War, Death, Inflation all Rising

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (WNW 532 6.3.22)

The USA is rushing to spend more money on weapons to send to Ukraine for more war. They are sending drones, hellfire missiles and $700 million more to kill Russians if the money ever even makes it there.  The USA is also cutting Russia off from the payment system and will force them into default.  What will Russia do to counter this dirty trick?  That is the big question, but big bankers like Jamie Dimon says JPMorgan Bank is bracing for a “hurricane.”  Is this announcement just a coincidence?

More “mysterious” deaths happened this past week where celebrities died, and there is no cause of death listed.  What is going on?  Why this sudden reporting flaw where it is not reported when someone like a 19-year-old star lacrosse player dies and everybody is mum on the cause? Could this be more death caused by the CV19 experimental injections they try to pass off as some sort of vaccine when it is a fact it does not stop Covid infections?  Are there going to be many more mysterious deaths in the future?  The answer to both questions, I think, is decidedly–yes.

There has been one record high price in fuel after another, and this week was no exception.  The record national average for regular gasoline is now $4.71 a gallon.  Will the record hold?  Not a chance, and this is very bad news for “We the People.”  With rising fuel prices and rising prices in general, the forecast is clearly more inflation, much more.

Join Greg Hunter as he talks about these stories and more in the Weekly News Wrap-Up for6.3.22.

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After the Wrap-Up:

Renowned pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole will be the guest for the Saturday Night Post.  He will bring forth more stunning information about the sickening and deadly effects of the CV19 so-called “vaccinations.”

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  1. Todd

    ***Video will be up in about an hour***
    I saw the “Donkey Pox” cartoon. I think I get the gist. I’ll still watch the video though, you know to confirm my suspicions.

    • Greg Hunter

      I don’t talk much about that fraud.

      • Mike Smith

        I said “Wow, Greg was really HOT this week…a MUST listen”. …I said when I forwarded your link to my friends/relatives. Greg, you must have been praying extra hard lately, or others like me praying for you. Keep up the great work!

        • Todd

          Watched it. Yes, Greg was “En fuego.”

          Here’s what I don’t understand. As a “Trends Journal” subscriber (for years) I both watch Gerald Celante (from time to time) but weekly read his “Trends” forecast to get real information / news nutrition.

          Towards that end, Celente is probably 98% spot on and he’s been claiming, for months now, that WW3 has “already begun.” Greg echoes that here.

          But it’s not quite true is it? I’ll be turning 50 this summer my Grandmother in 1939 was taken (at age 15) from her parents farm-house in Poland and placed in a Ghetto (Lodz). She survived the Holocaust because like Schindler’s List she had a skill the Germans were desperate for, she could work a farm and grow food. So diverted from Dachau, she was sent as slave labor to a giant agro-farm outside Stuttgart where she met my Grandfather, survived and together after the war they went from Allied occupied Germany to Switzerland to Sweden to Perth Amboy New Jersey.

          Grandma passed in 2006 but when I was a kid we used to talk about WW2 (I majored in History before Law School) and she was my primary source.

          This is nothing like a World War for a host of reasons I won’t bother to bore you with and list here. That said, I will certainly agree it has the potential to become one in time but it’s NOT WW3, not yet.

          If anything, it’s so early in the process that you can’t really even call it a war, even the Ukraine business is a tiny side-show (think Soviet-Finnish Winter War of 1939 or better yet, the Spanish Civil War of 1936 – yes it’s more like the Spanish Civil war – a Proxy War – to feel each other out and test equipment / tactics) but NOT YET a World War.

          If anything the REAL WAR is here…at home between the Western Governments and their people as they poison us to death over a fake pandemic, crash the system and drag us into this looming global conflict.

          So my question is knowing this, having over 300 million fire-arms in American private hands why…why is there ZERO effort by anyone…the boomers (getting old sure), Generations X,Y,Z or even Millennials, to do ANYTHING…like rise up?

          When the barbarians were sacking the city of Rome the Roman Senate was debating how many Angels could dance on the head of a pin. Here were debating “trans-rights.” Trans-people have NO rights … no group does … we either have Universal HUMAN Rights or we don’t. As they ban hand guns in Canada; the real concern seems to be Amber’s Turd and no longer “believing all women.” I don’t believe ANYONE male or female until I see the evidence.

          If half of the well armed United States populous grabbed their guns and just went for a WALK … a Ten (or 150) million man march on Washington … all of this and I do mean all of this INSANITY would end with a snap of the fingers. No WW3, no more Woke, no more election theft, etc., etc.

          So the core question, no one is answering, not even Greg (hope this motivates his investigative journalist genes) is “why.” Why are the people rolling over and letting themselves get put on the train to the concentration camp like sheep? Is there lithium in the water? Is it too late?

          Do they want this?

          Are we a suicidal species with amnesia?

          The Gates of Hell will not prevail? I pray but I also hope, selfishly, the rapture comes soon (and I’m one of the chosen) because at 50 and seemingly alone or in the company of the mighty few my wish that this demon world can be arrested, now, while still in the crib is fading.

          That’s all. I guess at this point I stand with Greg Hunter and Gerald Celante (et al) but, at this point, it seems like they are preaching to the choir or converted, and what we really need are some answers and solutions or a miracle, about right now.

          • Greg Hunter

            Like the old saying goes “Generals are always fighting the last war.” Meaning the tech changes advance rapidly faster and faster. As Will Rogers once said, “Who says we don’t have progress. Every war we find a new way to kill each other.? What do you think the CV19 and Vax was? What do you think the “shortages” and supply line gaffs are? What do you think killing the XL Keystone Pipeline on the very first day of the Biden/Obama administration was? I could go on. We are fighting war on a level never dreamed of before coming from outside and INSIDE America. So, I totally disagree with your lovely grandma. I am happy she survived the evil NAZIs that we have once again appeared today disguised as the Globalist Deep State Democrat RINO party.
            No disrespect intended what-so-ever.

            • Todd

              Greg, thank you for your reply. I will consider your words and thoughts. My Grandmother was a tough as nails broad who spoke four languages (Polish, German, Russian & learned English fluently – but never completed high school).

              All she did was fight but at the end she told me something, that at the time, bothered me greatly. As she was dying she told me she “was happy to go, was tired of life and if there is a Heaven, hoped to go there and never wanted to come back here.”

              I never understood how she could feel or even think that until recently. But…as Doug Casey says, “Plant Earth is a awful place populated by some really terrible chimpanzees.”

              My Grandmother, after her war experience, converted to Christianity but from seeing the young German boys that on leave would go to the barracks on the farm to rape the slave girls taken from all over Europe to the tatto of numbers on her arm that she carried the rest of her days; she didn’t have much faith in man or his institutions.

              She once said to me “if the spirit of darkness could enter the hearts of the German people, a spiritual, Christian people with arguably the highest most advanced culture on Earth, it could happen again and could happen anywhere, including here in the USA.”

              To my regret, at the time, I dimissed her advice.

              And as to your point that we’re in a war like never seen before, the real question is with whom? China? Russia? Nawww…shucks, they’re as adrift as we are.

              Perhaps Clif High is right and we fight “the inhuman bug.”

              Looking forward to your next interview.

          • Terry

            Well said, so well said that I’m going to keep your comments and questions as it should not only viral but as reference as time goes on and things only get worse.
            Your not alone those. Many think the same. There throwing so much diversional crap idiots could only make up thst people need to pick their battles but stand behind each collectively. I see the young parents are standing up at schools so we stand behind them and flood the phones to schools legislators “ do they know who they are” and their senators. No matter the party they need to be asked what are they going to do about it?

  2. Saved by faith

    Believe Your Blessings


    HEBREWS 10:1-25
    This message challenges believers to believe their blessings. In the church, we often encourage people to count their blessings, perhaps even enjoy their blessings, but it’s rare when Christians truly believe their blessings and live differently as a result. Through Christ’s death, burial and resurrection we have been offered a new life. While it’s imperative to talk about the necessity of the cross it’s just as imperative to talk about our new life in Christ. We have the hope of Christ in us and with that hope, we have so many blessings that God wants us to have and enjoy. A thorough understanding of Hebrews 10:1-25 will instill confidence, freedom, joy and hope in the life of a believer. Take the time to ponder these truths from God’s Word and live the Christ-centered life God intended for you.

    Greg, thanks.

    Godspeed -dje

    • John Pick

      Great Report Greg, Thank you.
      If you look at the 1992 proforma U.S. AGENDA 21/30 WILDLANDS Map you may notice that your 2022 Western Drought Map mimics the 1992 maps Humans are Forbidden to occupy these No Go Wildlands.

    • Dwight Branson

      Thank You SBF, good study, especially as we ” see the day approaching”.

    • Art Simpson

      I agree in the salvation in Jesus Christ brother. But/and Revelation 6:8 says the 4th seal war kills 1/4th the earth. It follows and continues the 3rd seal famine. Given current events, I’d praise the Lord and pass the ammunition.

