Wall Fight to Shutdown, Gold Rising, Economic Warnings Abound

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 369 2/1/19)

President Trump is in the process of building a wall on the southern border to fend off caravans, drug dealers and human trafficking. Is Congress going to give the President the money he wants to secure the border and America? Pelosi says no way. Is America heading for another partial government shutdown—way.

Gold has been rising lately. Is the long awaited turnaround in price finally here after crashing from the $1,900 per ounce level back in 2011? Central banks seem to think so because they are buying the yellow metal at a record pace.

Hundreds of Chinese companies just released profit warnings. Renowned California power company PG&E just filed for bankruptcy, and most of America’s biggest cities are facing severe financial problems. Those are just a few of the problems flashing there is something really wrong with the global economy.

Join Greg Hunter as he looks at these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up.

(Correction: I meant to say February 15th for the next partial government shutdown and NOT September 15th.  Sorry for the mistake.)

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After the Wrap-Up:

Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair of JSMineset.com will be the guests for the “Early Sunday Release.” Is this a turning point for precious metals?

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  1. Lil Ray

    One of your previous guests, Gerald Celente, has noted many times when the super wealthy were taxed at high rates like 70% is when the middle class grew the fastest. When tax rates on the super rich are at record lows the middle class is vanishing. Anyway not my opinion but recent history. By this definition JFK, Eisenhower, LBJ and many other presidents must of also been socialists since under their leadership the super wealthy were taxed at rates like 50%, 70% and 90%. LOL…

    • William Stanley

      Not so fast, Lil Ray. There are lots of factors that affect income growth and its distribution, such as the degree of socialism and social engineering (and, no, the marginal tax rate isn’t a particularly good measure of the degree of socialism/fascism, although it may correlate with its rate of change), the size of government, and ongoing demographic and technological changes. I’d also point out that changes in tax rates (not only their level) can cause major effects and that those changes can have lagged effects. Thus, one President can get the credit or blame for what was done by a previous President and Congress. We’ve had both high and low growth rates and both high and low income inequality both before there were any income taxes and all, and during the various rates of income taxation since. Here is a “study” showing not much statistical correlation between tax rates (both average and at the upper ends) and economic growth (although, admittedly, not income inequality).
      So you may (or may not) have a valid — though minor — point, but (at best), IMO, not one so strong as to warrant a derisive “LOL.”

    • zTeve.0

      It’s sad – and I LOVE Gregs work and all his guests – and I understand “100million dead socialists agree” BUT what Cortez said was she would raise taxes to 70% on the 10millionth dollar – so ‘fair’ taxes on the first $10M and a wealth tax AFTER that. FAIR Reporting is fair reporting so report what she said to be fair.
      I have worked with unions (health care sector)who went to bat for low wage groups who were getting skewered for $9/hr (years ago) the employer stating they simply could not afford to pay a living wage as it would destroy their business. In the process it was shown that EVERY DOLLAR would go back int the economy. Where executives making 6-7 times as much would shelter money typically outside the country in foreign investments. So the ratios have changes for the worse – the low wage earners got their $15 living wage but the executives are making 10x that – I usually joke: it’s a good thing inflation is low or we’d be in big trouble – which it’s not, and we are.
      And I’m not a communist but I am Canadian so I have seen free healthcare up close and paid the taxes associated, I don’t always like it butt that isn’t hard to figure. One thing you can say about socialist governments is they are usually not permitted to flourish without intervention as we HAVE to stamp out communism. But if it’s a guaranteed failure then why invest billions on military interference?
      I’m sure in these enlightened times there are computer algorithms that would determine fair tax rates for the citizens to benefit and business to work well too. But socialism will always raise its head when the current system makes it impossible for working people to thrive

      • zTeve.0

        Of course computer algos would show that every tax dollar is spent twice. Once here at home and once overseas – so we don’t want that. For us to feign outrage at the $21T missing is disingenuous – we ALL could have guessed it was coming as soon as we mounted up to bring peace to the Middle East – That has been happening for 1000s of years.

    • Mark Maples

      I agree.

      I would add that the most relevant data which has our society at 1920s “Robber Barron” levels of wealth inequality is the destruction of unions in the USA.

      The lowest gap between the haves and have nots was in the 1960s when 33 pct of American jobs were union. Today that number is 7pxt

      The reality is that if the working man doesn’t have a powerful advocate, they get squashed

      The irony is the working class votes against its own self interest. “Get a real job” is said to Wal Mart and McDonalds employees. Rather than raising minimum wage to force billionaires to pay for it, the US taxpayers pay 160Billion a year in welfare benefits to the full time employed

      The executives at Wal Mart and McDonalds are laughing at red state 30k a year conservatives voting anti minimum wage increases and anti union

      Every statistic in this post is a verifiable fact

      • Steve.0


  2. Freddie The "Unintelligent Agents" Freeloader

    Herr Mueller, Top Nazi And Team, 38 Million And Counting!

    LEVIN: Taking a closer look at Robert Mueller & Andrew Weissmann, the Wizard of Oz!: Interview with Sidney Powell, Don’t miss this one!
    American Patriot Published on Jan 28, 2019

    Robert smith 3 days ago
    Have We the People been asleep? Has the previous government crushed We the People so thoroughly that while we’ve been laser focused on survival, That “officials” have been taking our power away from under our feet. For a few select people to have the power to do anything they want to anyone they want, without accountability is absolutely insane. It’s time that We the People get the power we’ve given away, BACK!!
    daniel york 3 days ago
    Prosecutorial misconduct, indeed! At the highest levels of the Judiciary? We know what must be done and who has the authority/power to do it and it is NOT the Legislature! Thank you Mark, Sydney Powell and American Patriot for more Dark to Light. SEE MORE

  3. Major Payne

    Greg –

    According to many solar scientists this polar vortex over the Midwest is the result of the sun having cooled in 2015 to what they call a Grand Solar Minimum. This phase of the sun also happened in late 1500’s which led to the Little Ice Age of the 1600’s. These extremes will be repeating in the future. Global Warming is dead. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7whL9jvdL5s
    As an interesting anecdote, here in Wisconsin today I saw a socialist with his hands in his OWN pockets!

    Carry on.

    • William Stanley

      RE: socialist with his hands in his OWN pockets!

