War & Financial Calamity Two Biggest Trends – Gerald Celente

By Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog.com (Early Sunday Release)

Top trends forecaster Gerald Celente thinks of all the things he studies, war and financial calamity are the two biggest trends he sees. The big game changer in the geopolitical global landscape is war coming from the Middle East.  Celente explains, “It’s the war against Iran.  That’s the way we see it, and we recently did a trend alert on it.  The Iran war will be World War III.  It will also probably be the war to end all wars and a good part of civilization if it happens.  These are the Persians, and they are not going anywhere.”

Celente contends oil will be at the center of the conflict and points out, “Three years ago almost to the date, June of 2014 a barrel of oil was selling for $115, today around $45 a barrel. There is going to be economic turmoil throughout the Middle East.  I always say when all else fails, they take you to war.  You see the war between Yemen and Saudi Arabia, it’s going to blow into Saudi Arabia. . . . So, when we are looking at the Middle East, it’s really Iran.  They are shooting down Iranian planes and shooting down Iranian drones.  Iran is the bottom line in this. . . . So, we see these tensions really building up, and it’s going to be Iran.  If Iran and anybody goes to war, the Russians and the Chinese take the Iranian side, and Europe and the United States take the other side.”

In the coming financial calamity trend, look no further than financially strapped Illinois that is so broke it is no longer allowed to sell Powerball lottery tickets. Illinois is insolvent and cannot pay its bills.  It has hundreds of billions of dollars in bond debt and pension obligations and no way to pay them. Celente says, “All it will do is screw the people.  That’s all it will do.  This is like austerity measures in other countries.  That means they are going to rob you of your pensions, your benefits, raise your taxes, and they will increase your retirement age until after you die.  So, what they will do is keep the Ponzi scheme going. . . . There are two different worlds.  The people’s lives can continue to decline.  That we are seeing with the wage data.  Obama bragged, folks I created 10 million jobs.  According to the Harvard/Princeton study, 94% are temporary work.   So, you can see all these collapses going on, but they will keep the Ponzi scheme going.  So, we will have a decline, in absence of a wild card, and we see a 10% correction in the market. If we have terror strikes or other wild cards, it’s going to be a crash because it’s all being held up by lies and dirty deals for the very rich.”

Celente thinks the economy is so weak that it must be propped up by massive fraud, and that means any black swan can sink this economic scam overnight. Celente contends, “It’s over, it’s over and that’s why gold is the ultimate safe haven to me.”

What specifically is Celente watching to tip him off trouble is coming? Celente says we are watching Iran and any confrontation with Iran . . . and we are watching tech stocks and the possibility of a sell-off and also the price of oil. . . . There is too much supply and not enough demand–end of story.”

Join Greg Hunter as he goes One-on-One with trends researcher Gerald Celente, Publisher of The Trends Journal.

(There is much more in the video interview.)

After the Interview:

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  1. This sceptred Isle

    I agree with Celente – If you take away the fraud and corruption the economy collapses.

    • Greg Hunter

      Bingo, and this fraud is long in the tooth. The rest of the world knows it’s fraud too, even if most Americans do not.

      • Paul from Indiana

        Most Americans don’t give it a thought, much less enough thought, and therein lies the problem. Best always. PM

      • Frank

        It’s not a fraud. You do not understand what is going on.

        • Greg Hunter

          So when bankers plead guilty to rigging LIBOR, FOREX, and Gold and silver markets what would you call it?? Please enlighten us all what’s really going on.

        • Frederick

          Frank You’re joking right There’s so much fraud in the system you can cut it with a knife It’s rife with fraud everywhere you look I’ve been defrauded more than once and I’m no kid so take your trolling elsewhere would you

    • This sceptred Isle

      Have you noticed according to the mainstream media and politicians everything that Russia, Iran and Syria does is terrible yet if Saudi Arabia, America or Israel do anything it is at worst misguided or just a mistake?

      • Frederick

        TSI yup the hypocrisy and ignorance is astounding brother

        • Paul ...

          And … does anyone really think that once the deep state neocons use expendable American lives to take out Russia, China, N.Korea, Syria, Iran and other “perceived” enemies … that the world will then be at peace?? … wake up America … these globalist warmongering traitors “need enemies” to exist … and they will continue to find “new enemies” … in order to continue to rape the American public out of trillions of dollars per year for their greedy pockets!!!

          • Frederick

            Some crooked disability lawyer just jumped bail in Tennessee after fleecing the SS administration out of 600 million They say he fled to a country with NO extradition treaty His name is Chris Conn if you can believe that I think we can safely guess where he’s hiding with all that loot

            • Paul from Indiana

              Actually, he is from Floyd Co. Kentucky. Best always. PM

    • Tin foil hat

      This sceptred Isle,

      I agree with Celente and Keiser that fractional and decimal can indeed prolong the conclusion but neither can change the outcome.

      We are prolonging the inevitable by fractionalisation; 1-1.010101010101010101……. However, no matter how much decimals are added, 1-1=0 always.

      Keiser hit the nail right on the head in this video at 9:25. It’s fundamental vs. fractionalisation or mathematics vs. decimal.


    • Tin foil hat

      I didn’t make myself clear. Keiser believes the decimals can go on much much longer. He recognizes the Deep State can shove infinite amount of decimals down our throats and get away with it.

      Come to think of it, they had gotten away with not just shoving decimals down our throats in the past 8 years. They had gotten away with a whole lot more; Fast & Furious, Wiretapping of James Rosen and Sharyl Attkisson, Benghazi, politicizing IRS, FBI, DOJ, Russian Collusion …………………. With the way Trump are handling things in the Mid-East, it seems the hits will just keep coming – I hope I’m wrong.


      “Turkey is sending 3,000 troops into the peninsula in order to augment Qatari’s few hundred-strong army. It is also highly expected that Iran will come to the rescue of the Qataris for its own interest in the Persian Gulf.

      Even the Houthis are also expressing their solidarity with Qatar.

      Interestingly, Philippine’s Duterte has also promised earlier the availability of the Philippine military should the need arises.

      That is because it is only the Qatari people that has not abused any of the 200,000 Philippine contract workers in the country. The rest of GCC members are treating these workers as literal slaves, paid for to be raped and in some cases, murdered with the silent consent of their Wahhabist government. Kuwaitis are said to be the most notorious in this field.

      That is what’s driving President Duterte to improve the local economy so they can all go home in the foreseeable future. Already there are thousands of these workers who are already brought home in the last few months, after his official visit to the region.

      It is therefore highly likely that he will make good on his words, as he is known to be, when the Qataris so desire.”

      • Eagleeye

        Do Filipinos even care that this is what Duterte is doing and the goal is actually patriotic? I think not.

        • Greg Hunter

          Duterte is under full Islamic Muslim terror attack to overthrow the Christian government.

          • Charles H

            I believe the majority is Catholic; with a latter infusion of good evangelism.
            There’s some noise on YouTube is that a radicalized muslim pilot used the cargo ship to ram the Fitzgerald. Crazy stuff happening now.

          • Frederick

            Have you given any thought to WHY that is Greg? And who is using radical Islam also known as ISIS to do their dirty work around the world?

            • Greg Hunter

              Please Frederick,
              There are very big problems with Islam and it’s not the CIA and the Jews causing them. You could not produce a website like this: http://thereligionofpeace.com/ with daily totals of dead and wounded if there was not a very big problem. There was more than 1,500 killed during Ramadan world wide. It’s not all Muslims, but if only 10% do radical killings that’s 70 to 80 million people. I say 10% because that is the number the FBI came up with back in 2009: http://www.newsmax.com/RonaldKessler/Mosques-preach-jihad/2009/11/10/id/336125/
              Muslims have to take responsibility for this and not play the victim card.

        • Tin foil hat

          What I was trying to convey is that we seems to be on the wrong side of the conflict – I assume we are standing with the Saudis even thought we have an air base in Qatar. Things are confusing in the Mid-East but it’s crystal clear that Trump’s latest accusation against Assad’s chemical weapons is BS.
          I have had enough BS shoved down my throat by Obama in the past 8 years. I only hope Trump will not be the same. Perhaps I’m naive but I like to be with the good guys.