  3. Warren B.

    Gas at almost $5/gallon……
    LY this time…..it was $3/gallon
    The year before ….it was $2/gallon.
    This intentional inflationary scheme is diabolical…they know everyday Americans cannot afford this. The Green Movement is well orchestrated ….lets see if the ME plays along.
    In any event …..IMHO ….this will devolve very soon into Grand Theft….Gasoline and Food.
    Coming to a theatre near you.

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Warren,
      Here in the U.K. it’s worse! One week ago I commented that gas prices here were £1.70/litre – equivalent to $9.74/gal. Today, the price has risen to £1.85/litre or $10.60/gal. That’s a rise of 8.82% in just one week (annualised = 458% p.a.). I reckon the predator class are going to push this until the wheels come off!

      • (Rev) Andrew de Berry

        £1,89 per litre for E5 and counting since my last fill-up PNG! Grotesque.

        • The Canuck

          $2.17 a liter here on Vancouver Is, Canada. Upwards of $2.26 in Vancouver BC. A big and rising portion of the price is tax. I ride an electric mountain bike with trailer. Ya gotta roll with it as best you can ! On a climate note, we are having a very cool / cold spring here with a great deal of rain. It feels like a winter that has lasted 9 months long at this point. Could Armstrong be correct about the solar minimum ?

      • Ian Anderson

        I always enjoy your candid and direct presentations Greg. You have many fans in Australia. We are all directing our thoughts at the spiritual as the last 30 yrs the evil has put the pedal on the metal. The mighty USA is and will remain the beacon of freedom for humanity however it’s also the world’s evil central to complicate the mix. . No idea if this is the end times but it sure is possible . Time for each spirit to get right with their creator . Thank you for your efforts ,and let’s hope it it continues for a long time .. Faith is there and Jesus Christ and his angels I hope are all on deck for what’s coming . Your efforts make a difference Greg. More than you know . From a mate in Queensland

        • Greg Hunter

          The people in Australia are good! The leaders as not. They are corrupt evil and satanic. Joe Biden and his handlers are the same!! Praying for all of Australia.

    • eddiemd

      In north Phoenix the local AM/PM gas station is $5.05. That is the cheapest around here other than Costco which 5cents less. The rest of the places are 10-15 cents more a gallon.

      A lot of angry people in Phoenix. People are easily triggered. The mental health crisis is all around us.

      Fuel, food, co-pays for meds/healthcare, all going up with no end in sight.

      I have been watching the obituaries. There seems to be more people dying from cancers. Mostly in their 50/60s.

      • Johnny Cool


        Martin Armstrong: So while the elites are listening to Klaus Schwab, who will probably become an evil villain for a future movie, there is ZERO understanding of human nature. The sharp rise in homicides is NOT because of guns; lockdowns have driven many to extreme behavior and stress. There was a man killed over an argument involving a parking spot. I have a friend who worked in an office in Philadelphia. The violence is so great and random that the staff no longer need to go into the office.

        Another friend said his son in his early 20s is lost. Since the lockdowns, he stayed in his room, glued to social media. He will no longer have a real conversation with his father. These lockdowns not only FAILED to work, but they appear to have caused significant damage psychologically to many, and the stress appears to have manifested in violence.


        • David

          I am in Gilbert, az, a suburb of Phoenix. Our Fry’s Thursday regular was $5.19. This morning it is $5.39. Last Sunday drove home from heber az, mountains north of Phoenix. I paid $4.42 a gallon. Same price in Pason just north of Phoenix. This is one diabolical plan that will end up in a horror only combat vets can truly grasp….

          Pray, prep and protect ’cause hell is rising and satan is running d.c…..

          • Charles H

            I’m afraid you are right, David. There aren’t enough police to guard even only food and gasoline. Watch punctured tanks become a problem.

            • eddiemd

              The fuel and food trucks have GPS trackers on them so it would be difficult to hijack one. At some point it will not matter. Hungry people will do what they have to.
              The stores will be ransacked, trucks hijacked, roving gangs robbing people…the police will pull in the perimeter to protect their own and families.
              The same occurred during the Rodney King riots in 1992. The police backed off. They called in a Marine Expeditionary Force, the 7th ID from Ft Ord, and NG elements. Imagine multiple cities at the same time across the USA. Mad Max on steroids.
              This is when the Restrainer is removed. All across the world.

              That is not even the wrath of God. That will be much worse as never seen before.

      • Lora

        Gas at the Sam’s Club in Logan, Utah is also $5.05 ‘per gallon

        • Laura McDonough

          $4.50-4.56 in Gulf Shores,AL . Fl gas prices slightly higher, this hurts commuters some go over 2 mi. to work one way I know of.

      • Robert K

        Fuel in Georgia increased .80 cents since May 1st, despite Governor Kemp removing the fuel tax… Currently $4.49 for unleaded, $5.59 for diesel. WHY? No logical reason for continual increases in fuel. Election Day 2020, regular ueaded was $1.84 a gallon.

        F’ing planned demolition of America…Total horseshit.

        • Robert K

          **Regular unleaded**

    • Monica Craig

      Lol, you were the wet towel at the party! I feel for you. It’s hard to turn off the alarms going off in our heads. No matter how justified.

      • Warren B.

        Reality is a beatch!!!.

    • The Ogs

      Hi Warren,
      $2/litre now here in Ontario…
      That is $7.60 (Canadian) for one American gallon, or approximately $6/gallon US.
      Whatever, I don’t drive much but the true impact is on diesel fuel and therefore the entire economic infrastructure!
      Hey I remember 1982 when my $500 Canada Savings Bond earned me $100 interest in one year…
      It is of course the grotesque, dishonest and over-indebted American government that is preventing today’s interest rates from reflecting any economic reality.

    • Earth Angel

      Yes. When Trump was cheated out of his re-election and illegally forced out of office in Jan./Feb. 2021 -the price of regular gas here in Ga. was $1.67 per gal.. the commie/globalist imposters who have taken over America should be arrested, removed, jailed, tried in a common law court and executed- before they continue to run everything and everyone but themselves into the ground. Enough is enough! Peaceful NON-compliance with EVERYTHING they attempt to do is the only way I see forward with any kind of remotely good result for the rest humanity and the equally important life on this planet. I remember Capt. Joyce Riley’s brilliant advice: “The ONLY winning move is NOT to play the game!” Godspeed everybody. A special Thanks to Greg Hunter and ALL the wonderful guests on this platform who are sharing their TRUTH, knowledge, and inspiration in helping to raise the consciousness of us all.

  4. Marie Joy

    Putin is not a man to be trifled with.
    democrats are losing independent voters and, after America tanks, democrats will never win another election, legally, again.
    Please get involved with local politics to ensure honest elections.
    Expect the grid to go down, long term.

    • Mark Berg

      The plan perhaps is “no more elections”.

      • Greg Austin

        One can only hope and pray hope that dumbocracy goes the way of the Dodo–as the USA was intended, as proven by the Guarantee Clause… a republican form of government.

    • Valerie

      Thanks for another great weekly report, Greg! I’m retired, but I work part time in assisted living. I’m a receptionist, but I also serve food when the they are short staffed. I take horseymectin paste 2 or 3 times a week to protect myself because 99% of the residents are vaxxed and boosted, and 90% of the staff are too!
      It makes me very sad and upset to think that all these dedicated, hardworking, mostly young people will probably suffer bad effects from the jabs they were coerced into geting to keep their jobs. My supervisor and her son got the jabs early on. Now her 24 year old son has bad myocarditis, and has to wear a defibrillator vest in case he has another heart attack.
      My own son got 2 jabs because he works with the public and didn’t want to bring Covid home to his wife who has Lyme’s Disease. So far he’s had no bad effects. I pray for him constantly.
      Even though he’s vaxxed and they are careful, she eventually got a bad case of Covid. Because of her Lyme’s Disease, she was able to get monoclonal antibodies at a hospital. My son also ordered Ivermectin tablets online – I don’t know where, but he he paid a lot of money for them.
      Damn the evildoers in our government to hell!
      They are destroying our country, and causing hardship, misery, and DEATH!
      GOD HELP US!

      • Myn

        Valerie, ivermectin.com has decent prices. Ship from the U.S.

      • swimfinz

        Greg…. The imaginary longitudinal line that defines the arid West is called “the 100th Meridian.” Must read: “Cadillac Desert” by Marc Reisner. Excellent book.
        Yes, in New Mexico, the soil is powder-dry!

    • Earth Angel

      Once grids go down long term, as I see it, governments as we now know them become irrelevent. There will be no elections, tax collections, jobs to go to, people to enforce shit, etc.. We will all become consumed with daily functions & survival for ourselves and those close to us- as they were in the pioneer days. Better be prepared & get whatever medical procedures that need doing now, if you can. Brace for impact.

      • Earth Angel

        PS- And to make it more challenging; NOW its a crap shoot as to whether or not you can trust whatever medical establishments or doctors you are using NOT to KILL you.

  5. PersonaNonGrata

    Hi Greg,
    About to listen to WNW532.
    Not the latest, I admit, but nonetheless brilliant interview with Edward Dowd (BlackRock whistleblower). Encouraging revelations that the ‘Davos Index’ is falling as their plans are being disrupted . . .

