War Cycle Heats Up & Markets Tank in 2023 – Charles Nenner

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com 

Renowned geopolitical and financial cycle expert Charles Nenner said, back in September, the markets would sink and then go back up.  Both calls happened right on time.  What does Nenner see now?  Nenner says, “Two days ago, we started to take profits again.  So, we are not that bullish. . . . The public we have now do not understand bear markets. . . . They don’t understand that we can have rallies of 15% to 20%, and then it can go down again. . . . So, we took profit and we are mostly in cash again.  We are long in the bond market for a change because it looks like inflation is going to moderate for a little bit.  We are waiting for the gold cycles to bottom, and we are getting very close, but the bull market in gold will come, but it’s still going to take a few more weeks.”

So, are interest rates on the way down?  Nenner says, “Yes, but for very short term.  You might remember our interest rate cycles bottomed, and the cycle is up for the next 30 years.  I expect interest rates to go back to where they were in the early 1980’s. . . . Longer term interest rates are going much higher.  Right now, we have a bounce because commodities are weaker, and I think they will be weak until around February.  This is probably why the Fed is not going to talk as aggressive as they were talking.  This is still temporary and interest rates are still going to go much higher in the future.”

Nenner also says, “Mortgage interest rates will go to the 8% to 9% range in 2023. . . .and the stock market will go down by about 50%.”

Nenner says look for inflation to moderate for the next few months but look out in 2023.  Nenner predicts, “Beware because once inflation raises its head, it is very difficult to get it back into the box.  We could go down to 6% or 6.5% inflation, but also the inflation cycle just started, and we are going to see much higher inflation.”

On the war cycle, Nenner has been predicting this “war cycle will really heat up in 2023.”  He’s convinced all the signs say he’s going to be right.  Nenner says, “I don’t think the inflation has anything to do with the war in Ukraine, but I think in the middle of next year, we have war cycles bottoming.  I think we are in for a really big mess because it doesn’t seem like anybody is ruling any country anymore, even China.  This may be the reason why gold and silver are going to take off.  If there are shortages, then the inflation will go through the roof.”

There is much more in the 36 min. interview.

Join Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog.com as he goes One-on-One with renowned cycle analyst and financial expert Charles Nenner. (11.29.22)

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After the Interview:

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  1. Stan

    I’ll wager anyone a substantial sum, and I mean SUBSTANTIAL, that mortgage rates will not reach 8 – 9% in 2023. Contact me if interested and we’ll put the wager funds in a third party escrow.

    • Phil

      Stan – Your wagering on interest rates next year?? – Why not wager on the price of Gold ? – Or perhaps wager on the value of the US Dollar rising from “zero” to a penny next year!! – https://external-content.duckduckgo.com/iu/?u=https%3A%2F%2Fcdn.howmuch.net%2Farticles%2FRise-and-Fall-of-the-USD-64c2.jpg&f=1&nofb=1

    • Mike R

      That’s an easy one. 10 year yield has already topped, and heading down. Buy TLT, as its going to double, meaning rates are heading lower as the economy is heading into a recession, and the stock market is going to crash, and people are going to be moving from stocks to bonds. The Fed will be forced to pivot, as they follow the BOND market, and specifically the 2 year yield. The FED does not control JACK SQUAT. 2 year yield is going to begin to come down, and as soon as the fed funds rate meets or connects with the 2 year yield, then they will pause the rate hikes, and once the 2 year yield heads below fed funds rates, then the fed will be forced to pivot. they are always BEHIND every curve, and so they will lag the drop in the 2 year yield. So EVERY time the Fed Pivots, THAT IS WHEN THE MARKET CRASHES. Go back and look at the charts people. Chart out the 2 year yield, and chart out the Fed Funds rate. Its so easy its like picking cherries out of mom’s home made pie. Stan is no genius folks. He just likes to get crap stirred up. and so no the mortgage rates wont hit 8 or 9% in 2023. dont be surprised if there is one more leg down in the market, then a ramp to new all time highs for one final peak, and then the real crash after that. gotta suck everyone back into the market.

      • JACK SHULL

        I’ll believe Charles over you and Stan any day!

      • Colorado Cowboy

        IRS has your number now to tax that bet!

    • Jimbo

      It’ll be interesting to see how the derivative garbage, estimated >70% being interest-based bets, will fare out.

    • J Banana

      I’ll take that bet, Stan.
      $250. Not trying to ruin you.
      [email protected]

      • Stan

        You mean $250k, right?

        • Greg Hunter

          NO betting here–period.

          • Art

            Aaah you’re not fun Greg…but you do give great interviews! 🙂

  2. Ian Anderson

    Greg Hunter has some too flight people here . He attracts real quality

    • Michael McCammack

      Thanks Greg!
      If I understand Mr. Nenner correctly; the FED will have to pivot and lower rates, but banks will have to keep raising rates to keep up with inflation. Housing in Indiana will absolutely go into the tank in that scenario. Wow!
      Thanks for the good work. God bless you and your family Greg.

        • Colorado Cowboy

          The consummate professional real estate agents will need to return to their bartending, waiter and waitressing jobs to survive. Who would continue to let these middle people take percentages of your home value while paying nothing into your mortagage? Not me! In October Zerohedge had article stating that 37% of RE agents could not pay their rents to the brokerages they were employed at.

      • Lynne Reville

        Banks will increase their rates. I have one credit card with a zero balance. The increases are small but steady. Over the past 6 to 8 months I’ms getting mail from credit card companies to get a new credit card. Unbelievable. Housing here in Canada is on a downward spiral but interest rates are upward.

        • Paul

          Synthetic CDOs have been highly criticised for major contribution to the 2008 financial crisis. CDOs were sold and encouraged by Goldman Sachs and other major banks. Paulson was the CEO from 1999 to 2006 during the pushing of CDOs.
          And the paymaster of tarp.

          Of course interest rates are going up that’s why Warren Buffett has all that cash.
          Margin calls & unserviceable debt~rinse and repeat

          Paul from arkansas

          • Paul

            Discussions about table scraps of manipulated money, currency and front runned stocks, while they pillage our treasuries, jail and persecute patriots, steal our elections, allow invasions of our land and commit medical war on our people. If dialogues don’t change we’re screwed.

            Paul from arkansas

    • Ed Murphy

      Yup Ian,
      Like Stan the sham? And J. Banana?
      May the best conman win!

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      Vaccine Chips Light Up Near Cell Phone… See This For Yourself!! – Maria Zeee
      November 29, 2022

      You Must See Water Exposed To 5G… And Learn What It Means!!
      November 19, 2022
      5G coming to a neighborhood near you? The Hampstan’s, Stan? Is that a bit rich Stanly?
      What say you?
      Gee, 5G, I wonder what old Coop would say about 5G?

  3. PersonaNonGrata

    At 5:50 CN says,
    “. . . because it doesn’t seem like anyone is ruling any country anymore, even China . . .”
    IMHO, the most significant thing he said. But what exactly does he mean? The scamdemic clearly demonstrated that ‘we the people’ are being ruled – but by whom? Is CN pointing to the demise of nation states, and turmoil during the transition to a globalist dystopia? OR, is pointing to a worldwide uprising of ‘we the people’, perhaps prompted by governmental overreach?

    • Michael McCammack

      Marting Armstrong says it is the worst group of world leaders in history.

      • Michael Janket

        You don’t suppose this is the worst set of world leaders because they are all WEF cats paws?

        • Art

          Exactly, there are no world leader and haven’t been for many decades, only world puppets…more like muppets.

      • Phil

        This worst group of “world leaders” are going to need “a lot of luck” implementing their evil plans now that the common people have awoken!! – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/97-seconds-of-brilliance-by-dr-amandha-dawn-vollmer/


      I believe (believable or not) A.I. OR ALIENS.

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Hi DUGTRUX,
        I consider myself a rational person, however, given ‘the madness’, I understand where you’re coming from. What is happening on a global scale would not be out of place in a SciFi novel about an Alien takeover. The abject obedience – adherence to a common script – of virtually all national leaders AND the utterly alien nature of the ‘calamari’ clots indicates something otherworldly is afoot. . .

        • Laura

          Satanic, demonic rule is sufficient for me and biblical. This alien stuff is in my opinion a distraction. More other dimensional than other worldly.

        • Ray

          PNG & DUGTRUX……
          I’m with you on that line of thinking.
          It does seem to fit the level of insanity that we are seeing.
          Imagine that you could go back to the year 1255…..get the King of England, and bring him back to 2022.
          Cars, Malls, Skyscrapers, phones, refrigerators, aeroplanes, television.
          To him it would be “Magic”.
          What if someone said to him, “sell out your people, and I will bring you and yours into this world, where you will live in this magic place”.
          I reckon many a king would do it.
          Perhaps something similar is going on with the current crop of so called “world leaders”.
          It interesting to ponder…….
          Keep throwing out the left jab.
          Ray, Canberra, Australia.

        • Pete

          Demonic entities have been injected into 240 million Americans – and that is not enough for Biden??

          • Greg Hunter

            Here’s some more data on the injections: https://usafacts.org/visualizations/covid-vaccine-tracker-states
            This makes me very sad because we know many will get sick.