      • Russell

        The way I’ve always heard it is, “It’s so cold outside that I saw a Democrat with his hands in his own pockets.” It’s an oldie but a goodie…

    • jon

      Absolutely right. The evidence and data is easy to research regarding natural solar activity cycles. As we enter a grand solar minimum, the decrease in energy output will create several weather changes going forward. Increase volcanic and seismic activity, less reliable jetstream action, shorter crop seasons, lowering of crop specific growth bands, decrease global temps, radical but short temp highs and lows, and less magnetic shielding which makes the earth more susceptable to solar winds and cme. Man made global warming is both a carbon credit scam and an agenda 21 action item. Carbon footprint is a psy op talking point. The sheep believe what they believe because of a long history of thought and belief engineering.

    • Conrade Blackmoore

      I was in that Vortex, at equivalent latitude as Melbourne, Australia, northern Hemisphere. Where winds at it’s edge could lift you off your feet! It was incredible, an Arctic hurricane! Record low temps, State emergency! Next winter maybe Florida?

    • Chip

      CO2 is and always has been plant food. Higher CO2 concentrations create more plant growth equals a greener planet that is cooler and produces more oxygen for us to breath. These are the scientific facts of photosynthesis… Chip

  4. William Stanley

    Mr. Hunter,
    That was hair raising!
    IMO, silver miners are too hot to ignore right now. I’m going in immediately with some available cash even before I hear your guests on Sunday. I’ll reassess after I hear them.
    Here are what some of the silver miners did on Thursday ALONE.
    AG, up 2.17%
    MAG, up 3.56%
    AXU, up 5.61%
    SILV, up 2.48%

  5. OutLookingIn

    Not Only the Economy

    The Transparency Internal Corruption Perceptions Index, which ranks 180 countries and territories by their perceived levels of public sector corruption, according to experts and business people, have just released their findings.
    The U.S. now ranks below Luxemborg, Estonia and France, coming in at number 22 on the chart. In the America’s region only Canada came in among the top ten least corrupt nations, earning a number 9 ranking.
    Among the 50 states, New York State has earned the dubious honor of the top most corrupt state. It stands to reason, it’s the home of Wall Street and the too big to fail or jail banks. They keep getting slapped on the wrist with billions in fines for global financial skullduggery. Yet no one goes to jail or is made to financially suffer, except those whom the corrupt banks steal from. Corruption runs rampant.

  6. Bob

    People are under stress in Australia.
    Domestic violence increases as mortgage stress increases.


    • Galaxy 500

      What % of offenders are moslems?

      • Paul from Indiana

        G500: Still my man after all these years. Best always. PM

    • Pat Thorpe

      Been there, done that, up hear. If you hit a woman, throw the book at em! Lock em up, only cure!

  7. Bob

    Also, a politician was caught lying during the GFC. He directly told a constituent that there was no crisis coming in 2007, while selling his assets like mad at the same exact time. His wife worked for Deutche Bank and knew what was coming.

    I bet the US is full of scum like this too.


  8. David

    What’s the difference between genius and stupidity? Genius has limits.

    This week, the governor of Virginia and a delegate from Fairfax County took stupidity to a whole new level. Birth control people!! If Virginians are that immature and selfish, then pass legislation authorizing free condoms instead of a law that authorizes murder.

  9. ED1

    Another very nice WNW, Greg. I wait all week for Friday morning to arrive to get your excellent input on our now very fragile and toxic situation.

    In terms of financing the border wall/fence, I will reiterate this. Its to my belief that if President Trump would cut all funding for geoengineering, it would no doubt pay for a substantial amount of the border wall/fencing. Other than President Trump being aligned with the MIC, it bewilders me as to why the poisonous farce of geoengineering is allowed to continue. Huge amounts of money being wasted just to poison our land, as well as all of the population that resides within.

    Sad, very sad.

  10. Helen D Swanson

    Thank you for informing us. You are truly my hero. Keep up the faith.

  11. Doug Cook

    Sure is coming to a head Greg and people better get their crap together and quit procrastinating as time is about up. Many of us saw in advance what was going to happen in 2007/2008 and we were laughed at by our ‘betters’. They were not laughing when the storm came. This storm is going to make that one look like a gentle rain.

    I find it noteworthy that Jim Sinclair and Bill Holter are coming back on Sunday. Bill is a guest quite often but Jim is rare and he only comes on with something extremely important and urgent to say. They were one last Sept I believe saying that the collapse was in it’s incipient stages and I can only imagine what they have to share now.

    No fear and indeed God has all under complete and total control. If I didn’t believe that I wouldn’t be able to sleep well at night but I sleep like a baby. Thanks again for all you do and your great guests.

  12. Austin E Jones JR

    Some people are missing the point of setting tax rates of 70% or higher. The rates were not set that high to raise taxes, they were set that high to prevent inflation and growth after WWII and the resulting shortage of resources. Listen to President’s Kennedy’s speech during his campaign of 1960. During War times companies make a fortune. Read about the people who got rich during the American Civil War. At the end of WWII America had most of the World’s wealth thus the dollar as reserve currency. Rates like 70% is just a method of deflating the money supply and or controlling prices. Those rates were to slow down growth not raise tax revenue.

    • Paul from Indiana

      We have pervasive, systemic debt for that today, so leave the tax rates alone! Best always, PM

  13. Marie Joy

    Isn’t Chapter 11 just a reorganization? As opposed to a dissolution?

    • Greg Hunter


  14. Jerry

    It’s coming slowly….but it’s coming.

    You are 100% correct on your analysis. According to my sources, the caravans coming from Honduros have proxy military terrorist imbedded them. Their target is the grid in Mexico. Once it goes down hundreds of thousands of Mexicans will flee northward to our border for safety. It will be a refugee nightmare. Drones and ground personnel can’t stop the horde that will be coming. That’s why they are already constructing the wall now in key areas.

    I speculate that President Trump will declare a national emergency on February 15th. Once he does that the indictments will be unsealed and the tribunals will officially begin behind closed doors at Gitmo. Military police units are being deployed for duty at Gitmo in March, so yes it’s coming. Will the globalist and the deep state take this sitting down? Ah”……No! Once again my sources have said that the Northern Command is preparing for some type of coup or civil unrest in zone three (Washington D.C.) in February or March. Do I believe its going to happen? I’m not sure, but military police units are being sent to Gitmo for a reason. As a rule the military usually doesn’t buy a box of nails unless it plans to use a hammer.