  6. alpax

    For the month of May 2022, I checked AAA’s average gas price website daily and there has been record high gas prices each day of the month except for 2 of the days.

  7. Paul in oz

    An excellent video to share with those who fear climate change. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EHFfOOF-6Fs&feature=youtu.be

    • Ray

      Excellent grab there Paul…….thank you mate.
      I haven’t seen anything from our Brother “Anthony Australia” for a couple of weeks.
      Hopefully has has just gone on away on a REAL holiday, and not taken his “digital handcuff” with him!
      Thanks again Paul…….keep throwing out the left jab mate.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation.

      • eddiemd

        I was thinking the same thing this morning about Anthony.

    • IIG

      ASTOUNDING PRESENTATION – “CONFIRMING” what all us Watchdogers already knew!! – That CO2 is not the cause of Global Warning – the “manipulated data” being given to the public by the evil Globalists “is to promote their extermination agenda” (they need a reason to continue to do their geo-engineering of our atmosphere so they can spray poisonous chemicals and bio- engineered germicides into the air we breathe – “So They Can Kill Us” – Global warming “ended 15 years ago” – we are now in a cooling cycle – we are having more snow and the Antarctic Ice Sheet is growing larger!!!
      Note: If they can’t use the excuse they are spraying us with poisons “to control global warming” – they will shift to saying “they are spraying to kill the Corona virus” – but remember the real reason they are spraying “Is To Kill Us”!!!!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Paul,
      Great video – thanks!
      Anthropomorphic global warming is a myth, the plan being to convince us all that we need supranational governance to ‘save the planet’. Supranational governance is the predator class’s wet dream. For all the doubts about Trump’s support of the C-19 vaccination programme, let’s not forget that he took the US out of the Paris Climate Accord. Bravo! Unfortunately, the predator class is forging ahead with a global medical dictatorship by asigning supranational status to the WHO.

  8. Rob

    That Donkey Pox cartoon is Hilarious as much as it True..Blanko is very talented…can’t wait for the video to post.

    • Jan

      Ex president of Green Peace, Dr. Patrick Moore on Sky news Australia: ‘Greatest threat to civilisation is ‘apparently non-existent’
      Greetings from Budapest

      • Carol Hudak

        Hi Jan!!
        Fellow Hungarian here – in USA. I met a Hungarian lady who is living
        here and wants to get back to Hungary. She told me I ‘must move to
        Hungary!’ You have one of the few intelligent world leaders, who –
        unlike the psychopaths running (destroying) America, he cares for
        his country and his people. All the Best to you, and thanks for the
        video of Dr. Patrick Moore. Lord Jesus Bless You and Hungary.

        • Jan

          Hello Carol, Thanks for greetings.
          I’m a Norwegian married to a Magyar wife.
          I tell you, we have German Christians, praying where to go due to the Covid madness in Germany, and what do they get? Hungary will be a safe haven. Probably not the worst place to be the next few years…

  9. David Gordon Dunne

    Greg, You need to interview Colonel Park ASAP bud


  10. Astraea

    Strange sick people – all gathered at Davos.

    • Dwight Branson

      A lot of candidates for the coming anti-christ in that video!

    • PersonaNonGrata

      Hi Astraea,
      Very informative – creepy!! – video. Thanks.

  11. Marie Joy

    I read there have been 19 known genocides in human history. Has ANY population, ever, risen up and stopped their own genocide? EVER?

    • Greg Hunter

      Tha CV19 vax is the biggest by far.

    • Paul from Indiana

      I’ll answer that, and the answer is “no”. The real question is not that this phenomenon occurs, but WHY does it occur? So, knowing that the people aren’t going to “save” themselves, what do we do? Rather than waste time and resources trying to stop it, undo it, whatever, focus on the micro and do what you can for you and yours. From here on in, it’s a matter of so many as possible being around for the restart. Best always. PM

      • IIG

        We will know we are winning the battle against the evil Globalist exterminators – when we see the geo-engineering contrails criss-crossing our skies come to a complete STOP!!

  12. Marie Joy

    ALL of these countries have to take out LOANS to pay for their wars.

  13. tim mcgraw

    I’ll watch this tomorrow. Does it really matter what happens next? Is this world more important than the next one?
    I just read Leviticus 24. In one verse it says stone the non-believers and in the next verse, it says kill no one or be punished.
    Well, which is it?
    Can you kill the non-believers and be okay, but not kill anyone else or be doomed?
    After reading the history of the last century where mankind slaughtered each other in the tens of millions, I despair of homo-sapiens of which I am a member.

    • Dwight Branson

      In the KJV it clearly states that the “son” (who knew what he was doing and knew the consequences) was stoned for intensional blasphemy (verse 11), and that the sentence was handed down directly from the LORD (verses 13-14). Just think how much better off society would be if the Word of God was taken seriously today instead of ridiculed.
      Leviticus progresses and tells us that a man who kills (murders) should also be put to death (verse 17); another great idea!
      There is no contradiction.

      • tim mcgraw

        Dwight: I read the verses. God can kill anyone He wishes to. God does not need humans to stone someone to death. I’m not ridiculing the Word of God. I’m pointing out a contradiction.
        If you take these verses of Leviticus to their conclusion; well then the Crusades were just fine and dandy.
        Jesus says, “Love your enemy.” The New Testament supersedes the Old Testament.

    • Paul from Indiana

      ALL of that pales in comparison to the 50 million + that we “humans” have “offed” in the womb, the worst Holocaust in the history of mankind, and we still have half the population advocating for it! If that’s not enough to get Jesus off his duff, then I have to think a) it’s either got to worse, or b) he ain’t coming. I’m sorry; I know that’s heresy to many Watchdoggers, but that’s how I see it. Best always. PM

      • tim mcgraw

        Paul from Indiana: Abortion is not the worst Holocaust (I hate that word) in history. Governments have killed more people than any other source. Religion is probably a close second. I suggest you read Igor Shephard’s latest article on the Lew Rockwell website about “What Jesus would do.” and how the churches have completely failed us Christians during the covid scamdemic.
        Promoting abortion is a sin. But sometimes abortion saves the mother’s life. The Catholic Church allows this.
        When the wars end; we can discuss abortion. But as long as the wars go onward; we are all in danger.

    • Farmer Johnny

      Is there a difference between a “non-believer” and a person that is just “ignorant of God”? Is a non-believer actively fighting against Christianity and choosing a path opposite of God? Is a ignorant person just a confused individual tying to find the path to God? I think there’s some subtle differences, my friend.

      • tim mcgraw

        Farmer Johnny: Well, spell out the subtle differences between a person “ignorant of God” and a “non-believer actively fighting against Christianity.” Are saying that people like Klaus Schwab are actually aware of God and are fighting against Him? Are you saying Schwab is a follower of Satan?
        Well, then say so.
        “Non-believer” is such a cop out term and I wish the people who wrote the Bible had used another English phrase in the KJV. “Follower of Satan” would have been more direct.

  14. barsoom43

    In the ’80’s, gold was about $800/oz, silver about $50/oz.. a ratio of 16:1.. Now, gold is about $1900/oz, silver about $23/oz.. a ratio of about 82:1.. Silver comes out of the ground at about 15oz to 1oz of gold.. That’s about the traditional trading range.. Now, 1oz of gold will buy about 82oz of silver.. it’s dirt cheap.. I stopped buying gold and switched to silver.. Besides, when it comes time to buy groceries from local farmers, people will use silver..

    • Paul from Indian

      People also will use current US quarters (90% copper), US nickels (25% nickel and 75% copper), and pre-1982 US pennies (90% copper). Current US dimes are also 90% copper but smaller than the pre-1982 penny, so they have little value. There will be a huge black market in all communities, and these high-copper coins and the pre-1965 “junk” silver (90%) coins will be in high demand. Currently it is illegal to melt US coinage for the purposes of recovering the base metals. It is energy- and labor-intensive to do that on a small basis, so I expect the coins to be the new medium of exchange, aka money. Best always. PM

  15. Ed Mustafo

    The second amendment is under attack because people are starting to recognize the warning signs for why it exists in the first place.

    • Greg Hunter

      If you put any JW doctrine on USAW I will ban you for good.

      • Ed Mustafo

        Greg, I don’t know what your talking about but I’ll save you the trouble and never post here again.

        • Greg Hunter

          Didn’t you post a JW video? If you did not please correct me.

          • Ed Mustafo

            Greg, I did NOT post a JW video, and just for the record I never would.

    • Matthew

      The Revelation of Jesus Christ, chapter 18:11-17, says gold and silver will be worthless.

      Please read your Bible.

      • Greg Hunter

        I agree Matthew, but until we get there it will be better than holding debt(notes) dollars.;

      • Dwight Branson

        Hi Matthew, do you think that the events in Rev. 18:11-17 take place during the wrath of God, after the believers have been taken up?