    • KMOUT

      Celente is an incoherent raving douche. I’d be 100 grand lighter if I listened to this guy. He’s entertainment for me. “They’ll take your pensions”? The suicidal public unions and the employee supporters did this to themselves. THEY ARE THE PONZI SCHEME. And Douche, please don’t underestimate how long the public employees of ILL inois can drag this on. If Rahm -the other douche- can’t change the collision course, no one can. The people of ILL deserve to be thrashed not bailed out by other responsible Americans.

      • Bill

        Rahm the douche bag was sure Jezebel Clinton would win the election and bail him out. Now he is up the creek without a paddle.

      • Frederick

        KMOUT troll much?

      • Tin foil hat

        It’s true that I’d be at least $100,000 richer if I didn’t put 20% of my net worth in PMs in 2009. However, my net worth has almost doubled since then.
        Nobody, including Celente, told anybody to go all in. Btw, we are still circling the chairs and the music hasn’t stopped.

      • Charles H


        The Liberal, Democrat politicians – acting as party bosses to the Unions, promised the moon to buy votes. Politicians didn’t care because they made their riches before any retirement agreements came due. This makes the Democratic leaders the true, main villains; but the Unions the suckers. You turn this around and label the wrong entity, for the wrong reason – which makes your argument both disingenuous and wrong.
        Therefore Rahm Emmanual IS THE Problem: who will NOT DEVIATE from the self-destructive of the Party-line. Your expression of his capability is NOT TO SOLVE; but EXTEND.
        Perhaps all the past Governors and City and State Officials should be inventoried: and summarily stripped of all their assets – then given a tent.
        Keep your foul language and suggestion of Trump. Celente is an hundred times the winner you will EVER be.

  2. argy

    Hey Mr Clemete, can you repeat that line one more time.
    Tell me again
    Tell me again

  3. bargy

    oh, I’m sorry, I got your Name Wrong
    Just like you’ve got it wrong for HOW MANY YEARS.
    Cheers to you Gerald…in UpState NY.

  4. Paul Anthony

    Greg Hunter and Gerald Celente ….. my two top current news sources together on the same screen! Love it!

    Well I don’t love the corruption and fraud holding the economy together and the coming collapse and war…. but I like smart honest news reporting!

    Thank you Greg!

  5. andyb

    The war in Afghanistan will never end. The CIA is the largest global drug trafficking organization. Several years back, there were numerous photos of US troops guarding the poppy fields; somehow these pics have all disappeared. The black ops budget is huge; needed for all sorts of dirty deeds none of which are a benefit to US citizens. Just part of the grand chess game for world domination, but not for America.

    • This sceptred Isle

      Maybe that explains why Afghanistan receives the most US foreign aid – for horticultural projects.

      Country Economic and Military Assistance FY 2013, $US millions Aid received per person recipient FY2013, $US
      Afghanistan 4533.51 148
      Israel 2961.04 367
      Egypt 1566.24 19
      Jordan 1211.83 188

    • MCasey

      andyb, The Afghanistan war is for control of the Golden Crescent drug trade…..the Vietnam War for control of the Golden Triangle drug trade; Chicago and open U.S. borders surrounded by “National Wilderness” area controls the south American (Mexico) drug trade. As soon as the state of Illinois falls into chaos from economic woes, the cartel will begin its serious intrusion on American soil.

      • Frederick

        The cabal is already there Rahm Emmanuel is their local rep

      • Charles H

        Good point. Pertinently clear.

  6. pat the rat

    Celente may have it wrong the war for Mosul is wrapping up, the fight for Raqqa is in it’s last stages,issi will be gone. The one thing I can not understand who is Iran going fight with? Peace may come to the middle east for a while!

    • Ray Bradbury

      pat the nice rat,
      Your right ISIS[IS/Islamic State] is practicably gone. Thats why the mockingbird’brained media is saying Assad is ready to pass gas. Does anybody really believe Assad pass’s gas whenever he’s winning, to kill children. So we can rain cruise missile’s down on his parade? Apparently we cant let ISIS[IS/Islamic State] die and we need a good reason to keep them on U.S. life support. What better reason, pass gas on children, blame Assad, wipe him out, because he’s worse than ISIS[IS/Islamic State]! As Americans we have to hope our deep state knows what their doing. I just wish they wouldn’t think we the sheeple are so stupid! Of course they want us to be stupid and just trust em. Not! We trust the Trumpster. He’s in the thick of it right now. Do what you gotta do boss and we know when the timing’s wright you’ll strike!

      Go down to [Transcript:] here’s part to wet the appetite;
      I want to note that the government forces Syrian army] with the support of the Russian Aerospace Forces are not fighting against the Syrian opposition. They are consistently reaching the main target – destruction of ISIS, Jabhat al-Nusra and their affiliated terrorist groups. At the same time, we do not see significant results of the fight against ISIS by coalition led by the United States.

      Declaring the purpose of the fight against international terrorism, the coalition strikes on Syrian troops, freely produces ISIS militants from areas of the encirclement, strengthening terrorist groups in the areas of Palmyra and Der ez-Zor. I want to ask why are they doing this and what real purpose they serve?

      Now we see that the coalition’s actions only prevent the elimination of groups of ISIS by government [Syrian Army] forces. We expect that our coalition [U.S. Australian] partners would take measures to prevent such incidents and will be engaged in the fight against terrorist groups ISIS in Syria.

      Transcript end’s with;
      [Western oligarchs are known sour losers. They are losing Syria, and they’re throwing ballistic tantrums.] If this wasn’t so sinister it be funny!LOL!

      The Deep State boys and girls are flirting with WORLD WAR III!
      Is the Donald the only adult in the room?
      This is what the Donald is trying to prevent! We the people are in a balancing act with our elite Deep State as the counter balance and the balancer, the Donald! Along with the Almighty cause this is huge [Biblical?]!
      The Lucid Nightmare – Panic In Year Zero Review
      Will Z E R O come after 2017?
      What If They Had a War and Nobody Came?

      • Tin foil hat

        Ray Bradbury,
        “Is the Donald the only adult in the room?”
        We should know by the end of this year. I hope he will be our version of Philippine’s Duterte or Russia’s Putin.

    • Old Dog

      Pat the Rat:
      Peace in the Middle East?
      Who is going to stop Saudi aggression against Yemen and Qatar?
      Syria has been launching rockets into the Israel this week. Israel is responding.
      Iran and Russia wish to fill the void that will be left when ISIS is defeated.
      Do you think the U.S. is going to let that happen?
      Peace in the Middle East? Nice thought.

      • Old Dog

        Oh. And not to forget Recep Tayyip Erdogan, president of Turkey.
        He is the wild card in the Middle East.

  7. SB

    How do we get to be the biggest producer of oil?

    • This sceptred Isle

      by accumulating massive amounts of debt

    • Charles H

      I don’t get that either.

  8. Neil

    Average cup of coffee, combined with multi shots of facts, truths, real news, from Greg Hunter in the morning. It keeps me on the right track when I need it. Thank you.

  9. Tad

    Difficult to conceive of market conditions where WTI or Brent rises to 90 or above. It’s not there now, and few could conceive of that in two years or less. . . unless.

    Unless free money and no jobs were the norm. Hyperinflation would prevail; stock market would hyperventilate before dying; gold and silver reach stratospheric heights; cars would become part of a government handout; millions would die during this period and the media would resist reporting such numbers–alt media being the exception.

    Some or all of the above would occur. Why let a crisis go to waste. Why not rid the world of millions, if not billions, as opposed to initiating a war with Russia and China that wouldn’t stay conventional beyond the first week, in my opinion.

    That said, I read articles all the time on Russia’s emergency preparedness for nuclear and chemical attacks.

    • Frederick

      Tad I guess that’s because Putin actually cares about the Russian people They seem much better prepared to survive a large war nuclear or otherwise then the Western countries

      • Tin foil hat

        I admire Putin’s statesmanship but he is no angel. Many Russian immigrants here in NYC can’t stand him because of his corrupted dealings and political shenanigans. If you believed Putin actually cares about the people, you are way off the mark. If you meant Putin is a nationalist who loves his country, we are on the same page.

  10. jodyp

    Mr. Celente is a sure fired favorite guest.At the end he says we need an irate,tireless minority.I can definitely see how this could awaken a beat down,tired majority.