    Portable buildings to be used as court rooms are being built and shipped to Gitmo from Missouri. That’s a fact. Why not just use a
    tent? For thirty detainees? Not hardly. Hammer and nails my
    friends. Hammer and nails.

    • arthur barnes

      Jerry, we can only hope and pray what you say may happen comes to fruition.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art, is this the one time he’s right? Save the best for last, right? A cataclysm of some sort is the only thing that has a chance to save us, since we don’t have it in us (demonstrated) to undertake the revolution. Best always. PM

  15. Marie Joy

    Please correct my poor spelling. Thank you.

  16. lightning

    Lil Ray,
    Only folks getting a W-2 will ever be targeted and they are not the super rich. The entire tax law would have to be restructured to get the “super rich” to shoulder their commensurate share. The tax law is already crafted to allow low capital gains tax rates, write offs, shelters etc.
    Better to reduce the size of government and reduce spending. Its corrupt, immense and inefficient. Reduce by 50% is very doable.
    Why not go after the riduculous amount of money that went to the bankers . In my opinion, Jamie Dimon and his ilk should pay back all the windfall personal income they received from the bailouts. They were bailed out because the institutions they ran were essentially bankrupt….they only survived and thrived because they “own” our political leaders on both sides of the aisle.
    Lastly, eliminate the non-profit labels and tax churches, healthcare, schools etc….they are political organizations and abuse their privledged status. I am sure that the organizations actually serving folks will find support privately.

    • lightning

      One last add. The mechanism to reduce government is right in front of us…..The government shutdown. President Trump can essentially fire folks after 31 days of shutdown. Pull the plug like President Reagan did with the air controllers.

    • Chip

      If you were to remove the tax exempt status from churches they would almost all cease to exist. Not a good plan in a near Godless country already IMO. Let the churches be… Chip

  17. Montana Guy

    The iceberg is a distraction. The ship is a prison at best. Lifeboats anybody? They are the path to freedom. We need to build a new ship(s).

    Perhaps guests such as James Wesley Rawles (founder of SurvivalBlog) and Brandon Smith (analyst but also a firm believer in regaining liberty through self-reliance) would be appropriate now. Saving our assets is good. Saving our asses is better.

    • susan

      Montana Guy, I just have to smile at your comment. Sounds like my entire county.

  18. dlc


    Story of a Hungarian Jewish family over a period of 3 generations, 150 years. “Sunshine” gave a good understanding of why Eastern Europe is all done with being invaded once again. Had their fill.

    Back then it was yellow stars, today it is red MAGA hats that indicate who is free game. When infants are of no value, the worth of adults soon follows. Sadly, a good portion of the country will sell out for “Medicare for all” that won’t be.

    Note the comment about guns. What is the progressives pet go to issue? Same play book, and half the country on board with a party whose only chosen people for the moment are the invaders.

    • Paul from Indiana

      And it’s STILL not enough to get us off our collective duffs! Best always. PM

  19. Jim

    Most of those government workers are doing patronage jobs. They helped on the election champagne of some congress creature then get a no work position in the government. I remember when that was done in my state decades ago. The state hired large numbers of unemployed to give them a paycheck. Somehow those jobs turned into life long careers

  20. eddiemd

    Life in Arizona on the border.

    In addition to the big fentanyl bust, we get news daily of local arrests involving drug trafficking by Mexican nationals.




    Trump is correct. There is a crisis on the border. The local media attempts to hide the immigration status of people posted on the TV and internet. It is the rare occasion that they will tell the public the status.

    The bigger problem is what will happen when the world economic system resets. Countries such as Honduras, El Sal, Guatemala, and Nicaragua will collapse sending tens of thousands north to the USA. Mexico is already a failed state and the reset will result in too many to count to head north in search of food alone. I see the future as local vigilante militias here in Arizona taking control of the situation along the border. I have been to gun shows here in Phoenix and note the number of spanish speaking males purchasing weapons and ammo. I speak spanish near fluently and have spent much time in Central and South America both in the Army and as a civilian. These men at the gun shows are not locals. Their accents and vocabulary reflect their origins; Mexico, Central America. People who speak spanish have different accents/vocabulary just like english.

    Phoenix is a big city. There are barrios here where the majority only speak spanish. There is no doubt that there are criminal Mexican mafia types that are heavily armed. Ask the ATF, state DPS, or local police. They know.

  21. eddiemd

    In March we have the election for mayor of Phoenix. We have 2 democrats running; Gallego and Valenzuela. Both former city council members. Gallego is the ex-wife of Congressman Ruben Gallego. Ruben is a Colombian/Mexican 2nd generation politician from Chicago who is a leftist supported by Kamala Harris.

    Valenzuela is a firefighter from the city of Glendale, AZ. He obviously supports the police and fire unions.

    Both Gallego and Valenzuela have been city council members for 10+ years.

    The city of Phoenix is completely bankrupt. As democrats they are proposing all types of spending. They are in fact responsible for the fiscal disaster since it occured under their watch as council members. The ex-mayor Greg Stanton was just elected as a Congressman.

    We had a food tax here for several years after 2009 when the economy crashed. Mayor Stanton and the city council knew they could get money by taxing the food purchases. They told everyone it was for more police and fire but that never happened.

    Here is the recent release of Phoenix finances. It doesn’t look good. The food tax will be reinstated this year after the election.


    Here you can find info on your city/state.


    • Paul from Indiana

      WHY are you still there? See you in Montana, the Great American Redoubt (q.v.). Best always. PM

  22. john duffy

    One Pizzed off Nurse!

    • William Stanley

      I love her stuff!

    • Southern Girl

      john duffy,
      Thanks for the video!!!!!! May God have mercy on us!

  23. Robin Hapenstance

    Trump Just Projected Into The Future, Did You Catch It?

    Bob, you better keep squeezing Cohen, because you can get blood blood out of the turnip, Stone. KEEP CALM AND SQUEEZE AWAY /\TEAMSTER’S MUELLER!