            • David Gordon Dunne

              Greg, People are total fools and so you know what, if I was smart enough to study all the data, starting with Dr. Francis Boyle 3 years ago on Alex Jones, and then from Mikovitz, Tennpenny and Yeadon plus so many more, I now feel sorry for them but so be it as you dig your grave so you will be in it soon. Fools and Zombies. God help them.

            • Jared

              I believe “short illness” is the new “died unexpectedly” term being used by the MSM. Example “they died from a short illness.”

              • Phil

                It is now “so common place” to be dropping dead that it is no longer “unexpected anymore” – So the MSM should rightly be saying: The poor foolish block-headed chump who vaccinated himself like a dimwitted dork just dropped dead as would be expected of an air-headed jerk – dying after a short illness “right after voluntarily taking the experimental jab”!!

              • Misty Grey

                Jared, I have noticed the new term , “died from a short illness” being used lately too and thought the same thing. That term was just used in articles about Christine McVie’s death. But everyone remains “shocked and saddened” by news of the death and no cause or suspected cause of death is ever given.

              • Steve Bice

                Good observation…

                I also believe “Long Covid” will be used to obfuscate the vaccine carnage as more succumb to it. The harms are insidious…until they are not.

                I am reminded of Earnest Hemingway’s quote about bankruptcy in “The Sun Also Rises”:

                “How did you go bankrupt?” Bill asked. “Two ways,” Mike said. “Gradually, then suddenly.”

                For our purposes, it has now become, “How did they die?”

                “Two ways. Gradually, then suddenly.” We could well move out of the gradual stage this winter.

                SADs indeed…

    • Astutia Et Fallacia Opponuntur

      Ruled by the UK, it’s not rocket science. UK created Israel, Canada, US, Australia, New Zealand, and more. Boris Johnson of the UK even gave British citizenship to the president of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelensky. The monarchy wants to take over again; King Charles III said that if we don’t accept their reset, there will be more and more pandemics and more disasters, including from climate change. Obviously, they are the ones engineering everything, including bitcoin; Satoshi is just a fake name to disguise the real people behind the ultimate ponzi scheme. Ultimately, war is just very convenient to help with their reset.

    • Earth Angel

      PNG- We must make sure it is the latter. It MUST be ‘WE THE PEOPLE’ who rise from the ashes of all of this deliberate destruction we are being assaulted with. It’s high time we ALL make sure the ba$t@r&’s doing this damage are going DOWN!!

      • PersonaNonGrata

        Earth Angel,
        Totally agree!
        Unfortunately, it appears that the armed forces – at least the higher echelons – have been subsumed by the cabal, so no help from that quarter! It’s going to be a DIY revolution, OR slavery.

  4. Pete

    Nenner now says the bull market in gold will begin in a few weeks time – so Nenner is just about at the point of being outright bullish on gold – and Nenner has said previously “gold will likely hit $2,500 on this next upturn – but he has also said that: “If the world goes back on a gold standard – gold will hit $40,000 per ounce.”!!

  5. Mike Massey

    Greg: The last time Nenner was on your show he said Gold and Silver would bottom in the next week. I think it’s been several months since he was on your show. I rest my case. Nunnery is usually WRONG.

    • Greg Hunter

      Fact say Nenner is not “usually wrong.” Nobody is 100%

      • Huginn

        Hello Greg,
        Could you show us the gold chart that Dr Nenner sent to you, please? In the interview he mentions sending it, and we can hear you rustle the paper of the printout, but the camera didn’t cut back to you to show it.
        Much appreciated, thank you.

        • Greg Hunter

          I do not have that anymore. You can get a free month’s subscription at charlesnenner.com.

    • Jeffrobbins

      I remember that- but- i think he is looking at indicators and the ‘turn’ is not complete. Personally, i think an outright shortage of silver with ever increasing premiums and delays will pull these prices higher. Looks like it has started. My reasoning is that most silver is a by product of other metal mining and if the other metals slow down silver will be in a severe deficit (recession). Now imagine no one can get any silver for the next 6 months- panic money will buy up smaller gold coins- very exciting stuff, but i too am tired of waiting. I have even thought of selling some real estate and putting most of the proceeds in pm, but i keep my rents lowish- I’d rather have the Lords blessing. How do homeless people get homeless?

  6. Maria Das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter and Mr Nenner an amazing cross examination and still the combative Mr Nenner stands his ground and defends his thesis and comes back for more. Its like watching a gladiatorial fight, thanks Mr Hunter.
    Mr Nenner’s analysis is invaluable and really saved my lard buttocks along with Mr Armstrong’s analysis.
    Mr Nenner’s resignation at the end is palpable and his having to move to Israel says a lot.
    Here in the UK the betrayal of the country is in full swing by parliament,the bureaucracy and the security services all in the hands of the WEF,UN and WHO. The population is bubbling nicely!

  7. tim mcgraw

    Nenner always cracks me up. “The people don’t understand bear markets.” LOL.
    The people don’t even own stocks. They don’t understand markets at all.
    I don’t think Nenner gets out much amongst the people.
    Don’t get me wrong. I like the guy and find his analysis always interesting.
    Thanks for the interview.

  8. Linda Majors


    I enjoyed the interview with Charles. Good info. Thanks!

    Regarding President Trump being criticized for having dinner with Nick Fuentes (the “holocaust denier”), it was a setup. Trump was railroaded. Ye (Kanye) knew that Trump couldn’t refuse him, because if he did, Ye would run to the media calling him a racist. Further, he brought that holocaust denier along to create a sensation in the news. It was a trap. West has delusions about being president. (What a joke!) He used President Trump. It was a publicity stunt. Jewish people in Israel love Trump. He moved the embassy to Jerusalem. Also, he and Benjamin Netanahu are good friends. Israelis even named streets and buildings after Trump. He has been a good friend to Israel and they appreciate it. The entire incident is ridiculous. The news hounds on the left, the usual Trump haters, and people desperate for attention, such as Mike Pence are piling on. Ye West is in a downward spiral and decided to use President Trump’s kindness to get attention. Clearly West has mental issues. Perhaps he’s on medications. In any event, he isn’t all there.

    Hopefully, this whole thing will blow over soon, so we can start getting America back on track. Our country has gone off the rails.


    • Greg Hunter

      I agree Linda.

    • Shiloh1

      RE Fuenetes – I have to question the whole right-wing thing. He still lives / always has lived in west Chicago suburbs in Crook County, IL. Those burbs are known for their $350,000 / year school district superintendents and $225,000 assistant superintendent salaries and pensions (with COLAS). It is also the land of Harpy Karens with masks and vaxs. He should be looking to get the heck out of there!

      Notice Whitmer vacationed in Florida during her Michigan lockdowns and Illinois Governor J.B. Fatso hid out at his palatial estate in Florida during his lockdowns and Chicago riots.

      I don’t know Ye, except it sounds like perhaps he came across a Voltaire quote.

    • Pete

      Wow – look at this – https://www.ournewearthnews.com/vaccine-chips-light-up-near-cell-phone-see-this-for-yourself-maria-zeee/ – hopefully Trump was simply railroaded or hoodwinked into getting all the vaccinated people “chipped with these self- assembling micro-chips” (that are seen under the microscope to be responding and lighting up when hit with cell phone frequencies) – all the “vaxxed Christians” will probably forgive Trump (the way Jesus did to his crucifyers) by saying “he knew not what he did” – but will non-Christians be so forgiving??

      • Shirl


        Last checked, for the hundredth time, he didn’t MANDATE the JAB…besides he brought alternatives to the table right out of the gate and was unjustly hammered for it and of which those available alternatives he proferred should have stopped the Emergency Vaccine rollout in it’s tracks because by law Emergency Vaccines could only be rolled out only if there are NO ALTERNATIVES and Clearly there were/ARE. Indeed a “hoodwink railroad” was ushered in as a planned genocide especially when considering SOOoooo much more information has been unearthed by independent journalists, scientists, specialty doctors and lawyers suing for FOIA etc etc etc on this. People are dropping dead and or are dying of various melodies due to the Clot-Shot Jabs…the guilt is squarely on the same FEW Freaks Frauds and Tools of the Globalist Cabal of Deep Staters.

        90 seconds to expose the sheep mentality:


    • Kay

      Linda, Laura Loomer found Parlar tweets from Milo that said he wanted to take down the Republican party and Trump. He has a vendetta against both. Some think Roger Stone is involved behind the scenes. Kanye was on the Tim Poole show with Milo and Fuentes. Ye ended up walking out in midshow. Kanye said Trump didn’t know who was coming, and Milo confirmed that. You hear it in their own words. Tim Poole is suspicious of the act that went on during that show. I don’t think Kanye is crazy. I think he is probably easily exploited. He isn’t very good at verbal expression. It is sad to see our country go up in flames and grownups act like spoiled children. Our politicians are focused on their navels rather than running a country.