  16. William R Nicholson

    Looks like all the plans of the evil one are going down the drain ! Everyone can see the writing on the wall ! No one needs a Prophet now to anticipate what is coming down the road. Saved people have no worries . Unsaved whom follow corrupt governments & Empty Pulpits have all the worries & will not awaken fully or have a worthy plan , unless they Turn To The Lord Jesus The Christ ! Let’s Pray That The Blind Shall See & Sinners Seek The Narrow Path ……….. Nick , NavyBlueSmoke , LST-1195

    • Dwight Branson

      AMEN, William!

  17. Jan

    Thank you for your good works, Greg.
    You have had several guests speaking about the damage and death toll from the vaccines. What we have seen is the tip of the iceberg. If your interview guests are right, we will see a huge dieoff in the next few years. How will they explain away those deaths if they don’t have a WW3 to take the blame?
    John Paul Jackson did predict in 2008 that we would have two pandemics, one of little concern (Covid) and one of great concern (Vaxx deaths? Or something else?)
    There is more to come, and I assume they will offer a new vaccine, which is a relabeled Covid jab. It seems they can’t kill us quick enough… But as you say, God is in Control… But we have to cry out to him, for him to listen to us. 2 Chronicles 7:14 – if my people, who are called by my name, will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, and I will forgive their sin and will heal their land.
    That’s the solution: But we have to humble ourselves and cry out…

    Blessings from Budapest, Hungary, Europe

  18. Craig Carmichael

    The prime cause of both arthritis and osteoporosis is boron deficiency. Borax in minute quantity is the simple solution – mix with water various instrutions on line. Or boron citrate pills (3mg) from a health food store. This was discovered by an Australian doctor in what, 2005? It’s amazing how slowly medical knowledge spreads if it doesn’t make ‘big pharma’ a ton of money. (Can’t patent borax!)

    • eddiemd

      Do you have a source for the study?

  19. john

    Great video Greg, thanks for keeping us updated on the important issues that affect us all. The info you provide has helped many of us prepare for the storm that is upon us, and the bigger one that may be arriving. I’m praying that this Russia “war” doesn’t spiral out of control. God and His Son are in control, let’ just pray that They show mercy to Their children in the United States, and world wide. God bless.

  20. Kjell-E.

    People ought to change the browser to search.brave.com that I use. Get away from google and MS. duckDuckgo is based on bing and track it all. Thanks for the show. You ought to get Bo and Martin back on the show.

  21. drew

    I’d like to propose a scenario that will ruffle some feathers: When the uncontrollable SHTF, vast numbers of innocent ‘expndables’, the meek, stupid, overpopulated and unhealthy people will die. Left will be a small number of elite psychopaths who manage to keep their whereabouts secret…for a while only ;-). The rest of survivours will either be just lucky, or preppers, or militias or gangs. What do you think will happen to bullshiticians and their lackeys and functionaries? THEY will become expendables and survivous will render them into Soilent Green stuff. Or compost…at last organic compost.
    And they never fathom that public opinion and confidence can turn on Zelensky’s stiletto heel. In their narrow polished world they are the master class. Hahahaaaahahaaahaha. It will be The Hunger Games 2.0. This time with a radiant background. And no friggn MSM to report on. Antennas make good spit roast skewers.
    Stock up on popcorn..

    • Eli

      Which is essentially another control mechanism, because it puts nations in debt to the central banks. 🏦 💰

  22. Stan

    War, death & inflation can be made to work to your advantage if you are positioned correctly in the markets.

    • Paul from Indiana

      Ferengi Rule #162: Even in the worst of times, somebody makes a profit. Best always. PM

    • Johnny Cool


      How do we position ourselves for The Apocalypse?

      In a TV interview with Al Jazeera Television, Dimitry Medvedev, deputy chairman of the Security Council of Russia, said “This is not a forecast, but what’s already in play. The Horsemen of the Apocalypse are galloping ahead, and we can only look towards God.”


      • Greg Hunter

        Amen Johnny!!

    • lora

      You mean the manipulated markets. I say stop supporting this dishonest, immoral system and get out

    • Ray

      Only an a###### b##### would look to find profit in other people’s misery.
      Your comment is the lowest of the low, in an unfailing trove of ridiculous and insulting statements you have made at this website.
      I’d love to get you in a boxing ring boy…….
      I’d do you slowly……over 9 or 10 rounds.
      To state that “war, death & inflation” can be put to your financial advantage is an abhorrent statement, and goes a long way to revealing where your spiritual loyalties truly lay.
      Is your name Stan or Satan?
      Ray, Canberra, Australia

      • Charles H

        They loved this present world. You are right Ray. I doubt he would stand the first round. Once the loss is considered: they fold. You’d have to hit him on the mat.

  23. DAV

    It appears that whoever is running the show in D.C. is siding with China. So now, it’s USA versus Russia and us assuming that China will be our friend ! The Chinese government are for themselves only and they look down on their own people…kinda like how our Demonocrat/RINO ‘government’ consider us to be deplorables. The Chinese government are not our friends; they’re in this for the long haul and they will be happy to help Obiden/Obomma bring down our country. Divine intervention is our only hope.

    • Frank D2

      Sorry but that is a poor outlook. God helps them who help themselves. It’s way past time that WE took control back. Remember the courageous guy who stood in front of the tank in Tiananmen Square in 1986? He caught the world’s attention. We need people like that. Nothing will change in the USA until we do something similar, en masse, in both Washington D.C. and in our state capitals throughout our land (the ones ignoring her citizens anyway). And I would venture to say we have to go armed as well and ready for bloody confrontation. Things will simply not change without bloodshed. I’m sorry but this shit has been going on far too long and there is no longer any other redress. The courts you say? LOL. You have got to be kidding! They are, for the most part, corrupted and do not provide justice to, as Jim Kunstler coined us “We-the-Not-Insane”. Enough of the blogging and radio and TV talk show bitchery. No one is coming to save US. We have to save ourselves! And since the corrupt fascists in power who lie and cheat and steal and murder will not go lightly, WE must remove them. There, I said it. It is way past time for a bloody revolution. Can you imagine (as John Lennon intoned) how wonderful our world could be if all country’s leaders were honest and cared deeply about their citizens and the entire planet and used our tax dollars to build roads, bridges, dams, clean our air and water, etc. rather than wasting it on military hardware used to murder people in their own countries or in far away lands? If there is a provable other way to get these fascists to “cease and desist”, I am all ears. But I don’t believe there is. They must be removed, and in such a way, that they cannot come back. They must be made examples of. Their demise must be so horrific as to dissuade any others from even thinking about trying to lord over “We-the-Not-Insane” ever again. Simply put, it is US or them, and it’s way past time we all stood up for US. Talking about it isn’t getting ‘er done people.

      And Greg, I’ll understand, if in today’s climate, you can’t post this.

  24. Joseph

    68th Bilderberg Meeting to take place 2 – 5 June 2022 in Washington, D.C., USA


  25. Steve

    Love the cartoon Greg. Just a FYI you audio and video are out of sink. Love your news channel.

  26. Marie Joy

    Woodstoves with a lot of wood.

  27. Robert Coleman

    “Formula for disaster: Bill Gates’ BIOMILQ pushing formula shortage” – –

    JUNE 2020 – Bill Gates announced a startup called BIOMILQ. It’s backed by some of the richest investors in the world, like Zuckerburg. It raised $3.5 million in Series A funding from Breakthrough Energy Ventures. Breakthrough Energy Ventures is Bill Gates’ investment firm focused on climate change.

    SEPTEMBER 2020 – Remember that $3.5 million in BIOMILQ money? Well, according to a receipt from the Gates Foundation, it paid The Guardian $3.5 million in September 2020. This was an initial offering from the Gates Foundation. Of course, right after on September 27, the Guardian published an article entitled “Antibodies in breast milk remain for 10 months after Covid infection – study.”

    February 2022 – Customs and Border Patrol officers said that they inspected 17 separate shipments of formulas that came from Europe. Border patrol consulted with the FDA. Of course, the FDA said it had safety concerns about noncompliant baby formula. The same month, the FDA announces it is looking into bacterial contamination at the Abbott formula production plant in Michigan that’s supposedly behind the baby formula shortage.

    MAY 2022 – The Gates Foundation paid the Guardian again as part of annual funding. The very next day, The Guardian wasted no time and published a hit-piece on breastfeeding. It’s called “Turns out breastfeeding really does hurt – why does no one tell you?”


  28. Maria das Santos

    Thanks Mr Hunter for all that you bring to us particularly about the gene therapy regime.
    So MSM are the Typhoid Mary of information,
    National broadcasters worldwide are no better,particularly here in the UK.
    The elite have us in a “kettling ” regime and have no intention of backing off their slaughter with impunity.When we plebs are gone and buried do you think the entry of this bio-weapon will not be in the ecology as a whole.
    At the Davos picnic the police and security and staff all had to have at least three gene therapy injections.The same staff who protect the murderous elite.As a friend said,”eating the rich” will come with a side salad of schadenfreude as we sit and watch these protectors all in Switzerland all keel over. They are everywhere.

  29. stanley skrzypek

    so…if I have an “Opinion”….and state it in the Comments Section……I am a “TROLL”?…..sounds like something CNN would put out…

    • Greg Hunter

      You sure sound like a troll with what you are saying. I get my say too. CNN would not even put up your comment or answer you. Oh, and your welcome for the free information and posting platform so millions can hear your stupid thoughts.