  11. JCD

    Site. can someone post the link to the China interview Gerald spoke of. I cant seem to find it.

  12. Country Codger

    Hi Greg,
    Great interview as always. Here is something Gerald left out about Reagan and Gorbachev because it was Top Secret back then. Reagan, through and intermediary asked Gorbachev what he wanted to do the things that Gerald mentioned. Mr. Gorbachev replied that he wanted $10Billion in cash, permanent US resident status, permanent security detail and a home on the West (Left) Coast.
    Reagan gave him the cash, the resident status, the security detail and the freaking Presidio of San Francisco, a US military installation as his home on the West Coast.
    I know you probably get tired of me posting links but here are 2 more: https://codgerville.wordpress.com/2016/07/31/why-isis-why-now/

    I only look at it from a prophetic point of view so I don’t say it is Iran. It could be, maybe not.
    We have an eclipse coming that we have not seen in this country since 1918, end of WWI, when the US emerged as a world power. This year we will see it again, 99 years later. And then, we will see it again in 7 years, odd huh? Both these occurances match Biblical cycles. We can blame anyone we want to, Iran, Israel, China Syria but the fault lies with us, not them. That too is biblical (II CHon. 7:14)). It is not the politicians fault, the greedy Wall Street people, the CIA running drugs out of Afghanistan and before that, RSVN. It is the fault of the believers in this country who let them get away with and did not hold them accountable.
    I’ll shut up now.

  13. Petedivine

    Interesting interview. Secretary of State Tillerson is the ex-CEO of Exxon Mobile. If you look at American oil producers including Exxon Mobile they are losing money every quarter. U.S. And Canadian Oil are not economically viable at this price point. They can produce because of borrowed money. I think cheap Saudi Oil is over. Saudi Arabia needs to consume a lot of energy to maintain swimming pools and air conditioners in their high rise buildings in the desert. Therefore, they export a lot less energy and must rely on their financial reserves (selling treasuries). The U.S. Hedgemoney needs to control the cost effective high grade crude to maintain the petrodollar Dollar reserve currency. The remaining deep pockets of easy access and cheap productive energy (oil/gas) reside in Russia and Iran. China, Iran, and Russia know that. The deep state has a choice to make. They can collapse or go to war. America and the west is degrading quickly. The choice will have to be made very soon, before the U.S. hedgemoney collapses on itself, and the rise of a unipolar world sends the U.S. Into a multi decade depression. We won’t have the energy to grow out of it for a very long time.

    • Flattop

      Petedevine: seems no one is talking about those people who are supported by and depend on the revenue from the north sea oil. Doesn’t that money support the EU ?

  14. Russ McMeans

    The whores want war and the bitches clutch their riches. The people are like sheeple and the latest news scoop becomes the newest dog poop. Gerald heralds and Hunter hunts- loaded for bear I swear!
    Love you guys. Hey Gerald didn’t yell! I love it when he yells. It’s ok to chill too. He’s a wise guy, like Mr. Magoo. Annie get yer gun, and the bold need to grab the gold. Yo. And remember that life is a bitch- so watch out for the witch…….

    • Paul ...

      The warmongering globalists “need a war” to cover up all their treasonous acts against the United States of America … George Soros and the Demon-Rats are now beginning their “color revolution” here in the US … but they will find their paid terrorists cannot start a revolution here … their paid terrorists can’t start a war in the Middle East … and their paid terrorist traitors right here within our government can’t fix elections anymore … the American public has awoken!!

      • Frederick

        War won’t cover up anything We ALL know about 911 and all the thievery and criminality ever since Oh and now Bernies wife is lawyering up GOT Popcorn everyone?

  15. stonewall

    The hubris of the lunatics hungry to take America to war against Iran is
    unbelievable. These pea brained idiots have convinced themselves they
    can do to Iran what they have done to Iraq but in shorter period of
    time. A mass invasion and within a few weeks the war is over and Iran
    is a pile of rubble. Yeah right. The pentagon knows the score and
    they want no part of war with Iran. Bottom line is that Iran is
    well aware of what Israel and her allies plan to do so anyone
    that believes Iran will be an easy target is delusional. If this
    war is ever over it will probably be Israel that is a pile of rubble
    and America will be as broke as Venezuela.
    This is insanity of the highest order.

    • Frederick

      Sounds like something John McCain could endorse Stonewall

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Well said…Iranians are not Arabs and their feelings are unique to their ancient culture. Somebody at the Pentagon has read about Alexander the great and Zoroaster….very different mentally from the Arabs we also misunderstand.
      Bomb, bomb, let’s show ’em, boys…this one will not be a Hollywood movie. It is NOT an option. And history will judge us very harshly for pushing them too far.
      It’s time for the US to get used to being a good country, not a violent empire.

    • Paul ...

      The entire military might of the United States has been fighting a few Taliban rebels in Afghanistan for 15 years and can’t defeat them … and the pea brained warmongering neocons think starting a war with Iran is going to be easy?? … it is not so much their desire to destroy Iran … their real goal is to destroy America!!!

      • Deanna Johnston Clark

        They want to destroy America with war…like they destroyed England on July 1, 1916 at the Somme.
        Then they’ll build war memorials all over.

      • Frederick

        Not really It’s more like a police action like Vietnam If they really wanted to WIN which they don’t and is likely all but impossible anway they would have half a million troops there I remember people saying the same thing about Vietnam and how the jungle was impeding victory I’m calling BS on the whole thing

      • Paul ...

        The globalist plan is to get the US involved in an unwinnable war against China, N. Korea, Russia and Iran … they know the American people are tired of war and will begin to demonstrate against the pea brained traitors in government that they bribed to start WWIII … that is when the globalists will launch their final attack on America … declare Marshal Law and give the green light to the UN to invade and lock down all major US cities … the patriots on the outskirts of the cities will be mopped up as all food and water is denied them … so the “gun ho” neocons are pushing for war … shooting down Syrian planes … threatening N. Korea … moving more troops into Afghanistan so as to attack Iran from the East … WWIII is their goal … so that they can finally and completely destroy America and the globalists now have the Fed on the attack “raising interest rates” in order to crash the US economy economically as we are forced to fight a world war on three fronts they know we can’t win!!!

        • Paul ...

          Iran is no push over in war … when the US gave the green light to Saddam to start a war with Iran and drop chemical weapons on them … the Iranians took the slaughter of their people … but vowed “death to the true perpetrators of that evil war” … the warmongering neocons in Washington foolishly think that they (like the 300 Spartans) can win a war with the Persians (without using chemical weapons) because they have nukes … hello neocons … so do Iran’s allies Russia and China have nuclear weapons to use on US cities!!

          • Tin foil hat

            “so do Iran’s allies Russia and China have nuclear weapons to use on US cities!!”
            I don’t think Russia or China will use nuclear weapons on US cities. If they did that, the world will no longer exist.
            However, if we dropped the big one on Iran, they will likely drop their big one on either Israel or Saudi Arabia.

  16. gregd

    I haven’t had a chance to verify this but it fits with everything I’ve learned from U.S.A. watchdog. It’s scary if it’s true. And if true I’m not sure what we can do about it. http://financearmageddon.blogspot.com/2017/06/shocking-nasa-deep-state-plans-for-2025.html

  17. Cole Davis

    For those who want a Biblical view of present day Iran go to https://foursignposts.com/. Gerald’s views about Iran are reinforced by what you will find there. Mark Davidson’s book Daniel Revisited cognitively re-frames prophecy and provides a way to understand what is happening in the world today.

  18. James Allen

    This is a viewpoint from someone who believes the bible. Love not the world nor the things in the world. All the wisdom of men and the wealth of men will be gone in a flash and all that will be left is Christ and those who are in Christ. Where will our heart and mind be in the days ahead ? When the son of man returns will He find faith in the earth? Something to think about. Thanks from a friend in Christ.

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Puzzling words on a site that is mostly about lots and lots of money and pushes gold…if that ain’t “world” …given the Golden calf thing, etc…then what is?? This is what puzzles me about this, Greg.