    • Art

      Calling Fuentes a Holocaust Denier is no different then a Leftist calling you an election denier for not believing the election was fair. You can say “well we have all this over whelming evidence for election fraud” and the Left will say “no you don’t” and will simply deny you a platform to expose it or a debate it for a chance to expose it. Likewise you question the Holocaust and you go to jail in most European countries and even in Russia and believe or not China if you question it. Lets be honest here, if you have nothing to hide why take such aggressive actions on shutting you down or having a respectable fair debate about it. The truth fears no investigation, only lies fear investigation, and I’m sure if you asked Fuentes if he denies all aspect of the Holocaust he would say no. Again, lets be fair here, if you don’t buy the whole entire official story, or even seriously question it, you are called a Holocaust Denier. How is that any different then any who question the 9/11 attacks as a conspiracy nut when their is HUGE everwhelming evidence that the official story is wrong. Lets be consistent here. A German citizen who questioned the Holocaust in Germany not only went to jail for years but even his lawyer was thrown in jail for representing him. That’s a true mainstream story. Don’t you think that’s a bit over the top? Can you name one other subject that garners the same kind of aggressive stance. I sure can’t.

  9. Anita

    Thank you both. Always like hearing from Mr Nenner. But a time is coming when things will not go well for those in Israel, 2/3rds will be cut off. Zechariah 13:8
    “It will come about in all the land,” Declares the Lord, “That two parts in it will be cut off and perish; But the third will be left in it. Unless Mr Nenner is born again of the Spirit and is raptured between the 6th & 7th seal. But the deaths will be global, none will fare too well during this time.

    • David Gordon Dunne

      There will be no rapture, it is not even in the Bible. If you think that, the only one you will be flying away with is SATAN. 666 comes soon and that is the Anti Christ who is Satan/Lucifer/Dragon/Snake ect. The instant Jesus come back in 777 all and that means all, good and bad will turn into their spiritual beings and will all be in Paradise awaiting Final Judgement with the Bad on one side and the Good on the other. Thje Great White Book of Life will be opened as soon as the last chance for all to be saved, 1,000 year Millennium(time for the Elect and Jesus) to teach all to come over to Jesus. Sadly, Satan who will be in the Lake of Fire during this time will be released for a short time and even after the 1,000 is up, there will be many who still will follow Satan and then will go up in a puff of smoke with him. Look at Pastor Arnold Murray of The Shepherds Chapel as he goes over Revelations, verse by verse so even a child can understand.

  10. Rocky

    Lots of contrary perspectives that challenge my own theses. For this I appreciate the interview.

    But when CYCLES become like a religion, I take it all with a shaker of salt…

    • Art

      Okay, but I hope you take the same stance on modern mainstream science since it’s certainly become a religion…a very corrupted deceiving religion.


    Always glad to hear different view points. How ever Mr. Nenner is in line with my own.
    doesnt take a genius ( thought Im no genius).to figure whats coming.
    I think his views on world governments changing is most interesting. Somehow I see it as the people of the world will want to stop living crisis to crisis, and will want to throw in the towel. USA included. After all how can we go on like this? All we have gotten since 911 is just bullshit.
    WHY DONT WE DEVELOPED COUNTRY’S JUST EXPLORE SPACE? The spin off technology would be worth it. F**K WAR

  12. tim mcgraw

    16:57 “The interesting thing with Marxists is that we can’t say that everything is bad. It just doesn’t function because of human nature.” Charles Nenner

    Hey, Nenner! EVERYTHING with Marxism and Marxists is bad. Hell, it’s beyond bad. Karl Marx, his teachings, and his followers killed hundreds of millions of people! This Marxist bullcrap continues to kill and injure people today!

    So Marxism would work if it wasn’t for human nature? Does Nenner mean, “If humans would just follow orders”?

    Sorry, Greg, but I’ll never listen to this guy again.

    • Greg Hunter

      Nenner said Marxism never works. Go back and listen.

      • tim mcgraw

        Greg; I quoted his words. EVERYTHING is bad with Marxists. Sure it doesn’t work. Nenner says, “the thing with Marxists is that we can’t say everything isn’t bad.”
        Yes we CAN and DO say everything is bad with Marxists and the idea of Marxism. Marxism is the work of the devil.
        Marxism sure worked at killing millions of people.
        I stand by my statement and opinion of Nenner.

        • Greg Hunter

          We will have to agree to disagree. Nenner is clearly not a fan of Marxism. Nenner is inferring that the push for Marxism is why everything is melting down.

          • tim mcgraw

            Greg, Okay. I’ll give Nenner a pass because English isn’t his native tongue. I just hate Marxists to the core of my being. To me, the only good Marxist is a dead one. The fact that the teachings of Karl Marx are still taught in universities drives me nuts.

            • MichaelTzu

              I think better than hating Marxism is to explain why. Marxism does work – for a time. But like every system – only works for a time. Capitalism (not what we have now, with all the corruption and fake money) works for the greatest number of people for the greatest period of time. Why? Because it results in the most efficient use of resources via the free market. If it was not for that small element in any society that craves power to decide how best to run society everything would be fine. East or West it is stupid or selfish individuals/families that come to dominate societies that are the problem. Paradoxically, only when people become more individual and ungovernable will there greater prosperity and peace.

              • Tin foil hat

                “… only when people become more individual and ungovernable will there greater prosperity and peace.”

                I guess you don’t live in NYC!! Morality and ethic have to be first, then individuality and free will. Socialism works best as long as all citizens are ethical rather than freeloaders.

    • Shiloh1

      Hi Tim. I took Nenner to mean with that phrase is that is the Marxists position, not his.

      When I lived in the southside of Chicago more than a half century ago, we’d always use different voices/accents when telling a story of what the other person(s) said. Kind of goofy and entertaining, but easier to follow along. I think it goes back to the Southside Irish storytellers living in Chicago near the old Stockyards and railroad yards.

      • tim mcgraw

        Shiloh 1: I’ll accept your explanation of Nenner’s statement. But he is no Irish storyteller that is for sure. Nenner’s own accent is hard enough to follow. Thanks for your comment.

  13. Kat

    DeSantis/Hailey no way Jose.
    This is what the rinos want.

    • Marie Joy

      MSNBC likes DeSantis and that speaks volumes.

      • Laura

        DeSantis needs to remain governor at this time. He is not MAGA. Maybe he will become fully MAGA and less corporate in the future. Right now he has become beholden to global corporate interests. Those are not the same as American interests.

      • Sharon

        Speaking of DeSantis, watched a video (dated 11/25/22 ) from Health Impact News of his military career, serving in Iraq and Guantanamo Bay as an Attorney and the crimes he committed. He’s a war criminal.

      • Thomas Wigand

        Arguably worse than that, Fox is backing DeSantis. Conservative Treehouse is all over this: https://theconservativetreehouse.com/blog/2022/11/30/rupert-murdoch-pays-ron-desantis-undisclosed-sum-with-book-deal-ahead-of-2024-announcement/

        The same Fox that called the House for Dems in 2018 (I have a theory that Paul Ryan deliberately threw the House to the Dems to set the stage for impeaching Trump, but without direct R fingerprints on removing him. Ryan was then given a golden parachute of a lucrative Board seat – at Fox.)

        The same Fox that has refused to cover the evidence that the 2020 election was stolen.

        If Fox is backing a candidate, alarm bells should be at full volume.

      • gary b

        Democrat Media does that, Build you up ,so they can beat you down. They will help the one that is second to Trump. They will give him time and brag on him with the goal of getting rid of Trump, then if he wins , they call him a rapist , child molester , crook, and racist .

    • Bosco P. Horowitz

      I like that one, Kat!

      Good rhyme to it…
      DeSantis/Hailey no way José
      Trump/Kanye all the way!

      Although, Trump really needs to stop endorsing the poke-poke cantaloupe. Rightfully so, that was a major hangup Greg had for him over the past two years. Trump needs to repent for taking that position. If Trump DOES get back in, he should consider hiring Owen ‘the Big Bear’ Benjamin as his press secretary. That’ll make journalists honest again.

    • Art

      Exactly, even if you like DeSantis, which I don’t trust him, how could you like Hailey? She’s a war monger who was totally on board with all the lies in Syria when she was at the UN. She’s a total NeoCon puppet.

      • gary b

        right thou Art . I will be voting Trump as republican or independent , or as write in .

  14. john beasley



    I hope Charles is correct and we see gold $2500 by this time next year! Silver above $50 would be icing on the cake!! Keep up the great work, Greg!!!

  16. stanley skrzypek

    Nenner said something like…..President Trump is finished because he had dinner with the wrong people……?…….Does this guy think that the American Citizen is That STUPID?……..I think he is the STUPID ONE!…..

    • Kay

      Yet Mitch McConnell sleeps with the enemy every darn day (figuratively and literally), and he thinks he is the moral authority on who Trump can dine with. I assume Ditch Mitch would have a problem with Jesus dining with sinners! Where does this guy get off on telling citizens who we can have as president? Paul Ryan is the same way. Who made them god? Take the speck out of your own eye, Mitch and Paul!

    • Phil

      The EU President just admitted that Russia annihilated 100,000 Ukrainian troops and therefore more money and western lives should be sent into the Russian “meat-grinder” – she proposes setting up a “Special Court” to investigate Russian crimes against the Ukrainian people – how about setting up a “Special Nuremberg Court” to investigate the crimes against All Humanity by Big Pharma and go after the assets of these Drug Companies and all the individual eugenicists like Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, etc., etc., etc. who have taken part in the mass extermination of humanity!! – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aKG5agId7zI&feature=emb_imp_woyt

  17. Nika

    A Biden administration official is on leave after “they” (IS THIS THEIR PRONOUN?) were charged with stealing a Vera Bradley suitcase worth over $2,000 from a Minnesota airport. https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/a-biden-administrator

    • Fred Daake

      Yep! The voting majority it that stupid. And we have to live in their world. Look at all the people who refuse to vote for Trump because if his refusal to stop tweeting. They hold Trump responsible for their refusal to stop reading tweets that they do like.

