one usurpation of our rights and property is that they have made issues of economics and government so complex that for the vast majority of people when they come up their eyes just glass over and the subject changes to who will win the Super Bowl or the latest season of Survivor or whatever other mindless distraction, put forth deliberately by the same propaganda outlets, so that we don’t become involved with the outcome of our own fates at the hands of the corporatocracy.

    The Department of Homeland Security and their increasingly thuggish TSA have grown into some sort Imperial Praetorian Guard, concerned not with protecting the citizens but only with protecting the power of the state. How soon until like those of ancient Rome they start to “remove” even elected officials who question their authority? Just today a sitting US Senator who has been outspoken in his criticism of the TSA was detained for refusing a “pat down” at an airport in his own state of Tennessee. This is not the politically correct theater of the absurd, this is barefaced tyranny.

    How long will people continue to wallow in their normalcy bias, thinking that a choice between an Obama or a Romney or a Gingrich is actually a choice? Or simply closing our eyes to the ugly truth and concerning ourselves with nothing but the flickering images on our new HD TVs until one day we wake up and find that all our rights and liberties and property have been stolen from us in the name of “state security” and we wonder out loud “How did this happen?” or ask “Why didn’t the talking heads on TV tell us this was happening?” Or will we wait until the latest and greatest HDTV comes equipped with a web cam and microphone so the Ministry of Truth can watch us as we watch their propaganda. Why not just line up at the courts and all of us change our names to Winston Smith and be done with it?

    Of course by the time that the realization of the truth begins to dawn for most it will be too late to “petition the government for redress of grievances” because that right will be gone as well. And all of us who tried to warn the public, who begged and pleaded and cajoled until we were blue in the face will have all either “gone Galt” (members of Congress talking about setting up a “Reasonable Profits Board” draws not even a stiffeled yawn from any of the candidates or the MSM) or disappeared into some FEMA camp, held under indefinite detention, just as the NDAA now says is “legal.”

    It’s all to frightening and all too real. It might be 28 years late but 1984 is here.

  26. Frank

    JP Morgan Chase holds the largest share of USA Today. That’s a fact, jack.

  27. Trevor H.

    Dear Greg,

    Thank you for all you do. Thank you for not having sold us all out (the souls of yourself and your readers] in order to make a point that would gain you but fleeting acceptance among those in positions of power within the Mainstream media. Even though we have not met, my respect for you has been enhanced through reading the essays and articles you have posted on your site the past year and a half or so. You are sadly, almost a singular voice from the woods. You are a man who favors truth, who is willing to walk the narrow path that will not intersect with MSM fame and adulation, because you honor honesty over fame. I appreciate the hell out of you, and I hope the same can be said for most of your readers.

    The mainstream channels of journalism today are simple propaganda outlets. For those sinking into the quicksand of the ever-promoted left-right dialectic, the traditional news outlets offer some value, as they will clearly identify left (the activists), right (the fascists and so-called monied interests) and the synthesis-du-jour, which they promote for their high lords and masters (who are almost always members of organziations such as the CFR, Trilateral Commission, or Royal Institute of International Affairs). The Hegelian dialectic is the key gimmick employed in most so-called journalistic endeavors and op-ed pieces today.

    In defense of these charlatans, I can only say, “Why abandon what works? If it works, don’t fix it.” So far, their game plan has worked beautifully. Good men (and women) have largely chosen to do nothing. Hence, evil has flourished.

    Personally, I sadly agree with the views of another commenter: that the economic system will have to totally and obviously collapse before the majority of sheeple will begin to wonder what went wrong, and whom they should scapegoat. Unfortunately, the major networks and federal government will be only too happy to oblige their new-found curiosity and provide them court-approved bogeymen (e.g., Iranians and the U.S. Patriot movement).

    • Greg

      I’ll never sell out Trevor. Thank you for your comment and support.

  28. Ken

    Greg: Again, I compliment you on such great job identifying critical issues. As for CNBC: hard to distinguish it from a shopping channel. Both channels avoid highighting the negatives of their wares when speaking to their consumer audience.

    • Greg

      ” As for CNBC: hard to distinguish it from a shopping channel.” Good one man!!!

  29. slingshot

    There is nothing more to be said about the corruption in our land. We just change the names as the number of crimes increase with no accountability. So as the Justice Department, Security Exchange Commission or any other enforcement of law or code, drag their feet or refuse to even investigate certain acts of impropriety, where does that leave us. The Short end of the stick.

  30. Jeff S.

    Sadly, this is the kind of Care Bears and cotton candy “journalism” I expect from money honey bimbos on cable news. I’d love to see you get a shot at these bankster goons, Greg. It would be a helluva pay-per-view event!!


    • Greg

      I would never be granted the interview, but it is a nice thought!!

  31. David Conrad


    Maria Bartiromo is a pretty lady, but no journalist. Why people even listen to her amazes me. You are spot on Greg. We readers thank you and ask that you keep up your good work.

    • Greg

      Thank you David!!

  32. an average joe

    Yep, its not news, its propoganda. It used to be called bias, but when its this blatant its propoganda.

  33. an average joe

    Greg, I would alter your one sentence, with all due respect.

    “One of the main reasons the country is in trouble is because the MSM fails to do its job as a watchdog and is really just a lapdog for corporate America”

    The MSM was supposed to be a watchdog for all sorts of corruption, not just corrupt corporations(and I don’t think all are), crony/corrupt union, as well as a corrupy/crony govt. Which is why I favor a smaller govt, less places for cockroaches to hide.

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