    Ray Charron 3 days ago
    All that bribe money from Mexican cartels makes one a crooked boy and girlie and un- American. Is Mueller just another one taking millions from them too, not just US dumb downed US. TAXPAYER’S? Are all the demonrats taking bribes to BE against the wall? Cash in hand will do it. Humans like money. So if given enough they will fall and become an cartel mob with them and work against the USA. Arrest the entire Demonratic Socialist communist party now. THE PARTY’S OVER! Turn Out The Lights The Party’s Over

    Bruce Bullock 6 hours ago
    President Trump has been building the wall for over a year! He says it all of the time and so has Q. In my opinion, when he talks of declaring a National Emergency…there will be NO ESCAPE for the Deep State! If he calls for State of Emergency, that means nobody moves without being monitored and apprehended. He always says, “I don’t want to, but I have all authority to do it.”

    Gail Ferraiolo 6 hours ago
    The wall will stop the deep state and there funding is cut off!

  24. arthur barnes

    Greg, “no way Pelosi” will never agree to a wall & Trump knows this. Trump has been involved in thousands of “deals” in his lifetime and he knows when a deal is dead or is a no starter – so why did he agree to open the government for 3 weeks for more talks? Answer: simple really, he just needed more ammunition for his Declaration of a State of Emergency such as media attention to another caravan, etc. I suspect he is gathering his forces for a Supreme Court battle for such a Declaration to be declared Constitutional. He also is very well aware that the Democratic middle is moving towards the right leaving “no way Pelosi” & Company out on the far left splitting the Democratic party for 2020. Our President is no dummy, just watch him tweet & declare his way to a wall. Also, his tweet as you mentioned was that the wall is actually being built as we speak, I believe it is at least in a small part. Bloggers, wait, listen & watch this President out maneuver lower I Q leaders of the Democratic p arty, they are taking the bait and moving far left into their socialist camps all the while the Democratic middle is splitting off to the right. Great strategy, divide and conquer. Trump!

    • Chip

      There was under a previous CR around $1.6 billion in funding for fence repairs in CA and new bollard style fencing in TX. I know for a fact that the Galveston District US Army Corps of Engineers received $650 million for construction of new bollard fencing last year. The contracting office that is managing the construction is the office I was in charge of when I retired two years ago. So yes, the wall is under construction but we need additional funds to do more… Chip

    • Paul from Indiana

      Brother Art! The CommieDems are falling all over themselves to “out-left” each other. Overreach is always the calling card of the Left, often/usually with disastrous consequences (Stalin, Hitler, Mao, Castro, to name a few). USA next? Best always. PM


    63 Of America’s Largest 75 Cities Are Completely Broke
    It’s only a matter of time until this system built on debt and theft comes crashing to the ground.
    Mac Slavo — February 1, 2019

    Will The Demonrat’s Stop @ Nothing?

    11,000 Non-Citizens On Voting Rolls In Pennsylvania
    The media will insist that it’s all a hoax and that voter fraud isn’t an issue.
    Daniel Greenfield — February 1, 2019

    • arthur barnes

      Over 90,000 illegals voted in Texas, and up to a million in California. In California a few years ago they passed a law that illegals could apply and obtain a drivers license. In that application, which was never denied, they checked a box that they wanted to vote, that is how they got the illegal ballots in the first place. Imagine allowing illegals a driving license and having them check an illegal box on the form to vote; I know this sounds insane but its true nevertheless. Don’t believe me, check it out for yourselves, its too bazaar & illegal to be true but it is. So, yes, upwards to one million in California illegal votes were cast for Hillary. If Trump can stop the voter fraud he will find reelection a walk in the park on a fine Sunday afternoon.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Brother Art! Your post proves my point: elections and the status quo are our ticket to slavery. Even without the corruption, and even if the system were honest, the Left does not abide by the results if they are not in their favor! It’s pointless. The old system is great in theory, but it doesn’t work in the presence of such massive corruption. Best always. PM

        P.S. I saw a sign recently: When whites become a minority in the US, all the affirmative action benefits and programs will then apply to them, right?

  26. paul ...

    Is anyone taking notice platinum? … platinum is much rarer than both gold and silver … so rare, in fact, that all of the platinum ever mined throughout history could fit in your living room (if you decided to buy it all just for yourself) … and palladium is even rarer than that (so seeing the price of palladium (or platinum) selling for a price way higher then gold is justified) … looking at the platinum to gold ratio chart over the years shows that the platinum price can sell for twice the price of gold … https://www.kitco.com/commentaries/2017-02-07/images/mickey_20170207_4.png … so say you want to buy one ounce of gold right now at $1325 because you think it will be going to $20,000 per ounce (or 15 times your money) … you could buy an ounce of platinum instead at $900 per ounce and wait for platinum to be worth twice the price of gold (as it’s easily capable of doing looking at the Pl/Au ratio chart) and your gain would be 44 times your money (one(1) platinum coin turns into almost three(3) gold coins) … now say you set yourself a goal to become a millionaire by owning 50 one ounce gold coins (that eventually go to $20,000 dollars each as Jim Sinclair predicts) it will cost you $66,250 to buy 50 one ounce gold coins … but playing a Pl/Au ratio strategy one would only have to buy 25 one ounce platinum coins (for a cost of $22,500 dollars) to become a millionaire!!

    • paul ...

      You know … most millennials think nothing of buying a new Kia Optima, Toyota RAV4, Subaru Legacy, Honda CR-V, Honda Accord or Subaru Forester for a base price of $25,000 dollars (and after installing all the options pay almost twice as much) … what if … they buy platinum with that same money … in just a few years they could be driving one of these … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qyWes6WOt48

      • paul ...

        So … let’s open our eyes … look at what is happening to car prices … the re-set “is already taking place” … right as of now we need “a barrel full of paper dollars” to buy a fancy car … this is called hyperinflation folks and it is here now right before your eyes … you need a way to protect yourself from this hyperinflation wiping you out completely … in 1913 the average price of a modest home was $3000 dollars or 150 ($20 dollar gold pieces) … today 150 ($1325 dollar gold pieces) will still buy you a modest home … however if you stupidly kept your wealth in “Fed paper dollars” what kind of a home could you now buy for $3000 dollars today?? … everyone must get on board the gold, silver, platinum, etc. precious metal train (that is outside the Fed and IMF digital and fiat paper system) or else we will become Venezuelan Serf’s of the Bankster Cabal!! … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hM2KkDB10uY

    • Freebrezer

      Paul – Platinum (Pt) does not compare to Palladium (Pd). The ratio of Pd to Pt is 1 : 15. And Pd to gold is ~ 1:15 … contrary to what a lot of people think Pt and gold run about the same in the earth’s crust (depends on the source) with Pt just a hair more prevalent. The real kicker is that Pd is a far superior metal for catalytic reactions vs. Pt. thus the decrease in price of Pt and the run up of Pd.