      “Let’s Vote For DeSantis Because He Does not Tweet or Have Dinner With Weird People. “

      • Nika

        The Left believes it’s more important for a President, to speak prim and proper like, and never lose their decorum. What’s important to me, is that Trump got more done for the American People, than the last 6 Presidents! Trump got things done! In his short time, he made America Better!

    • Phil

      Replace “he” and “she” with “it” or “they” – and you fall into “the Globalist trap” of accepting a “robot for a human”!!

  18. stanley skrzypek

    I dont give a crap if President Trump Breaks Bread with François Duvalier, or Jared Corey Kushner ….He is the BEST America has to offer……..He is probably our last chance…..Nenner is so WRONG!

    • Phil

      The 240 million Americans who have been “jabbed” lost their last chance!!

      • stanley skrzypek

        240 million stupid people who took the JAB. on their own, not counting the children……..deserve it……..they had the same INFO the other half had….

        • Phil

          Guess what the Globalists have planned for the smart people who refused the “jab” if we don’t stop them (aerosol spraying of the clot shot vaccine upon the”un-jabbed” with drones) – https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/12656420/

  19. Brent B

    I hope you see this, its EXTREMELY important, There is a court case that was excepted by the supreme court that says that 388 members of congress failed to protect the people by not investigating the voting issues of 2020 and 2022 midterms, because congress didnt do their job they didnt protect the people from foreign interference in the elections. IF the supreme coart rules on this
    388 members of congress as well as Biden and Harris would be removed by the military THIS IS THE VIDEO THAT EXPLAINS IT

    • Greg Hunter

      This is good. I watched it. Here’s more on the court cases you can follow: http://ralandbrunson.com/History/History.html

    • Art

      I would love nothing more then to believe this would happen, but when you consider the top military commanders are NWO puppets, would they actually allow that to happen? I don’t think so. Who’s going to remove them?…the FBI?..the NSA?…DOJ? I would love nothing more then to be wrong!

  20. Gina M Mancarella

    (This is Greg Hunter. Below is more evil insight from “Gina.”)

    YES !!!! Nikki Haley !!!! We love Nikki !!!!!

    She’s with us !!!!! And behind the scenes, she will help advance our woke policies !!!!!

    Enough with toxic masculinity ! It’s time to kill the white male patriarchy !

  21. Marie Joy

    The only person who can save us is the guy in the mirror with his friends.

  22. Roger Stamper

    tks for post charles greg

  23. "Bondo" Darryl Bond

    Mr. Hunter,
    Thank you for your site. You have a consistent, impressive line-up of top-notch guests that can’t be found anywhere else – and all for FREE!
    All those who take advantage of this resource are wise indeed.
    Many of us out here appreciate your work and are grateful for it.

    • Jeffrobbins


  24. Scott

    I love Charles, always have. I don’t know why anyone would ever say anything disparaging about him, he’s a humble and soft-spoken man and his forecasts have been mostly correct. When he missed a call (rare), he says so and admits it. What more can you ask for? He’s a good dude. Thanks for bringing him on, Greg.

  25. Marie Joy

    Expect another plandemic and be prepared. Buy your supplies now before the mask rush. IF you and yours are going to be forced to be shut ins, have games like Monopoly, Sorry, Parcheesi, and Checkers, and teach yourself to play Chess. Have coloring books and games like Candyland for the little ones. What didn’t you have enough of, during the last shutdown? Be ready for it, this time. Plan for grid down.
    Is there a way you can have an indoor/outdoor garden? Or a window sill garden? Would you have to buy grow lights? Or make your own fertilizer? Do you have seeds?
    When genocide is the intent, we have to do things we would not, otherwise, do.

    • Marie Joy

      People who own chickens are going to have to go underground.

  26. Really Awake

    Regarding racism: Firstly, I’ve listened closely to Nick Fuentes views almost since that very young man articulated them and gained a massive following. Why did Nick gain such a following in the first place? Because Nick – right along with millions of other white people – doesn’t want to be replaced by tens of millions of brown, yellow and black people. That’s why. And if there is something wrong with not wanting your country flooded with foreigners, then there is definitely something wrong with Japan, China, Russia, Hungry, the entire Middle East, Israel, et. al… Try getting a Japanese citizenship. I dare you.

    Most countries put thier people’s race, religion and culture first. America used to do that, too. America First. Now let’s see what happens when a modern empire allowes a flood of other races, religions and cultures in without any screening whatsoever.

    I don’t want to get too deep into the important subject(s) of race, culture, tradition and religion. Suffice to say I love Jews. I really do. If I had to pick a different race to be other than what I am, I’d pick that race and move to Israel. I’d be a Jew for obvious, self-evident reasons, e.g., high IQ, common sense, wrote the Bible, survivors, amazing culture, good looking race, multi-talented, a culture of education and so on and so forth.

    On the other hand, I see no reason why the Jews or any race can’t get heavy amounts of criticism from other races. Furthermore, I have listened to hundreds of episodes of Nick Fuentes, his erudite debates as well as Alex Jones’s interviewing Nick. And I never once heard Nick say anything different than Dr. Paul Craig Roberts or dozens of other highly intelligent individuals state regarding some harsh criticism of the Jews.

    Without getting too deep in this racial mess, I think it’s all part of the cycle of worldwide civil unrest that Marty Armstrong is now vehemently warning about.

    Racial and ethnic discontent is all part and parcel to the MASSIVE unrest that’s coming.

    I’d like to see everyone from every tongue, tribe and nation accept Jesus Christ and become a Christian, but that isn’t going to happen until the Second Coming. So, as a practical measure I’m preparing accordingly by choosing where and with whom I place myself in good company. And it’s not where tens of millions of illegals and hundreds of millions of Leftys live. And it’s not with Deep State RINOs like Nikki Haley, either. I’ll take the company of Nick Fuentes over Nikki Haley any day of the week. I sure couldn’t eat dinner with Nikki. I’d lose my appetite. I could, however, eat with Nick Fuentes and have an erudite disagreement.

    When I see Nick (which I probably will when I join some of the massive upcoming protests that’ll be even bigger than the Vietnam protests) I’m going to ask Nick as I look him straight in the eye about some of the accusations the MSM, Leftys and RINO Deep State(ers) are leveling against him.

    BTW: if Nick Fuentes is such a racist, then why is he at dinner with Ye?

    The Deep State labels Alex Jones as a racist, too. Is he? I guess it all depends upon how you define “racist”. I’m a racist if you define the term as somebody who wants to preserve and protect my white culture, tradition and genetics. I like the white breed. I think it’s beautiful, intelligent, talented, gifted, reasoning, athletic and capable in so many ways. I’m very, very glad my children married within their own race. I like the white bloodline. And I’m not ashamed of my people one little bit.

    Regarding Charles Nenner: I think this is his best interview I’ve ever seen inasmuch as he really gets a lot right on the money this time.. And I’ve listened to many, many interviews of Charles. This was his best, and I will listen to it a second time just to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

    • stanley skrzypek

      Really Awake…
      Thank You……You Said IT!.. America IS CAUCASIAN, and if the LOW IQ Loud Mouths don’t like it……take a hike!…….or better yet star a civil war…..lets see how long the Lefty Commie Pinko’s last……

    • Kay

      You can count India as one that doesn’t want massive illegals. The majority of Indians marry within their State and caste. Every place in India has different foods, customs, and languages. It would be silly to marry someone from North India who probably would speak Hindi and you being from South India, speaking Tamil. In the past, Americans used to marry someone they had shared interests and backgrounds with. Diversity in marriage was never a strength; it usually added so much tension to the marriage that it ended in divorce. Now we invite people into our country who hate each other, which will lead to race wars in America. Many cultures look down on different cultures and view them as inferior. This will not end up well with such thinking. I am not saying one race is superior to another, but the differences in thinking are tough to overcome when thrown together. I lived overseas for many years, and adapting to a system/thinking radically different from your own is hard. Culture shock is real and hard to deal with. Not being able to survive in a different pond can make people angry.

  27. James PTY

    Nenner understands Time, and is practical man. Knowing why something happens is not as important as knowing when it will happen, and what action to take always is determined by necessity. When people have enough it encourages complacency, and often tolerance of the nonsensical: Look where the world is now. In his own way, Nenner says the pendulum is so very close to reaching the extreme before reversing, and there will be the destruction of the current trends socioeconomic and political. Those that see it coming need only recognize the globalist brainwashing nonsense in order to reject it. This is the first step towards making a positive change.

  28. Joshua Porter

    I really enjoyed Mr. Nenner’s economic analysis. He was very interesting. I keep forgetting he’s a medical doctor.

  29. Paul

    Why don’t investors invest in themselves or limit their investments in their native countries. It would sure would make all lives better. The skim off volatility must be to attractive.

    Thanks for another year of reporting Greg.

    Paul from arkansas

    • Paul

      Last week traded in some metal, 40 over spot for 15 acres of adjoining virgin farm land.
      Will try to plant next year.

