War & Economic Calamity Coming, 2016 Predictions-Gerald Celente

15By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente says 2016 is going to be very rough. What’s coming right at us? Celente says, “Global recession, and it’s already happening, all they have to do is open their eyes and open their ears. Iron ore, copper, aluminum, nickel, zinc, one after another from wheat to dairy products to corn. When you look at the Bloomberg Index, it’s down to 1999 levels on average. What is that telling us? There is too much product and not enough demand. It’s the same thing with oil. There’s too much production and not enough demand. . . . What we are looking at is a global slowdown because commodities are the canary in the mine shaft.”

Celente says all this is signaling another financial bust bigger than 2008. Celente explains, “So, what you have is a bubble, a debt bubble that has grown to $220 trillion worldwide since this fake quantitative easing and negative interest rate schemes that have gone on with central bank after central bank. . . You can’t make this up. Interest rates and negative yields have never happened before in the world. This is brand new. They are over their heads and out of their league. They don’t know what they are doing. They are making panic decisions trying to keep the Ponzi alive.”

On global war, Celente says, “Unfortunately, when all else fails, they take us to war. Look, go back to 1929 and the market crash. You had market crashes, Great Depression, currency wars, trade wars, world war.  Voila, here we are again. Panic of ‘08, Great Recession, currency wars world war. . . . When the market collapses, the war talk will heat up.”

Gold and silver are running counter to other commodities. Why? Celente says, “Demand is up for gold and silver. To me, it is the ultimate safe haven. I’ve been saying since 2012 and 2013 that the bottom for gold is about $1,050 an ounce. I gave that number out because that’s about what it costs to pull it out of the ground. . . . Gold is about planning for the worst.”

So, is the spike in gold and silver demand a precursor to the next crash, which Celente is predicting to be coming soon? Celente says, “I totally believe so. . . . It’s definitely worse now. Look at the bubble they created. . . . If there is a terror strike, they will use this as the excuse to rob us to try to mitigate the disaster that they have caused. I believe they will declare a bank holiday and devalue the currency. That’s the way they are going to get us out of this.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with Gerald Celente, Publisher of the Trends Journal.

After the Interview:

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  1. Faith

    Video link?

    • Greg Hunter

      Uploading now Faith. Hang on.

      • JC Davis

        Come on Greg I am a Usawd junkie Got ta have my fix.

        this is allen ols, at jc davis man cave, watching ten vs jag. we have been waiting. I texted 6 friends and lance says tks greg.
        last fri we were more heavy at ups as online packages came in, NOW MON. we start 1:10 am and we will get RETURN SCHOOL BOOKS, bulk 4×4 pallets, which will boost hrs works, BUT REMEMBER, BULK PAYS LESS, than packages on the brown package cars/ups vans which deliver to our house. I will get more hrs worked but we must look at end of seasonal/year earned income for stockholders. wait for it. look at sears, 3rd qtr/down 845billion down from last year, approx. thanks greg fro all u do, al ols

        • JC Davis

          Oops 845 million not billion for Sears. Love your show Greg. I am thinking of a usa wd party. Thanks for keeping your site FREE.

      • Faith

        Hehehe! I was chomping at the bit to see this interview! Thanks!

      • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

        Extraordinary interview Greg.
        For two reasons:

        #1 Extraordinary because Gerald I believe has a broader and more holistic grasp than almost anyone on the globe of just how dire the financial/military predicament the world really is.

        #2 Extraordinary perhaps even more so, however, because the silence is absolutely deafening when it comes to any mention of the ownership model of the Fed.

        I believe that more than 90% of the global turmoil we currently witness can be traced back to its funding base which is this cartel owned and operated US central bank.

        I also believe that the world has now passed the point of no return and that financial and military chaos is inevitable.

        History will look back on the financially educated and literate people of our recent times and judge them extremely harshly for not addressing this issue.

        Future generations will look back in astonishment that so many of us didn’t even bother to try to educate others about the creature that funds this global mayhem and the reason why the model needs to be so completely dismembered and destroyed forever.


        • sk

          From a letter written by Rothschild Brothers of London to a New York firm of bankers in 1863: “The few who can understand the system (created by the National Banking Act) (note from sk:the National Banking Act put banking in private hands;1913 was not the first time in US history) will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class, while on the other hand, the great body of the people mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantage that capital derives from the system, will bear its burdens without complaint, and perhaps without even suspecting that the system is inimical to their interests.” Colin, Ron Paul tried and still tries to enlighten Americans, by sort of nibbling around the edges of the issue and asking merely for an audit. Reportedly, JFK tried also, more directly. Maybe one takes one’s life in one’s hands?

          • sk

            Addendum: I had a good laugh this morning listening to NPR. They talked about a musical comedy or some sort of theatrical presentation heroizing Alexander Hamilton. Hamilton sided with private bank control of US money. Talk about subliminal propaganda!

            • Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

              Thankyou for your comments.
              Your Rothschild quote is both prophetic and apocalyptic!
              It absolutely nails the status quo in regard to the position of the elite, the compliance of the neocons and the tacit acceptance of the whole tragic situation by main street.

              This creature is so ingrained into the global financial establishment that its removal is completely beyond the scope of any one political individual. The situation now requires a collective realisation by the US and the world’s intellectual community that we face imminent financial armegedon and perhaps even annihilation of the human species if this issue is not sprung headlong into the public conciousness and dealt with once and for all.

              It is absolutely the the responsibilty of forums such as WD to help in this fight.
              As well meaning and valuable as it most definitely is, I am continually gobsmacked as to this sites apparent reluctance to join this struggle. I note that I am the only commentor that regularly calls this institution out. In the all the years I have listened to the interviews only one guest has had ever the resolve to do the same

              Far more time and energy is spent on WD comments in petty religious and secular squabbles than ever is devoted to scrutiny of this illegal unconstitutional model that is the Fed. Of course this is how TPTB would have it. They play us to perfection and gloat at how easily we are distracted. Even when we regard ourselves as aware, freethinking and informed we succumb to the power of this creature and default back to being helpless, pathetic, manipulated victims.


              • mark

                Dear Colin,
                Please don’t think for a minute that just because as a believer in the good news of Jesus as the Christ, crucified for our offenses, raised for our justification, that I am offended by your contributions to this site and I hope you will not take my quoting of scripture as mere “religious squabbling” . I would however point out that some of us view the nature of the corruption that is enveloping this world on a more personal level and seek to begin dealing with it on that level at least. For instance: Jesus said “everyone who commits sin is a slave of sin.” (John 8:34). Now I believe we would agree that slavery in this context is equally as bad if not worse than slavery as we have known it as practiced in its various forms at different times and different places throughout history. Don’t you think most people, like yourself, are interested in being “truly free”? Well the Lord Jesus did not just develop a following because of His teachings and miracles. He claimed to be the Son of God (i.e. The Son of the Blessed– The Word incarnate– without sin ) having equal status as the God of glory Whom He claimed as His Father, and He was crucified for blasphemy for doing so and yet RAISED FROM THE DEAD and MADE LORD OF ALL as validation of everything He said and did while at the same time securing for all of humanity the opportunity to be “regenerated unto a living hope through the resurrection of Jesus Christ from among the dead”. (1Peter 1). That is ultimately where the hope for humanity can be founded– not just freedom from tyrannical government, but freedom from sin and its consequential outcome, death and freedom into the glory of the Son of God as His many brothers. Wouldn’t you want that Colin, not only for yourself but for all of your loved ones? He paid the price. This is a fact of history. That is what USA Watchdog is all about, just like in principle what many of the founders of this country were all about (not perfect by any means, but nonetheless noble, for the most part in their endeavor). I leave you with this scripture Colin from Peter’s first letter to the Jewish believers scattered in the diaspora ” Knowing that it was not with corruptible things, with little coins of silver or gold, that you were redeemed from your vain manner of life handed down from your fathers, but with precious blood, as of a Lamb without spot and without blemish and without spot, the blood of Christ; Who was foreknown before the foundation of the world but has been manifested in the last of times for your sake, Who through Him believe into God, who raised Him from the dead and gave Him glory so that your faith and hope might be in God”. (1Peter 1:18-21). So that is why I say to you Colin and to all who come here to read and post, the grace and peace of our Lord Jesus Christ be richly with your spirit Colin!

          • Sandy Beach

            This was true back then, although we all now know Andrew Jackson and others saw the banks clearly. The internet gives us a much more level playing field, if we use it. I think the masses don’t really matter–it’s not the millions who make trends, it’s the few who strike out in leadership roles by doing the best thing. Remember when only a few had computers? If we educated ones change our finances, others notice and it becomes progress by attraction. We can’t change those who won’t. But we know they will lose their prosperity.Ron Paul’s very existence is a miracle. He says as much as he can…incredible that he’s still helping us. I love Celente’s sanity. He offers healthy outrage, which is inspiring.

      • Lew Abahazy

        I recently heard a lengthy interview on Coast to Coast with Daniel Sheehan wherein he described how the current middle east morrass is a self inflcted wound which continues to fester. If you haven’t already, I suggest you interview him.

  2. Lynne

    Where is the interview? Been waiting for this all day

  3. Lynne

    Sorry for being impatient Greg :0)

    • Greg Hunter

      No problem. This is a good one and I’d be wanting to get to it too. Celente Coming up in a few minutes.