      • stanley skrzypek

        OK….my thoughts are sometimes stupid…..according to you…… Thank You for letting me post on you’re comments section….but calling someone a “Troll” because you don’t agree with them is a leftist approach to a disagreement…..picking and choosing statements to publish or ridicule is in the Leftist Playbook…..”My Public American Playground, My Rules”…..I get it……

        • Greg Hunter

          See, you got your say.

  30. Roger Stamper

    yes rising fuel prices freak ! tks greg

  31. William Mitchell

    Perhaps Joe Biden should swallow his pride and ask Hunter Biden to be his economic advisor.

    • Greg Hunter

      LOL that’s GOOD ONE!!!!!

  32. David Showers

    Greg, thanks for all that you do.

  33. Vernon Tart

    The adds may have been caused the warning to pop up.

    • Greg Hunter

      You may be right. Adds (95%) are mostly gone now.

  34. Gerry

    You guys down there are broke. Where is the money coming.Have you ever taken a course on ancient history re fall of the Roman Empire? When you sneeze we in Canada get a cold! God help us all.

  35. Don Wohlers

    You did it again Greg. You are so right on of what is happening in the world and I have been telling my family for some time that what is happing in the world is told to us in Rev. 6: when it reads about the opening of the first SIX seals. WE NEED TO GET READY BECAUSE WE ARE TOLD IN HIS WORD THAT WE WILL KNOW THE SEASON AND IT IS THE SEASON.

  36. Bruce

    Great show again today! Very informative!
    Have you seen this article on posted on Infowars? If people have been feeling unusually tired, now, they might know why. Chronic fatigue is one of the major symptoms –
    “Spain Admits To Spraying Deadly Pesticides As Part Of Secret UN Chemtrail Program”. Maybe you can incorporate this into your next show? Thanks!

  37. Bogdan Tatarsky

    Here comes Moscow response to western sanctions that hurt their own citizens of the west.
    Putin’s move is much more smart and does not affect relative minor Russia export segment. These are non-inert gas: neon (Ne), argon (Ar), krypton (Kr), xenon (Xe)
    Without neon gas it is not possible to produce microchips. Russia produces 50% of world production with China at 30%.
    No Neon gas: no smart phones , no new cars, no new micro chips.
    Please remember Russia is no longer accepting candy wrappers called US dollars and Euros. Russia staff must be paid with stuff that interests them like precision machinery from Germany.
    United States Treasury Secretary gets it. She said confiscating Russia central bank foreign reserves will negatively affect US dollar world reserve standing. Thank you Mrs. Secretary.

  38. Mildred Blanchard

    A gallon of gas in Canada is $8.09. it is insane and the dictator here is going to make it even worst with the massive “carbon” taxes that is being added. You are still doing much better than your neighbours to the north. – in everything..

  39. Daniel Garrison

    Greg, you are my FAVORITE source of news!

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Dan!!

  40. Robert says no

    I read the obituaries regularly. Learned that habit from my parents and grandparents. I don’t use the obituaries in the paper though as they often times are generic notices, I go to the actual funeral parlors website now. I have four saved that are local. I can tell you that 30, 40, 50 and early to mid 60 something’s are well represented when the 30-40-50 years old groups should be rare. In the beginning I’d read they suddenly died but now it’s mostly no cause or on occasion a disease is mentioned.

    Also paid $6.099 for non ethanol gas yesterday. Up .20 cents from last week.

  41. Bill Calvert

    Below is an e-mail I sent to family members that I have been trying to keep educated on this whole set of lies we are being told. Initially I sent them an e-mail suggesting they spend a few bucks on a Monkey Pox cure, just in case. I then followed up with this e-mail.

    A better option is to use a substance called MMS. I know because I have been using it for a long long time to cure anything and everything.

    For example:
    I started getting arthritis in my right hand and knees. the knees were to the point that I bought a cane as I assumed I would need it forever. Instead I started a MMS regiment and now have no arthritis anywhere and no pain. The cane is in a closet somewhere.

    > Watch this documentary. It’s long and there are parts you can jump past but spending the time to watch the whole video will really enlighten you.


    > You can order MMS here


    > In addition, order this book from the following web site. It is a complete guide to using MMS. I bought the 2011 edition when it came out but I see there is a now a newer edition.


    A warning…. START SLOW !!
    > Start on a 1/2 activated drop and slowly work up to 3 drops per dose.

    > For a 1/2 drop dose, put 1 drop of sodium chlorite and 1 drop of hydrochloric acid in a clean dry glass (not plastic cup), wait 30 seconds for activation to occur, add 4 ounces of non tap water. You now have a 1 drop solution. Then pour out 2 oz (1/2 of the solution) you just made and add back another 2 oz of non tap water. Do this every hour for 8 hours. This is protocol 1000 in the book.

    •If you feel fine after a couple days on the 1/2 drop dose, up the dose to 1 activated drop every hour for the 8 hours (ie..skip the part where you pour our 1/2 of the initial mixture. Stay on the 1 drop for as long as a week, no sense in rushing as the 1/2 and 1 drop doses are already hard at work cleaning out nasties from your body

    •If at anytime you start to feel nauseous or feel like diarrhea is coming on while climbing to the 3 drops, back down to where it felt fine and stay there for a few more days and then try to increase again.
    The reason you feel nausea or get diarrhea is because the amount of MMS you are taking is killing off more nasty’s in your body than it can effectively remove. This is called a herxheimer reaction. People who get chemotherapy experience this same reaction for a short while after their therapy session because the Chemo kills everything it touches and so overwhelms your body’s ability to cope with all of the dead nasties it has to clean out. The symptoms do no lasting harm other than to make you say you’ll never try that stuff again. TRUST ME … I’ve gotten cocky and assumed that if 1/2 drop works in a few days to weeks then 3-4 drops will work in a day or two. DON’T DO IT…. it is a BAD-BAD-BAD feeling. Once you’ve cleaned out sufficient nasties from your body, you can slowly increase the number of drops. I’ve taken up to 10 drops at a time in the past once I’ve cleaned things out. I’m not good at taking medications so once I feel better, I stop taking it. If I was to start taking some today, I’d have to start off at one or two drops and work my way up from there.

    Please be aware that your government does not want you to know about or take this stuff. They want to keep you a slave to their money making systems. As you research, you will find a lot of scare words about MMS being dangerous and that it is bleach. Both are BS.. The worst thing that can come from using it is a herxheimer reaction if you get too aggressive. All it will do is make you wish you were dead but even that only last a short time. The best thing that can come from using MMS is a cure for whatever you have and even some things you aren’t aware that you have..

    If you can’t stand the smell or taste of it in pure water, you can pour it into a juice drink so long as the drink is not vitamin C fortified because Vitamin C counteracts the MMS.

    Get and read the book for this and other valuable details.


  42. Dawn Garini

    How are we SELLING them drones, when we are bankrolling Ukraine?

    • Charles H

      Kickbacks – from the puppets. Or should I say double kickbacks?

  43. Kevin Osborne

    In fairness Marion Barber had shown signe of CTE proor to dropping dead. This isn’t to say the vax had nothing to do with it but there could be other factors.

  44. Donald Wood

    6/3/2022 – 9AM
    Just went to your USA Watchdog Web site. No problem, No Microsoft interference.

  45. Fred Engel

    Great report Greg, sad to hear about Rob. Our gas in Milwaukee just hit 5.08 in some areas of the city. Things are getting crazier by the day. I heard a report the the FBI has a work space within Perkins Come law firm and certain personnel have access to information, the law firm of the DNC. Supposedly set up under Hussien admin.
    Have a great weekend Greg!

  46. Tod Mills

    Another great weekly summary, Greg!
    It’s funny how the “conspiracy theorists” are being proven right. Once you understand that the people in government -that government itself- are criminal parasites stealing the fruits of labor of honest, hard-working people, then a lot of things suddenly make sense. Legacy media, government spokesmen, and the government “education” system are all struggling mightily to keep the public unaware of what is being done to them.

  47. wayne hardin

    People seem to be mesmerized with certain other people .
    Even when what they speculated seems to be made up sense it didn’t happen people seem to keep on believing .

    Just open the bible and you will know what the future is .
    But you will have to read it all not just the parts you like .
    Mark Gods words it is about to get real just as the bible says .
    No need to speculate God cannot lie .

    Wayne Hardin .

  48. Jeff robbins

    I knew a man i greatly respected and he died in his sleep in his late 40’s back in 2016 and it was basically automatic for an autopsy to see if there was foul play by the wife. It was discovered he had a defect with a heart valve- he basically bleed out- peacefully. How can district attorneys across the land not require autopsies for younger people that died?? There has to be some that have- finding those stories/facts is the trick.