      • Frederick

        They don’t “push” gold They recicomend owning precious metals as a hedge against currency debasement and economic collapse BIG difference Ignore the advice at your peril Deanna

  19. gregd

    As for Celente’s prediction of a 10% correction. I disagree 100%. If simple math is applied you will remember the dow was at 14,700 and it was overvalued so it was still correcting to 6660 when they reversed it by any means necessary. And if we didn’t fix anything and things are worse now at 21,400 I would have to say we should be lower or at least near 6660.

    • Frederick

      6660 interesting number

  20. John woodhead

    Thank you Greg hunter,one of my two favourites on today (the other being Dr Paul Craig Roberts)Gerald has been calling it the way it is for a long time now,he was one of a few key figures in my realising that this world is even more crazy than I thought it was

  21. Justn Observer

    Is this a good time for a mental ‘re-set’ to access where things are?
    ok…apply the U.S. approaches to the events with the above a the wheel !
    Do you think the U.S. Constitution will survive?
    Good luck!

  22. Barn Cat

    Celente is always wrong about Iran and Israel. Iran has threatened to destroy Israel with nuclear weapons. The Muslim clerics in Iran believe that Israel must be destroyed before the mahdi (the Muslim messiah) can return. It shouldn’t take a rocket scientist to see that Iran is a threat. I’m not saying we should want war with Iran but they will most likely want it themselves when World War III breaks out in Syria.

    The state of Illinois has pension liabilities in excess of $250 billion with a population of less than 13 million. That comes out to about $20,000 per Illinois citizen. Eliminating those pensions is a good thing. Not a bad thing.

    • Paul ...

      If the US starts a war with Iran it will have to fight a three front war (against Russia, China and Iran) … the US is only capable of fighting a “one front” war … so the the US will be defeated … but “that is” the globalist plan isn’t it (to destroy America) … and this is why the globalists are so intent on getting a war started with Iran!!

    • Frederick

      Hasbara much barncat? Eliminating those pensions is a good idea? I guess not so much if you’re the guy or gal expecting their promised money but that’s just collateral damage as far as Rahm is concerned I wonder if they take his pension away too

  23. Jerry

    The breakup of the OPEC petrodollar is here. AIIB Asia International Investment Bank (China) has been planning to use Qatar as the launching point of a new global alternate currency for quite some time as far back as 2015.

    There are private exchanges offering gold backed crypto currencies all over the middle east, and most notably in Dubai with the shanghai gold exchange that opened in May.
    The Saudi’s will sell us out. Count on it! According to my sources almost 40% of the petroleum coming out of the ground in Saudi Arabia contains large amounts of water in it. That tells me that the Saudi’ are searching for another alternative to bolster their economy with. The Chinese are offering them gold backed currency for payment on petroleum, and contracts to generate solar energy farms. What would you do?

    The past two weeks AIIB has tried unsuccessfully to launch a new global currency through its banking network with HSBC only to have it blocked by the western banking cartel. Its just a matter of time before the Chinese technicians figure out a way around the firewall and proceed with the launch. I know for a fact that Wells Fargo has been working on patch to repair their systems so its just a matter of time.

    What worries me is what Gerald is talking about. If the Western banking cartel can’t stop the launch of this new currency, they may take us to war rather than give up their power base? Either way no matter how this goes, we’re pretty much screwed.

    • Justn Observer

      Jerry, I agree… Stan Deyo reveals about the same thoughts…(1) one they are moving towards tourism and (2) the have no allowed outside verification of their oil reserves for years…his sources say they have as little as 16 years worth of oil to sell to the outside… likely why they are ‘eying’ the oil in neighboring countries?

      StanDeyo: @ : 42 in https://youtu.be/LJxKugXCjUQ

    • Jerry

      All signs are pointing to a new global currency………….soon!

      There are those out there that still believe that a broken down fiat currency system manipulated by corrupt bankers can go on forever. Maybe so, but what does it say when the worlds largest industrial manufacturer is preparing to go digital? As I have been posting for weeks now, AIIB has been testing the waters with various forms of crypto currency in an effort to soften the markets for a new global currency reset that is coming. THE PROBLEM the western banking cartel has been blocking it though their banks. THE SOLUTION will come when AIIB and the BRICS nation will make the transition through their own banking systems via CIPS bypassing the western controlled exchange systems altogether. The question is what happens to the dollar when they begin trading their own currencies in this new system? I’m not sure, but if Qatar braking ranks from the petrodollar is any indication, its not going to go very well for us.

      I had hoped the transition to the new exchange system would be slow and painless, but thanks to the western banking cartel and their lust for power blocking the exchanges, the outcome will most likely mirror what’s taking place now in our Healthcare System. The wheels will most likely come off completely before anyone will admit there’s a problem, and try and fix it. Unfortunately the worst possible time to try and fix something is right after its just fallen apart. Who knows, maybe that’s what the banking cartel wanted all along anyway? But in any case with money velocity in the banking system approaching zero we won’t have long to wait to find out. I would take Greg’s warnings seriously and use whatever time we have left to prepare as much as you can.

    • Jerry

      This one’s for you Greg.
      The Bank of International Settlements is urging the Central Banks to raise interest rates now! Especially in the EU. The void between reality and dreamland keeps getting wider doesn’t it? This tells me that the central banks are ready to collapse the system. I find the timing odd considering that AIIB is handing out billions of dollars in infrastructure developments to impoverished nations, and funding proxy gold backed crypto currencies?

    • Jerry

      More evidence that the deep state and the central banks are in collusion in trying to stop the release of new alternate global currencies.
      As I have been stating for weeks, the western banking cabal has been using cyber attacks to block the release of new alternate global currencies by AIIB through their proxy banks. This is no longer tin foil hat material , but a fact. The reality is, they can only delay the inevitable. The next few weeks should prove to be interesting.

  24. mushroom

    I don’t believe that a bankrupt federal government will allow citizen holdings of precious metals.

    No way. absolutely no way…

    • Greg Hunter

      This is what the 2nd Amendment is for.

      • Russ

        … and with that thought, steel, brass and lead make the list of PM’s … 😉

    • This sceptred Isle

      Only after they have taken the pensions, bailed in the banks, hyperinflated the currency and raised taxes on everything. They will most likely go after the low hanging fruit first.

      • Frederick

        Sounds pretty accurate TSIsle

    • Petedivine

      What exactly can a bankrupt government accomplish? Who exactly would work or take orders from a bankrupt government? How much power can be projected from D.C. If the currency has failed? The government would become weak and impotent overnight. TPTB would be concerned about a military backed coup de’ tat, general lawlessness, looting, shortages of food, medicine, and water. The list of issues like failed nuclear infrastructure, shortages of fuel, how do you feed the military, and keep your people on your side etc..would be endless. No one has the time to worry about the couple of gold coins you have in your pocket.

      • Frederick

        Or under the lake on your property

    • John


      I read several years ago that water was being injected into Saudi wells to keep the pressures up. Don’t forget that they have a vast supply of natural gas as a result of oil drilling – perhaps we are seeing the Chinese secure natural gas supplies thereby circumventing the US and Russia – two major players in the natural gas markets. Of course Europe needs these gas supplies and certainly Russia, the US and Saudi Arabia would like to sell it to them but maybe China has made a better deal with Saudi Arabia for their gas with a gold backed currency. The US has become a major player with shale based oil but it is expensive to get to market and certainly China does not want to be held hostage by American oil. Shale is killing Saudi oil prices and I suspect that this is going to change the landscape of the ME. Surprisingly, we may not need Saudi Arabia anymore and they know it – hence the tilt towards China for need of both a customer and protection. Think about it – the US holds the most natural gas reserves in the world and has become a swing player in shale based oil – could we be seeing a US exit from the ME and if so what does this mean for Israel and the demand for US dollars? Russia has vast energy supplies and China will have what is left of ME oil – the need for dollars will wane. Of course how many paper derivatives will be placed on gold to bolster the dollar – enough until there is a default on physical delivery and then the dollar is toast. Valuations on all investments – stocks, bonds and real estate will correct downward and the system will implode under its own weight. Then, behold the SDR for which Jim Rickards lays out a compelling argument for and the revaluation of gold. Interestingly, will our strength in domestic resources via technology and our adversaries desire to break US hegenomy on all fronts kill the dollar?