  27. dave roselle

    Hi Greg
    Sorry mate ,but if you think this wall is any more than a political scam.you are just plain stupid.Have you ever heard of ladders?.By sticking up for Gump is just plan stupid.If you want to help this country you will be pushing Tulsi Gabbard for 2020.I enjoy your guest but your thinking in some parts are way off.Also if you think that either of the parties are correct ,you are sadly wrong


    • Chip

      So I guess prisons need no walls? Walls are part of a layered approach to security. You dumb as dirt no wall people have no clue what you are talking about. Walls, camera monitoring, patrols on horse back, vehicular patrols, drones, and other airborne assets are all part of the multi layered approach used by the US Border Patrol. I’ve built hundreds of millions of dollars worth of their facilities, walls, and security assets and you have no clue what you are talking about… Chip

    • Freebrezer

      Dave – Yes if only for a Ladder … I can only imagine carrying a 25 ft ladder in the middle of the deserted desert for 20 to 30 of miles when the outside temp is around 110 F with high humidity … sounds like a great option. Hundreds of illegals are found dead every year in the outback of Texas and Arizona … add having to carry a ladder for many miles? The outcome is not good. I often asked my self – why did the Chinese build the Great Wall of China? Why did the Europeans build castles with high walls? Why does Pelosi have a wall around her winery? I guess because they never thought about a ladder?


    What Grandma Thinks about it 3 days ago
    Satan was very serious when he asked Jesus to bow down and do an act of worship in exchange for the governments and all their glory. Mathew 4:8

  29. James

    It’s called marginal tax rates, where the first 10 million per year is free and clear and the 70 percent kicks in thereafter. So the super wealthy are still making money the rest of us can only dream about. Sounds like a great idea to pay down the national debt and fight back against all these multinational monopolies the government now allows.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bad idea James. It’s been tried in the past and is a disaster. We need to cut the “free stuff” mentality.

      • TSI

        yes the rich should stop getting free bailouts

        • Greg Hunter

          That weasel Warren Buffett is the poster child for crony capitalism. The government saves his bacon with many of the stupid decisions he made with Berkshire $$, such as loaning Goldman Sachs and GE big money (just to name a few stupid moves) and when it blew up in 2008, he went crying to the government to get bailed out big time!!! Then, this weasel has the audacity to come out and say, “My secretary pays more taxes than I do”!!!!! Yep, you weasel Warren, but your secretary does not get multi-trillion dollar bailouts now does she?????? Buffett should have been bankrupted and retired in shame as an incompetent old weasel that should have seen this coming and should have retired years ago. It’s pure incompetence when your fund requires a tax payer bailout to stay out of chapter 7.

          • Lois Petersen

            Greg, I’m from Nebraska and I used to think Warren was the bees knees. When I heard about the Franklin cover-up I didn’t think that any more. And then to read this about Ben Sasse. Ugh. I have a feeling though the guy that wrote this is probably telling the truth:

            • Lois Petersen

              And so in response to your comment, if this is true about Warren Buffet, you are totally correct. That would make him a weasel but for more reasons than what you posted.

    • Freebrezer

      James – Most of the wealthy make their money on stock and stock options. It is taxed at 20%. Their income from the companies is usually in the 2 – 5 million range. It is the stock options where they make the big portion of their money.

  30. James

    What free stuff, Greg? Big bank bail outs? Farmer bail outs? Big auto bail outs? I agree let’s cut socialism but sounds like you believe in socialism for the rich, which is fascism.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do you listen to me regularly? You don’t. Cut it all free stuff!!! and reinstate bankruptcy laws.

      • Ray

        Well said Greg……I concur 100%
        The US and Australian Governments are BANKRUPT INTO OBLIVION (Financially & Spiritually), so yes, let’s reinstate the bankruptcy laws indeed.
        My hot tip…….invest in yellow vests and Guillotines…….I see a massive future in those.
        Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

        • William Stanley

          One licentious and two financial questions:
          1) On whose lap does Australia sit? (strangely, perhaps, I don’t know, and it bothers me).
          2) Have you considered the “country risk” if the yellow vests are fabricated in China?
          3) Steel alloyed with Chromium and Vanadium is sometimes used in good blades because it doesn’t chip as easily as easily as some other steels (like D2 tool steel), yet it is affordable and easily sharpened. Do you think that Chromium and Vanadium miners might be a good play going forward?

          • William Stanley

            Blimey! No matter how hard I try, communication doesn’t come as easily as easily as I would wish. For some reason I’ve been humming “Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Sport” all day.
            This is for you, mate:

  31. Lady Mocking Bird

    The Abortion Agenda: Its Benefactors & What You Don’t Know
    These power players are in this game for the long haul. They are planners, deceivers, manipulators, and if someone isn’t paying close attention, they may be fooled.
    Corey Lynn — February 1, 2019

    Why The Left Hates Mike And Karen Pence With A Passion…
    For most of American history, basic moral values united the nation, but in 2019 everything has been turned upside down and suddenly those views are considered to be “scandalous”.
    Michael Snyder — February 1, 2019

    Must We All Bow To Chemosh?

    Doesn’t Boaz bear a strong resemblance to Sean Hannity?
    Sure does, even sounds like him!

  32. Mohammad


    As much as I want to think that Trump is not in the pocket of the globalist I cannot reach that conclusion from his deeds.

    When push comes to shove you will wish it it does not exist, it is closing the rout of escape, let that sink in.

    Let me repeat it Greg, the wall is a trap.

    I would buy your argument that he is building the wall to protect US if he was not destabilizing Venezuela, I explained in a previous post that he added to his team Elliott Abrams that is known for toppling governments and likely he is the one working now on Venezuela. The destabilizing of Central America is the culprit. So WHY is he doing what leads to invasion?

    In history Gorbachev of Soviet union went down as the guy who dismantled it, Trump will go in history as the guy who dismantled US, I look at the walk and I do not listen to the talk, the walk tells me he is adding to his team a known figure who is an expert in toppling Govs. and he is hitting Venezuela with the big guns now, that will initiate the true caravans not the fire crackers ones you are talking about.