  49. scott

    Whats the price of a fake data entry on the national vaccine database? Apparently $200K. Its not just him, here is the list of other luminaries who purchased their status on the Vaccine database. José María Fernández Sousa-Faro, President of PharmaMar, Trinitario Casanova, one of the richest men in Spain, Kidd Keo, trap singer in English and Spanish, Anier, rap singer, Jarfaiter, rap singer, Veronica Echegui, actress, Bruno Gonzalez Cabrera, soccer player, Fabio Díez Steinaker, former beach volleyball Olympian, José Luis Zapater, alias Titín, former boxer, Camilo Esquivel, recognized and prestigious doctor.

    Just remember, for us proles: safe and effective, safe and effective , safe and effective…………


  50. Breck

    As usual, greatly appreciate your work on behalf of We the People. In addition to the hurricane reference, Dimon said “you better brace yourself.” You and some of your guests have been saying it for a long time, giving us time to prepare. Have to think this is a CYA moment by Dimon.
    I think the following data supports what Clif High, Martin Armstrong, Bo Polny and others have been saying.
    “The Office for National Statistics (ONS) in England revealed that a total of 69,466 people died within 28 days and 178,874 people died within 60 days of getting injected with the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) vaccine between January 2021 and March 2022.” https://welovetrump.com/2022/06/02/close-to-180000-died-within-60-days-of-covid-19-vaccination-according-to-ons-in-england/?utm_source=newsletter_ssp.
    If the UK has this type of numbers, what must we have here in the US. England’s population is about 56M while ours is about 330M.
    Lastly, I seem to remember a couple of years ago, in one of your interviews, Mark Taylor said that “these people” will not be able to walk down the street safely because of what they have done to We the People. Can you imagine what the pilots, ground crews and family members will want to do to the executives who forced them to take the shots! You have talked about Nuremburg trials, but I think of the French Revolution and Madam Guillotine. The judicial system and federal law enforcement has been corrupted (think Michael Sussman and the FBI having a skif in Perkins Coie).
    These evil people have sowed to the wind and they will reap the whirlwind.
    Keep shining the light.
    May the Lord God Almighty save us and deliver us.
    semper vigilans, semper paratus

  51. Bruce E. Sanborn

    Great report Greg,I always look forward to the next weekly wrapup, Maranatha, Greetings from Tampa Florida 😎

  52. Keith Wilson

    Well the MRLS systems that the US is sending to the Ukraine as war winning weapons takes 90 days for servicemen to be trained up and be able to operate this system professionally. In 90 days which is September they will not be a Ukraine army. Or for that matter a ukraine. The Russian army are reported to be firing 500,000 artillery rounds at the Ukrainians everyday. Towns and villages are falling to the Russians every week. Some reports say the Ukrainian front line infantry units are being killed at a rate of 500 a day. The howitzer artillery guns are already falling into the hands of advancing Russian units .The equipment Joe Biden is sending is too little,too late,and much of it is too old .The javelin anti tank missiles are over 40 years old and the battery packs no longer work. The NATO Secretary general told reporters last week that if NATO was at war with russia, we only have enough ammunition for 2 weeks of combat. With the wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya, and supplying Ukraine there is not much left in the warehouse .

    • The Seer

      Thanks for the update!
      So little real info to know what is going on.
      As Armstrong AI predicts years more to come.

      • Keith Wilson

        When Biden first mentioned sending MRLS to the ukraine.Putin and the Russian military warned Biden that any missiles fired by the MRLS that land on Russian territory will be a line in the sand and Russia will retaliate against NATO and the US .When the Ukrainians get the war winning MRLS the first targets to get hit are expected to be military installations in the Crimea. Which is Russian territory. This is when the Russians retaliate against NATO forces and missiles start landing all over the US and europe. It’s all been arranged to start a war with russia. Hope you can get your head around what’s coming very shortly and prepare yourself and your family before it’s to late..

  53. Joe

    Our rulers are destroying the economy. They want most of us dead. And if Bitem, Lord Austin and General Milli Vanilli keep poking the bear that may happen.

  54. Diana Brown

    Thank you Greg.

  55. Doug Williams

    “Week in Review”. Let me get this right, Ukraine did not attack Russia, is that correct ? But Russia attack Ukraine, is that correct ? So, Russia is destroying as many Ukraine cities that it wants to, is that correct ? BUT, Ukraine can not bring the war to Russia ( Moscow ) with fighter jets or drones, is that correct ? What the F**K kind of war is this ? You can not take the war to the one that started it ? That’s like we should not of bomb the shit out of Germany and nuked Japan ( which we should of nuked them back to the stone age just because …… ) Were can I send twenty bucks to , to have, “Putin, this one is for you, Enjoy !!!!!” painted on the drone ???? What the hell, I’ll make it hundred…….

    • Tabitha Sloan

      Because Ukraine, NATO, and TPTB are guilty!!!!! DUH!

    • Tommy

      Hi Doug Williams,
      You need to get a correct perspective regarding Ukraine and that will not happen if you are getting your “news” from FAKE NEWS sources like CNN etc.
      Ukraine was breaking the separation agreement with Russia on several key points from vying too close to becoming a NATO Member to conducting an ongoing war against it’s own people mostly RUSSIAN People for YEARS. Ukraine is one of the most corrupt nations in the world courtesy of Quid Pro Joe and the GANG of MONEY LAUNDERING Thieves.
      The Western Puppet Placed Government of Ukraine is NOT A DEMOCRACY has been a disgrace to all that is holy.
      This must be a lot for you to wrap your head around because of all of the constant FAKE NEWS Brainwashing Propaganda but, do try. Sorry for the initial shock to your system…

  56. Jeffrobbins

    I have wondered how can anyone believe the military lost trillions of dollars and not ask “their budget is how much? And they lost how much?” It doesn’t add up and has to be an accounting cover up for something else. Was the money to prop up (buy off) a number of governments, maybe its a huge individual bribe scheme, or some super expensive secret project group? Is that money sitting in some digital silo ready to kick start some hyper inflation? It’s worth mentioning the accounting professor that you had on that said if he figured an average age bond turn over (churn) in the treasury market was in the neighborhood of 100 trillion. The overnight reverse repo market is now 2 trillion. I think about Mickey Mouse in the sorcerers apprentice.
    Lastly, i have USAWATCHDOG saved as a favorite/ shortcut, so there is no search engine.

  57. scott

    Greg be careful with the drought monitor stats. North Dakota is completely out of drought. To the contrary they may be a bit too wet. Montana/Northern Wyoming snow packs are all over 100%, some over 150%. The outlook for irrigation is very good for the upper Great Plains. Further, unlike last year, at lower elevations we are raining with frequency and volume.

    True the South west is dry but this is the classical La Nina pattern. The Colorado Plateau and the adjacent areas will be dry until the current La Nina breakdown later this year. Unless we find a way to alter the flow of the Pacific Ocean there is little we can do about this.boss-with-falsifying-his-Covid-vaccination-status

  58. Tabitha Sloan


  59. jr

    there is NO ” liability shield” for fraud – this jab is NOT A VACCINE!! It was advertised and promoted as one; when they “changed THEIR definition of “vaccine” they admitted their guilt – where are L. wood. S powell & RFK jr
    with a class action law suit???

  60. James Hall

    People need to look at raw milk from grass fed cows and goats, this is the number one super food. Doctors cannot recommend it, they can only say eat healthy.
    Raw milk from grass fed cows and goats can be substituted for baby formula. Just needs to be room temperature, Do not heat it , if you want to warm it up put it in the sun .
    This the same as mothers milk, the Queen drinks it everyday. Please research this, go to the raw milk insinuate located in California. They have a report on this there. This is what we did for centuries.

  61. Jo

    Just a quick story what happen to me earlier this week.

    Went to Sam’s Tuesday morning. I was shopping for some Walnuts. At the end of the aisle where I found them I saw a woman lying in the floor. A group of store staff were assisting her. They called an ambulance for her. I started to pray for her and left.

    Wednesday morning I went to get a blood test. I sat there for an over an hour. Normally I would have left and almost did but didn’t. When I was called back the nurse that drew my blood told me a woman had passed out and they had to attend to her.
    Two people in two days. COVID Shot reactions ???


    Vaccine infor 2098? In other words, when we’re all dead

  63. Jeff Martin

    One has to wonder why the Globalist Banksters are sounding the alarm of a crashing world economy. Perhaps they started something, and lost control of it, and now that can’t stop it. AND it’s going to consume THEM as well as the rest of us.

    So, is the world-wide economic collapse going to come before the nuclear winter? I’m not worried about the mid-term elections – because there isn’t going to be any…I see the modern version of torches, pitchforks, and rope coming to greet certain people, in and out of government.

  64. Rich R

    Hi Greg: Things are starting to happen. Pfizer admits trials were fraud. Here are the court documents.


  65. stanley skrzypek

    To get ‘yer Ass Kicked by Greg Hunter ……is…..Embarrassing…even tho I meant no disrespect…….it came out as such….

  66. John Nordstrom

    Greg – please get Bob Moriarty on. Your viewers need to hear his message. He speaks to The Great Reset, and he says that Putin is on the Klause Schwab team. IMO – just like Biden and Trudeau. We are being gamed by the Globalists. The Ukraine conflict is all part of the plan. Controlled opposition to keep us afraid and compliant while The Great Reset moves forward. Here is an interview he did on Kitco –

  67. Poochiman

    War is the best way to depopulate, re-write history, erase consciousness growth, start a new slavery system, and consolidate power.