      Keep pushing

      Paul from arkansas

  30. Justn Observer

    Greg, Col. Macgregor analysis = If Russia invades…it likely will be after around Dec. 10 to 14 once the ground is frozen…his take is Ukraine situation is poor, and will lose…Biden will be handed another defeat…and millions of Ukraine’s will have to migrate further into Europe.
    Am thinking if they don’t go and get substantial op going thru this winter…and end this…the drag on food disruption will only worsen for EU if energy, food and fertilizer stays in the state it is and worsen…losing their winter plant, and then another poor spring and summer into an even cooler winter next year…with this winter already breaking cold records across the northern latitudes now as it is. Just hope Dr. Nenner is correct and the war does NOT escalate into a larger war…on that we shall see.
    As to the Venezuela deal, just a reversal of an Obama policy imposed to block sales of Venezuela oil. As that countries leader were in a huge dispute over the ”’accounting”’ and getting short sheeted on the profits and excessively poor environmental damage the foreign oil companies were doing to their country. S0, rather than clean up their mess and give Venezuela a more fair cut of the oil profits, those companies pulled out, and hoped to punish Venezuela… Of course that country was always a friend to the U.S. in the earlier times of war and was like many other countries – stabbed in the back. Now, Biden heads down there seeking to make amends, clean up the environmental mess and stick the U.S. taxpayers with that cost, while he helps another pro Marxist nation get back on its feet. and of course, the Biden admin. looks away as millions of Central and North South Americans are being waved north…as the drugs flow north to be sold, and those people will find work and send U.S. money south as it depletes the U.S. economy further = CLOWER AND PIVEN style…The largest SA army, BRAZIL is also going to be switching hands…so watch for more on that as well…
    @3:00 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5ah4IzT4zI
    FM is a retired ARMY military intel analyst that had been assigned to South America and understands ‘political-military’ affairs.
    What I have learned watching him over the years is that generally, down there …their left is our right, and their right is more our left, which is confusing…when the reports from there are that ‘the leftists’ are doing this or that…and people here think the opposite of which side in our view is winning or losing issues… FM also has courses on propaganda, and media use to sway public opinion that he learned in training at Fort Huachuca.
    Things are NOT always as they seem…most is pure spin and narratives to conceal or shape opinions for public consumption.

  31. GERRY

    I don’t know anything re Mr. Nenner’s cycles but I do understand history which is a record of how people act and react, and I don’t see anything but major trouble ahead. For example, when Rome was in decline, it pulled its legions out of England to stop the German tribes lined up on the Rhine. You can’t blame the tribes for wanting a piece of pax Romana anymore than peoples inAfrica wanting pax Europa or south Americans pax America. The thing is faith, small f, at the center of the major countries collapses prior to invasions. Who has faith in America or Europe today? Those in charge of their institutions bleed money and power from the systems. The centers of these regions can not nor will not hold, anymore than the corruption at the center of ancient Rome could hold back the collapse. Personal morality must be reflected in public morality in laws that are believed in and followed. Where does one see this today? Here in Canada, our jet-setting prime Minister hectors us on global warning while he speeds to conferences on his private jet! The hypocrisy is palpable or he enacts war-measure acts to bludgeon trucker drivers who object to being forced to be jabbed- contrary to civil rights. People do not have faith in the centers of institutions and therefore their only recourse is unrest. The economy, as Mr. Nenner would know, is the play-ground for self-interest. There is a civilization change taking place now that does not auger well for peace and stability. Batten down the hatches, keep awake, one does not know when the bride-groom comes as no man can work at night!

    • GERRY

      As an addendum to my comment, the bread and circuses crowd of ancient Rome, is replicated today,on a permanent underclass, that receives gov. Handouts that are designed to mute unrest. It won’t work when the inevitable crash occurs. One can imagine the terror in Rome when the teutonic hordes sacked Rome and disrupted the free lunch they had been gorging on. If such a thing happens today with financial collapse, civic virtues will go out the window. I don’t think people will be as passive as they were on 1930’s breadlines.

  32. Patrick Alaggio

    Human rights? Like maiming, sterilizing and murdering millions of people with this Covid 19 death jab? ANYONE who thinks the USA is any better than the rest is a fool and needs to get off of the propaganda machine. BIG p_HARMA is murdering us as the GLOBAL eugenicists continue their march to kill 13 out of 14 of us, as per the Gerogia Guidestones. Sure, Billy-boy Gates only admited to 15% but still, that’s well over a billion people, dead, and at least that many more sterilized and maimed. Add to that FLORIDE to dumb us all down, 5G to murder us AT WILL and conrol those who took the jabs, absorbed the graphene oxides, hydrogels, snake venoms and whatever else is in those CONCOCTIONS that the MEDICAL INDUSTRIAL COMPLEXT tried to hide from us for 75 years! Go to my FB page where I have been able to use that CENSORED and traitorous platform to prove these points and many more. The garbage is in our foods, our water, our air and THEY aren’t able to hide this WAR on “we the people” any longer. WAKE UP PEOLPLE!

    Mr. Nenner needs to look at the harm done to his own Israli ppulation from these jabs to get a clue….

    • Lucas Doolin

      I agree. Nenner knows cycles but must be a TV watcher.
      Happy to hear the gold cycle is turning up and he purchased it. I wonder how he bought it.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Patrick,
      Thanks for highlighting this point. I also ‘lurched’ when Charles contrasted Russia, China, Iran et al, with the ‘freedom / human rights loving western democracies’ – I am paraphrasing but I trust I got the gist correct. Anyone who still associates ‘western democracies’ with freedom and respect for human rights must have been living in a cave??? Lockdowns, enforced mask wearing, social distancing, mandated experimental inoculations – including for pregnant women and innocent children, restricted travel, and on and on! Charles must live a charmed life not to have witnessed the paradigm shift.

      P.S. Love Charles Nenner – does not mean I agree with everything he says.

  33. Steve Bice

    Just a snapshot of inflation. I was complaining a month ago (October 26th) that 30 eggs at Publix had climbed to $10.90 from the typical $7.00 or so in months prior.

    This morning: The cost of 30 eggs had jumped to $14.69. That’s a 35% increase. In a month!

    • Jeffrobbins

      Where are you??

    • Phil

      Actually this is good news – because if you own 200 chickens and they produce an egg a day – and you sell each egg for 50 cents – you can earn $100 dollars per day or $36,500 dollars per year – so if the Social Security Trust Fund goes bankrupt – you can still survive!!

      • Phil

        Ferment some potato skins and you can supplement your income making home made “100 proof alcohol” for medicinal purposes ofcourse!!

  34. Susan R

    I’ve been here listening for quite a few years and have grown to admire Charles Nenner. His location is important for exposing what is headed our way. I find all of this fascinating from an overview perspective. I have family who do not get it. The level of indoctrination is so thorough. The active forces pushing all this are pure EVIL.

  35. Patrick Alaggio

    PS: HE has friends that are “high up in the military” So, Mr. Nenner, why don’t you ask them WHY they are harming our troops with these FORCED PLANNED-DEMIC DEPOPULATION JABS? Whise side are THEY on? We the people or those who wish to turn us into a One-World-Order enslaved tyranny?

    Mr. Nenner, IMHO, is either woefully ignorant or part of the plan to destroy us. I do not see him as a friend, only a disinformation accomplice who should be listenned to with a HUGE grain of salt… Saudi Arabia, for example, Mr. Nenner, has tearmed up with Russia, China, Russia, India, South Africa and Brazil are bringing over many more people and countires to their way of doing things while OUR continued global imperialism has left us HATED nby the rest of the world.

    Meanwhile, OUR traitors and cheifs have sold-out to the CCP over the last 50 PLUS YEARS and it is only a matter of time when EVERYTHING will be working against us. The only stick we will have left in our quiver will be nuclear holocaust and what will more likely happen is that China will simply roll over us like a tidal wave while the commie governors on the west coast STAND DOWN and let them land millions of troops on our soil.

    Everything OUR “leaders” are doing is destroying the fabric of our once great and hopefull society and UNTIL “we the people” take these traitors out of office and put them in front of military tribunals that actually PROTECT our constitutional republic, there will be nothing left of our society worth protecting. We are heading for a global CCP type of enslavement that will be worse than death.

    So go ahead, take your profits and continue ignoring the smell of our rotting nation that began in earnest with the coup d’etat of November 22nd, 1963. Since then, four of our presidents, traitors (all) who either knew in advance, took an active part in the planning, or participated in the cover-up of that shameful event, have turned us away from our republic and into the arms of those who now continue to milk us from cradle to grave just like cattle.

    Meanwhile, “we the people” ignore what is in plain sight, grab another beer, and find another ball game to watch. WW III has already been lost, what we have in front of us right now is WW IV.

  36. Midge

    Hi Greg,
    Love your show. This is the first time posting a comment. When everything crashes, is it a good idea to have credit card paid off? When crash hits who would come knocking at my door for a payment? Won’t most of those people be out of a job? Just trying to decide whether to pay it off or let it go.

    • Greg Hunter

      Avoid debt is your best defense.

    • The Seer

      Debt prisons. They will also adjust the currency of the debt to higher level so the debt amount rises. I would have no debt.