      • diane

        Gold and silver will be safe havens as long as government stays afloat.
        A bankrupt government will cofiscate our gold, silver, cash. Anything else if value. ..
        That is when total civil unrest starts.
        That’s the bad news…good news us there are more of us good people than corrupt deep state criminals.
        Additionally, as Greg would say, God is in charge…fear not.
        I will add…we will also fight back to save America.

      • Frederick

        I’m not so sure that the US holds the majority of the natural gas deposits in the world The most discovered and exploited for sure but Siberia and Central Asia are vast territories

        • This sceptred Isle

          Do you think they are keeping some deposits of commodities hidden in Alaska, under those national parks?

  25. Walter Baumgarten

    I love Gerald Celente Greg, thank you for making him a regular in your reports. Have you ever noticed how Mr. Celente is so anti-war in all of his discussions? Is this not the attitude that our Master would suggest we assume in regard to such wanton violence? It is very interesting as I am just finishing up a very long and very detailed recounting of WWII by Rick Atkinson. In it he quotes the German general in charge of the Italian and North African campaigns reporting to Berlin that the Italians are good for three things, eating, drinking and amore, but do not have the stomach for fighting. Does this not sound strange when you consider that the Romans were possibly THE most ruthless conquering killers on the whole planet at one time? What could have possibly happened to force such a change? Perhaps they learned Greg, learned that war is not the answer, a fact that the rock headed Germans were finally forced to learn at the end of probably the most severe ass whooping ever administrated to a defeated nation at the hands of the Russians and the American armies. Yes even the rock headed Germans have learned this lesson now, so much so that they cannot even defend their own country from assault at the hands of unarmed immigrants. No Greg, war is NOT the answer so how can a nation that wages eternal war for profit ever be on the side of what is right? Gerald Celente, man of peace, I salute you and join the ranks of those fellow humans that call for an end to the senseless death for profit so that we human beings might make an effort to help one another find healthier ways to work together here on this little blue sphere while our Eternal Father looks to us all to do exactly that.

    • Paul ...

      The globalist plan is to now to bring “whole communities of ME immigrants” to Germany … the Germans should respond appropriately by moving whole communities of Germans to the Middle East … the Germans should set up a “Fatherland Land” in the Middle East and finally bring peace to the region (the same way they brought peace to the Antarctic by moving communities of Germans there)!

  26. Juia

    What does everyone think? Will the EMP attack on the Fitzgerald cause the War Party in the US to reconsider? The Fitzgerald was dead in the water. Just think! An entire fleet of Navy ships can be disabled. The U.S. is rotting in front of our eyes: fraud, war crimes, pedophilia, sex trafficking of children, drug cartel. A drugged apathetic public.
    On the bright side, I do agree with Mr Celente. A small minority can make a difference and I am hearing more and more people from all sides talk like this.

    Another great interview. Thank you Mr. Hunter.

    • Paul ...

      The Deep State is in a frenzy … seems they can’t “buy” elections anymore (they just lost 4 in a row) … so they must control the votes in each State through the Homeland Security Agency under the guise of “preventing the Russians from rigging the elections” which is exactly what the Deep State wants all for itself!!

    • Deanna Johnston Clark

      Nothing like a Depression to get Americans to snap out of the drug trances….drug us tanked from 1930 to 1945. Only Beauty salons and bars thrived!!!

      • Frederick

        My great uncle was an MD and he came out of the depression owning half our town

  27. Judy Kay

    Fact check: No, Trump wants to drop the corporate tax rate to 15%, Mr. Celente.., https://www.forbes.com/sites/jonhartley/2017/05/01/president-trumps-proposed-corporate-tax-rate-reductions%E2%80%AFprovide-hope-for-wages-and-economic-growth/#6d8a254c6699
    Why? Because Trunp is goung to personally benefit from a 15% corporate tax rate, combined with all the existing tax credits already available to corporations. Show me even ONE US-based corporation that currently pays the present 35% rare!

    • Greg Hunter

      Fact check #2: You are a partisan Idiot that does not know what she is talking about. Trump wants to cut corporate taxes because corporations store money (profits) in places like Ireland because they don’t want to be taxed at 35%. There is also around $3 trillion being held off-shore in U.S. corporate profits that Trump want to bring back to the U.S. to be put to work. The companies bringing money back will be charged with a small one-time tax to get this done. Spoiler alert!!! Many Dems are on board with both of these things. Let’s not forget that Kohn F. Kennedy cut taxes (including corporate) early in his Administration to get the U.S. economy going.

      • Frederick

        That may be true about JFK cutting taxes however the difference is that in 1963 we didn’t have a 20 Trillion dollar or 103 percent debt to GDP ratio did we? It’s not that simple Greg

        • Greg Hunter

          Yes it is and people forgot about bankruptcy and default. It is as simple as that.

          • Frederick

            Greg Can you imagine the state of the American people if we defaulted on that debt It wouldn’t be pretty Now would it I guess you do realise how ugly things would get from your guests Are you sure about advocating such a severe cure though?

            • Greg Hunter

              What’s the difference between a clean default of debt that will never be repaid and hyperinflation? You would recover much faster from a clean default.

              • Frederick

                I agree and it should have happened in 2008

                • Greg Hunter

                  What was done to stop the depression was over the top and everyone thinks this can be done without consequence. Boy are they going to have a big surprise, and the next crash will not be “fixed,” that will be the “fix”

              • This sceptred Isle

                I think you are both right! Take the example of Greece, Spain, Italy etc. They need to default as they cannot pay back their debts. However, doing so will crash the European banking system as it owns all the sovereign debts thanks to the ECB’s bond buying programme. The outcome is going to be a disaster one way or the other.

                • Greg Hunter

                  Get ready and stay ready! That is the only plan that will work. In the next crash not losing will be winning big time!!

      • Paul ...

        Greg … The only problem is … when these corporations bring their money back to the US where are they going to put it?? … into banks that are on the verge of collapse? … into an overextended Stock Market? … into US Gov Bonds (that are now yielding a bit more interest as the Fed raises rates)? … if they chose to put their money into US Bonds doing so will then strengthen the US dollar … which will then make selling any products they make here in the US (with the money they bring back to invest in America) harder to sell! … so even with the tax break being offered … Ireland may still look like the better deal to them!!

      • Jerry

        Lets not forget that Hillary was taking large payouts from Goldman Sachs. Judy is obviously from loony tune ville.

        • diane

          How about all the money they stole from the Clinton Foundation Fraud?

          We know the answer. Corruption, lies, murder, war crimes, thievery, cheating, obfuscating, obstruction. Did I forget any?

  28. macray

    The alleged Syrian Sarin gas attack was so obvious to most intelligent people from the beginning. Is the Don really better than Clinton when it comes to a potential war calamity?

    Intelligence officials doubted the alleged Sarin gas attack at Khan Sheikhoun. WELT AM SONNTAG presents a chat protocol of a security advisor and an active American soldier on duty at a key base in the region.

    This conversation was provided to Seymour Hersh. It is between a security adviser and an active US American soldier on duty on a key operational base about the events in Khan Sheikhoun. We have made abbreviations: American soldier (AS) and Security Advisor (SA). WELT AM SONNTAG is aware of the location of the deployment. For security reasons, certain details of military operations have been omitted.

    2 min. read

    • macray

      In the article and this relates to Greg and Gerald’s interview, above.

      SA: There has been a hidden agenda all along. This is about trying to ultimately go after Iran. What the people around Trump do not understand is that the Russians are not a paper tiger and that they have more robust military capability than we do.

      SA: Who is pushing this? Is it coming from Votel (General Joseph L. Votel, Commander of United States Central Command, editor‘s note) ?

      AS: I don’t know. It’s from someone big though. . . . This is a big fu^^^^g deal.

      • This sceptred Isle

        I also think the Russian people are tougher than most westerners as they are used to enduring more hardships.

        • Frederick

          TSI No doubt they are tougher overall

    • Frederick

      Macray I was one of the duped so at this point I would say a resounding NO he’s no better

  29. Hamm's

    Broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record, broken record,… next stop, S&P 2,600 by XMAS, 3k if the FED needs to bailout a large well known welfare entitlement state. The more the FED spends the higher Wall Street is going to go, AND ALL THE WISHING AND PRAYING AIN’T GOING TO STOP THE SPENDING BECAUSE NO POLITICIAN WILL CUT ANYTHING – SEE ALSO: THIRD RAIL OF POLITICS, the economy no longer follows 1971 rules.