    Had he been sincere, he would stabilize Venezuela, and gosh, if he is sitting with the N.K. nut boy why doesn’t he sit with Maduro and cut a deal?

    The agenda is crystal clear Greg, you need to see through the veil to see it, I have seen it before and I know it from its stinky smell.


    • Greg Hunter

      I totally disagree but will post your comment anyway.

      • Mohammad

        One more thing Greg,

        Saddam was taken out because he sold oil for Euro dropping the dollar.

        Qaddafi was taken out because he was establishing the African gold currency dropping the dollar.

        Gulf states were split into bits and pieces (Qatar on one side and the rest on the other and Kuwait in the middle) because they had plans to establish the Arabian gold dinar and eventually drop the dollar.

        And now Maduro,
        The only reason to take him out is because he is pushing the digital Petro currency for Venezuela oil and trying to drop the dollar.

        You see the pattern.

        What will happen is:
        You can bet your money on Russia standing firmly next to Maduro same way they stood next to Assad.
        They will defend Venezuela the same way they defended Syria.
        And we will take a defeat in Central America the way we were defeated in Syria, unfortunately after Venezuela is turned into ashes.
        The time has on projection and that is forward, it never comes back.
        Dollar IS DONE…It is just a matter of time, short one that is.


    • Galaxy 500

      Gorbachev didn’t pull down the wall. The Eastern Germans did.
      And our wall is to keep undesirable criminals and moslems terrorists out.

      • TSI

        damn but you still let the Catholic priests in!

        • Greg Hunter

          This Sceptered Isle,
          Is this you again with the Catholic church thing?

          • TSI

            Well we have given life sentences here for the grooming gangs. What sentences have been handed to the priests?

    • arthur barnes

      You been breathing too much Syrian cocktails (sarin gas) as of late. Trump is no globalist, he is a true American boy born and bread, a patriot who still believes this country stands for something great. American first, last, and forever!

    • Chip

      Wrong Mohammad, As posted above, walls, camera monitoring, patrols on horse back, vehicular patrols, drones, and other airborne assets are all part of the multi layered approach used by the US Border Patrol.

      Venezuela is a product of socialism. Did we meddle? Perhaps, as we’ve done in other Latin-American countries. But the primary cause of their collapse is their socialist model and the government confiscation of the means of petroleum production. The state run oil company has gone farther in debt while their production has been in continuous decline. No one will lend them money or bring privately owned assets there for fear the government will not be able to pay them back and they will confiscate any private company that comes to their aid. Chip

    • Paul from Indiana

      Doc, Are you serious? Trump dismantling the US? That distinction belongs to Carter, Cliinton and Obama and all the CommieDems, who worshipped at their altar. Now, about the wall… let’s assume you are correct. The USA land mass is a pretty big trap in your projection, and the Canadian border is completely open, so now we have more than DOUBLED the land mass available in which to be “trapped”. Get real! But let’s continue the exercise, and for the sake of argument, say that all 330 million of us are trying to squeeze into Mexico (why, for God’s sake?). We run into the wall. OK, is THAT when we STAND and FIGHT? Finally? Best always. PM

      • Mohammad

        Are you kidding?
        What do you think our “friendly” Canadians are doing in the west coast with China? also what do you think of the Russians giving the North Pole the extreme priority, and for a martian second do you really think the Russians moved their eyes from what they see their land (Alaska) ?
        North is not going to be a pleasant place when it hits the fan…!


  33. eddiemd

    Signs and wonders are here among us.



    The power of prayer. Somewhere there was someone who was wrestling with God. Ask and you shall receive.

    For me there is no doubt that Jesus touched that little girl. He also sent the bear to comfort the child. Ask Daniel and the lions. The Creator has a plan for these two children. Perhaps a double dose of the Spirit of Elijah.

    Psalm 46:10

    “Cease striving and know that I am God: I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth.”


    • Galaxy 500

      I live within 30 minutes of where the boy was lost. I have also had breakfast with people that searched for the child. There is something in this story that doesn’t make sense. The area he was found in had 70+ people go thru it. With dogs scented with the child.
      I believe in miracles however, I am waiting for the rest of the story

  34. Igor Stramovich

    Watch the 1st Amendment Die as Journalist Arrested at Press Conference for Not Being Mainstream
    If you are unsure over how the establishment feels about alternative media asking them questions, this video will clear that up.
    Matt Agorist — February 1, 2019

  35. Hamilton Boozster

    A Judge Shut Down Mueller With A Surprising Verdict About His Key Witness Robert Mueller.

  36. iwitness02

    Immigration is likely a much larger problem than what is able to get out into the public consciousness. I remember reading several stories that proved to me, that there are at least eight jihadist training camps in the continental United States. The fbi knows where they are and what they are, and based on some diplomatic technicality, they stay away. The fbi lets these training camps flourish. I can’t prove any of this, but given how wicked the fbi is, I totally believe that they are selling us out again, in this regard. The information that I am referring to is about eight to ten years old. Haven’t heard anything since then on the subject of these training camps. These training camps are most likely a deep state wild card, and they are waiting for the right moment to activate an untold number of sleeper cells. The mockingbird media won’t touch this story with a ten foot pole. A Pulitzer award that will never be given out, because big J journalism is dead. Where is Jimmy Olsen when we need him? Oh wait, it is now Greg Hunter. Not for the Daily Planet, but for USAWatchdog.com. (and Superman is now Orange Man, able to leap tall trade deals in a single bound! Look up in the sky! It’s…………

  37. Edward Ulysses Cate

    Maduro may not live much longer:
    “. . . before he died, Gaddafi sold a fifth of Libya’s gold reserves, and most of the proceeds from this sale are still missing.” Hmmmm.

  38. Southern Girl

    As always great reporting. I wrote to my two senators from Arkansas and asked them on the boarder wall to build it. I also asked them to follow the money. You have drugs, trafficking of humans, etc. When they did put up a wall in one section the drug cartel raised holy hell because it was cutting into their profits. Wonder how many of the Demmonrats are getting a cut of the booty???

    • Greg Hunter

      Way to go SG!

    • Freebrezer

      SG – I wonder how much of the drug money is in the pockets of both Republicans and Dems. Look at the corruption in Mexico and one can only imagine how much of that is here in the USA. Not good.