      • Chris Chun

        80% of Americans are carrying 25k+ in debt. They are not, can not, imprison that many people for debt.
        If you actually listen to, or read, what policy makers are saying it is clear that debt forgiveness is part of the plan along with universal basic income.
        That is not to say go out and rack up debt, but let’s be real. The entire global economy is based on debt. Where do “they” start?!
        Debt forgiveness is “their” stated plan. If you say “no” to the plan there may be a prison waiting for you. It’s called a concentration camp, and your stance on the economics will be the least of the reasons for your trip.
        All one has to do is say “yes”.
        All it will cost you is your Soul.

  37. Roy madison

    If inflation is causing building materials to go up and the cost of a house to rise . Then you have a situation where ” the cost of a house has to come down……if those two lines cross the contractor will be out of work . He /she cant build for less than cost. Of course that would be temporary, but how long is temporary?? Years??

  38. War Monger

    Unfortunately MARXISM is embraced by the global elite:

    Following the recent G20 meeting in Bali, Indonesia the leaders of the world’s largest economies issued a joint declaration that, among other things, called for the establishment of a global vaccine passport and digital health ID scheme.

    The International Health Regulations (IHR) 2005 are a legally binding agreement of 196 countries developed under the auspices of the World Health Organization. The IHR, which entered into force in 2007, required countries to strengthen surveillance capacities at border crossings and introduced a series of health documents, including international certificates of vaccination. 

    For those of you who truly don’t know it’s called being locked down inside a digital prison system with no freedom of movement unless you’ve taken an injection filled with nano technology in order for you to be globally tracked and identified 24 hours a day.

    Joe Biden and the ‘DEEP STATE’ is totally on board with this agenda and fully supports this end of global freedom: link below


    • Greg Hunter

      F them!! Resist!!

  39. Wayne

    Can you put some focus on what state our Nation was in during the 2019 / 2020 prior to the stolen election of 2020. It seems to me that yo focus on any thing negative concerning TRUMP. As far as I am concerned and in m,y opinion all others in the Republican Party are RINO’S and they are working hard to destroy TRUMP, I have seen nothing done by them in the past, currently and do not anticipate what they would do in the future as compared to the GREAT things the PRESIDENT, Donald J Trump has done and is continuing to do for our Country, how about a show where you review TRUMPS performance compared to all others< something positive for TRUMP for a change, otherwise I believe you are off the Patriot rail.

    • Greg Hunter

      I like Trump but he has made some mistakes. This recent thing in Florida is a scam to try to destroy his chances of winning in 2024 because they know they cannot defeat Trump fairly. This is yet another psyop and republicans are in on it as well as the Lying Legacy Media (LLM). What they are doing to our country is destroying it because they are so corrupt. Many don’t want to go to jail or secretly hate America. Yes, I am talking about Republicans too. The economy is going to crash badly, and the question is: Are we going to rebuild under the rule of law and Constitution, or the Build Back Better communist model the Klause Schaub wants. It is that simple.

  40. Richard Longacre

    I wish Nenner would address the most important cycle we are experiencing and will be experiencing for a few more years, the Grand Solar Minimum (GSM). This is a 400 year cycle that always results in increased seismic and volcanic activity, shorter growing seasons, droughts, and severe famine that always gets bad enough that the populace overthrow their governments. Every Chinese dynasty has fallen because of a GSM and this current dynasty is doing everything they can to stay in power this time (for the first time).

    This current GSM will reach a peak around October 2024 and we will experience severe issues with our magnetosphere and magnetic poles along with massive earthquakes and plasma storms. Before you write this off as quackery, I taught at the AFSpC Advanced Space Operations School for 8 years before I retired and 18 years experience in satellite operations along with a Masters degree in space studies. This is real and the main reason we are seeing the mass global genocide taking place now, before “natural famines” take place. These elites can’t let natural weather be the reason they lose power and people die so they make up plandemics and deadly injections, shut off LNG right before winter, hyperinflate energy and food, destroy food production and distribution, destroy supply chains, and crash economies. Kill as many people as possible now (and have excuses why) so there are fewer mouths to feed later and the few that survive will submit out of fear.

    The Tonga volcano last year is producing record colds in the Southern Hemisphere (because of the ash and water vapor in the air blocking out the sun). This will literally be a year without a summer (December – March) in the Southern Hemisphere and greatly decrease food production globally. Don’t be surprised if we get a massive volcano erupt in the Northern Hemisphere soon doing the same thing to the Northern Hemisphere next summer. This is all connected to the GSM. Do your own research. This is history and science repeating, not a conspiracy theory.

    Because these cycles are 400 years apart, humans just forget about them and think it can’t happen to us. Just like every generation before us that lived through these cycles. Expect shorter, hotter, and drier summers and longer, colder, and dry winters. Shorter growing seasons along with increased UVB and UVC sun rays reaching the earth and damaging plants (and humans). Everything is connected and the elites knew it was coming and acted before it hit.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Richard,
      Thanks for your detailed comment. Makes a ‘pig’s ear’ out of the ‘global (man-made) warming’ scam – but when did TPTB ever let facts detract from their entrainment narratives?!

  41. pbd

    War cycles and related mass genocide and atrocities to a large degree revolve around the rise and fall of totalitarianism that creates mass-formation-psychosis based on fear and a socialist ideology to brainwash at least 20-30% of the population and use the same as useful idiots to repress the rest of the population. Some background – with the advent of “scientism” there emerged cycles of totalitarianism all of which ultimately declined, failed and were associated with horrendous human atrocities (e.g. Nazism and Stalinism). The current ascending totalitarian system is a global fascist-corporatist technocracy that is aimed at leveraging mind numbing fake CO2 based global warming narratives to misdirect and control and allocate resources to the elite and aimed at a NWO human depopulation agenda that has been telegraphed for decades in white papers and other writings. Just to be clear – I think there is a global warming problem now caused by “chemtrails and the decades of fiat-funny-money printing has created a corresponding dependent overpopulation situation – it is baked-in-the-cake that there will be a massive global human depopulation scenario in the near future from climate change and/or a USD collapse – that will be beyond the control of the powers-at-be and their globalist puppet minion useful idiots. Mean while the DS continues to run us around the hog lot fighting ourselves over identity politics etc.
    Best of luck all,

  42. David Dansker

    Nenner is a wit, and I like him more than a bit, but wait a minute Nenner, Carter had the cycles against him and so the helicopters crashed in the desert? Something deeper to these cycles than repetitive economic trends? (and I think you moving to Israel has more significance than even you may realize).

  43. catherine cronin

    He said all governments will fall? Well is that anything to be afraid of? if that does happen hopefully people that are conservative right wing will take over.

    China throughout its long history has an idea called MANDATE OF HEAVEN. Most of the dynasties of china were similar to the communist one person rule government now. However whenever the ruling dynasty in Chinese history became intolerable to the wishes of the people and they began to see deaths due to droughts, floods, starvation, pandemics and earthquakes, the people believed it was the Mandate of Heaven that the dynasty is no longer good for the people and that God gave the people permission to overthrow the ruling dynasty by force or just not obeying anymore. And that is exactly what used to happen.
    Currently the CCP is causing suffering and droughts are happening as well as starvation and of course being locked up for months in their homes due to pandemics might just tip the scales for the people to really rebel.
    They have a revolution now called WHITE PAPER REVOLUTION. So the government will have to acquiesce to the wishes of its people or loose their power.
    By the way, next year March 2023 in astrology is very significant because of the exact planet positions in the heavens (as 1780s) when Pluto (planet of death and transformation of things that dont benefit the people any longer) leaves Capricorn (big government banking and business) where Pluto has been since 2008, and will go into Aquarius (revolutions …we the people and freedom) will happen. The last time this happened was 250 years ago, and is important because when the same configuration of Pluto going from Capricorn into Aquarius (1780s) the French Revolution happened!
    So if there is a revolution in china I think it will benefit the west too. Something has to happen because God did not create His world to be ruled by homosexual, idol worshipers and transhumance frankensteins.
    Let’s see what happens because is going to be very interesting.

  44. Jeffrobbins

    As always a great guest. Thanks Greg. Would it be to much to ask for a guest in the future that could speak about food, famine, esg mandates, and such. There is a huge story slowly brewing in regards to food. My guess is that the mainstream will maintain radio silence until its to late to have a civil discussion, and then there will be a convenient excuse to do something heavy handed.

  45. Patricia H.

    Interesting interview. Prepare best as possible then wait and see. The best decision we ever made was move to SC (without the family *cry*) and listen to you about American minted silver. Affordable. Deepest appreciation.

    Regarding home prices specifically Greenville, SC. This is insane! Condos are upper $200k. Newly built homes $500k. Crazy! No land to speak of, homeowners crunched together on narrow streets. Yet, folks are jumping to buy AND We do NOT have the infrastructure to accommodate the large influx. Property taxes are very low comparatively speaking which is probably one of the attractions. Who has that kind of money or how can buyers get such an astronomical mortgage?

    We purchased $125k brick ranch 3 bed, 2 bath, detached garage, acre of land in 2008. Our friend purchased a doubled wide on 5+ acres for $25k in Georgia. Yes, $25,000.
    No more deals like that can be found. Not yet.

    Housing prices increased to big numbers in a flash but we sense the boom won’t last.
    Newton’s Law — what goes up must come down. God Bless, Greg!