      • Lynne

        I’ve been following you for 2 years now and Mr Celente is always bang on the money. greetings from the UK

  4. JC Davis

    Greg the thing I like about gold, and silver is the insurance it gives to protect what I have worked for all my life. It is a fools game to try timing fake currency to make money. If we go to war this time it will not be easy to bring the world on our side.
    At the end of the day gold and silver will still be real money.

    • David B.

      The world needs another war like we need Lindsay Graham and John McCain.

  5. Sam Hill

    Gerald ‘X’ Celente liftoff about to commence. Ten, nine, eight, seven…

  6. Everett

    Greetings Mr. Hunter,
    First time post here, although, I have been reading your articles for a very long time. Thank you for providing a real service for those who know better than what the MSM is spouting. I know what you are doing is VERY difficult and my hat comes off to you for a job well done. Well, it’s been very interesting these last several decades, has it not? I am a business owner in south central Missouri, who, because of my line of work, has a fairly good pulse on a seven county area in the heart of the Ozarks. Simply put, it is dying, and, from all sectors. Retail sales are way down, car dealers are suffering, (multiple 30 + years dealers have told me this has been their worst year ever – EVER.) Cafes are closing; even KFC boarded up in Ava, Mt. Grove, and Houston. Pawn shops have become the “local bank”, which is good for them, because even they can’t sell the huge amount of product they have amassed since ’08. I know of a Ford dealership that has been borrowing money from a pawn shop just to make pay role – fact. Ava lost their Dodge dealership, Houston and Licking lost Chevrolet. If people only knew the truth of how bad things really are. I am a constant witness of Grandma’s and Grandpa’s bailing out the children and grandchildren, very sad. Recycling/scrap has hit rock bottom; car bodies were $325./ ton and, as of last week, they are now at $30./ton. Tin and junk steel is at $10, and the local scrap yard told me that soon they will be paying nothing for it. Zero. West Plains is losing one of the largest employers in the area as they pack up and head for Mexico. The oil business is in disarray, five years ago there were five oil companies selling gas in Cabool. Today there is one, Caseys. Repossessions are on the rise, and this go around, we are finally seeing the “money” people losing their toys. I don’t say “finally” as if I enjoy watching this, because I don’t. Nice trucks, tractors, suv’s , boats, motorcycles, 4-wheelers and, sadly, yes, even homes. The cattle market has been really good which has helped; yet, it too, is sliding now and it’s anyone’s guess how far it will go. Local dairies are getting the same price for milk they were 30 years ago. I ask, what is the price of tractors compared to 30 years ago? Land, pickups, haying equipment? Hence, our dairy industry looks like a ghost town. Any talk of an improving economy is absurd to the highest degree and should be considered an insult to anyone with eyes to see. What little I have shared, is absolutely the truth, and I could continue for hours but this post has already been long enough. I encourage all who have faith in Jesus to look up, our redemption draweth nigh. Watch events in Syria with a magnifying glass, as it certainly looks like Isaiah 17 and the prelude to the Ezek. 38, 39 war. Anchor yourself to The Rock (Matt. 7:24,25), for the storm of all storms is upon us, and those who built on the sand will get washed out to sea. Thank you again, Mr. Hunter. And, blessings to you and your family. If you are ever in the area give me a holler, my Mrs. fixes the best fried chicken, homemade biscuits and gravy on a wood cook stove that you ever put in your mouth.

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for your street-level reporting from the Show Me State!!! Thank you for your comment and kind offer. My sources say crash comes anytime before the end of the 1st quarter. You are hearing the sound of the trumpet here my friend!! “Fear Not.”

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Thanks for the essay from your window. I’s so sad.
      Much of the retail downturn is because older people are spending their money bailing out their children and grandchildren, paying college loans, using their cards for their gas. I try to convince mine to take bag lunches and a thermos, but with the 90s generation it’s talking through your hat.
      Well, they may have to learn and like it…I do. This is a transition period before families have to double up, carpool, and cherish cheaper fun. Drug usage will tank as it did in 1930, so that’s one plus. I don’t see it as a total collapse, but as a social adjustment on a large scale. Maybe these horrible blockbuster movies will lose money!!!
      During the 29-45 depression 2 businesses flourished everywhere… beauty salons and bars.

    • Jim

      The best comments come from the man in the street telling us what he sees.
      Good comment. Thanks for that. It was far, far too short if anything.

    • Angie

      Thank you Everett for your input. I am seeing neighborhoods deteriorate and are becoming unrecognizable as they resemble third world counties — seriously some streets do! I live in California in the Sacramento area. If it was not for all our state workers it would be so much worse. As bad as it is here I am very troubled when I hears our staple industries taking hits such as dairy farms and such. We did not just arrive at this point but have been heading down this road for decades.

      • Kerry

        What I saw in Ca this summer was shocking. Streets very bad, neighborhoods so deteriorated, everything dead, dead, dead, and dry. The only green was where they had irrigated for the vines and orange trees. There was trash everywhere and dust and the neighborhoods were so run down. I had an image of Ca as the beautiful sunshine state, but it was so different than my imagination.

    • Faith

      Thanks for the report, Everett. Darn I wish I were closer, fried chicken on a wood cookstove! You should give classes on how to work it, or do videos and post them on-line. Really! Or write a how-to article for this site: http://survivalblog.com There are some really sweet prizes out there and they seem to like a how-to article. I would say give it a go and good luck!

      My grandparents lived in Northern Maine and my grandmother cooked on a woodstove, there was coal heat in the basement, and an outhouse. The top-floor bedrooms were unheated and the beds kept you warm with heavy handmade quilts. Those skills are not being passed on to the younglings, or not much, these days. I regret not asking my grandmother and grandfather more questions.

      • Kerry

        You are so right. No one I work with can sew. They have no clue how to make a quilt much less have the desire to do so. I asked one lady if she knew how to make soap and her answer was Bed, Bath & Beyond! I still remember female friends and relatives getting together at my Grandma’s house in the late 50’s for a weekend of canning, pears, figs, making apple butter. As a matter of fact I am having a bread baking class at my house this weekend, to try to pass on some skills to the younger generation. It is very hard getting them to understand WHY they need to know how to cook, sew, can, make candles, make soap, bake bread in an outdoor oven, how use a dutch oven over a campfire, make sausage, skin game, catch trout and pan fry it, cure meat, how to use a knife.

  7. Jerry

    This is what the Chinese said back in June. “We will be introducing a RMB denominated FIX at the right moment”.

    Greg, the Yuan inclusion into the IMF basket was a setup for the gold fix that’s coming. Sometime between now and the end of 2015 (according to this article) the Chinese are going to roll out a Gold backed Yuan, and reset the Gold prices. This is what they have been planning for all along. This is the main reason the BRIC nations and the western banks have been buying up massive amounts of Gold over the past seven years and smashing the prices.

    To the average person on the street it won’t mean much until the dollar drops about 40% of its value, and credit completely dries up, collapsing what’s left of this imaginary economy. How soon ballooning Gold prices hit the market is anybody’s guess, but it would be essentially like someone yelling FIRE in a crowed theater. I wouldn’t want to be the last one out.

    • Greg Hunter

      It is coming and soon my friend!!! Thank you for all the postings and links!!

    • CLB

      Excellent reporting Jerry, I’ve got about a dozen people reading USAWATCHDOG because of your insight on what the real danger is to this country. Gregg, please continue with your interviews, possible one will be primarily focused on what Jerry reports on, China, Gold, IMF, SDR, Comex, AIIB. One a side note, my cousin who works for a small bank in Maine, she’s been over in Chinna helping set up the AIIB banking infrastructure for over a year now. Im waiting to get an update from her, I’ll forward all info. The death of the Dollar is coming, and that’s the greatest threat to our country.

    • Sam Hill

      Nowhere near that soon, Jerry. China’s inclusion into the SDR isn’t finalized until late 2016. I see that you’re anxious for everything to unravel. It will, but in it’s own time. Relax. Maybe brew yourself a good cup of China Black Tea.

      • Greg Hunter

        Not so sure your right Sam about the “unraveling.” Lots going on in the background my sources say.

        • Sam Hill

          To be sure, if the Fed ups the interest rate even 12.5 points things could get “interesting”. Time will tell. The ‘death of the dollar’ would be the best thing to happen to this world. No more meddling of the US in foreign affairs. and a return to sound money for the globe would create stability and peace like we haven’t seen for many decades.

          • Greg Hunter

            It’s the derivatives that’s the problem. BIS says $1 quadrillion. Of that Dr. Paul Craig Roberts says 80% are interest rate derivatives.

            • Smaulgld

              But derivatives are constantly expiring, being renegotiated, being created. Any rate hike has been considered by market participants
              Blow ups in derivatives happen when unexpected events occur
              For every winner there is a loser

              • JMiller

                I agree.

      • Jerry

        You’re not paying attention. A Gold backed Yuan will completely change the economic paradigm. If the Yuan was not going to be active in the market until 09/16 then why did the IMF move up the inclusion date? Why did the Chinese say there was going to be a gold price fix before the end of the year (see the link) ? Why is AIIB and CIPS up and running now? You can go back to sleep now.

        For the record, I am not cheerleading for the Chinese. Our children and grandchildren will most likely be working in Chinese sweat shops if the criminal cabal running our government doesn’t blow us up first.

        • Occasnltrvlr

          Aside from verb tense, you’ve said something I agree with completely: “A Gold backed Yuan would completely change the economic paradigm.”