    • Ray

      Your statement sadly contains an element of truth Poochiman.
      Perhaps hanging dishonest, Schwab grovelling, war mongering politicians on meat hooks in public streets, across the world…….a-la- Nicolai Ceaucescu of Romania, circa 1989, is one way of reversing course.
      Just a thought……and hello to any politician reading this.
      Can you say “nervous”?
      I can say “ready”.
      I can also say “hundreds of millions of others are ready as well”
      It’s almost time.
      Ray, Canberra, Lap Dog Nation

  68. Paul

    As I see it they have all the money and power now the NWO crowd, we have all the guns in USA. The conundrum. So we either take our money from them (the participants) or it’s only the second amendment or similar to combat. Period. The system is gamed.

    Good job Hunter

    paul from arkansas

  69. Christopher Pope

    Hi Greg, it’s been a long time, It’s me the Eagle Christopher Pope, Living in Santa Fe, NM. Largely Democrat county, but I’m betting Trump even won this county, I was with you during the election coverage, I was still shocked even though I knew from the 2016 giant fraud that they would be so bold.
    I worked next to a young kid who got the booster shot and I’m thinking since then the Graphene Oxide is in my blood, and Ivermectin is working at the present time. I’m taking small dosages every three days. I got to where I couldn’t breath at night for about three days. I got the Novel Corona Virus when it first reached the USA. Me my Pastor and his wife all at the same time, back in January of 2020, It didn’t bother me much, but the booster transference was different coming out of my friends body, and I didn’t even know until he couldn’t stand up and then his cousin told me. He was a illegal from Guatemala. I have an Idea of sewing the pharmaceutical for the unvaccinated that suffered from shedding. And still are without treatment. I couldn’t run the fluid out of my lungs until Ivermectin. It’s a wonderful drug and good medicine my friend.
    I never dreamed they’d put the nano tech in the shot. But when I seen the patents and the secret ingredients. I tried to warn all my friends and family but couldn’t even move fast enough. I still feel remorse sometimes, and still very sad and angry even though (You know Me), this was all going to happen. I wrote about the possibilities of this back in 2013 on my facebook page when a deadly virus went missing at the bio weapons cdc lab in Galveston in 2013 and two police pulled up behind me and I was arrested and charged with a P. I. which really made me angry then I got an assault charged added to me when I refused to be fingerprinted. Oop’s, Didn’t know then that I was labeled a domestic terrorist by the Obama Administration until I made a friend in the NSA, who was assigned to me, (mind you I was listening to you at your beginning). God has been leading me into all truth my friend, and I know some stuff you don’t know yet, and this can only be told once my friend, and the time is approaching for me to tell it all, and I’ll need a little help telling it. Just saying, I’ve seen you have some blockbuster interviews over the years, You, Alex, Lisa Haven, X-22,report, Bo, and just about all your guest I’ve listened to before you had on, (I keep a close eye on the internet and hardly anything gets past me), and much more have been my go to for news.

  70. Paul

    Small business accounts for 48 percent of USA economy. Their typically a conservative crowd. Patronize them. Withdraw accounts from multinational banks. Get out of stock markets and watch Wall Street evaporate. Hurt the NWO crowd. Start the forecasted recession/ depression on our terms and invest in intrinsic valuables of money and items to create more small business.

    The Amish, Mennonites, Mormons and the like have practically perfected that witwdrawal from the money changers.

    The pain is the same.

    paul from arkansas

  71. z

    Dr. Michael Yeadon made a HUGE subtle point. That the vaxxx took years to make. I understood this to mean the vaxxx was made before the pandemic. How does pharma ship billions of vaxxxes in short time after the outbreak with supply shortages?

    No baby formual ?No toliet paper ? Billions of vaxxxes worldwide ? The time to produce Billions of vaxes world wide would be before the pandemic started. The supply chains are broken. It would take ten years to deliver that many vaxxxes.

  72. Tim

    Hi Greg,

    Great post. I even got a laugh (needed that). Your intercom impression of the long airline security lines was hilarious.

    Thanks for the great post and the laugh.

    Take care


  73. Tom

    Biden keeps on ‘whispering’ to us like a fool, and saying inflation is all Putin’s fault. That act is getting really old and I wonder when the person(s) behind the curtain, comes up with a fresh play book. The fact that they can not, or will not, seems to be the biggest scare of all. We are being run by a retirement home escapee, who thinks it’s cool to wear aviator sun glasses in the basement and avoid all important questions. Now that the super smug ‘circle back’ has baled, what is left of this train wreck administration?

  74. Denise Andersen

    Hi Greg,
    Check this website out, they are having volunteers read through 55,000 pages of Pfizer docs. Finding lots of criminality.


    Be Well

    D. Andersen

  75. Linda Majors


    Thanks for your weekly wrapup! I like the way you make us laugh while imparting the serious stuff.

    Edward Dowd’s analysis of the state of the economy aligns with yours. (Edward posts on gettr.) Formerly worked on Wall Street, Edward keeps track of the unusual amount of deaths among young people. In a recent interview, he talks about how we are currently in “the winter” of the fourth generational turning, but there will be a Renaissance after we get through the recession. He advises NOT TO COMPLY during the next wave of fearmongering planned in conjunction with the Monkeypox. Refuse the lockdowns. Edward also believes there may NOT be an election in the fall, because the Democrats are afraid of what will happen once the Republicans get back into power. The crimes against Americans will be revealed and those responsible will be punished. Further, he says that main stream news, including Fox, is all propaganda. Don’t listen to it. (For anyone interested, Edward was interviewed on Alex Jones’ infowars a couple of days ago.)

    Linda ‘

  76. Brian H

    Hi Greg,
    Some of your users still using Microsoft / Google search browsers. You may want to interview someone that can tell your readers how to eliminate their digital fingerprints.
    Secure email, VPNs etc
    As for web browsers I recommend Brave & Vivaldi. Both are Chrome based and they will help minimize tracking. For the un-techie it can be a learning curve but once you get it you can feel a little more secure about browsing. Hope this helps.

    • eddiemd

      Chrome is Google.. Why would you want to use a chrome browser?

  77. Brian Dougan

    Right off topic: I enjoyed the Friday weekly news summary from Greg’s country (farm; I believe) porch. A nice; green; pastoral backdrop. Quite wet that day; but a very pleasant view.

  78. Brian Dougan

    We often say that the mRNA execs got a placebo. I’d wager that NO needles came anywhere near their arms. Unlike the Western political “leaders” they didn’t have to put on a show. Even the vile Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla publicly stated that “I’m [young] and healthy; I don’t need the injection.” (That’s for you schmucks.)

  79. Eli

    I had a lib friend lose it on me on my social media for something I posted critical of Bill Gates and he couldn’t even tell me one good thing the Dems (who control house, senate, and presidency, I might add) had done since Biden took office. He just kept blaming “Republicans, Republicans…” he was like a broken record. Lol. These people get triggered and can’t think straight, if they ever were even thinking at all 😂
    In all seriousness, I do pray for these people and we need to pray for them that they wake up. They need to wake up, and smell the coffee, Bc time is getting short.

    This Ukraine mess is even starting to red pill my dad lol. He’s starting to see what’s going on, praise God! He even told me (when talking to customers) “you can only talk like this with Europeans; Americans just watch the pro war propaganda all day, they don’t understand this whole thing isn’t Russia’s fault alone.” I’m like, “Alright. Alright. A step in the right direction…” 😂😊🎉

    Thank you Greg and God Bless you, your sponsors, your viewers, and most of all your family. ☦️🙏🏻

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Eli!!! I think by the time the mid-term elections come around the Dem Party will have trouble finding people to help them cheat.

    • Charles H


      A big factor in this country is the Public School and Higher Education has brainwashed at least three generations into believing that ‘truth is subjective’; that each individual decides what is right or wrong, or what is true or false. We of older ilk learned that Truth is objective, owing to law and authority based on facts of Nature and established proof. The mental framework of these youngers does not provide context and logic: they just decide something is right and would die defending it. Add to that the solidarity of ideological identification – Left and Right; or anti-God and God – there is only blind following of dogma. Under such conditions – you cannot tell people they are wrong; or even that they don’t make sense. These are one that speak evil of things they do not understand… cursed children. (2Peter Chapter 2)

  80. The Seer

    It’s the debt market and derivatives implosion
    Manarino speaks of who is a grounded
    Licensed expert. Peter Schiff and Michael Pento
    Also grounded and licensed experts in the know.
    The Seer has been given visions of the sequence more reliable than guesses by the BP.
    The next two months is 1/6 of a year – pretty big ramp for something to happen to take credit for?

  81. The Editorials

    Really, Drag Queen Night celebrations at your nearest Major League Baseball park? Say it ain’t so Joe. A new all time low, how much further down the pits of Hades will they go? Yet many of yous support other men. Homo suspicion points for you all. Men idolizing other men.