    • Charles H

      Yeah, but a runaway locomotive will – at some point: run out of track. So if the fuel doesn’t stop – the end-of-line gets very messy and unhappy.

  30. ShadowMaddow Mockingbird Media Puppet Stooges

    The homey Comey, killed the probe into Obomber wiretaps on the Trumpster


    BUSTED FBI chief James Homey Comey could be indicted by a Federales grand jury for obstruction and perjury__Not the Trumpster!

    That is the charge from a top former U.S. Justice Department prosecutor who claims bungling Comey and his beleaguered agency covered up a massive wiretapping plot concocted by our puppet master former president Barry Obomber!

    Larry clay face Klayman__Founder of crime-fighting watchdog group Judicial Watch and advocacy group Freedom Watch__has alleged homeboy Comey, “deep-sixed” an investigation into O’bombshell evidence that prove’s rogue spies in our U.S. intell community wiretapped Trump, daughter Ivanka and Trump associates.

    A Comey grand jury indictment could get him 15 years or maybe even life if this wrap up of fake news inspired intrigue throughout our nations festering capitol reveal’s who ordered the murder of Sander’s loyalist Seth Rich!

    The president first revealed the wiretapping treachery in a March 4th tweetster, saying he is being tapped [electronically surveilled] By none other then-then and ex-president Obama during and after the presidential election and then and possibly even still. Obama being George “old sourpuss” Soros’s top puppet of the U.S. deep state department.

    Evidence Of the massive electronic surveillance of the American people and members of congress and the senate and presidential candidates Sanders and Trump and elected president Trump even still now, first came to light, to Comey more than two years ago by way 0f NSA/CIA whistle-blowhard Dennis Montgomery!

    Like Edward Snowden after him, Monty spirited 47 hard drives and 600 million-plus documents out of America’s spy agencies, including evidence Trump and yours truly and you too, were being surveilled electronically [wiretapped]!

    As Montgomery’s Lawyer Klayman has stated “Those documents have been buried in Comey’s files for over two years and he refused to publicly acknowledge them!”

    The documents__and their explosive evidence quashed by Comey__not only proved Obama’s unconstitutional surveillance of Trump and his campaign, but all Americans and to be fair to our staunchest allies, more than a few of our Aussie and Kiwi cousins, weren’t excluded. What ever happened to ANZUS? Canadians your so close you don’t even get a mention and to Great Britain, apparently you guy’s were in on it. Well you did burn down the White House when it wasn’t white, forty six years after independence in 1812, ouch. That was smarts!

    A secret memo noted the surveillance targeted a “Who’s who,” including supreme court Chief Justice John Roberts [Whom Obombo bullied for ObummerCare] 156 judges, top CEO’s, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg and Sen. Rand Paul of Kentucky.

    Even major corporations were spied on, including Target, Siemens and YUM Brands__ the owner of Taco Bell and Kentucky Fried Chicken__all companies that were Trump or GOP donors and supporters.

    Whats more, Comey did not acknowledge Obama’s scheme__or the evidence he kept locked away in his vault__when questioned under oath about Trumps wiretapping accusations during a March hearing of the House Intelligence Committee. According to Klayman, that failure coulda/shoulda trigger a potential perjury charge, in addition to obstruction of justice!

    Comey would face a maximum of 10 years for the obstruction charge and five for the perjury charge, according to sources.

    “It makes Watergate look like a warm-up act,” said Klayman.

    “The point [of the surveillance] was to gather information for their own nefarious purposes,”

    “The president’s firing of Comey was l o n g overdue,” he added. “Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, who recommended the former FBI director’s termination, should now impanel a grand jury to investigate Comey for having covered up and subverted this would be investigation.”

    Montgomery’s story began before the Sept. 11, 2001 attacks, when he was developing facial recognition software for a Reno Nevada company, that planned to use it to unmask card sharks and counters who had been banned from casino’s__only to return in disguise!

    After the attacks, the CIA asked Monty to Develop software to decipher coded signals Osama bin Laden was sending his minions in video’s broadcast on AlJazeera. His growing access to data eventually revealed the shocking wiretap conspiracy.

    In 2010, a conscience-stricken Montgomery left the CIA and NSA with the 47 hard drives. On March 20th 2015, he filed a whistle-blower lawsuit in U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia__a copy of which several sources have obtained.

    In 2015, Klayman__with the help of U.S. District Judge Royce C. Lamberth__set up meetings for Montgomery with the FBI at its J. Edgar Hoover Building headquarters in Washington, D.C.

    Prior to the meetings, assistant U.S. Attorney Deborah Curtis granted Montgomery immunity from prosecution for taking the drives, which he turned over to Comey’s feds. FBI agents Walter Giardina and William Barnett conducted a three-hour videotaped interview of Montgomery under oath.

    But according to Klayman, Comey did not follow up. Instead he buried Montgomery’s hard drives and testimony in a vault, effectively destroying it.

    “Trump has taken a lot of heat for dismissing Comey, and to everyone’s thinking it’s because of fears over the Russian investigation Shiite,” sources say close to the probe.
    “In reality, he knew from Justice Department officials this grand jury was investigating Comey. He’s hamstrung from talking about it. But that’s really why he got rid of the FBI director and has been wavering on a cover reason ever since.”

    Klayman referred to the 6-foot-8 Comey as “a legal midget, who so perverted the rule of law while serving as FBI director, [and] should now be the subject of a criminal grand jury investigation, indicted, tried and convicted for his crimes, against the American people! Who by the way sent Donald Trump to Washington to do just that, drain that swamp!

    CivilWAR LOOMING? Does this sound familiar?
    Listen closely. . ..

    America meets the Donald?

    The name on everybody’s lips!

    They’ll never be another president like. . ..
    Don’t leave us. . ..This the left could never understand!

    Hurray fer Hollywood!

  31. ShadowMaddow Mockingbird Media Puppet Stooges

    College Professor Fired Following Appearance on Fox News Where She Defended a Black Lives Matter Party
    3 / 23 People Stephanie Petit 5 hrs ago

    Those war drums keep beating louder and louder!

  32. Ray

    Celente / Hunter 2020………
    The Unstoppable Force that would turn around America (and save this world from “FrankenMerica”)
    An absolute LANDSLIDE.

  33. coalburner

    Greg; Great interview ! Jerry made me more curious this time.
    Jerry, Thanks for your updates. But, I have a question ot two. The Saudis may be as desirous to ditch us we are them. But we are kind of stuck together right now? They need our protection and we need them to keep the Pertodollar floating as long as we can. No I dont think any the the money gensius’ have figured out what to do if China persuades a split of ways. That appears to be the last problem for the AIIB. The Fed may not care or be too stupid to get it but Trump does and is trying to keep it going as the least damaging alternative. I don’t see China able to keep Saudi Arabia alive if the Saudi’s turn on us? Right now I think the Iranian Shitites win if Saudi walks on the dollar. Forty percent Water or not. Their second option is Natural Gas anyway, I thought. Solar still cannot be sold without subsidy, that won”t help them. That is what the Syrian War is about, supplying Natural Gas to Europe. Even if they lose Syria, all is not lost as long as they can send Sunni’s with Bombs strapped to them to Iran? They will figure out a way to get their gas to market? ???

  34. Allannon

    I like Gerald but why do these guys call for around a 10% pull back in the Stock market?

  35. Lisa C. Evrett

    How actress Hedy Lamarr became the ‘mother of Wi-Fi’
    Julia Franz, Science Friday
    http://www.msn.com/en-us/news/How actress Hedy Lamarr became the ‘mother of Wi-Fi’11 / 23PRIJulia Franz, Science Fridaytechnology/how-actress-hedy-lamarr-became-the-%E2%80%98mother-of-wi-fi%E2%80%99/ar-BBDaTOi?li=BBmkt5R&ocid=spartandhp
    Known as “the most beautiful woman in the world,” Hollywood actress Hedy Lamarr starred in dozens of films over a career that spanned decades.
    But there was more to Lamarr than met the eye. An avid inventor, she worked on everything from a tablet that, when dropped into water, fizzed into instant cola, to frequency hopping — a World War II-era secure communications technology that’s used today in wireless internet, GPS and cellphones.