  46. Linda Majors


    Nikki Haley. When Charles mentioned Nikki Haley as a possible candidate for president, I shuddered. Nikki served on the Board at Boeing. It’s my understanding that she was instrumental in bringing in H1B visa hires from India to replace highly qualified design engineers who were being purged. The Boeing 737 Max crashed on two occasions, and they’re having problems with the 737 Dreamliner. According to reports, the accidents were the result of problems associated with the design. There was a great deal of concern about Boeing’s top design engineers being replaced with the H1B individuals from India. Nikki played a big role. (I was in a relationship with an executive at Boeing.) In my 9pinion, Nikki is not qualified to be our President. She was a bad influence while on the Board at Boeing, and I would never vote for her to be President of the United States. I don’t trust her.


  47. Steve Bice

    They know it’s coming, and there will be nowhere to hide. They have to get out in front of the “vaccine” catastrophe by relabeling it “Long Covid”.


    • Tim K

      Hi Steve,

      We know it is the vaxx. Hopefully more people will realize this.


  48. Fredrick (Rick) Getzschman

    Great report.

  49. Frank S.

    Thanks Greg, Great insight as always from Charles Nenner.
    I came across this 1984 interview with a KGB defector describing the multi-phase, multi-decade communist program to destroy the US by corrupting its society, culture, religion, etc. It appears, we are now in its final phase. Here’s a link:

  50. Suzie R

    perhaps all of the muiltinational corporations are part of WEF, etc.

    If they are pushing the LGBTQP ideology through tampons, we should ask if they are furthermore “salting” tampons (and other toiletries) with inavsive nanotech or species.


    Remember that already it has been estabilished that many of the face masks are fabricated with well known toxic materials.

  51. Lord Nasdaq

    Good show brother, Greg.
    I’m not sure about interest rates and markets. Markets remind me of 2000 – 2003 or 1979 – 1983 type of bull rally in a long-term bear market.

    Imo, people are now doing what I’ve been doing since October with short term fixed income plays like T-bills and and 3 month c.d.s. Finally decent yields locked in without worrying about markets, elections, etc., people are buying. As you know prices of bonds rise as people buy (like now for yields not safety in a b.s. rising market – for now) causing yields to go down or lower. In October nobody was paying attention to T-bills getting close to 4% yield then.
    If you get to 3% or higher on 3 month c.d.s as an example, it’s hard for utility stocks or banks stock prices (other than earnings of course) that may or may not rise and their divy. yields may be at 3% now, but in a year from now?

    Just sitting on sidelines now, eager to sell dog securities and will continue to buy short term notes, etc. until quad in December.
    Keep up the great work.
    God bless you and USAWatchdog.com


      Why not hold physical gold/silver and retain your value rather than holding bonds/bills and losing to inflation every single day?

      • Lord Nasdaq

        Absolutely, sir.
        But with one to 3 month c.d.’s or 13 a week T-Bill, you still beat dvy. stocks in utility sector for example and lose no sleep.
        But yes, buying say a 5 year note or 7 or 8 year corporate bond, unless it is around 7% yield, inflation eats up the profit.

        And the premiums on silver or gold now show how valuable precious metals really are vs. global fiat paper currency, digital currency, or digital stock holdings in a digital SCHB account, or say BTC or altcoins in a Binance or Coindesk account. It can all be taken away by the click of your energy provider via your government.

        But now the premiums on precious metals, unless like 100oz. or more, will eat up your profits.
        But yes, totally agree with your statement – store of value or preservation of wealth now vs. now, 5 years from now, or longer mutes inflation. But I’m up on any precious metals buys at current prices plus current premiums in decades of trading, so why buy now?

        Plus with thousands of cash, why not tie up some for 3 to 4 % yields plus principal(!) for a month to 3 months, not two or five years?
        I’ll wait for FOMC rate increase in December and buy another 2 – 3 month c.d. from my SCHW account to add to my c.d. ladder since October.
        When in 2024 or later c.d.s and 13 week T-Bills finally start going back to last decade and a half payouts of 2% or less yield for 3 month, I end ladder.
        God bless, you, USAWathcdog.com nation, and my local “tell it like it is” Triad brother, Greg Hunter.

  52. Jerry

    More elites dying.

    Don’t worry they’ll never blame it on the jab.

  53. M Sansone

    Everything is always a year off. Have you noticed?

  54. Jeffrobbins

    I let my family know that i asked for J. Cahn’s book ‘Return of the gods’ for a Christmas gift. These are such crazy times, even with cycles to help understand the timing. There has to be spiritual understanding as to the motives. I have been thinking about the he/she’s that keep showing up in the news- used to be a time when crazy was not listened to and treated as crazy. We had a troubled young girl stay with us years ago and she lied so much we didn’t know what to believe. Most every choice and discussion touched on some sexual issue in some way- 4 months was all i could take- to bad we can’t send most of the politicians packing.

  55. Justn Observer

    Greg, fall of the cabal #26 ? not a very pleasant view of TPTB future agenda

  56. Randall Maxwell

    Why does the Lord allow the suffering caused by evil men? He allows evil men of Malthusian religions to openly call for the murder and disposal of humanity, and tells us to suffer patiently until His second coming Job; James 5:7-11!
    It is because of free moral agency. While the Lord was delaying the second age of one faith from God Christianity until the world was populated with billions, we had to suffer the consequences of, apostasy into the ways of men or eating the tree of knowledge of good and evil without losing our souls Gen. 2:17-4:12; 2 Thess. 2:1-11; Rom. 5:13; Acts 17:30. We had to learn how to identify evil and learn how we need the ways of God for the second age of Christianity that begins now.
    Will you support one faith Christian radio before the religions of elite men destroy us with their overpopulation agenda?
    To purchase “The Perfect Law of Liberty, in part” go to: http://www.lulu.com/spotlight/TimeOfTheSonOfMan
    For online radio go to Zeno.fm and look for one true faith radio.
    Community radio 100.1 FM

  57. Maria Curie

    Self-Assembling Graphene Oxide Nanotech Now Found Also in Pfizer-BioNTech COMIRNATY Vaccine: German Video Reveals Self-Assembling Specks and Crystalline Networks Forming →
    Bombshell News: American Medical Researchers Witness SELF-ASSEMBLING Graphene Oxide Nanotech or AI Syn Bio in Moderna Vaccine Under Microscope
    Posted on August 12, 2021 by Ramola D | 3 Comments
    Report | Ramola D | August 12, 2021/Updated August 14, 2021
    In bombshell news pointing to the much-speculated-on presence of nanobots in vaccines, an American medical researcher reports that moving, shifting, self-assembling nano-particulates of possibly Graphene Oxide and/or forming synthetic biology polymers were seen under an optical microscope in a few drops of Moderna vaccine from a freshly-opened vial of Moderna, with pictures below;

    Do You Want To “Die Suddenly” Like Millions Of People, Or Not?? This Is How To Detox From A.I. Hydrogel Bioweapon… P.S. It’s Probably A Continuous Effort!!
    November 28, 2022

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Maria,
      Thank you so much for the link to ournewearthnews and a dynamite interview conducted by Maria Zeee with Dr Ana Mihalcea. Truly groundbreaking information!!! As our host says, “You know the truth when you hear it”. Listen to this interview and judge for yourselves . . .

  58. Mike Robins

    I don’t know if you are aware of this or not Greg but you have 3 videos on your Rumble channel that have broken over a million views. You have a Clif High video about vaxxidents that has almost reached 4 millions views, an Elizabeth Eads video about millions of people getting AIDS by fall that has over 2 million views, and then a video by David Martin talking about 700 million people dying by 2028 that has almost 2 million views. Lol so when people say that you talk about the vax too much….this whole global genocide thing…isn’t this the biggest story in all of human history? The Stew Peters documentary Died Suddenly reached over 10 million views on Rumble alone in about a week after its release. Keep up the great work Greg and thank you for all that you do!

  59. M. Curie

    Jab Detox! One Doctor’s Take
    February 9, 2022

  60. Justn Observer

    Greg, A STRONG reminder that all in U.S. should forward in emails and pass along to their legislators – state and federal= and all agency officials that took an oath. This includes law enforcement and border agents…who are they working and taking orders from…the corrupt admin., and state and federal leaders…or…the People and the Constitution… Those of us that served, know they are NOT obligated to follow any unlawful order, or any order repugnant to basic humanity. Border agents should just seal the border – lock it down – make Biden and Mayorkas give a direct order and push that order to the Supreme Court. Can a President or his agents give a direct order that effects national security, directly effects a massive negative effect so large it has economic and health considerations that are a national security…that negates legal immigration laws…or NOT? How, why do they blindly just follow orders without clear Constitutional authority. Is that not what the NAZI SS did, ‘just following orders’ – ‘I SEE NOTHING’! The whole nation knows we are in a dire economic situation…and this admin….allows millions to just walk in and flood the nations ‘safety nets’ creating even greater energy and food crisis than already exists? What is the FEDERAL GOV’T MAIN DUTY? Show how they are remotely doing that because it just does not make any sense !


  61. Marie Joy

    Poplar Preparedness on YouTube discusses how our 401Ks are now to be used to fund “climate change” etc, on “WARNING: They just went after everyone’s Retirement Accounts”. Getting a return on our investments is no longer the primary function of our retirement accounts. Funding climate hoax is the primary function of our retirement accounts, regardless of how much money we lose.
    Pay down your debt, if you can.