          You are right. It would IMMEDIATELY destroy China’s fragile economy, which is precisely why it will not happen.

          The Chinese could own as much gold as Karen Hudes claims exists, and it would not change this.

          The Chinese could set the price of gold at the equivalent of $10,000 per ounce, and it would not change this.

          The IMF could set the SDR to 100% yuan, and it would not change this.

          And that is why it will not happen.

          The irony is that you slander others.

    • Jerry

      Here we go. China on another Gold spending spree.

      I guess China wasn’t listening to the detractors who said nothing was going to happen in the markets until next year. Next year is here. The fat lady hasn’t sung yet, but I hear her clearing her throat in the back room.

    • Jerry

      Greg, I would encourage all of your readers to read this article. In it they will find the Chinese Gold Strategy I have been talking about for many months. When you understand the underlying principles, then you will appreciate the weight of the coming the Gold Price Fix and what it means to the dollar. Time is short.

  8. Faith

    I found Mr. Celente’s remark about the Indian Point nuclear power plant interesting. Especially considering that there was a problem yesterday, not being reported in the MSM. Zerohedge reported a problem, last night. Nothing in the MSM today. Silence.


    “As AP reports, officials say one of the Indian Point nuclear power plant’s reactors in suburban New York has been shut down because several control rods lost power.

    Plant owner Entergy says control room operators safely shut down the Indian Point 2 reactor around 5:30 p.m. Saturday. The reactor’s designed to make a safe shutdown if the control rods lose electricity.

    Gov. Andrew Cuomo says the company reports no radiation was released into the environment. State Department of Public Service workers are headed to the plant in Buchanan, about 30 miles north of midtown Manhattan.

    The Indian Point 3 reactor is running. Together, the two reactors supply about one-quarter of the power used in New York City and Westchester County.

    Indian Point 3 was shut down in July after a water pump problem.
    But despite the company operating the site reports that there was no radioactivity released from the reactor Unit 2.

    Statement from Governoir Cuomo:
    “Earlier tonight, the Unit 2 reactor at the Indian Point Nuclear Facility was forced to shut down due to a reported power loss to several control rods. The company reports that there was no radioactivity released to the environment. I have directed the Department of Public Service to investigate and monitor the situation and a team is currently en route to Indian Point to begin its work.”

  9. Andrew de Berry (Rev)

    Absolutely brilliant interview Greg. I truly love Gerald Celente and you’re right up there with him. Terrible consequences for those in debt in 2016. Here in the UK we have the masses being driven to overspend for the festive season, despite personal debt increasing by over £1 billion per month, with nobody warning of anything. Given a currency reset and they’ll be underwater for all time. Then courtesy of the Paris tragedy our Prime Minister managed to coerce a majority in the House of Commons into ‘authorising’ an invasion of Syria, while letting slip that any who opposed the motion were nothing short of ‘terrorist sympathisers’. Nor did Cameron retract this unconscionable remark, despite well over 100 MPs voting their opposition.
    Logical trends point to the inevitability of a third world war. However over here we don’t do guns, and while guns, gold and a getaway plan seem like an obvious strategy for our U.S. friends may I include a third or fourth ‘G’ to Gerald’s list, namely BIG G – Almighty GOD. Nor as he rightly says this is not to spout religion, although many Christian believers on this site must be praying (with fasting if need be) that somehow God will intervene in this madness. And do we no see glimmers of this in such unlikely leaders as Donald Trump and President Putin? After all the Almighty has done this before by using unlikely sources when protecting the Children of Israel. Further rays of hope are that the psychopaths are having to deal with the tsunami of social media networks now laying waste to their best laid plans and lies. There’s you Greg, along with such towering spirits as Paul Craig Roberts, Gerald C, and all those on the SGT site or Zero hedge, along with countless whistle-blowers whose courage and candour are mind-blowing.
    As for me I’m praying with every ounce of my being that these hideous leaders may be confounded in their wickedness, in ways that they could have never fathomed.

    Peace, love and friendship to you all. If God is FOR us, just WHO can be against us?

    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Rev. I think the “Fat Lady” is getting ready to make her appearance.

    • susan

      Rev. Berry, you are so right. Hopefully everyone is praying their hearts out. We all must focus and pray through Jesus Christ.

    • Jim

      Well I say that anybody who pays attention to Cameron is a dead pig head molester sympathizer. For comparison, imagine if Trump or Ron Paul molested a dead pig head. There would be no possibility of damage control.

      Why doesn’t he talk about how they bombed Syria to purposefully produce refugees that Merkel could use as a weapon against Europe, and against her own nation? Or how Soros pays millions to transfer them. These people are too evil and filthy for hell. Not even the Devil could stomach their hypocrisy. At least he has some taste.

      Have you seen the pics of Syria? It looks like Dresden after WW2. I’m thankful nobody got terrorized by that bombing though, unlike the unsurpassed horror that was the Boston Marathon bombing. Yes, it seems the MSM treats one little bomb by the side of the road as a far more more terror-inducing event than a leveled city and a million refugees. It’s even worse when you consider how they plan these events, or even fake them. (Operation Gladio for example. Will Cameron ever condemn that? No, he’s probably running it now the lying devil)

      Greg, you saved your soul getting away from those pathetic presstitutes. Maybe you could tell us what goes on in their heads, if anything? Are they all just useful idiots, or are some of them knowingly misleading the public?

      • Greg Hunter

        They are elites in as many come to the networks with a family pedigree. Anderson Cooper = Gloria Vanderbilt Chris Wallas son of famed Mike Wallace, Chris Cuomo son for former NY Governor Mario, and the list goes on and on. Also, most are grads of Ivy League schools Yale Harvard ect. These folks are not smarter just better connected. I am the proud son of a machinist–and a good one at that. I got to the networks because I was careful yet aggressive and fair, and could do investigative reporting and not get them sued or embarrassed. I have never been successfully sued for what I said or for anything else. When you are careful and fair it’s very hard to make a case. These folks are also useful idiots and many are disconnected from the world you and I live in.

        • WD


          “Also, most are grads of Ivy League schools Yale Harvard etc. These folks are not smarter just better connected.”

          Great answer!! I have occasionally worked with Ivy league grads and am stunned by their obvious limitations. These people seem to be unable to make things happen unless they are in a very structured environment. And so many are medicated because of anxiety, depression etc….they can barely leave their houses to do anything. I am amazed at how they are in held in such high regard.

          I remember the cheating scandal where these students were not smart enough to even pull off a cheating ring!!


  10. CLB

    PS, it’s a shame to see your guest now push they’re prediction into 2016, now that it’s evident that they were wrong in 2015. With regards to hitting market highs, (we’ll see a new high very soon) non of your guest have actually had an accurate prediction. Let stick to the facts, China!

  11. Anna

    Hello Mr. Hunter.

    Love your interview with Gerald Celente. He and I are the same age, I started listening to him way back when we both had dark hair. He somehow manages to say the same things and yet stay current and relevant. One of these days – soon – it’ll all be over. I’ve been listening to these predictions since 1976, only now the details are downright scary and we know “they” have no way out. It’s the final elements of the book of Revelation.

    Mr. Celente thinks that when the SHTF he’ll just drive up to Canada and magically cross the border? I laughed. Good luck to him. Either your US border guards will keep him (and many others) down there or ours will not let him (and many others) up here. Look how fast France closed the borders over that one event in Paris and nobody went in or out; wait till every country does likewise when the total collapse happens. People will be stuck on the highways burning gasoline surrounded by thousands of others who are panicking with nowhere to go. Then he said that when he gets to Canada he’ll decide where he’ll go from there – another good one. If we don’t act before the crisis we might be in for a nasty surprise.

    So many of your guests are literally speaking about end-times events but either don’t realize that or are afraid to say so. Time for Michael Pento again, please! Thanks for your great interviews. God bless you.


    • canuck

      Anna, you are right, his plan to come to us in canada is full of holes. To quote a boxer who doesn’t really deserve to be quoted (mike tyson): everybody has a plan until they get punched out! So here’s my point of view. First of all, small towns will be overwhealmed (hotels full), resources drawn down ( most food in canada comes from the

      • canuck

        wasnt done yet: most food is from the US, so within days of massive breakdown inthe lower 48, we will starving too. Cold weather is a factor that can’t be ignored, the ill prepared die fast in the cold. In major cities, the Syrians are starting to show up and they are getting the royal treatment. Over time people get exhausted, and i dont know how much goodwill will be leftover for the next batch of refugees that show up.

        That’s my view from the north. Canuck out.

        • CrazyCanuck

          … Except with such a long unprotected border like ours, there are many, many ways to breach it if one makes the necessary arrangements beforehand — for eg … It’s not far from Erie to S ontario is it?

          • Gary Canuck

            If Gerald crosses the border into Canada he will not be able to drink his favorite wine, unless he is willing to pay a 60% premium at least.
            I feel sorry for my American friends when their currency drops 35% like our has, it is one hell of a thing to deal with as you Canucks know, until then game on, the dollar tanks, then watch out.

            PS BOC says today negative interest rates
            a possibility, =were going to print money, well with the Socialist running this country no surprise.

            Monkey See Monkey Do.
            I might have to move to Costa Rica or Iceland, at least Iceland puts their bankers
            in jail.