  36. Ida Jane May

    Published on Jun 23, 2017
    Joe Rogan Learns A SCARY Fact About Canada

    Comment of
    Brad Holkesvig 1 day ago in Joe Rogan comment section
    2 Peter 3
    1 This is now the second letter that I have written to you, beloved, and in both of them I have aroused your sincere mind by way of reminder;
    2 that you should remember the predictions of the holy prophets and the commandment of the Lord and Savior through your apostles.
    3 First of all you must understand this, that scoffers will come in the last days with scoffing, following their own passions
    4 and saying, “Where is the promise of his coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all things have continued as they were from the beginning of creation.”
    5 They deliberately ignore this fact, that by the word of God heavens existed long ago, and an earth formed out of water and by means of water,
    6 through which the world that then existed was deluged with water and perished.
    7 But by the same word the heavens and earth that now exist have been stored up for fire, being kept until the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men.
    8 But do not ignore this one fact, beloved, that with the Lord one day is as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.
    9 The Lord is not slow about his promise as some count slowness, but is forbearing toward you, not wishing that any should perish, but that all should reach repentance.
    10 But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, and then the heavens will pass away with a loud noise, and the elements will be dissolved with fire, and the earth and the works that are upon it will be burned up.
    11 Since all these things are thus to be dissolved, what sort of persons ought you to be in lives of holiness and godliness,
    12 waiting for and hastening the coming of the day of God, because of which the heavens will be kindled and dissolved, and the elements will melt with fire!
    13 But according to his promise we wait for new heavens and a new earth in which righteousness dwells.

  37. KMOUT

    Love your site Greg,

    Two years ago the guests were predicting Armageddon by September. Then November the and on and on. While I agree that this is all a mess for many fundamental reasons, the guests are ALL in the business of selling something for money. doom and gloom SELLS, I’m just not buying. If I did, Celente’, Stockman etc. would have me 100grand lighter in my IRA.
    The power of one grim “Dark Cloud Mother Effer ” to take EVERYONE down is massively more powerful than an optimistic happy outlook warrior any day of any week.
    This site is proof. Let the DCMF’s begin their savage commentary.


    • Greg Hunter

      Ignore all fraud, manipulation and enormous debt and go back to sleep. What could go wrong?? Stay fully invested in the markets if you believe central banks will never let it fail.

    • Son Won Seong

      Truth to everyone America is best country in world. In America people free and blessing many people. If go to my old country you see how bad grass is not green on other side. With America everyone having hope and opportunity for better life. Everything in America is best compare to everywhere. No worry too much about silly detail stuff. Live rich life and enjoy and relax. If not what kind of life you having when all the time worrying about many stuff and complain?

      • susan

        Son Won Seong, you are so right. Thank you very much.

      • Frederick

        Son Won Seong While I always believed that the US( my birthplace) was the best in the world I’m now having serious reservations about that at least the way things are going for middle class hardworking white males anyway It sure WAS a great place for me and my brethren up until recently The lack of good jobs and the crazy health insurance and taxes are taking its toll on the middle class No doubt

    • Charles H

      ‘Love your site’ – then the same, old critical attacks. GoodCop/Bad Cop, with a little mud thrown in?

    • Paul ...

      KMOUT … actually … by predicting Armageddon by September … all these analysts are just playing the odds … as most crashes occur in the Sept/Oct time frame … if nothing happens this year … they will simply move their time frame for Armageddon up a year … they know eventually they will be right!!

  38. Tommy

    Gerald touched on cryptocurrencies. I would appreciate a discussion by an expert that could explain what supports the value of these things and why anyone would want to be in them. Last week ethereum momentarily crashed from $320 to 10 cents. I would think that the only cryptos in the end will be run by governments.

    • Charles H


      Technology is what man thinks is his invention and power; and he distances himself from God with it. Governments WILL certainly go for it – it is the monopoly on economic power, and banks will be behinds it all.
      “And he caused all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or their foreheads: And that no man might buy or sell, save he had the mark, or name of the beast, or the number of his name.”
      At some point in time – the world must arrive at this description. Whether Barcode tattoo; or RFID chip: the WHOLE WORLD will enforce ALL commerce in this manner.

    • Frederick

      Is ANYONE truly an expert on cryptocurrencies I doubt it very much

      • This sceptred Isle

        That is what I have been thinking. Surely the only true experts on the crypto-currencies are the creators but nobody is allowed to know who they are. Would it be wise to invest in a company when the owner, chief executive and board members are all anonymous and unaccountable? A lot of people throw around terms such as ‘blockchain’ and ‘open source’ but this does not make them experts.

  39. Flattop

    GREG: Is Mueller also looking into Jezebel Clinton in his investigation?

  40. Justn Observer

    Something people have not focused on …least few mention it is what his family might be planning to set forth … that have the ‘deep state’ concerned… His uncles free energy work along with what was left to him as a parting gift from Tesla is the rumor…
    Prof. Emeritus John George Trump…. Hear of him?

  41. mushroom


    India is abolishing cash and is now moving to seize all citizens’ gold.

    Any comment?

    Thank you; your friend mushroom…

    • Greg Hunter


    • Frederick

      I think you’re overstating the Indian situation Mr Mushroom

    • This sceptred Isle

      People in western countries don’t own enough gold to bother about whereas in India people own too much to consider seizing. There would be massive civil unrest.

  42. Flattop

    GREG: As I think about what Mr Celente says, it can become fearful. But then I remember the words of a famous man who says, ” Fear not, God the Father is in Charge “

    • Greg Hunter

      Works every time!!! Thank you.

  43. Son Won Seong

    War would be very good for America economy. There a lot of candidate to attack like Iran or North Korea, Syria or Russia. They bad people. I hope we can attack soon to make stock market boom and create job. Make very good market and prosperity for all.

    • Paul ...

      Son … killing people to survive is being a cannibal … lets try to know some of God’s characteristics … and killing at the tree of animal life was not one of them … remember we were made in the “image of God” (and WHO says we we are not meant to eat red meat) … thus logically inplying that God must have been a vegetarian … another characteristic of God was that he was not gay (otherwise he would have created two(2) Adam’s) … and another characteristic of God was that he was not a Satanist lover (like all the warmongering neocons in the Deep State)!

      • Son Won Seong

        You say try know Gods characteristics. America does representing God. America is only country standing up to ruthless dictator like Basharaff in Syria and Putin in Russia. America fighting for freedom but is no selfish. Fighting not just for America but for whole world plus bring prosperity and put people to work create jobs and make markets strong. American fighting is rightchess and fair to all. When I come to Branson living here I learn about wonderfull country and people should no tare it down. US is greatess force for good in world.

    • Linda L.

      Son Won Seong
      How many more innocent lives need to be taken for this kind of prosperity (war)? Sure don’t want to see my kids fighting political wars against Russia or Syria so lets send yours.

      • Son Won Seong

        America never killing innocent people. America against ruthless killer like Putin and Basharraf. I talk many veteran and learn of the horror that other country do to people. America stand up for citizen and all people of entire world. Need to thank veterans for their service and sacrifice. In Branson people admire veteran and give respect and admiration and love. Thank You US Army, Navy, Marines, Air Force, Coast Guard. You keep us safe at night and all other time.

    • Frederick

      Son Wong Song is a warmongering neocon troll What a pathetic psychopathic comment to make Maybe you could lead the attack moron

  44. Jerry

    I rarely offer up a suggestion for someone for you to interview, but here is the exception. This interview with Lynette Zang is absolutely brilliant.
    She strikes me as a cross between Katherine Austin Fitts and Bill Holter. I found her charts spot on with her predictions. It is well worth your time. Enjoy.

    • Tin foil hat

      She doesn’t know the price of platinum has been bouncing near bottom for more than a year.

  45. Arthur Barnes

    Greg, haven’t heard much lately about that lying traitor Comey, bet as I said before he has given a pass by the deep state; Obama, Clinton, Pelosi & the gang have given him protection. Further bet old trickster Comey ends up a very wealthy man, can you say Got Taken Care Of?