  39. Jeannon Kralj

    @12:38 to 12:53
    “…and incidentally, you know, what do we find out in Texas. This is the tip of the iceberg but at least 95,000 people were illegally registered. They were illegal aliens and at least 58,000 voted just in Texas, and there are stories of voter fraud all across the country…”
    Just to correct a common misunderstanding stemming from this ZeroHedge article titled…
    58,000 Non-Citizens Voted In Texas State Elections, 95,000 Registered According To Attorney General

    It is NOT correct to say that 95,000 people were “illegally registered” to vote in Texas.
    Understand that there are many LEGAL US RESIDENTS, of various legal temporary residency classifications.
    95,000 “lawfully present noncitizens”, non-US citizens, may obtain Texas driver’s licenses, according to the ZeroHedge article. These 95,000 legal NON- US CITIZENS may apply for and receive a LEGAL Texas Drivers License.

    These 95,000 legal non-citizens with legal Texas drivers licenses MAY NOT receive a LEGAL Texas voter registration certificate, but they may ILLEGALLY and by deliberately breaking state and federal law, just check the box on the voter registration application to indicate they are US citizens and therefore meet that qualification to vote in Texas.
    Then the Texas County voter registrars simply issue a legal voter registration certificate to these NON-US citizens who are not qualified to vote because Texas law currently does not require verification of a voter’s statement that they are a citizen.”
    58,000 of these 95,000 actually did actually vote in a Texas election by simply presenting their legal Texas Voter Registration Certificate and/or by being legally on the Voter Roles at the polls issued by the counties.
    There are exponentially more than 95,000 NON US Citizens in Texas with legal Texas Voter registration. Of course that number is unknown because it is EXTREMELY EASY in Texas, as probably all of the states, to obtain a state Legal Voter Registration by the voter registration applicant breaking the law and lying in filling out the voter registration application, and many of those who break the law on their voter registration are NOT legal US citizen RESIDENTS.

    “They were illegal aliens and at least 58,000 voted just in Texas..”
    Sorry, Mr. Hunter, but that is, though understandably because of misleading news article, also incorrect statement.

    The number of “illegal aliens” in Texas is probably well over a million and these “illegal aliens” may or may not have a law breaking -obtained legal voter registration.

    There are many illegal votes placed in Texas and it is impossible to know what percentage of those illegal votes come from unqualified-to-vote people voting in some way, in person at the polls or by absentee vote. (A large unknown percentage of Texas illegal votes are traceable to the advent of electronic computerized voting machines.)

    • Russell

      And I have to stand in line to vote with a bunch of people with pink, green, and purple hair in Austin, Texas. My vote doesn’t even count here.

    • Jeannon Kralj

      Since that article in ZeroHedge that Greg Hunter, and many others, reported on , Ken Paxton, the Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton has made several public tough sounding statements about how the Texas state government is going to diligently find and prosecute voters who vote but who are not legally qualified to vote. That is all “cover your deficient Texas voting system” talk for public consumption prompted by this negative news item.

      This ZeroHedge story apparently ticked off many Texans and they probably complained to the Texas Attorney General. It does not take a rocket scientist to see that the problems are the fault of the Texas voting procedures and Texans are sick and tired or all the deliberate, legalized by state laws, HOLES in the official Texas voting procedures. The current Texas voting system INVITES fraud at many points in the process. Many Texas politicians are quite happy with the ridiculous state of voting and vote counting in Texas and all the lying numbers.

      The DPS records are only the way a certain small percentage of the illegal Texas votes were possible to identify that led to this misleading, but very concerning, Zero Hedge article. The DPS drivers license processing is a completely separate state function from the Texas voter registration process.

      There are MANY MORE than 95,000 “people” who fraudulently applied for and easily were granted legal Texas voter registration and MANY MORE than 58,000 votes that were counted as legal votes even though the “voters” lied on the voter registration application. Because you have been granted voter registration “your name” is on the voter registration rolls (lists) held by the counties and at the precinct voting polls.
      You never have to present that paper card or any photo ID or present yourself in person anywhere and you do not have to present any other document to have your vote legally accepted as valid in the Texas voting system. (Absentee voting and un-numbered paper mail-in ballots are extra easy way to get unlawful votes accepted in the system, IF those paper absentee ballots are counted accurately. A very big IF.)

      Here is an outline of a suggested “bullet proof”, no HOLES, way that votes can be COUNTED honestly. It does focuses mainly on VOTE COUNTING. (Voter registration procedures are separate but of major importance also.)


      Jim Condit, Jr.

    • Freebrezer

      Diane – I shake my head thinking of all the poor sheep that bought in to this crap. Just 1 yr, two months ago bitcoin was at $19,000 and today it is at $3300. Just an 80 % loss … not bad for a 1 yr investment! I wonder if the IRS will let these sheep be able to take the loss on their taxes?

      • Freebrezer

        It is the old saying ” a fool and his money are soon parted”

  40. Jerry

    This Luciferian workshop conducted by the Clinton’s.

    The let’s recap Lucifer’s plan.
    1. Declare war on children. Heavens elite.
    2. Destroy personal liberties along with free agency. Government decides what’s best. Not you.
    3. Set himself up as the ruler of a one world government. Globalist true agenda.
    4. Destroy the family and replace it with government. His.
    5. Reign on this earth by creating wars between nations. God forbid we could all get along.
    6. Force you to knuckle under his rule by giving up hope.

    While he may think he owns this earth, the truth is he’s just a squatter. The real owners are about to return to their property and
    evict him. Keep your chin in the wind, and your powder dry.

  41. Eric

    Would it be foolish to dip into my teacher’s pension (of course I would be taxed and fined ) in order to buy gold or silver? If the pension is at risk, and could possibly disappear, I would rather take a portion of it out and invest it in something more secure like gold or silver, than to lose it all.

    • Greg Hunter

      You got to be able to hold the asset as a core asset no matter what. If you do this you have to be sure you will not be forced to sell prematurely. That said, I have had many people tell me they did this just before the last crash in 2006 and 2007. That’s when gold was $600 to $700 per ounce. If they were not forced to sell their insurance, they are siting fine with gold now north of $1,300 per ounce. The choice is totally yours. Why don’t you think on it and wait until you watch my interview with Bill Holter and Jim Sinclair on the “Early Sunday Release”!!


  42. paul ...