    • Linda louin

      Yes Anna:
      Many folks just don’t understand the severity of what a total collapse would look like. I have a friend that tells me when the big event occurs, she and her family are going to hop in their car and head for their family owned ranch in Texas (they currently live in Phoenix). I Told them if they wait until it happens, they’d be better off staying put because all the roads leading out of the cities would be blocked in an emergency situation (they still don’t get it…gotta love them anyway).

      • Kerry

        Oh boy. Let me tell you about blocked roads. Hurricane Rita, Hurricane Ike. You have no idea how bad it can be unless you are in an evacuation. What a mess! People dying in their cars. Family members stuck on the highway for three days, texting for help, send food, send water! Cell phone dying. Need gas! If you live in Phoenix you better get to Texas fast before the SHTF. And you better be armed, too.

  12. Carol Smith

    Love what the Rev said. Let’s all get together and pray what the Rev said – that these hideous leaders may be confounded in their wickedness, in ways that they could have never fathomed. This is actually Psalm 58 which I have been praying for a while.
    I also like what Catherine Austin Fitts said. That we should all be at peace. Also,
    Greg has been saying the very same thing. Just be at Peace and have Faith that this
    storm will turn on the ones that created it.

  13. James Hastings

    I can’t guarantee my safety in hard times…..but I can make basic preparations and plans.
    1) Keep my Bank accounts at a minimum.
    2) Cash at home. (You can always deposit it)
    3) Maintain a 90 day supply of basic foods you like, at the house, and rotate continually. (You eat it)
    4) Determine where I can find water?
    5) Invest in pre-65 silver and 1/1o & 1/4 ounce US gold coins. (You can always sell)
    6) Buy an ample supply of guns and ammo. (You can always sell)
    7) Decide where you can live, in relative safety. (Family, second home, camper, Gypsy trailer) (What!!!! worried they may foreclose…..WHO?)
    8) Keep 10 gallons of gas around the house, keep the best vehicle maintained and buy a small trailer. Save some vacation time for…..just in case your not sure.
    9) Spend a little time each day, thinking about possible stumbling blocks, and how to improvise.
    10) Pray…..God is real. But…..He is not Santa Clause. 🙂

    Remember, inflation will increase the value, of what every you buy.

    • aps

      James, I agree with what you are saying. But I believe you need to keep expanding your food supply. Think from 90 days to 100 days, then to 110 days, etc. Ever expanding with the idea you don’t know how long or how many you are going to feed. What may be sufficient for 4 people for 90 days may be only enough food for 8 people for 45 days. If you are definite that it is only X number of people, then you are ok BUT if not sure you may want to keep increasing for those you don’t expect that you may want to take in.

      By the way, had a can of peaches 2 weeks ago that had a best buy date of 12/2010. Looked good, smelled good and even tasted alright. No problems with them

      • Jim

        When friends and relatives who didn’t prep turn up, how are you going to turn them away? You have to prep for them too, and you won’t know how long it will last. Uncertainty will be a killer.

        It is also said that “hunger has its own logic”. People will become dangerous when the old rules don’t apply.
        The problem is working out when they don’t apply. In the Argentine collapse many people protecting their food stashes or property ended up in prison for doing so slightly too emphatically.

        It won’t be called Chaos for nothing, if it does go that way. However many of the normal rules will still apply. Even during the siege of Leningrad, when people were scraping wallpaper paste and boiling down brief cases in order to eat, a special anti-cannibalism police force was established.

      • susan

        aps, tonight we used a can of tomato sauce and a can of diced tomatoes dated 2010. They were perfectly fine.

  14. Colin - 'the farmer from NZ'

    Don’t worry America.
    Mark Toner, a phycopathic liar if I ever saw one and none other than deputy spokesman for the US state department, assured the world over the weekend that the Turkish Govt c0uld not possibly be involved in the smuggling and profiting of IS oil…
    …..wait for it………because Turkey is a trusted Ally of the US and a member of Nato!!!
    [where on earth do they dig these spokesmen up from]
    By the way, there is now a raft of evidence suggesting that a good portion of this contraband is ending up in Israel…of all places.

    • Jeff L

      “By the way, there is now a raft of evidence suggesting that a good portion of this contraband is ending up in Israel…of all places.” Thank you Colin.

    • Grafique

      Did you know that God promised to give to Israel all the land from the Nile to the Euphrates?
      If Israel gets any oil from Syria, it’s Israel’s oil anyway.

      Genesis 15:18 –
      In the same day the LORD made a covenant with Abram, saying, “Unto thy seed have I given this land, from the river of Egypt unto the great river, the river Euphrates…”

      Amos 9:15 –
      “And I will plant them upon their land, and they shall no more be pulled up out of their land which I have given them, saith the LORD thy God.”

      • sk

        And did YOU know that the Devil will quote the bible if it benefits his aims?

        • Greg Hunter

          But if you know what’s in the Bible the Devil won’t be able to use it to deceive you. That is the Key, know what is in the Bible.

        • brian

          The simple reality here is that the Word of God is written on your heart, that is to say that only by the very breath of your Creator did you come to live….accept the guidance and strength that God freely gives to all of those who belong to Him, do your God proud, reflect well upon your Maker, see to it that you spend your life in faithful service to the Lord; then you need not worry about what man has carved onto stone.

        • Grafique

          Yes, sk, I did know that. But since I’m a new creation, with the Holy Spirit dwelling in me, you needn’t worry about me being deceived.

          Did you know that it’s a sin to twist the Word of God to suit your personal agenda?

          • Greg Hunter

            You cannot “add” or “take away” words from the Bible. http://biblehub.com/revelation/22-19.htm

            • JMiller


              As you may already know Revelation 22:19 is specifically talking about the Book of Revelation only, not the whole Bible. As far as the whole written Bible, words have been taken away and words have been added. Out of over 5000 known Greek New Testament manuscripts, no two Greek manuscripts are the same. There are numerous differences (textual variants), however most are small and not important. Some however are not small. The ending of Mark (16:9-20) is one which I believe without doubt is not the original ending for several reasons. The main reason is because it contradicts the ending in Luke. When the two on the road to Emmaus returned to Jerusalem in Luke 24:32-35 the disciples and others were rejoicing at the truth that the Lord has risen and that the Lord appeared to Simon Peter but in Mark 16:9-14 we see the opposite happening. The disciples were not rejoicing that they knew the Lord has risen, as seen in Luke, but are seen not believing that He had risen. The ending of Mark would have been on the outside of the scroll and could have been easily torn off early on and a substitute put in it’s place. Also Peter says that all of Paul’s letter are like the other scriptures (2 Peter 3:15-16). However we do not have all of Paul’s letters. In 1 Corinthians 5:9-11 we see Paul had wrote a letter with instructions to the Corinthian church prior to this. If all of Paul’s letters are scripture then we do not have all of the scriptures. What we have today is a Bible that has been corrupted.

              • Greg Hunter

                You are wrong JM. It’s the entire Bible.

  15. Diana Dee Jarvis

    LOL over the Congresswoman having guts instead of cojones. Yes, women have guts. Speaking of women, I enjoy most of your interviews, but I do wonder why the guests are mostly men. Looking at alt news sources, I see Catherine Austin Fitts, Nomi Prins, Sibel Edmonds, Sharyl Attkisson … and a lot of men. Why aren’t there more women speaking up? (I’m not accusing you of anything. This is a genuine question.)

    • Anne Elliott

      Not as many women into “high finance”… Excepting of course Janet Yellen and Christine LaGard… Hey, maybe Greg could get one of those two ladies on… ROTFL!!!

      • Diana Dee Jarvis

        Greg interviewing LaGarde could be exciting. Her education btw appears to be in law. Not sure how that qualified her for the IMF, but that sort of thing going on is probably part of the problems.

      • Jim

        Yeah ask her if she is connected with the Illuminati.

        Seriously, why not?

  16. smaulgld

    Thanks for having Gerald on again. Intriguing to me is how the MSM has covered up all the bad economic news.

    For example, we hear how trader sentiment on gold and silver is at “all time lows” YET we never hear that gold and silver demand is at all time highs!

    The US mint quietly halted production of gold eagles six weeks before the end of the year. Why? Were they selling too many? Are they out of gold?

    • Faith

      Good to see you still posting! I agree, I like silver very much. It is still very affordable for anyone. My standard question is if the economy goes belly up do you want worthless FRNs or 1 ounce silver bullion coins? (Silver Eagles or Mapleleafs) I see a future point in time where the FRNs are going to be worthless while that cheap 1 ounce coin will be priceless. I am still stacking silver bullion, at home. Good luck finding it if I haven’t told you where it is. I figure that my family will probably throw it away by accident. No joke.

  17. country codger

    Hello Greg,
    I enjoy all your guest (except Jonathon Cahn for misleading Americans) but I really enjoyed Gerald’s interview. Gerald can vacillate between great information and hyperbole in a heartbeat but I think he was spot on today.

    Pastor Cahn sees the 6.93 year financial cycle (as defined by Dr. Steve Puetz) and calls it the Shemitah year but it is not. Elul is not the month of the new year but rather Abib (also spelled Aviv). Starting in either March or April will be the sabbatical year and it will run until the Spring of 2017. Starting in Spring of 2017 is the “War Cycle” found in Lev. 26. Pastor Cahn did not document his “theory” nor provide biblical research nor what our responsibilities were for the sabbatical year. Sorry, didn’t mean to rant.