  62. Marie Joy

    Recommend southernprepper1 on YouTube.
    I expect grid down, bank failures & tremendous loss of money, and Theft of all assets belonging to most Americans including pensions and real estate. How are you going to pay your taxes on your homes? Get your money out of their system.

  63. Marie Joy

    Good times make weak men and women.

  64. Max

    Nenner talks of human rights in the Western World? Has he forgotten Julian Assange? Invasions of countries around the world Iraq,Afghanistan, Syraia, Libya etc. by those same “Western Nations”. Moving to Israel from Europe? Israel is the nexus of human rights abuses. How does he square all this?

    • Aheinousanus

      I see I am amongst many who had the the thoughts.

  65. Pete+only

    Elon Musk’s team has been reviewing Twitter’s nafarious activities since taking control of the platform a month or two ago, and has found evidence (that we regular viewers to U.S Watchdog already suspected), that Twitter was interfering in U.S election activities.

  66. Pete+only

    When Nenner was on several months ago, I was almost sure that he had said that he had his clients out of the stock market then, but apparently he must have gotten them back in, but to take them out again to take his 15-20% profits that he is talking about.
    He seems to like silver and gold as a way to park money, and believes that he will be in precious mnetal when the time is right in the not too distant future, but I have news for him.
    Supplies are really tight right now, and unfortunately, there won’t be any physical supplies at all when he and his clients really want it.
    He does see interest rates moderating short term, and a real crash mid 2023.
    Many analysts had been talking about an October crash, but this didn’t turn out to be the case.
    The plunge protection team at the Federal Reserve must have been working overtime I suppose.
    If Elon Musk needs to produce his own cell phones in order to keep twitter going, I can see Apple’s stock price crashing down along with Google’s (Meta).
    I have taken the advice of one of your listener’s Greg, who suggested trying DuckDuck.go, and boy is it better. No more popups and other crap that goes with Google.
    Greg, you need to have someone on your show that can talk about how to actually use other platforms other than say Microsoft, Google, Apple and others, as a lot of us really aren’t that tech saavy.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Pete,
      I was pointed toward DuckDuckGo couple of years ago by grandchildren. Touted as being ‘non-tracking’. Stories have recently circulated suggesting that DDG’s confidentiality has been compromised. Apparently, yandex.com is a genuine non-tracking search engine. This comment is anecdotal.

  67. Nobody

    Greg, please read this thread on what the Fed has been printing to save the banks in the last 4 months of 2019 – $48 trillion, and this was why they had to con us with COVID.
    They cooked the books to show a mere $6 trillion.

    It started with the Thomas Cook bankruptcy due to credit default swaps blowing up.

    You might remember you interviewed Jim Sinclair in May 2020 and he said we were about to have a major worldwide monetary collapse and COVID fortuitously appeared just in time to stop the global demand for money

    COVID was to save the banks.
    The vaxx depop was just the icing on the cake.

  68. Prospector

    Very worth the read , everyone.
    Vax Paradigm – Corporate greed does not fit the fact pattern. By Michael Yon.

    His main point is that the many things that are happening are not isolated but part of a larger war. A very high altitude view connects the dots. Fertilizer shortage, fuel shortage , stolen elections, open borders, drugs flooding in like Fentanyl. He suggests a ” Global Unified Theory ” based in WEF’s own clear statements about creating conditions for massive depopulation. ” The death jabs are swarms of little smart missiles “. Gender confusing children intentionally ? Is that a ‘ silent weapon for quiet wars ‘ ????
    A rail strike and draining the S.P.R. of oil both can be seen as further destabilizing the USA. ” The depopulation agenda is in our faces ! The beasts say it all the time. ”


  69. Prospector

    ” It’s very simple, no farmers , no FOOD ”
    Dutch Commentator / Tucker Carlson show guest : Eva Vlaardingerbroek ( @EvaVlarr )
    #DutchFarmers back in the streets to protest seizure of 3000 farms for ” Great Reset ”

    ” You’ll eat nothing , and be happy ” — World E – communist Forum

  70. Thomas

    In the New Testament, Genesis 12:3 is about the Catholic Church. Matthew 21:43 “Therefore I say to you, that the kingdom of God shall be taken from you, and shall be given to a nation yielding the fruits thereof.”

  71. Pete+only

    Joshua Philipps of the Epoch Times is making a prediction now that after the death of Jiang Zemin the other day, (he is the one who gave the ok for the Chinese Army to kill thousands at Tinamin Square a number of years ago) that will spark the end to Communist Party rule in China.
    He says that it will also represent the start of a mjor shift in global politics that has blood on it’s hands for accepting bribes and complicity with the Chinese Communist Party such as organ hrvesting, using forced labor to make products for companies, and many other attrocities that he discusses in great detail.
    Please take an hour of your time to look at what he believes could now be happening, as well as why they are happening, along with the global implications.
    If you only have 10 minutes time, go to the 32 minute time, but you need to share this broadcast with as many people as you can to expose what we feared all along regarding the Chinese Communist Party.
    Joshua also discusses the implications of the coming Diesel crisis, and he also answers some interesting questions at the end of the broadcast.
    He has postponed discussing the canadian problem until this coming Monday, but the broadcast is mostly on the current situation in China.

    • Kevin

      Sadly Epoch is a paid site. they piss me off a fair amount….so I will not be joining.. I share your concerns regarding China.

  72. Spkrmk

    Sigh… yet ANOTHER “the economy is collapsing “ video. It appears that redundancy has taken hold of USAWatchdog.
    The simple fact is, n me knows when this IS going to happen. Make no mistake, it will happen, but no one knows when. We heard all this stuff at the end of last year…!?
    At this point I don’t even think “they” know when. It’s clear to any open minded observer that “they” don’t have their ducks in a row and the control over the public is shaky, at best. Both important factors to consider.
    I find it curious that you site Jesus at the end of every show while you have one foot firmly planted in this world. As true Christians we know that there is no place for us in the future economy. So while traditionally protecting your assets in the short term might have merit, in the long run it is folly. Again, there is no place for a Christian, or theirs assets, in the future economy.
    By some hold and silver? Yes….Beyond that there is nothing for us True Christians in the world system.
    Rather than ANOTHER economy collapse video, let’s talk about emerging talk of digital IDing. G20 summit anyone?? Let’s talk about the unveiling of the one world religion. Mount Sinai meeting recently anyone?
    There is soooo much more to this conversation than the economy. Diversify maaaa’aan!?!
    Before you nail me with one of your patented nasty-ish responses ‘cause I had the audacity to question you, know this. I have respected you since your network days. It’s why I came to your site in the first place. I will continue to support you.
    Just try and change the tune.
    Warmest regards and may Our Father hold n keep you n yours.

  73. Stephen Romey

    So, Nenner talks about countries that ‘do not have a good track record on human rights’, and does not mention the USA? Are you kidding me? Millions of people being killed in America by the bioweapon, elections stolen, massive corruption and money laundering in Ukraine – and the USA is the ‘good guy’.

    I like some of Nenner’s work, but sometimes he shills for the west like anyone from the MSM!

  74. Kevin

    Nenner revealed his Jewish bias…he isn’t aware of it…because it is practically the air we breath….its so pervasive. Talks about these narratives regarding Trump as though they are facts….he knows they are not facts…but endorses because of his religious position. Nicki Halley and DeSantis??? OMG! This guy has completely blown his credibility with me. I guess it’s his prerogative as he hunkers down in Israel.

  75. Aheinousanus

    When Charles started talking about human rights and listing countries, I had to laugh.
    I would had bought that line 20 years ago but not today. The West has no more human rights than those countries on his naughty list. It’s just a veneer on the surface to make the plebs feel good about their situation.
    If US and Europe were concerned about human rights, Greg and many others would still be on YouTube.
    There would not be political J6 prisoners who are rotting in jail without a trial.
    Guantanamo would not exist.
    All of the West would not had participated in forced medical mRNA experiments.
    I could go on but go to Canada and voice an anti LGBTQ agenda opinion and see how it turns out for you. Voice an opinion in the EU that is not supportive of the current Kiev regime. Hack, go there with a t-shirt that has a big letter “Z” on the front.
    Human rights..lol

  76. ToiniVeitonen

    First, shadows are the reflection of our existence in the space. Then, our shadows overlap, intertwine, communicate. In this project, shadows are turned into subjective via representations of our mind states. Instead of being distorted by the source of light, the audience will be able to control their own shadows by wearing the headsets that collect EEG data from them and accordingly form fake shadows projected onto the ground beside them.

  77. gary b

    People are ticked off at Republicans , Trump might do better to run as an Independent . This dinner won’t hurt him , only people that never liked him say that. DeSantis won’t win. He will have same problem Trump had. Media lying and making up stories on him and crooked elections in Arizona , Wisc, Penn, and Nevada . If Trump gets cheated out of primary , he will run as an Independent.

  78. Steve Strickland

    Greg very possible that Trump was taken out before Jan 6th. The replaced him and his wife with doubles then put in a fake Biden as well. There are no way Trump today and in the past would support whats been going on jab related. Trumps gone and not coming back The 3 letter age agencies are running a big psyop. That was what Catherine A Fitts aas trying to tell you indirectly. Now your guest knows but is more interested in milking people. I believe CAF plans are what we need to do. The person playing Trump is not Trump but weekly destroying his legacy. Wake up people…

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