    Just like the crooked politician she is … Elizabeth Warren knows she can’t run for President if she is the “citizen of another Nation” … so she conveniently adjusts her citizen status to fit her needs to benefit her the most … https://www.zerohedge.com/news/2019-02-01/elizabeth-warren-apologizes-cherokee-nation-dna-test

  43. Dean

    The government is letting them in!

    Results 1 to 4 of 4
    Like Tree1Likes
    Thread: Trump Lets Caravan Illegals Into USA, Inspiring More Caravans to Form


  44. Elusive Joseph

    Still doesn’t make sense for Trump to wait 2 years to get funding for the Wall AFTER the democrats gain control of the House. Now there’s stalemate.
    And I’m still waiting on Trump to “look into” Hillary for her massive crimes and treason like he specifically told her during the debate. Does Trump have amnesia? Did he forget what he promised Americans who want to get rid of lawlessness of DC and the Deep State?


    • Greg Hunter

      Ryan and the other RINO’s double crossed Trump.

  45. bob

    weasel buffett had to be bailed out.. who’s the investors.. mostly the good ole boys club.. should have went down for his choices in companies….. we have so much power as the people, lets use the weasel.. what does he invest in? we the people could boycott much of what he invests in, . i bet we could make a dent and it would start to send a message to these corp’s. and others.. the NFL suffered.. but not enough and i read that ratings are starting to pick back up.. love to here you talk about reading the trump tweets. now thats transparency.. straight from trumps mouth to your eyes and ears.. can’t twist or change what the words say

  46. bob

    sorry forgot.. PG&E, rothchilds are big investors in the company…what executive orders might pertain and what about this thing i saw with much of the california wildfires.. D.E.W… hint houses burned to the ground, trees next to homes unscathed.

  47. Liberty

    I listen to you and others for many years, in my opinion you are now the best. When we listen to you, we can understand clearly the situation and we can see that you are feeling outraged by what is going on and you want to help people.
    Very good wrap-up.
    Waiting forward for Sunday.

    thank you.

  48. Michael

    I agree with Gregory Mannarino, if Trump gets the wall because of an emergency order, this will set a precedence for future presidents who WILL use it and it won’t be for our best interests, i.e. suspend the second amendment, ect. So who won the debate….”they” did.

    • Greg Hunter

      Here is how I answered my friend Gregory Mannarino on my YouTube channel: Greg, your opinion is not proven fact. I disagree. I went into great detail as to why I disagree. President Trump got us out of TPP, Paris Climate Accord and the “no-signature” fraud of the Iran nuke deal. Those are just a few of the pet globalist/NWO projects. Not building a wall is another big globalist project, and yet it’s being built as we speak, this according to President Trump’s twitter feed & other reports. You didn’t think that one guy could clean up corruption that has been festering since the JFK assassination in 2 years did you? Trump has to have time to put the country on better footing before the system comes down. What do you think the repatriation of funds & massive increases in oil & natural gas production were all about? Hard to have your currency go to zero if you’re a top energy producer. Trump is the best thing that could have happened to America. He has risked his life & his family’s life & there have been at least 12 legit assassination attempts on his life. He has performed marvelously in lieu of the fact he has fought a failed coup from the Obama White House & the DOJ, attacks from foreign spy services such as MI6, a legacy media where 90% of the coverage of the President is negative (according to Harvard & others), rabid Democrats that tried to impeach him the first day they took over the House, RINO Republicans like Paul Ryan & John McCain & let’s not forget the evil weasels in the Deep State Globalist New World Order. The best part, your President Trump performs this service for the grand total of $1 per year. On a closing note, what I just laid out is not my opinion, these are sourceable, proven facts. I could go on, but I don’t remember all the turncoats complaining about all the fraud during the 8 years of Obama. We can agree to disagree & still be friends. Greg”

      • Relayer

        “massive increases in oil & natural gas production were all about?”
        This statement while true, is a temporary situation. Fracking is debt financed, resource intensive/expensive, well output/deterioration overwhelms output/production. Not a sustainable situation.

        • Greg Hunter

          They have opened drilling in ANWAR as well as other places too and that is very big.

  49. Saeed

    Hi Greg, you would serve your audience well if you interviewed David Dubyne of youtube channel Adapt2030 where he shares recent weather anomalies and identified the primary being the 350 year cycle of Grand Solar Minimum…how food production and prices are going to be affected in the next 3 – 4 years and then 8 – 12 years from now. As a Muslim we have prophecies of weather changes and greening of deserts, and droughts prior to return of Jesus (peace and blessings of God be upon him). Combine this factor with other factors like economic and finanacial collapse due to debt collapse, warmongering by Bolton, Pompeo, and Gen Mark Millie, and killing of babies in NY State, we have the recipe for greatest shake-up of humanity to humble us before we accept a returning God’s Great Messenger.

  50. Coalburner

    EddieMD , most of your report is a copy of New Mexico reporting. Same hiding the real news. Lots of criminal illegals committing all kinds of crimes here but the cops get investigated for shooting back at these slimebags.. Deportation does not work. We need a new plan to not release them across the border. Store them in GITMO or a tiny island in the Pacific. Use Joe Arpiao accommodations. Our NM big cities are sanctuary fools and I say let them get what the want. I just don;t want to pay for it. NM has zero representation in Washington DC. These clown elected all Democrats into a Trump Administration. None of them will ever see him more than once or twice at State of the Union or Inaugurations. You gotta’ chuckle! My new congress-critter is a child on her knees to Piglosi. Has no actual education, has a name no one can pronounce and no-one knows what that name is supposed to be. chuckle! Not funny!

  51. Coalburner

    Guys checkout this site and drone video. Citizen Free Press.

    I love this wall being build across the southern desert bad lands of New Mexico, makes my heart sing. Beautiful steel wall! Build it long and build if fast boys and girls.

  52. Liberty

    This shows you that the US Treasury had no comment on the agreed Minutes of the Global Currency Reset, approved by all of the other 189 member countries of the World Bank and IMF. I speak for the Board of Governors of the World Bank and IMF unless a country goes on record with its dissenting vote. I am casting the vote of the US (nearly 17%), until the Constitution of 1789 is back in effect. I am the canary in the coalmine. So long as I am ok, you know that we are all on track for the Global Currency Reset. We don’t know when, but you all know that we are ok so far.

  53. Relayer

    Thats a wrap!!

    Outstanding/Monumental. Your most informative best show ever!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Relayer!

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