  18. No Name for this post.

    Hi Greg
    I removed my name for this one because I have mentioned holding physical gold, it would not be wise to give my name.
    Like a lot of other USA watchdog viewers, I am trying hard to put away a small amount of physical gold.
    My fear is that the powers to be will confiscate it before the currency devaluation.
    They know how much we all have, I would not want to be arrested by the men in black, so I guess there is no choice but to give it to them if this was to happen.
    I just spoke with ABC bullion in Sydney and asked if I could walk in without any ID and buy a one ounce coin, they said yes providing I spend less than $5000.
    May be that is the answer, but they would still need to make out an invoice, if it was purchased under a false name, then how do we prove ownership, there just does not seem to be any answers. Maybe for those of us like my self that do not have a large amount, it may be better to hold silver, I do not think silver has been confiscated before, but I could be wrong.
    I feel lucky to live in an old shack in the Australian bush, will be focusing on getting enough solar power to get of the grid in 2016, protecting it will be another story, good people do not have guns in Australia, only the criminals and authorities are armed.

    • Greg Hunter

      Don’t lie name. You can aways say you sold it or “lost” it but don’t lie.

    • Faith

      Oh come on! Lots of folks that live in the bush own guns! I have an old friend that lives in Tazzie and they always have a gun and have hunted all their lives, much as myself and my family! I take it you recently left the city for the bush, that is the ONLY thing that explains your singular point of view.

      • aussie jeff

        I totally agree Faith,
        I live in the bush in Australia and I have 4 guns,hunting and protection.Not sure why my fellow Australian would think I’m a criminal?

        • Faith

          Thank you much for the confirmation Aussie Jeff! I have a friend that I have known for ten years that lives in the bush in Tasmania and she has always told me about how her husband supplements their food by hunting and fishing. They don’t live in a big city, more like a village, and live a country / bush-style life. She had the cutest pics of a baby possum she took in and raised up. She is always rescuing something and has had a pony and horse that both lived to be near, or over, 30-years of age. A kind, loving, Christian family that has learned how to survive through good times and bad! That is they way folks in the country make it through, always has been.

    • Kerry

      If you live in the bush who will know if you have a gun? Don’t you hunt in the bush?

  19. smaulgld

    Gerald left out a silver report.
    Here is a full Silver Supply and Demand Report and analysis of the Silver Institute’s Report

  20. Ken


    Thank You for all of your hard work. I never miss an interview…

    The Western Banking Cartel will bring war before it peter’s out….
    Prison for Tyrants……Look to Iceland for the NEW paradigm shift!!


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you Ken!

  21. Jerry

    Gerald is absolutely correct about no congressional approval being authorized to send U.S. troops into Syria. We weren’t invited in by Assad. This is essentially a NATO invasion. Here an example of what a fluster cluck this is.

    Gerald is wrong about bugging out to Canada. Once the false flag is hoisted (probably a cyber attack on the banks) you have 72 hours to get where you’re need to be before you are locked down. If its an EMP? Sorry Charlie, you are, where you are at the moment of impact. As for me, I have suspended all travel more than 75 miles now. The time is just to short, and the inflection point could be any day.

    • Anne Elliott

      I think an EMP is extremely likely. It would clear out (i.e. kill) a lot of the “useless eaters”, and make the whole US populace more submissive to a UN takeover; even those evil American gun owners. Anybody read One Second After? After a few months, Americans would be begging the UN to come in and rescue them.

      • Kerry

        I read One Second After and totally agree. I can’t see how most people will survive a really bad situation. Too soft, too stupid about survival, too much screen time not enough basic skills. Most woman I work with can’t even sew a hem much less can, bake, sew, raise crops. Totally ignorant of basic home skills. Ask them to raise rabbits (or hunt them) and then skin them to cook and eat? Are you joking? They would think you were CRAZY. After all, you can always go down the street to Kentucky Fried and get lunch if you are hungry. I wonder how many fans who watch the Walking Dead actually realize that could be the real future of the US (not the zombie part, but the total breakdown part).

        • Faith

          Kerry, I have also read “One Second After.” Highly recommend “One Year After.” Read it a few weeks ago.

          I can cook and grew up sewing. I am a little embarrassed that I know how to tat. Few people even know what tatting is, let alone how to do it. (Tatting is a mix between crochet and macrame and best learned while you are young.) My grandmother had me crocheting from the age of 4 or 5. I also did an organic farm internship after university. Best summer of my life! As far as shooting game or raising animals for food I am very interested in learning those skills. You never know unless you ask. I would be honored to meet a man like yourself!

          • Kerry

            Thanks for the compliment but it was my Mom who gave me the masculine spelling of the name Kerry. I am actually a female Texan, and I do know what tatting is. My grandmother made her own and tried to teach me but I did not have the patience when I was a youngster. I do crochet but never learned to knit-just don’t like to do it. My husband raised rabbits as a kid and knows how to raise, kill, and eat them. He lived on a chicken ranch for a while as a boy. He also knows gardening. My Dad was an avid gardener and raised veggies in our backyard. I grew up eating fresh veggies and tree-ripening fruit. What a huge difference compared to the crap you get in grocery stores these days.

            • Faith

              My mistake ma’am and I apologize! I should have known a woman from Texas would know about tatting! I saw your other post, above, about teaching the younglings to bake bread. It seems like such a simple thing. I, too, also think it is imperative to teach young people skills that will be lost if they are not passed down.

      • Linda louin

        Yes, an electromagnetic pulse would be the most logical way, completely bringing the US to its knees, taking us back to the 1800s, without nuking the land/natural resources. How would folks cope without their electronic devices? (they’d actually have to make eye to eye contact/face to face conversation, no more concerns about surveillance spying, back to the pioneer lifestyle/old west,
        Oh my…

    • David B.

      I think Gerald will have to sneak into Canada. Crossing border by foot or auto likely will be banned for a time.

    • Jerry

      Here we go folks. Russia is saying NATO forces have attacked Assad backed Syrian troops.

      • Greg Hunter

        I looks like NATO is inviting war. No other way to look at it. Thank you for the link.

  22. DLC

    We are at war? For the fugazi in the WH? The same one who ripped the door off the borders and only works of late to disarm us? Which war? Stateside, or Syria, or us against the whole world? The goal posts keep shifting.

    This America hater of ours already purged the best of the best in our armed forces. Do we now send our ill-equipped, ill-prepared, ill-informed? Our gunrunner-in-chief has supplied the ME, Mexico, and probably everyone else on the planet. Imagine, our head gunrunner wants to disarm only us. Get the irony? He does.

    We are told in a constant drumbeat that we are the problem. Not us! Not the American citizen, not the Russian citizen! Have you noticed how socialist leaders all live large? Did we learn nothing? We do the fighting, the sacrificing. They do the jetting, the high rolling.

    A war? With a draft? For these barbarians in DC? The very ones who purposefully started all of this. Sacrifice your families to what end?

    Watch some war documentaries to refresh your memories, the ones showing the people’s fate in the throes of a war.

  23. Cry me a Ruble

    I hope you welcome me back. I have been observing your blog since I left. I was having personal issues and I ask to be removed. I hope to be reinstated. As for the world now and the current status I think Isaiah 5:20 says it all…..
    “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil;
    that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put
    bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”
    This administration “Obama” has done nothing but fulfill this scripture.

    • Greg Hunter

      Is this Cryptic Little Sister?

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Don’t you remember me? I was a regular commentator on this website not last summer but the summer before. I challenged Jerry back then. I don’t know CLS and have no knowledge of CLS. She came after and during my absence. I am from Missouri and mentioned that in my posts.

        • Cry Me a Ruble

          I picked the name “Cry me a Ruble” because at the time Putin was invading the Crimea.

          • brian


    • diane s.

      Calling good evil and evil good is :
      The Luciferic inversion according to the late Dr. David R. Hawkins
      It is used by most all Marxists and Socialists in
      academia and has been for decades.
      It is also used by the globalists in Brussels and Washington and London.

    • Jerry

      Cry me a Ruble.
      Here is one of my favorites II Peter:3 3-4
      “Knowing this first that there shall come in the last days SCOFFERS walking after their own lusts. And saying, where is the promise of his coming? for since the fathers fell asleep all things continue as they were from the beginning of creation”.

  24. Zoey

    Hi Greg,

    I’ve been watching your interviews for several months and I’m addicted! Thanks so much for your efforts to provide the most relevant and current information to help us survive through this inevitable global catastrophe. I also like the fact that you moderate the comments because I can enjoy them without being turned off by obscene comments which happens in just about all the other websites…also I live in NYC and I started to hear sirens going off more frequently in my neighborhood as if they are doing some kind of a drill. Lastly, as we continue to get bombarded with all these global crisis we need to remember the most important thing that all these events occur in the “palm of God’s hands.” God Bless.

    • Greg Hunter

      I lived in NYC at 63rd and West End. Had a great time there but it can be scary. “Fear Not” and thank you for your comment and support.

    • Anne Elliott

      We live in rural downstate Illinois, and our power has been going off for a few seconds at a time every week, even when there is no storm or wind. Is it a drill – Who knows?? But I’m using it as a drill!

      • Anne Elliott

        Practice makes perfect, you know!

        • JC Davis

          Anne here in Nashville TN there has been over a thousand people without electricity with no explanation. They got the power back on quickly. I found it strange it happened in several different areas. Small patches. No one explained what happened.