    Here you no-testosterone never-will-grow-up schmuckolas wasting their time and money following a sports team, mostly out of state ‘athletes’ prancing about like faeries wearing spandex, playing a meaningless game.

    Right around the age of 12, I gave up on supporting the billionaires/sports. I still play pick up games and golf. The important thing is to actually play the game for the exercise, not watch others like the poor self-victimized fat uncoordinated fat brainless blob aka ‘the sports fan’. The pathetic cry of Go TEAM GO… to heck with following other men. Try spending your few remaining months and money on something meaningful. MLB Drag Queen Night? Just an opinion, and I’m certain many will be offended, but what is right is right. What it is — is what it is. You mess up your shorts, you go clean it up.

  82. Country Codger

    Bravo Greg,
    It is right about now I would ask you to please have Rob Kirby on. You are not the only one who misses that Canuck. He was very special.
    Lo Iyrah!
    Shabbat shalom,

  83. Frank


    Gasoline in Burbank, CA is now $6.99 a gallon. In Mendocino, CA it is $9.69 a gallon.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting, Frank!! Keep it up!!

  84. jon

    Hi Greg, In reference to Russia being under any type of major hacking attack. Just prior to the Russian Special Military operations in Ukraine. They had the foresight to remove most of their Internet from Western IT grid interface. If you look at http://www.thousandeyes.com, IT attacks are pretty much zero in Russia. It is all over the rest of the world however.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the info Jon!!

  85. Lady Au Stackers United

    Diesel fuel is $5.70 USD per gallon in Ely, Nevada.

    Two more friends suffer from CV19 shot: A 47YO male, recently died one year later after double injection with COD being cardiovascular event. And an 87YO male recently booster injected a few months ago now has tested positive for COVID-19 and presently has symptoms of upper respiratory infection with progressive fluid buildup…

    Lady Au Stacker is now Lady Ag Stacker incognito!
    Silver is on sale. Premium over Spot price is about $10, but that could be a sign of the real price going forward.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for the street reporting!! Keep it up.

  86. Carl

    “The first panacea for a mismanaged nation is inflation of the currency; the second is war.” — Ernest Hemingway

    In May of 1923, Hemingway returned to Germany once more – this time to Offenburg, Baden. Hyperinflation had hit Germany so hard by this point that Hemingway noted a glass of red wine now cost roughly the same as a night in the deluxe hotel he had stayed in just a year prior.

    German money had become largely worthless.

    But it wasn’t just the German mark that was hit with inflation. Hemingway noted that the Russian ruble had seen the same, stating, “Russian money had been printed in million-ruble denominations as fast as the presses could work in order to wipe out the value of the old imperial money and in consequence, the money holding class.”

    In other words, inflation was created in early communist Russia with intent: to wipe out savings.

  87. Paul

    The tapestry of human condition is understood in most alternative media platforms and readers of history . The problems are discussed over and over and over, with little mention of solution or form of attack to the perpetrators. Until retaliatory attacks are the main subject matter of discussions , there’s only hot stagnant air in the room and that’s a shame.

    For failure is preferred, since success requires change and uncertainty.

    Paul from arkansas

  88. rv

    Attorney General Document; https://www.fullyliveacademy.com/attorneygeneraldocument
    1. Acts of Domestic Terrorism resulting in death of American Citizens.
    2. Conspiring to Commit Acts of Terrorism
    3. Conspiring to criminal commercial activity.
    4. Funding and Creating a Biological Weapon.
    5. Market manipulation and allocation.
    6. Lying to Congress.
    7. Interlocking directorates.
    8. Seditious conspiracy.

    Morbidity business; I’m the CEO of a large insurance group, we underwrite morbidity risk … Based on what it is we are seeing, the rates right now, excess mortality at 84%, and excess every kind of disease at 1100%” Todd Callender. https://twitter.com/ProjectTabs/status/1532160104602009600?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw%7Ctwcamp%5Etweetembed%7Ctwterm%5E1532160104602009600%7Ctwgr%5E%7Ctwcon%5Es1_&ref_url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.investmentwatchblog.com%2Fi-happen-to-be-in-the-morbidity-business-im-the-ceo-of-a-large-insurance-group-and-we-underwrite-morbidity-risk-based-on-what-it-is-we-are-seeing-the-rates-right-now-excess-mo%2F

    https://howbad.info/ How Bad is My Batch
    Hackers apparently got into the systems of Pfizer, Moderna, Johnson&Johnson. The deadliest batches from Pfizer for adults begin EN and ER. The deadliest batches for children begin EW (the worst batch), FA, FC. Analysis shows that batches in the US are 10X deadlier than in the EU

    Rates Need to Be Raised as High as 35% to Undo the Rampant Inflation of the Last Year and a Half

    Greg Awesome Weekly!! Thanks

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks for this analysis and the links.

  89. Bible Reader

    Greg, Naomi Wolf would be a good guest to have on. She has the findings of the released Pfizer documents. She also has a new book out.


    Dear Friends, Sorry to Announce a Genocide
    It’s Really True: They Know they are Killing the Babies

    Dr Naomi Wolf
    I’ve been silent for some weeks. Forgive me.

    The truth is: I’ve been rendered almost speechless — or the literary equivalent of that — because recently I’ve had the unenviable task of trying to announce to the world that indeed, a genocide — or what I’ve called, clumsily but urgently, a “baby die-off” — is underway.

    The WarRoom/DailyClout Pfizer Documents Research Volunteers, a group of 3000 highly credentialled doctors, RNs, biostatisticians, medical fraud investigators, lab clinicians and research scientists, have been turning out report after report, as you may know, to tell the world what is in the 55,000 internal Pfizer documents which the FDA had asked a court to keep under wraps for 75 years. By court order, these documents were forcibly disclosed. And our experts are serving humanity by reading through these documents and explaining them in lay terms. You can find all of the Volunteers’ reports on DailyClout.io.

    The lies revealed are stunning….

  90. Charles H


    “Frauds end quickly” – or at least they did. Government is unimpeachable; the only recourse is to remove it. Do you really think the American Sheeple would believe Putin if he came out with iron-clad, irrefutable evidence the election was cheated?
    At least three generations of Americans have been programmed with the hard and fast ideology that you can believe whatever the heck you want; and nobody can say you are wrong. Most people now would rather believe a Lie, rather than face the consequences of the Truth. Corrupted souls. And the big bed that is shared by politicians, bansters, and the Rich – won’t stop with polite finger-pointing.

    • Greg Hunter

      Charles H,
      I do not think any of us realize just how bad it’s going to get. I predict it will get so bad, the Dem Party will have a big problem recruiting members to help cheat them in. You ar3e going to cheat in what is destroying you. Under Trump the economy was much better and the cheaters thought that would continue–not!!!!! What’s it going to be like in November?–if we make it that far.

      • Charles H


        Backed into a corner – they will double down, or fold. Past success reinforces the idea they will TRY. And I mean ridiculous measures of open and obvious stuff. They just will NOT accept losing: not while they control the election process. And then things will get ugly on State and local levels. If prosecution and jail time will not be enforced: why would anything change? And Yes – they would cheat in what destroys them. To not follow party-line devotion is unthinkable. They really HATE the conservative, Christian viewpoint. To not support the Liberal cause on any matter is betrayal – helping the enemy. Their only security is in solidarity. They REALLY believe that they must change the world. Science, as in Evolution, is their religion now. High Priests are scientists and doctors. Unquestioning loyalty and obedience. Remember the spiritual polarities. They believe we are the Nuts, remember?

  91. Juan Sánchez-Villalobos Ramírez

    good show again Greg… have a great weekend…

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks, Juan!

  92. Mike king

    Absolutely brilliant show today Greg.
    Even with all the doom and gloom around, you made me laugh my head off, you were on fire. Thank you so much for all of the hard work that you put into USA Watchdog

    • Greg Hunter

      Thanks Mike!

  93. tim mcgraw

    Thanks for the WNW. I take Ivermectin regularly to try and get rid of any spike proteins I have or may have picked up from the injected.

  94. Ray Doodson

    Greg; Please list all the Republicans that are RINOS. Most people have no idea.

  95. tim mcgraw

    RE: TSA security lines; Last month my son flew from Orlando to Kansas City and back. My son said TSA security line in Orlando took over an hour for him to get through. He barely made his plane.
    Coming home from KC; the same thing occured. The TSA finally was just rushing people through the security so they could make the Orlando flight. My son said that he had to run to catch the flight.
    Will the TSA ever be banned?

  96. Derek Sinclair

    On Wiki: “Farrell died on 30 May 2022, at the age of 39.” And that’s it. The same on his soccer club’s site too. They might as well be waving a flag with “Cover Up” painted on it.

  97. Raphael P.

    Microsoft is despicable for shadow banning your site by flagging it as dangerous in their Antivirus software. I haven’t come across this, I use Brave browser. I recommend people stop using Edge or Chrome and switch to Brave or Firefox, for obvious privacy issues. Also use different search engines. And that is the least you can do. It’s strongly recommended you use a VPN service and TOR browsers. Stop using “free” email services and pay for a private mailbox hosted outside of google or yahoo or microsoft.

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