  46. Kim

    Gold and silver flash crash at 4am this morning! Get your PM while they are cheap, beans and rice too!

    Is this the beginning of the crazy times we have been preparing for?

  47. diane

    Greg….looks like CNN is trying to cover their
    Fake News scandals.

    They need to get rid of their terrible anchors.
    Not good enough CNN.
    None of us ever watch anyway.

    • Greg Hunter

      The wrong people quit. The bosses including Jeff Zucker, should all be fired for allow the culture at CNN. The Inmates do not run the asylum.

  48. boris chikvashivili

    War is always fashionable to predict and it probably will happen , maybe at different place and different time, but meanwhile, you can see real revelations regarding next 20 days at least . For that go here

  49. Frederick

    Greg Spicer is out again spewing the Assad toxic gas lies They truly think we are dumber than a bag o hammers Don’t you agree? It’s so pathetic at this point

    • Greg Hunter

      They better have proof before they get into this war because it will go nuclear.

      • Frederick

        Proof is going to be very difficult to find as I have no doubt the whole thing is BS but I agree they are really trying Putins patience

  50. Boozer Allen Hamilton

    Trump’s Secret Tapes Begin to Emerge, Comey/Lynch in BIG Trouble
    Operation HAL Published on Jun 26, 2017

  51. Chuck

    So you don’t post my comment because I am not gushing over Gerald Celente? That’s kind of Nazi like of you don’t you think. If you don’t like what I have to say just shut it down. Sound Familiar?

    • Greg Hunter

      You calling me a Nazi is more about who you are than who I am. I don’t remember what you tried to post but this comment let’s me know I did the right thing by not posting it. Deploy your own capital, work for years for free, and you too can have a platform where you can spew your hate. Now, go play in the street please and bug off.

      • Chuck

        You don’t have to remember anything, just go and read it. I posted a comment that wasn’t flattering to Mr. Celente. It had no profanity in it just my opinion on the man. You chose not to display it so I assume that you are covering for him. Not letting your audience hear both good and bad about your guests. By the way, I have deployed my own capital to start 2 companies, which have done quite well over the past 20 years I might add. Lastly, telling me to go play in the street is quite a snot nosed little comment. Do you want me to get run over by a car? Is that the point? Grow up and take criticism like a man!

        • Greg Hunter

          I don’t have to take anything. You are a name calling jackass and you should go somewhere else. You add no value here. Please “take it like a man.”

      • Jonathan

        Greg- your haircut is a dead giveaway. Yep, a nazi 😉

  52. Billy

    Iran is the king of the south. Theres a clash coming but with Iran but it will be with a German led EU. The US and Britain are in rapid decline and dangerous giants are rising fast. The US will not attack Iran, it does not have the will.

  53. Autofixer

    I used to listen to Mr. Celente until I realized it was all about confirmation bias on my part. Now I just move on.

    • Tin foil hat

      Do you listen to the talking heads on CNBC now?
      Perhaps it’s not too late to jump on the BABA wagon.

  54. Mike R

    CNN (Crooked News Network) has pretty much suicided itself with this latest piece of garbage. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/style/cnns-russia-story-debacle-came-at-the-worst-possible-time-for-the-network/2017/06/27/8eb23616-5b3d-11e7-a9f6-7c3296387341_story.html?utm_term=.436adc6a7f62

    These folks, which include ALL MSM outlets as far as I’m concerned, have veered so far off course, that they don’t have one iota of a clue as to how unethical they actually are. They have stooped so low for decades, that its now just different shades of lies to them. Black and white, wrong vs right, has escaped all notion of consideration. These guys are part and parcel to the swamp that is DC. The dung hole of America.

    Of course, neither does most of America recognize the depth of depravity, as story after story is laced so deeply with fact free reporting, or heavy progressivism (i.e. liberal bias), that its almost comedic to even see anyone resigning. Of course upon resigning, this guy (Haris) acts like he’s the pope, and is falling on a sword for the rest of his unseemly team. Gimme a break ! Americans, and particularly the left may just FINALLY start comprehending, how truly spot on Trump has been in shredding the MSM since before Day 1 of his election campaign. Of course USA Watchdog, deserves a lot of credit for educating the rest of us who have known for years that the MSM continually spreads fertilizer and somehow is brainwashing folks into thinking what they are ‘reporting’, is actually ‘real news.’ For a brief moment, the hundred thousand watt flood light gets shined on CNN, and the cockroaches go scurrying. Let it be known, they aren’t scurrying out of any sort of remorse or repentance, but to escape the harsh light that is now being directed full on at CNN. They’ll all just scurry to some other MSM outlet, where the light hasn’t YET been shined hard enough, and so they can continue to ply their scummy trade in the dark shadows of MSM corporatacracy.

  55. Mike R

    This is hilarious. Trump is clobbering MSM. They are ‘broken.’ Now that the tide has turned on the left and terrible liberals, they are crying uncle. (of all things they accuse 2 years of all Trump, too much in the news. Now wait a minute !?!? The rest of us suffered from All OBAMA ALL THE TIME for 8 years in the news). They are already tired and broken ??? http://www.breitbart.com/big-journalism/2017/06/27/broken-salon-cant-handle-covering-president-announces-trump-free-tuesday/
    Salon hasn’t ever been a bastion of truth, so obviously now that they are being broad sided by truth bombs daily, obviously THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH.

    Folks, there is a method to Trump’s apparent ‘madness.’ The fun has barely just begun. MSM outlets will be completely up-ended by 2020, and be forced to radically change their business models of lies, lies, lies, or simply die off. Advertisers are fleeing them in droves. Trump is magically accelerating the change. He knows it too. The dead left, and dead Dems know it too. But they have no clue what to do about it.

    • Greg Hunter

      Mike one of your very best comments and you have had many good ones!!!

    • Justn Observer

      Mike….Yes Trump predicted people would get tired of winning to much ? lol

  56. pat the rat

    Illinois may make to default on the pension, ok to do . The next thing you know is that every state will be doing it. ” this is not the beginning nor is this the end,but perhaps it may the beginning of the end” Churchill.

  57. Peter

    Still I think: you Americans are living in a ” BANANA REPUBLIC”


    • Greg Hunter


      This from a person who’s country is allowing Sharia courts. The UK and Europe is being destroyed on porous and you are focusing on the U.S.???


  58. Robespierre


    I believe the flourishing of new concept tech. companies and some others since 2008 is primarily due to the ready availability of cheap capital (funding) from a number of sources. Ultimately, the Federal Reserve Bank has made this all possible with their ongoing monetary policies ( “Financial Repression”). It irrigated the field for specific crops or companies to grow that much faster with plentiful “liquidity”.

    In the process, savers were pretty much thrown under the bus in favor of a new era of much more aggressive financial engineering based on more and more ( unlimited ?) debt and credit. However, we all (should) know this is not an eternal financial set-up and eventually, someday, reversion to the mean will be very painful for companies and nations that have not achieved sustainability. Its when we have our worst national financial and social crisis and its out there in the great beyond for now.

    Naysayers keep reminding us this is not going to last, but most disregard the warnings and go with the crowd ( more consumer debt). Lots of misallocated capital. When the tide eventually shifts, the crowd will be washed-out. I only hope those with more wisdom and a longer term horizon can escape with relatively few losses, but it may not be possible. Only a minority of investors or public officials see the potential threats and risks ( e.g. emerging Public Pension Crisis). Hedging known risks will never go out of style.

    Everything is globally interrelated these days and only one falling domino anywhere can have “knock-on” effects on markets and whole economies ( So-Called “Black Swans”) everywhere. There is much risk in our new Financial Paradigm. The world still remains U.S. Dollar centric. Thus, the U.S. Dollar reserve currency and our military ( the global enforcers) are the key linchpins. So, if you want to predict the likely epicenter of the next global financial or monetary crisis (currencies) then those are two key possibilities or suspects, at least. Let’s just hope we don’t get rudely introduced to Mr. Mayhem anytime soon.

    Large Corporations can borrow, if they choose, for any number of purposes or for building-out their business. Each company and sector has their own traditions and priorities, all made more achievable with plenty of low cost credit ( Essentially 0% interest for the best companies or borrowers). Amazon is surely among them.

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