          • JC Davis

            There was over 8 thousand total in one week. The one I was speaking of ended up being blamed on a rat.

            • Deanna Johnston Clark

              To take down the grid would murder hundreds of thousands of kids with serious asthma and adults with breathing difficulty. Hospitals would be overwhelmed because they have back up generators. There’s no point in such a sabotage. What would make sense would be a bank holiday and shut down of ATMs. The poor and the geezers who pay bills with money orders or cash can sell their knowledge on street corners to all these digital economists.
              Nobody mentions the kind people who always step up…remember the black lady in New Orleans who went around with her grocery cart full of stuff, including sanitary napkins and toilet paper, luring the little crack kids out from under buildings? Read “The Great Deluge”….we’re a great country in a crisis.

              • JC Davis

                Deanna I believe they would shut down the grid to hide the fact they crashed the economic structure. There are many reasons in the minds of desperate people.

            • Anne Elliott

              Oh, I’m sure it WAS a rat – only one with two legs sitting behind a computer.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      I appreciate your knowledge of the scriptures. Your quotes about the end are well taken and applicable. These are the times that try men’s patriotism. This is our winter of discontent. Those are also quotes from the past. Still they are completely relevant today. I would end with Daniel 12:4 “But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.”

  25. lynn

    Greg….thank you again for a terrific interview. I have a question. Does his information that he is sharing coincide with the information that your inside sources are saying? Is there anything else you can share that your sources are saying that is in addition to what all of your guests have been sharing with us? Are they credible enough and have their finger on a trigger to give us the facts. As a reporter, you have access to these other sources, how sure are they it is coming by the first quarter of 2016? Praying for a miracle soon.

    • Greg Hunter

      You asked ” Does his information that he is sharing coincide with the information that your inside sources are saying? ” Yes there is a growing consensus and even Catherine Austine Fitts said similar things to me today via email. The End Game is here.

  26. DLC

    Two flicks that drive the point home on gun confiscation. One is “As If I Am Not There” and another is “Katyn,” both free on Hulu. I will not post them here because they are very graphic.

    When they are armed and you are not, these are the realities.

    • Greg Hunter

      Post a link if they are important and give another warning of the graphic nature. We need reality and you are welcome to provide some.

  27. Anne Elliott

    Love hearing from Gerald. Wish I could go to Florida and meet him – he is a wealth of knowledge and insight! He is right too about staying healthy mentally, spiritually, physically, and emotionally during these times. Stay strong, Watchdoggers! Our ancestors braved many hardships and perilous times in the ages before us. Take encouragement from that. We have it in our genes to forge our way through the perilous times ahead, and with God’s help, we will do so!

  28. DLC

    “As If I Am Not There” and “Katyn” now can be found on YouTube also.

    • Scott

      He lost his gold, Anne. How bright can he really be?

      • lastmanstanding

        He got Corzined…they just stole all of his fiat. Of which he could have used to buy gold…which is essentially the same damn thing.

        Lots of people have fiat money in the system under someone else’s control. The same system that has made and lost it for them…several times. Many just cannot believe that if will happen again because many just haven’t lost it all. That is the beauty of it.

        Then you have those that can only live with money forcible stolen by any means necessary from producers…with less than zero shame.

        Then there is people like us.

        “don’t go down without one helluva fight” If we make it, the world will be a better place. If we don’t, well hell, none of us would want to live in a world like that anyway.

  29. Myron

    I understand the mechanics of the devaluation of the dollar and the gold confiscation events of the past, but at that time the dollar was directly defined in terms of ounces of gold. Since the currency is now a ‘ petrodollar’ and the price of gold in dollars floats (within a manipulated range) I cannot see the mechanics of a forced currency devaluation. Would the value be stated against the SDR or another currency, or would we get another confiscation and a declared fixed exchange rate to gold?
    Could someone shed some wisdom as to how this might be carried out for me? Thanks in advance.

    • JC Davis

      I will give it a shot. Devaluation of the past can not happen in the same way because of what you have stated. I look at it this way. The Petrodollar can float into the land of uselessness. Or the sink hole of debt without security can collapse causing the dollar to seem to rise to uselessness. According to Greenspan with the ability to print currency devaluation can not happen. The center of the wheel is the last to feel the vibration of a flat tire.

      • sk

        Huh? “…with the ability to print currency devaluation cannot happen”??? Weimar Germany, Austria, Zimbabwe…Don’t you mean “…with the ability to print currency BANKRUPTCY cannot happen”? You won’t be bankrupt, you’ll just pay 25 dollars for a loaf of bread and 50 for a gallon of milk.

        • JC Davis

          Hyper inflation is a surety.

        • JC Davis

          SK .Deflation is the removal of currency. Inflation is the installation of currency.

        • JC Davis

          SK I see my mistake. when quoting Greenspan. Deflation not devaluation. Sorry.

  30. canuck

    Greg, i like many others here, am a regular viewer, for years now.
    I have a general question that none of the guests seem to address: if the debt is owed to the banks, shouldn’t they profit handsomely from rising rates, and if so, wouldn’t bank stocks be great buys? I think the answer might be that the loans will not be paid back, and all the banks will fail as it happened in some cases in 2008 until Bernanke “saved the day”, but what if the value of currencies is devalued, then the loans will be repaid in a lower-valued dollar. Who loses out in that case, what is the mechanism by which people’s wealth is stolen, and where does that wealth go?

  31. Cry Me A Ruble

    I was listening to Dave Ramsey today. He said and I quote “The dumbest thing you could do is to invest in precious metals.” Is he saying that because his livelihood is in investment advisement? Or is he correct? Someone tell me!!

    • JC Davis

      His livelihood is in investment advisement. He may have convinced himself the reality of money can never meet his fantasy life of paper. Likely a mix of both. I do respect the fact that many have gotten out of debt by following his advise.

    • Rod

      Dave Ramsey has good financial advice for people just trying to make ends meet, but he is no expert on what is really going on in the world. He’s been bashing PMs forever because he doesn’t understand what insurance is. When metals were soaring he was hiding like a gopher and now that they have tanked he’s an expert again. He’s just another bought and paid for MM cheerleader.

    • lastmanstanding

      Ramsey was a bankrupt idiot at one time and now he is giving the best advice on how not to be…and making millions from it. He is one of them. He is widely recognized now because he came up with and idea, a product, whatever you want to call it that tptb make lots o money off what he does.

      He is nationally (sin) dicated. Millions and billions of dollars, products, etc. move thru these media channels. Who owns these channels. Hasn’t Greg explained this enough?

      Yes, a few people have gotten to a better place. But, you need to “follow the money.”

      One more thing. Trump has been bankrupt 4 times. Most little guys barely, if ever get back on their feet after a bankruptcy and these pricks are the exception to the rule! wtf. Look at what they are into, their sponsorship and once again, media backed. They have gotten to the top because someone saw value in their message or direction.

      Their owner. Their financer, Their handler…they are not any better than you or I. They just bow to a different creator.

    • Calgirl

      Ten years ago when I had a financial adviser I asked if there were any investment vehicles whee I could invest in G/S. As I recall, he had me invested in Fidelity and one other major house. Well, he said he did not offer any G/S investments. He did not tell my why but I have come to realize that CFA’s don’t recommend them because they don’t make any commissions on them. That may be why “they” bad mouth G/S at every chance….it takes away from their income.
      I u/s that gold was confiscated in the past but many did not turn in their stashes. But, who knows what would happen in the present political/financial environment. However, silver would be very difficult to confiscate due to its weight and the sq. feet it would take to store it all…….IMO. My best guess is that with the present dissatisfaction and distrust of our gov. many would comply with PM confiscation any more than they would turn in their guns.

      • Greg Hunter

        I have to add one small correction and that is CAF is a holder of physical gold and silver and thinks it has a place inn moist every portfolio. She is also a supporter of the 2nd Amendment. Not scolding you, just adding some information about some of the past guests that I know for a fact.

      • Cry Me a Ruble

        Thanks guys,
        I have listened off and on for years to Ramsey and in the back of my mind there was always this voice telling me that there is a catch. Something Dave is not telling us.

    • Paul

      If Yesmar Evad stops looking in his fiat mirror … he will find the smartest thing one could do is to definitely invest in precious metals!

    • Grafique

      I agree, please don’t INVEST in precious metals. Rather, buy PMs as insurance. If you buy them as an investment, expecting a return, you may be disappointed.

      Gold/silver are hedges (insurance) against inflation.

    • Kerry

      It seems logical to me that something that has intrinsic value like silver (or copper or any tangible goods, land, tools, wheat, gasoline) would be better to use as money than paper or imaginary electronic “money.” Why wouldn’t you want to own gold or silver or other hard assets instead of fake paper money?

    • Wilfong

      Yes, if you invest in precious metals you’re an idiot, however if you look at it as insurance, then you’re a genius. You’re not going to get rich off buying gold, but at least think, if something major happens to fiat, you’ve got something else.

      • Greg Hunter

        Nice to have you commenting again Wilfong!!

  32. DLC


    Per your request, Greg. This film I found very disturbing as it is the raw reality of what goes on E. Europe and will only heighten with the influx of “refugees.” It is not fit watching for children certainly. It involves rape and extreme cruelty. Beware.

    I did not submit it for shock value or to be sensational. The dirty truth of what governments will not elaborate on is in this film. How willing do you feel to disarm yourself and those you care about after watching this?

  33. DLC


    Some know of Katyn, the massacre of Poles by the Russians. Watching this gives you some clue as to why some in E. Europe are howling “NYET” to the lunacy of mass migration for the purpose, I feel, of setting Europe up to fail. It involves the massacre of Polish military but also shows how the general population lives — a wishbone between 2 tyrants.

  34. G.Berkshire

    Russia’s Ready For Nuclear War: Deploys Doomsday Plane

    By Polina Tikhonova • on December 5, 2015 5:15 am •

    Russia is now fully prepared for a nuclear war with NATO with this state-of-the-art flying command center capable of maintaining full control over Russia’s armed forces in case of a global disaster or nuclear war.

    Tayyip Erdogan warned Russia not to “play with fire,” hinting at NATO’s 5th article.

    In what appears to be a yet another alarming sign, it was reported by ValueWalk on Tuesday that Russia has already started handpicking nuclear-powered allies for imminent nuclear war with NATO. In particular, Moscow is seeking to build military ties with Pakistan and China. MORE BELOW;

    World War 3: Russia will destroy NATO – report

    Americans won’t risk New York for Turkey?

    Russia can destroy New York with one nuclear strike – report

    Putin urged to start dropping nuclear bombs on NATO


    • sk

      google ‘Blokhin’

  35. DLC


    “Counterfeit Traitor”

    A very short excerpt from a film my parents took me to see when I was around 11 years old. This kid can be found on any campus today.

    Catchy title, could apply to the WH.

  36. DLC


    Correct film cut to “Counterfeit Traitor.”

  37. DLC


    Correct download for Katyn.

    My apologies. I am working at the moment trying to process patient physicals and surgeries, so I am very distracted at the moment. Anyway, I finally have the correct downloads. Back to work.

  38. Scott

    Quit watching 3 minutes in, just couldn’t stand anymore.

    Sorry Greg, but Celente is a trailer park-grade “analyst.” Really weak, I don’t know why you have him on given the strength of your other guests.

    What has Celente ever done besides lose his gold after repeating ad nauseum, “if you don’t hold it, you don’t own it”..?

    Your commentors, above, have x10 more merit as guests on your program than Celente. Seriously.

    • Paul

      Scott … Is Celente “weak” because unlike Dent, Armstrong, etc., etc., who claim the US dollar will become “more valuable” … Gerald Celentie has said the dollar will be toast? … Celente is very obviously “not weak” but has it “exactly right” and tells the truth when he says: “They Will Devalue Our Currency To Bail Themselves Out” … this means the Fed will begin to print quad-trillions (it will be a Zimbabwe QE4 explosion of fiat) and they will place it all into their banker buddies hands … it will be enough to cover the bail out of “all” the bankers derivative losses so as to keep the Ponzi scheme going.

      What will follow is … all the exponential fiat money the Fed produces and gives to the bankers will likely begin to find its way directly into the stock and bond markets (even though these markets are extremely overvalued and look ready to fall right now) … so don’t count on any big crash (just a correction) … because with the help of the Plunge Protection Team the bankers will likely work “to prevent” a stock and bond market crash as it’s “the Fed’s job” to maintain a stable economy … they will not allow anything to pull the rug out from beneath the bankers feet (who have a lot of money invested in stocks and bonds) … remember the Fed was created in 1913 “to protect the banks” … and that is exactly what they have been doing … look at the Fed’s recent actions (allowing banks to borrow “infinite sums of money” to be used for speculative stock, bond and derivative investments) … it shows us exactly how they operate and how they function.

      Now the Fed (to justify the coming huge exponential growth in the money supply necessary to bail out their banker buddies from bad oil and interest rate derivative losses) can either 1) start a war (which also allows the printing of quad-trillions of dollars … or 2) they can move to make the economic numbers so bad and deflationary by “manipulating the economy” that it justifies an exponential printing of money … either way “the intent” of the Fed is to print “massively” … hopefully Option 2 is the chosen path (we don’t need a nuclear war) … besides a nuclear war will destroy the bankers Ponzi scheme right along with humanity) … with “massive” exponential fiat creation to come … who in their right mind is going to want to buy the bonds the Treasury needs to sell to fund their budget, entitlement programs, perpetual wars, etc. (if the T-bond’s principle is destroyed by inflation)? … so the Fed will have to offer a nice interest rate to bond buyers (to compensate for the principle loss due to the coming inflation) … and “this is why” the Fed is preparing to raise interest rates “simultaneously” with their coming exponential printing of  a quad-trillion fiat dollars” … that must take place … in order to keep their Ponzi scheme going!

  39. Jackie

    Greg, I am a PM bug but there is 1 thing I don’t understand. I see & read everywhere that the demand for silver outstrips the supply. Just 1 example: https://smaulgld.com/silver-supply-and-demand-2015/

    But I could have purchased all I wanted over the last 3 years. Even today I can purchase all I can afford (not all I want) with low margins and free postage. If I wanted to purchase 5000 ounces today, I could.
    Where is the shortage I hear so much about?

    • steve R

      Good question… I too would like to know why its so easy to get as much silver and gold as I can trade for with my federal notes? It would seem like there should be a shortage of supply and those who hold the physical would be unwilling to sell it. If you hold gold now why would you want federal notes for it? Don’t you read this site?

    • JC Davis

      Good question Jackie. It would seem the only gauge for demand would be a short in supply so if the supply is not short what other gauge is there to determine demand ? Maybe Bill Holter will be on soon ask him.

      • JC Davis

        I remember someone saying the premium’s are much higher, and that shows a shortage in supply. My area gold and silver store is still full for the selling.

    • Cry Me a Ruble

      I watched all of what Mr. Celente had to say and a lot of it was very good information. However, I think I understand your aversion to him. It is his delivery of what he has to say. He sometimes comes across as a slick used car salesman. The kind your stomach tells you to run from. Just in this case don’t. He does have solid info that could be most beneficial.

  40. Marcus West

    I subscribe to Mr Celente’s Trends in the News and surely enjoy his take on things and how to watch and prepare for whats coming. He even gives you a discount if your not working or can not afford to pay the full amount for the year. This goes to show you that he tries to help the small guy and does not try and rip you off selling some over priced information. I watch him everyday. Bring him back on again and again.

  41. Chip

    Best Celente interview yet Greg… Chip

  42. Charles

    Guns Gold & a Get away plan ! Gregory Mannarino’s market top prediction ! You are part of the blind leading the blind….And he said, ‘I will do this: I will tear down my barns and build larger ones, and there I will store all my grain and my goods. And I will say to my soul, “Soul, you have ample goods laid up for many years; relax, eat, drink, be merry.”’ But God said to him, ‘Fool! This night your soul is required of you, and the things you have prepared, whose will they be?’

    • Milton

      Point of cashin’ your “stack of…” in lawless Society of future brings picture of African savanna in dry season on National Geographic:
      dwindling pond with predator and prey animal dinamics.

  43. don

    Celente is wrong. WW2 started after countries had recovered from the Depression. There was no war in 1929…it started in 1939 by Germany because they had already recovered. Broke countries don’t have the resources to fight wars.

  44. mohammad


    Mr Celente’s record missed his own mishap and loss at mfglobal. Am not discounting the guy or his trend journal by any means. However what he does not get is reading the grid.
    It is unfolding in front of our eyes and it is screaming at us at the top of the lungs “SLOW BURN”. or “CONTROLLED CAOS”.
    Nothing ticks me more than seeing those big names with big subscribers numbers coming out saying “they do not know what are they doing” or “they are losing control” ….etc.
    Simply Greg they do not get it and they are misinforming their followers.
    The theme is been announced by Condoleezza Rice many years back. and that is “Constructive Chaos”. and it is under control.
    So NO there will be no shooting nukes no big drama thing that may get out of control, it will be methodical well calculated well perceived and planned and on top of all, well CONTROLLED, harvesting of countries one after another with CIVIL WARS that EAST and WEST alike are converging and indulging into.
    So sad to see human lives wasted when masses are tricked with false emotions and commotions fueled by elites that hold the strings and pull them any and which way they want.
    What you see in Middle east is a TEMPLATE, and that includes civil war, concentration camps that are run by UN where there is one way entry and no way out except to graveyards (agenda 21 template if you wish to name).
    As a doctor my heart is torn when we spend precious hours trying to bring one precious life back and on the other side one push of a button that evaporates thousands out.
    The theme is CIVIL WARS, under control and a slow burn process under control.
    The elites NEVER LOST CONTROL. we are falling right in their trap when we think for a second that they are out of control.


    • Greg Hunter

      Thank you for adding your and M.E. and MD perspective Mohammad!!

    • WD


      I see your angle, but there are always things that happen that are out of our control.

      I see this as getting out of control, as so many “controlled burns do”. The best laid plans lead to mishaps etc etc. There is always a ying and yang.

      Take care.

  45. Coal Burner

    Greg; I especially enjoyed Everett’s local read and had to say so.

  46. NC Gal

    I enjoy Celente, and this was a good interview with him. Thank you! His trends are just that — connecting some dots and extending the trend as a forecast, which assumes the pattern will continue. If that assumption isn’t correct (i.e things play out differently than they have before now), then the forecast doesn’t hold up. So far, many of his forecasts have come to pass but by the time they do, if he didn’t list his successes, I wouldn’t remember them well.

    My own feeling is that the next major “event” in all of this geopolitical skirmishing going on will be one or more false flags on US soil. I don’t know what form they will take, but they will have to be massive enough (and possibly in more than one location) to produce the predictable outcry for more controls so that people can feel safe. Sigh. Once one sees the game for what it is, things become rather transparent that would otherwise remain hidden.

    • NC Gal

      Apparently Bill Holter also feels that a massive false flag event is needed to provide cover for what is really going on:

      “I hate to say it but a giant false flag will have to come out very soon in order to keep cover and divert attention from the truth. I do not see any other options left, the reality MUST remain hidden or attention diverted, …or the unravelling comes. ” (http://www.jsmineset.com/2015/12/07/a-test-of-wills/)

      I particularly agree with the “very soon” and “giant” parts.

      • Faith

        Thanks for the link NC Gal. I like Bill Holter very much.

  47. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Mr. Celente was quite focused I thought in this powerful interview. Sometimes, based at times on the interviewer , he can really go off in attacking those he believes are part of the problem (like his remark about secretary Ash Carter). In this interview he clearly laid out the dire straits the world is in and what is heading our way.

    Gold, guns, and get-away plan. I like that. But I think the best advice is “prepare yourselves, physically, mentally and spiritually. Fear not, God is in control.”

  48. Craig Michael

    Hi Greg,
    Mr. Celente mentioned about fleeing to Canada during the Collapse and then off elsewhere perhaps (if of course that is still a viable option).

    I can see leaving the big cities, but leaving our country? To go where? Should those that can leave? Or should we all stay behind to join the struggle to rebuild our country. By that I mean to rightly restore the Bill of Rights;our birthright as citizens, to replace the Establishment, bring back sound money and the free-market, restore our constitutional republic.

    That sounds like some pipe-dream, doesn’t it?

  49. seth

    mr hunter, you ban too many commentators for the slightest of reasons, turning this place into a totalitarian echo chamber. I hope you reconsider this strategy in future as it will lead to your demise in the decade-or-less this society has left; in a future world, how could you possibly believe that the masses would leave you alone? If anything, they would consider you behaviours/thoughts/attitudes to be of a man who is too dangerous to walk on the face of the planet.

    • Greg Hunter

      People are free to start a site and run it any way they would like. I am free to run mine that I built with my own money to do the same.

  50. Edward Ulysses Cate

    If the Jewish god, the Islamic god and the Christian god are so wonderful and powerful, why don’t they fight it out among themselves and leave us poor mortals alone? Martyrs of any faith are just dead tools of fools who lied to them.

    • Edward Ulysses Cate

      Apologies, Greg. I just meant this to be a reply to M. Dundee (above).
      Not to get off-subject, but can folks save the bible studies for their own sites.

      • Grafique

        The owner of the website himself brings God into the discussion and if he wants he can delete any inappropriate comment.

        I was kinda hoping that folks like you could save the atheistic comments for your own site.

    • mohammad

      There is only one god.
      The universe from the largest galaxies to the smallest atoms testifies to that.
      The greatness of creation tells and guides to the greatness of creator.
      We are here on earth for a good reason, and we better use this time we have wisely.
      The more we help others the greater the chance we succeed in this exam called life.
      Results of this exam will show later and there will be who passes and who fails.
      The exam will not be undone, and we will not have our papers back to change our answers and there will be no second chance.
      We may argue this premise until the end of time but reality is: We will find out at a certain point.
      Once the exam bell rings and we surrender those papers, we will find out for sure. Lucky and happy who passes the test.


      • Greg Hunter

        As a Christian we believe in God the Father and his Son Jesus Christ. Peace.

        • brian

          Don’t forget the Holy Spirit, all too often we forget that part focusing only on the aspects of God we are most comfortable with.

          Exodus 20:4 reflects Gods thoughts on worshiping an image of any kind, worshiping an image that is a personification of the true God can run one into trouble for sure.

          As Christians we do not worship Christ the man, but instead we acknowledge Christ as the Word incarnate as man.

          What many have come to be comfortable with is only a shadow of the truth which Christ had suffered greatly to bring to us all.

        • mohammad

          Merry Christmas Greg and others.


          • Greg Hunter

            Merry Christmas to you Mohammad. We are happy you are commenting again.

  51. Anne

    Thank you, Greg, for having Mr. Celente on as your guest. I have been listening to him for years, and I think he is “spot on” with some many issues. I also enjoyed reading Mr. Everett’s comments about his observations in the Midwest. My husband and I own a sheet metal fabricating business in Pennsylvania, and I want to add some observations from our side of the country. A really odd thing has been happening in the last 6 months or so. The price of metals like aluminum and steel have been dropping like a rock. We can get metal for almost the same price that we bought it for after the ’08 crash when the price really dipped. Somebody somewhere is not buying metal. I feel that this weird price anomaly is a canary in the coalmine. This is an indirect way of measuring what the rest of the world is doing (i.e. demand is down and the price goes down). I agree with Mr. Celente that the world is in a recession. Finally, around here, a junk car towed into the junk yard was $250 a car, now it is down to $60 a car. The price of scrap metal has also tanked.

    As business owners who have successfully managed our business for many years (taking only minimal cash out for ourselves, buying used equipment, investing in upgrades to stay competitive, putting in crazy long hours, not having a top heavy office staff), we are increasingly feeling that this is out of our control .

    Case in point… our health insurance costs went up 19% (If we had bought an Affordable Care Act Compliant Policy it would have gone up 39%… so much for that.. ). This 19% price increase is the same as if we would have given every employee $1.20 an hour more. The employees did not see the $1.20 an hour “raise” , but we sure felt it with the increased premium costs (all the money comes out of the same pool of cash). Therefore, our employees grumble about not getting a raise, and we feel frustrated, because we are pushing out more and more money just to maintain the status quo. An insurance hike like this next year will certainly break us (even with our careful managing). Right now , our premium costs are close to half a month’s paycheck for our employees.

    Finally, even if we consider closing the business and retiring. Is that reasonable?
    OK, bringing in our account receivables, selling our used already used equipment and putting the money in the bank… What would that get us? Soon to come negative interest rates and the unease that at anytime the banks can confiscate the money ( that law has already been passed… even the “gambling” derivatives people are ahead of us in line during a bank crash… so again we would lose) . So much for a retirement nest egg.

    So my husband and I continue to work, but wish for the simpler days when hard work equaled reward, and frugality and sacrifice brought you stability in your later years.

    We are so sad for what this country has become….

    • Rich

      RE: Anne

      Amen. I could not have said it any better. I, too, am a small business owner (In Pa). This is a daily conversation within our business. Long gone are the simple monthly meetings.


    • Kerry

      Forget about retiring. You won’t be able to retire. Get what you can out of the business NOW, buy some farmable land, or at least have some land, and prepare to defend it with your life. Buy tools, seeds, guns, stock up on food, water, medicines you need. If you have a home in the big city-GET OUT NOW! Think really bad hurricane bearing down on you, a Category 5 and the government IS NOT GOING TO RESCUE YOU! (Living on the Gulf Coast all my life has been a blessing in a way-having survived several big storms, we know how to take care of ourselves and we don’t think the government is going to help us. Three weeks with no power and no air conditioning in the summer in Houston is NOT FUN!)

  52. WD


    Eric Sprott delivers a great interview on KWN…he rips economy and jobs reports.

    Good interview

  53. JC Davis

    Greg. If by some magical trick Trump gets the nomination I may have to dust off my registration card. I like what he is saying, yet when they get into office it is always different.

    • Kerry

      I may not like the abrasive tone, the way he delivers his message, but dang it, Trump is right! Where are the men with some cohones? Answer-they are too afraid of being politically incorrect to do or say what needs to be done, said. They will be the ones to die first, they will be the ones who will watch their wives, daughters, sisters be raped and then forced to pray to Allah, all because they were weenies and did not have the cohones to take a stand and defend them. If I saw suspicious behavior in my neighborhood, you better believe I would report it, and if they threatened my neighborhood, my children, I would put them down without a second thought. Trump is exposing just how corrupt and afraid our current leaders are, which is a great service to the nation, whether he wins the nomination, or not. By the way, I am not necessarily a Trump supporter, just sayin.

  54. Reginald Denny

    The Battle of The United States Begins

    Will Donald Trump Win? Did Robin Hood Hang!

  55. WD

    Leeb & Sprott on King World news deplore the current US economy. Both push for gold ownership.

    Two good interviews….

    • WD


      Stphen Leeb,

      Gives a a fantastic overview of China, and how they are still extremely powerful. And that they have foreseen all of this.

      Fantastic interview on KWN…his take is that China is far from dead!

      • Kerry

        The Chinese take the long view, and they are patient. And our leaders are short-sighted, greedy, corrupt weenies who are too stupid to find their way out of a paper bag-and too afraid to try.

  56. glen

    Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
    a wild conspiracy theory doing the rounds
    Russia appears to be signally strongly it is operationally prepared to launch nuclear strikes at a moments notice,
    desperation will force change as much as selfishness which ultimately decides human action.
    another great speech from GC,

  57. Bradford

    Greg. Do me a favor and stop saying Rob Kirby coordinates ton purchases of gold for people and institutions. That is total bull$#!t. Prove it or stop saying it please. No one is buying gold by the ton except a handful of sovereign nations. Period.

    • Greg Hunter

      Do ma a favor and stop commenting here.

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